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Run away Prince

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Izuku walked into the bedroom belonging to his three roudy children whowhere playing instead of getting ready for bed. They were bouncing up and down on the bed as they threw pillows at one another. Of course they were so engrossed in their play that they failed to realise that their mother had caught them.

"I thought I told you it was bed time" Izuku looked at three tykes before him.

"Awwww mom do we have to?, it's still early" Kazuki was the first born, he had Ash blonde hair and emerald coloured eyes with a few freckles adorning his cheeks. He was 6 years old

"Yeah mama it's way too early for bed" Izumi said as she looked pleadingly at her mother. She had Curly green hair just like her mother but with ruby red eyes like that of her father, a dash of freckles covered her cubby cheeks she was 4years old along with her twin brother. She was the first born in the twins so she felt like she had to look after her brother who took after their mother personality wise. 

"Urm....... Mama could you please tell us a story?" Yuzu was Izumi's twin brother and he had curly Ash blonde hair with Ruby coloured eye along with those adorable freckles.

The omega was heavily pregnant with his 4th child well 5th considering he was carrying twins and so with a sigh he slowly but surely walked over to where his three pups were now gathered on the bed. It was a bit of a struggle for him to get onto the bed but he managed and so now here he was sat up in the middle of the bed with his pups surrounding him. 

"So what story would you like me to tell you?" asked looking at their eager faces 

"I want an adventure one" Kazuki said eagerly 

"I'd like a romance one please" Izumi asked as she snuggled up to her mother 

"I Urm I'd like one with magic and dragons in it" Yuzu looked at his mother with pleading eyez

"I see looks like you all want something different but luckily for you I have just the story to tell you" Izuku smiled as he began his tale. 


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It was the middle of the night  and all was quiet as the royal family of the Midoriya kingdom slept soundly without a care in the world. A lone figure dressed in simple commoners clothes, the clothes themselves were nothing fancy just a simple white shirt, a green vest coat, a pair of thick with gloves, stone coloured trousers and a pair of dark brown boots along with a hooded cloak. The cloaked figure tip toed down the empty barren corridors of the castle as they headed towards the kitchens. They quickly ducked behind a stone pillar as guard who was on patrol duty pasted them by, the figure waited until all was clear before he moved from his hiding spot and continued on his quest.

As the figure opened the big heavy door of the kitchen they were relieved to find that there was no one about which was a good thing because the figure  knew that the head chef would sometimes stay up late so they experiment with new recipe's. The figure tip toed through the kitchen as they made their way to the pantry where  the rest of the food was stored. The cloaked  figure opened up their bag as they placed some smoked meat, cheese, bread, some apples and some dried fruit slices such as dates, he also took 2 canteens which were filled with fresh water before he left the kitchen.

Next the figure made his way out of the castle as they headed towards the small gate which hardly anyone used anymore. The figure hid in a near by bush as a guard walked past on the top rampart of the castle wall, after a few moments had past the figure took a quick look about making sure that all was clear as they headed out of the castle gate  and into the woods. The cloaked figure was no fool and to make sure that kings Dougan's could not track him by his scent he set off smoke bombs which emitted a foul smelling scent. To a human the smell was some what unpleasant but the nose of a Dougan it horrendous causing the animal to run far away. Once the smoke bombs had been set off the figure made his way through the thick undergrowth of the forest making sure not leave behind tracks this would also by him sometime. 2 hours had past by the time the cloaked figure had reached the edge forest which lead to the western border of the Midoriya kingdom once there they could cross the border and be in Volkar territory home to the Dragoon kingdom.

The figure stood at the edge of the forest as they pulled down their hood to take one last look at the castle the place they once called home. Crown prince Izuku second son of the Midoriya kingdom wondered it had come to this, if only he hadn't been born an Omega then maybe things might have been different. As he said his goodbyes he couldn't help but think back to how things had played out earlier that day and how it had come to this.


