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Mr Awzawa blease dow't

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Yeet Your Bones adds Kacchan, Rock Hard, and many others to a Group Chat. 


Yeet Your Bones named the Group Chat: making ourselves gayer by the minute. 




Yeet Your Bones: Kacchan-please.Jpg


Rock Hard: Holy fuck I'm so b I. Please Midoriya you are killing me here. Not only do I have the most beautiful girl I've ever seen right next to me but now I've seen this. 


On Acid: Hello, yes I'm fucking DYING! I didn't know he owns tight jeans! 


Hot n' cold: Hello, yes please stop making me gayer for my boyfriend. 


Yeet Your Bones: Never. 


Tenya: .. 


Yeet Your Bones: Oh shit. 


Tenya: Izuku midoriya. 


Yeet Your Bones: FUCK. 


Shut your up: Uh, Midoriya? You do realize you added Bakugou into this right? 


Yeet Your Bones: Shit. I'm so dead. The love of my life and my best friend are going to kill me. 


Kacchan: :) 


Rock Hard: Oh fuck dude. 


Kacchan: So I hear all of you are thirsty has fuck, despite all of you having significant others? 


Tenya: So what I'm hearing is, my own boyfriend is being unfaithful? 


Rock Hard: Fuck Midoriya run. 


On Acid: Save yourself! 


Shut your up: Hanta wishes you luck dude. 


Yeet your bones: Luck will do nothing for me but I appreciate it anyway. 


Kacchan: Hey glasses, go get your stupid ass boyfriend. Before I fucking kill him and my stupid ass boyfriend. 


Hot n' Cold: Shit please strangle me with your thighs. 


Kacchan: No. I'll do something worse. 

Kacchan made a new Group Chat. Kacchan added 22 people to the Group Chat. 


Kacchan named the Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Kacchan: Listen up fuckers. 


Kacchan: my-boyfriend-is-a-thot.jpg 


Kacchan: and-so-are-these-fools.jpg


Fuck Gravity: HOLY SHIT! 


Froggo: Oh my god. 


Multiplayer: …. 


Rock Hard: BAKUBRO?!!


On Acid: BLASTY! 


Boombox: Did Bakugou fucking put you all on blast? 


Kacchan: Yes. 


Birb: I applaud your method Bakugou. 


I cannot stop sparkling: Oh my~ 


I cannot stop sparkling: I believe all of the class is blind~ I am the true beauty here~ 


Hot n' Cold: Have you seen Katsuki's ass? Because shit. 


Queen: Todoroki! How do you have no shame! 


Hot n' Cold: *shrugs* 


Kacchan: You are so fucking dead. 


Hot n' Cold: Yes please. 


Tenya: Todoroki! Keep your sexual wants out of the Group Chat! 


Hot n' Cold: I have absolutely no shame. 


Yeet Your Bones: Kacchan… please get Todoroki to stop being horny. Especially right in front of my salad. 


Kacchan: Fine. 


Boombox: I heard Todoroki scream and then it immediately cut off. 


Shut your up: Rip Todoroki. 


Rock Hard: Murdered by his own boyfriend. 


On Acid: A tragic day! 


Tape man: We will all remember him! 


Tenya: It's getting late! All of you should go to bed! It's smart for your health and may improve your poor grades! 


Shut Your up: Ow. That hurt. 


Shut Your Up changed Their username to Your poor grades. 


Your poor grades: Thank you for this opportunity. 




Tape man: Oh my god, that's my boyfriend. That's my motherfucking boyfriend! 


Rock Hard: You are doing great sweetie. 


Boombox: Lmao! 


Queen: I wish you all a good night! I'm going to bed! 


Hot n' Cold: I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me. 


Yeet Your Bones: TODOROKI! 


Boombox: LMAO 


On Acid: Holy shit! 


Tape man: Holy shit! Todoroki is a meme?!! 


Hot n' Cold: I came out the womb knowing memes. Get on my fucking level. 


Kacchan: :) 


Hot n' Cold: Oh shit. Bye whores the love of my life needs me. 


Rock hard: I don't know if I should be concerned or not. 


On Acid: Todoroki might live. 


Your poor grades: Yeah, besides Blasty is dating him. So hopefully he won't murder the man. 


Tape man: Eh, it's blasty you never know with blasty. 


Rock hard: Fair. 


Yeet Your Bones: Guys go to sleep. 


On Acid: What did you just say to me?!! 


Your poor grades: Sleep?!! I don't know her. 


Rock hard: C'mon guys midoriya has a point, we have a test tomorrow. 


Tape man: WE HAVE A TEST?!! 


Your poor grades: Wait what?!!!! 


Yeet your bones: Yeah? Did you guys not know about it? 


Boombox: It's English, Sensei warned us for t h r e e days b e f o r e hand. 


On Acid: I only know because of Ejirou. 


Rock hard: Well ig I'll drag you all to study sessions with blasty. You guys can't afford to fail everything! It would be super unmanly to let grades stop you from becoming a hero! 


Tape man: Ok fine, just make sure he doesn't murder us. 


Rock hard: That's fair. 


Rock hard: Mina, it's time for sleep. And you two better go to sleep. 


On Acid: But Ei-chan! 


Rock hard: God I haven't been called that since middle school. I'll cuddle you if you go to bed.


On Acid: HELL YES! Omw.


Rock hard: Geez, Now you guys go to sleep! 


Boombox: I'm going m o t h e r. 


Rock hard: Excuse you young lady! You are grounded and secondly Kami, Sero if you two don't go to bed I won't stop bakugou from murdering you. 


Tape man: Ok! I'm going! 


Your poor grades: OK! OK! 


Rock hard: Good.

Insomniac: What the hell? 


Yeet Your Bones: SHINSO! 


Insomniac: What? 


Yeet Your Bones: I didn't know you and Kacchan were friends! 


Insomniac: Bakugou? Uh yeah? Dad practically adopted him. 


Your poor grades: owo what's this? 


Kacchan: You put that shit back where it came from. 


Your poor grades: Right away! 


Insomniac: Bakugou. Why did you add me here? 


Kacchan: So you have more blackmail on Sho. 


Insomniac: Oh shit, dude you are officially my favorite. 


Kacchan: I literally am your only favorite but go off ig. 


Yeet Your Bones: Uh, Kacchan? 


Kacchan: What? 


Yeet Your Bones: I uh, wanted to apologise. 


Kacchan: For what? Having eyes or being a thot? 


Yeet Your Bones: Hey! I am not a thot! 


Kacchan: And yet you have a picture of me in skinny jeans. 


Yeet Your Bones: Hahhha! Look at the time! Bye! 


Insomniac: He has that?!!! 


Kacchan: He's a horny shit just like Sho. 


Hot n' Cold: But I have the balls to not be ashamed by it. Also hi Shinso. 


Insomniac: Yo, Canadian flag! 


Tenya: What?!! 


Hot n' Cold: sigh  


Kacchan: I knew there was a reason I put up with you. 


Insomniac: ;) 


Yeet Your Bones: Ok well fuck it. I am not deleting the chat. 


Tenya: -_- 


Yeet Your Bones: Sh, I'm a teenager with no self control. 


Insomniac: Good point. 


Boombox: midoriya-embraces-his-thot-side.jpg 


Tenya: Dear god. 


Your poor grades: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? 


Rock hard: I think I know where this is going but I don't like it. 


Tape man: I give it 3 weeks before Midoriya snaps and tops the living shit out of Ilda. 






Yeet Your Bones: I'll do it in less. 


Tenya: IZUKU! 


Kacchan: Holy shit this is amazing. 


Hot n' Cold: Tell Aizawa-Sensei me and Katsuki need a mental health day. We aren't going to be able to go to class. 


Kacchan: Sho? Is everything alright? 


Hot n' Cold: No. I need you. 


Kacchan: Omw. 


Insomniac: I'll tell Dad. 


Yeet Your Bones: Take care of him Kacchan! 


Tenya: I hope you feel better soon Todoroki!

Todoroki smiles at his phone but the ache in his chest won't go away. He puts his phone on his nightstand, still dressed in night clothes with his hair mused and covered in sweat. The lingering anxiety on his mind makes him feel overly crushed. 


Memories of his childhood had all been morphed into a nightmare. Logically Todoroki knew that it wasn't his fault. But he couldn't help but feel it was, he was pulling his boyfriend away from class just because he was upset. 


Katsuki opens his door, calling his name. " Sho. " His tone is soft, loving and it's only for him. He feels sick at that thought. He doesn't deserve Katsuki. " Sho. " The words are firm, demanding his attention. " Katsuki. " His voice breaks and he's pulled into his arms. 


They stay like that for a while. Wrapped up in each other. Safe from the horrors of their minds and the scars on their hearts. He finds himself smiling, Katsuki is truly and utterly a blessing. Even if he's picky about his food, even if he eats things that no human should be able to .


Todoroki closes his eyes and allows himself to be held. Even just for a moment, Todoroki never wants to leave. 

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Group Chat: Dumbassess 


Yeet Your Bones: @Kacchan, is Todoroki ok? 


Kacchan: Yeah, he's asleep right now. 


Tenya: That's good to hear! 


Insomniac: Dude Dad wants to know what's the number? 


Kacchan: I'd say about a 4, he's relatively calm. 


Insomniac: Ok. 


Tape man: Dude it was so different without them! 


Rock hard: It was but right now I'm just glad Todoroki is ok. 


On Acid: Same. 


Your Poor grades: Same. 


Multiplayer: Bakugou, do you know what we did with my switch controller? 


Birb: We cannot find it. 


Froggo: Huh. 


Fuck Gravity: We are gonna play Smash Bros! 


Yeet Your Bones: That sounds fun! 


Multiplayer: You are welcome to join us. 


Yeet Your Bones: Thank you! 


Kacchan: It's actually put up in the case. 


Birb: Ok, thank you Bakugou. 


Kacchan: np. Brb Sho is waking up. 


Katsuki watches his boyfriend slowly wake up. His eyelids open slightly and his mouth forms into an adorable pout. His heart skips a beat at the sight of him. Sho is utterly adorable. 


" Katsuki, you are staring. " The boy comments, turning more red by the second. Katsuki just grins, continuing to appreciate how adorable his boyfriend is. " Katsuki! " He whines, hiding his adorable face in the pillow. 


He does the first thing that comes to mind. Taking his phone he snaps a picture and opens the class Group Chat. 


Kacchan: hes-okay.jpg 


Rock hard: Oh my god is that Todoroki?!!! 


Your Poor Grades: Holy shit! Is he gay panicking?? 


Boombox: What did you do to him?! 


Queen: Oh my! Is Todoroki-Kun ok?!! 


Fuck Gravity: I am gone for one day and Bakugou already broke Todoroki. 


Yeet Your Bones: Holy shit. Uraraka!! 


Birb: It is good to have you back. 


Fuck Gravity: Aw! Thanks guys! 


Hot n' Cold: revenge.jpg 


Queen: OH MY GOD. 


Tenya: TODOROKI!! 


Yeet Your Bones: Oh my god that's Kacchan. 


Rock hard: I never thought I would ever see his face like that. 


Fuck Gravity: Ok, so what I'm seeing better be a dream. 


Your poor grades: Mood. 


Hot n' Cold: I have no regrets and he's absolutely stunning if you didn't know this before than you do now. 


Fuck Gravity: Like there's no way he's that ripped. 


Birb: I must agree with Uraraka, he's so small. 


Yeet Your Bones: To be fair, Kacchan can hold his own against Kirishima. 


Rock hard: I'm not even mad about it. Bakugou is really really strong. 


Hot n' Cold: they-are-real.jpg 




Rock hard: Oh yeah, I forget he hardly ever takes his shirt off. Unlike the rest of us. 


Your poor grades: Hey! Shirts are horrible! And the AC is definitely nice after training. 


Yeet Your Bones: I agree. 


Fuck Gravity: I'm salty that you guys can actually walk around without a shirt. 


Tape man: Wait why can't you?!! 


Fuck Gravity: Mineta. 


Multiplayer: Fair. 


Kacchan: Ew. He's still in this class? 


Birb: Unfortunately yes. 


Queen: He's never stopped terrorizing us. 


On Acid: I can't count how many times Ei slammed a fist into his face for trying to peek up my skirt. 


Rock hard: I swear the next time he does this I'm going to break every bone in his perverted body. 


Tape man: Oh shit. 


Your poor grades: Oh god dude. He's gotten Kirishima's rage. 


Kacchan: yeet-the-grape.vid 


Queen: Oh my god. 




Insomniac: dads-on-the-case.jpg 


Aizawa looks at the scene before him, Katsuki is holding one of his students by the back of his shirt. Minetas unconscious form dangling from his hand. " This bastard has been an utter fucking shit to the girls and if he is even in the same class as me I will kick his ass. " Katsuki had promised, looking Aizawa in the eyes the entire time. 


His other son, Hitoshi stood a little to the left. " Hitoshi, how much blackmail do you have on him. " Aizawa asks, not even surprised by the absolute Bakugou inspired grin that spreads across his face. " I have enough to actually get him suspended for life. ``he says. 


" Fine. Let's see it. " Aizawa groans a little. " Katsuki, get him to recovery girl. " He adds after a second of thought. With the blond walking away he returns his attention to Hitoshi. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Insomniac added Fuck my existence to Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Fuck my existence: the-evil-has-been-defeated.jpg 


Kacchan: Dad? 


Fuck my existence: What. I'm just spreading the good news. 


Yeet Your Bones: SENSEI?!


Rock hard: Oh god. 


On Acid: He's actually gone?!


Fuck my existence: Yes Ashido. 


Your poor grades: YES!


Queen: Oh thank God! 




Boombox: HELL YES! 


Fuck my existence: Uraraka. I trust you to break Kaminari's nose if he tries anything. 


Fuck gravity: Will do! 


Your poor grades: Hey! 


Fuck my existence: Shut up. 


Kacchan: Shut the fuck up off brand Pikachu. 


Insomniac: Damn. Both of them annihilated you. 


Your poor grades: :( 


Rock hard: @Yeet Your Bones, @Kacchan, @Fuck gravity Are we still on for tonight? 


Yeet Your Bones: I'm free for it! 


Fuck gravity: Yeah! 


Kacchan: Yeah dumbass. 


Rock hard: Mk. 


Hot n' Cold: Hmmm. 


Kacchan: For fucks sake Sho. 


Rock hard:


Fuck gravity: Is he getting possessive?! 


Hot n' Cold: Absolutely. 


Kacchan: He is just a cuddle whore. 


Yeet Your Bones: Gasp! 


Fuck gravity: So he isn't gay. 


Rock hard: Or European. 


Fuck my existence: If any of you finish that cursed song I swear. 


HELL YEAH: Shota! Look it's that song someone made a video about you with! 


Kacchan: Link it or it doesn't exist. 




Your poor grades: OH MY GOD! 


Fuck my existence: Hitoshi. 


Fuck my existence: the-boyfriend-you-thought-you-hid.jpg 


Insomniac: DAD


Fuck my existence: ;) 


Kacchan: You're dating the furry?!! 


Insomniac: Huh, no comment. 


Kacchan: @tail man 


Tail man: Shit, bye. 


Kacchan: Get back here before I kill you! 


Tail man: BYE! 


Insomniac: Please don't murder my boyfriend. I actually like him. 


Kacchan: You are fucking dead next! 


Insomniac: Fuck! Dad I'm sorry! 


Fuck my existence: Ask your other dad. 


HELL YEAH: I'm trapped, incapacitated. 


Fuck my existence: Now you are. 


Insomniac: This is what I get for hiding it isn't it? 


Kacchan: Yep. 


Kacchan: Rip.jpg 


Insomniac: Oh no. 


Kacchan: :) 


Fuck my existence: Don't kill Hitoshi too bad. 


Kacchan: K. 


Hot n' Cold: Why is the love of my entire life planning to murder? 


Hot n' Cold: And why is Sensei allowing it? 


Kacchan: You can't stop me. 


Hot n' Cold: Katsuki. 


Kacchan: No. 


Hot n' Cold: Katsuki Bakugou. 


Kacchan: ...No. 


Hot n' Cold: Katsuki - soon to be Todoroki - Bakugou I swear to God. 


Kacchan: Did you just propose?! 


Rock hard: Oh shit man. This is beautiful. 


On Acid: Aw! 


Tape man: Oooo. 


Hot n' Cold: Love I said " Soon to be Todoroki ". 


Hot n' Cold: That means I am going to marry you at some point. 


Kacchan: You know what. 


Kacchan: Fuck that. 


Kacchan changed their username to Kat Todoroki. 


Hot n' Cold: Where the hell are you? 


Kat Todoroki: Meet me at my room. 


Hot n' Cold: Omw. 


Rock hard: What just happened? 


Insomniac: I dunno but I'm going to find my boyfriend. 


Fuck my existence: 


Fuck my existence changed their username to Too old for this. 


HELL YEAH: I'll have to talk with them tomorrow. 

Chapter Text

HELL YEAH made a Group Chat. 


HELL YEAH named the Group Chat: discussion time. 


HELL YEAH added Kat Todoroki and Hot n' Cold. 


HELL YEAH: Alright students! You know you cannot actually get married right now right? 


Kat Todoroki: Yes. 


Hot n' Cold: Maybe. 


Kat Todoroki: Sho. 


Hot n' Cold: Fine. 


HELL YEAH: Ok! I just had to make sure! Bye now listeners! 


Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Rock hard: Hey guys does anyone have the notes for English?! 


