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Mahiru is thirteen years old the first time he is left home alone, he is nowhere near his Heat but he can’t help the feelings of, ‘you aren’t safe’, ‘stay hidden’, and ‘don’t go outside’ that echo through his heart next to a pang of loneliness. He does the breathing exercises that Uncle Tooru showed him to calm himself down, it’s easier to do when Uncle Tooru is here filtering calming bergamot throughout the house.

Uncle Tooru isn’t here, but lots of his things still smell like him. Therefore thinking simply Mahiru decides, he should carry something that smell like Uncle Tooru with him until his uncle gets back! He, Mahiru thinks, is a genius, as he grabs a handkerchief out his uncle’s room and heads to school.

It works for the first day but after sleeping cuddled in his Uncle’s bed, nothing smells like Uncle Tooru anymore. Mahiru feels like he really won’t last the week.

He is scared and lonely and he wants his uncle to come home.