On the Ulteria continent the kingdom of Midoriya was known as the green jewel, it was the only place were it stayed green all year round. There would be heavy rain storms throughout the year and there were times where it would be extremely hot but other than that the kingdom remained green and lush with a bountiful land. The kingdom was situated in what was once a giant volcano which had been in active for over a thousand years and so with it's rich fertile land the kingdom was a prized jewel  sought after by many. To the north of the kingdom there was the land of  Rocnowa a land covered in snow and ice for most of the year and the northen outskirts of the Midoriya kingdom would sometimes be covered in snow. To the west there was the land of Volkar home to the Dragoon kingdom you just had to cross the sandy desert first to reach it. To the south was the land of  Parleika a land known for its hot summers all year round the people there lived near the ocean so they dealt with fishing it was also known for it's port towns. And finally to the east was the kingdom of Endra were King Endeavour resides a place were no Omega wished to be for in that kingdom an Omega had only one purpose and that was to breed and pop out pups. To the king an Omega was weak and useless their place was to obey the Alpha and submit to their will, they little more than glorified slaves. 

 However in the Midoriya kingdom Omega's did have some rights and they were able to get jobs, when it came to baking or cooking, teaching children  at schools or taking care of the injured in hospitals Omega's were a perfect to choice. With their caring nature and maternal instincts they made the perfect bakers, nurses and teachers. However this wasn't the case for prince Izuku who was also born an Omega, since he was a prince it was expected of him to marry into another royal family or one of noble blood. An Alpha had always taken up the thrown of the Midoriya kingdom and so the only one who take the place of the current king was the first prince of the Midoriya kingdom Prince Mirio.

Even though Prince Mirio was Izuku's half brother being that his mother had passed away shortly after giving birth to him he still adored his little brother. Izuku maybe an Omega but he didn't let that stop him from joining the royal guard and going out to do battle. Even though his mother and father were against it he wanted to prove to everyone that an Omega was capable of fighting too. In he beginning the soldiers thought it was a joke but since he was a prince they had no choice but follow orders, however Izuku soon won them over with his stubbornness and determination to never quit. Over time he gained the respect of all of the soldiers in the kingdom not only that but he was the best fighter in the royal guard he could easily defeat any Alpha or Beta well except for his brother that is, Mirio always seemed to get the better of him no matter what he did.

Prince Izuku along with a small group of soldiers had just come back from patrolling the western borders of the kingdom. Izuku made sure that the people living there had everything they needed and would listen to their stories and play with the children, in fact he did this whenever he patrolled the kingdoms borders. All the people loved him and admired him he had proven that even an Omega could fight back and so because of him some Omega's decided to join the royal guard wanting to prove that they could fight too.  When he got back he was told that his father wished to speak with him and so he quickly headed off the thrown room.

As Izuku entered the thrown room he could see that his father King Hisashi was sat on the marble stone thrown to the kings right sat his mother Queen Inko second queen of the Midoriya kingdom and lastly there was his brother who stood to the side. Izuku walked up to his parents and knelt down on one knee as he bowed his head and greeted his parents

"Father, Mother  and Brother I hope that you are doing well? I have just returned from my patrol of the western borders and all is well I hope this pleases his majesty" Izuku kept his head low until he was told otherwise.

"Yes have done well my son but that is not why I called you here, there is an urgent matter that we must discuss with you" The king looked down at his son who knelt before him

"Izu dear raise your head so I can take a look at you" The queen was a kind and gentle woman so she hardly ever raised her voice. To look at Izuku you could tell that he was the spitting image of her except for his unruly green curly locks and those freckles which adorned his round cheeks.

Izuku complied with his mothers wishes and stood up so she could have a better look at him, the queen was a worrier that's for sure, she would constantly worry about both of her sons.

"Father may I ask what this news is about?" Izuku had no idea what he was in for or his life who sooner be turned upside down

"Oh dear must we tell him now, after all he looks tired , shouldn't he at least go wash and rest up before we tell him the news" Queen Inko fussed as she tried to change the subject

"Yes I agree father my dear brother does look tired from his long journey I think it would be best to discuss this over dinner" Mirio agreed with his step mother as they both tried to change the subject however the king was having none of that.

"No this must be said now the sooner he knows the sooner we can plan everything out" King said sternly

Both the Queen and Prince Mirio looked forlorn as they looked at the green haired prince before them

"Urm what's this all about?" Izuku was starting to feel nervous now, he had never known his father to raise his voice like that so something was a miss.

"Izuku you are now 18 and there fore it is your duty to this kingdom to follow the tradition of all Omega's born into the royal house. Therefore you are to marry crown Prince Todoroki of the Endra kingdom"

For moment Izuku felt as though time had stood still as his father's words echoed in his mind, the haunting words that he never wished to hear. Now Izuku was usually a mild mannered young man who never lost his temper well except when he got carried away on the battlefield. So you can be sure he wasn't happy when heard the news nope not one bit.

