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All For One's guide to a peaceful retirement

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Hisashi hates hospitals.

He sighs as he leans forward in his chair. Izuku should not be lying unconscious in a hospital bed; around this time, he should be begging for just five minutes on the computer, or perhaps telling Hisashi about a new Quirk he saw on the news…

A knock on the door brings Hisashi out of his musings, and he looks up as Kurogiri enters.

“Sir,” the warper greets him with a nod. He looks over at Izuku, and although he might be hard to read, Hisashi can see the worry. (He kind of wonders just how many baked goods they’ll have to go through in the coming weeks.) “How is he?”

“No serious injuries, he just… won’t wake up,” Hisashi shrugs. “They think his body went into some sort of Quirk-related shock.”

Kurogiri nods in understanding. Hisashi supposes that the two of them probably understand better than most just how painful it can be to overreach with your Quirk, although…

“It’s not your fault, sir,” Kurogiri speaks up, breaking Hisashi out of his spiralling thoughts. “I may not know the details, but I am sure there was nothing you could have done to prevent this.”

“You don’t know that,” Hisashi sighs. “I should have…”

“Should haves won’t make a difference now,” Kurogiri shrugs. “Izuku will need you to be strong to recover from this. If you want to blame yourself, do it after he’s safely tucked up in his own bed.”

Hisashi can’t help but laugh. “You really should know your place, Kurogiri.”

“Oh, I do, sir,” the warper doesn’t even look at him as he picks up the empty chair at the foot of Izuku’s bed. Hisashi understands what he is planning and wordlessly stands up. “It’s by your shoulder, making sure you know what Inko would say.”

Once there is sufficient space, Kurogiri opens a warp gate. The first thing through is Gigantomachia’s head.

“Is Little Lord alright?”

Hisashi manages a weak smile. “He will be. I need you to stay and protect the house, in case it’s attacked. Understand, Gigantomachia?”

“Yes, Lord…” the giant mumbles, obviously unhappy, and it is strangely touching to see such devotion.

“If anything happens, I’ll protect him,” Hisashi assures the man.

Gigantomachia perks up at that and vanishes back through the warp gate. Then his arm emerges, bearing a large holdall. Kurogiri accepts it and promptly begins unpacking.

“I thought Izuku might appreciate waking up to familiar surroundings,” he explains to Hisashi, and suddenly Hisashi needs to sit back down. Because he sometimes forgets that no matter how it might seem, Izuku has so many people that love him.

By the time visiting hours are over, the hospital room is a veritable shrine to All Might. Hisashi swallows down any distaste he might feel, brushes the hair out of Izuku’s face, and settles down for a long wait.



When he first wakes up, Izuku thinks he must be at home in his bed. The whole kidnapping must have been a nightmare, he decides as he pulls his All Might plush close. He’s still a bit scared, though, so he’ll ask papa if he can sleep in his bed.

Izuku sits up and realizes he isn’t in his bedroom. In fact, he doesn’t know where he is, and he isn’t even wearing his own clothes. All that stops him from panicking is that papa is sat in a chair next to his bed, snoring softly. But even so, it must mean that he hadn’t been dreaming; someone took him…

Izuku promptly bursts into tears.

Papa jolts awake, jumping to his feet and banging his knee on the bedframe. He looks around, and as soon as he sees Izuku reaching for him, papa sits down on the bed. Izuku needs no further invitation and latches on with all his might.

Izuku isn’t sure how long he cries, but papa doesn’t protest; he just holds Izuku close, and whispers how much he loves him. The tears have finally dried by the time a doctor stops by and makes sure Izuku is feeling better. Once she’s left, papa makes sure Izuku is comfortably propped up against the pillows, and sits down as close as he can, tightly grasping Izuku’s hand. (Izuku is kind of glad, because no one would be silly enough to try hurting him when papa’s right there.)

They sit in silence for a few minutes, until one of the nurses brings them both breakfast. (Izuku manages a smile at the sight of the stack of pancakes, and Hisashi grasps at his coffee like a dying man.)

But once they’ve finished eating, Izuku realizes that he’s done something really, really bad. He wishes he could go back in time, to before he even left his house that morning. (Is it still the same day? Izuku is sure it can’t be the same day; it feels like at least a month has passed since he left for school.)

“Papa?” he speaks once the trays have been cleared away.

“Yes, Izuku?” papa smiles, and it’s so warm, so full of love, that it just makes Izuku feel worse. Because he can feel, tucked away in his body, that Quirk he took earlier. And now that he's no longer in danger, it feels uncomfortable, a constant reminder that he took it from someone else. There's someone out there that doesn't have a Quirk anymore because of him, and suddenly the fact it was a villain sounds more like an excuse. He wonders if the police'll let him just give it back, or if he'll have to go to jail.

Izuku glances around, just in case the police are waiting to arrest him. He kind of doesn't want to admit it, but papa might know what to do. So he leans close to papa, and whispers, “I did something bad.”

The smile slips from papa’s face, but he pulls Izuku closer, so close Izuku can almost feel his heartbeat. “Well, whatever you did, you can tell me, Izuku. I promise I won’t be mad.”

“Really?” Izuku sniffles.

“Really,” papa confirms.

Izuku takes a deep breath and tightens his grip of papa’s shirt, trying to leech every last bit of comfort he can. “I took someone’s Quirk.”

For just a second, papa does not answer, and Izuku almost panics. But papa holds him close and doesn’t shove him away (and doesn’t call the police). Instead, he asks, “Was this someone the person who took you?”

Izuku nods, and papa presses a kiss to his head.

“Listen to me, Izuku; you did nothing wrong. When grown ups do bad things, and try to hurt you, it’s alright to use your Quirk.” He pauses for a minute and then asks, “Did you use the Quirk you took?”

“I don’t know…”

“Because something very strange happened while we were looking for you. Suddenly, I was right next to you,” papa gently pushes Izuku back, so he can see the smile on his face. “And if you did it, I’m really proud of you. You were scared, but you still found a way to get help.”

“Really?” Izuku asks, feeling better, because if papa says he did the right thing…

“Really,” papa confirms. “No one is mad at you. The police will want to talk to you, but they’ll just want to ask you a few questions. And if you tell them what you just said, they’ll agree you did the right thing.

Izuku manages a smile, and giggles when papa ruffles his hair.

“Now, young man, there are a lot of people that will want to know you’re alright…”



“Tenya! Midoriya just texted an update!”



“Shoto! Grab your coat!”



Kurogiri is just pulling a batch of muffins from the oven when he hears his phone ping. (Inko was right – baking is surprisingly therapeutic.) He almost drops the baking tray in his haste to get to the phone. Picking it up is almost impossible with the oven mitts, he learns quickly, but finally he opens his messages and laughs, giddy with relief.

“Machia!” he calls out. “Izuku’s woken up!”

He’s been with the Midoriya’s long enough that he does not bat an eyelid at the tumult as the giant all but tumbles down the stairs.

“Is Little Lord alright?” Gigantomachia demands as he explodes into the kitchen. (Gigantomachia may be many things, but quiet and subtle are not amongst them.)

“See for yourself,” Kurogiri smiles as he passes the bodyguard his phone. Just in case, he warps some kitchen roll over, because Gigantomachia is, when it comes to Izuku, a big softie.

He idly wonders if Midoriya will mind if he sets it as his contact photo.

It’s rather hard to remember the man is a retired supervillain when he’s posing with a doting smile on his face, a grinning Izuku next to him.