Boombox: I do, do you need to borrow them? 


Rock hard: Yes please! 


Boombox: Alright I'm about to get into the dorms just meet me in the common room. 


Rock hard: Alright! 


Katsuki frowns at his phone. Shitty Hair said he had the notes. How the hell did this asshole forget they are in the same Group Chat. Katsuki definitely decides to break his face later, even if Raccoon eyes will be upset about it.


" Kacchan! " Deku calls from somewhere behind Katsuki. Inwardly he groans, despite actually becoming something like friends with the nerd he absolutely did not like hearing his high pitched voice yelling ' Kacchan ' at the top of his lungs. 


Still he finds his feet coming to a stop. He's more than startled when familiar different temperature arms wrap around him. " Katsuki. " Shoto mumbled against his shoulder. " Sho. " Katsuki was more than 100% sure he heard the nerd but where the hell is he? 


There's slight aws from the side, narrowing his eyes at Deku and Angel face giggling like a bunch of children. He already feels his irritation building the more they fucking giggle. " Dear god guys you know he's going to kill you. " Kirishima's voice comes out of nowhere and sure enough the red haired idiot is coming to a stop next to the loser duo. 


Mina and Kaminari aren't far behind. Mina winces, " Well it was nice knowing you two. ``she says to the giggling idiots. For once Katsuki is glad she's not saying he shouldn't murder them. " Sho, you have five seconds. " He growls low enough for him to hear. 


" Ok that's valid. " Sho says before slowly unwinding his arms from around him. Once free he turns his attention to the now terrified duo. " Kacchan wouldn't actually murder us? Right? " The nerds voice is nervous. Katsuki doesn't feel bad about what happens next. 


Group Chat: Dumbassess


Your poor grades: they-had-it-coming.vid 


On Acid: they-only-have-themselves-to-blame.vid 


Tenya: @Kat Todoroki , fighting on school property is against the rules! Stop at once! 


Kat Todoroki: As if you can tell me what to do? 


Hot n' Cold: Sorry Iida it already happened. 


Tenya: Todoroki! My dear friend! Why didn't you stop it! 


Yeet Your Bones: To be fair he would of gotten murdered too. 


Fuck gravity: Aizawa-Sensei is already scolding him. 


Hot n' Cold: To be fair he's also scolding you guys. 


Yeet Your Bones: He's is right when he says Kacchan doesn't murder people without reason. 


Kat Todoroki: He just gave me a lollipop and said good job. 


Tenya: Sensei would never! 


Insomniac: No he's done that with me before. Back at the sports festival when I was fighting with Midoriya, afterwards he gave me a jawbreaker and said ' good job on giving problem child a run for his money '. 


Yeet Your Bones: That's mean! I won that fight! 


Insomniac: Okay but I got a jawbreaker. 


Tenya: Sensei is disappointing me. I expected better from a pro hero. 


To old for this: Good you can join my hate club. All they do is sit around and make excuses for why they aren't fucking productive. 


To old for this: Get back to work I expected better of you. 


Fuck gravity: Oh shit. 


Insomniac: He's grinning at his phone. Good job you've made him happy to crush someone.


Tenya: Shota that was uncalled for! 


Tenya: We are out of school! 


To old for this: Well tenya you should stop trying so hard if you can't handle it. Besides, you are just as much of a little shit as you were has a kid. 


Tenya: You take that back. 


To old for this: No. 


Tenya added Fuck wheels to Group Chat: Dumbassess


Fuck wheels: Jfc little bro why. 


Tenya: Scroll up. Do I have permission to be mean? 


Fuck wheels: Are you sure about this? 


Tenya: brother. 


Fuck wheels: Fine. 


Tenya: Ahem, Shota what the absolute fuck. Who do you think you are? A bad bitch?!! That can't be right because you fucking can't go two goddam seconds without fucking eyedrops. It may of took Todoroki and Yaoyorozu around 20 minutes to kick your ass but I fucking promise it will take me less. 


Fuck wheels: I am so sorry Shota. 


Kat Todoroki: Iida curses?!!! What the fuck! Why the hell is he fucking screaming at me about cursing when he does the same fucking thing! 


Kat Todoroki: He can't even talk shit because he has the same pair of fucking glasses strapped to his fucking wall like a fucking crazy person! Fucking come for me bitch, you wanna talk about dad not being a bad bitch? Because you are right. He's not the bad bitch I am. So shut the fuck up and sit down. Know your fucking place trash. 


Yeet Your Bones: Holy shit. 


To old for this: And this is why he gets lollipops and you don't. 


Insomniac: Damn, I haven't seen him roast a person in months. 


Fuck wheels: Iida may be plotting murder. Again. 


Kat Todoroki: It's not like he actually managed to commit murder. So fucking come at me, he can't even take the hero killer without back up. How the fuck is he gonna even try and fight me? 


Hot n' Cold: Jfc Katsuki. 


Tenya: That's fucking it meet me in the pit pussy. 


Kat Todoroki: Okay little bitch only because apparently you forgot that you belong in the fucking trash can. 


Yeet Your Bones: Babe please,, 


Hot n' Cold: I'll get Katsuki. 


Tenya: No! Do not take away my opponent! 


Yeet Your Bones: Baby you are willing to break school rules? 


Tenya: In this case? Yes. 


Yeet Your Bones: That's it. 


Midoriya hurries to find his stupid boyfriend. Using his quirk he manages to find Tenya, he's clearly pissed and holding his phone in hand. Midoriya does not take a moment to appreciate the way his shirt is snug against his body. Scooping low he flips his lovely boyfriend over his shoulder. 


" Izuku! " Tenya yelps, clearly not appreciating it. " No, Tenya has much as Kacchan deserves it I will not let you jeopardize your hero career! " Midoriya already made up his mind. Kacchan may be a mean person but he adores his boyfriend. 


And his boyfriend is going to be a damn hero! Carrying his now silent package he throws open the door to his room and shuts it behind him. He manages to shove Tenya onto the bed, joining him afterwards. Midoriya hopes Todoroki is getting Kacchan calmed down. 

Todoroki is having the worst day. First he wakes up late, not having enough time to even eat. And then after a bunch to stupid classes, he finally gets to hug his boyfriend. Having to let go because his stupid friends couldn't resist being jerks. 


And now he has his boyfriend, angry and in his arms struggling after trying to fight his best friend. Who to be fair did insult his dad, but still. " Katsuki Todoroki I swear to God. " Todoroki hisses between his teeth. The body in his arms stills. Sighing in relief he adjusts his hold. 


" Sho. " His voice isn't angry anymore. Katsuki sounds calmer than he did when he was cursing at everything. Todoroki adjusts the other, cradling him more against himself. Katsuki wraps his arms around his shoulders and Todoroki feels like smiling a little. 


Yeah his day may of been shit. He may of just wanted to stay curled up with his personal human heater under the covers all day. But walking to their room with Katsuki in his arms, Todoroki can admit that today was not as bad has it could of been. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki pouts his candy cane for a boyfriend left him to go to the bathroom! Only slightly pouty Katsuki decides to make himself a blanket burrito and pulls out his phone. Sho always took forever in the bathroom. 


Yeet Your Bones: I know right?!! 




Yeet Your Bones: But Tenya! I want my money! 


Tenya: You want money for what we did?!!! 


Fuck gravity: No no he means he wants the money from the bet. Considering he did do it in less. 


Your poor grades: God Dammit he really did it?!! 


Tape man: Yeah dude. 


Insomniac: Damn Ilda is getting more action then half the class. 


On Acid: Oh my god. 


Rock hard: SH. 




Yeet Your Bones: Hahaha I took his phone be has much of a heathen as you want to be. 


Hot n' Cold: Midoriya help Katsuki is ignoring me! 


Yeet Your Bones: ?!!! 


Rock hard: Dude did you leave him again?!! 


On Acid: He gets salty when you leave him during cuddling Todoroki. 


Yeet Your Bones: Wait you left him during cuddling?!! 


Yeet Your Bones: I never thought I'd say this but I agree with Kacchan on this one. 


Hot n' Cold: I had to use the bathroom! 


Rock hard: Dude still. 


Kat Todoroki: … 


Hot n' Cold: Baby, please. 


Kat Todoroki: Hmpf. 


Yeet Your Bones: Good. 


Fuck gravity: Midoriya you aren't helping. 


Yeet Your Bones: Because I agree with Kacchan, you never leave when you are cuddling. 


Tenya: You only agree because you are the exact same way Izuku. 


Tenya rolls his eyes at his boyfriend. Said boyfriend is giving him the look, Tenya has no idea what's going to happen but it could be two things. 1) Izuku is going to tackle him and lay on top of him or 2) He's going to get fucked. Wincing as he shifts on the bed he hopes it's the first option. 


Hot n' Cold: Okay but how do I get Katsuki not mad at me? 


Fuck gravity: I dunno. 


Rock hard: Maybe force him to cuddle with you? 


On Acid: Or you could just be horny. 


Rock hard: Mina! 


On Acid: Sh I'm right and you know it. 


Todoroki looks at his boyfriend and then back at his phone screen. He does it again and comes to a conclusion that cuddling is the best option. Setting his phone down and dropping on the bed Todoroki sees no visible reaction from his boyfriend. Hoping for the best Todoroki scoots over and wraps his arms around the blanket burrito. 


When Katsuki starts trying to escape Todoroki throws a leg over him and secures him in place. " Sho you ass. " His boyfriend whines from his blanket. Todoroki pays it no mind and burrows against the lump of blanket more. Somehow by the feats of dark magic Todoroki is now to face with Katsuki. 


The way you can only see parts of his hair sticking out from the blanket and his face makes Todoroki want to kiss him. Yes, Todoroki is in too deep. 


" Sho. " Todoroki settles down against the other once more, ignoring him saying his name. 


Yeet Your Bones: I have absolutely no regrets. 


On Acid: Dear god midoriya what did you do. 


Rock hard: I feel like I don't wanna know..


Tenya: Izuku! 


Yeet Your Bones: Hey! You were not complaining two minutes ago. 


Tenya: I'm pretty sure I was. 


Tenya: If I had not I'm definitely complaining now. 


Kat Todoroki: Help there's a candy cane on me. 


Rock hard: Bakubro! 


Kat Todoroki: Stop calling me that. 


Tape man: Weed baby!! 


Kat Todoroki: You are dead. 


Your poor grades: Rip sero, the love of my life. 


Fuck gravity: Wait why are you guys calling Bakugou a weed baby? 


Tape man: His birthday is 4/20 


Fuck gravity: Oh my god really?!! 


On Acid: Yep! 


Yeet Your Bones: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Kacchan isn't your birthday soon? 


Kat Todoroki: You just had to remind them didn't you. 


Yeet Your Bones: Sorry Kacchan. 


Rock hard: Oh no blasty we didn't forget :) 


On Acid: We are fully prepared. 


Tape man: And ready to die! 


Your poor grades: Yes! 


Multiplayer: Dear god you guys are sad. 


Tenya: Shoji! 


Multiplayer: Yo. 


Your poor grades: Yes the majority of us have depression. 


Rock hard: I do! 


Multiplayer: All of you are dead to me besides Kirishima and Tokoyami. 


Rock hard: Aw! 


Insomniac: Ouch. 


Kat Todoroki: Okay then. 


Tenya: … 


Yeet Your Bones: The real question is what did we do. 


Multiplayer: I know one of you hid all of the fucking controllers. 


Hot n' Cold: Check the fridge. 


Multiplayer: What the fuck. 


Kat Todoroki: I'm sorry the love of my life is stupid. 


Multiplayer: It's okay it's not your fault. 


Multiplayer: It's his fault. 


Hot n' Cold: That's mean. 


Kat Todoroki: It's also true Sho.


Todoroki glares at his way too adorable Katsuki. " How dare you. " He says, offended and betrayed by the love of his fucking life. " Sho, are you seriously offended right now? " Katsuki looks at him, annoyed red eyes resting on him. Todoroki squints at him. 


" Obviously. It tends to happen when my future husband betrayed me. " Todoroki snarks back at him. Katsuki looks at him with an extremely annoyed expression. " Love, I adore you but fucking hell. " Todoroki pouts and looks away from him. 

" Sho. " Todoroki looks up and finds his boyfriend in front of him or rather on top of him. How the hell had he not noticed that? Flushing a little Todoroki admires the view he has. " Sho stop staring at me. " Todoroki doesn't stop staring. 


Pressing a loving kiss on Katsuki's mouth and again admiring a view he can never tire of. " Not pouty anymore? " Katsuki teases and Todoroki snorts. " Nope, how could I be? " He teases back enjoying the way Katsuki flushes. 

" You are an idiot. " He still hides his face on Todoroki's chest. 


Yeet Your Bones: Todoroki. Answer your phone. 


Yeet Your Bones: Please stop being a fuck. Dude answer your phone! Todoroki I swear! 


Yeet Your Bones: That's it I'm going over there. 


The room door slams open and Todoroki startles. " Todoroki! You asshole why can't you answer your phone?! " Midoriya says from the now opened door way. Todoroki stares at his best friend confused. 


" Uh, it didn't go off? " He says, wrapping one arm around Katsuki to stop him from getting up. " Deku I swear to God. " Katsuki growls and Midoriya grows nervous. " Kacchan?! " Todoroki inwardly groans. 

" Katsuki you can't murder my best friend. " Todoroki gives his boyfriend a look. Katsuki stares at him. " First off that little dipshit broke the fucking door. Secondly he deserves it and you know it. " 


Todoroki has to admit he's tempted to let his boyfriend go just because Midoriya definitely broke the door. " Todoroki please don't. " Midoriya sounds genuinely terrified. Todoroki considers it. 


" Katsuki, love " Todoroki starts. " Don't hurt him too badly please. ``he releases his boyfriend and Midoriya screams. " Kacchan please! " He cries while Katsuki tackles him to the floor. Todoroki snorts and watches has the fighting finds its way out into the hall. 


Your poor grades: why.vid 


On Acid: Is that Midoriya and Bakugou?!! 


Rock hard: Yeah, Midoriya apparently broke his room door. 


Hot n' Cold: He did. And then he called me an asshole. 


Tenya: Izuku!! I will be there at once to calm him down! 


Queen: Oh my! This is perhaps one of the days when Todoroki doesn't care isn't it? 


Hot n' Cold: Bingo. 


Hot n' Cold: I'm offended he broke the door and called me an asshole. 


Rock hard: That's fair. 


Tape man: Was he worked up about something? 


Tenya: Most likely he doesn't call people curse words unless he is. 


Your poor grades: Midoriya-is-whipped.jpg 


Hot n' Cold: So is Katsuki. I hate that Ilda makes me responsible. 


Tenya: Our boyfriends are children. Someone has to be responsible. 


Kat Todoroki: … 


Kat Todoroki changed their username to Guess who bitch. 


Hot n' Cold: … 


Hot n' Cold changed their name to It's Britney bitch. 


Yeet Your Bones: Fuck you Kacchan. 


Guess who bitch: Fuck you Deku. 


Hot n' Cold: Katsuki. 


Tenya: Izuku. 


Guess who bitch: Fine. 


Yeet Your Bones: Fine only for you Tenya. 


Midoriya pouts at his phone. He really meant it through, fuck you Kacchan. Kacchan is an asshole but he's also a strong asshole. It's slightly worse that Todoroki unleashed him on him. But then again Midoriya did break the door and called Todoroki an asshole. 


So Midoriya guesses he can forgive Todoroki. But fuck Kacchan. 


Direct messages Guess who bitch and Yeet Your Bones. 


Yeet Your Bones: Wanna get back at them? 


Guess who bitch: Yes. 


Yeet Your Bones: Okay Here's the plan! 


Katsuki smirked. His boyfriend was so going to get it. Deku had come up with the best plan and Katsuki can simply put it to life. " Is it set Kacchan? " Deku calls from the couch. Katsuki checks it again. " Yeah, they shouldn't be back for around 15 minutes. " Katsuki yells back at him. 

Securing the last part to their scheme Katsuki walks back to the couch. Falling onto the couch next to Deku. " Kacchan how long do you think they will look for us? " Katsuki actually considers it. 


" Probably a life time they are both too gay for us. And Glasses is already addicted to your dick so. " Deku just nods. Soon Katsuki is looking at Deku's cat farm snorting at a few of them named after their classmates. 

" Katsuki- " The mechanism triggers and disgusting slime drenches their boyfriends. Deku takes a picture while Katsuki high fives him. 


They spend the next 50 minutes hiding from their pissed off boyfriends. 


Chapter Text

Private Group Chat: Your poor grades, Yeet Your Bones, Fuck gravity, Tenya and more. 


Yeet Your Bones: Hey guys, have you seen the gremlin called Kacchan?


Fuck gravity: No! 


Tenya: Have you asked Todoroki?


Yeet Your Bones: He just deadpan stared at me and said that he wasn't Kacchan's keeper. 


Tenya: Ah. Well maybe start a search party? 


Rock Hard: You wanna know where Blasty is? 


Yeet Your Bones: I have something important to tell him but I can't find him! 


On Acid: We are all in Ejirou's room but Blasty isn't in the best mood. 


Your poor grades: We aren't kidding. He's actually somehow worse than usual. 


Tape man: Be nice! He's crying Denki don't be an ass. 


Rock hard: He's crying?!! Oh god where's Todoroki?! 


Yeet Your Bones: I'll get him! 


Todoroki was worried, when Midoriya nearly broke his door again yelling at him that something was wrong with Katsuki he couldn't think. Running after his friend he went through every horrible situation in his head.


