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Hybrid Part 2

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“Kacchan! I’m home,” Izuku called out as she entered her apartment.


“In here, babe,” he called out from the kitchen. She sniffed the air and hummed happily at the delicious smell. She took off her shoes and slipped on her house slippers before walking into the main area of their apartment.


“Wow, Kacchan, that smells so good,” she praised as she set her bag on one of the chairs. He got off work earlier than she did, so he always decided to make a feast for her.


“Fuckin’ course it does,” he commented, his tail wagging happily behind him. She smiled as she walked up behind her boyfriend and circled her arms around his trim waist, taking care not to squish his fluffy tail.


“You’re such an amazing cook,” she said, standing on her tippy toes to kiss the base of his neck.


“I gotta keep my mate well fed,” he boasted, turning his broad body so he could look over his shoulder at her. “I can’t believe the shit you ate before I showed up. It’s amazing you were still alive, for fuck’s sake.”


“Well, I’ve got to maintain my figure for modeling!” she protested, pouting up at him. “And I’m not a good cook, so my options were, eh, limited.”


“Heh, don’t I fuckin’ know it. You can’t cook for shit,” he said, looking down at her with a grumpy expression. She merely smiled up at him, tilting her head to the side. He growled under his breath and leaned down to give her a kiss, causing her to giggle as he turned back to his cooking. “Now get out of the fucking kitchen, I’m busy.”


“Right, sorry,” she said as she walked to their bedroom, or their ‘den’ as Kacchan called it, to change into more comfortable clothes. She pulled on lounge clothes and washed her face to get all the makeup off. She used to wipe off the makeup at work, but ever since her popularity spiked a few months into her relationship with Kacchan, she had become somewhat famous for her rather risqué shoot. That had been a little over a year ago.


She had people stopping her for pictures and whatnot all the time, which kind of blindsided her. She also had a surge of people sending her love letters and fan mail. Kacchan had been quite proud to have his claiming mark on her neck for the world to see, but had been irate when he discovered that she suddenly had an abundance of suitors. The night she had told him, he spent the rest of the night reminding her who she belonged to, making sure she would never forget. Not that she ever would or would ever want to, mind you.


She splashed water on her face as she rinsed off, sighing happily at having the cakey substance off after a long day. She looked at herself in the mirror, eyes zeroing in on the permanently scarred over bite mark on the juncture of her neck. She brought her hand up and traced lightly over the scar, eying the individual teeth marks, specifically the four canines, which had made bigger holes than the rest. It was honestly kind of beautiful, especially when Kacchan was always lavishing it in attention over the year and a half they were together. She could hardly wrap her head around how much her life had changed ever since Kacchan had come into her life.


She thought about how he was a hybrid, how her close friend Shouto was a hybrid, and realized that she didn’t know much about hybrids in general at all. Sure, the two alphas would tell her some things about hybrids if it was relevant, but if she asked for specifics, they would get very hush hush. The biggest lump of info she got was when Shouto reprimanded Kacchan for leaving such a blatant mark on her to be exposed to the public. Thankfully, the bite was airbrushed enough that it looked like a human bite, but it was still a point of contention between them. And she had also never met any member of either of their packs.


She knew that Shouto had met some of Kacchan’s pack, but she herself had never met them. Sometimes, her boyfriend would go out, telling her he was meeting with his friends and pack members, but she couldn’t see them. She understood that the existence of hybrids was meant to be kept a secret, and that, as a human, there were some things she was not privy to. Still, she was sad that there was a part of Kacchan’s life that she had no idea about, because she wanted to know as much about him as possible.


“Oi, what are you doing? Food’s done,” he suddenly appeared behind her, causing her to squeak and jump and surprise. She whirled around to face her boyfriend as she braced her hands back against the countertop, heart pounding in her chest.


“K-Kacchan!” she gasped, eyes wide in shock. “You scared me, silly wolf.”


“Yeah, I can see that,” he smirked, eying her hungrily. “Food’s ready, although,” his eyes dragged up and down her body before licking his lips, sending shivers down her spine, “I kinda wanna eat something else.”


“L-let’s just have dinner,” she stuttered, pushing past the hybrid and walking into the main area. She was hit with a wave of delicious smelling food and instantly her mouth started watering. “Wow Kacchan, it smells so good.”


Enjoy,” he purred into her ear, nibbling on her lobe.


“Ka-cchan, w-wait until a-after dinner, I’m hungry,” she pushed him away gently, causing the man to frown. ”Plus, you made all this food for us, I want to enjoy it. You gotta keep me well fed, right?


“Grrr, fine,” he relented as he stepped away, his inner wolf soothed for the time being. She smiled to herself as they took their seats and he began to serve out food. “You better eat up, stupid Deku.”


“Of course!” she said, excited to eat. As she had expected, the food was delicious. “Mmm, so yummy!


“Shut up and eat,” he barked irritatedly, although she could hear his tail wagging against the chair in happiness. She giggled to herself but shoved food into her mouth before he could catch her. She savored the meal as she always did, amazed by how good of a cook her boyfriend was, and she never failed to tell him so. It was so cute to hear his tail wagging excitedly, even though he tried to keep a stoic expression to mask his happiness. It was adorable.


“Mmm, that was really good, Kacchan,” she sighed contently, leaning back in her chair. “You’re amazing.”


“Yeah, so you’ve said,” he muttered, leveling her with a dark and heated look. “But,” he said, a smirk stretching across his face, “we’ve still got to get to dessert.” As he said that, he smiled impishly and ducked under the table. A confused look appeared on her face before she squeaked when he suddenly pulled down her waistband.


“Ah! K-Kacchan!” she whisper screamed, face going bright red as she looked down at the hybrid. He was staring up at her with a familiar predatory smile, his eyes half lidded and dark.


“Shh,” he hushed, nipping at the plush skin of her soft inner thigh as he tucked his arms under her thighs and pulled her legs over his shoulders. “I want to enjoy my meal,” he said. He leaned forward and kissed her arousal, his hot breath tickling her sensitive area. He suckled on her clit, causing her to clutch desperately at the edge of the table as she tried to steady herself.


Hah~,” she breathed out as he licked up her folds, his rough tongue stimulating her in all the right ways. He moved her hips so she was more angled towards his face and buried in deeper, his tongue penetrating her. She cried out and moved her hands to his head, digging her nails into his scalp as heat built up inside of her. He growled as she pulled on his hair, ears flicking as he watched her expression. She looked down at his face buried against her mound and felt her cheeks rise in temperature again.


“Heh,” he huffed a laugh at her expression, pulling back to teasingly lick her clit with the tip of his tongue. “You like that, baby?” She shut her eyes, hummed a yes and nodded her head vigorously, unable to respond verbally. “Deku,” he growled, causing her breath to hitch and eyes to snap open. “Look at me, baby. You like that?”


“Y-yes,” she stuttered out chest heaving as he dove back in. “Ah~!” He was amazing at going down on her, knowing every little thing that made her come undone and not hesitating to exploit them. He mouthed against her pussy, eating her out as if he hadn’t eaten in days, even though they just had a meal.


Due to him being a hybrid, his tongue was longer than most peoples’, and as such, he could use it to reach deeper inside her. His tongue assaulted her insides as she began to roll her hips against his face, and he growled into her, sending vibrations through her core. Her back arched as her undulating became choppy, her head dropping back against her chair as she moaned.


“Ka-ah-Kacchan~” she sighed, whimpering and whining pathetically as her thighs trembled around his face. Her grip on his hair tightened as she ground herself against his face, and the taught string inside her finally snapped. She came with a choked off cry, back arching dramatically as he continued to stimulate her trembling cunt.


“Ah, Ka-ah! Kacchan, enough,” she whined, pushing his face away. He smiled wolfishly at her, his mouth and chin wet from her fluids, and a blush spread across her face at the sight.


“Sorry,” he said, not sounding sorry at all, “you just taste so good. I can’t help it.”


“Yes, you can, you silly wolf,” she smiled down at him, petting his head. He closed his eyes and leaned into her touch, his tail wagging contentedly behind him. She giggled and reached down to pull her bottoms back on, but was stopped by Kacchan’s hand grabbing her wrist.


“I’m not done with you yet, Deku,” he growled, licking his lips predatorily, and she knew she was in for it. He pushed her chair back and surged up, ripping her out of the seat and tossing her over his shoulder. She shrieked and flailed as she was carried into the kitchen, where he laid her out across the counter. The cold countertop against her chest and stomach sent a shiver up her spine and caused her nipples to harden under her shirt. He pinned her hands to the countertop and began assaulting her neck, rutting up against her at the same time.


“Ah! Shit, Kacchan,” she moaned, wiggling back against her boyfriend as he rubbed himself against her. He licked up the back of her neck and then bit his way back down, gnawing on her as he growled against her.


“Fuck, Deku, you taste so good,” he praised, sending a shiver down her spine. He transferred her wrists to one hand as he groped his way down her body, before disappearing off of her completely. She heard the ruffling of clothing before she felt his red hot member slap against her ass.


