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The Photons Decaying in Empty Space

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Y/n and Tenko were born only a few months apart, both families taking them home to the same street. Y/n's mother worked for a hero agency as a secretary but never disclosed which hero it was or even talked about her job much. Tenko's family forbade talk of heroes. They were friends since they could walk. Tenko found solace in having a place to go where there were no restrictions in conversation that interested a child growing up in the kind of world as he. 

One day, when both were four years old on a cool fall morning, Y/n walked over to her friend's house when she spotted him out front. 

As she got closer, she noticed him crying into his hands. He scratched at a rash around his eyes. He had said it was from allergies, so Y/n's mom didn't need to restrict them playing together out of fear of it spreading to her daughter. 

"Tenko? What's wrong?" She knelt in front of him, unsure of what to do. 

"D-Dad got mad at me for mentioning heroes again...He yelled really loud this time and said to spend the rest of the day outside, that he just wanted me to not come back in until bedtime... It's chilly...! And I couldn't even bring Mo-Chan with me today..." He wiped his cheeks furiously, blinking away the last of his tears. 

"Well, you can come to play with me! You know we don't tell him that we play heroes in my yard! Mom said she'd never tell your mom or dad. Your big sister said she'd be quiet about it, too!" She beamed at her friend and took his hand, standing up.

He looked behind himself at his house, then back to Y/n with a nod. "Okay!" 

A small gust of wind ruffled through both of their hair. His black hair puffed up and her h/c hair flopped back behind her head as they walked. 

"If only we had capes." Y/n said, giggling. 

Tenko sighed, "I wish I had a flying Quirk." 

"Oh yeah! Has your Quirk don't know that word...Have you gotten your Quirk yet?" 

"No...The doctor is worried, though."


"If you don't get one by the time you're five you might not ever get one...!" 

"Oh! I know someone without one! He's the mailman!" 

"But I don't wanna be a mailman, I wanna be a hero and you can't do that without a Quirk!" 

Y/n punched the air, "Sure you can! All Might says anyone can be a hero!"

Tenko cringed, "Even someone like me?"


They both were silent for a minute.

"Let's be heroes, Tenko! We can be whatever we wanna be and no adults can make us stop!" She pat his back, making him grunt. 

"Y-Yeah! Okay!" 

Y/n repeatedly hit her snooze button, but she was already wide awake, staring at the wall in the dim light of her room. 

"Why do I remember him now...?" She wiped the involuntary tears away from her eyes, sitting up and looking down at the carpet. 

To her knowledge, Tenko Shimura had been dead for years. As far as she was concerned, and by what her mother had told her, he had perished in a freak accident at his house one day that killed his whole family, even his pet dog. They had talked every night on the phone since she moved away, but one day he had stopped answering. 

The pain of losing her friend was like a hot iron on the skin when she came back to Japan from America, the memories amplified by her Quirk. 

She huffed from her nose when she took hold of the item that must be causing the images in her brain to be scrambled: an old birthday card, framed and sitting on the bedside table. From Tenko. Her fifth birthday, he had sent it to her. 

Even through the glass, it was pulsating with such strong energy of the past she could hardly stand to hold lest her Quirk go haywire and give her a headache. 

Y/n's Quirk was called Sentimental. It was characterized by three things. The first was the ability to see her own memories vividly and sometimes involuntarily when she touched something or someone that held sentimental value to her and to feel the feelings she felt then. Secondly, she could, with effort, see the events that took place in a room when she enters or even touches someone or something who was there in a certain time. Lastly, with great effort, she could access someone's memories if they willingly let her. 

She was going to be starting a job in the local police department, her Quirk being board-certified to aid in investigations and the finding of villains. She had two weeks to spare until then, and this small apartment near Dagoba Beach Park did just fine. It was only a short train ride away from the police station. 

Today, she'd go shopping though. Spend time out of the house in a different city. 

She looked at the map of Japan on her wall, closing her eyes tight and two of her fingers to the course paper. "Where does the universe want me to go today...? There!" 

She opened her eyes and saw. "Camino Ward it is..."

Y/n groaned and plopped flat down on a bus stop bench. Her new clothes and self-care items hanging from the bags on her arms. 

The hot sun beat down on her. Damn summer was almost there. 

She was thirsty and looked around to see if anywhere near her had anything for sale that would quench her aches. 

There! Behind her, there was a tea shop, and the line wasn't too long! Thank the heavens!

Y/n stood up, still looking behind her. Something was drawing her in there. So, she stood up and walked around the bench.

And someone ran into her.

Normally, there would have been a simple apology. She would ask for forgiveness and continue on. But, her Quirk involuntarily activated, and in quick flashes before her, she saw the black-haired, red-eyed boy she played hero with. Always encouraged. Always cared for. 

"Tenko...?" She gasped. 

The stranger froze instantly, peering out shyly from behind messy and unkempt sky blue bangs. Those eyes...She knew those eyes. They were very familiar, and deep... His chapped and scarred lips parted in wonderment. 

"Y...Y/n?" He looked dumbfounded. 

A smile crept to her face slowly. "Oh my god... I'm...I''re alive...I thought you were..."

"Dead?" He gulped, pulling his hood back a little to show more of his face and to get a better look at hers. 

Y/n couldn't resist hugging him, making him grunt audibly. He clearly wasn't used to this affection, but Y/n was crying and he didn't understand why. As far as he was concerned, she shouldn't care...She thought he was dead. 

"But you're still breathing! I like what you did with your hair! Blue suits you..." She grinned tearfully, touched by the reunion. 

"Uh, thank you..." 

"We should...catch up! I don't know, I mean, I'm just so happy and grateful you're alive...! It's been...too long, friend." She softened her voice. 