"I REFUSE.......................!" Izuku shouted back

"You are the prince of this country and you will do as you are told! I'm the king and you will marry Prince Todoroki" The king shouted back

"I don't care about your stupid rules I ain't marrying someone I barely know plus he stinks! He smells funny and I don't like it, I wont marry him" Izuku was losing his temper as he sent out pheromones indicating his anger and distress.


"Not if I can help it" Izuku shouted as he stormed out of the thrown room.

"Oh dear I do hope he calm's down soon I'd hate for him to stay angry like this" Inko worried about her son who had just left the room.

"He must learn to follow the rules after all he is a prince and as such he has a duty to this kingdom" The king sighed, in truth he didn't want this either but he had no choice the Endra kingdom was much larger than the Midoriya kingdom and as such they had a stronger fighting force. If they refused then war would break out and the Midoriya kingdom would be crushed and if king Endeavour had his way he turn all of the Omega's in the kingdom into nothing more than breeding machines. For the good of his Kingdom king Hisashi had no choice but to offer up his Omegan son to their prince.



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"Oh dear I hope he calms down enough to come to dinner tonight?" Inko looked worried as she stared at the place where her son had been standing only moments before

"Not to worry I'm sure he'll be fine, he just needs sometime to let it all sink in that's all" Hisashi reasoned trying to console his wife

"Yes but I'm worried after all this marriage thing is quite sudden and what are we gonna do if king Endeavour finds out about our secret? you know how much he hates beast men or anyone who looks like one, even those people who used transformation magic to look like beast men he had them killed" Inko knew all to well how cruel the king of Endra could be after all she had once been a slave in that country until she managed to escape and found her way to the Midoriya kingdom where she met Hisashi. The king took her in and looked after her and soon the two of them fell in love but in order for her to marry him she had to use her magic to make herself look like a normal human.

"I know but I had no choice, King Endeavour said that if this marriage didn't go through then he would call it an act of treason and declare war on us. It should all work out fine as long as he use's his shape shifting magic to look human at all times he should be safe. Plus I did a clause to this agreement, stating that if Izuku hasn't had a litter of pups with in 3 years of the marriage then it shall be annulled and Izuku can come home."

"But father do you really think that Endeavour would stick to that rule after all he could simply claim that it's all Izuku's fault and still declare war on us?" Mirio questioned his father, the young Alpha wasn't happy that his brother was being used like this.

"I am well aware of that my son but at least in that time frame we could gather more troops, I was thinking of asking the Dragoon tribe to join us and we have ties with the northern and southern lands so they might help us" The king had been trying to find away to help his son, even though this marriage maybe a sham at least it would his country the time to prepare for the worst case scenario.

"I still don't like this father and I don't think Izuku will take this lying down either, he'd rather fight than become some Alpha's trophy bride"

Before the king could say another word the gong sounded in the large dinning hall indicating that dinner was ready.

"I suggest we talk about this later with Izuku but for now lets all go and have dinner, oh and Mirio could you please go and get your brother" Inko clapped her hands together as she spoke to the king and her other son.

The king agreed as he got up to stand by his wife's side as they both made their way out of the thrown room and headed towards the dinning hall. Meanwhile Mirio headed up to his brothers bed chambers to see the damage, Izuku may look kind and sweet but he had a wild temper even more so than some Alpha's.




Izuku stormed up to his bed chambers and slammed the door shut behind him, once he was alone he quickly undid the shape shifting magic he always used to make himself look human. It was such a hassle to constantly use his shape shifting magic to keep up the charade of looking and acting like the proper prince everyone expected him to be. As he undid the spell a pair of green ears and antler like horns appeared on his head along with a fluffy green cotton tail. Izuku and his mother were of the Velorian race a type of humans that use shape shifting magic, they can shape shift into beast like creatures that suit the individual's personality of physical abilities. A Velorian could shape shift to look like a human, transform into their beast mode or show off parts like the ears and tail. This gave them an advantage to hide from attackers of hunters who would capture them and sell them as slaves since a Velorian was a rare race indeed, hardly anyone had heard of one in a 100 years.

