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Here it is everyone, the chapter one rewrite! Proofread by… Claz7960! Monkey dad wanted another month, so we'll have my good friend help for now.

After the writer's note at the end is the original chapter 1, Just so I remember where I came from.

The morning sun had just started to rise, bathing the land in its orange hue as a new day approaches. The great Gum War was only yesterday, including the incident with GOLB… and the smashing of Finn the Human's beloved home. Speaking of the hero, he begins to stir amidst the remains of his destroyed home, mumbling a little as he wakes up to the sun shining in his eyes. He opens them, taking one slow look around at the shattered remains of all his belongings, 'This is going to take some getting used to…' Despite waking up to that gloomy thought, he springs out his damaged bed, stretching his muscles with a small smile. "Jake you hear man!?" He cries as he stretches his legs, only to be met with silence, 'He wakes up earlier than me, so he is most probably already doing something… probably hanging with lady.' He looks around at the rubble, 'What means I get first picks on what to keep!'

He excitedly pushes some broken items aside, creating a small clear spot in the house's remains for him to start placing items. With a happy nod of approval, he immediately starts collecting small trinkets and memories, placing them in a pile to be collected later… and quickly starts collecting a horde. "Man do we have a lot of junk…" Finn says, staring at a damaged, destroyed hat in his hands. With a shrug he throws it somewhere behind him and continues digging. He shifts some large broken wood and spots some bright colours underneath it, instantly locking his eyes onto it, squinting in effort, "... My Ble comics!" He shouts in surprise, shocked that they survived. He instantly goes to reach for it… with his stub.

He looks down at his missing arm, then up at the wood his other hand was holding up. "I actually forgot about that… guess I'm getting used to not having an arm." He pulls himself back, letting go of the wood gently, placing it atop the comics to protect them once more, "I'll be back for you." Before turning around and sprinting out the wreckage of his home.

Nearly two hours later, he slows his run to a halt, looking at the scene in front of him. The site of the Gum War, massive craters dotting the landscape, creating massive boulders of torn up rocks. He shrugs and whistles a small tune, his eyes scanning the ground, 'It has to be around here somewhere…' He suddenly stops whistling as he sees a massive shiny object lodged in the ground, thicker than any spear would be. He rushes over to it and quickly crouches, then grins at what was before him. His robot arm, semi buried in the ground and covered in dirt. His smile disappears, for it was heavily dented as well, smashed and bent in the shapes of foot prints, 'It was trampled on… oh well." He pulls reaches down, grabbing a metal lip and yanking it up, prying the arm from the ground. Pebbles and dirt falls from its insides as he stares, slowly reaching into his bag and pulling out his phone, calling a well remembered number, "... Hey PB?..."

Finn sighs in boredom, staring up at the pink ceiling above him, a constant cranking sound next to him as he lays in the hospital bed. Bubblegum stands by him, humming in thought as she adjusts a nut on Finn's robotic arm, the metal frame torn and dented from its ordeal. They both came to the same conclusion that it was fubar, but since they didn't exactly have another laying around, they were forced to having to fix the metal limb.

When he had called her, he expected her to help him whenever she had free time. She told him to return to the castle immediately. The candy royal had abandoned all her other plans to help the teen as he now lays in the hospital bed, "Thanks for doing this PB, but shouldn't you be taking care of the candy peeps?"

"They can handle themselves for now Finn, as right now this arm does require me." She explains as she attempts to unbend a piece of metal, what it finally does with a squeak. Grinning, she tightens one final screw, before lowering the arm down to Finn's stub, and pushing it on. Finn idly grabs and holds the grey limb as she starts to tighten it to firmly attaches it, his eyes looking at the room around him. Or more accurately, the candy people as they run around with construction materials and tools, when one trips on a small piece of debris and crashes to the floor. Then a domino effect occurs, the other dumb sentient candy tripping up on him and falling as well, quickly creating a groaning pile of colours, making Finn wince.

"Are you sure?" He turns to look at her, finding her completely focused on his arm,

"Yep!" She says with a smile before frowning, turning to look him directly in the eyes, "Though you really should take better care of this! I thought I told you it was really is sensitive, what in techo language, means really easy to break!"

Finn chuckles nervously, looking away from the royal, "Ok! I promise I will try to not let it get too dinged up." He jokes, but Bubblegum sighs, grabbing the reflex hammer,

"Finn, while I don't want this arm being damaged, I also want you to return safely. What means no jumping in the mouth of a chaotic god!" She yells, making Finn wince, "I mean, what were you thinking!?"

He shrugs, "Saving Simon. I mean I kinda have been doing this stuff for a while now, walking towards danger to help peeps." Bubblegum wacks his metal arm with the hammer, "Yep I felt that, it's good." She nods, dropping her tools as Finn wiggles his reattached arm.

"I know Finn, but that still doesn't change the fact you nearly died back there." She rests a hand on his shoulder, "And I don't know how I'll handle the fact if you ever died."

An awkward silence fills the air as Finn looks down at the ground, causing Bubblegum to laugh nervously, "Anyways Finn! I have a favour to ask you, if it isn't too much trouble that is." Finn snaps his head at her,

"Sure! I'm always ready to help anyone PB, what do you need?"

"Can you keep your eyes open for anything weird?" Finn looks around in slight confusion, then back at her,

"Erm… could you be a bit more specific than that?"

"Not really, just anything unordinary. We have no idea if there are going to be consequences of GOLB suddenly appearing in our world, like aftershocks of chaos. If chaotic stuff goes down, let me know immediately, got it?"

Finn nods determinedly, "My eyes will be peeled!" She smiles, sighing in relief,

"Thanks Finn… everyone is currently stressed out like crazy! In fact I'm going to a meeting in abit to discuss with the other princesses, try to get some details on the situation of OOO and calm them down at the same time."

"Calm them down?"

"Yeah, I thought they would all be worn out after the fighting, but it seems all it takes is one night's worth of sleep to refill their panic banks." Finn looks down at the candy people as they run, finding a few looking at him and smiling before they continue their work,

"... What if I went with you? I'm pretty sure having me around will put some at ease." Bubblegum looks at him worriedly,

"You sure Finn? It will be mads boring."

He nods, "Yeah, besides as a hero I think I should know of any threats or problems as soon as possible." She sighs,

"Alright, you can come… like right now." She gets up, making Finn's eyes widen,

"Oh!" He hurries out of the hospital bed, grabbing and sheathing the sword resting against his bed before standing next to Bubblegum. She opens the hospital's door for him and they both exit it, quickly making their way to the damaged candy hall where everyone was gathered.

A minute later, they walk through two massive doors into the room, which was filled to the brim with chatting princess, all of them having bags under their eyes. They all snap their attention to Bubblegum, then Finn, causing the hero to speak, "Hey guys." A murmur of tired responses comes from the crowd, making the hero smile.

Bubblegum wastes no time, immediately making her way through the crowd as Finn follows, reaching a stage in front of them all. She hurriedly stands in the middle of the stage while Finn stands a bit back, letting the focus be on her and her words, "Sorry for the delay everyone, I was attaching Finn's arm back on." The hero waves stiffly yet with a smile at the crowd, who return the smile with tiny ones of their own before focusing back on Bubblegum. "Alright, let's hear it: What is the damages or casualties?" Immediately the crowd became alive with reports and complaints, making Bubblegum sigh and Finn wince.

The next few hours were spent taking notes, Bubblegum giving suggestions whenever she could regarding anything that could help the other Kingdoms. Finn did his best to think of suggestions as well, but he quickly came to a realisation that the only problems the princesses were suffering from were fires and destroyed buildings. Something that he couldn't really help in. He looks down a little, 'Man, I really need more skills than being able to use a sword… I wonder if PB can teach me in science… or maybe doctor princess in medicine! That's still helping people!... But I wasn't very good at either.' He looks up, finding Bubblegum staring at him as servants fill the room, all carrying dishes with a variety of candy on top. "Huh? Did you say something Bubblegum?"

She smirks at him, "Yes I did Finn. I said you want anything?" Finn was about to decline when a servant walks straight up to him carrying a pile of bright sweets.

"... Ok, one." He grabs one, quickly popping it into his mouth and walking towards the princess at the front of the stage, before promptly sitting down, his legs dangling off the edge. Bubblegum joins him and the few princesses around also face the hero,

"Everything alright Finn?" Bubblegum asks, making him raise an eyebrow at her,

"Yeah... why?" She shrugs, looking away,

"Just checking up on you that’s all… you know... Fern, your house…"

"... To be honest I'm fine with the house being destroyed, prefer it being mine than someone else's… but Fern?..." Bubblegum instantly notices his mood lower and immediately regrets asking, quickly trying to change the topic,

"Erm!... Wait if your home has been destroyed, then where did you sleep last night?" Finn shrugs,

"In the rubble." He notices their worried expressions, and panics, "No it's fine! Pretty comfy actually! I had found the remains of my bed and slept on it, it's cool!"

Suddenly Flame Princess walks towards him, splitting the crowd, "Finn… you should have said something, I've got a guest room in my palace. My whole Kingdom was spared of any damage so I don't have to worry about rehoming anyone. You could stay there until you find a new place to live… heck you could actually live in a flame house as well, with your flame suit and everything." The other royals quickly come to him with offers as well, what causes a commotion and drawing in more royals, dominoing in more offers.

"No really! It's fine guys!" Finn says with a blush, but Bubblegum giggles,

"Finn, I think it's safe to say we owe you." But then she becomes serious, "And I also don't mind you staying here until you find a home either. At least choose one for tonight, as it is going to rain later. You and jake will be soaked." Finn sighs,

"Alright, we'll stay here for tonight." Bubblegum nods, "Good, and you can move your belongings here in a couple of days, the vault should be cleared of debris by then." Before he could turn the offer down she claps her hands, "Alright everyone! Back to work!"

The meeting continued for another few hours, and since it was all talking that Finn couldn't help in, he quickly became bored. Still, he stuck around with a small smile, using it as an opportunity to think of some new possibilities, 'I could be a monster teacher! No… A normal teacher? While I got those marshmallow kids learning and out of crime, I don't think I can actually teach anything… What am I going to do if there are no more adventures?'

He hurriedly abandons the thoughts, leaving them to be a future problem, and focuses back on the present. As Bubblegum wraps everything up and decides a day for another meeting, the hero leaves the stage and descends into the crowd, waiting to leave like the rest of them. Yet as the doors open, nearly all the royals head towards him, reminding the hero that they would gladly accept him into their kingdoms. They do not give the hero time to respond before hurriedly walking towards the door to leave, allowing another royal to take their place to shout their offers at the hero.

As the last one leaves, Finn stares in confusion, before looking at Bubblegum who was now getting off the stage "What was that all about?"

She sighs, "I'll admit it Finn: They're scared. They've usually been spared of any carnage or destruction because of you. So now that it happened right before them on such a large scale, it has them a bit spooked about their own safety. So, having you close to their kingdoms helps put not only them, but their people as well at rest. That and I think we all feel a tad in debt to you." Finn sighs,

"They don't owe me for anything, it was my job…" He looks up at Bubblegum, "... But thanks for the offer. I'll stay here tonight, but I will find a new home as fast as possible!" He says determinedly, making Bubblegum nods,

"I like the enthusiasm Finn, but you don't need to rush. Take your time and find one that you and Jake will actually like." With that she walks away, heading deeper into the castle. Finn looks around, trying to figure out what to do next, before simply shrugging and walking towards the guest rooms.

Arriving, he opens the door to the sweet smelling room, plops down onto the bed that feels like cotton candy, and sighs in relief, relaxing a little. Taking his bag off his back, he pulls out his phone and calls his brother. "... Hey this is Jake! Who's calling?"

"Just me man!"

"Hey man! Anything happen today?"

"Eh, not much, but I did get my arm reattached! But that isn't important, where did you go this morning man?"

"To Lady's place. After that big fight they were worried about me, so I decided to spend the day with them… and had a chat with Lady about something, but we'll talk about that later when we're face to face!"

"Right. Anyways I just called to let you know that PB is letting us stay in the castle tonight because of the incoming rain and that we can move our stuff to her vault in a few days until we get a house."

"Oh that's nice of her. But I err… will probably stay with Lady Rainicorn tonight, but I promise to see you tomorrow!" Finn dismisses the bad news with a roll of his hand,

"Nah it's cool, spend as much time with lady as you want."

"Thanks man, see ya!" "See ya." Finn ends the call, then takes his sword off his back, laying it to rest against his bag on the floor, before laying down on the bed and closing his eyes, going to sleep early with the lack of things to do.

When his eyes next open, it was a new day. He immediately hops up, energised for anything the world could throw at him, 'Alright! What have I got planned!?...' He stands still in the room, lost in heavy thought, 'Erm… nothing, apparently… not until Jake arrives at least… what to do until then?' After waiting a few seconds, three bangs suddenly pound his door, making the hero jump.

After recovering from being startled, Finn strolls over to the door, opening it to be greeted by the sight of a random female candy citizen. "Hey Finn. Got some letters for you." She informs him, causing him to blink, not expecting any,

"Oh thanks!... Where are they?" The sweet stands aside, presenting to something by the door. Curiously Finn sticks his head out, and goes wide eyed at the massive pile of letters, sitting in a large bag. "Whoa! What the glob!?"

"Ok see ya!" The candy person spins and walks away before the hero could ask them anything.

He watches her leave, then stares down at the massive bag of letters. He takes one from the top, quickly opening an envelope covered in green moss, 'To Finn, blah blah bla-! Here's a list of available housings!?... From Jungle Princess?" He looks away, from the letter to the rest of the pile. All of the letters were in high-quality envelopes, making Finn stare, 'Did they all give me recommendations?... Guys…'

With a small smile he grabs the bag, and starts dragging it inside, trying his best to not tip the pile of overflowing letters over. He sits down, then with a sigh looks at Jungle Princess's letter again, '... I do need a new home… and I actually don't know how to get one.' So he gives her letter a re-read, actually writing a note of houses she was offering on a piece of paper he finds slightly crumpled in his bag. Then he halts, taking a look at the pile again. 'I should probably just take note of the ones that look the best, not all of them.'

He slowly starts going through the massive pile, not making much progress in an hour when his door got more knocking. He stands up from his massive pile of paper, walking over to the door and opening it. To be enveloped in a massive yellow hug. He and Jake fall to the floor as they both fall into a laughing fit, "Hey bro! Sorry I was at- Whoa!" Jake exclaims, his eyes locking onto the letters. Finn pushes him off with a smile,

"Yeah I had the same reaction. They're all from the princesses with houses for sale in their Kingdom."

"Damn, there's a lot of them..." Then his body stiffens up, before he slowly faces Finn, "... Oh yeah… this reminds me of something…" Finn stares inquisitively. "... Ah it's nothing! We'll talk about it later!" He says, laughing nervously, causing Finn to raise an eyebrow but ultimately shrugs it off.

"Alright then, want to help me through these?"

"Sure do!" Jake says hurriedly, making Finn stare with slight concern at his brother, but again, shrugs it off, 'I'll ask after the letters.'

The duo quickly sit down and continue opening the letters, writing quick notes on Finn's paper. Finn eventually has to get some more paper, stapling it all to the original sheet to hold all the information. Jake eventually huffs, dropping his letter, "Man… so many details… ahhh! I'm getting a headache!" He grabs his head as Finn sighs,

"Yeah I hear ya, it's nice that they are doing this for us and all… but man is this a lot!" His eyes drift to his sword still resting against his bed, "I mean I'm still waiting for a phone call about some danger that I need to save everyone from. It's… boring without anything to do." He stares at his bag, as if expecting his phone to ring with some quest for him to go on, but nothing happens. Finn sighs, "… You think we will have another adventure anytime soon?" Jake shrugs,

"I don't know man, maybe? I mean if this was like some videogame, then GOLB was the final boss. So shouldn't it be the happy ending?"

Finn sighs again for, grabbing another letter, this one’s from Raspberry Princess, "Or a sequel."

"Yeah but they are never as good as the first." Finn nods in agreement, scribbling a house's details down.

"Yeah. But still, think we will spend the rest of our lives opening these letters? I mean it might take us that long."

"Certainly feels like it, but I guess we now have to get jobs… like actual jobs…" Both boys stop what they're doing, staring into nothing in shock at the realisation. Finn returns first,

"Whoa… I was thinking about that earlier, but I have no idea what I will do now!"

Jake falls on the floor, "Me neither… maybe I'll be a postman, I know kim would love me getting a normal job." They glance at each other.

"... Talk about it after the letters?"

"Yeah… Wait I can't actually! I'm going to Lady's after this." Finn stares at him,

"Again? I was hoping we could find something to do together."

"Yeah sorry man, already made plans with her… and I don't know anything we could do together, not until something pops up."

They both go silent. They've run out of adventures. That thought actually scared Finn a little, and he immediately wants to change the topic, "So how do we actually choose a house? I've so far chosen the houses with the most stuff… but money might become a problem until I get a job." Jake notices his worried expression, and quickly grabs an envelope, presenting it to Finn while pointing at a line with a grin,

"Well Engagement Ring Princess here wouldn't mind you living with her permanently!" Finn bursts into laughter, causing Jake to continue,

"What's so funny? Rent is free, you get paid, and there will be a bunch of food!" Finn shakes his head,

"Jake… you remember what I said, I'm saving them now, not dating them. I doubt I will ever date a princess again… but have you got any other funny ones?" And that was how they spent the next few hours, opening more letters to either make a note of a house or laugh. But eventually, Jake leaves to hang with Lady with a sad farewell, causing Finn to sigh and spend the rest of his day opening the letters. 'Man… this is boring…'

He eventually writes the last house, then collapses onto the floor, the hard candy replaced entirely by paper. Groaning, he gets up and walks to his bed before flopping into it, closing his eyes in an attempt to sleep, but he couldn't. He hasn't done anything today, especially compared to his average day, and was just too filled with energy to sleep.

He sighs, looking up at the ceiling, 'Man, I thought it would be nice to relax after everything, but without an adventure for two days, I'm already bored.' He looks down at his sword that he hasn't used at all, grimacing, 'I would seek to do something, but what? I've done all the dungeons Jake and I have ever found! Bandits have been quiet lately, what is good! But boring!' He groans, trying to sleep again. He was torn between wanting something to do, and everyone finally getting to live their lives in peace. He gives up, 'I'll get a house first, then see how things go from there.' With that, he forgets his worries, and forcefully closes his eyes for the night.

The next morning he walks down through the candy castle, flexing and rolling his robot arm as he gets used to having it again, "It's good to have you back buddy." He stares at it, then eyes widening a he comes to a realisation, "You're like Billy's gauntlet!" Laughing that he was more and more like his inspiration, he continues onward deeper into the castle, heading for Bubblegum's labs, 'Maybe she has an idea for something I can do as a job…'

He eventually walks into a large metal room, filled to the brim with broken glass, damaged machines, and an annoyed Bubblegum. Her lab was destroyed. He cautiously walks towards her, careful to not step on any glass, "Hey PB!" She jumps in surprise then spins to face the hero, gaining a small smile.

"Hey Finn! What are you doing here?" She asks as he finally makes his to her, standing before the royal.

"I'm here to help you in… cleaning up this glass?" He suggests awkwardly, making Bubblegum raises an eyebrow,

"Any particular reason?" Finn sighs, "Not really… it's just that nothing is happening that I can do anything about, and I'm trying to find some other way to help people. I mean, I sat and opened letters all of yesterday!"

"Letters?" She questions.

"Yeah turns out every princess sent me a letter, saying that I am welcomed to live in their Kingdoms and offered a bunch of houses. Some even offered to live with them in their castles!"

Bubblegum laughs, reaching down and grabbing a dustpan and brush, handing it to the hero, "Let me guess, one was Engagement Ring Princess?"


"Called it!" Bubblegum turns from the hero and hums in thought, staring at her wrecked machine while Finn begins sweeping. He stops and looks at her, remembering all that she has helped and guided him with,

"... Thanks for this PB, but I have a question." She leans into the machine, fiddling with some wires,

"What is it?"

"Well… what do I do now? I mean life and job wise?" She stops what she is doing, and quickly pops her head out, staring at Finn as he drops his first load of rubble into a metal bin.

"What do you mean?" He sighs, giving her a slightly worried look.

"I have no idea what to do now."

"Oh boy! Get here, my stuff can wait." She says as she rest against the machine, patting an empty spot next to her. Finn drops his dustpan and brush and quickly joins her, resting next to each other as she stares down at him. "So what exactly are you worrying about? And actually think deeply about it."

He looks down at the ground in thought, the room becoming silent.

Then, he looks up at her, "I guess I'm afraid that I'll become useless, that I won't be able to help anyone… that I don't have any skills other than fighting and won't be able to get a job to pay for a house-"

"Finn, I'll tell it to you straight: your over worrying. Everything will click into place, and if things don't, I will help, I owe you that much." Finn sighs,

"I know, but I refuse to be a leach. Besides I need something to do or I'll get bored. Heck I'll be honest with ya PB, it's only been two days and I'm already bored." She nods,

"I understand Finn, I hated doing nothing as well." She points at the machine they were resting on.

"Yeah but the question I have is: what can I do? I mean what am I good at other than fighting?"

"Erm… it doesn't matter! Because I could easily teach you to help around the lab!"

"I would take you up on that… It’s just that I don't think I have the brain for it." She shrugs,

"You don't know until you try!... But before we can do that, we need to get this place into working order. I'll get on the machines, you continue cleaning this place up!" Finn grins and salutes her,

"Consider this rubble defeated!" He immediately starts sweeping up, cheered up by the fact he might have found something for him to do, 'A scientist huh?... But she would have to train me…' He sighs, '... Meaning she also don't have a clue for what else I'll be good at. Man! If neither Jake or Bubblegum have an idea of what I could do, then what can I do?' He stops, watching her grin as a machine comes to life. He quickly puts some more trash into the metal bin, 'I guess she is right, I have to get trained for some other job. But do I really want to stop being a hero for a scientist?' His body dives into a war, his heart telling him to be who he wants to be, while his mind was yelling at him to be what he needs to be.

It took him the morning, but he had eventually cleaned her damaged lab, not that she noticed as she was head deep inside the machine. He simply shrugs, waiting for her to finish as to not startle her. Luckily, he doesn't have long to wait as she exits it, sighing and turning around to face the hero, "Oh you're done! Good! I could use some help." He nods, and she points to some metal, "I need you to hold that against the frame so I can weld it on… right after I check the machine works of course!"

She hurriedly rushes to the machine’s console, tapping on a keyboard, watching with glee as the monitor lights up. "Ok go grab it! There should be toe sack that should help-" Finn rushes over to the large piece of metal, lifting it with ease with his might alone, "I sometimes forget how strong monster fighting has made you… whatever, place it here."

He happily slaps it against the machine, holding it in place as Bubblegum walks away, "I always carry a spare…" She wanders back holding two welding masks, putting it on Finn for him before donning her one. Then she reaches behind her and grabs the welder, lighting it up. "Keep it still."

As she goes about attaching it, Finn loses himself to more ideas, 'A mover? Too boring. Helping PB? Maybe… A knight like CB? Also a maybe, but what would I be defending her from?…' Bubblegum looks away from her work, glancing at Finn, trying to think of ways of persuading him into working in the lab with her. 'It would take him away from danger finally. If any of my inventions go rogue then he can help slay them before they can do anything. He could help me remember to take breaks, and with Marceline too it could actually be pretty fun. Besides, I don't get to spend enough time 'chilling' with him.' She quickly adds the final touches before pulling back, flicking her mask up and nodding in approval at the machine that what was before her.

Finn pulls back as well, staring at it as well but in confusion. It was a giant metal cube, with a monitor, a keyboard, and a satellite dish, what tells him exactly nothing about what it is. Seeking an answer, he looks at Bubblegum inquisitively, making her smirk, "This Finn, is a device that allows me to record, watch, and follow levels in OOO."


"Yep, simply 'levels' because it does them all! Radiation, power, heat, oxygen etc. With this I should be able to spot threats as they are coming. Say a volcano was rising somewhere not in the fire Kingdom, I should be able to see tremors and increase of heat before it erupts, saving lives!" Finn stares wide eyed, making Bubblegum smirk. 'If I keep this up then he might stay and work with in the lab. I won't leave Finn to stumble in the world after all he has done.' "Yeah I could help save a ton of lives with my stuff Finn. And it will be pretty fun as well… I know I just offered it and you haven't had time to think, but would you be interested in becoming my... lab partner I guess? Just so you have something definite."

Finn looks down at the ground in thought, then at the machine, staring at it, "... I don't think I'll be a very good scientist…" Bubblegum frowns, "... But I will give it a try. I don't think me swinging a sword will help anyone anymore, not when there aren’t anymore adventures, but I might be able to help peeps this way… Let me get a house first, then I guess we can start?" He suggest, making her smile.

"Sure Finn, remember, you can leave your stuff in my castle until you get a home." He nods, then stretches,

"Then I probably should get started. I have a ball of paper in my bag that has all the good looking houses on it." Bubblegum smiles,

"See ya Finn! It'll be good to have you around the lab, especially after I teach you." With that, Finn waves farewell, exiting the lab and back into the castle, quickly making his way to the main doors.

He exits out the castle and onto the candy streets as more citizens run around. Most were currently resting, recovering from the Gum War and GOLB, though some were still working, either sweeping rubble aside to create a clear path or adding emergency support to buildings threatening to collapse. That was the state the majority of OOO was in, everyone licking their wounds after the battles. The hero quickly exits the kingdom and onto a wet road, knowing that his time to help will come later when official repairs start. For now, he was going home, and he was going to find something interesting to do until Jake returns to discuss houses options to, '... Man does my life sound boring!'

"Stop right there!-" Finn snaps out of his thoughts as multiple men suddenly jump out of bushes next to the road he was on, wielding weapons of high quality and armour to match. Despite this and completely surrounding the teen, it was they who freeze up in fear, realising who they were just about to rob, "Oh Finn! Erm…" Finn looks at the man who speaks, then at everyone else, 'They're on the road that refugees use!' The men were a mix of species, varying from fire people to berry folks, all covered in cuts and scars, yet none make a move forward.

"Yeah… do you guys just want to surrender? Make this easier for all of us?" Finn requests, sticking true to his latest choice of becoming more of a pacifist, despite wanting some excitement. And they comply, all dropping their weapons to the floor as they stare at the ground at defeat, preferring the humiliation of surrender than losing their lives. Finn smiles and immediately gets to work, reaching into his bag and pulling out some rope to start tying everyone up, except the fire men, who he instead makes then put their hands in the air.

Then, he marches them back into the Candy Kingdom, quickly putting them into the care of the banana guards, nodding as he watches them be taken deeper inside the castle to the jail cells. He sighs. It might be good to be pacifist, but man was it boring! Before he can delve any deeper into questioning his choices, he quickly spins around and heads back out the kingdom, and towards his home.

Traversing the green hills that his home rests on, he spots movement at his the remains of his home, pulling stuff around with some bangs, 'Scavengers?' He rushes towards his house, eyes locked onto the shape as the person places some large, sellable items of Jake's onto a wheelbarrow. "You leave Jake's stuff alone!" Finn demands with a shout, sprinting into the destroyed belongings to confront the intruder. He freezes up when he stands before a startled Jake, who drops his favourite mug. "Oh sorry Jake, thought someone was stealing your stuff."

Jake shrugs, bending it down and picking his mug back up, "Eh it's no problem, though thanks for looking out." He picks up his bed and throws it and his mug into the wheelbarrow, while Finn stares with confusion,

"So… err… what are you doing? I thought everything was getting collected and moved to PB's castle tomorrow?" Jake freezes up, awkwardly turning around to face Finn,

"Yeah… well… about that…" Finn remains silent as Jake sighs, before staring him in the eyes. "... I'm moving in with Lady! I wanted to tell you yesterday but I was scared how you would handle the news!" He suddenly yells, working up the courage to tell his bro the plan, who after a second of processing, beams at the dog,

"That's great man! You totes deserve to live with her man…" Then his smile pops out of existence at a realisation, and an expression of slight worry takes over, "... Erm… but what about me? Cause I don't think you want me barging in on your life." Jake stretches his arms, wrapping around Finn and sliding him towards himself, before pulling them both to sit on the destroyed floor of their home.

"Well… I guess it is time for you to leave the nest… you know, get your own house." Finn looks down at the ground. "I mean, you do know how to search for houses? Just keep searching for them like we did yesterday man!" In prompt, Finn brings reaches into his bag again, and pulls out the crumpled paper. Spreading it flat on his leg, he stares at the list of available housings, the majority of which had been scribbled out. "I mean everyone has been so nice! Every princess offering you to stay in their castles and houses in their Kingdom!" The hero remains silent, staring at the list in his hand.

The dog grimaces, before jumping into his lap on his back, grinning up at the startled hero, "... And don't forget Engagement Ring Princess's offer to live with her permanently~" Finn laughs nervously, pushing the dog off him,

"Jake! Engagement Ring Princess probably meant that just as a joke! Besides, no more dating the princesses, remember?" Despite what he was saying, a small smile appeared on his face, Jake's plan of using a tease to cheer him up working.

"I know! Though jokes aside, you probably should have a thorough look at all their offers, might be some hidden disgusting trick they're not telling you about. And check it hasn't been claimed by Marceline first!" The boy laughs again, remembering his semi-rocky first encounter with the vampire.

"Alright I will… but later! If you really do plan to move now, then I want to spend some time with you man!" Finn exclaims, quickly scrunching the list back up and putting it in his bag before tackling his brother. They slam into some smashed up treasured memories, but they don't care as they start roughhousing in the remains of their home, not letting the depressing matter of their home being destroyed kill their joy. Thanks to Jake's stretching powers, he eventually ends up on top, tying the hero up who only laughs, both of them panting.

Eventually Jake untangles him as they both head out the remains of their home, before flopping onto the wet grass hills, looking up at the bright blue sky with a smile. Finn sighs, closing his eyes, "I'm gonna miss you Jake…" Jake turns his head, staring at the teen with a smirk,

"Why are you talking as if we will never meet again? We could just pop in with each other whenever we want!" Finn chuckles,

"I know, but it is going to be so weird not to have you around the house man… or not have bacon pancakes for breakfast in the morning."

"Ahh you'll be fine! Look, try to see the tree house being smashed up in a new light… instead of it marking the end of our adventures together, see it as the start of a new one! Your own adventure! One of growing up completely and becoming a proper adult. Let's see destruction as setting us free, free to take our own next steps and pursue our own paths in the greatest adventure: life." Jake suggests, making the teen stare at him, before turning to the sky again.

"Yeah… it may be weird at first but I think I'll get used to it... Thanks for the confidence boost!"

"No problem, however Lady must be worrying by now…" Jake sighs as he gets up, triggering Finn to do the same. The two brothers stare at each other for a second then Jake raises his fist, "See ya later Finn." With a smile Finn raises his own, promoting the brothers to brofist. As their hands pull back, Jake goes back to work, filling his wheelbarrow with his belongings while Finn watches, before eventually reaching into his bag and pulling out the scrunched up housing list again.

With a groan he sits down, attempting to analyse and cross reference it all, looking deep in thought, when in reality, everything just flew over his head. 'Maybe I should accept the princesses offers… No I won't leach off them!' He flops onto his back, still staring at the sheet, 'That Fire Kingdom one looks nice, but it's in the Fire Kingdom! That's way too hot for my liking, and I'm not sure I can even have any food there, not without it being incinerated!' He sighs, then moves onto the next one, looking over all its details seriously…

Then with a groan lets go of the paper, letting the brain pain wave in the air as it slowly falls onto a rest on his chest. "What am I going to do?…" Suddenly his bag vibrates, a muffled ringing of a bell coming from within it. He quickly gets up and takes the bag off, rummaging through it until he finds his black phone. Grabbing it he hurriedly answers it, "Finn here! What's going on!?"

"Hey Finn, it's PB here." She answers with a tad of worry in her voice, putting Finn on edge a little.

"Hey PB, what's the problem?" She sighs, "You remember the conversation earlier? The one about keeping an eye for anything weird?"

"Yes, I do. Have you found something?" He asks, afraid of the answer.

"Well… I have detected something odd." Bubblegum starts before sighing "I did a check on OOO with that machine we worked on, and it discovered something. Remember the spot where GOLB left? It has unusual energy readings. Normally I wouldn't care that much, after all, GOLB literally just tore a massive hole in the space-time continuum, so of course energy levels would be unusual. However, the problem is... well... it's growing."

Finn immediately snaps straight, "What do you mean growing!?" He asks frantically, "Is GOLB coming back!?"

"I don't know Finn!" She says, shutting him up before he asks a hundred questions. She sighs, "I don't know what it means Finn, all I know is that it is growing and erratically as well. Sometimes its power levels, sometimes its radiation, sometimes its size, and sometimes its position! Surprisingly it is acting chaotic...."

"How long has this been going on!?"

"Presumably awhile now! But that doesn't matter right now Finn! You should probably check it out. You'll be like a scout, and based on what you tell me I'll send things appropriately, because if this is GOLB returning or something, then there's no way you'll be able to handle it by yourself." Finn nods determinedly,

"I'm on it princess!" He goes to end the call by putting the phone back in its resting spot when her voice comes back through. He hurriedly puts it back to his ear, "What did you say?"

"I said be careful Finn…"

"Heh, I'll try princess." With that he actually ends the call, placing the phone back into his bag before putting it on.

He turns facing the GOLB spot, noticing a slight glow hidden by clouds of dust being whipped up. "That does not look good." He looks at Jake, yet finds him gone, 'He's probably taking his stuff to Lady Rainicorn's place… Looks like I'm going solo!' He stretches his muscles, then sprints towards the unknown danger with a smile on his face.

It takes him a while to cross the distance, all the while the light was growing before the hero's eyes as he stares in worry, and rushes into a forest in his path. Plants and brambles smack and whip at his body, but he ignores them as he pushes onward. When an arrow suddenly wizes by his head.

He slides to a stop in shock, looking at the arrow impaled in the tree in front of him before spinning around to face his attacker. "Now is not the time! Some serious stuff is going down and I need to be there!" He yells at the foliage where his attacker was hidden, and was about to spin around to continue his sprint when the bush shuffles.

From within the shadow of the bush two green, glowing feline eyes stare unflinchingly into his soul. "... Huntress?" The eyes rise and her head pops out the bush, revealing the wizard's smirk. She fully exits the bush, revealing to Finn that she was in her old light brown and green clothes, the very ones she wore when they hunted Grumbo and did their flute spell together. Gone was her armour from the Gum war, as while it was good for blocking blows in a large skirmish, it was not very practical for being stealthy while hunting a boar or a deer. She approaches the hero as he stares at her,

"Yep. What's going on?" The hero blinks,

"... What?"

"You just said now was not the time as something was happening. What's happening?"

"... Oh right! You remember how GOLB disappeared through its portal after combining with Betty?"


"Well that spot just gained a massive energy spike and it's acting all types of weird." She nods, walking past the hero and towards her arrow, yanking it free from the tree.

"Then we should probably check it out. Come on, hop on my back!" The hero wastes no time, quickly hoping onto her back as she starts darting between the trees, way faster than he could run around them.

"So… why are you helping? Not that I mind, I'm just curious."

"Because if this is GOLB's work, then it is likely magic related, something I'm sure you don't know anything about."

"Oh right… yeah I didn't think about that. Well thanks for coming then." She nods, leaping high over a log and landing silently, not even slowing for a second.

"It's no problem Finn… if this is GOLB, then the magic is most probably going to be chaotic, so be prepared for anything Finn. And I'll openly admit, I'm not sure what I can do to help, chaos is kinda out my expertise… unless it is the madness that comes with magic, that I'm familiar with." Finn looks at her worriedly,

"You alright? Anything you want to talk about?"

"No. I don't need someone taking care of me Finn." He flinches back, and she looks down, "... Though thanks for checking." He smiles but an awkward silence still fills the air, causing Finn to look around.

"... So what were you doing out here? I wasn't interrupting anything?" He questions, triggering her look over her shoulder at him,

"... Hunting some food. That's all I've been doing recently, it seems that after GOLB and the Gum War, everything in the natural world has calmed down. I haven't had to quell rampaging beasts for a few days now, and everything seems to be in order, heck even the spirit of the forest hasn't asked me to do anything… it's a tad weird if I'm being honest." Finn sighs on her back,

"I know how you feel, it seems to be the time of the princesses and construction men, not me, so everything is quiet on my end as well… well quiet-ish, I've only had to deal with some bandits and thieves, but they all instantly surrender to me. What is great! I like how I can solve it peacefully, and how no one gets injured, I would prefer it over violence any day… but man can it be boring."

"I can imagine, it would suck if a hunt I was looking forward to ended up being a complete disappointment, boring and easy. I like to challenge myself so I can be tougher, harder to kill, yet nothing at all has happened recently." Finn sighs, looking up at the glow from the GOLB spot that contrasted the dark clouds around it. It was significantly brighter as they start to rapidly approach it,

"Yeah it's been boring. After GOLB was dealt with, I was looking forward to some calm, peaceful rest, but not this much." She looks at him worriedly,

"Well, you know what they say Finn: The calm before the storm. Please don't let your guard down, if you relaxed then your skills would drop, and something like this will claim you." Finn stares at her inquisitively, 'Is she worrying about me?' He casts the thought away,

"Maybe, but you know what they also say: Our efforts have bore fruit. Call me optimistic, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we prefer that."

"Perhaps, but still, don't get cocky." She warns, yet still smiles at his words,

"Don't worry I won't. Besides! I should be fine if you've got my back, you're like the toughest girl I know!" She blushes at his words, quickly looking at the ground as to hide it. They continue to run in an awkward silence, making Finn scan around for a topic before locking onto her quiver. "So… that arrow back there… I thought someone like you would never miss?" He teases, making her smirk,

"I didn't miss, my target was just your attention."

"Nice save." They burst out the forest, running onto yellow sand as they head towards the GOLB spot. Both look up in the sky as they approach, Finn's mouth open as he stares at the bright orb, while Huntress keeps her stoic expression. The duo rapidly approach it, causing Finn to jump off Huntress’s back as she skids to a halt, "That… was not there a few days ago..." Finn says awestrucken, cautiously approaching it.

The white orb of pure energy sat in the sky was massive, nearly taking up all the view of the sky as it glows brightly. Lightning strikes out of it chaotically, smashing into the ground with a roar and blinding light, leaving massive craters in their wakes. The land was heavily polka dotted with these craters, telling the hero that this had been going on for a while now. Dark grey clouds swirl above them, a deep rumble echoing across OOO as it spirals away from the sphere of magic above them. "How come no one noticed this?" Huntress questions as they slowly approach it, weary of the lightning waiting to fry them.

"Because I think we were all too focused on the kingdoms and people… but that doesn't matter! We need to find out what this is so Bubblegum can send in the chivalry to help, because we're not going to be able to do anything to that." Huntress grunts in agreement, continuing to walk forward,

"I'll start probing it with magic, see if I can learn anything about what it is."

"Alright… but be careful, and don't get too close."

Huntress sits on the floor, crossing her legs and closes her eyes, "And Finn?"


"... Watch my back." Huntress says as she relaxes, 'That isn't something I say to everyone, I usually don't trust anyone to let my guard down around them...' Losing herself to the world of magic, she sends out signals, probing at what makes the energy above them, a process that the regular eye can't see. Finn stands behind her, ready to yank her away at the first sign of danger when his bag gives a muffled ring, barely heard above the mayhem of noise around him. He reaches inside and pulls his phone out, quickly putting against his ear yet keeping his eyes locked onto Huntress. "Finn you there?" Bubblegum's voice comes through.

"Yeah I'm here, and we're also at the GOLB spot."

"We? Who else is with you? Jake?"

"No, Huntress Wizard is here with me. She decided that since this was a magic thing then she should be able to help."

"Of course! This would be a wizards expertise! Anything so far?"

"Well Huntress hasn't said anything yet, she is still investigating but I can tell you what I can see."

"Alright hold on! Let me grab a notepad…" Finn, once he got the go ahead, started rattling off the details of the state everything was in. Meanwhile, Huntress stands up, staring at the orb as she slowly shuffles towards it, bewitched by its power and the strange magic that makes it.

She suddenly halts, catching herself before she did anything stupid, 'I didn't even realise I was doing that! Did the sphere do it?' Determined to get answers, she probes it with even more magic, stronger than the one she was using before.

"Huntress?" Finn calls out to her worriedly when he realises she had moved, "Have you got anything on thi-!" A massive blast of wind smashes into the duo, making them grunt as they are thrown violently onto their backs. Huntress's magic was too much, and it disturbed the already unstable phenomenon, rocking it over the edge as it now destabilises.

Finn snaps his head up, staring at the orb full of fear as sand starts being whipped into his and Huntress’s face. The sphere of chaotic magic was growing, shifting unnaturally as it starts getting brighter, blindingly so. Lightning arcs out from it as a continuous electrical stream.

The ground shakes violently, and the clouds start to get sucked into the sphere. The hero covers his ears as a deafening roar fills his ears, yet his eyes remain open as he stares at Huntress. Suddenly, gravity is flipped, and the duo start to rise. Its new centre: the violent anomaly that aggressively sucked everything in.

Everything gets pulled towards it, the phenomenon absorbing anything it touched, and Huntress wastes no time, snapping her arm to grab Finn's before they are sucked up. Then she shoots an arrow with a vine attached to it to the ground, creating an anchor as they are yanked on by the bright orb.

Finn stares at the sphere, watching it slowly approach them as it grows as it swallows massive boulders whole. Suddenly his hairs stand on end as they become electrically charged, "Oh Glo-!" A lightning strike the line connecting them to the ground before the hero could finish his line, sending the duo flying towards the sphere.

"FINN!" Huntress screams, giving him a heart wrenching panicked look before they are both absorbed by the unstable magic. The lightning rampage stops shooting out the sphere, the ground stops shaking, the clouds start to dissipate, and the sphere itself stops growing. Then with a rumble violently shrinks, imploding in on itself with a loud bang.

Bubblegum meanwhile sat in her lab, staring at her machines with wide eyes as the phone pressed against her face remains silent. She was waiting on Finn to call back when he and Huntress Wizard had learnt something, when the readings on her devices went crazy, then nothing. They all sat at zero, "... It must of been too much for the machines! I better call Finn and-" A deep, thundering boom echoes from outside her lab, and a massive bright light flashes through her window.

Bubblegum becomes a statue, knowing exactly where that came from but denying it all the same. She recovers and instantly starts to frantically call Finn on his phone, putting the phone to her ear and biting her bottom lip in worry. After a few seconds, a long, continuous beep comes from the phone, meaning no connection. Bubblegum lowers her phone robotically, pinprick eyes straight forward. She spins and sprints madly down the corridors of her castle, "MARCELINE! MARCELINE!" She slams the doors open to her room, finding the vampire on her bed fully clothed with a startled expression, "MARCELINE!" She runs at her, and the undead floats towards her, getting tackled into a startled hug,

"Whoa! Bonnie! What's going on?" The pink woman however yanks on her, tugging her towards the room's window,

"I'll explain as we go, but please! Get us to the GOLB spot as fast as you can!" Marceline stares down in worry at Bubblegum, staring at her panicked expression and desperate eyes.

She wastes no time, tightening the hug on her girlfriend as she floats backwards out the window and into the open air, then rockets towards the site of the Gum War. Marceline looks down at her passenger, "Bonnie, what's got you so worried? Was it that massive boom?"


"What was that? Some experiment gone wrong?"

"No! The spot where GOLB left went crazy and a massive energy signature grew!"

"Why are we going? Why not send Finn?" Bubblegum looks up, staring directly in her eyes,

"I did! He arrived with Huntress Wizard… just before the energy readings flatlined…" She stares into Marceline's eyes, tears threatening to spill, "... An explosion."

Marceline stares, then looks up at the GOLB spot, a massive hole in the clouds, 'As if they were blown away…' Her eyes go wide at the proof, and rockets forward as fast as she can.

Finn meanwhile floated in nothing, no gravity pulling him in any direction as he lays limply, his breath slow and calm. He was in some sort of void, a massive place of nothingness, of emptiness, with Huntress missing from him. Yet it was filled completely by colours at the same time, all spinning around him as he stares, his ears being shattered as a loud ringing in his ears become louder and louder. Soon, his body starts to rotate as well, spinning on all axes as he quickly loses all senses of orientation. Nauseous quickly overtakes him, making him crumble in on himself, holding his stomach in pain as it quickly multiplies. He opens his mouth to scream but a bright white light envelopes him before he could do so, his body freezing up as he glows like a beacon. Then his vision becomes crushing darkness, and everything becomes silent.

Sometime later, Finn groans in pain, his eyes closed tightly. Eventually, he starts to open them, and is greeted by a painful blur of colour and double vision. He slams his eyes shut and groans again, his head throbbing as if someone was wailing on his brain as he lays limply on the floor.

Despite feeling deader than Skeleton Princess, he pushes himself to a sit on wobbly arms, before using those very same arms as support. He simply sits there, letting his body recover from its experience, and only after several minutes later does he brave to open his eyes once more. Everything was still a blur of random colours, yet they weren't painful to look at anymore, and he could tell they had some sort of shape to them. Slowly, his vision calibrates itself, the world around him gradually gaining details, and in the end some blurry trees were the first thing he recognised. He was in a forest, that he was sure of.

Suddenly movement catches his eyes, making him snap his head to it, unfortunately proving to much for his still settling head, unleashing a flood of pain. He gasps, using a hand to massage his throbbing head as he stares at the blurry shape. It was a mixture of brown and green, making it blend into the environment, and was too small and moving too fast to be a tree. And last time he checked, trees don't stumble. 'A person?... Could it be-?...' He pushes his body with his arms, crawling towards the shape, "Huntwess?" He slurs out, causing the blur to freeze up,

"Fwin!?" She cries with worry, trying to locate him but ends up stumbling again, this time falling on her knees.

"Huntress… let’s… wait a minute… until we recover." He recommends, before flopping over face first into the dirt ground. Huntress groans, and slowly crawls over to him, before joining him in on resting in the dirt. Eventually they flip themselves over, staring straight up to the sky and watching the clouds above them drift on by.

As the minutes roll by, their conditions improve and the effects they were suffering were dissipating slowly, until finally, they were in a good enough shape to stand. With grimaces and groans, the duo start to push themselves up onto their feet, Finn looking over at Huntress with a wince, "Glob… that… was an experience." Huntress only nods in reply, instantly regretting it as she clutches her head in pain,

"Finn, word of advice… don't try anything right now… let's just rest some more." Taking her advice, Finn stumbles over to the nearest tree before collapsing against it, Huntress joining him a second later.

"I... know you're doing as well as I am right now, but I got to ask, do you know what forest we're in? Like, at all?" Huntress rolls her head at him, staring as she pants,

"Finn, I feel like I've just got slapped by a giant… I can't think straight right now. I'm sorry Finn, but I have no idea where we are..."

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The original chapter one:

The gum war was over. The tree house was destroyed, Betty and GOLB had merged and peace flowed through OOO for a few days now. Everyone who participated have already returned back to their homes, either to celebrate their victory, lick their wounds or rebuild what was lost. And everyone's favourite heroes were no exception.

Finn and Jake rested on their backs lazily, letting the cool wind blow away the problems of the world and the soft, green grass cushion their aching bodies. The sun that had all but been blocked during the war was making up for lost time, giving pleasant, long lasting warmth to all but vampires. With their home obliterated via giant monster fists, the brothers thought that instead of letting this disaster bind them in depressive state about the lost of their faithful home that witness many years of adventures, instead, free them to take the next steps and pursue their own paths in the greatest adventure: life.

"Well bro, I gotta go, or Lady is gonna start getting impatient." Jake says, lifting his body from the ground. He had finally decided to move in with Lady Rainicorn, and suggested that Finn find another place to call home as well, to 'leave the nest'. Just not another one that Marceline had previously owned, or as she joked she would have to kick him out again for old times sake. Despite Finn's slight worry for being on his own for the first time, Finn was still looking forward to having fresh, brand new start fo his adventures.

"Yeah man, I understand," Finn replied, rising to a sit, he then lift his hand, "Take care Jake." with a farewell high five, Jake stretched his legs to absurd lengths and begun his march home. Finn, laying back down, pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil before putting the end in his mouth, looking over the list of real estate available. Looking lost in thought, when in reality, all the details flow over his head.

With a groan he drops the list of brain pain on his chest, before a muffled ring of a phone comes from his old green bag. Scrambling to pull the old wired phone out before putting it against his ear "Hello?"

"Hey Finn." Princess Bubblegum answered.

"Hey PB, is everything alright?" Finn asked and that was a fair question, as although GOLB was gone, the world could still feel aftershocks of the God of chaos gate crashing OOO's biggest war. Residual of chaos could be lingering, and the Princess had asked Finn to be on guard for that very reason.

"Well..." Bubblegum starts before sighing "I did a check on OOO like I said I would, and the spot where GOLB left has unusual energy readings. Normally I wouldn't care, after all GOLB literally just tore a massive hole in the space-time continuum, of course energy would be unusual. However, the problem is... well... it's growing."

"Growing?" Finn asks, standing in puzzlement.

"Yeah, growing. And not normally either, sometimes its growth in height, sometimes width, sometimes density."

"I'll get right on it PB. Wait... why are you only telling me this now? This can't of only happened a few seconds ago..."

"Like I said, I just saw strange energy readings and shook it off, it's only when I investigated did I realized how bad it was." One could almost hear her shrug at her own ignorance.

"Well I better go and have a nosy at what's goin' down. I'll call you when I get there."

"Be safe, Finn." PB warns before putting her phone down and ending the call. Finn quickly returns the phone to its home in his bag before shouldering it, stretches and start a semi-run to the spot of the battle. As he runs, he constantly keeps an eye out for danger, a side affect of fighting for the majority of his life, however he see's no threat, only the people he spent life and limb protecting smiling, at peace with the world. Following their suit, he to dons a smile, glad to see that all those adventures with Jake had paid off.

His smile lasts even as he enters a forest in his bee-line to epicentre of another grand quest. As Finn gets lost in his mind about what could happen next in this adventure, an arrow suddenly snaps him from his daydream, flying past his face and into a tree to his right. Shifting to a battle stance in an instant, instead of an attacker, all he sees is two green reptilian eyes staring at him intensely from within a bush. "Huntress Wizard!" Finn shouts, not in shock but in joy, becoming uncaring to danger long ago the arrow was already forgotten.

"Hey Finn," Huntress Wizard announced, rising from her hiding spot in the bush, a smile like the one Finn was carrying a moment ago plastid on her face. "What are you doing out here in a hurry for?" Finn didn't answer straight away, debating if he should make her worry about the possible threat, before making his decision,

"PB just rang up, said there was some business going down at the GOLB spot, large amount of energy and it's acting bodonks. And I think I could use your help a little... not that good at magic biz." Finn sheepishly asks.

"Sure, I'll come along." Answering his request for help, something neither would of done if they were back as their younger selves. "Energy build up huh? Knowing GOLB, I bet it is some sort of chaos magic, and you want my wizard skills to check it out for you." Huntress said, summoning up Finn's exact thoughts. Finn, nodding in agreement, decides to give Huntress a quick look over. Gone was her armour from the Gum war, while good for blocking blows in a large skirmish, it was not very practical for being sneaky while hunting a boar or a deer. She was, however, dressed back into her old light brown and green clothes, the very ones she wore when the hunted Gumbo and did their flute spell together.

"Finn?" Huntress Wizard asks, catching him looking at her.

"Ah, sorry H-dub, just remembering what you use to look like..." Finn says with a blush and a hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sure... come on, we need to check this problem out." Huntress states before turning to go deeper into the forest.

"Right." Catching up with her, they set off together. Walking side by side under the cover of the trees, soft wind whispering into their ears.

"So any forest biz gone down?" Finn asks, trying to remove the awkwardness that grew in the silence.

"No, not really, a snake bit someone, boar destroyed a nest, wolf pack too big. The usual little problems." Came the nonchalant reply.

"Yeah, the same, only small, little problems. This magic problem is the only major thing that has happened recently."

"Noticed the same thing, but you know what they say: the calm before the storm..."

"Or our efforts have bore fruit." Finn retorted, before flashing a smile at huntress. Returning with one of her own,

"yeah, maybe... come on." Replied Huntress before shooting an arrow through the forest, creating a zip line along its path. Hopping on her back like when they were hunting Grumbo, the duo set off in earnest.

"So... that arrow back there... I thought you never missed with your reputation" Finn says, a smile on his face edging her on.

"I don't. And I didn't miss, just my target was your attention" Huntress replies looking at him with a grin, not rising to the obvious bait.

"Nice save"

The duo evently end up the site of the gum war, the ground still cracked and filled with craters were the fights had scarred the land. And above them: a white, nearly blinding bright light like a second sun. Every few seconds, a lightning bolt would jump out and strike the land, polka dotting the land with burns and craters.

"Yeah that can't be good" Finn says, starring at it as he got of Huntress's back.

"Yeah... You should probably call your princess, I'll start probing it with magic" Huntress Wizard states staring at it as well. Nodding and turning around he calls PB, leaving Huntress to her work behind him.

"Hey PB, it's Finn. We... yeah 'we', Huntress Wizard is here with me, could use her wizard biz to look at this..."

While Finn talked to Bubblegum about what he walked onto, Huntress started walking closer to the bright orb, fascinated by the strange magic that made it. Catching herself before she got into trouble of getting too close, she started to use her wizard eyes. However, this had a unforeseen consequence. The presence of foreign magic disturbed the already rocky balance the strange phenomena had.

"Yeah, I'll ask if she learned anything." Turning to ask the question, a loud bang that rocked the air, a sound wave blasting wind at the duo. Covering their faces from flung up dust, the two of them are surprised to see the strange light start to expand rapidly, lighting striking everywhere constantly. Suddenly gravity was flipped, its centre: the violent anomaly that aggressively sucked everything in. Thinking fast Huntress grabs Finn's arm as they too get sucked, and shot another zip line arrow at the floor, attaching it to her clothes as a anchor.

"Oh glo...!" Before Finn could finish, a erratic lighting bolt strikes the line, sending them flying.

"FINN!" Screamed Huntress Wizard, still holding his arm, gave him a panicked look before they were absorbed by the unstable magic. The lightning stops striking before the orb suddenly and violently shrunk, imploding on itself.


PB looked at her machine, analysing the worrisome energy. She was still waiting on finding out what Huntress had learned, when it the readings suddenly spiked and then multiplied of the limits of her machines reading. Panic filled the Princesses face,

"Finn what just happened? Finn? FINN!?" Bubblegum screeched down the phone, worried for her best friend and knight. Then her machine's readings sudden halted. They read zero. Whatever happened had just finished, and quite suddenly as well.

"Bonnie? Why are you shouting Finn's name?" Marceline, the vampire queen asked with puzzlement on her face, coming into the room.

"Marceline! we've got a problem. Can you carry me?" She asked in a calm tone but fear was still showing through.

"I can, but why? Where we going?" She asked, scooping the princess up.

"I'll explain on the way, but go to GOLB's leaving site." And so Marceline carried PB out the labs window, with the princesses worry spreading like a disease.


Floating in a place of no gravity, a void, Finn could see nothing but colours spinning around him, some he has never seen before. Soon, his body too starts rotate, spinning in on all axes he quickly lost all sense of orientation. Nausea quickly overtakes him, crumbling in on himself holding his stomach in pain as it quickly multiplies. He only had a second to scream before a bright white overtook his vision, then crushing darkness.

Finn later re-awoke to a blur of colours mixed with a double vision. His heading throbbing, he slowly picks himself up with a groan feeling more dead than Ghost Princess. He sat down using his arms as supports, he let his body recover from his experience. Slowly his vision corrected itself. The world slowly gained details, blurry trees were one of the first things he recognised. He was in a forest. Movement caught his attention, a mix of brown and green, and too small and moving to fast to be a tree. And last he checked, trees don't stumble.

"Huntwess?" Voice slurred from his brain scrambling.

"Finn?" Her voice called, worry woven in. She snapped her head at the sound of his voice, only to nauseate her too and stumbling once more.

"H-dub... lets wait a minute..." Finn recommends, collapsing backwards onto his back, coming to the realisation that he was in a bush. As the minutes stroll by, the effects they suffered dissipated and they slowly rose to their feet.

"Ugh, Glob... that... was a experience..." Finn groaned as leant against a tree for support with huntress wizard joining him a second later. "I know you are doing as well as I am right now, but I got to ask, do you know what forest we're in? Like, at all?"

"Finn, I feel like I've just got slapped by a giant, I can't think straight right now. Sorry Finn, I have no idea where we are..."

So this is my first time writing a fan fic, so please give me some advice on writing techniques, no matter how little I'll always want to hear it.

Chapter Text

"Really? Not even the faintest of ideas where we are?" Finn asked with slight worry etched into his voice.

"No Finn, not a clue" Huntress Wizard sighed, obviously getting annoyed at the question being repeated. The duo sat, still dizzy from their ordeal, and were recovering their strength via extreme laziness, not moving a muscle as they just watched the sky change with the passage of time. As the sun was soon to setting, they were nearly back to feeling normal again, and with it, clear thoughts.

Rising Finn went to his trusty old bag which he had removed to making resting easier. "I'm going to give PB a call, she is most probably worried."

"Sure, but don't forget to give her details on what happened. She might be able to figure out what that orb did, because I doubt teleporting us was the only thing it did, not with that amount of energy." Huntress says, rising to feet again to collect her gear and readying for travel.

With a nod Finn pulls his old phone from his bag and calls PB, watching it ring and waiting for her to answer. However, after a minute of ringing and no answer, Finn is forced to cancel the call... and try again. Only for the exact same response, and causing his worry to grow.

"Relax, Finn. She's most probably busy and can't answer right now... or the orb damaged your phone." Huntress said, trying to calm Finn nerves.

"Yeah, you're most probably right... lets go see her, she might be able to explain what happened, or at least tell us if with suffering from anything." Finn says, taking a step forward. Only to remember their problem. "Oh right, Huntress to do you know where we are now?" Finn asks rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. Huntress smirks and rolls her eyes, but answers nevertheless,

"Yes Finn, we're in the forest south-west of the candy kingdom." Her answer makes Finn’s eyes widen,

"Wait, Tree Trunk’s forest?" He questions, before looking up and sure enough, apple trees. He spots a particularly low hanging branch, and reaches out to it, grabbing an apple and plucking it before handing it to Huntress with a smile, "Trust me, they taste great in her apple pies." Huntress looks down at the apple in her hand, then smiles as she looks back at Finn.

"Thanks, Globs know I haven't eaten since we came. That has got to be at least half a day." Finn smile disappears, realising that panic must of set in by now about their sudden disappearance.

"Then we might want to hurry then, they are most probably worrying about us." He quickly spins around and begins his slightly hurried walk to the candy kingdom, one that he has done so many times in his life, the only difference this time was that Huntress was present, who quickly followed behind the hero to their destination.

The short walk from the forest to the castle was enveloped in silence, both still feeling off at the strange experience they had both endured. But they soon see the pink and white of the walls of the Candy Kingdom, and the two Gumball Guardians calmly blowing bubbles, sitting with their eternal motionless watch over the safety of the kingdom. He had no idea why, but to Finn something was... off about them, but could not put his finger on just what it was. Shaking off the feeling he entered the front gate of the kingdom.

Then questions immediately rampaged through his mind at the sight before him. He has saved most of the candy people in his life. He remembers them pretty well. And last time he checked, their genders were not as they are now. And the confusion was visible on his face, which quickly gets picked up on by Huntress Wizard,

"Finn? What’s wrong?" She asks standing next to him, ignorant to the change to the citizens that Finn has risked life and limb for.

"Huntress, I know you don't come here often enough to recognise or remember the guys here, but I do. Their genders are wrong."

"... What?" Huntress asks, confused by what he means by 'wrong'.

"I mean they are the opposite gender to what they are meant to be, or were at least." He lifts his arm and points to a lollipop citizen: "He was a she." Said he stops and looks at Finn, confused at why he is being pointed at. Embarrassed, Finn drops his arm and turns to Huntress Wizard.

"Something is wrong, like seriously donked up. Let’s hurry to PB, see if she can tell us what’s going on." She only nods as they turn and sprint towards the centre of the kingdom to find the Princess, 'Or maybe Prince.’ Finn thought with a shudder. Candy folk move aside as the duo charged towards their goal. Soon they spot a her. And a him. A male version of Bubblegum stood talking to a young girl, both unaware to the observers. Thinking quick Finn runs behind a ginger-bread building, spying on the couple as they talk, not trusting the stranger. "I'm guessing that the tall pink guy is, or was at least, PB. But who's the girl?"

"Finn, part of spying is stealth, and talking ruins that." Huntress lectures him, while Finn blushed.

"Sorry." The walking gum and unknown girl soon walked into hearing range, too focused on each other that they did not notice the four eyes staring at them as they passed by. Slinking out from around the building, the duo followed close behind them, nosing in on their conversation while remaining far enough back to remain unnoticed. With a close, uninterrupted view of the young girl revealed a interesting detail to note. She looked like Finn to put it simply.

Her t-shirt was blue but had longer sleeves than Finn's, instead of shorts she had a blue skirt, a green backpack that mirrored his own, and a hat that had long ears like a rabbit's instead of his bear stubs. His attire, while still vibrant in their own regard, were faded compared to hers, a sign of both the clothes and their wearer's ages.

"...I would also like to thank you for dealing with that monster nest as well, Fionna. And I would like to reward you for your continuous efforts in protecting my kingdom." The pink gum said to 'Fionna'

"Gumball it was nothing," Fionna replied with a blush, before pumping her fist out in a punch to the sky, "I enjoy punching monster buns!"

"Yes well... I would still like to extend an invitation for you to come my castle later, got some fun experiments planned that I think you shall enjoy." He suddenly halts and turns around before she could reply, only to spot a what appears to be a wood nymph and a... Fionna fan? Both of them were staring at the Prince and his knight with a startled look, not expecting him to turn around so suddenly. A awkward silence filled the air, before the Prince went to greet his stalkers, "Err... Hi, how can I-"

"Huntress... run." Finn calmly says, before scrambling to run towards the Prince's castle, with a confused Huntress right behind him, leaving a equally as confused royal behind. Startlement leaving her, Fionna quickly gives chase shouting 'Hey!', but the runners are already so far ahead that it was just a faint whisper.

"Finn! Why are we running?" Huntress asked, his actions just escalated the strange situation for no reason what so ever.

"I'll explain in a bit, but lets leave the kingdom first."

"Then why are we running to the castle and not the gate or climb walls?" She questions, making Finn shake his head,

"Cause they'll just follow us, we need to lose them. And they won't expect us to leave using a secret passageway." After all, they didn't know Finn knew them from his time serving Princess Bubblegum.

Reaching the walls to the castle Finn hurriedly scans them, searching for the right brick to move. Eventually he spots it, a massive pink brick with slight discolouration. He grabs it, before yanking it out, causing Finn to motion Huntress to enter, what she quickly does before climbing in himself, then sealing the entrance with the brick once more. As a squad of banana guards run by, the two hiders crawl through the tight tunnel of the emergency escape route.

"So Finn, what’s with that reaction back there?"

"... Back when Simon was Ice King, he often got bored and lonely, so he started writing fan fiction. About me. In general it was everyone in OOO, just the opposite gender. His version of me was called Fionna, who that Prince... something I can't remember, called her. I quickly put that together and realised what had happened: we are in Ice King's old fanfic."

"... Okay, that might explain what is happening, as crazy as it sounds, but why did we run from them then?"

"We are the ones out of place, we could be donking up some dimension or messing up a timeline, what sounds like it could be some cosmic crime! I don't want to go to the Citadel." Finn explained as he navigated the dark tunnel, while Huntress only nods. Though that was a large reason why Finn was scared, another thing that petrified him was getting into an adventure.

Ice King's fanfictions had terrible adventures that no-one could understand or like, and Finn would prefer to be back in OOO than in an adventure here, after all, nothing was better than something bad. Eventually, light appears ahead through the cracks of a old steel door. Rising up with an increase of space that matched the doors height, Finn proceeds to open the exit, wincing a little as day light from the setting sun assaulted his eyes. Huntress walks in front of him, shielding her pupils with her right arm. The door was located in a mountain side, next to a lake filled with normal fresh water and tall green trees.

"We better keep going, encase they are following somehow." Finn could on reply with a nod as he stretched his sore body from being in a cramped place for a while, before following Huntress at a jogging pace as she lead the way into forest.

It was several minutes later when they finally stopped running from the kingdom, presuming that the guards would of turned back by now. Panting with exhaustion, they both sit down at a base of some apple trees... back to where they started. Their years of experience helped them recover quickly, and in less than a minute Huntress rises, "Finn, we need to setup camp for the night."

"Right. Have you got a tent laying around here?" He jokes with a nod and a smile, trying to lighten the mood. Succeeding in his endeavour, Huntress smile before levitating an arrow, showing off her magic.

"No, but I can easily make us one." Suddenly the plants in the surrounding area all start fidgeting and moving, very slowly however. "Not going to lie Finn, this will drain me of my energy... Would you mind hunting something to eat?" She asks despite not looking at him, too focused on creating them cover from the weather.

"I can try I guess." Finn replies unsurely. He has 'hunted' criminals before who were on the run and chased beasts out of kingdoms but not actually hunted food before.

Turns out Finn's hunting style was to run after a rabbit while wildly swinging his sword accompanied by screaming. After a while the rabbit becomes too worn out to continue escaping, and Finn finally catches it and kills the small furry animal with a jab of his sword. Returning back to camp with rabbit in hand, he discovers that Huntress had twisted or grown a bunch of trees together to create a circular structure, then used leaves and vines to cover up any small gaps. Huntress herself seems to be sitting outside the entrance to the shelter with a smile on her face.

"That was entertaining to watch." She said with a grin, apparently having watched Finn chase the rabbit down like a mad man. With a embarrassed blush Finn chucks the carcass at her.

"I have no idea how to prepare that." He tells her, causing Huntress to sigh and start skinning the animal, though Finn does sit by her and watches the process, trying to remember encase he needs it for later. In an attempt to remove the awkward silence, Finn looks at the 'camp' she had made, "So that’s a bit... fortified for a quick camp, what spell was that?" He asks, trying to think of a good word to describe it.

"It's the same spell I used to create my house back in OOO, and you are right in thinking that it wasn't made for making camps, but it was all I know in the form of building shelters." She replied, not even taking her eyes of the rabbit as she cut insane speed and precision. Very quickly the rabbit was ready to be cooked, and it was promptly done so, cooked over a small flame they set up. They ate in silence (to the slight discomfort of Finn) and finished quickly, throwing any remains outside to let nature handle. Then the duo head indoors, before settling down for the night at opposite ends of the building and silently falling asleep.

Fionna and her Prince were sitting in his office, worry covering the royal’s face. Just who were those people? What were they doing?... Well spying on them obviously. But why so obviously that they would do it in public with no disguises or tricks? Was it their plan to be spotted? If so, why? What did they hope to gain from such a cocky action? Suddenly Fionna spoke up, "Who were those people?"

"I'm not sure Fionna, but they were obviously spies-"

"SPYS?" She cut him off, excitement filling her face, imagining her battling spy tech in some secret lair in a mathematical climatic fight.

"Yes, spies Fionna. And they must of been following us for a while to know of our secret entrance location so well." He said looking at a security recording of their escape. And people called him paranoid for putting cameras everywhere.

"Don't worry Gumball! We’ll find them and I'll kick their buns!" She says putting her foot on his desk and punching the air.

"Well... The best way to find them is to start looking for clues at the secret exit... Take Cake with you tomorrow, see if you can find anything that can help you track them down."

"Will do PG!" Fionna salutes before sprinting out of the room. Gumball looks at the door, before taking out a tablet and loading up a camera system and tracking devices.

"I wonder if anyone is working with them..."

Fionna herself ran back down the kingdom's roads, then through the grass hills that she lived in, before eventually ending up at a very old, very tall tree that she and her sister called home for years. Blasting through the door like she had a horde of demons behind her, she runs into the kitchen to find Cake cooking spaghetti.

"Cake!" The feline stares at her, freezing her serving of the food above the girl’s plate,

"Hold on Fionna, its almost read-"

"No Cake, this isn't about spaghetti-" Cake stops serving and moves to put it back "Though I will have some!" She quickly adds, her sister smirking before returning the food back to her plate. "Anyways! Something cool happened today! Me and PG got spied on! And we chase them!" Turning around, cake put her hands on her hips,

"And why were they spying on you? You weren't doing anything were you?" she teased her sister. Gaining a blush, Fionna sputtered,

"Cake! We weren't doing anything! Besides kissing is disgusting." Fionna sticking her tongue out at the end, her young innocence shining through. Sighing though, she continues "We were walking down the street's of the Candy Kingdom, and Gumball was thanking me for my help, and he asked me to join him for some experiments that were 'going to be fun'... Probably a bunch of explosion or some wicked potion... Anyways! He turned around to return to his castle when we spot two people standing quietly behind us: one was this green and brown wood nymph, the other looked like a fan boy, probably a hyooman that remembered me freeing them. When Gumball moved to talk with them, they fled to the castle and I followed while PG ordered the banana guards to search the area for 'suspicious'. They ended up just running around asking candy folk if they were suspicious. After a while we gave up and Gumball searched some security footage and we found them escaping using the secret passage." She explained in a hyper attitude, before shovelling her food down. Cake just nodded, barely able to keep up, paw on her chin as she thought with squinted eyes.

"Girl, it sounds like we got a mystery on our hands." Fionna nods in reply, as she was too busy stuffing food into her mouth to use it. Swallowing, she concluded with,

"PG wants us to track them tomorrow, then kick their butts! I can't wait to fight a spy! What kind of gadgets do you think there have!?" And so the sister spent the rest of night staying up late and talking about awesome battles against special agent spies...

Finn and Huntress awoke late next morning, though sluggishly, still recovering from being teleported and building the house. Rising, the duo stretched and prepared themselves for the day, bathing at a river they find a short walk away. Once cleaned and ready for the day, they slot their gear, Huntress checked her arrows, Finn attached his robot arm before they set off to find more food that will last long enough for multiple dinners. Huntress Wizard took the charge, leading them through the forest silently, (or as quiet as Finn could be) planning on showing the hero the ropes on hunting.

Finn watched in silent amazement discovers tracks of a wild boar before beginning her hunt for it, grabbing small tuffs of its fur that got snagged on bushes and low-hanging branches as she hunts it down. Soon they spot it, devouring a fallen apple on the dirty forest floor. Huntress doesn’t waste time with theatrics or tricks just shooting an arrow propelled by magic straight through the boars eye. It collapses to floor dead in less than a second, never standing a chance against her arrow.

"Whoa! Great shot Huntress!" Finn's excited form exclaims, causing Huntress to smile with pride as she stands to collect her prey. I mean, who wouldn't be proud after getting praise from someone who has fought cosmic beings and the lich? She pulls her arrow out the boar, then uses her magic to clean and repair it to be used again, while Finn grabs the boar, years of carrying Princesses from Ice King making him excellent for the job. Finished inspecting her arrow, Huntress turns her gaze to Finn,

"Come on, let's go Finn. We need to prepare it before we can eat it." Finn nods as his stomach growls, the hunt having worked up his apatite. Huntress smiles and turns, glad to have shown off her skills to Finn when her hunter trained ears pickup two voices in the distance. Ducking low she peeks through a bush, and finds the girl-Finn and a cat wandering through the forest.

The feline that had stretched its body into having a smoking pipe, magnifying glass and a hat, and was searching the ground, looking for clues. Seeing Huntress dropping into stealth mode like that causes Finn to quickly came to the conclusion to copy her, before joining Huntress in spying through the bush, going wide eyed at the sight in front of him.

"They found us." Huntress states, lacking emotion. Finn face palms,

"Glob dammit..." He sighs "We should get going before they spot us. Jake had a pretty good nose."

"And I have pretty good ears ya doofuses!" The cat shouts, causing both to go wide eyed again. Finn stood first with an annoyed, but friendly look, while Huntress rises stoically and lacking any emotion, just squinting her eyes. Finn takes a step forward to speak for the two of them,

"Hey... We mean no trouble-"

"YOU DONKED UP SPIES!" Fionna shouts before screaming and charging Finn with her sword raised high above her head with no technique, just a blind, mindless charge. The sword was had a wooden handle, the old root sword if Finn remembered correctly. Huntress and Finn simply sidestep her, with Finn sticking his foot out, similar to how Rattleballs dealt with him. Fionna naturally trips up on the limb, and lands harshly in the bush they were hiding in a second ago, sword clattering in front of her. Cake suddenly started stretching,

"Fionna girl I'm coming!" Her enlarged limbs going to swat Finn aside, then jolts back as a arrow barely grazes her. Huntress blasts forward, a barrage of arrows as the spear for her, sending cake retreating.

Turning to a rising Fionna, Finn tries reason once more with his female counterpart, "Look, I'm not looking for a fight, just let me ex-"

"I let my sword do the talking!" She runs at him swinging her sword to strike him. Finn retaliates by yanking his sword free and blocking, the force of the counter sending her arms up and exposing her chest. He could just kill her right now if he wanted to.

He boots her chest hard, and the girl already off balance from the block goes flying backwards before crashing into the ground once more. Taking the opportunity of a break he checks on Huntress to see Cake out of breath, and Huntress not letting up going in for the kill, losing herself in the hunt.

"Huntress stop! They are the heroes of AAA, they need to be alive!" There was no way he will willingly kill his counterpart, even if they were attacking him and Huntress. Besides, their deaths would mean crime would go rampant in their absence from the world of the living, and incompetent soldiers like the banana guards would be sent in to die. Huntress snaps back to sense at the sound of Finn, however Cake uses this as an excuse to tackle and wrap Huntress up. She completely entombs the woman, but then suddenly collapses, revealing Huntress covering her mouth and nose as she holds a potion with a glittery purple aura coming out the top.

"Cake!" Fionna scrambles up and charges Huntress to protect her sister, only to see Finns fist. The momentum from her running plus the strength of Finn's muscle equalled to a straight up knockout, as her legs carry her forward a second before collapsing on to her back unconscious. With his work done he turned to check on Huntress Wizard for any injuries. Before he can even ask or check she speaks up,

"I'm fine Finn, so no need to ask." He shuts his mouth, causing Huntress to smile from presuming correctly. The duo moved the unconscious bodies against a tree before booking it, with Finn returning a second later to grab the boar they hunted before joining Huntress once more.

It was a long while later when the sisters awoke, and when they had realised what had happened, they retreat back to Gumball. The sisters were currently in the candy kingdom's hospital getting a look over after getting themselves wiped out so easily, with the face of annoyance needing to be plastered on with how long it was on their faces. Gumball meanwhile tapped his paper note pad, containing a recap of the fight, or what they remembered at least.

He could not help but draw his attention to a single line: They were still needed. What did the spies mean by that? It sounded like Fionna and Cake were part of some plan... And they were spying on him, to the point of knowing his kingdom's layout down to the secret exits. This plan was big, whatever they have planned, and it surely meant his kingdom was in trouble. "Fionna, next time you go to hunt them down, I will join you, because it seems these two just became priority number one.”

Chapter Text

Finn and Huntress wizard were sitting on a branch together, staring down silently at the ground below them as still as they could possibly be. The duo were making sure they weren't being followed, however, they knew they had stuff to do like prepare the boar they hunted for food, secure the camp as a place of safe living, and starting on finding out a way to get back home. Who knows what is happening in their absence? There were not really many, if any at all, who could fill their shoes if something major goes down, and they did not enjoy the thought of them abandon everyone.

After a hour of two of unmoving boredom, the duo knew they had to move as they had much to do. After they arrive back to the camp, Finn stayed back at the home cutting wood, collecting water, and preparing the pig after being given the basic how-to by Huntress. She herself were casting spells on the house to improve it durability, like fire resistance, before moving back to where they arrived in AAA. The location was easy to recognise due to where Finn had landed and crushed a bush, and begun to search for clues to how they could return home, while also marking it up for future attempts.

She returned to the shelter to see Finn carrying small cut up logs inside the house, and was able to peek at the boar hanging at the back of the room. Following him in she nods to get his attention, causing him to drop the wood in a pile and before walking over to her. "I've looked at the spot where we landed with some magic. While this is completely out of my area, the world seems... hollow there. Like the universe is cracked or dented there, unfortunately I have no idea what I'm doing, and even if I did, I would not have the power to manipulate it in any way." She moves to the centre of the room, where a basic cooking system was set and some boar meat was being cooked. Finn grimaces before looking lost in thought when Huntress gets his attention once more, "Finn, we need... need... that Prince's-"

"Gumball?" He suggests, only just remembering it himself.

"Yeah, we need Gumball's help with finding a way home Finn. With the trouble we've been to him so far I think he will be happy to have us gone." She says forgetting the prince’s name due to only hearing it once, but raising a good point to Finn. He grimaced at the thought of having created trouble for the royal, remembering how hard Bubblegum worked and how stressed out she became because of it. Looking to Huntress he nods,

"Yeah I agree, however... well... knowing my younger self I would just charge in and start swinging, solving problems with violence, and Fionna is definitely acting like that so far. We also both know that when a problem comes, I'm sent to deal with it, Princess Bubblegum and the other princesses hardly ever got directly involved. I think we will need to go to him directly, and I don't think we will get the red carpet." Finn explains, summarizing his worries, causing Huntress to nod in understanding. They have to break into Gumball's castle and probably into his lab to find the man, and he definitely won't appreciate that. But they did need to go home.

"You know a secret passage way to his labs?" He nods, grabbing something to eat from the boar as well, "We need to break in and stop him from calling for help, and probably tie him to prevent him using any tricks. The question is how?"

"That’s not the only ting to worry about. PB had a serious problem keeping her nose out of other people's business, she was constantly spying on peeps. PG is likely the same, and will have cameras everywhere, maybe even in some candy folk, it wouldn't be the first time." Huntress looks at Finn with surprise at how far Bubblegum was willing to go in her in spying. She had heard about how she made Ice King cool the Fire Kingdom, nearly everyone who wasn't under a rock did and she knew PB lost a few friends and allies that day. PG was likely the same, they won't be able to enter the kingdom without being spotted and loosing the element of surprise...

"Wait... What if we use that to our advantage?" Finn raised an eyebrow in curiosity and edged her into explaining her plan, "If he has cameras everywhere, then what if we just find one and just stand in front of it with a sign?" Finn's mind took a second to process that plan and its absurdity, he blinked a second later, before slowly looking up at her.

"That plan is stupid, basic, and might just work." He grins at her, "Just where we getting the sign?"

"A market stall's sign?" She shrugs before adding, "The destruction of a market stall would surely get his attention as well." Finn nods as the duo properly dig into their food, before they form a plan, prepare gear, and enjoy each others presence as they sort out their current home before they execute their scheme tomorrow.

Gumball awoke early the next day to his cat alarm patting his head, before getting up and moving to his labs to start grabbing technology to make his homemade gear. There was no way he was going out to hunt two people who floored his champions without unbeatable science to back him up, as while he knows Fionna means well and wishes no harm to come to her prince, she never orbited him when it came defending him, always running in to the danger. To be fair she usually draws all the agro away from him, but these two were obviously smarter than that, and if they weren't then they could take Fionna down again before making their moves against him.

He leaves his lab with gadgets and tricks in every pocket and up both sleeves. A smile on his face. He won't let a single threat come to his eternal kingdom, and his days in the lab without rest that many berated (Mostly his faithful helper: Butterscotch Butler) were 'not good for him' and gave him a 'poor reputation' had been worth it if he stops these spies. Exiting his castle he strolls to a squadron of banana guards, and Fionna and Cake front and centre. "Good, you are both here with the guards I asked for. We need to go to the location of your confrontation-" He pauses at their confused faces before sighing, forgetting the limit of two syllables, "... The location of your fight." They all released ‘ohs' at the clarification as he decides to continue "We can follow their tracks to their base of operations, maybe even find their leader, and bring them down." He ends with slamming the bottom of his clenched fist in his other hand's open palm, causing Fionna to throw her arm up, clutching her blade.

"Algebraic! Can't wait to get revenge for that knock out." Cake nodded as well, mirroring the same thoughts just against a certain wood nymph. Turning to the main gate the group lead the way out of Gumball's life work, his pride and joy, his kingdom, and toward the forest to the south west against a threat that might threaten it all. Fionna was front and centre with two banana guards diagonally at her sides, Gumball was in the middle, his towering size enabling him to look over Fionna and Cake at the back, her banana guards mirroring Fionna's to create a rhombus shape around the Prince. The walk was silent, mouth shut in favour for eyes open, scanning the calm environment for violent intent.

"We're here." Fionna states, looking at the flattened bush that she fell in. Gumball hummed in thought, hand on his chin, before getting low to the dirty ground while trying to spare his clothes from its touch. He then however notices foot prints and blood drops.

"I thought you didn't land a blow against them?" He says staring at Fionna, which she returned with a puzzled look.

"We didn't... unless I somehow did without realising." She looks at her hand with amazement which Cake also shared,

"You're getting so good with that blade that not even you are realising that you attacked, you're getting swift." Causing Fionna to swipe the air with her blade, pride on her face. Gumball tried to resist an eye roll at their immaturity and failing to not get distracted, at least they are better than his other guards, who were all standing around staring at trees.

"Or what I fear has happened is that we are too late, and they've already taken a life. But who lives around here-"

"Mr. Tree Trunks!" Both girls shout panic on their faces, sadness and anger quickly envelope it however, wanting revenge for failing to protect the elephant. "Gumball... lead they way. For Tree Trunks and his pies!" Fionna shouts raising her blade and running along the tracks, which the banana guards follow with their measly war cries. Gumball just sighs and runs after them before they get in danger or lose the tracks.

As he ran with them, he let science pave his way just like how he did with kingdom, using scanners and tracking devices. The calming sounds of nature was rudely interrupted by loud beeping and metals clinkering together as the large group charged through the forest to intercept their foes.

The group become silent as soon as they see a structure made of trees, woven and knotted together. With Gumball's signal, the group quietly approaches the building's entrance, four banana guard first, Fionna, Cake and Gumball in the middle and the remaining four guards at the rear. Suddenly the building vine door opens, revealing the fan boy who was carrying a pile on bones wrapped up in a bag on his shoulder, which he promptly drops upon seeing the Candy kingdom's bad but loveable guards. He darts inside before a shout bellows out,

"HUNTRESS! WE'VE GOT COMPANY!" He re-emerges a second later with the wood nymph, now known as 'Huntress', close behind him both bearing their weapons but not attacking. The banana guards split up to reveal the three important individuals to the duo, their presence dominating in getting their attention. Finn takes a step forward before addressing the royal,

"Prince Gumball, please let us expla-"

"We are not here to talk! We are here to bring you to justice!" Fionna cuts him off raising her self into a fighting stance. Which she promptly drops when everyone gives her annoyed look at pointlessly elevating the situation. The Prince in conversation turns his gaze back to Finn as his champion retreats with a blush.

"Sorry about that, she has always been swing first, think of any consequence as they are happening" Gumball apologies, earning a 'hey!' from Fionna before she quietly grumbles to herself. Finn however only chuckles before replying,

"ehh no prob, comes with 'young blood' or so I was told by my brother." It was Jake's excuse for him whenever he donked anything up, and had to constantly reminded Bubblegum when they first worked for her. Finn let a silent chuckle in his head as he remembered PB quickly learning why you don't give a kid delicate things, physical or not. No idea if the saying was true but Cake has most probably said the same thing in that case. Sure enough Gumball smiled before becoming serious again and asking a fair question:

"Why were you spying on me? And who do you work for?"

"We didn't mean to spy on you, well we did that ONE time but that was so we know when we could ask you a few questions." Finn replies. Gumball squints at them, ‘Then how did they know the secret entrance/exit?’ Before he could reply Huntress adds,

"The only person we serve right now is ourselves. And each other." Which caused the duo to give glances to each other before returning it to the company at hand.

"And what questions were you going to ask me?" Which caused them to look at Fionna and Cake before Huntress replies,

"Questions we would like to ask in private." ‘Dodging the question? Suspicious... And they want him alone with no guards as well...’

"Sure-" He extends his arm to shake with Finn "- Lets return to my castle, you know my name but I don't know yours?" Finn goes to shake his arm.

"Its Finn-" Suddenly Finn turns blue with a shocked expression on his face, as electricity flows through him upon grasping Gumball's hand. The Prince only watches. There were too many unknowns in the equation, and they had said lies throughout the conversation. They had to be taken back to the Candy Kingdom's prison for interrogation for the truth and the safety of his life work. But surprise was returned to the sender as Finn just stood there with the shocked expression yet was in no pain, nor was he collapsing or jittering as one expects from being electrocuted. As the buzzing stopped and Finn was no longer blue, all who were present were staring at their handshake. Finn looks up, before yanking his arm back with PG following it until a knee to the stomach stopped him. And then all chaos broke loose.

Fionna charged in only for vines to launch out of the ground and entangle her, courtesy of Huntress Wizard as she turns to launch a volley of arrows, causing all the banana guards to yell and run with their tails between their legs. Cake charged forward and landed a enlarged blow against Huntress, causing her to drop Fionna. Flying back she landed on all four, then glares at the feline and growls. Charging forward spearheaded by her arrows she forces Cake to stretch away and into trees. With the lack of room Cake couldn't enlarge her entire form, so she starts swiping with large claws only in attempts to escape the Huntress, who rapidly closes in from behind...

Fionna was about to help her sister when she remembers Gumball, and the man standing above his winded form. She rushes forward, sword positioned to impale Finn, what he side steps and boots her in the back, sending her sprawling onto the floor. She rises quickly however and takes a swing that Finn blocks, locking in a stalemate of strength. Suddenly pathetic war cries come from Finn's right. The banana guards have recovered from their spooking and were now charging spears at the ready. Finn jumps back last second, causing all their weapons to lock up in a mess. With a single swing he destroys all the weapon heads, causing them to look down in confusion and fear,

"Run away!" One shouts before all of them starts scrambling away in random directions with arms above their heads, one running straight into a tree. Finn turns from the spectacle of stupidity as his gaze locks onto Fionna, who had just helped the recovered Prince up. A net suddenly comes buzzing from up the Prince's sleeve that Finn simply cuts in half. Fionna charges forward swinging like a maniac while PG flanks, pulling out two metal objects from his pocket that he unclips and combines into what looks like a gun. It forces Finn to retreat from the duo as they charged forward with killer intent.

"Hey! knock it off! I don't want to hurt you!" Finn shouts, blocking Fionna's blade as a beam grazes his back.

"Why are you still lying!?" Fionna shouts as she raises her blade, but gets tackled by Finn as an attack as well as a doge from another one of Gumball's lasers. The action knocks the blade out of her hand, so in desperation to get Finn off her she grabs his head and pushes. Due to his larger structure he doesn't budge, however, it does undo the straps on his hat, making it snap off in her hands.

His hair falls and envelopes their heads and obscures everyone's vision of his neck, but Fionna still notices the lack of something. With wide eyes she reaches up and rubs his neck, "No gills..." Finn jumps off and grabs his hat in one smooth motion, panic on his face. He hope he hasn't donked up the multiverse and ends up in the Citadel. After a few silent seconds of Fionna staring at him with wide soul-searching eyes, he releases a silent sigh. If the guardians haven't come then what he is doing here is meant to happen. Suddenly a sound of a laser charging up fill his ears, he was in Gumball's sight.

"Gumball wait!" Fionna shouts causing Gumball to halt his attack, yet still keep his gun charged and aimed at Finn. She looks at Finn as she rises before uttering, "You're Human..."

"Yes, now can I please explain myself to you now?" Finn announces, causing Gumball to tap his fingers against his gun in thought before looking up at him.

"Fine, but we will return to my castle first, I've got some tests for you before you answer our questions." Gumball says with the banana guards running behind him who he quickly tells to halt. Finn turns to the forest before yelling,

"Huntress! We've talked it out!" He shouts to the forest, which he just realises has been silent for a while. Huntress saunters out, dragging Cake behind,

"Sorry Fionna, but your sister didn't get her revenge today." Which causes Fionna to grab her sister's unconscious body and hold her in her arms. "Don't worry, she'll only be knocked out for a short while. I think." Which earns her a glare by the young blonde. Huntress uncaring of the look turns to Finn "Where are we going?"

"Back to the castle, Gumball has some questions for us." The banana guards then form a four person sandwich on the duo, with Fionna carrying an unconscious Cake alongside Gumball at the front. It took only a glance at Fionna to tell she was just barely holding back on asking a barrage of questions at Finn, and this walk was only giving her time to think of more. Finn sighs, he was going to have fun avoiding many of those questions. He learnt about his origins like his father and founder's island when he was a few years older, she was not ready for all the answers and he might just have to be upfront about it.

A while later Finn and Huntress just looked at each other, having a unspoken staring conquest, bored out of their minds as they sit in their cell. Huntress was resting her cheek on her palm, Finn meanwhile shifts uncomfortably, trying to ignore his gender bent counterpart on the other side of the bars who was still staring at him. And by bars, he meant two bars, just like the ones that had held Ice King back when he was younger and had to make him cry to undo the King's accidental mistake. Gumball quietly strolls in through the trap door, notepad in hand,

"You two will come and answer my questions now." He orders, leaving no room for debate. Rising, they walk around the bars as they follow the Prince, Fionna rises silently as well a second later, still staring at Finn. They soon enter a enclosed room, void of anything but a metal table and three chairs. A small black box was resting on top of the table as the Prince sits on one side of the table with Fionna standing by his side.

He removes the box to reveal it was covering a recording device and a strange white crystal, which he picks up and looks at the duo, "This crystal is apparently 'magic', we just haven't figured out how it works scientifically yet, and will glow continuously until you lie. For example: I'm a girl." Sure enough, the crystal in his hand goes dark, "I'm a boy." It glows faintly, like a night light in the dark. He then places it in front of duo before grabbing his notepad and pen before starting the recording device. "First question: why were you spying on us?" It took a second but Finn reaches for the crystal before holding it in his hand, making it glow.

"So when you finished talking we could ask you some questions." And the crystal still glows, yet doesn't produce any heat, remaining weirdly cool to the touch. He places the crystal down again, as Gumball merely nods.

"Next question: What questions did you want to ask?" Huntress reaches for it next, lifting it up while staring at Gumball.

"What was going on and if we could have a health check up, however our questions have changed." It glows once more before she put down again.

"Right... and who do you work for?" Huntress answers,

"Myself and the forest." It glows before she hands it over to Finn,

"Anyone who is in need of help, but mainly Princess Bubblegum." It glows once more. Gumball hums in thought and interest.

"Princess Bubblegum? I don't know any kingdom with a ruler called that... Next question where are you from?" Finn reaches for it but Huntress is faster, grabbing and answering the question,

"Another dimension, likely from a alternative time line." It glows, causing Gumball's eyebrows to rise in surprise. Alternative timeline?

"Alternative timeline? You mean you are a different version of us created from a alternative choice in past?" Finn just nods, which only causes Gumball to point at the crystal. With a eye roll he picks it up,

"Yes." It glows. "And that’s what we wanted to ask you about. We went... unknowingly, so we wanted a health check up because we didn't feel to well after arriving. We then noticed the... differences between our timelines, and went to you- well aiming for Princess Bubblegum who was a female version of you, for help... only for us realize that you weren't her and had to book it before something I feared happen." Despite the large dump of information, the crystal still glows.

"And what is you feared?" He asks curiously, causing Finn to sigh,

"Doing a cosmic crime. If you do, guards from a place called the Citadel will bring you back to hold you there in a eternal prison." He did not want to be like his Dad. Won't even chance it. "I feared messing with the dimensions or timeline, I not sure what is a cosmic crime and what is not. Didn't want to risk it." Gumball nods in understanding, that fate did not sound pleasant and would be wise to try and avoid it, and if you don't know what will trigger it then you best stay as far away as possible. Finn did not mean to startle him, just being cautious to the extreme to avoid doing a 'cosmic crime'.

"Say... if you're from a different timeline... then who are you in this world?" Gumball asks Finn, what just makes Huntress Wizard narrow her eyes,

"He serves a Princess called Bubblegum and is a human. I would of thought someone of your intelligence would of made the link by now."

"I did. Like you said, the connection was obvious. Just wanted to make sure that Fionna is Finn's counterpart, because Finn seems to be older than Fionna, which means although your from a alternative timeline, you're still from the future... Anything I should prepare for?"

"Wouldn't that just donk up the timeline, making everything worse?" Finn replies, which causes Gumball to grit his teeth. Those that try to change the future usually cause it. He nods slowly, before stopping the recording device. "We done here?" Finn ask what just earns another nod from the Prince. Suddenly the door bursts open and cake rushes inside, a bandage on her head.

"Wait! If you are from the future you can't just not tell us! Come on! Spill the gossip!" Cake says grabbing Finn. Cake's interrogation causes Fionna to remove her dam on her questions. She too goes in front of Finn spilling questions on the startled Finn, which he stops with a hand motion.

"I just said I can't tell you!"

"I know. But come on! Tell me, will I find love? What about Fionna? Will she find love?" Cake asks before eyeing Huntress Wizard. "Will it be a male version of her? Glob I hope not!" Cake says, still salty about being knocked out twice causing her to hiss at Huntress, which earns her a growl in return, before she answers her question,

"We are not dating..." She was going to continue her rant about why she was not hunting love when a thought strikes her. They had no reputation of her, no person to look tough to, no forest for her to watch over if her male counterpart is doing it. Finn right now no longer serving anyone, and his counterpart was handling hero work that if the timeline was to flow as correctly as possible meant he can't really do for her. She can't 'cease to exist' as right now as she has now no reputation, she didn't exist right now. A relationship with Finn and her future were up to her to decide right here, right now. Finn snaps her from her thoughts as he continues for her.

"Even if were dating, we're from a different timeline, you could end up with someone else." Huntress just blankly nods. Would Finn still be interested in a relationship? She would have to discuss it with him sometime. Not now though. She still had to make up her mind herself. The group of noise, mostly consisting of Fionna and Cake, rises as they Finn for answers, with him constantly denying them. Prince Gumball only smiles as he leaves them to enter his labs, and Fionna and Cake were eventually frightened into going home by Huntress, leaving her alone with Finn for the remaining pleasant journey home through the forest, walking to make it last and to give her time to make her decision.

Princess Bubblegum was frantically running around the battlefield, scanning equipment in hand. Marceline was flying around, using her strength to flip debris, uncaring in where it lands. The area was blackened as if scorched by a great heat, and a humongous crater now exists where the portal use to be. Bubblegum was stopping her scanning every few seconds to answer the call of a panicking royal, all of who now knew of the accident and Finn being missing.

All were worried about their hero and dear friend, many in all kingdoms were doing a search for Finn, using scanners and magic, may they be a royal or scientist or civilian. Bubblegum starts scanning the crater some more, getting a negative beep from her device before looking up to the sky. "Oh Finn, please be safe..."

Chapter Text

Finn and Huntress Wizard were resting in their home, recovering after the events of the day. Finn was cooking the last of the boar, and Huntress was using her magic powers to fix the land after their clash with the force from the Candy kingdom. After healing a tree that was smashed by Cake in their fight she gave the area one last look around for any more imperfections, before turning and entering their new home. She looks at Finn, thrn signals the hero to come over, causing him to stop adjusting the food and walks over to her,


"What is it you need?"


"Finn, I think it's pretty obvious that this 'camp' is going to be long term. We need to prepare it for that, expand and add necessities like toilets and proper food storage. I can handle that, however, I can't add resources like ingredients or cleaning supplies. For that we need money." Finn nods in understanding.


"I can handle that just like how me and Jake use to get our money. Run some dungeons, beat a few bandits… should be easy to do. In fact I remember us having a problem with having too much money." Huntress nods, her worry of money put to rest before a question popping in her mind,


"Wait, I thought the princess is where you got your money?" What just causes Finn to raise his eyebrows in curiosity,


"What made you think that?"


"I just thought that she would reward you for your hard work, that’s all."


"She rarely pays me. Like twice in my time working with her. I use to work for free when I had a crush on her in an attempt to gain her affection. Even when I got over her, we had been doing things like that for so long, combined with the fact that I didn't care for money as me and Jake already had more than enough, we didn't care about getting paid." Huntress just nods in understanding. Love often does make people do crazy things, just look at Betty's time in OOO, it is a prime example of how far some will go. 


The duo eventually end up just sitting around and silently plan their day in their heads. It was during these boring minutes did a question popped into Huntress's head. She hadn't asked at the time it happened as they had more important things to take care off, but now that they weren't doing anything important...


"Hey Finn, why were you immune to electricity? You completely shrugged off Gumballs electric handshake." Finn looks down, deep in thought, before raising his head once more,


"... If I had to guess... It's from when we went hunting the thunder boar and you made me immune to electricity so I could get its tusk without getting hurt. I guess it was permanent…. And now that I think about, when I turned off the Guardian at founders island, it shocked me there too, and I didn't feel it either… Huh, guess I'm immune to electricity now. Sweet." Huntress raises her eyebrows. When she made him drink from the lake, she didn't realize its effects were permanent. Oh well, not like it harms them or anything, in fact she sees nothing but positives from this. It was as Finn put it: sweet. So she simply nods, before going back to planning what spells she'll need to use to improve the house. Then, what she can do to help Gumball in finding them a way back to OOO. Wait…


"Hey Finn, how do we contact Gumball?" Finn halts in his planning on what dungeon to raid before looking at Huntress. He releases a sigh before standing up.


