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This is a tragic story. This is the story of how I died. A story of war, famine, pollution, okay joke’s over. It’s not actually that bad. I don’t die, heck this story isn’t even about me! It’s about a guy named Tomura Shigaraki, or rather Tenko Shimura.


You see, a long time ago a single drop of moonlight fell from the sky.  From that moonlight grew a very special flower. This flower had the ability to heal the injured, the sick, and prolong life. The bolded words are very important, remember those. I probably shouldn't break the fourth wall anymore.


Anyways, time skip a few centuries later, the Queen was about to have her second child. However,  she grew very sick. That’s when the kingdom remembered the tale of the legendary flower, and began searching for it. This is where the ‘prolong life’ part becomes important.


Not too long after it grew on earth, the flower was found by All For One, a powerful man. He used it to keep himself young for thousands of years. All he had to do was sing to it, and it would turn him young again. Cliche, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Creepy as well.


Somehow, the flower was found, and taken to the palace, where it was used to heal the queen. A baby boy was born with shining silver blue hair, the same color as the flower. He was named Tenko Shimura.


To celebrate his birth, the King and Queen let a lantern into the sky. They did this every year on Tenko’s birthday. Until he was five. That’s when it all changed.


All For One snuck into the castle, to get a sample of Tenko’s hair to keep himself alive. You see, his hair had the same powers as the flower. But when he cut it off, the hair lost it’s magic and turned black. Realizing the only way to keep using the flower’s magic was to have Tenko, he kidnapped him from the castle. 


The Kingdom searched for days, but Tenko was never found. Somewhere, deep in the forest, All For One gave him the name of Tomura Shigaraki and erased his memories, raising him as his son. Everyday, he used the magic in Tomura’s hair to keep him alive by singing to him.


He kept him in a tower with no doors, so he couldn’t go out. He told Tomura that the world was full of treacherous people beyond imagination, and that the tower was his only safe haven. Tomura, being the incredibly naive person he is, listened to him. 


Those tower walls couldn’t shelter him completely, though. Everyday on Tomura’s birthday the royal family released thousands of lanterns into the sky, per their daughter’s request. Her name was Hana Shimura, by the way. 


She always hoped her brother would see the lanterns, remember, and come back to them.


Oh, I forgot to tell you my name, didn’t I? I’m Dabi, or Touya, whichever you prefer. 


And that brings us to the end of the beginning. 



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“You’re so obvious.” Tomura stated, as he saw Mon’s tail from behind the large painting  in the tower. The corgi ran over to him and barked, as if defending himself. Tomura laughed, petting him.


“Alright, alright.” He said, smiling fondly. After weeks of complaining that he was lonely by himself, Sensei brought back Mon when he was just a newborn puppy. The dog was his only source of company when Sensei wasn’t home. Not that he minded, he liked Mon a lot. But sometimes it would get tiring having conversations with someone who would only bark back.


“Ugh, I’m bored. You can only play hide and seek with a dog for so long. No offense.” He said, raising in hands as if he were surrendering. Mon barked, very much offended.


Tomura paced around the room. There had to be something he could do. He’d read almost all the books in the tower, as well as painted most of the walls. It was starting to get boring, staying here in the tower all day long. Not that it wasn’t boring before, but it was really getting on his nerves recently. He was almost eighteen, he could take on whatever dangers the outside world would throw at him! He was sure of it. But he didn’t want to upset Sensei.


Mon walked over to the small window, extending a paw out of it while looking at him, as if to tell him to go. Tomura rolled his eyes. 


“Unlike you, I’m not allowed to go outside, remember?” Mon was somehow able to hop on the jagged areas in the bricks to get down from and climb the tower. He was a dog, but had the agility of a cat. It made Tomura jealous, how he could go outside without any problems. If  a tiny lil corgi could survive out there, why couldn’t he? Then again, Mon had really sharp teeth. He probably bit anyone who came close. Plus, he didn’t have random people after him for his magic hair.


Mon snorted, hopping back inside. The boy sighed, twirling a lock of his long silver blue hair. It was so long it stretched all across the tower. It was quite a hassle brushing it everyday as well as dragging it around. It was a miracle he never got anything stuck in it. He wanted to cut it up to his shoulders, but Sensei always said not to. He understood why, after all the hair lost it’s magic when it was cut. Plus, he needed it to get Sensei into the tower everyday. That didn’t stop him from disliking it.


He painted a hand on the wall, adding as much detail as possible. He  didn’t remember much before Sensei took him in, but he had a few distorted memories. Hands. Hands were literally the only thing he could remember. Big hands, small hands, rough hands, soft hands, his previous memories were filled with different people’s hands. He wasn’t sure why, but he got into a habit of painting and sculpting hands, hoping he’d remember someday. 


“Don’t give me that look! You know I couldn’t go out, even if I wanted to.” He scoffed, as Mon gave him his best puppy eyes. 


“Why would I want to anyways? I have everything I need right here.” He just had to keep telling that to himself. There was nothing outside the tower that could possibly interest him. Nothing at all.


He knew that was a lie.


He took a break from painting to climb back down from the wall, and walked over to where Mon was. Tomura sighed, looking out the window. Just a few more days and the lights would appear. Just a few more days. Or rather tomorrow, but it felt like a few more days.


Every year on his birthday, millions of floating lights appeared in the sky. He wasn’t sure why, but they drew him in like a moth to a flame.  He was captivated by them. The fact that they appeared on his birthday didn’t help with the matter. He often wondered about the lights, where they came from, why they were like that, etc. They were the main reason he wanted to step out of the tower.

“Tomura!” Called a voice. The blunette looked down and smiled. He finally came back.
“Hi Sensei!” He shouted, before putting his hair on a hook and tossing it down. Sensei held onto it, letting himself be pulled up, until he reached the window, climbing in.


Sensei smiled back at him, ruffling his hair.
“Thanks, Tomura.” He said. Mon growled slightly, hiding behind the blunette’s leg. The dog didn’t like Sensei all that much. Tomura couldn’t understand why, after all Sensei was the one who brought him here in the first place. Plus, what was there to dislike about him? Sensei was a good person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, as far as he knew. 


“You’re welcome.” He responded,smiling faintly. It was always nice to hear Sensei thank him. It made him feel wanted, appreciated. He liked feeling like that.


“S-sensei, Umm…” He began, trying to state what he’s wanted for so long. The man didn’t seem to be paying attention as he walked over to a mirror, frowning lightly. 


“It’s been a tiring day. Would you mind singing for me?” He asked, in his usual deep voice. It was a tone that could chill you to the bone, but it hardly affected the boy. After all, he grew up hearing that voice, he became accustomed to it.


“Sure!” He said, eager to get this done with. He had to ask to see the lights, he just had to! He was almost an adult, and it was his birthday, two things  that could be used to his advantage. This was like a Carrom game in which all the pieces were at a perfect angle. Well, most of the pieces but that was besides the point. All he had to do was shoot the disk well, or in this case ask the question in a way that would get him to say yes. Everything made a lot more sense when he compared it to a game of some sort.


He sat down, letting Sensei comb his hair. He hated doing this, and not because he’d have to sit down and let Sensei comb his hair like he was a child. It was the song lyrics. They were pretty cool and mysterious, but for someone who sang them everyday, they were boring and way too cheesy. He could go a day without the corny lyrics, but nope! Oh well, they could be worse.


“Flower gleam and glow, Let your power shine,

Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt, Change the fate's design.

Save what has been lost, Bring back what once was mine.” 


He sang quicker than usual, eager to ask about the lights. He was afraid if he didn’t ask now, all his courage would drain away. Plus, the lights were to appear tomorrow. Tomorrow. He couldn’t risk this chance.


“Sensei, tomorrow is a big day!” He finally said, nervously. All For One cocked his head to the side, an amused expression upon his face.


“Oh? Why so?” He asked, smiling. 

“It’s my birthday.” He said, voice laced with hope. Sensei laughed a little.


“Wasn’t your birthday last year?” Tomura rolled his eyes at that.

“We both know birthdays are every year. Anyways, I’ll be eighteen. An adult!” He was trying to convince Sensei before he actually stated what he wanted, hopefully it would work.


“An adult, huh? That’s great, Tomura. I’m proud of you.” He said, as Tomura’s face broke into a grin. He loved getting compliments like that. He loved any sort of praise in general. 


“So, that means I get a birthday present, right?” he asked, trying his best to hide the hope in his voice. All For One kept his amused expression.


“Why not?” Tomura smiled wider.

“So, I can have anything for my birthday, right? Anything at all?” He asked. Sensei smirked.


“Of course.” He replied. Tomura took a deep breath. It was now or never.


“I want to go see the floating lights.” That wiped the amusement out of his eyes, as well as the smirk off his face.