When they get to Kirishima's dorm room he can hear the sounds of Katsuki crying. Now Todoroki is just pissed. Who the fuck made his boyfriend cry?! 

Throwing the door open and wrapping his boyfriend in his arms. Katsuki slumps against him, pressing as close has possible. " Katsuki. " Todoroki mumbles into his skin. 


" Baby what's wrong? " Todoroki asks, heart aching that Katsuki looks so small in his arms. Katsuki just whimpers burrowing against him. " Baby? " Katsuki looks up at him. Todoroki feels like he's dying at seeing his tear stained cheeks and glassy eyes. He presses kisses all over his face, nuzzling the crazy blond hair. 


" Mom. " He whimpers, burying himself against Todoroki again. Ignoring the anger breaking through his veins Todoroki comforts his Katsuki. " Sh love whatever she said was wrong. " Todoroki nuzzles at Katsuki. " Holy shit I've never seen anything more manly! " Kirishima whispers and Todoroki resists the urge to stab him. 


" Dude this is the most pure thing. " Kaminari sounds close to tears. " Kaminari, Kirishima maybe uh don't comment like that? " Midoriya sounds nervous. Todoroki presses another kiss to Katsuki's head. He freezes his classmates in place. 

Adjusting his grip on Katsuki he stands up and walks out of the room. Ignoring Midoriya who just slid down the wall. 


Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Yeet Your Bones: i-told-them.jpg 


Rock hard: I'm still cold! 


Your poor grades: Dude I thought I was gonna die! 


Tenya: Todoroki froze them?! 


Yeet Your Bones: To be fair they were making jokes about how " Manly " and " Gay " it was that Todoroki was holding Kacchan. 


Tenya: Good for Todoroki then. 


It's Britney bitch: :) 


Fuck gravity: Todoroki! Is floof baby okay?!! 


It's Britney bitch: Yes, he's calming down. He said he feels better. 


Insomniac: Whoa whoa wait. What the fuck is wrong with my brother?! 


It's Britney bitch: On one of his visits with his mom things didn't go well. 


Insomniac: Where are you. 


It's Britney bitch: My room. I'll unlock the balcony for you. 


Insomniac: Thanks. 


Todoroki doesn't look up at door opening. " Yo. " Shinso calls after shutting the balcony door. Katsuki perks out from his spot in his arms. " Hitoshi? " Shinso smirks. " Hey little asshole heard something was wrong. " Shinso looked a little concerned. 


Katsuki just nods at him. " Sho was really panicked when he broke into Shitty Hair's room. " Todoroki snorts. " How do you want me to react when you are crying?! " He pokes his boyfriend. Katsuki laughs trying to get away. 


Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Your poor grades: Guys listen I know it's 4am but what if we vandalize Todoroki. 


Yeet Your Bones: You are going to die because natural selection is coming for you. 


Tape man: By natural selection he means Todoki. 


Yeet Your Bones: No Todoki is now going to come for all of us it's only a matter of time. 


It's Britney bitch: Todoki? 


Your poor grades: Shit. 


On Acid: Good. You deserve it for waking me up. 


It's Britney bitch: I will avenge your lost sleep Ashido. 


On Acid: thank you. 


Tape man: I'm going to die today. This is it. 


Yeet Your Bones: I thought you died when he froze you during the sports festival. 


Your poor grades: Don't worry about it! 


Tape man: Todoroki come for me first I want to die. 


Guess who bitch: Shoto. 


It's Britney bitch: I promised ashido. 


Guess who bitch: You didn't say when you would do it. Now get back here before I fucking kill you. 


It's Britney bitch: You live for another day. 


Insomniac: That was terrifying. 


Insomniac: Todoroki woke up instantly like the rising dead and then immediately unlocked his phone and just stared at it. 


Insomniac: and then he started typing. And then when he's about to get out of bed Katsuki just wakes up and dragged him down. 


Yeet Your Bones: His ' they be talking shit ' sense is terrifying. 


Insomniac: Not has terrifying as a Katsuki that got woken up before he's supposed to be up. 


Yeet Your Bones: Kacchan is just terrifying in general. 


On Acid: That's fair. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Guess who bitch: Deceased.jpg 


Fuck gravity: Is that Todoroki?! 


Rock hard: Oh my god Bakugou what did you do to him? 


Yeet Your Bones: Kacchan why. 


Guess who bitch: He shouldn't of left me. 


On Acid: Okay in that case he deserved it. What kind of man leaves their lover during cuddling?! 


Yeet Your Bones: I stand corrected do what you want to him. 


Tenya: Izuku. 


Yeet Your Bones: Fine. Okay. Gotta go guys my boyfriend is needy. 


Guess who bitch: Katsuki-you-suck.jpg 


Fuck gravity: TODOROKI?! 


Rock hard: I never thought I'd find lipstick on a person this attractive. 


On Acid: I literally love that we are both bisexual. 


Rock hard: Aw! I love it too! 


Shoto looked at his boyfriend between his legs. Lipstick was smeared all over his mouth. Katsuki's hands grab the waistband of his pants lightly tugging. Shoto bites his lip and nods. Katsuki pulls his pants down. 


Once the article of clothing is out of the way Katsuki presses a soft kiss to the bulge in his boxers. He pulls those down too. 


Shoto is left sitting on the bed, legs spread and his boyfriend has the front row seat. Katsuki presses a kiss to the head of his dick. He takes it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head while lightly sucking on it. 


Shoto can't move his eyes away from Katsuki. He stares up at him while Katsuki slowly puts more of Shoto's cock in his mouth. Shoto moans, dear god it's only been a few seconds but-he can't last. 


There's a heat curling in his gut. Shoto's world goes white while Katsuki does something with his mouth that feels so good. His hand grips a fistful of blond hair, keeping him in place. 


Shoto let's go still coming down from his high. He lets his boneless body fall back on the bed. " Sho. " Katsuki rests down on top of him. Shoto nuzzles his boyfriend. Dear god I love him. 


" Thanks love. " Shoto presses a kiss to his forehead. Katsuki mumbles a ' don't thank me. ' before falling into an easy sleep. 


Group chat: Betting ring. 


On Acid: I bet they had sex before. 


Yeet Your Bones: Same. 


Fuck gravity: Floof baby might of just given him a blowjob. 


Tape man: Spill. 


Fuck gravity: I was walking past Todoroki's room to get to the stairs and I heard Todoroki moaning and saying ' Baby you are so good. Oh my god don't stop. ' 


Your poor grades: You just have to remind me that I don't have a top.


Fuck gravity: We know you are a sad bottom Kaminari. 


Yeet Your Bones: I don't think I wanted that much information. 


Rock hard: They definitely have before. 


Rock hard: I'm Bakugou's neighbor. 


Your poor grades: You poor soul. 


Rock hard: You should also be concerned for Shoji. 


Multiplayer: I've stopped sleeping in that room. 


Rock hard: Shit that sounds like a great idea. 


Multiplayer: I sleep with my boyfriends now because life sucks. 


Edgy: Love you too. 


On Acid: I still say I'm right. 


Rock hard: I agree with you. 


Yeet Your Bones: I just can't see Kacchan has a bottom. 


Your poor grades: I never thought that Ilda was a bottom. 


Yeet Your Bones: That's fair. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess 


Rock hard: Please tell Mina I love her.


Your poor grades: Bro?!!! Are you dying?!! 


Tape man: If you are then: b e t r a y a l


Rock hard: Technically I am gonna die 


Guess who bitch: :) 


Rock hard: Bakugou I'm sorry! 


It's Britney bitch: What did you do. 


Yeet Your Bones: I am concerned. How did you piss off Kacchan that much? 


Rock hard: I accidentally called him baka gou 


It's Britney bitch: … 


Fuck gravity: Damn


Yeet Your Bones: baka-chan. 


Guess who bitch: :) 


Yeet Your Bones: Oh shit- 


Your poor grades: Did he just die? 


It's Britney bitch: Yes, now Kirishima is about to die


On Acid: Wait please Todoroki have mercy! 


It's Britney bitch: Fine I'll only harm him a little bit. 


Rock hard: Oh god I'm gonna get frozen to the wall aren't I. 


It's Britney bitch: :) 


Guess who bitch: perish.vid 


On Acid: Oh no poor Midoriya! 


It's Britney bitch: shouldn't-of-insulted-him.jpg 


On Acid: Ei!!! 


Your poor grades: Damn I need me a freak like that. 


Fuck gravity: Ew. 


Tenya: Todoroki! Bakugou! Please stop killing students! 


Tenya: Bakugou! Let my boyfriend go or so help me I will fucking end your bloodline. 


Your poor grades: Jfc! 


Guess who bitch: it's funny that you think you could even try. 


Tenya: Meet me in the pit little bitch. 


Queen: Iida! Bakugou! 


Boombox: Bakugou c'mon dude. 


Guess who bitch: He threatened my fucking sho. 


Boombox: Annihilate him. 


Queen: Kyoka! 


Your poor grades: Damn since when are Jirou and Bakugou friends? 


Boombox: Kaminari we've been friends since the festival. 


Boombox: He hangs out with me and doesn't fucking make comments about how I need a chest to apparently be valid. 


Boombox: He also keeps blowing up you know who. 


Your poor grades: I stand corrected. 


Guess who bitch: Don't pretend like you never saw me howitzer that shitstain into the ground. 


Boombox: And this is why I like you. And I'm a lesbian. 


Guess who bitch: You can be platonic with a person without it being romantic. 


Guess who bitch: it's just like Ejirou and I. 


Boombox: That's actually valid. 


Boombox: KitKat is officially my platonic bro. 


Queen: Only if I get first pick for cuddles. 


Boombox: Deal. 


Your poor grades: Okay but Bakubro is really really warm. He's like a furnace. 


It's Britney bitch: He's even warmer-jajsisjjsos 


Guess who bitch: :) what was that? 


Yeet Your Bones: I'm dead. I can't move. My entire body hurts worse than it did when I constantly broke my arms. 


Tenya: Izuku!!


Yeet Your Bones: Bby help. Kacchan is mean and sat on me why is he so heavy. 


Tenya: I'm on my way. 


Yeet Your Bones: Ty bby. 


Tenya: Meet me in the fucking pit Bakugou. 


Guess who bitch: K whore. I hope 3 is a good enough time for you to get the-jshsjdkwjjso 

It's Britney bitch: Love you can't say that. 


Tenya: The fact that another bottom could be so disrespectful is sad. 


Your poor grades: holy shit. 


Fuck gravity: Goddamit Ilda! 


Yeet Your Bones: Perish Kacchan. 


Rock hard: I finally got out of the ice and I come back to this. 


On Acid: Ei!!! 


Rock hard: Mina!!! 


On Acid: <3 


Rock hard: <3 


Boombox: Ew heterosexuality? In front of my salad? 


It's Britney bitch: More likely than you think. 


On Acid: Jirou I'm Bisexual stop assuming I don't know girls are great. 


Boombox: Okay but u still got a bf tho. 


Guess who bitch: Okay but since when is Eijirou considered a garbage male?!! 


Boombox: You right. 


On Acid: Ty for defending Ei Blasty. 


Guess who bitch: Literally would do that constantly but go off ig. 


Rock hard: Guys! 


On Acid: Sh bby.


Rock hard: Todoroki I'm stealing your boyfriend from you. 


It's Britney bitch: I'm assuming it's for a hug. 


Rock hard: Absolutely. 


Guess who bitch: Sho you know he would never because you would freeze his heart. 


It's Britney bitch: And he's not an asshole and is literally the embodiment of sunshine. 


Guess who bitch: That too. 


Rock hard: Open your door. 


Your poor grades: Rip Blastys spine. 


On Acid: Press F to pay respects. 


Your poor grades:


It's Britney bitch:


Yeet Your Bones: I would type F but Kacchan sat on me and then tried to tell Tenya to get the dick out of his ass so: Perish


On Acid: Heartless. 


Tape man: What the fuck. I left for one day and now Blasty is telling people to get dick out of their ass? 


Your poor grades: Sero!!! 


On Acid: My platonic husband!! 


Tape man: !!! 


Rock hard: Mina are you in favor that we should date Sero? 


On Acid: Oh thank God, I only put platonic in there so I wouldn't make Sero uncomfy. 


Tape man: Uh we should talk somewhere else abt this. 


Rock hard: Okay! I'll make a chat. 

Rock hard made a chat! 


Rock hard Added Tape man and On Acid to the chat! 


Rock hard changed the Chat name to: Anxious talk. 


Tape man: Mood. 


On Acid: Extreme mood. 


Rock hard: So uh do you need time to think or? 


On Acid: We aren't trying to pressure you! We want you to come to a decision in any way you'd like. 


Rock hard: I only ask that if you say no if we can still be bros. 


On Acid: Same. 


Tape man: Absolutely. 


Tape man: Uh no I don't need that much time I just have a question. 


Rock hard: You can ask us anything! 


Tape man: You gotta answer honestly. 


On Acid: Duh, it would be rude to ever lie to you! 


Tape man: Are you sure you want me? 


Rock hard: Of course! You are absolutely perfect. 


On Acid: I honestly don't know what I'd do without you. You are 100% everything I could ever ask for in a man, (yes even your medical weed, I have no fucks to give about that if it helps you then I'm all for it) and not to mention you are literally so fucking caring and gentle. 


Rock hard: It's true, last week when you were giving me a shoulder rub I just about died when you asked me if I was okay twelve times. 


Rock hard: It was absolutely adorable. 


Tape man: Ohmygod


Tape man: Yes I'd love to date you two. 


On Acid: YES!!!! 


Rock hard: !!!!!!! 


Group chat: Dumbassess


Guess who bitch: Bet they all end up together. 


Yeet Your Bones: I agree with you Kacchan.  


Rock hard: I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! 


Tape man: I'm so fuckin happy. 


On Acid: I have two beautiful bfs and honestly God has blessed me on this day. 


Your poor grades: Dudes!!! Congratulations!!!! 


Boombox: Congratulations! 


Guess who bitch changed their username to ' That bitch ' 


That bitch: Anyway besides what we all predicted, 


That bitch: Who has Avatar. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Yeet Your Bones: Have I ever hated Kacchan? No. 


Fuck gravity: oh-look.jpg 


Yeet Your Bones: Friendship started with Uraraka but now Kacchan is my best friend. 


Fuck gravity: I will expose you. 




Yeet Your Bones: You better fucking NOT. 


Fuck gravity: Watch me. 

Direct messages: Fuck gravity and Tenya. 


Fuck gravity: Midoriya-thirsting.jpg 


Tenya: oh. 


Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Tenya: oh. 


Yeet Your Bones: Bye. 


It's Britney bitch: oh-no-my-hand-slipped.vid 


Guess who bitch: Shoto. 


It's Britney bitch: He dyed my hair pink. 


Guess who bitch: … 


Yeet Your Bones: For the last time it was Kaminari! 


Guess who bitch: Servent. 


Guess who bitch: Kaminari Denki. 


Your poor grades: Hey bakugou. 


Guess who bitch: You know what I want to know. 

Group chat: The idiots. 


Your poor grades: I'm so dead. 


Tape man: It was great knowing you. 


On Acid: You will be missed. 


Rock hard: Dude. I'll miss you so much. 

Group chat: Dumbassess. 

Your poor grades: I'm so sorry. 


Guess who bitch: :) 


Your poor grades: I'll go on top of the fridge. 


Insomniac: Katsuki. What are you doing. 


Guess who bitch: He dyed Sho's hair. 


Insomniac: bro. 


Guess who bitch: Okay so? 


It's Britney bitch: Shinsou it's my h a I r. 


Insomniac: Okay so forcing Kaminari on the fridge is a good idea? 


It's Britney bitch: Okay that's not me. 


Guess who bitch: Kirishima installed the system. 


Rock hard: Excuse you. 


Guess who bitch: you made me get on the fridge. 


Rock hard: You punched Midoriya and I watched too many Vines with Kaminari. 


Yeet Your Bones: Wait when was this? 


Rock hard: Months ago. 


Yeet Your Bones: You mean when I called Kacchan a little bitch? 


Rock hard: Yes. 


Yeet Your Bones: Okay but I deserved that punch. 


Guess who bitch: You did. 


Yeet Your Bones: Can I talk to you? 


Insomniac: I hope it's not to be an ass? 


Yeet Your Bones: No it's actually serious. 


Insomniac: Okay go on. 

Direct messages: Yeet Your Bones and Guess who bitch. 


Yeet Your Bones: I am really sorry. 


Guess who bitch: Its fine. 


Guess who bitch: I'm okay, you got mad and that's fine. 


Yeet Your Bones: I still feel bad. 


Guess who bitch: Remember what you told me? 


Yeet Your Bones: Yeah. 


Guess who bitch: It doesn't keep me up at night, what you said doesn't affect me now. 


Guess who bitch: Sure it hurt in that moment but looking back on it? It doesn't hurt and I know that you would take that back if you could. 


Guess who bitch: You could never mean that. 


Yeet Your Bones: I guess you are right. I would change it if I could. 


Guess who bitch: Exactly so stop worrying and get over here to get your ass kicked in Mario Kart already. 


Yeet Your Bones: Okay! 

Direct messages: Insomniac and Guess who bitch. 


Insomniac: You good? 


Guess who bitch: Yeah. I'm fine. He's just over thinking. 


Insomniac: Okay great because-


Guess who bitch: Oh my god. 