“Kacchan, fuck me, please,” she begged desperately, looking over her shoulder at him as she spread her legs, presenting herself to him. “Please, mate me, Kacchan~” she said in a sultry tone, knowing just how to appeal to his alpha instincts. “Want your knot, please~ Alpha~” She heard a low growl emit from the back of his throat as he suddenly forced his cock inside of her. She let out a scream of pleasure and pain, still not used to how massive he was, and her body twitched around him. She could feel her abdomen bulge ever so slightly from his size, and she smiled in satisfaction at the surreal feeling. She could hear Kacchan panting above her, his breath labored, hot and guttural against her skin.


“Shit,” he panted, resting his forehead between her shoulder blades. “You feel so fucking good,” he praised, sending shivers down her spine. He rocked his hips ever so slightly against her, clearly trying to hold himself back.


Kacchan~” she cooed, desperate for stimulation, desperate for his cock to piston in and out of her, desperate for him to destroy her. “Please, fuck me. Want your knot, Alpha~ Please~” He let out a snarl as he dragged his hips back before slamming back into her, his hips slapping against her ass as he did so. He set up a brutal pace of fucking her into the countertop, releasing her wrists and placing his hands on her hips for a better grip. She let her moans fall freely from her mouth, knowing he loved hearing her noises.


“Yeah, take it baby, take it all,” he growled, looking down at her with hungry eyes. “Fit so well around my cock, you’re absolutely perfect. Fuck, such a perfect mate for me, shit,” he grunted, ramming in and out of her at a fast pace. The force of his thrusts jolted through her whole body, sending her clawing at the countertop for purchase. His hot member was setting her on fire from the inside out, and she loved it. He delivered a harsh spank to her ass, causing her to cry out at the delicious sting.


Fuck~ Kacchan!” she moaned, tears leaking down her flushed face. “More, please! Feels s-so good! Ghh! Ahh! Love your cock! Love it so much, Kacchan! Mmhah~” she babbled, her mind thoroughly fucked out as her pussy throbbed around his cock. He pulled one of her legs up and set it on the countertop, allowing him to more easily plunge in and out of her sopping wet pussy.


“Yeah baby, only I can make you feel this good. I’m your alpha, the only one who can fuck you this well. Say it, Deku, tell me how you’re mine, how you’re my mate,” he commanded, his thrusts picking up in pace.


Yours! Only yours, Kacchan! Your mate!” she yelled, crying out when he spanked her again. “Fuck, fuck! Ahh~! Kacchan! Alpha! Make me feel so good! Yours, only yours! Only you can make me feel this good! Ngh!” Her words tumbled from her mouth without filter, and seemed to spur him on even further, fucking her at an impossibly fast pace. Perks of dating a hybrid, she supposed. There was nothing slow and sweet about it, it was always hard, fast, and animalistic, and she couldn’t get enough of it.


“Yeah baby, gonna give you my knot soon,” he warned as she squirmed beneath him. “Gonna fill you up with my cum. You want that, Deku? Want me to breed you? Fill you up with my pups? Huh?” His specific brand of dirty talk was still somewhat strange to her, but his words caused her to gasp nonetheless.


“Mmmah! Y-yes, Kacchan! Fill me up! Please,” she begged desperately, her climax quickly approaching. “Please! Want you so bad, want all of you, Alpha, please!”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he grunted, his thrusts growing sporadic as she squirmed and writhed on his thick, pulsing cock.


Gah~! Kacchan~!” she cried as she came around him, her pussy clamping down on him as her body spasmed before she went limp. Kacchan continued to fuck her prone body, using her until he was satisfied. His stamina was honestly daunting sometimes, but the fact that he was now fucking her purely for his own pleasure was exhilarating. She trembled as he pounded into her oversensitive body, growling and snarling like a feral beast.


“Shit, Deku, fuck, fuck~ ‘M gonna cum. Gonna fill you up, shit, Deku, Deku ~” he howled, burying his length completely inside of her as he came, his knot swelling in her warmth. She felt her abdomen swell from the waves of hot alpha cum, plugged up by his knot, not letting a single drop escape.


“Shit,” he panted, resting his forehead between her shoulder blades again, trying to catch his breath. He placed gentle kisses across her back, shoulders and neck, waiting for her to regain her bearings.


“Mmm, Kacchan,” she sighed, a blissed out smile on her face as she looked over her shoulder at him. He grabbed her by the jaw and pulled her into a hungry kiss,  careful to not cut her with his canines. “I love you.”


“Love you too, stupid Deku,” he grumbled back, nuzzling against her face. She smiled as she heard the familiar ‘swish swish swish’ of his tail behind him, and kissed the man again. “C’mon, let’s get you to our den.” She rolled her eyes at his phrasing, but cried out softly as he turned her onto her back, still full of his cock. He looked down at her stomach with heavy lidded eyes, his gaze heated as he roved over the slight swell.


As if in a trance, he traced his hand over the bulge, causing her to whimper at the stimulation. His eyes snapped to hers as his gaze sent a spike of heat through her body. He huffed through his nose and shook his head before tucking his arms under her body and picking her up. She wrapped her jello-like legs around his waist as he carried her to their bedroom and set her down gently onto the bed. Despite how feral he was as a lover, he was extremely careful and loving with her afterwards. It made her feel good, like he genuinely loved her, not that she had any doubts about that.


“Kacchan?” she asked after a few moments of silence, feeling suddenly shy and nervous, especially since he was looking at her with his intense red eyes. “U-um, I-I was w-wondering, if, um... w-well, i-if it’s okay, can, um, can I.. uh...”


“For fuck’s sake, just spit it out,” he snapped, irritated by her ramblings. She flinched nervously, even more unsure of herself, and he sighed. “Eh, I-I’m sorry, just... just ask me, Deku,” he said in a more gentle tone, stroking her head lovingly. “You know you can ask me anything, right? I’ll listen.” She smiled at him appreciatively before she took a deep breath.


“Can... can I... meet your parents?” she asked, looking up at him with wide, hopeful eyes.












Katsuki felt himself tense up at his mate’s question, unsure of how to respond. Yes, he wanted to introduce her to his pack, to show off what an amazing person she was, to have her included in every aspect of his life... but he didn’t know if he even could. Humans weren’t supposed to know about the existence of hybrids, it was one of their most important rules. Fuck, who knew what would happen if he introduced her to his mom, the leader of his pack... he didn’t want to lose his mate. Would the others even recognize her as his mate, since she was human? Would they try and hurt her?


But, at the same time, there was absolutely no one else for him. Izuku was his soulmate, undoubtedly, and she deserved to be a part of his pack. His parents might be upset with him at first, but they would most definitely fall in love with his sweet, smart, amazing mate. His mom would go nuts for her, surely, and his dad would be able to connect with her due to the fact they were both huge fucking nerds. Yes, she wasn’t a hybrid, she didn’t have a status, but she had known about hybrids for over a year and a half. She kept the secret easily, and never once used his alpha nature against him. Hell, even that Shouto bastard from the Todoroki pack trusted her, so that had to count for something, right? And like hell he would let anyone hurt her.


“Kacchan?” she asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was looking at him with wide, worried eyes, something that didn’t sit well with him. “I-I’m sorry. Should I not have asked that? I’m sorry, I won’t ask again, sorry,” she mumbled, looking upset. She had that self deprecating look on her face that he hated, and he immediately felt bad for making her feel that way.


“N-no, that’s not it,” he insisted, stroking her face soothingly. “We... we can do that.” Her face lit up in surprise, and an elated smile stretched across her face, causing his chest to fill up with warmth. She squealed with excitement and surged up to kiss him, smiling against him.


“Thank you, Kacchan!” she cried, happiness oozing out of every inch of her face. “That makes me so, so happy. I love you,” she said softly, smiling at him with that warm smile that was only reserved for him. He smirked happily, his tail wagging lazily against their bed, and he pressed a kiss to her lips. She giggled before she closed her eyes happily as she seemed to drift into sleep, leaving Katsuki to his own thoughts. He hoped he didn’t just make a big mistake, but, no matter what happened, as long as he had his mate, his Deku, he would be alright.












“Ah, Kacchan! I’m so nervous!” Izuku whisper yelled, clutching her boyfriend’s hand tightly, her knuckles turning white. “Wh-what if your parents hate me? Wh-what if they want us to break up!? What if they-“


Oi, shut up, stupid nerd,” he barked, glaring down at her. “They’ll love you. And ain’t no way anyone can separate us. If everything goes to shit, we can start our own pack, just the two of us,” he finished with a suggestive smirk. Izuku’s eyes widened at the declaration, and an affectionate smile spread across her face.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she said softly, pulling him down for a kiss. He smirked as he kissed her back, before stopping in front of a large house. She looked up at the building, gulping nervously as her boyfriend tugged her up the steps. Her heart hammered heavily as she tried to control her breathing, suddenly feeling light headed and nauseous.


“Hey,” he said, causing her to look up at him with wide eyes. “Take a deep breath, it’ll be fine. I’ll protect you, don’t worry.” She nodded at his reassuring expression, but held her breath as he knocked on the door, or rather banged on it. After a few moments, the door swung open, and before them stood a female version of Kacchan. She was wearing a red bandana on her head, presumably to hide her ears, which brought out her fiery red eyes.