"Catch up..." He had two options: deny her offer and leave her heartbroken, like he wanted to, or accept and possibly be annoyed by the things that once interested him. What's strange is that he had forgotten all about her, and the memories that rushed into his head and vision when he touched her were almost overwhelming. He didn't know what to say. But, he felt compelled to take her up on her offer. 

He couldn't refuse the bare minimum, as she was already handing him her number, written on the back of a receipt from her day of shopping. 

He took the small paper between two of his fingers, "I'll...I'll text you. I promise."

Y/n nodded, "I can't wait to catch up soon. Maybe you could come over. My mother would probably be relieved to see your face." 

Tenko gave her a smile. Except he wasn't really Tenko anymore. 

She was in for a wild ride when she got into his head. 



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Tenko wasn't the kind young child that Y/n had befriended as a small child. 

He didn't go by his old name anymore. He wasn't a fun-loving, nervous young and innocent child. He was disturbed. 

He pushed open the door to the bar, still holding the small paper in his fingers. He would have simply used his Quirk on it, but once again, that nagging feeling to keep it and actually text her made him feel immense guilt every time he thought of it. 

It had been very many years since anyone had referred to him by his real name. 

Y/n L/n... his best childhood friend. The one who stayed attentive and lasted the longest, and went on all sort of adventures with him.

He stared at the phone number she had scribbled down, a little smiley face at the side with her name.

Kurogiri stopped what he was doing from behind the counter and eyed him with those two yellow lines. "What is that paper, Tomura Shigaraki?"

He said nothing, just turning it over and sliding it over to his caretaker. His shadowy form bent down and read it.

"A phone number from a girl? Of all the things I figured it was...I didn't expect this." Kurogiri said, "Did she ask you on a date?"

The villain ran his fingers over his neck, "No...she's an old friend. We bumped into each other outside... She said she wants to catch up."

Thinking about their encounter made those warm and fuzzy memories of innocence flood into his mind. He remembered her calling him every night, and how they would laugh at the dumbest jokes, go on adventures together into the darkest of places with no fear when playing dumb hero games. The innocence of childhood. 

The only particularly happy memories he had of what he could remember before he met his Master were with her. 

"Are you going to take her up on her offer?" Kurogiri questioned, sliding the phone number back over to him and returning to his task of scrubbing out shot glasses.

Should he? It had been years and years of trauma in between then and now. It might be therapeutic to talk to someone who might understand. Who saw this life of his from the looking glass. The anxious thought of dropping her offer and throwing the paper away made his heart lurch. He had to or he would feel terribly uncomfortable, he decided. 

He nodded, taking his hand away from his neck.

"Yes." He replied. "I'm going to text her tonight."

He could only hope the Master approved of her.


Y/n burst into the apartment with a huge smile. "Mom!"

M/n, her mother peaked out from the living room and blinked tiredly. "What is with the intensity, dear?"

The daughter ran up and hugged her. "I ran into an old friend and I'm so happy!" 

"And old friend? Who?"

"Tenko Shimura! He's alive and well, mom! He didn't die!" She shook her with glee. 

"Shimura...didn't die? That...makes no sense dear, are you sure you didn't...have a Quirk malfunction?" 

"No, no! I touched him by accident and we both remembered each other. He's...he looks a little different now. He dyed his hair light blue and has a few scars, so I think he's a bad boy." Y/n chuckled. "I gave him my number and he said he'd definitely text me..." 

Almost on cue, Y/n heard her phone bing. She opened it and found a text from an unknown number. 

'Hey, it's Tenko.'

She immediately texted back, ' Hey! I'm so glad you texted me.'  

"So, did he have an obvious Quirk or was he...Quirkless?" 

"Mm, I didn't see..."

"Well, I never really found out what his parents' Quirks where. But..." She trailed off. "His father...he hated heroes. I wonder how the death of his family has truly affected him." 

Y/n had barely thought of that since she found him. She grimaced, "I don't think that's appropriate to ask yet..." 

Tomura had never done something like this before. 

With his phone carefully gripped in his hands, he was strangely elated when she answered back in record time. He took a deep breath in through his nose and out through his mouth, wondering what to say next. His Quirk sometimes interfered with the most mundane of tasks, like texting back. 

An idea came to mind then, and he prayed it wasn't too forward. 

He wondered if Kurogiri would mind if he left for a little to go see Y/n? He quickly began to start another text, figuring he had left her hanging for too long. Wouldn't want to see, rude (even though he is most of the time). It's not time to reveal his true colors to his dear friend.

Maybe he could find solace in the girl.

He rephrased the text in his head multiple times. How to sound mature and use...manners...

'If it's not too much of a hassle, may I come over soon?'

Sounds polite enough, he guessed.

'Sure! For dinner, or...?'

Is it weird he read the texts in her voice? Ah, who cares...?

He was pretty hungry...

' dinner sound's cool. what's your address?'

'1818 Meadow Dr., Musutafu.' 

'that's...further than I expected. but I'll be there as fast as possible. A friend might be able to use his Quirk to get me there faster.'

'okay! we'll wait for you'

Tomura sprung up from his seat and grabbed his hoodie with excitement. He almost didn't bother with shoes, considering his commute would be less than two minutes. 


Y/n was amazed at how quickly he had shown up. The knock at the door mere minutes after she put her phone down was alarming. 

She opened the door, "That was...immediate. Your friend's Quirk is amazing!" 

He nodded once, entering the apartment. "It's convenient."

Her mother came strolling around the corner, looking at Tenko with interest.

"Here he is, Mom! I told you he was still alive!" Y/n grinned, resting her hand in his shoulder.

He raked his fingers over his neck, eyes roaming the hallway until they fell upon her mother.

She took off her reading glasses, a look of astonishment on her face. "Well I'll be damned. Tenko Shimura, is that really you?"