"I guess we can go ask Fionna for his number. Want to come with me?" Huntress quickly nods, causing Finn to extend a hand to help her up which she graciously accepts. Brushing of the soft dirt that makes their floor, they leave their home before heading towards Fionna and her tree house. Only to then remember it's night.


"Maybe we'll do this tomorrow, Finn" Huntress grins at Finn, causing him to start blushing in embarrassment at forgetting the time.


"Yeah..." Finn says, rubbing the back of his neck before they turn around and enter the home. The duo quickly start putting out all the fire lit lights dotting their home, before settling down onto the dirt ground to sleep for the night. As Finn falls into the grips of a deep slumber, Huntress takes one last peek at Finn's sleeping form, gaining a small smile before turning over and going to sleep as well.


The duo awoke the next morning, and begun their morning rituals of life like bathing, which they did together to prevent time wasting. Huntress Wizard still did not mind people being in their natural, what she proves as she casually washes herself next to Finn, but the hero looks away from her with a slight blush of embarrassment. Several minutes later, two birds sat next to each other on a branch, enjoying each others presence as they chirp together in love. Suddenly an arrow pierce through them both, obliterating their future together. 


Huntress Wizard rises with a smug smile as she stares at Finn's awed expression. Impressing Finn always put a smile on her face, though she herself was not sure why, it just did. They both quickly collect the love birds, then brings them back to their home for breakfast while they discuss their plans for the day, mainly consisting of: getting PG's number, check up on the entry point, run dungeons/bandit camps for money, and assisting Gumball for a way back. So with basic plans set, they collect their iconic gear of sword and arrows yet nothing else, planning to travel lightly as exit through their vine doors and head towards the old tree house.


The walk was silent, but not unpleasant, as they listen to birds chirp above them in the morning sun that warms the whole forest to a pleasant level. Exiting their forest they stroll onto grassy plains, revealing to Finn a sight for sore eyes. The tree house, undamaged with its vibrant green leaves and bold brown bark, accompanied by an aqua blue pond with water dudes swimming in it. Finn actually freezes upon seeing it, remembering his beloved home that had contained years of adventure and memories before its destruction. Letting out a prolonged sigh, he and Huntress move forward, 'At least it went out with style...' He approaches the door and lifts his arm to knock, freezing for a second. Then just letting off three quick, quite knocks.


It takes a few seconds, the sound of smashing of objects and rapid footsteps were the messenger of the incoming person. The door swings open to reveal Cake who, after giving Huntress the bug eye, greets them.


"Hey, how can I help you?"


"So... we wondering if we could get Gumballs number?"


"What makes you think we know his number, huh?" She says putting her hand on her hips and squinting.


"Fionna. Now can we have it now, please?" Finn says with slight impatience tainting his voice.


"Did you have a crush on him, or her, as well?" Finn continues to stare. "... Fine. Don't get your knickers in a twist." She says, muttering the last part as she turns and stretches her arm into the house, before they come back with a pen and a scrap piece of paper. She hurriedly scribbles down the number before handing it over.


"Thanks Cake"


"Come on Cake! We've got to beat this boss!" A shout bellows out from upstairs, obviously from an impatient Fionna. Cake slams the door shut as she stretches back upstairs, yelling at her sister. Obviously BMO was more important than the greatest hero OOO has ever seen at the door. Understandable.


"Huh." Finn says, after reading PG's number that was scribbled down in poor handwriting.


"What?" Huntress asks.


"They're the exact same number." He says pointing at the card. He pulls his black phone out of his bag and gave it a call, but still no answer came. He sighs, "I think the phone is broken." He pulls the rest of the phone out of his bag and pops the cover off using his night blade. Huntress kneels and takes a peek inside, but technology was never her strong point as she goes blank at all the mechanical things inside. The mad world of wild beasts and chaotic magic were her point of expertise. However, it seems that Finn was not faring much better, presuming by the pained look of confusion on his face. He suddenly slams the cover back down before rising,


"Busted, but I don't know how... maybe PG will help, we could book an appointment for help with him while we're there." He extends a hand to Huntress which she grabs and pulls herself up. They held hands for a few seconds, before Huntress yanks her hand away with a blush, before marching towards the castle in front, leaving Finn behind confused about what just happened.


The silent walk continues despite how many times Finn tries to start a conversation, only getting one word replies, if one at all. He quickly learns to shut up, and they soon go through the Candy Kingdom's gates. Finn tries to shrug of the strange feeling of seeing everyone gender bent, trying to stare at the unaltered candy road, but it still bothered him, like an itch he can't scratch. They enter PG's castle, still not talking to each other before they get a greeting by a butterscotch in a suit. "Hello, I'm Butterscotch butler, serving hand of Prince Gumball, how may I be of assistance?" The female Peppermint Butler asked, causing Huntress to step forward with reply in hand,


"We would like to see Gumball."


"Why? Is it important enough to interrupt his current endeavours?"


"Yes. We would like to book a meeting when he is not as busy, l so we can start finding a way back home… and we need our phone fixed."


"I shall alert him but I can make no promises." The candy helper says as she turns away to the end of the room, then walking down some stairs to go deeper down into the castle. A few minutes later she returns but not meeting them, instead choosing to raise her voice and shout across the room, "He's willing to see you!" Before turning and walking along the hall, continuing to dust the area. 


The duo start walking forward and head down the stairs, ending up in a room made of metal. PG's lab. The Prince was currently in the middle of the room, currently picking up shattered glass and using a cloth to clean up a liquid mess. Finn cringes, 'Butterscotch must of made him jump'. He looks up with a scowl, "I'm available later, at eight. Leave your phone here and I'll have a look at it." Finn just silently places the phone from his bag onto a lab table before slowly walking backwards back up the stairs, vacating the lab. Huntress Wizard follows foot and also quickly walks out, not wanting to anger the Prince anymore. She arrives at back at the castle entrance to find Finn's back to her, he rubs the back of his neck.


"Man, everyone has woken on the wrong side of bed today." He turns to spot Huntress looking at him, "Ah, sorry... Let's go home... Glob your silent."


"Come with being a huntress Finn." She says passing him, "I'm going to check on the gate."


"...The gate?"


"Where we entered this world Finn, it needed a name so I just gave it one."


"Right... Well I'll... Go do a dungeon while you do that." The duo separate and head in their own directions to handle their own things alone. As Huntress walks her path back out of the castle, she encounters many thoughts, all with a common theme.




And her feelings.


She simply could not decide on what to do. Glob, she's never had to deal with a problem or opportunity like this before. It's why she's being so... Aggressive? Bitchy? Doesn't matter. She is trying to ignore her feelings, and ignoring Finn helps with that. Hard meat don't get eat. 


But here she isn't hard meat. Not yet, anyway. She could spin any story about herself or how she acts, and they would believe her. She gets to choose her life right now, and her choice right now is does she want Finn in it? And if so, how far 'in it'? She releases a sigh. She'll continue to push Finn and her feelings away, it was simpler back when they weren't there to wobble her aim on her goal. But was it better? What even was her goal? Was it time for a new one if she doesn't? In which she knows her target is Finn's heart? With a groan she walks to 'the gate' while a war of brain and heart ravages her perception of the future.


Pushing the thoughts to the 'I'll deal that later' part of her mind, she looks at the still squished but healing bush that Finn was in. She sighs, and looks at the circular stack of stones that she had used to mark the location of where the 'crack' was weakest during her previous visit. She crosses her legs as she sits, and looks up at the sky before closing her eyelids, shutting off her senses to the world. She sends her magic out and probes the area, thoroughly searching for changes from her last check up. The crack was still there. It hadn't changed at all. And she still can't do anything about it. She releases a sigh before rising, turns around, and walks back to her home.


Entering the house, she walks to the pantry to eat something, only to remember that they still haven't stacked up on food. She'll change that. It'll keep her thoughts from Finn. Strapping her trusty quiver of arrows to her back she leaves the house and enters the forest full of her prey for her to hunt. She silently walks between the trees. Suddenly she stops, and shoots an arrow up to her left into a mess of tree branches with leaves layered so heavily that no one could see through it. A single bird falls and splats against the ground, a single green arrow piercing it through the head. Huntress pounces on it and lifts its corpse to examine it, not that it matters, she'll bring it back home anyways.


Was this her? If she were to stand alone in the world, would she just die? None of the other birds seem to care for their slain kin, so would anyone care if she were to die?... Yes, Finn would. And he would do everything to prevent it. Shaking her head clear of thoughts, she spots two birds next to each other on a branch, and using magic launches two arrows at them. One however squawks, causing both to fly and dodge the arrows as it skims by their bodies. Together, the birds fly up above the leaves and beyond, higher than any of the other birds. Huntress groans with annoyance. Glob damn Finn, the thought of him was still wobbling her aim towards him with a Cupid arrows, instead of at animals with regular arrows. With a groan she enters the forest, ready to kill for a meal.


Finn returns home humming a tune he was making up as he goes, his green bag filled to the point of overflowing with gold and jewels from clearing out several dungeons, the power of hindsight allowing him to speed run by with little effort. Pushing aside the vines that covers their home's entrance, he quickly notices Huntress cooking some meat, with a very, very large pile of dead animals behind her. "Whoa... You've been busy... Remind me not to get on your bad side."


"Don't get on my bad side." She unhelpfully tells him as he drops the bag of valuables in a corner before tipping it over, letting a tsunami of wealth cover the dirt floor with the sounds of clinkering. Huntress looks at the pile with neutral contempt, it was more than enough money to pay for what they need. She looks at Finn and notices that despite running several dungeons, and carrying all that gold and jewels back he had not a drop of sweat on his body, it being used to this from his past, and couldn't resist a small smile, 'An exceptional beast. But should she hunt it with Cupid's arrows?' "I see you smiling, you think this will be enough?" Finn asks, snapping her back into reality as Finn fails to understand why she was smiling at him, mistaking it for the happiness of collecting the needed money to furnish the house.


"Yes Finn, I think that will be more than enough. Here have some meat, you're probably hungry." She says handing some bird meat that was impaled on a stick to him. He grabs it calmly from her hand before savagely digging in,


"Thanks Huntress." He swallows, after a few more bites he works up the courage to ask her, "So... what’s with all the... food?" He asks unsurely, Huntress staring at him silently for a second before answering,


"I usually do small hunts, as to not disturb the careful balance of the natural world. However... I had a lot on my mind, and I just needed a distraction... I got carried away, that’s all." She just pokes the end of her fingers together in embarrassment at losing herself in the hunt. Finn just nods before continuing to munch on his food. "We need to see Gumball soon." Finn nods again, still too busy munching on food to respond. 'At least we won't waste any meat if he keeps this up' Huntress thinks with a smirk.


After a quick clean up, they strap their arrows and sword to their backs and head towards the Castle of the candy prince. The walk was calm, yet once again Huntress did not speak to Finn, however, the atmosphere was a lot more pleasant this time, what Finn took a little comfort in. 'That hunt seems to have calm her down. I wonder what was bothering her?... And can I help her with it?' Before his hero mind of helping all could continue, he spots one with a fellow thought process ahead with her feline sister. Cupping his hands around his mouth he hollers "FIONNA! CAKE!" They turn around, and after a quick exchange of waves the sisters wait for duo to catch up.


As the duo rushes towards the , Fionna hollers out to him, "Hey Finn, going to see Gumball?"


"Yeah, you too?" Fionna nods,


"I just smashed a monster horde for him and going back to report to him." She explains while having splatters of blood on her as evidence of her actions, before she looks at Cake "Are you sure you can't enlarge yourself to carry us there?"


"I mean I can... but I don't wanna. Besides you could lose a little chub." Cake's lazy reply, poking Fionna in the stomach.


"Caaaakkkee!" Fionna whines, before looking down and poking her stomach herself, mumbling "I'm not chubby..." Finn and Huntress Wizard look at each other, before a massive grin comes to Finn's face,


"Bet you're not stretching us there because you can't, can you?" Huntress gains a look of confusion, before realisation strikes her as she turns to Cake and adds,


"Your male counterpart, Jake, could do it, but your not as great as him, are you?" The challenge ignites a flame in Cake's eyes as she suddenly grew.


"Oh yeah? I'll show you!" She grabs all three of them before stretching to ridiculous lengths, striding the rest of the way to the castle in five absurd steps, before dropping them and pointing at Finn and Huntress, "Ha! Told you I could!" Causing Finn to smile. She was just like Jake, lazy, but definitely still didn't like getting beaten.


"Yes Cake, thanks for carrying us the rest of the way."


"No prob- Wait a second... You just wanted me to carry you, didn't you!?" Huntress just grins while Finn nods.


"Glob! Kids these days, becoming lazier and lazier... Fionna carry me." She shrinks and lands in Fionna's outstretched arms, causing the girl to shake her head but does not remove the feline. The group start moving towards Gumball's lab, while Fionna and Cake start bugging Finn and Huntress again for the future.


"Come onnnn!" Cake moans stretching her body while resting on her back in Fionna's arm. "Do I marry at least? Have kittens?" Finn just grumbles before having enough of the questions.


"Look this will serve as a test. Fionna, what was the last interesting thing that happened to you?"


"I... Oh! I ruled a goblin kingdom for a bit, but then I put another goblin in charge."


"Ruled a goblin kingdom..." Finn puts a hand on his chin as he tries to remember everything that happened a years ago, before his next 'adventure' came to his memory. In an attempt to impress Bubblegum he put on some glasses that made him super smart... then made a black hole. "Fionna, do you have a crush on Gumball?"


"What! N-no!" The girl snaps her head at Finn, blushing heavily,


"She does Finn! But Gumballs has a bigger one." Cake teases the girl, while Finn becomes confused, 'Gumball has a crush on Fionna? Bubblegum didn't have one on me, did she?'


"Does he?" He asks, checking to make sure it wasn't some joke.


"Yeah, he's asked her out several times! Constantly gifting her!" Fionna tries to shut her sister up, slapping her hand over her mouth as she moans at the feline, 'That's something different from our timeline then. Now that I think about it, Marceline’s gender bent also had a crush on Fionna.'


"Hmm... Never mind then, we are here anyway." Causing Fionna and Cake to groan.


"Come on you can't tease us like that! We-" Cakes complaint stops upon seeing the lab. Everything was flipped, as if blasted over and in the wall, was a massive gaping hole. Edged with ice.


"Ice Queen!" Fionna screams, pulling her blade. 'Oh yeah, that’s still a problem...' Finn thinks, remembering all the fights with Ice King. And how he was actually a suffering man gripped by the curse of the crown. Finn has a quick scan around the room, but doesn't see the Prince anywhere. He only finds his own phone, what he grabs and puts into his bag. "Come on! We have to rescue him!" Fionna bounds out of the hole, following a path she knows all too well, the rest following her through the destroyed wall, the ice rim framing the view of a castle made of pale blue in the distance.


The group ran in a beeline to the frozen kingdom, and quickly enter the cold air that guards the ice royal, its chill biting at their skin, yet they just push on as they climb the icy mountain. Instead of busting through the front doors, they instead sneak through one of her windows, and find themselves located in her bedroom. They scan the room for any threat, only to find it void of life. Fionna curiously pokes the bed made of light blue ice,


"Ugh, feel bad for the princes if this is where she wants to take them."


"I know right. Glob what would she even do with them?" Finn replies, looking at a photo of what appears to be Gumball looking over his shoulder in shock, framed and sitting next to the bed.


"She doesn't even have a TV. What would they even do? Cuddle for eternity?"


"As I've been in a few relationships, cuddling can just be what you want, but not all the time." Finn says, looking the bed over as well. Cake and Huntress just look away, remembering that although these two were heroes who have faced the darkest the world could throw at them, they were never given... education. All they were taught was to kill beasts and men, and serve those who needed them. Someone was going to need to teach them, just by Glob don't let it be them. 


Finn shakes his head, "Whatever we are wasting time here, let's go save ourselves a prince!" Fionna rushes forward at his words, leaving the room and charging deeper into towards where the jail cells are, knowing from experience of having to rescue him in the past. The rest quickly follow suit, only to find her hiding at a door frame, peeking into the room in which had two doors, and a frozen Gumball, up to his neck in solid ice while talking to Ice Queen. Her back was towards the group, who could hear their mumbles as they discuss something yet too quiet to hear. "Plan?" Finn asks, noticing Fionna twitch.


"We run in, knock her tiara off, shatter the ice, then run home with the prince. Simple." She springs up to move forward before anyone can counter her basic plan-


"LIKE HER SNEAKING UP ON ME RIGHT NOW!" A massive beam of ice flew at them as the group jump backwards to evade. "Glob Fionna, more friends? And another girl, how original! Let me guess, the other is another-" She freezes her rant when she notices that Finn was actually a boy, "Oh a boy? I see you actually spiced it up a little, at least he's cute, reminds me of you too much but a clothes change will fix that." For some reason, Huntress flinches at Ice Queen calling Finn cute.


"Well you see Ice Queen, we can actually get friends unlike you!" Fionna retorts to her jabs,


"And we can get boys without kidnapping them!" Cake replies, causing Ice Queen to growl and blast ice at them. They all leap into the room, splitting up and dodge erratically making themselves harder to hit. Much to Ice Queen's anger as she screams, charging up more magic,


"Gah! Just stay still!" Huntress Wizard dodges another blast with ease, use to being light on her feet from her life as a huntress. "Fine then! How about this!?!" Ice Queen aims both arms down at her feet, and a massive explosion was released from her hands. Finn was behind the royal, about to knock the crown off when she does the blast of ice, freezing him solid as he had no time to react. The others did however, all leaping to safety out of the room, only for a wall of ice to block re-entering the room. Fionna was on one side who immediately went to wailing against the ice in an attempt to break it, while Cake and Huntress was on the other.


"We need to get back in their!" Huntress says with only a touch of worry in her voice. Finn has been through worse like horror from beyond time itself, he can probably handle a crazy Queen. 


Said Queen laughs maniacally as her plan of removing Fionna and her friends worked. She looks over to Gumball who shrinks under her gaze, "Soon, my Prince, we shall marry!" Gumball struggles frantically in his icy prison in an attempt to escape, but it doesn't even move a little despite his best efforts. The queen smiles with joy at him, then looks over to his new inmate Finn, who's struggles were actually makes the ice he was entombed in groan and wiggle. "But what about you?..." She circles around Finn, humming in thought as she looks his form over before pinching the top of his hat, "Definitely reminds me too much of that tomboy, gonna have to lose the clothes honey."


"I'd rather not, it's just a touch too cold in here." He leans his head back while staring her unflinchingly in the eyes.


"Don't worry, I can keep you warm~" She teases as she leans forward, leaning onto his ice cube as she grins at him, returning the stare at his eyes.


"How? You're the Ice Queen, you don't do warm!"


"I have my ways dear..." A look of confusion forms on Finn's face, and fear and disgust on Gumball's as his struggles rejuvenate, "... Let me show you how~ I just need to remove your-" Suddenly the ice wall that was covering the door smashes, launching ice shards flying everywhere as a angry Huntress Wizard follows them, launching three arrows at Ice Queen. The royal shoots three blasts of solid ice to intervene them, the attacks colliding and halting mid air. "Gah! How did you get through the ice!?" 


Her question signals Cake to stretch through the hole, "It was thin ice, and you used it to block someone who can make themselves a wrecking ball you idiot!" As if to prove her point she transform her fist into a morning star before launching it at the other door, destroying it and revealing Fionna with her sword raised. Another crack fills the room, and everyone snaps their heads at Finn's ice block. The shards from the doors being destroyed had struck the ice sealing him and caused cracks, weakening its structure enough for Finn to break it with pure might alone.


"NO!" Ice Queen shrieks as she finds herself surrounded. She turns to Huntress, who launches herself against the crazy royal, and raises her arm to freeze her only for nothing to happen, and catches Finn in the corner of her eyes jumping away from her with tiara her hands. Huntress Wizard lands a powerful punch against her head, what makes her fall backwards. Her eyes widen as she realises she was about to be impaled on a ice shard. She closes her eyes, fearing death.


When Finn catches her. Her eyes spring open to look at the hero, looking at him staring at her with a relieved smile. That was the last thing she remembered before being blacking out from shock of nearly dying, how a knight had saved her from her death, swooping in to rescue her. Finn lays her unconscious body on the ground, making sure the tiara was on her head to prevent her from aging a thousand years and dying, before he turns to the others, finding Fionna and Cake freeing Gumball from his prison.


"Thanks you for the save you four, let's go back to the castle before she wakes." Everyone moves to quickly escape, except Fionna. She was biting her lip in thought, before looking up at Finn,


"Actually... Finn can I talk with you a bit? I've been meaning to ask you this, but then this happened." Fionna asks, walking towards Finn away from the Prince's side.


"... Sure, I guess. What about?" Fionna halts, biting her lip again before looking at the others, then back at Finn,


"You'll know when we will talk later."


"Well I'll take the prince back, find your own way home!" Cake interrupts, grabbing the Gumball before turning her hand into a mace and smashes a wall, then stretches out. Huntress nods at Finn,


"Go talk to Fionna, Finn. I'll be back at home… I've got something I want to do." With that, she too leaps out the hole as well, leaving the humans alone.


"So... what do you-" A groan from the unconscious Ice Queen interrupts him, but she luckily does not wake up. "Actually let's get out of here first." The humans waste no time and hop out the room, falling shortly down to land on a snow-covered mountain side, then quickly starting to slide down the mountain face, whipping up snow behind them as they journey to the bottom and leave the frozen kingdom behind them.


Fionna leads the way into the open grass plains as Finn is forced to follow, waiting for the question she has yet to ask. She suddenly skids to a stop, causing Finn to halt as well as she faces him, "First Finn... fight me!" She yanks out her sword as Finn gets a mix of surprise and fear expression on his face.


"What!?" Fionna charges forward, what Finn just sidesteps and goes to trip Fionna, just like in the forest. Similarly, she just trips on the limb and promptly lands face first in the mud and grass. "What's your problem!?"


"Just fight me! And no tricks like that trip, show me your sword skills!" Finn just sighs before pulling the sword of which was blessed and cursed by Hunson Abadeer and gets into a defensive position, holding his sword in front of him. Fionna just smirks before running forward again, screaming as she charges him sword first. Finn spins around her and slaps Fionna around the back of the head with the blunt, broad side of his blade,


"If I didn't turn the blade then that would of cut your head off. Are you satisfied!?" Fionna gives him an angry glare and shakes her head, causing Finn to throw his arms up in frustration, "Fine! One." 


Fionna charges again, only this time sword above her head. Finn just stands still before raising his sword to parry hers. The clash sends her sword back up and removes her balance, what Finn exploits with a kick to her chest, causing her to go sprawling across the ground. Before she can recover Finn is standing above with his sword dangling above her heart. "Two." 


Fionna groans with frustration before standing back up and backing off then stands defensively. It takes a few seconds before Finn realises that she was waiting for him to attack her. Finn charges forward with his sword close to his chest, before swinging it at Fionna's sword as she goes to block, trying to copy Finn's counter. As he planned Finn's sword meets hers at its base first. He then spins the blade using the curve hilt he has to lock with Fionna's. The rotation continues and yanks the blade free from her hand, causing it to fly and land in the grass to the side of them. Finn swings and halts the blade before her head. "Three."


"Gah!" Fionna crosses her arms and pouts. "... Alright! Here was my question Finn: Can you teach me to fight?" Finn's fails to hide his surprise.


"Why didn't you just ask? Why the fight?"


"I wanted to make sure you actually know how to kick buns, seeing as you've done nothing but do tricks like tripping me. And I didn't just ask because..." It takes Finn a second, but he figures it out. Just like how his younger self would not of asked Huntress for help, Fionna is the same. It is embarrassing for her, the hero of AAA, who has royals who want her finger, ask for help. She was too embarrassed to ask for Finn's help in front of everyone, her pride wouldn't allow it. He lifts his hand to signal her to stop talking before replying,


"Yes, Fionna. I'll train you. Even though I have no idea how I'll do that." He extends a hand for her to shake what she does. And that’s what a purple lump walks onto.


"What the Glob?... *Gasp* Has Fionna got a boyfriend?... He looks human!... Oh my Glob! I've got to tell everyone!" He pulls out his phone, snapping a picture of them then starts typing on his phone: 'Oh my Glob! Guess what I just walked onto?! Fionna got a boyfriend! And he's human! She was totes holding his hand!!!! How can we rival with someone of the same species as her?!? Drama bomb!!!'


"Aaannnddd... send! Glob this will be so interesting!"


Back in the Ice kingdom, its sole ruler awakens from the grips of unconsciousness. She sluggishly looks around in confusion, wondering why she woke up on the floor and not in her nice and comfy bed. Then she notices the hole in the wiall and the smashed ice everywhere, causing everything to come flowing back to her. Her amazing plan failed! It was so simple too! Kidnap a prince, freeze Fionna, then marry him! How did she donk this up? 


Her thoughts however drift to the boy who looked like Fionna. He saved her. He... was a hero to her… he cared for her! Forget Gumball! His playing hard to get has been going on for too long, he missed his chance. But that boy! It would be like the fairy tales of the knight that saves the princess! She gains a massive grin, flapping her eyebrows as she immediately sets herself to work. She will get that boy, and he will be her knight!


Huntress Wizard meanwhile is sitting in her and Finn's new home, mulling over the day. And her emotions. She tried disliking, or at least ignoring him, but that just felt... wrong. So pushing away her feelings was wrong, yet she did not know what was right, so she decided to go on a hunt. The hunt was her life, and it taught her to live it. Her hunt that she did earlier to get food was her seeking to learn about what she should do, for the hunt to mentor her once more… and it did.


It taught her with the bird she hunted, that it didn't matter if she was higher than those who are a threat to her, no matter how much she hides or shield herself from it, it will still find her, and it will kill her. And none would mourn her demise. But with someone at her side, they could watch each others back and they would not need to hide from those that threaten them, nor should she hide her feelings. And if danger does come for them, then together they could fly higher than they could have alone.


She recalls her emotions at the ice kingdom, how she instinctively got jealous and angry when Ice Queen made moves on Finn, even though most of it went over his head. How she got aggressive and snapped at Ice Queen when she was going for Finn's heart, or body at least, just because she might lose Finn... She sighs. She can't deny it. She's fallen for Finn, hard. And if she doesn't make a move she might lose him. To Ice Queen or someone else. It was time to no longer fear being 'soft' for seeking companionship, to lean on someone else, after all, some say that it is the point of life, to mate and carry on your genes. Every creature does it... even beasts. And Finn is an exceptional beast... It's time to talk with Finn about her feelings, their feelings, and make it official. Suddenly someone walks in, conforming the saying 'speak of the devil, and he shall appear'.


"Hey Huntress, found out what Fionna wanted! Turns out she wants me to-"


"Finn, we need to talk."


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Chapter Text

"I've done everything I can think of to search for Finn and Huntress Wizard, but I've got nothing." Bubblegum informs with a voice void of any happiness to all the royals of OOO, who were currently gathered in the Candy Kingdom. The room is usually meant to host them when it's Bubblegum's turn to hold Princess day, what allows it easy to fit them all. But the room was suffocating tight in this situation.

None of the royals reply to the news, many simply unable to believe the fact that Finn, OOO's beloved hero, who has fought every manner of man and beast, was gone. "The... presumed explosion destroyed the landscape... and I'm presuming Finn as well." Everyone in the room flinches, Bubblegum herself grabs her left arm with her right, looking down at the ground as she was unable to look anyone in the eyes. Breakfast Princess grumbles, what causes Bubblegum to speak up to her, "What did you say Breakfast Princess?"

"I said why did you send FINN!?" She repeats her voice rising at the end.

"I... I..." Bubblegum stutters, "If I knew this was going to happen then I... wouldn't... of... sent... him..." Her voice becoming quiet as she fills with guilt at the possible responsibility that she sent her best friend to die.

"Doesn't matter if you knew what was going to happen! You shouldn't have sent Finn period! Just send some Banana guards with a camera strap to them, should have plenty around from when you were spying on all of us! Or... are they still in use? Did you send Finn to die believing a lie-" Marceline suddenly jumps in front of BP, transforming into a twisted, horrific monster and demonically roars as fear envelopes the princess, freezing her solid,


"MARCELINE!" Bubblegum shouts, causing her turn around and stare at her with pain filled eyes, then slowly return back to her normal self. Bubblegum sighs, then looks her girlfriend in the eyes, "Thank you for standing up for me... but she is right. I shouldn't have sent Finn. If I hadn't then maybe he would still be here... but I can't change the past. I know his death has us all scared and jumpy, making us snap at each other, but we need to stay calm." The room falls in silence as their heads cool. Flame Princess, with Cinnamon Bun by her side, stands up and turns to face all of the other princesses,

"Please don't stop searching. This is Finn we're talking about, not only does he not deserve to be just given up on after all he has done for everyone, but he will find a way of surviving this... he always has. This might just be another one of his adventures that he is on, though that might just be me naively hoping for a fairy tale end..." She pleads, only to be met with silence, and after a few seconds of silence Bubblegum sighs,

"Let's take a fifteen minute break, just to clear our heads." Everyone stands and shuffles out of the room, leaving Bubblegum and Marceline alone in the massive room.

Bubblegum groans and puts both hands on her face. Marceline quickly puts a hand on her shoulder, but before she could comfort Bubblegum in any way, the pink woman barely croaks, "What have I done Marcy? What if I sent Finn to die?"

"Bonnie, Flame Princess is right, there's no way that squirt is dead... he's been through too much to flop over now."

"But what if-" She get cuts of by Marceline grabbing and pulling her into a hug that lifts her into the air. They stay like that in the silent room, seeking comfort in each other.

Jake sighs in his room within lady's house, looking over the picture in his hand that was of him, PB, and Marceline… and Finn. He was at the front bottom in arms with Jake while PB and Marceline were above them, all making silly faces to make one goofy set of friends for one goofy photo. He stretches his chest to have a pocket that he places the image inside. Getting up he walks to his box of belongings that he brought with him when he had moved in, and begins sifting through it to find a certain pickle jar. Lady was off with the pups, a few were shaken by their uncles death and Jake couldn't follow encase evil appears with Finn gone. Marceline and PB were busy talking to the others about Finn demise- disappearance! What was he thinking, he can't be dead! He can't give up on his bro!... He needs to talk to someone. Anyone.

A moment later he appears in a bright yellow room, its only occupants were a glittering golden owl, and a pink shadow man with blue eyes. Two supremely powerful cosmic beings, with one able to predict the future, and the other to create anything, including new timelines and dimensions. And they were playing cards.

"Jake! What are you doing here? ... Do you need another sandwich?" Prismo asks seeing the depressed Jake before him.

"I would like one please, but that's not all..." Jake squeaks out. He holds his arm out, and a second later a sandwich appears, that seems to glow majestically with how perfect it is. He takes a bite of the end and tears come out of his eyes, but his frown did not leave him, what alerts Prismo that something major was wrong right now.

"Alright man, what’s wrong? The perfect sandwich usually makes you cry with joy, not with depression." Jake just sniffs, and a second later he replies,

"My emotions are seriously donked up right now man! A-a an explosion happened! And Finn man! He's-he's disappeared- Ah Glob if I don't confront and accept it, it will only be worse! Finn is dead!" Jake just screams before collapsing onto the floor, becoming a wailing, sobbing mess.

Cosmic Owl quickly stands and opens a portal before he whispers to Prismo, "Yeesh, alright I'm going to bail, this is like super out of my area."

"C'mon! Jake needs our help right now, I mean just look at him:" They focus back on Jake's curled rocking form,

"Mum! Dad! I'm sorry I failed my promise! Finn! I'm sorry bro!" Then continues wailing, muttering apologizes. They look back at each other,

"Fine. How do we even help?"

"No clue." He then summons a book with the title: "Emotions for dummies" He reads the first page. Then flips over to the next page. Then closes the book, "That'll take too long to read. Jake!" He shouts, succeeding in getting the dog to stop talking, but his tear ducts were still in overdrive. "Alright, let it out and tell me, what happened?"

"Bubblegum, the princess Finn served, detected strange energy readings a few days ago back at the GOLB spot, so she sent Finn to go investigate, and Huntress Wizard followed him. When they arrived, PB science detected a sudden surge of energy before it all just disappeared! She went to investigate and just found a massive scorched crater where the explosion happened! They couldn't even find his body man!" He starts wailing some more. Yet Cosmic Owl mumbles, lost in thought and confusion, but before he can say anything Prismo had a question,

"GOLB spot?" Causing Jake to stop his crying and answer,

"Yeah where GOLB left OOO through a magic portal." Before expressing his sadness via tears and noise once more. Cosmic Owl mumbles some more, before rising and leaving through a portal back into his home. He pulls open his dream web that shows him everyone who were currently dreaming, and searches for Finn. He could not find the hero. But he could feel him. This revelation sends him flying back into the yellow room, his re-arrival causing Prismo to whisper yell at him,

"Why did you leave?! He needs help and I need help to help him!"

"Jake, I think Finn is still alive." Jake immediately shuts up, snapping his head at the golden owl and stops his crying,


"You said Finn died a few days ago, but I remember peeking on his dream last night. So I just left to do a quick check. I didn't see Finn dream, but I felt his presence, likely he isn't asleep, but he is alive." Jake sat silently on the floor, processing the information. Before jumping up and screaming in celebration.

"Thanks CO! Glob I need to tell everyone!... Where even is he?" Jake inquires, but Cosmic Owl is too busy questioning his new nickname that came out of nowhere. "Dude! Where is he?!" Jake shouts grabbing CO to snap him to attention.

"I don't know! It's like a phone number, it doesn't tell you where someone is, just a way to contact their dreams."

"Oh... Hey Prismo, can you locate Finn?" Jake asks, his hope leaving before returning only seconds later.

"Normally I would be able to… however, it seems I can't right now."

"What! Why not?" Jake asks dropping Cosmic Owl, finding it annoying that he can't rescue his bro right this instant.

"I don't know, if I had to make some guesses, then my first one would be I can't find him due to GOLB's magic, just like how I can't recover something he has eaten, I can't find him because his chaotic magic is obscuring Finn. My second guess is about his location. It is possible that due to the magic, what was the energy reading, was from a portal spell, when it overloaded and broke out its restraints, it expanded. So, it has likely-"

"Sent Finn and Huntress to another dimension! Thanks guys, you were a big help! I'M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE!" Jake says cutting the cosmic being of infinite power off, before phasing out off the room in neon rainbow rectangles, leaving Prismo and Cosmic Owl alone.

"Huh... maybe I should be one of those therapy dudes..."

Jake appears back in Lady's house before jumping out the window and instantly stretching in size to remove any fall, then continues to grow as he strides towards the castle made of candy, and the royals inside. As he rapidly approaches, he jumps, shrinks and shape shift, turning himself into a propelled wrecking ball and smashing into the wall. Dust and rubble flies up as he lands, before turning back to normal, the royals suffering a coughing fit before Bubblegum speaks up,

"Jake! What the donk!" All the royals look to him for an explanation for the sudden intrusion,

"Finn is alive."

"Finn, we need to talk." Huntress states emotionlessly, a campfire in front of her with meat cooking for dinner.

"Oh boy, what have I done?" Finn says with a chuckle, but nevertheless sits in front of Huntress,

"Win my heart." She says with a straight, un-joking face, no grin to signify it as her messing with him. 'Alright,' Huntress admits to herself, 'That was super cheesy' but it did get the point across and got Finn's undivided attention, that this was a serious conversation. And she was also semi-proud of how fast that came to her.

"... Wait, what?" Finn asks, surprise and confusion on his face, evidence of it being genuine was his delayed reply. To be fair, she was trying to avoid him only this morning, and didn't hint to him for a while about any possible feelings. 'Where did this come from?' Finn thinks as he searches the day for hints of her feelings for him.

"Sorry couldn't resist saying that, but I am serious Finn, I do want to talk about a relationship. Our relationship."

"Er, right... when did this happen? You use to be 'hard meat don't get eat', what changed? Not that I mind!" Huntress sighs, 'Not that I mind.' That brought her some courage, 'He still has feelings for me!' with fear of rejection gone she smiles, 'I got this!'

"Where did this come from? I guess it started when Cake asked for the future and who Fionna will date, and asked if it was me."

"That you denied. I remember." What causes Huntress to nod, glad to know that Finn did indeed remember.

"At the time, I meant it. But it also made me wonder why? And I then had a realisation: why did I fear looking soft if no-one knows if I'm 'hard meat'? I realised that this was an opportunity, that I could choose how I want people to see me with no prior knowledge of who I was to compare me to, I could choose how I wanted my future to be." Finn eyebrows rise in shock understanding. She was afraid of being judged as weak for seeking love by anyone who knows her, and that is why she rejected back in the forest. However, here? No one knows her, no one to judge her. Her lonely tough girl act was up to her to continue, as was her fate.

"I see, so you started questioning if you wanted to be with me despite your previous beliefs."

"Nah, that questioning started back when we hunted Grumbo." Finn nods, remembering the kiss they had afterwards. Heck even she, who was all about survival first, feelings later, put herself in life threatening danger to help him get over his mental block. "But this was the first time I had a serious opportunity to give up the hard girl act and seek a relationship with you without feeling like I failed any ones perspective of me."

"... If you want Huntress, you don't have to change yourself, we can keep our relationship a secret, to be done in private." Huntress freezes up at the obvious suggestion. She had previously thought it was all or nothing, pick one and lose the other, that it wasn't an option to pick both. She laughs for a second, what worries Finn she is laughing at him, but in reality it was at her own stupidity. She had over thought it and added boundaries that didn't exist.

"... Yes Finn, we could. But I actually decided to remain as a lone wolf then." Watching Finn flinch and frown at the possibility of rejection made her heart sink, so she quickly raises a hand to silence him before a reply could come to let her finish. "That’s why I ignored you this morning, and quickly took off when I realised we were holding hands when you helped me up. But every time I did ignore you and push you away, it always hurt me. After that I went to my old mentor who has taught nearly everything I know: The hunt." She stops to poke the fire that was in front of her and to prepare herself to start spilling her true emotions to her crush. With a deep breath she starts, "It taught me that if I were to stand alone, I will die, and none will mourn me-"

"I would." The interruption made her smile, she was correct in her assumptions during the hunt. She was correct in her assumption of Finn.

"But if I had someone I trust by my side, someone who wouldn't hold me back, then I- no, WE could go further than we ever have before. But the biggest kick was with Ice Queen." Finn remains silent, listening intently to her words. "When she flirted or did lewd hints to you, I got angry, yet I didn't know why. It was only when I thought back on it did I realise that the anger was actually jealousy." She stops to let of a laugh that Finn had never heard. And he found it incredibly cute.

Recovering, she continues with a blush just barely poking out from underneath her mask, "It was then that I realised that I did still have feelings for you. It's why I went home ahead of you, so I could sort out my emotions. Attracting forces may come and go, but some Finn, stay." Finn smiles at the reference of when he revealed his feelings to the protector of the forest. "So Finn... here's the big question... do you still have feelings for me?" Finn sat silently.

"...Yes. But I've got a question of my own: are you sure you want to date me? I mean my last relationship, pardon the pun, literally went up in flames." He pokes the fire, causing it to rise in height with more oxygen to emphasise his point, "... and melted ice. I'm not sure I'm good at the whole relationship biz."

"Finn, to be fair, I've never dated before. Too afraid to. I don't think I'll be good at this either." Finn just grins at her scared words however,

"Agree that we will both fumble through this together?" Huntress joins Finn in smiling


"What about our responsibilities?" He inquires,

"In OOO, we will figure something out when the time comes, but here? Fionna and male me will handle them here, and we can't intervene or we 'might break the universe' excuse, remember?" Finn just chuckles and shakes his head, making Huntress grin, "This is our chance Finn. We are free from our responsibilities, at least as of right now. We can take our lives where we want to, and no royal or forest spirit to order us somewhere else, somewhere away from each other."

"I know." He sighs, and looks Huntress straight in the eyes, "I was scared of getting into another relationship out of fear of being hurt again, and you were afraid of appearing soft. Huntress... I'm willing to date if you want to."

"I do want to try Finn." They sat there with massive grins, looking each other in the eyes with slight blushes. And then their gaze drifts around the room awkwardly, with Finn clicking his tongue as he looks around some more as he struggles to think of a topic.

"So... now what?"

"We fumble through this, I guess... Err, let's do a first date, I guess?" She suggests with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Right. But tomorrow, I'm worn out." He flops onto his back, then a second later lifts his head back up to grin at her, "So... do you want to do a normal date, or do you want to make it interesting? Like showing off what we do best?"

"Definitely interesting, good way to 'tell us about ourselves' without sounding boring." Huntress says, preferring to do something she was actually good at. Being social and talking to people about herself was something she was lacking in the skills department. 'And it gives me a chance to show off to Finn!' The duo turned new couple ate their dinner that had been roasting above the fire as they shared their mutual feelings of affection. Once finished they turn to clean up just as the sun starts to set, plans for the next day going through their heads in preparation for the date. Once the room was cleaned Finn goes to his bed made of dirt on his side of the room and starts lying down, 'We still need to spend that gold I got to buy some stuff.'

"Right... I'm gonna get resting, wasn't lying when I said today was hectic. Night Huntress."

"Night Finn." Huntress Wizard mirrors as she falls onto the floor to sleep as well.

Well, they both tried to sleep at least, the conversation they had was on repeat in their heads, and was keeping them both awake, both in disbelief that it actually happened. But eventually, sleep envelopes them as darkness covers the sky with flicks of white stars mixed in, their brightness like fireworks in celebration for the couple to finally admitting their feelings

Morning arrives and sunlight filters in from the fire's smoke hole, dimly lighting the room in a yellow hue. The silence of the morning is interrupted by a groan as Finn stirs and stretches his muscles, ridding himself of sleep, a pop alerts him of his girlfriend's awakening, her habit of sleeping as a log not gone. She stands and flicks of a single mushroom that’s grown on her leg before they prepare for the day, cooking breakfast and cleaning themselves, their date dominating their minds of how they can show off their best skills to each other. Once he is back in the house from his river bath, Finn grabs his phone from his bag and places it on a rock that they found, using it as a crude table/stool.

"I'll give Gumball a call, see if we can book for another appointment tomorrow." Huntress Wizard just nods, looking over some berries she found, secretly using magic to turn them into perfume instantly to surprise Finn, then using more magic to cover herself with its sweet scent. "Gumball, it's me Finn, I was just wondering how you're doing after Ice Queen... Good to hear. Hey just wondering since our appointment got 'cancelled' yesterday, I was wondering if we could have another one, preferably tomorrow... Got it, tomorrow morning, thanks man."

He drops the call and stores the phone back into his backpack, and turns to Huntress Wizard who just places her arrow filled quiver onto her back, "Appointment tomorrow morning with Gumball. Now for that date." He walks to the door and pulls the vines open with a bow, "Ladies first." causing Huntress to just smile and walks out the door, giving Finn a small slap around the back of his head for his cheekiness.

"Thanks Finn, now follow me!" She breaks out into a sprint, and after a startled second of processing, Finn follows with a grin. That slight delay was all it took for Huntress to be way ahead of them, bobbing and weaving around every thing in the forest with ease, as branches slap Finn and roots trip him, or try to at least. A few succeed but his reaction speed from years of combat and his general physical strength causes most to be dodged last second or hit him but were not noticed by the running boy. He loses sight of Huntress and after a few seconds of running he slows down to a halt, trying to listen out for her footsteps, but if she was moving, she wasn't making a sound, as expected of a master huntress.

"Finn." He screams in surprise, as the bush to his left suddenly gained eyes. 'Glob! she was right next to me and I didn't even notice!' She moves her face out of the bush to reveal her small grin, "Finn keep quiet. You don't want to alert your prey." She turns away and moves through the branches of the bush without making a noise, making the sneaking Finn sound like the Gumball Guardians compared to her. 'Good,’ Huntress thinks, 'Show off your amazing stealth skills, wow him...' she turns to see Finn's eyes filled with bewilderment 'Got him.' She thinks as her smile grows even more.

She peeks out from the bush to spot two birds, one on the ground scavenging for food, and one on a branch, singing for a mate. Finn pulls up beside her, and nods when she lifts her finger to point at them. Then arrows were in their bodies. In shock Finn looks at Huntress Wizard to see a smug grin. Glob! He didn't hear the arrows, he didn't see them as they flew, it was just a blur of death! They rise and go to the corpses, but as Finn lowers to grab the one looking for food a growl, no, several growls fill the air.

Snapping to attention he spots several grey wolves with white foam at their mouths, growling at the couple. A single question enters Finn mind: 'Aren't those the wolves me and Marceline put in PB's room?' Then a growl catches all their attention, coming from Huntress as she drops the bird that she was holding. The wolves all flinch, lowering their heads and ears in fear, backing away with their tail between their legs, whimpering in fear. Except one.

It prowls forward, a scar covering its left eye with a shuddering jaw as it growls. Huntress just stands there, emotionless as it approaches, even when it starts circling her she doesn't move, but never taking her eyes off it. Suddenly it lunges, jaws spread wide as it aims for her jugular. With a blur of movement three arrows shoot from Huntress's quiver, swooping under and up into the airborne wolf, piercing its head, throat and heart. The arrows carried enough momentum and force to not only stop the wolf, but to send it flying sky-high as three dribbles of blood hit the floor. The other wolves whimper at the death of their alpha, then run back into the forest with their tails between their legs.

"Holy cow Huntress! That was awesome!" Finn yells in awe. How many people can intimidate not just one rabid wolf, but a whole pack!? Without even moving! And that alpha wolf didn't even stand a chance. Huntress just blushes from the compliment, before moving to grab the bird once more, but suddenly halts and pulls back, looking at where the wolves had run to.

"... I should actually hunt them down, being rabid and what not, don't want it to spread." A splat sound distracts them, in front of them the wolf's body punctured with arrows finally hits the floor. 'How dangerous are those arrows?' Finn wonders, before focusing back on topic.

"Shall we?" Finn asks pulling his sword out.

"Sure, though don't get bitten or scratched, or you'll die." And with that cheerful note they sprint after the canines, before Finn makes a point,

"Y'know, I don't think they are rabid." Huntress looks at him with confusion, "Definitely didn't act like it, and I remember riding them with Marceline back when I had a crush on PB, I think its just something in the water nearby."

"Oh... You want to leave them be?"

"They were about to attack us, who says we will be the only ones? And the next person might not be able to defend themselves. Let's take them down!"

"Right." They charge forward, Finn trusting Huntress to track the footprints at the fast pace they were running. She didn't even struggle, and their prey quickly came into view. The apex predators take one look back at them, then look straight ahead as they push their bodies to the limit to escape their pursuers. Huntress shoots out two arrows, nailing two leading wolves, their bodies acting as a blockade with the left one only catching and tripping one, while the other dominoes three.

Huntress just launches an arrow at the single wolf as she ran by, never looking back to see if her arrow hit for she knows she doesn't miss. Finn handles the three others as they start to stand, and with one swoop of his sword he cleanly bisects them all in two. His might from having to cut way bigger things allow him to do so without even slowing down and continues the hunt alongside Huntress. She does a quick count of the remaining wolves and comes to a total of seven.

"Hey Huntress! Those arrows of yours have a lot of power behind them... enough to carry me?" She looks over to see him pointing at some loose rocks ahead that sit above a canyon, directly in front of the wolves current path. The wolves escape route. She smiles and makes an arrow hover over his head that he quickly grabs, before suddenly being flung forward. The arrow shooting across the sky and ahead of the wolves, with a Finn struggling to hang on behind it, but Huntress was also struggling, a few drops of sweat running down her forehead.

For some strange reason, she is not used to her arrows carrying such weight, while also caring about direction post hit, while also running as fast as a wolf.

But she does it, her arrow impaling the ground next to the boulders with Finn slapping into the ground with it, however he just shakes it off and runs to the boulders, and starts to push. Despite their size and weight, they shift under Finn's effort, and the rolling rocks very quickly tumbles over the canyon edge, smashing into the ground so hard that a mini earthquake shakes the land as dust flicks up. The wolves freeze at the shaking, going close to the ground as to not fall over, and when the dust started to dissipate, they realise their escape has been blocked off by rubble.

Before they can think of another escape route, Huntress kills three more. The death of their brethren and the lack of escape plan makes their fight or flight go aggressive, growling at Huntress Wizard. Finn starts using parkour on the rocky environment to get lower down to help, and by the time he is near the bottom, Huntress had already killed two more who went to pounce on her, their bodies having arrows in the top of their heads.

With a running start, he jumps before tucking his legs in, with his sword aiming downward ready to stab, and it does as he lands, impaling a wolf that was moving towards Huntress while also softening his fall. The remaining lone wolf gets distracted by Finn, and Huntress just launches an arrow at it, killing it. The hero stands up, scanning around before looking back at his girlfriend, "Nice work Huntress." Finn congratulates, wiping some sweat of his brow, coming to the realisation that today was going to be a hot day.

"You handled yourself pretty well. That's actually kind of what my life was like, hunting food, taking down the dangerous and out of control, and serving the forest spirit using magic." She shrugs at being unsure what else to add to her daily life. Despite the simplicity she uses to describe hunting savage, rampaging beasts, Finn smiles,

"Sounds like a free life." What actually causes Huntress to frown,

"Actually the madness that accompanies magic is actually rather constricting. It can take over my free will at times, forcing me to lose myself in it. Let alone the loneliness. And at times the spirit of the forest can be quite demanding as well."

"I actually somewhat understand. The Princess's do things that I warn them not to do and come crying when it goes bad, ordering me to do things I don't want to do for personal or political gain." Finn suffers a flashback to when Slime Princess used him as a boyfriend to keep her sister from ruling the slime kingdom, despite him turning it down originally due to the break up with FP until he gave into her persistent bothering. "Sure it helps people, but sometimes I don't want to get involved, but I have to in the end." Huntress is silent for a second before responding.

"C'mon, let's get off this topic, how about we take those birds home?"

"I'll cook them. It's only fair, you were the one hunted them." They track back to where they left the birds, enjoying silence with each other. Then a weird sound goes through the air, similar to a deer call. Huntress stops, remembering the sound from when she was taught the ways of the forest and all its inhabitants. If her memory serves correctly then the sound she just heard was a fire deer. She quickly signals Finn to follow her, what he does, birds forgotten as they climb up a tree. Up in the tree's arms, they quickly start darting across branches.

Soon she stops and parts the tree leaves to see her target, the fire deer. It wasn't actually on fire, but earned its name through its naturally spicy meat that will surely knock Finn's socks off. It was very, very rare and those who hunted them usually turned their red skulls into trophies to show off and display in their homes. It was currently eating some berries from a bush, occasionally looking around for threats, but it never looks up despite the noise of Finn, mistaking it for wind moving the branches above it.

She signals Finn to halt what he quickly does behind her and watches as she summons a magic arrow from nowhere, her actions completely silent, not even her breath shows signs of existing. Then she struck. The arrow lodges itself in its head as it rears up in delayed response to the attack, before collapsing on the forest floor. She smiles and lands on the floor silently, then Finn lands with a heavy thump on his feet, lacking grace but it definitely does work. "That was some skill Huntress, what is it?"

"This is a fire deer, very rare… and I think you'll enjoy it, so get ready Finn, we're having venison tonight." She says with a smile, making way for Finn to grab its heavy body before they march home.

"... This was nice, I would like to learn more about your world at some point Huntress." She gains a small blush that was luckily hidden by her mask before she responds,

"That was what my forest life was like Finn, it's one of the reasons why I went into wizard city. I wanted to find something actually challenging for my skills, as big beasts are rare to come by, usually because you've already dealt with them. And I'm expecting any big threat to the forest is getting handled by male me. The only other thing I could show is potion making. Or magic. But I will definitely not be bringing you into that."

"Sure thing Huntress. I guess I can't show me killing any great threats as Fionna will have to deal with it. Still though thanks for showing me this Huntress Wizard" Huntress however remains silent for a few seconds.


"What?" Finn asks, confusion on his face.

"Huntress Wizard is just a title, like how hero of OOO is. We can both be called by them, but I want you to call me by my name: Diana" Finn chuckles, earning a glare from the wizard, before responding

"Diana... I like it."

"... Thank you."

The couple soon make it home around midday and Finn cooks the venison with some guidance and support from Huntress. And she was right. Its flavour did knock Finn's socks off, proven by him going back for seconds, the red deer's skull now resting against the wall, with dreams of being mounted on it one day.

"I got a question Huntress."

"That is?"

"How strong are your arrows? Where do they come from?"

"... They're powerful due to the speed in which I launch them, and my dead-eye precision. Where they come from and durability share the same answer: my magic. My magic makes them light and strong, several times more than most high quality arrows. And I can summon more if need be." Huntress replies with pride in her voice.

"Sounds handy."

"Yeah but creating arrows of these quality drains a lot from me, it's why I carry them in a quiver, as creating arrows in a fight will take me out of action pretty fast. It's also why I collect them back afterwards, less energy to repair them than to make brand new ones." She explains. Her morning of showing off her life and skills done.

But now. It was Finn's turn.

He collects his sword, clean of any wolf blood, and plots out a path south, plans and memory working in sync, before once more Finn and Huntress Wizard set off into the world,

"So Finn, where we going?"

"A path that I made up. As Fionna said the royals ask me and her to clear out monsters, especially rampaging ones, or if they are a danger to their people."

"So you know a popular spot?"

"Kinda?... In the south east near the Badlands is monster hotspot, it still hasn't fully recovered from the effects of the mushroom war, so mutants and monsters need constant squishing."

"Finn, it will take us a while to get there, and running in a dessert will just make us too exhausted to fight. I've got an idea." Suddenly she whistles, and a few seconds later, two deer come out of the forest.

"Whoa what the!?" Finn exclaims in confusion,

"I'm still part of the natural world Finn, I can communicate with animals for help. Just like how you get job perks working with the Princesses, I get job perks as the watcher of the forest." She climbs onto one of the deer, and after a second Finn climbs on the other.

"Right, so uh... how do I control the deer?" Finn questions, the deer standing completely still at the lack of orders.

"Just tell it where to go."

"Oh right, deer that way!" Finn shouts while pointing towards the Badlands, and sure enough the deer leaps into action, bounding across the land. With their new mode of transportation, it doesn't take long until they spot a plume of smoke in the distance, bellowing up from the ground as thumps and roars echoed across the land.

"A village is under attack!" He shouts as they both order their deers to push themselves to their limit. They enter on the scene to see a huge beast on four legs and humongous antlers smashing buildings and knocking sand people away, the sight causing the deer to flee the moment the duo got off.

"A fiend!" Huntress shouts, answering the question of what it was. It corners a man, growling before charging at him as he cries for help, and salvation arrives in the form of Finn. He stabs the leg at its joint, the night sword being more than durable to withstand the bones crushing sandwich on it. The beast yells in pain and with the leg gone so suddenly it trips, smashing into the ground but still carries momentum, sliding closer to the man until vines wrap around its horns. Courtesy of Huntress she grunts as she tries to slow it down, feet digging and dragging in effort. Finn jumps in to join her, also grabbing the vines. With their effort it halts a meter away from the man, but slowly gets up, it turns to roar at the new threat, but as it does so Huntress launches an arrow straight into its eye before popping out the other, having gone cleanly through its skull. Finn stares, then turns to her,

"Nice shot." And suddenly people came running out in celebration, causing Huntress to blush at their praise and thanks. Finn simply smiles and lets her freeze u at all the attention, yanking his sword free of the fiend's leg. The cornered man runs away from the body and into the arms of a wife and daughter, making the hero smile at a job well done. He turns around and joins Huntress with a smile. "Alright everyone, you're safe now." A sandman walks up in front of him,

"Who are you?"

"I'm Finn, and she's Huntress Wizard."

"Thank you for saving us! But we're not safe yet." He informs the duo, Finn becoming worried.

"What else have you got for us to deal with?"

"Bandits. They're the ones who set that beast on us." Finn frowns, 'Why would they do that? Everything would be destroyed, they would gain nothing.'

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, it was a ransom you see. They told us that if we pay them in money and jewels while also giving them food and water, then they wouldn't set the beast on us. We tried to get a messenger out to Fionna for help but he was killed. They had us surrounded. We choose to fight encase help came, or at least die with dignity. we had tried to set up defences but it just barged through like it was nothing." He says pointing at an obliterated wooden barricade that was on fire, probably from a guards torch, and was the cause of massive dark smoke cloud.

"They were down the road as a meeting point encase we gave in, if you hurry you might still find them." The couple nod, and hurriedly spun to run in the direction that the man was pointing. They sprint down the worn down road of dirt and sand.

They eventually come across a large amount of footprints that Huntress crouches to investigate, "Multiple people, deep prints from wearing armour," She then looks up and points further down the road, "That way." Finn moves beside her and stretches an arm out to help her up, what she accepts.

"Lead the way." She nods and starts to run, following the tracks to the bandits. Sure enough, a few minutes later they hear laughter and shouting over a sandy dune. Peeking over they spot them lighting a campfire with a pig roasting on top, and drinking alcohol surrounding it. And several men as well. A quick count reveals ten men in armour.

"Ha haa! Those idiots didn't stand a chance! It just ploughed right on through!" A bandit laughs, taking a swig of his drink.

"Bloody idiots should of just gave in!"

"Remember lads, once that creature is done killing them all, raid what ya can." A man in massive armour says with his arms crossed.

"I hope the creature doesn't kill them!"

"Why not? Feelings getting to ya?"

"No! Would love to find a lady or two if you know what I mean!" What causes the whole group to laugh.

"Ha, that'll teach them to be stupid." As he drunkenly slurs that out, his drink he was about to gulp shatters, and all eyes turn to it, then the one who did it. An angry Huntress and Finn stood atop the dune, sword and floating arrows at the ready.

"Who da fuck are you?" Finn stares, 'Due to what Huntress just did, a fight is inevitable, so there is probably no point in trying to talk it out…'

"Karma." Finn responds, while Huntress's eyes narrow.

"Kill 'em!" The drunken bandits run at them weapons drawn. The deadly duo run down with Finn leading the charge, a bandit run further ahead of the others yelling a battle cry to be cut short as Finn slices his neck, not even stopping or slowing down as he does so and clashes blades with another. Two bandits coming to flank him get arrows to the face courtesy of Huntress, ending their plan short. She then jumps backward to dodge a massive two handed war hammer that slams at where she just was, the bandit in the thick armour grinning at her.

"Compensating for something?" His grin was gone.

Finn meanwhile was cutting down two more bandits, then kicks a third one in the chest to make him fall on his allies into a pile, and with a single swing, all three lose their heads. Huntress Wizard meanwhile was nailing arrow after arrow into the large bandit, his heavy armour doing nothing to stop Huntress's deadly arrows, yet he still refused to fall but it was getting to him. His attacks were slow and heavy as dark blood drools out his armour, and none of it from his foe. He stumbles, then collapses to his knees, and looks up to get an arrow to the face, marking the final piece for the bandit pin-cushion, making him collapses to the floor dead.

"Nice work Huntress. Wait, that’s nine... where's the last one?" Finn questions as he spins around, only counting nine bodies,

"There." Huntress points, the bandit cowardly running away. Bravery was not common with them, so she wasn't that surprised. Huntress simply shoots an arrow, watching as after a few seconds the arrow strikes its target, the force of it making the body ragdoll forward. "Could you go and collect that arrow? I'll grab the ones here." He nods, and sets off at a walking pace, leaving Huntress to rip her other arrows free from the large bandit. Arriving at the body a minute later, Finn finds the arrow dead centre in his head, much to his impressment. After a gruesome yank, it comes free, then he simply gets up and walks back to the bandit camp, leaving the body there to rot for its actions.

He arrives back to see Huntress cleaning and repairing her arrows, what he adds to the pile with the one he collected, but she then nods at a piece of paper on the table. "Found it on the big guy." She says, not looking away from her work. "I think it's their base." Surprised, he looks, and sure enough it has two markings, a circle and a square, the circle on the village, and the square in the middle of nowhere.

"Even if it isn't, we should still check if it got the bandits attention." Finn says, quickly checking he has his sword. Nodding she rises and magically quivers her arrows, as Finn tries figures out the direction to go, "It is... That way!" He points north and the couple set of in earnest, sprinting through the sandy wasteland.

Nearly an hour later they enter a forest made of cotton candy that surrounds the candy kingdom. "Pretty clever to hide here. Wouldn't expect this place to be their hideout. But saying that I don't see anything yet."

"That's actually a good point to bring up. I doubt Gumball would allow bandits to be close to the Candy Kingdom, and he has cameras everywhere." It took Finn a moment to put the dots together,

"So the bandit's camp must be hidden!" He figures out, causing Huntress Wizard to nod.

"I'll use my Huntress vision to search for anything out of place or abnormal." Her eyes glow faintly green as she starts walking around, looking over anything and everything that could lead to the bandit's camp. Until suddenly she points, "There, that branch has abnormal colours and has seems." They approach a low hanging branch, with a look at the base Finn realises it is a lever, with the mechanism hidden within the tree. He pushes the branch up, what causes trap door to open by the tree's base.

"Come on Diana, lets put these guys out of business." She freezes up at hearing her name, before snapping out of it upon realising Finn has entered the secret entrance, and follows him down. Finn was analysing a wall that has moss growing on it and was crumbling apart, "Yeah, these bandits definitely didn't build this place, it's probably a dungeon that they've taken over." He stands and looks down the old hall that was lined with torches for the bandits use to see the way, silence reigning supreme. They walk down, silent to listen for incoming danger, Huntress wizard using her vision to spot traps of the physical or magical kind.

But nothing happens in the corridor, and upon reaching the end they hear faint voices echoing. They hug the wall as they crawl along, and spying around the corner, they see a massive room, six men in the middle talking, and two 'L' shaped stairs that led to a cat walk and deeper into the dungeon. A man was unconsciously looking at the entrance, meaning making a move will equal instant spotting. They had to be taken down and fast before they could call for help,

"I got left, you got right?"

"Sure." Finn replies before charging forward, the bandit watching the door starts makes a startled scream when an arrow shuts him up, two more meet the same fate,

"What the-?!" The remaining shocked bandits utter in surprise turning to face the intruders for Finn to simply cut them down in less than a second. They stand silently, listening for any incoming help, but none came. They turn to the stairs, the stone surfaces suffering dips from being worn down by heavy use. Climbing them, they peak down the catwalk what reveals another doorway, only this time the door is closed. Silently, they walk to the door and rest their ears against it, hearing nothing. Except snoring.

Finn pushes the door open by a small amount, and a peak inside reveals that the remaining bandits were asleep with empty bottles of alcohol resting by their feet. The room was a semicircle, with the door being in the middle of the circle part, and against the wall stood a stone statue of a human woman in hunting gear, with dogs at her side sniffing the air and a bow in her hand. Next to that lays piles of gold and food, stolen from the poor and weak to fill their lazy greed.

"Finn they are asleep, lets kill them before they wake up, no need to make this more difficult." Huntress says, grabbing a blade that sat on her leg that although was designed and used to skin creatures, it will suit the job of assassin work.

"... Right." Finn replies, looking at the bandits, twelve more remain with a rock elemental in heavy armour near the statue. Gulping, he cautiously walks over to the nearest bandit and holds his blade against his throat, but does not cut.

"What's wrong Finn?" Huntress asks, noticing him freeze up.

"Sorry Diana, I can't kill them while they are sleeping, that's donked up. I think it's my warrior's pride, it won't let me do something dishonourable." He explains, trying his best to keep his voice as quiet as possible. Huntress just stares at him. "... I'll just take their stuff." He says rising as Huntress shrugs and goes back to slitting their throats. Finn ignores the gold for now, knowing that it will make too much noise grabbing it. Instead he looks over the paper strewn around. It only takes a quick glance over to realise that the papers were plans to invade the Candy Kingdom, hence the close base of operations, and kill Fionna to prevent her from stopping them. With a frown he gathers them all, folds and then place in a special pocket in his bag.

He looks at Huntress to see her half way done in her bloody business. So he then investigates the statue, doing his best to not wake the sleeping elemental resting on it. Crouching low, he notices an inscription, 'Sarah, the first watcher of the forest.' What causes him to stop and look up at the tall statue. Crumbling rock behind him alerts him, he turns to see Huntress picking an arrow from the elemental's head, and putting a very bloody blade away.

"Done now, anything of note?"

"Yeah a few things: first they had plans to take over the Candy Kingdom and kill Fionna. Two, the statue here is the first forest watcher, I think." Huntress Wizard's eyes widen at the news, scanning the statue with her eyes, before doing the same with the room.

"This rooms layout... It was a place of worship to her, probably for blessings." Finn nods, seeing it now that it was pointed out. "C'mon let's start looting." Opening his bag they start shovelling gold and rarities inside, before Finn finds a ring with words scribbled on,

"Hey Diana, is this ring enchanted?" He asks curiously, causing Huntress to stop and squint at it.

"Hmm, no its not-" Huntress using her Huntress vision analysis the ring but freezes when she notices a magical anomaly behind him.

"Err Diana, what’s wro-"

"The watchers bow string, it's a magical trigger." Finn blinks, then turns around to look at the statue, before getting up and approaching it.

"Seriously?" She nods as Finn stands before it the stone art piece, then with a grunt of effort he starts climbing it, quickly reaching the bow. With an experimental poke, he realises that the string is actually acts elastically despite being made of rock. He wraps his fingers around it and pulls it back until a click happens, and a secret passageway opens in front of the statue. Jumping off he lands next to Huntress, then joins her in looking down a stairway into a pitch black room. Huntress turns and levitates a torch of a wall and hands it to Finn, then they both enter the darkness.

At the end of the stairs seems to be a room, not large or small. "Hold on Finn, I sense a magic switch, let me flip it." Sure enough, like turning on a light, torches suddenly lit up, lighting up the room and its belongings. Like the coffin.

"Whoa! Ok!" Finn says in surprise, before looking at the coffin top to see a 'Sarah' inscribed. "This is the tomb of the first watcher." Looking around it becomes more obvious, skulls from great beast lay around, nature's award for a successful hunt, and the small amount of gold laying around, but not much. And at the end of the room stood a pedestal with a wooden bow, covered in decorative furs and inscriptions.

Approaching it Finn finds a large stone tablet with more inscription at its base and crouches to read it, "What's with these people and inscriptions? Ok: First watcher, may we never forget you arrows as they pierced the most deranged beast and end their rampages. May we never forget keeping the forest alive and protecting it from all who wished it harm. May this bow be useful to those who are worthy to wield it- Wait, did it just say this bow is up for grabs?" He says rising and pointing at it.

"Yeah, I think so." She says walking up to the altar as Finn picks it up, "Let me have a look at it." He it hand over to her. She hums in thought, recognising the inscriptions as runes, and the bow was physical structure was pretty good as well... "Finn, this bow is actually pretty high quality." She informs him, still looking the bow over.


"It seems to have been made with high quality wood, then crafted by a skilled blacksmith and carpenter. It's also got a few enchantments: reinforced durability, elemental resistance and magically enhanced string. This will survive use for a long time, wear and tear won't be a problem, and that string enchantment will make it hit harder. Not as hard as me with my magic, but still harder than other bows."

"Looks like you got a new bow for your collection if you want to use one like you had in the gum war."

"I want you to have it."

"What!?" He questions in shock, but gets a smiling Huntress as an answer as she pushes it into his arms.

"You said you wanted to join my life. This is your chance to join me in the world of hunting, I could show you how to use it, and then we can hunt together." He looks down at the bow squashed between them, then looks Huntress in the eyes,

"Thanks Diana." Then he kisses her. It startles her at first, but then she leans into it, lips hiding pent up passion as their tongues tease each others mouths. Then they pull away. With a sigh Finn struggles to put the bow on his back, where Huntress does a cute smile and assists him with putting the bow on his back. "Well, I guess we better go take the plans to Gumball and let him know a threat is gone." They walk back up the stairs and Finn blows the torch out before putting it on the floor, then slinging his bag, careful of the bow. With a bit of magic Huntress seals the room back up, leaving the first watchers body to rest in peace, free of any grave robbers. Exiting the dungeon/temple all together, they pull the branch back down, sealing it up until someone else discovers it, not that they will find anything pleasant.

"I'm worn out Finn." Before he could respond, and poof sound emitted from behind him and he felt something on top of his head. Confused he looks up to see a green bird on his head, it was wearing a dark blue mask around it's head.

"...Diana?" He gets a happy sounding chirp in reply, "How'd you do that?" Another poof and she was standing on his head using her extreme balance, making him crumble a bit under her weight.

"Therianthropy, it allows me to shapeshift into animals."

"Is there anything you can't do?" He says smirking at her, not that she can see it standing atop him.

"Can't make portals. Or fire spells, I've never liked doing those, never needed to do them. Now back to it, your hat is surprisingly comfy." She shape shifts back into a bird, much to the relief to Finn's body. Smiling, he walks towards the candy castle, what only takes a minute due to the closeness of the cotton candy forest. As he approaches, Huntress flaps of his head backwards before shifting back to her normal self, then walking beside him as they enter the candy walls. Soon they arrive at the Prince's gate, and once more Butterscotch greets them.

"Welcome back Finn, though if I remember correctly your appointment is tomorrow..." She looks down through her notes to check, but Finn stops her to prevent her from wasting her time.

"It is tomorrow, but we want to see him for a different reason." She nods then stands aside, pointing at the stairs.

"He is down stairs, in his lab. As usual." Nodding, the duo head down the stairs to Gumball's private lab. Entering, they spot him mixing two potions, putting them in a rack he watches for a reaction. Sighing he mutters,

"Another failure..."

"Prince Gumball." He jumps a little but keeps his composure.

"Finn, what is it you need?"

"Nothing, just some news." He pulls the plans from his bag and hands it to the Prince.

"Found them on some bandits attacking a village using a monster in the south-east. Once they got enough money they were going to attack the kingdom and kill Fionna. They shouldn't bother you anymore, but I have no idea if they have friends or not, though I doubt it." He sighs and places the paper down.

"Thank you Finn, I'll send some banana guards to the villages to help them in the future. Now, if that is all, then please leave, I would like to get on with my experiment, I'm close to a breakthrough and if you're like Fionna then trouble always finds you." Finn nods, bit annoyed at the assumption that his presence would cause destruction, but to be fair it is true. They rise up from the stairs and exit the castle together.

"I wonder what's put him in a bad mood?"

"Who knows, maybe it was his experiment failing, maybe because we told him of something already dealt with and was wasting his time." Huntress shrugs, unsure what put the Prince in that mood.

"And that Huntress is kind of what my life was like, hunting criminals, taking down the dangerous and out of control, and serving everyone in OOO despite their attitudes or what they've done to me." Huntress smile at him quoting her while adding a little Finn touch.

"Definitely seems more interesting and rewarding than my hunts, but I'm not sure on politics or having to socialise with lots of people."

"Yeah, tell me about it, can be pretty tiring... Hey, I just had a thought!" Huntress looks at him inquisitively, "It's getting late, and I'm too worn out to cook. How about we try one of those normal dates, if anyone asks we can claim we are eating due to the time as friends and not as dates."

"... Sure, we'll give a shot." She says after her stomach growls unhappily, as she follows Finn who knows the streets and their buildings better.

They sat in a red restaurant with candles and other romantic things surrounding them, eating a chop and chips all paid for by the bandit's stolen goods, couples laughing around them and enjoying their evening with their loved ones as the day comes to an end. "This is boring." Finn says putting food in his mouth.

"Agreed, especially after today."

"Won't do this again?"

"Not again." Huntress finishes. After that boring end to their day, they walk home, trees calmly waving as they walk the forest path, a beautiful sunset in front of them, the stars starting to reveal themselves. "One sec." Huntress quickly scans the area and concludes it is empty, so she walks beside Finn and grabs his hand which he squeezes in return, Huntress being more comfortable in her relationship than she has ever been as they walk home hand-in-hand to rest.

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Chapter Text

At sunrise the next day, the couple awoke by stretching their still sleepy muscles before giving a grin to each other from the other end of the room. They clean up at the nearby river as usual before going to make themselves breakfast with Huntress eating some meat from her answer seeking hunt, and Finn an apple he found on the way back from the river. It was as they were munching on their food did Huntress start talking,

"Let go on another hunt Finn." She says out of the blue.

"Err Diana I think we've got plenty of meat." He says, taking a peek at the overfilled pantry, but Huntress just shakes her head.

"That's not why I want to hunt, I want us to hunt to show you tricks and how to hold a bow." Finn nods, and reaches for his new bow, "Bring it, but don't expect to be shooting anything."

"Sure, I'll probably miss anyway." He slings it and his sword, "Oh, just to let you know, we are totally going to get you a sick sword and I'm going to teach you sword combat with Fionna! And who knows, I might have to give private lessons for you to catch up."

"Will we now?" Finn nods with a grin on his face to which she shakes her head at, "C'mon, lets just show you how to hold a bow." Exiting their home, she leads him into the forest, keeping an eye out for any animal to hunt that wasn't a bird. They have killed a lot recently, anymore and it might upset the balance. And she was going to start getting bored of their taste if she keeps eating them. Spotting a hog from afar she grabs two apples from a low hanging tree branch and drops them on the forest floor as bait. She then signals Finn to follow her, leading him to enters a bush, what he does loudly as multiple sticks to snap and crack loudly, "Can't do anything thing quietly can you?" He looks up expecting a disappointed look but instead sees a grin tugging at the edges of her lips.

"If twigs were made to be quiet then Glob wouldn't of made them loud." What just causes Huntress to do her cute giggle, but it lasts less than a second and she was back to stoic hunting self, making Finn question if she even made the noise. "... I'm totally going to make you do that again." She turns around with confusion.

"Do what?"

"Make you laugh, it sounds adorable." What just causes her to gain a slight blush that was mostly hidden by her mask.

"Shut up."

"No I'm serious, it is cute. You don't giggle... ever now that I think about it, what is a shame to say the least."

"I usually don't make a noise at all, but to be honest? Being around you makes my emotions go hyper, and I can't help but laugh at even the stupidest of jokes." Finn was going to reply but Huntress suddenly signals him to be quiet with a finger to her lips. She then reaches over his shoulder and grabs his bow, still not making a single noise. Gripping it in her left hand she uses her right to point two fingers at her eyes, then the bow, before she then looks outside of the bush.

The hog had fallen for the bait, and was standing in front of them, munching on the apples noisily. She readies to fire, pulling an arrow from her quiver and pulling the string back as Finn watches. 'Shoulders and elbows are straight, right hand on string below the arrow, thumb behind the arrow-' That was all he saw as she releases the arrow, due to the hog starting to move. She nails it in the face as it squeals in pain, before dropping to the floor. Finn sighs before they exit the bush and head towards the hog,

"I saw how to hold it, but just barely." He admits.

"Sorry I didn't hold it for longer but it was about to leave." She hands the bow back to him, before coming to a realisation. "You stick out like a sore thumb." Finn blinks before looking down at his bright blue clothes and dazzling white hat, then the light and dark greens 'n browns that made up the rest of the environment.

"I do, don't I?" He mutters, coming to the same realisation.

"Maybe we should get you new clothes." She says putting a hand on her chin in thought.

"What are you talking about! This is my iconic look, it's how people recognise that I'm a hero! Anything else and I'll look... weird."

"Remember Finn, your not a hero here... not yet at least, knowing you. People won't see Finn, they'll see a Fionna fan boy. You might want to change that." He looks down and pinches his shirt with a sad look in his eye, "... Besides they're getting dirty with no way to clean them." Also true.

"Alright, I'll look into new clothes. But I'm keeping the hat!" It was always with him, it was part of him, it was his last link to his real mum, it might as well be him with how hard it will be to remove it from him.

"That will still make you stand out-" She notices the look of determination at keeping his admittedly cute hat, "...You can keep that hat."

"Thanks Diana." He says patting the white hat on his head before an idea pops in his head, "Could we get a hooded clothing to cover it during our hunts? Would that work?"

"Yeah, that is also an option." Pulling the arrow from the hogs head she allows Finn to carry the body back home as she inspects the arrow for damages.

"Who knows, maybe we will find you a sword as well in a nearby store." She didn't reply to that, ending the conversation as they walk across the forest to their home with still alive birds singing above their heads, spared of the deadly arrow for today.

"We should turn this into jerky, so we have some lunch ready. Or will that get in the way of Gumball's appointment?" What causes Huntress to freeze.

"Shoot I forgot about that! Let's drop the body off and come back to deal with it later." She's not used to the non-wild world of appointments and people relying on her position, she was used to being able to decide her day and what happens, if magic stays out of it. She had gotten too preoccupied with showing Finn how to join her in her life. With a slight sprint, their speed being hindered by the body, they went back to their trusty home. "Now that this is becoming more permanent I should probably expand it at some point." Huntress says looking at how cramp it was, with the food and gold taking up most of the room, let alone having privacy or personal belongings.

"Lets get furniture first and then adjust around that, last thing we need to do is make a room too small or waste magic making a room to big." She nods before looking around the house once more, before they sprint towards the Candy kingdom.

They quickly arrive, and the slow to walk as they walked up the candy streets. As they go through the candy market, Finn notices a furniture shop. Just one problem. "Want our furniture to be made out of bright pink candy?" Huntress stops in her walk to look at the display of the furniture made of gingerbread and icing.

"No thank you Finn. Are those even comfy?"

"No, they're rock hard. But that does remind me to bring money for some furniture while we are searching in wizard city." They turn and walk away, leaving the shop but not the conversation behind.

"You sure? They are going to be magic and weird."

"Good point. Glob where can we get some normal furniture?"

"I'm sure we can find some place, I don't know since I don't really have much furniture in my home. Where did you get yours?"

"Came with the tree house." He shrugs. Where Marceline got them? He had no idea, probably from pre-mushroom war buildings, what was no longer an option.

It was well into morning when they arrived, sweat starting to form on their bodies as they go to Gumball's castle, and were once again greeted by Butterscotch Butler, "Hello, Gumball is expecting you, he is the throne room talking to Fionna." They nod as they walk along the corridors that Finn knows so well, and encounter a giant double door with dual banana guards standing outside them. Finn ignores them and pushes the door open to see Gumball talking to Fionna, who both stop to look at the new guests.

"Ah! There you are! Fionna, I'm sorry to cut this short but I need to help these two, I hope to see you again soon."

"Wait, you need help? I'll be glad to help!" Fionna says pulling her sword out, eager to fight something.

"Not that type of help. We need science that no one but Gumball only seems to know, that type of help." Finn replies, the shorter girl sighing.

"Alright." She then leaves the room slouching, Huntress and Finn parting way for her exit.

"Now, I know I need to help you, but I've got no data to."

"Huntress Wizard has got the spot where we came from marked up I believe." Finn replies, turning to Huntress for confirmation,

"I have, and using magic I've confirmed that there is something different there but can't tell what." What earns an eye roll from the Prince at her mentioning 'magic'.

"Lets go to my lab, I should have some devices that can read the area." Standing from his throne they allow him to lead the way, and soon they arrive at the labs once more as Gumball starts searching the place, moving techno's and gadgets with light clunks. Eventually he pulls out a device with a handle and antenna, and brushes dust of it rectangular screen before powering it up to check if it is working. "This is what we will need, it reads radiation levels, elec-" He was about to continue when he saw the duo's blank expression, and remembers he is talking to a male Fionna and a wizard. Science was never going to be understandable to them, no matter how hard they try. "Let's just get going already." Turning it off to save power they let Huntress leads them to the 'gate'.

They walk through the forest, and after a few minutes of awkward silence, Finn does anything to end it. "Hey Gumball." He only turns his eyes to look at him, "Is it true you've got a crush on Fionna?" Now that got a full head turn, and a blush.

"Why are you interested in my personal life?" The hero shrugs,

"I just heard from Cake that you do, that's all. I was wondering if it was true or not." 'This could be my chance to check if these dimensions will be the same or not, and if so, the future.' Gumball however has a different conclusion in his mind about the question, 'Why is he interested in my crush?' Then it hits him as he remembers yesterday.

Gumball was going to the librarian, Turtle Prince, to take some books that he was going to need in an upcoming robot creation. "Hello Turtle Prince, I would like to take these." The sentient turtle nods and starts to write it down in a large tracker as Gumball puts the science books into his bag.

"Is that all?" He nods and moves to go back to the lab. "Have you heard the rumours?"

"Whatever they are I doubt they are more important than my discoveries." He continues walking, hoping to avoid conversation about silly rumours that usually end up being fake.

"You sure? It's about Fionna!" He raises his voice at the candy prince, but he doesn't stop walking away. "She's got a boyfriend!" Gumball freezes at the door, before turning back around and walking back towards the other prince.

"What?" Confusion and shock filled the word.

"Yeah LSP walked in on her holding another human's hand, he's been telling everyone about it!" 'Another human? Finn? Probably a misunderstanding then.' Gumball calms down tremendously before replying.

"... Whatever I won't probe in on Fionna's personal business." Gumball says before walking away and through the library's door. After a few silent seconds the turtle whips out his phone and immediately starts typing, 'OMG I just told Gumball about Fionna's boyfriend and he tried to act all political about it!' A minute later he gets a reply, 'Drama bomb! I'm going to tell Marshall and see his reaction!'. The doors library's door open again and Gumball strides back up to the Prince, "I forgot my card." Sure enough his free books card was sittings on the desk, forgotten in his rush to escape hearing a rumour. Grabbing it, he turns and leaves once more. Turtle Prince types on his phone again 'He's so jealous.'

Gumball mentally shakes his head in the forest. 'Why was Finn asking if I had a crush on Fionna?... Unless he is interested in Fionna and that rumour was true, then he really might of been holding hands with her. So he is wondering if he's got competition to date... himself?... I won't let him get Fionna! Marshall Lee dotting on her is bad enough!'. "To be honest Finn, I do. And I think she will choose me. I'm a Prince with lots of money, power, and genuine feelings for her." As he admits his feelings for his knight, Finn immediately thinks: 'Ok, somethings are definitely different here.'

"That is true, but I wonder if you would choose Fionna over your kingdom?" Finn asks. He remembers what PB was like: highly manipulative, choosing her kingdom over personal feelings and well being, sitting in the lab for days on end, and what it did to him emotionally whenever she did manipulate him. Gumball was not good for a relationship if he acts the same way, and it won't do Fionna any good either. Gumball however saw this as a threat,

"While I'm willing to make sacrifices and willing to fight for her, I won't abandon my kingdom either." He glares at Finn, much to his confusion.

"We're here." Huntress ends the conversation. In silence Gumball walks forward while turning on his devices.

"Strange." He says walking around, scanning the environment, leaving the duo to stand around and unsure of what to do. "Can you raise me in anyway?" What Huntress answers by walking towards him.

"Yeah one sec." Huntress just puts both hands on the ground before disappearing under the dirt, appearing not a second later as a tree under Gumball who lets out a noise of startlement as he gets carried by the growing tree. When she stops growing the Prince takes a second to re-adjust himself before continuing his work. He looks at his device with confusion,

"Alright you can bring us back down now Huntress Wizard." She rapidly shrinks, changing back almost instantly, what is faster than Gumball can fall as he lets out a startled scream, however Finn catches him before he hits the ground. The prince hurriedly gets out of his hands however and brushes himself off. "If my devices are working correctly, then there is absolutely nothing different here than anywhere else." What shocks Finn who quickly expresses it.

"Not even a single... what's the word PB uses... anomaly!?" Snapping his fingers as the world come to him.


"Strange, because my magic can feel something is different here." What earns an eye roll from the prince, something Huntress picks up on. "What's with the eye roll?"

"Just the thought of 'magic', it doesn't exist! It's just science that we don't understand yet, what you idiot wizards keep on calling something so childish as 'magic'." Gumball snaps, annoyed at having this conversation so many times, "Not everything that is misunderstood or confusing is magic, You don't know what the square root of a 1732 is, does that make it magic?" He rants, as he turns away from them, the duo take a step back, Finn flinching from Huntress's annoyed look,

"You use to serve this?" She asks, starting a whisper conversation,

"I... was in love. Also you've seen what PB becomes, he'll relax eventually… I think… In a few years..." They turn their attention back to the Prince who was staring at them, causing Finn to cough awkwardly.

"Sorry, use to that conversation with Princess Bubblegum, everyone got tired of hearing it, especially when it put us in danger." He remembers his visit to wizard city with the Princess and her stubborn pride. The Prince looks very irritated by the response, but does not say a word. Huntress looks down in thought before looking at the royal once more.

"Well if that's all then, we will try wizard city. There's got to be someone there who can help us."

"Good idea Huntress." This however sparks an idea in the Gumballs mind,

"I've got a science fair tomorrow, to show off some real science and scientists, not 'magic'. If you two want, I can get seats for you. Together." If he can get these two to fall for each other, Finn will no longer be going after Fionna. Of course, getting him home will also solve that problem, so it is still a priority. This might require some pushing to get them together, but if anyone can do it, it is him with years worth of experience of manipulation. He just needs to get some spy gear on them to find their interests and what they both like...

Finn was having different thoughts though, 'Isn't that the fair where I made a black hole!?' "Sorry PG, we might have to pass on that, We've got... things to do."

"Things?" The Prince questions, not wanting his plan to fail, or at least delayed due to him making a lame excuse escape, as it meant more time he was with Fionna.

"Yes, things. Huntress let's go home, we need to gather some gold." He says with a bit of urgency in his voice. She nods, understanding that he was wanting to get away from the Prince for some reason. They left the Prince behind to stew in his thoughts, before the royal realises he has no way of finding his way back, before grumbling as he begins his search for home. The OOO duo were currently power walking home, trying to get away from the royal without looking rude.

"So what was that about?" Huntress questions, what causes the human boy to sigh.

"When I went to that science thing, I had a crush on PB."


"In an attempt to impress her I wore glasses that made me very smart, and made a black hole that nearly killed everyone."

"Ohhhhh that makes more sense, still, was it worth that reaction?"

"I've worked with PB for years, I know the look she makes when she is planning something. He had that look. He was trying to do something, and with him continuing after I said no tells me that the plan was at the fair, and was determined for it to happen. This is young PB, we need to be prepared for spying and manipulation." He sighs as is semi painful to admit that of PB and PG, but it was necessary.

They soon stand before their home and enter it, with Finn immediately going to his corner of gold to buy some furniture and to pay for a wizard's help, while Huntress prepares some food for the small journey. When they were finished with their tasks Finn leaves his bow against the wall and brings his trusty night sword while Huntress checks to see if she's got all of her arrows before equipping her quiver. Once final checks are done, food and gold packed they set of to the city of nerds.

The wizard city is always covered in a magic cover that prevents people from seeing it from outside, and the only way inside is to say the password to get inside. While they both know the password, Finn certainly did not look like a wizard of any sorts. "Any idea on how to make me look all wizardly? Got a robe lying around?"

"Nope." They stop just short of the city.

"We most probably should've thought of that before coming here." In search for a solution Huntress scans the area. And spots a dead tree. Smiling she walks towards it to Finn's confusion.

"Diana, what are you doing?"

"Watch." She places her hand on a tree branch, and a second later it revives at her touch, gaining life... before she brutally snaps it of. Branch in hand she focuses, her face going tense as the branch shifts and twists in her hands, the sharp spikes where it was broken off smoothen, become round as the twigs all pop off at once. The other end of the branch twists in on itself, creating a snail's spiral of wood, while the rest of the branch did the opposite, becoming straight and smooth. Huntress's face relaxes, letting out a sigh while slouching, "One staff." Finn's mouth was agape as he grabs it from her hands. "We can say you're my new apprentice, should also pardon you of not understanding anything." He holds it in his left hand as he puts his right hand on her shoulder, giving her a look of concern.

"That was awesome, but are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm alright, that staff was just a high stress and concentration, not difficult or draining. Reviving dead plants is easy, whenever greedy wood cutters or a deadly plant disease wipes out part of a forest, I've always had to fix the damage. Which is usually achieved by reviving the dead foliage, or speeding up the growth of new plants." She stretches her back before walking down the ravine that lead towards the hidden entrance, Finn following close behind her. She soon stands in front of the rocky texture in front of her, before dropping her gaze to the floor and closes her eyes, "Didn't think I would be back here, at least so soon." She remains silent for a second before looking back up, "Wizards rule." Instantly the rocky illusion disappears, and a city full of crazy, depressed people is revealed to them.

"So... where do we go?"

"Lets ask the grand master sorcerer- err sorceress? Whatever, for wizards who specialises in portal magic."

"Don't know anybody?"

"No... I mainly stuck to myself... Didn't want anyone to know who I was."

"... Back at the gate you seem lost in thought, and it sounds like you were hiding from something... You want to talk about it?"

"No, at least not now. I'll let you know if I ever do." Finn nods and backs off, respecting her wishes. "Lets just say that no one is born mad and sad to be a wizard Finn... stuff got to happen for them to curse people. I'm no exception." Finn nods, while Huntress looks lost in her memories, a frown on her face. Noticing this Finn rushes to change the topic,

"Ah er Huntress..." She snaps out of her thoughts and looks towards Finn, "er... You think we can get me any hunting clothes here?"

"Unfortunately no, but I do know where to get them, it's the same place I got mine from." 'Should have some leaves lying around, I mean, we live in a forest.'

"Sounds like a plan." Soon the duo stands before the building which contains the master of those inflicted with madness and sadness. They enter the building, the walls were surprisingly black, the opposite of her male counterparts. And then they stand before her, eyes slightly wide,

"I'm the Grandmaster Sorceress, why do you seek an audience with me?" She matches her walls, her appearance being mostly made of black, even her hair was black. Huntress Wizard forgets her surprise and takes a step forward, standing before the giant woman,

"I seek the wisdom and knowledge of one who is diverse and wise in the ways of portals or chaotic magic."

"Chaotic magic is not allowed, it causes too much trouble and has too much risk. However, there is someone who will help you with portals. His name is Paul, he lives down near the Western side of the city. Where precisely? No idea. I don't keep track of everyone." She stops to pet a cat that was by her feet, "However, no one comes to me to ask about the location of a single person, especially when I'm here mainly to enforce rules and punishments, why else are you here?"

"Because if this works, you might feel a massive energy spike of magic south-west of the Candy Kingdom, I'm telling you so you don't send out a massive brigade of enforcers to stop us."

"I see... I have one final question: What is a non-wizard doing here?" At announcing this several wizard police come out from hiding behind objects located in the room and quickly surround them, sticks at the ready. Finn looks around at them, drops his staff, and pulls out his night sword but does not attack. "Did you think I would not notice?"

"We are from another dimension." The sorceress does not react, still standing in front of Huntress. "We are here to seek aid to go home, hence needing one with the knowledge of portals. I ask for an excuse of the rules just this once."

"No." The police officers move in on Finn, while Huntress still does not look back at them, staring at the black woman down.

"Alright then Finn, let's go see Paul."

"What?!" Finn replies in shock. Huntress grins smugly at him,

"The law doesn't state non-wizards are not allowed, just that they can't buy or-... well, do anything really. Which means you can accompany me as I do the stuff we need."

"That's not true." The giant women counters.

"It is, check the law book. It was originally implemented to prevent those who did not have the knowledge of magic to buy dangerous items and artefacts, yet still allow helpers to attend injured wizards." The two women stare each other down, squinting as they have an intense staring contest to decide Huntress's and Finn's fate.

"Hold on." The police halt their advance when the Grand Master raises her hand. She then turns around muttering while searching through some container. She suddenly 'Ahas!' as she pulls out a dusty book, the grey substance falling off, causing the sorceress to have a coughing fit. Recovering, she flips through the pages a second later using magic and landing on a seemingly random page, and uses her finger to underline the words as she reads it. She then stops.

"Alright she's right." The officers back away from Finn, causing Huntress smile in victory. "However! If you break the law, I will know, and I will turn you into a cat." She finalises this by stroking a nearby cat that purrs at the attention. Finn nods nervously and sheaths his sword, and the duo turn around and leave, leaving the mob of officers and the giant sorceress behind them.

"Glob that was close, thanks for the save Huntress. Didn't even know I was allowed in, just that I wasn't allowed to buy anything."

"Some wizards know the law better than most, I'm one such person." She leads him down the roads that she knew so well in their search for a man named Paul.

"You know... I don't think any woman should have that much facial hair." Huntress smiles, suppressing a laugh.

In a store in the same city, a hundreds year old woman was holding a basket while browsing wares, mainly ropes that were designed to hold back beasts and criminals. Humming she grabs a rope that was on sale, before going two aisles over, looking at food available. Humming again she extends her arm and sweeps a load in, before going to the store's counter, a boy with red skin with a bored face full of acne. Lazily he starts magically scanning her items, while Ice Queen taps her foot impatiently. Scanning the last item and putting it into a bag, he looks up her, "Is that all?"

"Yes." She says with a bit of a hiss of annoyance.

"That will be... 23 gold." Ice Queen just grabs her bag and starts hovering in the air, the room temperature dropping as she rises up, "Err, hey! You haven't paid!" What just causes her to laugh maniacally and fly through the shop doors, smashing them open as she flew out of the city.

"Soon my knight will be my King! Hahahahaha! Now... how do I cook this stuff for our date?" The cashier was left in the shop watching the doors sway from left over force before sighing,

"Why do I always get the weird ones?" He mumbled before wiping his counter with a cloth.

Back with our favourite duo, they had entered the west side of Wizard City and were now fruitlessly asking anyone if they knew a portal man called Paul. After another wizard's head shake, Finn releases a sigh and finds Huntress, who has also just failed at getting the answer they seek. "Hey Huntress, want to take a break?" She turns at her name being called and nods at his answer, both of them sitting on a wall as they pulled out some meat prepared by Huntress.

"We totally need to get something other than meat." Finn tells her,

"Use your gold to buy us a place to store things and we will have something other than meat." She replies taking a bite out of her food. Finn was about to reply when a figure staring at him from down the road catches his attention. Stopping everything he gazes back, confirming that the figure was indeed staring at him. And Finn can't say why, but the figure was... familiar. When Finn was trying to recognise the person a stranger walks in front of him, breaking their line of sight, and when the stranger walks by, the mysterious figure was gone. Finn blinks in confusion and worry, what Huntress quickly notices. "What's up?"

"Nothing. A random stranger that I sort recognise was staring at me then." What causes Huntress to search where Finn was looking, but notices no figure at all.



"Well this is wizard city, no one here is normal, some are insane. I mean who would stare at you? No one knows you here."

"Right? Let's get going, because I did not like that guy." They stand and evacuate the area, hopefully leaving the creep behind them.

Wandering the area, they continue the chore of asking random strangers for a man named Paul who specialises in portals, but still did not come any closer to their goal. Unil, "Excuse me mam." Finn asks approaching a female wizard that stood as tall as Huntress, antlers and all, covered in brown robes, who actually shrinks in fear at being talked to, her white neon eyes staring right at him.

"W-what is it that you need?" She asks, somehow shrinking even further back, almost crouching.

"Do you know a guy called Paul?" He asks after a moment of hesitation, judging if she was about to run in fear from him.

'I-I-I know one, yes." What gives Finn a bit of hope.

"Does he specialises in portals?"

"Yes." She replies gaining some nerve, then shrinking again as Finn emotions explode 'YES! FINALLY!' In his excitement he grabs her shoulders,

"Where is he?! We've been looking for him!" She doesn't reply, too busy stuttering in fear, making Finn realise his actions and quickly lets go of her. "Sorry, got excited. But please, can you tell us where he is?" After a second of recovering, the startled wizard responds.

"I can show you."

"Great. Just need to grab my... companion first." He looks around for Huntress, but does not spot her in the tiny crowd of people. "Where did she go?" Then suddenly he starts floating in the air, looking down he sees that the woman's arm rising beneath her robes. Once high above the crowd he looks around for the wood nymph, spotting her staring at his floating body, before he is slowly lowered once more and is gently placed back onto the ground.

"Did you see your friend?" She asks a bit timidly.

"Yeah, she's coming now." And sure enough Huntress arrives, jumping over several people and lands defensively, before spotting a calm Finn,

"Oh I thought you were getting attacked."

"No, it's cool, but she says she knows who Paul is and is willing to show us."

"Then lead the way." The robed girl nods and starts walking down the stone road, the duo following. After a second Huntress looks to go ask a question until Finn whispers in her ear.

"Hey Huntress, just a heads up she is very nervous or shy." Nodding she backs off. Silently the duo follow the wizard as she leads them through the city streets, taking corners and alleyways, weaving through crowds. Finn then pulls his bag of, catching Huntress's attention

"I think you'll need this, if I can't buy anything due to not being a wizard then you'll have to do it." Nodding she shoulders the surprisingly heavy bag.

"We're here." The woman says, standing aside to reveal a shop for 'dimensional and time anomalies' as revealed by a hanging store sign.

"Thank you for showing us here, we owe you one."

"Oh, no you don't..." She quietly says, backing away from the duo before briskly walking away. Huntress and Finn just look at each other before shrugging, then turn to the store's door before entering insid-

"WELCOME!" The sudden loud voice making them both jump backwards, its origin a blue skinned man behind the counter, "How can I help you?" Finn releases a sigh to calm himself after the surprise while Huntress strolls up to the counter.

"I've heard that you are specialised in portals. Is that true?"

"Specialised? Ha! I'm the master of them! So what is it you need me to get all portal-ly at?" He replies, leaning on one arm.

"We're from another dimension, we were wondering if you can help us return home. We've got where the portal was marked up and using magic I can detect that there is something there, but I don't know what."

"That’s all? This will be easy, especially since you can detect the original portal, makes it way easier. It's always easier to repair than replace anything in life." He says leaving the counter, "So where is it? Oh, and I expect pay, big pay." Huntress simply opens Finn's stuffed bag, the gold reflecting any light hitting it, creating a golden shine. "...Yeah, that'll do." He says staring at it for a few seconds before looking back up to them.