“You want to go outside?” He asked, his voice sounding colder than usual. Tomura nodded.


“Every day on my birthday, a bunch of floating lights appear in the sky. They’re like the stars, but...different. They’re much larger , and have a different glow to them.” he said, eyes sparkling. All For One sighed.


“We’ve been over this. If you go outside, you’ll get hurt. It isn’t safe out there, you know that.” Tomura looked back at him with a sad expression.


“But you said I could have anything!” He whined.
“Anything but this! There’s a reason why I never let you out. The world is a scary place, Tomura. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. You know what I told about what happened before I found you, right?” Tomura bit his lip as he heard that. Of course he knew. It hurt him every time he was reminded of it. Sensei told him that many people were after him for his magical hair and that his real parents were killed in them trying to get it. That’s when he found him, and took him to the tower. He always felt guilty about that.


“What’s with the sad face? I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry. But you need to stay here, for your own safety. I just want to protect you.” He said, sighing. Tomura nodded sadly.


“I understand Sensei.” He didn’t understand, but he wouldn’t say it. He knew that he just wanted the best for him, after all.  All For One smiled.


“Good. I need to leave again, I forgot to get something.” he said, getting up. Tomura followed, letting him down with his hair. He waved goodbye before walking back inside.


“See? I told you it wasn’t worth trying.” He mumbled, flopping down onto a couch. Mon went over to him, licking his face.

“Thanks Mon, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to go at this rate.” the dog barked at him with a questioning look.


“Giving up? No, of course I’m not! I never give up!” he protested. Tomura didn’t exactly know how he could understand his pet corgi, but he somehow could. It was weird.


“Just you wait Sensei, I’ll prove I’m capable of going outside. I’ll show you!” he proclaimed, rising up from the couch. Mon nodded his head approvingly, very proud of the blunette.

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This is a nice view. I could get used to this.” Dabi said, smirking from outside the castle. Overhaul rolled his eyes as Chronostasis snorted.

“Get used to it later, we have a crown to steal.” The brunette replied, bitterly. Dabi raised his hands in mock defense.

   “Calm down, birdface. Just let me enjoy this, it’s not everyday you get to look at the kingdom from the castle roof.” he said, grinning. Standing so high made everything below him seem small enough to fit in his palm, he wouldn’t deny that he liked it. It made him feel powerful and important, something he hadn't felt in a while. It was nice to look down at the kingdom that had outcasted him knowing that he was right in plain sight but they couldn’t see. Knowing that he was above them, in both a literal and figurative sense. The moment was quickly ruined when Chronostasis jabbed him in the side.

“Get down there! We don’t have much time before the guards see us!” He hissed. Dabi laughed.

“Alright, alright, calm down. I’m going in.” He replied, holding onto the rope that Overhaul was holding. He jumped into a trapdoor on the roof, right behind the guards of the lost Princess’ crown. He had to admit, it was quite pretty. No wonder people wanted it so badly. He swooped it up, placing it in his satchel silently. Just then, one of the guards sneezed. 

“Bless you.” He said, out of habit.


“Thanks.” The guard mumbled, somehow not noticing him. Dabi knew this guard all too well. The head guard, Eraserhead. He was in for some trouble. He gestured for Chronostasis and Overhaul to pull him up, and they obliged, right before Erserhead turned around. But the guard had seen him. That was enough.

“Shoot, Eraser saw me.” He said, sighing.

“Well, then let’s hurry up and get out of here!” Chronostasis yelled, motioning for them to follow. Overhaul and Dabi ran after him. The noirette laughed, feeling the wind against his stapled skin. Yeah, he could definitely get used to this.

They were running for quite a while until Dabi started feeling exhausted. The guards really weren’t going to let this go, were they? Oh well, they could escape. And if not, at least he would.He always did.

He stopped by a tree to catch his breath. He could manage, he just needed to take a breather. There were some wanted posters attached to the tree, with their faces on them. He quickly snatched his panicking over it.

“No no no no no no, this is bad, this is really bad…” He muttered. Chronostasis and Overhaul looked over, worry in their eyes.

“Why, is something wrong?” The silverhead asked. Dabi nodded, showing him the wanted poster.

“How do they fuck up my scars this badly?” He said, in disbelief. The picture had his trademark scars all over his face, in random shapes. “What the hell?” He mumbled. His companions stared at him in disbelief.

“That’s why you stopped? Because they messed up your scars on a wanted poster?” Overhaul asked, scoffing. Dabi glared at him.

“Yes, because it’s important! How did they manage to make me look like a lab experiment while you two look amazing?” He complained, looking at the posters. Suddenly, a mismatched growl could be heard.

The three criminals turned around, seeing the palace guards. Eraserhead was sitting on top of a creature that was quite famous in the kingdom, though Dabi didn’t believe he’d ever meet it.


Noumu was a...thing. Horse. Whatever you could call it. It was the shape of a horse, but with rather large eyes and an exposed brain. It was also dark blue, and way too muscular, as far as horses go. There were a lot of rumours about it, but the main one was that the guards found him shivering in the rain, and took him in. There was also a rumor that he was some sort of thrown away lab experiment, and that his previous owner was a calm, tall man with a deep and  chilling voice. 

It made sense. After all, it was odd for evolution to create a creature that...bizarre. Plus,all calm tall guys with deep voices are in some sort of shady black market or cult. It was just common knowledge at this point.

The guards and Noumu chased after them, making the three run faster. Eventually, they reached a cliff. They were at the bottom of it.

“Alright, I’m going to need one of you to give me a lift, and I’ll pull you up.” Dabi stated. Both looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Fine, but give us the satchel.” Overhaul said, glaring at him. Dabi put a hand over his heart in mock offense.

“What? You don’t trust me?” The  looks on their faces showed that they indeed, did not trust him. Dabi sighed, handing over the bag. 

While climbing on Chronostasis, he somehow managed to grab the satchel. Good, he’d have the prize all to himself. He hoisted himself onto the cliff.

“Help us out.” Overhaul hissed. Dabi held out a hand, only to snatch it back at the last second. He liked to be cruel like that at times, he wasn’t sure why. It was rather satisfying.

“Sorry, but I got my hands full.” He said, smirking. He felt a pang of guilt yet enjoyed it when he saw the look in their eyes. Oh well, he’d deal with emotions later. He ran off, laughing when he heard the scream of “DABI!”

He didn’t have much time to spare. The guards were catching up to him, and he couldn’t afford to be caught. Not when he was so close. He ran faster, ignoring the sweat pouring down his cheeks.

He could hear the guards yelling, they were so close. Good thing he was agile and quick on his feet, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it out unscathed.

After a bit, most had fell behind. It seemed to just be him, Eraserhead, and Noumu. He managed to swing on a vine and knock Eraserhead off, but Noumu was persistent. He fell straight onto the creature’s back. 

“Okay, easy there boy...” He mumbled, sweatdropping. He was sitting in top of a mutant horse. He did not sign up for that.

Noumu growled, trying to grab the satchel back. Dabi managed to keep on holding it away, though. It was pretty awkward. 

During the their little spat for the satchel, It slipped out of Dabi’s hands, onto a branch that was extended off a cliff. Cliche.

“Shoot.” He mumbled, freezing as he saw the bag dangling in mid air. He and Noumu stood for for a few seconds before running towards the bag, both trying to reach it first.

They clambered after it, pushing each other out of the way as much as possible. Somehow, this resulted in Dabi riding on top of the mutant horse.

He fell off as soon as they reached the branch. 

“Darn horse...” He mumbled, rubbing his head. He didn’t have time to spare, the satchel was right in front of him and he couldn’t afford to lose it. Especially to a horse.

He swung at the branch, climbing from underneath to get to it. Meanwhile, Noumu stomped right into the branch, taking large and heavy steps. Dabi was lucky his fingers didn’t get crushed.

Somehow he managed to grab the satchel, smirking at Noumu with the look of victory in his eyes.

He was pretty proud of himself. Then the branch broke off the cliff, making both him and Noumu fall off.

He was screaming and falling into an abyss along with a mutant horse. Not how the plan was supposed to go. 

Well, at least he still had the crown.

As soon as he fell, Dabi didn’t waste any time. He bolted straight for a vine coated cave, hoping Noumu wouldn’t find him there. It was covered enough so he wouldn’t be in plain sight.

A mismatched whinny streaked through the air. Noumu was close. He ran through the vines into the cave, feeling his heartbeat quicken. Dabi lent against a wall, seeing the creature’s silhouette behind the vines. 

Noumu sniffed around a bit, looking for him. After a minute of looking around, he trotted away, letting Dabi take a sigh of relief.

“That was close...” He mumbled. It was difficult, but he was happy with the result. He had the crown and could have the reward for it all to himself. It would be okay. 