"Yes..." He chuckled softly.

"I like the hair...! I'm elated you're well. Please, Y/n, bring him to the table!" She walked to the dining area. 

Y/n reached to take Tenko's hand, and his eyes widened. He quickly pulled his hand out of reach before she could grab it.

"Huh? Are you okay, Tenko?" She turned to him and lifted an eyebrow.

He looked at his hand and stuffed it into his pocket. "You don't want to touch my hands, Y/n. Trust me, I promise you'll regret it."

She was a little unnerved by this, but she slowly started walking toward the common area. "Well, alright...Just, uh...follow me then!" She tried to sound chipper and inviting. He followed. 

The possibilities of why he didn't want her to hold his hand ran through her mind...Maybe a sensory disorder... Maybe he didn't like his hands being touched...Or maybe...

"Shimura, I'm sure by now, your Quirk has manifested if you have one. If you don't mind, could you tell us?" Mother asked, pouring tea at the table. "The question was making us wonder."

Tenko looked around, sighing softly, "Do you have anything...maybe a newspaper you've already read?"

Y/n was interested, so she picked the magazine off the table and showed it to her mom. She nodded and let her give it to him. At first, he held it with only four of his fingers, but the very second he places his ring finger down on the polished paper, the magazine began to crumble away. It was as if it were decomposing, and it quickly turned into a pile of dust at his feet. 

He looked between the two of them. They each had astounded faces.

He scratched his neck anxiously, "I's a-,"

"That was amazing!" Y/n applauded. "Your Quirk is super cool!" She hugged him tightly, feeling another memory of them playing rush back...but also a darker one. A hand coming down upon his face. Her smiled wavered. 

He raised his arms up a bit, and for the first time in a long time, she saw him smile, ever so slightly.

"I agree. Your Quirk is quite unique." Mom nodded.

Tenko looked dumbstruck, turning his gaze down to the table, "Thank you..." He pushed out. 

The conversation turned.

"So, what do you do for work?" 

"Uh...I'm training to be" He said.

"Oh! That's a great job." 

If only they knew. 

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It was Y/n’s turn to make the trek to meet Tenko somewhere. She insisted to make it there herself, denying any help from her friend’s friend’s Quirk.

She carried a canvas bag, filled with pictures and mementos from the time he had spent at her house when they were very young. She looked at them fondly while the bullet train shot across the landscape at thunderous speed. The memories of each of them feeding her Quirk.

Tenko said he was waiting outside for her, and there she spotted him just as the sun was setting on the horizon, “Hi, Tenko.”

“That was a lot quicker than I expected.” He said flatly, vaguely gesturing that she follow him.

Y/n matched his pace, Tenko leading her to the backside of a seemingly abandoned building. There must be apartments in it, she thought.

Tenko expertly held the key with two fingers and turned the lock, opening the door and holding it with his foot for her.

She noticed his bright red shoes, which contrasted against his black clothing. “I like your shoes…!”

“Uh...thanks...Come on in.” He uttered, itching at the side of his irritated neck.

Y/n wondered if his allergies had gotten worse. They looked like they did, and his scars were in an indication of what had happened to him in his past. Now was not the time to bring it up, though.

"Ah, Tomura Shigaraki, you're back. I see you brought a friend?" A deep voice sounded throughout the room. The man it came from looked like a proper gentleman in his fashion sense. He wore a white dress shirt with a tie and a green waistcoat, his yellow, line-like eyes falling upon Y/n. He was made of a deep purplish-black mist. He looked awesome to Y/n. She raised an eyebrow at how he addressed her friend.

Tenko nodded vaguely. "This is Y/n. Also...remember what we talked about.”

"Of course. Apologies. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Y/n. I'm Kurogiri." The mist-man said.

"It's nice to meet you, too." She waved at him. Tenko sat down, slowly kicking out the barstool beside him for her.

She sat, holding the bag on her lap. Tenko looked over, raising an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"Oh, I found these, and I thought it would spark some memories." She shrugged, "From our little adventures when we were little, you know…?"

Kurogiri looked up from his work behind the bar. She could see he was cleaning cups and shot glasses out with a rag, "You two really do go way back, then...?"

She nodded enthusiastically, "We were best friends since we were born, pretty much.”

All that Tomura could remember of his childhood was with her. It was almost as if touching her when they bumped by chance triggered all those memories to resurface in full.

What was strange was that every memory between her was blank, as if she was the only thing there when he was young. Odd, he thought.

“See? Tenko used to love to come over and have fun with my mother and I. She’d make us American food while we played heroes in the fall leaves. Good times, right?” She slid a picture across the counter, her fingertips against the edge of the glossy paper, her eyes narrowed.

Tenko gazed at the picture. It was him and her. He hardly recognized himself. The child that was supposedly him had black hair and appeared so innocent and timid. She just looked like a smaller version of herself. 

"If you don't mind me asking, Y/n, what is your Quirk?" Kurogiri asked Y/n, looking between her and the picture. 

"Oh, I can relive memories, make others relive memories, and see visions of the memories of a place...some other things, too, but it's a lot. Mostly, it happens if I touch something or someone that means something to me, even if I don't know it." She rested her hand on Tomura's shoulder, causing him to stiffen and grunt. 

Y/n started to giggle, "Speaking of which, I just got another memory... Tenko, remember that time my mother took us to the aquarium and the stingray scared you half to death?"

Tomura unsuccessfully fought a smile, "Now that you remind me, I wish I could forget."

"Very powerful Quirk..." Kurogiri remarked, his thin yellow eyes darting over to the TV at the end of the bar in contemplation. 

Tomura also glanced in that direction, wondering if the other he knew of was listening in. He wondered his opinion, what he would think of her. Would he be mad? Would he be okay with it? The thought gave him anxiety. 