"The portal is- or was, south-west of the candy kingdom, in the apple forest." What causes him to release a hum.

"That’s not far. Lets get this over and done with." He walks to the door and cast a spell, adding the words 'UNAVAILABLE' to the door before motioning them to exit what the duo quickly do. Joining them he turns around and focus on his shop, when suddenly electricity surround all parts of the building, making Finn flinch backwards. "Right, I'm good to go, lead the way."

"Is that... necessary?" Finn asks with scepticism.

"Yes! You don't who is after your stuff." He snaps at him, before gesturing them to lead him forward to their goal, which they happily comply with.

The walk to the forest was silent, the duo not wanting to speak of anything personal in the presence of a stranger, and Paul did not start any conversation either. He decided to instead repeatedly hum the same sequence of notes over and over again, much to the duo's chagrin. They speed walk in hopes of getting this over and done with as quickly as possible, and they are rewarded with arriving much sooner than they expected, the red carpet being Huntress announcing,

"We here. This is where the portal was." Finn sighs in happiness as Paul stops his annoying repetitive jingle and starts probing the area magically similar to how Huntress herself looked at it, only this time, he understands what he is looking at.

"Hmm..." His face twists and scrunches in confusion. He should understand what he is looking. "What in the night-o-sphere?... What’s this? Huh?" 'He has no idea what he looking at' Finn thinks. "Ok to be honest... I have no idea what is before me." The duo release a groan of annoyance at the announcement, "Hey! I don't know what’s up with this portal, it's unlike anything I've seen before!... Well not really. It has everything a portal should have, but they are in the wrong spots, and some parts are duplicated… it doesn't make any sense at all, it's... chaotic."

"Well don't expect pay." Huntress says crossing her arms while looking down at the ground, causing shock to covers Paul face.

"What!?" He exclaims, throwing up his arms.

"You didn't help us with this portal, you don't get paid. If I'm at a restaurant and ask for food and don't get food, I won't pay. Simple." What causes Paul to release a groan of annoyance and glares at her, reaching for a small wand hidden in his clothes, when Huntress floats an arrow above her. He removes his hand, before making a portal appear to his right,

"If you don't hire a mercenary, they won't protect you. Free loaders after my work..." He grumbles the last bit as he enters the portal before it closes behind him. Huntress releases a sigh as Finn comes up and puts a hand on her shoulder,

"I feel kind of bad for him."

"I know, you help everyone. You're very sympathetic to people, and I like that about you... I think I'm just in a bad mood because of the only ways that I can think of for finding a way home just completely failed... That we might be stuck here."

"At least we are stuck together." To symbolise this, they stand in silence together, listening to the rustling of leaves as tree branches sway and distant birds sing, and actually enjoyed their situation despite being alone with no real friends and bare minimum home wise… all just because of each others presence.

"That we are Finn."

"Now what?"

"I'll head back to Wizard City. Get some magical supplies. You can hunt for some furniture."

"Right... I guess I can try a random market, someone might be selling something. Not like I'll have to search for a town, I've saved them all so many times that I think I know them all off by heart by now, so this shouldn't take too long." Nodding, Huntress puts Finn's bag down and opens it, revealing its golden contents to the world. She then places both hands on the ground and grunts with effort as before her a tree rapidly grows, making Finn backup and mouth gape. Once done, she runs up the tree and stands upside down on a branch to collect a giant leaf that had grown on it, easily half her size. Giving a quick inspection she nods and jumps of the branch and flips, landing silently on the ground. "How did you do that?"

"Which bit?" She replies, kneeling on the ground and starts tying the ends together, trying to create a makeshift bag.

"All of it!"

"Well, you already know of me reviving and growing trees, creating new ones is not too much of a leap. The defying gravity? I essentially attached to the tree, I was basically a branch, a very agile one admittedly. I was one with the tree, I could hear its song as it sung in harmony with the rest of the forest, despite it not belonging in it."

"... That is extremely cool." She nods as she finishes her makeshift bag, before grabbing several handfuls of gold and placing it inside. Finished, she stands up,

"Farewell Finn." She turns into a giant hawk, her talons grabbing the bag.

"See you later Diana." She squawks as she flapped her wings, causing her and her bag to rise and Finn to cover his eyes from flung up dust, before she heads off towards Wizard City once more.

Releasing a sigh Finn spins in a circle before walking in a random direction. Chances are he will encounter a village or kingdom who sells furniture. Good furniture, hopefully. His path left him in the grassy hills, however not the plains near Fionna's tree house. Even after wandering for a while, no villages appear on the horizon, to the point of making Finn wonder if they even exist, and him saving them were dreams he has had. However eventually one does appear, putting his mad little theory to rest.

While approaching the village, he does not remember ever seeing it before. Although all he sees right now is log-spear wall, obviously designed to hold of assaults from bandits but not a military siege. Circling the wall he eventually spots a road that lead to its open gates, entering them lead Finn beside two guards that did nothing to halt his advancement further inside. "Huh, never seen this place before." What triggers the guards to speak up to him,

"Then we welcome you."

"Thanks." Turning his gaze away from the guards he stares at the town’s inhabitants, and notices that they weren't a single species or kingdom, but a mixture of multiple, evidence being the rock people, the candy people, and even a flame nymph, and they were roaming the streets without a care about each other. Now that he thinks about it, why are so many species either people or nymphs/elementals? Shrugging that thought off he strolls through the town, watching the calm villagers do their things as he searches for a furniture shop, and seeing how he has never helped this place, it must be peaceful here most of the time. A strange thought, given OOO's reputation of monsters and dangers seemingly being everywhere, but he's not going to complain.

Then wood catches his eyes. Polished shiny wood of a well made and kept furniture. All on display behind a shop's window, a shop that Finn quickly enters. He finds the owner of the shop a person made of rock, sitting asleep on the counter, sludge dribbling from his mouth while occasionally mumbling and twitching. Unsure on how to wake him up, Finn nervously walks up to him and begins to gently shake the grey person,

"Hey What!?" The goliath of a person yelled, jumping from his sleep, and his eyes quickly lock onto Finn, who now realises that the rock person could barely stand in his shop at seven feet tall. "What’s going on? Who are you?" He inquires with no anger in his voice, just confusion at waking up to a stranger.

"A err... customer" Finn says slowly, rather wanting to not agitate the man.

"A customer?" Causing him to look around, triggering him to remember where he is, "A customer! Right." The gentle giant pulls out small wooden chairs out for them and sits down, prompting Finn to follow suit. The the rock person's chair to groan in protest as several tons of rock suddenly started sitting on it. "I'm Vock. Now, what are you looking for?"

"Everything in general really, it's a new home and I'm a new home owner, so I've got nothing at all." Causing Vock to nod enthusiastically.

"I’ve got just the deal for-" He leans forward, what proves to be too much for the chair as his centre of gravity shifts, and collapses under him, releasing a loud crack as wood snapped then a thump, causing the room to shake as the rock person lands on the floor. "Oof. Sorry about that, it happens from time to time." He groans as he stands and picks the poor chair's remains up, before underarm throwing the victim of his weight behind the counter.

Turning back to Finn he crouches to be eye level, "As I was saying, got a deal for you, created it just for new homeowners." He stands up quickly, causing him to bang his head against the ceiling and causes a small hole, not that he notices as he signals Finn with zest. "Right, to keep it short, it will be everything you need: tables, beds, wardrobes etc. It'll even contain this small coffee tables." What he pats, only for it to be smashed, broken wood splinters flying everywhere. "It'll won't contain this coffee table, but good news! The deal is now a few coins cheaper." He says before picking it up and throwing it to join the chair. Finn releases a sigh, the guy was nice but clumsy, "Right now lets see your money, that'll help us in choosing..."

Huntress meanwhile was searching the Wizard city stores, searching for magical supplies. The flight over was very quick, the privilege of wings allowing her to fly over obstacles, instead of weaving around trees and mountains that usually stand in one's way on the ground. She clutched the giant leaf that contained her gold, several wizards eyeing it several times, and her territorial behaviour enhanced by magic's madness making her clutch all that she owns close to herself aggressively.

Entering a random store that had the insignia for potions she looks around the area for anyone, however there wasn't even anyone on the counter. Silently, she searches the shelves for anything in which she or Finn could use, what was when she spots a row of cyclops tears '10 gold? Cheap'. She grabs three bottles of the magical healing liquid before realising she has nowhere to put them, and settles with putting them in with the gold in her leaf bag. That was how she went around the shop, buying little amount of ingredients to make curatives and poisons, healing being already sorted by cyclops tears.

She finishes collecting the resources before standing at the counter awaiting service, staring at a door that led to the back of the store for someone to come through. After waiting a few seconds she becomes impatient and was about to shout for service until she notices knocked over box peeking around the corner of the door. And it was damaged. She puts the two points together, and realises that the lack of service might be because something is or has gone down out back.

She silently sneaks to the doorframe and peeks inside, and spots three men surrounding the shop owner who was currently on the floor. She backs around the frame again as two choices enter her mind. She can either A: Attack the men, however, these were very tight quarters combat. There is no way she can use her arrows or even stretch both arms out. Or B: Just take the stuff and leave, no cost and she was not put in a dangerous situation.

The old her might of gone for option B, it was the owners fault for not being able to defend himself, survival of the fittest, as nature has always done. Now that she knows Finn however? And she would have to explain why everything was free to him, and see his reaction, knowing full well what it will be? And what it would do to her to see him like that...

She flew around the corner, instantly alerting the three men to her presence, but acknowledging her would not save them. Instantly she drop kicks one of the guys, smashing his head into the floor, knocking him out cold. The other two jump backwards in surprise and forces them against the walls. Before they too sprung into action. Two fists flew at her, her agility however allows her to evade, leaping back to the doorframe. Both charge forward, one behind the other.

Thinking fast she punches the first guy in the balls, causing him keel over, before kneeing him the face, sending him tumbling into his friend, halting both their charges. The second man jumps over his crippled friend and throws another punch. Huntress simply ducks bellow it, before rising up with her hands connected as if to serve a volleyball, only to serve pain as it connects with the man's chin, lifting him up a bit before landing on his back.

However he moves to get up, still conscious, causing Huntress to jump on top of him, releasing three strong punches to his head, finally knocking him out. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind, his friend recovered from her attack and slams her against the wall face first. Flipping her over he uses his hand to hold her arm, he goes to punch her straight in the face, pulling his arm back. However, as it flies towards her she changes form, shifting into a snake in his other hand. By the time he realises his fist has already flown past where her face used to be, and instead slams into the hard wall.

Not finished yet, Huntress bites his arm and injects weak venom, using magic to speed through his body, paralysing him in seconds. The man now stands like a statue as Huntress slithers out of his grip and onto the floor, before shifting back to her normal self. Standing up, she puts a finger to the man's forehead and simply pushes him backwards, watching him land harshly on the floor.

Her work here was done, eo she turns to the owner who was staring at her with wide eyes and gaping mouth. "So you gonna just stand there and catch flies or will you sell me your stuff?" She asks with a small smile. The owner shakes his head and gets up shakily, before slowly walking to the counter. Huntress picks up her makeshift bag and hands it to the cashier. He however just pushes it back to her,

"As thanks." Huntress mealy nods and grabs her bag, turns, and exit the shop. A quick glance back reveals to her that shop owner was also leaving the shop, and was heading towards magic police officers who were spinning their sticks. Huntress looks away. So that's what being a hero feels like?... She smiles. She can't wait to tell Finn.

Finn was just leaving the store, a good deal made, the furniture is going to be delivered tomorrow noon at the candy kingdom. He casually strolls through the forest that marks his home, playing a little tune on his flute. Arriving home, he parts the vines to see no sign of life. 'Guess I'm the first home' He settles down and places his now much, much lighter bag next to the rest of the gold. He may of made a deal, but adding furniture to a whole house is not cheap.

With some dry twigs he starts rubbing them together, and soon has a warm fire started, relieving him of any chill as the air cools with the setting sun, and basking the room in a light orange hue. Finn puts some left over bird meat above the flames then just simply sat there, enjoying the warm, calm and freeness in his life right now, and expresses his contempt via music. A soft, calm melody from his flute fills the air, and it greets Huntress when she returns.

Finn stops as she looks at him with a smile. She drops her stuff and reaches under her cape, pulling the thunder boar flute out from a back pocket. Bringing it up to her mouth she gently plays her own tune, surprising Finn before he grins, and brings his flute back to his mouth. Two flutes fill the air, each their own tune, their own rhythm, but they play in harmony, linked perfectly as their music dances with each other. They spent minutes like that, playing together in the warm with the smell of cooking food in the air, all under the starry cold night that gently blow wind, as if it was jealous of the couple and wants to join in on them.

As their duet comes to an end, they lower their instrument of their feelings. They blush as they look at each other's eyes, "That was an interesting welcome back." Causing Finn to laugh nervously in embarrassment, "Were you able to get us some furniture?"

"Yeah, it'll be delivered tomorrow outside the candy kingdom, hopefully Gumball won't mind." He shrugs to show his uncertainty, "What about you? Got us some potions? Supplies?" She nods and hands Finn the leaf basket, filled with gold, cyclops's tears, ingredients and one or two food items. "Nice... Wait, why is none of the gold spent?" Huntress just smiles and starts recalling the fight at the shop, sneakily adding parts to make herself sound 'cooler' in an attempt to amaze Finn. And sure enough, Finn was amazed by her skills, but more importantly, was happy she helped at all. The smile he gave her made her heart flutter a little.

"I'm not going to lie Finn, I did seriously think of just running with this stuff and leaving the shop owner to fend for himself."

"But you didn't. I actually wonder, were they even wizards? I mean, they just ran and threw punches at you?"

"Maybe they weren't... Oh well, it's not like its our problem." Huntress says, realising that they didn't use magic at all. Was Finn correct? Were they even mages? What were they doing in the city, and what could it mean?

"But it could soon be, and if there is danger, I feel obligated to help." He says checking the meat as Huntress empties the leaf bag, putting everything in their own place and was about to put the leaf on the fire before remembering the meat above it and the smoke it would create. She holds it, unsure what to do with it before looking at Finn, and instantly remember his clothing problem. With a tad of magic she transforms the giant leaf into a high quality hunters top similar to her own, however just for Finn, gave it a hood to cover his bear hat instead of her cape, and she gave it a zig-zag tie system instead of her several knot one.

"Hey Finn." She calls, who turns to look at her, causing her to lift the top up to show it to him,

"Whoa." He walks up to it as she hands it to, and moves to put it on. While he does that Huntress sneaks to the door and grabs some more leaves, using more magic to create a matching shorts, basically the one Finn already wears, but now in a light brown similar to her own attire. She turns around to see Finn looking his new appearance over, "Not done yet hero." She says catching his attention, and throws the shorts to him what he catches. After a nervous second of wondering if Huntress will look away, what she doesn't, he slides his famous blue shorts off and slid on the new brown ones.

"Wow, these are actually surprisingly comfy, and they look pretty good as well." He says looking over his set of new clothes, causing Huntress to smile as he unknowingly compliments her work. Standing he puts the hood up, then grabs his bow from where it was resting, before presenting himself to his partner, "How do I look?" After a moment of silence, she gives a slight tug to fasten his top a little, before she gives him her answer,

"Like a Hunter." She meant it as well. He now does look like he is ready to join her on a hunt, just needs to work on his posture, and get some gloves as well. She'll give those to him tomorrow. Now though? "Is our meat burning?" Finn snaps his head to the fire and starts to move towards it but Huntress's agility is greater, and she swipes the meat away from the unrelenting fire in a blink of an eye, before examining them. "Very slight burn. Guess that is what we get for not paying attention." Nodding Finn joins her in as she starts munching on the bird meat, grabbing his stick when she extends it to him. As he was chewing he looks over his bow, still no idea on how to use it, "Say for tomorrow, would you mind actually training me in archery?"

"Not at all, we can do that after getting our furniture."

"Thanks Diana. Shouldn't take me too long to get the hang of it, after all, I'm learning from the best." Huntress blushes at the complement of her skills, and only nods in reply. She then looks over their firewood pile and notices a small, short log, and an idea and memories come to her mind.

"Mind if I take that log?"

"... Sure?" Finn replies in confusion at the question, what Huntress quickly notices.

"You wouldn’t have seen it when you went in my house last time, but in my room I had a wood carving. It was an old hobby and dream of mine. I just would like to do it once more." Finn nods in understanding, his confusion being cleared up. While Huntress gets lost in her thoughts 'When I made that statue it was before magic, before madness, before sadness. Back when I had dreams of finding love. I made it to impress my parents, who smiled in joy at seeing the statue. One of my last links to my family, like Finn's hat was. And I also did not want to let it go, just like Finn. My link however is in OOO, not with me. I want a link here, but my old one had emotional value, irreplaceable. But new emotions and memories can be made, my new statue will symbolise the emotions and memories of my love with Finn.'

"I'm going to sleep now... Diana?" Finn says however notices her faraway look, and the lack of a response from the women. Suddenly she blinks out of her plans and focuses back onto reality, back onto Finn.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said I'm going to sleep now, long day tomorrow if we are going to be moving a lot of furniture." She nods and moves to prepare herself for sleep as well. A few minutes later, all the torches were put out, and silence ruled supreme, with Finn and Huntress both on their end of the building, eyes closed as they slowly lose themselves to sleep. All was calm.

All was ruined as the vine door was banged on loudly as the vines, despite their enhancements, groaned in protest. The duo snap awake and up, and after a look at each other Finn grabs his sword while Huntress grabs her arrows, then they slowly approach the person who silhouette came through the vines, the glowing moon behind the stranger.

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Chapter Text

Finn and Huntress walks towards the vines with trepidation, weapons at the ready. Huntress uses her magic to light their home torches, then parts the vines, revealing that the figure was floating, and who just welcome themselves inside, into the orange torch light. The light reveals two immediate features: grey, dead skin and a smiling mouth with two giant fangs. Marshall Lee. He floats on in and looks the duo over, staring at Finn longer and grins at him. "Nice little shack you got here. If you like dirt and nothing of comfort." Finn frowns, 'He's here for trouble.' Huntress floats an arrow in front of his face, not that he stops grinning.

"Who are you?" He simply swats her arrow away, but all it does is make it do an orbit around his head. He floats up to her upside down, and puts his hand on her cheek.

"I'm Marshall Lee. The Vampire King!" He transforms his face into that of a hideous abomination and hisses in Huntress's face, yet she doesn't even flinch, and after a second an arrow flies between them, severing his hand off her face and off his arm. "Oh no! My hand!" He says floating backwards looking at his missing hand in shock.

"Shut up, you just said your a vampire, it will just regenerate." He just looks at her blankly. Then grins as sure enough, his hand returns before their very eyes. Giving his fingers a wiggle he then swoops Huntress up bridal style, lifting her into the air.

"I do like your attitude, it is very rare to see a girl say no to my advances." That just earns an arrow to the face, causing him to drop her, though she lands on her feet and back flips away. The vampire yanks the protrusion from his face, 'Right, so I can't get her to leave him to emotionally hurt him.' Marshall thinks as he looks at the very annoyed scowl the human was giving him. "It's shameful that this is the most you can provide a woman." He mocks as he gestures their home. 'Then lets provoke, no way my Fi is living here, or have him leach on her!' If he really was a normal human, then he should be able to run circles around the guy. Before beating him down and telling him that Fionna was his.

"So far he has been a better at swooning and being a gentleman than you have been so far." Huntress says floating three arrows above her head. Finn however has yet to do anything other than stand defensively the whole time. He can't help it, when he sees Marshall, he sees Marceline. He sees her old self, depressed and alone, playing pranks on everyone and not caring if she goes too far as nothing matters to her, all of it would fade in time. He does, however, know that this isn't Marshall playing a prank. He can tell he was trying to agitate him. Why? He has no idea.

"Are you sure? He has yet to do anything to help you, or stop me. I don't think he cares for you." 'Definitely trying to provoke me.' Finn takes a deep breath, doing his best to remain calm.

"What do you want here?" He asks, still glaring at the smirking vampire.

"Oh, nothing, nothing." He now floats towards Finn, and starts circling him, examining his body, 'Looks weak, no noticeable muscles...' He looks up to Huntress who still had arrows floating above her 'She does all the fighting.'

"Are you going to leave?"

"Who knows! Maybe I'll crash here, might stay the night, I might even kick you out. I mean, what are you going to do to stop me? Fight?"

"Yes. That is if you don't leave right now." Huntress replies, positioning her body to be ready to evade any attack if Marshall lunges at her. The vampire however, just chuckles, before then laughing.

"Alright then. Attack me." Neither move, "Alright, your scared, that’s alright I'll make the first mo-" He gets cut off by Finn punching, he was too busy focusing on Huntress, presuming her to be the only threat, and was caught completely off guard. Only for a moment, as he then grabs his arm. "Nice surprise-" Finn surprises him again, Marshall Lee mistook him as having no muscles, and therefore applied the right force to counter it. Finn proves his estimations wrong as he spins the undead and lobs him out of the house door.

"We're doing this outside!" He shouts, Huntress leaping out after the vampire. As Marshall spins while hovering to stop his momentum, an angry Huntress drop kicks him in the face, and slams him into the ground. Not that it injures him, he just uses some weak vampire strength and shoves Huntress into the air, a few metres past the tree tops. However, she just lands gracefully and silently, in a position to evade another attack.

"You got some skills." Marshall remarks before shooting forwards her, which she counters with a sideway punch, dodging left as her punch to Marshall's face pushes him right, allowing only his claws to slightly rakes her across her shoulders. Breathing calmly she acts as if she didn't even notice, while secretly doing a quick check for damage. Marshall rolls as he hits the floor again.

He actually growls a bit in frustration, he was after that guy with that ridiculous bear hat, not her! He flies to a tree and grabs he axe guitar, the red instrument of death, laying there as Marshall believed he would not need it, but had brought it for safety. Turning around to face Huntress all he sees are vines heading for him, wrapping around his face. He simply brings his hands up and rips them off, his claws shredding them in the process. He glares at Huntress's form again.

Then the red axe in her hands.

The vine to the face was a distraction, for when one's face is grabbed, they often drop whatever they are holding to protect their head. It was instinctual. Something Huntress knew all too well, and exploited to grab his weapon. Expecting her to attack with his own weapon, he got into a defensive posture. What he didn't expect was her to run into the trees, with his axe guitar. After a second to process that, he gave chase, sprinting into the trees after the woman and his axe.

He follows for a minute straight, his vampire enhanced senses easily able to track her. Usually his speed was second to none, however, the tree were easier to dodge than to go through, and they were slowing him down, unlike his prey who was well beyond use to navigating them. He then spots his axe, carelessly dropped on the forest floor, after a gasp of shock/anger he picks it up and inspects it for damages, what, to his relief, was spared from.

So focused on the axe he failed to notice the tree behind him turn into nature's frightening defender, and she quickly used her arrows to hit his limbs, pinning him to the floor. And another through the axe. And just as quickly she runs back home, speed as a priority. Marshall just growls and, despite their toughness that reflects their owner, easily snaps the arrows holding him down, and his wounds regenerate in a second.

He looks at his destroyed axe, the arrow having snapped the neck of the axe guitar, and with blind rage in his eyes, he wishes to snap the neck of the woman. He grabs the damaged axe before flying after the girl, no longer caring for the trees as he rams through them.

The unstopping charge pays off as he quickly catches up to the woman at the edge of the trees, and tackles her outside her house. She is slammed into the ground, though she only cringes at the pain of the grab, not releasing a cry of pain like he had hoped. Before he could do anything however, a blunt end of a sword sends him flying off her. Finn has finally joined the fight. "Took your time." Huntress says, glad to see him between her and the angry king.

"Heroes always arrive late, you should know that by now." She flips herself onto her feet and goes for an arrow in her quiver when she realises she has used them all up pinning Marshall. Said person reaches to his back and pulls the broken axe guitar off his back and points a finger at it,

"You're going to pay for that." And lunges towards Finn. Huntress leaps away while Finn stands his ground, and at the last second ducks while swinging his sword down with him, severing Marshall's outstretched arm mid swing for Finns throat. The limb flies off and lands elsewhere, not that anyone notice. Marshall stares at the stub, then in rage hisses at Finn, who just stands defensively waiting for the next attack.

The attack was halted however as Huntress stabs him using her knife, right in the back of his neck before leaping away. The neck damage severs his nerves and makes him collapse to the floor. His regeneration however, allows him to rise a second later, pissed off as mud and dirt falls off his face. It is then he notices a charging Finn, and has not time to move before he boots him in the face, sending him flying backwards.

"Dude! Just leave already." Finn shouts throwing his arms up, causing Marshall Lee to growl, 'He's getting frustrated? I'm the one who is getting his ass handed!' He looks don at his arm that is 3/4 of the way healed.

"No." What earns him an arrow from Huntress, who took the moment of Marshall focusing on Finn to create a new one, what she quickly pulls away using magic before he could snap it again. And that was how the next few minutes of fighting went, Finn giving heavy blows to counter any attack that the king could throw, with Huntress exploiting the openings with a flurry of attacks.

The Vampire King's anger grows with every blow he suffers, and eventually figures out what they are doing. They know he can't die the conventional methods, not that they want to kill him, but that doesn't mean he can't feel the attacks. They were hoping to drive him away using pain, or just by being more effort than it was worth. But all their attacks do is anger the king of vampires.

"Enough!" He shouts, his body growing fur and in size, and releases a roar of anger heard all the way at Fionna's tree house, making her wake, before shrugging and falling back asleep. Marshall turns towards Finn and pounces at him, his larger form being faster and harder to dodge leaves Finn no escape as he braces. Giant clawed hands slam into him and smash him into the floor, pinning him to the ground. Huntress moves to assist him but the angry vampire lunges at her with his other hand, grabbing her as well, and instead of keeping her near Finn for them to help each other, he lobs her away, sending her high, high above the trees, to the point where they can't even see her anymore.

"Huntress Wizard!" Finn shouts in terror, eyes wide in fear for her safety.

"Ha! Scared?!" He says making Finn grit his teeth.

"For Huntress, not because of you. I doubt anything cares for you." Finn says unnaturally bitterly, his usual kindness gone at the thought that Huntress might me hurt or... worse.

Said wizard was still flying through the air, she even saw the candy king with a birds eye view as she flew far above it. But she does notice she is now slowly descending. She had to find a way out of this free fall and fast, she could become a bird but it would take too long for her wings to stop her fall.

Then she remembers Finn. How he was carried by her arrows. And how much force is behind them. Thinking fast she summons an arrow above her head and grips it with both hands, then focuses all her magic on it to slow her fall slowly so as not to lose her grip or suffering the fatal effects of a sudden stop. She slows to a halt mid-air, the moon silhouetting her form, what a lonely fox woman sees from her home. Then she speeds forward, letting her arrow carry her towards her goal, her Finn.

She flies back over the forest, and eventually spots the hulking form of the son of the night-o-sphere. She pushes her magic to the limit to propel her forward as she prepares for a challenge. She had to carry herself to Marshall at high speed while remaining silent, to launch this arrow into his spine through his thick skin and fur to ruin his cognitive abilities to turn him back to normal. Then she must turn into a bird with whatever little magic she has leftover from carrying herself at high speed to avoid splattering into the ground. No normal person could accomplish this.

Huntress, however, was no normal person. She slam-launches the arrow, causing it to propel forward, she then shape shifts into a bird and flaps her wings. The arrow then pierces the king's neck as her feather covered body barley glides over his head. All of this happens under two seconds. Marshall Lee releases a grunt of pain as his eyes go wide, his body shrinks back to his normal self and lands on top of Finn, who is watching Huntress flops through the air. She too shifts back to her normal self, and falls from the air with a gasp, and harshly rolls across the floor, completely and utterly drained.

"Huntress Wizard!" Finn shouts, but gets no reply. He does however see her chest rising and falling, alerting him that she was at least still alive, just out of the fight. He releases a sigh of relief, before a growl of annoyance and anger on top of him reminds him of the danger he they were currently in. He snaps back to Marshall Lee who's regeneration had popped the arrow out, cluttering to the floor next to them. Marshall Lee grabs Finn's shoulders and pins him down again, as Finn struggles to find a way out without hurting him. Then an idea hit him.

"You going to kill me, even after all the effort and sacrifice it took for you to save humanity from the vampires?" Marshall freezes. He then looks down at his position and realises it was the same position that the Vampire Queen had him in when she bit him, all that was missing was a stake to his heart. Then there was a poke to his chest. With wide eyes he snaps down and sure enough, a wooden stake was posed at his heart. "It was why I took so long to get out here, I had to make one just encase." Finn says with no happiness in his voice, not proud to have even having the thought, but he knows he physical can't kill Marshall, it was impossible for him to, Marshall Lee was Marceline.

Luckily the undead didn't test Finn's nerve, the memories being too much for him as he flies off Finn, and just stares at him wide eyed at the realisation of who he had just acted like. "... Go home Marshall." Finn says tiredly sitting up, lacking any other emotion, staring at the Vampire King. Marshall just stares for a second before grabbing his broken guitar axe and flying off into the night.

After a second of recovering Finn rises the rest of the way, then walks towards Huntress. "Diana are you alright?" He kneels before her. She just looks at Finn, and after a silent second responds,

"Just dandy... though I could use a hero to sweep me up and take me to bed." Finn just nods with a small blush, not entirely innocent to the innuendo. He puts his arms under her and lifts her up bridal style, then carries her through the door of their home, the vine door sealing shut behind him. He carries Huntress to her bed and gently sets her down on top of it, then rushes off to grab the Cyclops's tears, and starts applying them to her wounds.

"Finn... I don't need that, I can use magic to heal myself tomorrow, all I need right now is rest." Finn hesitates, before continuing to apply more, causing her to sigh as the painful cuts and torn muscles heal.

"How could you ask me, a hero, to leave someone in pain?" He chuckles, checking for any missed cuts already as years of experience of applying the stuff made him expertly quick.

"... Thanks." She says quietly, glad the pain was gone. Nodding, Finn starts fidgeting beside her, and after watching him for a few confusing seconds realises that he was laying down next to her. "You're sleeping next to me?"

"Yeah, thought it would be right. Too quick?" Huntress actually remains silent for a second as she decides if she is comfortable with this.

"... Nah, you can stay." Causing Finn to do a noise of celebration in his head.

"Night Diana." He says kissing her on the lips that Huntress slightly leans into, however both were too tired to do anything else, and simply collapse next to each other, letting themselves drift off into sleep.

The couple awoke the next day with Finn regretting not putting any of the Cyclops's tears on himself, and groans as he stretches, before looking Huntress over who was still asleep, and strangely not a log. 'Must of been truly out of magic...' He thinks as he goes outside to grab an apple for himself and Huntress 'Does Huntress even like apples? Does she see them as being a cannibal? Or is it like me eating bird meat, both flesh but different species, both plants but different types?'

He eventually just shrugs and picks an apple before surveying the damage the battle last night had done. He blinks in shock. He can see loads of trees smashed in a line where Marshall Lee rammed through them all, and the land and trees near the front of the house were all gone, ripped up and flipped to some other place. Shaking his head, he goes to walk back indoors, however, notices Huntress's two arrows on the floor, abandoned in their hunt for some sleep.

He moves and grabs the green arrows before continuing his journey indoors and sits next to Huntress who was still recovering from last nights magic drain, and was about to wake her up by shaking her shoulder when her eyes shoot open and immediately lock onto Finn's. "Hi." She says, not used to waking up with someone by her side.

"Morning." He says and places the apple on her chest, what she looks at for a second before grabbing it and rising. With her own groan, still worn out from the night before she goes to take a bite out of it but instead releases a yawn. "Are you better?"

"I'm still tired but I'm in better shape than last night." She finally starts eating the apple as Finn joins her. After their ritual to keep the doctor away, they rise and immediately go to clean themselves off, the dirt from fighting still clinging to their bodies. After a slow walk down to the freezing river Huntress turns her clothes into leaves and drops them by the river, Finn however takes longer as he fiddles with his new top, what Huntress watches with a smile and continues watching even as Finn strips himself of everything.

Not like it matters, she's already seen him nude anyway. Turning her head away as Finn spins around, he joins her into the water and the couple slowly clean themselves, the dirt truly stuck on after being on them so long. After a while Finn leaves the water and once again struggles to put the top on, causing Huntress to silently rise from the water and was about to help him, however remembers he minds the natural body, or at least respects hers. She quickly magic her leaves back into clothes and onto her body before approaching and assisting Finn.

"So what’s today's agenda?" She asks, knowing Finn is better at keeping track of things than her, he never seems to forget to help anyone.

"First I got to train with Fionna, then we can teach me how to use the bow, and then collect the furniture. If you want, we can go to Gumball's science fair and whatever he has planned for us." He shrugs as she finishes sorting his top out.

"I'll most probably have to fix the forest first, so go train with Fionna without me, I'll meet you when I'm done here." Finn nods and the couple rushes home, Finn to collect his sword and Huntress to repair the forest as soon as possible. Finn sets out with sword in hand as Huntress absorbs some plant leaves to heal and gain some power.

Finn crosses the grass hills that Fionna's, and Finn's, old home sits upon, the peaceful, bright area being a direct contrast to last night. He probably should ask Fionna if she knew what was up with the Vampire King, and he most probably should start planning on how to actually teach Fionna, for he has absolutely no idea how. Maybe he can try to copy Rattleball's method, it worked on him. As he loses himself in thought at how to be a teacher the house comes into view on the horizon and as he comes closer he releases a sigh in preparation for the pain that is to come.

Walking up to the door he gives three quick knocks, and a moment layer it is angrily thrown open by Cake, "For Glob sake Gumball! We!-" She stops her rant when she sees a startled Finn standing at the door instead of the candy monarch. "Oh. Sorry Finn."

"It's alright, Gumball causing trouble?"

"He keeps on insisting that we, or at least Fionna, come to the science fair he's got going on, saying he reserved a seat next to him for us."

"Fionna bringing anything?" Finn asks cautiously, remembering the candy kingdom spit bubble model he made, that now he thinks about it is pretty disgusting, and it getting destroyed by Bubblegum's sneeze. At least she didn't realise, and liked the tray it was on.

"She was, but then cancelled to train with you." Finn nods, unsure how he feels about changing things already.

"And I'll be right there Finn! Just give me a sec!" He hears the girl of their conversation shouting from upstairs. A few seconds later she drops down the wooden ladder sword in hand. "So what cool sword tricks are we going to learn!?" She says excitedly, almost bouncing on the spot.

"Counter attack for someone charging, nothing too intense today, I'm sore." He says rubbing his shoulder.

"Oh..." She says, slouching in disappointment that it wasn't some sort of cool attack, but quickly rises again, "So what are we waiting for?" 'Maybe he is giving me something simple to test if I'm worthy, I'll show him my skills and dedication!'

"For us to walk outside." He says pointing to some flattish open grassland just outside the house, and starts walking towards it with Fionna following behind him, Cake deciding to watch from the side-lines. Once there, he signals her to stop what she does mechanically, while Finn continues to walk forward and stops a few meters away.

"Alright, what I want you to do-... actually should've thought about that first." He turns from Fionna who was staring with confusion and towards Cake who was still sitting by the tree, "Cake! Would you mind getting two sword size sticks?" Cake just nods and stretches into the tree, the branches waving as she bends and breaks branches as Fionna understands now. A second later, the cat comes over with two large sticks and hands them to Finn, who immediately cuts them down to size, even going as far to make the handles. Inspecting his work, he nods, and hands the wooden training sword to Fionna who grips it and gives a few experimental swings, before nodding in acceptance. "Alright, charge at me."

"What?!" Fionna asks, not sure how this will train her, only leading to her butt being kicked again. She doesn't want her butt being kicked again.

"If you charge me, I'll show you how to counter, then let you figure it out."

"What do you mean figure it out."

"If I only showed you moves, you won't figure it out yourself, and can't make up your own to fit a situation. Now charge me!" He orders, and after a second she charges in blindly sword held up above her head. As she closes in she swings diagonally down and into her body. Finn suddenly side steps away from her attack, standing next to her sword arm and lifts his blade up into her arm, a move that would cut her arm off if the swords are real. "That’s how you literally disarm someone. It removes their sword arm and any harm it can present. It's usually a death sentence for anyone in a fight, while keeping you safe." He says backing away from a wide eyed Fionna.

"Mathematical!" She says, rising as Finn gets ready to charge at her. Realising what’s about to happen she position herself nearly exactly as Finn was. However, Finn sees that inexperience making her body a bit too stiff to dodge, a loose pose important for flexibility. He charges forward sword held like she had, and just like her swings directly at the head. Her reaction speed was slower than Finn's, and her unrelaxed body was slow and stiff in dodging, equalling her to get a stick around the side of her head.

She releases a ow at the pain, surprise of failing and momentum of the stick sword making her flop face first into the ground. Finn grimaces before extending a hand of help to the fallen girl, who after rubbing her head looks up with embarrassment before helping herself up, making Finn retract his arm.

"Your body was too stiff, relax, it makes it easier to dodge." Fionna looks surprised, before getting into position once more, "Looser." She takes a few deep breaths, calming her body and relaxing it. Finn smiles, backs away, and charges forward, sword held high. At last the second he swings. Fionna dodges barley, her stick swings up and connects with Finn's arm.

"I did it!" She celebrates, making Fnn smile.

"Yep, congrats. Though it was still close, so let's do it a few more times, just to make sure you got it." What causes her to run back into position as Finn gets ready to charge.

At that moment a phones recording stops. LSP had saw Fionna's new boyfriend walking towards the treehouse when he was scavenging for food, and immediately knew who he was going to see. After seeing them stand outside as Finn made the training swords, he whipped out his phone and started recording them. He immediately sent the recording out with a message: 'OMG Fionna's boyfriend training with her! He's like really good with a sword too! They're like perfect for each other! He knows what she likes!' And sends the message out, trusting his followers being able to spread the message even further.

The humans were none the wiser to the coming mess as they train, Fionna slowly improving each time. "So you're sore? What did you do?"

"Got in a fight last night, too tired to apply cyclops's tears." He shrugs before charging again.

"So what idiot did you fight?"

"Marshall Lee." That made her freeze before standing up straight, causing Finn to halt training for a second.


"Yeah. Actually the move we're doing now I used in our fight."

"Huh. Let me guess, got too close to home with a joke or prank?" She says monotone, use to the annoyances against her.

"No. I'm you remember? I've dealt with his counterpart, I know their jokes 'n stuff. That wasn't there last night. He came to me looking for a fight... You got any idea why?" He asks, wondering if something happened that he was not aware of. Did Gumball annoy him? It was easy to forget that they hated each other in his younger years, and was he just releasing steam? Fionna however grabs her arm worriedly,

"No, I have no idea... I'll ask him tonight if I see him. Glob he can be such a butt at times." She then goes back into position, causing the training to continue.

Eventually she was doing the counter nearly flawlessly. So Finn decides to surprise her to help train her against them. That and his arm was getting sore. The next charge was exactly the same, blade raised up, straight forward run towards his 'foe', and Fionna moves to dodge. And gets a shoe to the chest. Immediately she flies back, not expecting it and therefore did not brace against it, and sprawls onto her back with a surprised grunt of pain. She shoots her head up and glares angrily at Finn. "What was that?!"

"Remember what I said? You need to learn to adapt your moves and attacks to a situation, it'll help when things get crazy. That also shows off another trick: distraction. You were focused completely on my blade, so I moved it far away from my leg, making my next attack harder to see. You should try it." Fionna just grumbles and rises from the dirt and gets her sword ready for whatever move Finn made next.

"Fionna! We should get going!" Cake shouts. Fionna sighs, disappointed that she can't continue training that was fun to instead go to some nerdy science fair, but still, she does start moving when the thought enters her mind: 'At least Gumball will be there.'

"Tomorrow we'll do parries!" Finn shouts as she walks away, causing her to spin and nod happily, before she and her sister start marching towards the candy capital. After watching them walk away for a minute, Finn turns to head home, keen on seeing Huntress and her progress, only to spot the wizard staring at him in the forest, her glowing eyes acting like beacons in the leaves. Finn releases a high-pitched scream in surprise before immediately calming down, "Hey Diana."

"Nice scream Finn." She teases him as she exits the forest, causing Finn to blush with embarrassment and leaving him unsure how to reply,

"... How's the forest!? All healed up?" He asks quickly, trying to change the topic.

"Yeah, tree's are back to their normal spots, broken wood were healed, twigs set right. The usual Forest watcher business." She then looks out to the small dots that were the heroes of AAA. "You care for her, don't you?" What causes Finn to turn and look at the sisters as well.

"I... Yeah, I do. I didn't really have anyone to show me what to do when I was her age, and it led to me having to figure it out on my own. And that led to me making lots of stupid mistakes that cost people things, and that always made me feel terrible. I... just want to help her, because sometimes even a hero needs help." He says looking off at the sister's general direction while lost in thought. After a moment of silence a bow came into his view, snapping him out of memory lane. He sees a smiling Huntress holding his bow,

"Then let me help you hero by teaching you how to use this thing." What causes Finn to smile as she mentally celebrates her smoothness. Walking over to the edge of the forest they quickly find a nice, straight-ish tree that was to Huntress's acceptance that they could launch arrows into. "Right, now lets go over there." She points and Finn looks at some flat grass a few meters away.

With a calm pace they stroll over and Finn just stands there, "Well? What you waiting for? I want to see an arrow fly!" Finn scrambles and loads an arrow into his bow before pulling the string back and tightly holds the bow. He releases a breath and remember what he can from the hunt. One finger on string, the rest of the fingers off, thumb behind the arrow, arms stretched straight. He releases the arrow… And it flies off into the forest, or it would if Huntress didn't catch it with magic.

"I see what you did wrong." She floats it back to him and grabs his bow hand, "You left or right handed?”

"Both." It's true, he has written in both hands and it helps in sword combat.

"Then it doesn't matter too much what hand you hold it in, but still, what arm is stronger?"

"My right."

"Then hold the bow in your left." He quickly swaps the bow into his other hand, earning a nod.

"Next don't hold the bow." What just earns a look of puzzlement from the boy.

"Err... Diana, you do remember I can't use magic right?"

"I remember. What you did wrong is your grip, you did what is called a 'Death grip', you held the bow too tightly. When you clench your hand it twitches and shakes, so holding the bow tightly will shake your aim. Just put the bow between your thumb and finger, and pull the arrow back, it'll pull the bow back into your hand and hold it there. Just don't forget to catch the bow when you shoot." After a second of processing, he nods, and attempts it. Pulling the string back with his right hand, it was a little easier, and the bow doesn't drop to the floor despite not gripping it. "Good! Now when releasing, breathe out. He remembers the other things he has to do and move his fingers into position and stretches his arm straight. Releasing his breath, he unleashes the arrow. It sails through the air and pierces the tree. Sure, to the side of the tree, but still in the tree. Huntress Wizard nods at him, causing Finn to celebrate his improvement.

"Let me guess, again?"

"Yep, just a sec." She touches the tree and using magic, makes it start shedding bark in a pattern, creating a target for Finn to shoot at. "And I forgot to give you these." She walks up to him and hands him a pair of archers gloves.

"Thank you Diana." He kisses her, causing her to blush, and puts the gloves on, flexing his hand to get a feel for them before nodding.

Getting back into position he releases arrow after arrow, his aim slowly becoming more centre as he starts to get the hang of it. Huntress just smiles, repeatedly floating the arrow back to him and giving him tips on how to improve, only stopping it once so Finn can drink while she repairs the arrow. It was as Finn unloads another arrow after an hour does he start getting bored, his improvements and successes no longer pleasing him. It was approaching mid-day, and they still need to collect the furniture. He lowers his bow and grabs the arrow Huntress passes to him on autopilot before she snaps out of it. "Why did you stop?"

"Getting tired, and we still need to collect the furniture, I don't want to be too worn out to do that, so I want a break to recover, you know?"

"Yeah I understand... Well we got, I don't know, an hour?" She says as the couple move to sit on a nearby log and have another drink of water.

"Sounds about right, it will only take half that to walk to the candy kingdom. What to do for half an hour?" The couple look around for anything to do, even if it's just to make a topic to talk about. Eventually Finn eyes land on Huntress Wizard and a thought comes to his mind, "So Diana, got any cool stories?" What makes her just stare at him.

"Not really, not compared to yours anyway, I mean you have some pretty cool adventures."

"Seriously, people tell hero stories of me?" She simply nods, "Huh. Anyway that raises the point, everyone knows who I am and what I've done, but I don't know any of your work, I would like to hear some." She remains silent and looks at the sky, rubbing her hands together in thought.

"Alright I got one for you, It happened eleven years ago, back when I was seven..."

A young Huntress Wizard walks across the forest with bow in hand and a quiver too large on her back, the same one she has on her older self. She silently peeks around trees, hunting for something, and soon she sees it. A deer, silently grazing on some berries. Releasing a soft gasp she lifts her tiny child bow and struggles to pull an enormous steel arrow from the equally enormous quiver on her back, clearly not made for someone of her size.

The weight of the quiver makes her stumble, and snap multiple twigs but she continues to draw back the arrow back. It only goes half it length before reaching the tiny bows max draw, even with the deer looking directly at her, in fact it only makes her draw even faster. The deer doesn't waste a second and bolts it, running away from the young Huntress as she releases the arrow. It flies off into the trees, missing the deer completely and quickly flops on the floor, the tiny bow and child muscle not being able to carry it far.

She huffs and runs after it, her quiver dragging on the floor behind as she watches the deer escapes her vision. Until an arrow flies over her head and, after traveling for a second, pierces the fleeing animal square in the head, making it drop to the floor dead. Instead of celebrating or turning to see who helped her, she instead flinches and looks at the ground.

"Diana." Gulping she slowly turns to the male voice behind her and looks up to see him in the face. To see her father's face. "What are you doing out here?" He says, the tall wood nymph putting his hand on his hips, causing his daughter to wrap one leg around the other and look away,

"... Hunting."

"Did I say you could?"

"... No."

"What did I say you should be doing?"

"Play with the other seedlings." Only now does she look back at his face, "But I don't want to!" Even at a young age Huntress was not very social, preferring to join her dad in hunting the forest animals to sell back at their village.

"Sometimes we have to do things we don't like Huntress... also when did you sneak away my quiver?" He asking pinching the strap that she quickly shreds and hands to him,

"When you were talking to Leon's mum I snuck home and grabbed it."

"Ah yes, Leon's mum, she is very chatty. Your Mum loves her stews." What makes the young Huntress release a 'bluegh' in disgust at the memory of her trying said stew, making her farther chuckle. He equips his quiver and picks up Huntress, placing her on his shoulder as she grabs his branch antlers for support. He starts walking over to the deer, "Speaking of her, she was very worried when she realised you were gone." He says, continuing his plan into guilting her into not running off again, causing Huntress to look down at the ground with dejection.

He then crouches to look at the body, "But I must say, you got quite the eye. This is a really good catch. Just a little suggestion: When holding a bow don't hold the bow so tightly or it'll throw off you aim, it's why your arrow missed earlier." He says, causing Huntress to look at the bow in her hand. Eventually he grabs the body in his hand, causing Huntress to smile and jump off his shoulder to allow the deer to take her place. Grunting her Dad rises, "C'mon little Huntress, lets go and sell this," He then stops to think, "And I'll give you a cut, you spotted it after all." That got her bounding for home running full sprint, causing her dad to chuckle and slowly carry the carcass home.

Huntress bobs and weaves through the trees, a huge smile plastered on her mask-less face, glad to help her Dad bring back a prize hunt. That is until a big metal-on-metal bang catches her attention. Slowing to a stop she looks into the forest, trying to spot the cause of the unusual noise through the trees to no success. Eventually her child curiosity gets the better of her own judgement, and she cautiously starts searching the forest, peeking around trees and through bushes, every trick her Dad taught her to remain hidden from any creatures eye. Rounding another tree she sees unnatural shapes in the gaps between them. Gasping she slowly sneaks closer for a better look.

Hiding in a bush she spies on the sight before her. Cold steel cages surrounded unconscious creatures of the forest, as ten men and women surrounds them carry blowguns, taking pot-shots at the wildlife and taking their unconscious bodies. She looks at the cruel cages they were placed in, void of anything but sadness, and eventually whining and howling animals as the effects of the darts wear off allowing them to wake. And immediately her innocent child personality immediately wants her to help them, without a single thought of danger or consequences.

Slowly she crawls along the dirty forest floor, hiding in bushes and behind trees to avoid being spotted. Eventually she approaches the metal cages and immediately starts trying to open a cage with a wolf inside, with little success as her child muscles struggles to pry apart metal bars designed to hold rampaging beast back. After struggling for a bit she looks around the cage and spots a mechanism on one of the sides. Face scrunching in thought, she fiddles with it, and immediately the cages gate swing open. And the wolf comes bounding out.

"What the-!?" One of the animal slavers says hearing a gate open she turns around to investigate, only to get a drugged out wolf tearing into her jugular. She barley releases a scream before gurgling on her blood, but it is enough to alert the others as they too whip around and sprint to investigate and save their already dead friend. Huntress just continues opening cage after cage, releasing nature's wrath upon the slavers.

"Someone stop that brat!" One of them yells, punching a wolf in the face as one of his friends run at Huntress, causing her to freeze up for a second realising that she was in danger. A moment later she was running around the cages, weaving between any out of the pile, dodging the furious man chasing her. After nearly thirty seconds of chasing her the man gets tackled by a wolf who had a blood covered jaw from killing one of his partners. Looking back she realises that is how she'll win, 'With the wolves!'

Turning to the cages once more she starts opening more, releasing more wolves, releasing more chaos. That is until someone slams her head against one of the cages. Falling to the ground she sees the blurry image of one of the slavers. The last slaver. And he too notices that, stopping him from doing anything against Huntress. After a quick look at the remaining wolves he decides it is better to run, and lobs Huntress into the pack of wolves. Who start to growl. She may of saved them and be part-plant, but they were in a blood lust.

Then they suddenly all stop in synch, freezing while looking at her. Then in silent teamwork two wolves gently grabs her by the arms and drag her on top of another wolf, then all of the wolves leap into the forest, running to some unknown destination as Huntress struggles to remain conscious. Eventually, they arrive at a clearing within the trees, Huntress slides and falls of the wolf, her consciousness not being improved by the bumpy ride. Looking up she sees a strange figure before her.

The best description being a three green blobs sitting atop each other, shrinking in size as they go up, the mouth located on it middle sphere along with its arms, while its eyes, giant nose and plant head band sit on the top blob that sprout brown, long hair that reaches the start of the thing's leg. They themselves were attached to the bottom blob that unlike the others was made of zigzags that went darker shades near the bottom. "Hello." It simply said to the girl barely holding conscious as she realises her head being banged against the metal cage caused some blood to trickle down her face, 'Blood loss? So that means what is in front of me is a-' "Your not hallucinating." What causes her eyes to widen in surprise.

"Who are you?" She mumbles out.

"I'm the spirit of the forest." He says walking up to her.

"Really?" She asks in semi child wonder.

"Yes." He simply reaches down to the wood nymph and touches her head wound, and it immediately started to mend itself, and energy shoots through her body. Huntress only gasp, and a second later jumps back from the spirit, back to her normal, natural self. "I saw what you did back there, with the cages and wolves."

"I-" He raises his hand to stop her from talking.

"Most people would not put themselves in danger to help some dumb beasts. While you are also not afraid to hunt those beasts." As Huntress's remembers hunting some wolves that got too close to the village. Only few weeks ago.

"How long have you been watching me?"

"I've been here since the forest existed, so a few hundred years, I've been observing you, your species and your ancestors the entire time as an invisible observer. To most." He squints at the end.

"What you mean to 'most'?" She asks, scared by this immortal powerful being in front of her.

"Only some can see me, those who are worthy as watcher of the forest."

"Watcher of the forest?" She asks, having absolutely no idea what that was.

"Yes, watcher of the forest, ones whose duty is to protect the forest. It can't be anyone, those who help all animals out of kind heart alone can not slay those who threaten the natural way of the forest, and those who lose themselves in the blood lust can not show compassion to the creatures and plants who need it." He then rises and walks towards Huntress, who when trying to back away gets halted by the wolves, making a wall around her. "You've shown both the compassion to help and to kill. You are well diverse in the way of animals thanks to your father, and plants thanks to your alchemist mother. I think you've got what it takes to be the watcher of the forest. So do you, little Huntress?"

"I do!" She says in kid enthusiasm, not putting any thought into the responsibilities or consequences of her choice.

"Then here." He holds out a black mask.

"... Why do I need that?"

"That animal slaver is still alive, and he knows what you look like. In a group of other seedlings you will be harder to spot. The forest watcher is also the face of the forest, not yourself, it is a tradition for them to hide their faces." She looks at the mask in his hand, then reaches for it and puts it on, then after fiddling to tie it for a minute that the spirit eventually helps her with, she looks up at the spirit through the mask's holes.

"... And that was when I first met the forest spirit and donned this mask." She says pointing at the black object covering her face.

"Whoa. And here I thought you wore it to look cool."

"Oh I definitely think it looks good, especially when I first got it. My mum had to wrestle it off me to wash it." She giggles at the memory as Finn smiles.

"And that quiver, it's-"

"My fathers, yes." She pulls the quiver of her back, despite its age it still looks new, only suffering small damages from age and worn damage. "I never replaced it, only did repairs using magic. It's the last thing of him that I own." She looks down at the quiver and runs a hand down it, before putting it back on. Finn quickly thinks of changing the topic off the depressive current theme.

"... I know you said you wear it to represent the forest, but can I see you without the mask on?" She looks away sheepishly.

"I don't know, Glob knows when I last took this off... Ah fine then!" She reaches back into her leaf hairs and starts fiddling the tie that kept it to her face. Only fair, she's seen his hair, something that he does not take lightly.

"I won't judge you for your serious tan line then."

"I'm part plant, I don't think I can get a tan... Let's find out, shall we?" The masks falls and sure enough, no tan line. And of course the most beautiful blushing face that Finn has ever seen, preserved from any damage by the now missing mask. He just stares, what eventually makes Huntress embarrassed and quickly puts it back on, what snaps Finn out of his stare.

"Well... at least you don't need to worry about anyone's opinion if it falls off." What just makes her blush as Finn tries to say 'You're beautiful' without sounding brain dead.

"... Thanks." She then releases a sigh, and looks up at the sky in thought, before staring back at Finn. "I also said I wore it to hide from an animal slaver. Hard meat don't get eat remember? Yet, why should I be scared? Especially if I got someone who has killed the Lich multiple times by my side... Only when its only you by my side." Finn chuckles.

"So your saying that you'll take it off when we're alone together?" What causes her to nod. "Thanks, I'll cherish those moments then." He pulls up her mask a little bit to kiss her on the cheek that gains an even deeper blush at the action. Pulling back he smiles before looking at the sky. "We should probably get going." Nodding, Huntress rises of the log as the couple walk towards the Candy Kingdom.

Outside the great, pink candy walls that anyone can easily start eating was a giant rock person, resting against it. And next to him a giant wagon with loads of furniture piled up with the power of Tetris, strapped down with ropes to prevent them from falling. Huntress just approaches with surprise on her face, "When I heard you got a good deal, I didn't realise you got that much."

"Like I said, I got a good deal." What triggers Vock to speak up to the duo.

"I actually knocked a few pieces of gold off. Couldn't help myself, always had trouble, especially with younger house owners." Rock says standing to meet the duo, "Who's the girl?" He says in a teasing tone, wiggling his rock eyebrows as Huntress

"I'm Huntress Wizard." She extends a hand to greet him which he eagerly grabs and shakes, almost crushing her hand.

"I'm Vock, pleasure to meet you." After she stumbles back from the handshake she just silently stares at him, not that he minds as he then turns his attention to Finn. "Right, now lead me to your home."

"What?!" Finn asks in startled confusion, trying to figure out why he should lead a stranger to his home.

"You saw how I smashed my chair accidentally back in my shop. Most people do not want a rock person handling furniture, until..." He turns around and grabs two metal bars that stuck out the wagon, easily moving it and all the furniture inside. "... Furniture needs to be carried, what is a service that I happen to provide." After a second Finn smiles,

"Thanks, just a warning it's in a forest." He says pointing in the direction of the apple forest, barely visible on the horizon.

"Absolutely no problem." He says properly gripping the wagon's handles and starts walking towards where Finn pointed. The walk was quick, Vock never slowing down despite everything he carried. The entire walk was filled with talk between the three about meaningless things really, Vock appearing to be a genuine hold-no-grudges, make-no-judges friendly guy, "... And that is how I defeated the ancient being Orgalorg." Finn says, not mentioning the moments that came after the purple catalyst comet and his father's ascension into the fourth dimension.

"Wow man got to say that’s pretty impressive, I mean compared to me anyway, I'm sure you got some other story that is even more dramatic."

"... Well there was a time I got eaten by a chaos God."

"Alright now you're just pulling my leg."

"He's not lying, he just didn't mention how it took a lot of people to help get him back out." She says and stares at him, causing Finn to rub his neck in embarrassment as a blush covers his face as he finds an escape,

"We're here!" He says, extending his arms to present their house to Vock, who gives it a look over and a nod,

"Oh this is a nice little cosy place." He says pulling the wagon next to the entrance.

"Thanks, its magic so we can expand and shrink it with some effort." Huntress says,

"Now that’s a handy feature, eh?" He says staring at the house before turning around and start undoing the straps holding everything down. Huntress touches their home and focuses on the entrance, expanding it, then the three of them set out moving furniture in, with Huntress adding new rooms for kitchen and storage. It was when she made an extension for a bedroom did they meet a problem.

"There's only one bed." Finn states matter-of-factly, peering into the wagon. It wasn't even a large bed, just a single bed for a single person.

"There's was meant to be another? I thought that it was only you?" Vock asks in confusion, before looking at Huntress, "Oh that's why you're getting a new home..." he quietly whispers, "Now that I think about it, multiple people in the 'new home deal' was not discussed was it? I'll take a note of that." He says going into the cart to pull out a scrap of paper and a tiny pencil that somehow does not break in his fingers and scribbles some words down. Before the boys look at the wagon, as if another bed will just magically appear before them, causing Huntress to step up to them.

"We can share a bed." What immediately causes Finn to spin and give her a look of surprise accompanied by a blush, after all she was the one who wanted to keep the relationship a secret.

"Oh can you now? I'll be back tomorrow with a larger bed then." He says what causes Finn's blush to deepen,

"Oh right... sure we can do that." Finn says, putting the matter to rest as they finish moving furniture in, and Huntress to shrink the entrance once more as Finn shakes hands with Vock, "Thanks for the help Vock."

"No problem mate, pleasure doing business with you. Get ready for a bigger bed tomorrow noon." He says turning and leaving the couple behind him as slowly walks home. Huntress Wizard walks up beside Finn silently as they watch him leave.

"Nice Guy."

"Yeah. C'mon let's check this furniture out now that it's all there." Finn says walking indoors as Huntress follows him inside. The wooden furniture really fits in with the wood of the house, not being a random bright colour causing itself to be an eyesore while the straight surfaces and polished shine makes sure it does not blend in with the rest of the house. They were even able to score a sofa that originated from Raggedy Kingdom that, unlike the rest of the kingdom, was made of one consistent fabric, and was the type that anyone could collapse into after a long day.

Moving onward he looks back into the kitchen, what is best described as more of a food storage than a place to cook food, for it only had two cooking hobs. Most other pre-mushroom war tech like functioning ovens is usually for the rich and lucky scavengers as not many have survived this long. Not that they mind, the couple having built a slight bond to the campfire style they were using, but if they ever need an oven, then they could buy or repair one at an electronics store, after getting more gold to do so of course. The wooden kitchen's cupboard that were against the walls are ready to be stuffed with normal non-chill food, and a very large freezer already filled with hunted meat that is kept cold via an enchanted pole that constantly radiated freezing cold air.

Moving on again they enter their shared bedroom and bed. The bed was indeed small due to it only meant to be a one person bed, so that just means they are going to have to cuddle up real tight for the night then, and was positioned in the middle of the room in line with the door. A small table rest next to the bed on the left of the room but nothing sits atop it, a fact that Huntress has an idea on how to change. On the other side a normal wardrobe sits, however seeing as how they only have one, instant washing clothes thanks to Huntress and her magic, then it probably won't see much more use other than to hold Finn's old clothes. Drawers were also present near the door. Nothing else resides in the room, mementos and trinkets supposed to fill the gaps. Huntress did however add an open window to the left side of the room, with the plan they can get some glass and make it into a open/closable window.

The storage room was mainly meant for their gold, making it more of a large empty room other than a one stuffed with furniture, it did however have a jewelry box and a single cupboard for storing of more precious belongings. As of right now only a small amount of gold sat inside, most of it used up in buying all the furniture, and reminds Finn to clear some more dungeons.

The rest of the house was just filled with miscellaneous furniture like tables that they'll eat on, chairs to rest on, a coffee table, and shelves to put things on. After the brief sightseeing of their home Finn nods,

"Yeah I think that looks good. What you think Huntress?"

"Looks good, we just need to fill the stuff, get some food for the kitchen etc." Finn nods, and after a few seconds of silence decides on what they could do.

"Do you want to go to that science fair later?"

"You mean the one where Gumball has some sort of plan for us?" She asks, making sure that he remembers that going might not be in their best interest.

"Yeah, that one. I doubt he could do anything too serious against us, I mean it us, we can handle whatever he throws. Or we could watch from afar?"

"... We'll watch from afar, I may be calming down the whole 'hard meat' non-social persona I was, but I'm still not an idiot, I won't recklessly test fate."

"Right. So what to do..." He starts to think however immediately Huntress interrupt his plans,

"You can continue training with the bow. Teacher's orders." After a second he grabs his bow and walks outside as the air starts filling with the sound of *Twings* as the bow string constantly gets used. Nodding in the house, Huntress moves to a log of wood as her plan to get Finn to leave worked, as to be honest, she was slightly embarrassed by it, and starts her carving. Of her and Finn.

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Chapter Text

This was the last of the spell checking from future me! The rest of chapters from here on out will be back to me gradually learning, so future me warns you about walls of text until I nail paragraphing!

With careful, precise strikes Huntress chips away at the wood in her hand. It was one of the few things that she will only do with her hands alone, without magic, just as she did when she was a seedling. With a small smile she starts to chips more wood away to start Finn's head, debating with herself if she should have him wear his bear hat, hunting hood or his majestic long hair. After a moment's pause she decides on the hair, after all that's how she truly met him, bathing naked in a river. With a blush she shakes the memory from her head before striking the wood with the carving tool again.

The boy of Huntress's thoughts was currently standing outside, launching another one of her arrows at a tree. With a smile he walks forward to the large plant and pulls the arrow free, it only being a few centimetres from the centre. His aim has not improved beyond that, and occasionally an arrow did just fly off to the side, but he just started learning that day. Improvement will take a while.

Stepping back into position he recalls Huntress's voice in his head and follows her commands on how to improve. Arms straight, finger on string, thumb behind arrow, don't grip the bow, and breath out when releasing. With a release of breath came a release of an arrow, it flies forward as Finn grips the bow to stop it hitting the floor, and strikes against the tree and strikes bull’s-eye. After a moment of stillness to make sure what he is seeing is true he releases a noise of celebration, making Huntress jump indoors. With a large grin he grabs the arrow and pulls it free. Huntress pokes her head out the door to investigate and sees a smiling Finn. "What happened?"

"Bull’s-eye." Finn says pointing at the arrow with a grin.

"Good work." She replies with no enthusiasm, but does have a smile of her own, proud of Finn. With that she goes back inside and continues her little passion project. Picking up unwanted wood parts with magic, she dumps them into the unlit fireplace, and continues her work of the two of them. Continuing from the top down, she gets 50% of the rough body shapes down, worrying about any details like clothes later once she has their rough shapes done. That alone takes an hour, and after that Finn walks back in, causing her to quickly hide the statue behind her in slight embarrassment, much to Finn's confusion as he starts a fire to cook them selves some lunch.

"So what you hiding?" He asks moving into the kitchen to collect some meat.

"A project, but I only want you to see the final product, like a grand reveal." She says, using the time of Finn collecting food to hide the statue in a random cupboard, planning to find a better hiding spot later. Finn walks in a second later to see Huntress gently fanning the fire to get it roaring, so he places the last of the hog meat above it.

"Alright, I'll be patient, Won't intentionally peek, hero's honour. Where you hiding it?"

"As of right now in that cupboard, but I'll move it to a proper hiding spot later, we might need that cupboard after all." She replies pointing at the storage at the other side of the room, causing Finn to nod in understanding and making a mental note not to peek inside, least he'll anger the Huntress. And that's just a death wish.

"So you did you get another bull’s-eye?"

"Nah, that first one was luck."

"Once you start getting constant bull’s-eyes then I'll take you hunting. Only hunting though, you need to get bull’s-eyes on the move, dodging and stuff before you take it fighting."

"Yeah, I'll most probably only use my sword in combat actually. No offense."

"None taken." She pokes the flames in an attempt to get it some more oxygen,

"Still though, thanks for teaching me how to use the bow. It'll be fun to hunt with you." What immediately gets her to smile 'And I can't wait for you to join me,'

"Glad you're liking the bow Finn. I can make you some arrows to call your own, and we'll preserve the heart of your first hunt, as is hunting tradition. Besides we could use with some memory knick-knacks in this place. It is like my old place, so it's only fair that you get to add your own personal touch." She says focusing on the talk, remembering the amount of stuff she saw in Finn's destroyed home when she spied on him after the war. They spent the next few minutes talking about bows, arrows, and swords. The topics that interested them both, and was always with them during their entire lives, and soon, each others lives as well.

"... And then I kept the grass sword, using the curse to my advantage." Finn says, recollecting memories of the event.

"Always wondered where the plant part of you, or I guess Fern, came from."

"Yeah. It didn't become my arm until later, when my dingus of a dad ripped it off." Finn says suffering a flashback to the citadel, causing a moment of silence. "So I guess we'll go to this science fair in a bit." He says changing the topic.

"Why are you so interested in going?" Noticing that this is the second time he brought it up today. Finn sighs,

"When I went to Fionna's house, she cancelled what I did with Princess Bubblegum to go train with me. I kinda want to know if I have changed the future by accident." He explains, spinning the meat above the now larger flame, it getting the first few licks of the food.

"Alright. Still, we need to be careful of whatever Gumball has planned. He might of cancelled it when we said we're not going, but arrival could make him try to revive his plan."

"Glob I prefer it when I was oblivious to their true nature." Finn says releasing a sigh, 'ignorance is bliss' he remembers hearing from somewhere, not quite understanding it until now.

"Welcome to growing up Finn. Though that does bring up a point: Think you will tell Fionna of Gumball's true nature?"

"... Yeah, I will. If Fionna is going to date him, then she needs to know what she's getting into."

"Don't think she should date male me?"

"That's up to her, romance here is already different here. PB didn't have a crush on me, PG does have one on Fionna, so I'll leave it up to them to sort it out." He remembers the little version of everyone that randomly appeared in his pocket when he was younger. Definitely won't mess with others relationships after that lesson.

"That's actually a pretty adult thing to say Finn. You're definitely more mature than you used to be, if the stories of you are true that is." Causing Finn to blush.

"I would ask what stories you are thinking of, but to save myself some embarrassment I think I'll pass." He says, ending the conversation with it.

For the next few minutes they just focus on cooking the meat, that once finished to their liking, they ate in silence then after a quick clean up the couple set of for the candy kingdom with sword and arrows just encase. As they walked along the dirt path that led them to the upcoming event, Huntress makes a few more arrows to replenish the once she lost, bringing her up to a total of five arrows before feeling her magic drain to the levels in which she did not want to fight in.

As they approach the fair Finn starts moving towards it, closer than Huntress would like for 'watching from afar',

"Finn we we're going to watch from a safe distance, remember?" Finn halts and turns to reply,

"I know Huntress, but I want to go to the stage to see where we can view it from and to say hi to Fionna, check if she has anything planned or if I have changed the future at all. If I have then we can call it quits if you want and not stay around for any possible Gumball plan." Finn says, and at her unsure look adds, "If you want, you can stay here and I can go check it out by myself."

"... I'll come with." She says, for some reason feeling uncomfortable being without Finn after being by his side for a while now...

With a nod and an iconic Finn grin, they push onward and into the science fair. All around them people of all types ran around as machines and gadgets buzzes and beeps fill the air with noise. Huntress just grimaces, the machines and their pollution getting an all-round no from her, but she has seen machines at work, mostly old human defences in search of things to sell, and they are efficient, scarily so at times. Keeping her eyes on Finn and not the cold heartless technology seems to help her though... 'Glob I've fallen for him bad...' Soon the duo stand before the stage designed present peoples inventions to the candy royal. Stopping before it he spins around, trying to spot a good spot to view the show without Gumball seeing him. He then looks up, the candy wall right next to fair looking good.

"Hey Huntress, I-"

"Hello Finn." Finn gets interrupted by a pink Prince that now walks up to the duo and stands before them with arms crossed.

"Oh hey PG." Finn says, lacking any hint in negative emotions, much to Prince's chagrin.

"So I thought you were too busy doing 'Things', or are you now free? I still have seats saved for you." He extends an arm to present to chairs welded together.

"No we are busy doing things, things we must get back to Finn." Huntress says, hunting to Finn she wants to leave right now.

"Are you sure? It will be a lot of fun, perfect to spend time with someone." Gumball says with plans of planting seeds of the relationship in their minds, however Finn continues to ruin his plans.

"Yeah, we just wanted to check up on Fionna, but I don't see her and I don't have time to stay. See ya." He says turning around and moving to leave, only for the prince to stand in front him with an inquisitive look.

"Wait you don't know where Fionna is either?"

"No. Why?" Finn asks as Huntress poorly hides her impatience, Finn not being sure if it was acting or not...

"She was meant to be the grill master after Butterscotch had a... squabble. But she has just randomly disappeared."

"You don't have anything to worry about, she is fine."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I'm the future version of her, remember?"

"... Oh! So you did something simila-"

"COME ON FINN!" Huntress groans loudly, cutting their conversation short as Finn gets startled by the sudden outbreak.

"Err right, bye Gumball." Finn says before jogging to catch with Huntress who was already leaving. After a few moments of silence Huntress Wizard speaks, her entire posture loosening as they leave the Prince's view.

"I thought it would be best to leave before he could trick us into any plan, and make our excuse more believable if we look like we are in a hurry."

"Right, I missed that he could be trying to trick me, he... certainly has experience, didn't see it in that entire conversation."

"To be honest I didn't hear any tricks either, I must have cut off the conversation before he could try it." Huntress replies, both of them unaware that the trick was getting them to the fair together, and that Gumball was a filthy shipper trying to get them together.

Fionna was standing in a forest, the tree leaves just starting to turn yellow. In front of her was a goose laying in a 'sexy pose', not that she recognises it, wearing bright pink puffy clothes, has yellow feathers and eyes not focused on anything at all. A girl voice speaks out to her from the duck, "Magic you say?" Before giving a little giggle.

"Yeah Choose Goose! I need magic, some kind of mind enhancing magic!"

"Ah yes! the quest you are on, requires the Glasses of Nerdicon!" She says with exaggerated movements before pulling a rope that opens two curtains, revealing a stone statue of the goose with two, nerdy glasses on. Cake and Fionna gasp, with Cake's tail swishing like crazy behind her.

"Yeah that help! I can put those on and I'll sound all type of smart in front of Gumball, I might even make something that'll wow him!"

"Fionna... you could just ask him out, we both know he has a crush on you!" What causes Fionna to shake her head.

"I know, but he is too afraid to approach me. Hopefully, this will put away any doubt from his mind that we won't be good together and make him actually ask me out." She replies, getting lost in a daydream of the candy royal approaching her while she is in a dress, asking her to have this dance. Shaking her head she snaps to the goose who was still in an exaggerated position doing the splits. "Choose Goose! How much!?"

"I only wish is to be entertained, for fun meter is drained." She says putting a hand to her forehead, before pulling out her phone and pointing at the dead battery symbol.

"Oh shoot, err..." Fionna says as she tries to figure out a way to entertain the goose with nothing on her. Suddenly her smiley face finger from her earlier attempt of getting smart snaps in her head. Showing her finger she starts moving around, singing and dooting out a little tune, and sure enough a few seconds later the crazy Goose is laughing at the pathetic attempt. She hands Fionna the glasses that she quickly snatches from the air with a large smile on her face. "Sweet! C'mon Cake, lets test these bad boys out." She says, unaware of a smirking Marshall Lee behind her, hiding behind a tree trunk,

"You can try this bad boy out if Fionna." What immediately makes her jump and snap her head to the vampire with a blush.

"Shut up! Glob you're such a butt!"

"Hey I'm no butt! Besides why are you trying to make Gumball go for you if I'm right here?"

"Well... It's not like you asked me out either!" What makes him lose his grin as Fionna squints at him, as if challenging him to ask her out right now. But she's dating that other human... right?

"Whatever." What just causes Fionna to sigh

"So are you coming to the fair to watch me?" What again confuses the king, 'She is dating that human guy, right? Unless...' Marshall grins, 'He hasn't won her yet and that footage was him trying to! I still got a chance!'

"Will the other human be there?"

"No, he couldn't make it..." 'Yes!' Marshall inwardly celebrates, 'Perfect time for her to forget him and focus on me.'

"Then I'll go with you, give me a chance to tweak Gumball's nose while I'm at it." He says floating on his back in front of Fionna.

"Glob, can you two just get along?"

"Nope." He says poking her nose, as she just grumbles. And puts the glasses on...

Finn and Huntress sat upon the candy wall, with Finn nibbling on some of it. It was the spot Finn spotted before Gumball interrupted him, and after clearing the fair he had asked Huntress to create a zip line up, what she did immediately, carrying him up bridal style. Using the binoculars he carried in his trusty green bag and Huntress's huntress vision, they watched the little science fair from afar. Finn however notices that Gumball was searching all the inventions with banana guards by his side, and the scientists allowed him.

"Wonder what he is doing?" He says pulling his binoculars down from his eyes.

"Probably doing a quick security check, if you look at the banana guards, they all carry handcuffs." Looking back at them and sure enough they were all carrying them, something not standard for the banana guards after they kept getting themselves locked to poles and each other. It was a lesson Bubblegum learnt way before he came along. Luckily nothing went down, so no one was secretly planning to assassinate the candy royal during his fair. While they wait for Fionna to return, some scientists decide to show off their inventions early, not that anyone minds as the boredom got to them. And since the couple was only just above the fair, they could actually hear what they were saying.

"My invention turns ice into water." A candy person says holding what looks like a flamethrower, a bright, beaming smile on his face.

"Eh, ah that's... great. Already been done though." Gumball says, causing the candy citizen drop the flame thrower, turn, and slowly drag it off stage, sparks that made the audience worry for their safety follow behind it, "Right anyone else?" The prince asks, and a MO answers.

"Yeah my invention turns rainbows into poop." And that was how the entire fair pretty much went, filled with useless inventions that had no purpose, inventions already done, or inventions that don't work, with Huntress and Finn struggling not to laugh at it all. The best one was to come next though...

A man with robes and a mask that hid his identity walks on stage and bows, "Alright, my invention is: Shooting fire out my hands!" And immediately demonstrates it, two giant streams of fire shoot into the air, right above the audience, causing a round of applause from them. And an excited prince. Who immediately stands and whips out a pencil and a notebook, staring at the scientist.

"Great! So how did you do that?" He immediately asks, plans already filling his head if he can replicate it.

"Magic." What gets silence from the prince as he simply stares at the wizard, a giggle comes from the audience.

"Oh ha ha, good joke, but seriously, how did you do it?" He may of just called it a joke, but a fear rises in the prince. Fear of being disappointed. Finn and Huntress just watches with interest, while Huntress thinks 'That was actually just-'

"Magic." The 'scientist' then crosses his arms, probably gaining a smug look behind his mask.

"You do know this is a science fair, right?" Gumball ask, annoyance lacing his tone.

"Oh I know. But isn't magic just science we don't understand?" Immediately the audience, Huntress and Finn included, laugh as the Prince's famous stubborn words get used against him. "Well?" What causes the prince to grind his teeth before muttering,

"Yes." To deny it would be conformation that magic was real and that Gumball was wrong. The wizard uncrosses his arms,

"Then let me show off my invention!" And immediately starts doing all sorts of crazy, whacky magic in front of the audience, causing mass laughter. Even Huntress was laughing, finding joy in the humiliation Gumball was facing as he gains a blush at being publicly embarrassed, and a scowl of anger to the wizard, before his whole face suddenly lit up.

"Are you done?" What causes the wizard to chuckle.

"Why? Getting annoyed?"

"No, I just want to send you to jail already." Immediately two banana guards grab him the arms and as the wizard goes to protest Gumball steps before him. "You are charged with stealing another person's invention. You didn't make those spells, did you?" What causes him to go wide eyed behind his mask as his plan backfires, underestimating the Prince's intelligence, before Gumball does a hand motion signalling the banana guards to take him away. Sitting back down into the silent crowd, they continue with more bad inventions before the woman they were waiting for finally arrives. A confused looking Marshall Lee joins the audience, he and the gum prince exchanging a look of pure hatred.

"Oh boy, here we go." Finn says, pulling the sword of his back as Fionna explains her bubble invention behind. Lifting his blade high, he slams it back down into the candy wall, giving it a wiggle to check how much grip it had before nodding. Turning to Huntress he extends a hand to her, "M'lady." Huntress just smiles and goes in front of the arm and wraps both arms around Finns chest,

"I prefer this actually." What just makes him smile as he wraps his extended arm around Huntress, and his other around his sword. A few seconds later a massive black hole appears on the ground, immediately sucking everything up as screams fill the air, everyone panicking and grabbing onto any object to keep them anchored to the ground. Finn however? He just laughs, relieving his childhood that although was different than most people, was definitely memorable. Huntress just clings onto Finn silently as they wave in the wind, but does have a smile on her face at hearing Finn laugh. After a few seconds she turns to audience, or mainly Gumball, Marshall Lee and a nerdy Fionna.

Gumball removes the glasses from her face as Marshall Lee holds her to prevent her being sucked away. A moment later Fionna returns back to her normal, heroine self, and realises what nerd her has done as she squirms out of Marshall's grip and immediately rushes the black hole. The bubble machine however flies at her what she quickly impales on her blade to destroy it, however, all it does is cover the blade in a neon black and white colour scheme, signalling its transportation into the fourth dimension. She inspects the blade for a second before running at the black hole once more and impaling it. She disappears from view, much to the horror of Gumball and Marshall who just stare in fear. A few seconds later Fionna shoots out the black hole as it implodes in on itself, her root sword missing. She pulls herself up as Gumball walks forward and stares at where the black hole was before looking at the environment, the area trashed and the people in confused silent fear.

"Oh this science fair was a disaster." He says bringing his hands to cover his face, 'No good scientific advances, publicly embarrassed, and the fair destroyed. This was a complete failure!' It couldn't get much worse. In frustration he looks up to the blue sky and sees Finn and Huntress watching from atop the wall, a rival, sparking him to remember Marshall Lee, another rival for Fionna's love, was here. And he just embarrassed himself in front of them both. His self destructive thoughts grind to a halt with a massive cheer from the audience. Turning around they realise they are all cheering at Fionna and him!

"I don't think it went that bad Gumball." Fionna says, hands on her hips as she smiles at him. Voices congratulate them, Fionna for saving them all, and Gumball for making the fair actually interesting. 'They think that last bit was planned...' Fionna just saved him from embarrassment as well. Then an idea of how to repay her pops into his head, he turns and walks to Fionna. And kisses her, in front of his rivals. Immediately he could hear Marshall grind his teeth in anger, and he could only guess Finn was doing the same. Pulling away he leaves Fionna pleasantly startled, and after recovering for a second she notices Finn sitting on the wall, who gives her a thumbs up and a huge grin, causing her to return it in kind. While that was happening, Gumball snaps some paper that was floating in front of him and gives it a quick skim, expecting it to be a scientists notes. Unexpectedly it was a checklist. In Fionna's handwriting. He gives it a reading, and finds the last box un-ticked: 'Impress Gumball enough that he will see me good enough to date, what he will do after I save him.' '... Was she waiting for me to ask her out!?'

"Hey Fionna, what is this?" He asks as he presents it to her, causing her to squint to read it.

"I don't know, smart me wrote it." She says shrugging her shoulders and blush at the last tick box. He was right, the intelligent option was him! Gumball then drops it to the floor and grabs her hand, working up the courage to ask this from somewhere.

"Fionna, would you like to go on a date with me?" He asks, trying not to crap himself in fear, as the dread of rejection swells inside of him. The crowd goes silent at the question, none wanting to miss the answer.

"S-sure." Was Fionna's blushing answer, causing the crowd to cheer, and a deep frown to form on Marshall Lee's face that Fionna fails to see. The vampire just sighs, floats backwards and leaves the fair behind in favour for his dark home.

Finn and Huntress were now standing atop the wall watching the crowd go crazy over Gumball holding Fionna's hand, making Finn chuckle at the scene. He turns to talk with Huntress when his mouth is sealed shut by her lips. After a surprise second he leans into it, wrapping his hand around her hips as their tongues invade each others mouths. Huntress then just as quickly pulls away with a gasp,

"Sorry, seeing Gumball do it made me want to as well." She explains, when she was using it as a random excuse to just kiss him.

"I'm not complaining." Was Finn's reply as they move to walk home, unaware of a certain human girl seeing the two have their moment. Huntress runs down the plant zip line she created earlier, Finn using the blunt side of his blade to slide all the way down. Touching ground, they are greeted by Fionna and a smirking Gumball. "Hey Fionna!"

"Hey Finn! Guess what? Gumball just asked me out." What makes the Prince smirk even larger.

"That’s great!" And it immediately shrinks, 'Why isn't he annoyed or even sad about that?' he shakes his head free of those thoughts, "Shame it cost you your sword."

"Yeah, oh well I still got my old gold one at home."

"Yeah... Wait what?" He says, a sudden realisation hitting him.

"What is it?"

"I lost my gold sword here, not the root sword. It was losing my gold sword to the black hole that actually made me grab the root sword when I saw it in a fight. Where did you get your root sword?"

"I got mine after saving people from a runaway train. The conductor gave it to me as thanks as my gold sword got slightly damaged in the process, though it was repairable they still asked me to take it." Confusion immediately strikes Finn, everyone noticing that. Then he domes to a realisation. The ball in Ice king's fanfic did not happen in his world. They had different adventures at different paces as seen by Fionna getting the root sword in a different way and before he did.

"Well then, I'm no longer a reliable future foreseeing man. I may know what may happen in an adventure once it happens, but it seems I can't actually tell you the future. Too much is different from my timeline." What earns a groan behind them. Turning, he sees a slouching Cake.

"And here I thought we could have it easy." Causing Finn to chuckle.

"Sorry Cake, no lazy way out."

"That sucks." She says pouting, before looking at Finn, then really look at Finn. "Hey wait, when did you change your clothes?" She says, gesturing to the clothes Huntress Wizard has made for Finn.

"You didn't realise? I wore it when we trained." He says looking down at his attire, 'How did they not notice?'

"... No I didn't, too busy focusing on getting ready for the fair." Cake says, causing Fionna to shake her head.

"I did, but didn't bother bringing it up." 'It looks like Huntress's! And they were kissing on the wall as well... are they... a couple?'

"Well, Huntress wanted to teach me hunting and my clothes made me stick out too much. That and people might mistake me for being a Fionna fan boy." What causes Gumball to snigger at Finn, at both knowing he already mistaken Finn as a fan boy and the thought of Finn being embarrassed. Finn looks at him with a bit of confusion, but ignores it, "... Well, we better get going, it's getting late and I'm hungry." And with a farewell the OOO duo left the group to return to the home, Cake whipping Gumball away so she can prepare Fionna for her date.

Ice Queen meanwhile was in her frozen mountain lair, having spent days preparing for the date with her knight. And ways to deal with those who wish to stop it. She uses her ice magic to finalise a table in which the two of them could eat together, a massive corridor of traps leading into the room. She smiles. She has enough traps here to kill the tomboy and her pet, if not then more enough to delay her until the date is over. She's won this time!

"That boy will be mine..." She places some romantic candles on the table and sprinkle some petals on the floor, having a large amount due to them being cheap, a deal given for being a constant customer. She goes over her mental list for the date itself: “Food, check. Drinks, check. romantic view, check. Sexy view..." She looks down at herself, "Check. Though I could add a bit more..." Immediately designs for a new dress, or nothing at all, floats through her mind before she shakes herself free of them. "Amazing personality, check. Survivable temperature... Check. Right I think I'm set to get that man's heart." 'Oh, I bet he'll be grabbing my ankles and begging for me to marry him! No! He'll be on one knee using the romantic light and petals to his advantage! Oh it doesn't matter, both will be great!"

Nodding at her work, she exits the room and into her new throne room, a massive ice throne/sofa stands attention at the centre of the room, designed to have two people sit together with no buffer between them. Circling she runs her hand over the armrest, smiling as she imagines her knight sitting beside her in her rule. Well actually, he'll be a king at that point. She creepily giggles with a blush and goes behind the throne to see a door, and enters through it, and into her private bedroom. A large double bed made of ice and bear fur is kept in a sexy dark shadow at the back of the room, and next to it an ice cabinet stood. With well preserved condoms on top, just encase the night goes how she wants to. She puts her freezing cold clawed hands to her soft blushing cheek at the thought and gains a huge grin, "I’m ready for my knight!" '... Wherever he is right now...'

Finn and Huntress walk down the dirt path home, smiles on their faces as the setting sun colours them in an orange hue and gently warms their faces, not that they notice due to the warm blushes on their faces. "That went surprisingly well." Finn says holding Huntress's hand, giving it a squeeze.

"Yeah, I expected to see some sort of horrible war machine that could match those of pre-mushroom war. Instead... well you saw as well." She says having a flashback to a invention: 'Turn drinkable water into urine'.

"Yeah, they were the Abracadaniel of scientists. I swear they just slapped some stuff together and called it science." Their laughter fills the air, and they quickly approach their home. Walking inside they quickly relax together on the sofa together after the walk, Huntress removing her mask and Finn his hat, placing them together on the coffee table. Enjoying each others warmth as the air cools with the approaching night, they cuddle even tighter, the foreign action being extremely pleasant to Huntress as she cuddles Finn's hair with a slight blush. Despite the size difference, Huntress was the small spoon, curling up into a ball to fit into Finn's arms.

"This is nice Finn, we need to do this more." She says, the feelings of warmth and weight of snuggling with someone being a welcome change to her old self of spending nights alone in the cold to toughen herself, and relishes in the feeling.

"Agreed. Like tonight?" He says, tightening his cuddle even more, bringing her even closer into him.

"Yep, definitely tonight. And every day as well." She says with a blush and a huge smile, then snuggles even further into Finn.

Unfortunately their process of merging into one being was put to an end as they prepare to create dinner, but they still cuddled together whenever they could during the process. Soon they become tired, influenced by having a large warm meal after a long day, and walk into their room with slight blushes and strip down into their undergarments. Looking each other in the eyes they crawl into the too small bed and squish their bodies together before draping the dark black quilt over themselves.

After a few seconds of staring at each other in the dark, feeling their warm breaths on each other, neither can take it anymore and start making out. Huntress would take it further, however, she knows Finn is innocent to the realm of sex, that and he was not eighteen. 'Now that's an idea. Bubblegum you might of made his seventeenth birthday memorable, but I'll make his eighteenth even harder to forget. How long is that? A month? I can wait, for Finn' She thinks while making out with the greatest hero of OOO. The greatest person to enter her life.

Gumball sat in his lab with a welding mask on, sparks flying out of the invention he was working on. It was pretty much four robotic claw legs, all sprouting in a circular fashion from a centre dish, and atop that sat a camera. His Spy-der bot was a simple design, its duty was to spy on his latest rival. He may of secured the date but Finn acted unusually happy about. He has a plan, or some trick up his sleeve, and Gumball was going to figure out what. Next to him sat a video recording from a candy house being played from earlier that day, for it had caught Finn and Huntress on the candy wall.

Gumball still hasn't given up his plan on pushing them together, and he was checking for signs of advancement. What there was, namely the hugging and laughing together what slightly embarrassed the Prince to know what or who they were laughing at. 'I got the date Finn, who's laughing now!?' With a sigh he pulls away from his invention and glances at the screen, to see them rapidly moving. Focusing his attention to the recording he watches as Finn holding his sword Excalibur style and extending a hand to Huntress, who decides to instead wrap herself around Finn who does not complain, even to go as far as holding her slightly larger form against him. A few seconds later and the black hole appears, 'Right, from the future.'

Eventually it all ends, and they separate like it never happened, and sees him giving a thumbs up to Fionna a moment later 'congratulating her work in dealing with the balckhole, it can't be for the kiss.' He pauses the video, right before the duo kiss. 'Why did he give Fionna a thumbs up? Why did Huntress and he act like a couple before suddenly stopping when Fionna looked?' Suddenly his eyes widen. They're using her. Huntress didn't stop hugging when Finn told her to, meaning she wants to do the same thing, she's manipulating Fionna too! Why?! What would they gain by doing so?... Trust. They would gain her trust. They want her to turn her back to them, in a prime position for a backstab. It makes sense now! The ridiculous story was a cover, a 'You really think I could make that up?' type to make us believe them, it's why he detected nothing at the 'portal' site. Because nothing happened!

The rage he felt made him push his chair back as he stands and looks at his invention. He had to get this ready now, to find out whatever plot they have against Fionna and his kingdom. "I'll kill Finn."

"Get in line." Immediately Gumball snaps his head to his labs window, a grey guy sits in it, playing a tune on his cracked but repaired guitar axe.

"Get out!" The candy Prince immediately screams pointing his finger to the window. The vampire however only chuckles and floats into the room, puts his axe down and pulls out his phone. Immediately a paused video takes up a portion of the screen, a frozen picture of Finn and Fionna.

"Play it." After a moment of hesitation he does so, the video LSP made of Finn and Fionna plays before him. "Have you read LSP's message it came with? That was him flirting with Fionna. Now scroll down." He does so, and immediately hate messages from other Princes fill the screen at the human boy, jealousy spreading faster than a disease. "I think we all got a shared goal."

"... Tell LSP to tell everyone there will be a meeting in two days time to discuss Finn. And how to remove him." What causes Marshall Lee to grin and fly backwards, saluting while he does so.

"Heads up pink guy, he's deadlier than he looks, and don't underestimate his companion, she hits hard as well." He says, rubbing where finn cut his arm off. It has completely healed leaving no trace of the attack but to anyone else they won't be so lucky. If the other Prince's just run in there without a plan then Finn, by himself, could wipe the floor with them. And Marshall Lee was in no rush to get attacked by Finn and his friend, not wanting to get embarrassed by being constantly getting paralyzed again.

"I don't care, I'll divide and conquer them, and it'll go even smoother with the others helping, but I won't underestimate him. By tomorrow, I'll have a plan to defeat him. So go tell LSP to tell everyone, I'm too busy to do it myself." Gumball says, hoping to avoid writing messages to everyone, he likes his writing hand alive.

"Yes sir!" He then grabs his guitar, fly backwards and folds his body as he squeezes out the open window before playing some more tunes in the night sky with his guitar axe. Gumball just grumbles and returns back to his invention, planning on how to handle the Finn and Huntress threat, Fionna's date can wait for the candy kingdom comes first.

Fionna and Cake were sitting in the tree house, with Fionna looking a mixture of bored and excited as she and Cake decide what dress she should wear for her highly anticipated date. "Oh, I can't believe Gumball finally asked you out!" Cake says grabbing another dress from a pile of them in the corner of the room. Fionna grabs it, bored at trying on the hundredth dress, while at the same time, wanting the perfect one for her date.

"I know! And all it took was a black hole nearly killing us all and me to drop a massive hint." She puts the dress on with the help of cake and looks at a mirror. It's bright green and blue colour scheme accompanied with frilly ribbons immediately clashes with Fionna and gets a massive "No." She takes it off and moves onto the next dress as Cake passes it to her.

"Come on! One of these have got to suit you!" Cake says helping Fionna put on the dress again.

"Then find me one that looks good. No-" She goes to repeat her line on autopilot, however she realises how good she looks.

The dress was a solid white, the same pure colour as her famous white rabbit hat, accented with blue lines like her eyes and usually tomboyish clothes. Cake hearing her answer moves to undo the golden zip on her back hidden by white fabric, near exactly the same as her marvellous blonde hair is hidden by her white hat. Cake's effort earns her a swat by Fionna's hand and goes to complain until she sees Fionna focusing on her reflection, then give a twirl causing the dress to flow around her form in a spin. It has no frilly bits to get caught on the environment, while still having some high details expected on a fancy dress, it was also non-constricting, allowing her to move freely and if a fight occurs, what will happen knowing Fionna's life, she'll be able to defend herself. Fionna smiles, "Yes."

"Alright!" Cake shouts, stretches her hand and arms to a ridiculous size before grabbing and throwing the rest of the dresses into a massive chest that barley contains them all, seals it shut and moves into some corner with a bunch of other junk.

"Where did we even get this?" Fionna says, looking the dress over again, still not able to get over how good it looks on her.

"You got it, like a year ago! When you saved that fashion guy from some wolves on the road, remember? He made it just for you as thanks. Heh, he was making heart eyes at you for a while." Fionna shrugs, not remembering the event. "Oh well. Say when is the date with your Gumball anyways?"


"Wait, don't tell me you two didn't decide a time?! Well where is it at least?"

"Erm...!" Fionna says in fear, sweat starting to form on her forehead as she bites her lower lip.

"Fionna!" Cake groans at her sister's, and by extent Gumball's, poor planning.

"It all happened so quick! It was in front of a bunch of people! I panicked!" Cake sighs at Fionna's excuse and reaches into her sister's bag and pulls free her phone. Giving Gumball a call she hands the phone to the slightly scared Fionna as it rings.

"Hello, this is Butterscotch maid, helper of Gumball, what can I help you with?" The forced cheery voice comes through the phone.

"Erm, this is Fionna, I would like to ask Gumball a personal question."

"Is it about your date?" What immediately causes Fionna to blush.

"Y-yeah. When and where is it?" A sigh signals the incoming reply,

"I don't know, I'll go hand you to the Prince now. He should really tell me more things." Fionna was silent as she waits for Gumball's voice, the only sound coming through was BS's quick footsteps.

Butterscotch was walking through the candy halls phone in hand, as she walks the well memorised path to Gumball's lab, and the man inside. Knocking on the metal security door she gets no reply. What she was expecting. Frowning, she suddenly started wailing with both arms on the metal door hard, the rapid loud banging goes on for ten seconds before finally, "Enough! Who's there?!"

"It's me, Butterscotch. Fionna wants to talk about her date."

"Tell her I'm busy with kingdom stuff and I'll call her back." Instead of following his royal order, she just covers the phone mic,

"Nope. You made me to help regulate things like this, come and talk to the girl." Gumball sighs, failing to find an argument against her intelligence. The giant metal door screeches open, one or two sparks as the door scratches the floor. Walking inside Butterscotch hands the phone to the annoyed looking Prince who brings it up to his ear.

"Hello?" He says plainly, his annoyance calming his nerves of talking to his crush.

"Ahh! H-hey Gumball." Fionna says, surprised to hear his voice after a minute of phone silence.

"Fionna, you wish to talk about our date?"

"Yeah, erm, can we actually you know... decide on the date. Like time and place?"

"Time and place? Hmm..." Gumball looks down at the spy-der bot and thinks about the kingdom's security against Finn. "In three days, at a restaurant I know, I'll meet you at your house at 8:00 AM to take you there."

"Ok, sounds good. Bye Gumball"

"Bye Fionna." Gumball then immediately cuts the phone call and hands it back to Butterscotch, then looks at his spy gear. "Now back to this."

Fionna places the phone back into her bag and promptly seals it up. "It's in three days, he'll meet me at our house."

"Great." They just sit there, Fionna still in her dress. "Now what?"

"Erm... Oh! You won't believe what I saw after Gumball asked me out!" clenching both fist against her chest in excitement.

"What!?" Cake says, the emotion spreading like a disease.

"I saw Finn and Huntress Wizard... kissing!" Fionna says, not understanding that it is not her place to release the 'Juicy gossip'.

"No. Globing. Way." Cake says, putting her paws on her cheeks, eyes wide.

"Yeah! They were going at it on top of the wall!" She says excitedly, what catches Cake's attention.

"Wait... I thought you found kissing boys gross?"

"I use to... but when I got my crush on PG it just seems... good." She says blushing, she herself not realising that she had gotten over her childish trait of finding kissing gross. "Anyway why else do you think they were wearing the same clothing?" Cake gasps,

"They are a couple! Heh, hunting trips? Oh I wonder what they are hunting for..." Cake says,

"Cake!" Fionna shouts, a massive deep blush at the innuendo.

"What!? You can't tell me Finn and Huntress don't have nice butts?" What causes Fionna to cover her face in embarrassment as Cake talks about her other self's butt before sighing to calm herself down.

"I can't wait to ask them when they started! How do you think it happened?" She asks in wonder.

"Ah ah girl, I think we're going into their personal buiz." Cake says, wagging her finger, causing Fionna to look at the ground in dejection.

"Still though, I wonder when it happened? I mean, when we asked Huntress she said they weren't dating, but then they are smooching on top of the wall?"