He heard another whinny and realized that Noumu might still be around. He could still find him and take the satchel. In a panicked motion, he ran to the other side of the cave, which was also covered in vines. 

There was a large tower. One that the mutant horse could never get into, and the guards would never bother to look. He grinned. It was found the perfect hiding place.

The tower had no doors. Well, that sucked. But he could manage something, he always did. Dabi took a knife from his satchel, using it to climb the rigid stone walls. It was hard work, but eventually he made it into the tower, taking a sigh of relief.

“Finally! Alone at la-“ he didn’t get to finish his sentence, he was smacked with a frying pan before then.

“Wha- what the hell?” Tomura mumbled, clutching onto the frying pan for dear life. Mon growled at the knocked out figure, baring his teeth. He was ready to fight any one that could hurt Tomura.

He glanced at the corgi, unsure of what to do. Mon used a paw to move Dabi’s head, so he wasn’t face down anymore.

“It’s an actual person. A human being.” He mumbled trying to process this.

“What if it’s not even human? I mean, half its face is purple. What if its a shapeshifter? Or an alien in disguise? Or both?” He questioned, panicking. Mon stared at him judgmentally. 

He remembered some of the stuff Sensei told him about the world, when he asked for reasons why he couldn’t go outside. 

“Sensei mentioned something about men with shark teeth...” he muttered, using the frying pan  to slightly open Dabi’s mouth.

Other than the scars and staples, the man in front of him was a pretty normal guy. Mon was still growling at him, but Tomura paid it no mind. He poked his cheek with tha pan for good measure. He seemed alright. Come to think of it, he was kinda...cute? Was that the right word for it? He wasn’t sure. 

He lent in closer, trying to get a better look at the stapled face. Electric blue eyes snapped wide open, looking back at him.

He clenched his eyes shut, hitting him with the frying pan. Dabi was knocked out cold. Again.

“Frying pans are amazing.” He stated, laughing nervously.

“Now, to hide the body.” Sensei wouldn’t like it too much if he saw the stapled figure, and he didn’t want to make him mad. Mon continued to growl at the body. He had an ashy scent, a scent that the dog didn’t like. 

“In you go.” He grunted, shoving him in his closet. No such luck, as Dabi slumped right out. Tomura tried, again, finding it very hard to fit a body into a closet. After multiple tries, he only succeeded twice, both times he had gotten his hair stuck in the door.

“Why won’t he just go in...” Tomura mumbled in frustration. This was harder than he thought it’d be. After a few more tries, he managed to fit him in, and put a chair against the doors, keeping them in place. 

He breathed a sigh of relief, looking at the mirror.

“Okay, I have a person in my closet. I have a person in my closet. I have a person in my...” he widened his eyes in realization.

“I HAVE A PERSON IN MY CLOSET!” He shouted, triumphantly. 

“Can’t defend myself, huh Sensei? Tell that to my frying pan.” He said, twirling the pan around, accidentally hitting himself with it. His eyes brightened upon realizing something.

“Mon! If I can prove to Sensei I can defend myself, he might just let me go! I knocked out this guy and stuffed him in my closet, that should be good enough, right?” He asked, excitedly. Mon nodded his head in approval. Tomura smiled. He didn’t usually smile, unless he was really excited.

Mon pushed the satchel over to him, barking. Tomura glanced at it, noticing something shiny.

He picked up the crown examining it. He didn’t know what it was, but it was definitely pretty.

He put it on his arm, like a bracelet, showing it to Mon. The dog shook his head. So that wasn’t the right way to use it…

He tried putting it up to his eye, and looked at Mon out of the crystals. He shook his head again.

Tomura turned to the mirror, finally putting the crown on his head. It actually looked...good. Mon’s eyes widened in surprise, before he shook his head no.

“Tomura!” Sensei’s voice called. He froze, before putting the crown and satchel in a pot, running to the window.

“Just a moment!” he called, letting down his hair, again.

“I have a surprise for you.” Sensei said, smiling lightly. 

“So I do!” He replied.

“Mine’s a bigger one.” Was Sensei’s response. Tomura chuckled.

“I highly doubt that…”

“I’m making ohagi! It’s your favorite, right?” He said, chuckling. Tomura nodded. He did love ohagi, but it wasn’t that big of a surprise compared to what was in his closet.

“Well, anyways I have something to tell-” He was cut off by Sensei’s deep chuckle.

“Sorry for leaving so suddenly, I never like leaving you after a fight. Especially since I was just trying to help you.” He pointed out. Tomura nodded, wanting to continue.

“Anyways, I was thinking about earlier-”

“This isn’t about the floating lights again, is it?”


“Tomura, we went over this. It’s a dangerous world out there! Why don’t you just watch the lights from your window, you’ll have a good view from there.”

“I know, I know. But they only appear on my birthday. It’s like they were meant for me! I have to actually know what they are.”

“I’d agree, but you’re too fragile. You won’t be able to defend yourself.” Tomura smirked when he said that. He was going to prove that statement wrong. He moved towards the closet, reaching for the chair.

“Well, you seem to think I can’t handle myself out there-” 

“Oh please, I know you can’t handle yourself out there.”

“But if you ju-”

“Tomura. This conversation is over.”

“Just trust me-”

“No means no.”


“Tomura Shigaraki, we are done with this! You are never leaving this tower, EVER!” He shouted, with a rage filled face. 

Tomura froze, with his hand on a chair. He reluctantly took it back. Sensei wouldn’t let him go. There was no point in showing him the person. Mon rubbed his face against Tomura’s leg, sensing how sad he seemed.

All For One sighed, slumping down in a chair, arm on the table

“Great. Now I’m the bad guy.”

Tomura bit his lip, looking at a painting he made of the lights. He wanted, no, he needed to see them. He just had to. Even though Sensei said no he wasn’t going to give up, he never gave up. And he knew the perfect way to see the lights, without Sensei ever knowing.

“Sorry, you’re right. But, I want something else, then.” he said, shifting nervously.

“And what might that be?”

“New paint. The ones made from those white shells you brought a while back?”

“That’s almost a three day trip, Tomura.” he said, in an annoyed voice. Tomura sighed.

“I just thought it was better than the lights…” he mumbled. All For One looked at him sadly, before getting up and sighing.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright, all by yourself?” Tomura nodded.

“As long as I stay here, I’ll be safe.” He hugged Sensei, who hugged back. The gesture lasted a few seconds, before the older man pulled away, to get ready for the trip. Tomura hated to deceive him like this, but it was his only option.

“I’ll be back in three days. Take care.” He said, as Tomura used his hair to pull him to the ground. He waved until Sensei was out of sight. Afterwards, he ran to the closet. Mon barked at him questioningly.

“No, I won’t give up. I’m going to do this, whether Sensei approves or not.” He said, taking a deep breath.

“Time to let this guy come out of the closet.” He mumbled. Mon snickered, though he wasn’t sure why.

“I’ll see those lights, no matter what it takes.”






Chapter Text

Tomura wasn’t sure what to do at first, but he figured it out along the way. He used his hair to open the doors, letting the still unconscious Dabi fall to the floor face first. He winced lightly, poking his face with a frying pan. How was he going to talk to him? He glanced at his long tresses of hair. He had an idea. It was wacky, but worth a shot.

Tomura managed to tie him in a chair, using his hair. It came in handy sometimes. Pun intended.

He didn’t exactly have to guess why the man was here. Sensei had told him about this far too many times, that people were still out there looking for him and his hair. That’s why he couldn’t go outside, even to this day. He guessed this man must be one of those people, why else would he have stumbled into the tower?

“Now to wake him to I wake him up?” He asked, looking at Mon. The dog gave him a ‘why must you depend on me for everything’ look before walking over to Dabi. He swatted him with his paws a few times. No response. Then he kicked him. No response either. Alright, time for plan C. He opened wide, sinking his teeth into Dabi’s leg.

Dabi shook awake immediately,  screeching. Mon ran to Tomura, wagging his tail with a proud look on his face. The blunette patted his head whispering a ‘good boy’ before looking towards the scarred man.

Dabi wasn’t sure of what was going on. All he remembered was reaching the tower, and then, now he was here. Where was here? He tried to get up but he was tied down Silvery blue hair. He was sitting in a chair, tied by silvery blue hair. Was that supposed to rhyme?

“What the hell?” He muttered, looking around. All he saw was the hair thrown around a large room. He had to admit, it was a pretty color, but that wasn’t the point. His eyes followed the messy locks.

“Struggling...struggling is pointless!” Tomura yelled shakily, holding the frying pan in defense. He was in the shadows, so Dabi couldn’t see him. Mon growled, staying close to his side. The scarred boy was extremely nervous. After all, this was his first time talking to another human, besides Sensei. He tried to hide his anxiety, by putting up a tough front, though he seemed to be failing.