Izuku walked over to his desk and from the draw he took out a scroll, as he opened it out and laid in on the desk top, it revealed the lay of the land. In the middle was the Midoriya Kingdom, from there he looked at his choice's in which direction he should head in. Now the eastern lands were totally out of the question since that was the home land of king Endeavour and his so called Alpha son prince Todoroki. Izuzku didn't know why but the prince's smell always seemed off putting to him it was as though he was trying to hide something either way he really hated the prince's scent plus the prince always wore a collar around his neck which seemed strange to the young prince. He had heard of Omega's wearing collars to protect their scent glandes from Alpha's heck he even wore one himself but that was because he had a strong scent which could send Alpha's into a rut so it was manly for their protection as well as his own. When he asked about King Endeavour glared at the young prince and simply said that his son had a strong scent which can affect Omega's of course Izuku didn't by it. He had a strong sense of smell and even with the collar the Alpha's smell still smelt off. So Izuku thought it would best to not speak of it any more of course this happened a year ago when his family attended the royal party to celebrate Prince Todoroki's 18th birthday. God how he hated being there just remembering that awful night made the omega sick to his stomach.

The omega shook his head as he tried to get those god awful images out of his head, he had much more important things to be thinking about at the moment. He looked again at the map to the North there was the land of Rocnowa, to the South there was the land of Paleika, and finally to the West were the lands  of Volkar for him to travel to.

Whilst Izuku was studying the map there was a knock on the door and familiar voice from the other side

"Hey there Izu can you let me in please I just want to talk ok?" Mirio stood outside of his brothers chambers as he waited for a reply

He was soon met with a familiar sight as his brother opened up the door to let his brother in, the greenette had gone back to looking like a normal human. Whether it was out of habit or some deep rooted fear that his brother would hate him if he saw the true version of himself he didn't know all he knew was that he had to look like a human in the presence of others even if that meant his brother.

"Or man and here I thought I might catch a glimpse of those ears and tail of yours what a pity" Mirio said mockingly as he entered his brothers room

"If you've come to change my mind and convince me to go through with this marriage then you can forget it" Izuku said as he walked over to the desk where the map was laid out.

"Look I know the reason why you're angry but it's not like father had a choice in the matter we just don't have the fighting power to go against the Endra kingdom"

"I know that.................but still it's my life.............I'm not some tool to be used as a bargaining chip just to stave off a potential war "

"I agree but it's not like you have to stay married to the prince forever after 3 years you could call off the marriage you just have to not bear any children" Mirio tried reasoning with the greenette

"If you think I'm going to marry that Alpha let alone bed with him then you've got another thing coming, I'd RATHER DIE THAN GO THROUGH WITH IT!" The greenette was clearly upset as silver tears flowed down his freckled cheeks as the sour scent of distress pheromones filled the air

"Hey now please don't say such things..........I wouldn't know what to do without my adorable little brother and mother and father would be upset too" Mirio released a scent to calm the little omega down as he held his brother in warm yet gentle embrace. Izuku always felt safe with his brothers arms wrapped around him and the comforting scent of honey and chamomile.

Once the greenette had calmed down enough Mirio decided to change the subject he didn't want the omega to get upset again plus he had to get his brother to the dinning hall to eat with their parents.

"So urm what were you looking at on your desk earlier?"

"Promise you wont get mad if I tell you?" Izuku asked looking worried that the Alpha might get angry with him

"I promise not to get mad so can you please tell me already?"

"Fine.......well I was planning on running away from the kingdom, I was looking to see which direction would be my best option to travel in and I think the western lands of Volkar would be my best bet. After all we don't have ties to that land so no one would think to look for me there" Izuku had gone into one of his rambling's as the blonde Alpha sat quietly and listened

"I see well that sounds like a good idea as a matter of fact from what you said earlier you gave me a great idea still it's gonna be rough for mother and father though" Mirio sighed as he thought about his plan

"What do you mean? What idea?" Izuku looked at his brother confused

"Well you when you said you'd rather die than to go along with this marriage?"

"Yeah and I meant it too" Izuku said firmly as he crossed his arms

"What if we made it look like you died in a tragic accident, then you wouldn't have to marry any body"

"But how are we supposed to that?"

" Well you were thinking about heading towards the western lands of Volkar right, well in order to get to the Dragoon Kingdom you first have to cross the desert of  Halobar right"

"Yeah I know that there's also the moving oasis of Foren although I don't know exactly how it moves but I was hoping to at least stop off there to replenish any supplies I might need why do you ask?"