“Hey mom,” he said, wrapping his arm around Izuku’s waist. “This is Izuku, my mate.”


“I-it’s nice to m-meet you, Bakugou-san,” she stuttered, bowing to the blond haired woman before her. His mom merely stared at them with wide eyes, before silently opening the door and gesturing for them to come in. They nervously stepped across the threshold, Kacchan hiding it much better than her as he took off his hat, and his mother shut the door. She turned to the two, remaining silent for a beat, before all hell broke lose.


Bakugou Katsuki!” she yelled, causing his ears to fall back against his head at the volume. “I don’t see hide nor hair of your ungrateful ass for almost two years and suddenly you show up with a human mate like it’s no big deal!? Are you insane!?”


“Keep your voice down, old hag!” he shouted back, his voice just as loud as hers. “So what if she’s human!? She’s my mate and I’d like to see you fucking try and  do something about it!” They were both in each others’ face, attractive faces pulled into angry sneers.


“She’s an outsider, you idiot!” she shouted, baring her teeth at her son, who hunched his shoulders slightly in a mild form of submission, making him appear shorter than her, despite him being taller. “Who know’s what she could have done to you!? To our pack!


“She saved me from that damn League of Poachers!” he argued, causing his mother’s eyes to widen in surprise. “I was drugged and injured! She had every chance to run off and tell someone, hell, it’d’ve been the easier option, but she didn’t! She nursed my sorry ass back to health and never once threatened to spill our secret! Hell, even one of those Todoroki bastards likes her! Doesn’t any of that count for anything!?”


“You got your sorry ass tracked by the League of Poachers?!” she screamed, angry and horrified. “Are you a fucking idiot!?


“It’s not my fault!” he protested, backing up a step as she got in his face. “One of their pawns drugged me! And they didn’t catch me, so it’s fucking fine!”


“That’s not the point, dumbass!” his mother yelled, exasperated. “You can’t just reveal yourself to humans! You know that!


“I didn’t have much of a fucking choice!” he shouted, throwing his hands up. “What the hell did you expect me to do!?”


“C-c’mon, Kacchan, le-let’s calm down,” she tried to intervene.


Shut up!” the other woman snarled, lips and nose scrunched as she bared her teeth. “You stay out of this!”


“Don’t you fucking dare talk  to her like that!” Kacchan roared, stepping in front of Izuku protectively as he growled at his mother.


“Come on now, you two,” a calm voice came from behind them, causing the three to whip around to face a brown haired man with big, fluffy ears. “Stop fighting. At least one good thing came out of all this. Our pup finally found a mate,” he said as he walked over to his wife, pulling her into a loose hug. “And he’s safe, that’s all that matters, right hun?” She looked like she wanted to argue, but relaxed in his grasp, taking a deep breath.


“Yeah, that’s true,” she relented, evidently soothed by his presence. “I’m still pissed at you, you little shit,” she said, pointing accusingly at her son.


“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he brushed off, pulling Izuku against him protectively.


“I’m so sorry about that, dearie,” his mother smiled, suddenly looking cheerful. “My son can be a pain in the ass. My name is Bakugou Mitsuki, what was your name again? I was too angry at my idiot son to hear.”


“O-oh, um, I’m Midoriya Izuku,” she stuttered, bowing to the matriarch. “I-it’s a pleasure to m-meet you. I-I promise, I w-won’t tell anyone your secret. Kacchan and Shouto-kun are very dear to me, and it would kill me to see anything bad happen to them. I understand that this is against the rules, but please, let me stay with your son. I love him with all my heart, really. I’d do anything to protect him,” she finished her speech with a resolved look on her face. Mitsuki and her husband looked at her with surprised faces, before the man smiled to his wife.


“Well,” he began, “I like her.”


“If you can put up with my idiot son, you must be a saint,” Mitsuki laughed, taking off her thick headband to reveal ash blond wolf ears, identical to Kacchan's. She threw her arm around Izuku’s shoulders and lead her into the house, smiling down at her happily. “Come, sweetie, I want to get to know the person my son chose as his mate.” Izuku felt herself relax as she was walked into the living room, happy that she no longer seemed angry at them, and apparently willing to accept her into their family.












Katsuki fumed silently as he watched the old hag drag his mate off into the living area, as if she hadn’t just talked down to her. She may be his mother, but no one talked down to his mate. He didn’t realize how tense he was until his father placed a hand on his shoulder, snapping him from his thoughts. He looked over at his old man, who wore a fond smile on his face.


“Don’t worry, son,” the beta said, patting his shoulder. “Your mother likes her.”


“She talked down to my Deku,” he stressed, growling under his breath, “and now she’s suddenly all buddy buddy with her?”


“Your mother was just worried,” his old man said, and Katsuki knew it was true. Still, it pissed him off. “Come on, let’s go join them.” He grunted in agreement as he stomped into the living room, relived when Deku seemed fine. However, he balked when he saw his mother had already pulled out a photo album, full of embarrassing pictures from his childhood.


“Ah, Kacchan,” his mate beamed, instantly causing him to relax. “Your mother was just showing me your baby pictures! You were so cute!” she ‘squee’ed, cooing over the photos.


“Katsuki was always a cute pup,” the old hag bragged, “and it always goes to his head. Don’t compliment him too much, Izu-chan! Or he won’t fit through the door!” she laughed. He felt the tops of his cheeks heat up as he stomped over to the couch.


“Put that shit away!” he demanded. “You don’t need to see that!”


“Shut up, brat,” the old hag snapped, swatting at him.


Awe!” Deku cooed, drawing the attention of the two alphas. “Kacchan! You’re so cute! Aah! I can’t get enough!” she giggled, clutching the book to her chest and wiggling in glee. “So cute!” The smile she sent his way was enough to calm him down again, although he was still beyond embarrassed.


“Yeah, my pup was a cute little shit,” his mom boasted, causing him to growl at her. “It got even worse in high school, since everyone was always telling him how handsome he was. And since he’s so good at everything, you can imagine he was quite the heartthrob.”


“I’m sure,” Deku nodded with a chuckle, looking at his pictures with rapt attention. “Awe! Kacchan!” she exclaimed excitedly, turning into him to show him the pictures. “Look here! Look at your big fluffy ears! Look at your cute fluffy tail! So cute! I can’t take it!” Her gushing was embarrassing if he was being honest, but she looked so happy, he didn’t want to ruin it for her.


“I imagine you two will have adorable pups,” his father commented, causing Deku to freeze while pride swelled inside of him.


“Damn right we will,” he boasted, pulling his mate to his side as her face turned bright pink. He was amused by her embarrassment, but he knew that it was true, they would have adorable pups. The very thought of her having his children was enough to make his head swim.


“Oi, calm down, brat,” his mother leered, catching a whiff of his aroused scent. He glared at his mother, cheeks going pink as his mate busied herself with looking through the photo album. “Masaru, dear, would you please get Izu-chan something to eat? I’m sure she’s hungry.”


“Of course, hun,” the beta nodded, getting up and walking into the kitchen.


“Say, Kacchan?” Deku asked, turning to him with wide eyes, tilting her head adorably at him. “Who’re they?” Katsuki looked down at the picture she was referring to, and huffed a laugh when he saw what she was pointing at.


“Oh, those idiots?” he asked, looking down fondly at the image labeled ‘the BakuSquad.’ “Those are my dumbass friends. Kirishima,” he said, pointing to the smiling redhead, who was wearing a bandana to hide his black ears, “he’s my best friend. This is Kaminari, his boyfriend,” he pointed to the blond hybrid with hair and fur so frizzy it looked like he had been electrocuted. “This is Ashido,” he pointed to the only female in the picture, who had pink hair with dark red ears, “and finally Sero,” he finished, pointing to the black haired hybrid.


“Wow,” she nodded, smiling down at the picture fondly. “They look like a lot of fun.”


“Those idiots are always getting into trouble,” he sighed, recalling the many hijinks his friends had gotten into. “I’m the one who has to save their sorry asses.”


“You’ll make a good leader, Katsuki,” his mom commented, causing him to frown.


“Leader?” Deku asked, looking between the two alphas.


“Katsuki will most likely be the next leader of the pack when I get too old,” she responded. “Or when he decides to usurp me.”


“Tch, like anyone else would be competent enough to lead our pack.”


“How many pack members do you have?” his mate asked. They then spent the next however long talking about their pack and pack dynamics, before they were told by his old man that food was ready. The rest of the night went by relatively smoothly, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t ready to head home.


“God, that was exhausting,” he sighed as they walked back to their apartment from the train station. His arm was thrown over her shoulders to stave away the night’s chill, as well as to have his mate closer.


“I’m just glad everything went smoothly,” she giggled as she wrapped her arm around his waist, leaning into his embrace. He could feel his tail wagging of it’s own accord and he grit his teeth in irritation at how constricting his pants were. She giggled at him and leaned up to kiss him on the jaw.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she told him, her gorgeous green eyes sparkling in the light of the setting sun.


“I love you too, Deku,” he said back, leaning down to properly kiss his mate.












“Okay Kacchan, I’m off!” Izuku called over her shoulder as she headed out for work.