Dabi’s eyes narrowed at the place where the sound came from, trying to make out a figure in the dark. He could see the silhouette of a person.

“I know why you’re here! And I’m n-not afraid of you.” He said, in a very afraid voice. Mon nuzzled against his leg for support, which Tomura was very grateful for. He didn’t know what he’d do without him. 

“What?” Dabi hissed, unsure of what was going on. Okay, so apparently whoever was talking knew about the crown, or thought they knew the reason why he was here. Either way, why would they be afraid of him?

Tomura stepped out of the shadows in a confident manner. The stranger was tied up, they couldn’t hurt him. Plus, he could always knock them out again. It would be okay.

“Who are you, and how did you find me?” He growled. Meanwhile, Dabi sat there with wide eyes and a dumbfounded expression.

The boy in front of him had pale and dry skin with extremely chapped lips, yet there was something about him that drew Dabi in. He had wide and shining eyes that looked as if they contained every shade of red, and flowing silver blue hair that was probably what he was tied in at that very moment. Dabi wasn’t sure if he found him gross or beautiful. Grossly beautiful. Yeah, that could work. Either way, he couldn’t deny that he found the boy attractive in an unconventional way.

“Ah…” He mumbled, mouth ajar. Tomura gritted his teeth. Why was he just staring at him? It  was kinda creepy, and that wasn’t helping his growing anxiety.

“Who are you and how did you find me?” he repeated, voice laced with threat. Dabi blinked, still slightly mesmerized. He cleared his throat, trying to find the words to say.

“I know not who you are nor how I came to find you, but may I just say. Hey. ”  Tomura raised an eyebrow in suspicion. The stapled man’s expression was a little...weird. And that was coming from him. Mon was shaking his head in disapproval and embarrassment.

“How are you doing? The name’s Dabi. How’s your day going?” He said, in a flirty tone. Tomura narrowed his eyes, unsure of what was going on, but trying to make sense of it. Mon rolled his eyes, trying not to snort.

“Who else knows my location, Dabi?” He hissed bringing the frying pan closer to his face. Dabi sighed, with a tired expression.

“Alright mophead-”

“Tomura Shigaraki.”

“Whatever. Anyways, I was running away from a tough situation, then I found your tower and- Oh no. Oh no. Where is my satchel?” He said, voice transitioning from easygoing to panicked.

“I’ve hidden it where you’ll never find it.” He said smugly. Dabi looked around.

“It’s in that pot, isn’t it.” he said, in a monotone voice. Tomura hit him with the frying aon again.

“Got any good hiding places, Mon?” He asked. The dog barked happily, scurrying off.

Next thing he knew it, Dabi screamed, noticing the pair of teeth in his leg.

“Will you stop that?” he half shouted, shaking his leg. Mon released his bite, growling.

“Now, it’s hidden where you’ll never find it.’ Tomura said, more smug than before. He was confident in Mon’s hiding skills, even though he was trash at hide and seek. 

Dabi sweatdropped. Frying pans were now on the list of his many mortal enemies.

“So what do you want with my hair? To cut it? Sell it?” Tomura hissed, certain that was why he was here. The hair wouldn’t do much when it was cut, but he’d say that after he figured out the stranger’s motives.

“What? No! Listen mophead, the only thing I want with your hair is to get out of it. Literally and figuratively!” Dabi said, raising his hands in defense. Why would anyone want Tomura’s hair? That’s just weird. Then again, he knew a few people that would be willing to pay cash for someone’s hair if it was a unique color, which his definitely was. But even though he was desperate for money, Dabi wouldn’t stoop so low.

“Wait, so you don’t want my hair?” Tomura said, in a confused tone. But Sensei had said people were out for him, people who wanted to use him...was that a lie? No, of course it wasn’t! Sensei wouldn’t lie to him. Either Dabi was lying, or he just wasn’t one of the people All For One had talked about. Tomura hoped it was the latter.

“Why the hell would I want your hair?” Dabi deadpanned, highly offended. Sure, he’d done some odd jobs in the past, but he wouldn’t try to sell someone’s hair! Especially to one of those creepy guys who would probably buy it. 

“Look, I was being chased by an army, found your tower, climbed in, end of story.” he said, shaking his head.

“...Are you telling the truth?” Tomura asked, warily. 

“Yes!” he responded in an annoyed voice. He was starting to get tired of this. All he wanted was to get out of here with the satchel. Mon’s growling increased, baring his teeth. Dabi sweatdropped. That dog had been growling at him this entire time, he didn’t even know how it was possible.

Mon leaped onto the noirette’s lap, growling in his face. He narrowed his eyes, putting a paw near them then pointing it at Dabi as if to say ‘I’m watching you.’ Truthfully, Mon was trying to say ‘If you let anything happen to my son I will kill everyone within a ten kilometer radius and then myself’ but what Dabi understood from it worked as well. 

And yes, Mon did see Tomura as his son despite the fact that the dog was way younger than him. 

Dabi just stared, as the corgi bared his teeth and hopped off his lap, still death glaring him. Tomura sighed, picking him up gently and walking to a corner of the room leaving a very confused and awestruck Dabi.

“I need someone to take me, I don’t know that much about outside.” Tomura whispered. Mon barked disapprovingly. 

“Aww c’mon, he’d not so bad.” Mon pointed to himself, a look of determination in his eyes.

“No offense, but I need an actual human guide. If Sensei can’t understand you, I doubt other people will either.” Mon growled, still not liking the idea. 

Meanwhile, Dabi looked over them. A guy with extremely long hair was talking a dog. And responding. Okay, he had seen some weird shit in his life, but nothing like this. Maybe he could get out and find the satchel while they were distracted. He fidgeted, trying to get out of the hair.

“He doesn’t have shark teeth!” Tomura said, defending his decision. Mon let out another few barks of protest.

“He’s the only option I have! I’ve made up my mind, I need to see the lights. You were the one who told me to never give up right? Why should I back down when I have a chance?” he whispered,  in a begging tone. Mon gave him a look of sympathy, before sighing and barking in approval. Tomura’s garnet eyes brightened.

“Thanks, Mon!” He whispered, petting him. Mon lent into the touch. As long as Tomura was happy, he was happy. He was still wary of that Dabi guy though, it was best to keep an eye on him.

Dabi was not having a good time. How the heck was the mophead’s hair so hard to get out of? He was surprised it wasn’t all that tangled, it’d be hard to brush it. How long was his hair anyways? It seemed to go all around the tower. It stretched for at least half a kilometer. Did he never cut it, or something?

“Okay, Dabi.” The blunette, said, turning around, with Mon by his leg. Dabi stopped moving around, listening to what he had to say, even though he was sure he was crazy.

“I’m offering you a deal.” He said, in a stern voice.

“A deal?” he said, in a tone that was a mix between confused, annoyed, and tired.

“Look over here.” Tomura barked, walking to his painting of the lights, while pulling his hair to turn Dabi’s chair. This just resulted in the blue eyed man falling over onto the floor.

“Do you know what these are?” He asked, pointing to the painting. Hopefully, he’d know.

“You mean the lantern thing they do for the lost prince?” Dabi replied, uninterested. He’d heard stories about the lost prince Tenko, and how his family was still hopeful of his return. It made no sense to him. The kid was kidnapped a long time ago, and was probably dead by now. The royal family was just wasting their time, especially Princess Hana who insisted the lights be put up every year despite King Kotaro saying it was pointless and that his son was long gone. He was probably still mad over the fact that whoever took the young prince killed his mother, aka Former Queen Nana. It was the only explanation to her dead body that was found on the day the prince disappeared. 

Truthfully, Dabi didn’t blame him. If anyone killed his mother he’d stay angry for thirteen years as well. Thirteen years. That's how long it’s been since the prince was kidnapped. Well, almost thirteen years, it’ll be thirteen years in a day. Yes, the prince was kidnapped on his fifth birthday. Cliche, right? Either way, Dabi couldn’t understand how his family will still looking for him after all this time. Honestly, he was a little jealous but would never admit it.

“Lanterns? So that’s what they’re called!” He said, in an excited voice. He quickly regained his composure and stern voice.

“Well, tomorrow evening, the night sky will be lit with these so called ‘lanterns’.You shall be my guide and take me to them, then return me back home safely. Then, I will return your precious satchel. But only if you do as I say.” He commanded, pointing his frying pan at him to emphasize the point.

“Sorry Mophead, but no can do. The kingdom and I aren’t exactly buddies at the moment, and I doubt we’ll ever be. Couldn’t take you even if I wanted to, which I don’t.” He deadpanned, still lying with his cheek pressed against the floor. Tomura looked at Mon for help. The corgi snorted, and pounded his paws together, indicating that Tomura should use force. He didn’t mind, after all he’d do anything to see the lights.