"Well because there are a lot of desert monsters like the Kactile not to mention the Dune Bears so what if we made it look like you were killed by one of these monsters. You could do the whole running away thing and I would ask to be the one to go look for you and find a bloody torn cape that belonged to you......." Mirio was cut off by the greenette's excitement

"That's brilliant but I'm going to need some time to travel all the way to the western border not to mention actually crossing the desert........" And once again the green haired omega went off into a rambling state

"Hahahahaha....that's my bro hey do you still have those stink bombs you made when we were kids you know those really foul smelling ones that the Dougans hate"

"Hmmmmmm oh you mean the ones I used so you could get out of those boring etiquette lessons with master Nezu yeah I've still got some why?"

"Well when you leave set those off that way the Dougans wont be able to track your scent plus could always make it look like you're heading down south so could get on a boat and sail to a distant land that should buy us sometime"

"That could work but what about the guards they always patrol  at night especially around the corridor near my room" Izuku sighed

"Leave that to mean, I'll tell them to leave you alone and I'll make up some excuse for them to patrol in a different area of the castle grounds that should help in your escape." Mirio smiled he was glad to help his little brother even though he was going against his parents wishes he couldn't stand the thought of his precious little brother being unhappy and knowing his brother he would do something drastic if it meant getting out of a bad situation. There was no doubt in the Alpha's mind that if it came down to it his sweet little brother would really take his own life rather than marry someone who he didn't love. Yeah this was the better option for all their sakes, he'd rather live with the consequence's later on knowing that his brother was alive rather than living with guilt knowing that he could have prevented the death of his brother.

After another 20 minutes they had come up with a fool proof plan well they hoped it was fool proof, Izuku would sneak out of the castle in the middle of the night whilst his brother got the attention of the guards patrolling so that there wouldn't be too many about the castle grounds. Once Izuku had set off the stink bombs he would head through the forest heading south to make it look like he was heading in that direction. He would then set off some more stink bombs and double back and head towards the western lands. Then as he crosses the desert he should come across a pit fall belonging to a dune bear, to make it look like he'd been killed he has to shred his cloak and splatter some of his blood on it and leave it near the edge of the pit fall. It was well known that no one has ever survived an encounter with a dune bear for they were highly aggressive and carnivorous. No one would be able to deny the fact that Izuku was dead if they found his cloak by a dune bears trap and so the plan was set.

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Two weeks prior

T he Endra Kingdom was not a place to be if you were of the beast clan race, there you were nothing more than a slave, looked down upon and seen as nothing more than a lowly beast. It was even worse if you were an Omega for they were treated even worse than the beast clan. The Omega's in the Endra kingdom were seen as nothing more than baby making machines after all that's all they were good for. In order to determine an Omega's worth they are tested by using a special magical stone known as a Saruma stone which indicates how fertile an Omega is by the changing of it's colour. If an Omega is highly fertile it will glow a bright pink to blue this shows that the Omega will conceive to both boys and girls. If the stone glows only blue then only boys will be born to that Omega , same can said if the stone only glows pink the Omega will only give birth to girls. If the stone glows a yellow colour it means the it will be difficult for this Omega to conceive but not impossible. However if the stone happens to glow a green colour then that means that the Omega is infertile will be unable to conceive. The lucky Omega's who can conceive are usually sent to the Nobles after all if Noble Alpha's mate can't conceive then the best option is to have an Omega that can. However these Omega's will only be used for breeding and their pups are taken away from them.

The unfortunate Omega's who are deemed infertile are sent to  one of the many brothels in the kingdom where soldiers and all manner of  ne'er do wells can have their wicked way with them. Many of the Omega's die from the brutal treatment they receive or kill themselves because they can't take it anymore. However the king did not care for these unfortunate Omega's after all in his eyes Omega's are useless and are only good for one thing and that was obeying their Alpha and producing pups.

King Enji of the  Endra Kingdom was a fierce brutal looking man with cold blue eyes. And since he was an Alpha it was only natural that he had a strong muscular physique , his hair was short and was the colour of flame red he also had a small mustache and goatee.  In his younger days the king was known to be a merciless and ruthless fighter as he used his fire magic to incinerate his enemies till they were nothing but charred corpses.  Because of this some people called him the Fire Demon King, while others referred to him as  The Crimson Flame since his flames were the colour of crimson and in other places he was known as  Satan's Flame. King Enji didn't care what people called him as long as they feared him that's all that mattered. 