Guess who bitch: I can't- 


Insomniac: Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't me. 


Guess who bitch: it is. 

Direct messages: Yeet Your Bones and Guess who bitch. 


Guess who bitch: Good. 

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Yeet Your Bones: Todoroki Kacchan cheated. 


It's Britney bitch: Did he? 


Insomniac: Hmmm, I don't think so. 


It's Britney bitch: Was it Mario Kart? 


Yeet Your Bones: Yeah. 


It's Britney bitch: Then no he didn't. Katsuki is just a god at that game. 


Guess who bitch: Oh I see you are ignoring me for my boyfriend and my brother. 


Yeet Your Bones: That's not just who I'm ignoring you for. 


Guess who bitch: Stop sexting Ilda. 


Yeet Your Bones: Betrayal. 


It's Britney bitch: oh-no-my-hand-slipped.vid 


Yeet Your Bones: Top ten anime betrayals. 


It's Britney bitch: Top ten depressing moments. 


Insomniac: Top ten stupid moments that I can't believe I've seen. 


Guess who bitch: pfftt. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Guess who bitch changed their name to ' Bakagou ' 


It's Britney bitch: All of you are welcome. 


Yeet Your Bones: Oh my god- I. 


Fuck gravity changed their name to ' G u N ' 


G u N: I have a sense of humor. 


Bakagou: First off, What the fuck round face and secondly Sho why. 


It's Britney bitch: I had too. 


Tape man changed their name to ' flex tape ' 


Flex tape: AnYwAy. 


Your poor grades: I love all of my squad so much. 


Rock hard: Aw! Bro!!!! 


Your poor grades: Bro!!! 


Boombox: Aside from watching Kirishima and Kaminari share one brain cell, KitKat get your ass over here. 


Bakagou: Is it actually important. 




Bakagou: Hmmm. 


It's Britney bitch: How Dare You Try To Steal My Boyfriend. 


Your poor grades: Whoa whoa no need to pull out the capital letters! 


It's Britney bitch: There is a need when a bitch wants to take my cuddles from me. 


Bakagou: Excuse you. 


Boombox: The Ultimate Bitch™ just called me a bitch I feel blessed. 


It's Britney bitch: Katsuki is the ultimate bitch here. 


Rock hard: You right. 


Yeet Your Bones: I agree Kacchan is definitely the biggest bitch I know. 


Tenya: And he knows you Todoroki-Kun. 






Your poor grades: TODOROKI: DECEASED.


Rock hard: HOTEL: TRIVAGO. 

Boombox: How the fuck are they all in sync. 


Weaveless: It's the power of Bakusquad. 


Yeet Your Bones: People tell stories about it. 


Tenya: They say they can do anything. 


Hat: They are more well oiled then my machines. 


On Acid: Hatsume!!! 


Hat: Hi!!!! 


It's Britney bitch: … 


It's Britney bitch changed their name to ' Two toned weave ' 


Two toned weave: Midoriya? My best friend? You must have the wrong bitch. 


Yeet Your Bones: That's what you get for eating my fucking lucky charms. 


G u N: Oh no. 


Tenya: Oh no. 


Queen: Oh no. 


Bakagou: Oh no. 


Flex tape: Oh no. 


Two toned weave: Betrayal. 


Yeet Your Bones: Who betrayed who here?!! 


Two toned weave: Bold of you to assume I'm even talking about you. 


Your poor grades: Oh shit. 


Yeet Your Bones: meet me in the pit.  


Two toned weave: Oh how dare you use fucking plus ultra on me. 


Flex tape: @Bakagou Uh, save him. 


Bakagou: YOU IDIOTS! 


Bakagou: @Yeet Your Bones , did you even fucking take your medicine!!! YOU ALSO CAN'T FUCKING FIGHT ANYONE UNTILL YOU ACTUALLY GET YOUR FUCKING STANCE RIGHT. 


Bakagou: @Two toned weave, SHOTO TODOROKI I SWEAR TO FUCK. 


Bakagou: If I catch both of you idiots fighting outside of training during class you will fucking wish that Glasses got to you first. 


Two toned weave: … 


Yeet Your Bones: Sorry Kacchan! 


Yeet Your Bones: You live for now. 


Two toned weave: Is it just me or is Katsuki being Bakumom adorable. 


Bakagou: Shoto Todoroki. 


Two toned weave: Shutting up now. 


Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Your poor grades: Have you guys seen this one movie? 


Yeet Your Bones: Ah yes the elusive vague indication of a subject. 


Tenya: Izuku. 


Yeet Your Bones: Yes dear? 


Insomniac: Whipped.


Bakagou: Loser. 


Insomniac: Hurt. 


Rock hard: Me. 


Your poor grades: What the fuck. 


Insomniac: Hey don't shoot the messenger. 


Bakagou: Yes shoot the messenger. 


Fuck my existence: … 


Insomniac: Oh shit. 


Tenya: Sensei!!! 


Yeet Your Bones: This is what we get for being on our phones during class. 


Insomniac: Y'all have class?!!! 


Tenya: Yes now shut up. 

Flex tape: Okay but what does Shinsou do? 


Flex tape: He never is on this chat. 


Yeet Your Bones: @Insomniac Why aren't you here to help me bully Kacchan. 


Bakagou: …. 


Bakagou changed Yeet Your Bones Username. 


Little broccoli: … 


Insomniac: Lmao. 


Bakagou: :) 


Little broccoli: @G u N I'm being bullied. 


G u N: Then perish. 


Little broccoli: @Tenya. 


Tenya: Meet me in the pit Bakugou. 


Bakagou: Okay pussy. 


Insomniac: Katsuki. 


It's Britney bitch: … 


Bakagou: yeet. 


It's Britney bitch changed their name. 


I am gay: Hi yes I love Katsuki. 


G u N: We know you love Katsuki stop fucking telling us. 

Arms for days: Hi yes I wish to sleep. 


G u N: Whoever is making that noise can they please shut the fuck up. 


Yeet Your Bones: I will throw my bones at them. 


Your poor grades: I believe you mean yeet your bones. 




G u N: Kaminari. 


Arms for days: Turn it off. 


Insomniac: So hey guys say Hi to your new classmate. 

Old people 


Fuck my existence: Why did everyone start yelling Insomniac at Hitoshi. 


Yell: It's his username in their chat. 


Blood pressure: Ew. 


Walmart stripper: Ew a vampire. 

Group chat: Dumbassess


Bakagou: @little broccoli stay away. 

Little broccoli: Hurt. 

On Acid: Anyway FUCK MIENTA. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess 


I am gay: What the fuck is up boys and girls. 


On Acid: Todoroki!!! Yes just the person I wanted to see!


I am gay: What can I do? 


On Acid: There's a certain redhead that adores Crimson Riot… 


I am gay: Say no more. 


On Acid: !!!! 


On Acid: Thank you!!! I'll pay you back I swear!!! 


I am gay: You don't need too. 

Direct messages: On Acid, Rock man 


Rock man: MINA!!!! 


On Acid: ;) 


On Acid: Todoroki helped!!! 

Direct messages: Rock man, I am gay 


Rock man: THANK YOU!!! 


I am gay: Of course! 

Group chat: Todo thirst™ 


I am gay: I have seen god herself. 


Insomniac: Please stop talking about my brothers ass. 


I am gay: I have seen god herself. 


Little broccoli: Okay but do you have to? 


I am gay: Absolutely. 


G u N: Wouldn't it be a shame if Bakugou knew about this group chat? 


Little broccoli: Oh god Kacchan is going to kill us all. 


G u N: Okay but we wouldn't have to deal with Todoroki's thirsty ass. 


Insomniac: Tempting. 


I am gay: I'm hurt. 


Sonic: Todoroki-kun you know that your ' thirst ' is extreme. 


G u N: Lmao even Ilda knows about it!!! 


Insomniac: Rest in pieces. 

Group chat: Dumbassess


Bakagou: I feel like Shoto is doing something I don't like. 


Pikapissed: Lmao Bakagou's Todoroki sense is going off. 


On Acid: That's gay. 


Flex tape: Super gay. 


Rock hard: Calling people out for being gay is Homophobic. 


Bakagou: Hm isn't it interesting that the two of you show up the moment Raccoon eyes backs Dunce face? 


Flex tape: How dare you. 


Rock hard: I take it back, Mina is a queen and that's facts. 


I am gay: Oh? 


Bakagou: What did you do? 


I am gay: Bold of you to assume that I've done anything in the first place. 


Little broccoli: Please Kacchan stop him.


Bakagou: Oh? 


I am gay: You are dead to me. 


G u N: Please Bakugou!!! 


Sonic: I will admit that it's been an actual problem. 


Bakagou changed their name. 


Mother™: Explain.


Sonic: He's been thirsting in this chat that's been named ' Todo Thirst™ ' just for how many times he's talked about one or more of your body parts. 


Sonic: Please. I've heard more sentences about your ass than I can count. 


Mother™: Shoto. 


I am gay: I am in danger. 


Little broccoli: Good. 


G u N: Oh thank Bakugou! 


Rock hard: That's pretty much right, Blasty is god. 


G u N: The only religion I'm comfortable with being a part of. 


Mother™: A religion you say. 


I am gay: I will join this. 


Mother™: Give me five minutes. 

Direct messages: Mother™, Darkness 


Mother™: Wanna join a religious cult minion? 


Darkness: Absolutely. 

Mother™: You will know when the first meeting is. 

Direct messages: Boombox, Mother™ 


Mother™: Wanna join my cult? 


Boombox: Absolutely. 

Direct messages: Little broccoli, Mother™


Little broccoli: You don't even have to ask.


Mother™: I know I was going to ask if you knew where I put the box.


Little broccoli: Closet. 


Mother™: Thank you. 

Group chat: Squad💪


Pikapissed: I'm joining. 


Rock hard: Same. 


On Acid:


On Acid: Sero agrees he's just trying to put the switch up! 


Mother™: Superb minions. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess 


Mother ™: Meeting in 5. 


I am gay: On my way. 


Boombox: Grabbing snacks. 


Little broccoli: At your door. 


G u N: On my way! Stopping to grab my stuff! 


Rock hard: Bakusquad is here!!! 


Mother™: Superb. 

Sonic: I am concerned. 


Queen: I am too, I haven't heard from Kyoka. 


Darkness: We are all okay. 


Darkness: We are just watching a movie and talking about the dread of existence. 


Queen: !!! 


Queen: That's good!!! 


Sonic: Is Izuku okay? 


Sonic: If he's even slightly upset I will obliterate Bakugou. 


Darkness: … 


Little broccoli: No need Tenya!!! I'm fine! 


Little Broccoli: I'm actually having a good time! 


Sonic: Good. 

Mother™: Okay but you couldn't even hurt me. 


Sonic: Wanna bet Bakagou? 


Mother™: Fucking bet Knock off Sonic. 


I am gay: … 


I am gay changed their name. 


Father™: Katsuki. 


Little broccoli: Tenya! 


Mother™: … 


Little broccoli: Please! 


Father™: Katsuki Todoroki. 


Mother™: Fucking fine. 


Sonic: fine. 


Mother ™: I hope Charly eats you. 


Darkness: Bakugou! 


Father™: Katsuki! You know he actually will. 


Mother™: Fine. 

Insomniac: Katsuki who is Charly. 


Mother™: A demon. 


Darkness: They are very pleasant. 


Little broccoli: Yeah, they are extremely loud tho. 


Insomniac: Why did you start a cult. 


Mother™: They suggested it. 


G u N: That's fair. 


Insomniac: Okay what?! 


Mother™: " G u N: Oh thank Bakugou! 


  Rock hard: That's pretty much right, Blasty is god. 


  G u N: The only religion I'm comfortable with being a part of. " 


Insomniac: Please don't ever do that again. 


Rock hard: I dunno I had a good time. 


Insomniac: … 


Mother™: You can join if you want Hoeshit. 


Insomniac changed their name. 


Hoeshit: Fine. 


Mother™: And another one bites the dust. 


Flex tape: And another one gone- 


Pikapissed: And another one gone. 


Hoeshit: I hate all of you. 


Chapter Text

Group Chat: Deadass group. 


Insomniac: What is up nyall. 


Mother™ changed their name. 


Wtf: Read my user. 


Wtf: Read it. 


Insomniac: Okay Katsuki hold on there's no need to meow your throat out.


Wtf: … 


Father™: … 


Little broccoli: … 


G u N: … 


Sonic: … 


Insomniac: Stop giving me the disappointed dots. 


G u N: You deserve them. 


Wtf: Exactly.


Little broccoli: Anyway ignoring the furry Kacchan, Todoroki do you want to gang up on him? 


Insomniac: How dare you. 


Father™: Please. 


Wtf: Fuck y e s. 


Insomniac: I am betrayed. 


Insomniac: My father's will defend me. 


Insomniac added two people. 


He screech: Hitoshi! 


Fuck: Oh hell no. 


Fuck left the group chat. 


He screech added Fuck to the group chat. 


He screech: You cannot escape. 


Wtf: Shitso is making cat puns again. 


Fuck: Okay and? 


Father™: He actually said: what's up nyall. 


Fuck: …. 


G u N: Please sensei don't take his side. 


Insomniac: I am hurt. 


Wtf: Should've thought about that before you were being cursed.


He screech: Okay but Shouta can't have an opinion on this. 


Little broccoli: Why not? 


He screech: He does it too. 


He screech: Who do you think taught him? 


G u N: Dear god. 


Wtf: This family is a fucking nightmare. 


Insomniac added 50ShadesOfSin to the group chat. 


50ShadesOfSin: Are we roasting people? 


Wtf: Mid help. 


50ShadesOfSin: !!! 


Insomniac: I made cat puns and they bullied me about it :(


50ShadesOfSin: :0 


Wtf: He was murdering my eyes. 


Fuck: I thought Todoroki did that for you? 




G u N: owo wots this? 


Little broccoli: owo wots this?


Father™ left the group chat. 


50ShadesOfSin added Father™ to the group chat. 


50ShadesOfSin: No I want to hear this. 


He screech: I wanna know too!!! 


Insomniac: >:3c 


Wtf: Perish. 


Father™: Sensei I'm begging you. 


Fuck: Okay so Katsuki and Shoto where training after class and I was supervising them. 


Wtf: Betrayal. 


Fuck: Sh. And Shoto had panicked when Katsuki was about to kick his legs out from under him. 


Fuck: Katsuki got a face full of ice. 


Father™: I regret everything. 


Father™ changed their name to Katy Perry


Katy Perry: Will this appease the gods?


He screech: I will accept your sacrifice.


He screech: @Fuck stop hurting the boy. 


Fuck: Fine. 


Katy Perry: Thank you god. 


Wtf: … 


G u N: Why are you dating a meme? 


Wtf: Better question: Why don't you have your girlfriend? 


G u N: St Op EXposinG mE. 


Wtf: :) 


Fuck: I have stories. 


G u N: Sensei no!


Katy perry: Sensei yes. 


Fuck: Sensei y es. 


Insomniac: Expose her father. 


He screech: Shouta are you bullying the children? 


Fuck: No I would never. 


He screech: Then carry on. 


Little broccoli: Today is a hallucination I swear to fuck. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: This house is a fucking nightmare 




Drake: Not me.


Mindshower: Uhhhhhhhh.


Why: I swear Hitoshi if it was you. 


Mindshower: It wasn't but I do know who did it. 


Why: Whom.


Theson: Are you fucking kidding me?!!! It was Deku. 


Mindshower: Goddamit Katsuki you killed him! 


Theson: Okay and? 


Why: Give me five minutes. 

Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Little broccoli: Why does Aizawa look so angry-jshskskdkjd


Your poor grades: Rest in pieces.


I am gay: I am holding new best friend try outs.


Insomniac: I tried to stop him..


Wtf: No you didn't.


Insomniac: I did my best. 


I am gay: Apparently your best wasn't enough. 


Fuck my existence: Midoriya you have a week of detention.


Little broccoli: What no! 


Fuck my existence: Make that two. 


Little broccoli: Fuck. 

Group Chat: the gays. 


Pikagay: Word of respect for our fallen brother.


Tapegay: :/


Cherrybomb: No. 


Pikagay: Dam Bakubro, cold has shit. 


Halfgay: Is it tho? 


Cherrybomb: Thank you. 


Halfgay: Np, also Katsuki cuddle me.


Tapegay: Gay.


Aliengay: Gay. 


Cherrybomb: We are all gay idiots.


Pikagay: Shit. 

Shoto snorts, hurrying his face in Katsuki's shoulder. 


His boyfriend had a point. Shoto nuzzles at Katsuki, relaxing farther against him. " Katsuki. " He whines trying to tug the other farther back against him. 


The blond snorts and relaxes. " Sh sho. " 

Group Chat: Making ourselves gayer by the minute.


Little broccoli: Todobakuismakingmesoft.jpg 


Rock hard: Aw! 


On Acid: That's so cute! 


Hot n' Cold: … 


Little broccoli: Oh shit- 


Hot n' Cold: Hey Izuku.


Shoto looks at Izuku with hard eyes. Katsuki sits down in his lap and just curls up. " Do you have to be a dramatic bastard? " 


Shoto snorts. " I dunno Kacchan I think it's his blood at this point. " Midoriya comments, still pinned in place by the ice. 


His phone lays a few feet away, the ice covers the ground and stretches upwards to the wall. " I agree Deku. " Shoto pouts at his boyfriend. 


Katsuki laughs. " C'mon that's your best friend you can't murder him. " Shoto pouts more. 