He used his hair to swing down from the painting, and pull Dabi’s chair up and drag him closer.

“Something brought you here, Dabi. Fate, Destiny-”

“A mutant horse.” Dabi interrupted, in a monotone voice.

“Either way, I have made the decision to put my trust in you-”

“A horrible decision, really.” Tomura rolled his eyes, tugging his hair to bring Dabi’s chair closer. The noirette let out a grunt, widening his eyes.

“But trust me, you can tear this tower apart brick by brick, and you will never find your precious satchel unless I help you.”  he half shouted, menacingly. That was kind of a lie, but Tomura wasn’t going to tell him that. Dabi cleared his throat nervously.

“You’re saying that if I take you to see the lanterns, then bring you back home, you’ll give me the satchel?” He asked, skeptically.

“I promise.” Tomura assured. Dabi gave him a skeptic glance, which only fueled Tomura’s determination.

“When I promise, I never ever break it.” He said, broadly. Dabi raised an eyebrow.

Ever .” He hissed. Mon nodded, glaring at him while growling.

Dabi looked at him before sighing.

“I really didn’t want to do this to you, but I have no choice.” Tomura raised an eyebrow, while Mon got into a protective stance.

“Here comes the smolder.” Dabi put his head down for a few seconds, looking back up odd expression. That was the only way Tomura knew how to describe it. 

...Was this guy an idiot? Maybe. He just stared back with a dumbfounded face while Mon shook his head in disbelief.

The staring contest lasted a few seconds, until Dabi finally said something.

“This is a pretty off day for me, this doesn’t usually happen.” He said as Mon sweatdropped. Tomura was still unsure of what the heck just happened.

Dabi finally replaced his expression with an annoyed look.

“Ugh fine! I’ll take you to see the lanterns!” He grumbled. It couldn’t be too bad. All he had to do was take this weirdo who stood out like a sore thumb to the kingdom that was currently looking for him without getting caught, then somehow manage to find his way back here, with everyone in one piece. Okay, that sounded harder than it did when he first thought of it. Tomura’s eyes brightened as Mon let out a sigh of relief.

“Really!?” He squealed, dropping the chair in excitement. Dabi feel face first to the floor, grunting as he felt one of his staples loosen. Tomura winced as Mon snorted, laughing at him.

“You broke my smolder.”

Tomura decided against saying sorry, leaning down to get him out of the hair.

“How did you manage to tie me in your hair anyways?” Dabi said, voice muffled by the floor.

“I’m used to using my hair to tie things, or open stuff. Tomura responded. Dab wanted to question why his hair was so long in the first place, but he decided against it. Still, it was a miracle the boy could move around properly with that much weight dragging him down. 

Tomura managed to untie him from the chair, helping him up. Dabi took his hand, looking around for the satchel. Nowhere in plain sight.He hoped he’d be able to find it quickly and make a beeline for the woods, but no such luck. Why’d he even come here again? Well, at least Noumu didn’t catch him. That might’ve been worse.

“You won’t find it by looking around like that.” Tomura said, noticing how his eyes scanned every corner of the room. Dabi flinched then sighed.

“Why are you so eager to see the lights anyway?”


“Why can’t you go by yourself?”


“Why can you talk to the dog?”

“Reasons.” Mon barked loudly.

“Will you ever respond as something other than reasons?”

“Rea- it’s unlikely.” Tomura responded, cutting himself off from saying reasons again. Dabi rolled his eyes.

“Let’s go now, so we have time to spare.” he said, realizing he had no way out of this. Might as well, right? As he took two steps closer to Tomura, Mon went in front of him barking loudly.

“Whoa, easy there…” he muttered, confused as to why he was scared of this tiny creature. Mon continued to bark, hissing slightly. Could a dog even hiss? Apparently this one could.

“Mon, calm down. He’s not going to hurt us.” Tomura said, scoffing. Mon continued barking angrily. From his point of view, Dabi was walking to Tomura. He didn’t trust the man enough to let him go near the blunette.

“He sure barks a lot for a tiny dog…” Dabi muttered. Somehow Mon heard, and practically jumped on Dabi making him fall to the floor, still barking at him, still as protective but a bit more offended . 

Okay it was kind of amusing at first, but now Dabi was panicking.  This creature with incredibly sharp teeth was barking at him and growling, how could he not freak out?


“He doesn’t bite.” Tomura replied, calmly.

“YES HE FREAKING DOES!” Dabi shouted, remembering the the teeth marks that had begun to bruise on his leg. Mon got off of him, but continued to bark loudly.

Tomura sighed. This was going to be a long trip.


Chapter Text

Dabi grunted, using a pair of knives to climb down the tower. Why was this so hard to do? The tower was almost as tall as the castle itself. It was short enough to be hidden well in the dense forest, no one could’ve seen it unless they were right in front of it. It was obviously made to be kept a secret, the scenery and it’s shape made it perfect for that.

“You coming Mophead?” He asked, in a bored tone. Why was the other just staring down from the window? Was he afraid of heights or something? Dabi rolled his eyes, continuing to make his way down.

“It’s time, Mon. We’re going to see the lights. We’re going outside the castle. I’m going outside for the first time in my life.” He said, slightly panicked. Mon licked his cheek supportingly. He smiled at the corgi, who was sitting on the windowsill, eyes glowing with approval. Tomura pet his head, before taking a deep breath.

“Here I go.” he muttered, putting his hair through a hook and letting it cascade down. He grabbed hold of it, swinging down the sides of the tower, passing by Dabi’s shocked expression.

He stopped to a halt as he saw the grass below his feet. He’d never had any actual experience with grass, he just knew about it from books and pictures. What would it feel like? Should he go for it? Mon, who had climbed down the tower by now, rolled around in the grass to show him it was safe. Tomura hesitantly put a foot down. And then another one. It felt weird. Weird but nice.

“It’s just how I imagined it.” He murmured, smiling. The grass was tingling his feet and it felt amazing, The air was so clean from where he was, he loved it. He was outside of the tower. He was free. Tomura felt the wind against his skin, a gentle breeze he had never felt before. He giggled, running around, skipping, jumping, and just frolicking. Mon followed him. 

Dabi gave a confused look his way. It was like he’d never been outside before, had he never been outside before? It made sense as to why he needed an escort. He rolled his eyes as Tomura and the corgi ran around laughing, or rather barking in Mon’s sense.

“I can’t believe I did this! I can’t believe I did this. I can’t believe I did this!” He shouted, twirling around. He had a sudden realization.

“Sensei would be furious.” he stated.

“C’mon Mophead, we don’t have all day.” Dabi said, walking in the other direction. Tomura nodded, running after him.

He mumbled to himself the entire time they were walking. 

“Sensei would hate me for this, he’s think of me as an awful son, but he’ll never know, right? Plus it’ll just be one time, I’ll go back to him after this.” He muttered, trying his best not to think of it.

“What he doesn’t know can’t kill him! Sensei will just think I stayed in the tower this whole time!” He said, to a lotus he had picked up when they stopped by a lake. Dabi tapped his foot irritatedly, waiting for him to finish talking to a flower. Why the heck was he even talking to a flower? It was a freaking flower. He only didn’t interrupt him because Mon was glaring daggers his way. Stupid dog.

“No, this would kill him! Sensei’s looked after me for forever, he’d think I betrayed him.” Tomura whispered, at the verge of tears. Mon nuzzled against him for support while Dabi groaned. They stopped by a cave for a small break, but break turned into breakdown. Truthfully Dabi was curious to who this ‘Sensei’ was. He seemed to care a lot about the mophead, to the point he was overprotective. Dabi was slightly jealous, his family never gave a shit about him. Except maybe his mother, but that was a long time ago. She probably thought he was dead.

“WAHOOO!” HE shouted, running through the grass, letting his colossal  hair flow behind him. He couldn’t run like this in the tower, it felt so nice. Mon ran with him, liking how lively the other seemed. Tomura was always so dull cooped up in one space, he had a completely different aura now. Dabi move his head away, trying not to get hit by the massive locks of hair. He failed at that.

“What’s this?” Tomura asked, pointing to a plant.
“A freaking plant.”
“But plants have names, right?”
“How am I supposed to know the name of a plant?”
“Well, you know more about the world don’t you?”
“Not about some random plant.” Dabi said, scoffing. Just then, Mon pushed him into it. Tomura resisted the urge to chuckle. Dabi groaned, getting out. They walked for a few minutes until he mumbled something.

“What?” Tomura asked.
“Poison Ivy. That was fricking poison ivy.” He said, feeling his skin burn. Tomura muttered an apology and laughed at the same time.

“I am an awful son. I should go back, Sensei would disown me if he knew about this. I can’t believe I’m deceiving him like this.” he mumbled, after climbing a tree just to try it. How could he betray his Sensei’s trust like this? He was the worst type of person to exist. Dabi raised an eyebrow at that. So Sensei was this guy’s father figure. That explained a bit. 