Tomura looked back to Y/n as she talked about life and whatnot, and his heart jumped to life in his chest. 

He didn't know what these new feelings were, but they were annoying. 


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Y/n couldn't have started work on a worse day. Tenko wasn't answering his phone and the Department of Mustafa was overwhelmed with a dark new case from the day before. She had seen it on the news before and just knew it was going to be a bad day. 

An attack on UA High School, the most affluent hero course in Japan aside from Shiketsu High across the island.

Walking through the doors, she was ushered to her new boss' office. 

"You must be Y/n L/n. I'm Lieutenant Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi." The man had black short hair and a tired, yet professional demeanor. He had to be exhausted, he was working a tough case. 

"Nice to meet you, sir." She shook his hand and put on her best smile. 

Tsukauchi took a deep breath, smiling dryly, "Well, as you know, we had quite the incident yesterday..." 

"Oh, yes. Quite horrifying to see how villains breached the school's defenses...I'm glad that, for the most part, everyone was alright." Y/n shifted in her position. Her outfit was mildly uncomfortable, but she figured that in time she would learn to dress in a slightly more casual manner. 

There was a knock on the doorframe and a very tall man rounded the corner. To Y/n, he looked almost dead. She was mildly freaked out by his appearance. "Hey, my friend...Ah! Am I interrupting something...? Pardon me." 

"Not at all...Yagi. It's alright. I'm just briefing one of our new hires about the open investigation. You could probably help with that." Tsukauchi gestured for him to come in. 

Getting a closer look, the man's cheeks were hollow and his eyes sunken, but a striking blue. His hair was messy and a faded golden blonde. Y/n jolted up and plastered that professional grin on her face again, "Hi, nice to meet you, sir. I'm Y/n L/n." She extended her hand to his. 

Politeness. Grade A, gratingly kind politeness. 

Yagi shook hands with her, and the instant their skin touched Y/n was overwhelmed. 

Pictures of...blankness. Familiarity. 

Her eyes went wider than saucers and she stumbled back as she brought her other hand to her temple. 

"Are you alright?" Yagi lunged forward in an attempt to grab her before she fell. 

"Yes...I am...I'm sorry, my Quirk activated when I shook your hand..." She furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion. 

Tsukauchi came over and helped her sit down. 

"No, it's alright. You're Quirk is sometimes involuntary, I heard." He said reassuringly. "Did you see anything?" 

"No, I just...something like this only happens when I'm connected to someone. Every time I nudge my mother, I get a happy little memory depending on how I'm feeling. I bumped into an old friend who changed his look and knew it was him..." Y/n shook her head, glancing up at the tall man called Yagi, "Who might you be to me...?"

She hadn't the slightest who this man was. She was honestly startled by the way he looked. He looked sickly. The question bounced around her mind along with the feelings she felt when she touched him. 

Yagi knelt down a bit, rubbing his chin in thought. Y/n watched him closely. He seemed to be focused on trying to make any level of sense of how they could possibly be connected. She was working through it, too. 

Y/n was startled when he suddenly jumped up, looking pale as a ghost and like a deer staring down headlights. His lips parted and he released a strangled sound as if he were trying to speak. Finally, he choked out words, "Your last name is...L/n? And your mother's name is...M/n, by chance, right?" 

She wondered where he was going with this, cocking an eyebrow and nodding, " both." 

Yagi tangled his hands into his ragged hair and paced, "Oh god...oh shit...I can't're only twenty! Th-That happened twenty-one years ago...! Ah, how could I...we...we have been so st-stupid?! I mean-!" 

"Yagi, what is the issue?" Tsukauchi stood up and took his arm.

The tall man clenched his eyes shut and inwardly sighed through his nose. "Please...close the door..." 

His friend did just that. 

Y/n's head was spinning with possibilities. Why was her age and mother's name so important? Stupid? How was this man and her mother...stupid? Her train of thought came to a grinding halt as the pieces began to come together. 

"Y/n...twenty-one years ago your mother and I...we..." He hesitated, "We worked for the same hero agency. There was a party...and we...well you you get what I mean, right...? God, I'm ashamed..." Yagi rubbed his forehead, "What I'm getting at is-!"

"You think you might be my father...? The one that's been absent from my life...?" Y/n posited. 

Yagi stiffly nodded. 


Tsukauchi watched with shock, "Wow...I didn't think this would be a family reunion..." 

Y/n was overwhelmed with many very up-front emotions. They mixed like oil and water in the front of her mind. Part of her wanted to punch this man who theorized such a claim. The other half wanted to embrace him and cry, making up for twenty years of lost time. However, logic had to be at play. "We should get a test done." 

"Yes. Very soon. If I have a daughter, I need to know." Yagi gave a wobbly smile. Y/n could tell that he was torn between being thrilled and horrified. 

She had just met this strange man and already may have found an important missing figure in her life. 

Y/n created an appointment time to meet with her possible father and have a paternity test processed the next day, but in the evening, she received a dire call from the man known as Kurogiri, Tenko's roommate and mentor. 

"I got your number from...Tenko. He wants you to come over. The poor man's been injured and wants your company." He explained. 

"Oh, gosh! Do you need me to bring anything?" 

"Just yourself. I'll set a warp gate for your location. You can step through, it should be right by your front door..."

"Okay..." Y/n hopped off of her bed and tried to make herself look half-decent. "What kind of injury did he get? What happened?" 

Kurogiri seemed to hesitate. 


"Pardon me...I believe he got into a skirmish with a petty thief that resulted in him being stabbed a few times on each limb. He's seen a doctor who patched his wounds, but he can hardly move without pain and has been bedridden since he returned from the hospital." 