"Don't know Fionna, if had to make a guess it was at the fair, you know like a date?" Cake says, thinking of any times they showed signs of being a couple, but none spring to mind, and that kiss on the wall was out of most people's prying eyes... Were they trying to keep it a secret?

"But Finn said he wouldn't be able to come..." She says, wondering why Finn would lie to her,

"He was most probably trying to make it so we won't constantly ask questions that would interrupt their date."

"Yeah, I can only imagine my date getting constantly interrupted..." Fionna says starting to daydream about her upcoming date, before looking at the time. "So... I probably should get out of this dress, huh." What the girls immediately set themselves into doing.

The princesses of OOO had all return safely home, the news that Finn was still alive had given them all hope. They were, as of this moment spreading that message to the panicking people of OOO, and to warn all that wish to do evil that Finn will return. Mass rebuild of OOO has been authorised by all, the damages needing immediately repair if society is to function normally, and many of the princesses were personally overseeing the operations.

However, three individuals were not doing either of these things, deciding to have a serious talk in the damaged, crumbling castle that was the heart of the Candy Kingdom. The starry night above them that orders them to sleep went unheard, more important things were a priority: The life of their friend being more important than the Candy Kingdom.

Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Jake all sat in Bubblegum's lab around a circular table deep in thought. Bubblegum's head shoots up catching the attention of the others, "I could try building a dimension machine and keep running it 'till I find Finn." Causing Marceline to shake her head.

"No, that would take too long. If Finn was in danger or time was different where he was, then he would be dead by the time we get there. Heck even if he was safe and time was slowed down he might even be dead of old age with how long that'll take!" She ends it with an angry frustrated groan and literally flips the table as the others dive out of the way, annoyed that she cannot help a friend who has gone above and beyond to help her with any of her problems. It sickened her actually.

"Well we got to find a way of helping Finn man!" Jake says throwing up his arms in anger, suffering the same problem as Marceline at being unable to help his brother. Immediately Bubblegum hands them a tray with three tea cups on it, being prepared for this event.

"Okay guys, lets just relax, getting annoyed won't help." Bubblegum says, and sipping her calming tea as the sweet aroma fills the air. It does it work as the Marceline sighs and brings the upturned table back right and between them all again as Jake returns to his seat. "Alright, lets go over everything again we may of missed-"

"We don't need to go over it again PB! My bro investigated an energy reading, it went crazy and now my brother is gone!" Jake says, annoyed at having to go in a loop. Again.

"We need more information."

"You need a wish." The group look at the new voice, revealing himself to be the recently returned Simon Petrikov.

"What do you mean?" Marceline asks, confusion on her face.

"When we fought against GOLB, nothing we did hurt it or its creations. Except one thing. Wish magic. The crown was originally created to grant a wish, and Gunter spent it wishing that whoever wore the crown would become the Ice king. However, when GOLB ate me, Finn, and Betty, it reversed it back to being able to grant a wish. What Betty used to merge with GOLB. Wish magic is stronger than chaos magic. And it was chaos magic leftover from GOLB that transported Finn, that’s why Prismo couldn't find Finn, because he grants wishes and is not one himself." He joins them at the table, having to semi-crouch due to the lack of a seat. "The only thing stronger than chaos magic is whish magic, it's the only way to get Finn back. And we know where we can get some don't you?" He says while looking at Jake, who suddenly smiles.

"Yeah, I know just the guy, follow me." They all rise and follow Jake, Marceline hanging back to speak with Simon. After an awkward moment she speaks up to the human out of time.

"Sorry we can't actually talk and stuff." She says, putting her hands in her jean's pockets and looking at the ground.

"No, it's okay Marceline. Your friend is in trouble, we can talk later."

"To be honest, at this point Finn has reached highest best friend zone. And by talk, you mean me showing you OOO, my life and all my friends. Then yes, we can talk." She grins at him,

"Sure, and all your friends, including your 'highest best friend'. I want to have an actual talk with him with no adventure or trouble in the way to distract us, need to thank him for helping you when I couldn't, so let's go save him." Marceline smiles at him before looking up and noticing they were exiting the candy castle and going outside. Everything was still damaged, repairs being shortly put on hold as the Princess focuses on finding Finn, creating an eerily scene of destroyed homes and large rubble in the dark

"Hold on, be right back." Jake says, and quickly starts stretching across the plains towards him home. The group just stare, where form his shrunk for a minute, after that they watch him coming enlarged running towards them with one tiny, when in reality normal, arm. He shrinks back to his correct size in front of them and presents them a jar of pickles.

In the yellow timeless room Prismo just sat there. Doing nothing. It was like this most of the time, not many people saw him, and those that do don't stick around for long, just doing a wish then gone. Not like there was much in the room that a shadow person could so or interact with. Suddenly four shapes take form in front of him, and it only took a quick glance at them to instantly recognise Jake's form.

"Oh hey Jake. Who are your they?" He says looking at them as they split their attention of looking at the walls and him.

"Oh, these are my friends: Pink one is Princess Bubblegum." She lifts her dress in greeting as Jake motions to her. "Grey one is Marceline."

"Wassup." She says lifting a hand.

"And the human is Simon."

"Err, hi." He says waving with a cringe on his face at his own introduction.

"Right, I'm Prismo, this is the time room, centre of all dimensions and time, and I can grant you one wish." Bubblegum immediately walks forward.

"Then I wish for Finn-" Her mouth was sealed shut by Jake's stretchy hand. "MMMPPHH!" She muffles in protest.

"Hold on Princess! You've never done wish magic before have you?" After glaring at Jake she shakes her head. "Knew it from how you just charged in then. When you make a wish, it has to be very precise. If you don't, the wish magic will find a way to add a cruel twist. Like I don't know... give us Finn's dead body because you didn't state that you want him alive! You gotta be careful." He uncovers her mouth.

"Right, precision is key... don't cover my mouth like that again Jake."

"Don't know what you're complaining about Bonnie, we use to do it like that all the time back-" Immediately Marceline's mouth is covered by Bubblegum's hands as she has a huge blush on her face.

"Shut up!" She turns to see everyone staring at the two of them. Before anyone could say anything she walks towards Prismo once more.

"Then this is my wish: A want Finn the human and Huntress Wizard teleported back to me alive, uninjured, and unaltered, I want it to be Finn from our dimension and timeline... erm... Oh! and I want them right now, not at some random point in time."

"Alright, simple enough." Prismo says, causing some multi-coloured rectangles to start to appear. The group all immediately snap their heads to it, not wanting to miss Finns return. A white, bright light appears in the middle of the rectangles as a form takes form. And suddenly they all disappear. And a female fox takes their place, who just looks at them with wide eyes but does not make a move.

"...What?" Marceline says, being the voice of everyone present.

"How... did I get here, I was finally comfy in my bed..."

"Sorry wrong person!" Prismo says, sending her away and hopefully back to where she came from.

"Where's Finn? Where's Huntress? What happened?" Bubblegum says, immediately snapping to Prismo's form.

"I... I think it's because I can't locate them. Like at all." Prismo says, putting a hand to his chin.

"What?!" Jake says.

"I mean whatever chaos magic is on them is messing with my vision of them. And because I can't 'see' them in any dimension or timeline, I can't 'grab' them. So my magic just grabbed something else."

"So you're saying you can't help us." Jake says, arm dropping to his side.

"Yeah, sorry Jake, I can't bring them back. You can have your one wish back Bubblegum, since it failed to happen."

"Well, thanks for trying Prismo. I'm gonna go now, it's going to take time to get over the fact that I won't see my brother again!" Jake says, his voice becoming more and more wobbly towards the end until he finishes his sentence with wailing, tears going down his cheeks. Immediately PB and Marceline going to emotionally help their friend, frowns as they too come to the fact that they can't help Finn. The royals unknowingly share the same thought 'Doesn't mean I won't try!'

"Not quite Jake. You might see your brother again." Immediately Jake stops his depressive state, the group staring at Prismo.

"Huh?" Confusion on his face, prompting Prismo to continue.

"I might not be able to 'see' him Jake, but if he came to me with someone I can 'see' and talk to-"

"Then you can send him to us!"

"Well, make a portal from here to OOO. I still won't be able to 'see' him after all, but yeah, though it will require a wish and Finn has spent his."

"Huntress Wizard hasn't! She can send them home!" Thanking the universe that coincidentally the right people were in the right place.

"Yes, she can wish them home. If she is alive that is, for if she dies, they can't go home without others help. And of course, if they want to go home."

"What do you mean 'if they want to'?"

"Well, what if they don't want to return to OOO? What if they found a world where their craziest dreams were made real?"

"I know my bro! He would gladly sacrifice his happiness to help any of us!" Jake says raising his fist, the others nodding with stern faces in agreement at their Finn's unwavering attitude to being a hero who helps all. Prismo nods with a smile at the reply.

"You're right, he would, wouldn't he?... Well is that all?"

"Yeah, we'll get going now, see ya Prismo!" Immediately all of them warp out in more colourful rectangles, leaving Prismo to sigh and stare at nothing again in boredom.

The group arrive back in OOO at the candy castle, and just stand there in complete silence until Bubblegum speaks up, "So that's what Prismo looks like."

"Seriously? We just got told we can't help Finn by a powerful cosmic entity and that is what you have to say?" Marceline says, a smirk on her face what PB returns as she shrugs.

"What? All Finn and Jake said he looked like was a pink shadow guy with blue eyes when they recalled what happened to me... though now I understand that description a lot better now."

"So we can't help Finn." Says Jake emotionless, unsure how to process not being able to be there for his brother.

"Yeah, but come on! This is Finn! If anyone can pull themselves through dimensions, it's him, and that's because he has several times!" Marceline says putting her hand on Jake's shoulder, and putting a smile on his face.

"Your right, why am I worrying? This is Finn, he'll find a way back, he wants to be back." Jake says looking up at the stars as they make their way indoors of the Candy castle.

Finn meanwhile was spooning with Huntress's smiling form as her wildest childhood dream comes true, finding love. They both do not want this to end, and were willing to fight anyone to keep it, may it be Glob or Lich. They were finally together. Unconsciously Huntress snuggles even further into Finn as his arms tighten around her, neither wanting to even risk separating from each other.

And unknown to both a figure stand at their unfinished window, staring at them in their sleep, before backing away into the darkness of the night and seemingly evaporating into it.

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Chapter Text

The light of a calm dawn enters the lover's room through the its lone window, causing Huntress to stir awake. She cannot see or feel or smell or move. Not that she panics, as a second later she transforms out of her log form and into the her actual body, instantly the morning light blinds her and a morning chill makes her skin tingle 'I should probably abandon that habit if I want to sleep with Finn'. Like a morning scratch she flicks the mushrooms of her, this time they were on her belly, and decides if she wants to get up, or continue to stay in the warm bed with Finn. Eventually the chill in the air persuades her to go back into Finn's arms to continue their cuddle for as long as possible. She backs up, deeper into the bed to find his body. Only to find Finn not there. In a confused, awaken state she looks over to Finn's small side to find him missing. 'Must of got up' She shrugs her shoulders and exits the warmth of the bed, transforms her scattered leaves into clothes and exits the room to find him.

A quick look around reveals that he is not in the main room, and further investigation shows he is not in the house at all. Confusion on her face, she pokes her head outside. Not there either. She looks around the nearby forest and does not see him in the trees or any bushes, her hunting eyes leaving nothing to chance. Now even more confused, and scared for Finn, she enters their home to see if he left a note anything to explain his act of magical disappearance. Going to the most obvious place for a note she checks his side of the bed, and notices a glimmer on the floor. Leaping towards it she investigates it, revealing it to be water, with clear hard lumps in it. No, not water. Melting ice. Her eyes widen as she gets up of the floor she looks at the window, revealing the morning chill to be air cooled by ice as it flowed in from its lone entrance, a ice rimmed window. Huntress clenches her fist, only hearing of this problem but had never experienced it or thought she would get affected by it. It was why she was so cold to Ice King when she first met him, to avoid it. But never thought of Finn in AAA. Ice Queen has kidnapped Finn.

Finn stirs awake with a chill, his body slowly waking up with him, and in sleepy, slurred movements reached out to pull Huntress towards him, planning to share their warmth and give each others love. Only to grasp more cold stuff. With a confused groan he props him self up on his elbow and rubs his eyes to clear his vision, and looks for Huntress. Only to see a disturbing amount of blue. Startlement makes his eyes immediately shoot open as he looks around the room and quickly realises he is not in his bed, room, or even home. With silent confusion he exits the bed, the freezing cold ice everywhere made him quick to find something to wear, having forgone PJ's as he not only did he not have any, lost in his old home that was in another dimension, but in a effort to seem more adult to Huntress Wizard. After looking around the room he sees no clothing at all, not lying around, not in the cabinet that had weird silver squares on top, and not on the bed. With a gulp, he looks to the door, and cautiously makes his way out to find out where he is and where is some clothes.

He peeks outside and looks around the room, most of it hidden by a large block of ice in front of the door. Stepping out of the door he looks around the ice to see it was actually a throne, for the Ice Queen who was standing at another door with a nervous smile on her face as she looks at him. Darting back behind the throne Finn immediately goes to grab his sword on instinct, only to remember that for some incredibly strange reason he does not sleep with a sword on his back. There is no sword back in the room with the bed, or he would of grabbed of it when he was searching for clothes. He was alone and defenceless in front of the Ice Queen. "Y-you can come out if you want my knight, it's only your Queen here." 'OOOOOOKKK' Finn immediately thinks at the creepy greeting,

"I would rather not, I'm... indecent." He says, thinking of a excuse to not meet her.

"I've got your clothes right here." She says in a attempt to persuade him out from hiding. Finn sighs, like it or not, he has to talk to her sooner or later, if he delays any longer then she'll only get mad, and nothing is worse than a crazy, deadly ice woman with short temper attacking you. If he is to survive this unharmed and escape to Huntress then he needs to stay on her good side. That and his feet were going numb from prolonged exposure to the cold. Sighing he goes back around the throne and looks to the lonely woman. She presents very pale blue clothes, the same colour as her new dress and the ice in the area, and was a near identical match to his old iconic ones from OOO. He looks at her for a second, squinting in judgement as he tries to figure out what her plan is. The now biting cold his feet were enduring forces him to slowly walk towards her, the Queen doesn't even move as she just holds the clothes towards him, not that different when someone stays completely still while presenting food to a animal. Finn cautiously reaches for the clothes while looking her in the eyes as he judges her motives, before quickly swiping the clothes from her arms, not that she reacts as she simply puts her hands together in front of her with a smile of sharp teeth.

Finn quickly puts the clothes on not liking the idea of being semi nude in front of a female Ice King, finding them to be a good fit at least. With a quick look over he nods in satisfaction much to Ice Queen's relief as she releases a sigh, "I made them just for you." She says looking at him with a smile.

"Err... Thanks?" Not sure if that is how he is meant to respond to a mentally unstable person who has kidnapped him. He looks around at the chilly environment, 'I am 99% sure but just to check-' "Is this the Ice Kingdom?"

"Yes! I recently did some remodelling, so some areas are unfinished but I hope you like it here." She says smiling. 'Right I'm not in another dimension'. He looks her over, finding the Queen has actually put some attention into her look. Instead of her usual dark blue dress that she wore, she has instead gone for a light blue highly decorated piece, but still carried the same puffiness and structure of her usual one. Most probably in a attempt to seem less frightening by going for lest bold colours and smoothing her over all image out. She also wore what seems to be a light blue makeup on her body like lipstick, except around her eyes.That was instead a darker blue than everything else, keeping the eyes there and wrestled with your focus if you dared look away. Her dark blue gloves were gone completely, leaving her hands bare to the world. Other than those, she was still the same Ice Queen.

"So why have you kidnapped me?" Immediately her smile drops 'Eh oh'.

"I-!" She goes to explain her actions but silences herself, with a sigh she gestures with both hands to the centre of the room, "Lets have a chat, talk about ourselves. Take a seat." She offers, but Finn sees no chairs where she is pointing, except the throne but that was a bit away from where she was gesturing.

"I would but... no seat." What makes her immediately put her hands to her face in mock shock,

"Oh no! I forgot the chairs! That just won't do!" Immediately ice shoots out of her hands as intricate, detailed chairs formed where they struck, snow particles fly around the room and around her making her seem mystical. 'C'mon Ice Queen! Wow him!' She eternally thinks, and gains a grin at Finn's surprised and impressed face. "There! Now lets take a seat." She says, causing Finn to get over the stupor and wearily sit down, a moment later she joins him, using more ice powers to create a table for them both. "Would you like something to drink?" Finn nods, cursing his morning dry mouth. A second later a penguin walks in, a bow-tie strapped a ice wreath around her head and a platter in hand, and a steaming hot chocolate on top which Ice Queen quickly hands to Finn. Grabbing it he can feel her soft, unscarred hands that has probably never seen a hard days work as she brings them back towards her, and her to feel his rough and tough ones on her own.

"Thanks." He says sipping it, finding the flavour pretty good. 'Alright. This is no Ice King. She's actually doing things competently and not looking insane. Remove the kidnapping and I'm sure one of the Princes would date her.' "So why am I here?"

"To talk about each other, I'd like to know more about you." 'Yep, definitely trying to hit on me.'

"How did you kidnap me?"

"I... didn't know where you lived, so I use my demonic demon eye to teleport me to your home, then snuck through the window. Saw you hugging a log so I just separated you, scooped you up and took you back out of the window. But, if you want you don't have to hug a log tonight." She says with a wink. Finn however ignores the invitation, glad that Huntress was in log form and was not harmed, after all she had no reason to attack the log.

"You didn't smash down the wall?" He remembers her doing that to Gumball's lab walls to get to him, that'll be a pain for the royal to fix.

"Easier to kidnap people when they are sleeping, destroying your wall would wake you up." She shrugs, 'Right, that's not creepy at all'.

"So... you aren't afraid that Fionna and Cake won't bust me out?" He asks, trying to figure out her plan.

"Oh don't worry, I've left her a gift or two to distract her. We've got plenty of time for our date." 'Then here's to hoping they and Huntress can get through whatever she has planned'.

"Not even trying to hide that you kidnapped me to just date me, are you?" What just makes her chuckle nervously, causing Finn to face palm. 'I just have to distract her long enough for the others to free me' "Why kidnap me? Why not just ask me out like a normal person?"

"You would just instinctively turn me down, like every other guy I've ever known. It's partly why I do the kidnapping, just so the guys would give me a chance to escape my loneliness. But that tomboy and her sister has been messing everything up!" She says, ending it by clenching her fists as they shake with bottled up rage. And it was then that Finn realised that just like Ice King, Ice Queen was not evil. Just someone who needed saving, made mad by the crown. "Then you saved me from getting impaled on my own ice. I thought that I have actually found a guy who would look out for me, a... knight. My knight in shining armour." She says with eyes beaming with joy and hope into Finn.

"... I'm already taken." He says, shrinking into himself, fearing the outcome of those words.

"What?.." She says, losing all signs of happiness in her eyes, replaced with crushed hope.

"That log I was cuddling was by girlfriend, a wood nymph. She changes into a log out of instinct."

"Oh... Then I'll make you forget her." She says emotionless. Alarm bells going off in his head as he rises from his chair and actually tells himself to not use he robot arm weed whacker mode to defend himself. He won't kill her. Suddenly she rises and freezes chains onto his legs to prevent his planned escape. Not a block of ice, just some chains that restricts his movement.

"I don't want you trapped, I just want you to give me a chance, to hear me!" Finn goes to deny her immediately, planning on using his arm to break free of the chains. However, when he looks at her he notices the tears swelling in her eye and his plans immediately crumbles. Noticing him freeze she tries one past plea, "I don't want to be alone." That alone crushed Finn's soul. He was a hero, not someone who brings sadness, does not ignore the desperate, and does not refuse to help someone who is need of it.

"... We can talk for a bit." 'Who knows, maybe I can persuade her to act normal and stop kidnapping Princes. At least she is more bearable than Ice king'. The response makes Ice Queen eyes light up with hope, causing her and Finn to sit back down. It was when they sitting did she realised that in that flurry of movements a second ago that she has nocked over Finn's hot chocolate.

"Sorry about that, I'll get you another." She rises and leaves Finn alone. This was a prime moment to escape, and Finn would be lying if the thought did not cross his mind. But he didn't, deciding to sit there to help the lonely Queen with her problems. He does not move from his spot through out the entire time, and a few minutes later the Queen arrives with two more hot chocolates, nearly dropping them when she sees that Finn hasn't run away. It does however make her freeze to a stop, just staring at her knight in disbelief, before walking forward again and placing them in the middle of the table. 'He... didn't run. He didn't run! He actually wants to be here!' She smiles in glee, sits back down and grabs a hot chocolate as she starts a conversation with her knight.

Fionna was in her room preparing for whatever the world could throw at her: maybe a poor village needing some charitable aid, a old woman to cross the road, lost adventurers, wounded warriors or hunters, a gigantic beast threatening a town or maybe answering Gumball's beckoning call. No matter what comes her way, she'll be ready for it! Suddenly the window behind her smashes into a thousand pieces, filling the room with dangerous fragmentations. Fionna instinctively leaps under her bed for cover, only suffering a scratch or two. 'Ok, I was not ready for that!' "Who's there!?" She shouts, preparing to lift and flip the bed at the intruder.

"It's me, Huntress Wizard." She hears calmly, as if she hadn't just busted in someone's window. Cake rushes into the room at the sound of the commotion, but upon seeing the wizard perched on the window frame throws up her arms shouting,

"Then why didn't you use the door!?"

"Because you two take too long to answer it, and I need help fast. Besides, smashing a window states how serious this is." Huntress Wizard lists off, squinting at Cake as she says them. 'We don't have time to discuss this!'. Fionna slowly slides out from under her bed as to avoid getting a glass splinter then brushes of the dust from her clothes that was under her bed before looking at Huntress,

"What do you need help with?" She asks with a serious face, after all if she impresses her she might tell Finn how mature she is, then Finn will teach her better moves!

"Ice Queen has kidnapped Finn." What causes Cake to groan in annoyance, however, Fionna becomes even more pumped up 'I can save Finn while I'm at it! Show him I'm ready!'

"We'll be glad to help, lets go!" Fionna shouts, running and jumping at window, causing Huntress to turn into a hawk and cling to her shoulder as they fall to the ground, at the last second spreading her wings to fly of Fionna as she does a roll to soften the blow. Landing on the ground Huntress shifts into a wolf and starts running alongside the girl. Cake stretches out the window and onto Huntress in a tiny form, taking the lazy route.

"So why are you so worried about Finn? I'm pretty sure he can handle himself?" She asks, trying to understand why she was panicking so much. Then she remembers they could be in a relationship. She's getting jealous/territorial! She releases a bark what Cake doesn't understand. "Oh, so you can't speak?" Suddenly her form changes into a tiger and releases a deep meow.

"Because I'm worried about my friend's well being." She's speaking cat!

"That's all? I'm pretty sure Finn can handle himself." Cake says with her hands on her hips, not believing that is all. 'C'mon! release the gossip girl!'

"Do you remember what she was going to do to Finn last time?"

"Yeah. Why?" Fionna shakes her head, not understanding a single thing Huntress was saying.

"Ice Queen kidnapped Finn while he was sleeping, what he does in his underwear and she obviously didn't grab his sword with her. So we have a nearly nude Finn standing defenceless before Ice Queen who wants to fuck him. Can you imagine Fionna in that position?" Cake simply looks up to Fionna,

"We better hurry girl, it's bad." She says looking at Fionna with wide eyes full of fear. Fionna needs no more motivation and pushes her body to go faster.

A very large room held inside candy castle was filled with voices of the Princes of AAA, who were all sitting behind diplomatic tables. Although some were talking about deals and life with their friends, most were talking about a single topic: Finn from OOO, the talks range from who he is, to how to squash him. Three bangs from the front of the room quickly silence these talks, and draws their attention to the Prince who had called them all in the first place. "Everyone silent? Good, I Prince Gumball hold this talk amongst royals to discuss Finn from OOO-" Immediately shouting fills the room, everyone riled up at the mention of the name, what Gumball quickly pacifies with a hand raise, the voices quickly turn into mumbles before silencing themselves. "Who he is, what he has done, who are his allies, what threat does he present and how to deal with him." The Princes nods their head emptily, allowing the candy royal to continue. "What I'm about to hand you is a report on everything, but for safety, to clear confusion and to make a plan we shall discuss what it holds." Immediately dumb candy citizens walk in front of the tables, flinging files to everyone. While many look, some did not, mainly because they can't read like Muscle Prince being too dumb or Jungle Prince never learning. Some however were not reading it due to having first person experience. Like the Vampire King who was floating in a corner, waiting for them to talk on how to remove Finn.

Everyone opens the given documents but do not read it, no point if Gumball is about to talk about it in a short abridged version. "Right now, our first topic is who is Finn. About a week ago, two mysterious people appear in the Candy Kingdom. One was a female wood nymph, look at photo A for reference." They all do, and a photo of Huntress Wizard was there of when she was in Gumball's lab, ripped from a security camera footage and her name written underneath. "However, I target is stranger number two, look at photo B." Again they do, all recognising the image was from LSP's recording when he trained with Fionna. He was in position to charge at Fionna, and once again his name was written underneath. "While they are both important to bring down, Finn seems to be the leader or spokesman of the two, making him a priority." They nod again in blank understanding. "When we, Fionna and I, spotted them, they ran away. When we gave chase, they seemingly disappeared. It was later checking security footage did we discover that they had used one of kingdoms secret escape routes to... well escape. What's surprising is that not only did they know of the entrance, but how to navigate the labyrinth that it is. This tells me that not only did they wish not to be discovered originally, but they have extensive knowledge of mine, and maybe yours, kingdom's layout and its secrets." This causes the other Princes to grumble and mumble in fear for their kingdom's security, silencing them again he continues. "When Fionna and Cake went to chase them, they easily got defeated by the strangers." Fear flashes amongst some faces, if these duo have defeated the heroes of AAA so easily, how can their own safety be assured. Anger covered others, anger over the duo who hurt their Fionna. "When I led a squad to take them down they were able to hold their own, the fighting stops when Fionna realised that our target was a human." More mumbles, surprised not that he was a human but that LSP's info was actually correct, she was training with a human. "After that, we led them back to the Candy Kingdom for questioning. They revealed their names to be Finn and Huntress Wizard, and were from another dimension. And that Finn was a male version of Fionna." Some quietly snigger at the idea. "Now I'm going to do a time skip, to after they, Fionna and Cake save me from the Ice Queen." Immediately groans and grimaces come out at hearing the most annoying name they've ever heard. "When Fionna and Finn were caught by Lumpy Space Prince training. Butterscotch, play the recording." The room darkens as the LSP's recording is projected onto the white wall behind the Prince. Gumball doesn't watch, instead looks to the crowd of royals to judge their faces for reactions. And most were annoyed or angry with Finn's secret bonding/flirting with Fionna, causing him to smile. Good, he has support. "The only mistake LSP made here was thinking that they are already boyfriend and girlfriend but it seems to be that they are not, and he is like the rest of us trying to win her over." Immediately some smile, thinking they still have a chance to win Fionna over. 'No you don't, I'm still here' Gumball thinks, "Butterscotch, play security tape." And the screen was changed to Finn and Huntress sitting on the candy wall. "This was taken during the science fair by one of my security cameras-"

"You mean 'spy camera'?" A random Prince shouts, causing the others to nod and smile. With a annoyed expression, Gumball continues.

"... As you can see they are hugging, and seem to be romantically involved with each other. Yet despite this, Finn will be flirty in front of her towards Fionna and she does not mind. I started to question why. Then I came to realisation. Go back in time a bit and they asked me to investigate the location where they entered this world, however despite all my scientific gear I came up empty handed." Many were now getting confused, pushing Gumball to speed up the talk. "I think that Finn and Huntress Wizards are spies and he has Fionna under his spell. Evidence of this is: that their origin is a lie that distracted us from them themselves, they were eager to friend us to let our guard down, they knew my city too well for 'Just arrived in this world', and their aggressive behaviour to anyone coming towards their 'home' or more likely base of operations. After all, even royals are attacked when they get near it, right Marshall Lee?" Gumball says, hoping the Vampire plays along. Marshall raises his head in surprise, not expecting to be called on before smirking, understanding Gumball's plan.

"Yes! I ways savagely attacked by them when I went to greet them into AAA, but when I knocked on their door they didn't even say hello! They just lashed out at me with sword and arrows, cutting off several of limbs. They mustn't of realised I was the Vampire King because they didn't go for my heart to later, meaning they won't even check who's at the door! However, I'm me and I was able to throw them around but they are tough buggers to defeat. I only left because they went for my heart with stakes! They had the intention to kill me, to kill anyone who came near!" Marshall says, spinning his bass axe in his hand, sounding dramatic to scare the other royals into action.

"See, you heard it from Marshall Lee himself! And we hate each other! So if we are saying the exact same thing then it must be true: Finn and Huntress are dangerous and must be put out of action immediately!" Gumball says, thumping his fist against the table at the end to emphasise the importance of the threat. "Do remember that he has plans to deal with Fionna." Immediately all the royals start mumbling before their voices rise into shouts, calling to end Finn and Huntress, Gumball smiles and brings up his hand to quieten the mob of angry Princes. "I have a plan, and I want you to hear it before deciding to join. We can't challenge them directly, if we do then they will run and lay low, then it will be nearly impossible to find them until it is too late, that and Fionna will attack us for attacking someone who she thinks is innocent. So we have to do this sneakily. What we will do is challenge them to a tournament, make it so they have to agree, and fight them there. But we must make sure its till a knockout, that way outlives or our knights won't be in danger, and so we can lock Finn up without him being able to resist so we can torture him for information. Does anyone have a problem with this plan before we go further into details." Everyone shakes their heads, trusting the smartest person in the room to make a fool proof plan. He smiles at having the support to bring down Finn. It actually fills him with glee. "Any ideas where to hold the fight?" Warrior Prince stands catching everyone's attention. Unlike OOO's last one who is now a dead ghost, the Prince replaced the previous Prince after his death. He wore heavy metal armour and dual swords on his hip, most of it covering his blue skin underneath it all.

"Warrior Kingdom has a gladiator arena for us to fight in, we can do it there." Gumball nods.

"We'll hold the fight in Warrior Kingdom's arena in three days time. Now for the next phase: Who'll fight themselves and who'll send in knights? Rise your hand if you will fight in the arena." Only six hands rise: Gumball, Marshall Lee, Warrior Prince, Muscle Prince, Assassin Prince, and the living hazard: Flame Prince. Through out this entire talk his flames have slowly been rising in height and temperature, forcing the other Princes to slowly move away, and was now approaching a small bonfire. "And am I'm to presume the rest of you will send knights?" Everyone else raised their hands making Gumball nod. He then closes the report on Finn and Huntress, "Thank you for coming, I hope you all turn up for the downfall of Finn, I'm pretty sure this is one of the only times Fionna won't be helping us. Lets show her we are not useless and can actually rule a kingdom without hand holding." He means no ill will to Fionna, it just hurts all of their man pride when they have to get saved all the time. Everyone rises and starts to funnel out of the kingdom, leaving Gumball and Marshall Lee alone in the room.

"I'm goanna look forward to this."

"Me too, I always hate it when I get outwitted. Not only did he outwit me, he made it personal by putting in Fionna and my kingdom in whatever scheme he has... And nice acting back there." Gumball says, one of the rare times he has compliments the greatest annoyance. However, the shared goal of bringing down Finn has brought them into 'I will bear their presence' level of friendship.

"Who said it was acting? I totally wiped the floor with them." What causes Gumball to roll his eyes at the gloating.

"Sure you did." He says, now also leaving the room.

"What? It's true!" Marshall says, floating behind the Prince as he walks down the halls.

Fionna, Cake and Huntress were panting heavily has they power walk up the freezing mountain that was home to the crazy Ice Queen. Puffing due to being out of breath Fionna asks, "Is it just me or is the mountain taller than usual."

"Just you." Cake says out of breath as she shivers at a cold breeze. Huntress however doesn't even twitch at it, and her breath only slightly larger due to less oxygen.

"No it is taller. Ice Queen has been doing some remodelling." And it was true. The mountain was now much taller and wider, her castle being moved entirely to the top as well, making it likely they will have to rest at the entrance before even planning on taking down whatever Ice Queen has made for defences. As they climbed the group slowly struggles to breathe, oxygen quickly disappearing with the height, combined with the icy chill so deadly that it would give anyone instant frost bite it turns they charge to a meagre shuffle. After a long time, maybe even half a day, they reach the castle entrance, the sight gives them the strength to push onward as they stumble and collapse through the door way. "We're out of the wind chill now, lets rest a bit to recover some strength, we're goanna need it." Huntress says while panting, the low oxygen usually not being much of a problem for her plant self however that chill took a lot of energy and that does require oxygen. Fionna however tries to rise to continue the rescue of Finn before Cake grabs her hand shivering and gently pulls, her weakened states makes her just fall at the force and onto Cake. Seeing the opportunity Huntress joins them in a pile, sharing their body warmth as the sisters release a murr as their bodies warming up. They are like this for a hour, needing a solid defrost before continuing where high mobility is probably needed. Standing, the group looks into the castle and its usual paths and rooms, Huntress thinking 'Did she really think that just a altitude difference will stop me?' as she spots no traps or guards.

"I'm goanna seriously kick her butt for making us climb that." Fionna says, punching a fist into her open palm.

"Yeah, but that can't be all, where's security? Can't see any traps." Huntress says before grabbing one of her arrows and starts using it to lead her a path, hopping it will trigger any traps off that were so well hidden that not even she could see them, despite doubting Ice Queen could pull that feat off. The sisters follow sword and shape-shifted morning star at the ready for a surprise jump by the Ice Queen. They wander around the house for several minutes, peeking around every corner for the deranged royal, however neither she or Finn appear. That is until Huntress peeks around the next corner, revealing the Queen's bedroom. In the dark as if she was sleeping. With two people in bed with a dress on the floor. Immediately rage fills her as she slowly crawls forward to the room and signals Fionna and Cake to wait around the corner, then leaps away as a shard barrage of icecles fly towards her and completely fills the room. Sounds of ice shattering fills the air making everyone flinch. Once everything calms down she looks into the room, every inch impaled by ice. Blinking she looks at the ground and see's nothing, until she activates her Huntress vision and see's a magical rune on the floor. This was something Fionna would miss, especially if she did her usual careless charge then she would be a bloody pulp shredded by Ice. She simply blinks and looks into the room. Now closer and peeking through the holes made by the ice she can see the lumps were just pillows. Sighing she walks back over to a wide eyed Fionna and Cake, Cake asking with a frizzed up tail,

"What was that?!"

"A trap. If that was you Fionna you would be dead, it was designed for your actions and reactions." What immediately makes her gain a startled, scared expression, realising that Ice Queen was not messing around this time, and she was the target of her pent up anger of defeat after defeat. Shaking her head she asks,

"So where is Finn then?"

"Don't know, definitely not in there though." She says, jerking her thumb to the room. "She must be somewhere else, somewhere hidden if she was to escape your blunt methods." Huntress says, back to her old self of blunt short replies.

"Hey! The blunt charge usually works!" She says, getting defensive about how she handles problems. Huntress does not reply, only walking further into the castle, using her vision to keep a eye out for my traps. Fionna only huffs and follows, not wanting to fall for any trap that Huntress could easily spot.

Finn however was actually starting to relax, despite the presence of the mad woman. Although she not very good at being normal, she was actually trying to act normal at least. "So why don't you just go to the events and not go crazy and kidnap anyone?"

"Even if I go to anything royal like a meeting, what is never because they don't invite me, even if I act normal and show no hostility, they will just attack me out right due to my reputation! Glob they won't even attack me, they'll just set those infuriating sisters on me!" She says, anger making her thump the table with both her fists, shaking the empty drinks on it.

"Right... So what even made you start the kidnapping?"

"... It was a few hundred years ago, I was always in my mountain, never leaving it, the area was too much of a toxic wasteland. I never had any visitors, and to be frank, I was getting lonely. And I kept on having visions or flashes in my brains of a smart man all his features blacked out making him more of a silhouette, and I did not know why or who he was. Eventually it drove me to madness as I snapped at not having answers, and I left to find them." She releases a deep sigh. "And that was when I met my first Prince. Prince Gumball. He introduced himself as such, and that word: 'Prince'. It just... triggered something. Something in my mind that was previously lost in madness just reached out to him and every Prince I saw after that, to take them and make them mine before I lose them, as if I was scared of a 'Prince' leaving me. Why? I have no idea... I'm guessing it is the madness brought by the crown. I think the only reason I'm not acting crazy and kidnapping you is because I see you as a knight, not a Prince. It made super clingy and jealous, the really bad type that I actually hurt those who got too close to them, didn't let them leave the castle and freeze them whenever they tried." She looks up at her tiara as she takes it off to examine it, before shivering and putting it back on. "I later found out that people have tried climbing my mountain in the past, only to never return. Given that, and the clingy attitude I gained a... reputation. One that is pass on through generations of royals, that of a psycho, causing them all to avoid me. What only caused the fear that the 'Prince' was leaving me to become stronger and more desperate, and that caused the kidnapping."

"I see, as per usual the tiara is the source of the problem, and you can't remove it without dying." Finn nods, listening to her story despite knowing it from Simon, and his kidnapping being his struggles against the crown to find Betty. Ice Queen sighs and leaves the room, coming back with a tub of ice cream that she places in front on the table, passing him a metal spoon while keeping another for herself.

"Now that no-one will come or give me a chance I am forced to kidnap! I have no other option! If I don't, the madness gets worst and so does the crushing loneliness." She angrily says, slamming the spoon into the cold dessert, startling Finn. She quickly notices and groans to release stress , not wanting to scare off the only person willing to listen to her, then looks back him. "And then when I froze you when you tried to save Gumball. Most would instantly join the train of hating me, and when you defeated me, and I was about to fall on some spikes, most would of let me fall, to finally be rid of me. But you didn't, you saved me, deciding I was still worth living. When I awoke later, I realised that you were different than most and cared about my well being, and that had to meant of something, for when does anything happen in AAA and it doesn't mean something!?" She says throwing up her arms, remembering her missing small details that apparently represent major things that cost her later, then calms down to look at Finn. He hadn't taken any ice cream, his full attention on her and her explaining her grief, what only makes her smile, 'He does care for my problems'. "So I decided that I needed to make you mine, in the only way I knew how to get a man. By taking you." Her smile disappears, "Only to find out you were already taken." She looks deep into his eyes, begging for the truth: "Do I have any chance to win you over? Can I beat her for your attention?" Finn sighs.

"No." She looks absolutely crushed, her hands just flopping to the side as looks down at the ground. Before she fists clenches in anger, snow starts to spin around her. Finn immediately prepares to defend himself. Suddenly it all halts.

"I'll still try, no matter what she does I will beat her!" She stands while gaining a determined look as she clenches her fist in front of her. Startled, Finn acts quickly.

"Then tell me more about yourself!" He says panicking, 'If she is here, she's not attacking Huntress'. And his eagerness immediately catches her attention as she hurriedly sits down.

"Very well, what do you wish to know?" She says

"... What do you remember about yourself before you became Ice Queen?" He says, quickly thinking of a topic.

"Oh, I was a water nymph, called... Sarah." Immediately Finn's eyes widen, 'Wait what?!'

"Err... weren't you a human? I heard from a rumour that you use to be a human." Making up a cover story.

"Oh that was the previous user of the tiara, Simone." She says, flicking her wrist as if it didn't matter.

"What... happened to her?"

"She... found a way into the crowns inner maze, saying something about undoing the curse from the inside?... I'm not sure what she means but I hope she finds a way."

"How... do you know this?"

"When I sleep, I sometimes I enter the tiara due to her work of weakening it, and it's like a maze filled with all the previous users, it's where I met her." Finn is just sits there silently. 'What does this mean? Has Marshall Lee given up on her then? Is that why he is more of a butt than Marceline was? Because he lost all hope for saving Simone?'

"Has she mentioned Marshall Lee?"

"Yeah, she requested me not to harm him for some reason, didn't get time to explain before I was ripped out of the crowns working to wake up. He has attacked me a few times, or mainly the crown, cursing like crazy about it and wishing its destruction." She shrugs. Finn just looks down in thought, 'That explains a few things. But if she's not Simone... then who is she?'.

"Okay then... What were you like before Ice Queen? You know, like as Sarah?"

"I... was one of the first water nymphs, there were others but not many. When we found the crown we had heard of royals and leaders from the last of the surviving humans on AAA, who read the books we found as we could not without destroying them. Eventually it was decided I was to be the leader, and they gave me the crown... and you can see what happened. Its been too long to remember my old self, but if had to guess that if they decided for me to rule them, I was confident, pretty, and a good leader." She says with a smile standing on the chair and putting a foot on the table to do a pose, a action that Finn couldn't resist smiling at as it reminded him of the old goofy Ice King and brightens a dreary topic. Finn looks down in thought before looking her in the eyes.

"Tell you what, let's do this date so I can give you pointers. I'm not interested in you, but I'm sure you can get someone who does, I'll even introduce you to some guys." Finn says in hopes of persuading her off him 'I need to buy Huntress more time, and this could actually help her!'. Ice Queen only looks annoyed at this though.

"I'm not interested in anyone else! If I do I would loose my sanity and go all crazy!" She says getting of the chair, 'And just when I thought I was winning him over!'

"Well... this might turn you off me: I'm Fionna's counterpart."

"... What?"

"I'm from another dimension, and I'm the male version of Fionna." 'Please work in dissuading her'

"... A little, but you don't act like Fionna, she's all... annoying. Your actually kind to everyone, your more of a hero than she is, she is a sword-swinging violence-seeking trouble-stirring girl. Your not." And a single thought goes through Finn's mind: 'I don't know how to feel on that: complimented or insulted'.

"I'm more mature than her. Give her time, she'll mature as well. Also do you really believe I came from another dimension so easily?"

"Its not like weirder things haven't happened in AAA." She says, shrugging. Then she grabs him and pulls him up from his warm seat. "Come on lets do this date!" She melts the chains she had put on him and pulls him into the next room 'He is trusty enough to not run away. He will be mine! He will forget that log!' She gains a massive smile 'He will be my knight! He will save me from isolation! I won't be alone anymore!'.

Huntress Wizard squints at the floor. There was a trap door, and it had a basic ice rune. What that rune did she had no idea, but she is about to find out. Breaking a stalactite, she uses the ice spike to lift the handle on the trapdoor. And a massive Ice spike that pierces the ceiling shoots forth. "Whoa!" Fionna says seeing the trap from the safety of behind a doorframe.

"Cake! Can you smash this?" Huntress says, moving aside as the cat walks in, hammer in- or as hand.

"Hold on." She winds her arm back and smashes it into the ice, it shattering into thousands of fragments towards Huntress, who simply lifts her cape to protect her. Once they icy barrage stops she lowers her cover and walks towards the trapdoor, examining it with her Huntress vision and is satisfied to see the rune used up and gone. Nodding she lifts the hatch as Fionna enters the room, the sisters looking over her shoulder as they peer into a corridor below. Without a noise, Huntress falls down and lands on her feet, and sees the corridor leads into one massive room. The sisters follow her down a second later, slipping on the landing due to the ice, causing them to release groans of pain.

"You might want to get up quick, something is not right." Huntress warns, levitating three arrows and not waiting for a reply or a for them to recover as she slowly walks down the corridor. With a groan the sisters gets up and after seeing the room, Cake speaks up.

"Yeah that looks like a boss room. It's big, empty and no enemies are inside." The moment she says this snow starts to enter the room, zooming to the centre of the room before spinning like a tornado. Suddenly it goes bright white as a large amount of magic is used to create a something. Shielding her eyes, Huntress uses her cape once more to shield her eyes, before lowering as the light disappears. What stood before her was what seems to be a floating snow spirit 12 feet tall, the body was made a white snow skeleton, most of the body hidden by a white, long, flowing dress as it appears to have a white aura around it. And it looks like it was about to scream at them. She's a warrior, not a scientist. She rather not find out what that will do to her.

"MOVE!" She shouts, leaping away as a cone blast of ice screeches out of the spirit, shredding everything it hit. Luckily Fionna and Cake was just out of harms way, the floor in front of them being turned into a icicle pincushion. But they were stuck in the corridor with nowhere to dodge or go. Gritting her teeth knowing she needs to distract it so it would not attack them, she launches a high force arrow through its skull, leaving a gaping hole and snow remains flying out. But then the snow freezes mid-air, as if time has stop. Then it flies back to the spirit's the wound, instantly healing it. Then the spirit turns towards her, hollow eyes glaring at her. And lunges out at her, her fingers being icy claws. Fionna and Cake use this moment to escape the corridor, rushing out to attack. Fionna leaps and lands on the back of its neck, before chopping its head clean off. It just however reattaches it self. And turns 180 to look her directly in the eye. Flinching in surprise she fails to notice and dodge the giant hand that slaps her form of as she now slams into the hard icy wall. The spirit then turns to Cake who was also going for a charge, giant hand ready to splatter the spirit. She promptly shrinks to the size of an ant when another icicle shoots from her mouth, aiming where her head was. Three more arrows pierce its chest, right where it heart was, causing it look down at the wound as it heals before locking her vision on Huntress who was leaping around the room like a flea. Raising one of its hand a beam of ice shoots from it palm, causing Huntress to abandon all plans of attack as she focuses on dodging the unrelenting attack as it follows her around the room. Fionna rises, recovering from being slapped she charges forwards only for the second arm to lock onto her and also release a beam at her. Fionna just starts running circles around the room, the centre being the spirit. "Cake! We've got it distracted, attack it!" Huntress yells, leaping over Fionna.

"On it! Take this!" She shouts, enlarged hand to slap it just as it slapped Fionna. And slap it she did, the form splattering against the floor, snow covering everyone and everything. Poking her head out of a pile, Fionna gasps and shivers before pulling herself out.

"Is it dead?" She asks, while Cake removes her hand and shrinks it back to normal.

"Well, it's not regenerating, so I'm guessing so-" Huntress says, also covered in snow before all of it flies of her and swirls back into the centre of the room, and the spirit forms once more, and releases another ear shattering screech. The sisters flinch smaller, eyes wide while Huntress only squints. Immediately the arms lock onto Huntress and Fionna again, its original attack begins anew. Cake hisses and charges forward again, only for the skull to turn and look at her, its jaw opening as it releases another cone of ice shards. Dodging, she joins the others in running as the skull constantly unleashes blasts at her.

"Now what?!" Cake shouts, barely dodging a icicle as it grazes her fur. The sisters both look at Huntress hoping her magic expertise could answer how to defeat a summoned creatures.

"I'm not sure." Both sisters blanch as they run, Cake stretching over Fionna as they run in opposite directions. "I'll see if I can spot anything." She activates her Huntress vision and starts scanning the spirit, trying to spot a point of existence, a core where the body is projected and controlled by.

"Please hurry!" Fionna shouts, clutching her hat as to make sure it doesn't fall off as well as to protect her head encase something goes wrong. The spirit's skull unleashes another deadly blow at Cake who still outpaces it, the shards shattering in front of Huntress. She close her eyes to protect them and looks away. When she opens her eyes, she notices a faint point of magical energy in the wall. Squinting, she awaits to be closer in her rotation of the room, and as she approaches the magic seems to be stronger, and that part of the wall seems to be a different colour, as if thinner. And it was in the shape of the door.

"Cake! I'm detecting magic behind that wall, and there is a thin piece of the wall so smash it!" Huntress says, pointing at the wall. Cake looks at, and does a run by as she tries to spot the thinner part of the wall and on her second rotation spots it, and swiftly smashes it by slamming a arm turned wrecking ball into it, not halting her run. As Huntress pass by it she leaps inside, using the wall as cover from the ice beam as she investigates. On the floor lays a pentagram, with three basketball sized, pearl looking spheres. Quickly giving one a look over, she notices that it can store magical energy. 'A summoning stone' She recognises. Grasping it, a idea quickly forms in her head, and leaps from the cave, the old ice beam quickly locking back onto her. Cautiously, she holds out the sphere and slowly brings it closer to the beam. At the moment of contact, the spirit's beam suddenly focuses on it as the spirit struggles, as if trying to stop the beam from hitting the laser but is unable to pull its arm away. After a few seconds, the spirit's arm yanks back, the beam no longer hitting the ball that now glows and gently vibrates in Huntress's arms. Looking at it, she spins her arm back before lobbing at it the spirit. It slams into it. And violently explodes magically, a bright light fills the room, blinding everyone. Once it disappears the group find the spirit on its knees, its body leaning backwards as its arms flop to the floor. And a gaping hole in its chest. "Attack it now!" Huntress yells, arrows flying forth, destroying compact snow as they tear through its body. The sisters immediately join in on wailing on the vulnerable spirit. Realising she is not doing enough damage with her sword, Fionna jumps on its body and grabs its left arm at the socket. And yanks, her stressed face revealing the toughness of the arm, before it gets ripped off and not a moment later turn into a pile of snow. Suddenly the spirit rises once more, their attacks now no longer hurting it as they regenerate but all the wounds inflicted when it was down remain. The group starts running as one, as it uses it one arm and skull to continue its mindless attacks.

"I was too busy running to see so what do we do?" Fionna asks.

"In that hole is some giant pearls, make it hit it with its magic then lob it at it." Huntress explains, earning nods in reply. As they approach however, the spirit suddenly shoots the cone of ice in front of them and halts it beam. The group slide to a halt to avoid getting shredded, the spirit using the opportunity to use its now free arm to reach inside the cave and grasp its weakness and pulls it out. Summoning stones in hand, it clutches them, protecting them with its hand.

"Now what?" Cake asks.

"We grab the pearls." Was Huntress's short reply, and leaps towards the arm. Only for it to move quickly out of the way, allowing Huntress to land on the wall and then spring of it. She looks as the spirit clutches it hands to its chest, guarding it with its body as it opens its mouth to release another blast of ice shards, the icicles smashing just where she was as she flips into the air to avoid the deadly attack. It goes to attack again before suddenly snapping its head behind it self, causing the charging sisters to abandon their attack to avoid the spirit's. With it distracted Huntress rushes in again, several arrows ready to sever its hand off. Only for it twitch away at lightning speed at the very last second, making her arrows miss and instead pierce its chest. "I need it to stop moving if I'm to cut its arm off." She shouts, and Cakes answers by stretching its arms into long rope.

"On it!" Immediately the arms start wrapping around the spirits body, as it aims it deadly head at her. Fionna steps in, grabbing it by the eye sockets and yanking it back as she flips over its head to land her feet on it back. Its attack smashes into the ceiling, causing snow and tiny pieces of ice to fall that cover Huntress as she goes to launch arrows at the arm. Yet as Cake starts to really wrap around it to tie it up, it disappears into cloud of snow, earning a noise of confusion from the sisters, "What the-?" Confused, Cake watches as the cloud reforms out of her grip, and as it then raises one of its skeletal feet. And slams it back down, releasing a circular wave of spiky ice shooting up from the ground. With a startled look, Cake barley stretches her and her sister over the attack, Huntress however doesn't need any help, simply flipping over the attack with ease. "Where did that attack come from? It hasn't done either of those before."

"Because it's scared." ‘It use to think we couldn't hurt it. Whenever a immortal being faces mortality, it succumbs to fear and holds nothing back'

"Now what?" Cake asks. Huntress goes to answer but is forced to leap backwards to avoid another blast of ice from its mouth.

"We try again, but we've got to be quicker this time." The group moves in again. Cake arms snake out once more, but the spirit immediately phases away again, releasing a blast of ice as it does so, Cake tries to stretch away to avoid it but still gets nipped by one leaving a cut on her cheek. As the snowy mist glides away from the cat it forms back in the centre. Only for green vines to wrap around its body almost instantly. Huntress using her clothes for material is creating two zip lines, then uses her magic to direct their path to around the spirit, tying it in a vines made of her magic. It becomes a clash between two magical beings, a test of who's magic was stronger, a moment that Fionna uses to her advantage as she leaps for its arm. Only for it to stomp again, the wave of ice making Huntress abandon the zip lines to dodge, and the spirit shakes free and instantly move its arm, causing Fionna to slice its chest again, the wound instantly healing. It fades away again, its body reforming across the room. And for Fionna to cut its arm off. She had barley landed when she leapt to do her next attack, and had swung her sword before the spirits body even formed, resulting her cutting the arm before it had time its head could form and spot her. The arm flew off and for a second the pearls became visible. And just long enough for Cake to stretch up and grab them in both arms. The spirit snaps her head to the cat and releases another blast of ice, hoping to kill her so it could snatch its weakness back.

"Cake!" Fionna shouts, eyes wide in fear for her sister. Cake just spins around to make the orbs face the attack, and shrinks behind them. The spirit couldn't stop itself in time and releases its attack from its jaw, the icicles fly out and strike the orbs, causing them to start to glow as it absorbs the entire attack, sucking any of the missing ice into it. Cake returns to her normal size, grabbing the orbs as she watches the spirit go to claw her with its now regrown arm. Closing her eyes and clutching the orbs tight she braces for the blow. Only for Huntress Wizard leap into her, tackling her out of harms way. They land on the wall and leap again next to Fionna to avoid a ice beam. Cake leaves Huntress's grasp and turns her arm into a catapult, stretches it back with her other hand, loads the summoning stone, and releases into the spirit. It goes to turn into its mist form but Fionna interrupts its concentration by kicking its head, the ball a moment later slamming into its chest again, creating another bright light and a huge hole in its form. Huntress holding the last ball launches three arrows at its last remaining arm before it can even collapse on the floor, severing it off completely. Knees hitting the ground, the spirit sits vulnerable to Fionna's attack as she jumps on it and cuts its legs off, removing its stomp. Cake joins in on the beating, launching a enlarged fist to the spirits jaw so hard that it actually obliterates it, removing its mouth blast. It suddenly snaps to life, but unable to do anything but look at the group. Fionna grabs the last summoning stone from Huntress before looking at the defeated spirit.

"Any last words you donk?" Surprisingly, a whisper fills the air barely audible to the silent group.

"Tis but a scratch." Fionna charges forward, jumps up and slam dunks the ball into its forehead. Immediately lightning and light covers the spirit as it convulses before exploding into snow. Suddenly, ice splits behind them, revealing a way deeper into the mountain. The sisters celebrate their victory, high-fiving each other before holding their hands to Huntress, only to remember that it is Huntress, who doesn't do physical contact unless necessary. Huntress does however wipe her head off some sweat.

"So Huntress, how did you know that will work?"

"I've read about summoning in the past when I was learning wizardry, and that is always their weakness. It is why most people hide them like Ice Queen did, and is only used defensively due to them not wanting to move much and not being able to go far from the pentagram that summoned them."

"That's a stupid weakness." Cake says, kicking some snow.

"Think of it like... food-"

"Oh! I knew everything about food!" Cake says but quickly notices Huntress's annoyed expression of being cut-off. "Heh, sorry."

"... Imagine it like food. The summoning is the cooker, and the summon is the food, with magic acting like the heat needed to cook. When the ritual is complete, the food is done and you remove the heat. However, what we just did was turn the cooker back on, and we just burnt the food." She explains, before looking at the now open door. "C'mon, lets go deeper."

So I did some research and realised that:

A. Flame Prince is free in AAA, he just doesn't have a kingdom

B. Ice Queen was actually a water nymph

Now, Ice Queen's origin story... I altered a little. This is mainly to explain why Marshall was more of a butt but could still be redeemed, why Cake has no problem attacking IQ, and why IQ is smarter and deadlier than Ice King. (For those who don't know, a water nymph saves Cake's life and when she starts dying, Cake turns her into the Ice Queen to save her). I like staying to the original as much as possible, but I thought I could tweak things a little to explain some actions and open possible story paths. Thank you for reading.

Chapter Text

Finn puts some more warm food into his mouth, the temperature contrasting his environment. It turns out that Ice Queen had gone full out for the date, and had made a large table with them in the middle of it, with hot food covering it end to end 'How did she afford this?' He thinks, as he eyes some well done chicken. Ice Queen was also eating, but was instead eyeing Finn and the slight smile he has, 'So he isn't hating this... I'll make you mine' She takes some chicken as Finn goes to grab some, deliberately brushing his hand as she does so. Finn gains a slight blush at the action but focuses back on the food and the questions he could ask her to buy the others time.

Ice Queen just giggles in her head, and was about comment when she suddenly gets a magical signal. It is not a message, more like a light bulb turning. But what it was telling her is easy to read: her Winter's Wraith has been defeated. She glares at nothing, annoyed by this outcome 'Oh well, my next guard on watch will stop them' She replaces her scowling face with a smile and shoots it at Finn. Even if they beat everything, even if they kill her, she can say she had her date with her knight, with someone who cares for her.

Fionna, Cake and Huntress charge towards the room exit, weapons at the ready for Ice Queen. Bursting through the door Fionna swings her sword out dramatically shouting "Ice Queen! I-" She stops her shout and drops her stance as she stares at a empty corridor. "Oh." But it did have another door at the end. 'That must be where she is!' She thinks, gaining a blush of embarrassment. She charges forward again, sword dragging behind her. Until she trips. With a yelp she lands face first onto the icy floor, her sister cringing for her pain. Raising her head she looks back to see what tripped her, and sees a green vine tied around her right ankle. Its point of origin being a glaring Huntress. Scrambling to her feet she looks at her in rage, "What the Glob was that for!" She shouts, glaring at the Wizard.

"To stop you from just charging in, we have the element of surprise on Ice Queen, so don't blow it." Huntress says, passing by Fionna while floating arrows into her hand to grab it. Fionna goes to retort at how it was unnecessary to trip her, but then remembers that she needs to impress her so she can tell Finn of her skills. Biting her tongue, she follows the mad woman as she silently leads the charge down the corridor. Approaching the door Huntress slows to a stop and rests her ear against it, clutching her arrow tight. Nothing. Not a single sound comes through. Slowly she pushes the heavy ice door open and peeks into the room. And immediately pulls her head back.

"What is it?" Cake ask, the sisters moving to peak their heads through the door gap with Fionna on the bottom and Cake stretching a eye to look inside the room. Immediately the girls try to hold in a squeal of joy.

"This is going to be fun!" Fionna says, clenching both fist together against her chest. She suddenly gasps "Multiple bosses that require tactics, hard fights, important goal at the end... this is a dungeon raid!" The sisters fist bump each other. They push the door open and stroll into the next boss room, Huntress forced to follow. This room was circular in nature and like the rest of the place was made of ice, but other than that, it had nothing in it.

Except the giant white sleeping dragon. It was curled up like a cat in the centre of the room, quietly snoring. Fionna and Cake wear massive grins as they enter the room, weapons at the ready. "Guys! The door is open, we can just ignore it." Huntress whisper to them pointing to the door that was sure enough open, causing Cake to groan in annoyance but begrudgingly drag her arms towards the door, understanding that while it would be fun, it would be better to sneak by it. Fionna only looks at them as they slowly sneak towards the open door. She then looks at the dragon. Then looks at the others. Then the dragon. Then the others. Huntress and Cake were slowly approaching the door, the quiet air was suddenly and violently destroyed by a roar of a dragon. Wide eyed, they snap their heads to the dragon to spot Fionna on its head, uselessly slashing at it scales doing no damage.

"Fionna!" Cake shouts throwing her arms up only for the duo to get slapped by a massive white tail, smashing them into the wall as the massive beast now rampages. The duo collapse into the rubble they made on impact, the enraged dragon tries to shake Fionna of its head before resorting to smashing its head against the wall above the open exit, more ice rubble falling with the stunned Fionna as she tumbles to the ground, sealing up the door. Fionna groans and looks up to see the dragon growling at her, before opening its mouth as the temperature suddenly drops. However Cake's enlarged paws claw the dragon's face, the force throwing its aim off as it releases a stream of ice at the wall next to Fionna, encasing it in a thick layer of the stuff. Huntress leaps to Fionna's aid, wrapping her arm around her shoulder she pulls her out of the rubble, then leaps away as the dragon swipes at her. Leaping a few more times for safety she drops Fionna who only grunts and pick herself up.

"Plan?" Fionna asks.

"You're the one who attacked it. Why don't you have a plan?" Huntress says, glaring at her. 'You're gonna have to wait a bit longer for a save, Finn'. Fionna shrinks under her stare, causing Huntress to sigh, "Lets attack it until we find a weakness, if we don't find one we might be able to wear it out." Nodding, the sisters leap at the great beast, Huntress launching arrows from afar. Fionna slides under it, cutting at the stomach, despite the limited space to move, every one of her swings are full of strength. Nothing, barely even a scratch. The body moves and she quickly rolls out from under as it collapses down where she just was in a effort to squish her. Cake meanwhile was on the dragons back using enlarged claws all across its body in a attempt to hurt it. Huntress launches her arrows with high speed and force, as they smash into its face, or more precisely its eyes. However even that seemed to be scaled as well as the arrows ricochet off as it blinks in instinct. She grits her teeth and leaps to dodge a swipe of its tail. Cake was now also on the face, fruitlessly scratching at it before getting knocked off by a giant paw. Grunting as she bounces of the floor Cake skids to a halt.

"Nothing we do is even hurting it!" She says annoyed before leaping at it again, scratching at its wings,

"Just keep hitting it, everything has a weakness, everything can be hunted." Huntress says launching more arrows, using a bunch of magic to propel them faster than one could blink. Faster than one can blink, including dragons as it does not have time to close its eye to protect it, the arrow piercing into it. It rears up and roars in pain, pawing fruitlessly at its face as it does its best attempt to remove the arrow. It lands back on its front legs causing a earthquake, making the group stumble.

"Nice shot!" Fionna shouts looking at the deadly protector of the forest.

"Focus on the dragon." She says leaping behind it the now furious dragon as it releases a roar of pure rage. Thinking fast she turns her cape into several vine ropes and immediately jumps onto the dragons back, running up its form until she reaches its neck and immediately wraps the rope around its neck. She then yanks back, chocking the beast. Fionna and Cake quickly join as the feline carries her sister up as they all grab the ropes and pull. The dragon arches it back as it tries to claw the rope of its neck, its sharp claws making quick work of the once cape as it rope remains flutters to the ground torn to shreds. Abandoning the plan the group leap off as the claws rise to make short work of them as well. Landing on the ground in front of the dragon they stand in prime position to get hit by its ice breath. It goes to open its mouth to do the attack.

"No." Cake says, turning her fist large and bonking it on top of its head, smashing it into the ground making it release its breath inside its mouth, freezing it shut. Huntress, however hears another sound of ice. Confused, she looks up. To see giant stalactites above their heads, in fact, they cover the room. And when she meant they were giant, she meant it, most were the size of vans however some of the larger ones were the size of lorries. Blinking, a plan forms in her head, but first she now has to dodge the angry dragon as it rises. Flipping away from the attack she calls the others.

"Fionna! Cake!" They look at her, and her reply was to point up. Confused they look up to spot the giant death spikes, "If that doesn't kill it, nothing we got will." What makes Cake snap back to her in shock.

"Yeah! And us too! How we going to survive that?!" Huntress just looks at a wall.

"You think you can dig into that?" Before she could answer they all have to move as a semi-blind dragon pounces at them.

"Maybe?" She ask panting as she dodges a tail swing.

"Try." Huntress says, leaping onto the dragons and pulling at her arrow to distract it, turning into a small bird to fly away from the claw response to her actions. Cake runs at the wall and makes her claws huge and starts pawing at the ice, making small cuts. Suddenly the dragon roars, breaking the ice that had sealed its jaw shut. Wide eyes, Cake looks at the wall and turns her fist into a morning star and starts smashing chunks off, hoping that the stalactites don't fall. Fionna goes at the dragons snout, causing it to open its jaw to try and bite her. Fionna however just stabs at the soft vulnerable flesh, her sword going into it like butter. Immediately it roars in pains as it violently shakes its head to remove her. After a few nauseating seconds her sword gets shaken out, sending her splattering into the wall, her form falling to the floor. The dragon goes to claw her to shreds, if it didn't get a arrow in its last remaining eye courtesy of Huntress. She would send them through completely, but its flesh is too thick, she wouldn't be able to recover her arrow and it would be too taxing to make one in battle. It was like trying to get a splinter through someone's head, it simply wasn't going to work. The dragon rears again releasing another roar of pain before slamming the ground, shaking everything, the stalactites rattling above them. Now blind, it resorts to just randomly swinging its tail, breathing ice, and swiping claws, anything to hurt its attackers that it can no longer see. With the beast in a literal blind rage Huntress moves towards, sliding to dodge a claw swinging overhead before leaping onto its back. There, she runs up its form again to shove a arrow into both eyes, causing it to roar again. Pulling out all three of her arrows magically, she turns what little remains of her cape and turns it into rope. Not making the same mistake as last time, she throws the rope into its mouth, pulling it up in between its teeth before yanking back again, making the dragon to take a step backwards. Looking up to scan the ceiling, she finds one of the bigger icicles was in the centre of the room. "Fionna!" She looks up from her fruitless attack on the beasts chest, "Lets get it under the biggest one." She says pointing at the large spike in the centre of the room.

"Right!" Then with a battle cry she charges at its face, and as it about to release its ice breath she stabs the inside of its mouth again, causing it to flinch backwards in instinct, aided by Huntress pulling the rope in it mouth to make it take a full step backwards.

"Cake how close are you?" Huntress asks, working in synergy with Fionna's attacks to manoeuvre the beast into prime position.

"I'm done! Just waiting for you!" She shouts, a massive hole in the wall behind her. Nodding, Huntress gives one last yank with Fionna's attack before turning the plant rope back into her cape and levitates all five of her arrows, upwards.

"Fionna, get ready to make it slam in pain again." Understanding the plan, Fionna prepares herself. Huntress uses nearly all of her energy to propel her arrows at high velocity, the arrows piecing the ice above causing cracks to spider out in all directions. "Fionna now!" Fionna jumps and with a yell pierces the dragon's eye one last time, causing it jump in pain. At this moment Huntress uses her magic to recall her arrows, yanking them free further weakens the ceiling's structure, and the dragon slams back down. Immediately the sound of solids crumbling fills the air before a massive snap joins in, the hole spikey ceiling falling in a domino effect. Cake stretches her arms out as fast as she can and clutches the others before pulling them both towards her in the safety of the whole. All the girls see is a white cloud of flung up snow, and the dragons roar of pain being cut off by the sound of falling debris.

Once everything settles, the group release coughs and peeks through the white smoke screen, any darkness being removed by some glowing mushrooms Huntress grows from her cape. After a few seconds it starts to clear up, revealing a massive pile of ice had sealed them inside their cover. Cake sighs and shifts her whole form into a show shovel, "Fionna, get digging." Fionna grabs her sister by the handle and starts shovelling their way out. After a minute of constant large digs light pops in through a hole she made and a few seconds later it is big enough for the group to funnel out off. They stood on top of a massive pile of broken ice, and in the centre the of it all it was elevated and stained blood red. Huntress smiles, glad that the fight is over. "So... where was the door?" And her smile disappears. Looking around the edge she points at where she thinks it was.

"Around there. I think." She walks to the wall and starts pawing away the snow in a attempt to locate the door, a attempt that the sisters join her in, a attempt that takes two minutes. Fionna was the one to discover it, signalled by her yelling,

"Guys I found it!" The other two move to her, finding a small indent in the wall were the top of the door rests.

"Good, now dig it out." Huntress says, crossing her arms.

"What! You going to help right!?" She asks with wide eyes.

"Nope. We wouldn't need to do this if you didn't wake the dragon, so you have to dig the way out."

"But come on! That was fun!" She says, trying to escape responsibility.

"You put Finn and our lives in danger for your own selfish desires. That’s not very heroic of you Fionna." Immediately the girl's eye widen in shock, before looking at the ground and starts to slowly move the ice, saddened by what she has done to her friends for her own pleasure.

Ice Queen releases a noise of annoyance as she looks at the group through a spying spell that she regularly used to determine when was the best time to do a kidnapping. Not only had they survived, that wood nymph bitch was with them! 'No wonder they survived the Winter's Wraith, only someone with knowledge of magic would know how to defeat it. And I can't let that girl get to Finn or he'll forget about me!' She ends the spell, and looks at Finn who was staring at the ceiling in puzzlement other what the loud thumping noise was. "Don't worry, I just checked that was just Gunthess she... broke a lot of things then that’s all. She's a clumsy girl." Ice Queen says, trying to not look she is panicking. Finn looks to the side and sees Gunthess standing there, who gives him a wenk and hand raise before waddling away.

"Right..." He says with scepticism, not that the deranged queen notices. "So... you've been around a few years, got any interesting stories?"

"A interesting story?... Oh! I got one you'll probably like." She says starring into his eyes. She doesn't say anything for a second or two as Finn starts getting uncomfortable,

"Hello?" He asks waving his hands in front of her face, snapping her out of her trance.

"Oh right, sorry." She rubs the back off her neck in embarrassment. "Now it was... I don't know, a few hundred years ago? I can't remember, but I was still somewhat Sarah, and I was a mix between me and her. I was wondering the destroyed world created by the mushroom war...

A water nymph was walking across the deserted city, the flames put out long ago but the rubble still remains, the great concrete structures obliterated and everything looking like melted wax brought on by the insane heat of the bombs. Sarah pokes at a empty can of chicken soup, watching it roll across the floor. Smiling, she looks at a smashed in vending machine nearby and gives it a quick look over for food or parts her kin could use. Nothing, as per usual. She moves on as she explores the destroyed streets for objects of use, a ear plastic back pack to carry whatever she find on her back and on it was the tiara, the cursed artefact tied to its side. Entering a building through a giant hole in its wall she gives the room a quick look over, and spots a book in great condition on the floor. Gasping, she walks over to it, pulls her tiara off her bag and uses it as a poking stick to avoid her watery form damaging the book. Expertly getting a point in-between title and the floor she flips the book over, then rotates it to face her as she squints to read the title: "...The art of war?... Huh, sounds interesting!" She says with a smile, before dropping her water proof bag off her bag and onto the floor. Tongue out and eyes squinting in concentration, she grabs some nearby broken bricks to sandwich the book and slowly lift it into the air and drops it into the bag 'If I'm lucky, I'll find someone to read this to me' She thinks with a smile as she zips up the bag. Leaving the building, she strolls down the streets some more. Suddenly a woman's scream pierces the air, making Sarah flinch and shrink. She debates running, after all a scream represents danger. But then she remembers the tiara attached to her bag in both its power and what it represents. She could save the person, she has the power to just at the cost of her sanity, and the crown does represent her duty to care for all her people. If she could invite the stranger to her home, then they could read anything they found or touch humanities technology, if not then they will have a ally what is always welcome in this world. She sighs.

Running down the uneven roads she heads to where she heard the scream, eyes darting around to find the person in distress, and soon she finds her, or more accurately: them. They were a family of humans defensively surrounding a horse carrying a bunch of belongings, and all around them were mutants of some sort, slowly closing in on the group 'There has to be a hundred!" She thinks before sighing, humans would be the best at reading their books. That and she would most probably not be able to sleep knowing she left a family to die. Grabbing the tiara she shoves it on her head and runs in, immediately her forms looses its translucency, becoming light blue as her watery hair grows and becomes... well hair. Jumping into the air she starts floating above the group, the clouds above her swirling as snow falls from the sky. She starts to crackle with insane laughter as lighting made of ice fall from the sky, barraging the mutants periodically. She spins above the huddling family as she shoots beam of ice in front of them, creating a protective wall of spikey ice around them that impales multiple other mutants. Still laughing, she shoots off spells of ice after ice after ice, destroying the army of mutants in mere seconds. She searches the area, looking for more... things! Anything! To attack! She looks down to spot the cowering family, 'They will do!' She thinks, charging up more ice to attack them, to make part of her Ice Kingdom, however her submerged conciseness breaks the surface of the ocean of crazy in her head, and makes her swat the tiara off. With out it, her body falls and splats into the ground. With a pained groan she rises to look at the family, "Hello, are you hurt?" She asks, breaking the ice.

"Y-yes, thank you for the save. Who are you?" The startled farther ask.

"I'm Sarah, the Princess of the Water Kingdom." She replies, striking a stoic pose to make it seem legit.

"Then thank you, you majesty." He says bowing. She does not reply straight away, deciding to instead walk over to her tiara and pit it back on her bag.

"Please, just call me Sarah."

"Thank you Sarah! What can we do to repay you?" The mother asks, leaving the group.

"... Could you follow me back home?" Sarah asks, brushing the tiara off.

"What?" They ask in genuine confusion, after no one expects to be asked to follow someone home.

"I'm made of water, we can't read books or touch technology without destroying them. I would like someone who can read and help us with what we find."

"O-oh, we would your majesty, but we are going to the other humans to escape."


"Yeah, news has spread far that they are making a ship to escape the island away from all the mutants and-" He pauses to look around, as if saying their name would summon them, "Vampires. We trying to join them."

"I see." She sighs in disappointment, not only did she fail in getting a dedicated reader for her and her subjects, but the humans were also leaving, and taking all who could understand their creations in the world around her with them. "There is no way I ccan persuade you from seeking salvation, but I do have a request."

"What is it?" The man asks, desperate to repay the debt of her saving his family.

"Can you read this?" She pulls her bag off her back and flips it upside down just above the ground, making the book she found fall out with dome other junk. "I'm made of water so I can't read it without damaging it." He quickly picks it up and goes to read it, but freezes at the title.

"What is it?"

"This book... I know it, it's about how to wage a war." He lowers it and gestures to the surrounding devastated environment. "I don't think anyone wants another war anytime soon, and it'll take a while to read when we are already on the clock." He points at his non-existent wrist watch, a expression that goes over Sarah’s head.

"I don't want another war, I want to be able to protect my people. And you don't have to read all of it, I can find some one else to." He looks down to the book in his hand before sighing, and opens the book to its first page.

... and that was the story of how I acted heroic and saved one of your ancestors." Ice Queen says, putting her hand on her hips as she tries to impress Finn, after all if he is a gender bent Fionna then he is interested in heroism and humans, right?

"Huh, that’s good to know, I'm glad you helped those peeps." He says, not sure on how to reply to that but was genuinely glad she saved the family. “So do you remember what was in the book?"

"No, it was so long ago that its gone from my mind, made way for new memories."

"Do you miss being Sarah?" He asks curiously as she is acting very different whenever Simon broke through his crown.

"Most people would be glad to be back to sanity, but I don't mind really. Everyone I knew is dead, I will gain nothing returning back to Sarah, and I would always carry the stigma of being the Ice Queen no matter what I do, so everyone would still avoid me." She shrugs her shoulders. "I'll gain nothing but some sanity returning to Sarah, but will keep my immortality and powers if I remain the Ice Queen. And the kidnapping and wanting of the Prince can be distracted by you my knight." She says in attempt to guilt him into staying with her.

"Actually, that wanting is from the previous user Simone, so if she somehow gets out of the tiara, that problem will go and you can be with anyone you want." He says trying to gently deny her.

"Really? She's causing all the problems!?" She asks, annoyed that the largest problem with her tiara and why all her years of isolation and madness was not even meant to be there, 'She caused all this!' And immediately plans of what she'll do to her whenever she enters the crown again fill her mind.

"Yeah, she had a lover that she called Prince that she lost before the war. Hearing the name makes her remember him, and she lunges out for her lost love, and it seems to be so strong that it leaves the inner circuitry of the tiara and is affecting you in the real world. That is if she has the same story as the Simon back in my dimension had, but he was still the Ice King, he didn't go into the crown..." He starts explaining to justify Simone's actions but ends up wondering what else is different about the past. Shaking his head clear of thoughts he looks to her again, "Doesn't matter, I do remember that Ice King had less control over himself under the crowns influence, he couldn't even remember his past, I wonder why you can?"

"I don't know... maybe because I accepted it, it is rewarding me?... I mean you said that your Ice King was resisting against the effects of he crown so maybe it was giving him less privileges as punishment?" She shrugs, she herself not understanding the crown/tiara and what it does. "Enough about me, I want to know more about you. Fionna has ice-blocked me constantly with Gumball, so did you like your female Gumball? Or were you always with that wood nymph?"

"I... did." He said rubbing his neck in embarrassment over has past self's crush. "It was different to how PB and Fionna are, because unlike Gumball she had no interest in me." He moves his arms to form a cross.

"Seriously? Are you sure she knew you liked her?"

"Yeah she knew, but instead of turning me down she decided to use my crush to manipulate me to do free labour."

"Seriously!?" She shouts in disbelief, not liking the idea of her knight getting manipulated.

"Yeah, but she stop doing that eventually and we're best of friends." He sighs, "When I was thirteen a... accident happened, and it resulted in Princess Bubblegum, that’s her name by the way, had gotten injured and lost a lot of biomass. They could save her, but the consequences was that she was de-aged, and was thirteen just like me." He sighs, "So we decided to have fun together in the kid way, mess around, prank some people, you know the usual kid stuff. But if she didn't age back up then Lemongrab would take over her crown, so she had to grow up. Before she did though, she admits that she liked me and enjoyed her time with me, to what I acknowledge and agree to. Then she grows up. And immediately denies all my emotions. Eventually she just says I'm too young and leaves it at that, not caring for my emotions." He shrugs. "But like I said, she improves herself. However, now that I'm here with and know what she was like, I can see Gumball doing something similar to Fionna, that he'll dump her at a moments notice to attend his kingdom. I can see them breaking up to be honest. If you start going for the Princes again then I recommend you stay clear of Gumball for a few years." She rolls her eyes at the suggestion, 'I won't be going after any of the other Princes because I have you'.

"So Gumball is highly manipulative... I can see that." She says hand on her chin as she squints, as if she is peering into her memories. "Yeah I believe you."

"Good, I don't want you getting unnecessarily hurt, you don't deserve it." Immediately her heart flutters as she daydreams about what he just said. Meanwhile Finn was planning in his head 'How can I help her? How can I get Simone out of the tiara? Who would actually like her?' He releases a mental sigh, 'No one I think off springs to mind. Can't be Marshall as he thinks Simone is dead and hates all forms of the tiara. The only other person who liked Ice king was Jake and myself, so Fionna and Cake? No, I and Ice King only got along because we were originally forced to after Flame Princess, so they won't accept Ice Queen. She is correct, she does have no one...'.

As these thoughts of how he and who could help her, Ice Queen at some point snaps out of daydream and looks at a clock she found mounted on a ice wall and smiles at the time. A hour before night hits. She wants him all sweaty for what comes after this next attempt at wooing him. "Hey Finn, follow me." Ice Queen says, rising from the table and shooting a spell at Finn as he does the same, causing him to brace. However, nothing happens and he opens his eyes to see the chains gone. "You shouldn't expect to het harmed by me, my knight." She says 'That and I need his legs free for this next part' "Besides, you've shown I can trust you not to run away." Nodding with a smile, glad to have earned her trust, he follows her down a corridor that leads to two giant closed doors.

Waiting outside the doors for a second for dramatic effect, she turns to Finn, "Will you Finn..." She turns and pushes the giant doors open revealing a massive room with table at the edges and a band stage against the wall opposite to the door. "... join me in dance?" She extends a hand to him, and immediately he debates turning her down,

"I... don't know how to dance." He says in desperation to prevent this, and was partly the truth. While he did know how to do any wacky party dance, what he did not know was how to do a ball or romantic dance, never needing to and he seriously doubts Huntress knows either let alone care for it, so they were obviously not going to need it. Ice Queen immediately turns to the band of penguins clumsily making their way on stage and shouts,

"Play it slow!" The lead penguin just releases a wenk in reply and fiddles with the violin that was larger than it. Nodding she turns to Finn's unsure face. "Then allow me to teach you." She quickly snatches his hand and drags him into the room. Taking him to the centre of the room she holds his hands in hers "Follow my lead, do as I say." Finn looks down at their linked hands and thinks for a second, 'That crashing sound had to be the others coming to get me, so I just need to buy more time. And I might as well learn'. He looks up to the lonely woman and nods. Smiling, she signals the band to start playing who absolutely butcher it. Immediately her smile drops, and furiously she lets go of her hand and blasts ice at the poor penguins, causing them to drop the instruments and run for their lives. After a second she stops and return her hands to Finn's who was wearing a scared face, what she contrasts with her excited smile her as he takes a step "Move your right leg..."

Fionna, Huntress and Cake had finally cleared the way forward and were now in the corridor to the next boss or challenge. Suddenly Huntress signals them all to stop, what they do a sluggish second later, "We need to rest, if we don't we will make mistakes and quite possibly die." She says, turning what remains of her cape into leaves for her to sleep on. Cake immediately lets out a whoop before falling flat on her face, Fionna however looks at her in confusion and shock.

"Don't we need to save Finn? We can't rest now!" What earns a sigh from the tired wizard.

"Yeah, he needs saving, but we can't do that if we're dead. We need to regather our energy." She says, turning a few of her clothes into leaves.


"No buts, Finn is tough, if anyone can survive down there with that crazy woman, it's him." Huntress says, cutting her argument off. Fionna grumbles before laying down next to her sister and cuddling with her for warmth. Smiling, Huntress lays down and rest on her leaf bed, fully trusting Finn to survive down there. And with a gentle smile turns into a log, eluding the grasp of the cold air.

Finn and Ice Queen were dancing their final steps, "Now you're getting the hang of it!" Ice Queen congratulates him, causing Finn to fist pump in the air in celebration.

"Ah yeah! Thanks for teaching me Ice Queen." The joy on his face immediately makes her gain one of pride, joy and hope for 'payment' for teaching him.

"It was my pleasure." She says in a sultry tone, that fortunately had no effect on the hero. "Follow me, hero, your Queen is going to reward your efforts." She says, shaking her hips a little to the ignorant but nervous Finn as she leads the way out of the room. She walks towards their bedroom, a nervous breath escapes her, towards the drawers with the condoms on top, a nervous but anxious smile forms on her face. Going around the throne to the hidden door behind it and enters the room of their soon to be ritual of joining.

The room wasn't lit, fire was not her specialty and it never lasted in the frigid temperatures anyways. Walking further into the dark room she signals Finn to follow her, and makes her way over to the drawers and grabs the relics then hid them in her hand. "So what are we doing?-" She cuts him off by latching her self onto him and kissing him deeply, causing him to go wide eyed and push against the larger woman, forcing them to separate. She only breaths heavily as a stand of saliva connects the two of them together, "What was-" She cuts him off again with another kiss, getting a even faster response this time as he pushes her off once more,

"Let me teach you Finn..." She says, undoing her dress as it falls off her body, presenting her dark blue undergarments of bra, panties and stockings to the now heavily blushing Finn. She lunges on him again in his vulnerable state of being startled and kissing him deep again, immediately pulling him towards the bed. Pushing his form onto the bed she release her assault to loom above him, hands on either side of his head as she stares down at him with lust, 'exactly where I wanted my knight to be' She gently smiles down at his panicking form that was frozen still, his body preferring to do nothing than to risk making the wrong move. "Don't panic, let me show some things I learnt over the years..." She starts to slowly and gently pull his shorts down, causing him to panic and grab them to prevent her advances. "C'mon, no need to-"

"No Ice Queen." Was his stern reply, 'if this going to be like that weird thing I did with LSP' "Don't." After a second of hesitation she releases his clothes, a deep frown present on her face,

"Am I... not good enough? Am I hideous?"

"No, you're not ugly... I just... don't want to do it." She sighs and looks at his face. 'I am already known for my kidnapping... would it too far to force him to...' She looks at him, and truly looks at his panicking expression, the only person on this planet willing to bear her presence, to listen to her, and treat her with care and respect. And this was how she was about to repay that. She releases a even deeper sigh.

"Alright... You can have the bed... I can make another." She moves away from Finn and starts to put her light blue dress. Suddenly Finn starts to help her with putting it back on. "Thank you." He only nods in reply and she leaves the room.

Moving around the Ice Kingdom's throne, she decides to go sit on it, rubbing at the spot reserved for her Prince. 'He helped me put the dress back on... and did it with a friendly smile... So he doesn't hate me' She sighs, glad she hasn't ruined her chances of doing this the normal way. She then frowns, 'It is that glob damn wood nymph, he's still loyal to her! I wish she just die up there already' She sighs wistfully, daydreaming of how once the forest nymph was gone, Finn would eventually move on and move onto her. 'Stockholm's syndrome can work wonders...' She snaps out of the thought, realising that if the wood nymph was to die by her hands, then Finn would likely hat her. That is not what she wants. 'Oh well, too late to change the guards orders, if she doesn't die though, then I'll find a way to make them break up or someone else to get rid of her.' With that thought put to rest, she focuses back on her knight, 'Maybe I was just taking it too fast...' She remains silent and focuses on the environment, or mainly Finn's room. Silence. Quietly, she rises from her throne and walks back around it, and heads into the room. Looking inside, she finds him asleep. Silently, she removes her dress, letting it plop to the floor. She walks up to Finn's sleeping body as quiet as possible and stares at his calm, happy resting face. She looks down at her hand at the condom she forgot about. Then back to Finn. Silently she places the protection back onto drawers in and turns to leave. A few feet away, however, she freezes in her steps and looks back at Finn. Silently she approaches him, and uses her magic to make the bed shift his body a little more over. And climbs in. She turns her back to him and gently move his arms around her body, one on her hips and the other under her neck, then settles into sleep with a small smile on her face, as she snuggles deeper into him.

Huntress awakes and not a second later transforms out of her log form with a pop, noticing that no mushrooms had grown on her 'Probably too cold for them'. She gets up of her leaf bed and stretches, before turning the leaves into a her clothes and cape, ready for a fight in just five seconds. Turning around she see's the sisters staring at her, "That was awesome." Fionna says with wide eyes filled with amazement, Cake nodding in agreement what just causes Huntress to stare, making them uncomfortable,

"Yes, because I get ready like that just to impress." Was her sarcastic reply, "Now I've got to watch you get change." She says pointing at Fionna with a smile. They were already changed and ready, what is surprising for a teenager but the threat of a privacy invasion made Fionna blush anyways.

"She's got a point Fionna." Cake says, doing her duty to help tease her younger sister.

Shaking her head clear of the conversation, Fionna quickly rummages through her bag, and quickly finds some travel food and hands it Huntress,

"Oh, is this a bribe." She says, taking the food with a smile.

"No!" She shouts, desperate to change the subject off her getting change. "What now?"

"Now? We eat, then we push deeper inside and defeat whatever the Ice Queen has made for us." Huntress says, nibbling on some fruits.

"So... how did you and Finn meet?" Cake ask out of curiosity and boredom.

"When I first met Finn? He was completely naked." Immediately Cake chokes on her food in shock as Fionna gains a deep blush at the image that formed in her mind.

"What!?' Cake shouts in disbelief once she has cleared her throat, her reply is a simple shrug from Huntress.

"Like I said, I met him when he was naked. You see, it went like this...

Huntress Wizard sighs as she halts the summoning ritual, her attempt at talking to her old teacher the Spirit of the Forest ending in failure as per usual. Resting against the tree, she goes into meditation pose and reaches out to the world with her magic, trying to find any sign of her old master's presence in the area. Nothing. With a deep breath through her nose she abandons her fruitless efforts and focuses on meditating, sifting through her memories for any possible clue or method on how to reach him. As she focuses, however, music interrupts the calming sound of nature, causing Huntress to grit her teeth as she tries her best to block out the music to focus only on her goal. Eyes on the prize, or she'll loose everything. The music continues however, causing Huntress's face to twist as she fails to contain her anger at being distracted. "Gah!" She shoots up, with a expression that could make bears wet themselves, "Who's playing that from the night-o-sphere music?!" She hisses out in anger, and focuses on the music to find out where it was coming from and hunt down whoever is making it. As she focuses on it, however, her magically attuned senses detects the faint feeling of magic woven into the song, and not any old magic. Plant magic, the same type that the trees and plants use to communicate with her and vice versa, the same magic that the spirit of the forest over flowed with. Her eyes widen, 'Is it him?! Is he calling for me' She starts walking through the forest at a calm pace, trying to identify the magic music, 'It is strong magic, but it is not his, not his style'.

Magic was like hand writing, everyone has their own style and signature. You start of knowing nothing, but as your vocabulary/incantations expand, the more impactful your work is, The more you write, a better picture is formed. The more incantations you do, the better the spell. The less you use a word, the more likely for a spelling mistake. The less you do a spell, the more likely it will go very, very, very wrong. The only difference is writing takes ink, spells take your sanity.

She pushes through the forest's foliage, until she finds the source of the magic. A teen in a river, playing a flute as he bathed. But it wasn't any old teen. This was Finn, The Finn. Even as one as isolated as herself have heard the tales of his exploits, of saving Princesses, killing beast and earning loot. She looks at the nude boy in front of her, his great hair but ignores it all completely, focusing on her gaol. He was the source of the plant magic. 'But he's not a wizard. Why can he do that?' Squinting, she pushes out of the trees and bushes she used to hide herself, uncaring that Finn was in the nude. The famous hero, stops playing at the sight of and releases a raspberry in shock, playing it off by greeting her calmly "Hello."

"How are you playing like that?"

"Uh, I dunno, I'm just making stuff up."

"Something in your notes has the quality of a powerful evocation spell. What spirit guides your hands?" 'Has the Spirit of the Forest moved on from me? Has he got Finn? Is that why he is ignoring me?' She levitates a arrow out of her quiver and aims at Finn's head, "Tell me or I'll put this up your nose!"

"First off: I'm a great fighter, and I'm especially agile while I'm nude so good luck." Huntress just squints at Finn. "Second off: My flute improv ain't no secret, and that I let my grass hand do whatever it wants, which is usually all shreddy and busy." He explains, revealing his grass hand.

"Let me see that hand!" She demands confused and wanting answers, launching her arrow into the ground and storms over to him, uncaring about personal space or boundaries. She stares at his hand. 'This is a powerful curse.' She looks up at Finn, 'He shown compassion to many, while not being afraid to kill and with his arm has almost bonded with nature. The spirit of the forest might not of talked to him yet, but he has potential to be the next watcher of the forest, and his flute might be able to summon him... Never thought I would need a hero but...' "You're what I've been looking for."

... And that was how I first met Finn." Huntress summarises, Cake and Fionna abandoning their food to focus on Huntress's tale.

"So you really met him naked?" Cake ask, just to make sure.

"Yes." Was Huntress's short reply, continuing her nibbling of her food.

"So what happened after that?" Fionna asks, curious if she too will go through this, 'Better have the knowledge to be safe'

"We spent the next two weeks working together, trying to summon the Spirit. After those two weeks when we were about to give up, he finally came to us, then we parted ways."

"... Seriously? Nothing happened after two weeks of being together?" Huntress raises a eyebrow at the question 'Why is she thinking that me and Finn bonded there? Unless she does thinks me and Finn are together...' Immediately Cake panics at Huntress's expression 'Oh shoot! They think their relationship is secret! um...' "I mean... you're working together now, that can't be the last of it."

"Well... No."

"C'mon! Tell us! We won't say anything!" Fionna exclaims, Cake nodding and shifting her lips into a zip.

"No." Was the blunt reply, not that it stops the sisters.

"But!-" Huntress levitates a arrow, causing Fionna to sigh, "I just want to know what will probably happen to me." Huntress looks at the floor in thought before looking back at the sisters pleading eyes, and stops levitating her arrow. 'This will give me a chance to help form the image of the lone wolf, that me and Finn aren’t dating, shake off any suspicion...'

"Ok." The sisters immediately drop their act and release a yes as their success, earning a eye roll from Huntress. "So when we went to do the final summoning, it initially failed and the Spirit of the Forest remained unseen. I gave up, and called everything was over, that it was time for me to move on as Finn tried to persuade us to continue, saying that he will spice up his flute playing skills. But Jake, the gender bent version of you Cake, said we should play together and while I was originally unsure I caved in, agreeing to one last play to end the time we spent together before going our separate ways...

"Use that chemistry to guide the music." Huntress Wizard approaches Finn and watches as he hands her his old wooden flute from his bag with a slight scared look, her herself being unsure about doing this. She grabs it from Finn as his brother moves his arms together, symbolising them to get closer, "Yeah, just get in there! Cosy up!" Huntress looks down at Finn's flute questioning why she was doing this when it won't summon her mentor, but for some reason... she just wants to, she wants to spend more time with Finn and play a song with him. She looks back up to Finn to see the end of him doing some arm signal to Jake, before he looks at her nervously.

"I guess we've tried everything else, huh?" She says with a smile to Finn, pulling the flute that has had Finn's lips on it for the past two weeks and brings it up to her mouth. In synch with Finn, they play a melody fills the air with their secret emotions, Finn's of his feelings for the huntress next to him, and Huntress's secret feelings about Finn that not even she was aware off, too focused on her goal to focus on them.

"Wowww..." Jake says, entranced the beauty of the melody as their songs fill each others blank spots before a bright light appears from his left, startling him and making him look at the intrusion with confusion. In the centre of grass a green spiral shoots out of the ground before thickening and tightening in on itself, a head pops out of the top before suddenly it forms the familiar form of the Spirit of the Forest. The musical duo immediately halt their expression of their secret feelings.

"Who summons me with the sweet song of longing?" He asks to no-one before looking at his old student, "Oh heyo. Can you see me now?" He asks, causing Huntress to lower the flute in her hands and squint at him 'Longing summoned him? All my attempts were longing for him, so why come now?'


"How's it been going?" 'Why is he talking like we're friends who haven't just spent years apart from each other?'

"I've been talkin' to a lot of twigs. Where've you been dude?" She asks 'I've talked to every tree here to find you, have you not noticed? Why were you hiding from me?'

"I've been right here." He puts his arms next to his mouth before gesturing to the environment, "But the forces that drew us close became obscured-" He covers his eyes to symbolise what he is saying, "- as you drifted into the lifestyle of magic city livin'. Attracting forces come and go, it's the way of the world." He says, still doing arm movements.

"I still can't tell if you guys dated." Jake says what he and Finn were thinking, scratching the top of his head. Huntress doesn't say anything about it, only thinking 'That is unimportant right now, why were you trying to figure that out?' Much to the brothers silent annoyance neither get a answer from the other two. 'Whatever, I'm back to my goal'.

"But I'm ready to come back now!" She says, tightening her grip on the flute in her hands.

"Are you though?"

"That's what I'm saying." Jake says, much to the puzzlement of Huntress, 'What are they trying to say?'

"Finn, who was your flute spell for?" 'Huh, wasn't it for you?' She looks to Finn for answers who was looking at Jake. A second later he looks at her.

"I was playing my flute for you the entire time." 'What!?' Her face immediately changes to one of shock. "But I knew you had a thing with this dude and he seems cool." He looks at the Spirit of the Forest before looking back at her. "So I was just gonna keep playing my flute about my secret feelings until my flute broke." Through out that entire sentence, Huntress becomes more and more star struck. 'He was playing for me? That was why Jake was interested if I dated the Spirit! And the spirit knew as well, was I the only one unaware of his feelings?' She thinks. However, now that her goal of finding her mentor was over, a new one must take its place. And now that she was not focusing on something, now she realises why she wanted to play with Finn, why her song was one of sweet longing was different to her other ones. She now knows that with the time she spent with Finn that she has developed a crush for the boy. Instantly her memories of her seedhood fills her mind, her dreams of finding love. 'I can't be, I'm not soft, I don't need someone by my side!' Then she realises that this is Finn, the great hero of OOO, who has faced every form of beast and foe. If they were side by side, she won't ever get the chance to be soft with the foes he constantly faces. This boy was the one of the hardest people in OOO. 'But I would have to abandon my way of life... Not to mention that I would be putting myself in constant danger just to help some stranger for no personal gain, because of soft emotions. It's survival of the fittest right? That's what the hunt has taught me... Being soft and emotional to pity help someone might cost me my life'

"I worry that hard meat don't get eat." 'Sorry Finn, but I must be hard to survive, I can't be soft and help everyone like you, even if I do like you'. At there confused expression she tries to elaborate 'I remember wanting to find love as a kid' "That is to say: if I ever find what I'm looking for..." 'That I might of just found, but I must ignore because if I were to follow it:' "... I'll become soft and cease to matter in this world." Huntress says, admitting that she does want love, that she does have a soft side behind the tough girl appearance, but she does not want the world thinking that she needs help or companions out of fear of not being respected.

"What?" Was Jake's confused reply.

... And after that, Finn agreed that us dating would be a bad idea, he went home and I talked with the Forest of the Spirit." She ends her story, keeping the personal thoughts out of her tale and cutting it off before she kisses Finn 'Don't want them thinking we are dating'

"... So you're not dating?" Fionna asks, confused. 'Why did they kiss on the wall then?'

"Not to my knowledge, didn't you listen to my story? I'm afraid of looking soft by going all cuddly and kissy." She lies while mocking love, confusing the girls, "Why? Did you think we were?" She asks, probing for information due to their strange questions.

"N-no! Just... curious!" Fionna terribly lies, alerting Huntress. She levitates her arrow again and aims it Fionna who folds her arm up in surrender.

"You're a terrible liar Fionna, what do you know?" Fionna looks to the ground and sighs, before looking back at Huntress,

"All I know is that I saw you two kiss."

"You were spying on us?" 'If she was sent by Gumball to spy on us, what he would do, then he'll know about me and Finn and use it as blackmail to hang over our heads to make us do what he wants'.

"No! I just saw you! It was when you were on the candy wall after the science fair." Fionna explains, sweating a bit despite the cold. Huntress, however, grits her teeth. She knew she was being too bold! And it's now her fault for her relationship being exposed, and she told Fionna how they met! 'Now she's going to seek out guy me before either of them are ready to handle a relationship'.