However what the king didn't count on was a rogue group  of individuals calling themselves the Scarlet Wings, this group would free slaves from the beast clan not only that but they would rescue Omega's from brothels or from the  slave traders. The group would always conduct  their daring rescue operations in the dead of night,   no one knew the identity of the leader of their group since he  would always wear a hooded cloak and mask.  No one knew how  they did it but they would always have the right information they needed and knew exactly where the slaves were being kept and when the kings guards would patrol throughout the town.  There was one thing that the group knew and that was this their leader was intent in rescuing the queen and freeing her from her the clutches of  the tyrant king.

The queen  of Endra kingdom was  called  Rei she was a slim and slender Omega with long white which looked like newly fallen snow on a winters days.  Even though she was a queen she wasn't allowed in the throne room in fact she wasn't even allowed outside of the palace walls. The queen had been confined to her quarters in the west wing and had been there ever since she'd had a break down when her youngest son was only 5 years of age. Due to  he constant abuse of her Alpha husband the Omega queen couldn't take it anymore and one day just snapped and attacked her child. Since then she's been kept under lock and key, the king says it's for her safety but that's just a lie, he doesn't  want anyone to know  he truth  that the queen  had a break down and went feral, or the fact that he had been the main cause for it all.

The queen had given him  4 children the first was a girl which they named Fuyumi,  the girl looked just like her mother and later on presented as an Omega. And since Enji see's Omega's as week he arranged for his daughter to marry a noble from the southern lands. At first Fuyumi was against it but because she feared her father so much she went through it, it lucky for her that she ended up with a good Alpha who treats her right. The second son  Toya looked like his father and presented as an Alpha, but due to the constant arguing the two Alpha's couldn't see eye to eye. The son didn't like the way his father treated their mother or the fact how Omega's and the beast clan were treated. He also refused to marry some  prissy princess Omega which his father had arranged and so the young prince ran away. The third child to be born was another boy which they called  Natsuo the boy looked like his father but had the temperament of his mother plus later on he presented as  Beta which in Enji's eyes were just as bad as Omega's. And so the king made his son join the royal guard after all if he couldn't marry off his son so he could gain ground with the other surrounding countries then he might as well join the royal guard and be useful in protecting the country.  The fourth child to be born was a boy who had bi coloured hair and eyes. On the boys right side his hair was white like snow but on the left his hair was red the same colour as his fathers. Also he had bi coloured eyes, the left was a bright blue like his fathers while his right was gray colour like his mothers.  They named the child Shouto however there was something strange about the young prince and wasn't because of the colour of his hair and eyes. No it had more to do with the fact that his father made him wear a collar around his neck which covered up his scent gland , his father claimed that is was because his son had strong Alpha pheromones but others were not so sure about that little fact.


King Enji had come to a decision since his son was of the right age and considering that the second prince of the Midoriya Kingdom had come of age it was the perfect opportunity to marry his son off to the Midoriya Kingdom. After all their lands were rich and fertile, the kingdom was prosperous with merchants coming and going on a daily basis. The king planned to take over the Midoriya kingdom from the inside, marry his son to the Kingdom, do away with the king and queen and the first prince. Then make Shouto the new ruler of the Midoriya Kingdom that way he could slowly take control of the Midoriya kingdom after all his son wouldn't refuse his father and all that land would be his for the taking. However the man wasn't expecting the king of the Midoriya kingdom to be so cunning, the king had put in a clause where if his son hasn't produced conceived within three years of their marriage then the marriage shall be annulled  leaving the prince to do as he wishes.  King Hisashi was no fool he knew  King Enji's secret about prince Shouto and of the prince's second gender, that's the whole reason why he put that clause in the marriage contract.

King Enji just smirked as he read the marriage contract which the Midoriya king had sent him .

"Well it looks like King Hisashi thinks he can pull a fast one on me does he, well no matter  three years will be plenty of time for me to get rid of them and place Shouto as the new king of the Midoriya Kingdom." The voiced his thoughts out loud

"You there girl" The bellowed at a servant girl who was standing in the throne room awaiting orders from her king

"Yes your highness what can I do for you?" The young girl  curtsied before the king as she spoke

"I wish to see my son, go  and tell him that his father the king wants to see him"  The man ordered the girl and kept her head low as she replied

"At once your highness" And with that the young servant girl scurried off to go and fetch the young prince.