"That explains the lack of calls or texts the past three days..." 

"The poor boy can't even lift his arm to get a phone...!" 

"Poor Tenko." Y/n slipped on her shoes, "Alright, I'll be there in a second, I guess." 

She hung up and quietly opened her bedroom door, glancing toward the door of her mother's room. Closed. 

She silently snuck out and carefully exited the apartment. Lo and behold, there was a black, spiraling warp gate before her door. Gulping, she extended her foot and entered through with tightly closed eyes. 

On the other side was the light of the bar she had visited Tenko in a week before. Kurogiri was at the counter, "Good to see you again..." 

"You, too. Where is he?" Y/n looked around in the dimly-lit, windowless room. 

"Upstairs." Kurogiri pointed toward a door, "The stairs are to the left and his room is the door beside the bathroom at the top. I believe I left his door open." 

"Okay. Thank you." She promptly entered the other room, walking up the short flight of stairs to the second floor and finding there to be the two doors like he had said. The bedroom was cracked open. 

She knocked on the doorframe and heard stirring inside, "Hey, Tenko. It's me." 

"Come in..." 

Y/n pushed the door aside and entered the dark and cool room. There was a window open just a little across from her, and there was a twin bed with her friend lying down awkwardly. 

"I heard you got beat up...How are you feeling?" Y/n came over slowly, sinking down and sitting on the edge of his bed. 

Tomura's whole body ached with burning pain. He didn't want to move much, but he moved one of his bandaged legs slowly to the side with a groan. 

"You don't have to move." Y/n insisted, smiling gently and patiently. "You look like you need to rest..." 

His heart jumped in his chest at the look at her face and a strange heat crossed over his cheeks and neck, but he shut his eyes for a moment. Y/n was too good to be friends with a villain like him, but she didn't know that. Yet...

"I'm glad you came..." He whispered, "I figured you'd have other things to do." 

"It's nice to get my mind off of all of that and spend time with you, even if you're bedridden." 

Tomura looked beside him to the nightstand and saw Father sitting there in a reverent position, palm pressed against the table. Y/n had apparently taken notice as well, humming curiously. 

"What's this?" 

"Uh...a collectible..." He blurted out nervously. He mentally beat himself up at referring to his prized possession in such a manner. 

"Can I touch it?" 

He opened his mouth to protest and bent to try and sit up. His body didn't react well, causing a strangled grunt to escape his chapped and scarred lips instead of actual words. 

Y/n's fingertips grazed the hand on the table as Tenko cried out when he moved. 

Her vision was filled with the flashing vision of a man. Tenko's father, Kotarou Shimura with a look of horror on his face. She blinked it away and moved her hand back quickly. 

"Tenko! Don't move!" She came to her senses and turned her attention to him. She rested her hand on the back of his head and helped him lower his body down slowly to the mattress. "You poor thing..." 

The pained look on his face dissipated and his panting and high heart rate slowed to normal. 

Y/n moved to look at his hands, clenched at his sides. At least, the one she could see. One of his hands had been wrapped up in bandages. She frowned, "Do you want me to help redress your wounds properly?" 

"I...I guess...they are very uncomfortable...Annoying..." He muttered out, moving slowly to sit up. 

He was surprised when Y/n softly removed the blanket on his legs and picked him up in bridal fashion. 

"Wh-What are you doing?!" He sputtered, fearfully grabbing onto her shirt with four fingers. 

"Taking you to the bathroom..." She huffed, taking a few steps, "So I can wash the injuries." 

She held her breath and carried her friend to the bathroom beside the bedroom, setting him down to sit on the counter. She wiped sweat from her forehead, finding that there were extra rolls of gauze and antiseptic on the counter. "Alright, can you show me where all the injuries are?" 

Tenko rolled up his pant legs to show one bloody bandage on his calf and another on his mid-thigh on the other leg. Y/n was careful, finding where the coverings began and unraveling them. She found a stitched wound on his thigh, "This looks bad...poor Tenko..." She pouted and took a cloth, dabbing some antiseptic on the partially healed wound. 

The man hissed through clenched teeth, his voice hoarse, "I hate this so much..." 

"I'm sorry that you got mugged, Tenko." 

"Yeah...mugged. It does...this..." 

As Y/n dressed his wounds, she kept herself thinking about her eventful day. What a wild world she lived in. Meeting the man who held the most-likely spot for being her long-lost biological father and helping out her previously long-lost best friend dress wounds he received in what she believed to be an accident. 

She sighed softly as she finished his second arm slash, seeing his hand was all that was left. 

The two locked eyes knowingly. His Quirk was in the way and it was dangerous. 

Y/n gingerly took his hand and rested the back of it into her palm, undoing the bandages slowly and methodically to avoid the touch of all five of his fingers. 

They were only dangerous if he wanted them to be, after all. 

Tomura watched Y/n diligently, at a loss for words. She was touching his deadly hands with no fear and showing him such undeserved kindness. 

He pressed his chapped lips tightly together into a cringe as he turned his eyes down to his newly, and more-comfortably dressed afflictions. How sweet, he thought. How naive, but how cathartic. 

That unnamable feeling arose in his chest once more when he saw her so focused on him. He wasn't used to physical touch of any kind and something about the nurturing way she handled him made his heart thump in his ears. 

She wasn't afraid of him even after knowing his Quirk and what it was capable of doing. She thought he was cool and oh, boy, was that something new. He would smile if he wasn't in as much physical pain as he was. 

Y/n finished, "Done...! Now, let me get you back to your room," She grinned, bending at the knees and scooping him again in the fashion she had earlier. 

Tomura felt like something he had been needing was beginning to come to him. 

Annoying...but also largely underappreciated. 

She laid him down onto his mattress again, but he felt so much better than before. 