Wait!” he called out, racing into the entryway. She opened her mouth to ask what was wrong but she was cut off by a vigorous kiss. “Okay, now you can leave.” She sighed in fond exasperation and shook her head at her silly hybrid boyfriend.


“Silly wolf,” she shook her head fondly. “I love you, bye,” she chuckled as she walked out the door, waving to her boyfriend over her shoulder. She smiled happily to herself as she headed off to work, a giant weight off her shoulders ever since meeting Kacchan’s parents the day prior. Maybe one day she’d even meet some of Shouto-kun’s pack! She practically skipped to the train station, and she received many comments at work that she was a lot more chipper than usual.


“Did something happen?” Ochako asked, smiling widely at her friend.


Well,” she drawled, cheeks turning pink. “I met my boyfriend’s parents!”


“Wah! That’s great Izu-chan!” the brown haired girl cheered, taking her hands in hers as she jumped up and down excitedly. “I assume it went well?”


“Well,” she said, giving Shouto-kun a nervous side eyed glance, “it was a little rocky at the start. Apparently Kacchan hadn’t called his parents in a while, so his mother was mad about that, but, other than that! Everything went great! His parents were super nice and showed me the cutest baby pictures!”


“Sounds exciting!” Ochako laughed, a wide smile on her face.


“It really was,” she laughed as well, recalling the day fondly. She gushed about the day for a little while before they got to work. She could tell Shouto wanted to talk to her about meeting other hybrids, but the never got the chance until during break.


“So, everything went smoothly?” he asked once they had found a spot alone to speak. “Judging from how much you stink, I assume all went well.”


“Haha, yes,” she said with a smile. “Kacchan’s family was very, interesting, but I really like them.”


“And they were fine with you?” he asked, before adding quietly, “being human, I mean?”


“Well,” she said, rubbing at the back of her neck anxiously, fingers grazing over her claim bite, “Kacchan and his mother fought about it for a little bit, but only because Bakugou-San was worried, but it all worked out in the end,” she assured her hybrid friend. He nodded in approval.


“That’s good,” he said, sounding relieved. They went back to work and the rest of the shoot was uneventful. After the wrap up, she bid her friends and coworkers farewell and headed home.


She texted Kacchan, letting him know she was going to pick up some groceries before coming home. She got her groceries without incident and as she passed by an alleyway, her phone buzzed. She pulled it out, smiling when she saw it was Kacchan wondering wear she was. He was so needy sometimes, it was kinda adorable. She was typing out her reply when she was suddenly pushed deeper into the alley and pressed up against the dirty wall.


“Wha-hey!” she cried, her phone and bags dropping to the ground.


Shut up!” the man who had jumped her growled, his breath hot and rancid against her face. “Just shut up and let this happen.”


“No! Let me go!” she shouted, thrashing and struggling against the man, who slammed her against the wall. She groaned as her head collided with the bricks, though the sound was muffled by the hand suddenly covering her mouth.


“I’ve been waiting for so long to have this moment,” he whispered into her ear, sending cold fear down her spine as his hand moved to her front. “Seeing you on those magazine covers, I knew I had to have you. But you kept taunting me, always looking at other men when you’re supposed to be mine! This is your fault, my dear.” He proceeded to grope her breast and rut himself against her ass, causing her to scream into his hand.


She continued to struggle and try to break free, heart pounding and bile rising in the back of her throat. This couldn’t be happening, this could not be happening! At her feet, her phone began ringing, the ringtone belonging to Kacchan, who was probably worried she had still not texted back, and she began to hyperventilate. She heard something tear and, to her horror, he had ripped the front of her shirt, leaving her bra exposed. No, no!


Hey!” someone shouted to their left, causing the two to look over in shock. To her relief, there stood four people who did not look happy with what they were seeing. “Let her go! Now!” The man, thankfully, did as commanded, but he did so by throwing her haphazardly at them. Two of the men ran after him while the woman and the red head who had spoken earlier stayed to make sure she was alright.


“Hey, you okay?” the woman asked, cradling her head and chest.


“Y-yes, th-thank you,” she said, tears running down her face as she rubbed at her eyes.


“We lost him,” one of the men who had chased after the attacker said upon returning. “Sorry.”


“Are you alright?” the black haired man asked, kneeling down beside her. To her surprise, she recognized the man.


“S-Sero?” she asked, eyes wide in surprise.


“See!” the red head said, a smile in his voice. “I told you she was his mate!”


“Keep your voice down, idiot!” the woman she now recognized as Ashido chastised, smacking Kirishima in the arm.


“Oi,” Kaminari objected, frowning at the girl with pink dyed hair. Before she could say anything, her phone began ringing again.


“Ah, th-that’s Kacchan,” she said, deftly reaching for her phone, which Sero thankfully grabbed for her. “Eh, K-Kacchan?”


Fucking finally!” he yelled, worry evident in his tone. “Where are you!? Are you okay!?


“Oi, Bakubro, calm down,” Kirishima said. “She’s pretty shaken, lay off her.”


Wha... Kirishima?” Kacchan’s voice came through the phone. “What the hell happened?


“C-can this w-wait until I get home?” she asked quietly. “P-please, Kacchan?”


“...fine. You idiots better get her home safe, or I’ll kill you,” he threatened.


“Sure thing,” Ashido said.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she said.


I love you too, Deku,” he said softly. “I’ll see you soon,” he said before hanging up. The four hybrids started getting her home in relative silence. They were on the train ride home, with Kirishima on her left, Ashido on her right, and Kaminari and Sero standing directly in front of her. They were protecting her, she realized, and it filled her with a slight sense of ease.


“S-so, h-how’d you guys find me?” she asked.


“We followed Bakugou’s scent on you,” Kirishima informed cheerfully, tugging on the hood of her hoodie. “It was pretty hard to miss.”


“It’s so nice to finally meet you, by the way,” Ashido said with a bright smile. “Bakugou talks about you all the time, but he wouldn’t let us meet you,” she finished with a pout.


“I-I’m sure he was pl-planning on it, he-he just wanted to wait un-until after I met his parents,” she assured the female hybrid. “I-I only just met them th-the other day.” They continued to chat as they got her home, all of them getting along wonderfully. When they arrived at her front door, Kacchan threw the door open before she could even knock and immediately pulled her into a tight embrace.


“Fucking, there you are,” he said, squeezing her tightly before pulling back to inspect her. “What the fuck happened? Are you okay?”


“C-can we go inside?” she asked, leaning into his warm body, emotionally and physically exhausted. He growled but nodded, scooping her up and carrying her inside. She didn’t object.


“Come on in, you idiots,” he called over his shoulder, inviting his friends inside. “But stay out here.”












Katsuki carried his mate gently into their den’s bathroom to get her cleaned up. She had a massive gash on her temple, just looking at it sent anger and fear through his body, the wolf inside him wanting to tear whoever had hurt her to shreds. He gently set Deku down on the toilet seat and pulled out the first aid kit. She silently pulled off her hoodie and threw it to the ground before she hugged herself tightly, covering up her slightly exposed chest through her torn shirt. That made him see red.


She looked so small and frail, and, to his anger, he could also see bruises forming on her wrists. He gently placed his hand on the side of her face, ears drooping when she flinched away from him. He knew she was still probably just skittish from whatever happened to her, but regardless, he was disheartened to see his mate show any fear towards him. He just wanted to hold her and make everything okay, to erase whatever had happened from her memory. However, he was afraid to do anything that would make her feel worse in an attempt to make her feel better. Damn the bastard who did this!


“S-sorry,” she mumbled softly, head hanging so her hair hid her face.


“No, no, don’t apologize, De- Izuku,” he said. “It’s okay, this isn’t your fault. Is it alright if I touch you?”


“Of course,” she said immediately, looking up at him with honest eyes. He carefully cupped her face and began to clean her temple. His heart ached whenever she winced in pain under his touch, although he knew in his head it was only because she was hurt and not because she was genuinely afraid of him. It hurt him, but he knew she was hurting more, so he put his feelings aside for her benefit.


“Can you tell me what happened?” he asked softly after he got all the blood off, revealing a surprisingly small cut underneath. “Y-you don’t gave to, you can tell me whenever you’re ready, or not at all if you want, but, you can tell me, if you want.” He internally facepalmed at his word vomit, but looked up in mild surprise when his mate started chuckling softly.


“Of course, silly wolf,” she said, petting his head and playing with one of his ears. She took a deep breath and began to speak. “I, I was on my way home, f-from getting groceries, and I w-was walking by an alleyway. I-I s-stopped and stepped to the side t-to respond to your text, and someone, a-a fan, jumped me. He, he...” she took a shaky breath and gulped, closing her eyes as well.


“Hey, take your time,” he said, kissing her cheek softly. She smiled weakly at him and nodded before taking another deep breath.


“He, he started t-talking a-about how he w-was waiting f-for an opportunity to, t-to have me... and... a-and he started g-groping me, a-and,” she broke off with a sob, biting her bottom lip as tears leaked down her face. Rage once again filled Katsuki, but he shoved it to the side in favor of comforting his distressed mate, pulling her into his arms as she cried. He gently rocked her against him, trying his best to soothe the love of his life.


“Did he do anything else?” he asked lowly, cradling her against his chest as she tucked her head under his.