“Get down from that tree, now. We have to keep going.” he called back, insensitively. Why should he care if the other was feeling sad? Mon growled at him. Oh, that’s why.

“I AM NEVER GOING BACK!” He yelled, cartwheeling and getting rolled up in his hair. Why would he go back? This was so much fun! Maybe he could convince Sensei to move out of the tower with him and live somewhere outside, or to let him come with him when he left. He couldn’t leave this wonderful place.

“I am a despicable creature.” Tomua sobbed, into a grass field. Dabi sat by, officially done with the mood swings. He just needed to make up his mind already! Did he want or not want to go? Personally, Dabi would prefer the latter, but he at least needed an answer.

“BEST DAY EVER!” Tomura shouted, laughing and swinging around a tree with his hair. Dabi scoffed. This was annoying. Why did he have to babysit this  kid again? Oh right, for the satchel. That freaking satchel. He couldn’t give in now, as much as he wanted to. He was desperate for money, he doubted he could survive another week without that crown. He needed it, and he was going to get it back.

Tomura sobbed, tears cascading down his face. He hated anyone seeing him cry, anyone except Mon, but Mon was asleep right now. He had betrayed Sensei.

Dabi walked over to him, clearing his throat. Maybe, he could get his satchel back, without the detour. It would save Tomura all the conflict as well. From his point of view, it was a win win.

“Go away.” Tomura mumbled, resisting the urge to flip him off. Dabi sighed.

“I will if you want me to, I just noticed that you’re a little at war with yourself. I only know a few bits, overprotective father figure, forbidden road trip, anyways this is some serious shit.” He said, in his best convincing voice. It was oversympathetic and obvious, but Tomura was too down in the dumps to notice.

“Obviously it’s serious.” he mumbled, still teary eyed.

“Anyways, you shouldn't worry. Running away and being rebellious, it’s a part of life! It’s good! Even healthy.” He said, in a very encouraging tone. Mon, who had just woken up, was giving him the stink eye, as if he knew exactly what he was doing. 

He probably did.

“Really?” Tomura mumbled, wiping his tears and lifting his head up slightly. Maybe running away wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“Of course! I mean sure, he doesn’t deserve it and I know it’d break his heart and crush his soul, but you gotta do what you gotta do.” He said, casually. Tomura bit his lip.

“Break his heart?” He questioned, with worried eyes.

“In two.” Dabi replied, trying not to grin.

“Crush his soul?” 

“Like a berry.” He demonstrated by literally crushing a berry with two of his fingers. Tomura looked back with a horrified expression.

“You’re right, it would crush him.  He’d be completely heartbroken.” He stated. Dabi nodded sympathetically.

“I know, I know.” He comforted. He helped him up gently, ignoring Mon’s threatening growl. Then, he heaved a sigh.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m letting you out of the deal.” He said, dramatically.

“What?” Tomura hissed. 

“Yep. But don’t thank me. Let’s just get you home.” He said as he smiling fakely.

“Here’s your pan, here’s your dog,” Dabi continued, giving him the frying pan and pointing at Mon who barked angrily.

“I get back my satchel, you get back a father-son relationship based on mutual trust, and we part ways as unlikely friends.”  Tomura and Mon exchanged looks. By this point, Tomura seemed to have an idea of what the other man was trying to do, but still tried to step in before Mon pounced on him.

“No! I am going to see the lanterns!” He shouted. He didn’t come all this way just to go back before getting what he came for. He was far too stubborn for that.

“Oh c’mon! What is it going to take to get my satchel back?” Dabi hissed angrily. He just wanted to sell the crown, and be done with this. He regretted going to that tower, it was a good hiding spot but it landed him in more trouble than he was before.

Tomura narrowed his eyes, holding up the frying pan to Dabi’s neck, like it was a knife.

“I will use this.” He threatened, as Dabi raised his hands in defense. Suddenly, a bush rattled from next to them. Tomura jumped in startlement. He latched onto Dabi , shaking him.

“Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me?” He asked, in shock. He wasn’t exactly scared, he could probably defend himself with the frying pan, but then again, he didn’t know what was in that bush or what types of creatures lived out here. 

Dabi, on the other hand, was trying not to fall over. Tomura was pretty light, but he was shaking vigorously. He was glad Mon was too busy growling at the bush to  get mad at him for being too close to Tomura, though.

A small rabbit bounced out, looking up at them with curious eyes. Tomura stared back in disbelief.

“Stay calm. It can probably smell fear.” Dabi declared, sarcastically. The blunette chuckled getting off of him, as Mon scared the rabbit away.

“It could’ve actually been something dangerous, I was just being prepared.” He defended. 

“Whatever, Mophead. We should probably avoid ruffians and thugs, though.” He said, rolling his eyes. Tomura nodded.

“Yeah, that’d probably be best.” He agreed, nervously. 

Dabi’s eyes lit up, and so did a metaphorical lightbulb above his head. If he wanted to get the crown back without going to the kingdom, he was going to have to make Tomura scared of the world, so scared he wouldn’t want to continue the journey. Okay, maybe scaring him would be a bit too much, but at least making him uncomfortable. Either way, he had to make him not want to stay out of his tower any longer.

And he knew just the place to do that. 

“Hey, I know a great place for lunch!” He said, overenthusiastically. Tomura raised an eyebrow.

“Where?” He asked, still wary after what Dabi had tried to pull a few minutes ago.

“You’ll know it when you smell it!” he called, gesturing for the shorter male to follow him as he ran off.  Mon and Tomura exchanged glances before running after him.


Noumu prowled around, sniffing the ground and the air for Dabi’s scent. It had been hours since he last saw him, but the horse was sure he’d be found soon. He had to find him, for the guards. He didn’t want to fail them. They’d done so much for him, he wanted to be useful.

He came across a tree with a face on it.It looked rather familiar, but he couldn’t point out who it was. He used his crooked hoof to cover up a bit of the scars. If the scars were just a bit neater and actually had staples in them was him. He tore the paper from the tree, shredding it with his teeth. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. It could be Dabi!

Noumu followed the noise, sniffing the ground. He could smell the scent of a man coming from somewhere. He hid carefully behind a rock and a bush, listening as the footsteps grew louder. When he felt them nearby he pounced out of the bush.

All For One jumped slightly back in shock. He was even more shocked to see Noumu standing in front of him. Noumu was an old creation of his, one he had abandoned. The creature was supposed to follow his every command, but something messed up along the way and it became sentient. All For One had to abandon the project, knowing he couldn’t tame the creature while keeping it away from Tomura.

He had heard rumors that Noumu became a palace horse, he guessed they were right. The creature tilted its head and blew a raspberry, clearly disappointed. As if he expected someone else. Noumu didn’t recognize him, good. It would cause more trouble than he’d like if he did.

Wait, where was the creature’s rider? All palace horses had one. And why was it here, in this dense forest...Tomura. The horse wasn’t too far away from where he was keeping Tomura. All For One’s eyes widened as he ran in the other direction, leaving behind  a very confused Noumu.

He ran as fast as he could to reach the tower. Tomura had to still be there. If he lost him, he’d die within a few days! His youth would fade until he was nothing but decay. He was only able to survive those five years when Tomura was still in the castle by coming to meet him each day. Each day until he took him away.

“Tomura! Let down your hair!” He shouted, in a panicked voice. Silence. 

“Tomura!” More silence. All For One’s panic increased as he tore off a chunk of a bush, leading to an area covered in stones. He tore the stones away, one by one, until he finally broke into the tower, by tearing out a tile.

“Tomura! Tomura Shigaraki!” He called, desperately.

 No answer.

He ran all over the dark tower, but Tomura wasn’t there. He  hoped the boy was just asleep or too busy to hear him, but that didn’t seem like the case.

As he ripped away the curtains, he noticed that the windows were closed tight. Tomura never closed the windows…

Unless, he was going to be upstairs for a long time.

Tomura had left. How had he been so foolish? Of course he’d leave, he was blabbering about those lights for so long, and he was as stubborn as they come. He should’ve known Tomura wouldn’t give up. 

The dog he got for him was nowhere to be seen as well. All For One always thought the dog would keep him company, and decrease his want to go outside. All For One knew how Tomura could communicate with the corgi, he assumed it was a good thing, and that it would keep him from being lonely. Oh how wrong he was. He regretted stealing him from his mother when he was a newborn pup. He had no doubt the dog influenced Tomura’s decision to leave.

The light from outside made something glint near the staircase. All For One walked closer to it, unsure of what it might be.

He lifted up the roof of a stair, noticing the sparkle from underneath it. It was a crown. A beautiful, sparkling crown. But not just any beautiful crown.