"Thank you," he said without much thought, surprising himself. 

"You're welcome. Any time..." Y/n yawned. 

"Go home." Tomura murmured, "You're tired... it's like three in the morning..." 

Y/n snorted and chuckled, "Alright, then I want you to sleep, too..." 

"No promises." 

Y/n snickered at the banter between them. It reminded her of their childhood days together. 

She stood up off the bed and collected her cell phone, making sure Tenko was set. "Goodnight, Tenko."

"Night...I'll text you..." Tenko shrugged in some odd way. 

"Okay...feel better." She closed the bedroom door, waving as she shut off the light, too.

She yawned again and descended the stairs and found Kurogiri was waiting in the bar area for her still. 

"I redressed his wounds and was talked for a bit. DO you mind if I come back in a day or two to help out again? It pains me to see him in so much pain." Y/n almost begged the mist-man. 

"I suppose that can be arranged. Thank you for aiding's a great help to me, as well. He wouldn't let me near him these past few days." Kurogiri said. 

"Great...thanks for warping me." 

"My pleasure. See you soon, Miss. Y/n." He opened a new gate before her, and she stepped through with full intention of collapsing into her bed and dreaming sweet dreams of being with her normal, unfortunate best friend. 

And thinking about the strange feelings she was beginning to feel around him... 

Those are normal, right? 




Chapter Text

Y/n met up with the man called Yagi in the evening after a long day of paperwork. Staying up as late as she did the night before made her appear groggy and sluggish. Waiting in the room after getting their blood drawn. Alone. Alone with their thoughts. 

"Are you alright?" Yagi asked in a concerned tone. 

"Yes, I'm just...nervous, I suppose..." She looked at her inner elbow and at the bandaid there, rubbing it with heavy eyes. "And tired..." 

"Well, the nervousness is obvious...but why are you tired? Did you lose sleep over this?" 

"Not exactly. A friend of mine is injured and I spent the night helping him out...Poor boy got mugged." 

"I'm sorry. Tell him that I hope he gets better." 

"I will." 

Silence. The ticking off the clock. It drove Y/n insane. The doctor had to be back soon...he said less than half an hour. How long had it been? She looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes... 'Are you kidding?" 

"What do we do if it's positive to show you're my kid...?" Yagi whispered. 

Y/n shook her head, "I don't father and daughter, maybe? Make up for the lost time? Maybe you and mom" She shrugged. 

"Your is she?" 

"She's good...she's retired and we live together. What her did you both work for at the time of your know...?" 

Yagi thought for a moment, chuckling, "We were working as interns for All Might..." 

"Wow! That's amazing. She never told me who she worked for back then...When I was five we moved away from our neighborhood to go to America. She worked for some hero over there..." She became more at ease as they talked. 

It wasn't that she was opposed to having this man be in her life as her father, but thinking that her mother never told her made her anxious and a little angry. Why would her mother hide such a thing from her? 

The door opened after a knock, and the doctor entered with a clipboard, "Well, not to quote that one show, you're the father...!" 

The wave of realization washed over both of them, making them lock eyes. 

"So it's true..." Yagi uttered with a strained voice. 

"I-It is..." Y/n replied, a soft smile tugging at the corners of her mouth while the emotions in her mind battled for dominance. How should she feel about this now that it was confirmed? What was the appropriate reaction? With her Quirk being linked to her emotions as hard as it was, her mind spun with blank visions and familiarity. "You're my father..." 

Toshinori and Y/n stood outside the door to her apartment, taking a deep breath as she turned the door handle. "I'm sure she'll be surprised to see you..." 

"Are you sure it's a good idea to not tell her we're here?" Toshinori rubbed the back of his neck and peered down at his newly-revealed daughter. 

The revelation that he had a child made him feel so sick yet so happy. Deep in his heart, he had always wanted to be a father but knew he couldn't manage a family into his hectic Symbol of Peace schedule. Though, he was nervous to confront the woman that he had accidentally impregnated. 

Shame. He felt shame that he was an absentee father. So much more to be ashamed about. He was a liar and a horrible father...He couldn't even be honest with his own daughter about who he really was. It was for her own safety, he decided. 

She opened the door, "Hi, mom. I'm home. I brought...a visitor and some news..." 

Toshinori's heart lurched and he walked in through the doorway. Time to face his past...

Y/n saw her mother sitting on the couch reading a book, gaining her attention when she addressed her. The woman stared up at her, arching an eyebrow. "Who is this, dear?" 

Y/n hummed. Maybe she didn't recognize him. It had been two decades since they've probably seen each other. "This is Toshinori Yagi. I met him yesterday at work...and when I touched him my Quirk activated. We decided to figure it out, and well...We found that he's my biological father. I figured...that you'd want to reconnect...?" She mentally slapped herself for her poor wording. Boy, she was tired. The mental fog of her lack of sleep made her second-guess herself. 

M/n's face drained of color and she locked eyes with the nervous, skinny, shaking man beside her daughter. Y/n cringed. She had done it now...

"C-Can I talk to private...?" 

"Uh...yes... of course." 

Y/n watched silently as the two adults vanished down the hallway. Not one to eavesdrop, she walked deeper into the apartment away from where they were and checked her phone. 

A text from Tenko. 

'I can finally text again.' 

She smiled and typed out a reply, 'I'm glad. Do you want me to come over again tonight?' 

'How about tomorrow?' 

'Okay. What time?' 

'Any time.'

'How about the morning? it'll be rainy, I'm not on call, we can watch a movie or something. I really need to hang out with you, my whole world is going crazy' 


'i'll explain tomorrow. saying it over text doesn't do it justice'

'okay. see you then ig'

Y/n sighed deep. At least she'd get a break. 