“He, he ripped my shirt to s-squeeze my chest, a-and, r-rubbed himself against me,” he growled at that, “b-but that’s it... Y-your friends found us a-and Kaminari and Sero went after him, but he got away. Th-then they took m-me home.” He nodded at that as he tried to calm himself down, because again, as angry as he was, this was about Izuku and making sure she was okay.


“I’m glad you’re okay,” he told her, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing her knuckles. “I love you, Izuku. I love you so much, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you. None of what happened was your fault. I swear, if I find that fucker, I’m going to kill him.”


Heh, thanks,” she sniffled, fondly rolling her eyes at him. He was a little miffed that she didn’t seem to believe him, but she looked a little less upset, so it was alright.


“Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked, nuzzling her gently. “Anything at all?”


“C-can you hold me, please?” she asked shyly.


“Of course, but why don’t you take a shower first,” he suggested. She nodded silently and he kissed her forehead before he stood up and left the room. He went to their closet and pulled out the biggest, comfiest hoodie he could find, as well as grabbed her some clean clothes to change into, and handed them to her. “I’ll be right back, okay?”


“Please, come back soon,” she pleaded shyly, looking up at him with wet eyes. He pressed a kiss to her lips and smiled kindly at her.


“Promise,” he said, gently closing the bathroom door and walking to the main room, where his friends were quietly milling about.


“How is she?” Kaminari asked once he closed the door behind him, yellow eyes filled with worry.


“She’s messed up, but she’ll be okay,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets angrily. “You guys... thank you.”


“Of course,” Kirishima waved off, a half smile on his face. “Sucks that we had to meet this way, but she seems really great.” Katsuki nodded in agreement, but his face remained solemn.


“She said he got away,” he said lowly, not in an accusatory way, just observationally.


  “Unfortunately,” Sero sighed, looking upset with himself. “There were too many smells in the alley, we couldn’t track him. We’re sorry,” he bowed his head submissively, as did Kaminari.


“Nothing we can do about it now,” he dismissed with a sigh.


“You’re taking this surprisingly well,” Ashido commented offhandedly, causing the other three to nod in agreement with the beta.


“Trust me, I’m not,” he growled, causing the other hybrids to slightly back away in the angry presence of the alpha in charge, smelling the aggression coming off him in waves. “But,” he sighed, trying to calm down, “me being angry isn’t going to help my mate, and her wellbeing is my priority right now.”


“You really love her, huh?” his best friend said, smiling at him, to which Katsuki nodded.


“Yeah, I do,” he said. “Okay, I’m kicking you guys out. Izuku’s really overwhelmed and she doesn’t need you guys all around her,” he explained, hoping they would understand.


“Of course, Bakugou,” Ashido said as they all got up and headed towards the door. “We understand. Let us know tomorrow how she’s doing. If you need anything, call us, we’ll be here ASAP.” He nodded as he watched them walk out the door, all waving to him and bidding him goodbye until he was left alone in the main area. He sighed out as he walked back into their den, immediately becoming worried when he heard his mates quiet crying over the sound of the shower. He wasn’t surprised she was crying, but it still hurt to hear.


“Izuku?” he called out, gently knocking on the door.


Y-you can come in,” she said, sniffling. He slowly opened the door, ears drooping as he heard her sob again. He was a little surprised when she pulled the curtain slightly to the side, looking at him with red rimmed eyes.


“I said, you can come in,” she repeated, looking at him intently. He nodded in understanding as he undressed himself and joined her in the shower. The hot water hit his back as he hugged his mate from behind, wrapping his arms around her lower abdomen. She leaned her head back against his shoulder, keeping her eyes closed as water cascaded over them.


“I’m glad you’re okay,” he said, kissing her shoulder as he caressed his thumbs against her hip bones. “I... I don’t know what to say or do to make you feel better,” he admitted quietly, “but, whatever you need, I’m here. I love you, Izuku. I love you so much, I would do anything for you. Whatever you need, whatever you need me to do to help you feel better, I’ll do it.”


“I want to erase him,” she whispered, catching him off guard. “I c-can still feel his touch on my body, I-I can still smell him. I feel like he’s left an imprint on my body, and... and it’s wrong. I only want to remember your touch. Kacchan,” she said, looking up at him with wet eyes, “help me remember, please?”


“Okay, Izuku,” he nodded after a moment, leaning down to pull her into a kiss. He roved his hands over her body, touching every inch he could reach. He cradled and massaged her breasts before trailing a hand down her wet body to her arousal, easily inserting a finger inside her.


“Kacchan, hurry, please,” she pleaded, reaching back to hold onto him.


“Patience, Izuku,” he said, kissing the side of her head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


“I want it to hurt,” she insisted, voice tinged with desperation. “Please, please, Katsuki.”


Izuku,” he said solemnly, “are you absolutely sure?” he asked as he inserted a second finger, hoping to make this as painless as possible. Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do, and he wasn’t sure he could trust her judgement right now, but he wanted to do whatever he could to make her feel better.


“Yes,” she nearly snapped, furrowing her brows at him. “I want this, Katsuki.” He sighed but nodded. He grabbed her thigh and lifted one of her legs in the air, exposing her sex to the air, giving him easier access to her. He lined himself up with her, pulled her into a heated kiss, and penetrated her in one swift thrust.


“Ahh!” she cried out into his mouth, panting heavily.


“Z-Zuku,” he said worriedly, “I told you-“


“Move,” she commanded, narrowing her eyes at him, “now.” He nodded and did as she said, moving his hips back and forth against her. His cock slid in and out of her, sending heat to his very core, taking care to support her weight.


“Faster,” she sighed, head lolling against his shoulder. He picked up his pace, plunging his cock in and out as he held her close. She whimpered and whined as he fucked her, losing herself in the pleasure he was providing for her. Wanting to do more for her, he began to babble whatever praises that fell from his mouth.


“Fuck, Izuku, I love you so fucking much. Sh-shit. You’re so amazing, and strong, and so fucking perfect. Fah-fuck, I love you, so, so much. Shit, I love you so much it’s scary. But- shit- but I don’t regret a single thing, I’m so lucky to have met you. You’re the, fuck, fuck! You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, an-ah-and, no matter what happens, I’ll always love you. Fuck, fuck!


Before too long, she convulsed around him, signaling her release, and he followed soon after, his knot plugging her up. She leaned all her weight against him as she caught her breath, her thighs trembling ever so slightly in his hands. Katsuki panted into her neck, making sure they both stayed upright.


He kissed her neck and gently lowered her leg so she was standing shakily on both feet. He leaned over to the shelf and pulled out a bar of soap and began to wash their bodies, taking extra care with Deku as he cleaned her. She seemed content with just letting him wash her, which he was fine with, and let him do whatever he needed. They were in the shower long enough to the point where his knot deflated, letting his cum drip out of her. He took the time to clean her inner thighs and legs off, kissing her body as he did so, before he rinsed the two of them off. He turned off the shower head and toweled them dry before they both dressed in warm, clean clothes. Once she was bundled in his hoodie, he gently carried her to their bed and curled up protectively around her under the covers.


“Thank you, Kacchan,” she sighed against him, tracing her fingers on his chest.


“Do you feel better?” he asked as he draped his arm across her waist. “Is there anything else you need?” She gave him a small shake of her head as she ducked her head against him.


“I’m fine, for now,” she told him in a quiet voice. “I’m not naive enough to think that this’ll be the end of it. Thank you for taking care of me.”


“I’m your Alpha, it’s my job,” he said, taking in her cute form swimming in his hoodie. “But, you’re welcome.”


“Does it... does it ever bother you that I’m not a hybrid?” she asked, not looking at him.


“No,” he answered easily and honestly. “I love you just as you are. Hybrid or not, I love you.” He paused. “Does it bother you that I’m a hybrid?”


“No,” she answered just as easily. “I’ll admit, some of the things you do are, um, strange,” she said, a small smile gracing her face. “But I love you with all my heart, strange quirks and all. And I don’t ever want you to change.”


“Good,” he said, pulling her closer. “Now get some sleep, dumbass. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


“Alrighty, Kacchan,” she giggled, snuggling closer to him. He felt his tail wag against the bed at her better mood, causing her to snicker again.


“Shut up, I can’t help it,” he grumbled.


“I know,” she giggled, kissing his chin. “It’s cute, you know.”


“You’re cute,” he shot back, kissing her on the nose. He nose scrunched up at the kiss and she giggled again. His heart floated as he saw her giggling and carefree. He was sure she’d still be on edge and afraid after the attack, as it wasn’t something you could just get over, but this was a good sign. Hearing her laugh so soon after being assaulted? It made him feel at ease.


“I love you,” she cooed, her words a little slurred from drowsiness.


“I love you too.”












The days after the weekend incident, Kacchan and his pack took it upon themselves to watch out for her. Most of them didn’t really frequent the area except for Kaminari, so the alpha took to walking with her to her work. She appreciated the gesture, although she tried to assure her boyfriend that it wasn’t necessary, but they all insisted. She was secretly very grateful for their insistence. Walking past alleyways put her on edge and being left alone made her feel paranoid, but Kacchan and his pack were there to help chase away the darkness.