Prince Tenko’s crown.

He dropped it on the floor. Had the palace guards finally found him? Did they take him to the castle? 

He looked at the stairs again. There was a brown leather bag. He checked the contents only to find a piece of paper, a wanted poster.

 A wanted poster for Dabi.

Dabi was the name of a wanted thief, All For One had heard quite a bit about him from the shadier areas in town. The wanted poster, the bag, the crown, it all made sense.

Dabi had taken Tomura.

He wasn’t sure if it was willingly or not, but it didn’t matter to him. The fact that Tomura was gone didn’t change. But he was going to find him and bring him back.

He would make sure Tomura never stepped out of his sight ever again.

He did whatever it took to be immortal. He snuck into the palace for five years straight, killed the Former Queen, and kidnapped the prince. That effort wouldn’t go to waste.

The man gritted his teeth, taking a knife from a drawer.

All For One would get the boy back, no matter what it took. 

Even if things had to get a little bloody.

Chapter Text

“I have  a bad feeling about this…” Tomura muttered. Mon barked in agreement, narrowing his eyes at the scarred man ahead of them.


“It’s not so bad! You’re too uptight, learn to loosen up a little.” Dabi replied, laughing. The mophead sure had sharp instincts. 


“Alright…” He replied, warily. He couldn’t shake the ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. Mon leaned closer to him, acting as his pillar of support.


Dabi smirked, noticing the boy seemed uneasy. And they hadn’t even gotten to the tavern yet! This was going to be a piece of cake.


“Alright, we’re here.” He said, stopping in front of a large tavern. There was a sign to the right of it, with words painted out in bold letters.


“League of Villains?” He mumbled, turning to give the patchwork man a pointed look.Dabi raised his hands in defense.


“Don’t worry, they’re not evil villains trying to kill you or sell your hair. They just calls themselves that for kicks.” That was partially true. While the pub regulars had a tendency to break the law, they weren’t necessarily villains.  Well, most of them were murderers, but Tomura didn’t need to know that. 




Tomura nodded slowly, deciding to trust him for now. After all, Dabi was his guide. 

“I suppose it isn’t so bad…” He mumbled, smiling lightly. Dabi flashed him a grin.


“That’s the spirit! C’mon, it’s lunch time. Don’t worry, the dog can come too.” Dabi said, walking towards the door.


“Why wouldn’t Mon be allowed to come?” Dabi turned to look at him. Dogs weren’t usually allowed in a lot of restaurants and shops, but it seemed the boy wasn’t aware of that. He really was sheltered, huh?


“Some places don’t allow animals. This isn’t one of them, though.”


“What? Why not?” Tomura looked horrified at the thought. Dabi struggled to keep from laughing.


“Hell if I know.” Dogs were great, in his opinion. Except Mon. Okay, maybe Mon. Dabi didn’t like how much he growled at him, but he could respect the corgi’s willingness to protect it’s master.


Dabi opened the doors with a loud thud, staples stretching as he grinned. A few eyes glanced their way, but lost interest, going back to whatever they were doing. 


“Alright Mophead, welcome to the League of Villains!” Dabi intertwined their fingers careful not to lose him in the crowd. After all, Tomura still had his satchel.


The blunette jumped back slightly, raising his frying pan in defense. A large group of people, threatening looking people might he add, stared at him. He wasn’t really that scared, but just in case he needed to defend himself he knew what to do. 


Take a deep whiff of that, it smells pretty bad right? Well you’re in luck, it usually smells even worse.” Dabi replied, grinning. The mophead had already raised the frying pan, there was no doubt about it, he was scared. Looks like his plan was working.


Mon scrunched his nose, clearly not liking the smell. Tomura didn’t mind it, he was quite used to it after all. It reeked of alcohol, blood, and cigarettes.


Just like Sensei.


The realization made Tomura jump in shock. This place smelled similar to Sensei. Has he been here before? Was he here now? The blunette quickly scanned the crowd, breathing out a sigh when he couldn’t see the man. Still, if Sensei frequented this place, he might come at any moment. Maybe he should ask Dabi if they could leave…


“Are you okay, mophead? You look a little frightened there. This place not your taste?” Dabi chuckled, his eyes showing a hint of amusement. Tomura grimaced. He was scared, but not for the same reasons Dabi thought.  Asking to leave now would be like giving in, and Tomura Shigaraki was no quitter. He had too much pride for his own good.


“I’m fine, the smell is just getting to me a little.” he half lied. The smell was putting him off, just not the way Dabi would think it was.


“Alrighty, then.” The scarred man replied, slightly raising an eyebrow. Of course he would deny it, the mophead was definitely stubborn. Well, it wouldn’t be long before he gave in. Dabi honestly felt a little guilty scaring him, but he couldn’t risk going to the kingdom and he needed his satchel back. Tomura would be okay, after all. He had someone that cared about him, even if that someone was extremely overprotective.


Dabi had no one. 


Tomura winced, trying to gather up his hair as people trampled over it. The longer he was in the room, the more people were starting to stare. He flinched as he felt someone touch his long locks.


“That’s a lot of hair…” A deep voice mumbled. Tomura snatched his hair back, clearly uncomfortable.


“Yeah, he’s growing it out.” Dabi said, grinning. Tomura backed up, trying to gather all of his hair, accidentally bumping into someone. He raised his frying pan in defense, not bothering to look at the person’s face as he slowly walked away, uncomfortable with the new people and loud noises. Mon didn’t seem to like it much either, the scent was too strong for a dog’s sensitive nose.


“Hey, are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look so okay.” Dabi asked, still grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m fine, patchwork.” Tomura hissed. Yet somehow, he didn’t complain when Dabi wrapped an arm around his shoulder.


“You clearly aren’t. Look, this is probably hard for you, believe me I understand! But if you can’t handle here, it probably best you go back ho-” Dabi said, leading Tomura to the door, only for it to be slammed in his face by a rather large man. 


“Is this you?” The man asked, threateningly holding up Dabi’s wanted poster. The scars were even more hideous than before.


“Okay, that’s just being mean!” Dabi huffed, not even knowing how they messed up that badly. Actually, he didn’t even want to know.


“Oh, it’s him alright. Call the guards, this could buy me a new mask!” Said an enthusiastic man in a trenchcoat. 


“Hey, I need the money too!” Whined a teenage girl with messy blonde buns. You’d think she wouldn’t be intimidating based on her cutesy appearance, but the bloodthirsty aura she gave off was bone chilling.

“I noticed it first!” A random guy yelled. The room quickly filled with shouts and screams, as people grabbed at Dabi, trying to claim the reward for themselves.


“Hey! Let him go!” Tomura yelled, to no avail. Mon tried to help too, but didn’t have much luck.


“Give my guide back!” He shouted, swatting his frying pan. No one was listening, and Dabi looked like he was going to throw up. He probably had motion sickness or something.


“Can’t we settle this in a more civil manner?” The stapled man croaked, trying to struggle out of the crowd’s grasp.


“This idiot...he brings me to a place where he can’t even take care of himself.” Tomura deadpanned. Mon barked in agreement. He looked up at the ceiling, seeing a hook. An idea popped into his head.


“Mon, I think you should stay back.”


He swung his hair onto the lever, tying it around. He was an expert at this by now, he had all the time in the world to practice when he was younger. Tomura stepped back, pulling the lever up. He quickly let go of his hair, letting the lever crash down onto a large man’s head, tearing his ski mask off in one blow.


The room fell silent, with all eyes on him.


“Put him down!” He shouted, exasperated. Tomura had never spoken to another human, other than Sensei and Dabi, but he was too annoyed to care. He just wanted to see the lights, was that too much to ask?


Yes it was. It had always been too much. Too much for Sensei to deal with, too big of a request to be made. But the possibility that this tremendous wish of his could be fulfilled somehow gave him courage.


“I don’t know where I am or who you are, but I need that patchwork doll to take me to see the floating lights that I’ve been dreaming of my whole life!  Don’t any of have empathy? I’m tired of this, I just want to see the lanterns, it’s all I’ve wanted for the past thirteen years! Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?”


The room suddenly got quieter, if that was even possible. 


The man who’s mask fell off turned around, revealing a large scar stitched together on his forehead. He had dirty blonde hair, and sad brown eyes. Tomura could sense a story behind those eyes. 


The blonde man took a few steps closer, slowly. It was agonizing, watching him slowly come closer, unsure of what to do.


Dabi let out a muffled yelp, eyes widening. He just meant to scare him off, he didn’t want Tomura to get hurt. That wasn’t a part of the plan, and of course neither was getting himself caught. Why couldn’t he do anything right for once? Why was he always a failure? To both his father and himself.


The man finally came right in front of him, taking a deep sigh. Tomura held his breath.