"Does Gumball know?" 'After all, if it was a accident, she might not of told him yet...'


"Who have you told?"

"Only Cake, we haven't told anyone else." Who nods in agreement. 'Good'.

"I prefer it stay that way. Don't tell anyone what you saw, even Gumball. It's not your place to tell people about others personal feelings." Huntress warns and lectures. 'This is female Finn. Sure he makes mistakes and they can be pretty bad, but he has always learned from them, she'll do the same if someone tells her when she is wrong'.

"Sorry." Was Fionna's childish reply. 'She is a young Finn...'

"Alright We'll being discussing this later after we save Finn since it concerns him as well." She warns, giving them a stern, unimpressed look that causes them to flinch back at fear of having angered the deadly wizard. Standing, Huntress Wizard starts walking down the corridor to the door that lead to the next room, hoping it will distract her from her private relationship being discovered. The sisters silently follow her, hoping not to anger her anymore. She stands before the door, the group preparing themselves for a massive boss fight, arrows floated, sword drawn, and arm shifted, the group prepare to charge in. Huntress grabs the door handles, and swings it wide open causing them to dsmash into and scratch the ice walls. Infront of the group was a massive long corridor that was five-person wide that curved and bends, and was so large that they could not see the end, only a white fog. The white fog was actually a raging blizzard, and was not harming the group due to a white glowing sphere that occasionally arced lightning. The sphere was the epicentre of a larger, see-through sphere that only was visible due to it stopping the blizzard's ice shards that were as large as a ruler.

"What?! Where's the boss?" Cake shouts.

Ice Queen wakes up the next day, feeling... warm? 'This is the ice kingdom, something is not right!' She immediately prepares to go crazy with her magic until she notices something hooked around her waist. Turning to blast it, she freezes herself when she spots the face of her knight '... Everything is right' She thinks, and goes to grab his arm to cuddle him, to feel a warmth that was foreign to her. But she freezes again as Finn shifts a little. 'He is going to wake up soon... Time to make my great, secret escape!' She thinks, as she slowly slides from Finn's grip. She slowly reaches the point of escape, and when she does, she immediately flies away, using her enormous eyebrows to fly away, grabbing her dress on the way out.

Minutes later, Finn wakes from his sleep, none the wiser to what had happened during his sleep. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he panics for a second at not being in his room, but the previous day's events return to his memory causing him to sigh and look around the room. Getting up, he quickly changes into his clothes from yesterday due to the lack of any new clothes in the room, before silently exiting the room and going around the throne. Instantly, he spots the Ice Queen in the same spot as yesterday and was holding new, fresh clothes in her hands,

"I think you should have more than one set of clothes. I don't want my knight smelling or looking dirty when it could be avoided." She states.

"Thank you." Finn replies, grabbing the pile of clothes from her hand and bringing them back into the room. A few minutes later he returns, "What should I do about the old ones?"

"Just leave them there, I'll sort them out later." She answers whith a flick of a wrist, "Besides, I've got more things planned today."

"Any hints?" He asks in worry 'After last night, I better be careful...'

"Well when you said you were male Fionna, I thought about it and what she likes, and decided on something you might enjoy." She lifts a hand up and a sword made of ice appears in it, cold mist flowing aplenty off it. "Fighting."

"... Do you even know how to use that?" He asks with skepticism.

"Y-yeah! Just swish swish stab, right?" She ask with a nervous chuckle, causing Finn to facepalm.

"How about you stick with long range spells and I stick with the sword?"

"What if something comes close? Don't you think I should know how to use a sword?" She asks, faking fear to guilt him to training her 'I actually don't care about the sword, I just want you to touch me to correct my pose...'

"I'll defend you from anything that comes for you."

"... Yeah, lets do that, follow me." She says before exiting the room, Finn following close behind. 'This will be like role play of a knight protecting his Queen, risking his life for hers!... Actually it's not role play, since I'm actually a Queen and he is my knight... What just makes it even better!' She secretly thinks, as she leads him towards a large room, excited for her knight to protect her.

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Chapter Text

Jake the dog, the brother of Finn, the one most devastated about the disappearance, the one most hopeful and trusting of his brother's return, the one most cleaning his stuff up, much to his annoyance. "Where is everyone else?!" He yells, scooping up more of their shared belongings from the destroyed tree house and placing it in a massive cloth bag. "I know everyone else has got kingdoms and stuff, but is it too much to spare some small amount of time to help protect Finn's stuff? I mean he's protected all their stuff, their lives included." The farther of five grumbles like a old man as he places more destroyed belongings into the bag, filling it to the top, causing Jake to stop his work and tie the bag close before hefting it over his shoulder and stretching into a giant. He walks over to the damaged Candy Kingdom and shrinks back to size through a window, then carries the bag further down the corridors until he eventually reaches a massive, open vault that has gold piled high that glistened in the castles candle light, with jewels scattered around. And a massive pile of dirty broken objects resting at the entrance. Sighing, Jake stretches him self a little bit taller before tipping and emptying the bag's content, causing a racket as it all smashes into the pile bellow it, flicking up dirt and dust. As the last few trinkets trickle out, Jake grips the bag in only one hand and leaves the castle again to continue his chore.

In a couple rooms over, Bubblegum and Marceline stood over a table that held both a map of OOO that several red crosses on it, and house designs with: pencils, rulers, protractors, erasers, sharpeners and tea strewn around them. Said tea was sipped by the candy ruler to calm herself down as her latest design was turned down by the undead Queen next to her. All the designs were under one title: Finn's home, the design being hand made by the ruler of candy, who has built every candy house and her castle herself, all witch have survived years of abuse. And Marceline was in charge of giving it a cool factor. "Look Bonnie, this is for Finn, of course I'm going to be picky about what the kid gets. I gotta make it up to him for kicking him out of the tree house. Twice. So of course I'm going to make it cool!" She shouts, floating behind the Princess.

"I know you want it to be cool Marceline, I do too. BUUUUT I also want it to be functional, something that you seem to be entirely against."

"Have you tried designing one that is not made out candy? I'm pretty sure Finn would accidentally nibble away something important..."

"Well candy is all I know!" Bubblegum shouts, causing Marceline to freeze in the air behind her, before sighing, "Sorry, it's just that this has got me frustrated." What only gets her scooped up by Marceline,

"Relax, drink your tea..." She reaches down and gives it to the Princess in her arms, "... if anyone can do this, it's you." Bubblegum follows her advice, relaxing into her arms as the float in the air and sips the tea in her hands.

"I'm better, put me down."

"I don't know, I'm pretty comfy here..." Marceline teases, strengthening her grip on the Princess in her arm.

"... C'mon, I need to do this... Then we can cuddle..." She leans up to Marceline's ear, "... on the bed." Immediately she is dropped before the table. She starts brainstorming ideas, when a interesting idea comes to her mind. "Hmm... I wonder..." Suddenly the room's door swings open, and a banana guard walks in, in his hand a thick pile of papers.

"Erh... Some guy asked us to hand these to you..." Causing Bubblegum to sigh and point at the end of the table. "Place them there, I'll read them in a minute." The banana guard walks across the room, before tripping and face planting on the floor, causing the girls to cringe 'That reminds me, I still need to un-dumb Peppermint Butler... I'll add that to this list of things I already got to do'. Walking over to the guard she is glad to see that it was alright, and the papers had a string tied around it that kept them all in a neat pile. Helping the fallen guard up, she sends him away then grabs the paper off the floor and starts flicking through them.

"Anything important?" Marceline asks, hovering behind her.

"... crime has risen at the moment of the announcement of Finn's disappearance..."

"Scumbags were too afraid of Finn to do anything, but now that's he gone they think they can just get away with it? Boy are they in for a surprise, both when they get a personal visit from me and when Finn returns." Marceline says, punching her palm.

"Also, it seems that with Huntress Wizard's disappearance the beasts of the wild are also exploiting it, there have been multiple reports of wild creatures leaving the forests and attacking people, villages, and travellers. Not to mention the now raging forest fire to the east, set of accidentally by campers who were resting on their way home." She groans and collapses on the table, Marceline immediately by her side trying to comfort her,

"Hey, we've gotten this far... and after everything we've lived through, this is nothing, it'll be over in a blink of a eye." Bubblegum sighs, and stands back up, a smile on her face.

"Yeah, this is nothing... Thanks Marcy." She says, earning a grin from her fellow immortal.

"No prob P-bub." She looks away from the Princess and out into OOO from a window. "Still... You never realise how much we've relied on Finn until he's gone."

"Yeah, it's actually kind of a wake up call." Bubblegum joins in at looking at OOO 'Please Finn, please return quickly, I'm afraid things might spiral out of control...'. "... Now lets see how we can sort these messes out before Finn returns, nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty, destroyed place." Bubblegum says, marking on the map the locations of the dangers and the fire using the reports, with Marceline to remind her that she does need to sleep.

Huntress Wizard, Fionna, and Cake just stared at the sight in front of them. "I mean all the other rooms had bosses, what's this?!" Cake shouts, annoyed that there isn't another gigantic deadly beast charging to rip her to shreds. Suddenly Huntress dashes forward and into the sphere that was preventing the deadly icicles from harming them.

"Quickly! Get in!" She shouts, grabbing the floating ball and tucking it under her arms. Wasting no time for a explanation the sisters quickly sprint into the sphere of protection, and immediately the walls around them seem to shift, and seconds later the movement around them reveal themselves to actually be creatures that were now closing in on the group. Their forms were too hard to distinguish in the thick and deadly ice storm, but once they enter the shield the creature's shroud is removed, revealing spiders that are the size of cats and made of ice. After a moment of shock, Fionna and Cake immediately go smashing the gigantic nightmares. Fionna swings her sword down, bisecting one in clean half, before booting one that went to bite her legs. Cake stretches her hand into a mace and smashes one going for Huntress, its green blood splattering over them both, causing Cake to look at goo covered hand with disgust.

"So what did you say earlier? Don't rush in?" Fionna says, childishly mocking the Huntress who made her clear out the entire door way herself.

"Fionna, I have a reason to. This sphere's magic isn't infinite, it will run out. And I want us to be on the other side before it does so we don't get shredded by this ice storm around us." Huntress says to the hero, squinting at the girl as she turns and impales a spider. Huntress spots one coming from the right, unnoticed by the sisters and launches a arrow to deal with it. If the arrow doesn't immediately get blown away by the wind. The arrow flies behind the group and smashes into the wall, leaving the spider unharmed. Focusing on the arrow intensely, she drags it back into the bubble before launching a beam of pure magic at the spider. It's highly inefficient but just like in the wizard battles it comes in handy when you have no weapon, and it makes quick work of the spider. It convulses under it before it stops, magically fried. Nodding at her work, she starts to walk forward while carrying the ball that projected their protective shield, shouting to the girls, "Stick close, we're moving forward. Heads up, my arrows don't work outside the bubble." Huntress warns, the sisters moving within hugging distance of each other. Slowly they trudge forward, the spiders swarming in.

"Ugh, why spiders?" Fionna complains, slicing one in half as it jumps by her.

"Because it's Ice Queen and no one likes her, so it makes sense that she would use spiders to reflect her social skills." Cake jokes, grabbing a spider and cutting it to shreds with enlarged claws. Suddenly, a giant female ice golem charges them with a roar, both hands raised high. The moment it enters the shield it goes to slam Huntress who barely dodges due to the lack of space with being so close to the sisters. Fionna charges at it and cuts at its wrist, severing its hands. The golem, stumbles back out of the shield in pain and the group quickly moves on by it, the spiders swarming in.

Finn and Ice Queen were moving towards the room that Ice Queen apparently made for them to fight in. However, a grumble from Finn's stomach quickly halts. "We most probably should have breakfast first, huh?" Ice Queen remarks to the blushing Finn.

"Probably..." He says, 'When does this date end?'

"Any preference?" She asks, preparing a mental note on what he likes for when he becomes hers.

"Toast. No offense, but it's cold here, I would like something warm." He sheepishly replies, hoping not to offend her.

"None at all, it's only a breakfast preference." She says, leading them back to the large table.

A few minutes later the both of them were sitting at the giant table, eating their breakfasts in awkward silence. "So... What's with the robot arm?" She asks, pointing at it. The answer delayed due to Finn having to swallow his food.

"I got this... after a event happened. It has multiple but limited things it can do, but it's mainly just there to replace the one I lost." Finn answers, rubbing the mechanical device he calls a arm. Ice Queen gently grabs it and gives it a look over. "Princess Bubblegum made it for me as a friend and as thanks for saving her so many times." Ice Queen only nod, staring at the microphone.

"Is that a microphone?" She asks, pointing at it.

"Yeah, it how I access its cool modes." Finn explains, tapping the input device twice, triggering the arm to shoot up a holographic screen displaying all its different modes. After a second of staring at the options in awe she starts to scroll through them and three features immediately catch her attention 'Massage mode... We'll definitely try this out later' She thinks with a blush before shaking her head, 'But those other two: Drill and weed whacker...'

"Those two modes, you could of escaped me." She states plainly, lacking emotion.

"But what would that of succeed? So I escape, you would follow me and we would end up in the endless kidnapping situation again. Can't kill you, that's... not the right thing to do. I learnt a while ago that violence is not the answer to every problem, and should only be a last resort." Finn says, closing the functions menu. "The only way to sort this out would be to persuade you to stop." What gets him a annoyed expression 'I don't want anyone else now, stop trying to pawn me off!' At the expression Finn hurriedly changes the topic. "C'mon lets go to this room you made for us." He says, standing from the table and after a second the Ice Queen sighs and rises as well. She grabs his hand gently and pulls him along, leading towards the giant room once more. Going deeper into the ice super fortress.

Soon they turn a corner and enter a long diamond shaped corridor, tall corridor that could easily fit three Ice Queens on top of each other. At the end were two doors that just as tall as the corridor, everything still the same blue as the rest of the Queen's home. Still pulling him along, it takes them roughly ten seconds to traverse the corridor it was so long. Now standing before the door IQ lets go of Finn's hand and pushes the doors open that split apart to reveal a gigantic room that was easily as large as a football field, the room lit by several gigantic ice chandeliers fuelled by magic. Taking three steps inside Finn looks around in awe, prompting Ice Queen to ask with a large smile "Like it?"

"Yeah... Glob how tall is this room?" He exclaims, 'Its got to be as tall as the Candy Kingdom's walls!'

"Well, Its got to be tall enough for me to fly around in, and for giant monsters to fight." She says, flying into the air with her eyebrows. "Besides, if a meeting or anything happens here I need a room big enough to host everyone."

"Where did you get the time to make this?" He asks, wondering around the room.

"I didn't sleep. Last night was the first time in three days." She shrugs, earning a look of concern from the hero 'She's acting just like PB'

"That's not a good thing."

"Eh, the tiara keeps me powered." She says, pointing a finger at it. "Now lets kick some monster butt!" She shouts in the air, and launches several beams of ice at the other end of the room, and immediately two snow golems sprout from the ground. The look up at the duo and just stare at them, to the confusion of Finn. "Oh right, they won't attack their allies and master unless ordered to." She coughs to clear her throat, "Attack us!" And immediately they start running forward, slightly shaking the floors with their size.

"You don't have any swords I can use, do you?" Finn asks, dropping the hint that he doesn't have a weapon 'At worst I cans use the weed whacker mode but I would... like to avoid that...' Finn thinks with a frown, remembering Fern and his fate. Ice Queen smiles down at him and forms the ice sword from before once more in her hand before launching it at the ground, the blade impaling the floor with a screech. Leaping at it, Finn pulls the ice sword from the floor, just as one of the golems reaches him. It lifts both arms to squish him, before slamming them down, Finn dodging backwards to evade the attack. With its arms on the ground Finn rushes forward and actually runs up them to impale the golem in the face. The sword goes straight through its head, the force of his attack making the body fall backwards, Finn riding all the way down. He looks at IQ to see her smirking, looking down at the golem fruitlessly trying to grab her flying form. Flying backwards the golem goes to follow, only for Ice Queen to launch a ice ball at it. It collides with its head, completely encasing its head in ice making it flop over dead, the ice smashing when it hits the ground, destroying the head with it.

"That was starting off simple Finn, just wanted to make sure you know how to fight." 'And if I could save you'.

"I'm most probably the best fighter here, Ice Queen." He jokingly boasts, earning a smile from the Queen.

"Then prove it!" She shouts, launching a continuous beam of ice magic at the end of the room and sweeping it across the floor, creating a swarm of golems, "Attack us." She simply orders, causing them to charge forward again. She floats to the floor, "You said you would defend me Finn." She says, standing on the floor arm crossed 'Defend me my knight...' She dreamily thinks. Finn realises that she is not going to do anything and thinks of the best way to defend her. And decides a strong offence is a good defence. He charges forward, and quickly clashes with the snow golems. He impales the front one in the stomach, causing a domino effect as five more collide with the body that suddenly stopped. While three more stopped to deal with Finn, another six continue to run by him and towards IQ.

"Oh no you don't." Finn mutters, dodging the golems that went for him with ease. He sprints after the running golems and catches up to the slowest one and swings his blade up its body, cutting it clean in half. The other five however do not halt and continue their charge to Ice Queen. Charging forward, his years of experience of running and fighting allow him to speed ahead of the golems. Just as the one at the lead foes to punch Ice Queen Finn suddenly shoulder charges it, sending it sprawling across the floor. Leaping to the royal, he swoops her up bridal style, and leaps them away from the golems. 'My knight is-! Knights really do sweep up royals!' Ice Queen thinks with amazement at how apparently fairy tales were true, clutching to Finn. Landing Finn lets go off her, though it takes her a second to do so reluctantly, and aims his sword at the incoming threat. Three golems charge at him in a semi circle, so in response Finn twists his body to the right. At the last second he does a sweep with his sword to the left, cutting them all in half at their wrist with a war cry. Their bodies collapse into a pile of snow around him, blinding him momentarily in the light blizzard. When it all settles, the other two golems are right in front of him. Thinking fast, he uses his position from his previous attack, he swings diagonally upward, cutting the one on the left while throwing himself in that direction, avoiding the other golems attack. Sliding to a stop he leaps at the other golem, impaling through its head.

Taking a moment, he counts the remaining golems: One he shoulder charged that's got back up, the three he evaded, and the five that stumbled on the body. Nine, he had to deal with nine more. Dealing with the lone one he shoulder charged earlier, he simply runs at it and jumps to cut its head off, riding its body down. Then he focuses on the three he ignore earlier. They were now going for Ice Queen while Finn was distracted by the other lone golem. Finn rushes them, and swiftly cuts the front ones legs off, causing him to fall and the others to trip on it. They look up to see Finn's sword coming down, killing them all in one chop. Last five. He looks as they come closer, all in a straight line. Grinning, he does one final charge, blade close to his chest. The front golem rears its right arm back to punch Finn, making him dodge to its left side and stick his sword out to the left. And run through them. His blade goes through their bodies, not long enough to completely cut them in half, but close enough. He sprints down the line until he passes them, then looks back as they fall into a pile of snow. He looks at the grinning Ice Queen, "Good show Finn, could use some more of you touching me but oh well, I'll take what I get." She says, starting to hover. "Now, you ready for more?" She asks, as ice magic charges in her hand.

"You bet I am!" Finn shouts, losing himself in the rush of combat. Ice Queen uses both hands and goes crazy, summoning an entire horde of foes, all of them varying in size, body structure, and weapons.

"Now my knight, lets show them what we are together." She says proudly, wanting to both impress Finn and show him that they were better together 'Better than that forest nymph anyway...' And immediately the room delves into chaos, as at least a hundred ice creatures and warriors charge at them. Finn runs at them, when a massive ball of ice flies over his head and into the horde. It obliterates everything in its path before exploding like a gigantic fragmentation grenade. Finn raises his arms in a pathetic attempt to protect himself and closes his eyes. But nothing happened. Opening his eyes, he sees a massive wall of ice protecting him. With a surprised expression, he looks up at Ice Queen who was smirking down at him, behind a massive tower shield attached to her arm. Her little show of power done, she launches the shield away from her and slam it into a still standing snowman, the ice fragments embedded in it quickly impale and kill it.

"Holy cow!" Finn exclaims, looking around his ice wall at the devastated army. So focused on the utter decimation, he fails to notice the panting Queen who lowers herself to the ground. 'That... took a lot. But I just need a breather...' She thinks before kneeling and placing both her hands on the floor, and uses it to adsorb a bunch of ice remains and repairs the room. It was true, that was not going to put her out, but she still needed a second, like a recharge. She stands back up, catching her breath back. Finn turns to look at her, and sees her standing there proud 'She's not worn out? Well, Ice king did chill the fire kingdom for a long time, so I guess there isn't really a limit to them' Finn thinks. "That... was insane." He says, genuinely impressed.

"Yeah, that is one of my stronger attacks." She shrugs off. "Now, lets so that again without my super attack." Immediately she starts summoning more creatures, however Finn looks up at her.

"That move doesn't have a name?" He asks, shocked at her deadly spell didn't have a name 'Don’t most wizards name their spells?'

"Did you think it would?" She asks with raised eyebrows, the army patiently waiting for them to finish.

"I mean, don't most spells have names like... I don't know... 'Dragons breath' or 'Cataclysm'?" He asks, genuinely confused.

"Most do, but anyone who names one is a giant nerd." She mocks, floating above them and analysing the army to see if it would be challenging or not. With a nod, she simply says, "Attack us." They charge themselves forward once more, as several arrows and spells fly forth. Finn uses his sword to actually split an incoming arrow before slamming into the horde, sending them all wheeling back. He then spins in a circle, holding his sword out. The move either forces them back, or cuts anyone who doesn't, giving him space to move. Looking at the ice creatures as they surround him, he suddenly does a one-eighty and cuts a spirit in half that was going to attack his exposed back. Then chops to his right, cutting a skeleton made of ice, its bones shattering. Finn just constantly cuts, only doing a spin to push his foes away from him if they get too close. A wizard lifts his staff to blast him with some spell, but Finn cuts his arm off, then his head. A woman with a spear charges him causing a crowd to split to give her a clear path. Finn spins to himself some room, then uses its momentum to do another, side stepping the spear girl and cutting her head off from behind. Finn slowly backs out the small army, preferring not to be surrounded. Above him two neon blue beams of ice cut through the horde, Ice Queen laughing as her hands destroy creature after creature that were her creations. She continues for a bit, before stopping to look at her work and smiles as her initials being spelt into them. She suddenly erects a tall shield as a ice arrow goes to slam into her, before promptly getting stuck in the thick ice. With a smile she fragments her shield into icicles and harshly launches them into the horde, impaling several foes in the head, ending them in a deadly shotgun blast. She laughs some more, madness brought on by the tiara as the price for more power. She flies above the horde, releasing a unrelenting beam of ice as she does, what freezes foes solid and cover them in deadly ice spikes, just waiting for someone to trip or be pushed on them. Releasing another crackle she watches her knight as he exits the horde of foes, doing large arcs with his sword to defeat the forces that were tactlessly closing in on him. One runs at Finn with a sword raised high that he side steps before raising his arm, cutting the arm off, before removing the soldiers head. Too focused on her knight's fight she fails to see a fire spell rise from the group bellow her, smashing into her. With a scream of pain she is knocked out the sky and out of the army, landing harshly on the solid ice ground. Finn looks away from his fight at the downed Ice Queen with fear, he turns back to his foe and impales the leading enemy, a female snow golem, and boots her off his blade and into the swarm, stumbling them. Using the moment he escapes, and sprints over to the Ice Queen recovering on the ground. "You alright?!" He asks worried, as he stands in front of her to protect her from the incoming horde of attackers.

"I'm fine, Fionna's given worse... So had the fire prince when I went for him." She shivers at the memory, before examining the army again.

"Can you still fight?" He asks, the approaching forces getting close. In reply, Ice Queen touches the floor with both hands, and a wall appears in front of Finn. The horde slams into it and before they could move around it spikes form on it, impaling anyone on it, it suddenly pushes through the horde in a straight line. Whenever it hit someone, they would fade: Snow beings into a puff of snow, ice creatures shatter, and spirits dissipate, what keeps the spikes clear and ready to kill someone else. Eventually they slam into the wall and shatter, leaving a clean line through the army before they fill the gap once more.

"Yep." She says, when she suddenly forms massive ice claws and starts viscously cutting into things. Finn raises a eye brow at that, but then remembers the ice saws Ice King summoned when they accidentally went to find Saint P. He also notes that she is not using any moves or skill, just swing randomly. 'Huh, so instead of ice fridjitsu, IQ knows how to summon ice and snow creatures then. Instead of saws, she has claws... What else is different?' Shaking his head clear of thoughts he focuses back on the army DIRECTLY INFRONT OF HIM!

With a surprised expression, he leaps back to avoid a volley of attackers. IQ, however, noticed Finn was staring at her a second ago. 'Was he checking me out?!' "Hey, were you checking me out?" She asks hopefully, Finn replies after countering a sword by making his sword clash with the other, stumbling his foe before cutting his head off.

"No! I was just wondering something that's all." He says, cutting another foe down. Ice Queen slashes out another throat.

"Wondering what I looked like without my dress on?" She asks posing in the large dress of hers. Finn blushes before shaking his head.

"No!" And cuts a wizard down. A spearman goes to impale him, Finn grabs his spear's head and brakes it off, then uses it as a makeshift dagger and stab the spearman in the face. Ice Queen just looks confused by his response,

"You sure? We can always stop this and-" She gets cut off by her getting tackled by a snow golem. It raises its arms to smash the stunned Queen, but Finn cuts its head and arms off in one swoop, and boots the body off as it turns into a snow pile. He helps Ice Queen up.

"How about we deal with these guys first." He says, wanting her to forget the topic.

"Right." She replies, already fully recovered due to her history with Fionna. Finn crouched, letting Ice Queen have a clear view to unleash another deadly Ice beam with her hands. She sweeps across the attackers, freezing the ones at the front solid. However a problem with the Ice beam is that it doesn't go through enemies. The ones behind them simply push over their dead allies and continue forward. Regrowing her ice claws, Finn and Ice Queen stand side by side and just start swinging when ever something gets too close to them. Ice Queen slices downward on a soldier who lifts his sword to stop her claws. They simply go through the weapon and then soldier, cutting them both into pieces. Finn cuts a snowman’s stomach, making it drop its mace in pain before cutting its head off.

After several long minutes the duo stand victorious in a now empty room. Both panting they search the area for survivors, but nothing moves to attack them. Sighing, Finn impales the ice blade into a bile on snow before looking at Ice Queen. She was panting, not use to doing such fights but was still standing proud. "I've got to ask this... have you been training?" He asks, his voiced laced with fatigue. Ice Queen takes a few seconds to respond but she does,

"A... little." She says between breaths, still recovering. Finn stands and puts a hand on her back to steady her.

"When did you fit that in with everything else?" He was genuinely confused how she did all this in a few days.

"I... started after I was defeated last time... when I kidnapped Gumball." She crouches and places her hands on the ground, absorbing back any snow and ice warrior remains to gain back her energy. "I thought... about how easily Fionna kept on beating me... So I first made the mountain bigger, that only took an hour... Then hollowed out a path to here, at the very bottom is our home. The top is the old castle that is meant to be a distraction, but also a emergency home if something happens. The 'bosses' I made took quite a lot of energy, and I required a few hours of energy to recover, so that's a day gone. Then for the final day I got food, and made this place." She says gesturing to the environment 'the home I made for us...' she then looks back at him. "I trained on the bosses after I made them to check if they worked, but some of those spells I've been making before I even met you, I just never used them because they were either too destructive or I was unsure what would happen." She shrugs, "I've still got more spells to test out, but they'll have to wait till another time."

"Wait, so how many rooms are there in the path down, you know, bosses and stuff?" Finn asks, afraid for what his friends and girlfriend is facing above him.

"There are five bosses in total, but only four rooms. And one of the rooms is actually just a long corridor that goes half way down the mountain with a deadly blizzard and swarms of enemies. It's near impossible to survive. Now lets go get something to eat, I can repair the damage to this place later." She says, turning to leave the room. Finn waits a second, sends a prayer of hope that the others make it, and follows quickly behind, hungry from the fighting making instincts rule over thinking how to help, and continues the date with Ice Queen to buy them more time.

Huntress walks forward, fear covering her face. She could feel it. The ball was running out of energy. She looks to Fionna and Cake who were dragging themselves, tired of fighting the endless horde of spiders. Their joking gone, as expected when you've been fighting for OVER TWO HOURS. Huntress at this point was wondering if the tunnel had a end, and if it was actually a portal sending them in a endless loop. Suddenly the shield flickers. Her eyes widen in fear, realising that the shield was about to go. Thinking fast she starts funnelling her own magic into the ball to sustain it. "Huntress... why did the shield... just flicker?" Fionna asks tiredly, barley lifting her blade to cut a spider leaping at her.

"It just ran out of juice... but I'm using my magic to keep it going." Huntress explains to the young teen. Fionna does not reply too tired to. Another golem charges at them, but Cake sluggishly claws it in the face, killing it, adding it to the hundreds they've already dealt with. As much as Huntress hates to admit it, this might be too much of them. It seems that each room is a challenge. The first was intelligence, working out to defeat it. The dragon was meant to be might. This must be endurance. She hates to admit it but while she is above most she is not that high endured. She usually ends her fight very quickly, endurance was not that important but she does have some. The sisters definitely have high stamina, but obviously not enough, not really challenging themselves to improve, gaining everything in the fires of combat. They don't fight prolonged battles often, just like her. Sure minutes, maybe a half an hour, but a full hour? No. 'I wonder how much stamina Finn has?...' She thinks, finding light in the situation. Another spider leaps at her, and she promptly boots it, its form flying back out the shield. Continuing along she come across it recovering, and stomps on it harshly, killing it with a sickening crunch 'It can't be that much further now, right?'

Finn and Ice Queen were back at the main table, this time only small snacks were lying around due to them both being too tired to actually make anything. "So... do you know what happened to the humans?" She asks out of nowhere, trying to make conversation that would get Finn's attention. 'Fionna is well known as the last human, and she apparently always gets lost in thought whenever it is brought up. Is Finn the same?' "Did those humans I save escape? Was there a boat? I mean, how else were you and Fionna born?"

"I... yeah the humans did escape, but what happened to them... I can't tell you, encase you tell Fionna and she goes before she is ready." Finn answer, unsure on what to say.

"C'mon! I won't say anything, royal promise." Ice Queen replies putting her hand up and closing her eyes. Finn sighs and is silent for a few seconds, debating if he should tell her not.

"... Fine, but remember: things might be different from this timeline and mine. In my timeline, the boat was there and thanks to Marceline were able to able to escape from the vampires hunting them. Eventually, they were able to find some islands. They had a... rough start but eventually they were able to settle down and create founder's island. It was defended by a giant robot that attacked any thing that got too close, but it also attacked anyone that tried to leave. Not that anyone mind, they were... happy, and were too scared of the unknown to venture back out to OOO."

"What about family?"

"I... do have parents... no siblings... but I'm not comfortable on giving out more information, it's personal and I don't want Fionna rushing off to find answers."

"You can't leave me with a tease!" Ice Queen desperately demands.

"Sorry, nope. Besides I always hate it when someone spoils a story." Finn says smiling, finding the pleading expression on Ice Queen's face funny, until she drops it suddenly with a sigh.

"Well I can't force it out... still, human civilization? That is... something. What's it like?"

"Futuristic." Ice Queen releases another sigh and gives up the conversation knowing that Finn is not going to tell her more. Suddenly she perks up.

"Oh yeah! I've got something to show you.'" She suddenly rises from the chair, and Finn rises confused, but follows nether the less.

Fionna collapses to her knees, fatigue getting to the girl. They've been walking for three hours now non-stop, and the glob-damn spiders still haven't given up! Gritting her teeth she uses her sword to push herself up, and staggers to Huntress. "Any idea how much further?" She slurs out to the wizard. It takes Huntress a second, but she eventually recognises the question and turns to the heroine.

"No..." She whispers out. The sphere was truly draining her energy like crazy now, and the end was still not in sight. They continue on, their speed reduce to the point that even a snail could rival them. Another spider scampers over the uneven ground, fangs ready to bite them. Until Cake flops on top of it, having turned herself into a cube shape to crush it. It was all the energy she had left in her. Groaning she accepts the help of being picked up by her sister.

Suddenly the dreary blue walls and ceiling disappear, leaving them on a bridge over a massive, massive, MASSIVE chasm. With shocked awe they look over the edge at the millions of spikes of varying sizes that made the floor. "What the-! Did she hollow out the mountain!" Cake shouts, rage giving her the energy to throw her arms up in disbelief. It was then that Huntress realises that they can see a very, far distance. There was no blizzard hinder their sight. Experimentally, she drops the shield for a second. Nothing. She throws the sphere over the edge, glad to be rid of the energy parasite. Looking backwards, she sees that the blizzard stopped being a threat the moment the walls stopped. And it really puts in the scope on how big the chasm was. Cake mustn't be far off, the mountain really did seem hollow with how big it was. Looking around she spots thousands of large pillars supporting the mountain behind them, most probably keeping the mountain from collapsing under its own weight. And she spots a massive building with a garden bellow them.

Ice Queen leads Finn to a massive double door and pushes them open. And reveals a massive white garden. Have you ever seen a forest during the winter? Where everything is covered in a thick layer of white? That was what Finn was seeing in front of him. After a stunned, awed moment Ice Queen nudges him back to his senses, causing him to silently exit the building behind him. A stone path, from what must be ground level, clear of snow twists and bends a path deeper into the forest, weaving around the evergreen trees that dotted the environment. He looks at the ceiling, noticing that it was made off ice, and they are indeed inside the mountain. Looking back down at the plant life he sees bunches of white flowers doting the environment and berry bushes here and there. "Holy cow..." Was his star struck response. He watches as a butterfly made of ice flies in front of him and raises his finger for it to land on, what it shockingly does. Bringing it closer to look at it, he sees that its wings were so thin that they were see through, except the slight light blue tint.

"You like it?" She asks innocently with her hand cupped in front of her, already knowing the answer, just wanting to hear it.

"This is... wow." He says, still in awe of the view. 'Could Ice King do this?' He watches a polar bear on top of some ice in a pond drink the water. '... Most probably not, especially if he was so focused on kidnapping or trying to seem cool'.

"I did this to show off the beauty of winter, it's a sight most do not see, only scary ice hazards and hypothermia. I wanted to show you the wonders of my powers, what I can make." She says, wondering the winter wonderland. Finn looks up, and notices a massive bridge above him.

"What’s the bridge for?" He asks, pointing at it. Ice Queen looks up at it, and gives a monotone reply,

"That's how our people and visitors get in Finn. If you look it leads to that security room, then its a magic lift down to the entrance of our castle." She explains her finger tracing the path as she explains it, semi-lying about the security room. What it actually was the final boss room, so while it did defend them, it was not in the way Finn was thinking. "If you want, we can have lunch out here, I've got us a table by the pond." She says, grabbing his arm and pulling him deeper into the forest before he could reply.

Huntress looks away from the castle beneath them, and was about to tell the sisters to move on when a screech steals her attention. Snapping her head to the blizzard corridor once more, she spots several spiders swarming towards them. "Fionna! Cake! Let's move!" She shouts as they all still slowly move further down the path, still not recovered from the three hour ordeal they just suffered. Shuffling along Huntress turns to shoot a arrow at a spider, but the sphere has drained her so much of magic that all she does is make a arrow shiver in her quiver. "Damn it!" She mutters, however looking down the path she spots the door that was wide open, as if greeting them with open arms. It's all it takes to get the group to shuffle even faster, nearly approaching a walk. Fionna slows down, and Huntress turns to watch her sluggishly deal with spiders that were catching up to them. "Go ahead, Cake will pull me inside." She says, stomping on a spider, running completely on adrenaline at this point. Nodding, Huntress charges forward slowly. As they approach the door four large female snow golems decked out in spikey ice gear exits the door, all holding a different weapon: a sword, bow, mace- "Get out of the way!" Cake shouts stretching her arms and swatting them all of the bridge, dooming them to the spikes below. Collapsing through the door way, Cake spins around and shoots her paw out. Fionna was started to get swarmed by the small ice monstrosities, when a claw plucks and yanks her away from the horde gathering at her feet, the spider reaching up viciously for their missing prey. She gets pulled through the massive ice door, before Huntress pushes them shut and rest against them. A second later the sound of hundreds of spider legs scrapping against the door, shaking it a little, however, the door is to heavy for them to move, especially when Huntress was leaning against it. After a minute the sounds end, the spiders giving up and returning to their homes awaiting for more prey to come by.

The girls raise their arms in celebration, releasing whoops at their victory over the test of endurance. Before promptly face planting on the ground unconscious, fatigue catching up to them as the lack of combat makes the adrenaline stopped being pumped through their bodies. And right in front of them is the last room. And three bosses wanting their blood.

Ice Queen was sitting in front of Finn, enjoying some sandwiches. Not Jake's perfect sandwich, just normal sandwiches. Due to the tables position, Ice Queen's back was towards the bridge and Finn was facing towards it. "So... how long will this date go on anyway?"

"Until you accept me as your girlfriend or wife, either one." She says after swallowing a mouth full of food, "So hurry up and decide already, you said it yourself: You can't run or we'll end up in a endless loop." Causing Finn to sigh. However, something catches his eyes. Four glistening objects falling from the bridge. 'There were four, what is more than Fionna, Cake, and Huntress... They were also too large to be them...' Finn smiles, 'Those were guards, they're nearly here.'

"... Right, I just... don't want to rush this, after all I have a girlfriend. Can't just make a decision like this without thought." He excuses, trying to buy the others time.

"Take as long as you like my knight, as long as you'll be with me." She says, finishing her sandwich. '... But she does have a point, if I do escape, she'll just do this again... I've got to think of a solution...'

Bubblegum was standing before a group of very nervous royals, a hand to her face. Most of the royals came to reign while Finn's heroics was in full swing, and if anything threatened them, their people, life itself, or were only inconvenienced by something, Finn was the person they always called on. And those that were smart enough not to rely on one person, like Flame Princess, were still incompetent in handling large threats. Like when she... cooled the Fire Kingdom, Flame Princess knew what was wrong: It was getting too cold for the flame people to live. But she did not know how to solve it, she didn't even search for what was causing it, immediately calling on PB for aid. And just like then, the royals have called PB for aid. She has ruled her kingdom long before Finn was around, back when the world was a desolate wasteland. She would know how to handle their problems, right? "Guys, I'm spread out thin enough trying to repair my kingdom after a God of chaos tore through it, I can't also manage your kingdoms too." Immediately worried murrs and whispers fill the room, before developing into straight out panic. 'Have they really never solved a problem?... No Finn always has, hasn't he?' "Alright, calm down!" She shouts, the voices slowly lower. "Look I know you're scared, Finn isn't here, and problems having been sprouting up like crazy in his absence, I know, I've read the reports. So right now we need to focus on the problems, Finn isn't here, okay? So we need to pick up the slack in his steed. Right now, I see the biggest problems being the forest fire and bandits, they need our immediate attention. Anyone denying this?" She asks, no one spoke out, trusting the leader with hundreds of years of experience to lead them true. 'No pressure' Bubblegum thinks, noticing that Flame Princess did not speak up, despite the forest fire being no threat to her, and having little bandit problems due to most being unable to attack the Flame Kingdom. 'They are just blindly following me...' "Right, Water Princess?"


"I need you..." She then points a finger at JP "... and Jungle Princess to do everything in your power to deal with that raging forest fire, do anything, just get it out or stop it from spreading."

"W-what about our kingdoms?" Jungle Princess asks scared, a emotion that was rare to see on the woman.

"Flame Princess." Flame Princess, who was alone trusting Cinnamon Bun to rule as she searches to receive and give aid, looks up at the candy monarch that nearly destroyed her kingdom and removed her childhood. "How many soldiers can you spare?"

"... A few hundred, where you need them?"

"I need some taking the fight to the bandits, and some need to go to Water and Jungle Princess's kingdoms to protect them as they do their bits." Water Princess and Flame Princess share a look, neither kingdoms were on the best of terms due to their... differences... but it was bearable, especially in these situations.

"I might have a problem with hunting those bandits... They've always seem to sneak by our armies, and always escape when we attack their bases." FP warns, worry in her voice.

"Noted, but just try." She gets a nod, so PB turns to the crowd again, "Next problem?" Already knowing what's coming. Immediately a barrage of questions and pleas fill the air, assaulting the Princess's ears. She sighs in reply 'I could use your help Finn... At least we've got Jake...'

Finn was following Ice Queen as they return back to the grand room in which they fought the small army in. Shoving the doors open she leads the way inside the still damaged room, "I've seen you fight threats, squads, an army... all I want to see you do now is fight a boss." She explains, touching the walls to open a massive hole in the floor for the remains of the defeated army to fall inside, and out of sight. Removing her hands from the wall she then uses both to crazily shoot at the holes and craters in the room, filling them in.

"So what am I fighting?" Finn asks, holding his hand out as she gives him the ice sword once more. She does not reply, instead deciding to simply walk down the large room. Finn goes to follow but she signals for him to stay, much to his confusion but follows her order. She continues her silent walk to the other side of the room, and upon reaching it, turns to Finn. And starts flying in the air, ice powers glowing in her hand, a crazy smile planted on her face.

"Me!" She shouts, shooting a beam at Finn, he dodges to the side, and looks up at her with shock and fear.

"What the heck!" He shouts, dodging a shotgun blast of icicles. Ice Queen stops her attacks for a second, and puts a hand on her hip,

"Finn you're fighting me, you are to beat me, and no this is not to the death, my spells will just encase you in ice like how I freeze the Princes. Think of this as a... friendly bout." She clarifies 'Fionna always liked fighting me... would Finn?' Finn meanwhile releases a sigh of relief.

"You sure?" He asks worried for he, most know its wiser to not challenge Finn, it's usually not good for their health and to be honest... he would rather not hurt Ice Queen if could. She's a good friend, like Ice King. She nods in reply, 'He didn't immediately jump at the opportunity to attack me, so he's not itching to fight me... He's better than Fionna!' "Alright, lets do this!" Finn shouts, holding his sword out in front of him defensively. Ice Queen does her crazy crackle and unleashes another of beam of ice at him. Finn actually sprints at it, he twists his blade sideways, and the blunt end clashes with the beam, blocking it from hitting him. The force of the beam pushes him back a foot, but he starts pushing against the beam as it starts enveloping the sword in ice. Slowly he makes progress towards Ice Queen, and realising this she stops her beam, switching plans. And raises her right hand.

Finn lowers his sword when the beam stops, his sword looking more like a mace than a sword at this point. And leaps to his left as a massive icicle blasts into a pile of ice behind him. Ice Queen smiles and raises her other hand, going for a dual hand barrage of icicles. Her hands act like a metronome, firing left, right, left, right, causing the deadly icicles to rapidly slam around Finn as he does a curved charge at her. His sprinting form is surrounded by massive ice explosions as Ice Queen barely misses him, Finn occasionally having to leap to the side to dodge ones that got too close. As he gets closer, however, he has less time to react to the attacks, and the more precise Ice Queen gets. Instead of continuing his blind charge to get frozen he needs a plan 'I need her to stop firing... and a way to reach her...' He smashes his sword on the ground, breaking of the weak ice meant to not harm him yet preserving the ice meant to rival the toughest metals. He squints at the flying royal, flips his sword so he is holding it like a massive dagger. Brings his arm up and back, stretches out his other arm as a guide. And lobs his sword like a javelin, having to jump into the air to dodge another icicle. The sword flies through the air towards IQ. Her eyes widen in shock, as she spins her body to dodge it, watching it fly by just where she was. It impales the wall behind her, vibrating from unspent energy. She snaps her head to Finn, "What was tha-!" She cuts herself upon seeing a Finn flying toward her. Wide eyed she props a ice shield in front of her to block whatever he was going to do. However, Finn just grabs the top of the shield, and leaps over it. Confused, IQ turns to see where he went, and spots him perched on the sword using it as a platform. Her confusion at his actions lets her guard down. And Finn uses this to leap at her, tackling her out of the sky.

With a grunt, the wind gets knocked out of her and they slam into the floor. They slide on the slippery ice before coming to a halt. Finn immediately grips her arms, and points them away from him. Her stunned body recovers and realises what situation she is in. "I think I wi-" Finn goes to say, Ice Queen points her right hands finger at Finn and shoots a ice spell at him, freezing his left arm. In shock he stops focusing on her, allowing her to get her legs underneath him and push him off. Finn uses this to his advantage, and goes with it to push him a safe distance away from her. She quickly rises and blasts more ice at him, causing him to turn tail and run, zigzagging, ducking and jumping to evade her attacks. She notices his path 'He is going for his sword!' She adjusts her aim, ready to blast the sword in a massive block of ice. Finn notices the break of fire, and a glance at the Ice Queen explains why to him, 'I have got to distract... How?'

He suddenly spins around, and runs back to her, startling her and causing her to panic shoot a spell at Finn. He does a easy side step dodge and continues his charge. He quickly approaches since he is no longer zigzagging like crazy, only dodging when necessary. Ice Queen tries to rise into the air coming to the realisation that was her only salvation. She was not quick enough. Finn grabs her and easily yanks her out of the sky, slamming her in the ground. However, she was use to this with her fights with Fionna. The startlement lasts only a second before she pushes against Finn, preparing a ice spell. Finn could feel the temperature drop 'I need to stop her now!' So he lifts her. She goes to push away from him, however he has strength and grip to flip a two ton monster. She wasn't escaping. He simply lobs her at a wall, shock making her unfocused, cancelling the ice spell. She shakes her head, and sees a Finn charging her. Wide eyes she scrambles to a rise while moving away, preparing to counter Finn. As she turns to focus on Finn. She sees he's not going for her and jumps at the wall. Confused, she watches his crazy actions. And watches him grab his sword handle. Realisation dawning on her, she flips her arm and shoots a beam at him. Finn, however, is able to free his sword in time, and falls to the ground escaping the deadly beam. It starts tracing his path however. Leaping up and away, he sprints at her once more. As the beam is about to hit him, he slides, the beam flying over his head. He arrives at the bottom of her dress, and swings his sword up. For it to do a horrible screech as they clash with ice claws. Wide eyes, he pushes against her 'This is a bad spot to be!' His might slides her a foot or two back before she stops it. But that is all he needs, just some space. He suddenly retracts his blade arm, making her stumble as she continues to push against the now non-existent force. Using it to his advantage he rushes to his feet. The moment he is standing he is forced to block a icicle with his sword, covering it and a part of his arm. He leaps away from Ice Queen to get some room between them and allow him to better assess the situation. "Had enough my knight?" She taunts him, lobbing another icicle at him. Finn dodges to the right while pushing forward, swinging his sword. Ice Queen actually ducks under the blade despite the huge dress she has on.

"Nope." Was Finn's reply, promptly followed by him actually lunging on her! They tussle on the ground, however as Finn starts to overpower her, she shoots another ice spell from her finger. It envelopes Finn's other arm in ice, causing him to go wide eyed at his predicament. Ice Queen smiles,

"Just give in Finn." She orders her knight 'Bow to your Queen...'

"Never!" He yells definitely, he pushes himself away from her. Once clear, he smashes his frozen arms together, making the ice shatter into thousands of pieces, fragments going everywhere. Ice Queen hovers once more, sighing as she does so,

"Fionna is also stubborn... Oh well, dominance can be fun in the bed." She says, confusing Finn for a second before he focuses back on the fight. 'I can't do anything is she still has her magic... My only choice is to knock of the tiara, or wear her out'. He concludes in his head. Leaping at her again, he zigzags, sword ready to counter whatever attack she throws. Ice Queen unleashes her ice beam, Finn however continues his evasive attack. Raised ice traces behind him as her beam fails it in its attempt to entrap Finn, he keeps his head down low to keep his form as small as possible. Approaching fast Finn jumps, sword swinging for her tiara. And its gets covered in ice. His sword cuts a chunk off the ice, but the crown remains on her head. Suddenly Ice envelopes his chest, the queen's hand resting against it.

"Sorry Finn, I learnt from my fights with Fionna. She removed my tiara too many times for me not to learn." She says, smiling, before closing her eyes and leaning closer to Finn's face. Panicked, Finn frantically pushes with his unfrozen arms and legs. Not expecting him to resist her advances, Ice Queen looses grip on him and falls. Due to them hovering a meter in the air, the short falls cracks the ice cocoon around him, and weakens it enough for him to break out, leaving him out spread out on the floor. Ice Queen huffs, 'That would of been really romantic...' "Oh well, I'm not afraid to work for my rewards." She shoots a icicle down at Finn with a plan of just freezing him 'perfect position for the bed later'. Finn rolls away and scrambles to his feet. He evades another attack, getting no mercy from her. Bracing, he plans on how to defeat her. He looks at the tiara, and how it is completely surrounded in a thick tiara shape block of ice, attaching it to her head. 'So I can no longer knock it off... So I've got to wear her out'. Finn charges at her once more, as Ice Queen flies up, ice magic dripping from her hands. The knight vs the Queen, and Finn's forgotten that as he had mentioned earlier: the ice crown/tiara don't seem to have a limit for stamina.

Alright, thanks to anonymous user on AO3 for a great review, I always like to hear what people like, dislike, opinions, and what they are confused about, it helps me create a better story for you guys and allows me to clear up any confusion. Check it out if you want a explanation on why the PG and Marsh are acting so dickish.

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Chapter Text

Huntress stirs with a groan, her body aching. Her vision fuzzy and blurry, the majority of her vision filled of light blue. Groaning once more she forces herself to a rise. Her movement and noises stir the other two from their unconscious state as well, and pretty much copy how Huntress woke up. They all sit there, recovering as their vision cleared up. "W-where are we?" Fionna asks, still being too worn out to think properly.

"I... We're in the ice kingdom!" Huntress exclaims as her memories come back to her, "We just crossed that corridor, the bridge, and made it through the door." she says, fully rising to her feet. Her recounting causes the memories to return the sisters as well, they groaning as their heads suddenly remember the pain they're in. Eventually they join Huntress in standing up,

"We should eat, to recover our energy." Cake says grabbing Fionna's bag.

"Are you sure you're not just looking for another excuse to eat?" Fionna jokes, trying to lighten the mood as she helps in getting the bag of her. It plops on the floor and she immediately starts digging through it on her mad hunt for food.

"Hey I eat just fine!" Cake retorts, pulling a massive pile of burritos out from the bag. Immediately she starts stuffing them all in her face at once, not caring about the mess she was making. Huntress does not say anything about the disgusting gorging next to her, focusing instead on the squished ham sandwich getting handed to her.

"Sorry, didn't expect so-" Fionna's apology halts in her mouth as Huntress does not care, she herself stuffing the food inside her mouth 'I'm hungry... that sphere drained more energy than I thought' Huntress thinks, sucking her fingers for the atomic leftovers of the sandwich. Fionna just stares for a second, before going through the bag herself, and pulling out... bagged lasagne? At Huntress's raised eyebrow Cake explains with a mouth full of food, "It's Gumball's favourite, so she carries some around encase she gets some alone time with him."

"Cake!" Fionna shouts, a huge blush covering her face.

"Oh! And she carries around red paper for Marshall Lee!" Cake says barely containing her laughter, before getting tackled by Fionna who was covering her sister's mouth with her hands. Huntress just watches with a small smile. Eventually the sisters are on the floor panting before sitting back up and returning to the task of food, with Cake stuffing herself some more and Fionna searching the bag once more, deciding on a apple. As they all focused on eating as Huntress goes for seconds, leaving the corridor in complete silence.

"Sooo... What's your dimension like?" Fionna eventually asks, sick at the lack of noise.

"OOO?... Well it's like yours, except everyone is a different gender." She says, not sure what to add.

"There's got to be some differences! I mean Finn said he lost a different sword in the science fair, and that got my root sword in a different way and at a different time, so there's got to be something different."

"Well..." Huntress will admit, she doesn't know much about Finn's life, other than the stories of his heroics, title as the hero of OOO, knight of PB, and friends with almost everyone. "... Ice King was not as competent as this, that's one thing." Huntress says, gesturing to the environment around her.

"What, he can't make dungeons?" Cake asks with a raised eyebrow.

"No, he can't do anything." She says shaking her head. "He would constantly kidnaps the Princesses, and Finn would constantly save them without much hassle or effort, and constantly wrote bad fanfiction and forced people to listen to it. He had no skill, and could never make anything like this."

"So he's a less talented Ice Queen?"

"Yep. Did I forget to mention he's old as well?" The sisters start laughing at the poor state of someone else. "And that he and Finn are friends." Their laughter immediately halts.

"Wait what!?" Fionna shouts in disbelief, Huntress smiling at the reaction.

"Yep, he and Ice King became good friends actually, to the point that Ice King lived with him for a bit." At the look of disbelief on her sister's face Cake starts laughing at her. "What most probably means that you might have Ice Queen living in your house soon." She, as well as many other girls, had heard of the Ice Kings temporary residence, and everyone tried staying clear of the tree house unless it was necessary.

"No, no, no no no no nononononono NO!" Fionna says, imaging her having a date with Gumball or Marshall Lee only for Ice Queen to but in and steal the other royals. She shakes the thought in her head and releases a sigh. "Well... what about Finn and Princess... of the candy kingdom?"

"Princess Bubblegum and Finn are friends."

"There was no romantic things between them? What about Marshall Lee's counterpart?" Cake asks, 'Fionna constantly got flirts from both Gumball and Marshall Lee, who did Finn choose? Will Fionna do the same? How did he end up with Huntress Wizard?'

"There was no relationship with either of the girls. Finn had a crush on Bubblegum, but she did not return it, instead choosing to use his love as free labour and would trick him into doing things that he would usually do. Marshall Lee's counterpart was called Marceline. She did not have feelings for Finn either. He sees both of them as good friends." Huntress says, summing up Finn's early crushes. Fionna and Cake were a bit confused and disappointed at the news, looking down at the ground.

"I see... Bubblegum sounds like a real jerk. And Marceline... They both act differently to my two." Fionna says with a sigh, "I was hoping that I could find advice in Finn's adventure, on how he handled the situation. But it seems I was wrong. Not even a little bit of flirting between the either two?" She asks with hope, trying to find the answer to the problem of both royals hitting on her.

"Not what I know off, but still, try asking Finn. He might still be able to help. He has experience in handling... messes. To be honest this is out of my areas of expertise." Huntress suggests, unsure on how to both answer her questions when she was a loner in the woods who originally thought that love was for the weak, and how to sell the idea of Finn's help with out insulting him.

"Right... I'll... ask him after we save him. Which means we've got to save him." Fionna says, putting any rubbish in her bag and rising, gaining new motivation for the rescue, 'I will finally have some help!' Fionna thinks, getting annoyed by Cake skirting the topic whenever she could... she still did not know what tier fifteen is. 'This is my opportunity to show off to Finn so I can get better at fighting, gain relationship advice, and some future foresight!' Fionna thinks, losing that the task is meant to save Finn, not push her own goals. Huntress and Cake also rise, clean up any mess they had made, and walk with determination towards the boss door. The area was dead silent until the group reaches the door, shattering noiseless air with a the screeching of the giant ice doors opening, revealing a massive room hidden in a veil of darkness. Squinting, they enter the room preparing themselves for whatever came at them next.

Five steps in, light fills the room, blinding them all causing them to release grunts of pain. Eventually the room went back to its normal light levels, allowing them all to open their eyes and take in the view in front of them: The room was a large square with curved corners, and was split into two levels, the bottom floor being what they were currently on what lead up to the next room by stairs that were the width of three-quarters of the room. The second level was attached by said stairs, and was a massive platform or stage. It continues as a platform/ledge that went around the room's perimeter, creating a ring. In the middle of the room sat three floating platforms of ice. The ground floor had several pieces of walls, barricades, and other forms of covers while the top had little in terms of cover. And on the stage was three massive ice statues.

Upon moving further into the room to inspect them the statues suddenly shivered, shaking the ground, before exploding in a magical explosion as they suddenly gain life and start moving. Immediately the group rush to cover before anything can hit them. Peeking around her cover, Huntress examines not one, but three bosses. The first was a knight of some sort, made completely of ice. It was what you expect when you imagine a knight: A single ice sword, a single ice shield, and decked out in thick ice armour. It, and the others as well as she notices, had a weird mist rolling of its body. The next is what seems to be a sniper: It of course had a long gun with a scope made of ice, a small and smooth armour that was decorated in different shades of blue ice to break up its appearance, and a large cape. The last one seems to be a mage of some sort, only having a staff and a robe. All three of the bosses were skeletons just like the winter wraith all stood roughly twelve feet tall except the knight that stood at fifteen, and all three look at their visitors.

Immediately the three bosses move on the rescuers, the knight rushing in and slamming its sword down, causing Fionna to roll to escape as it cuts cleanly through where she was just standing. Suddenly screeches fill the air. Looking up to the ceiling they neglected in their examination of the room reveals to the group a much feared sight. More spiders. They swarm down from the ceiling, scrambling down the walls of the place. From somewhere up there three snow golems jump down as well. The group quickly gets swarmed, forcing them out of cover and into the other two bosses sights. The sniper charges up a shot, and a powerful icicle seemingly teleports through the air, piercing anything in its way, just barely skimming Huntress who actually gets sucked onto her back by the air displaced by the attack. Snapping her head she watches the sniper charge up another shot as the barrel hole glows ice blue. She rolls. And a icicle obliterates where she was just was. Scrambling to her feet she abandons her plans as she now focuses on out running that gun, occasionally shooting off a arrow to kill whatever was in her way or to help the sisters out in their struggles.

A arrow flies into a spider about to jump on Fionna, ending its plan as the girl hurriedly dodges another gigantic chop from the large knight as it goes on its frantic murderous rampage. Its sword flew at her once more with so much force that when she evades it once more it slams into the floor hard enough to shake the ground. Fionna quickly uses its post attack position to charge at it, her golden sword swinging at its neck. Only for her to go flying as a its large shield smashes into her slamming her into the wall. She falls stunned to the floor releasing a grunt of pain and dropping her sword. The knight violently yanks its sword out of the ground and walks menacingly towards her, releasing a deep chuckle. Fionna slowly starts struggling to her feet but a snow golem suddenly tackles her violently throwing them both to the ground. It rears its arms up to smash her head to a pulp, however it receives a arrow to the back of its head, courtesy of the still running Huntress. Fionna quickly gets up as the showman's body turns into a cloud of snow and scrambles towards her sword. The knight charges at her, making the ground shake once more. She grips her sword's handle. The knight lifts its blade. And Fionna leaps away, the blade skimming by her. With a roar the knight slams its sword at her, and she barely dodges that as well before charging at the knight, sword raised high. She runs between the blade in the ground and the out stretched shield arm still recovering from its failed bash, and jumps at its head, the giant warrior staring at her. With a scream she slams her sword down. And makes a cute chink sound as it does absolutely nothing to the knight. She falls to the ground, landing on her butt. Looking up there was a shares moment of silence. Before the knight roars, rearing a plated leg to stomp on her. Fear embedded on her face she rolls to the left, the leg smashing the ice next to her, creating a crater of broken ice. She rolls again as the other legs goes to squish her, once again stomping where she just was. She scrambles to her feet as the knight's blade goes to stab her. The blade cuts her back a bit but she'll live, and runs between its legs. "Guys I can't hurt this guy!" Fionna shouts, both as a warning and a plea for help. She continues her mad sprint to evade the gigantic knight. Thinking fast she runs onto the platform, watching Cake struggle with the robed wizard, before running on the curved platform that went around the perimeter of the room. The knight only looks at her elevated position, before going to chop at her anyways. However it seems that the platform was indestructible, ricocheting the blade back and stumbling the knight for a second. Fionna releases a small giggle at the failed attempt to attack her. The knight looks at its blade as if it contains the answer as to why it can't harm the little girl in front of it, before going into a t-pose and tipping itself, one hand near the floor and lifting the blade to the platform. Immediately the small spiders and large golems start climbing it frame, getting a ramp directly in front of the girl. A spider climbs up the arm and reaches the ledge, it leaps at Fionna only to get cut down by the girl. Immediately reinforcement follows it and the young heroine gets swarmed by forces, causing her to just wildly swing her sword, no tactic or skill needed as no matter what she will always hit something in every single one of her swings.

Cake meanwhile was still struggling with the wizard, her enlarged form wrestling with its staff, keeping it from using any spells. Except when it lifts a single finger and shoots a spell anyways, releasing a ice serpent that slivered down Cakes arm. Immediately Cake scream, lets go, and starts clawing at the snake as it starts wrapping around her arm. Eventually it starts crushing her arm, but she shrinks that arm alone and use her other hand to wrap around its head before smashing around, the ice creature smashing into pieces. "Whew! Wait, what was I doing?" She turns around to look at the wizard to suddenly ducks as a massive ice chunk flies past her, slamming into the wall that Huntress barely dodges as a icicle flies above her. Cake looks at the wizard, running at it, "I thought you can't do spells without your staff?!" Said staff gets smacked on top of her head, before she gets booted down the stairs. A voice fills her ears that echoes, dark and old,

"The staff focuses a wizards powers, it does not limit one." Before it aims a staff back at her, a arrow suddenly pings of its skeletal head. After a second of processing, it looks at Huntress who was still running. Shrugging at the pathetic attack, it runs back at the Cake, to get a enlarged fist to the face. Neither move, the wizard doesn't even flinch. Just stands there with a fist to the face, and after a second Cake retracts her fist shaking her hand with pain.

"Ow! Owowowowow!" She shouts, doing a little dance in pain. The wizard slams the staff on the ground and all around him a blizzard forms, icicles raging around its form. Cake just stares at it, the wizard slowly moving towards her, and the blizzard consequently following it as it slowly approaches her. Cake just stretches a arm around the ice chunk that was shot at her, and swinging it back at the wizard. The block smashes into the wizard ruining its concentration on the spell and halting the blizzard, however, it remains uninjured.

Huntress dodges another icicle attack, watching how the sisters could not injure the bosses. 'These guys got to have a weakness...' She thinks examining the sniper. Nothing sticks out at all, no obvious chinks in its armour, causing the expert hunter to squint in annoyance 'Everything can be hunted, you just need to find out how...' She turns her gaze to the room, thinking that just like the first boss they have a summoning stone hidden somewhere. She looks over the walls for any more hollow areas. All solid. She looks at the decoration and rooms lighting to see if they're hidden or in disguise. Nothing. She shoots three arrows at some golems attacking Fionna, the arrows piercing their heads with deadly precision before returning back to their mistress. Fionna continues her struggles against the horde swarming her. Suddenly a massive golem charges her, decked out in spikey ice gear and a mace in hand. He slams his weapon at her head, missing by a inch. Fionna quickly retaliates by charging forward and impaling the ice persons heart, his armour doing little to protect him against her strength. She yanks her sword out a second later, allowing his dead body to fall into a pile of snow. And a ball. Fionna quickly grabs it and runs as she looks it over. It wasn't a summoning stone, unless it was different type from the one they used against the first boss. She looks to the still running Huntress who was barraging the sniper with arrows, prodding every hole for a weakness, even using her telekinesis powers to shove a icicle back up the guns barrel to jam it, but it continues to fire just fine. "Huntress! Have a look at this!" She shouts gaining the wizard's attention, before lobbing the orb to her. Huntress jumps into the air, dodging another icicle, launches three arrows to kill some spiders about to attack Fionna, and grabs the ball from the air, all at the same time. Landing with ball in hand she uses two arrows to clear some golems that were about to punch her before continuing her unpredictable sprint, dodging an icicle as she examines the magical object in her hands. Using her huntress vision, she sees that it is filled to the brim with magic. She examines the room once more. And notices that the three platforms in the middle of the room share the same energy signature.

"I think its got something to do with the middle platforms, keep them off me while I look!" She orders, changing her course to head toward the floating platforms.

"On it!" Cake shouts, enlarging her self and wrapping one arm around the wizard's eyes, and the other around the sniper's, blinding them both. She struggles against their thrashing, their cold sharp bone hands clawing at her, causing her to release a cry of warning, "Hurry!" Huntress only nods and jumps onto the middle platforms. Quickly she notices a hole in the middle of the platform. Hovering the orb over it reveals they are of the same size. She immediately puts it all together and pushes the orb into the hole, however, it gets stuck in its very tight fit. Angrily, she stands and stomps on it, pushing it in completely. Immediately a bright flash blinds her and a hissing sound fills her ears, it only lasts a second however. Looking down she sees the platform is glowing, and the orb is now gone.

"The orb did something, but what I can't tell!" She shouts, and looks at the bosses. They don't look or act any different. She shoots a arrow at the knight, just to watch it ping off. She looks at the other platforms for answers, and spots the other two also have holes, "But we need more orbs! Fionna! How did you get one!?"

"I just killed some armoured golem and it dropped it." Fionna says, noticing the knight was still acting like a ramp to help get the ice creatures up. A cry of pain gets their attention, and they snap their heads towards Cake who just let go of the other bosses, shallow cuts covering her body. As the mage swings its staff to unleash a spell on the injured cat, she shrinks down to the size of a bird, a deadly cone blast of icicles striking where she just was. Cake runs at the mage and slips under his robe, causing the mage to do a little stomp dance in a attempt to squish her, until she pops out on the other side a second later, getting skimmed by the sniper's icicle shot. She runs to the duo panting, and they join her in running around randomly as all three bosses attack them, the knight just swinging its sword in the air trying to hit them.

"Sorry guys, but I weren't able to hold those two back anymore."

"Its alright, cause we got a plan." Huntress says, ducking her head to dodge a icicle, 'That sniper really hates me'.

"We do?" Fionna asks, making the sisters focus on the wizard for an answer.

"Yes, we do. Me and Cake are going to distract those two-" She points to the wizard and sniper still on the platform, "While you sit on the second level killing everything until another golem appears."

"What do I do with the orb?" Fionna asks as she stabs a spider.

"Bring it to the middle platforms, then smash it into a hole in the non-glowing platforms." A nod from the hero was Huntress's reply, and they all immediately split up to do their duties. Cake stretches across the room and grabs the wizard, wrapping it up. Huntress jumps onto the knights head to give herself a boost to jump at the sniper, a icicle flying between her legs, making her glad she was not a guy. The knight reaches its shield arm to try and swat her, but gets distracted when Fionna chops at its head.

"Focus on me, dingus!" She taunts, leaping off as the knight goes to squish her with its sword hand, before it turns and follows her as she jumps onto the second platform. It quickly goes back into being a living ramp, unleashing the forces of the ice kingdom on the twelve year old girl. And she shows them no mercy, destroying everything that comes at her.

Huntress meanwhile was dealing with the sniper, "You know, for having a giant sniper as a weapon, you have terrible aim." Huntress mocks, earning the ice warriors anger. Its response was a icicle piercing the air above her, Huntress ducking at the last second before charging at the ranged warrior. Launching a arrow, it simply pings off its skull. She gets in close, and the sniper rears its left arm back and throws a punch. Huntress slides, the ice fist skinning by her head, and slamming into the ground behind her hard enough to shake the ground. Huntress gets up, and runs between the ice warrior's legs before spinning and turning what remains of her cape into vines once more. The boss rises to turn to her, but vines wrapping around its eyes cancels its plans. It reaches behind it and grabs the vines and yanks, pulling Huntress along with it. It goes to spin her, but she lets go before it can, landing on the snipers back she immediately starts scaling its body, making the giant skeleton start trying to slap her off, but she just swings around its body to evade.

Simultaneously, Cake was evading a massive swirling vortex of ice that screams by her while stretching an arm at the wizard that wraps around it and throws it into the air. It does not fall, however, it hovers into the air before pointing the ice staff at the ground. And ice meteors rain down from above it, bombarding Cake. A cloud of flung up snow and broken ice obscures its vision of the stretchy feline, and after a few seconds of no movement or noise it turns its gaze to its struggling sniper ally, and raises a staff once more. When its face is suddenly wrapped up in fur, throwing its aim off in surprise and shoots a icicle bolt at a wall. It raises a skeletal hand and grabs Cake and throws her off, only for her to stretch back on mid-air, blinding it again, "You can't get rid of me that easy freak!" She shouts to edge its anger.

Fionna still mops up the swarms by blindly swing her sword, when a she spots it. The armoured golem. It was the same as before, and was charging at her mace high. She runs at it madly, sword held high, when she remembers what Finn had taught her. She skids to a halt, and watches it approach. She can hear more golems behind her closing in 'Adapt my attacks to a situation?...' She glances back at the spiders to judge their distance, and decides to take a single step forward. A sandwich situation was slowly closing in on the girl. When the golems behind her are just about to slam her, she suddenly does a spin, sword held out. The two golems behind her get cut in half. The special golem was about to mace her. She then uses her momentum from her swing to continue the spin, causing her to side step out of harms way. Then her sword goes low, under his arms, before rising back up. In a single smooth movement, she cut the two golems behind her, and just 'disarmed' the target. Its arms fall to the floor, he looks down in shock. And gets a sword to the face. He collapses into a snow pile, a orb just like before in the middle of it.

Fionna scoops it up and starts her mad sprint to the middle platforms, wildly swing her sword and cutting down all who gets in her way. Eventually she reaches the closest point to the platform. She judges the distance, takes a few steps back, and runs, jumping at the very last second. After a second of air time, she lands on the platform, face planting, but quickly gets up as if nothing happened. She looks down on the platform she is standing on, and quickly finds the hole she is meant to shove the orb. Shoving it inside, she quickly reaches the same problem as Huntress, and that it did not want to fit. "AAAAHHH!" she does what ever she does whenever she meets a problem. With violence. She slams the butt of her sword on it, giving it the push it needed to squeeze inside. A bright flash and hissing sound signals her success, making her smile.

"Great, just one more!" Cake shouters to encourage the team, not that Huntress needs it as she still silently distracted the sniper, now covering its eyes with her hands. Fionna nods in reply and looks back down at the horde. And spots the special golem, it was standing underneath the knight, surrounded by more golems. She just sprint jumps off the platform, uncaring for a plan. Flying towards the ground several golems raise their arms to catch the flying girl, what she uses that to her advantage. Stepping on their open hands, ready to grab her, she uses them as a platform to launch herself up once more, sword ready to stab. She falls, and using the special golem as a cushion she stabs its head and rides its body down as it disintegrates into a snow cloud and the important orb. She grabs the orb in one hand and tucks it in her arm, using her other arm to point her sword at the foes completely surrounding her. She feels the ground shake a little as the massive knight stands back up behind her. She just screams a war cry and charges away from the knight, through the horde of foes, stabbing, cutting, chopping, dissecting, any move that would kill. She eventually appears on the other side but does not stop, continuing her escape. Behind her the knight follows, crushing the other ice beings under its massive feet. Sword held high, it releases a monstrous roar, before it slams the sword down once outside the horde. The whole room shakes, startling the other girls as they look at the hero in worry. Fionna being near the epicentre was sent airborne, the sword just inches behind her. The ball flies from her grip as her body goes ragdoll, and hits the floor, bounces, before rolling away. Fionna hits the ground hard, not enough to injure her but more than enough to stun her in pain. She lies limp on the floor, face down. Cake doesn't even think and charges at the knight who hurt her sister. Said knight pulls its ice sword from the ground and raises it high, plans of execution soaring throughout its mind.

Cake slams into it, with enough force to send them sprawling onto the floor. She slashed at it, not doing any damage, but its basic mind still makes it focus on halting the barrage. Fionna groans as she slowly gets up onto her knees holding a hand to her head, her mind temporarily scrambled from the impact. But a quick look around fixes that. Huntress's shouts fill her ear, "Fionna!" The girl looks up at her as she frantically tries to distract both the sniper and the wizard, ice spells filling the air space where her body was not. "Get the orb to the platform!" Huntress grimaces as a icicle cuts her hip in a barely dodged attack. Fionna only nods, and after a second of searching finds it protected by spiders who were wrapping it up in silk that quickly froze and become solid. She grabs her sword from its resting spot on the floor, rises up, and charges forward with the fire of determination raging in her eyes. A golem runs at her from the side and raises its arm to halt her charge, but Fionna ends the plan with a slice, cutting it in half, before continuing her charge. The spiders were now pulling the wrapped up orb up the wall, and if continue far enough, out of her reach. She cannot afford to waste any time. More spiders swarm at her fangs bared. She doesn't even swing he sword, deciding to stomp on them in her charge. The spiders continue to pull it higher, but its too late, Fionna has reached them. She drives her sword into the lead spider, causing the other two spiders to abandon their plan. Fionna actually head-butts one of them as it leaps out at her sending it against the wall, before pulling out her sword out of the wall. Its friend gets chopped in half, its bisected body splitting and flopping to the ground. Fionna simply stabs the one she head-butted as it recovers. Grabbing the wrapped up ball, she takes a few steps back before lobbing it at the wall. It smashes against the wall, the frozen web smashing like glass. Grabbing the still intact orb, she grabs it and starts a run towards the middle platform. Running between foes, she eventually reaches the closest edge and springs into the air. A second later, she lands on the platform, eyes the hole before shoving the orb inside. As expected, it gets stuck, so she cups her hands together, stretches them out, them hammers them down, smashing the ball inside. The bright flash and hiss returns once more, before disappearing. And still nothing noticeable happens to the bosses. Confused, Fionna shouts to the still running Huntress Wizard who just ducked to avoid getting kicked.

"Now what!?" After a moment of dodging she gets a reply,

"I'm not sure-" She cuts herself off as the platform Fionna was standing on suddenly glows, but that is all. Startled, Fionna leaps off, and it returns back to its previous state. "... I think we have to stand on it, like some sort of button or pressure plate?" Huntress says, unsure on what to do. Fionna experimentally steps on the platform one more, and once again after a few seconds it starts to glow once more.

"Cake! Get up here!" Fionna calls down to her sister. Cake stops her wrestle with the giant knight who was still on the ground, before it promptly shield bashes her off and into the air. Using it to her advantage Cake uses the momentum to carry her up before stretching onto the left platform, Fionna on the right, and her platform quickly joins her sister's in glowing. All that is needed is someone to stand on the centre platform. Huntress huffs, before back flipping away from the two bosses as they shot a volley of spells at her. She runs up to the second floor and shifts into a bird, and takes flight. The incoming second ice barrage misses her small form and obliterates all the fodder foes on the second floor. She lands on the platform and shifts back. And then she realises that they couldn't really dodge and spell or shot. Thinking fast, she turns what little remains of her cape into a wooden vines in her hands. And makes them grow. They quickly expand to cover the group, making a giant rectangular shield for them to hide behind. Spells and high speed icicles smash into the shield, making her grunt with effort and pain 'Just keep the shield up for a second more...' And her platform lights up. Immediately a deep roar fills the air and she drops the shield. However, the wizard and sniper just keep firing, making them abandon ship and vault of the platforms. And it was then that Huntress spots the knight on the floor, resting on one knee. "Attack the knight!" She alerts the sisters. The snap their heads to the weakened warrior, and quickly converge on it, sword, arrows, and claws unleashed.

The knight looks up. To get sword to the face. And unlike before it does not bounce of pathetically, instead piercing straight through its skeletal head and popping out on the other side, before the sword is pulled back out and then repeated. Cake's claws join in on the action, racking her claws at its spine, removing hefty chunks. Huntress does a simple arm motion, and three arrows pierces its chest, causing its armour to shatter and ribs to crumble as they fly straight through, then looping around and striking again. Suddenly the knight releases a deep war cry, and starts swinging its arm to defend itself. The sisters jump off to avoid getting swatted, and Huntress arrows get blocked by it raising its shield. Huntress scowls. 'These guys are annoying'.

Finn's blade and Ice Queen's claws clash one more, another terrible screech as ice meets ice fills the air. Pushing each other back, they take a second to analyse each other. Before moving in once more. Finn charges at the flying woman, and IQ flies higher while raising a hand to shoot a solid beam at Finn, who starts dodging, stopping, jumping, ducking, anything to make himself as hard as possible to predict and hit. Ice Queen releases a groan of annoyance at being unable to strike her crush down, and watches as he slowly approaches her. Suddenly he lobs his sword like before, making her attention focus on preventing herself on getting impaled. She stops her beam and raises her hand to create a shield, the sword striking then ricocheting off. She lowers the shield for the actually pleasant sight of Finn's face. Flying at her. He smashes into her, wraps his arms around her waist, and brings them both out of the sky. The collide with the ground with grunts of pain but neither are stunned. Ice Queen immediately goes to grab Finn to freeze him, but he predicted this move and snatches her arms before they could touch him. She struggles to resist, but Finn was simply put too strong. "How long are we going to do this?" He asks, knowing that she'll break free any second now and then they will do the same dance as before.

"Until either of us give up." She answers, the tip of her fingers lighting up with magic. Finn prepares to leap away when surprisingly she aims away from him. Confused, he looks at where she just directed the crown's powers. The ice magic hits the floor, and two golems rise. "Attack him.' She orders, causing Finn to immediately jumps of IQ as they charge at him. Scanning the floor for his blade, he finds it a few feet away. He leaps at it, clutching it in his right hand before spinning around, using the momentum to slice a golem in half, he then turns and stabs at the other golem's head, ending it as well. He then snaps to where he last saw Ice Queen, and finds her not there. He searches around the room, not finding her at all. Until it dawns on him to look up. Doing so, he spots her floating above, chanting some magic into a sphere. A second later a bright light blinds him, making him cover his eyes with his arm to defend himself from going blind. A second later, he lowers them to spot Ice Queen floating above some ice skeleton the size of a person in a dress. Raising a eyebrow, he shows his confusion. "Say hello to the winter wraith, I would use more summoning stones to make it stronger, but I don't have the luxury of time right now." Ice Queen says, tucking the orb under her arm. Finn looks down from her and towards WW, and actually waves at. And just as surprising it waves back. "Didn't think you would actually greet it, but eh. Now: Attack him." She orders, and the spirit raises a arm and unleashes its freezing beam. It was thinner than Ice Queen's, but it most probably something he did not want to touch, so rolls away from the attack by it follows him. Getting up he runs in reverse spiral, its centre being the wraith. Quickly approaching the winter wraith, he slices its head clean off. Looking back, he watches as it reattaches itself, much to his shock and slight worry. 'Ok, how do I beat this guy?' He asks himself, starting to observe it he continues to dodge any attack, when Ice Queen decides she had enough fun watching from the side-lines, and joins back in on attacking Finn. Finn ducks a ice beam from WW as it sweeps across the area in a vain attempt to hit him. However, Ice Queen launches down a icicle. And strikes Finn's legs. Both his legs become entombed in solid ice, making him trip and fall face first. He quickly flips himself over to see more spells going his way, causing him to shove himself away, using the ice as a makeshift, awkward sledge. Sliding to a halt, he quickly activates his arm drill mode. It was designed for rock, ice was no problem for it. Drilling straight down the middle he separates his legs, before rolling to dodge more attacks. He then lifts his legs up, almost doing a hand stand, before slamming them back down, causing the weak ice around them to shatter, freeing him from his imprisonment. Standing on his feet, he looks at the spirit, 'If I can't hurt it...' He looks at the flying Ice Queen, '... then I must take down the summoner' Finn decides, charging forward once more, his goal: Ice Queen. The said woman was currently raising her hands, shooting out shots that were summoning more ice creatures. In front of Finn: five golems, one spirit, two spiders, and a mage stands between him and his objective. Poor them. Finn watches the golems just blindly running at him, and counters by simply running by them. The slow, confused golems watch him as he sprints on by, only one sticks their arm out to try to stop him, but that just gets vaulted over by the agile hero. Finn continues his charge, and the spirit gives one of its own. Finn simply sticks his sword out like a spear, and the spirit has no time to react as it gets impaled, instantly dying and imploding into a white mist. The spiders leap at him, and Finn simply ducks, allowing them to fly harmlessly over his head. The wizard flings his arm out, some spell forming in his hand, and a second later a gout of ice shoots out. Finn runs to the right of it at the last second, using the snow as a smokescreen, the wizard only has a second to respond. Finn's sword chops down and goes straight through its arms, removing its spell creating capabilities, then flicks back up to remove the wizards head off completely. Finn focuses back on the Queen, and she returns the look of analysing determination with a grin. Finn rushes forward, having to duck from a beam from the winter wraith as it sweeps across in a attempt to freeze Finn's head, then he frantically dodges right to dodge a massive ice spell slamming right where he was, encasing the area in a massive block of ice. Finn then continues his rapid approach to Ice Queen, causing her to fly higher, way out of Finn's reach. Finn only frowns, 'How to receive reach her... Time for thee old faithful' Finn thinks, lobbing his sword at her. Ice Queen reacts as expected, raising a shield. His sword strikes it, causing Ice Queen to sigh, "Finn, I really thought you would be smarter. Why don't you-" She cuts herself off as she dismisses the shield, Finn's sword clattering to the ground. The boy himself was surprisingly not in front of her, but instead the winters wraith. Actually on top of the winter wraith. And it is charging up a mouth blast. At the last second, Finn flips off, the shot missing him. And aiming directly at Ice Queen. The blast slams into her before she could even react, knocking her out of the sky. She releases a scream and hits the ground, then snaps her head up and looks at the wraith, "You idiot!" What actually makes it shrink back. Ice Queen then looks at Finn, who was making a bee line straight for her. With a panicked expression she pushes herself away and up into the air. She summons the ice claws, expecting Finn to jump on her. Instead he runs underneath her, not even attempting to attack her. Confused, she looks down at him.

"I guessing this is important?" He asks analysing the summoning orb in his hand. He then looks up at her, seeing she was too high for him to reach her, so he using the moment of stunned surprise she was suffering from to lob it at her. The ball flying at her snaps her out of her stupor, causing her to panic and raise a shield. Only for the orb to completely and utterly smash it. And to continue on as well, smashing the ice protecting the crown before ricocheting away, bouncing somewhere else, no one focusing on it. Ice Queen's eye widen in shock, Finn sharing the expression as they look at her exposed tiara. Before it twists into a grin, "So I can use that stone to destroy your ice?" He asks, already knowing the answer as a plan fills his head.

"N-No!" Immediately Ice Queen and the winter wraith attack, unleashing winter wrath with a barrage of ice spells at Finn. Ice Queen pauses a second later to refreeze her tiara in ice, something that Finn notices, 'So if she can just refreeze her tiara that quickly, then I need to smash that ice and grab that tiara before she can cover it again'. Finn leaps away from the spells as they cover where he standing in a thick layer of ice, and starts heading to where the ball landed. Ice Queen immediately sweeps at him, claws ready. Finn counters with a sword swipe, the two attacks clashing with enough force that it actually pushes each other away. But they just leap back at each other. They're blade and claws meet again, with Ice Queen twisting one set of claws to lock Finn's sword in place, jamming them together and removing Finn's sword. Then she removes her second set of claws and instead prepares a spell, but Finn simply boots himself away, abandoning his sword in the claws of the Ice Queen. Finn slides to a halt. And gets hit with two freezing beams. The winter wraith stops the beams from its hands upon seeing it success. It simply did what it should of done at the start and sweep one beam from the left and the other from the right, one high one low. Ice Queen smiles and looks at the skeleton in a dress,

"Good work." She looks at the frozen Finn, who was completely encased in ice except his hands and face, and he can't even move them. "And as for you, my knight." She glides over to him, who starts to struggle, that being his hands flaying uselessly, 'I can't even turn my face!' He looks around, trying his best to find a escape route, a way to break free. "I think, I earned my reward." She puts two hands on Finn's cheeks, cupping his face as hers slowly move in. Finn can do nothing by watch as Ice Queen slowly approaches, her eyes close and lips puckered. 'Come on! There's got to be a way-' His thoughts halt.

They were kissing. Finn's eyes widen, why Ice Queen's remain closed tight, her tongue prodding, then forcing its way into Finn's mouth. He does not respond at all, his tongue does not move, he does not make a noise, freezing up at the situation. After a few seconds, she parts, a string of saliva connect the two of them, proof of the act just happened. "... Sorry for stealing a kiss, but I've been waiting for the opportunity to do that." She says smiling, however, Finn was not.

"What the Glob!" He shouts, shocking her. "You know I've got a girlfriend! You know I'm not going to cheat on her!" He shouts, as he slowly leans back. Turns out the kiss that Ice Queen had leant into had tipped the block he was in, and her jerk back at getting yelled out pushed him even more. A second later, he falls and hits the floor, causing the ice to crack, allowing him in turn to break through sheer force alone. Her eyes widen.

"I... I just wanted to kiss you! It just came over me!" She replies startled, realising she just gone messed everything up, 'Please don't be mad at me... You were the first person not to hate me, I can take anyone else’s hate, just not yours...' She looks down, unsure on what she is meant to say or do to keep the only person who had even tolerated and trusted her from just out right hating her. "I... overstepped by bounds." She looks up to continue to apologise, just in time to see him start to sprint, a icicle flying over his head.

"We'll talk about this later..." Finn says, slowly calming down. His attention more focused on the winter wraith that was now trying to freeze him again. Ice Queen debates whether or not to just call the fight off, but decides against it with a sigh, 'This will most probably vent off his anger, and if he beats me then he can say he got his revenge... and I got my kiss...' Ice Queen thinks, guilt now filling her mind. She shakes it off, focusing on the fight, hoping it will distract her. She cringes 'I most probably just destroyed my chances'.

Finn rushes to the orb, the winter wraith showing no mercy to the hero of OOO as spells fly over his head and barely skim by him. Suddenly more spells fill the air from another direction, that strike the ground in front of him, summoning four ice serpents and a giant bird that, surprise, is made of ice. 'So Ice Queen is back in the game... Good' As much as Finn hates to admit it, he is a bit of a softy. He gave Fern many chances to atone, he held no grudges over Marceline kicking him out of the tree house twice or the pranks she did, nor for Flame Princess when she started burning the tree house down when he first met her. He can't hold grudges for the life of him, and he knows it. Focusing back on the fight, he swings his sword- 'Shoot!' Finn snaps his head around and looks behind him, there it was, laying on the floor, abandoned in his hurry to forget what just happened. He judges its distance and how many spells are flying at him. A icicle skims by his head. 'Too far...' He concludes, then taps his robot arm twice, the display appearing, and weed whacker mode was selected, much to Finn's discomfort. He looks at the group in front of him, sighs, and quickly presses his arm into the skull of a snake. It doesn't even last a second. Immediately it gets shredded, collapsing into a pile of ice shards. Finn runs at the next one, the serpent hisses and leaps into the air, causing Finn to evade to his left. As it flies by his head, he sweeps his arm out sideways, and cuts directly into its body as it too like its predecessor immediately crumbles under the spinning death machine. Its ice pile hits the floor as Finn charges on uncaring about its demise, and actually stomps on the head of the next one before bringing his makeshift weapon down on its body, cleaving it in half. Looking at the wraith and the Queen, Finn watches as more icicles and ice beams come for him. Putting the dealing with the summons on hold, he focuses on the spells, and hits the floor to avoid a icicle aiming for his chest. He quickly gets up, and watches as the wraith attempt its previous tactic again, two beams closing on him at one high and one low. Quickly looking them over, he simply shrugs and runs at the high beam. As he approaches he chucks his legs forward and bends his back backwards, sliding under the beam. Using what remains of his momentum, he springs up, turns, and vaults over the low beam. Smiling he looks at the wraith, only to be forced to leap himself to safety as a cone of icicles engulf where he was just standing. Getting up, he runs once more, doing zigzagging leaps to avoid spinning vortexes of ice that Ice Queen was sending out. One slams into a ice snake, freezing it in ice, but since it was also made of ice, they simply just merge to make a giant ice cube. All that was left was the big bird. It was just a tad smaller than The Morrow, and was swooping around in the air. Finn squints, watching, waiting for it to make a swoop at his head or dive bomb him. And surely enough, on one of its loops, it silently changes direction, making a undeviating line for Finn, who waits for its approach. With a war cry, he jumps up into the air arm held high, the bird opening its claws to clasp Finn. They grab hold of his body, ice claws wrapping around him and crush, while Finn brings his arm down, cutting directly into its chest. It squawks in pain but does not let go, only tightening its vice grip, causing Finn to grunt in pain. He looks to his left, and sees Ice Queen raising her hand to shoot another ice beam. Thinking fast, Finn pulls the saw out, and cuts its right wing, making it fall left. Ice Queen's beam slams into its back before it could even hit the floor, encasing its entire main body in ice. Finn quickly changes his arm to drill mode and breaks himself free from his talon prison. Getting up, Finn runs to the summoning stone, only stopping to late a cone of icicles pound in front of him. Grabbing it, he heaves it up, and holds it tight in his hands. And spots a icicle coming for him. Thinking fast he lifts the orb up as a shield. 'It destroyed her other ice, it should stop this' The icicle slams into it, and a second later it starts glowing, much to Finn's confusion. The winter wraith, however, actually screeches that was so loud that it actually makes Finn flinch in pain, before suddenly charging at Finn, skeletal hands outstretched to strangle Finn. "This has worked on spells so far..." He mutters to him self, and heaves the glowing sphere up above his head, and as the WW approaches, slams it down on its head with enough speed and force that it actually smashes its heads into the ground before the orb could do anything. A second later a bright flash blinds him, causing him to back up and cover his hands with his arms. Once he can see again, he looks down at the snow pile that was the winter wraith. And the lack of orb, "I needed that." He states, before looking up at Ice Queen as she creates a solid ice wall like when they were fighting the army, just without the spikes. With a arm thrust, they speed towards Finn, causing him to sigh, "Time for a new plan..." With that note to himself, he sprints at the incoming wall and vaults over it, and towards his sword to continue the fight with the Queen.

Fionna jumps off the second platform, and a second of falling later, stabs the ice knight in the back, causing it to stop its attack on Cake who was giant and was wrestling with it to keep its sword and shield distracted. It reaches up to get the young girl of its back, but fails due to three arrows destroying its sword arm, the giant blade falling to the floor. Huntress recalls her arrows to her and magically puts them in her quiver, before climbing up and joining Fionna on its back. From there, they starts attacking its head and neck, Fionna brutally smashing and cutting chunks off, while Huntress uses two arrows to pierce its neck, the two arrows flying in opposite directions like a saw. Any retaliation is prevented by Cake, who had stretched one of her arms around the knight, pinning its shield to its side. Her other arm she uses as a whip and swings it at the sniper and wizard, causing them both to miss their attacks in a attempt to help their ally.

Suddenly, the ice knight freezes up, and a second later crumble into a large pile of ice chunks. It was dead. Fionna and pull herself out of the pile, Huntress landing away a bit, having the ability and reaction speed to jump off in time. They all now focus on the other bosses, who fire icicles at them, causing them all to jump away. "Now what?" Fionna asks, while the knight was dead, the others didn't show any weakness. And that’s exactly the moment the dead knight's remains started to vibrate. A second later, they suddenly fly towards the other bosses, and starts to attack to them. The shield flies towards the sniper and impales itself on the ground, the sniper lowering its ice weapon comfortably on top with its new cover and resting spot for its gun. The sword flies towards the wizard, who holds out his staff. The sword hits, and then merges with it, creating a half-blade, half-staff hybrid. The rest of the ice starts covering their bodies, bulking them up and make their armour even tougher. A flash happens above them, making the group stop to look up at the three platforms. They have loss their glow, then fall to floor, shattering to pieces as more fodder enters the room. Huntress glances back to the bosses and ducks as a icicle flies for her head, barely missing her. It makes them all look at the buffed bosses and promptly scram when a tornado made of ice tears down the room, a gift from the mage. Once it passes, Huntress peeks back out, and spots the sniper on its knees before it then recovers, the wizard being the only one with a raised weapon. 'That icicle was from the wizard then, and the sniper was down on its knees like the knight... the wizard was trying to trick us in thinking the sniper was alright' She turns to the sisters on the other side of the room, sighs and begins a mad sprint across the room. Ice spells fly over her, suddenly having to halt as a icicle would flies right where she was, the sniper aim improving with something to rest the long gun on. She continues her sprint across the room, vaulting over a golem that got in her way and shooting of three arrows to kill it and its two spider friends. Landing, she realises that she has reached the sisters, who were looking up at Huntress Wizard in amazement.

"That first icicle was from the wizard to trick us into thinking the sniper was fine, but it's actually weakened. Got a plan to deal with the sniper? That wizard is going to be a pain." Huntress says, the sisters nodding in agreement.

"How about I distract the wizard, while you guys deal with the sniper?" A massive thud hits the floor next to them, causing the sisters to flinch and look in worry, while Huntress remains fixated on the sisters, uncaring for the massive ice ball now resting next to them.

"Like I said, that wizard will be a problem, especially if we can't even get over there to kill the sniper." Huntress says, jerking her farm behind her towards the bosses.

"Erm... can you kill the sniper from here? Like a long range battle?" Fionna asks, scratching her head as she tries to think Huntress actually takes this into serous consideration, and after a second of thinking pokes her head out, then snaps it back behind cover as a ice vortex flies by, like a turtle retreating back into its shell.

"Not with that wizard having me pinned." She answers, causing Cake to look down in thought. A second later a spider jumps down on them, causing the whole group to attack. Poor thing didn't even last a second. That done, they go back to planning, aware of the sounds of more ice foes slowly marching towards them. Cake looks back up at Huntress.

"That wizard hates me, if I run to the other side, it should focus on me and not you." Huntress takes the suggestion in, processing it, before making a plan. She looks at Cake and nods, "Do it, but don't get reckless." She says, Cake nodding, "I mean it, I know what your counterpart is like at just jumping at things and making conclusions." Cake sighs. That said, Huntress nods and looks at Fionna. "I need you to keep the ice dinguses off me, can you do that?" Fionna Immediately whips her sword out and wields it in both hands.

"Of course!"

"Then keep them off my back." She orders the young girl, who immediately stands ready to cut anything that attacks Huntress. Cake warms her muscles up by stretching, then begins truly stretching. She springs out of their little cover and across the room, and the sniper and wizard waste no time in locking on her. She almost dances across the room with how many spins, sudden halts, and jumps she had to do to avoid getting harmed, with appropriate cries of fear when it was closer than she would like. At the last stretch of the run to cross the room, she finishes her dance with danger by leaping into cover. There, she sits on her butt and wipes her forehead of sweat, ice spells from the bosses pounding against and around her cover. Huntress nods, both in acceptance of the position Cake was in, and that she made it there safe. After waiting a second for the lazy feline to recover, she signals her to get ready by simply pointing up, "I'm about to shoot, get ready." What earns a exhausted groan but Cake gets ready. Huntress pops her head up, and a second later Cake does as well. Due to some unexplainable personal grudges, the sniper abandons attacking Cake in favour of targeting of the now exposed Huntress who was staring her down arrows levitating behind her. The wizard continues the barrage on Cake, who was standing in the open, hands relaxed behind her head and eyes closed to insult the wizard, who promptly launches a ice vortex at her. Cake stretches a leg a few meters away, then brings herself to it as the vortex comes close to hitting her. She shape shifts a hole in her head to dodge a icicle, then tiny to evade a wave of sharp ice.

"Come on, I thought you would actually be deadly, but your missing more than guys do with hints." Cake mocks and ducks from a icicle. Huntress and the sniper stare each other down, squinted eyes clash with eye-less sockets. Suddenly Huntress strikes first, two arrows fly forth, and the sniper scurries behind its cover. But it forgot that these are magic arrows, controlled by the Huntress Wizard. She doesn't miss. The arrows quickly arch downwards and pierces into its skull from the top, going straight through its skull and out its chest. Huntress calls the arrows back to prevent anything to happen to them, and a golem charges her from behind. And is immediately chopped down by Fionna, her gold sword making quick work of the snow beings stomach. It crumbles into a pile of snow that crumbles over Fionna back, making her shiver but hold firm, staring down the forces slowly walking towards her. She charges forward with a war cry, jumps and violently slams her blade downward, obliterating another snow golem, then swings her sword to the left, cutting a lunging spider in half, before continuing with the motion to spin her self completely around, chopping a head off another golem, then charges forward sword first into another, then stabbing downwards into a spider. Bringing her sword up she sweeps her blade in front of her, cutting down two more golems, before looking around for more. Satisfied at the lack of attackers, she turns back around to return to Huntress's side. And spots a golem about to smash her, Huntress being too busy dodging icicles to notice. Fionna charges madly, and goes to call out the danger, Huntress sidesteps a icicle, it slamming into a wall behind her. Then with a flick of her wrist, one of her five arrows leaves her quiver and impales itself into the golems head.

"I told you to watch my back." What causes the heroine to blush,

"I did..." She mutters, what Fionna hears but ignores, sending out a arrow to counter a icicle, the two projectiles clashing mid air and ricocheting each other, ruining the attacks. Huntress calls all her arrows back, bring the five to float around her form, then thrusting both her arms forward, and the small arrow volley was unleashed, flying towards the sniper in a star formation before tightening the pattern to cause all five arrows to pierce the sniper’s head. It instantly explodes at the force, what proves enough to kill it, evidence by it collapsing into a pile of ice chunks.

"Everything can be hunted, by their will always be a apex predator." Huntress says smugly, the arrows returning into her quiver.

"Mathmatical!" Fionna shouts, pumping her fist in celebration. Cake finally halts her distraction and hides back behind cover, sweating.