That was how Shouto met Kaminari, and while the interaction went more smoothly than when he had met Kacchan, it was still plenty awkward.


“Uh, hey,” Kaminari greeted somewhat awkwardly, smiling at the resident alpha. “My name’s Kaminari, I’m a friend of Midoriya and Bakugou. Midoriya tells me you’re, eh, like us?”


“Yes,” the two toned man answered, keeping his arms folded across his chest. “And, you’re here why?” Kaminari‘s eyes widened as Izuku winced.


“There was, um, an incident on my way home on Friday,” she said softly, brushing her hair out of her face. “I was attacked,” his eyes widened at the admission, “Kacchan’s pack saved me. Kaminari is one of them.” This caused Shouto to give him a contemplative stare before nodding solemnly.


“Very well then,” he said. “Just to let you know, this is near my territory. The only reason you have to come here is to help keep Midoriya safe. Is that understood?


“Wouldn’t be ‘round here ‘less it was for her,” the blond alpha said with a nod. “You got nothing to worry about.”


“Good,” Shouto said.


“I’ll be back later to walk her home. I work about 15 minutes from here,” he turned and gave Izuku a warm smile. “Text me when you’re ready to head home and I’ll run right over, ‘kay?”


“I really appreciate this, Kaminari-kun,” Izuku smiled at the blond. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”


“It’s no inconvenience,” he quickly assured her. “You’re part of our pack now, and we do anything for our pack mates. If it were Eijirou, my omega,” he clarified for Shouto, “I’d want you or one of the others to watch out for him. And with Bakugou being our head alpha, your wellbeing as his mate is extremely important.”


“Well, I really appreciate it,” she said, a blush spreading across her face. “I’ll see you later, yeah?”


“Sure thing,” he said with a smile. “Bye!”


That day, at work, Shouto was especially protective, considering she had been attacked. He honestly reminded her of an overprotective big brother sometimes, not that she was necessarily complaining. It was nice, having so many people worry over her wellbeing, although at the same time she felt a bit burdensome. Even though she knew Kacchan liked to take care of her, she was so unused to it that it still blindsided her. She struggled internally with the idea that, maybe she deserved it, and that she didn’t deserve the amount of care everyone was showing her, but talking to her boyfriend helped put those thoughts to rest. Not that they didn’t still appear...


After her day was done, she texted Kaminari and he was over in ten minutes. Shouto watched over her until he got there, and the two alphas gave each other mutual nods before the blond began walking her home.


Kaminari was a strange alpha, to say the least. She didn’t have much to go on, considering how she only knew a few alphas, but Kaminari was by far the silliest of them all. Bakugou-San, Shouto and Kacchan were all domineering and commanded any room they were in. Kaminari, not so much. Sure, he could capture the attention of the room, but not because he was a leader, it was because of his magnetic personality. She enjoyed being around Kaminari, the alpha exuded a carefree, friendly energy that she felt safe around.


This routine carried on for a while, to the point where Kaminari walked her back and forth not so much out of necessity but because they were actually good friends. She had reached the point where she was fine to be alone now, save for at night, although she still enjoyed Kaminari’s company, so they walked together. One day, however, when he was walking her back home, a few months after her attack, he stopped outside of her apartment instead of walking her to her floor like normal.


“Kaminari-kun, what’s the matter?” she asked as she looked at the alpha who had a scrunched up look on his face. “Is something wrong?”


“Ah shit,” he sighed, giving her a look. “Look, uh, we need to leave and come back,” he told her, taking her by the arm and leading her away.


“Wha- Kaminari-kun! What are you doing?”


“Taking you home with me,” he said. She began to sputter but he continued on. “You and Eiji are gonna go shopping for supplies.”


“Su-supplies? For what?” she asked, staggering being him.


“For Bakugou’s rut,” he told her as he continued to pull her along. “He’s going to be insatiable for days, so you’ll need to be prepared, and who the hell knows if Bakugou has done it himself. Better be safe than sorry, and all that.”


“W-wait, wait, what?” she asked, her face turning pink.


“Basically, Bakugou’s going to be a sex crazed horn dog for the next three to five days,” he said casually, ignoring how her face turned red. “If you’re not prepared, it’ll be hell for you. Trust me, during my first rut, Eiji couldn’t walk for a few days cuz we weren’t prepared, and it was pretty miserable. You’ll want to call out of work, by the way.”


What!?” she screeched.


“Don’t worry,” the alpha smiled as he pulled her down the road to his apartment, which was only a five minute walk away. “Eiji knows exactly what you’ll need! Trust me, he’ll take care of you,” he promised as he lead her to his apartment building. They walked up a few flights of stairs before he opened one of the doors. “Eijirou! I’m home babe!”


“Denki!” the red headed omega came skipping out from somewhere in the apartment, wrapping his arms around his alpha and tail wagging so fast it was a black blur. It was a bit awkward, seeing as how Kirishima was taller than the blond. “Oh! Hi Midoriya! What brings you here?”


“Bakugou’s going into his rut,” Kaminari explained. “I could smell his pheromones from outside the apartment building. I need you to help her prepare. I know she’s not an omega, but I’m shit at this sort of thing, so I’m trusting her to you, okay Baby Shark?” he asked with a smile, squishing the taller man’s cheeks.


“Of course,” Kirishima giggled, his cheeks turning pink. “C’mon Midoriya! Let’s go!” And the next thing she knew, she was being pulled out of the apartment by the excited omega, but not before being reminded to cover up, and being led down to the nearest sex shop.


“Ki-Kirishima!” she whisper yelled as he pulled her inside, her face bright pink.


“Awe, Midoriya,” he chuckled, walking confidently into the shop. “No need to be so embarrassed! Hey, Ashido!”


“Hey Kirishima! Ah! And Midoriya!” the pink haired beta greeted with a bright smile, flouncing over to them to give her a hug. “What brings you here, eh?”


“Bakugou’s gone into his rut,” he explained softly.


Aaaah,” she said, a knowing smile on her face. “You’ll need to come out back then. Follow me!” Ashido pulled Izuku along as the two of them went into the back. The beta opened the door for them and peered around inside before beckoning them to follow. In the back were a wide variety of sex toys, so many types that she hadn’t even seen or heard of before.


“These’ll help you prepare for your alpha’s rut,” she told Izuku, patting her back in a friendly manner.


“Huh?” she asked, beyond confused.


“This shop was opened by an alpha and her omega specifically to help others deal with their ruts and heats. It’s one of a handful of hybrid run sex shops in the city, so it’s pretty popular, but we keep the hybrid exclusive stuff back here,” Ashido explained as she led Izuku through the aisles.


“That’s, that’s actually pretty cool,” Izuku said, extremely embarrassed but still fascinated nonetheless.


“And we’re here to help with whatever you need,” Kirishima said, throwing an arm around Izuku’s shoulders. “Leave it to us!”


“And!” Ashido said, a bright smile on her face. “Hybrids get a discount.”


“B-but I’m not-“ she was cut off by a hand over her mouth.


That’s not important,” Kirishima hissed as another hybrid entered the back, giving the three a nod of understanding. “So, what’re you into?”


“I-I don’t know,” she said shyly, ducking her head in embarrassment. “I... I’ve never bought a sex toy before.”


Ooooo~” Ashido cooed, clapping her hands and rubbing them together in excitement. “This is going to be so fun!”


She spent the next hour or so having the two hybrids walk her through what sex toys were better for what and when. They also insisted she get an abundance of lube and some condoms specifically meant to take an alphas’ knots. Izuku didn’t think those would get used at all, but better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. She was on birth control anyways.


“When alphas mate with their omegas during their rut, they’re much more likely to get pregnant. You’ll want to have these.”


According to the two hybrids, Kacchan had no intent on letting her leave their apartment. So, an hour later, she left the store with more sex toys than she had ever planned on purchasing in her life. She even got some BDSM stuff that she had never once considered buying, but had always secretly wanted. She was beyond embarrassed to have such things in her possession, but, as she was walking back with Kirishima by her side, she was assured she’d be so happy to have them.


“Good luck, Midoriya,” he said as he stopped in front of his apartment. “And have fun! Let me know if you need any food or other supplies,” he finished with a wink, sending a flush across her face. She sighed deeply and began to walk back home, filled with nervous anticipation. She squeezed the bags tighter as her apartment came into view. She couldn’t smell any pheromones like Kaminari apparently had, but she trusted her friend’s instincts. She took a deep breath before she stepped inside the dark apartment.












“C’mon babe, I said I’m sorry,” Kacchan apologized once again as he curled up behind her, his tail thumping against her.


“Kacchan, I can’t walk,” she complained, looking over at him and pouting angrily.


“I can’t help it,” he apologized, nuzzling her jaw with his nose.


“You couldn’t have given me a warning beforehand?” she asked in exasperation.


“It kinda caught me by surprise,” he told her, tracing patterns in her skin. “Sorry, I would’ve told you if I knew.”


“Silly wolf,” she sighed, reaching back to pet the top of his head, ruffling his hair and ears. His tail began to wag against the bed, causing her to giggle fondly.