Her parents came around the corner, her mother speaking, "It seems it is true..."

"So...what are we going to do...?" Y/n uttered, sinking her phone into her pocket while furrowing her brow. 

"Why don't we go out to dinner tonight for the first time as...a family?" Her father grinned. 

"That sounds...nice." 

Shame that the three all felt mutually slowly started ebbing into...ease. Easy thoughts about how this portion of their lives would be in the future. 


Chapter Text

Y/n found the warp gate exactly where it was before. The rain on the outside of her house almost seemed to echo through the vortex. Was it raining that hard in Camino, too? 

To her happiness and delight, the gate opened up right outside of Tenko's room. The upstairs was a little brighter in comparison to the last time she was there. Possibly due to the rain clouds making everything darker. 

Kurogiri must have known she was going right up there anyway. She smiled and sighed softly, knocking on the door to her friend's room and gripping her bag close to her side. "Hey, Tenko." 

Tenko was sitting on the side of his bed, halfway through the process of pulling on a hooded sweatshirt. He perked up when he saw her open the door. "Hey..."

"What's up? Your wounds feeling okay?" 

"Better. Uh...thank you for fixing the dressings." 

"No problem. Anything for you." She walked closer looking to find a place to sit beside him. 

Tenko itched at the side of his neck, "What was up with your cryptic texts yesterday...?"

 "Oh!" Y/n chuckled, "Sorry I did that...Well, I had some family discovery come out of the blue. You know me and my Quirk, I keep discovering things with it..." 

" you met another person from your past...?" 

"Yes. My father..." 

Tenko seemed taken aback, opening his chapped lips to speak but all he could manage was a narrowing of his eyes. 

"I know right? It seems very crazy...I met him at work. We shook hands and found everything out yesterday evening with a blood test and everything!" 

"I never really questioned why you didn't have a father in your was always just you and your mother. So, what happened?"

"Oh, bless me, I'm the child of a workplace affair...Even though that's the truth, my father wants to be in my life and I can't be happier about it. Maybe you can come meet him next time you're around mine, eh? I think he'd like you." Y/n beamed, hoping for that to be the case. She giggled and rested her hand down on Tenko's shoulder. 

He flinched, and so did she has she received an unexpected vision. Not one of her own. One from Tenko's eyes. His vision was slightly obstructed, but before him was a body of water and a fast dome above his head. He turned his view to face the top of a large staircase where the door blew open. Then, just as it began, it ended. 

Y/n blinked, her eyes wide with fascination and fright. 

"I hate meeting new people..." Tenko responded as if nothing had happened. 

So, pretending that it was just that, Nothing, Y/n gulped and raised an eyebrow, "You seemed pretty comfortable with me." 

"You're not new. I've already met you." 

"Fair point..." 

Tenko shifted, "You wanted to watch a movie. What movie?" 

She reached into her bag and removed her laptop, "Have you ever seen the Lion King?"

"No. Never cared to watch it." 

"Wanna watch it now?" 

"Whatever you want." 

"You don't sound so sure..." Y/n teased. 

"Just play it," Tenko grumbled. 

Tomura rolled his eyes and stuffed his hands into his pockets, sitting beside her on the side of his bed closest to the wall. He hunched over and watched her set up her laptop and open her account to a video streaming service. 

That giddy and excited smile on her face made that damn itching feeling pang up and down his heart. He would have called the look cute, but he didn't want to seem like a creep. She was his friend. Oh, well. 

As the movie began, he realized how wonderfully familiar this was. He remembered days where he would go over her house and her mother would put on movies for them. How on snowy days home from preschool they would set up a pillow fort and stay in their pajamas all day. That innocent feeling of the whole situation made him feel a way he hadn't felt in years. 

The opening sequence he had seen parodied online so many times played for real before the both of them. 

"Lion cubs are so cute," Y/n cooed.

"Sure, but they grow up to kill everything." 


Tomura groaned in annoyance, "Let me guess, this dark, brooding lion is the bad guy?" 

"Yeah. His name is Scar." Y/n snickered, looking to him. "You're kinda like him, just not evil. Matching scar, too." 

He subconsciously gulped, "Still a stupid stereotype." 

He bit his tongue through the songs. He found the hyenas entertaining, albeit mildly grating. This movie was okay so far. He rolled his eyes at the idiotic confidence of the lion cubs, finding them similar to the UA brats he had taken on in some kind of way. 

"Simba and Nala are kind of like us when we were little..." Y/n remarked, "Always getting ourselves a little scraped up from our backyard adventures..."

Something about the intimidation Simba felt towards his father at the beginning of the next scene made his skin crawl. 

'Dad?' 'Mm?' 'We're pals, right?' 'Right.' 'And we'll always be together, right?' 'Simba...let me tell you something that my father told me. Look at the stars! The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.' 'Really?' 'Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you...and so will I."

Tomura wanted to scoff. That was so far from the cruel reality...but it made a stir occur in his mind. He held back his words. 

Y/n brushed against him as the villain lion had his classic villains song. He would probably retain it, hum it later, perhaps. It was pretty good. When she came closer to him, he stiffened, causing slight pain from his healing wounds. 

'Be prepared...' Tomura thought, 'Yeah, be prepared, All Might...haha...' 

There was a scene that followed in a gorge with a stampede. He heard the girl beside him sniffle as Mufasa rescued his son, emerging from the rumbling horde of wildebeest and scaling a large rock wall. When he was thrown off by Scar, Tomura's lips parted. Seeing an actual body of a character that was murdered in a movie meant for younger children jarred him for some reason. It was as if he wasn't a scary villain, and was back to being a timid kid for a second. "Huh...I thought this was...a kid's film...?" 

"Ha...yeah, but they still managed to fit in a G rating on this with the saddest animated classic scene..." Y/n sighed sadly. 

