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Shirayuki pulled at the thin skirt as she looked at her self in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a light purple lingerie dress that her friends had convinced her buy from Victoria secret. The lingerie dress was a mixture of lace and mesh. The dress had spaghetti straps that were attached to the lace purple bra that held her breasts up. The center of the dress had mesh on the sides and purple lace in the middle lined with three little light pink bows. From her waist, the dress fluttered out stopping at the top of her thighs. There were slits at the sides that were tied by pink bows as well.

She turned slightly and popped her right knee to see how the lingerie looked on her. “Maybe if I looked at the full-length body mirror in my room,” she thought as she turned and opened the bathroom door.

She squeaked as she saw her boyfriend, Izana, sitting on the edge of the bed. He was wearing black jeans and a light grey t-shirt. His shoulder-length blonde hair was brushed up into a bun with some pieces hanging out. He looked up from his phone and his eyes widened as he took at her attire. The lingerie suited her perfectly. The top of the dress hugged her perfectly and the short mesh skirt of the dress showcased her creamy thighs.

“Izana!” Shirayuki squeaked as she closed the door partly so only her head was poking out. “ When did you get here? The movies not for another hour”

“I got off of work early and your roommate let me in. I knocked but I guess you didn’t hear it” He said as he put his phone on the bedside table.

“Oh “ She said as fiddled with the door a little.

“ Is that…. dress you’re wearing new?” He said

“ Yeah. Somehow the girls convinced me to get it, but I don’t know.” She said as she stepped out of the bathroom timidly “ I don’t think it looks good on me."

Izana beckoned her to come closer. She came closer until she was in between his legs. He laid his hands on her waist and looked up at her. Her fiery shoulder-length hair had little curls. She tucked some hair behind her ear as she looked down at him.

“It looks good.” He said as he slid his hands down her sides. With her hands on his shoulders, she placed both of her legs on either side of his hips, straddling him. His hands slipped through the slit of the mesh skirt to grip her ass. "really good.”

She gasped and he took the chance to capture her lips with his own. She wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt to bring him closer. He slightly bit her bottom lip and she moaned as his tongue entered her mouth. Their tongues danced as they both fought for dominance. He eventually overtook her and she relaxed and let him take over. There was a trail of saliva as they parted.

A small blush appeared on her cheeks as she looked at her boyfriend in the eyes. His ocean blue eyes were filled with lust as he looked at the lingerie she was in.

He used his right hand to hold the small of her back as he peppered kisses down her neck. He could smell the scent of the perfume that she used on her skin. He bit and sucked a spot on her neck. She whined and gripped his shoulders a little tighter.

Suddenly a hand rubbed on the matching lace thong. She panted as his hand went under the lace thong and rubbed between her wet folds. He circled around her entrance as he played and teased her lace covered nipple.

“I-Izana!” She stuttered as she tried to get her words out. He continued his ministrations as she moaned. "What about the-ah!-… movie?”

“Hmmm, the movie?” He said as he stopped what he was doing. She was a hot mess as she whined when he stopped. Her emerald eyes were filled with lust and she had a slight blush on her cheeks. “The movie can wait.”

She gasped as he flipped them over so that she was spread out on the bed and with him hovering over her. He kissed between her breasts as his hands massaged her sides. He gripped at the lace thong and pulled it off. He gently pushed her thighs apart and spread her open with his fingers. She trembled as he teased and sucked her clit with his tongue.

He inserted a finger and curved it hit her g spot.

“Oh, Izana!” She moaned as hit that spot once more.

At this point, his cock was itching for release as the tent growing in his jeans got tighter. He sat up and admired his work. Her knuckles were white from clutching the sheet and she panted heavily with a light blush on her cheeks. He smirked as he removed his shirt and then his jeans followed by his boxers. His erection sprung to life as he pulled down his boxers. Her blush darkens as she spread her legs open a bit more, inviting him. His cock kissed her wet entrance as he hovered over her once more. He looks into her emerald green eyes that are filled with lust. He captures her lips with his as thrust in one go.

She moaned as he thrust all the way in. He pulled out till the tip was only inside her and then thrust in again. She whimpered as he started to pound into her at a relentless pace. His hands slid down her sides before resting at her hips as he thrust.

"Iza- na" She moaned as hit her G-spot with every thrust.

"So beautiful..." He said as he slowed down his thrust to admire the lingerie that suited her perfectly. " And all just for me."

She moaned as he speeds up his thrusts again.

"I-Izana-Ah!" She moaned. " I'm close!"

He thrusted one last time before she came with his name on her lips. He continued to thrust before he came inside her.

They both panted as they came down from their highs. He flipped them over and rested his head on a pillow as she laid her head on his chest. His left hand rested on the small of her back while his right hand rested on her thigh. She smiled to herself as she thought " I guess I should keep it."