Katsuki didn’t know what had driven him to do it, but he had the uncontrollable urge to meet his mate at her workplace and walk her home. He always got out of work early and usually used the extra time to get started on dinner, but today he decided to surprise her by walking her home. He checked his phone and saw that he had an hour until his little Deku got out, so he decided to wait in a nearby cafe, which was conveniently across the street from her modeling studio.


He looked up at the sky, noticing that it was going to rain any minute, and ducked into the cafe. He ordered a black coffee and sat by the window and stared forlornly at the studio across the street. He was probably suffering from the residual affects of his rut, seeing as how he missed his Deku so much more than usual.


It was still weird just how attached he was to the greenette. She invaded his thoughts constantly whenever they weren’t together, and nothing else mattered when he had her with him. Everything about her was addictive and he just wanted to be around her all the time, never leaving her side. She soothed the wolf inside of him with just her presence , and he made him feel safe and calm. He never thought he’d ever rely so heavily on another person, and it was a little frightening. Growing up, whenever he saw an alpha in his pack, or in any neighboring packs, be heavily swayed by their mates, he had found it disgusting. Not being completely independent, having another person be able to so heavily affect him, it was a scary thought to him.


Meeting Deku changed him. He wanted to make sure his mate was happy always, that she knew he loved and respected her, and that he was able to protect her, that he was worthy of her love and affection. He wanted to know what she thought about everything, always seeking her approval. He was afraid their relationship wouldn’t work at first, seeing as how she was a human, but everything was perfect. Yeah, they fought sometimes, like any normal couple, but everything worked out. He looked out the window as rain began to fall from the sky, streaking against the window and running down in rivets. He sighed and turned to his phone to busy himself until the hour was up, texting Kaminari that he’d be taking Deku home, doing his best to ignore the hustle and bustle of the humans behind him.


He scowled in irritation as he glanced around the shop, unsurprised when he made brief eye contact with a woman across the room. She ducked her head in embarrassment as her face turned pink. He resisted the urge to growl audibly as he heard the woman’s friend whisper to her excitedly. He checked his phone for the time and bounced his leg in agitation when he saw there was still a half hour left. And it wasn’t like he could just barge into her workplace and drag her away, he’d been explicitly told he couldn’t do that, so he just had to wait.


He could feel the eyes of the two women on him, causing him to fidget in his seat under their scrutiny, which pissed him off. He was sitting on his tail and it was really uncomfortable and he really didn’t want to be stared at. The two women were attractive enough, he supposed, but neither of them even came close to his Deku. Then again, it wasn’t really fair to compare anyone to his Deku, because she was perfect in his eyes. Time passed agonizingly slow, and he was getting restless to see his mate. As the time finally, finally passed to five minutes before she got out, he got up to head out. He was interrupted by the woman from earlier intercepting his path.


Move,” Katsuki growled, his upper lip curling into a sneer.


“Ah! S-sorry,” she stammered, her eyes wide from nervousness, which pissed him off. Deku was adorable when she was nervous, and her stammering was super cute, but damn did it annoy him when someone else did it. “I-I just w-wanted t-to a-ask-“


“Not interested,” he dismissed, trying to walk out the door, being stopped again when she grabbed his arm.


“W-wait, please-“ she pleaded, ‘eep’ing when he wrenched his arm from her grasp.


“Don’t fucking touch me,” he snapped, stomping out of the shop and marching across the street. With perfect timing, that was the moment his mate decided to walk out the door. She was mid laugh when she spotted him out of the corner of her eyes, causing her to turn her head in surprise. Her expression brightened considerably as they made eye contact, instantly calming him down. Everything was right when she was with him, and it made him happy that seeing him seemed to make her happy.


Kacchan!” she cheered, dashing over to him and throwing her arms around his chest, making his chest bloom with happiness. “What are you doing here?”


“Dunno, thought I’d come down and walk you home,” he shrugged, kissing the top of her head as he hugged her to his side. He looked across the street at the cafe and flipped off the window, hoping the woman was able to see that he was very much taken.


“Kacchan, what are you doing?” she asked, giving him a confused look.


“Nothing, babe,” he assured, turning to walk down the street.


“Oh, alright,” she said as she’s popped open her umbrella. “Bye Shouto-kun!” she called, waving at the half n’ half beta bastard.


Tch,” he scoffed, “I can’t stand that guy.”


Oh stop it, you silly wolf,” she said with a roll of her eyes, elbowing him in the side.


“What?” he asked indignantly taking the umbrella from her and holding it over them. “You know I can’t help it. But even if we weren’t hybrids, I don’t think I’d be able to stand him.”


“Jealous,” she teased, causing him to blush.


“I’m jealous of anyone who gets to spend time with you,” he muttered, resting his chin on the top of her head when they came to a stop.


“You don’t have to be jealous,” she said, snaking a hand up under his hat and scratching his ear. “Silly wolf. Come on,” she said, pulling him along as the cross walk light turned green. They walked to the train station with Bakugou hovering over her most of the time while she marveled at the rainy scenery.


“You’re so cute,” he said, kissing her cheek and causing her to giggle.


“You’re really clingy today, Kacchan,” she commented, closing her eye as he squished her cheek with his kiss. “Is everything okay?”


“Yeah, I just miss you,” he admitted softly, leaning into her as they walked down the stairs to the station. “You’re gone for so long... I get kinda lonely...


“Oh,” she said, frowning ever so slightly in thought. “I’m sorry, Kacchan. I don’t have work tomorrow! Do you want to go out together or just spend all day inside?”


“Don’t care, jus’ wanna be near you,” he said, burrowing his nose into her neck and inhaling her scent. She laughed brightly and reached back to pet his head.


“Well, depending on how the weather is tomorrow, why don’t we plan on going out?” she said, to which he nodded in agreement. “If it’s still rainy out, we’ll stay in and cuddle all day, sound good?”


“Mm,” he nodded again. He just wanted to cuddle right now...


“C’mon, silly wolf,” she beckoned as their train pulled up and the doors opened. They found their seats, but his mate let out a small shriek when he pulled her into his lap. She scoffed fondly as he buried his face into her shoulder again, just wanting to block out the world.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked, reaching up to pet his head again. God did her hands feel good.


“Yeah, ‘m fine,” he assured her, rubbing his face against her. “Just miss you.”


“Silly wolf,” she whispered, turning around and kissing his forehead. They snuggled silently for the rest of the train ride until they arrived at their stop. Katsuki pressed himself as close to her as he could, which may have impeded her ability to walk, but he didn’t care. They eventually made their way back to their apartment and stepped inside, Katsuki immediately dragged her to their den so they could cuddle.


“Hey, let’s at least get changed into dry clothes. And I’m sure you want to put on comfier pants,” she commented, knowing how much he hated wearing pants. He let out a long winded sigh as he reluctantly let his mate go so they could both get changed. He merely stripped off his shirt and pants, leaving him only in his boxers, and crawled into the bed. A few moments later, now dressed in her pjs, his Deku joined him, allowing him to spoon her again.


“I love you, Izuku,” he commented, kissing the top of her head. “I love you.”


“Are you sure you’re okay, Kacchan?” she asked, looking over her shoulder. “You never call me by my name. Is everything alright?”


“Yeah, fine,” he assured her, feeling bad that he was making her worried. “I just... I think it’s just the aftereffects of my rut. It can make Alphas really clingy and emotional, although not always. I guess I’m just really hormonal.” At that, she let out an amused giggle.


“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh,” she laughed, a bright smile on her cute face that made him start wagging his tail happily.


“It’s fine,” he said, kissing her neck. “I like seeing you laugh. You’re so beautiful, y’know? Especially when you smile.”


“I guess the over-affection is a way for Alphas to get their mates to forgive them, huh?” she teased, cocking a brow at him. She laughed as he whined against her.


“I said I was sorry!” he cried out.


“I know, I forgive you, silly wolf,” she promised, looking over and nuzzling his face. “Let’s get some sleep, yeah?”


“Yeah,” he agreed, kissing her cheek. “Goodnight, Izu. I love you.”


“Goodnight, Kacchan,” she whispered. “I love you too.”












The next day turned out to be overcast, but not rainy, so the decided to take a chance and head out. They wandered around downtown for a while without any particular destination in mind, just content to spend time with each other. They happened upon a small park and decided to get some street food. They laughed and chatted as they ate, Kacchan, of course being more affectionate than normal due to the after affects of his rut, not that she was complaining. She enjoyed how he leaned into her when they sat side by side, content to be beside her. He was exceptionally overprotective that day, and didn’t want to leave for a moment. Unfortunately, nature calls, and he had to leave her momentarily.


“Don’t go anywhere,” he muttered into her ear before he shuffled off to the restroom. She laughed and stood by a bench, waiting for him to come back. She glanced worriedly above to the sky, frowning when she saw just how dark the sky was getting. Well, it was fine, they’d just spend the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies. Yeah, that’d be a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Cuddly Kacchan, warm blankets, hot drinks, it would be wonderful. As she was looking up, she apparently had wandered into the middle of the path, causing a collision between her and another.


“Ow!” she exclaimed, stumbling backwards and only barely just preventing herself from falling over.


“Oh, dear, sorry about that,” a man said, his voice raspy and low.