In the prince's bed chambers the sound of creaking bed springs,  the slapping of skin against skin and the wanton moans of ecstasy resounded in the room.

"Ahhhhhhh..........yes...........oh....god........yes...........fuck me..............hmmmmmmmm.............."   The voice of the smaller man cried out as he was being fucked by his lover

"That's it baby........let me hear your sweet voice cry out for more............"  The other man said as he  quickened his pace which each thrust

"Ahhhhhhhhhh.................yes........harder..........INA.........INASA...............I.........I'm ......close.............."

"Just hang on for me baby................just a little more..............."

"Hmmmmmmmm...........argh................I don't.......think..........I can last much longer.............Oh God..............."  The smaller of the two reached his orgasm as his body felt the shockwaves  racing throughout his very being

The other man kept on fucking into the small man as he chased his release until he  shot his white hot seed into the other.  The man flopped down onto the bed next to his lover as they cuddled and kissed each other lovingly.  As they the two men were making out as it were there was a knock on the door and voice from the other side. 

"Urm...........excuse me your highness but your father wishes to see you in the throne room as soon as possible" The servant girl waited for a reply

With a groan the prince sat up as he replied

"I'll be there shortly , I just need to freshen up first" The prince sighed as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Very good I will relay the message to the king"  With that said the girl hurried back to the throne room to relay the message to the king.

" I wonder dear old daddy wants?"  The  other man who was  laying in bed leaning on his right arm  , hand on cheek was known as Inasa Yoarashi . He was a strong powerful Alpha , the man had short black hair , dark coloured eyes and a muscular physique. Inasa was appointed to be the prince's body guard and now  the man was the princes secret lover. In the beginning he didn't care much for the prince believing that the prince was just like his father cold and standoffish.  But the man soon found out the awful truth that prince was a prisoner in his own home and made to  hide  what he really was.

"Knowing that man it probably has something to do with him wanting to marry me off to some prince  or princess"

"Well that'd been hard to do since I've already claimed you and made you mine"  As he said this the man pulled the prince back into bed as he hovered over him to capture those lips. 

"Hmmmmmmm.............." Shouto moaned as Inasa's skilful tongue explored his mouth

After a few moments the two pulled apart leaving a trail of saliva between them.

"God you look so good I just wanna fuck you again and again"  The man said as he licked and kissed the others scent gland, which in turn caused shivers of excitement to  run through the others body.

"Yeah I wish we could do that too, but if I don't go it'll only cause more trouble plus I really don't want him to find out about us just yet"

"Yeah knowing old fire britches he'd  come storming into the room and drag you out"

Shouto couldn't help but smile upon hearing his father being called that, for some reason this man could always make him laugh or smile which was a hard thing to do especially since he never really took to others.

"Chance would be a fine thing, he'd just send one of the servants or some other poor sap to come and get me"  By this point the prince was washing himself using the wash bowl that was set on top a dresser .

"I'd love to see the look on his face when he finds out that I've already taken a bite out of his precious candy cane" Inasa had gotten out of bed and was standing behind the prince as he kissed the others neck and licked at the scent gland once more before biting down on it.  The man had already claimed the other but since the mark was starting to fade the Alpha in him couldn't resist the urge to reclaim what was his.  Inasa slowly pulled away and lapped up the blood from the new wound and planted kissed upon it.

"Yeah me too" Shouto said as he turned around and wrapped his arms around the others neck, he leant up and licked and kissed the taller mans scent gland before sinking his teeth into soft flesh.  His K nines may have been smaller but they still did the job as he pulled away and did the same as the man did for him.

Shouto purred as their scents intermingled with each other, this man was his mate there was no doubt in his mind, he just hated the fact that he couldn't be open about his true second gender.  How he wished he could be free to just be himself, if only he could be  more like the prince of the Midoriya kingdom. At least he didn't have to hide his second gender further more even though the prince was an Omega he was allowed to fight and go out on to the front lines. He even had his own personal squad of soldiers that followed the young prince, even though he was an Omega the prince had proven himself to be a capable fighter. 