"Maybe they were right, maybe I have put on weight?" She asks herself, pinching her hips as she wipes her forehead with the other. A rumbling sound catches all their attention, and they all peek out to watch the ice debris fly from the ground, improving the amour of the mage even more. The shield flies out of the ground and attaches itself on the wizards back, the sniper going on the wizards shoulder and gets thicker and shorter with more ice, turning it into a shoulder canon. Those combined with the armour of two others made the wizard look very bulky, very deadly, and very annoyed. It collapses to its knees a second later. Huntress wastes no time, unleashing all her arrows at the downed wizard. They were about to strike when the shield magically floats of his back and protects the wizard, blocking all the arrows as it floats in the air. The wizard pushes himself up, clutches his half staff/sword in both his hands, bends his knees, and pushes himself up, causing him to float. Huntress squints, her huntress vision scanning the wizard...

"Oh boy."

Well... I reached 100k words, and I've not even set everything up yet. Whoot and other celebration noises. Now, I was meant to end the Ice Queen kidnapping arc this chapter, but I enjoyed writing the boss fights too much XD. So next chapter should wrap this all up. Also don't worry, this won't be a IQxFinn story. Since I get annoyed with myself when I can't thank or respond to some reviews (like guest accounts):

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Chapter Text

"What is it?" Cake asks upon hearing Huntress Wizard mutter her worry.

"Get ready, this guy has been boosted major time." Huntress warns, recalling her arrows from wherever they landed after bouncing off the wizard's shield. Said wizard was staring down at them from its floating position, the skull giving it no emotion but it was definitely creepy.

"How 'boosted' are we talking about?" Fionna asks while clutching her blade tight, preparing herself for whatever this wizard could throw at her.

"Oh very." The wizard spoke, its voice still the old echo version it had before, but two other voices weaved in: a dark and deep almost growl voice, and a cocky young voice. The knight's deep growl, and presumably the sniper's voice that was never spoken. The other warriors were fully combined into the wizard. The group show shock at the wizard speaking to them, before Huntress growls and launches three arrows at speeds that even a enhanced eye could not track, splitting off into three directions and seeking out the wizard. The shield would not be able to block them all. Then they just freeze just before the wizard, who somehow raised its left hand faster the arrows, almost teleporting into position. The sisters blink. First at the realisation that Huntress Wizard had sent out her arrows, then that the wizard had stopped them.

"Wait what?" Was Fionna's confused question at the situation, both events happening too fast for her to process for a second before she shakes her head clear of questions and focusing back onto the fight. Huntress squints as she analysis the wizard, then grunts in effort as she tries pulling her arrows back, only for them to remain frozen in air, not even wiggling a bit. She quickly halts her efforts, 'Those arrows are goners, but I still have my other two' Huntress thinks, floating said arrows, ready to strike the moment the wizards guard goes down. The wizard tilts its head at her seeing her give up on getting her arrows back,

"Meh." It says shrugging its shoulders, then clenching its hand shut and the arrows fizz out of existence. "Well enough messing around, lets fight!" It says, the cocky voice becoming more prominent of the voices. It raises its staff in both hands, floats a meter higher, and them runes and symbols fill the air around the wizard, slowly spinning around it then starts to speed it up. And the sound of something big charging up to fire, like some big machine or rail gun, dominates their ears.

"Get down!" Huntress shouts, shooting out two vines that grip the sisters and brings them with her behind some big cover. The sound stops. Nothing happens. Cake and Fionna peek their heads out to see the wizard still floating there.

"Why?" Cake asks in the silence, not turning away from the wizard. Then their vision of the front half of the room becomes enveloped in bright light. A deafening roar of pure power makes them all cringe and cover their heads for the duration out of instinct. Three seconds later, they all scramble out of their cover to check what just happened and the danger they were in. The middle of the room was gone, only the sliver they were on remains of the back half, and half the ice stage at the front of the room, only standing in the air and not falling to the long fall to the ground below them due to the magic elevator keeping it up. The wizard suddenly shoots higher into the sky, shattering the roof and causing it to smash onto the platform.

"Prepare for judgment of the fires of combat, the warriors of ice judge you for access to the one who summoned us, so don't mess up!" The wizard says, the knight's voice first, wizard second, and sniper's last. The sisters look up wide eyed in disbelief at the amount of power that was before them, while Huntress immediately moves as the wizard points its staff at her and unleashing a thick ice beam at her, its light blue power was bright, not blinding, but still. Huntress sprints, flipping over covers as she tries escaping the beam, it chasing her all the way creating a three meter thick cylinder of ice wherever it touched. The attack snap the sisters out of their stupors and immediately focus on how to deal with the wizard.

Meanwhile Finn stops his clash with Ice Queen as their claws and blade locked again, pushes himself away and halts everything to look at the ceiling and around the room, "... Did you hear that massive crashing sound just now?" He asks both worried of danger, and hopeful that it was the girls busting in to bust him out, though he still has not thought of a way to prevent Ice Queen from doing this again.

"... No?" Was Ice Queen's reply, nervous that he would pick up on her lie as she did indeed hear the noise, but was to be honest a bit scared to investigate it, fearing that her time with Finn was over 'And I still haven't apologized over kissing him, if I don't he might not come back to me!' After a second, Finn shrugs, and they continue the fight.

"Cake, stretch us up!"

"Already on it!" Cake replies to the order before Fionna could even finish it, stretching her top half of her body up to the flying wizard. Fionna grabs onto Cake's back as they quickly approach. And then the shield flies towards them, coming from the side that neither noticed due to being too focused on the wizard. It smashes into them, stunning Cake and sending Fionna flying off her. Cake suffering from a minor concussion falls back towards the ground, the sounds of the world becoming muffled. Slowly, it comes back to her, a voice trying to barge into her head.

"Ca..." 'Huh... sounds like Fionna... I don't want to get up'.

"CAKE!" Her hearing returns to the sound of her sisters cries, startling her back to the world of making sense. She looks to her side and sees her sister falling, holding a hand out to her. Immediately she stretches to her and holds her as she ends their fall. After a second of just resting there, she looks down to the spikes below them. Sighing with relief, she pulls the both of them back over the destroyed room.

"So now what?" Cake asks, genuinely unsure on how to fight the powerful wizard above them as it silently continued its beam barrage on Huntress. "That shield is going to be a problem Fionna, We need to get rid of it but it is indestructible and won't leave its side. How do we beat a immovable object?"

"... What if we just attack it all at once, all in different directions?" Fionna suggests, also watching the wizard in its attacks, now deciding to launch a continuous fore of ice vortexes like a full auto assault rifle that were hitting the ground so hard that it shook the place a little bit.

"I don't know, this wizard is like the last boss, something as simple as that won't work." Cake counters, putting a hand to her chin in thought as Huntress launches a arrow at the wizard only for the shield to block it, the arrow falling uselessly before Huntress summons it back to her.

"True, but you forgot-"

"WILL YOU TWO DO SOMETHING!?" Huntress's shout as she threads-the-needle between two icicles, making them both jump and cringe, before they just settle for just charging in. Cake stretches back up to the wizard as she sends her enlarging fist out to sandwich it and use her head as a platform for Fionna to fight on. Her left fist smashes into the shield as it immediately goes to block her attack, the impact making her flinch in pain but ignores it while letting out a little noise of pain. Her other fist is about to slam into the wizard until it raises its skeletal hand, and the moment the fist collides into its open hand it instantly gets encased in ice.

"AAAHHH!" Cake screams in both pain and fear as she stares at the frozen limb, but does not halt herself or Fionna ridding her. Fionna stands on bent knees with one hand holding onto Cake for support, the other clutching her blade. As they approach, she squints and tightens her form, before leaping off with a cry, sword held high. The wizard turns its head to look at her, and at the last second stops its cruel barrage on Huntress to swing the blade part of its staff at the girl. The blades of blue and gold clash, the force equalling them out for a second making them Fionna rest on her outstretched arms, before the wizards fore overwhelms her and sends her flying. Cake immediately rushes to her, stretching her head into a trampoline that catches then repels her sister away and back at the boss. Fionna swings once more, and once again is countered by the wizard. But before she can fall Cake swoops in underneath her and props herself as a mobile platform. Fionna and the knight stare each other down, waiting for the other to make a move. Suddenly the wizards staff flicks to the side and launches a massive block of ice. Confused, Fionna watches as it collided with one of Huntress's arrows, before focusing on the wizard again. And getting a blade staff to the face, jerking herself backwards negates the damage to a long cut on her cheek that slowly oozed blood. Bringing a hand to touch the wound she flinches at its sting before focusing back on the boss,

"Only losers do distractions!" She shouts angrily at the dirty trick, the wizard remains in its emotionless state however.

"No, only those that wish to survive, to protect what they love and care about, and not fighting just for mindless violence, will do anything to win." Was the wizards response, its old echo voice being more prominent here. Fionna does not reply only gritting her teeth, before swinging at the wizard like crazy. The wizard effortlessly dodges all of them, and after ten seconds finally counters by striking the blade, the parry sending Fionna reeling and full of openings. The wizard goes to exploit it as best as he can by rearing its sword-staff back to impale her on it, when it suddenly spins to unleash a torrent of ice at the ground. The attack blows away more of Huntress’s arrows before smashing before Huntress wizard, who does her best to back flip away. The ice expands and quickly envelope her legs, catching her but her momentum makes her body continue to bend backwards and slam her head into the ice, stunning her for a second before instantly recovering. She scowls up at the floating wizard, who promptly looks away to focus on the recovered sisters. Scoffing, he launches Cake's frozen arm to the ground, making her loose balance as it brought her body down with it. To prevent herself from just tipping over, she follows it down, bringing her and Fionna back into the destroyed boss room. "You see, it has been fun, but I need to kill you now to keep the efficiency that I am well known for-"

"Never heard of you." Huntress cuts his monologue with a monotone tone. The sisters nod in agreement.

"What? You jest right?" The voices of all three being evenly mixed.

"Nope, you not famous dude." Cake answers, causing the wizard to look down at the spikes below before looking back up at the girls.

"Oh well, not that it matters. Back to it, I will kill you now." He finishes, before raising its hands, staff in hand like he is presenting it to some deity. And a charging noise fills the air. Immediately the girls go wide eyed as the same runes and symbols start spinning around it.

"Shoot! What do we do!?" Fionna asks, panicking on the inside 'Nothing we do can hurt it, and its about to instant kill us!' Huntress does not reply, only squinting before lifting herself to get a better view. She watches the wizard conjure up the deadly spell, the runes spinning faster and faster as a bright white orb with lighting arcing from it forms above the wizard . She levitates up a single arrow, aims carefully, rears her arm back, before harshly jutting it forward. Consequently, her arrow shoots off at high speed, straight towards the wizard as she watches the ice shield. It just sits there. Grinning she pushes more magic into her arrow, and watches as it pierces the orb above the wizard. It shatters like glass, the lighting revealing its origin is the centre of the sphere as all electrical arcs snake out from there. Then a moment later, the massive energy blast happens point blank on the wizard. The deathening roar of the spell fills the air, and the spells light causes them all to squint to preserve their eye sight. The wizards form was barley silhouette in the large beam that was white with lighting strikes flooding out of it, and had to be at least two houses wide. After three seconds it all halts, the wizard being still alive though smoking, and drops a few feet from the air before he is able to recover and float back up.

Huntress smiles in victory over the spell, her arrow coming back to her and slotting itself into her quiver after just barely escaping the spell backfiring, then she quickly turns to look at the sisters who were staring at the smoking wizard with black burn marks on its armour. "Fionna! Cake! I need some help." She calls to the girls, the sound of their names being called snapping them out of the stupor. Fionna rushes over to her, and skids to a halt as she looks up at her as she hangs upside by her legs mid-flip.

"How?" Fionna asks, looking at the giant spikey ball of ice she was stuck in, unsure how to reach her.

"Just pass me your sword." What makes Fionna flinch, before looking down at her old trusty blade, gives it a look of longing, then pass it up to Huntress. She grabs it, bends herself to reach her legs, and starts smashing the hilt of the blade against the ice, cracking it before chunks start fall off. After a moment of slow digging, she looks around and find one of ice spikes being in arms reach. Grabbing her sword, she hacks it, grabs it before it can fall with telekinesis, place it against the ice, and starts to continue her efforts of breaking the ice, using the icicle as a chisel. Large chunks of ice rapidly start to fall off, and eventually, Huntress is able to yank her legs out, finishing her flip to land safely. Nodding with approval they look up at the now rapidly recovering wizard, the shield moving to face them, letting them know it is useless to attack it right now.

"So what do we do?" Fionna asks.

"When he is doing that spell, we need to hit that spell orb. I better do it with my arrows, don't want you point blank with that spell." Huntress explains as Cake groups up with them,

"Yeah, but won't it now not do the move?" Cake asks, before the group suddenly start running as the wizard fully recovers, releasing the knight's growl of anger before it shoots of a swarm of ice missiles that quickly start following everyone. They vault over covers and do sharp turns to throw the missiles off, making them hit walls and barricades.

"Don't be fooled, that is still a summon, its not smart, despite what it says." The girls look unsure at that, not wanting to leave their fate, and to a extents Finn's, to something they not sure off. "Think of it like a recording, just because it says smart things, does not mean it is smart." The sisters share a look, before caving in and nodding.

"Right, so how do we do make him do that spell again?" Cake asks, ducking from a icicle.

"That spell must of be draining. Magic is generated by emotions, so we need to anger him." Huntress explains, and they all immediately split up, the wizard focusing its thick ice beam on Cake this time. Fionna climbs onto a barricade, then uses that to jump onto the second level. She then uses her elevation to jump onto Cake as she passes, now free from the wizards aim as it focuses back on Huntress after she launches her two arrows at it, only for the shield to block them. Cake quickly stretches, ascending up into the air and in level with the wizard. Just like before Cake hands flies in to collide with the shield, only this time planned. Her other hand goes in, only this time instead of being caught, the wizard dodges it, the paw flying by. With the limb in front of it, the wizard raises its staff sword to cut the limb off, however, Fionna riding Cake's head is able to rush in time, and swings her blade up to counter the staff. The larger being pushes all its weight and strength down on Fionna, who starts to struggle against the wizard, her form, or lack of one, buckling. However she is saved by Huntress, who uses the moment of struggle as a distraction, and creates a zip line from her some of clothes and wraps it around the wizards neck, chocking it and pulling it back off Fionna. She yanks herself up the line, and quickly finds herself on the wizards back. Converting the vine back into clothes, she stabs her skinning knife into the side of the wizard. The wizard quickly swats her off, but she is caught by Cake's paw now that it was no longer in danger of being cut off. It holds the staff up in both hands, the staff glows, and icicles form a sphere around the wizard. Cake immediately shrinks, bringing the other girls with her in her retreat, and as she does so the icicles shoot out. Due to their distance it was easy for the group to dodge.

"So when do think he'll do the spell?" Cake asks, the wizard pulling the knife out of its neck, looks down at it, then crushes it in its fist. And then it does the spell. It raises its staff, and the symbols and runes return, the deep, powerful sounds of the spell charging floods the air.

"Now." Huntress replies with a tilt of her head. She levitates a arrow and closes a eye, lining up the shot. The white orb with lightning appears and the runes spin faster. 'Glob its like looking at the sun' Huntress thinks as she aims before with a single-arm shove, sends her arrow off. Just like before, it flies by the shield that did not even twitch to stop it. And a second later collides with the orb, shattering it. Another second, and a torrent of raw magic pours down on the wizard. The group just watches the bright light fries the wizard, similar to how a group would watch fireworks. The loud roar of the spell ends just as the attack does as well, and the wizard falls a bit, noticeably further than last time. 'It's weakening' Huntress thinks as the wizard slowly recovers, sending out a arrow to test the shield, what instantly responds and blocks it.

"So what's even going on?" Fionna asks, confused by magic. "That doesn't even look like a ice spell?" She questions.

"The spell is not a ice spell, or any of the elements actually, it is raw, pure magic. That is why hitting it with my arrow makes it blow up in the wizard's face, pure magic is unstable, volatile. Powerful yet uncontrollable. You can only direct it, what gets ruined the moment we shatter the sphere. As for why the shield isn't responding is the power and concentration to do the spell drains everything, including the spell for the shield. That's my guess anyways." Huntress explains, as if they aren't in a battle against a deadly wizard with instant kill spells that it is all to willing to use against them.

The wizard shakes its head free of anymore concussion, and looks down on the group, flips it staff upside down. And rockets down. The group had but a second to both react and move out of the way of the attack, something most mortals can not do. They are no exception. The slam sends the all flying back from the force, making them slam into walls, covers and in Huntress's case, into the ice orb she was originally stuck in. "You're annoying." The wizard says, all voices even in totally agreement. It yanks the staff out off the ground and aims it at Huntress Wizard, who was stunned. She snaps back into reality, right as the spell hits her.

It completely encases her in ice.

"Huntress Wizard!" Fionna shouts in worry scrambling over to the huntress's tomb. The wizard goes to cut her down, but Cake intervenes, a paw on the shield, another on the staff to throw it off course, and her snapping mouth attacking the wizard whenever she was not dodging a spell from the wizard. Fionna puts her hand onto the ice, peering inside. And spots a massive pill shaped wooden shell inside, that retracts back into Huntress's outstretched hands. Looking up, she immediately launches her two arrows through the ice, creating two holes for her to breathe and begin her escape. If her arrows weren't immediately frozen to a wall, the wizard's staff that had escaped the feline quickly getting wrapped back up by Cake's paw, aiming it uselessly up. Fionna, turns from her sister's struggle to look back at Huntress, who was had her palms facing each other, fingers bent, as if she was holding something. She then grimaces, and looks at Fionna and speaks, her voice muffled by the ice.

"I can't summon more arrows, I'm out of magic." Huntress explains to the young girl, 'That's what I get for losing all my energy to a orb, then thinking only a quick nap would recover it all. That wood shell spell was more draining than I thought' Huntress thinks, noticing what she has done wrong to get her self in a weak position, insulting herself all the while.

"What do I do?" Fionna asks, her reply being the recluse of the woods pointing at the wizard. "How do I hurt the boss or interrupt the spell without getting fried?!" Fionna asks desperately, latching onto the ice prison. Any reply goes unheard as she is booted away by the wizard, slamming her into the wall before crumbling to the floor. She quickly gets up to see the wizard looming over her, staff ready to impale her. Cake saves her again, however, swatting the wizard over the head, making it flinch and miss by inches. Fionna quickly jumps onto the wizards face and stabs it, just to get smashed into the wall by a head-butt. It then reaches behind it, grabs Cake's enlarged arm and starts smashing her around like a baby with a toy. Fionna grimaces 'How do I beat this guy without Huntress?'

Finn dodges a burst of icicles from the Queen of ice, and they skim just by his head in his slow advance towards her. Since the orb was smashed, it was back to plan A: wear her out, or just delay her long enough for help to arrive. He comes in close, and she turns her icicle attack into a continuous barrage, accuracy be dammed at such close range. Finn uses his sword defensively, cutting any that are about to hit, and despite the rate they come at him, he is able to keep up. Just meters away from her he jumps up into the air, using his sword as a shield against the icicles that causes it to quickly get coated in a bit thick layer of ice. As he is about to collide into her, she turns off her icicle assault to instead hold them both out in preparation to push him off. They slam into each other, and Finn quickly grabs onto her hands as a leverage. And gives them a loving squeeze.

Ice Queen looks at their linked hands in shock 'Did he just-!?' Finn uses their hands to push his lower half away, thin swings them back in, smashing his feet into her stomach. Her breathe leaves her as she looses focus on flying, the both of them falling the short distance to the ground. Her back slams into the ground, momentum of gravity makes Finn's feet hit her stomach again, the double combo winding her for the second time. In her stunned, gasping form lays on the floor, Finn gets off her and immediately starts smashing the ice covering her crown, each stomp echoing and shaking the room with how hard they were. First stomp the ice crunches. Second stomp cracks it. Third stomp makes the cracks lightning out even more. Fourth stomp makes a huge chunk fall off, revealing a quarter of the crown. Fifth stomp shatters the protective ice completely, revealing the crown. Finn reaches down to pull it off. A spell freezes his entire left side, preventing any movement of reaching any further down. Ice Queen has recovered, and with another spell coming Finn is forced to hop away. He spins on his leg, unsteady being on only one leg, before hoping himself high into the air and falling down on his left side, shattering and freeing him from the ice. He looks up to see Ice Queen has recovered fully, pushing herself into the air as her crown regrows its protection. "Not cool of you to do that Finn, with the hand squeeze." She says magic dropping from her hands. Finn shrugs, guilt lightly etched onto his face.

"Think of it as revenge for the kiss. You don't respect my boundaries, I give you false hope. But I won't do that again, I know what that is like after PB." He says, cringing at his own action now that he realises how messed up it was. "Sorry."

"Apology accepted, now back to fighting!" She shouts and shoots dual ice beams at him, one in a attempt to hit him, the other to create a swarm of more ice beings: three golems, two snakes, and two ice hounds. Finn clutches his blade, smashing it on the floor to free it from the ice, and charges in.

Fionna rolls away from a vortex that was locked onto hunting her down, slowly chasing her down. She finds a massive chunk of ice, and quickly grabs it with both hands, lifting it up with both hands, straining with effort. The orb is quickly approaching, making her frantically lift it above her head and just lobing it at the vortex. Due to its mass, it does not go far. Due to its size, it couldn't miss. Hit slams into the vortex, detonating it. It explodes into a ice sphere, sharp ice points sticking out of it. Its quick expansion displaces air, creating a air wave that slams into Fionna, sending her tumbling to the floor a few feet away. Grunting, she pushes herself up, and looks up at the wizard who was currently in the air again and ripping Cake of it, before slamming her into the ground. Cake lays on her back stunned for a second, then screams and stretches her arms to pull herself away from her landing spot. A moment later the staff sword impales the ground, just barely missing her. She pulls herself over to Fionna, as they both stand up and go to discuss plans when the gun on the wizards shoulder starts firing, massive explosive ice rounds pound after them as they sprint away, the wizard swinging out its staff to swing a ice beam in front and towards them. Cake grabs her sister and stretches over them beam us it sweeps underneath them, creating a path of ice wherever it went. They land on it and start to slide on it, "Whoo!" Fionna shouts enjoying the ride despite the evil wizard attempts to hit her with the shoulder cannon. The slide by Huntress who was just watching from within her prison bored. They slide off the beam's ice path and start running onto the... ice floor... that somehow has normal floor traction?

"We need a plan Fionna, how do we defeat this guy?" Cake asks, ducking from a fan of icicles.

"We've got to anger it! Make it do the spell!" Fionna shouts, eyebrow raised 'She knows this why is she-'

"I mean when we do the spell? so we don't die Fionna?"

"Oh! Err..." Fionna brings her hand up in thought. She was so busy rushing in without thought that she did not think everything through, so use to Gumball making the plans for her. The wizard is of course focusing on them intensely, and overhears the conversation.

"So you have no plan to stop me?" It says with the wizard voice being the most prominent, interrupting their conversation. It knew it had to stop them before they made a plan if it were to defeat them. It halts its attacks to focus it magic, deciding to fly into the air to get out of their reach, "Then let me end this now!" The sniper voice says, then raises its staff, runes symbols filling the air. The sisters immediately becomes scared, looking up at the wizard as it prepares to kill them.

"Fionna we need a plan now!" Cake shouts.

"Err!... Cake stretch us up!" Cake immediately swoops under and lifts Fionna up without question, the duo flying up "Keep us at a safe distance from that spell!" The runes spin faster, and the orb appears in the wizards hands. Fionna squints and grips her sword. She reaches what she thinks is a acceptable distance, and rears her arm back, sword in back. And just lobs it, not that different to how one would throw a stick for a dog. The golden blade flies through the air, spinning as it goes towards it target. Everyone watches it. Despite never doing it before, the blade strikes true, shattering the delicate orb.

And a torrent of pure magic rains down on the wizard, frying it as is releases a deep roar of pain that quickly becomes a mouse compared to the roar of the magic that dominates the air, the heat of the spell forces Cake and Fionna to quickly move away. Fionna's golden sword was not able to escape in time with its momentum, especially after hitting the orb, causing it to instantly get disintegrated by the power of the spell. After three long seconds it finally ends, the wizard in the middle completely black and smoking, before losing enough magic from the spell and injuries that it to no longer has enough fo it to be able to fly itself in the air. It falls, and rapidly. As it shoots down with black smoke following it, it reaches a skeletal hand up to Fionna who is peeking over the edge, wishing for the hero to save it. It falls down onto the spikes below, and instantly it form falls apart upon being pierced ending its life. The spikes were only blackened by the spell, the Queen's magic being strong enough to resist the spell.

The sisters look at each other after watching the wizard die. "... WHOOO!" They shout and scream, high fiving each other in celebration. After a quick laugh, they hear a tapping noise. Both sisters looking over to Huntress who was tapping against the ice by repeatedly slamming her fist against it, the ice so thick that it all but muffles it. They immediately get up to rush over to her, looking the ice tomb over.

"Hold on!" Cake says in warning, snapping a large ice spike off, putting it against the ice and turning her other paw into a hammer. Fionna realises what is about to happen and takes two steps away from her ice wall. Cake slams her fist down, cracking the ice like a egg, the yolk coming out as a slightly smiling Huntress Wizard.

"Good work. Now all we need to do is face Ice Queen." Huntress says, grabbing a smaller ice, 'this will have to do as I can't summon more arrows' Huntress says, making the ice jump in her hands as she tests it weight. Fionna looks at the magic elevator that will take them down. It was a long, straight vertical tube that was empty of anything but light blue sparkles of pure magic, the advantage over science elevators is that it can handle any weight, and can have multiple people going up or down. 'Fighting Ice Queen...'

"Problem," She says, getting Huntress's attention, "I lost my sword when that magic fried it." Fionna explains, pointing her thumb at where the wizard was killed.

"Seriously Fionna? Two swords in a week?" Cake says, putting her hands on her hips as she judges her like a teenage girl going through phones.

"I know! It sucks." Fionna sighs, slouching before looking at her sister for advice. And found a solution. "Cake, become a sword!"

"No can do honey, I can't be sharp things. Can be flat, can be pointy, but I've never been able to do sharp things." Cake says, shrugging her shoulders.

"Fine be a morning-star then!" Fionna shouts, desperately not wanting to fight Ice Queen without a weapon. Cake's response was to fart. Fionna latches onto her legs, looking up with kitten eyes, a effective tactic on the cat. "Please!?"

"... Ok." She instantly shifts her form to be a morning star, making Fionna get up smiling and start swinging her around, much to Cake's discomfort. Huntress just watches the sisters converse, and once Fionna's weapon problem is sorted out she looks to the elevator, or mainly the large gap they will have to cross.

"Hey Cake, can you carry us across?" Huntress asks, causing Cake to instantly shape shift to escape motion sickness, much to the disappointment of Fionna. After a slight sickness wobble, she stretches her arms to wrap around Fionna and Huntress, lifts them up, carries them over the spikey gap, and gently plops them on the other side. She then uses them as a anchor to pull herself over, quickly bringing the group before the elevator that gently hums with magical power.

"... Cake, morning star." Fionna orders as she braces herself for the fight with Ice Queen. Cake sighs with disappointment, and reluctantly morphs back into the weapon shape. "This should be easy, this is Ice Queen after all." Fionna says boastfully, believing she has already won the right.

"Rule number one to survival: Don’t underestimate your foes." Huntress warns, and with that tip, jumps into the elevator that begins to slowly drag her down. Fionna sighs, and a second later joins her into the elevator and descends into the lair of the Ice Queen.

Finn and Ice Queen continue to fight, despite the sounds of heavy duty magic occasionally filling the air from inside. The remains of ice summons lay scattered on the floor as Finn jumps onto Ice Queen and punches her wrist, making the spell in her hand shoot off in some random direction, allowing Finn time to reach up and start cutting at her protected tiara with his sword. He barely makes a scratch as the two objects bounce and sometimes even slide off each other. "Guess ice is not good at breaking ice' Finn thinks, then Ice Queen's other hand reaches up and squeeze his waist, freezing his waist down in a thick layer of ice.

Huntress searches the corridors, peaking around corners for the Ice Queen. And that is when her hunting tuned ears hear the sounds of spells being cast. 'Fighting? But who would she- Finn!' She charges forward, confusing the sisters who after a startled moment begins chasing after her, trusting the girlfriend of Finn as Fionna clutches Cake in preparation. They enter a large room with a empty ice throne, Huntress sliding to a halt in the middle of the room before looking around, trying to locate the location of the noises, but struggles with all the echoing the large rooms fall victim to. Fionna wonders around to search, thinking she might spot them before Huntress can locate them, and looks behind the throne, spotting the hidden room behind it. She enters, spinning Cake for a fight, only to find the room empty. She stops spinning Cake and looks around for clues, and the shiny squares on the drawer catches her eyes. Walking over to carelessly, forgetting about traps that luckily were not there, she picks them up and starts poking and squeezing them. "... What are these?" What gets Cake to shift back into her normal form and look at what Fionna is examining.

"Lets have a look the-" She cuts herself off at the sight of the condoms. She blushes, before stretching her paw to snatch it out of Fionna's hand, and the other to het the ones on the drawer. Fionna gets startled, before squinting

"What is it Cake?! Are those evil? How do we destroy them?" Fionna asks, searching around the room for a weapon.

"No! These are actually good! Just... keeping them safe!" She says, not wanting Fionna to mistake that condoms were bad and telling guys to take them off because they're evil. Fionna squints,

"... Is this like cat nip? You go bonkers over the stuff, so you better give it to me, last thing we need when fighting Ice Queen is you acting all crazy." Fionna orders, holding a hand for Cake to give them to her.

"No! Err... I'll give them to Huntress!" She says, quickly walking out the room condoms in hand. She approaches Huntress, who looks at her. And then the condoms in her paws. She actually growls, takes them from Cake and puts them in her pockets she just made in her clothes, before just looking down a corridor and starts sprinting down it.

"Cake, morning star." Cake sighs, and shifts herself into the weapon, before Fionna follows Huntress.

Finn raises both his arms, and goes to bring is down to chop at Ice Queen's tiara, but she shoots her hand up and grips Finn's wrists, freezing arm down, leaving him completely frozen except his face, a small oval for him to look and breathe from, but not turn his head. He has lost, and is in the Ice Queen's mercy who smiles at him. "You know... I could steal another kiss..." She continues smiling, even as she slowly lowers him to the floor. "But... you would hate me for that... wouldn't you?" She says, her face still close to his what showed surprise at her actions and restraint. And the doors swing open, to reveal a pissed of Huntress Wizard, and a angry Fionna right behind her, still holding Cake at the ready. "... I'm out of time." Ice Queen says sombrely, turning to face the girls, "He's yours." What gets the girl's eyes to widen to as large as dinner plates and were stunned in pure shock. Their response was even delayed for a few seconds, until Fionna shakes her head and takes a step forward.

"You're tricks won't work on us Ice Queen!" She shouts, then quickly starts sprinting at her, swinging the Cake morning star like crazy over her head. Ice Queen does not fight, only flying higher into the air and out of her reach, a contempt smile on her face. Fionna mistakes it for grinning at her struggles, not that she is happy with her decision of letting Finn go. "Grr, come down here Ice Queen!"

"So you can 'kick my butt'?... Why do you choose to fight me Fionna if you can just take Finn and leave?"

"Because I need to defeat you! You're evil! It's the only way to solve this!" Fionna shouts, punctuating each point with a swing of Cake. Eventually, she gives up and holds Cake up towards the flying royal, who suddenly grows, slamming into the Ice Queen and knocking her out of the sky. Fionna jumps into the air, Cake now a bat held above her head. She slams down on Ice Queen, or would of if she didn't roll away, the bat hitting the ice. Fionna lets go of Cake as she starts wailing on Ice Queen, or mainly her tiara to break the ice it had around it to remove her powers, but still punches he face every few hits to keep her stunned. Cake meanwhile leaves to go to Finn, who already had Huntress attending to his frozen predicament, slowly free him. Huntress places her makeshift arrow ice spike on top of Finn, then allows Cake to lightly tap it. A massive crack goes down his frozen form, before splitting to reveal a Finn. Due to the position he was frozen in, he face plants onto the floor. He quickly gets up, and snaps his head to Fionna who was brutally beating Ice Queen, until she stops to look at Finn upon hearing is ice prison breaking. "Hey Finn! I-" She goes to take the glory of saving Finn to earn his respect, so he would teach her.

"Get off her!" He orders, making the everyone freeze in surprise. Fionna looks at him, and slowly gets off Ice Queen, who quickly floats away, before standing up to listen to Finn and what he is about to say, her protective ice over her tiara cracked, 'Is he about to confess his feelings for me?' Finn sighs, and looks at the aspiring heroine, "Fionna, what is the job of heroes?" He simply asks, causing Fionna to blink.

"To beat bad guys? Go on epic adventures?" At his unimpressed face, she keeps on sprouting out things she thinks heroes do, "Be brave? Get the Prince or Princess? Save people-"

"Yes that! Save people!" He cuts her off. "And how do you do that?"

"By beating bad guys?" 'Didn't I already say that?'

"Yes, that is one way-"

"So what's the problem?! I'm beating up a bad guy!" She says, using her entire hand to point at Ice Queen.

"... and what if they're not that bad guy? What if people need saving not from some beast or villain, but from themselves?" He asks her, making her tilt her head in confusion. "Violence is not always the solution Fionna. Sometimes, you need to help 'The bad guy'."

"What!?" Fionna shouts in confusion. Finn turns away from her and towards Ice Queen.

"If I were to leave right now, would you stop your kidnappings of me or anyone?"



"... I would not kidnap you, but I won't give up on you either. So I would most probably just sit here in depression. Then if I got over you, I would most probably go back to kidnapping the Princes." Ice Queen says, looking down to the side. Finn nods and looks back at Fionna who was scowling at the royal who just admitted that she might kidnap her Gumball again. She quickly looks at Finn as her starts to speak.

"If we went with your way Fionna, the violent way, then it would leave someone suffering, and could lead to kidnappings and further violence."

"Ice Queen," He says, before sighing, the royal looking at him with eyes full of hope. "... I'll be your knight." Huntress just stares at him wide eyed, and immediately Ice Queen gasps and was about to lunge onto him with plans of cuddles and kisses filling her mind, "Not the way you are thinking." And she immediately becomes confused, "I'll be your knight. In the literal sense, like I'll be your knight, as in the job. Kinda how Fionna is to PG." She raises a eyebrow, confusing Finn before he realises his mistake. "Ok bad example! But you do get what I mean, right? I'll be your knight, not your boyfriend." Ice Queen raises a hand- "Or your husband." She lowers it with a giggle.

"I know what you mean Finn... this is more than I was hoping for. Thank you for helping me Finn... my knight." Ice Queen says, pinching and lifting the sides of her dress to show courtesy.

"No problem, it's a hero's job to help people. But err... could you show us the way out?" He asks awkwardly.

"Sure, right this way." She says, walking by the group without hostile intent. Finn follows without hesitation. Huntress follows with a emotionless expression, darting her eyes between Finn and Ice Queen. Fionna and Cake follow, and wore faces that were a mix between confusion and disgust. She walks into the throne room, and steps in front of the throne, and places her hand against the floor. A moment later a hole forms with stairs leading down a now forming corridor. A secret trapdoor. This leads to the outside, and if it is not open will just be a thick layer of snow and ice like the rest of the mountain. Usually, only I can open it. However..." She presses her hands together, ice magic dripping from between them. Fionna and Cake prepare for the backstab, her trick to reveal itself, so sue can rub it in Finn's face for trusting this crazy woman. Her hands part to reveal a flat piece of ice like a card, confusing the sisters. She hands it to Finn, "This will grant you access, just press it up against the entrance and it will open for you, and don't worry, I've infused it with magic so it doesn't melt." He nods, and goes to slip it into his backpack until he remembers he doesn't have it on him, so just awkwardly holds it in his hand.

"Thanks Ice Queen." She nods in reply, and Finn walks down into the hole to their freedom. Huntress glances at Ice Queen and gives her a quick glare before joining Finn. Cake enters the hole, however, Fionna stays behind.

"I don't know what game you're playing Ice Queen, but I'll figure it out!" She hisses out at the royal. Ice Queen just smirks at her,

"I'm playing no game Fionna. I'm just liking the better hero." Fionna looks pissed, and goes to retort when her sister's voice beckons her,

"Fionna come on!" Causing Fionna to just grumble, and enter the hole. The corridor was small, just barely big enough for Finn, causing the taller Huntress Wizard to crouch a little, her wooden antlers scraping against the wood occasionally. After a fifteen minutes of straight line walking they meet the exit, the natural day light being a welcoming sight to them all. They quickly exit the corridor, and a second after Fionna leaves it seals shut behind them. The Ice Queen raid was over. And immediately the girls flop ovover onto the ground, causing Finn to laugh and also lay down beside them, only on his back instead. After a few moments of silence, Finn speaks up,


"What were you thinking!?" Fionna interrupts him, snapping her head out of the cool, crunchy snow to stare at him. After recovering from being startled, he looks down on his younger self.

"She has a point Finn, what is your plan?" Huntress adds, getting his attention with the worry in her eyes. Finn sighs, then answers the girls.

"I'm a hero, it's my job to help people. She is not beyond redemption, she just needs a hand to steer her to recovery."

"Even so, what I doubt with Ice Queen as she is straight up bonkers, why become her knight?!" Fionna demands.

"I became her knight as it would be the best way to help her and help create the border between me being her knight and me being her 'knight'. Put there is also another reason: I'll get bored otherwise." The girls blink at that.

"I never got bored with my lifestyle Finn, and that is what we're currently doing." She says, challenging his logic.

"Yeah, but we're not doing all your lifestyle, like maintaining the forest, your male counterpart is doing that. If I don't find something to keep me occupied, I will get bored. It also gives me a sense of purpose, a powerful artefact on call, what may I add was powerful enough to alter GOLB who unintentionally sent us here, and keeps me close to her to watch her actions, and prevent her doing anything wrong." Finn shakes his head, "As I already said, a hero's job is to save people, no matter the cost to themselves. I think I'm able to take her embarrassing flirts with me to help her. My pride and reputation make take a blow, but if it helps a suffering person then it is was worth it." Finn says, ending the argument with a strong message: He is a hero, through and through, and will never stop helping people no matter what. Huntress bites her lip, 'He is right about getting bored, I was so focused on our relationship that I failed to foresee us, me included, getting bored. Damn love... messing my views on the goal. Worth it'

"... I'll allow this on the condition I join you, just to make sure this isn't some trick."

"Fair enough. Now Fionna," He says to the flabbergasted girl that was staring at Huntress in disbelief that she was just accepting this, snapping her out of her stupor. "Another thing I said was true. Violence is the last solution, always, no buts."

"What are you talking about?" She asks, genuinely confused.

"What I mean is that you should always seek for a peaceful solution. Take that situation with Ice Queen, you just immediately started attacking her, even when she was just standing there doing nothing. What were you hoping to do?"

"Save you!? Teach Ice Queen a lesson!? Defeat any tricks she had before she could use them!?" Fionna says, listing off the points on her fingers, angry that Finn is punishing her for saving him and dealing with a situation before it could escalate into some major trouble.

"How many times have you taught Ice Queen a lesson?"

"Hundreds! That's the thing Finn, she is past redemption, she is just a crazy old lady that is messed up in the head!"

"Exactly Fionna, hundreds! And she still hasn't learnt and nothing has changed. If you taught her another 'lesson' and we just left, she'll continue her kidnapping. The peaceful route that I took has led to her stopping her kidnappings, me gaining a powerful friend, a job, and helping a woman who is suffering from madness alone with support when no one else gave it." Finn explains, but he sees Fionna's still unsure expression, and remembers how long it took for him to recognise that while violence is efficient, it is not always needed, even when his hero points it out to him, causing him to sigh. "Look Fionna, what I'm trying to say is that if it is possible, go for the most peaceful route." His response was Fionna was a slight head nod.

"Can't say I'm all impressed with your choice Finn, but the choice has been done, and I'll stand with you regardless Finn." Huntress says, getting up out of the snow and starts knocking any remaining bits off. Finn smiles at her,

"Thanks Huntress Wizard." Causing her to smile, '

"Right... We'll be going now. Bye!" Fionna says, Cake shrinking to ride on her shoulder.

"Oh no you're not." Huntress says, sending a vine out to wrap around her legs causing the heroine to fall. At Finn's surprised and confused expression she goes to explain her actions. “They know of our relationship," Finn's eye's widen in shock and fear, "They saw us kissing on top of the candy walls during the science fair." Finn, closes his eyes and sighs.

"Sorry Huntress-"

"Don't worry, it's my fault for initiating the kiss." Huntress cuts his apology off, putting him slightly more at ease but anyone could see that he was still slightly worried. "I said we would have a talk with them once we freed you as it concerns the both of us."

"I don't see the need for this," Cake says putting her paws up as she slowly backs away, "Your relationship is a secret, we won't tell anyone. So we can just all go ho-" She cuts herself off at Huntress's glare, sending a clear message that they were going to have this talk. She sits down, keeping her eyes locked onto Huntress's as she does so. Finn walks up to them,

"Please you two, it would mean a lot to us if you could keep this as a secret." He says sincerely, hoping that his young crazy self would not make a slip up and accidentally tell the whole of AAA. As Fionna's face steels itself and her eyes fill with determination he knows she won't.

"We won't tell a soul Finn, you can trust us!"

"On your heroes honour?" He says, knowing the one thing that Fionna holds above all else is her will and pride of being a hero. She won't dare disgrace it... or let a friend down now that he thinks about it.

"Yes! On our hero honour." She says, putting a hand on her chest, Cake doing the same as well.

"Thank you." Finn says, nodding in appreciation. He looks up to the sky, that was starting to set. "You better hurry home, after all, it's your date tomorrow, right?" He says, making the girl's eyes widen.

"Oh my Glob Fionna! He's right! Lets get you home." Cake says, pushing Fionna towards the tree house. Huntress and Finn watches the sisters as they rush home, talking as they do so until they leave their sight. Huntress looks at Finn with a touch of worry.

"You think they'll be quite about us dating?"

"Hopefully. With the look in Fionna's eyes I'd say our secret is in good hands." Finn says, before kissing her, making her blush but instantly leans into it. A few seconds later, he breaks the kiss, "That's thanks for saving me. Let's go home, we should have some meat still prepared." He says, the two turning to walk away from the ice mountain, Finn taking a few seconds to look at the area to imprint the location into his mind it for further visits.

Cake and Fionna continue to trudge home, the exhaustion of the day catching up to them. Cake turns to look at Fionna, "What do you think? When do think Ice Queen will reveal her trick?"

"I don't know, but I'll keep my eyes out for whenever it happens. But still, I can't believe Finn decided to work for her!"

"I know! We'll just have to wait for him to realise how crazy Ice Queen is, then he'll stop going to her." Cake says, doing a spiral with her hand to represent Ice Queen's madness. "And what is he on about violence? We've saved so many people with violence!"

"Right!... Hey, maybe it was because he's from another dimension!"

"Oh yeah! Huntress said Finn and Ice Queen were friends in their dimension, their place must be so much calmer and friendlier than here." Cake says, now seeing the 'reasoning' behind Finn's actions and words. He obviously hadn't need to fight much, so of course he would say that violence should not be a solution. Fionna starts laughing,

"Violence should only be last resort!" Cake laughs with Fionna as they mock Finn's words, for violence hasn't failed them or their tasks so far, so why would it fail them later? "Well, he's the one who has to deal with Ice Queen now." Fionna smiles, when a thought goes through her head, 'What if he is right?... I mean, this has stopped Ice queen... Nah, it's more fun to punch stuff anyways!' And with that, she starts thinking about her date with the candy royal, who Finn forgot to warn her about in his tiredness after Ice Queen.

Finn opens the vine door to their shared home, Huntress following him indoors before sitting down on the sofa. Finn goes into their storage and pulls out some pre-prepared dried meat from storage, too tired to cook anything proper. Huntress rubs her hands together in thought, and when Finn wasn't looking puts them into her pocket, to pull out the condoms she found in Ice Queen's room. She squints at them, before hiding them back in her pocket. She looks up, "Hey Finn." He halts what he is doing to look at her, giving her his full attention, "Just wondering, did anything happen with Ice Queen? Did she do anything to you?" This makes Finn halt. 'Should I tell her about the kiss? Or what Ice Queen tried doing that night? She'll be mad! She might think I'm cheating! She might attack IQ!... I guess I should lie about it-' Finn mentally freezes himself, a memory flashing by his mind, 'Flame Princess...' The lie he told her, how he manipulated her, how he ruined their relationship, 'I need to tell the truth, even if it hurts me or makes us break up, Huntress Wizard deserves it' Finn sighs,

"Yeah... two things happened, or at least one happened and one was attempted." Immediately Huntress stares at him, silently ordering him to continue. "I guess the first thing should be what she did do. She kissed me."

"And what did you do?"

"Nothing really, but that was because she froze me in a solid ice cube. Since I was frozen, she decided she would go and 'steal a kiss'"

"I see... and what did she attempt?"

"I'm... not sure." Huntress becomes confused, then scared. She knows that Finn is innocent, that he did not know about sex. If Ice Queen was to attempt it, what is possible with what was currently hiding in her pockets, then Finn would not know what would be going on.

"Try... to explain it."

"Well... She pushed me onto her bed..." Huntress fidgets a little 'She didn't truly try?' "Then she started to take off her dress..." Huntress squints 'A misunderstanding probably' "Then she grabbed some shiny square and said about teaching me-" Huntress raises a hand to halt him. 'She did try...'

"And what did you do?" She asks, already fearing the answer.

"I said no." She blinks. 'Finn doesn't know what sex is. Why did he know to stop her?... I think it'll be better not to ask, for now at least'

"Good. Thank you for telling." Finn sighs. "However," Finn looks at her with fear and dread in his eyes, something that actually make Huntress flinch '... Why don't I want to see those on Finn?' "... If you are going to see Ice Queen in the future as her knight... then I want to come with like I said."

"Just wondering, would you actually help with stuff? Or are you just going to keep a eye on her?"

"Yes to both. I will keep a eye on her, what will probably stop her flirting with you, and I'll help with some of her requests if I don’t have a problem with them. It is as you said, I'll probably get bored if I don't find something to do." Finn stays silent for a second, before smiling at her,

"I would actually like that, you by my side." Finn smile at her causes her to reflect one of her own. "I won't lie, I am a bit scared and nervous around her, but it will be for the best. Even if it just means she'll stop kidnapping people, it will be worth putting up with her crazy antics. now lets eat so we can sleep, these two days have been tiring." With that said, they quickly eat their dinner before going to bed. While Finn is cleaning up some mess and making sure everything is where it is meant to be, Huntress looks at the condoms in her pocket, before going over to their drawer and putting the condoms in a draw near the back, just for when Finn becomes eighteen. With that done, she takes her mask off and places it beside her bed, turn her clothes into leaves, and lays down in bed. Finn returns into the room a few seconds later, taking off his bear hat to release the hair that even she was impressed by, and takes off Ice Queen's light blue clothes that she had given him. "What should I do with this?"

"Just give them back to Ice Queen. When do you plan to see her again?"

"Tomorrow, just so she knows I wasn't lying." He places the clothes in their wardrobe, before joining Huntress in bed. They share a kiss, before they start spooning as they slowly fall asleep.

Ice Queen just wonders down the empty halls of her ice castle, without objective or reason. The past two days going on repeat in her head, of how Finn and her talked, smiled, and fought together. She walks into the battle room, then looks at the scars their fighting had left on it. She sighs and shoots out some ice magic, filling the holes. She starts to wonder around and making the remains of her fallen summons fall below the floor, not all that different from sweeping the mess under the rug. 'Why does he choose that wood nymph over me?' She thinks back to the kiss, and how she failed to seduce him in bed, 'Was I moving too fast? Did I seem desperate?... I guess I actually am desperate' She sighs, 'Because I couldn't hold myself back I lost Finn, because I can't control my emotions they failed me... then I must improve myself for his next visit!' She thinks as she hurriedly leaves the now clean room, 'He wants to be my knight! I still have a chance!' She goes up the magic elevator, coming to the heavily destroyed boss room. "Jeez... You annoying pests couldn't help but destroy everything, could you?" She asks aloud, before muttering as she cleans and remakes the room with more magic. "I'll need to remake the guards..." She says with a sigh. "I'll do it tomorrow. Hey that can be my first task with my knight! I wonder what suggestion he could give on how to improve this place..." She wonders. After fixing the room, she thinks about continuing before a idea strikes her "Gunthess!" She just shouts with both hands around her mouth as a makeshift megaphone, having no idea where the penguin was. After a few seconds, a echo is heard.


"Mommy wants you to clean up the whole kingdom, Ok?!"

"Wenk!?!" was the fast reply, the penguin in shock at the monumental task just dropped on her.

"Ok thanks!" Ice Queen shouts,

"Wenk..." The penguins depressed acceptation of the chore was ignored by the royal.

A few minutes later, she stands before her throne, just looking at it. "... Soon, my knight, soon you'll sit by my side..." After a few seconds of daydreaming of the future she wants with all her heart, she walks around the throne, her hand tracing its form as she does so and enters the royal bedroom. She collapses on the bed, but when she takes her next breath, the smell of Finn on the bed fills her nose. Smiling, she snuggles deeper into the bed before drifting off to sleep.

And that's the kidnapping arc over. So I knew Finn had to do more than be a side/mentor character for Fionna's adventures that everyone has already seen and know, and wondered how to achieve that. And that was when I came up with a idea: Finn helped improve PB, so why not Ice Queen? So I just went with the idea and made Finn Ice Queen's knight. (You should of realise I was dropping hints by making her constantly call Finn her knight.) Hopefully this will allow me to write new adventures with my own little spin while Finn still mentors and sometimes work with Fionna, and redo the adventures of his younger years.

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Huntress's eyes opens as the first light of the rising morning sun enters the room through the window. And is instantly relieved to find that Finn's arms are still wrapped around her in their protective sharing of body warmth, as it is a sign that Ice Queen has kept her word and hadn't taken Finn again. It was then that she realised she didn't become her log form like usual 'I didn't realised I was that drained... Wait I wasn't that drained of magic! That means I didn't change willingly' She looks down at Finn's arms that gently squeeze against her. 'Am I becoming soft?' She asks herself, realising she is leaving herself in weaker forms and provoking the wrath of a mad royal for no physical gain or a increase in survival chances, just for some emotions.

A mere moment later in her self evaluation does the memories of what she faced in the Ice Kingdom fill her thoughts. She faced and defeated not one, but several powerful ice beings. 'I'm definitely not soft, I can still hunt anyone...' She shifts her body a little, accidentally sinking even further into Finn's grasp. '... And I did get something physical out of it. With Finn by my side, my chances of survival also do increase' She smiles and pulls Finn a little closer. 'So love did not turn this hard meat soft'

It was at this moment does Finn awaken from his slumber, triggering Huntress to greet him with a slightly cheerful voice, "Morning Finn." Finn releases a noise as he fully wakes up before responding.

"... Morning. Do you want cuddle some more, or do you want to get up?" Huntress spins around in their bed, now facing Finn.

"Five more minutes of cuddles." She practically orders, slipping her arms around Finn's neck and pulling him in close, giving him a quick kiss before they just silently lay their and enjoy each others presence, determined to start the day off with a high note. And it was nine minutes into this hug does Huntress hear the sounds of clumsy feet approaching. She quickly snaps her head to the house entrance, startling Finn and causing him to do the same. They climb out of bed and quickly put clothes on, Huntress being much faster as she simply magic some leaves into the clothes directly onto her body, and makes her way to the front door leaving Finn in the room to struggle putting his hunting shorts on.

Splitting the vine doors open, she watches as a female Banana guard approaches, looking exactly like the ones back in OOO, however, these ones wore pink makeup (most probably a design choice by Gumball). Upon noticing her, it slowly walks to her making Huntress realise she still hasn't made more arrows or got a new skinning knife to defend herself with 'I'm relying on Finn if a fight breaks out right now... well anyone big that is, banana guards would still be a peace of cake' The living banana hands her a white letter with Gumball's seal on it, "Message for you from Prince Gumball." Huntress takes it from her hands and gives it a look 'It is for both me and Finn. Why does he want both of us?... Unless He's found a way home...'

"... Thanks." She says after a awkward silence, then seals the vines and takes the letter inside and waits till the sounds of the banana guard walking eventually fades away. Huntress looks at the letter. 'Do I want this thing with Finn to end?' She doesn't even properly question what she wants as she already knows the answer, knee-jerk reactions filling her ideas '... Should I hide the letter? Should I ask him if he wants this to end? What if he says ye-'

"What was it?" Finn asks, resting his demon sword against the wall upon seeing that Huntress was not in a fighting position, but does notice her slightly worried face.

"Oh! It's..." She thinks of what to say, then sighs mentally, 'I better just tell the truth' "... a letter from Gumball." She answers as she passes it to Finn. He grabs it, opening it with little effort or time due to how many letters he's gotten from people over the years. He starts reading it through, making Huntress more and more nervous. She watches his face for his reaction, 'maybe I can persuade him to not leave AAA, I mean he likes it here as well!... But I guess, I should of seen this coming. We do need to return to OOO, we've got responsibilities. Maybe we can continue this OOO, maybe the others won't find out about my relationship and maybe they won't question my reputation...' She was so busy in her thoughts, that she fails to notice Finn's face twisting in confusion, before putting the letter down on a their table. She escapes her thoughts and look at Finn, her mask doing its job of hiding her emotions.

"We've been challenged to a fight." She blinks. '... I was not expecting that... Guess that's what I get for presuming the worse case scenario.'

"Who is it that wants us to fight? And what type is it? Where is it?" Finn picks the letter back up, scanning through for information.

"It's going to be held in the Warrior Kingdom's arena tomorrow at ten, and all the royals are sending in warriors to represent and fight... It's a all type free-for-all fight, so you can use weapons, magic etc... And Gumball wants us to fight to see if we're stronger than the kingdoms finest warriors including Fionna and Cake."

"But haven't we defeated them twice already?" She asks raising a eyebrow.

"I don't know since I'm not Gumball, but if I had to guess because Fionna wants a rematch." He shrugs in uncertainty.

"Can we fight together in teams?"

"Doesn't say, I'll phone him in a bit." He says before turning and walking back into the bedroom to find his bag with the phone inside. Huntress sits onto the floor and concentrates her magic before her. Lifting her hands in preparation to receive, her high quality arrow forms in the air, before falling into her palms. She grabs it and places it on the floor, before raising them to do it again.

Finn was in the bedroom, phone against his ear as he waits for Prince Gumball to answer, or at least for Butterscotch. A second later Gumball's voice comes through, "Hello, this is Prince Gumball, who is calling?"

"Hey PG, just me."

Gumball frowns, "Hello Finn. What is it you need? And be quick, I've got things to do."

"Me and Huntress got the invitation to the free-for-all fight, and we're just wondering what's the rules on team ups?"

"Finn, you literally just said it is a free-for-all fight..." Gumball pauses to consider if he should split Finn and Huntress Wizard up to weaken them, but then realises that it would prevent him and the other kingdoms from teaming up on Finn, what would allow Finn to call the fight off and escape. "... but there's no official rule against it." Then a thought hits him that causes him to smirk. "However, there can only be one winner." 'Even if they somehow defeat all of us, then at least one of them will fall unconscious' "Now Finn, save any other questions for when you arrive at the arena as that is when they are meant to be answered."

"Alright thanks Gumball, I'll let you get back to work." Finn says, hearing Gumball hang up the phone before he could fully finish his farewell. Finn looks his phone, before shrugging 'Guess he really is busy' Leaving the room, he walks onto Huntress on the ground holding three arrows.

"Can we team up?" She asks as she stands up and puts the arrows in her quiver.

"Yeah. But! There can only be one winner of the tournament." He says, a slight smirk that Huntress returns, already able to guess what Finn is thinking, "So I'm thinking a challenge." Her smirks gets larger as she guessed correctly.

"What kind of challenge, and most importantly, what are the rewards?"

"We fight together until we're the last ones standing, then we both walk to different sides of the arena so no getting ready to back stab eachother. Then we fight, and whoever wins gets their prize."

"And the prizes are?"

"I don't know, what do you want?" Huntress's brain goes on overdrive in a effort to think of a good reward for her.

"... I get to plan the next date, including how it will go." 'I want Finn to enjoy a date without having to worry about stuff going wrong. Seeing him calm and happy will be a good reward, besides I never liked other people doing things for me'

"Then I make the same bet." Finn immediately replies, 'She must feel threatened by Ice Queen and is trying to keep my eyes on her. I don't want her to have to worry about that. If I myself am seeking and making the dates with her, then she won't need to worry' Finn thinks. Both their prizes were not to gain something from each other, but to give something to the ones they love to make them happier. The true act to show love.

Huntress looks at their food stock as Finn goes outside to collect some apples, later returning with four in hand. "Lets go hunting for a bit." Huntress suggests, catching a apple when one is thrown at her then biting into it. As she chews she raises her hand, and Finn throws the other apple what she catches with only the one hand.

"We low?"

"On bird, it has been awhile since we hunted them, enough time for magical creatures to reproduce. But I'm only hunting for my own food." She turns around and pulls out Finn's bow that she had grabbed while Finn was collecting the apples. "You're hunting your own." She passes it to Finn who hurriedly puts his apples down on the table beside the note so he can use both hands to put the bow on his back, it just fitting on beside his sword.

"I'm not sure I'm going to be able to hunt, but I'll give it a shot." He warns, grabbing his archer gloves and putting them on.

"Don't worry, I won't just dump you in the deep end, I give you a quick rundown and some tips. I mean, not even I was dumped in the deep end straight away, my dad taught me the basics." Huntress says, Finishing off her first arrow and leaving it to rest next to Finn's before walking towards the door as he follows, "Besides, I'm carrying the arrows." She says pointing at them. Finn nods with a smile, and together they walk into the wild.

So far they have been walking in the woods for ten minutes now, and although they have heard many birds chirping in the tree leaves above them, they did not make a move to hunt them as all of them were hiding in awkward to get to spots. Something that would be to hard for a first timer like Finn, who was still snapping his head at every bird noise in a attempt to find one that was vulnerable. Suddenly Huntress halts, making Finn do the same. Huntress points up to a branch ahead of them to the left. On it was a bird, thinking it could get a fresh apple as it pecks away at it.

Huntress then motions Finn to follow, who quickly does so, silently following her. As silently as he could that is, his feet making a bunch of noise as it snaps every possible twig on the forest floor. Huntress hides behind a tree with low hanging branches and bushes surrounding it, as she quickly judges if Finn would have a clear shot. After a second she nods and allows Finn to take her place as she judges the spot good enough for her Finn. He quickly take position, and aims. He breathes in, 'one fingers on the string, thumb behind the arrow, pull back, don't hold the bow...' He goes through his mental check list, before with a release of breath came a release of the arrow. It flies through the air, towards the bird. And skims by it. Finn flinches as he watches the bird panic and fly away. He sighs, "Sorry."

"No it's cool, it was your first attempt. You'll eventually get it, but to do that we'll need more targets." She says with a smile, not judging him for messing up a perfect position, and even motivating him on even more.

So they trudge through the forest once more for more target practice, Huntress listening. Not to the forest creatures and the birds that hide around her, but onto Finn, who was still sneaking loudly. Not because of a lack of trying, but just because he doesn't know how. "Finn, let me give you some tips on how to walk quieter." She stops leading Finn to instead move slightly behind him on his right side, giving him a little push to keep him walking forward. She quickly watches his legs and his walking pattern, where he walks and his eyes. "When walking, put your heel down first then into your toes, keep your body low and bend your knees." He follows her instructions, quickly adjusting his whole body structure. He wobbles for a second, but is able to keep moving forward in a straight line. "... plan you steps. Don't look at your feet, but just in front of them. Aim for soft mud and grass, even if it is a longer wobbly path than if you didn't" His walking path starts to curve and shift as he quickly follows a path of softer ground, "And don't be afraid to wait a second to plan. In fact, if you can do that as often as you can." She listens to him. He was still making noise, but it was already a lot quieter. "Take your shoes off."

"What?" He whispers.

"Socks are a softer surface than shoes and will make less noise. Take them off." Finn nods and quickly takes them off, Huntress helpfully holding onto them for him. "We'll see about getting new shoes for you." She hands him a new arrow, "Go spot another bird, I going to recover that arrow you shot." Finn nods as he watches his girlfriend disappear into the forest foliage. He turns and looks down at the forest floor, spotting several spots where he could step. Releasing a deep breath in preparation, he slowly continues traversing the forest, Huntress's tips repeating through his head. His slow walk instinctively makes him lower his body and knees, unknowingly helping him in his sneaky endeavour. The sounds of birds constantly making him look up at them. He knows some are in good positions to be hunted, but he is unsure on which one would be best. Then one catches his attention.

Huntress's glowing eyes pierce through the darkness that shadows her as she stares at Finn through a bush as he slowly walks, the hero only looking up once or twice to look at birds and other movements. She had already collected the arrow, using her magic to summon it back to her, she just wanted a excuse to watch Finn without him knowing. She prowls behind him, studying his techniques in both spotting prey and how he approaches them. Suddenly he locks his gaze into a tree, freezes, then slowly starts approaching it. Huntress has to force her eyes off Finn to look at what prey he has spotted. And it was easy to see why it caught his attention. It was big, almost double the size of the other birds. But what really gave it away was its black feathers in the bright green environment. 'That bird is black because its a night bird, meant to camouflage against the knight sky. What's it doing awake now?' It was with her enhanced eyes does she spot the cuts and slight bleeding on it. 'It was muscled out by a different bird. A death sentence for it' She looks back at Finn, then slowly approaches from behind.

Finn hides behind a tree, having to use it as cover instead of a nearby bush as he had only trained himself standing up. Finn makes a mental note to train while crouched, but he can focus on that later. Right now, he needs to focus on the black bird. It had to be a size of a chicken, and combined with its black feathers made it stick out like a sore thumb 'How did it survive so long? Luck?' Finn readies a arrow, then breaths in. One finger on the string, thumb behind the arrow. He pulls back, letting the bow push against his other hand as he releases his grip on it. He lines up the shot, 'No way I can miss with it being so big' breaths out. And lets go off the arrow. It flies of with a twang, Finn watches as it flies straight for the bird. It goes to flap its wings to escape, but the arrow denies it escape. It slams into its chest, causing it to fall of the branch and hit the floor. All around him birds fly at the death at the other bird, fear of a predator sending the fleeing. Finn gets up and pumps his fist, "Ah yeah!"

"Good work." Finn immediately releases his high pitched scream, before calming himself down, turning around to face a smiling Huntress a few meters away from him,

"Diana!" She giggles, and moves towards him, "But thanks for the compliment. And thanks for the help as well, and who knows, maybe enough of those tips might allow me to join you in hunting." She is now close enough that he simply takes a step forward and kisses her. She leans into it, the kiss going on for a few seconds before the split, a blushing smile on both their faces, though Huntress's is hidden by her mask.

"Then I better give you some more tips, I would like you by my side. But I think what you need most right now is practice." She says, giving his hand a quick squeeze before letting go to find the bird he shot, Finn quickly following behind her. They find it on the floor, laying in a pool of its own blood, what Huntress lifts it up from. "I thought we were going to hunt our own separate food, but I think this will do the both of us." She says with a smile, holding it out by its feet in one hand as a way of showing off Finn first hunt.

"Then lets go home and prepare this guy, though I do think Ice Queen might have food prepared for us."

A few minutes of walking later they pass through the vines that guard the entrance to their home, bird in hand as they idly talk. Huntress places the dead bird on the table, and the couple quickly start preparing it. Although the skinning knife got destroyed fighting the wizard, Finn was good with a sword, and even though it was not as good as using a skinning knife, it was pretty close. Though Huntress leaves halfway through their work with her arrow to go clean it. As she wipes the red blood from the green arrow, a thought enters her mind, one that she should of done last night but due to her fatigue forget to do. She stands and walks into their room and heads straight to the window. She first leans out and grabs some leaves to absorb them into her clothes to replace her destroyed cape that was also lost in the ice kingdom. Then she places her hands on the walls of the room just below the window and releases a grunt of effort. Vines grow out of the window in all directions, reaching out then wrapping around each other to create a glazing bar window, just without the glass. She steps back and looks at her work, "That should keep any unwanted company out."

She enters back to Finn to see that he nearly done, all he needs to do now was throw out the unwanted bits of the bird. "Hold on Finn, this was your first heart, so you should definitely keep and preserve the heart." Finn looks up her only slightly puzzled, before looking at the bird heart that due to its size is only a inch big. "The heart is very important symbolically in hunting. While it is tradition to keep them most throw them away, except the heart of their first hunt." Huntress says with a shrug. Finn picks it up, examines it, then holds it out to Huntress.

"If it is very important... Seeing how you see that gifting a elks heart is good present for someone you had a crush on, then its the heart of a first hunt is like a super gift, right?" Finn says, completely unsure if what he was doing wasn't against some hunting code or something. Huntress however blushes, and reaches out to accept the gift, her heart fluttering as she holds the dead one in her hand.

"The giving of a heart is kind of like giving someone a poem, it may not be useful physically, but usually carries a lot of emotion, and between hunters is usually a sign courting. Yes Finn, the heart of the first hunt is seen as a 'super gift' in my eyes." She holds what is pretty much Finn's message of love in her hand, "You sure you want to give it to me? You can only gift the heart once after all."

"Definitely. Besides, you taught me how to hunt so you deserve something from it. I think a symbol of my love might just be good enough for you." His answer makes her smile and hold it close to her chest.

"Thanks." She then turns around and starts grabbing materials she'll need to preserve Finn's gift, and by extension, to preserve Finn's feelings for her. Finn throws the waste parts out side, quite a few meters away from the house so the smell of rotting raw flesh doesn't stink out their home. He enters back into the house to see Huntress adding a final few touches to preserve the heart, before she watches it with admiration as it stand out against the wooden environment of their home, just as Finn stands out to her in the sea of prey and people. Finn grabs the bird meat and places them into the freezer, hung by a short string do it doesn't freeze onto anything. Walking out he finds Huntress on the floor once more as she is now creating a fourth arrow to replace the ones she lost.

"We better get ready to go to the Ice Kingdom."

"Right, just give me a second." She say, the arrow forming in her hand, what she quickly grabs and puts it into her quiver. Then she rises and brush and soft dirt of her to the best of her abilities. Finn meanwhile walks into their room and pulls the clothes Ice Queen gave him out of the wardrobe, folds them up then places them into his green backpack. Walking out he gets a nod from Huntress who was holding the invitation. "I figured to see if she was going seeing as she isn't likely to got a invitation, and how she'll likely support us if she is."

"That's actually a pretty good idea, we can introduce her to the other royals in a non-kidnapping way, to show them how cool she is..." Huntress frowns at hearing Finn complementing another woman. She knows he doesn't have feelings for the royal and she shouldn't feel challenged, but she still can't help herself. "... that is, if she can control herself. I guess we can also see if she can contain the madness of the tiara." Finn only now notices Huntress Wizard's frown as she looses herself in thought. "Diana..." She looks up to him, realising that Finn has noticed her frown, and quickly moves to apologise,

"Sorry Finn, I know I shouldn't-"

"Nah, it's my fault for complimenting another woman. Sorry Diana."

"Apology accepted, now lets get going." She says, turning around and walking out the door, Finn following quickly behind, though Huntress does slow down so they can walk side by side.

It was during the long walk that Finn came to notice something. 'She is closer than usual...' It was true, she was pretty much bumping shoulders with him, making him scratch the back of his neck awkwardly as he knows exactly why. "... So what can we do together after this?"

"Any date material should be saved until after the arena. So how about we get me a new hunting knife, then find a guy who can get us a glass window?" She suggests, making Finn smile.

"Sure, even boring chores actually become enjoyable around you. I mean your awesome, anything you do is awesome, including shopping." He says, making Huntress mood heighten as Finn admits that he just enjoys being with her in general.

"Thanks, besides I doubt I could ever get bored around you with how dangers and adventure just finds you." She jokes, making Finn laugh,

"True." He admits, the couple smiling at each other as they continue to walk towards the Ice Queen's domain.

"Come on Cake! Please!" Fionna begs, on her knees before her feline sister with hands clasped together as she prays for help. Cake was looking around the room awkwardly, arms crossed as she refuses her sister’s beg.

"No Fionna, I know you're scared, but I won't be your wingman... or is it wingwoman?" Cake asks herself as she puts a hand on her chin in thought. Fionna grabbing her cheeks snaps her out of her thoughts and back on the situation.

"PLEASE!?" She asks, getting desperate. Cake sighs, caving in upon seeing how distressed Fionna is.

"Alright Fine-" She doesn't even get to finish before getting the air squeezed out of her as Fionna hugs her tightly, smiling brightly.

"Thank you Cake! Now where could you go?" Fionna asks herself as she plans out where Cake could hide, 'From afar? No she won't be able to give advice. A double date with Lord Monochromicorn? No she would just get distracted by him and forget to help...' Her face twists in thought, a single drop of sweat sitting on her forehead. Cake just scratches her belly as she waits for her sister to do all the thinking, when Fionna suddenly pops up with a smile, "What about under my hat?" Fionna asks excitedly, pointing at her bunny hat that had a few blonde hairs poking out. And a lot more hidden inside, what causes Cake to cringe.

"I don't think so Fionna, I do not want to go in there."

"Come on! Just for this date, please!" Fionna's eyes enlarge, sparkling little as tears start to appear.

"... Fine." Cake says as she submits to Fionna's wishes, who immediately gives up the act as her eyes return back to normal.

"Great! Now I'm going to get my dress on." Fionna says eagerly as she spins around and starts searching for the white and blue dress hidden somewhere in their house. Cake watches her then sighs, releasing a mutter to herself.

"Why do I get myself in these situations?"

Finn nears the base of the mountain with Huntress at his side as he gives it a quick look around. He becomes ninety nine percent sure he was in the same spot he exited yesterday. Approaching the door, he suddenly remembers that the ice card to get in were still in his shorts, so he drops his bag to the floor and opens it, rummaging through it the key. As he does this Huntress looks at the mountain with a tad of disdain, knowing exactly who was inside. Finn eventually finds the ice needed to get inside, then notices Huntress Wizard. He gets up and grabs her hand and gives her cheek a quick peck. "Don't worry Dianna." He says, then pulling her along with him as he holds the ice against the ice mountain. A second later it splits open, revealing the long corridor to the lair of the Ice Queen. Finn pulls his girlfriend inside as they walk the corridor hand in hand.

"I know, I'm trying not to be... defensive, but to be honest I've never felt this before or at least not in a long time." She explains, pausing to find the best word to explain her current emotions and thoughts. "I just need to teach myself to tone it down, it can't happen every time a girl looks at you."

"I'm not sure if I should be thankful for the help of keeping the girls away, or hurt that you think I can't resist any temptation."

"That's not what I mea-" She quickly goes to defend her answer, fearing that Finn misunderstood her.

"I know Huntress, I'm just teasing you. Joke aside, think of it like Bubblegum and me, just friends that do business together."

"I know, it's just that PB wasn't hitting on you." She sighs.

"I can handle Ice Queen's flirts by simply ignoring them, and if she tries anything then I can stop her." Huntress puts her worries to rest with a sigh as she focuses back on the task at hand.

They exit the corridor a minute later signalled by them walking up the steps, the path closing up behind them, that lead up to them standing just before the throne where Ice Queen sits smiling. "Hello Finn-" She starts to say seductively before noticing Huntress who was glaring at her. "... and wood nymph." She finishes with her voice laced with disappointment, "I still don't know your name." She asks to invoke Huntress to give her name, putting a hand out as if Huntress should place the name on it. Huntress squints before giving her answer.

"I'm Huntress Wizard, the defender of the nature, expert in plant and combat magic, blessed by the spirit of the forest." Huntress says before smirking, "And Finn's girlfriend." Finn shoots her a look 'Why are trying to stir trouble?'

"I'm the Ice Queen, named a royal hundreds of years ago by my community for my prowess, who is older and wiser than you to the point of seeing humans. I'm a master in ice combat, ice summoning, and ice creation. I own an entire kingdom and have the powers to single handily invade kingdoms and take royals with ease." Ice Queen replies as she locks eyes with Huntress Wizard. Finn was watching from the side sweating bullets as he watches the two girls give each other death stares.

He coughs, turning their gazes to the hero. Now he'll admit, he has faced down demons, hardened warriors without a drop of fear. But both of them staring at him with a smile sent a shiver down his spine. So he quickly changes the topic off their fight and off staring at him. "So... Ice Queen, what should I do with these?" Finn asks as he lets his bag slip off his back before unzipping it and pulling out the blue clothes. Ice Queen rises out of her throne, walking up to Finn and putting a hand on Finn's shoulder,

"My knight, please just call me Sarah. As for the clothes... keep them, they'll be your knight armour in a way. Just wear them when you're representing the Ice Kingdom or me." From the moment she put her hands on Finn's shoulder, Huntress showed her displeasure by squeezing Finn's hand that they were still holding, and was getting tighter as Ice Queen was talking. Finn tries to give a reassuring squeeze back, but she was squeezing hard enough that he could barely even twitch.

"Got it. So you got anything for me today?" Ice Queen nods in reply, smiling at Finn.

"You said that you have fought nearly every type of beast that I could imagine. So I thought with your combat knowledge then you could tell me how to make my defences even better."

"I could do that I suppose..." He looks over at Huntress, "... and I suppose someone can tell us how she defeated your guards." Both Huntress and Ice Queen flinch at that, both of them looking at him in a semi-pleading way conveying the same message 'I don't want to even speak with her, don't make us strategies and make important decisions together' "Come on, think of this as a... bonding exercise! Like it or not you two will eventually have to get along. You might as well start now." The girls sigh, before Ice Queen walks between the two of them, a movement that forces Finn and Huntress to separate hands, a act that was not loss to Huntress as she scowls at the royal as she walks by flashing a grin.

"Very well Finn. Don't worry, it's just questions on how to make the bosses even tougher as I've already repaired the whole Ice Kingdom." Finn nods, not that she sees as she leads the way in front of him, what Huntress exploits to grab Finn's hand again 'She really is worried'

"I can believe that, the tiara is insanely powerful." Finn goes silent as the feeling that he has forgotten something, when it clicks back into his mind? "Oh yeah, we got this today..." He says, before pulling out and handing the invitation to her. Ice Queen gently grabs it and starts to read it, Finn however gives a quick summary, "Its a free for all fight in the warrior kingdom tomorrow. I doubt they sent you a invitation given your... reputation."

"You're right on that Finn, I was not aware of this... though I'm unsure on why you're telling me this?"

"Because this could be a opportunity to meet them all and prove that you're wanting to change to all of them at once." Finn suggests as Ice Queen looks down, unsure on meeting a bunch of princes that hate her in a weapon filled environment.

"I don't know Finn..." What makes Finn put a hand on Ice Queen's back to reassure her.

"Don't worry, this is just to tell them all you want to change. Actually getting to know and talk to someone will come later."

"... Alright, I'll go. If they will listen to me then I might stay longer, but do just expect me to leave immediately with their opinion on me."

"That's alright, all I'm asking is for is to allow them to give you a chance. I guess it will also serve as a chance to see if you can control your kidnapping problems." She does not reply, ending the conversation. So Finn simply slows down to go back into line with Huntress, the two of them not letting go off each other once. "I thought you didn't want to be public with our relationship?" He asks quietly, though the real question is really 'Why are you still getting so possessive all of a sudden?' Huntress sighs, though her response is halted by Ice Queen declaring loudly,

"We're at the magic elevator. I had three powerful bosses that shielded each other that was powered by three orbs that were carried by special snow golems." She then steps into the elevator, quickly rising up. Finn goes to follow, but Huntress who was still holding his hand prevents him. He turns around to look at her, not disappointed or anything, worried if anything. Worried about what is making someone he loves so nervous and worried, begging for her to open up so he may help her. Huntress sighs at his look, 'What did I do to deserve him?'

"Sorry Finn, it's just... I'm worried she'll get to you!" Huntress nearly shouts, finally venting pent up worries, "Either you leave me willingly for her, or she'll kidnap you and I'll be unable to get you back!" Huntress shouts looking down, before breathing a few breaths while counting in her head to calm herself down. Finn does not respond or move, just letting her get the weight of her chest. She looks back up to Finn, "I'm worried you'll leave me, and since this is the first time I've had love I can't control me or my emotions right now.." Finn grabs her and brings her into a hug. She hesitates for a nano-second before wrapping her arms around Finn. After a second of this he pulls away,

"I won't leave, and don't worry, love is... confusing, to say the least. It will make us do the stupidest of stuff..." Finn thinks back to his time dating Flame Princess, all the burns he suffered, before he shakes his head free of thoughts. "A relationship can only happen if you trust each other, without it then it will all fall apart. Can you trust me that I won't let Ice Queen do anything to me?" Huntress hesitates, then slowly nods her head. "Good. And don't worry, I'll make it worthwhile."


"I've still got to test that massage mode on my arm." Huntress squints, unsure if she wants her body being touched at all when she was so used to being loner in the woods who didn't get touched at all, let alone when it is designed to let her guard down. But then remembers it's Finn, and how the usual unpleasantness with being touched always seems to disappear when its him.

"... We can give it a try." Finn nods with a smile, before stepping in the elevator, Huntress finally letting go of his hand.

When they finally get up they find Ice Queen standing there with hands on hip, a annoyed expression, and tapping her feet with impatience. "What took you two so long?! It was just a elevator ride!" She asks, causing Finn to laugh nervously while rubbing his neck.

"Sorry, I was just having a quick chat with Huntress. But lets summon these bad boys and see how we can upgrade them!" He shouts, diverting the topic away from him and Huntress. Ice Queen smiles smugly, before turns around,

"Prepared to be amazed Finn!" Suddenly bright magic radiates from her hands as she raises them high, before snapping them diagonally in front of her, and two massive, thick beams shoot forth. They slam into the empty boss room, creating two swirling vortexes of snow and ice that slowly tightens up. With a flash of bright light, two massive forms appear kneeling on the floor as they glow softly. Huntress instantly recognises them as the sniper and the Knight as they rise out of their lowered form.

Ice Queen throws her hands together once more, then once again brings them down but this time together and straight in front of her. The beam shoots out her combined hands, being even thicker than before and smashes into the ground between the two other bosses. The swirling vortex is bigger and begins sucking in, absorbing in hidden magic in the air. Huntress and Finn have to hold their clothes to prevent them from getting hit as they violently flap in the wind. A bright flash later and the sucking stops to reveal the wizard, who rises from its crunched position. Ice Queen sighs, "The other bosses must be done on another day my knight. Each one drains me and I would like a rest in between them."

"No problem, relax as much as you want." Ice Queen quickly takes this advice, creating a chair for her to sit on as she awaits her knights evaluation, what Finn quickly gets to doing. He walks to the knight, and his first item to get his judgement is the sword. Finn hums in thought, staring at its length, 'It is fairly long...' He gives the room a quick look over, 'And this room isn't that big.' "I think I got a suggestion..."

"Then lets hear it."

"The sword might be too big for this room, I suggest making it shorter." Finn says as motions to the room. It was just wide enough for the three bosses to stand side by side, "A big sword in a room this small would just clip and hit everything, ruining swings. Was that happening Huntress?" Huntress does not immediately respond, looking at Finn before responding.

"No, to be honest it only swung three times, or more fittingly it slam its sword three time. Most probably because of what you just said." She reluctantly says, feeling unsure on giving advice on how to improve the guards encase she needs to fight them again to rescue Finn if Ice Queen fails to keep her word. Said royal rises out of her seat and holds out a hand to say she has heard enough, before turning to the knight. Putting a hand on its knees, the sword in its hand slowly starts to melt.

"Say when." Finn nods and watches the blade melt, what was as entertaining as watching paint dry, getting old after only a few seconds.

"That should be enough." What causes Ice Queen to jerk her arm off, before using her eyebrows to fly back. Finn hums, as he looks at the other bosses, before looking at Huntress, "How about you tell her how you defeated them." Huntress sighs, before beginning to talk with Ice Queen. Finn meanwhile takes a step back, smiling as the girls actually talk to each other instead of sending glares of mistrust and jealousy.

Fionna was sitting with Gumball at a two person table after he picked her up, she was eating a salad and Gumball, a lasagne. The restaurant she was in was red, and candles littered the place along with other romantic things, the same restaurant that Finn and Huntress were in after their date that they did not like, and Fionna was no different. She looks off to the side and out of a window, losing focus on Gumball.

After a few seconds she turns back to Gumball with a blush as she remembers that she was on a date with Gumball. Sure it was bad, but she was with Gumball! That had to count as something good. "... and that's why I think humans lost their fifth finger." Gumball explains after chewing some more lasagne. He was wearing a bright pink suit, something a man should never be seen wearing if he wanted to keep his pride, but Gumball hand selected it with a smile.

"Yeah... that sounds right..." Fionna says after a nervous giggle, unsure if Gumball could tell she wasn't listening. 'This date is pretty bad... maybe I can take him dungeon-ing! Everybody finds those fun, right?'

"So Fionna," The sound of him simply saying her name smashes her out of her thoughts and focuses completely on him, secretly wanting him to say it again, though she is not sure why. "I was going to send you this as a invitation, but I decided to tell you... in person." He says, pausing for dramatic effect. Fionna face shifts into a expression of interest and curiosity, making Gumball smile 'She is interested in me!' "There is going to be a fight tomorrow, a massive free-for-all, and you've been invited. Now you could fight for me, or you can fight for yourself." Fionna eyes widen throughout the entire explanation, and stops her actions to think on what option she'll choose, but stops when she sees his grin.

"What... would you want me to choose?" Gumball smirks even larger, 'Perfect, now she can fight Finn as well as I can still send in special soldiers.'

"For you to fight on your own, I'll be sending in special troops that I need to test, you might have fun fighting them. And it gets better..." Fionna leans in closer, excitement flowing through her, anticipating what he has to say. "... Finn and Huntress will be there as well."

"Awesome!" Fionna shouts, getting hyped not only for the massive awesome fight, but also at the chance to fight against Finn again. She only remembers after the act that she was in a quiet romantic restaurant, the patrons and staff now all looking at her, making her shrink in embarrassment, Gumball doing the same due to association. Her voice now much quieter she replies, "But still, this is going to be awesome! I know Cake has been looking for a round two." A slightly muffled noise of approval comes from her hat, not that the Prince hears.

Gumball smiles, glad to see Fionna so happy as she imagines a massive heroic fight between two masters of the sword. But his smile also has a more sinister side, happy knowing that with Fionna attacking on Finn, his chances of winning dramatically drop, 'Your secrets will soon be revealed Finn...' And it was at that moment does Gumball realise that he most probably should warn Fionna, last thing he needs is Fionna butting in when he tries getting Finn to spill the beans. "Fionna, I must warn you-"

"What!? Is it going to be super challenging!? Is there a little to no chance of success!? Will there be a giant evil boss!?" The barrage of questions startles the Prince.

"N-no, what I've got to warn you about is Finn. He has done some... weird things, and I don't think he is trustable-"

"You've heard already?! Man new travels fast... I mean how do you even know things before anyone else?" She asks. Prince Gumball was originally silently annoyed at being interrupted again, however, it turns into panic as Fionna starts to question how he knows everything, what he does via his secret cameras that he definitely does not want Fionna knowing.

"Err!... I don't know... what the new is! So... what is the news?" He asks, genuinely interested in what she knows, 'Does she already think Finn's story does not add up? If she does then I might just be able to set her upon him...'

"Finn decided to be Ice Queen's knight! After we freed him when she kidnapped him again! I have no idea what is going on through his mind." Fionna says, eating more salad like what she said was nothing. Alarm bells ringed through Gumball's head.

"He's her knight!?" 'That can't be coincidence! Why?...! They working together! He gets Fionna, Ice Queen gets us Princes!' He grits his teeth, adding more to the list to the reasons why he thinks Finn needs to be taken down. "Fionna, definitely be careful around him! Don't trust him, I think he is evil!" Fionna looks away,

"You do remember he is me right? I don't think he is evil but I do question a few things..." Fionna mutters. Gumball sighs, 'I have all night to persuade her...'

Finn nods in approval. The girls have getting along for now, the bosses had all gone under changes, the sniper received a better aligned scope and a place to rest his gun that improves his aim now that he not fighting to hold the it up. The wizard got a bigger upgrade: a larger energy reserve and funnelling, though at the cost of a power orb that they hid. It could probably do its pure magic death beam while still being able to move the shield now, allowing it to protect its vulnerable orb. "This is simply great Huntress, I didn't even think about those problems. I was just trusting the sniper knew how to aim and gave the wizard the bare minimum energy it needed for it to run."

Finn meanwhile was not even focusing on the conversation, lost in his thoughts as he lets the girls bond 'How can she not have the energy to summon more bosses when she can cool the whole fire kingdom for several days straight?'

"No problem, now about those guys that carry the orb for their shields." Ice Queen nods at her suggestion of the next lot to get upgraded and creates them with her magic, the three armoured golem staring at the group.

"Yeah, unfortunately the orb needed a constant energy source, so I use the life force of those golem. Sorry, they have to be carried." To be honest, they've been getting along well, bonding over their shared use in magic and surprisingly, Finn. What was originally pushing them apart was their feelings of Finn, but now it gave them a common ground, to the point where Finn went off to collect them all some food and when he came back he swore they were talking about him. He doesn't mind, as long as they're getting along.

He walks up to them, and they stop their thinking to look at him with small smiles. "You might not be able to remove the orbs from the golems, but there are other things you can do."

"Like what?" Ice Queen, happy to hear the words of her knight.

"Make them just normal golems, nothing fancy about them, just make them blend in with the others."

"I'm not sure..." Ice Queen says at his recommendation, she needed theses guys protected, not just accidentally slayed in a battle.

"As someone who fights a lot, I can tell you that the moment we see someone different, we aim for them." What causes Huntress to join Finn's argument,

"He's right, when Fionna saw the different golem she immediately targeted it."

"Yeah that sounds right. A common soldier usually gets ignored by us, but if we spot a different looking guy then they might be a noble or something. Someone important like that is a priority for a soldier."

"Alright, I hear you, make them plain." She immediately augments the three golems into normal ones, the ice armour and weapons melting off. Finn hums in thought, before a devilish idea pops in his head.

"Actually... make one of them a big, important guy." Ice Queen reverts the centre one back to having armour. "I mean to mini-boss level." She increases its size, making it a middle between the golems and the bosses, then buffs its armour even more. "Now a warrior like me will just target that guy straight away. I would kill it and it would drop the orb, then I would use that orb up. So I would wait for another one to come or investigate what I did wrong. I wouldn't target the useless fodder like them," He points at the normal looking golems that also carried the orbs, "Especially if they're at the back and not in my way."

Ice Queen gains a wicked smile, "Oh I'm liking this a lot Finn." She releases a bit of a mad laugh as she starts rewriting the other golems minds to hide rather than fight. After that was done she smiles and grabs Finn and Huntress Wizard and hugs them, startling the duo. "Oh I can't wait to do the other bosses! But that will have to wait until after tomorrow." She pulls away smiling. "You better get home and prepare, I know I will need do." The duo nod,

"Farewell, Ice Queen." Huntress says with a genuine smile.

"Please Huntress, you can call me Sarah as well." Finn smiles at their interactions, 'That went well'

Ice Queen personally sees them out, talking off future plans they could have after the defences were improved, "So once we are finished with the bosses would you like to see the gardens?" She asks, mainly at Huntress who still carries a relaxed smile,

"Sure, who knows with my plant magic I could grow anything you want, we could most probably turn it into a garden that everyone in AAA would rush to see." They soon reach the throne room, making Ice Queen lean down to touch the floor,

"Sounds like a plan. Let me get that for you." A moment later the trapdoor in the floor splits open, the corridor forming.

"Thanks Sarah." Finn says as he and Huntress enter the exit.

"Thanks you two for your help, and thanks Huntress for giving me a chance... Glob it's going to take a while for me to get use to that name." Ice Queen mutters the last part, making Finn chuckle quietly. He turns to Huntress who was still had a happy grin that must be chiselled on with how long she has had it.

"So I'm guessing you two don't like each other?" Huntress nudges his arm at his jab,

"Not at first Finn, but I warmed up to her... Pardon the pun."

"I'm just glad you two aren't trying to kill each other, now to get you a new hunting knife." What makes Huntress sigh, causing Finn to raise his eyebrows.

"I don't talk a lot Finn, never have. Although I do like her, chatting to Sarah all day has actually got me all worn out."

"Ah, got ya, you're a introvert. Still though, thanks for giving her a chance. As your reward, you get to go home, I'll get a new knife for you."

"Thanks Finn, but what about my other reward?" She asks worried, to be honest she was semi looking forward to it though was still plenty unsure of it.

"You're still getting that, just when I return." Huntress smiles at the reply.

"Don't spoil me rotten now Finn." Finn only laughs.

Ice Queen sits smiling in a hidden room, all around her lays piles and piles of paper, all strewn messily about. However one sits in her hand as she smiles at it. It was blank. This was not a hidden war room, but the room where she wrote her fanfiction in her spare time. She looks at the piece she had planned and started to write that morning. It was about a young, caring man who was forcefully married to a cruel woman, and one day, in one of his few free times he strolls across another woman, a Queen. They fall in love in mere minutes, and eventually the Queen will rescue him from his cruel and unfair marriage. She shakes her head, and looks at the new clean piece in front of her. 'How about... a love triangle... and the guy can't decide between two girls?'

Gumball enters his castle, the massive doors closing behind the candy Prince. He sighs and walks towards the his lab, Finn plaguing his thoughts. He thinks Fionna will stay clear of Finn, but he can't be sure. But that it is not important right now, knowing what Finn and Huntress is up to and maybe their plans as well is, persuading Fionna was the past. He may of turned his date into a tactical decision, and he would of preferred it if he didn't have to do that, but his kingdom comes before a date. Fionna would understand, right?

He enters his lab, and looks over to his slightly rushed project: the spyderbot. Immediately he goes to work on it as flying sparks signals his efforts. It was nearly done, it just needed a few final cuts, some wires connected and... "Done!" Gumball shouts, taking the goggles of his head. The eight legged spy creation stares up at him emotionless. Gumball puts it down with a nod, before pressing a button, a beep coming out. "New order: Go to Finn and Huntress's house and find out their plans." He presses the button again. It takes the robot a second, but it eventually turns around and starts climbing out the window. "Bit slow on processing orders, but it is a prototype." He smirks, "But as long at it does its job then I don't mind.

Finn is currently walking the Candy Kingdom streets. Despite everyone being gender bent, some even changing species, but the houses and buildings that made up the Candy Kingdom remain the same, and Finn knew those streets better than anyone else except maybe Gumball. He also knows that one of the reasons why the Candy Kingdom is one of the most powerful kingdoms is because of a booming trade, even if some only did it to make them allies just so Bubblegum would send Finn to help them. And since the candy peeps were... less intelligent than other kingdoms, they just bought whatever was thrown in front of them. Who knows? Maybe luck will mean someone sold them a skinning knife.

Finn turns a corner, 'And if anyone is selling one, it will be... this guy!' Finn exclaims in his head, looking at a tool shop he knows. Walking in, he finds a female lollipop manning the counter. 'Oh right, this girl then. He changed species as well, I remember him being a candy corn' "Hello, how can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm looking for a skinning knife, got any?"

"Err..." Finn watches as she nearly hurts herself in thinking before putting hand up to stop her,

"Don't worry, I know what I'm looking for, just show me everything and I'll be able to pick it out." ‘Just like her counterpart'

"Ok." She says, before disappearing outback, then coming back in with a massive cardboard box, due to that the tools easily shredded their container, metals poking out of brown. She just drops it on the floor, still smiling.

"Thanks." Finn immediately starts rummaging through it, like a kid in a Lego box. He throws the unwanted tools and items out the box as he digs, the objects impaling themselves into the walls and floor. Eventually, a form of a knife glimmers as it reflects of some light. Finn immediately reaches for it, and after a quick tug pulls it free of its cage, it sudden freedom making Finn stumble back a bit. He grips the handle tight as he examines the straight blade. It was made of steel, and although it has lost some of its shine nothing a quick clean and a grindstone can't fix even though Finn doesn't know where he could find one. Opening his hand to do a grand reveal of the handle to himself. It was made of birch wood though like the blade was a bit dirty, and it was plain and non-ornate but gripped, a handle that was made for use not decoration. He continues to examine it, before giving it a nod of approval as he turns to shop owner. "How much for this?"

"Don't know, how much do you want for it?" Now, most people would just put down a low price. Finn, however, is not a normal person, he is a white knight, a kind hero through and through. So he does not like to swindle or scam, in fact he usually leaves tips. So he looks down at the blade in his hand and starts to work out its actual value.

"... Lets go for... ten gold? I mean it is damaged a little bit."

"Sure... That'll be ten gold." Finn walks up to the counter with a small smile and handles the exchange.

Half an hour later, he was approaching his home deep within the apple forest with a slightly damaged skinning knife. 'Here is to hoping that Huntress doesn't mind waiting for me to fix the damage' He thinks giving it a worried look, before smiling at seeing his home. Walking up to vines that he splits open, he finds Huntress by the fire cooking up the last of the bird meat. She looks at him with a smile, "Decided to get something cooking while I was waiting. You got a knife or no luck?"

"I got you a new knife, but it is slightly damaged, we'll need to give it a quick fix up, nothing major." Finn says, showing her the knife while rubbing his neck and looking away. She grabs it and gives it a look over for herself.

"Hmm... Yeah a quick clean up will solve a lot, but it could really use sharpening."

"I thought we could do it at the warriors kingdom, they should have a grindstone right?"

"Probably." She grabs the meat from the fire as Finn places the knife on the table and drops his bag to rest against the wall. The smiling couple silently eat meat next to each other on a log of wood. They have chairs, came with the table, but for some reason sitting on a log in front of a warm fire is so much more appealing.

"I just realised... why don't we use those hobs?" Finn asks, flicking a thumb to the kitchen. Huntress stops eating to look at him, before looking at the fire.

"Don't know, never thought of it." She says, but Finn's squints as a thought comes to his mind 'She lives in the woods, and is a wood nymph grown up in their society for her childhood. She doesn't use technology'

"... Do you not know how to cook with a hob?" Immediately Huntress freezes up before sighing.

"... No. Besides I prefer eating food in front of a fire on a cold night. Do you even know how to use one?"

"Yeah! If you want we can go to Grocery Kingdom after this and buy some stuff, then I could show you how to use one. It's not that difficult."

"... Sure, but when did you learn that?"

"Me and Jake had to look after ourselves after mum and dad died, so we both learnt how to cook even though Jake did most of it. And he also made sure I knew before he went to live at Lady's place, last thing we needed was me getting a house and not being able to cook anything."

"I should of realised that. Alright, after tomorrow lets see what you remembered." That ended the conversation, leaving the couple to eat together in front of a warm fire, slightly leaning on each other. Finn reaches up and takes his hat off, letting his golden hair free to drape over the him before turning to Huntress as she finishes up.

"So... remember the massage?" Huntress gains a blush under her mask as she looks away.

"No, I forgot about that to be honest." She mutters out. Finn leans back concerned,

"If you want we don't have to." Huntress huffs, then puts another piece of fire

"No, do it." Finn gets up as Huntress lays face down onto the log, her head turned to the side to rest against the warm oak.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'll let you know if you're doing terrible." She says jokingly, but Finn could just barely tell that she was a bit nervous.

"Then... lets remove your hunting clothes." The moment he says that Huntress grabs her clothes as they turn into leaves that she throws away from the fire, leaving her in a wrap that covered her chest and a wrapped cloth covering her ass. Obviously she couldn't keep anything fancy, never had the money or the care, and it wasn't like anyone was going to see them and judge her, so she went with a simple, easy to clean and replace underwear. If she ever did need something fancy, she could most probably make one with magic like the rest of her clothes.

Due to Finn innocence he does not react as nothing is showing, his imagination never starting. Instead, he was focused on how to actually give a massage 'You just... rub with your thumb, right?' He takes Huntress's mask off, what causes to actually flinch at the still alien feeling, and leaving it to lie down next to his hat, before turning to his arm and popping up the option menu and looks at the massage choice. 'I don't even know what this will do...' Finn starts to panic a little inside, 'What if she doesn't like this?' He selects it, his arm starts to feel as if it is warming up in temperature. 'Right, cold hands would suck...' After that thought he sticks his flesh hand near the fire, warming it up as well. He mentally sighs, 'Enough, you got this, it's just a massage and not the lich' He thinks to himself to motivate him, but right now he would rather be fighting his old undead foe.

Finn straddles Huntress's back, and places his hands on her shoulder blades, but she does not even blink at being touched. Slowly he starts some circular movements and pressing in repeatedly. She does not react, but Finn can tell she was slowly starting to relax from the way she held her form. He pulls back his hands before using his thumb and one robot finger to push into her back shoulder muscles, what suffer a momentary twitch at being touched before calming back down.

And that it is when they hear rapid tapping. Huntress shoots up, knocking Finn of her. She grabs her mask and puts it on as the rapid tapping starts climbing onto the roof, making her magically put her clothes on then starts levitating a arrow. Finn grabs a sword, not caring about his hair. And that’s when the noise came climbing out of the hole where the fire smoke left. It was a spider, made of metal and a single camera for a eye. Huntress doesn't even give it a chance as she sends the arrow flying up and through its body. The force she sent it with was similar to what she did to the alpha wolf, so the spider flew into the night air just the same.

Finn walks up to her, and a second later hears the sound of smashing outside as the robot comes back down. "A camera?... Gumball." Huntress nods in agreement, before turning around and leaving the house. Standing outside, it only takes a second for hunting eyes to spot the dead spider. Walking over to it she grabs her arrow, then yanks it out, sending out a few sparks and crackles of electricity.