" I'm hurt that you even considered murdering me. " Shoto glares at his friend who sticks his tongue out at him. 


Katsuki laughs. " Sho, let the bastard go. ". 


And with a sigh he does. Not because Katsuki told him too. (Yes that's exactly why he did.)


Group Chat: making ourselves gayer by the minute. 


Little broccoli: Ilivedbitch.jpg 


Hot n' Cold: I will kill you. 


Tapegay: Damn Todoki channeling his inner Bakubro. 


Wtf has entered the chat. 


Wtf changed their name.


God: Stop talking shit bitch. 


God has left the chat. 


Pikagay: Oh my god. 


Tapegay: Don't use Bakubros name in vain! 


Rock hard: Yeah! 


On Acid: I am scared. 


Hot n' Cold: That was the hottest thing and I have a fire quirk.


Little broccoli: We get it Todoroki you are gay. 


Hot n' Cold: …. 




God has entered the chat.


God: Stop it. He's warm. 


Hot n' Cold: He's lucky I'm even allowing him to cuddle you. 


God: If you are so pissed then cuddle Ilda. 


Hot n' Cold: Good point. 

Direct messages: Icythot and Sanic 


Icythot: Can I cuddle you? 


Sanic: Of course Todoroki-Kun! 


Sanic: I am always up for bonding with my friends! 


Icythot: Okay can you come up to my room? 


Sanic: Sure! Give me a moment! 

Group Chat: making ourselves gayer by the minute. 


Little broccoli: How dare you Kacchan. 


God: :) 


Little broccoli changed God's name. 


KatThot changed Little broccoli's name. 


The Grinch: … 


Tapegay: Oh my god. 


Rock hard: jwjskskdkke 


On Acid: You have done it! You have killed the love of my life! 


KatThot: Shut the fuck up Deku. 


The Grinch: How dare you. 


Chapter Text

Group chat: making ourselves gayer by the minute. 


The Grinch: I feel personally attacked. 


Tapegay: You deserve it. 


On Acid: What person doesn't like Mac & cheese?!! 


The Grinch: I'm lactose intolerant! 


KatThot: Okay and? 


Rock hard: C'mon guys it's not unmanly for Midoriya to take care of himself! 


On Acid: Ei. 


Pikagay: hmm. 

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Queen: Why is the Bakusquad all staring at one another? 


Icythot: They are communicating. 


Insomniac: Can confirm. 


Sanic: Your head is on Midoriya's lap. 


Insomniac: Okay and?!!! 


Your poor grades: I thought you guys were talking shit and I was right. 


Mother Gravity: It's not talking shit if it's true. 


Wtf: It's still talking shit Angel face. 


50ShadesOfSin entered the group chat. 


50ShadesOfSin: Go the fuck to bed. 


59ShadesOfSin left the group chat. 


Insomniac: … 


Insomniac: bye. 

Group Chat: FUCKITY


He screech: Okay so I know it's 10pm but I'm doing my rounds and I found this. 


He screech sent an image. 


He screech: Ahhhhhh. 


Delete: No. 


Knockoffvamp: That's soft. 


Space: Is that Midoriya, Todoroki, Ilda and Bakugou??! 


He screech: Yes. 


GodFather: Interesting. 


Delete: No stop it. 


50ShadesOfFuck: C'mon. 


Delete: No shipping my children. 

Group Chat: Dumbassess. 


Little broccoli: I feel like something happened last night. 


Sanic: We did end up sleeping in the same bed! 


Sanic: That reminds me! 


Sanic: I am sorry Todoroki and Bakugou for accidently falling asleep in your bed! 


Icythot: It's fine. 


Little broccoli: I already told you Tenya that they didn't care. 


Sanic: Still!!! 


Wtf: Calm down Glasses. It's fine you would fucking know if it wasn't fine. 


Sanic: Okay! 


Icythot: Wow that's my boyfriend. 


Little broccoli: Wow that's my boyfriend. 


Icythot: I cannot believe you have done this. 


Wtf: Sho stop trying to fight him. Remember what the fuck I said last time? 


Little broccoli: Fine. 


Icythot: Only for you.


Sanic: Thank you for stopping them! 


Wtf: It's whatever. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess 


Icythot: Please guys- 


Mother Gravity: No. 


Insomniac: You will be hanged for your crimes.


Your poor grades: At least read him his rights. 


Queen: Does he have any rights? 


Wtf: … 


Mother Gravity: Oh no. 


Insomniac: Oh no. 


Your poor grades: Oh no. 

Group chat: FUCKITY. 


Delete: What are my kids doing. 


Space: Being unsupervised. 


50ShadesOfSin: They are doing their best.


Delete: They are not. 

Group chat: Dumbassess. 


Wtf: Touch Sho Again And They Will Not Find Your Body. 


Icythot: Katsuki thank you. 


Wtf: You don't get to die over something stupid. 


Icythot: Bold of you to assume that I could ever leave you. 


Mother Gravity: I now know what extreme guilt is. 


Your poor grades: I told you. 


Little broccoli: What did you do. 


Queen: Our best. 


Wtf: You did bullshit that's what you did. 


Little broccoli: I can't believe they thought they could threaten Todoroki and get away with it. 


Your poor grades: That's true. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Dumbassess


Your poor grades: Why is the GC name still Dumbasses? 


Rock hard changed the GC name. 


On Acid: Oh? What's this? 


Tape: Babe blz. 


Rock hard: ;3c 




Insomniac: Y I k e s..


Icythot: You don't have room to talk. 


Wtf: He's right. 


Insomniac: What is this sudden but inevitable betrayal. 


Sonic: You don't get to s a y that. 


Queen: Iida is right! 


Insomniac: Damn. 


Father has entered the chat. 


Father: GO TO BED. 


Insomniac: YEEET. 


Wtf: Bye. 


Rock hard: Gayformers! 


On Acid: Roll!! 


Your poor grades: Out!!! 

Group chat: Fuck 


Father: I wish I had a different class. 


Bird: No you don't. 


50ShadesOfSin: We all know you love them. 


Y'all might: We already know you would murder a man for them. 


McCree: You have nearly died for them..


Cement: You've also gave up your quirk stability for them..


God: You've also had numerous times where they asked you about therapy and you've had a whole 6 paged list at the ready with payment plans. 


Father: …. 


Father left the chat. 


God added Father to the chat. 


God: You cannot run from the truth..


Father: Fuck. 

Chapter Text

Group chat: Fuck 


50ShadesOfSin: Aizawa is actually helping his kids and I've never seen a more heartwarming moment in my life. 


Screech: Shouta is an accidental father. 


God changed Fuck's username to Accidental Father


AccidentalFather: What did I do to deserve this? 


McCree: Am I the only one that blinked and then sees Aizawa in front of Bakugou? 


Nurse: No. 


Birdman: Him and Monoma nearly got into a fight. Mainly because he called Bakugou a villain.


Gumman: Did Kirishima just punch him?


Screech: Yes. 

Aizawa groans loudly. Kirishima had slammed a hardened fist into the students face. Irritation fills him, Goddamnit . He just needed one day of a fucking week of nothing going to shit. 


" Kirishima, we don't hit people. " He repeats for the second time. And once again Kirishima's response is the same. 


" He deserved it!! Blasty is a lot of things but he's not a villain! " the redhead is keeping both arms around the blond looking very upset. 


" I know Kirishima but you can't hit people. " And again Kirishima protested. 

Group chat: Dumbassess


Icythot: Why is Katsuki getting a hug. 




Little broccoli: Todoroki calm down! 



Shoto has had about enough. Shooting ice across the ground he causes the asshole to slip and fall has he's trying to get up. 

Sensei practically growls.


" Shoto! " He scolds not expecting to have to scold one of the top students in his class. Kirishima grins at him. 

" Sensei you know that I have no patience for absolute dicks that needs their face rearranged. " Shoto growls. 


Little broccoli: Goddamn. He really went for it. 


Sonic: I wish Todoroki-Kun would not resort to violence. 


Mother Gravity: It's the one thing he will never not do when it comes to Floof Baby. 


Icythot: Katsuki is 100% my everything. I would die for the idiot. 


Wtf: You better fucking not you idiot. If you die I will fucking murder you. 


Icythot: … 


Icythot: No promises… 

Chapter Text

Bitches of UA 


Eraser: Why the absolute goddamn f u c k is Dabi here. 


Eraser: Someone better answer me before I break his fucking arm. 


God: He wishes to be a better person and not a villain. I thought it would be beneficial for him to go around and see other classes. 

Katsuki felt panic break into his veins. 




Memories of a hand on the back of his neck, a person whispering in his ear. Blackness breaking through around him. 


The thick liquid blocking his vision. His mouth. All of the sudden he's back trapped with them. Strapped to a chair, they talk around him.


Katsuki can't breathe. 

Aizawa was having the worst day. Whoever the fuck, Aizawa thinks okayed this is going to fucking pay as he pins the scarred male to the ground. 


None of his students are okay but Bakugou is the worst of them all. Todoroki is trying to calm his student down, desperately trying to get him out of it. 

The one place that was safe isn't anymore. 


Katsuki can't take his eyes off of the male. It's not safe. It's not fucking safe. 

Shoto runs his hands through his hair, trying to calm him down. 


Shoto. He can't be near him. Katsuki's eyes widen, breathing uneven. Shoto is going to die. He can't die. He can't fucking die. 


Katsuki whimpers, closing his eyes. 

Todoroki is panicking. He's gone through a lot but watching Katsuki shut down because UA is fucking stupid is absolutely disgusting. He cannot watch the light disappear out of his Katsuki's eyes while he can't do anything. 


After a few minutes of frantic words and movements Katsuki started to recognize him. Katsuki looks at him in terror. 

" Shoto. Shoto it's not safe. " The absolute anxiety and horror that fills the blonds voice is what breaks his heart. 


He doesn't think, immediately getting him out of there. Back to the dorms. Back to their room, away from that fire wielding maniac. 


How fucking dare they put him in danger. 

Katsuki feels the claws of fear slowly start to ebb away from him. He blinks, light coming into focus. Katsuki recognizes their room, Shoto is curled up around him. 

He squeezes his eyes shut. 


It's not safe.  


Shouta on top of Dabi, quirk activated. Knee digging into his back, the other pro heroes trying to get him off. 

Shouta remains holding the vilain down. 


It's safe. 


Relief floods through him. 


It's safe. 


Shouta is here. He won't let that bastard reach anyone. 

Group chat: Dumbassess


Little broccoli: They are okay. 


Little broccoli sent an image. 


Mother Gravity: Thank fuck. 


Sonic: Good. I am glad. 


Icythot: We are okay, Katsuki is sleeping. 


Rock hard: Take care of him!!! 


On Acid: Yeah! 


Your poor grades: The cult leader has to be okay. 


Tape: If he isn't we are fighting Dabi. 


Insomniac: It's not the stupidest thing we've done. 


Insomniac: Also guys Shouta did not okay that. He is absolutely livid. 


Fuck entered the chat. 


Fuck: Damn fucking right Hitoshi. 


Fuck: No fighting Dabi. You let me handle that shit. 

Chapter Text

Bitches of UA 


Eraser: Bitch. 


Presentation Michael: I know you don't understand humans sometimes but what the absolute fuck made you think this was a good idea. 


12am: Whoa what happened??! 


Eraser: That r a t ass bitch sent Dabi to my fucking h o m e r o o m. 


12am: … 


12am: @God Square up thot. 


Vampire: @God You might wanna explain your shitty choice right now before Shouta kills you. 


Eraser: Don't give him hope that he's gonna fucking live. 


Sanic: Whoa guys what?!! 


Sanic: He did what to my baby brother!???? 


God: I am very sorry. 


God: I have forgotten how much this event has impacted you and your loved ones. 


God: I will do my utmost best to ensure that I never make the same mistake again. 


Eraser: … 


Eraser: Fine. Just keep him away from my fucking kids. 

Group chat: Dumbassess 


AccidentalFather: Don't worry. I won't let him near any of you. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Thanks Sensei. 


On Acid: I didn't think I knew how scared I was until I saw him again… 


On Acid: Can I see a therapist? Is that possible? 


AccidentalFather: Absolutely. I can set up an appointment for you. 


On Acid: Thank you. 


AccidentalFather: Does anyone else want therapy? 


Wtf changed their username 


Boom Baby: Shoto, Eji, Denki and Hanta


Boom Baby: Eji wants to do a private and group session with me and the rest of the squad. 


Boom Baby: The rest of us are up for it. Are you Ashi? 


On Acid: Please. 


Boom Baby: Group therapy for me and the idiots, Eji wants independent also but would rather start with group. 


AccidentalFather: Absolutely. 


Class dad: Sensei, I have spoken to the class and all of them wish to have therapy. 


Class dad: Midoriya, Todoroki, Uraraka and I would also like group therapy. 


AccidentalFather: Okay. I'll set your appointments. 


AccidentalFather: A few things to remember are: You are allowed to go to your therapist at anytime, it does not and never will count against you. 


AccidentalFather: We are practically a family and you have to remember that if absolutely needed all of us have each other's backs. Including me. 


AccidentalFather: I will never let an event like that happen again and if it does, just know I have your back. 


He screech entered the chat


He screech: I do too kids! All of your teachers have your back. 


Sleeping beauty entered the chat


Sleeping beauty: I 100% would beat the shit out of someone for you kids. 


Dad might entered the chat 


Dad might: Please also remember that if you need any help with absolutely anything- 


13nb entered the chat 


13nb: We will be there for you. 


Rock shark: Fuck. 


Icythot: Shit I have to screenshot this shit. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Motherfucking- 


Your poor grades changed their user 


Working Outlet: Fuck. 


Working Outlet: Am I the only one crying? 


Mother Gravity: No I am too. 


AccidentalFather: Why are you crying? What's wrong? 


Boom Baby: Nothin' is wrong Everything is right for once. 


Icythot: God, everything's perfect and I fucking love it. 


Spooky scary skeleton: I'm so happy. 


Dad might: Ah! They are happy tears then? 


Raven of darkness: Yes. 


Multiplayer: Can confirm. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Dumbassess 


Icythot: Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying? 


Icythot's username was changed! 


Icygay: I mean,,,, 


Spooky scary skeleton: Oh my god- 


Mother Of Pumpkins: !!!!! 


Your poor grades: Okay we all need Halloween themed nicknames!!!!!


On Acid changed their username! 


Rock hard changed their username! 


Spoopy: :D 


On that spoopy spirit: !!!!! 


On that spoopy spirit: I can fix this! 


Your poor grades username was changed! 


Frankenstein: I love it!!! 


Wtfs username was changed! 


Sanics username was changed! 


AccidentalFather's username was changed! 


He screech's username was changed! 


12am's username was changed! 


Graveyard smash: … 


Graveyard smash: I love it little listener!!!! 


Monster mash: … 


Monster mash: Ashido. 


Insomniac's username was changed! 


Insozombie: Accurate. 


Spoopyprez: … 


Spoopyprez: I'm too tired to question any of you anymore. 


Hollow-WEENIE: I,,,, 


Hollow-WEENIE: Why have you done this,,, 


Monster mash: I take it back. You did good kid you did good. 




Insozombie: You mean besides being a freak™? 


Hollow-WEENIE: You don't get to kinkshame me like this,,, 


Insozombie: Don't You Dare.  


Monster mash: ?


Graveyard smash: Oh- 


Monster mash: I don't get it. 


Graveyard smash: Shouta honey you don't want to get it. 


Puppy!!: You Have Two Seconds To Run Ashido. 


Monster mash: Katsuki no killing your classmates. 


Puppy!!: Are you really gonna say that when she made your username and Papa's a sexual joke?


Monster mash: Destroy her. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Dumbassess 


Spooky scary skeleton: Rest in peace Mina Ashido. 


Spoopy: Sometimes I can still hear her voice. 


On that spoopy spirit: Stop telling everyone I'm dead! 


Puppy!!: it was such a travesty when she was found this morning. 


Spoopyprez: Rest in peace my friend. 


On that spoopy spirit: Ilda too?!!! 


Graveyard smash: Little Listeners please! 


Monster mash: No let them go on I'm invested now. 


Puppy!!: Father. 


Inzombie: Father. 


Monster mash: Children. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Are they in a cult? 


Puppy!!: Yeah.


Inzombie: The Good Father? We only know The Great Father Shouta. 


Monster mash: Goddamnit problem child. 


Monster mash: I am the night. 


Puppy!!: Bats. 


Graveyard smash: Yes, I agree! Shouta is adorable. 


Inzombie: I love my dad. 


On that spoopy spirit: Aw! 


Spoopy: That's so manly! 


Mummy: Hold me! 


Frankenstein: On it Hanta! 


Mummy: <3 


Monster mash: I hate all of you besides Katsuki. 


Puppy!!: And Eri. 


Mummy: Who's Eri? 


Monster mash: You'll never know. 


Puppy!!: She's too pure for her to meet any of them.


Frankenstein: ;( 


Spooky scary skeleton: Can I still come over later? 


Puppy!!: If you didn't I would have killed you. 


Spooky scary skeleton: :D!!!! 


Puppy!!: She would be sad considering we are supposed to go out with her tonight. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Yeah! I'd never want to Miss it!!! 


Spooky scary skeleton: I would honestly rather die. 


Puppy!!: Mood. 


Monster mash: Making Eri sad?!!! Illegal. 


Graveyard smash: If anyone makes her sad I'm screaming so loud your bones get ripped out of your body. 