"Well I guess I had better get ready and go see what my father wants before he sends someone else to come get me" Shouto said  in his usual stoic tone,  whenever he had to go see his father or be around others he never seemed to enjoy himself. However when he was with Inasa he felt like he could be himself, he didn't have to hide behind the secrets and lies which his father had concocted .

"And I guess I had better get myself ready as well, after all I am your body guard  so I had better look the part."

Both quickly cleaned themselves up whilst Inasa was getting dressed Shouto  did what he could to hide the newly made bite mark.  He cleaned the wound then put on a bandage, place his special collar around his neck and made sure to wear a shirt with a high neck collar . He also sprayed himself with this god awful cologne which his father insisted that he wear.  Shouto hated the smell of it but at least it covered the scents of his and Inasa's.  He made sure to give himself an extra spray of it just make sure that no one could smell the Alpha's scent on him.  Once both men were dressed and Shouto was sure that he didn't smell like Inasa they made their way to the throne room to meet with his father.  Inasa made sure to keep a few steps behind the prince not wanting to gain the attention the King and also to act out his part.


 Both men entered the throne room whilst Inasa kept his distance the prince could see his father sat there eyeing him up, Shouto slowly walked up to his father and bowed down on bended knee as spoke to his father making sure to keep his head bowed.

"Good day father, you wished to speak with me?"

"Shouto I've have some excellent news" The king said sounding smug

"Oh and what that might be father?" Shouto questioned still keeping his head low

"You are to married to the second Prince of the Midoriya Kingdom"

Shouto couldn't believe what he was hearing, had his father completely lost it? how on earth was he supposed to marry the Omega prince of the Midoriya Kingdom?  Sure he knew that his father was planning on marrying him off to some Prince or Princess but he thought it'd be to and Alpha how on earth was he supposed to marry an Omega

"But father I hear that the second Prince is an Omega so wouldn't that complicate things? I mean after all I am a.........."  Before  the Prince could utter another word King Enji stood up, Shouto could smell the Alpha's pheromones and by their scent it wasn't good.

"ARE YOU DEFYING ME SHOUTO.........?" The man said his voice laced with anger

"No father it's just what if the prince finds out by secret,  I'm just worried that the prince will want pups and I may not be able to give them"  Shouto knew to defying his father when he in this state would do him no good, plus he didn't want Inasa to lose it after all two Alpha's fighting it  out would mostly mean a fight to the death if the two of them had their way.

"Do not worry about that as far as they are concerned you are an Alpha, and as for the whole pup thing we'll just blame it on the Omega. We can claim that he's infertile  or something after all you don't to think about giving the Omega pups any way?"

"Oh and why is that father?" Shouto was confused  would his father want to marry him off to the Midoriya kingdom if he didn't want royal air's

"Simple all you have to is marry the second prince and gain the trust of the royal family once you've done that it should be an easy task to get rid of them. And since you'll be married to an Omega naturally the throne will go to you after all you're an Alpha my boy, after all an Omega can't rule a country it's simply unheard of." 

"And what will you do once I become king of the Midoriya Kingdom father?"

"We'll unite the two kingdoms and make the Midoriya kingdom apart of the Endra kingdom, after a short period of time you will resign as king and pass that on to me. We'll simply say that you've become gravely ill and are unfit to rule a country. "  The kings eyes sparkled as he thought about his brilliant plan

Shouto was shocked beyond belief, so that was his fathers little game, to him he was no more than a piece on a playing board to used and then tossed aside. Well there was no way he was going to let his fathers plan come to fruition not if he could help it. But he had to play his card right, he couldn't let his father find out what his plans were or what he would do with this newly acquired information.

"I see very well then father if that is all I shall take my leave"  Just as Shouto got up and was about to leave the king said something

"Shouto may I ask why you smell strange today?" The man looked at his son  with cold unmoving eyes

"I used a new  fragrant soap to wash myself and sprayed my self with that cologne you gave me, maybe they don't mix well together why do I smell bad?" Shouto asked hoping that his father would believe his lie

"I see  that might explain it then" The Alpha couldn't put his finger on it but he knew that his son smelt off for some reason. 

"Is there any else you need me for father?"

"No you may go, I'll let you know once I've word back from the Midoriya kingdom about setting up the ceremony"

"Very well then good day father" Shouto bowed as he got up and walked towards the heavy wooden doors of the throne room. Inasa Bowed towards the king as he followed his charge out of the room.