“Ah, it’s alright,” she said, brushing herself off. “Are you okay?”


“Fine,” he said as she looked up to him. “You look, familiar,” the creepy man with pale blue hair said, his smile frightening and familiar. Her mind flashed to that fateful stormy night almost a year and a half ago, where she feared for her life, and for Kacchan’s life as well. Oh no...


“O-oh, really?” she asked, trying to keep her composure. His eyes narrowed scarily, sending a frightened shiver down her spine. When was Kacchan getting back? Did she want him to come back right now? Would this man recognize him!? What was she supposed to do!?


“Ah, I know,” he purred, his voice cheery yet frightening. “You’re that model! Midoriya, right?”


“Eh, y-yeah! That’s me,” she laughed awkwardly, hoping that was all he recognized her for. “Um, d-did you want a picture?”


“Oh, please!” the man cooed, clapping his hands together happily as he pulled out a phone from his hoodie pouch. He wrapped his arm around her as she forced her best smile for the camera, trying to hide the fact that her skin was crawling under his touch. He wasn’t directly touching her skin or anything, but his touch still felt slimy and disgusting all the same. But, she was never one to refuse a fan, and she didn’t want to raise any suspicion, so she bit the inside of her cheek and bared it.


“Oh, thank you so, so much for that,” he said, his lips cracking as he smiled widely at her. “If it’s not too much to ask, could I get your autograph?”


“Um, y-yeah, sure,” she said, watching warily as he pulled something from his pocket. He held out a blank piece of paper for her and fished out a pen as well. “Wh-what would you l-like me to write?” she asked, taking the pen and paper from him, suppressing a shiver when their hands touched.


“Oh, I don’t know,” he mused, his eyes crinkling as his pupils dilated. “Anything that comes to mind.”


“R-right,” she stammered as she began writing a generic phrase of ‘good to see you! Love, Midoriya <3’ even though she felt the exact opposite.


“You know,” he began slowly as she wrote, “I feel like I’ve seen you, somewhere else before.” She took pause as her blood ran cold, looking up slowly at the man.


“P-pardon?” she asked softly, her heart rate picking up as his smile widened.


“Something about you is quite, familiar,” he went on, stepping closer to her. “I’m certain I’ve seen you somewhere else before.”


“I r-really ought to be getting back to my b-boyfriend, right now,” she said.


“Oh, I’m sure he won’t mind,” he insisted, getting even closer as she backed up.


“W-well, I mind,” she said, furrowing her brows as she frowned at the man. She pressed the pen and paper into his hands. “If you don’t mind, I’ll be going now. H-have a good day.”


“Now, hold on,” he said, grabbing her wrist and pulling lightly. “I still want to talk to you. You seem so, interesting.”


“L-let go,” she snapped, doing her best to get away without causing a scene. If other people saw, they may ask questions about her and Kacchan, because he would undoubtedly step in. She had to think, think! “Let me go, now.”


“Oh, please don’t go,” he cooed, trying to pull her to him. She widened her stance and got ready to kick him in the shin, when Kacchan approached.


“Hey,” he growled, “what the fuck is going on here?” Her eyes widened in fear as he realized who exactly was grabbing her.


“Oh,” the creepy man smiled, which seemed to startle Kacchan. “My old, friend, right?” The sky chose that moment to open up, little droplets of rain began to fall from the sky.


“I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you better let my girlfriend go,” he growled, seemingly recovering from the shock. Good, he was playing it cool. As he spoke, the man’s grip slackened, and Izuku was able to wrench herself from his grip and bolt to Kacchan’s side.


“Oh,“ he sighed softly, looking suspiciously between the two of them. “My mistake...”


“We’re leaving,” Kacchan growled as the rain picked up. Izuku nodded in rapid agreement as they turned an all but ran away.


“What the fuck just happened?”












After the scare they had in the park, Katsuki dragged his mate back to their territory to calm down. He didn’t know who was more shaken, him or Deku. He didn’t want to think about it, he just wanted to make sure she was safe. Once they walked into their apartment, he locked all the doors and windows and closed all the blinds. Maybe he was being paranoid, maybe not, but he wanted them to be safe. He was sure the man had recognized him, and it scared him.


“Kacchan, I’m fine,” Deku insisted, although he could hear her voice waver ever so slightly.


Hardly,” he scoffed, throwing her comfiest pajamas at her face. “Get changed,” he ordered before stomping out of the room. He double checked to make sure all the doors and windows were locked.


“Kacchan,” his mate called out fondly, standing in the entrance to their den, wearing an oversized t-shirt and long, oversized pajama pants that pooled over her feet. She walked over to him and looped her arms around his neck. “It’s okay.”


“He had his hand around you,” he stressed into her shoulder, not out of jealousy, but out of worry. “What if he hurt you?” The mere thought sent shivers down his spine. 


“He wouldn’t,” she told him. “There were too many witnesses around for him to try anything. Plus, he didn’t recognize me as the woman who may have taken you in. And I’m fine.” He took in a deep breath and let out a shaky sigh.


“Still,” he persisted, unable to keep the thoughts of worst case scenario out of his head. “He could have-“


“But he didn’t,” she interrupted sternly, gently grabbing his face and forcing him to look at her. “Kacchan, I know I can’t make you not worry, but I’m fine. I’m right here, he didn’t do anything to me, you shouldn’t fret about what you can’t change.”


“You’re right,” he sighed, resting his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be sorry, I’m not mad,” she giggled lightly. “I just don’t want you to be upset.”


“Have I ever told you that you’re perfect?” he asked, causing her to laugh.


“Maybe once or twice,” she teased, pecking his lips playfully. “Wanna cuddle on the couch and watch tv or a movie?”


“Nn,” he nodded, pulling back a bit.


“Kay,” she smiled at him. “I’ll grab some blankets, you get changed, yeah?” He nodded again and walked into their den to get changed into something more comfortable. He donned a pair of loose shorts, deciding to forgo a shirt, before walking back into the living area.


His little mate had made a nest out of blankets and pillows on their couch, sending a smile to his lips. She looked so cute, puttering about and setting everything up. He couldn’t help but wistfully imagine she was in her nesting stage of her pregnancy. Most hybrids, when they were pregnant, began nesting, building a safe, cozy place for them and their pups to stay in. But, he and Deku had talked about it, and she admitted to him that she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet. It made him very sad, but he respected her decision.


Oh well, he could dream, right?


Dream about her bustling about as she nested in their den, finding the softest blankets and pillows she could get her hands on and using those. Dream about the glow she would develop along her pregnancy, along with the swelling of her stomach as it filled with pups. She’d have to stay home a lot more, and would need to rely on him for a lot of things. He’d get to curl up around her protectively and rest his head on her growing tummy. Oh, he’d bet their pups would look adorable, strong and healthy.


“Kacchan, couch’s ready,” she beamed at him. “I’m gonna make some popcorn and grab some drinks. You go ahead and pick something to watch,” she instructed as she walked into the kitchen. He smiled as she went and got comfortable on the couch, scrolling through the channels to find something good to watch. He heard the popcorn begin to pop before the microwaved dinged not too long after. A few moments later, Deku came back in with two glasses of tea and a bowl of popcorn.


“Ready?” she asked as she set the food and drinks down on the coffee table. She ‘eep’ed as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, maneuvering them so that he was pressed against the back of the couch, on his side with his mate pressed into his chest. She giggled lightly as he wrapped around her, nuzzling into her neck and blowing a raspberry into her skin.


“Ah! Haha, Kacchan! Stop,” she laughed as he nibbled on her neck and ear, lightly tickling her sides as well.


“Why would I stop?” he asked, sucking a hickey on the ticklish part of her neck. “When you’re so cute?


“Kacchan!” she shrieked with laughter as the tickling continued, her laugh bright and beautiful. He kissed up and down her neck as he stopped tickling, merely wrapping his arms around her waist and caging her against him. He sighed contentedly against her skin, lazily watching the movie over her shoulder.


“I love you, Izuku,” he murmured into her ear, kissing behind it gently. “I love you so much, and I’m so happy to have met you.” He curled around her more, hiding his face against her shoulder. “I... I love you, I love you so, so much it hurts. I would do anything for you, anything at all. You make me so happy, Izuku. So fucking happy. I never thought I’d be so happy. Thank you.”


“You’re quite sentimental, Kacchan,” she said. “But I love you too, Katsuki.” After that, she turned back to watch the movie, but he could tell something was on her mind.


“Oi,” he asked, nosing at the hair behind her ear. “What’s goin’ on in that gorgeous head of yours?”


“N-nothing,” she insisted, hunching her shoulders in that self conscious way of hers.


“C’mon, tell me,” he whined, kissing her shoulder.


“Well,” she began, taking a breath. “You know how, um, how we talked about having kids... uh... I don’t think I’m ready, yet. But, when the time comes, I would love to have children with you.” He stared at her with wide eyes, his jaw slack and heart frozen. “I-I mean, w-we’d have to g-get married f-first, a-and all that, and we’d definitely h-have to find a bigger place to l-live, but... are you crying?”


“No, shut up,” he sniffled, burying his head in her hair. “I fucking love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.”


”I love you too.”