On that spoopy spirit: Oh my god. 


On that spoopy spirit: You can do that?!!! 


Graveyard smash: ;) 

The family


Mother hen: Which one of you are sad. 


Hoeshit: Not me. 


Alarm: Nope.


Mother hen: So that leaves… 


Alarm: Katsuki? Honey? 


Mother hen: @boom baby 


Boom baby: Whom. 


Boom baby: Oh. 


Boom baby: I'm at the therapist appointment so yeah not doing good. 


Mother hen: Number. 


Boom baby: 4. 


Alarm: On our way. 


Boom baby: Thanks. 


Chapter Text

Group chat: Fuck 


Cherry bomb: Alright who the fuck. 


COCKatoo: Language. 


Cherry bomb: Whom the fuck. 


Little bitch: Close enough. 


The only functional one: I'm so proud.


Cherry bomb: Anyway! 


Cherry bomb: Who the fuck ruined my sketchbook?.


Little bitch: Somebody did fucking what now. 


Cherry bomb: Yeah. 


Cherry bomb: I'm only a little upset because it was my Trans sketchbook the rest of me is just pissed off. 


Little bitch added Whore #1 to the group! 


Whore #1: Who am I killing. 


Little bitch: A transphobic bitchass. 


Whore #1: Okay who the fuck messed with Kacchan.


Cherry bomb: Thank fuck. Now I don't have to get up to kill them. 


Whore #1: You shouldn't be getting up anyway Kacchan. 


The only functional one: Just don't get caught Midoriya. 


Whore #1: Remember the grape? 


The only functional one: Continue. 

Group chat: Dumbassess 


Puppy!!: @Spooky scary skeleton Thank you. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Np Kacchan. 


Puppy!!: Love u..


Spooky scary skeleton: <3 


Ghost shit: Do we have another boyfriend because I'm down. 


Puppy!!: Maybe.


Spooky scary skeleton: Kacchan you know if we did get together I wouldn't do anything until I forced you to talk to Todoroki. 


Ghost shit: Please call me Shoto. 


Ghost shit: Todoroki isn't me. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Got you. 


Puppy!!: Ig we have two best friends now.


Spoopyprez: !!!! 


Ghost shit: Oh thank God. 


Mummy: America Explain. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Me, Kacchan, Tenya and Shoto are all bffs now. 


Mummy: Ah that's gay. 


Frankenstein: Damn Bakubro really be out here with more bffs then I have. 


Puppy!!: You are just jealous I have more cuddling options then you will in your whole life. 


Spoopyprez: Bakugou!!!! 


Spooky scary skeleton: !!! Yay! I love cuddle piles! 


Spooky scary skeleton: Can we do one soon? 


Ghost shit: I don't see why not. 


Puppy!!: Yeah sure just don't expect me to be a part of it for more than 3 hours. 


Spooky scary skeleton: We can have the spray. Won't that help? 


Puppy!!: Slightly. 


Queen spooky: If you don't mind me asking what are you two talking about? 


Puppy!!: Okay so my quirk is weird and I produce a Nitroglycerine like substance. It generally behaves like Nitroglycerine. 


Puppy!!:  It's toxic, unstable as shit and flammable. 


Spooky scary skeleton: So Kacchan has a special detergent he uses so he doesn't blow up the washing machine. And he can't touch people a lot and if he does then he has to wear some type of glove or it has to be limited to avoid poisoning them. 


Ghost shit: He also has to repeatedly use his quirk for the Nitroglycerine to get off his hands so it's at a less toxic level. 


Queen spooky: Oh. 


Puppy!!: My quirk also changes my chemical composition so I have Nitroglycerine in my veins and my ears are super hard to hear out of if I'm using my quirk. 


Puppy!!: The ear thing is mostly a defense against the loud noises. It works slightly but it makes me have to have hearing aids because my ears are like that constantly. 


Puppy!!: It's super hard to hear myself like if I'm talking or walking the things you guys can normally hear from yourself I can't. 


Spoopyprez: I was not aware your quirk was so complicated. 


Spoopyprez: I will do my best to accommodate for this new information! 


Ghost shit: It's not that bad. 


Spoopy: That's true! It's not as complicated has mine or Kaminari's. 


Spooky scary skeleton: I thought yours was just hardening? 


Spoopy: On the surface level it is but Blasty helped me figure this out! So my body is able to gain muscle mass a lot easier than a normal person. 


Spoopy: And with that muscle mass I get stronger and stronger I get, the more sturdy I can be! And on top of that my bones are so weird that they never break. 


Spoopy: If I got thrown off a cliff or something I would most likely be fine at the end. Sure I could theoretically break my bones but that's a very slim chance. My quirk also runs on a technically time limit! But that even is wonky sometimes! 


Spooky scary skeleton: Oh! That's so cool!!!! I had no idea your mass affected your quirk like that! 


Spooky scary skeleton: I am curious about Kaminari through. I thought his quirk was Electricity but he has a limit of the watts he can produce before he fries his brain. 


Mummy: Since Denki is being an idiot I'll explain it. 


Mummy: So Denki's quirk works like an outlet. If you take too much power from the outlet there's a backlash. In his case the backlash is his brain going stupid. But his brain doesn't fully go stupid. 


Mummy: He actually can understand and comprehend everything in that state. So in truth it's not his brain that goes stupid it's his muscles. 


Mummy: It looks like it would be his brain but his brain is hardwired to deal with electricity. His body however hasn't gotten used to it yet so his muscles often spasm when he overuses his quirk. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Oh! 


Puppy!!: Yeah and the idiot still keeps forgetting to tell Shouta. 


Mummy: Yeah I know I'm gonna tell Sensei tomorrow before classes. 


Puppy!!: Good.


Mummy: Another side effect of his quirk is that when it storms he'll go into a supernova affect. And it's very very hard for him to control himself and his quirk during that time. 


Mummy: Most of the time it's only super bad if he's outside, but if he stays in his room he's good. 


Ghost shit: That's kinda cool. 


Queen of spooky: It sounds very interesting! 


Spoopy: I had to fight him when he was in supernova mode and man it was fun! 


Mummy: Oh god I remember that. 


Puppy!!: Ei you are a goddamn lunatic.


Spoopy: ;( 


Spoopy: I'm literally shock proof I can't believe you guys forgot that. 


Puppy!!: We did, until you tackled Kaminari. 


Frankenstein: It was a great time okay Blasty. 


Spoopy: See!!! He agrees with me! 


Frankenstein: Duh you are the only one I don't have to worry about when it storms. 


Spoopy: >:) 


Spoopyprez: Would you like to talk to Sensei about getting accommodations for the storms? 


Frankenstein: Sure! 


Mummy: I'll remind him about it! 


Frankenstein: Thanks baby. 


Mummy: <3 


You'll float too: That's gay. 


Spooky scary skeleton: Uraraka! 

Chapter Text

Group chat: The Gays


MidoWhore was added to the chat! 


Boom Bitch: Ew. 


MidoWhore: Ew Kacchan. 


EarThot: Are you guys even friends? 


Boom Bitch: Yeah we just- 


MidoWhore: Love being little shits to each other. 


GayGay: Ah that makes so much sense. 


MidoWhore: I would die for Kacchan. 


Boom Bitch: If you even try I will skin you. 


MidoWhore: I'd like to see you try. 


Thot™: Baby. 


Boom Bitch: Oh no. 


MidoWhore: Shit it's Todoki run!!!! 


Electrically armed: Scatter!!! 


Thot™: ;( 


Boom Bitch: Wait no bby I'm sorry. 


Thot™: :) 


Boom Bitch: Cuddle? 


Thot™: Be there in 2. 


GayGay: And this is why his name is Thot™..


MidoWhore: Wait why is mine MidoWhore? 


GayGay: You basically have 3 boyfriend's. 


MidoWhore: What do you mean? 


GunGun: Is he really this clueless? 


Backoffrichboyimarmed: Yes. 


MidoWhore: Wait…. 


MidoWhore: SHUT. 


GayGay: So you admit it's more than just friendship? 


MidoWhore: Not Here. 

GayGay Deleted Messages. 


GayGay created a group chat. 


GayGay added 5 people to the group chat. 


GayGay changed the group chats name. 


Operation Mido is gay 


GayGay Changed MidoWhores username! 


The chosen gay: Oh god. 


GunGun: Okay now spill!!!! 


Frog: Yes. 


Inky: Continue. 


Edgy bitch: Go on. 


The chosen gay: Okay fine so in the process of becoming Kacchan's friend I realized he was hot. 


The chosen gay: I didn't realize he was adorable too so I fucking died there. 


The chosen gay: I also super fell for Tenya (Whom I Love) later on and I'm super happy with him and I will cry if he doesn't approve of me trying to date Kacchan and Shoto. 


The chosen gay: Ive Already been physically attracted to Shoto because he's fucking pretty. 


The chosen gay: I also fell for him while becoming his friend and honestly I love him, Kacchan and Tenya and I didn't realize there was a name for it until a w h I l e. 


The chosen gay: So I'm poly and gay has shit. 


GunGun: Valid. 


Edgy Bitch: That's a mood. 


Inky: That was pressed from start to finish. 


Frog: That was a mood tho. 


Inky: True. 


The chosen gay changed their username! 


The Disaster: AnYwAy- 


GunGun: So do you plan to confess. 


The Disaster: After I talk with Tenya about it. 


The Disaster: I'm only struggling with that because people have reacted unfavorably about me being gay and much less liking multiple 



Frog: Names. 


Inky: We Just- 


Edgy bitch: Want To Talk. 


The Disaster: Fucking hell that's unsettling. 

Chapter Text

Operation Mido is gay 


The Disaster: God fuck why are they all so pretty. 


Gun: Rest in gay Midoriya. 


Edgy bitch: Ah, I am not surprised. 


Inky: Neither am I. 


The Disaster: Stop roasting me. 


The Disaster: Can't I be a disaster? 


Gun: Nope also- 


Gun added MagicHands to the group chat! 


MagicHands: Intervention. 


Gun: Yes. 


The Disaster: WAIT- 


The Disaster: You two better not be going with that plan from lunch! 


MagicHands: Why do you think I'm here? 


The Disaster: Fuck- 


MagicHands kicked 4 people from the chat. 


MagicHands added 3 people. 


MagicHands: Go on Midoriya~ 


MagicHands left the chat. 


The Disaster: FUCK. 


Nitro: … 


Canada: Well I've read the chat. 


Sanic: I have also read the chat. 


Sanic: And I agree with Izuku. I am also Poly and happen to harbor feelings for both of you including Izuku. 


Sanic: I believe it is your choice if you wish to proceed. 


The Disaster: Oh thank Fuck- 


Canada: We are in. Katsuki is just dying on the bed. 


Canada: I can confirm that we both would love to date you. 


Canada: And you Ilda. 


Sanic: Please! Call me Tenya!! 


The Disaster: You can call me Izuku if you want to! 


Nitro: Tenya. 


Sanic: Oh- 


Nitro: Izuku. 


The Disaster: Fuck that's amazing. 


Nitro: Shoto. 


Canada: Yes Katsuki? 


Nitro: Get The Fuck Over Here. 

Group chat: Dumbassess


Spooky scary skeleton: I love all of my boyfriend's. 


You'll float too: Oh? 


Edge: I take it went well then? 


Jason: I think it did. 


Puppy!!: I would die for Izu, Tenya and Sho. 


Spoopyprez: Please don't!!! 


Spoopyprez: I like you Katsuki I would love it if you stayed around!!!!! 


Spooky scary skeleton: Kacchan no!!!!!! I'll die for you first!!!! 


Ghost shit: Try Me. 


Puppy!!: Bet. 


Spoopy: Wow they haven't changed at all. 


Mummy: It's blasty he's never going to change. 


Frankenstein: You have a point. 


On that spoopy spirit: Yes. 


On that spoopy spirit: Now, since it's November- 


On that spoopy spirit changed Frankenstein's Name! 


Working oulet: Fuck- 


On that spoopy spirit changed Puppy!!'s Name! 


On that spoopy spirit changed Mummy's Name! 


TapeWhore: Ouch. 


On that spoopy spirit changed Inzombie's Name! 


On that spoopy spirit changed Graveyard smash's Name! 


On that spoopy spirit changed Monster mash's Name! 


Tired Dad: Shit. 


Loud Dad: Aw!!! 


Tired Son: Well shit we are all matching. 


Loud Son: … 


Loud Dad: Katsuki!!!! We match!!!!! 


Loud son: We do. 

Chapter Text

Group Chat: Dumbassess  


Tired Dad: Okay where the fuck Is Katsuki. 


Loud son: What do you want?


Tired Dad: Dabi is walking around again. Go to the dorms. 


Loud son: Okay. 


Thot: Need me to be there? 


Loud son: Yes. 


Thot: On my way. 


Tired son: Look after him. 


Tired Dad: He will. If he doesn't, I'm breaking him.


Loud Dad: Stop threatening the children.


Tired Dad: Fine. 


Loud son: Telling the idiots. 



Bad bitch: Dabi is walking around. Run to the dorms if you don't want to see it.



Da Bomb: Dabi is walking around. Run to the dorms if you don't want to see it.


Rock: Thanks Blasty. 

Band kids 


Bakugou: Dabi is walking around. The dorms are safe.

Touya walks through the UA hallways. His stitches tug at his skin. " Don't try shit. " The hero hisses at him, as if he's not already in quirk suppression cuffs. 


" Wouldn't dream of it. " He steps through the doorway. 

Shouta texts all of his students. 


Kaminari: ETA 3 #2 


Ashido: ETA 1 #4 


Shouji: ETA 5 #7 


Tokoyami: ETA 9 #4 


Kouda: ETA 2 # 8 


Todoroki: ETA 5 #1 


Midoriya: ETA 6 #2 


Yaoyorozu: ETA 7 #3 


Katsuki: ETA 8 A 


Hitoshi: ETA 8 E 


Tenya: ETA 8 #4 


Jirou: ETA 3 #2 


Uraraka: ETA 4 #1 


Tsuyu: ETA 3 #2 


Aoyama: ETA 2 #F 

Quickly he scans through all of the messages. Good. He thinks once he sees all of them responded. 


Aizawa: ETA 2 #4 

The collective of the little family instantly feels comforted by the message. Katsuki curls against Hitoshi's side. Papa is settled on the bed, anxiously tapping at his phone. 


Katsuki looked at the door, the light knock and the door opening revealing Shouta. He scans him over. Unharmed. 

" Shouta. " Papa looks up from his phone. Dad sits against Papa.


Katsuki relaxes more. They are okay. Everyone's okay. 



Rock: Made it. 


Jerk off: I'm okay. 


Magic hands: I'm good. 


Mic knockoff: I'm good. 

Katsuki smiles has he responds. 



Tenya: Are you all alright? 


Izuku: I'm good. 


Shoto: I'm alive. Where are you? 


Katsuki: With my family in my room. Please come here. 


Izuku: We are coming, Shoto has his phone in his pocket and Tenya is walking with his in his hand. 


Katsuki: Okay. Knock before you open the door. 


Izuku: Will do. 

Katsuki closes his eyes, feeling comforted by knowing his family and his idiotic boyfriend's are here with him. 


He does snort when the self proclaimed Bakusquad shows up. They all manage to cram into his dorm room, not once caring about leaving the room. 

Chapter Text

Group chat Dumbassess: 


Loud Son: Whom did this. 


Ticktock: What? 


KidsBop: I don't even know what my username is… 


Loud son: @Multiplayer 


Multiplayer: Oh no- 


Loud son: :) 


KidsBop: Oh No. 


Loud son: Fucking perish. 


Loud Dad: Don't kill him. 


Loud Dad: Heroes don't kill. 


Loud son: Fine. 


Multiplayer: I live to see another day. 


Prince bird: He lives to see another day. 


Loud son: That's it. 


Prince Zuko: Katsuki.


Tenya: KitKat. 


Broccoli Kid: Love. 


Loud son: … 


Loud son's name was changed 


Precious: Whom. 


Broccoli Kid: ;) 


Tenya: That's adorable. 


Prince Zuko: I am gay. 


Precious: Shut. 


Gravity Bitch: Is he gay panicking? 


Tenya: I.Love.Him.JPG 


Broccoli Kid: Same.JPG 


Done™: Oh. 


Tape: Oh. 


Done™: Fuck that's somehow wholesome?!!!


Acid: You are right and you should say it. 

Chapter Text

Group chat Dumbassess: 


Ticktock: Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!)


Ticktock: This is my creepypasta oc dounut steal. 


Loud son: …. 


Oof the edge: Ah he knows the sacred texts. 


PikaPikaFUCK: He Knows The Sacred Texts. 


Shitzo: Delete Yourself. 


Elmo: Please. 


Cotton candy cloud: I am begging you. 


Canada: I'm out. 


Tired Dad: The absolute fuck. 


Ticktock: I did my best okay. 


Loud Dad: You did and I'm proud of you. 


Tired Dad: Divorced. 


Shitzo: Blocked. 


Loud son changed their username. 


Whom Bitch: Who are you? I don't know a Presentation Michael. 


Iamarmed: Shit his banana weave is on the floor. 


Furry: It is and it's beautiful. 


Queen: Sensei I am sorry to say that I am… 


Queen: Disappointed. 


Loud Dad: Shouta take me back.


Tired Dad: No. 


Loud Dad: Fine. 


Loud Dad: @Ticktock Stop being a cringey 12yr old with no life. 