"How did he think we would not notice this?" She asks 'Wasn't he smart? Or did he just get over confident?'

"I'm not sure, maybe he was expecting us to be a asleep? You know... Get a look at our house so he could put up actual cameras in spots we wouldn't notice?" He suggests, not liking that if his thoughts were correct, then he had this climbing around the tree house when he and Jake were sleeping. Huntress squints as she looks inside the machine, activating her huntress vision. It was hollow, but filled to the brim with tiny balls. Confused, she reaches in and pulls one out, revealing them to be little flying drones with grabbing claws and cups on the bottom, and a spinning blades for flying on top. It starts to activate, causing Huntress to squish it between her fingers. She looks to Finn who had crouched next to her when she was analysing the robot.

"Keep an eye on this, I'll be right back." She gets up and leaves into the house, leaving Finn to stare at the creepy robot. A few seconds later Huntress returns with Finn's sword in hand, and a burning log on the end from their fire. Finn moves out of the way as she walks up to the body, then puts the log inside, using the shell to knock it off Finn's sword. The burning fire starts destroying the tiny robots with rapid popping sounds. Huntress hands the sword back to Finn as he checks for damage, while she grabs some leaves and twigs and throws them inside, a plume of smoke coming out as the green plants burn. Standing back, she puts her hands on the floor and starts absorbing the nearby plant life around the spider robot to remove any chance of the fire spreading, before stepping back and watching the fire burn with Finn.

Eventually, the sound of popping stops, signalling that all the robots had been destroyed. That dealt with, the couple turn around and head indoors, "So... you want to continue the massage?"

"Nah, I can see the appeal but it's not my type of thing. Hard meat, remember?"

"Right." Finn looks at the fire as it slowly starts to die out. "What about cuddling in a bed? You too hard for that?"

"No, that's natural, some animals sleep together to preserve warmth. How is increasing my chances of survival being soft?" She asks with a smirk, Finn shakes his head with a smile in reply. Huntress kicks some soft dirt onto the fire to completely smother it out, then looks up to the hole where the smoke escapes, and where the spider tried getting in. She sighs and walks up to a wall. Grunting with effort, she starts to grow vines that cover the hole, sealing it up. She then walks into their bedroom, and starts to fully cover the window, earning a eyebrow rise from Finn. "He tried sending something in once, he might try again." Finn only nods, then continues stripping himself of his clothes. Huntress a few seconds later joins him after completing her work, taking off her mask and leaving it to rest next to Finn's bear hat. They then climb into the bed, a smile on both their faces.

All around AAA, the royals furthest away from the warrior kingdom start to walk so they can make it to it in time. The fight between AAA's best fighters and the couple from OOO was about to commence. And Fionna and Cake were one of the fighters, Gumballs warnings echoing through their heads.

Fionna was getting ready for bed, Cake just stretching onto the heroine's bed and taking up most of the leg end, but Fionna was use to this by now. She climbs in and closes her eyes.

A minute later she opens them again, and looks down to Cake. "Hey Cake..." A grumble of acknowledgment comes from the feline. "Do you think Gumball was telling the truth? You think Finn is evil?"

"I don't know, my tail didn't frizz up but at the same time he is working with the Ice Queen. I simply don't know, but I do want to beat Huntress for once, so I won't complain at the chance."

"Cake! We're heroes! We don't beat up innocent people because of personal junk! If I'm going to help Gumball bring down Finn, then I want your opinion: Do. You. Think. Finn. Is. Evil?"

"I don't know... maybe?..." Cake groggily says before grumbling back to sleep. Fionna blinks, before going to sleep as well, preparing herself to fight Finn.

So I originally planned Fionna's date to be longer, but then decided to make it short, uninteresting and just political plot to match how bad Gumball made it in his focus on bringing Finn down. He lied to Finn, he can't handle both a relationship and the candy kingdom, as the kingdom takes full priority. Poor Fionna, she suffering the same fate Marshall did with PG. Maybe said vampire can help, who knows?... Also I won't bore you with another royal hate, so I decided to make Huntress and Ice Queen actually bond.

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Chapter Text

For a change Finn was the first to wake, his eyes opening groggily before he decides to remove his hand from Huntress's waist to rub the remaining sleep out of his eyes. A quick look around reveals that the place wasn't currently burning down or being raided, so with a smile he puts his head back down and his arm around Huntress, simply enjoying the feeling of her being next to him. He hasn't really focused on it to much in his time with her, partially because he didn't have a chance and partially because it was creepy, but she smelled of a mix of fresh cut grass, a flower in spring, and mud and sweat that she collected through out the day. He doesn't mind too much and continues to hug her with a small smile.

A minute later, she stirs to the new day as well, alerting Finn with a rising as she looks herself over for mushrooms out of habit, Finn startling her, "Morning." She looks down behind her at Finn who was smiling gently at her.

"Morning." She replies, still waking up making her reply just a copy of Finn's. She turns around in the bed, now facing Finn, allowing him to see her in all her cute, mask-less glory, despite how dark the room is that it was nearly pitch black. "We should get up." Finn removes his arm from her and moves away. "... in a minute." Finn smiles and moves back to hugging her to his form, their foreheads touching as they feel each others breath. Huntress smiles, but a thought of softness shoots through her head what she quickly shuts down, not wanting this to end.

A minute later she forces them, however, her moving away from Finn to get ready for the day causing him to do the same. They start putting their gear and clothes on, Huntress being much quicker with her being able to just magic her clothes on and experience with putting her quiver on. She steps out the room and into their main/entrance. Just like their bedroom it was almost pitch black due to her sealing up the window and the smoke hole encase Gumball made another move. Moving to the tightly packed vine door, she peeks outside, finding conformation that it was day, and that the burnt black remains of the robot had not moved at all during the night causing her o nod in approval before retreating back indoors.

Just in time to see Finn hit his foot on something. She watches with a smile as he hops around holding his injured foot while releasing air through his bit bottom lip in muffled expression of pain, causing her to shake her head and plant a hand on the wood walls of their home and focuses some magic into it. Finn quickly forgets his pain as right before his eyes glowing mushrooms started popping out of the wall, that quickly lit up the a few metres from the wall but not the centre of the room. Huntress quickly rectifies this by removing her hand from the wall then leaning down to gently place her hand on the soft dirt floor. A moment later mushrooms start sprouting in a circle in the centre of the room, a second circumference around the campfire. Pulling herself back up she watches as Finn slowly lowers his leg.

He looks around the room, the mushroom's soft orange glow making the house seem like it is in a eternal sun set. He looks back at Huntress, "Why did you not do that sooner?" He asks with a smile pointing at his foot. She shrugs,

"Decided that the holes like the smoke hole and window would be enough to light the place, but since I closed them up did I decided to grow these guys. After all there was no point wasting magic if I didn't need to." She says pointing at one on the wall. "And I like to see you suffer." Finn gives a short laugh at her joke, making her smile. Finn walks to a table, grabbing his bow from where he left it resting last night, then looks at Huntress,

"Want to go hunting?" He asks, causing Huntress to smile and grab her mask, then starts to move towards the door while still looking at him.

"You like it don't you?" Finn quickly moves to join her with a small smile on his face.

"Well yeah! I get to spend time with you doing something you enjoy." The answer makes her smile, glad he is enjoying the same customs and way of life, decidedly making her answer to levitate a arrow.

"Shall we then?" Finn nods, before putting his bear hat on, somehow tucking all his golden hair away instantly 'Some things are better left unanswered...' Huntress thinks before walking out the door, Finn following close behind her. She hands him a arrow, "Remember what I told you yesterday?"

"Yep." He answers, shifting his walk and form to match Huntress's tips as they enter the trees. Her smile gets even larger, making Finn just stare at it for a second as a feeling of happiness surges through him, before focusing back onto the hunt and Huntress starts to sneak as well. She has many years of experience at the matter, while Finn only has a hour top. So she forces herself to slow down to his pace, not that she minds. It was kind of like taking a slow, calm walk on a nice day to enjoy the nature, except ro her the good view was not the nature, but off Finn slowly learning her world. She smiles seeing him slowly speed up and despite the shoes that she forgot to replace with new hunting ones, making less noise with almost every step.

She eventually forces her eyes off Finn and onto the prey around her. Her hunting eyes quickly counting up everything with a heartbeat, 'Ten birds, two boars that are having sex, a snake, and a rabbit... haven't had rabbit for a bit' She turns to Finn and quickly points at the rabbit, pulling her form as low as possible to blend in with the foliage as cover. Finn lowers himself as well, peeking at where she pointed.

He quickly spots the small white form of the rabbit, then looks at Huntress. He points a finger at her, raises a eyebrow, then points at himself. She points at her chest and starts to move forward into the bushes silently, causing Finn to peek through the bush to watch her in action.

Huntress slowly prowls forward, eyes locked on her prey, the arrows in her quiver gently rattle as if shaking with anticipation. She pulls one of the four out with her hand, waiting for the moment the rabbit looks away to focus on some other lesser threat. And it does so, locking its sight on some bird that flew from its nest to go for it own hunt.

A sudden crash of stumbling and the snaps of branches startles everyone. A woman in heavy armour comes fumbling through the bushes and trees, swearing worse than a sailor. The rabbit immediately scrambles to run away, kicking up dust with a thump of its leg. Huntress snaps her head to it, and her arrow pierces through its skull, pinning its twitching corpse to the floor 'no prey can escape me'. Prey now dead, she looks to the warrior. "What the Glob were you thinking?" She asks coldly, not liking her hunt being nearly ruined, especially when Finn was watching.

Finn quickly appears by her side, sword at the ready encase things go sour what they always do with him. "What are you doing in a forest off the beaten path?" He asks, much calmer than Huntress due to him not minding, especially if it was someone in danger in need of help. The female warrior looks up at the duo standing side by side. She instantly gains the looks of recognition in her eyes when she locks onto Huntress, but takes a second of squinting for Finn. She suddenly pulls a sword off her back and lashes it out into a offensive stance at Finn and Huntress, making the duo pull their own respective weapon out.

"You're Finn and Huntress Wizard, correct?!" Finn sighs mentally, 'I was right, things did go sour with me around...'

"Yes, what's it to you?" Huntress asks with a scowl as her arrow moves to hovers above her head, Finn standing defensively with his sword, ready to counter whatever the mad woman does.

"I'm here for the tournament, and even though we're not there yet, I'm going to take you down for my Prince for a great reward before we even get there!" She shouts, before holding her sword high and charging, targeting Finn, who lowers his sword and relaxes his form. Huntress sighs and takes a step back 'We can't kill a royal knight...'

The knight screams as she swings diagonally downwards. Finn crouches, then jumps into the air, the basic iron blade sweeping under him. The knight startled by the move, looks up to track Finn. To see him springing his leg out again. Both his feet slam into her face full force. Immediately her head freeze in its track, however, her lower half continues with it momentum. Her sword flies out of her hand, flying somewhere into the bushes, her body going into the air. Finn rides her body half-way down to the ground, before launching off again, slamming her head into the ground while he lands somewhere behind her. He quickly turns around to look at her as she lays on the floor motionless, as despite the iron helm she wore Finn's attacks were more than enough to knock her out, though they were not severe as he did not wish to inflict actual harm on her. A few seconds later she grumbles back into waking, and slowly raises, then turns to face Finn. "I'll beat you!"

Finn sighs, not taking a stance. The warrior becomes confused, then starts trying to analyse him for some hidden tri- Suddenly she was thrown, no wait, pulled onto a tree. She wiggle and screams in fear as wooden vines or serpents or something wraps around her, compressing her against the tree. She quickly looses all movement, then slowly her air supply as well as it starts to crush her. Only then does it stop, a annoyed Huntress coming from behind her vision. Her hand leaves the tree as she stands before her, Finn joining her with a worried expression. "Don't you think you've done those a bit tight?" He asks with trepidation.

"She'll be fine, I've done tighter." Huntress asks, turning towards the rabbit she killed. Finn takes a second to look at the bound warrior, before moving along side Huntress as she reaches down. "Besides, I'll let her back down when we get back."

"Right... Sure you can't put a timer on it? Just encase?" Huntress stops her arm from grabbing the rabbit, then looks up at Finn, then rolls her eyes. She walks to the bound warrior who starts to scream again loudly, causing Finn and Huntress to wince. She puts a hand firmly on the wood, her eyes glowing a bit, nothing major just a slight glow that was noticeably in the shade she was in as the sun rises behind her. She then pulls her hand away to look at Finn, "She's on a timer, three hours, then the spell will fall." She then snaps back around to put the tip of her finger on the warriors lips, making her whimper, "You better not follow us, home or to the tournament." Her stern voice warns, stating a repercussion not necessary to scare the poor trapped girl into abiding. Finn frowns behind her,

"Alright Huntress, I think she gets the idea so that will do." Huntress hears the disappointment in his order, making her realise what she was acting like,

"Sorry, I lost my cool there. Guess I was still in aggressive hunter mode." She says standing straight. Finn nods and puts his sword back on his back and locking it alongside his bow.

"Alright, lets get this rabbit home. Then after that I guess we can go to the river, then head off to the tournament?" He suggests as a early morning plan. Huntress simply reaches down and grabs the rabbit, before walking side by side with Finn towards their home as the cool crisp of the morning air starts to warm up.

The walk back with the sun rising behind them was only a few minutes, but it was enough for the couple to gain a satisfied smile as they simply enjoy the calmness with the ones they love. They reach their home, Huntress leading the way inside with rabbit in hand. They spend the next few minutes preparing the rabbit and cooking it, making silly little jokes and stories of their past as they did so before they eventually set out to clean themselves. They may get dirty again in the next few hours, but there was no excuse for poor hygiene, especially if they forgot the last few days with the chaos going on around them.

They stroll a short distance to the cool river that they preferred to wash themselves in. It was one Huntress pointed out, she had cleaned there a few times in OOO and in all her times she was never walked in on. The water was slow flowing yet semi-deep, just being able to submerge them if they were to wander into the deepest parts but they should be fine if they stuck near the edge. It was surrounded by bushes so no-one could spy from afar, and the tepid water was good for hot days and cooling off after a long one, but also still had a effect in removing dirt.

Finn and Huntress strip themselves naked, then enter the water. A slight shiver goes up Finn's spine, the still rising sun had yet to warm the waters, making its remaining night chill catch him by surprise. He looks to his left as Huntress's face as she enters, but she doesn't even flinch or cringe, unbothered by the coldness 'She certainly isn’t soft' Huntress looks at him with a developing blush, making Finn snap his gaze away. "Sorry."

"Nah it's fine." She calmly replies, her voice lacking signs of embarrassment or annoyance, putting some of Finn's worries to rest what he expresses with a sigh. That over and done with, he immediately sets himself on the task on cleaning any dirt off. It may be cold in the Ice Kingdom when he was captured, but fighting the Ice Queen for a few hours would make anyone sweat.

Huntress was also purging herself of a few days worth of built up sweat, dirt, and grime. But she was doing that on autopilot, her main thought was on Finn, 'Did he just check me out? No, this is Finn. It was most probably a misunderstanding' She stops cleaning, and turns to Finn as slowly and quietly as possible, looking over her shoulder at Finn. They were both in the water hip-deep, so Finn's ass is semi hidden under the water, the waves and ripples of the water acting like a natural pixelator to censor him from her prying eyes. But his back was open to view as Finn brings his hair to in front of him as he cleans and removes knots, and reveal to her the faded scars he has collected from all the injuries he has endured in protecting the world from harm, and the muscles he uses to do so. Finn may seem to be squishy, but anyone who has seen him fight knows that he has some serious strength in him. His body does a masterful job in hiding it all, allowing him to carry all the muscles needed to slay great beasts, yet still seem so approachable in the sense that won't be seen as a big, scary thing himself.

Finn feels... off. His six sense is tingling, the feeling of that someone is watching him. He turns around confused to look at Huntress, to find her totally focused on cleaning herself as she brings her left leg out of the water to rub it clean. He turns away embarrassed and hoping to avoid another incident, 'If she wasn't looking at me, then who was peeking on us wash?' He then starts to scan the trees for whoever was watching him. This goes on for a minute, before he eventually gives up, taking note that he no longer felt as if he was being watched but still making sure to keep his eye out.

Time passes, and they leave the river, Finn now shaking off his earlier discomfort of being watched from his mind as he turns to Huntress, "So I guess we better get going if we are to reach this fight in time." Finn states, putting his iconic hat on first. Huntress ties the string to her mask, pinning it to her face and covering her identity.

"Yeah, but I prefer to get there early, gives me a time to scope out the competition." She states, quickly slapping leaves onto herself that she transmogrifies into her clothes. "Besides it gives us some time to find a grindstone for this guy." She states pulling the damaged knife from its holder that she attaches to her hip. Finn hurriedly puts the rest of his hunting clothes on at her words,

"Then we better hurry." Huntress grabs his clothes, turns them into leaves then slaps them onto Finn, then reverts them back into his clothes. Finn stares down in puzzlement, before looking back up at her.

"I had a suspicion when I saw you do that with your clothes and when you said 'I got them from the same place I got mine', but you made these yourself, didn't you?" She gains a slight blush, hidden by her mask but she does not look away.

"Yes... I made them." She answers a bit embarrassed. Finn quickly gives his looks his clothes a quick but thorough look over again and notices the high quality it was made of, how it matches his body shape, and how in general how much effort she put into it. She may be able to make it instantly, but he can tell she cared when making it.

"These are super good, thanks again Huntress." He says, making her blush more.

"No problem Finn, it meant that you could join me in hunting." She then looks at the sky, "Also don't worry Finn we'll have time to spare by the time we get there."

"You sure?"

"Yep." She grins, then sticks two fingers in her mouth and let out a loud, high-pitched whistle. They stand still, Huntress with her hands on her hips and Finn's hanging limply by his side as they look around, Finn quickly working out that she was waiting for something. Then the leaves on the bush behind him violently shake, and two grey wolves leap out of them. They slide in front of the couple, panting from their obvious quick dash to arrive as quickly as possible. "This is how." She gestures to the wolfs who look around.

"Ohh! Right." Finn smiles and moves to the closest wolf that remains standing by. He stretches his left leg over its body before sitting on it completely. The wolfs may be larger and stronger than those before the war, but Finn's legs still touched the ground bent. Huntress smiles and pretty much jumps on her one,

"Here, let me show you how." She quickly shifts her form, wrapping her arms around the wolfs neck, laying her belly on its back, her head resting on top of its, and her legs bent to be parallel with her and the wolfs body, resting against its side.

"Oh." Finn quickly shuffles around, matching Huntress posture before looking at her with a smile. She returns it, giving her next advice,

"To get them going, tap their sides, to stop, lean back fully until you're almost sitting. And Finn for a heads up... hold on tight." She yells, tapping her wolf's side with her feet, and it immediately thrust itself onwards, crashing through the vegetation that made the forest.

"How bad can it b- Whoooa!" Finn screams as it taps his wolf, and just like Huntress it to leaps into action, bounding after the her. Finn grits his teeth in a bit of surprise and fear, before overcoming it a few seconds later. They quickly approaches Huntress, and before long he was side by side with her as they dart between the trees. "I know this is a bit of a bad time to ask, but how do I... guide this?" He asks making Huntress laugh,

"No one can control nature Finn." The wolves leap away from each other as a tree splits them, before quickly moving back together. "... But to answer just lean. Though don't worry the wolves will make minor changes to their course to dodge things, so only do it if you want to lead them somewhere."

"Right, thanks." Then they focus on riding as they weave between trees and bound over fallen logs and holes.

Despite the extra speed bestowed to them by the helpful wolves, the travel still took a two hours to arrive, causing them to have to take breaks several times to give the wolves time to recover and Finn a toilet break. But when they finally arrived at the warrior kingdom, what is in the deserts of the Badlands before its destruction in OOO, they dismount the wolves and slowly walk down the dull sandstone yellow homes and buildings that clashed with the silver and shiny metal of weapons and fortifications. The folk that called the kingdom home stood around as if waiting for some call to arms, with armour and weapons equipped, all of which were made of extremely high quality. Finn stares at a sword resting against the wall as its owner sleeps yet still remains standing with arms crossed 'Maybe I can score one for Huntress...' He and Huntress suddenly halt in their tracks as kids with swords run by, talks of slaying some great beast, causing him to smile as memories of his childhood flash through his mind.

They push further into the town towards centre, where a massive gladiators pit rests with white seats and white walls surrounding it, that stand high despite age and damages, and were designed to hold hundreds of raving warriors seeking blood. It is what brings in tourists and foreigners, it is the entertainment for the people, it is the right of passage for the young, it is the heart of the kingdom.

They quickly approach the pit's arched doorway that serve as the main gates, that stood well over twelve feet tall to allow even the tallest of warriors access. The duo scan the area, examining the warriors in the area. There were only a few, but it doesn't take a genius to spot the natives from the foreign fighters, who stood in groups wearing the same icons and symbols on their pauldrons, and usually a royal in the middle who seem to be threatened or at least nervous at all the scary looking people around them. Finn turns to Huntress, "If you want, you can stay here and search for what weapons they have or overhear their plans or whatever people do when they 'scope out the competition' because I have no idea, and I..." He reaches and pulls out the blunt skinning knife, "... And I'll see if we can get this guy sharpened." He say pointing at it. Huntress shrugs,

"Sure, just be back quick, something seems... off. Someone is up to something already." She warns as she searches the few groups scattered around, all of which were shifting, unable to stand still, talking in hushed voices, and all were looking at them. Not the other competitors, just them. Finn sighs,

"Drats... You want to come with? I'm not sure I like the idea of us splitting up if something is going down." Finn asks, giving a scarred warrior a look. Huntress looks a royal knight in the eye, making them look away, before she turns back to Finn,

"Yeah, that’s just asking for trouble, and I rather not have to save you again. Lets go." Finn looks at her with exaggerated heart pain, clutching his chest in fake pain.

"Hey! I was taken asleep by an immortal being that can probably freeze the world. Give a break. Besides I'm awake this time, so I'm not so easy to Finn-nap this time." He says, ending it with a smile and punching his palm, making Huntress roll her eyes with a smile of her own.

"You know you just jinxed yourself, right?" Finn doesn't react for a second, before his arms swings limply to his sides and his head drops,

"Drats... Well get ready to save me again Huntress." He turns his gaze up to Huntress, flashing another smile as his happy mood returns, feeling safe knowing that if something was to happen to him, then Huntress would have his back with a rescue operation.

"So is this what the 'damsel in distress' is like? You should know after saving Bubblegum from the Ice King so many times." She teases, though Finn leans in close,

"Kind of, just you're meant to kiss the Princess when you save them." Her imagination goes rampant as thoughts of kissing Finn rule her thoughts, them making out as he returns his gratitude, before they progress further on a bed... 'Am I moving too fast?... I mean, I'm more of nature, where a creature just finds a suitable mate then fuck, not society's where you court for a few months, even years to do so. Though I doubt Finn knows what he's doing either' Huntress thinks with a smile

"If I'm meant to get some kisses when I save you, then I think I'm owed some." She says in a attempt to embarrass Finn.

"Really? Name them so I clean my debt, after all my dad taught me to never have any." However he turns it around on her instead though with a smirk, pretty much asking the stoic woman: 'How many kisses do you want?'

"Well..." She freezes up on the spot 'I'm not good at this!' "Erm... When we were doing the flute spell, remember when I stopped that poisonous snake from attacking you in your sleep?" Finn flashes back, remembering him scrambling awake as Huntress violently wrestles a large snake away from his neck before throwing it into a river. You could imagine surprise on his face when he saw her in his temporary camp by the river, especially since she was apparently meant to return to her home a few hours ago, what after she looks him in the eyes, she promptly jumps in to the trees to do so.

"Yeah, I remember. I also remember you telling me you were going home a hour or so before, so what were you doing around my camp still, especially watching over me?" Huntress blushes once more embarrassed, her blush just peeking out below her mask as if it too is embarrassed to show itself.

"You... were important to my goal, so I needed you alive."

"You sur-"

"Hey look a grindstone." She immediately moves towards it, cutting the conversation over. Finn smiles and follows, stopping his teasing before he accidentally annoys her. It was a simple, expected grindstone, sitting next to both a doorway and a forge 'This is where they make weapons then. Maybe I can find a sword for Huntress...' They walk up to it, before looking around for its owner. There's no need however, as from the dark doorway a seven foot tall green skinned man donning a black apron steps out, looking the duo over,

"I heard the lass say 'grindstone' and I immediately knew you were talkin' 'bout my one. If you want to use it, it'll cost you." Finn drops his bag, and Huntress steps up to the giant of a man.

"And how much to hire you? We don't know how to use one, and we prefer a professional to do it than us breaking either the grindstone or... this skinning knife." She pauses to pull the blunt blade out, and presents it to the smith. He grunts and takes the knife between his large two fingers, spinning it in his hand as he gives it a quick look over.

"A gift?" He abruptly says, "Or sentimental? Easy to fix, but you can find higher quality elsewhere, and it might be easier to do so. They'll certainly last longer than if I fix this up."

"A gift, but it does have a bit of sentimental value."

"Freaking softy..." He mutters under his voice, and Finn's eyes widen. He looks at Huntress, her fist were clenched and her arrows rattle. Before she can do anything he gets up and stands next to her. She looks at him and his slightly worried face, then sighs, calming down, though still very annoyed. "It shall not take but a second." He walks past them and sits down at the grindstone, "It'll cost ya five gold, you got that?" He turns to them for a answer, Finn nods. Immediately sparks fly as the smith gets to work.

As they wait, Finn looks around, then takes a few steps away from the smith, Huntress following. "Sorry for nearly losing it Finn. Though I wonder why you just stood there next to me instead of grabbing me?" He shrugs,

"If I grabbed your shoulder to hold you back, it would look like I was emotionally supporting you when you just got angry for being called soft for sentimental feelings. I value my health." He grins at her, the sight of which makes her sigh again, signalling the release of any lingering anger.

"Are you sure? I mean with your job?" Finn laughs, but before he can reply a whistle fills the air that catches both their attention. The smith was done, now holding the now shiny, sharp silver knife in his hand.

"I'm done. And I overheard your conversation, the grinder may be loud but I've learnt to block it out. I called you a softy..." He reaches deep within a pocket, then pulls out a old, silver, rusting locket out his pocket, "... But we all have a soft side. I only need one look at ya to tell that you've seen some action." He passes the knife to Huntress. She grabs it and looks it over, before nodding in approval. She goes into Finn's bag and pulls out ten coins, handing them over to the smith, then walking out. "... I'm on her bad side, ain't I?"

"She hates the idea of being soft. Yeah you're on her bad side." Finn replies, before zipping his bag up, shouldering it and chasing after Huntress before the smith could reply, who simply shrugs and goes back in doors and out of the desert sun.

It was only a few seconds difference between their departures and she was only walking, so he only had to jog a few steps to find himself side by side with her once more. He was about to talk, when a he hears a female whisper,

"Finn! Finn! Finn!" Surprised, the both of them turn to its origin in a dark alley. They were about to do a nope and just continue walking when they see a shape form in the shadows, revealing a nervous Ice Queen.

"Sarah, you actually came!" Finn greets, the both of them going to meet her. She actually steps back deeper into her cover of buildings,

"Of course I would come, I made a promise and I'm not a fool, I know it would be better to tell them all at once. Also I hope you don't mind if I stay here a bit, I would rather reveal myself when I want to, not because someone spotted me talking to you." Finn nods, looks around, deciding it was clear of anyone who would investigate him disappearing into a alley, then does exactly that. The cool air due to the shadows projected from the buildings were a welcome change, until he realise that it was actually coming from Ice Queen herself, making the embraced chill turn sour in fear.

"You alright?" He asks, noticing her fidget in fear.

"Yes-" She sees the look of concern he was giving her, then caves in, speaking to herself in her thoughts to motivate herself, 'Knights are suppose to help their Queens, they can't do that if they don't know what's wrong...' "I saw a few Princes on my way here..." She fidgets some more, "And the crown immediately made me want to lunge at them. I... don't think I can handle a swarm of them my knight, not without going crazy." Finn looks down in worry.

"... Right..." He looks at Huntress who simply shrugs. Finn paces nervously, lost in thought. Huntress just stands there watching Finn, then looks at Ice Queen who was doing the same. Then a idea hits her. She bites her lip, unsure if she should suggest this 'It would help Finn and Ice Queen, but that might make me...' She sighs, 'I am a tough, hard meat. I can handle this'

"Ice Queen... try... imaging they're Finn."

"What!?"/"What!?" They both exclaim at the same time, both in disbelief at the suggestion.

"Well if you can keep your cool while looking at Finn, then try imagining they are Finn. This will just be until we can get Simone out of the tiara. I would suggest just keeping eye contact on Finn, but he won't be around you forever... That and I don't like the idea of you looking at Finn." The girls sigh, one at the confession of jealousy and the other at what she is about to do.

"I'll try, no idea how successful it will be, but I'll try."

"That's the best we can hope for, n-" Whatever Finn was about to say was immediately cut off by a giant bell ringing loudly, its interrupting quick, frantic burst of noise echoing briefly in the air, before going quiet again.

"That was most probably the bell to signal everyone to meet up." Huntress suggests, making Ice Queen whimper. Finn pokes his head out of the alley, looking down the street at the gathering of people.

"... We'll hang at the back, stand behind us to address everyone, I'll protect you if things go south." Finn orders, before nodding at Huntress and taking off out the alley. Huntress looks down at Ice Queen, who looks at her afraid.

"... Don't worry, you can do this." Is all she says before taking off after Finn.

The duo as promised stay at the edge of the crowd, not attempting to push their way deeper. From their spot they could see little, only a sea of heads, most of which wore shiny metal helmets that all delightfully shined the sun directly into their eyes. A moment or two later, the sounds of trumpet's tunes play, and a bunch of banana guards came out to the front of the horde, carrying a small wooden stage the size of the four banana guards carrying it, two more carrying small speakers, one a power supply, and another a mic. They quickly set up, seemingly being more competent than their OOO counterparts. They quickly disperse, and four more guards arrive carrying spears, protectively surrounding the Prince of the Candy Kingdom: Gumball. He quickly steps up onto the wooden platform, muttering something about not wanting a splinter as a explanation for why he lifted his legs half his height onto the platform, instead of simply lifting himself up.

Once on the stage and holding the mic, he quickly scans the gathering, and just as quickly finds what he is looking for: Finn and Huntress Wizard. He smiles 'Time for the plan to begin...' "Welcome everyone to the FFAA or, Free For All AAA. Here are the rules: In the next hour you will enter this massive arena-" He shifts his body to gestures to the arena with his right arm, only to freeze up as the air usually boiled by hot desert sun turns cold, a dominating chill rules the atmosphere.

It was coming from behind the crowd, or more importantly behind Finn. They all turn, looking in terror as the Queen of Ice walks down the street, her smiling face twitching as she barely holds herself back. She slowly approaches them, no one moving a muscle, preferring not to move than to make the wrong one. She walks directly behind Huntress and Finn, her towering form standing a foot above Finn in a regal pose that matches one of her stature, but not her confidence.

"Hello e-everyone..." She looks at the gathering before here with a calm, almost creepy smile, but inside her head, a war is being waged between holding herself back, and just lunging onto the nearest Prince and taking him back to her castle. 'Just think that they are Finn, just think they are Finn...' She forces a mental projection of Finn's face on all of them, and the cravings of the tiara immediately calm down though her thoughts remain unfocused 'Shoot! I can't focus both on a speech and holding the crown back!' "I-" A head splitting roar of noise comes from the Princes and knights in front of her. Weapons are unsheathed and many charge at her while others at the back unleash a volley of arrows, unanimously deciding that they would rather fight for their freedom than be a forced to spend time with the Ice Queen.

The ice royal is faster however, and before any could even lay a hand on her or her knight and friend, she pulls them close to her and creates a massive, thick bubble of ice around them all. She lets go, the protective sphere having just enough room for them all to stand worriedly. "Sorry guys, I can't hold the tiara back and talk at the same time, I need to go." She says as a tidal wave of people start pounding on the ice as they completely surround it. Finn looks up in worry before looking at Ice Queen,

"That's no longer a option Sarah, we've got to calm them down or make the back away if you are to do that." Huntress meanwhile was looking at the ice, or more importantly its integrity. Cracks are forming. And each time a royal brings some weapon down upon it only gets worse, the cracks made from the other attackers reaching out for each other and combining them into a massive web of combined cracks covering the bubble.

"... And we better figure out how fast!" She warns, "Ice Queen, can you freeze them?" Ice Queen peeks a eye open and looks at the Princes.

"No, the tiara is preventing me from 'hurting someone I love'." Before anyone could reply with a new plan a massive boom is heard by all, the ground shaking as if they were in a earthquake. Looking at the ice they see a massive crack, and a massive furry black fist of a pissed Marshall Lee being the cause.

Marshall was breathing heavily, the others immediately making way for him out of fear. He pulls his fist back again and smashes it back down, the ice cracking more and was even pushed into the ground. 'Every time I see that woman, what Simone was forced to become, what she died to... That Tiara! I will destroy that damn Tiara!’ His fist slams into it again, 'For Simone! She did not deserve that fate!' He punches it again, and it was about to break, just one more would do it.

Ice Queen had her eyes closed once more out of fear inside the bubble, while Finn and Huntress stand with weapons ready to defend themselves. 'Why can't I!... what? Get us out? Get Finn? Save my friends? Control the tiara?' She grits her teeth as she hears everyone cheering at Marshall, ordering him to smash the ice so they could finally get rid off the horrid Ice Queen that has plagued them for generations.

Then, even though her eyes were shut tight, it became even darker for her. Not a bit of light drips into her vision. Until it comes in a flood, like a dam had broke, and blinds the poor woman. She instinctively raises her hands to protect her eyes, and eventually the light dimmers down until in becomes normal, the same level as a nice summer day. She opens her eyes. And stares at her arms, for they were made of water. Confused, she takes a step back, yet it doesn't feel normal, yet still familiar. She looks down to see that her entire body was made of water. She was back as Sarah, or back into her body at least.

She looks around, scared yet determined. She was only like this when she was in the tiara. What meant she was at the centre of her power, and the cause of her to lust for the Princes: Simone. She turns around completely, and spots another familiar sight. The maze. It was meant to represent their madness of something, she couldn't remember, she couldn't care, it was irrelevant. What she needed was a certain woman. "Simone!" She shouts from the top of her lungs. She taps her watery foot with impatience, a frown on her face.

"Over here!" She hears a friendly reply echoing from afar, and immediately she heads towards it with a sprint 'Advantage of not having a giant dress on' She skids around a corner, finding the human sitting on a step, stroking a bird 'Gunthess' " So Sarah what can I help-"

"Shut up. Gunthess leave." She shoots it a look of barley held in rage, and she immediately runs from the gaze, taking flight and flying over the maze. Simone looks at the water nymph with fear, raising her hands to protect herself.

"You got, or had, a boyfriend?" The question makes her lower them a bit in confusion.

"What?!... Yes I did! His name is Eddie! Is he here?! Can I speak to him?!" She grabs onto the wrist of the angry water girl, who pushes her off.

"No he's not, but you constantly called him 'Prince', didn't you?" Simone immediately blushes at the question, shuffling her feet in embarrassment as she struggles to keep eye contact as her privacy gets assailed.

"Y-yeah, why? How did you know?" She asks, and the response was instant, anger giving the current Ice Queen a short temper,

"Doesn't matter how, what matters is why. Whenever I've seen a Prince for the last few hundred years, the entire time since I've worn the tiara, the word and sight of a Prince has. Sent. Me. CRAZY!" She shouts in the woman's face, making her fall to the ground.


"Your... Lusting! Lusting for your boyfriend is affecting me, and has caused me hundreds of years suffering!" Sarah reaches down and grabs the girl by her shirt, "Snap out of it, he's dead. Get over him, so you can stop tormenting me." Simone just looks up at her, tears form in her eyes before she looks off to the side. Sarah hated to say that, but she desperately needed this to stop so she can save Finn and Huntress. She needed the poor girl to accept the facts and move on with her life.

"I won't 'get over him', but I will try to... control my emotions for him? I didn't think that they could even affect you in the real world..." She says, slightly strained.

Suddenly Sarah's vision goes black. And a deafening roar of cheers fills her ear. Looking up she see Finn willing to sacrifice himself for her, and Huntress standing by his side, willing to be with him to the end, all of which is happening inside the ice bubble she had made to protect them. She looks up to her right to see a massive black blurry form disfigured by cracked ice, but she could tell it was moving 'its about to smash the ice...' She looks around, noticing that time had seemingly slowed down to a almost relaxing pace, creating a pseudo sense of calmness. She looks at the Prince's faces. Almost all were a mix of happiness and fury. And then she noticed.

She didn't care about them.

The crown was no longer forcing her to go under phoney feelings of love for them. She smiles. 'She did it, she’s keeping her emotions in check...'

Marshall Lee thrusts his fist forward once more, fuelled with the emotions of retribution for Simone against that blasted Tiara. The current wearer was collateral that he wishes he could avoid, after all she was most probably another person like Simone, who most probably had someone who loved her and wanted to save her. But he and Simone... tried everything, nothing can be done to save someone once ensnared by the tiara. His only hope is to destroy it before it could take someone else. And that’s when the temperature harshly dropped. He was undead, already stone cold, yet even he could barely resist a shiver as pin and needles covered his body. It was then that he realised that the ice globe in front of him was glowing light blue.

A massive, blinding white light dominates their vision, to the point where they couldn't even see anything but their silhouette that became pitch black in contrast to the light. And then their was the moment their ears tried to kill them. If they were a deafening roar, then the noise they were suffering from was a murderous screech. Then their skin felt solid, yet they were also under the excruciating pain as if a thousand pins and needles were boosted to the bites of bullet ants and a the stings of thousands of wasps. They go to collapse to the floor, then they realise they couldn't move at all, as if they were stuck in time- No, frozen in time was a better description.

Then it was over in a instant.

With barely any energy at all, Gumball opens his eyes from the stage he remained on. He didn't go to the Ice Queen, he wasn't a fighter! He feels the familiar feeling of Ice Queen's ice, something he knew all to well about. But looking upon the scene in front of him made him freeze up tighter than anything the Ice Queen could do to him. He was frozen in ice. The other Princes were frozen in ice. The buildings were frozen in ice. The kingdom was frozen in ice. What he did not know was that if someone were to look at AAA from space, then they would find that ninety percent of the Badlands were now white, covered in thick ice and tightly packed snow.

All around the warriors home town were large mountains and canyons of ice, literal ice bergs on land. Gumball looks down at the panting Ice Queen with shock, who then stands up straight. Where the defensive bubble once stood was now gone, and in its place is a circle clear of ice or snow, where a awestruck duo stood, mouths agape and eyes in shock. Ice Queen brushes off some sand that had gotten on her dress a few minutes ago, then looks at Gumball in the eye. "Now Princes and their company..." The frozen royals all draw their gaze to the Queen of Ice who just proved why she is worthy of the title. They were all frozen in ice prisons, so tough that even Marshall Lee's strength could not pull himself free, yet their heads all remained free. "Will you be quiet enough for me to speak now?"

No Prince responds, all frozen silent from fear, only the whisper of the wind was present to reply to her question. Ice Queen nods in approval, "Thank you for your attention. The reason why I'm here today is simple: I want to change-" She notices that everyone is staring at her with glass eyes. She frowns, and looks at a random Prince who happened to be Breakfast Prince, then points at him, "Repeat what I said." She orders. Life returns to the royal, who panics and looks around for help, hoping someone else heard and could whisper it to him. No one else seems to have heard, but he does notice them all looking at him, as senses return after defeating their fear.


"Doesn't matter, I can repeat my self. I said the reason why I'm here is to announce to you that I want to change." She smiles as the royals were all staring at her, and their faces shift to converse their emotions 'Good, if they're reacting, then they're listening' She looks at Finn and Huntress, who just look at her, also wanting to hear what she had to say, 'Your crush is listening, no pressure...' Her knight shoots her smile, and that gives her the confidence she needs to push on.

"For the last few hundred years that I have lived, I was feared, I was avoided, and I was lonely. Abandoned, and forced into solitude. It was partly the reason why I kidnapped you. It was partly the fault of the tiara and the madness it wrought onto me, but I also did it so I wouldn't be so alone anymore. Then one day, I met someone kind. A hero." She shoots a look at Fionna, who was also frozen. "A true one, one that helps everyone he can. He has agreed to help me overcome the madness, so I will tell you all this now on the name of my tiara and on the trust I gave to my saviour: I won't kidnap anymore of you." She stands proud, happy that she has now officially set herself on the path of recovery. "Gumball."

"What?" He asks afraid of whatever she wants with him as she turns her dull attention on him, and Fionna is currently unable to save him!

"I want to compete." She says, before flying up into the air and over the other Princes and warriors. She lands in front of the candy royal, ignoring the struggling grunts of Fionna a few feet away as she attempts to free herself from the ice. She stands before him with a small pleading smile.

"E-excuse me?" He asks, resisting to cringe as she leans in closer.

"This large arena competition thing, I want to participate." She looks around at the frozen princes, the land that was turned white, the slightly shivering Finn and Huntress as the temperature starts to get to them. She turns her gaze back to Gumball, her face conveying her slight regret at what she did 'I went a bit overkill... their fault for attacking me I guess' "Well... not me personally... the, er, other competitors... need a chance at winning. I'll summon something to represent for me." She says leaning down to the ground before placing both hands on the white surface, "Give me a sec..." The ice, all of it, immediately snaps and cracks before hissing slightly. It suddenly evaporates all at once, the ice cages that previously imprisoned the royals as well, and they all promptly fall to the floor in a collection of grunts, oofs, metals colliding, and rising sand that got whipped up in the commotion.

The evaporating snow and ice collects together above their heads and forms a massive looming cloud, then Ice Queen grunts in effort and focuses her power, she brings her arms close in on herself like she was making chicken wings and starts to float up. Gumball watches in shocked awe as she slowly approaches the clouds above, then she halts just below them, just sitting there. Before springing her arms straight out in front of her as she releases a scream of effort, her hands glowing light blue with the tiara's magic. The clouds start to shift.

The wind grows violently, what sends her white hair in front of her and whip like crazy, her dress promptly following suit as the massive cloud of winter surges forward, deeper into AAA. The rush of air threatens to cause a sandstorm for the observers below, as they all raise their limbs to protect their eyes, before the cloud swiftly storm away, relieving them of the sand barrage. They all observe as it slows to a halt somewhere in the distance.

Ice Queen slouches in the air, releasing a sigh all the while. She slowly falls back down, the air completely still creating a eerie atmosphere as she does so, smiling and locking eyes with Finn. She eventually lands gracefully before her knight with a mix between a slightly smug smile, and a look of exhaustion. Then she turns to look at the now Candy royal over the head of other royals 'I just realised I'm actually taller than a lot of the Princes' "... So Gumball, as I said I want to repent, I want for you to be able to call me a friend, and I want to prove it to you starting today. So... Can I compete in this competition?" Gumball fidgets nervously, unsure on how to respond. Especially after that show of power 'How can I tell her no without ending up as a popsicle?'

"Well..." He notices a light blue glow appearing in her hands yet she doesn't seem to smile or frown, making it a most probably a subconscious action her tiara was doing. "... Sure." The other royals look at him flabbergasted. Ice Queen meanwhile beamed in happiness, ignoring them as they now mutter to one another.

"How about we take a break for a few minutes, then continue the competition?" She suggests, however does not wait for a reply as she simply turns around, "Finn, Huntress, can we talk for a bit?" Finn nods but does not immediately follow, deciding to instead analyse the crowd. They were a mix of mad, angry, annoyed, and scared. He frowns and was about to turn and leave when he spots Fionna. She was staring at him with unsureness, he nods at her, but for some reason she quickly looks away from him. Confused, Finn shakes his head and leaves to follow the Ice Queen, Huntress following close behind.

They follow the Queen of the Ice Kingdom as she leads them back to the alley. They all just stare at each other, before Ice Queen decides she should speak up first. "That... could of gone better." She admits sombrely, causing Finn to look to the side.

"Yeah, no kidding."

"But at least they now know I want to change, and I got the chance to show them that in this tournament." She looks past them with a smile, not focusing on anything but the feeling of joy that her days of madness and solitude might finally be over. Finn and Huntress just stand there sheepishly, not wanting to interrupt one of her moment of happiness but at the same time they need to get talking about what they were going to do now. Eventually Ice Queen snaps back to reality,


"Don't sweat it Sarah, but we do need to focus." Huntress cuts her apology off as they already accepted it before she could even announce it. Ice Queen nods,

"They most probably won't give me a chance, I... the tiara... it scares them. Glob! Why did I use it? It would of been better to just simply fly up and out of harms way!" Finn nods in agreement,

"Yeah, I saw their faces. Fionna's as well, she's not impressed either. But I'm sure it can be undone somehow, so don't worry." Huntress simply sighs,

"This is just going to take a while Finn, and that's all we need to happen right now, let time progress." She stares directly into Ice Queen's eyes, slightly to the royals discomfort, "You whish to prove yourself, so the universe is currently testing you. The only way to succeed in a test is to use your mind, go with what feels right, and to never waver. So Ice Queen, just let time past and if you never surrender, then they'll probably come to liking you eventually... hopefully."

"Right..." She struggles to process what she was just told, then gives up and just notes it down as the cliché 'Do not give up' "So... now what?" She asks, deciding that they no longer needed to discuss her... friendship problems... And that they needed to focus on something important.

"Don't you have a representative to summon?" Huntress asks, making Ice Queen blink in response before her eyes widen as she remembers, "Oh right! Sorry, the last few minutes were kind of a haze as I wasn't properly thinking, forgot I even said that." She lifts her hands up and they start to glow, then without hesitation she directs her hand and summoning magic out of the alley and back onto the street. A single Ice beam flies forth and hits the ground and just like the bosses a vortex of ice forms before spinning in on itself and imploding, and a large winters howl forms. The sudden appearance of a skeleton in a dress natural catches everyone's eyes, the whole crowd stopping what they were doing to stare at the wraith, who is staring at the Ice Queen, who was staring at the ground.

"Wait... I thought you need a summoning stone or two to make that guy... girl?" He asks, but then ends up looking at the skeleton in a dress with confusion, wondering what to call it, "Girl, right?" It nods. Finn looks back at the worn out royal, "Yeah, so how were you able to bypass the stones for the her?"

"The reason why that vortex is formed Finn is because it is a great gathering of magic. That is why the summoning stones were bypassed, because I supplanted them with my own raw magic. It is why I can only summon one boss per day, because it's not using the tiara's infinite magic, it's using my personal, very limited magic. It comes in handy when you've got no summoning stones and if you want them to be able to leave a area, but its cost is great." She explains, before collapsing onto Finn, who panics while Huntress shoots the royal a look of disdain, what doesn't go unnoticed. "Sorry Huntress, but after freezing everything instantly, then moving it all as a cloud to make some kids day, then summoning her-" She jeers her thumb at the Winter wraith weakly, "- it has left me a tad drained."

Huntress sighs and looks away embarrassed, "No its fine... I'm just getting defensive or jealous over nothing." She looks back, "But with the Winter wraith fighting, you can team up with us."

"Isn't it a free for all?" Ice Queen ask as she raises a eye brow, "They just gave me a chance, even though it was made of fear, and I rather not loose it or fail because I was cheating." Finn immediately jumps in with his reply,

"No it's not cheating, we checked with Gumball yesterday and he says that there is nothing against it. Just that there can only be one winner." His explanation makes her nod, and she finally stops leaning on him to stand on her own two feet. After making sure she won't just flop over again the Ice Queen finally replies, "Sure, I'll tell WW to fight for you until you're the last two standing."

As the group discuss team ups and biggest threats, Fionna, Cake, Marshall Lee and Gumball were all discussing off to the side of the royal mob. Marshall was out of his bat form and back to normal, and he wore the same expression as everyone else: worry, anger, and a dash of fear. "This is bad." Gumball states plainly,

"Ya think you Gumwad?!" Marshall snaps back, before going back to fuming to himself.

"Man, didn't realise Ice Queen was that... powerful... What are we going to do?" Cake ask, directing it the candy monarch.

"This changes everything. If Ice Queen has decided to become so open in her involvement, then she is confident-"

"Of course she is when she has that much power!..." Fionna cuts him off, still trying to wrap her head around what she saw along with her sister, 'Was... She going easy on Cake and I? Did she not take the kidnappings seriously? Why haven't we seen that much power before?...' And her thoughts spiral downwards, into what would happen if Ice Queen attacks Gumball or any of the royals again, because there's no way she could fight back against her if she truly went all out on her.

"... As I was saying, she must be confident in her plans. That or Finn somehow found out about our plans, and called her in to... to... Completely and utterly ruin it!" He shouts while covering his face with both hands in frustration.

The sudden arrival of the Ice Queen has got them all startled, rearing in shock, and whatever coordination they had has now halted, then fallen into disrepair. Many were unnerved by her presence, and were tempted to leave just to avoid the chance that she was lying, that this was all some trick by her so she could wrap her disgusting clawed hands on them all. Meanwhile, the cloud of snow and ice she sent away was now slowly and calmly falling to the ground, and the orphans of the candy kingdom were now running outside to make snow angels.

And that's another chapter done, and with another vote at the bottom. I also want to explain three decisions I made.

First, the more important one, Ice Queen's power. When Gunter/Gunthess made the crown, it was so that the wearer would be more like the ice elemental, and we all saw in the elements series what they can do. I thought if Patience st. Prim could turn quarter of OOO into ice, then the tiara what was meant to be a copy of that power should be able to freeze part of a desert. I know in elements they were magically boosted, but here Ice Queen was emotionally boosted, and we all know that strong emotions means strong magic.

I think Ice King would be this powerful as well, but it is countered by his madness and inability to focus. Also don’t worry, Ice Queen won’t be a Mary Sue, she'll have weaknesses and her own problems.

Second thing, making Gunthess a bird. Just thought it would make more sense for Ice Queen to call a penguin Gunthess if the original was also a type of bird.

Third thing, Betty = Eddie? You think that's good genderbend name?

That aside, I found a new problem. The chapters are going over 11k words, and it seems doc manager/fanfiction starts bugging out when they get that big. XD

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Chapter Text

Eventually the large bell rings once more, and everyone starts shuffling back to the centre in a organised fashion. In total it took everyone half an hour to recover from Ice Queen's super freezing, the worse being Flame Prince who was unconscious and grey but still alive, surrounded by flammable materials as Doctor Prince carefully monitored him. When Ice Queen saw what she had done to the Prince now resting at the side of the gathering she tugged the strap of her dress nervously, the guilt at her losing control getting exponentially worse.

However, her thoughts were now on the discussion about to happen as she too joins the gathering. She was escorted by her knight and Huntress Wizard, both deciding to stand as a buffer between her and the nervous royals. Despite her plead for a second chance, most of the royals shot her looks of disdain, and shuffled away from her when she approaches the meeting. She looks around. She's no idiot. They did not like her, the disdain on their faces were clear as day, and she can't blame them after what she’s done to them, but she is stubborn. It will keep her determined to change now that she has set herself on it, but it also makes her unwilling to budge on other things 'You are just going to have get use to me, Princes...'

Huntress analyses the crowd around them, at the glares they were receiving, the whispers being muttered around them, the hands resting by weapons. It made her nervous, very nervous, to see this much agro around her, especially knowing that it was also aimed at her. Her survival instincts were screaming, telling her to escape their predatory gazes. She bolts her gaze down to Finn for courage, who was standing there seemly indifferent to it all, except the small smile he always is wearing whenever she sees him. She can tell he is not oblivious to the judging and possible danger they were in, she can see his eyes snapping to every sudden movement, looking over every weapon.

She then continues to look at the crowd with caution before Finn can catching her ogling him 'I guess he's use to this, an army of danger before him... Glob. What was it like when he faced the Lich then?' She questions, making herself shiver as she imagine what it could of been like to be in the presence of a hyper deadly immortal being of death, or would of shivered if she wasn't hard meat. 'To him that was most probably like facing some great beast, a exciting day full of personal triumph' She looks at him again, who is still showing no fear, then actually smiles despite the peril she might be in '... Now you are hard meat Finn... I wonder what his hard meat- And I got distracted' She looks at the danger, and fear returns. She looks at Finn, and gains courage. 'Huh. Guess a hero really does bring hope, but more importantly how do we get out?'

She scans the environment, looking for a place she, Finn, and Ice Queen could listen to the welcome without being in danger but finds none, then searches for escape route and meets a equally bleak answer. The only way they could run would be backwards, but Ice Queen was tired, no matter how much she tries to hide it, Huntress can see it. She won't be able to run for long, and if they did make it out the city, then there were only two wolves for a ride to out pace their attackers, but they can only carry one person, and she can't just summon more. She calls them, not makes them! So someone would be have to left behind. She would make sure Finn would get out to keep him safe, but she knows better. Finn would not allow either her or Ice Queen to stay, so he would remain behind with a swarm of people coming for his blood...

Nope, not happening. She knows Finn is most probably use to it, that he would most probably survive it as well. But she doesn't want to leave him in danger. So their only option was fighting. She could probably survive, even if she stood alone. Finn could probably survive solo, he was a one man army and she knew it. But could Ice Queen survive in her weakened state? Probably not. So they would have to fight everyone while defending her, what they would be able to pull off, just a bit of a struggle. Though they can't kill them. They were royals, the leader of kingdoms. If they were to die, then society would collapse into anarchy. So fighting was a no go. So she just had to avoid a fight altogether, what is best achieved by standing out of harms way. Back to square one. She looks up.

"... How about we sit on top a building?" She suggests. She hasn't survived this long by being bold, and she will do everything in her power to keep Finn alive as well. Ice Queen looks down at her, a slight frown on her face. "Out of harms way?"

"Huntress, I didn't think you would cave under a few stares, especially since your so tough, I know you can take whatever these guys could dish out." She says plainly, but not mockingly. It was clear she was not using Huntress's fears against her, but as a point of encouragement for her, making Huntress let go of Ice Queen's choice of even bringing it up. "I know why you're worried, but the sooner these Princes just accept that I'm here to stay, that I mean no harm and have no plans against them, that is the moment their lives become much easier. Who knows, one of them might even get me by their side a little more... intimately." The royals all shiver in disgust, revealing the fact they are listening in on the conversation.

"The reason I'm called 'hard meat' is because of my will to not bend or give up, but also because how hard it will be to kill me, You know, meat too hard to eat. I didn't survive this long and gain that reputation by being careless or outright stupid when I'm surrounded by people wanting to kill me." Ice Queen continues to look down at her as she goes to respond, but stops when Finn catches her eyes as usual. He stands ready to defend her, yet has his arms hanging loosely by his side. She looks up at the building next to them. It was only had one level to the roof so it would be easy to reach and is void of people. 'Some more privacy and intimacy with Finn doesn't sound bad'

"Fine, lets go up shall we." Huntress nods for a reply and quickly jumps up and onto the sandstone building's wall, then uses it as a slight push up to grab the roof, then simply pulls herself up the rest of the way. Ice Queen crouches, then springs up to launch herself in the air, simply using her eyebrows to fly on top the building, the sand below her getting whipped up, annoying the royals even more as they glare at her, and as much as she hates it to admit it, causing her already tired body to protest heavily. Finn looks up at them, lacking any real expression, then looks at the ground.

"Need a hand?" Huntress asks, shooting him a knowing look accompanied with a smug smile, extending a hand down to him. Finn sighs, turns to his left and climb the ladder attached to the side of the building. "Oh." She says, blinking in surprise before Finn finishes climbing up, who then shoots her a smug look of his own. He opens his mouth to say some remark, "Don't." He shuts his mouth, then stands next to her, looking over the gathering as Gumball stands on the platform once more to address them all. He was wearing a white and orange coat, obviously not recovering from the freezing as fast as everyone else has and asked Cake to become a coat for a bit, though falls under Huntress's criticism 'Is he trying to get sympathy support, or is he actually that soft?' He talks with Fionna who stands pointedly by his feet, not breaking eye contact with the group once, then eventually clears his throat,

"Sorry for Ice Queen everyone, I did not know she was coming..." He shoots the group a look 'Or I would of called this off' "But the event shall continue. This welcoming ceremony would go on longer, but due to time lost we'll have to this quickly. To summarise everything: This is a free for all, but team ups are allowed however there can only be one winner, and all weapons are allowed. Now if you're wondering, what's it to? It's to the 'death' " Many people gasp, and the group immediately think about bailing. "However! Due to my..." He actually pauses, his face turning into a noticeable frown as years of training of remaining stoic collapse at what he is about to say, "... My associate, the Grand Master Sorceress, will use 'magic' that will make any fatal wound just knock you unconscious, then some helpers would drag you off into a recovery room until you are fit to leave." GMS then steps out, scoffing at Gumball's introduction of her and his still disbelief in magic.

"Yes, it's a powerful spell, one that only I both know and have the power to do. So worry not, I'll won't let any of you die." She says, raising her hands and looking up as her hands glow with magical power. Ice Queen leans over to Finn's ear, whispering into his ear,

"Am I the only one who thinks she has too much hair for a woman?" Finn's eyes widen in joy and turns to look at her, putting their faces mere inches apart, including their lips,

"I'm not the only one! I said the exact same thing to Huntress!" He barely whispers. Huntress forgets whatever Gumball is saying to stare at the knight and Queen as they make jokes, and how Ice Queen was slowly bringing her face closer to Finn's. Huntress frowns, and latches her hand onto Finn, making him jump then look at her in confusion, what she nods to Gumball to disguise her jealousy. Ice Queen blinks, then realises what she was just about to do. She quickly rectifies her form, returning to standing up straight and looking at Gumball with fake care 'I nearly kissed him! Get a hold of yourself girl! They both don't want you to, so don't drive your only friends away!' She has to tell herself, lest she forgets and be forces to be on her alone again. She certainly isn't jumping into that life again. ‘Though I still wouldn’t mind a kiss...’

"... And that sums it up! Now if you are so kind as to enter the arena in a calm, orderly manner-" The whole crowd starts moving violently, pushing and shoving, grabbing hair and dealing below the belt blows, the whole gathering forgetting their titles and statuses as they desperately want to do something and prevent further losing of their legs to numbness. The stage Gumball was standing on gets flipped before breaking, sending Gumball tumbling to the floor, or would of if Fionna didn't sweep in and catch him bridal style, making him blush. The other Princes part around Fionna as she lowers Gumball to his feet, not wanting to hurt her even a little bit to have a chance to be with her, making her protection like a stone in a river, splitting a stream of rushing chaos for the candy monarch to stand safely on. "Thank you Fionna."

"It was nothing, don't worry." She says with a blush, what only deepens as Gumball reaches down and kisses her. She stands their shocked as his sweet candy lips meets hers, the other royals shooting of looks of jealousy and hatred. He then breaks away,

"Now then, shall we go inside?" She doesn't respond, making Gumball worry 'She is a major part in bringing Finn down, I don't need her freezing up. No more kisses' He waves his hand in front of the girl, the movement making her return to the world instantaneously.

"Sorry, what did you say?" She burbles out, confused and suffering from shock.

"I said: Shall we go inside?" He repeats, the sea of people around them now gone, allowing his voice to be easily heard. Fionna simply nods, "I won't be fighting, so I'll have to go left but you'll have to go right." She looks at the door where the paths split like a 'T', though her glazed mind doesn't take any emotions in, lost too deep in a repeating memory of the kiss. Gumball doesn't say anything else, simply leaving her to find her own way. When she realises that Gumball was leaving does the spark of comprehension fill her eyes, making her blink. She does not have time to do anything however as Cake grabs her shoulders with a excited smile, momentarily shocking the teen. She was so distracted in the realm of her desires that she failed to even notice Cake slipping off Gumball when he left.

"Good work Fionna! You're on tier two!" Cake exclaims as she celebrates for her sister, who tilts her head in confusion.

"Tier two? What are you on about?" She asks like the child she is, causing Cake to bite her lip in fear 'I really hope I don't have to give her the talk', before beginning the explanation to her confused little sister,

"There are fifteen tiers to the relationship." She wraps her arms around the girl's neck and bring her in close as if to show off some secret, even though everyone else knows it. "The first tier is hugging, what is safe to say has been achieved my young learner." Unknown to them both: Finn, Huntress Wizard, and Ice Queen only stood a bit away from them. Watching as Cake uncomfortable continues, stretching her arms into stairs, "Imagine that a relationship are stairs, with each tier being a step. Step two is kissing, what you just scored!" Fionna blinks, 'So this is how relationships work, like a video game? Then I'm owning this!' She curiously looks at the top step 'So that’s the goal? but...'

"What's this step?" She asks pointing at it, making Cake snatch her hand away and back into its original form of her paw.

"You stay away from that!" Cake warns, giving her sister a stern look who shrinks under it with a pout. 'The talk is someone else's problem!'

"Fine, but then what is step three?" 'If this is like a game then I need to head towards that as fast as I can!' Cake starts her answer by forming her head into a cross,

"Hold up girl! You just got to step two, just let things flow naturally, let your heart do all the work." She ends by creating a heart in her hands and presenting it, and Fionna simply sighs. "Don't worry girl, you'll be snuggling and kissing Gumball before you know it, swapping your saliva with each other." Fionna blanches at the information, making a gagging noise,

"Cake! Ew!" As her head now fills with disgusting slicking sounds as she and Gumball do gross things such as using their tongues.

"What?! I thought you like kissing?" Cake asks as she gets confused by her sister's words.

"Yeah! Kissing! Not 'eat each others insides'! Even then, kissing grosses me out when you say it like that!" Fionna says, mocking the act of making out. She may find kissing alright due to her wanting to do it to Gumball, and when she saw Finn do it from afar due to the distance blurring out disgusting saliva swapping, but any one else doing it just makes the twelve year old Squamish. The ‘gross’ description of it not helping, Fionna preferred the doing the act, not the meaning or description behind it. A act of lust, not love.

"Oh... Well that's tier three." The answer making Fionna groan.

"Don't worry Fionna, I can say this as future you: you get used to it, even like it." The sisters immediately snap to attention, looking over at Finn with wide eyes. He then looks at Huntress and Ice Queen over his shoulder casually, asking friendly, "You two want to go ahead?" The question brings the shocked gaze of the sisters to the other girls, triggering Fionna to start scowling at Ice Queen making her fidget uncomfortable,

"Sure, I will be watching the fight my knight, don't let me down." She says to Finn nervously, uncomfortable under Fionna’s gaze, before turning to Winter Wraith, who had not moved from her summoning spot from just outside the alley. Ice Queen cups her hands around her mouth, then bends herself over to screams out, "HEY! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GOT TO DO!" Winter Wraith immediately starts walking towards them, making a semi bee line for the gate. Ice Queen stands up straight and turns around to spot a angry Huntress and a blushing Cake.

Turns out, when she had bent over to yell her commands, she did so directly in front of Finn for several seconds after he had turned the rest of the way to face her, allowing a certain image to form due to her ass barely escaping from touching Finn's groin, and therefore barely escaped from Huntress's wrath. Of course, Finn and Fionna were totally oblivious to the suggestive act, making them look at their respective partners with perplexity, causing Huntress and Cake to quickly calm down before either would have to explain what was wrong, and that meant giving them the talk.

"I'll stay here with you Finn, we might as well find the way to the armoury or waiting cage together." Huntress says, quickly changing the topic before she could dwell on it and cause her thoughts to boil over the edge, 'Damn magic! Making me paranoid! That was a accident, it meant nothing!... Or did it? Is she still after him?!...' She sighs mentally, 'I wonder if magic is worth it sometimes...' Then the memories of helping Finn bloom in her mind, of going on hunts together, or how she saved him when Ice Queen kidnapped him. '... I'll keep magic, I'll hurt myself, to keep him safe. It's what he does for me and all of OOO, and I better get started on joining him on that path if I'm to continue being with him once we return. Unless, even in our absence, nothing is going wrong in OOO, then I guess we can settle down if we go that far... Could I even 'Settle down'?' She looks up, to notice that in the time she was lost in the fog of her thoughts, Ice Queen had slinked away and into the arena. And then she notices the glares she was getting from the sisters.

"Hello Finn." Fionna says with a hiss as Cake stands behind her with her arms crossed, making the Finn raise his eyebrows in shock, Huntress remaining her stoic attitude, though was admittedly interested in why they just got such a greeting.

"Er, hello?" He asks, rubbing his neck to display his uncertainty, "Is everything alright?" She squints at him

"You're going down." She says menacingly, although the effect was kind of lost when done by a twelve year old girl, punching her palm, making Finn eyes widen in realisation 'Oh! She's just hyped for the battle! I guess she does get a rematch against the one person that beat her...'

"You tell them Fionna!" Cake backs her up, never breaking a obtrusive glare at Huntress Wizard. 'These guys are evil! I knew it! Gumball was right, getting Ice Queen to freeze all of us was all the evidence needed!'

"Save some of that energy for the arena you two." Finn suggest with a bit of a smile, somehow making Fionna's death glare even more intense that even death himself might just fall over 'Was that a smug, overconfident warning? Thanks for the head up, bad guy!'

"We will bring you down, you can't escape us." Fionna warns, squinting a glare, as she and her sister slowly walks backwards into the splitting entrance while pointing at Finn, who watches her all the while with a equally confused Huntress, before the building's wall obscure their vision. Huntress blinks, then looks at Finn for a explanation.

"... Well, she's hyped for this fight." Finn shrugs, not understanding the motivation of his younger female self at all. Huntress looks back at the entrance at that basic explanation.

"That's one way of putting it, she giving it a 120%." Huntress replies, before the realisation dawns on her that she was completely alone with Finn. She quickly checks around, confirming her notion. She quickly turns to Finn before anyone can barge in and ruin it for her. He turns to look up at her in the eyes, his naive mind too innocent to see the fire in her eyes as anything more than a plea for a kiss. So he simply does that, what she leans into without hesitation. They stood before the gates, making out and doing the disgusting tier three. Doing it for their feelings, not the act.

But then she grabs his hands. And moves it to her ass.

You can imagine his surprise, as he suddenly jerks away, his eyes wide in shock. But Huntress just leans back into him, her tongue piercing between his lips and rubs against his tongue, like one of her arrow piercing her prey 'And I just hunted myself my human' Finn's unintentional resistance due to shock ends quickly, and he continues the steamy scene, his hands still holding her ass firmly. He pulls her close, following Cake's advice of just going with what felt right, and having their forms rubbing against each other felt just like that.

Huntress wraps her arms around Finn as well, just his back though to pull him even closer, enjoying the feeling of them rubbing against each other, both their temperatures rising. As she does so, she feels the lump between his legs rub against hers, and she pushes further into it. Only then does she remember the speed that she must take a relationship, then that a fight was waiting for them. She pulls away from her instinctual reactions, placing her hands on Finn's surprisingly toned chest, then sighs. Out of disappointment that the session ended sooner than she would of liked, or out of blissful satisfaction, she wasn't sure.

"I would like to continue this Finn," She rubs his chest a little as she smiles as if she was intoxicated, drunk on barely held lust, "But we have a fight to get to." She pulls away from him, then starts marching into the arena preparation room, leaving a flabbergasted Finn behind. A few moments later the spark of comprehension returns to his eyes, before he hurriedly jogs to accompany her. Catching up to each other, they smile at each other, not regretting what they just did as it was a act of love, not lust... Well just a tad of lust. Then Huntress returns to do a Spock impression while Finn continues to carry his happy, little hero smile.

Ice Queen sits down in one of the many possible seats that was just layered benches in a curve. This was the warriors kingdom, not the art kingdom, so the arena was just what you expected: A large oval of sand, surrounded by a tall wall with spikes, then rows upon rows of seats. Ice Queen scoffs, muttering to herself, "I'm mad and my specialty is ice, but even I could make a better arena than this." She looks around, noticing the expected sight of a large ring of empty seats around her, the Princes preferring to squish and compact themselves together than sitting even remotely close to her. She sighs, bringing her hand up to her face, partly to show her annoyance, and partly to hide her pained expression she was wearing due to the rejection of her attempts at redemption 'If they won't make the first move, then I will...

She suddenly stands, then turns around to stare at the other royals, who all pretend to not see her, lost in their own conversations that strangely all started when she turned her attention to them, "Guys, I swear to Glob! If you don't stop acting like this, I. Will. Freeze. You. Now stop being kids, and sit by me!" If you take that out of context, she would seem a bit like a kid herself, and even in context it still applies a little. But the royal were even worse. They just look at eachother silently, acting as if they didn't hear anything. Ice Queen makes her hands glow, everyone staring at them in fear. Despite her threat, she could most probably only throw out a icicle at most 'But they don't need to know that...' Sure enough, the royals begin shuffling wearily towards her out of fear.

Once their slow movements eventually halts, she still notices that there is a tiny sphere around of empty seats around her. She grimaces, then snaps her head to the left, finding a nervous Frozen Yogurt Prince sitting squished next to Wild Berry Prince and steadily melting under the harsh dessert sun, much to the other Prince's discomfort. She looks his soft, squishy form over as if undressing him with her eyes, much to the Prince's discomfort as he looks away biting his lower lip nervously, goopy fingers fiddling with eachother that reveal his readyness to just book it at a moment's notice.

Suddenly she lunges her arm out, making him squeak and attempt to escape her groping hands, but he is only is able to turn his top half of his body before said hands latches onto his melting arms, sinking a few centimetres into him. The other royals all around her freeze up in fear as if they became stone, all leaning away from her as they give up hope of escaping, all thoughts ossifying. She slowly brings the semi-frozen living yogurt towards her, the Prince trembling so harshly that he flicks pieces of his melting self everywhere, his eyes still fixated away, not able to bring himself to look at his fear.

He eventually slides over next to the Ice Queen, who grumbles reassurance at herself due to how the Prince was acting, her heart feeling heavy. She looks him over again, though he does not return it, still looking away despite being let go. She pokes his face, and he whimpers, slamming his eyes shut. The other Princes regain life, and immediately start moving away. Ice Queen snaps her head at them, scowling. They abandon all hopes of escaping, still looking down at her in terror, mouths agape. Ice Queen mutters again and looks away herself, her feelings getting worse and worse. 'Just give them time, just give them time.' Small tears form in her eyes at devastating feeling of being rejected by society.

Frozen Yogurt Prince keeps his eyes sealed shut, tighter than he has ever done in his whole life. Then a chill falls over him 'Here it comes, she's going to freeze me!' He pulls his arms up to cover his chest, head down, eyes tightening even harder somehow to the point where it hurt, and a noise of more whimpering escapes his shut mouth. And nothing happens.

Slowly, he opens his eyes, still looking down. Then gradually rotates his head to look at the terrifying Ice Queen. She was right next to him, looking straight ahead. A small white object trickles down right in front of his face. He looks down to follow it, and realises he is in a small shadow that completely surrounds him, prompting him to look up. It was a cloud, a snow one, and it was calmly and gently releasing its stored load on him. "You were melting." He whirls his head to Ice Queen as she speaks, looking at her in shock. She was still looking straight ahead, "So I decided to cool you and provide you with some shade." She explains.

'That is the limit of my magic, I do anything grand and it will be... uncomfortable. This is what you get when you deplete your personal magic supply' She lectures herself. Magic invoked by a artefact or enchanted item have their own rules that must be followed or there will be dire consequences. The artefacts magic will get funnelled, or fuelled even, by the user's personal magic. Like a check list, it will see if you got the raw magic to cast the spell. Say if the spell will cost 40 magic. If you don’t have personal magic supply of 40, then consequences will come knocking hard, but if you do then the magic cost will be taken from the artefact instead.

The tiara's magic is infinite, so it won't ever run out, so they only limit here is Ice Queen herself, who just used all her personal magic to summon the Winter Wraith without summoning stones. So her personal magic is low right now due to the cost not coming from the tiara, like a... 5? So she would only be able to do spells from the tiara that cost 5 or less magic. It was the reason why powerful wizards still used artefacts to do spells, and why some tools are too powerful for someone and send them mad with magic, maybe even kill them. The cost of the spell was greater than their personal supply.

"I... hope you enjoy." Frozen Yogurt Prince looks at the ground in shock at her barely muttered line, then slowly looks back at her, only now noticing the barely held back tears.

"... Thank you." He now realises that indeed a more solid form was returning to him now that he was out of the cruel sun that was literally killing him. The event triggers the other Princes around her to calm back down, and to sit back down, though still not breaking their fixated gaze on her, watching for danger. Ice Queen with nothing to occupy herself with, decides to scan the crowd formed at the stadium. It was a sea of people, all of which were different colours, creating a weird art exhibit. But a common colour amongst it all was gold. Gold, the colour of crowns, which were all obvious as they all shine brightly as they reflect the sun light. Curious, she does a do over at looking at everyone.

Everyone was a royal, not a single commoner in the crowd.

She squints in confusion, looking down as she looses herself in her own mind 'I thought I was just in a reserved royal section...' She looks around again, not a single camera to record it. 'So it's not getting streamed, so where are the normal people? They like this stuff, right?' She thinks for a minute for a answer, before eventually giving up on trying to find a reason, though does mark it up as suspicious. "... They always take a while to get ready, so I'm going to sleep. Could someone wake me up when it starts?" She requests, though doesn't listen for a reply or acknowledgement, slouching into herself 'I need to recover magic, and it should give them time to get use to me' And so she falls asleep, unaware of Butterscotch Butler sitting a few rows back, glaring at her.

Finn pulls his sword out and gives it a few swings, warming his muscles up. Turns out that under the seats are hollow, allowing a large ring for warriors to prepare themselves with a wide variety of weapons of all types resting on stalls and tables. And that was no exaggeration, Finn found a pistol two inches big. Huntress was meditating next to him against the inner wall, somehow able to focus in on herself, despite the racket of loud warriors surrounding her. The Winter Wraith was sitting against the wall, waiting for the fight to begin, what is to be signified by the sandstone doors lowering.

The floor was made of sand, though a quick paw at it would reveal the secret stone base the arena's structure was made on. The walls were of course made of sandstone like the rest of the Warrior Kingdom's town, and seemed to had drawings carved onto it, though Finn could only presume they were of past glories and conquests, and not some fantasy made by a bored person. The doors were tipped with giant arches, just like the main gate into the arena. They stood apart from each other by a meter to two, as Finn could tell precise tools were not used and the gap varies between each door.

Finn turns his attention gained by boredom to the people in the room. Most of them were no threat at all, like the tiny hot-dog knights, or the slime ones that he guesses have never held a weapon, presuming by how one was holding a spear backwards, spike behind it and attacking with the blunt end. Though some did catch his eyes.

One is Marshall Lee. Finn knows from hand on experience that he was no joke in battle, and only a stake could kill him. Finn was not sure he should try staking the king, after all, what if it kills him? Vampires mortality works very differently than everyone else’s after all, the wound made by the stake might just murder him the moment he left the bubble, if there was a wound that is. So Finn would most probably remove any shade he has, what if he barely remembers correctly from the speech was a cool black umbrella with a massive skull imprinted on. Though, Finn's mind was kind of... distracted during it, with Ice Queen and all so he might be wrong. He has no idea where the umbrella currently is, but he can see the his iconic red guitar axe resting against the outer wall.

Another are some... Machines? Robots? He actually has no idea, but there are three of them and they were made of metal. Pink metal. So probably the work of Gumball, and if he wanted to actually win this fight then it was understandable why he didn't send his banana guards, though why not Fionna? He mentally shrugs at it and extinguishes the thought, focusing on the robot and what they could do. They were like giant dogs, four legs with the back ones being slightly larger than the front ones that bent into the body, though it lacks a tail of any sort, and a large single camera eye for a head. The paws or feet had giant curved claws, not for weapons but for grip, though they could most probably still do a lot of damage to someone. What meant its weapons were currently concealed, presumably in the back, where two rectangular splitting covers sat.

Another one that caught his attention was Muscle Prince. And he deserved that title much like his female counterpart in OOO. Probably 95% of his body was just muscle, what most probably could hurt a lot if he hit someone. IF he hit someone being key, someone like Huntress Wizard could most probably just evade all his attacks, and/or do some trick that would confuse him, because if he was like Muscle Princess, then he was frankly stupid.

There were more warriors around, though he either didn't recognise them or they were not really worthy mentioning. For safety, he decides to walk up to a weapon stall and grab a stake, just in case, then makes his way other to Huntress. She was still crossed legged and meditating, her breathing calm as she waits for call to fight, to hunt her prey. Finn plops down next to her, in no position or technique at all, just a relax sitting position as he places his sword down to rest on the floor. After a minute of leaving her in peace, he finally breaks it, "So..." She opens a eye, looking at him, "... You think you can take Muscle Prince down?" He cautiously asks, what causes Huntress to open her other eye, then lock onto the royal and starts analysing him as he flexes his muscles to some female warrior in armour, who was staring at awe at his bulging muscles.

"... There has never been something I couldn't hunt before Finn. I can take him down no problem." Finn sighs in relief, he could take Muscle Prince down no problem, but Huntress doing it would be far easier and safer, especially when he could focus on someone else.

"Right, most of these guys will take care of each other, some might even take care of themselves..." He says watching someone use a sword to scratch their back, "... And we will just take care of anyone who gets near us, then mop up the mess, right?"

"Right." Huntress says agreeing to his suggested plan as it didn't sound out right stupid, finally rising to her feet what causes Finn to join her. Together they look other the assembled horde of lunatics and idiots.

"We got this." He confidently states.

"Oh yeah." She says in agreement, smiling. Marshall Lee had his back to them, but was smiling as well, his super hearing catching every word they cockily sprouted. 'You're going down Finn, no lucky accident that will cause a flashback will save you this time!'

And then the doors shivered.

They started to lower, releasing a slow deep grumbling noise as the sandstone moves, and natural sunlight and the heat it brings floods into the waiting area. Once they lower completely, everyone starts shuffling towards them, and out into the arena themselves. They quickly spread out the perimeter then fills inwards towards the centre like water filling a container, finding their own empty spot they like with enough gap between them and another warrior that they won't get stabbed the instant fighting starts. Finn and Huntress stand near each other against the arena wall, allowing not only for no one to get behind them, but also allowing them to handle their own sides, splitting the pressure between the partners.

There was a low muttering between all the warriors, however, it was drowned out by the cheering roar of the Prince's sitting high above them. The dreadfully painful noise snaps Ice Queen awake with a startled gasp, and after a second or two to recover, turns her gaze down into the arena. Her winter wraith was a eye sore, so she was easy to spot as she towers over the other competitors who shiver nervously next to it, already accepting that they're going to get obliterated the moment the fight starts. It took her a bit longer to find her favourite duo, but she eventually finds them standing next to each other 'I should be the one by Finn's side, not-' She mentally slaps 'He's taken, do what you told Simone and move on' She sighs, and in attempt to do so forces her eyes on Finn and onto those around her.

What causes her to notice something odd. Ninety percent of the royals were looking at the same thing, the others at the their knights and champions, what she does not care for. Instead, she was more curious at what everyone was staring- no glaring smugly at, so she traces their eyes. And finds Finn. Her face twists in confusion. Then remembers again that everyone here was a royal and not a single civilian, what was already strange 'This is getting seriously suspicious...' Her sharp fingers tighten nervous at her seat, fear starting to pump through her.

She looks around for more evidence for fishy smell this situation was reeking off. And quickly finds it in the warriors themselves. They weren't looking at Finn, instead they were all looking away from him, as if they wanted to look at him, yet to escape suspicion forced themselves to look away instead. Every single one of them. They have plans, the royals have plans, this whole thing is some plan, and this scheme whatever it is involved Finn! 'And I can't do a damn thing! Not with how low my magic is like right now...' She sighs, 'This up to you my knight and friend'

Finn continues to eye the warriors around him. He says warrior lightly, as it seems that some of these knights have most probably never had a fight before, seeing some of their poses. Some had helmets off, yet had immaculate skin, meaning that was not a move by a confident warrior wanting unhindered vision, but a idiot trying to imitate what they've seen in a movie or read in a book. Some were holding weapons wrong, one even had their armour on backwards. He spots the Winter Wraith standing dead centre in the arena due to its insane height, and most probably everyone else, so it will probably gain all the agro from anyone looking for a challenge. Which meant only the weak will go for him and Huntress, what they could easily deal with. The only way he could struggle is for them all to charge at him all at one, but that won't happen. Then it would be him vs Huntress.

Any plans against her never materialise in his thoughts. He wants her to win, to see her smile, he had decided on his way here. He wants her to get confirmation at not being soft, after all, if she beats the best hero in all of OOO's existence, who has fought forces of cosmic magnitude and won, then there is no way she is soft. Seeing that cute smile of hers, to see her worries to finally be put to bed, will be his reward, and will be well worth a knock out. Glob he knows how powerful she is, she has a solid chance of beating him even if he tries.

Suddenly a loud bell rings loudly above his head, jolting him from his thoughts, making him instinctively snap his head up to find the source. It was Gumball, who is standing on a small platform overlooking everyone. Instantly everyone shuts their mouth holes and pay attention to the Prince. He whips out a megaphone and promptly turns it on, causing it to release a electronic squeak, "Ladies and gentlemen, the 'spell' of undying has been cast, the fight may now... Begin!" No build. No hyping up. No order. In a few words, completely and utter chaos breaks loose. Not chaos of people fighting, but the chaos of a stampede as everyone turns and charges Finn.

Hundreds of war cries assault Finn's ears, as a army slams into him and Huntress. A mix of panic and shock dominates Finn and his faces expresses it, but it does not hold him back from countering, what he promptly does when a woman charges him with a spear. He sidesteps it to the left, planning to swing his sword up to cut the spear head off then bring it back down cut the head off the attacker, but notices a blade coming for him right next to her, a man in clunky armour taking advantage of his evasive manoeuvre. 'Drats!' So Finn counters them both. He swings his blade up using both hands, striking the mans sword and fully blocking it. The force of the counter sends it ricocheting away, and his previous sidestep allows him to escape the spear. With both threats temporary out of the way, Finn removes his right robot arm from his sword handle and swings it out to the spear wielding woman. Finn grimaces as a putrid memory fills his head, "Arm: Weed whacker."

With a mechanical whir the arm shifts, his fingers spin, and then they hit the woman's face. Finn looks away, focusing on the swordsman with his sword in his left hand lunging out at the warrior. Since he was still recovering from the parry and could not move away due to the crowd behind him, he was completely vulnerable, and had no way to stop Finn's blade running through his chest, ignoring the iron armour he wore completely. In fact, he goes all the way through and also pierces a man with a mace. Finn yanks his sword back to him, taking a retreating hop as he does so. The wounds were not on the woman or the two men, instead they fall unconscious to the floor 'So the spell is real then, that's good'

He leans back as another swordsman takes a swing at him, flying in from the right. Finn does a simple swing at him, instantly killing him with ease as he focus on the situation. He peeks at Huntress, her five arrows were going into hyper, never halting in the air as the just pierce person after person, head after head. But they were closing in faster than she can 'kill' them, and since they were up against the wall they have no where to retreat or create room. Finn snaps back in front of him as he raises his sword straight up, just in time to intercept a arrow coming for him, splitting it in half what then collides into the wall behind him 'We need a way out!' He thinks, but struggling to do anything, may it be a progress on escaping or thinking of a plan, due to him not being able to get a moment because the onslaught of weapons falling upon him with lethal intent.

Then a large movement catches his eye. It was the Winter Wraith, and it is... lifting its leg? Then it slams it back down, and a wave of ice spikes surges out from it, not that Finn can see with a army obscuring his vision. It ripples out and strikes the swarm in the back, freezing and 'killing' anyone at the back of the horde. It does not pierce through and take out everyone else, Finn and Huntress included due to them being distracted/unaware, but it does not need to save them. All the attackers snap behind them to investigate what just killed their comrades, what Finn thoroughly exploits. He snaps his arm out at Huntress who is also looking at him after the distraction, sending a mental command for it to stop whacking weeds, and grabs her arm, before yanking her onto his back, then charges straight ahead, sword leading the way.

He collides into the vulnerable backs of the distracted warriors and pushes through, Huntress using her arrows to kill anyone to the side of him. Their combined efforts allows them to push through them all in mere seconds with little to no resistance, what is just enough time for the army to remember the duo too late. The horde locks onto the duo as the run free into the large open space that was the rest of the arena, before Finn spins around to face them, Huntress leaping off as he does so to stand her own ground.

Finn quickly peeks behind him at the Winter Wraith, and discovers what she was trying to kill. It is a male fire elemental that was flying around its form trying to torch her, but was constantly... deterred... by two thick ice beams attacking him every time he went in. It was when Finn took a closer look did he spot a familiar looking red gem in his forehead, and then his strong powers in fire magic, to the point he was some points a angry fire being instead of his normal self, does he realise who he is 'Flame Prince?'

Finn quickly forgets about the fire prince, instead now focusing on the army charging him once more. Finn grins as he holds his sword out offensively in his left hand and activate the weed whacker mode in his other. Now that he wasn't backed up into a corner he was able to fight and dodge properly, what means he now has the chance to show AAA why there were stories of him facing armies in OOO. Huntress stands ready next to him, arrows hovering. The swarm charges forward once more, another deafening roar being their war cry. And Finn counters with one of his own as he counter charges.

Huntress Wizard quickly notices a certain lack of something, so she activates her huntress vision, and just as quickly finds it. She launches all her arrows at one general location seemingly randomly, what then is proven not the case when Marshall Lee falls from the sky, losing invisibility when his focus was shattered by pain as arrows jutted out of every limb. He promptly slams into the floor, his umbrella falling down with him. Of course, since it wasn't being held at just right to cover him completely with shade, the already hot sun becomes a thousand times hotter for him, and his lower half starts incinerating. He immediately jolts back to his senses at the pain, quickly holding his umbrella up as he snaps his legs in, folding the burnt limbs to his chest. They instantly starts regenerating, so swaps his focus, deciding to now scowl at Huntress, who returns one in kind.

The Winter Wraith opens its skeletal mouth, and a second later a shotgun blast of icicles fly out. They traverse the air to their foe in less than a second, and it kills just as quickly. The poor souls that were its target get instantly obliterated, the victims of the attack getting shredded to bits by the icicles, or would if it wasn't for the spell done by GMS. A clean circle of people collapse to the floor unconscious, and the Winter Wraith raises its hands to find new targets, allowing the helpers to collect the bodies.

They were just random people, scrambling in bright orange clothes to collect the bodies, trying their best to remain as small as possible to avoid getting hit. They grip the knocked out warriors by their hands or legs, then drag them hastily back through the main gate and down the corridor to a hospital, to where they are being cared by Doctor Prince. Despite that just being his name and he actually knows nothing about treating wounds.

Gumball chuckles to himself as he imagines what Finn is currently facing, maybe even his defeat. Unlike DP, he knows what he is doing, so while Finn and Huntress was facing a army, he was going to go and pay a visit to their little shack in the woods. He exits the arena then turns the corner to find his ride: The Evening. Like The Morrow, he was a giant falcon with a crown resting onto its head. He was currently drinking some water to recover from the horrid heat assaulting him, but halts his actions when he sees his master. Gumbald quickly sprints to the brown bird, gripping the feathers then yanking himself up, though that takes most of his strength due to his lack of muscles.

Now mounted on the royal bird, he claps twice, and the bird as trained stretches its large wings before flapping them. Sand and dust flings up, making a yellow cloud around the bird as it slowly rises before, with a exceptionally strong push, he launches forward carrying its royal passenger. The bird is fast, crazy fast, and quickly leaves the warrior kingdom as Gumball holds on tight, squinting as the wind whips at his face, "Whatever you are hiding Finn, I will find it." He suddenly coughs, splutters, and chokes, "Bug." 'Teach me to keep my mouth shut'

Back in the arena Finn was obliterating anyone that came close to him or Huntress Wizard. Six men with shiny, unused swords suddenly break off from the side of the army and sprint madly at him before circling the hero, creating a prison of swords around him. Finn grips his blade with two hands, and they start to close in. Finn watches them closely, judging their distance from him almost analytically, then abruptly starts spinning savagely. He holds his sword out with fully outstretched arms, gripping the handle as tightly as possible so it doesn't go flying out his hands. The six warriors immediately halt their offensive push, panicking at seeing him suddenly move, and raises the blades to defend themselves.

Finn's blade collides into theirs, then keeps going. Due to how high quality that Finn's sword is, it easily obliterates their weapons as they shatter in half. Finn continues to spin, becoming a little tornado of carnage as everyone backs away from him for their own safety, providing Finn with space to do other offensive actions. He halts spinning, and just lashes out at one of the knights. The woman that was his foe didn't stand a chance, her leather armour doing nothing to stop Finn's blade as it takes her out of the fight. The six men who lost their weapons immediately just give up as fear is clearly displayed on their faces, before turning and sprinting at the entrance to leave with their tails between their legs, but still conscious.

And that’s when Finn spots them, their shiny surface reflecting the sunlight and making them a eyesore. Gumball's robots. They ran on their for four legs, leaping over warriors, wizards, and archers, and as all three machines approach Finn as he kills another warrior, the two slots on their back open up, revealing two mini-guns. Finn gapes, eyes wide. And the barrels start to spin. He pegs it, sprinting madly as six mini-guns light him up, bullets flying all around him, "OH GLOB! OH GLOB!" The other warriors seem to have some intelligence it seems, and smartly abandon all plans to attack Finn the moment those robots set their sights on him, and instead now slowly move their assault on to Huntress Wizard, who was already struggling a bit. She was use to taking on small groups and deadly beasts, not armies, not like Finn can, and it was showing as she barely leaps away from a group, fear coursing through her as she watches Marshall Lee slowly regenerate his injuries.

The robots continue their bullet barrage on Finn who pathetically raises his blade to defend himself as he runs. A robot suddenly leaps in front of him, and was about to pump him full of lead.

When a massive foot stomped it.

The Winter Wraith was no idiot, it was a the smarter one of the summons, and it knew when some threats take priority, and with Flame Prince retreating to recover she needed new foe. She raises her icy skeletal foot, revealing the destroyed robot, its metal shards and plates sticking out the ground. And of course, Gumball made the robots intelligent as well. They can also tell when something takes priority. So their guns immediately train onto the Winter Wraith, and unload their deadly torrent of fiery metal. WW ,however, raises both hands and release her ice beams. The red hot lead and blue ice magic smash mid-air, neither making any progress until the Winter Wraith opens her mouth and unleashes her deadly mouth blast.

It was aimed at the nearest robot, and any normal mortal would be unable to do anything but get annihilated. But these are robots. It instantly detects the attack faster than any eye, and reacts a hundred times faster. The mechanical fighting machine leaps backwards, and the ice blast slams down right where it was standing half a second faster. The two robots start circling the Winter Wraith at high speeds, hoping to disorient the magic entity. But it does nothing to it except make her look a tad silly, as she continues her beam barrage that was thoroughly locked on to the machines, while periodically shooting a mouth blast that they would have to erratically scramble to evade.

Finn goes to help as is his nature, to remove one of the most dangerous elements in this battle, but Huntress hollers his name. He snaps his head to her, finding her in a dicey situation, stuck in close combat with no melee weapon, enemies closing in from behind, and a now nearly fully recovered Marshall Lee diving in from in front. He doesn't think twice and charges towards her, his target is the warriors foolishly attack his girlfriend from the front with melee weapons. Due to them being so fixated on killing Huntress and being distracted by their own shiny armour blinding them as it reflects the sun, they don't see Finn furiously charging in from the side. They only realise his presence when he descends upon them.

He sweeps in at the group's side, arms held out far to give him as much range to his attack. Have you ever been tackled? Hurts right? Now imagine being tackled by someone who can flip a two ton monster... The poor knights didn't need to imagine, as that is exactly what they are now suffering. When he collides into them, they all go flying, as despite the heavy armour they wore and their own body weight, it was not enough for them to resist the force Finn inflicted upon them. It was like getting a strike in bowling, Finn the ball and the Knights the pins. He brings them all to the ground, the number being hard to tell due to the chaos of the situation. Sand gets flung up, screams of surprise leave the warriors leaps, and Huntress doesn't bat a eye as she turns to deal with the group coming from behind, ducking to avoid Marshall Lee, who promptly finds out what dirt taste like as he smashes face first into the ground.

Finn rises from the group of fallen knights, sword in hand then promptly stabs it down, what immediately takes three out warriors. They were all out of it, the shock of the tackle giving quite a few concussion, but the death of their comrades immediately snaps them out of it, scrambling away from the deadly warrior. As Finn yanks his sword out the others get to their feet, weapons in hand. Five men stand in front of him, all bearing nervous yet fake confident smiles, trying to intimidate Finn into thinking that they were professionals. They move in a semi circle formation to surround Finn. The hero raises his sword to neck level and does one arcing sweep with his sword, slicing the throats of every single one of them, the lack of blood making it almost cartoonish. They all flop to the ground with the other three, creating a small pile of bodies. With all seven warriors dead in just under ten seconds, Finn rushes back to aid Huntress.

Huntress Wizard meanwhile was focusing a volley on the vampire king. In the ten seconds it took for Finn to kill the soldiers he tackled, it took her that long to kill the eight man squad that was trying to flank her, their unconscious bodies lying on the floor, and if it wasn't for the spell they would have gaping holes between their eyes. So when the Vampire King raised from the ground umbrella in hand, and coughing out as much sand as he could from his mouth, she instantly focused on all her wrath on him. He was currently flying through the air, weaving around arrows for Huntress was focusing on removing his umbrella to force him to face its fury full force. However, due to his vampire enhanced senses, he was able to avoid all of them with ease as he slowly, but surely closed in.

Huntress wasn't amazed or afraid of his gradually approaching assault, actually more bored or frustrated really. He was like a fly, damn near impossible to hit yet somehow always at the centre of your thoughts. He suddenly snaps out at her, smug fury prominently plastered on his face, and Huntress barely has time to react, and upon leaping backwards to evade, realises that she was too slow, and he was on course for a direct blow. So she instinctively goes to protect herself, guarding her vital organs behind her knees and arms as she folds them onto herself. She then hears a loud surprise grunt of pain.

She hits the ground.

She opens her eyes confused, looking as to where the Vampire King was. And finds him skidding on the floor before he rolls himself over, standing on his hands and knees as he scowls with pure hatred. She follows the visual assault to its target. Finn. He was standing there, fist clenched 'He punched Marshall out of the dive'. She quickly gets up and leaps next to him as Marshall rises onto his legs alone, "Not going to lie, I'm a tad annoyed that you made me taste dirt twice in a span of a minute." He says, his voice sounding a bit gravelly as he restrains anger. "But that just means I got to return the favour in kind." He growls out, about to use his stored rage at being publicly embarrassed as fuel for revenge.

"What's going on here?!" Huntress demands to him, she to succumbing to anger, getting ready to hunt a bat. "Why is everyone focusing on me and Finn alone?!" Marshall freezes up at the question, waiting a moment to respond,

"... It's the Ice Queen, or your alliance with her. You brought her here and she deep freeze everyone. We want revenge. So when the fight started, we all charged you, then realised we all wanted the same thing. So we've just been rolling with it so far." He says, shifting his umbrella a bit to keep the sun a little bit further off him. Unknown to the duo, that response was planned, and was created by non other than Gumball as a way to keep suspicion off. 'Here is to hoping that your plan works, gumwad...'

Any response it denied as the duo snap around to find the remaining army forming a semi organised formation behind them, lead by non other than Fionna and Cake, who wore smugness openly in both form and expression, the armour of the warriors glittering behind them. The Winter Wraith couldn't help them, as she has made no progress on Gumball's robots. Huntress calmly analyses the situation, their foes, position, and their own inventory, her hardness making her not panic. Nodding to herself, she spins her head to Finn, " If I handle Marshall, can you handle those guys?" She calmly points a thumb at the army. Finn blinks in surprise at the request, his eyes slightly wide, then slowly rotates his gaze to the army.

"Handle a army? Sure, I've done it before, so it won't be too hard." He calmly replies, gaining a grin that makes a few of the warriors loose their own. Then he fiddles with something on his hip, whipping it out and giving it to Huntress, "Good luck." It was the stake. After looking at it for a second, she gently takes it from his hand.

"I don't use luck, I'm the hardest in OOO... for my skills!" She ends by shouting, spinning and lunging out at Marshall Lee. Finn then leaves her to do what she does best, being a unbeatable huntress, and instead locks eyes with Fionna,

"Alright! I'll give you all ONE CHANCE to turn around and leave through that exit!" He shouts, pointing at the entrance as a helper drags someone away. A hundred war cries fill his ears as a reply, Fionna charging him sword held high and the army not far behind.

"You're going down Finn!" Fionna screeches 'You butt! Why did you trick me? We could of been friends?' The ground shakes under their stampede, sand clouds getting formed as feet aggressively propel their owners body forward.

Finn shrugs, the Winter Wraith still duking it out with Gumball's robots next to him as shards of ice and burning hot lead fill the air, aiming her mouth blast in the air as Flame Prince swoops down to finish what he started "Alright then." And he leaps into the fray.

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I was going to give you all the length of incrementum in the writers note, but I decided that should wait until next chapter, because I think that magic/artefact might need a little explaining.

The system is to explain why it seems only wizards seem interested in ancient powerful relics, why there only people of worthy strength can wield powerful artefacts, and why their can be 'only a fraction of its power remains' cliché.

If a wizard has, lets say... 100 magic? Then he can cast a spell that costs up to 100 magic. This will drain the wizards 100 magic, but he could recover it from sleeping.

