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The North Remembers

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Dragonstone was even more glorious than Daenerys imagined.  The walls of the castle climbed high into the sky, almost as if they were touching the clouds themselves.  The interior was just as spectacular, from the throne hewn out of rock to the Painted Table.  Daenerys could almost feel the power of the Targaryen’s emanating from the island.  And it was all hers.

They’d decided to hold their counsel meetings in the Chamber of the Painted Table.  From there they could easily plot their future travels and battlements on the raised topographic map (“I don’t quite believe I can ever go back to a hand drawn map after seeing this,” Jorah commented the first time he saw it).

“Our first objective is to gain allies,” Daenerys said to Jorah, Grey Worm, and Missandei.  “The more who are with us, the easier it will be to take back King’s Landing.  The question is where do you propose we start?”

“If I may,” Jorah said, “I suggest we start at Bear Island,”

“Why would you suggest an island?” Grey Worm asked.

“House Mormont resides there,” Jorah replied.  “I will not deny that it’s a small house, but if we were to land anywhere else the rest of Westeros would see us as foreigners,”

“We are not foreigners,” Daenerys said.  “I was born in this Kingdom.  I am from House Targaryen and am the rightful heir,”

“I agree,” Jorah said, “But the rest of Westeros may not see us that way. On that island they know me, and once we gain their trust we can continue to gain momentum in other lands nearby,  Which is why I propose we start where at least one of us is known,”

“Forgive me,” Missandei said to Jorah, “But didn’t you say you were exiled from Westeros?”

“Aye,” Jorah said, “But I received a pardon.  House Mormont is aware of this, and they will not abandon one of their own,”

“It will be a long journey back on the seas,” Daenerys commented.  “Can we afford such a task so soon?”

“We will need to replenish the resources, but otherwise yes,” Grey Worm answered.  “I believe we could sail in roughly two weeks,”

 “My Queen,” Jorah said, “If we are able to rally House Mormont to our cause, I believe there is a possibility we may rally the entire North as well,”

“I agree,” Missandei said.  “Based on what I’ve heard the people at the ports of Meereen say, the people in the North, House Mormont included, have named Jon Snow the King of the North,”

“Which means the entirety of the North is against the Lannisters ruling King’s Landing,” Jorah added.

Daenerys considered this for a moment.  “They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” she said, “But to call everyone in the North a friend would be rash.  If they oppose the Lannisters on the throne, they will likely oppose me as well,”

“Perhaps we can strike some sort of deal with them,” Jorah suggested.

“I am here to rule the Seven Kingdoms,” Daenerys said, “Not allow leniencies for parts of the realm to do as they please,”

“The long ride via ships will allow us time to work on the formalities,” Jorah said.  “For now, I suggest we start moving before the Lannisters have the opportunity to strike again,”

Daenerys subconsciously grasped the necklace around her neck that held the teeth of Rhaegal and Viserion.  Jorah was right.  The longer they waited, the better a chance the Lannisters had of striking again.

“I agree,” Daenerys said.  “We will visit Bear Island first, and then plan accordingly from there,”