Whom Bitch: Oh! There's Papa. 


Shitzo: Oh really?!!! Papa where have you been. 


Tired Dad: You owe me cuddles and I want them now. 


Loud Dad: :,) 


Loud Dad: On my way!!! 


Grate: Did,,, 


Grate: You all just force Mic-sensei into roasting Sero? 


Ticktock: ;( 


Furry: Yup. 


Iamarmed: Absolutely. 


Whom Bitch: Duh. 


Shitzo: Who do you think we are? 


Tired Dad: Decent people? Hell No. 


Grate: That's fair. 

Chapter Text

Hand made a group chat! 


Hand renamed the group chat! 


Hand added a few people! 


Hand: Please knock Monoma down a peg please and thanks. 


Sero changed their name! 


That Bitch: You said please twice. 


Hand: I know I'm desperate. 


Ashido changed their name! 


Motormouth: Oh? 


Katsuki changed their name! 


Todoroki changed their name! 


Midoriya changed their name! 


Mint: Where is that rock road chipmunk.


Frostbite: Language. 


Monoma's name was changed! 


Cunt: Ah?!!! 


Whore™: Oh look a cunt. 


Gravity: I am just here to watch Monoma be annihilated. 


Mint: Same. 


Frostbite: Same. 


Motormouth: Same. 


RockB: Same. 


That Bitch: Why do all of your usernames have Something to do with a rock? 


RockB changed their name! 


Sunshine Bitch: Is that better? 


Mint: Yes. 


Cunt: Ah! Class 1-A? 


Whore™: And what about it?


Cunt: Isn't it funny how all of you keep failing with grades while Class 1-B is clearly superior because none of us are failing! 


Whore™: Isn't it funny how you have one friend? 


Whore™: Who added you into this so we could roast you? 


Hand: Shit. 


Mint: Kacchan please leave him alive. 


Cunt: Isn't it funny that you look like a pomeranian? 


Motormouth: Oh my god he does. 


Whore™: Okay Kazoo Kid. 


That Bitch: FUCK HE'S RIGHT! 


Hand: How,,, did I not notice this before… 


Mint: It's okay we didn't either. 


Cunt: Yeah well I at least got my provisional license unlike someone! 


Sunshine bitch: Oh it's on now. 


That Bitch: Rest- 


Motormouth: In- 


Kaminari changed their name! 


Pikafuck: Piss. 


Pikafuck: Sorry I'm late! 


Sunshine bitch: Kami! 


Whore™: At least I didn't have a sex life at 14. 


Cunt: … 


Pikafuck: Oh my god. 


Hand: You had a sex life at FOURTEEN?!!! 


Cunt: … 


Whore™: What's wrong can't say shit?


Cunt: I'm not the whore with 3 boyfriends. 


Mint: … 


Frostbite: I Will Give You Hyperthermia. 


Motormouth: God he's been typing for a while. 


Mint: I hate that I think I know what Kacchan is gonna say. 


Whore™: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.


That Bitch: Did… you just- 


Hand: Type all of that out. 


Whore™:  Obviously I'll never do something half assed. 

Chapter Text



That Bitch: I cannot believe I just witnessed a murder. 


Whore™: Bitch what did you expect? For me to not go all in? 


Cunt: …. 


Sunshinebitch: Oh yeah that reminds me! 


Whore ™: Is it that? 


Sunshinebitch: Yeah, can I do it? 


Whore ™: Yeah I like the copy machine. 


Cunt: What? 


Sunshinebitch: Wanna be a part of the Bakusquad? 


Cunt: You mean a group of friends that includes Bakugou? 


Whore™: Listen copy just because I roasted you doesn't mean I don't like you. 


Pikaidiot: Yeah! He's roasted his boyfriend before and tried to actually fight him! 


Whore ™: I do that with everyone but Tenya is the only bitch in this world I trust. 


That Bitch: Hurt. 


Cunt: … 


Cunt: So you want me to be in your friend group? 


Whore™: Yeah. 


Ailen: Yeah! 


Sunshinebitch: Absolutely! 


That Bitch: Heck yeah!!!! 


Pikaidiot: Its honestly your choice but what do you chose? 


Cunt: … 


Hand: Do it Monoma!!!! They are all really nice and not has bad as you think! 


Cunt: Fine. 


Cunt: Don't think I'm not going to continue with our competition between our classes! 


Cunts name was changed. 


Copy: I like this name better. 


Sunshinebitch: Oh! That reminds me Kendo can you tell 1-B that they are definitely invited to a movie night? There's no harm if they don't wanna go!!! 


Hand: Ah!!!! Okay I'll ask them and you can definitely expect to see me there!!! 


Pikaidiot: Awesome! 

Chapter Text



Copy was added to the chat! 


Broccoli: Monoma?!!! 


Copy: Midoriya. 


Tape man: Hey Momobro!!!! 


Copy: Hello Sero! 


Nitro: Hey bitch. 


Copy: Bakugou! 


Tenya: I am confused! Did you make a new friend Katsuki? 


Nitro: Yes. 


Sunshine: He did!!! All on his own too!!! 


Outlet: But the way he went about it is kinda concerning. 


Broccoli: What do you mean? 


Sunshine: He was challenged into a manly roasting session! 


Tenya: Katsuki… 


Nitro: Shit. 


Canada: Katsuki. 


Canada: Tenya. 


Broccoli: Shoto!!! 


Canada: Izuku! 


Copy: That's gay.


Nitro: I am gay. 


Copy: What a mood. 


Tape man: Oh yeah Momobro! Did you ever find your soul for the down payment? 


Copy: Yep! 


Copy: Gave it to Kirishima because he seems trustworthy! 


Outlet: Mood. 


Canada: Love have you murdered Monoma verbally? 


Nitro: … 


Copy: Uh… 


Copy: To be fair I also got him back for it and I am really happy to be his friend!!! 


Nitro: What he said. 


Nitro: Copy is a part of the group now. 


Nitro: I will murder anyone who has a problem with it. 


Broccoli: Katsuki! 


Nitro: Fuck..


Broccoli: Baby please don't murder people!!! 


Canada: Please KitKat? 


Tenya: I will not let you fall to the path of villainy!!! 


Nitro: Okay okay. 

Chapter Text

Dabi was a villain. That's what he has been for more than a year. 


He was used to feeling people crumble underneath his quirk. He was used to listening to Shigaraki. He was used to being looked at in hate. 


Dabi never thought he would find himself here. Trying to be better when his father told him over and over again he would never be. That night when he saw Shoto, terrified and angry at him. 


Dabi couldn't do it anymore. 


Not because his brother was scared. Of him. It hit him in the face. 


I am a villain. 


A monster. A monster. A fucking monster. 


Dabi clenches his hands, knowing that just because the heroes decided to help him doesn't mean he's going to be okay. 


You can't trust anyone. 


He pictures flames framing a harsh face. The harsh purple splotches on his body reminding him. Touya. 


Dabi scowls at that name. 


I will never be Touya again. He thinks, standing up. His hands grab his coat, throwing the fabric on Dabi heads out of his room door. 


And then instantly goes back inside. 


" Aw c'mon Dabi! " Hawks calls from the other side of the door. Dabi has half a mind to light the oversized chicken on fire but realizes that it's illegal. 


" No. " He hissed through the door. " We can't just talk?! " The man complains, poking at the door. Dabi rolls his eyes at his antics. Usually there's a different Pro Hero outside his room door everyday.


The fire user had hoped for months that he wouldn't see the damn chicken. But here it was, outside his room squawking loudly. " Daaabbbiii? " he whines outside the door. 


With a scowl he opens the door. Only because he fucking wants to get to his therapist. " Fine, only because I'd rather be on time for my appointment than fucking late. " He scowls at the happy idiot. 


Hawks has the nerve to grin and practically beam at him. 


Dabi definitely mentions how irritating it was to have Hawks at his door. Especially when he thought he escaped the idiot. 


His therapist just laughs. " Well it seems like your morning was eventful. " Dabi groans. " But I didn't want it to be eventful.


By the time his appointment ends Dabi nearly forgot about Hawks. At least he did until the blond bounces up him immediately chatting away. 


The scowl is back and again Dabi wishes he didn't agree with the quirk suppression cuffs around his wrists. 

The next morning he's informed that Class 1-A students wants to meet with him. Shoto and Bakugou Katsuki. The hero asks if he needs his therapist to be present and Dabi nods at them because he really doesn't trust himself in that situation. 


Fiddling with his hands Dabi nearly has a heart attack when his brother Todoroki Shoto tackles him into a hug. His therapist makes a surprised sound, there's no doubt she's shocked as he is to see the student. Dabi had thought maybe he heard the hero wrong, maybe, maybe. 


" Shoto? " Dabi hates how his voice cracks and tears shine in his eyes. " Touya. " His little brother cries, Dabi doesn't let go of him for a long time.


Once they finally pull apart Dabi immediately is talked to by his therapist. 


" Are you alright Dabi? " Her words are soft, reminding him of a friend who cares. It reminds him of Kurogiri, the warp gate surprisingly concerned about all of them. 


He breathes in and out, body shaking. " Yeah, I think so. " The raw honesty of his voice hurts his ears. " Touya I'd like you to meet a classmate. " Shoto says and Dabi looks up and meets eyes with Bakugou Katsuki. 


Red hard eyes bore into him. His eyes are searching for something. A reason. Maybe something to say: Why he's a monster. 


" I'm sorry. " Are the first two words out of his mouth. Memories of kidnapping the boy, seeing him strapped into a chair much like he was at the sports festival. 


If it was one thing he wished he never did it was that. 


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. 


Dabi doesn't notice when his eyes glaze over and his breathing becomes uneven. Dabi doesn't notice when his brother screams has he falls and his therapist calls for help. 


He can't stop seeing the teenager locked into that chair.


I'm sorry. 


Minutes later his eyes refocus, his head isn't drowned in the ocean. He sees a white ceiling, his brother's head hung worriedly over him. " Shoto? " His voice breaks and tears in his eyes again.


" Touya. " He sounds relieved. The worry in his brothers eyes doesn't fade has they help him sit up. " Dabi. " Bakugou Katsuki looks at him with tired red eyes. He swallows. 


" Are you okay? " He jerks a little out of surprise. Is he seriously concerned? About me? " I.. Why are you… concerned? " He can't help the way his throat constricts and his voice shakes. 


You should hate me. 


" Idiot. " The blond scowls and moves forwards. The blond hugs him, " Bastard you scared Shoto. " Dabi blinks. 


" Oh My God. " Suddenly everything clicks. " Are you seriously dating Bakugou?!! " Dabi hisses at his brother. 


Shoto has the nerve to smile. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki at first was more than against seeing Dabi. He only stopped saying he didn't want to go because he realized (more like when Shoto said it) he could actually be there and protect Shoto if it came down to that. 

Direct messages: 


Shoto: Please it's just- I need to see him. I can't hear: Oh your brother is in the ward! And- 


Shoto: I can't leave Touya. I'm not okay with the things he's done at all. I don't like that he was a villain. I don't like that he's killed people and kidnapped you. 


Shoto: but at the same time my mind is yelling at me: He's family! 


Wtf™: Look Sho I get that I really do, but are you sure that's even a good idea? 


Shoto: Probably not. Definitely probably not. 


Wtf™: And knowing this you still want to go. 


Shoto: I just- 


Shoto: What if you came with me? So then if he tried anything I wouldn't be alone. 


Wtf™: I'm listening…. 

Katsuki still didn't like this at all. 


But he also couldn't deny that he was a little curious. Katsuki watches his boyfriends hand hover over the handel. Pale fingers barely brushing it. 


" Sho. " He calls the other out of his own thoughts. 


I just I can't leave him. Not the way we left mom. Not the way-Shotos breathing hitches-Never again. 


Katsuki opens the door for Shoto. 


Everything had been explained from his skin falling apart to having the right to decline their visit. 


Katsuki silently hoped that the bastard declined their visit. 


Unfortunately he didn't. 


But he did bring his therapist. 


Katsuki never once took his eyes off the man, anxiety making his heart beat faster. When his eyes met Dabi's everything changed. 


The others timid stance turned into a mess. Katsuki could only see his therapist doing the same thing they were doing for Dabi. 


He knows Shoto's hero concern won out over his fear of the other. That's the only reason he's by his side. Well that and- ' That's my brother! ' 


Instead of Dabi on the floor he saw himself. Young and ignorant. Prideful and broken. Stupid. Weak. 


If you asked Katsuki later what he was thinking. Why he hugged a villain of all people. He couldn't tell you. He honestly couldn't tell you what made him think it was a good idea. 


Katsuki couldn't tell you what it meant at all. He was scared and confused so he said anything that came to mind. 


Hiding behind strong words and phrases for the rest of the visit. When they finally leave he collapses into Shoto's arms, mentally drained. 

Chapter Text



Outlet changed the group chat name! 


Outlet: Hey does anyone know if they are okay? 


Sanic: They are! 


Broccoli: Kacchan and Shoto are just tired. 


Sanic: I also believe that they have had alot to emotional confrontation today, so that could be why they are tired! 


RockBro: So,,, is Kat okay? 


Broccoli: I wanna say yes but I'm not sure. 


Broccoli: Realistically I would want to not worry y'all but :/ 


Canada: Katsuki isn't okay at all. 


Broccoli: ?!!!! 


Canada: I shouldn't have pushed him. 


Canada: He was shaking when we left. 


RockBro: He Was What. 


Outlet: Excuse. 


HoeDepot: The fuck. 


Purple: The Absolute Fuck. 


Purple: My Fucking Brother Went To See Dabi?!  


Broccoli: He didn't tell you?!? 


Purple: No! 


Purple: Why the fuck did he even agree??


Purple: Not even yesterday I had to help him after a nightmare about that shit. 


Purple: So Why The Absolute Fuck.


HoeDepot: I don't understand either. 


Outlet: He would only realistically agree to go to protect Todoroki if anything happened. 


Outlet: However Katsuki himself would never think about that. 


Outlet: Someone would have to bring it up. 


Canada: Fuck. 


Purple: JFC. 


Purple: That's it give me my brother. 


Purple: I'm fucking done how did you not see anything wrong with doing that?!!! 


Purple: Katsuki is a fucking hero! He has a drive to protect others at the expense of himself! 


Broccoli: Oh my god. 


Broccoli: Shit. I'm a horrible boyfriend. 


Purple: Okay no you aren't a horrible boyfriend. None of you are. 


Purple: I'm sorry for snapping I just can't handle anything happening to my family well. Just fuck sorry for being an ass. 


Sanic: It's okay Shinsou! I understand being protective over your family!!! 


Sanic: I also believe that we are in the wrong for going with this plan. 


Sanic: Truthfully, after becoming aware of my errors I believe it could of been handled a lot better. 


Canada: What Tenya said. 


Broccoli: For those who don't know Shoto isn't being rude he just can't express well when he's upset. 


Acid: Okay but like y'all are gonna apologise to Kat right?!! 


Broccoli: Yes. 




Sanic: Absolutely! Right when he wishes to talk about it! 


Acid: Okay good. 


RockBro: Guys,,,, can I say something kinda rude. 


Broccoli: Sure Kirishima. 


RockBro: You know I love you guys but seriously fuck y'all. 


RockBro: Full offense you guys are dating Kat and it really seems like y'all don't know him at all. That shit just seems super unhealthy to me. How the fuck can you have a relationship when you don't even know who you are dating?!!! 


RockBro: Listen I don't know why that is. For all I know it could be because Kat is being insecure. But what I do know is that I don't want my brother to be in an unhealthy relationship with people who don't even know them! 


RockBro: Just fucking hell you all better talk and don't you fucking dare let Kat change the subject on you. Be fucking firm about it. It's clear something is bothering him and it is sure has hell not the fucking Dabi shit. 


Broccoli: Understood. 


RockBro: Good. 


RockBro: I just don't want to see any of you guys hurt. 


Canada: Thank you for the advice Kirishima. 


RockBro: No problem bro! 


Sanic: We will talk to him about the Dabi situation and what's bothering him! 


Sanic: Rest assured I won't let him get out of it! 


RockBro: Good. 

Izuku was anxious. Not only have they done something wrong. They have done two things wrong. Two. And Kacchan hasn't talked to them about it at all. 


At first they tried to ask when he first woke up but the blond spoke over them with an annoyed sleepy grumble. 


So they decided to wait a little. 


The next three tries failed. 


" Kacchan. " He catches all of his boyfriend's attention. " We all seriously need to talk. " he says it firm and calm. 


" Verbal or Nonverbal? " He asks it quietly, directing the question at Kacchan. 


" Nonverbal. " 

Izuku made a chat! 


Izuku added Shoto, Tenya and Kacchan! 


Izuku changed the chat name! 


So We Done Fucked Up 


Izuku: I'm sorry Kacchan. 


Shoto: We shouldn't of forced you to go to Dabi's stupid room..


Tenya: We also shouldn't have suggested you go to protect Shoto (just because me and Izuku had mandatory training) making it seem like you were obligated to go. 


Kacchan: … 


Kacchan: Okay listen the fuck up. 


Kacchan: 1) You didn't force me to do shit. 2) Yeah you are right about the last part. If it were anyone else besides me that would of fucking worked. 3) Yeah I'm a little irritated with the way you idiots handled that but I also know that you love me and you would never do that on purpose and that you were genuinely unaware. 


Kacchan: And before any of you try to say: But that doesn't justify it. You are right it doesn't. It changes your fucking actions. There's a huge difference between someone intentionally doing something and someone unintentionally doing something. 