However, if the spell is just over 100, or his personal magic supply runs out, then it will go into the negatives. If it just goes over, like -10, then it will send the wizard mad. This is where the cliché of a mad wizard sprouting out spells and levels a city. If he spams out spells, then he will quickly go over his 100 magic cap, sending him mad, and what's the cliché? A wizard unleashing HUNDREDS of spells and destroying the town. Emphasis on the hundred. That many spells would take him over his cap, sending him 'mad with magic'. After all, when is the cliché 'mad wizard levelling a city' with only one or two spells? Unless...

It's a large powerful spell. A large spell would have a large cost, so it would normally send them over their cap, making them mad. Hence, a powerful spell sending someone mad is the cliché 'mad with power'. The only way for a powerful spell to be cast without madness is by a powerful wizard, hence the legend 'A powerful wizard cast some massive spell that saved everyone'. Or, if a weaker wizard had...

A artefact! The artefact has its own magic counter, that can only be regenerated by putting more magic in. If it gets used up and not replenished, then it becomes the cliché 'Only a fragment of its power remains' but if magic is put back in, then it's '... but it can be restored through some ritual!'.

Use a magical item to do a spell will drain its magic counter, but only if the spell is within the summoner’s own magic cap, in that it will inflict the consequences on the caster. Say a wizard's magic is 20, a artefact has 40, but the spell cost 30, then if the wizard cast the spell, he will suffer the consequences as if he did the spell and was now at -10 magic, so madness. That is why there are artefacts that 'Drove him mad'. If the negative goes to low, then it will kill the caster, '... however, the spell's cost was too great, and it took his life'

A artefact is linked to a certain spell or tree of abilities, example: the ice crown/tiara. It is for ice and cold trees of magic, hence why building the mountain raid and home didn't drain her, as the cost came from the crown, what is infinite. Yet summoning the bosses without summoning stones did take her own personal magic. If she had summoning stones, then she could just add ice magic to them and make them the bosses, and the cost will be completely from the tiara. However, as she did the summoning with out a stone, then its a summoning/conjuration spell, not a ice spell. So the tiara couldn't do the summoning cost as it was for ice magic only, so the cost came from her personal supply, hence she is too drained to do ice spells because her personal supply was too low, the artefact would inflict onto Ice Queen effects of being in the negative. (The snow golems and stuff cost so little that she barely noticed and slept to recover her magic)

(P.S. I just made this up, I don't know if anyone else has made this system before. But if I'm the first, then anyone can use this magic system as they wish, in any story or fandom, enjoy its confusion.)

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Chapter Text

Gumball continues to ride The Evening through the blue sky, despite the usually warm air that a day brings it in AAA, it was a cool breeze compared to the horrid hell temperatures they had just endured in the Warrior Kingdom. He smirks at the thought, 'Have fun in the heat Finn' He slowly starts to fly deep over the apple forest that the evil duo called home, their house was not much further. So the royal tugs on the giant bird, its training telling it that it meant its master wanted it to descend, so it does so slowly, Gumball leaning over the edge to scour the sea of green trees. Then he spots a ugly, massive bundle of leaves with a ring of void around it, it being the leaves from the trees that were all wrapped together. "There! Evening, dive there!" He orders, pointing at the anomaly hidden in the abundance of its plant brethren.

Evening screeches, and quickly dives, like... a bird... descending on its prey, causing Gumball to do a unmanly scream in fear as he grip the birds brown feathers tightly, even yanking a few out as he flaps in the wind behind the bird like a cape or flag. As The Evening approaches the trees with no large space between them suitable for its size in search for a landing spot does its bird brain realise its mistake too late. It springs its wings out to full length in a desperate attempt to stop halt its dive, the air punching its entire form and the sudden deceleration forcing Gumball's body to smack into the birds back, his form getting stuck to the bird a little. But it was worse for The Evening.

It fails to stop in time, crashing into the trees at high speed despites its best attempts to decelerate, the incoming impact was heard for miles around. The trees violently snap, sounding as if lightning had just tore their way into the world, a heavy thump echoing as the royals hit the ground hard. Dark brown mud, dirt, dead leaves, sharp wooden shards of trees, and feathers fill the air before coming slamming back down and creating secondary barrage of noise, as if a echo of the first crash, including the feathers that took longer to fall and when the hit the ground they were completely silent.

A minute later, and a groan comes forth from the impact crater. Gumball raises his slightly smushed face off the back of his ride, that has yet to make any noise. He brings up his left arm to rub his head, however, jerks it away as he feels a hundred pricks and scratches, as he hastily snaps his eyes over to analyse it. He discovers that his entire right arm was filled to the brim with fragments of wood, making it a pin cushion of splinters. After a moment of shock, he raises his other arm to find it relatively intact, then brings it over to save his other one. By whipping out a knife and cutting it off.

The limb quickly severs off under the blade, he was made of gum after all, and the shredded limb falls off him before hitting The Evening and flopping off the bird and down to the forest floor below. With a uncaring expression he reaches to the stub that remained of his left arm, pinches, then pulls. Gum quickly follows the movement, recreating lost arm. Then with a bit more pinching and modelling, his hand returned as well, literally being as good as new. With a nod of acceptance, he looks over to examine the rest of his body, before giving up and deciding any other wounds will just have to repaired later, for if he was to replace and fix all the damages he would quickly run out of biomass, besides, he was on borrowed time, Finn and Huntress were gone for the fight but that is not forever.

Staggering to a stand and surveying his surroundings does his slowly recovering head realises what he was standing. Blanching, his face quickly going a pale pink, he pretty much leaps off the side of his fallen companion, hitting the ground and rolling to a stand, "Evening! You alright?!" Gumball shouts scared, worried for his friend. He sprints around the crash site, quickly finding the bird's head as it lays down motionless on the ground, tongue hanging out and quite literally eating dirt. Gumball slides over and grabs his bird's face on his weak legs, uncaring for any damage of skidding over more splinters.

He cares for his friends, emotional hurt like he unknowingly inflicted upon Fionna was to be avoided, but necessary if it meant protecting his kingdom. But if a friend was in mortal danger, then he will help. If Fionna came to him injured, or called for his help, he will abandon his kingdom to help her. He has and will do it for any friend or girlfriend... or boyfriend- He shakes his head and focuses on The Evening. He was breathing, causing Gumball to release a sigh of relief, before becoming serious. He slowly prods around, gently moving the bird to assess the damage. He was injured, that he knows by the red blood the dry forest floor was soaking up like a sponge, but he has no idea how injured he was, not without causing more damage.

Gumball bites his new hand's finger with worry, trying to think up a plan that he was well known for '... I could try lifting- Won't work. How about nano- No. How about...' He sighs, 'I will have to. Cyclops tears. Fionna should have some with her, she always has some on hand encase someone, or worst, she got injured' She showed him once, it's healing capabilities as it melded torn flesh like closing a curtain. He ordered her to always have some, just encase she got hurt. He doesn't want to loose her. And as much as he hates the idea of it, magic does work, even if it is science that can't be explained yet.

He quickly pulls out his phone and begins typing 'She is too far away, but I know she has a some with her right now, so if someone can send it over...' His phone rings as he brings up to his ear, tapping his feat impatiently, then a few moments later he hears a feminine voice answer his call, "Hello, this is Butterscotch Butler, I'm sorry but I'm busy-"

"BB! This is Gumball!" The royal interrupts, the sudden raise in voice making The Evening shift a little. Gumball immediately glues his eyes to his fallen companion, watching in fear that if the royal bird continued then the injuries might worsen. "Listen, I know you're focused on Ice Queen right now, but this is important: Can you get any cyclops tears? Fionna should have some in her bag."

"Err, her bag is unavailable my majesty..." Butterscotch nervously replies,

"Is the fight not over yet!?" He shouts surprised, bringing a hand to his head, what causes him to release a little "ow." as he pushes a splinter further into his head 'How in the glob has Finn survived this long? The fight was meant to end once he and Huntress were defeated!'

"No my Prince, its... still going. They are still going" Gumball sighs, 'Things can never be easy, can they?"

"Alright, the place is meant for warriors what means injuries, and Doctor Prince is there. There's got to be some there. Find it, and teleport it to me."

"Magic requires cost-" Gumball yanks the phone away from his ear directly in front of his mouth, anger enveloping as his facial expression changes to match.

"Then sacrifice a lizard! Just get me the tears!" Gumball shouts the order, before harshly jabbing his finger to cancel the call. Pocketing the phone, he sighs, then looks at his fallen feathery friend. Kneeling by the bird, he puts a hand to its head, "I wish I could do more, but if I do anything right now, then it will only get worse." Gumball explains, before turning his head to the house made of trees... a actual tree house? He shakes the thought away, "... But I need to continue with the mission."

He stands up straight, then carelessly walks up to the house. He whips a small rectangular device, but it refuses to start. A quick smack to the side rectifies this, however, as the device buzzes to life and causes Gumball to gain a small smug smile. He quickly puts it against the light brown bark of the house, then starts to walk around the building slowly, searching for both irregularities in readings and a entrance inside. A few seconds later he finds it, or at least he thinks he has. 'Vines? How is that any security?' He grips the vine carefully, listening for some trigger, and after a second parts them. Or at least tries to. They don't budge, remaining stiff like iron bars. Scrunching his face up in confusion, he yanks at in a attempt to gain entrance, yet the only thing he was causing was the vines to release a wooden groan.

Then they lunged out at him.

He didn't have time to react, they just suddenly ensnared him. They quickly wrap around every limb, one around his neck, one around his waist, and another around his legs. He immediately begins struggling, "SOMEONE-" A vine wraps around his mouth, silencing his plead for rescue. They then slowly bring him in towards the house. He struggles intensify, his form wiggling like a worm as he grunts with effort, however, he is only reward is the groan of vines, as if bored by his attempts, and him further entering into the house.

Then they tighten around him roughly, then violently become straight bars of wood again. The effect was for Gumball to get sprung out just as harshly, his already injured form rag dolling as he slides against the dirty forest floor before smashing into a tree so hard that he partly wraps around it. He unwraps as he becomes limp on the floor, "... Ow."

Finn charges forward, night sword in his left, his right hand turned weed whacker turned weapon. Fionna's leads the charge of an army, a hundred war cries filling the air.

Finn meets them head on, or more accurately his weed whacker mode does. He holds his metal right hand out stiffly last second just before he hit the swarm, raised to be in level with any victims poor face. Fionna and Cake obviously leap out of the way, however, the warriors behind the sisters were not as quick, or due to them being surrounded by their comrades in arms were not able to dodge. The spinning hand goes through a woman’s face, instantly falling unconscious, yet her body does not hit the floor, because Finn doesn't halt at her. His charge continues, ploughing through warrior after warrior after warrior, their unconscious bodies hitting Finn's chest and legs as he continues to run as he uncaringly carries them against his body. Suddenly he halts and spins, finding himself in the heart of the army. The bodies he carried with him continue with their momentum, flying off him and into their former allies.

Finn quickly gives the area a look around, and quickly comes to the conclusion that he needs room now. He thrust his blade out, killing a soldier in metal armour, his body colliding with his friends, pushing them back. Retracting his blade, he spins around and thrusts his blade out at a woman who thought she could impale him in his back with a spear when he went on the offensive. He hit her so hard that she went into the air for a foot or two, and if it wasn't for the spell she would most definitely be a ornament on his sword. With a space in front and behind, he knew it was now or never, the sides having blades coming like a deadly sandwich. He pulls a trick he has already used, and extends his blade to full length, his spinning robot hand stopping its attack to latch onto the blade handle to help keep his iron grip.

With a grunt of effort, Finn spins, closely watching as the metal weapons slowly close in. He tenses his muscles harshly, forcing himself to move with all his strength. The result: him do a full three sixty sweep with his blade in under a second. His whole body, shifting of muscles, his blade, all of it was a blur of death, a blur of death that does indeed kill six people, their bodies collapsing to the ground unceremoniously. Every weapon within a meter of Finn instantly breaks, as the sound of metal on metal, the forceful breaking of metal, and metal snapping combines into a symphony of ear shredding pain. The attack having forced everyone to jump back in instinct of self preservation, flinching in pain at the horrible sound distracting them from counter attacking.

Finn doesn't hesitate, and immediately starts swinging in great arcs, each one bringing down strokes of foes. He kills five soldiers with ease before everyone else snaps back to their senses and go to impale him with whatever was in their hands. But Finn denies them of this. He holds his sword out straight and pegs it, running straight through the horde once more as the hostile weapons strike each other in a shower of sparks and tiny metal screams behind him. His sword swiftly clears him a path, destroying anyone in front of him, though a warrior or two did try tripping him up, or hold out a weapon for him to run into, but his years of fighting pull through for him, allowing him to react quickly, to jerk limbs and body out of harms way.

He shoots out the horde like a pimple being popped, unconscious warriors in his wake as he continues his run a bit to give him some distance. Meanwhile, Huntress Wizard leaps out of the path of a red axe as Marshall Lee lunges out at her, the axe missing and embedding itself in the sand as a small cloud getting flung up as a result of the attack, a testament to how strong the vampire king is. He was still his normal size and shape, not enlarging or shape shifting due to having to hide under his umbrella from the sun, with one hand on the axe resting in the ground and the other holding the umbrella tightly. He chuckles, and with only one hand yanks the axe free and swinging it up to rest on his shoulder, not struggling a bit, "This is like whack-a-mole." He states, analysing Huntress's stance for any sudden movements.

Huntress pants a little, crouching against the sand, ready to spring away from any other attack. She doesn't respond, seeing as there is no point in meaningless chatter when she could be re-gathering her breath. She is a hard silent huntress, not a bold talkative Huntress. Marshall shrugs at the lack of a response, then pulls the axe of his shoulder and holds the massive two handed weapon as if it was baton, the axe weighing nothing to him due to his vampiric strength. "Well then, I will take you down, then Finn, then everyone else, then go home and jam." He explains his plan for the day, speaking his thoughts aloud, uncaring what anyone thinks, he was beyond giving a damn anymore. He then raises his hands.

"Warriors lost in the sand, rise and give me hand!" He shouts, and the sand starts to shuffle. In a instant, skeletal hands starts sprouting from the ground, that then rest against it as they then pushes the rest of their bodies out. One springs out at Huntress's feet and grips her left leg, making her jump to a stand, then it uses her to pull itself out, revealing its head that stares creepily at her. Huntress with a unbothered expression raises her right leg and stomps down harshly, directly on its face. It instantly gets obliterated, its skull shards flying out explosively, before its hands let go of her and fall to the ground. Huntress looks around her quickly 'Twenty more of them, all have swords but no armour, then-'

Marshall swings at her with the axe with so much force that it causes his entire form to twist, shutting down Huntress's plans before she could even produce them. She naturally hops away, the axe just barely missing her chest. Before he can recover she spins on her left foot ninety degrees and flicks her other one out, booting Marshall in the face, sending him stumbling away, remaining on his feet but his umbrella remaining unstable, letting the sun bear its burning wrath down on his legs. He hisses in pain and quickly moves the umbrella to protect himself. As he does so, his undead minions make a move on the Huntress of the woods.

Immediately one of her five arrows flies forth. A skeleton rushing from behind gets a arrow through the face, his white body collapsing into separate parts yet still contain their momentum, as they roll and tumble on the sand floor. She snaps her gaze to the left, a skeleton charging her with sword held high. It slams its downward, planning hack her in half, though Huntress remembers what Finn does, and simply sidesteps it. The sword hits the ground, leaving a slight crater in the sand before the force bounces it up a few centimetres, the skeleton turning its dead head to track her. Huntress punches it, sending the head flying off its body. Huntress turns to other skeletons 'That hurt. How does Finn do that?' She asks, though not letting the pain show.

Marshall Lee sneaks up behind her invisible, preparing to cleave her head off. When he is suddenly tackled from the side. He grunts with pain, making Huntress spin to stare at him as his invisibility disappears again. Marshall and his assailant tumble into the desert sand, his umbrella flying from his cold grasp and rolling on the warm sand. He screams in pain, before violently grabbing his attacker and heaving them up. It blocks out the sun, encasing him in shade and allowing him to regenerate, much to his release as he pants. Eyes shooting up to his attacker he finds out that it was non other than Gumball's robot 'Damn Gumball! He's still screwing me over!... Wait, wasn't it fighting-?'

He is suddenly enveloped in ice '... That ice thing' The ice attack origins was from the mouth of the Winter Wraith, meaning it was the same deadly icicle attack that took down a group of warriors in less than a second, and the duo on the desert sand didn't fair much better. Marshall Lee was relatively fine, being the only way to kill him was the sun and a stake to the heart what the icicles luckily missed, but he was shredded, icicles sticking out of a hundred wounds. But worse, he was now starting to burn, for the robot was much worse. It was not alive, so the spell that kept everyone from dying did not affect it, meaning it had no protection from the attack. Annihilation would be a understatement, the entire robot was gone, shards of metal scattered the arena, one even hit and killed a warrior. All that remained was two pieces of metal held in the hands of Marshall Lee's equally devastated arms.

Marshall was about to scream again in pain when a shadow befalls him. Confused, he looks up to find Fionna, holding his umbrella, "Thanks Fi. Though I can't hold it right now." He says chuckling, causing Fionna to blush and look away, but look away at Huntress as she stares her down. Fionna holds her sword ready in one hand, actually deciding to be a distraction as five skeletons sneak up on the huntress. They approach her from behind in a arc manoeuvre, swords held ready. Huntress blinks, and a arrow shoots from her quiver and does a loop in the air, before impacting the first skeleton, then pierces through all of them, hitting every single skeleton dead centre in their head. The force of the arrow sends their bones flying before tumbling into the ground again. Fionna grits her teeth, shifts her posture, and readies herself to fight. Then Huntress runs away to her left. The girl blinks in surprise, then snaps her vision to follow her foe.

Huntress dashes away, eyes on her new goal 'I won't take Fionna on when Marshall is right at her feet and only needs a second to recover. If I'm going to take them on, then I'll need help' So she continues her sprints, straight towards the Winter Wraith. She was still dealing with Gumball's other robot and the young destructive Flame Prince, and was starting to struggle, especially against the royal 'Female him kicked Ice Kings ass, and the Winter Wraith is definitely not as strong as him' Gumball's robot flanks around back, the Winter Wraith's arm sprouting out the deadly ice beam auto following every step of the way, however, Flame Prince suddenly rises in altitude very fast, out of immediate danger range for WW. She just as quickly exploits this, turning her other arm and head to Gumball's robot, as every available weapon she has closes in on it in a triangle fashion.

But then a large fire ball starts falling from the sky. It was the Prince. He was diving, letting off as much flame as he can to propel him forward. If he was to smash into the distracted Winter Wraith, she was going to get obliterated, then likely everyone else in the arena. Huntress immediately marks him as a priority. She sends forth all five of her arrows, her weapons of choice darting off into the sky and towards the royal. They hit. And hard. The arrows pierce both his shoulders, one into his stomach, and the last two into his arms. The Prince screams in pain, his dive bomb being outright denied as the pain makes him loose focus and dissipate the spell.

His scream alerts Winter Wraith, making her spin her head around completely, and locks her gaze on the royal as he falls limply. She shoots off her mouth blast, and like duck hunt, shoots him out of the sky, the force of the blast having enough power to send him back up into the air for a meter or two, before falling once more. He eventually hits the ground hard, sand being whipped up as he creates a crater in it. He was still alive and conscious, despite the icicles usually shredding anyone it hit, due to his species heat he had melted the attack slightly. He groans, then weakly moves his arms to push himself up. He weekly looks up, but sees only sand, a cloud that surrounded him completely that his impact created. Then it parts. And he sees a massive skeletal foot hovering above him. The Winter Wraith has raised its leg and tucked it into her chest, before springing it out as a brutal stomp directly on the Prince.

The ground shook she stomped so hard, a massive sand cloud was flung up again, and ice waves were unleashed. Huntress thinks fast, leaping up into the air and over the ice wave as it expands out to find foes. Marshall thinks fast, grabbing Fiona and pushing them both into the air, his lack of warning making her release scream of fear and shock, her eyes wide and glued to the ground. She quickly recovers, looking at the king with a blush, still holding the umbrella. “You saved me, it's only fair I return the favour Fionna~" He teases, smirking as he pulls her closer into him. She moves the umbrella with a plain expression. The bright desert sun immediately starts to burn him, making him immediately release a noise of pain and ducking closer into her to stay in the shade. Immediately Fionna's blush spreads even further across her face, her punishment backfiring on her, Marshall meanwhile smirks at her, "All you had to do was ask Fionna~" He continues to tease as they slowly descend, much to her dismay.

Winter Wraith snaps her leg back, and after the sand parts again almost like show curtains, doing a grand reveal of the 'dead' Flame Prince. She turns her head to Gumball's machine, finding it using its claw feet to hang onto the arena's walls, before it leaps off, hitting the ground on all four feet and sliding a little on the sand. Suddenly Huntress Wizard joins by her side, though she does not take her eyes off her robotic foe. "I'm going to need help taking Fionna and Marshall down, but for you to do that we need to take this robot pet down first." The Winter Wraith's mouth opens.

"Okay." The quiet feminine voice of the Winter Wraith whispers into the air, and is just barely heard before it is lost to the roar of the army attacking Finn.

"Oh no you don't!" A cry from Fionna gets Huntress's attention, as the young heroine and the evil undead king charges the duo, causing Huntress to grit her teeth 'Not good, we can't take all three on!' Suddenly a lightning bolt flashes in front of the charging duo, releasing a bright flash that makes everyone flinch, a thunder so loud that their ears ring, and it promptly shocks the duo to a halt. They and Huntress trace it back to its source, back to its caster, as Gumball's robot and Winter Wraith start duking it out. They find the very tall stranger standing there, in brown robes that hid their face, the only thing they are able to see were their two glowing white eyes.

"... Wait... Aren't you the wizard girl who showed us the way to that portal guy?" Huntress asks plainly, not really being one to be overtaken by emotions, especially shock. The tall wizard girl shrinks a little,

"Oh... You do remember me... Hi again." She awkwardly says, looking at Huntress before Marshall Lee suddenly faces her, flashing his red axe and smashing it into the ground.

"How about you leave." Marshall suggest, shifting his face into that of a hideous beast in a attempt to scare her.

"N-no. Huntress you need help right?" Huntress bites her tongue, not liking the idea of openly admitting that she needed help of all people, but if she has learnt one thing with her time with Finn, it's that she is no less weaker if she asks for some. Heck, even asking Finn for help turned things out for the better for her.

"Yes. Winter Wraith, if we take these two on, then you can deal with Gumball's robot right?" Winter Wraith doesn't respond, instead unleashing a mouth icicle blast that clips the leg off the robot. "Good. When it's dead come help us deal with these two." She explains, then turning to face her foes. With a single thought, her arrows return to her, flinging themselves out of the unconscious prince without a mark due to the spell, and neatly setting themselves inside her quiver. One remains out, waiting Huntress's orders as she gets into a evasive stance, nearly squatting, her new wizard companion also standing straight, eyeing her foes. Marshall Lee grunts, swinging his axe behind him as he is about to lunge, when out of no where, a massive crash occurs right next to them, startling everyone as pile of sand gets flung up and onto them, a woman scream coming from the middle of the cloud. Marshall groan angrily at the constant interruptions, slap brushing as much sand as possible off him in a temper, frustration getting to him,

"Now what!?" He demands, wanting the universe to answer. From the sand cloud rises Cake, coughing worse than a smoker after they ran a marathon. She enlarges her right hand and waves the sand out of her face, allowing her to breath without her throat getting shredded.

"Fionna! I'm struggling against Finn, want to swap?" She asks, limping towards her sister, making Fionna open her eyes wide in shock 'I knew Finn is deadly, but Glob! To solo Cake and a army...' She looks up to Marshall, handing him the umbrella, eyes pleading to let her go

"I've got to stop him. Cake, swap!" She shouts, and the sisters run by each other, Fionna running towards the army as a occasional weapon or person comes flying out of it. Cake quickly slides next to Marshall, much to his disdain as she both flings more sand onto him, and removes his alone time with Fionna. Cake shoots a glare of abhorrence at Huntress,

"I'm ready for my rematch." She declares confidently, punching her fist together. Marshall rolls his eyes at the cats attempt at appearing intimidating, already deciding not to help her and instead turn to the unknown wizard, sending a glare straight through her soul. Huntress doesn't respond to the threat, instead her eyes track Fionna as she charges Finn '... He's got this'

Fionna bolts along side the living popsicles of the pathetic army as they unintentionally serve as pylons to keep the hero from the fight, the far edge not surviving the latest stomp. The rest were completely fine, but not for long, not if she doesn't get there and save them. She runs to their shared foe: Finn. The hero was taking on the entire army, and so far doesn't seem to be struggling 'Wait until I'm there Finn!' The army doesn't wait for her however, all of them wearing the same iron armour given to them by the candy monarch, making them all hard to distinguish from each other, as if they were all one being. A being that is set on killing Finn.

Finn stands silently still as the next swarm of people charge at him while releasing war cries. Finn takes a step forward to the closest warrior. He suddenly lashes out with his sword, releasing a slice that would of cut the mans head off if it wasn’t for the spell, making him collapse to the floor unconscious. However, Finn then uses the momentum to continue into a spin, decapitating a warrior trying to sneak up behind him. He continues his spin, now facing the horde once more. Another woman sprints at him, daggers at the ready to gut Finn. Finn lowers his blade to his chest, and collides into the crazy woman, her startled arms flying around him like a hug. He violently shoves his blade upwards, impaling her through her chest, the poor, mass produced armour not standing a chance, instantly splitting upon the blade. He pushes his arms to their full length, her body resting on it.

It was not as a warning however, it was so he can bring it down harshly upon another guy behind her, the blade sticking out her back coming down and cleaving into his head, once again the armour meaning nothing. His knees buckle and fall limp, bringing Finn's sword down to the hero's chest level, allowing him to raise his foot and harshly boot both unconscious bodies off his blade. They go flying into the horde, smacking into two more soldiers. The unconventional attack making them topple over into the sand, what Finn quickly exploits as he sprints at them, swinging a arc in the air, forcing their comrades to dodge back to avoid dying, except one not quick enough who promptly has his throat slit. With them a safe distance away he slams his sharp blade down on the fallen foes necks, ending them both at once executioner style.

To escape retribution, he quickly hops away, spinning around to make sure his back is clear. He finds Fionna waiting for him. "Finn." She readies herself, bringing her blade up to point it at his head, "This ends here."

"Ok." He says plainly, not denying at all that it will end here. He charges at her, sword held at waist height, ready to run her through. Fionna stands ready to counter, holding her sword close to her chest 'When he goes to impale me, I'll spin and cut his head off!' With a flawless plan in her head, she grins confidently. Then just as Finn reaches her he suddenly jerks his blade up, up above his head, and then mercilessly slams it down to bring it upon her head. Fionna panics, and fumbles to throws her blade up in a attempt to protect herself. Finn slams his blade down, the blades meeting each other in a shower of sparks, a scream of protesting metal, and a gasp of pain from Fionna.

Due to her defensive act being made in haste, she failed in getting any proper position or stance, and the result is that the force of Finn's attack makes her leg buckle, then completely collapse, folding onto her knees as Finn towers over her. He bares down on her, putting his weight and muscle down on the smaller girl, the sun behind him silhouette his form into a monument of terror. He suddenly boots her, sending her sprawling on her back, her body flinging up sand as she slides across the sharp yellow surface. She doesn't even have to time to release a groan of pain before Finn was unleashing his wrath on her once more. He grips his sword in both hands and slams it down on her, making Fionna panic once more and hold out her sword out defensively once more, one hand on handle, one on the blade. She then clenches her eyes tight and braces herself.

They blades meet again, another shower sparks cover Fionna. The force was so powerful that it carried through Fionna and into the ground, releasing a heavy deep thump as Fionna disappears into the ground by a inch as a massive cloud of sand explodes out around them. A scream from Fionna's sword echoes throughout the air, making everyone wince in pain. The scream of pain from the sword was due to a injury, for Finn's sword had cut half way through the old gold blade. Fionna looks up at her damaged blade in shock and terror. But her focus quickly changes as Finn exerts more pressure onto her, slowly pushing both their swords downwards as her arms fail her, slowly allowing Finn's blade closer to her face.

Suddenly a war cry steals Finn's attention, making him snap his head up away from Fionna's panicking face and behind him. Several warriors charge towards him, weapons held high in one hand. Finn relents his attack from Fionna, turning his wrath to the warriors 'If I don't deal with them now then they will swarm me, and Fionna will kill me' He dashes towards them, sword held to the side of his chest. As a female warrior with a spear gets in too close for their health, he promptly deals with them, cutting upward to sever her spear in half, then brings it back down on her head, killing her. He locks onto his next target, and with a confident grin charges towards them.

Fionna pulls herself out of herself out of mini sand crater, staring at Finn wide eyed, then her trusty old gold sword. It has fought hundreds of beasts, seen years of fighting and its decaying state was a testament to that fact. Yet Finn cut half way through it in one slice. Suddenly a body goes flying over her head, landing unconscious on the sand behind her. She snaps her gaze at the fallen warrior, then her senses return to her. She grits her teeth and picks herself up, taking a second to steady herself, before locking onto Finn and dashing towards him 'I won't let you harm anyone else Finn!' She mentally screams, raising her sword high above her head.

Finn cuts the gut of a warrior, the warrior falling unconscious but does not fall, due to Finn grabbing his body and falling to a crouch, using it as a meat shield from a mace as he spins around, jutting his sword out and up into the chest of a woman, then yanks it back. Finn then swiftly shoves against his meat shield, bashing the mace wielding man behind it and stumbling the warrior. Finn shows no mercy, leaping out of his crouch, he jumps into the air, thrusting his sword out and straight into the throat of the warrior as he does so. Riding the unconscious body down, he pulls his sword free, rises to a stand, then tackles a another soldier. The blunt brute attack takes the warrior by surprise, making him drop his sword in shock as it releases a quiet muffled thump noise as it hits the sand.

The warriors crash into the sand, the struggling knight whipping up sand like crazy as Finn swiftly brings his sword up. Then stabs it down. It goes straight through the heart of the warrior, killing him instantly. Finn scurries to a rise, spinning to see Fionna charging him. He raises his sword, leaning into it as Fionna mercilessly slams into the sword down. Due to the height difference, the swords meet at their tips, one of their weakest points. Fionna's sword hisses in protest as Finn's slowly cuts into it. This doesn't last long however, for Finn does not allow it to, as with Fionna’s arms held high to grip her blade, she was not protecting her stomach. Finn quickly rears his leg up, and boots her in the belly before she could even react. The move winds her, sending her in a spin as she clutches her stomach, gasping for breath.

Finn moves in for the kill, sprinting towards her as he extends his sword arm to full length, even twisting it back behind him a bit, getting maximum arc size for maximum momentum for maximum damage. Fionna reacts quickly however, almost instantly regaining her breath as she counter swings, planning for their blades to clash mid air to save her life. Time seems to slow as their weapons meet. Fionna's sword greets Finn's with a shriek as his bites through its metal. And it continues through as Fionna's sword screams all the while as metal is forcefully torn. And then Finn's sword goes all the way through. The top half of the blade goes flying off, spinning in the air as momentum from Finn's sword carries it, it arcs over her head through the sky before it then impales itself in the sand behind her, its old used gold colour shining in the sun.

Everyone freezes, as Fionna looks down at her broken blade in shock. Finn gives her no time to mourn her blade, slashing out at her neck. Fionna jerks back, the blade just missing her but making her walk on a unconscious body. She trips on their limp arm, tumbling backwards in a flurry of arm movements in attempt to keep herself upright, before falling over completely and landing on her butt. Finn takes a step towards the downed and vulnerable girl, when without warning a arrow pierces the sand in front of him and making him jolt his whole body back before sliding to a halt. He snaps his head to the origins, finding the army of warriors standing nervously before him, finally learning that they most probably not going to survive against him, however... "Fionna put her life on the line for all of us, it's only fair we return the favour, especially when we can't die." A man explains, the same guy who shot the arrow presumably, guessing by his unloaded bow held semi raised. Finn charges them.

Fionna looks on at shock at their 'sacrifice' for her, the act generally hitting her heart hard. And then to see Finn charge towards them. She bares her teeth in anger, and quickly scans her environment, and finds the bad quality sword belonging to person she tripped on. She yanks it from his unconscious grasp, pushes herself up, and charges towards Finn to join in the battle. "You're going down Finn!" She warns the boy, who was currently dealing the army. He had dealt with the archer first with him being the biggest threat to the swordsman, Fionna giving his unconscious body a pitiful look but does not stop, determined to save the others.

Finn was dealing the army efficiently, giving the warriors some respect for their effort and reasons, yet he couldn't loose, not while he hasn't let Huntress defeat him, not while she still has worries of softness. A warrior charges with a sword and a circular iron shield 'Why do these guys equipment all look the same?' Finn wonders as he spins around and behind the warrior, lashing his sword out as he does so, the blade beheading the warrior and his body flopping into the sand limply. A woman charges with a wooden spear, sliding to a halt as she thrust her weapon out at him. Finn grabs just bellow the spear head and pushes upward, moving the spears trajectory from his heart to over his shoulder, he then boots her in the stomach, making her bend over as she clutches her injury, then hacks his sword down onto her head.

He suddenly spins completely around, using the turning momentum to fuel a sweep of his sword, and his sword lunges out into the stomach of a charging swordsman, a move that would normally bisect the warrior in half, but the spell instead making him vault over his blade unconscious and face plant in the sand. Finn pivots his head around to scan for the next big threat, and locks onto his next target, a group of three warriors in a triangle formation charging towards him, two on the side with massive two handed axes dragging behind them, the one at the front with a iron sword held high.

The swordsman charges Finn with no tactic, letting his rage give him strength him and instincts to guide his blade, while Finn stands awaiting for his foe. The warrior starts to release a war cry, as he swings his iron blade downwards to the ground, nearly dragging it across the floor as he holds it tightly with both hands under his right arm, as if he was holding a katana. He steps within his attack range on Finn, and as quickly as possible lashes his blade upwards, doing a literal uppercut with his sword. Finn grips his blade tightly in his right hand, then steps aside the blade to his right, making it miss by a mile, then he effortlessly swings his blade up to the warriors throat, slitting it. The knight falls to the ground unconscious behind Finn, his 'death' makes his yellow axe men comrades loose their nerve, but they push on.

Finn moves towards them, but then he hears a female war cry. He spins to find Fionna charging towards him, terrible sword in hand, making Finn smile at her unwillingness to surrender. He gives a war cry of his own and charges towards her, much to her relief 'My plan worked, he's no longer focusing on them' She thinks, watching as the scared knights hurriedly regather behind Finn. She focuses back on Finn. He was charging towards her, demon sword held close to his chest and held in both hands, his green clothes sticking out like a sore thumb 'His colours are obvious, he is the bad guy, he's tough to beat, I'm the protagonist, it's like a videogame boss battle...' She grins, 'If this is like a video game, then I will win, because I'm awesome at those!' She swings her blade downwards furiously.

Finn tackles her. It was a surprise to say the least, something she definitely didn't expect. The sudden blunt attack stuns her, her grip loosening on her handle and her blade flying out of her hands. They both hit the sand floor hard, the small yellow stones being thrown up, but neither get stunned by the blow as they bare their teeth at each other, and then the power struggle begins. Fionna punches Finn in the face, the blow strong enough to turn his head, making spit mixed with blood fly out of his mouth and forcing him to release a grunt of pain. Finn quickly retaliates, and slams his one free flesh hand on her face, before gripping it tight.

As is natural human instinct, Fionna immediately abandons all attacks to instead pry whatever was on her face, off her face. Her hands shoot away from Finn's face and instead go to claw at his arm desperately, her right eye peeking out between his fingers as she stares him in the eyes, her entire body wiggling and struggling to get Finn off her. But he was bigger, he had more weight, more muscle, and he has her pinned. She wasn't escaping Finn's grasp, not without help. With her pinned underneath him, Finn grips his sword upside down in his robot claws, raises it above his head, the point aiming at Fionna's chest, and slams it down.

Fionna's eye shoots wide open. Finn's sword going straight through her chest, Finn himself freezing up, before he yanks it up and out of her, then slams it down again, creating a second wound. Fionna's muffled scream comes smothered out from underneath Finn's hand, and her struggling intensifies, causing Finn to grab her face harshly, yank it up, and slams it back down. Finn brings his blade up again, aiming it at her heart, and hesitates, unable to tear his emotionless eyes off Fionna's as they look at him with fear through his fingers. Finn looses his breath and starts quivering, but then squeezes his eye shut, and stabs her again.

Killing Fionna.

Of course the spell was in affect, so the moment he does so her wounds miraculously recover instantly, and she simply falls unconscious. Finn pulls his sword away from her, and just stares at her, her scared face burned into his vision worse than any wound Flame Princess could inflict to him. First Fern, now Fionna 'She is not dead! She is not dead!' He repeats to himself, horrid flashbacks of his grass brother plaguing him. He was horrified at what he had just done, despite it not actually happening 'She's fine, this isn't a repeat, this won't be a repeat' He shakes his head, trying to shake off the memory, his breath slightly shaky. After a few seconds he recovers, and shakily lifts himself off her. Using his sword to support himself, he uses as a pivot to spin around and look at the army behind him.

They were all staring at him in mute horror, staring at Fionna's unconscious body resting in the sand 'I can't take them on, not right now, not after that...' "I just took down the hero of AAA..." He pauses, watching them all stare at him as their hope leaves them at the person in front of them, the one who had killed their hero, their motivation. It was then that Finn realises that all the royals were silent as well, also staring at him in complete distress. Except Ice Queen, she was smiling down at him, glad to see Fionna was defeated by her knight, though her entire face shifts into one of genuine worry upon seeing his state 'Something is not right' Finn looks back at the horde, "... Run."

They all immediately book it, dropping weapons and spinning on their feet, flicking up sand in their desperate attempt to escape. Those who didn't do so immediately were crushed under hundreds of feet, finding out the hard way on why stampedes are so dangerous. Finn just silently watches them all run with their tail between their feet, and as the last of them run out the gate, he sits down, taking a moment to properly recover. It was Fern all over again. He just 'killed' another version of himself. He release a deep breath in attempt to calm himself down, yet his heart still pumps a thousand miles per hour. A male helper runs by him cautiously, then grabs Fionna's unconscious body and gently puts her on his back. She may of not been a hero for long, but she has already touched the hearts of many by her actions. They were going to give her respect. They weren’t going to drag her through sand. Finn looks up to stare at Huntress as she fights Cake '... Sorry Huntress, you're going to have to go solo for a bit...'

Unknown to all, a mysterious figure hidden in shadow stares down at Finn from a top the arena's walls. It was the same guy who has been spying on Finn all this time, back when he was in wizard city, when he was sleeping. A male voice speaking out quietly, "Poor Finn... You're tough, tougher than I certainly am, you'll make it... Not much longer I guess 'till I meet you again kid." He turns away from the traumatised boy sitting helplessly on the ground and onto the only fight happening: Huntress Wizard, wizard girl, and Winter Wraith Vs. Gumball's robot, Marshall Lee, and Cake. "Huntress Wizard... Yeah she'll do..." He becomes silent, finishing the rest of his thoughts in his head. And then he notices the wizard girl looking up at him, scowling a glare so intense that it could melt any metal, "Oh shoot! She has noticed me!" He panics, and before she could do anything to him, he suddenly blinks out of existence, disappearing completely.

Back in the arena, the wizard girl looks away and back at her current foe: Marshall Lee. He glares at her, though his as a lot weaker than the one she had just sent to the hidden man. Annoyed would be a understatement for Marshall Lee's current mood. Pissed off is better description. He has just found our what magic type the wizard girl had specked herself in: telekinesis. She used it on Finn when she lifted him in the air to find Huntress, but her implication of it here was a lot more violent. Marshall growls and launches himself at her again. Then he suddenly freezes mid air, before being slammed into the ground so brutally that a massive cloud of sand rose from the crater he now rests in.

He growls and pulls himself over the edge, looking at the wizard girl with pure hatred at her mocking him, the wizard's expression being completely hidden by her hood 'She could kill me instantly, send my umbrella flying away. So why isn't she other than to taunt me!' "I'm the vampire king! I won't be beaten by some wizard using the most basic magic!" He shouts out with a growl. Then gets smashed into the sand again.

"C-could you just surrender? I'm not sure how vampire immortality would work with this spell..." She says the exact same fear that Finn had before the match.

"No!" He gets smashed into the floor again, another cloud of sand shooting up high like a mushroom.

Then a robot leaps through that cloud, Gumball's robot sprinting desperately on its four legs as three ice spells home in on it. The Winter Wraith's power meant she could take two of them on and make it a stalemate, so with only one remaining she was rapidly overpowering it. She keeps one arm locked onto it as she unleashes her ice beam with deadly precision, locked directly on the dual machine guns on its back, the high velocity bullets struggling but are able to hold the beam back, locking their attacks in a violent clash mid air. However, the Winter Wraith's other hand and mouth blast are still available to end the robots career.

The robot leaps left towards the second arm's ice beam, just barely avoiding a blast of icicles from her mouth. It runs by the second beam, just barely skimming it as it moves in on it to finish it, a few icicles growing of its back legs as it gets skimmed. Sand gets flung up behind it with every desperate evasive step it took, it was buying time for something to happen, something that'll allow it to kill WW, something to end the fight, something to allow it victory. But time was up, it had to take matters into its own hands. So it suddenly spins around with a slide, flicking up a wave of sand as it runs straight for her, the ice beams closing in on it. If running around in circles wasn't going to save it, then it needed a new tactic, especially since its barrels were getting too hot from firing so long. It was now or never.

Its mad sprint remains strong as it approaches her, guns still releasing a lead barrage as they eject a waterfall of spent burning hot bullets to the equally as heated sand ground. The ice beam closes in behind it. Its guns are getting too hot, the safety mechanism is about to shut it down. It doesn't stop shooting, heading straight between its leg. If it's lucky, it will be able to shoot up between it, the skeletal body would easily get shredded by the deadly weapon designed by the masters of war. Its only a few meters away from its legs, hidden by its blue dress.

Its machine guns overheat, the entire weapon system shutting down for 'its users safety'...

The ice beam that was clashing with the burning hot lead now flies forward uninterrupted. It smashes into the robot, immediately turning it into a popsicle mid sprint, the frozen form flying through the air for a second, before crashing into the ground so hard that the sand that fills the whole arena all vibrate crazily, as if jumping in joy over its defeat. Sand gets flung up as the frozen robot acts as a plough, the small rocks spraying out in a v shape. It continues to slide, before eventually stopping when it gently taps WW legs. She reaches down and grips the frozen robot tightly, then lifts it up to her face. She's not taking a chance, if it was to defreeze in the hot sun, then it could create hell for her.

So she turns slowly, now staring intensely at the hard, sandstone arena walls. The royals above it quickly realises what is about to happen and immediately scram, climbing over each other to get out of the splash zone. The Winter Wraith doesn't wait for them, winding its arm back, leans backwards, tipping onto one foot. Then it violently lobs Gumball's frozen robot, and it takes less than a second for it to impact the wall, and its damage was much quicker. The chunk of the wall explodes at the hard object hitting it, parts of the yellow wall flying off and into the crowd as the panicking screams of the royals fill the air. Fragments of ice with metal shoot out from the point of impact, the robot not standing a chance.

Everyone stops fighting at the sounds of chaos, snapping their heads at the destruction. A quick look over finds that all the royals were alright, though one had a sharp piece of rock impale itself so close to his family jewels that he passed out in shock, and another got struck in the head by debris and was now bleeding profusely as he was currently being rushed off to Doctor Prince. Marshall Lee doesn't care though 'And now that ice thing is going to attack me, great...' He thinks, his thoughts diving into rage. "I'll deal with her! You deal with Huntress!" Cake startles him with her orders she shouts out annoyed, not liking her losing her chance at revenge but preferring to win, and therefore stretches towards her new foe.

Marshall growls, "I can't take both her and that Wizard on!" He shouts out, getting furious at the cat being lazy and dumping her responsibilities on him. He bares his teeth in rage and spins to the wizard girl.

Only to find her gone.

He blinks in surprise, then panicky spins around, trying to locate the robed girl. On his fifth scared look around he spots her... leaving the arena? She was... just walking away? Marshall shakes his head 'Doesn't matter, her loss, however...' He turns, glaring cockily at Huntress Wizard, who shifts her body into a evasive stance, getting ready for his wrath. "I'm ready for round two."

Marshall Lee leaps at her, flying through the air with his axe trailing behind him until he gets within range of her, then he savagely swings it forward with all his might. Huntress leaps away just in the nick of time, and his red axe smashes into the ground right where she was standing, a thump echoing off the arena's walls as a tidal wave of sound gets flung up from the force of the attack. The massive quantity of the sand acts as a veil, blinding Marshall to Huntress's whereabouts. Until she splits through it, green spear in hand. He jerks back, surprised by her suddenly being in his face. But it was too late to do anything. She runs the spear into him, piercing him right through the chest.

He releases a surprised grunt of pain, and the momentum of her charge carries them both forward, and into the sand ground. They hit it hard, and slide a bit, causing friction burn and the sharp points on the sand to shred the kings back. But that was the least of his worries, the attack knocked his umbrella out of position, revealing three-quarters of his body to the fury of the sun. Huntress acts quickly as he squirms in pain, using the spear to keep him down on the ground and out of arms reach, as she reaches for the stake. Marshall Lee suddenly lashes up with his red axe, aiming straight at her neck. Huntress's eyes widen in fear, and she pushes on the spear to escape, the top half of her body bending over to join her bottom half.

She falls backwards, the red axe that strongly contrasted with blue sky flying just centimetres above her as her eyes track it. It swoops over her, making a audible sound as it splits the wind instead of her neck. She collapses into the sand, the axe thumping into the sand behind her. She immediately rolls away from the danger, flicking up sand as she does so, until a few feet later she uses the motion to spin onto her hand and legs, as if she was prowling like a wolf and she is staring at a certain vampire. He growls at her, having now moved the umbrella back to cover his body once more, his burn wounds repairing in mere seconds. He grips the spear, and yanks it out with a sickening squelch, the wound quickly healing up. Mad, he clenches his fist, and after a painful scream from the weapon, he snaps under his grip. "Where did you even keep that?"

She holds out her hand and makes another, "I made it." And lobs it into his shoulder.

Cake stretches her entire body, rapidly growing in size to match that of Winter Wraith. "I defeated you once, and you don't have any of those immortal summoning stones this time!" Cake boasts, hyping herself up. The winter Wraith doesn't react emotionally, instead deciding to raise her hands to unleash a dual beams of ice. Cake panics, and reacts quickly to the threat, lunging onto the summon, before wrapping her paws around her skeletal wrist and throwing her hands up into the sky. The beams shoot forth for only a second before the Winter Wraith shuts them off. "What you going to do-"

She suddenly flicks her hands down, aiming her hands at the others wrist, then shoots the light blue beam of ice. Cakes paws are instantly frozen in a thick solid block of ice that act like cuffs, freezing her to the Winter Wraith. With her unable to get away, the Winter Wraith opens her mouth wide, about to unleash a mouth blast point blank on her face. Cake quickly tucks her head into her body, her head looking straight up with a expression of fear, and the ice blast shoots over her. Acting swiftly, she springs her head free, then uses it as momentum to slam it into the Winter Wraith, doing a massive head butt. The Winter Wraith's head gets thrown back, and Cake doesn't give her a chance to recover, immediately following up with a kick to her chest.

Winter Wraith falls to the ground, the ice of her bone body hissing as it cools the sand she now lays on. Cake is barely able to stop herself from joining her on the floor, but is able to remain standing after a short stumbling. She grins, and smashes her wrists together, the ice shackles around them cracking on impact, before shattering completely, freeing her paws. She acts quickly, falling onto Winter Wraith's body, then begins punching her skull head savagely, each punch having so much strength that it kept flipping her skull over the sides and flicked up sand with every blow. Cake was lucky, for when she had climbed onto Winter Wraith, she had put her legs on her arms while they were facing downwards. Her hand beams were facing the sand, and her head was currently being wailed on.

If she was going to make it, she needed help now.

Huntress launches another arrow. Her tactic was simple, since she couldn't get in close without putting herself in danger, then she needed a way to defeat him from afar. Like removing his umbrella. With a scared, frustrated expression Marshall Lee dives out of the way of the arrow in a attempt to preserve his precious black umbrella. He grits his teeth and charges her with frightening speed, and savagely swings his red axe. Huntress backflips, the axe just skimming her as it flies in the arc her back made mid dodge. Marshall quickly follows the attack up, and raises the axe high, doing a walk close to stumbling to close in on Huntress, and yanks the axe back down.

She was about to get killed, Huntress looking up in shock, fear becoming the only expression on her face as she realises she doesn't have time to evade 'So this is what it will be like... I guess I don't get to take Finn on a date then...' She wouldn't be able to, if it wasn't for a demon sword flying in from out of nowhere. It slaps into Marshall Lee's axe, the metal on metal impact causing sparks to come flying off, and redirecting the attack before ricocheting off. Marshall Lee's axe slams into the ground next to Huntress, creating a valley of sand. Huntress waste no time, grabbing the sword's handle and yanking it up, before bringing it back down, chopping the axe arm off Marshall Lee.

Before any retribution comes for her she leaps away from the now probably pissed royal, sliding to a halt sword held ready, simply mimicking a stance she saw Finn in once. Said human boy sprints furiously to meet up with her, sliding to a halt by her side and quickly sticks his hand out. She hurriedly hands him the blade and levitates her arrows, "Forget about him Huntress, go help Winter Wraith." Finn orders, causing Huntress to look at him wide eyed as he glares intensely at the healing vampire.

"You're joking, right?" She takes a peek at Winter Wraith, and realises her predicament. She was still on the ground and was still getting savagely assaulted, and she hadn’t noticed because she was so focused on Marshall Lee.

"Nope. Don't worry, I can handle this... Though could you hand me the stake back?" He asks as if it wasn't important to have a stake when facing a vampire. Huntress stares at him, then reaches down to her hip and swiftly pulls the stake off. Handing it to the hero, then she turns, and sprints to the Winter Wraith's aid, taking one last cautious look back as Finn and Marshall do a stand off, then turns back on her new goal 'Eyes on the prize, not on Finn... But isn’t he the prize?'

Huntress doesn't hold back, violently launching her five still floating arrows towards her foe. They fly forth, arcing through the sky. Before plunging into the flesh of Cake. She screams and falls off Winter Wraith, clutching at the five arrows now lodged in her right waist. Huntress doesn't relent, instead she just becomes more aggressive, forming her green spear in her hands, she leaps up into the air with spear held high, then slams it down as she crashes into the back of Cake, just missing her spine due to Cake shifting it last second. The Cat suddenly raises a giant paw to splatter the bug on her, but like most bug, it proves most evasive as Huntress flips off Cake's side.

Cake rises up quickly, flinching as the speed makes her wounds roar with pain, "I thought you were busy with Marshall?" She asks as a side question, shifting her gaze to where she last saw the royal. And found him facing Finn. Her eyes widen in fear, "Wasn't he fighting?-!" Cake scans around the arena, and finds a certain blue clothed girl missing. She growls, baring her teeth as she snaps her glare back to Huntress, "After you! I'll beat Finn to the ground!"

Huntress doesn't show a reaction to the threat with a expression of any sort, as is her hard self. But inside a flame roared at the threat at Finn, "Not if you lose here." Huntress tells the truth bluntly, and using her magic, rips the arrows out of Cakes side, a disgusting squelch and a spurt of blood accompanying them as they fly back to their mistress, leaving a silently screaming Cake clutching her wounds behind them.

Winter Wraith rises, sand falling off her as she turns her head to lock onto Cake, and was about to join Huntress in killing the cat when she receives a magic signal. She freezes up, and listens to new commands getting sent to her straight from Ice Queen. After a second of analysis, she accepts the new order, then raises her arms to turn a annoying cat that was thoroughly on her bad side into a popsicle.

Did you know that a year has now officially passed since adventure time has ended? Man, has time passed...

Now, if I remember correctly, from the time between the episodes Wild Hunt (Where Finn couldn't hurt Gumball due to guilt of killing Fern) and, well, killing Fern was a month. Finn was suffering for a month from flash back guilt for killing Fern.

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Chapter Text

Finn stares Marshall down, analysing the king as he simply glares at the hero. Marshall was not being smart or nerdy, there was no need in his opinion. In his eyes, Finn is weak and annoying, something his immortality and super strength will easily deal with. There was no need to be more like Gumball, he had enough of that candy royal to last a lifetime, even with one as long as his. So he holds his umbrella and axe ready, waiting for Finn to charge him, hoping to gain the satisfaction that Finn charged to his death. However, the hero does not shift, standing defensively with his sword clasped in both hands and against his chest, while his legs stood slightly spread and crouched, ready to spring him away from danger. His thoughts though, were anything but focused on preparing for the fight 'I have to be careful. I have to live... So I can loose to Huntress?... Heh, guess love does make you do stupid stuff'

Marshall releases a sigh of annoyance as he realises that Finn isn't going to charge him like he had hoped for, ending the release of air with a slight growl 'I can't have even the little joys can I?' He floats into the air by a few centimetres, keeping his glare firmly locked onto Finn's determined blue eyes. Then he launches towards Finn head first, his sudden launch having enough force that sand got flung up as he homes in on his opponent. With red axe held high above his head, Marshall Lee slams it down towards his foe. Finn squints with a slight smile, actually expecting him to do this. He sidesteps to the left, out of the way of the deadly weapon as he as it slams into the sand, all the while watching passively at Marshall's angered expression.

A massive shockwave ripples out, blasting a wave of the yellow stones out in all directions from the axe as it creates another crater in the arena. The small sharp stones propel out like shrapnel, so when they hit Finn's legs they immediately shred his unprotected lower limbs. But Finn barely reacts, only flinching a little at the pain as a hundred shallow scratches bleed on his legs. He instead focuses on countering, what he promptly does. He lets his right robot hand off his blade, and swings it for Marshall's face, twisting his entire body into it. His fist collides with the cold grey flesh of Marshall's cheek, forcing the vampire's head to snap to the side as momentum propels it. It was safe to say the royal wasn't expecting a punch from someone wielding a sword, and was rightfully stunned.

As the royal doesn't counter, too busy recovering from the blow, it allows Finn to follow up with another attack, creating a deadly combo move. He continues with his body twist, doing a full one-eighty with his back to the vampire, freezing, then bringing it back around with his sword clutched in his left flesh hand. He lashes his blade out at Marshall's axe arm, the sword cutting into the flesh like butter, then appearing on the other side of the limb, severing it completely off the now retreating royal just above the elbow. The limb falls limp, yet the hand remains gripped like a vice around the axes handle, as both the severed limb and what remains attached to Marshall squirt out black, oily blood.

Marshall releases a muffled scream, biting his lip as he fumbles to clutch his severe injury, while also holding his umbrella at the same time. He snaps his head up with a cry of vengeance roaring inside him as he glares at the human boy. Or his foot at least. Finn boots him in the face, snapping Marshall's head backwards before rag dolling the vampire away from the hero. He hits the ground on his back head first before rolling over once onto his stomach as he flicks up more sand. The sun immediately starts to burn the king, making him scurry to lunge onto his umbrella, then fling it up to protect him as he hides underneath it scrunched up as possible. He sighs in relief as the pain leaves him, his wounds quickly regenerating, except his missing arm, that will take a minute. His eyes tighten in rage 'I won't let him beat him again!' He scrambles up, staring at Finn has he goes on the offensive.

Finn holds his sword tight as he rushes at the royal sword first. The vampire counter charges, umbrella just being able to cover him in shade as he sprints madly at Finn, his eyes blood red in rage. At the last second he throws his umbrella up and shifts his nails to be become long, sharp weapons before slashing back down at the hero's face. Finn grits his teeth, skidding on his feet, and swings his blade upwards to counter. The sharp nails and blessed blade smash mid air, Finn's sword making short work of the hazards as they fly off and into the air, giving a extreme nail trimming to the extreme nails. Marshall Lee's expression develops even further into rage as his attack fails, and he lifts a leg and boots Finn with all he pent up anger.

Finn had no time to counter due to him still recovering from swinging, and the royal's foot slams into his stomach. His body bends over it as spit flies from his mouth as his eyes widen in surprise and pain. He flies off the foot, flipping in the air before hitting the sand hard, still rolling a few times as sand goes flying. Eventually Finn slides to a halt but does not move, laying face down in the prickly sand as he gasps, re-gathering his breath, the attack winding him. Eventually he coughs some more spit flying out his mouth, and shakily starts to push himself up, struggling as his body recovers. He firmly plants his blade into the sand, then pulls himself to a stand using it, grimaces as pain shoots through his core. He eyes Marshall as he floats in the air, holding his umbrella once more as his arm wound finishes regenerating, the vampire wiggling his newly regenerated fingers. "You should just give up Finn. You can't beat me."

"Nope." Finn says with a grin, standing up tall and yanking his sword out of the sand, already recovered from being winded. Marshall Lee just frowns, 'Great, now this will last even longer... Oh well, I guess I get to beat him' Marshall Lee goes invisible. Immediately Finn panics, the expression clear on his face as he slowly begins backing it up, his head snapping around at the environment with his sword held close to his chest, desperately trying to locate the vampire king. He suddenly gets booted in back so hard that he goes airborne for a second, before falling hard into the sand floor. He releases a grunt of pain, but he quickly does a log roll. The moment he does so a massive crater forms right where he landed, sand going flying in the air before coming back down and covering the hero.

He slashes his sword wildly at the air surrounding the crater, his only reward for his frantic effort was a hiss and a drop of ink on his blade. He starts to breathe heavily, scrambling to a rise once more 'Man invisibility should be cheating! Not that it matters, I just need a way to beat it!' He looks around, hoping to find some shimmer, some footsteps in the sand, something that will tell him where the anti-human was 'There is absolutely nothing! How do I beat this?!... If there's no way to detect him...' He suddenly halts his panic search, and stabs the ground at a angle, his demonic sword going deep into the sand. 'Then I will create a way!' He spins violently with his sword still in the ground, his actions flinging up a spiral wave of sand into the air.

The yellow stones lash out, most missing anything and hitting the floor, bouncing once or twice. But some hit something, the proof being a massive person-width dent in the wave of sand. Finn immediately locks onto it with a glare, harshly pulling his sword free from the sand, and lashes out savagely. His blade definitely hit something alright, his sword getting jammed, and a second later reveals it was stuck in the hip of Marshall Lee as his invisibility fails. He grunts in pain and clutches the wound. Finn moves quickly, yanking his blade free of the undead flesh then swiping it at Marshall's stomach. The sword goes through him like it was nothing, digging halfway into his gut and gliding through him, gutting him like a fish.

Marshall immediately flies away, the pain proving too much for the royal as he flies high into the air, eyes closed as he grasps his latest wounds, trying to stop his undead guts from slipping out. His regenerative powers quickly kick in, and after a few seconds lets go of his wounds, now staring into Finn's eyes with such hate that it would make the night-o-sphere look like a place of happiness and sunshine compared to it '... wait... Night-o-sphere?...’ Marshall stares at the blade resting within Finn's hands 'Don't tell me!' "Why does that blade do so much damage?!" He demands, harshly pointing at the sword.

"It was blessed..." Finn says awkwardly, knowing that the full truth would only cause more trouble for himself.

Marshall squints with barely kept anger, glaring at Finn 'Yeah, but who blessed it prick?!... No need to tell me, fucking mum!' He grips his axe and umbrella tightly, 'Can't you stay out of my life?! Can you give me privacy?!' He raves in his head at his mommy issues, before his mind eventually snaps, releasing a roar of deep anger before lunging out at Finn. He slams his axe downwards, hoping to slice the boy in half. The hero evades back just in the nick of time, the axe slamming down between his feet. Finn retaliates quickly, slashing his sword out and down, striking the vampires shoulder. However, Marshall was so lost in anger that he doesn't even flinch. He head-butts Finn, sending him stumbling away from the king. Marshall whips his red axe up with sand trailing behind it, then lashes it out at Finn.

The hero takes a step back, allowing the weapon to violently slash the air in front of him before jumping at the royal. He rears his robot arm back with sword in hand, before jabbing it out and impaling Marshall Lee's chest, just barely missing the vampires heart. Marshall reaction was instantaneous as he lets go of his axe and letting it fall into the sound and create a tiny cloud of sand as his hand shoots up to clutch Finn's blade. In his blind rampage he just grabs the weapon without a care in the world, and tries crushing the blade. He forgot that both sides of the blade are sharp, and when his fingers and thumb wrap around the sharp edges and squeeze, they simply didn't stand a chance against the enchanted blade. They fall off his hand with a splurt of black blood before his hyper regeneration seals the wound up and begins healing it.

Finn knew he had to do something against Marshall before he could think of a new way of harming the hero. He darts his eyes around, finding nothing in the area that could help him, causing him to sigh. He grunts with effort, more sweat forming on his head as he lifts the vampire up, up above his head, then slams him back down. The vampire hits the sand hard, propelled by both gravity and Finn's strength, and causes another small cloud of sand to rise up from the ground, letting go of his umbrella. Finn stands above the flailing vampire as the sun cooks his now unprotected flesh, then pushes his weight down on his blade. It sinks a few inches further into the royal, then the sand beneath him, pinning him to the ground. Marshall continues to thrash, before he bites through the pain, his burning eyes darting around erratically until they find a way to save him. He finds his black umbrella lying calmly to the side.

He lashes out for it, his chest tearing slightly open on Finn's blade as the burnt flesh tears easily. He wraps his black, crumbling fingers around the umbrella, then swings it above him. He immediately gets his much needed shade, and just as immediately gets Finn to attack. The hero grips the handle and yanks viscously, trying to pry it out of the undead hand. It was a test of strength between a hero and a vampire king. They both grunt with effort, Finn standing a solid chance of winning with the majority of Marshall Lee's muscles being now black and burnt. Yet, try as he might, the hero can not remove Marshall's most important asset. Marshall quickly regenerates, his black skin slowly becoming grey once more as he regains more muscles and senses, and scowls at the hero.

Finn immediately hops off, yanking his sword free in his retreat. And just in time too, as Marshall's sharp claws eviscerate the air where his face just was. The vampire quickly flips himself up with enough energy and force that he goes into the air before staying there, floating up and away from Finn as he lays lazily on his back, resting on a nothing as he regenerates his burn wounds. Finn sighs and looks at the yellow floor 'This is going to take some time...' As he turns his head back up, he spots Marshall's axe still resting on the sand, causing him To grin. The vampire king quickly realises his ignorance, his eyes going wide before he swiftly flips around, shooting towards his discarded weapon head first. Finn quickly kicks the weapon just as Marshall reaches his hand out for it, making the king instead face plant the ground, creating a small sand cloud on impact as his body carries on for a meter or two.

The weapon goes flying, before hitting the sand and scrapping across the sharp stones with a loud scratching noise. Marshall raises his head out of the sand with some falling off his face and hair, eyes wide as he stares at his favourite instrument and weapon slowly slides to halt. He slowly turns his head to Finn, his face twisting into one of uncaged rage as his face, before rapidly developing into one of a demon, his long serpentine tongue come slithering out his mouth, his eyes blood red. A terrifying roar of rage blasts out his mouth, echoing inside the heads of everyone who had the tragedy of hearing the dreadful noise. Royals cover their ears, trying their hardest to block the roar that assaulted their weak, innocent senses. It was so bad that even the hardened warriors that made up the kingdom shiver in fear at its harrowing noise pollutes the air. Finn just winces. And stabs Marshall in the face.

The fight between Cake, Huntress and Winter Wraith was momentarily put on hold, everyone snapping their heads to stare at the nightmare fuel that was Marshall's roar, except Cake, who was withering on the floor. Her hypersensitive ears that she had boasted about proving to have a bad side, amplifying the painful screech by a hundred. Huntress just stares at Marshall with her hands on her ears, calmly staring at him as Finn impales his head on his demon blade. "Thank you Finn." She says aloud, despite knowing that Finn couldn't hear her. She spins on one leg and casual looks down at Cake, who was lying gasping on the floor. She blinks, and all five arrows rocket out her quiver, flying high into the air before slowing to a halt, gradually spinning their arrow heads down due to gravity, and falls once more.

They plummet towards Cake, gaining speed and deadliness. The enlarged cat who had her eyes closed as she recovers, had yet to notice the incoming danger. She peeks one eye open, the bright light from the day star blinding her, causing her to look up to escape its wrath. And she sees three black dots heading straight for her. Her fighting instincts immediately activate, and she shrinks as small as possible. The arrows smash into the ground all around her, sending her flying up into the air while riding a single grain of sand. The five arrows create a small cloud of sand upon piercing the ground, making Huntress loose sight of Cake. She squints, hunting for Cake’s small form among the tiny stones.

Suddenly Cake springs out meters away, growing rapidly in size in front of Winter Wraith. She flies out at the summon fist first, her enlarged fist striking her directly in her skeletal face. The sheer force behind the blow was so strong that it sends them both into the air for a second before they fall back to the ground. Cake lands on her feet as cats always do, her hands still up in a fighting stance as Winter Wraith slams into the ground. A massive explosion of sand erupts out, WW landing on her back so hard that the ground shakes as if suffering a earthquake. Her limbs fall limply by her side, the move proving to be a finisher as her head rocks onto its side into the sand. Cake smirks, and spins to face Huntress. She finds five arrows awaiting her. She doesn't have time to react, the weapon's of a the huntress plunges into her chest. She coughs blood, clutching at the wounds as she stumbles back in pain. She may be incredibly large what causes the arrows to become simple large thorn pricks, but Huntress's attacks definitely don’t lack power, that she can personally confirm.

Huntress rips them out of Cake with magic, bringing a trail of blood out with the arrows, then shoots them towards Cake once more. The cat expected this however, and quickly shrinks, becoming one with the tiny sharp stone again. The arrows continue to shoot through where she was just mere moments ago, but Huntress quickly halts them and brings them back to her. She searches the ground tactically, first searching where Cake shrunk, then slowly making a path towards herself. Until she spots her right between her feet. She leans backwards just as a fist rockets at her face, Cake giving a cry with her attack as she grows. Huntress uses her momentum of leaning back to bring her foot up and boot Cake in the face, cutting her enlargement short as she doesn't miss like her foe. Cake releases a feminine grunt of pain as her head violently snaps backwards before her regular sized body goes flying backwards and sprawling into the sand.

Huntress doesn't relent in her attacks, savagely bringing her arrows down onto Cake. The cat log rolls away, the arrows attempting to follow her pierce the sand one by one, creating a dotted line tracking the cat. Cake scrambles up after the fifth arrow, and lashes her claws out. Huntress back steps, allowing the claws to just barely graze by her stomach, before unleashing retribution for her fallen comrade. She kicks Cake in the face, sending the woman on her back once more as she groans in pain. Huntress leaps onto of her and starts wailing on her face, her head snapping from side to side with every punch. With Huntress ninety percent sure Cake is suffering concussion, she grips her new skinning knife from her belt. She swiftly lifts it high, then slams it down on Cake. The feline sees the blade despite her blurry double vision, and shrinks.

The blade slams into empty sand, just missing the tiny Cake. Huntress Wizard grunts as she flashes her teeth in rage and with annoyance yanks the blade up. She immediately scans the sand at her feet again, slowly backing away 'Shrinking should be considered cheating' She angrily thinks yet not revealing the emotion to the world, remaining calm before activating her Huntress vision and calling her arrows to hover over her head. Huntress vision won't do much, but it will help her in her endeavour of finding the 'needle in a hay stack'. Cake cowers behind a grain of sand, not making a move against the Huntress, not while she was so injured. As boastful as it sounds, she is smarter than Fionna. She isn't going to rush against Huntress when she has kicked her butt more than once. She needs to be smart. She releases a deep sigh, and sticks her hands in the ground palms up. And grows.

Huntress continues to scan the environment, her eyes sweeping across the yellow sands, their lack of noticeable features turning them into a blur. Out of nowhere a massive cloud of sand erupts from the ground, the form of Cake flicking her arms up being just barely visible through it all. Huntress is just able to bring her cape up to protect her eyes and face as the tall wave of sand collides into her. She is immediately swept away by the sand as she falls onto her back, forcefully carried a few meters. She rises coughing, sand shredding her throat as she snaps her gaze up. Finding a giant cat coloured morning star flying towards her. She leaps out of harms way as the arms turned mace smashes the ground, another wave of sand covering her.

She springs up out of the sand what causes it to go flying, and spinning around to launch her arrows before Cake could continue to pound her. All five of her arrows shoot from their fallen positions on the floor, the sand attack having made Huntress loose focus and drop them, and they shoot towards their target. Cake shrinks down to her normal size with panic on her face, allowing the arrows to fly harmlessly over her. She tracks them fly by when the arrows suddenly halt mid air, swiftly turn 180 degrees, and come back for her. "Oh come on!" Cake shouts throwing her arms up, before becoming incredibly thin at the very last second. The arrows miss, shooting on by without placing a single scratch on the cat again. Cake laughs as she wiggles her thin pole body mockingly at Huntress, not that she could see the wizard, losing focus and not taking the fight seriously anymore.

She turns around with a cocky smile. To find talons spread wide open. She only screams in shock before the air is squeezed out of her by the giant feet as they aggressively crush her form 'WHAT!... Oh, I forgot she could do that' Cake spins her head to look at the giant bird Huntress had become, "Let me go bird brain!" She shouts, her answer was her becoming a living stress ball. Her body making noises of rubbery friction and groaning with protest as the giant claws tightly squeeze the life out of her, as if they were giant snakes choking their prey.

Huntress was in her giant bird form, similar to the size and build Morrow/Evening, and she was indeed a relative of their species. Her plan was simple, crush the life out of Cake as she literally watches over Finn, ready to dive to his safety. Cake growls within her grip, and slowly wriggles free her right paw between the gap of her two talons. Once the thin limb is free, she balloons it, suddenly making it extremely large. With very sharp claws. She swipes at Huntress's chest, leaving four large cuts on her. She screeches in pain, halting mid-air, then dives. The sudden change in motions nauseating Cake, her focus temporarily shattered as they fall towards the earth. Huntress however just keeps her gaze locked onto the ground.

Then, just as she is about to hit the floor, she extends her wings to their full length. They decent stops harshly, the action flipping the stomach of Cake as she barely holds her last meal in. But that was the least of her concerns. Huntress uses the last of the momentum from the fall to speed herself forward, doing loops around the arena at high speed just above the ground. Then she slams her claws down. They smash into the sand, getting completely enveloped the small sharp rock. With Cake inside. The feline quickly learns what it is like to swim in grater, as hundreds of pieces of sand shred her body. Her skin instantly gets torn, covering her in bleeding, yet shallow cuts. Yet if she was to remain in there for much long then she'll be quickly grinded down until 'death'.

Huntress winces. Cake may be getting obliterated, but the majority of her was getting protected by the claw grasped around her. What meant the majority of the boiling hot desert sand's wrath was on Huntress's foot. Like it or not, she'll have to pull up soon, or risk losing her leg. And the bleeding slash wound wasn't helping either as her wings begin to sag. With a grunt she yanks her foot out of the ground, a bleeding Cake held within. Cake's retribution for the torment she just endured was instantaneous. She quickly grows her mouth to double her normal size and savagely bites the equally injured foot. Huntress squawks in pain once more, letting go off Cake completely, but the feline doesn't. She bites down harder on the foot as she hangs by her mouth, feet just barely avoiding to be dragged across the desert floor. She draws blood, her teeth slicing through the flesh with ease. Huntress grimaces at the feeling of 'hard meat not get eat' not applying... she was hard meat right?...

She dives bomb into the ground feet first, smashing Cake into the sand once more. Of course, the feline remembers what happened only a moment’s ago and quickly lets go off the giant bird. She slides across the sand, flinging it up as a cloud behind her as it cuts her up some more. Huntress immediately returns back to her normal form, falling from the sky and hitting the ground harshly. A grunt of pain escapes her mouth as her eyes go wide, her body bouncing once off the sand. She hits the floor a second time but she sticks her left arm in the sand, using it to slow herself down. The drag friction makes her spin around completely, her now scratched hand acting as a pivot. She glares at Cake as the feline rises out the sand to do the same. Huntress rises onto her legs, and just barely holds back from flinching as pain shoots up from her foot 'Oh you're so going to pay Cake...' She thinks, her magic surging through her body 'She thinks she can bite me?! I'm hard meat! Hard meat don't get eat!'

Meanwhile, Gumball takes a nice, calm stroll through the forest that the duo calls home. He could not get entrance to their home, and was currently searching for other possible entrance or secrets. He steps clear over a log, after the incident at the door... he was having trust issues, and was not trusting a single thing related to nature. He was still covered in splinters that were making him flinch with every big movement he attempts, making him walk kinda like a robot would 'A robot?' He thinks to himself, 'maybe I should make one of myself, use it to run the kingdom while I date Fionna...' He flinches at another prick 'Ow... had worse when I was younger though... man did humanity mess the world up, those were crazy times back then. Still, I would love to see their technical wonders before their silly war' He steps over flowers, avoiding touching even those.

And that's when he hears a pained moan.

He freezes up, coming a living statue, before snapping his head at the epicentre of the noise. It came from deeper within the forest, where? He could not see, too many trees obscuring his vision. He hears it again, and now that he was focusing on it he could tell it was female 'A women in distress? Seriously? How idiotic do they think we are?' "Ha! Your trap won't get me Finn!" He boastfully shouts. After suffering so many defeats from the duo, a single victory is all it takes to fill him with pride. With that he turns away happily, continuing his search for the duo's secrets.

"Is that someone?! PLEASE HELP!" The scream for salvation echoes throughout the forest. Gumball whistles as he strolls away, so stubbornly thinking that he is always correct that he doesn't second guess his conclusion. "CALL FIONNA! PLEASE!" Gumball stops at that 'This was a trap for Fionna? Was it set up for her return from the fight? Or to lure her away while they escape when I send her to bring them down?' Anger envelopes him at the mere thought of them going for the his Fionna, totally ignoring the fact that he had sent the very same girl against them and then just left her. Then, the girl enters his mind '... Fionna...' He slowly turns his gaze back to the cries, what have now lowered to pitiful sobs, the woman’s hope being shattered so quickly after being restored destroying the poor soul of the desperate woman 'She would walk into a trap to save someone, if I do this... then I shall secure her affection!... Besides, what scientist doesn't consider alternative outcomes?'

He spins around, walking towards the stream of sad noises for personal gain. And encounters a boar lying on its side. Turns out, Gumball had just walked upon its territory. It squeals, swiftly scrambling onto its four legs before charging the prince. Gumball stretches out his hand in a pathetic attempt to stop the pig, his splintered and slightly squished face being enveloped completely in fear. It smashes into his legs, sweeping him off his feet and into the air. Gumball screams as he flips in the air, before face planting into the dirty, muddy floor of the forest. He lifts his head, twigs and mud sticking to his face, before the Prince suddenly clenches his fist and slams the ground in anger. "Glob dam it!"

A snort snaps him out of his rage, his eyes going wide. He snaps his head behind him, staring fearfully at the boar. It was glaring at him, head slightly lowered as it drags its front paw on the ground menacingly. Gumball wastes no time, scrambling onto his feet he pegs it as fast as he can, dirt getting flung up behind him and splattering the pig. Not that it cares, it was a wild creature after all, just glad that the creature was off its territory. Gumball doesn't look back as he runs, his breathing heavy and deep, his eyes wide as they scan for danger as he unknowingly heads towards the woman in distress. He gets slapped by braches that cover him in scratches, trips on roots that bruise him, snagging himself on broken wood and shredding his clothes.

He bursts through another bush, the plant's tiny, weak branches ensnaring his foot and tripping him up. He screams and face plants in the dirt once more. He groans sorrowfully into the mud, losing the will to continue. Until he hears a gasp. He slowly raises his head, fatigue draining him of his energy. He sluggishly turns scans the area, trying to find the one who made the noise. And finds a woman in iron amour encaged in vines to a tree. His eyes widen in fear 'vines! Not more vines!' "Pleases help me..." She quietly calls to him, her eyes closed weakly and filled with tears. He panics and crawls away on his back, eyes locked on the wrapped up woman. Then catches himself in his own act. His breath gets stuck in his throat as his eyes remain wide open, before he releases it in a sigh and gently closes his eyes. He breathes slowly, attempting to calm himself down.

He releases another, though much deeper, sigh. Then he places his arms on the ground and shakily pushes himself up, then trudges towards the tied up warrior girl. He grips the vines lightly, and flinches, squeezing his eyes tight as he braces for retribution. Nothing happens. After a few seconds of frozen fears, he sighs, opens his eyes and stares at the vines. With a huge grin, his grips tightens around the plants and then he begins yanking on them, rapidly tearing them away from the woman 'These vines aren't dangerous! You can't do anything against me Huntress Wizard! Take that you vines!' With a grunt of effort he pulls another vine away, what proves to be the last one needed as the weight of the woman overcomes the plants.

She falls free from the tree, the last of the vines that were holding her up accompanying her on her downfall. She, like Gumball, falls face first into the dirt of the forest floor. The candy prince quickly rushes to her aid, placing his hands on her shoulders and begins assisting her to her feet, letting off grunts of struggles as he lifts the weight of the iron armour. She quickly comes to a wobbly stand, hyperventilating a little bit. Gumball hurriedly waves his pink hand in front of the warrior, staring into her eyes as the fail to track his movements. He sighs and looks at the ground as he thinks for a solution for his current predicament. He quickly looks back up with a answer in hand, and grasp the startled warrior's helmet, before gently pulling it off and carelessly dropping it on the floor.

'Glob, forgive me for hitting a woman' He arches his hand back, and slaps the woman in the face hard. Immediately the woman releases a startled scream, her head snapping to the side it was so harsh, but it did the job. The warrior stares wide eyed at Gumball's, the sting of the slap returning her senses to her. "Sorry about that, you were starting to panic and weren't responding to stimulation... What to be honest I can totally understand in this forest." He his entire body spikes with pain as he utters those words, his injuries reminding him of their existence and the trouble he was in.

He looks around for more said danger, but it seems they were in the clear, much to his relief 'Should of checked that first really' He looks the warrior dead in the eyes, "What happened?"

"I... I was making my way to the tournament, for the plan to take down Finn... but I met him here... He... beat me, then his female friend, Huntress, she tied me to this tree." She shivers as the memories return, the hours she spent stuck in the sun, stuck being helpless. "She was just going to leave me, but then Finn... he persuaded her to put a timer on the vines, to slowly weaken over time instead." Gumball's eyebrows furrow in confusion at Finn's actions 'What is his game? Was she meant to speak to us about her ordeal to intimidate us?... Oh well, what I can take away from this is that by the way he ordered Huntress around I can tell that Finn is indeed the leader, so I did make the right call in targeting him'

"I see... It is... unfortunate that you encountered the duo, but it makes me wonder why they were so defensive about this are in particular?... Did they say anything else?" He asks curiously while giving the environment another do over with his eyes, only this time with much more scrutiny as he scans for imperfections or seems that could lead to their secret.

"Only the cliché 'don't follow us' threat... or go to their home." Gumball flinches at hearing that, still feeling the unrelenting pain dominating his back from the aggressive launch from the vines. "... but what do we do now? Why are you even out here?"

"I'm out here trying to get inside their house, but I met... complications. My friend is injured and I'm waiting for my assistant to let me know he has support..." He points at his phone resting on his hip, the once pink communication device is now covered in a thick layer of mud and scratches that dot the surface, "... As what to do now..." He bites his lip, thinking heavily about the situation as he always does 'Plan! I need a plan!... The Evening is injured, and like it or not, Butterscotch is taking too long, so it's time to get him help myself... and I don't like this place. "We're leaving, heading straight back to the candy kingdom." The warrior's eyes well up with tears once more, but this time of joy, "So the priority is to get the heck out of this place."

They both look into the forest, into the maze of trees and plants, filled with roaming animals and deadly flying birds. And that's not mentioning the traps set by the evil duo most probably littering the place. "You can go first." Gumball says, giving the poorly equipped woman a gentle push forward, but she bows instead, extending a arm towards the forest.

"Royals lead the way for civilisation."

"Yes, but ladies first."

"But men just before" You don't want to know how long they argued as to who's to become the meat shield.

Back in the warrior kingdom, a pair of eyelids open weakly before slamming shut again as a bright light burns the eyes, the owner of them groaning out in pain. They turn their head to the side, out of the light and attempts to open them once more. What they see is a blurry double vision of a room filled with beds, almost all of which having some blob of colour atop them. Suddenly, the eye's owner lunges her head over the edge of the bed and threw up yellow sick. Fionna was awake. Immediately someone rushes to her side as she groans weakly, bringing a numb hand to her head as her brain threatens to explode. It slowly dissipates however, and her vision slowly corrects it self, the world no longer being blobs of colours mashed together.

Soon her vision corrects itself completely, and the headache is nothing more but a hot spot on her forehead, much to her relief as she sighs before looking at the stranger who had ran to her side and was now standing passively at the foot end. It was Doctor Prince. His usual thick orange sweater gone, most probably due to the deadly desert heat, and he wore a look of concern as he scribbles onto a notepad, before hurriedly handing her a glass of crystal clear chilled water from a tray on the floor behind him. She immediately grabs it with both hands, and hurriedly takes a mouthful of the liquid before swishing it around her mouth, desperate to purge the acrid taste of vomit from her mouth. Doctor Prince quickly spins around again and leans as he grabs something, heaving in effort as he swiftly turns around, presenting Fionna with a black bucket filled with bubbly water. She puckers her lips, then launches the water from her mouth in a stream.

Doctor Prince hurriedly moves the spit bucket to the foot end of her bed, knowing the sight of it can make some patients... unwell... before focusing his attention solely the downed heroine. Fionna looks nervously down at the water, unsure what to do with it, and looks at doctor prince for- "Yes you can drink it. Didn't think I need to say that. Especially since you've been out in that sun all this time." He says sternly, almost ordering her to drink the rest of the water. The girl chuckles nervously, quickly bringing the cold drink up to her mouth with both hands and takes a sip of it, hoping to prolong the drink to keep a embarrassing conversation away. However the sip literally wets her appetite, the liquid going down her dry throat immediately reminding her how dehydrated she had become, and immediately starts downing the water like a shot of alcohol.

The last few drops disappear behind her lips, and she quickly brings the glass down onto her lap before bringing a arm backup to wipe away any remaining water of her lips with her forearm. So absorbed on the tasks of drinking the water and cleaning up, Fionna had failed to notice that Doctor Prince was scribbling away in his notepad, his pencil making that pencil grinding noise as it glides across the paper, all the while muttering the notes to himself, "Patient is thirsty, was sick upon waking up, and showed signs of confusion..." He continues to inscribe her condition down in front of the girl, making her tap a finger against the glass cup in her hands nervously, giving the room a look over.

It was a large, rectangle room made of sand stone, filled to the brim with beds, her’s being situated at the end by a lone door. But the thing that got her attention the most was the scary fact that over half had people either laying unconscious or unstably on them, and that was saying a lot since that had to over a hundred beds. Many were the normal knights, those who didn't know how to fight, those who entrusted their safety to her. And she had let them down. However, one figure stuck out the most: Muscle Prince. The usually tall, strong man who muscles could get even Fionna's attention was sitting scrunched over, looking dejectedly at his own legs as his arms hang limply at his side 'Wait... When did he go down? Actually, was he in the fight at all?!'

"Hey, MP!" The Prince jumps in his bed at the sound of his name being called, before he turns his head slightly towards her, too ashamed to show his face properly. "What happened to you man?" She asks curiously, not understanding that it was probably not best to prod a mans wounded pride due to her child naivety.

"I..." His whole body tenses up, muscles bulging, before he sighs dejectedly, his body going limp again as his gaze falls to the floor between them. "I... was taken out at the start."

"Whaaaat! Dude! What happened!" Causing him to shuffle uncomfortably.

"Well... The fight had just begun, and we turned to face Finn." He pauses nervously, "And we all charged him. I was at the back of the group, when a loud thump comes from behind me. I turn around, but blue just fills my vision before I just blacked out... I then woke up here." He finishes weakly, gesturing to the room.

"That was Ice Queen's summon doing, that was one of her attacks." She says bitterly, hissing slightly spite as she pronounces the royal's name, before groaning with annoyance and slammer her arms into her legs in anger, "In fact! If she hadn't done that then Finn would be defeated and currently be spilling his evil plans!" She shouts and squeezing her eyes shut tight in rage, before she releases a humph, folding her arms as she thinks up a storm of insults in her head over not winning. Then remembers why she was defeated. Finn. He-

"Happy birthday by the way, I got you this flower." Doctor Prince suddenly blurts out, startling the girl as he hands a red flower to her. Confused she grabs it and examines it.

"Thanks." She forgot that was today. Suddenly all around her came mutters and half cries of celebration of the day she was found in the woods. She laughs nervously as a massive blush of embarrassment turns her bright red, bringing a hand to her head she replies awkwardly, "Thanks guys..." Quick to focus her thoughts elsewhere, she places the flower into the glass cup and placing that on the edge of her bed.

After a second of recovery, she goes back to her original train of thoughts. Finn... he defeated her. He murdered her. She blinks, her eyes going wide as she suffers from a bit of trauma 'If this was the real deal, I would be dead' She shivers in her bed, what gets a look of concern from Doctor Prince as he stops helping another patient before she waves his concerns away. He won. He defeated her. She lost. Only now does the magnitude difference between her and Finn's levels hit her. He took her on, he took a small army on. Then the blood drains from her face 'He was victorious, evil was victorious, I died, the people lost hope, the people were slain, I failed to protect everyone' She sighs, shaking in fear 'I will have to fight him again. Can I win?' She has a flashback to the moment of her death.

The blade piercing her chest, the sheer terror that coursed through her body, the blood spilling from her body. How her spirit was shattered, the look of fear that everyone, both the crowd and the warriors, who all entrust their safety to her, fell into despair.

She shakes her head, breath shakily. On this day: Finn had defeated her, evil was victorious, she is now suffering from something, the people have probably lost hope in her. She closes her eyes, fear overwhelming her as she sees Finn's face before her murder was her ingrained into her mind, "Worst birthday ever..."

Huntress yells in rage, swinging like a sociopath with her hunting dagger, forcing the cut covered Cake on the evasive retreat as the feline constantly shape shifts her body out of harms way, slowly backing it up. Huntress was just buying time however, and her arrows come flying in from behind Cake. The feline's sensitive ears hear them as they streak towards her, releasing a high-pitched whistle as they do so. She immediately shrinks to the size of a mouse, making Huntress's eyes go wide as all five of her arrows were now heading straight for her. She quickly uses her therianthropy, changing her form into that of a green snake. The arrows fly harmlessly over her before striking the ground, sending up a splash of sand, blocking the sun a bit. The consequence was shrouding Huntress into a menacing black form, especially to the smaller Cake as she stares up with her tail between her legs.

"AHHH!" Cake screams, spinning on her feet and flicking up six grains of sand as she sprints madly, arms waving like spaghetti above her as she makes her majestic escape. Huntress hisses, and lunges out at her with jaws wide. Cake suddenly enlarges once more, and due to her size, a single, still sprinting step is all it takes to evades Huntress. HW slams her head into the ground, flinging up a pocket worth of sand as her jaws slam shut on nothing but yellow stones. Cake immediately spins around upon hearing the failure of Huntress's attack, knowing she was out of danger. She swiftly lunges out at the snake's neck before she can recover, her head remaining semi buried in sand. Her paws wrap tightly around her slim body and squeezes hard, before yanking her into the air.

"Ha! Not so tough now that you're not the big one, are you?!" Cake says after laughing, swinging her arm up high above her head with Huntress in hand. She snaps her arm back down to the ground, smashing Huntress into the sand as if she was a whip. She lifts her arm up again, planning to repeat the move, hoping the sudden motion changes would scramble the huntress's mind to prevent retribution. Her arm swings above her head. Then it becomes very heavy. She looks up afraid. She finds her hand around the throat of normal Huntress glaring at her. She goes to scream, she goes to let go, she goes to stretch away. She doesn't get to. Huntress flips forwards, her larger neck making Cake loose her grip on her, and double foot boot her in the stomach.

Cake gags and her eyes go wide in pain, getting winded by the blow, before she crashes into the ground harshly. Sand gets flung, creating clouds of yellow around her as momentum makes her skid across the harsh, sharp surface. A hundred more cuts gets added to covering her body, all the wounds bleeding so much that the majority of her was now a sickening blood red. She coughs, her wounded body struggling to recover from the latest blow. Huntress limps towards Cake, the wound in her foot getting worse by the second, amplified by the sand getting in. She summons all five of her arrows to her, making them hover above her head. Then she halts a few meters away, out of Cake related danger. She survived this long by being smart, not looking cool or getting close to her foes unnecessarily to gloat her victory. She'll stay in the safe zone. She launches her arrows.

And Cake disappears. Huntress's arrows smashes uselessly into the ground, piercing into the sand and standing erect there as their original target goes missing. Huntress blinks in surprise, and immediately got into a stance 'She shrunk' She activates her huntress vision, scanning the ground to find the missing feline, attempting a almost impossible task. But no one can survive from being hunted by Huntress Wizard, and her gaze sweeps across the yellow ground as she hunts for her prey.

She finds the Cat exactly where she was laying, the cat making zero progress in escaping except getting onto her feet and resting her hands on her legs as she bends over, panting with strain as her legs tremble and buckle. She immediately goes to summon her arrows yet sends most back to her quiver, ordering only one of them to end Cake's life, keeping the others near encase this was a trick. She launches the arrow.

Then she hears a slight cracking sound, and feels a sudden existence of magic. Then her enhanced vision gets filled with blue as a sudden chill in the air snaps at her skin.

Huntress immediately backflips as ice expands to where she just was. She lands on her feet, grimacing as the wounds on her foot and chest roar at her with spikes of pain, making her legs buckle a bit. But she had other things to focus on. She snaps back to the large block ice now sitting on the desert floor. And discovers that epicentre of the spell was where Cake shrank. She quickly hobbles to it, smushing her face against the blue block and places her hands around her eyes to block the sun as she attempts to peer inside. Sure enough, in the heart of all the frozen water was Cake, back to her normal size and standing straight up, her feet a few inches of the ground. So was her arrow, lodge half way between her and the cat popsicle. Cake was sleeping unconscious inside, so she was 'killed', out of the game. Huntress leans away from the block, returning to stand up straight 'Then all that remains is Marshall Lee...'

She steps back to get the full scale of the block of ice. It was a giant cube, it had to have a perimeter that was around three meters '... and whoever made this' She starts to walk right, going around the cube 'And I know who' She halts at the edge of the cube, and leans her back against it. Then she shuffles along, twisting her head to peek around the edge. Winter Wraith lays on her side against the sand floor, both hands slightly raised and aiming at the cube. But her head was looking at Huntress. Immediately HW does a log roll on the cube, away from the edge and into the centre of the ice prison, planning to use it as cover. She quickly summons one of her four remaining arrows from her quiver.

She slowly shuffles to the left, going around the other side of the cube, her movement making no noise despite the floor being made of materials she usually doesn't see, let alone sneak on. However, despite this not being her domain, she achieves it. She sneaks along the second face of the cube, and tightly presses herself against it. She holds her arrow in her hand, trying to mask any magic tracking the summon might have. She peaks around again. Winter Wraith was still staring at her. She flips back into the cube, this time facing the giant frozen object. Wasting no time, she brings her arms to her chest, hands facing out 'If I can't sneak...' She springs them up, jumping a little as her hands grip the top of the cube 'Then I will have to be smart' She thinks plainly, suddenly pulling herself up with haste. Despite the slippery materials her hands were on, she easily pulls herself up, putting so much force into it that she goes above it a little bit. She crouches, her feet neatly coming to rest on top of the cube.

Huntress levitates a arrow, as she frog leaps off the top of the ice. Arrow floating above her head, she targets her foe. Who was tapping the sand next to her with her skeletal hand non threateningly. Huntress launches her arrow above her head before she can react. It flies towards the face of Winter Wraith. She quickly focuses her magic on the arrow and shoves it down, sending it earthbound. It rockets straight into the sand below her head, flicking a small amount up of sand as it does so.

Much to the respect of Winter Wraith, she doesn't react to the near death encounter, nor to the burning hot sand that gets flicked up onto its slightly cracked head, sizzling as it melts her head a little. Huntress lands in the sand in a squat position, fingertips touching the ground in front of her to stop her from toppling over. She squints at Winter Wraith, analysing her for alternative motives. She eventually stands, and walks cautiously over to her. "I thought you were dead?" She ask, causing the summon to just simply shrug, before flipping off its side and onto its back. "We need to help Finn." Huntress says sternly, as if almost ordering Winter Wraith to help save the saviour. The summon lifts its hand, pointing at something. Curiously, Huntress follows the finger's direction. And finds the exit gate. "You're goanna leave?" She says plainly, no emotion.

"Yes." She then brings her finger back, then taps her other hand wrist, much to Huntress's confusion. She then brings it up to her slightly cracked head. Huntress focus on where she is pointing, and finds she was pointing directly at a crack. That was slowly mending '... Oh! She'll leave in a bit when her wounds heal' "Well I'm going to save Finn." He said no one really looked out for him, not in a saviour sort of way, he has no hero looking out for him. That was the reason why he wanted to help Fionna in every way he can, to save her if she needed saving. '... I'll help you Finn, I'll be by your side' She thinks, ignoring her own wants to win and to willingly put herself in danger to help Finn with both the fight and his problems. She reaches down before pulling her arrow standing erect under WW's head free from the sand, before turning and facing her foe. And walks towards them.

Or she would if her legs didn't shake and buckle like crazy after a single step. The cause? Her foot. The bite wound thanks to Cake was bleeding quite badly, any clotting getting ruined by constant movement. Like it or not, she can't fight Marshall Lee like this. But she won't leave Finn either. She takes movement again, a wobbly step after another wobbly step as the pain flares with one. Suddenly skeletal ice fingers wrap around her waist and below. The act happening so quickly that she doesn't have time to react, her top half bending over as she grunts in surprise. She quickly levitates her arrows, snapping her top half to twist towards her captor. "Let me go." Winter Wraith does not respond, having returned to lying on her side as she keeps a firm grip on the angry wizard.

Immediately emotions flare inside Huntress, her face twisting into anger 'No! I'm hard meat! I don't become useless, I don't get captured!' The Winter Wraith pulls HW towards her chest, and Huntress was about to explain using arrows why you don't defy her. Then Winter Wraith brings a single, skeletal finger from her other free hand towards her wound. Huntress suddenly feels a small chill on her wound, making her jolt within her hand cage, though releases breathe she didn't realise she held. The coldness calms the flaming pain her wound was pouring into her. She sticks her wounded leg out in front of her and bends herself over her prison, staring at the wound as ice fills the holes made by Cake.

'It is quelling the pain and freezing the blood loss, but this sun will melt it pretty quickly... It's not a permanent solution, it's a band aid to get me through the fight' She nods in acceptance, letting the summon do her work. With nothing to do to help, she puts her arrows back into her quiver, looking nervously over at Finn. The duel with Marshall Lee was obviously still going and neither were making any progress, the sun holding the royal back, but fatigue after facing a army and Fionna was slowing Finn down, and Marshall was no joke. "... Winter Wraith, I know you said you'll leave, but can you stay to help deal with Marshall Lee?" Huntress asks wearily.

The summon doesn't respond, instead halting her efforts on Huntress's wound and turning her head. The wizard tracks her gaze, and finds that it connects to Ice Queen. Nothing happens, so she experimentally starts probing the area for magic. Sure enough, there was a weak stream of it in the air, connecting the summon and her summoner 'So they can talk to each other? Huh' She thinks, conjuration of creatures and spirits not really being her strong point, giving her a lack of knowledge of their capabilities. Suddenly Winter Wraith turns back to her, the magic ending between her and the royal before simply nodding at Huntress, going back to focusing on her wound, and probably her own skull injuries. "Thanks." She plainly replies, before turning her head to look at Ice Queen.

Said royal was still sitting amongst the other royals, with Frozen Yogurt Prince still under her snow cloud. She stares at Huntress with a professional gaze, hiding any emotions from the scheming royals around her. When their eyes meet, she simply gives a small nod, and receives one in return 'Go, save my knight' she feels a uncomfortable, almost angry twinge flow down her body, making her shift uncomfortably, especially knowing where it came from. The tiara. And she knows why. It was Simone again. She was not happy about sending the Winter Wraith to attack Marshall Lee. If she was remembering correctly, then it was because he was like a son to her? She can't quite remember...

Anyways, she is angry that she ordered WW to attack Marshall, the others were fine because she can't control them, but because she can control her summon means she should apparently abandon her only friend and crush 'No way, deal with it' She thinks, waging a civil war against a rebellion inside her own head. But that doesn't matter, she's been mad for a few hundred years now. What does matter, is that a few people have moved. Or more importantly, Butterscotch Buttler has. It wasn't until it was late into the fights did she spot the minion of Prince Gumball spying on her. But that is only a little concern. The big one, was that she was gone. She has no idea where or why, but the small candy that stank of magic went to do something during a massive scheme. That is never a good sign.

She sighs, closing her eyes before staring them at Finn 'Please win this, so you can foil whatever they have planned for you' She thinks sombrely for his safety as he locks his sharp blade locking with a deadly axe, the two warriors shooting vile glares at each other as their faces were merely inches apart.

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