“I had a dream.” He said, finally. This caught Tomura’s attention, he looked the man in the eyes, tilting his head in curiosity. 


“I wanted to feel whole. I-I feel like I’m split in two. No I don’t! I’m always whole! ” He held onto the head tightly, groaning. The girl with the blonde buns, picked his mask off the floor, putting it on him.


“Don’t forget your mask, silly!” She said, giggling a little bit. Her manic eyes had a soft glint in them.

“Thanks Himiko.” The man smiled, patting her head awkwardly. She beamed at him, staying by his side. Tomura smiled lightly. They seemed close, like brother and sister. He never really had anyone like that growing up, except Mon. He always wanted a sibling whom he could spend time with. 


“As I was saying, I want to be at peace with myself. I don’t want to see my split personalities as something I can’t overcome, I want to be okay just the way I am!” He said. You couldn’t see it through his mask, but Tomura could tell he was smiling, full of newfound hope. He smiled back.


“That’s a great dream! I hope it can come true someday. It’s not too late to give up, y’know?” The man’s smile widened, enough to be visible. The girl beside him, Himiko, stepped up.


“I have a dream too! I want to be accepted for who I am. I’m tired of pretending to be “normal” when that’s just not me! I wanna be myself without having to worry about what others think.” She spoke in a fast and enthusiastic tone, bouncing with every word. Suddenly the bloody knives at her side seemed less threatening. The room somehow felt more comfortable as well. What was there to be worried about?


They were all people, just different. And that’s okay.


“Being yourself is important, it’s no fun having to worry about what to say or do based on what others might think of you. I feel like your dream might’ve come true, even if just a little bit. After all, these people accept you, right?” He gestured to the audience at the pub who all nodded in agreement.


“Of course I accept my little sister!” A redheaded woman yelled. The man with the mask nodded.

“Thanks Big sis Magne, Jin! I accept you guys too!” This was turning too heartwarming for a smelly pub, but was it really? After all, you find family in the strangest of places.


“I’ve always wanted to be a magician.” The man with the mask and a bright yellow trench coat said. Tomura listened as he talked about his dream, smiling and commenting along the way.  Everyone in the bar started to share their dreams, all laughing and encouraging each other to go for it. The tense atmosphere was released, like everybody forgot about what had just happened with Dabi.


Speaking of Dabi, he was confused. The people had let him go, which he was grateful for, but what the heck was going on? Was the mophead seriously taking the most dangerous pub in their country, making them smile and talk about dreams like an actually functional family? What the…? What?


He stood there in a daze trying to make sense of this. He brought Tomura into the pub to scare him, make him want to go back home. He could get the satchel without actually having to go to the kingdom. The little creep was scared at first, but then the pub residents found him out and tried to turn him in. Tomura snapped, and now they were all talking about their dreams and other sickeningly sweet fantasies. 


It was disgusting.


Dreams? What were those again? He left them behind along with his “family.” He was barely getting by, who had time for such silly things like dreams? Dreams would just get your hopes crushed. Perhaps that’s why he wanted to make sure he didn’t have to take Tomura to the kingdom, so he wouldn’t have his heart broken when the lights weren’t what he was expecting.


No, that couldn’t be it. Tomura was nothing but a bother, a nuisance. He didn’t care about him, never would.


Could he really call him that though? Sure, he’s been nothing but trouble for him, but he was doing better than he ever could at the moment. Dabi was practically suffocating a few minutes ago, and now he was just standing there, lost in the crowd. Being useless as always. Meanwhile, the boy who hadn’t stepped out of a tower in his entire life had just saved him, and was making friends with people classified as ruffians and thugs, smiling softly yet so confidently. A nuisance or not, Tomura was being more useful than him.


Of course he was, after all failing was what he did best. He failed his father, his mother, his siblings, everyone around him. People often say it’s okay to make mistakes, but what’s the point when you repeat the same mistake over and over again? He kept on letting people down. He let his father down by not being strong enough, let his mother down for not protecting her, let his siblings down for not being there for them. Now he let Tomura down. Was that all he knew how to do? His inner thoughts were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. Dabi turned to look at a man with pink hair and a lizard-like stance.


“What’s your dream?”  Spinner asked, tilting his head. The pub grew silent, looking at him with something akin to curiosity. He wasn’t like them, wasn’t filled with hope. His hope has died the same day Dabi was born. The day Touya died. 


“I don’t do that sappy stuff.” The burnt man replied, scoffing. He was met with a knife to his neck by Himiko. He raised his hands in self defense, sighing. Time to make something up.


“Ummm, my dream is a bit less sentimental, but I still have a dream so please keep your sharp pointy thing away from my neck thank you very much.” he croaked. The girl giggled, before taking her knife away.

“I just want to be all alone, on an island surrounded by money. That’s it, that’s my dream.” Was it really though? Maybe that wasn’t it. That definitely wasn’t it. But he wasn’t going to tell the truth. He refused to give in, admit to himself that he had a dream. Admit that he had feelings. Admit that despite his appearance and attitude, he was just like anyone else.


Admit that he was just human. 


The pub murmured and rolled their eyes. He heard a few “Classic Dabi”s in there as well. Tomura just chuckled, rolling his eyes as well, but with more humor than annoyance. As if he could see through Dabi’s protective walls, that he wasn’t that shallow.


He hated it.


The dream talk continued, and Dabi continued to feel useless and out of place. He just wished he could run right out of there.  Mon seemed to sense this, cautiously walking up to the scarred man’s leg. He rubbed his face against it in understanding. He could sense how Dabi felt, and knew it wasn’t fun. A possible threat to Tomura or not, Dabi was a person. Plus, the dog didn’t think he would hurt his owner. Dabi seemed to be okay so far. 


So far.


“You’re finally warming up to me, huh?” Dabi murmured, slowly reaching a hand to pet the creature’s head. Mon allowed himself to be pet, wagging his tail with happiness. The man smiled lightly.


He guessed he really did like Mon after all.


He turned his head, feeling a presence bore into the back of his head. He saw a figure in a black cloak right by the window. His face was shadowed over by his cloak, but Dabi could tell he was staring at him.


 It sent shivers down his spine.


AFO turned his gaze from Dabi to Tomura. He really hit jackpot, didn’t he? Talk about parental intuition. He had decided to go to his usual pub to get information on where Tomura  might be, he didn’t expect to find him. He focused his gaze, trying to listen in on the conversation.


“I’ve been locked up in a tower my entire life, dreaming of seeing the lights. I was so scared to go, but now I’m glad I left! I’m on my way to seeing my dream.” Tomura said, smiling. AFO grimaced. Dream? The boy was too naive. Dreams would only break your heart, leaving it shattered across the floor.

What was he even doing, in a place like this? Tomura was far too naive, far too innocent to be here. Or maybe that’s why he hadn’t gotten himself killed yet. He didn’t know the dangers, didn’t know to be afraid.


Good thing he was there to bring his sweet, innocent son back home. Where he could be safe, and AFO could stay young.




It didn’t go unnoticed how Mon whimpered looking at the man, or how he was staring at Tomura. He was someone to avoid, someone who knew them. But who was it? The creep’s Sensei? Should he warn him? He turned to look at Tomura, who didn’t seem to notice the cold, calculating gaze directed at him. 


He was smiling kindly, and talking to the same people he was scared of just a few minutes ago.

It was odd how the atmosphere changed so quickly after he mentioned his dream, and how well he handled it. Was he just a natural leader? He’d never admit it, but Dabi was secretly amazed. 


He felt an instant pang of guilt. He was thinking of this guy as if he were nothing but trash (cute trash, but trash nevertheless) yet he trusted him. He saved him. The mophead was naive, but he was a good person. He didn’t deserve Dabi hating on him because he was a jealous idiot.


“Is something wrong?” Tomura asked, sensing Dabi’s concern as the stapled man appeared beside him. Dabi nodded opening his mouth ready to point out the stranger by the window, but someone burst through the door.


“I’ve got the guards!” Yelled a guy who wasn’t there for the dream talk. The guy that was told to get the guards for Dabi.






He didn’t have time to think, because a dark arm whisked him away, behind some levers.


“You have to leave, don’t let them catch you!” The bartender said, golden eyes narrowing. He pulled a lever, showing them an underground passage. Dabi nodded, looking over to see Tomura and Mon. They nodded as well.


“Go, live your dream.” Kurogiri whispered.

“I will.”

“Not you, Dabi. Pardon me, but your dream sucks. I was talking about him.” Tomura smirked making Dabi shoot him a glare. 


“Thanks, you too.” The blunette replied. Kurogiri only nodded.


Tomura shot Dabi a glance as if to ask if he was ready. The stapled man gave him a nod. Mon leaned on his owner’s leg, still staying close to Dabi.


The three of them descended into the darkness, the yelling of the guards leaving their ears as quickly as it came.