Kacchan: Besides it's like you always tell me: It doesn't matter what you done what matters is what you do afterwards. 


Izuku: Fuck. Get over here so I can hug you. 


Kacchan: Pffft. 


Shoto: Okay back on track. 


Shoto: Is there anything that bothers you? 


Shoto: Kirishima pointed out that something was bothering you and it wasn't the Dabi situation. 


Tenya: I am also concerned. I don't know if it's something we've done but if it is I would like to know so we can get better. 


Izuku: Yeah, I'd rather avoid hurting one another out of ignorance,,, 


Kacchan: Shit. 


Kacchan: Give me a second. 


Tenya: ?!!! 


Shoto: Are you okay?!!! 


Izuku: Kacchan?!!! 


Kacchan: I'm fine I was just being gay has shit. 


Tenya: o h. 


Kacchan: But uh,,, 


Kacchan: It made me kinda upset when you guys did that thing. 


Kacchan: I'm gonna have to find it and screenshot it, I can't really describe it but it just makes me feel upset? 


Shoto: Okay, once you get the screenshot we can talk about how to avoid making you feel like that. 


Kacchan: I love you Shou, Tenya, Izu. 


Izuku: <3 


Shoto: <3 <3 <3 


Tenya: ♥️❤️💕💖💗💞❣️💝💖💘💗


Kacchan: Screenshot.jpg 


Nitro: I will murder anyone who has a problem with it. 


Broccoli: Katsuki!


Nitro: Fuck..


Broccoli: Baby please don't murder people!!! 


Canada: Please KitKat? 


Tenya: I will not let you fall to the path of villainy!!! 


Nitro: Okay okay.


Izuku: Fuck. I'm so sorry Katsuki. 


Shoto: Shit baby. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have reacted like that. 


Tenya: I am very sorry Katsuki. I shouldn't have implied that you would ever become a villain. 


Tenya: You are one of the most driven heroes I know and I am very sorry I have somehow forgotten that core part of you. 


Kacchan: It's okay Tenya. 


Kacchan: It's okay. 


Kacchan: I know you weren't thinking about it like that. 


Izuku: I just wish I hadn't done that. 


Kacchan: Remember you can't change the past but you can always change your future. 


Izuku: Kacchan!!! 

Concerned Dumbassess 


Whore™: Did you all seriously rip into them???? 


RockBro: Are you okay???! 


Whore™: Yes and answer my question!!! 


RockBro: May or may not of told them fuck you. 


Whore™: Eijirou. 


RockBro: Oh wow gotta blast :D 


Outlet: Wow look at the time! 


HoeDepot: Yeeet. 


Acid: I have absolutely no regrets. 


Whore™: You fucking idiots. 

Chapter Text

Shoto was very happy when they all agreed to go and spend the day together. Immediately Izuku, with stars in his eyes starts to tell them about a movie. 


It's a new one, requiring them to go to the movie theaters. Katsuki grins. " Duh we are gonna see the new All Might movie! " Izuku cheers and Shoto smiles at his two boyfriend's. 


" Ah! I am sorry I was late! " Tenya appears, clad in an adorable outfit that should not make Shoto's heart skip a beat. 


" What are we waiting for! Let's go! " Izuku calls, dragging Katsuki behind him. 



BroBroBro: Where's blasty? 


TapeWhore: I don't know but I want comfy warm cuddles :/ 


Pikafuck: Omw! 


TapeWhore: :D 


BroBroBro: You guys can come to Ashi's room! Me and her are cuddling. 


TapeWhore: Hell yeah! 

Katsuki was doing his best to ignore the way his phone buzzed. 


Fuck why didn't I put it on silent. 


Silently cursing he tries to crush it between his thigh and the seat. Shoto throws a leg over his in an attempt to help him. He gives his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.


Once the movie ends he whips out his phone. 





TapeWhore: Blaaaassssttttyyyyyy. 


BroBroBro: Dude I need my platonic husband back. 


Pikafuck: Ughhhhhhh it's never the same without KitKat. 


[Cut for length] 


BroBroBro: Ughhhh when will Katsuki return from the war??!! 


AshiAshi: What a mood. 


AshiAshi: Where is our bro. 


TapeWhore: No one knows man. 


Pikafuck: I think he's on a date actually? 


BroBroBro: Oh that's cool! 


BroBroBro: Wait… 


BroBroBro: Oh God. 


TapeWhore: Fuck. 


AshiAshi: Fuck how many times did we message this group chat?!!! 


KitKill: .. 




KitKill: Four thousand. 


TapeWhore: I'm sorrrrryyyyy. 


KitKill: You assholes made my phone go off through the damn movie. 


KitKill: None of you get cuddles. 


KitKill: None of you. 


BroBroBro: :( 


AshiAshi: You made Eijirou sad! 


KitKill: Guess what Ashido? 


KitKill: It was a fucking All Might movie. 


AshiAshi: Shit. 


KitKill: :) 

Chapter Text



Boom box: Ya know- 


Whore's name was changed to Boom Bitch! 


Boom Bitch: Approved. 


AllMightJr: Oh my godddd. 


AllMightJr's name was changed to BK's bitch! 


BK's bitch: This is bullying. 


Defying Gravity: Is it tho. 


BK's Bitch: Absolutely!!! 


Canada: >:0 


Tails: !!! 


Boom Box: And I oop! 


BK's Bitch's name was changed to Fav Grinch! 


Fav Grinch: I'm hurt. 


Boom Bitch: God can none of you come up with good names?!!! 


Fav Grinch's name was changed! 


Bush: Unacceptable. 




Outlet: Just in Bakubro murdered his own boyfriend. 


Rock Man: It was a tragic day- 


Alien from Area 51: He shall be missed! 


Bush: Stop saying I'm dead. 


Canada: Sometimes I can still hear his voice. 


Bush: Shoto! 


Sanic: My dear Izuku will be missed. 


Sanic: I am saddened that he was struck down by god. 


Bush: … 


Boom Box: He is god. 


Sugar Free: Do you guys remember his cult because I do. 


SINsou: Bold of you to assume it ever stopped.


Boom Bitch: ;) 


Drake: ;) 


Rock Man: ;) 


Alien from Area 51: ;) 


HoeDepot: ;)  


Iamarmed: I am here to be a nuisance. 


Drake: God what a mood. 


Rock Man: Same. 


Bush: Well Kacchan already did that- 


Boom Bitch: … .


Bush: :D


Boom Bitch: Your Lucky You Are Fucking Adorable. 


Bush: Adorable? 


Bush: What about now? 


Boom Bitch: Okay fuck you. 


Canada: Tbh Izu that was hot has shit. 


Canada: Shit wrong chat. 


Canada: Oh wait- 


Tails: Since when did you care about being a thot Todoroki? 


Canada: Not once. 


Bush: Maybe I should do it more often? 


Canada: Yuh I sure hope it does. 


Sugar Free: Bitch- 


Drake: I've never been prouder in my life. 


Boom Bitch: Shoto get over here. 

Chapter Text

The cult 


Boom Bitch: Do you ever just want to perish? But like- 


Boom Bitch: You just wanna turn into bubbles??? 


Canada: I feel that. 


Boom Bitch: Finally someone who understands. 


Canada: No I felt my phone vibrate. 


Canada: I am upset my sleep was disrupted. 


Boom Bitch: And I oop. 


Drake: Wow what a mood. 


Boom Bitch: Is Dark Shadow bothering you? 


Drake: Nope. 


Drake: It's the insomnia this time. 


Boom Bitch: Sad. 

Failure Kids 


Dick Helicopter: AYEEEE


KatSue: BITCH! 


RoaringWinds: HELLO!!! 




KatSue: Perish. 


Dick Helicopter: Hop off my dick bruh. 


Dick Helicopter: H o p o f f t h I s p e n I s. 


KatSue: I hate all of you. 


Choochoo: Not has much as I do. 


RoaringWinds: HELLO FRIEND!!! :D 


Choochoo: Fuck. 


Choochoo: Okay heck all of you. 


KatSue: Love you too Shoto. 


Choochoo: Not you. 


KatSue: ;) 


Dick Helicopter: Aw! No fair why does BakuBabe get the bf pass :( 


Choochoo: Because his username is at least respectable. 


Dick Helicopter: Oof. 


Dick Helicopter: You right Tododoki. 


KatSue: I- 


KatSue: TodoDoki. 



Boom Bitch: TodoDoki. 


Canada: I hate you. 


Boom Bitch: Stop lying to yourself. 


Canada: ;( 


Canada's name was changed! 


TodoDoki: … 


TodoDoki: Alright babe square the fuck up. 


Boom Bitch: It wasn't me surprisingly. 


Bush: Alright bitch. 


Drake: Rest in peace Midoriya's arms. 

Chapter Text

Class 3 No Dumbassess 


HoeDepot: I can't believe we are graduating. 


Iamarmed: I can't either. 


Iamarmed: It seems we have truly accomplished our goal. 


Tokyo ghoul: It seems so. 


PokaDot: I'm going to start crying guys!! 


PokaDot: @Everyone MEET ME OUTSIDE. 

Shinsou didn't believe it. He didn't even when Mina squeals loudly, going around and hugging everyone. 


He smiles a little. 


' I'm going to be a hero! ' A little boy cheers, before he's known harsh nights with no food. Before he's known the horrors of the world. 


Everyone cheered with him that time. But that was the last time. After that everyone laughed. But here that little boy was, graduating from UA High School. 

Tokoyami leans against his friend. They already have plans to move in together. But he can admit that he's going to miss this class. They've been through a lot together. All of them have. 


When his quirk manifested he was scared. Terrified of the creature he now considered a friend. It followed him into UA, the fear of losing control. 


He wanted to be a hero to erase the curse his quirk was. To make it good. But during his stay at UA he realized something. They taught him that Dark Shadow is special. Amazing. They didn't flinch when they first saw him. Not once when he struck at them. 


This class changed Tokoyami. They changed him for the better, to be a better hero. To tell other kids like him: It's okay, it's not a curse. No matter what they tell you. 

Sero was overjoyed. Sure he would absolutely miss everyone, he would miss the dorms. He would miss the late night talks with everyone. 


The little boy had been so excited for his quirk to come in. So excited for something so plain. 


He remembers walking into UA seeing everyone's amazing quirks. And he remembers being put on the same pedestal has them. 


They had laughed in his face. ' You have such a lame quirk! ' and for awhile he hated his quirk. He hated his plain smile and his normal appearance. But his friends helped him. They told him he was the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 


They said he was cool. They cheered loudly with every win Sero got with his quirk, and without it. 

They helped put the small pieces back together with a patient hand. They healed him. 

Todoroki smiles at their antics. He has Mina half hanging off of him. Everyone is surrounding them. They all smile and laugh and talk just like it's a normal day of class. 


Todoroki was beaten all his life. He barely remembered a time he wasn't. Even through out UA he was punched, kicked and flung. They all where. 


The only thing he told himself was: At Least it's not him. At least it's not him. To him back then that was the only plus side of it. Then he made friends with Uraraka, Tenya and Izuku. 


Everything changed. He was protected all of the sudden. He had people watching his back. And suddenly his father didn't seem so big anymore. 

Shouji was going to miss them. His family. A group of twenty kids that have become a world. A unit. Shouji remembers being distant because everyone around him was usually scared of him. 


He went about his days trying to be distant. Walking with more force so he didn't startle anyone. Hiding behind a mask because of his unusual and startling appearance. 


However they had defended him when he didn't want to take it off. Multiple people have walked up to him asking: ' Can you take your mask off? ' and depending on the classmate they would either interrupt by talking super fast and excited while dragging him away or they would shoot a precise explosion that destroys the other students tie. 


Shouji remembers being shocked by that. He was more so touched when his mask was ripped during training. The torn fabric no longer covering his face. 


Every student looked away. All of them respecting his choice. 

Aoyama was originally not supposed to be a hero. His family wanted him to be a good kid and run the family business. But Aoyama didn't want that. Aoyama wanted to save people. 


Aoyama wanted to pass others expectations. 


He was ridiculed often for dreaming of fights. He thought for a while that maybe he was wrong. That maybe he was in the wrong side. That he made the wrong decision. 


But he pulled through. He made it enough to get to UA. 


Then he got his provisional license. With Ilda's words ringing in his ears, he held that piece of plastic for a long time. 

Mina adored her class. That much was obvious over the years. Especially when she constantly made sure they all where okay. When she would check in on everyone after high stress situations. 


She was always loud and confident. Seen at all times with a smile on her face. She's never really gone through anything that made her truly scared or angry until UA. 


Bakugou got kidnapped. Kirishima, Midoriya and Todoroki, Ilda and Momo ran after him to rescue him. She's never yelled or cried that much in her life. Terrified she lost her friends. 


They hadn't gotten angry at her. Not when she yelled at them with such anger it rivaled Bakugou's. Instead they opened their arms and she cried and cried. 

Oijro laughed with the rest of their class. Jokes, hugs and promises to stay in touch exchanged. He truly was thankful for this class. A class of heroes who were so amazing that they hadn't even considered not being heroes. 


Oijro unlike the rest of them had applied to UA on whim. 


He remembers being scared to tell them. Scared they would think he wasn't serious about it. They instead had laughed a little. ' You are definitely more responsible than any of us! ' Kirishima had laughed, starting a fit of it. 


' I never considered I wouldn't get in! Damn Ojiro making the rest of us look bad! ' 


And truly for the first time he felt accepted. 

Kaminari was loud and vibrant. But he wasn't always. Some days he was so quiet he just blended in with everyone else. Or he would at his old school. 


Kaminari wasn't feeling up to smiling and cracking jokes. Not today. So he went to class without a smile, none of his usual optimism made an appearance. 


' Kami dude is something wrong or is it just an off day? ' Sero asked him, during lunch. He hadn't expected Bakugou to say: ' Off day idiot, it's obvious. ' Kaminari had looked at the blonde in disbelief. And he cracked a joke. 


' No way! You really are good at school and guessing?!! ' They hadn't treated him differently. No one in the class did. Not even when the next day he was smiling and yelling and laughing again. 

Jirou had wanted to be a hero. She saw Present Mic and instantly loved his support item. She was even more thrilled when she got a sound based quirk. Others thought it was lame, just some stupid noodles hanging from her ears. 


She had ran away from the playground. Sitting down on a bench only a few feet away from it. She refused to talk to the teachers. 


They had called her dad. He sat quietly and listened to her story. Then he gave her the confidence to continue with her dream. ' You are my little star, I know you can become a hero no matter what anyone says. ' 


She had applied to UA with those words in her ears. And she walked into Class One A with those words in her heart. And now she left with those words and more. 

Momo was proud of how far she's come. Looking back on a dark road of trouble and pain. But also happy times and support. 


She laughed while her class held a cake in front of her. It said Class Favorite on it, written in neat handwriting. 


Momo cried when they were threatened with suspension. Her tears weren't for herself. Instead for her friends. For Midoriya, Todoroki and Ilda. For the fact that Todoroki would have to go home. 


She woke up with a blanket wrapped around her. She was still on the common room couch. The lights where off and there was a note on her blanket. - You fell asleep old lady >°< We put a blanket on you so you wouldn't be cold. We gave you the good one. - 


Villains where hurting her classmates again. She couldn't think of anything but: don't let them get hurt. Even when she placed that tracker on the Nomu. It didn't matter because the Nomu was a mindless monster in the middle of an order. 

Kirishima changed alot since middle school. His hair was red, he was more happy, at peace. Especially after he found his close friends. He was thankful for his class, he would be forever proud to say he is a part of Class 1-A. 


Kaminari laughs so hard he snorts. Sero bursts into laughter worse than the previous. That sends Mina and Bakugou into a louder version of their laughs. 


They helped him pick up the mess of cookies on the floor. He was pouting angrily at his own clumsiness. Sato had just laughed. ' it's fine Kirishima! ' 

Sato was happy he made it this far. He thought maybe he wouldn't make it to graduation. But here he was, a hero. 


' Remember my son, you are forever going to be my hero. ' 

Hagakure loved her class. They accepted her for her. Not giving a fuck she was angry, not caring she was invisible. Instead they thought it was cool. Instead they supported her. And they knew her for her. 

Tsuyu is happy. Her classmates are all smiling wide. Happy expressions creating the same effect on the whole class. She's been around all of them enough to know that they are truly happy. And for Tsuyu that's enough for her. 

Ilda knew he was going to be just like his brother. He just knew he was going to grow up and be a great hero next to his brother. Now he knew he would be a great hero next to other great heroes. And this was so much better than Ilda had hoped for. 

Uraraka cheers, tears in the corner of her eyes. She did it. She's going to be able to help her parents. Not only that but she has a support system now. An entire class of people she's most likely going to work with in the future. She cannot wait. 

Kouda grew a lot in UA, and he's just happy he did it alongside his friends. He knows that Class 1-A will be remembered. Kouda has seen them all first hand, they are all remarkable and amazing. So Kouda is happy for this day. He's happy he gets to see them become pros. He's overjoyed he gets to do it with them. 

Bakugou has come a long way. He walked into UA halls as an asshole and is now graduating has a minor asshole. But most importantly he's graduating has a hero and a changed man. 

Midoriya Izuku was excited. He can't wait to become the symbol of peace. He can't wait to work alongside everyone else. 

And so Class 1-A left behind a legacy.

A legacy of kids who faced impossible odds and redefined what it means to be a hero.