This villain was sly. Tomura liked him even though he was a walking stereotype. He was a little, sadistically, disappointed that Simba wasn't torn apart by the hyenas or vultures and was rescued by a weird meerkat and boar. Damn were they annoying to him... 

The movie was a little bit of a drag to him until a point where that weird gibbon high-priest from the beginning led an adult Simba through a patch of tangled branches. 

'Going'll mean I have to face my past. I've been running from it for so long...' 

He chuckled as the gibbon hit him with his staff. 

'Ow! Jeez! What was that for!?' 'Doesn't matter! It's in the past!' 'Yeah, but it still hurts...' 'Oh, yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it...or, learn from it!' 

Tomura furrowed his rough brow together, blinking as his expression softened. Why did a children's movie make sense...? Why did the message of it get to him like this? Was it because of Y/n sitting beside him?

She was always thinking about the past...It was in her nature. Her Quirk made her that way. He...well, he was always looking to the future. The future he would destroy. 

Thinking about the crumbled world from his wildest dreams suddenly caused him great distress. Y/n looked back at him, pausing the movie during the final fight scene, "Tenko...why are you crying?"

Tomura immediately reached up to his cheeks and felt wet and warm tears forming from his eyes. He blinked hard and realized more came out. He was embarrassed, to say the least, and he wiped them away furiously, "I don't know..." It was the honest truth. He really had no idea. 

"Is it the movie?" 

"I said I don't know...let's just watch the rest of it..." 

"Can I...hold your hand?" 

"Y/n, you'll die, remember?" 

"I'll just hold three fingers, then!" 

Tomura inwardly sighed, looking nervously down at his hand, "Fine..." He breathed out. 

Touch-starved Tomura was amazed at her lack of fear even after watching her treat his wounds so close to death. She truly wasn't afraid of him or his power. Despite how foolish it was, he was amazed at her. 

A creature like she had no right to exist. Not in this terribly neglectful society. 

As the movie came to a close, he was spacing out. He got the main points down and understood the ending, but he was in a different world and focused all of his energy down to the point where his childhood best friend held his deadly hand that was made to shatter her world. 

After the movie, Y/n stayed and talked with him. He seemed like he wanted her company. 

"...and that time when my mother made us cinnamon rolls for breakfast after we stayed up way past bedtime...she knew when we walked down those stairs." 

"What even is sleep anymore...?" He snorted tiredly. 

"I get that...Eh, might as well stay up into the night now while we're young as opposed to feeble old folk." She shrugged. 

"I'm going to die at twenty-five." He said in an almost worrying serious tone. 

"Not on my watch, bitch!" Y/n pointed at him. 

Tenko rolled his eyes and chuckled. The dull smile on his face and his eyes glancing at the wall. He was...kind of cute...

'Shut up, Y/n,' she cursed to herself, 'He's your friend...' 

Even so...

She couldn't stop this dam in her mind from cracking just a little. 



Chapter Text

The last two weeks of healing were strangely warm. Tomura and Y/n spent a lot more time than the villain would care to admit. They made it a tradition to watch a movie together once a week and sometimes they'd hang out more. He found solace in her sitting next to him on his or her bed, she holding his hand with no fear. The feeling his heart gave mixed like oil and water with his other problems. 

Tomura seethed with rage. His wounds had healed and sure, he felt fine physically aside from a laceration on his shoulder, but he felt like his head could explode. Late at night, with a burning headache, he sat at the bar with a glass of ginger ale on the counter before him. 

He was close to drawing blood on the sides of his neck, dragging his nails harshly across the callous skin periodically. 

"Do you want a sleeping pill? Miss Y/n left a box when she heard you were having trouble sleeping." Kurogiri warped a small strip of blue gel pills before him, making him look down through the fingers of his father's hand. 

Without a word, he picked two up and read the back, seeing that two were supposed to promote a healthy eight to nine hours of sleep, reduce inflammation, and headache. He carefully decayed the packaging and caught the pills in his palm, taking them quickly. 

All the while, Kurogiri watched him with narrowed yellow eyes. "You never take pills when I tell you to. What's the matter?" 

Tomura grumbled under his breath. 

"Your skin, too. I've noticed your face is clearing up and your lips are less chapped." 

"Are they?" Tomura hummed quietly, more to himself as he reached to remove the hand and feel his lips. They were a little softer... "Eh...I'm fine. Just this damn Stain crap..." 

"I'm aware of what has been distracting you lately." 

The villain went rigid almost involuntarily, "Huh?"

"You have growing affections for Y/n." 

Affections? Tomura fought a nervous smile and let a chuckle past his lips, "Bullshit." 

The warp gate sighed, "Tomura Shigaraki, it is painfully obvious, even in your denial. You may not be masterful at wearing your heart on your sleeve, but you can never manage to hide how you feel in your eyes. You always look at her with such trust and familiarity. You speak of her quite highly, as well. You're even blushing right now..." 

Tomura came to realize this was true and itched at his cheeks, narrowing his eyes, "Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about. Sure, I can admit she's a friend. But that's it. I don't like her like that..." 

The moment he said that he felt a wave of immense guilt. He felt like a liar and was extremely uncomfortable by the silence left. 

He stood up, gathering his precious hand and kicking in the stool, "I'm going to bed." 

Tomura stomped up the stairs to his room, slamming the door behind him. He stood there behind the door for a moment, calming his breathing. "What the hell is wrong with me...?" 

He felt his heart aching. It was different than his angry and firey itches. It felt like a resonating warm heat coming in waves. It was comforting but so new that it was uncomfortable. Something he had never felt before. 

Besides this feeling, he felt like his brain was filling with fog. He yawned without meaning to do so, his eyelids becoming heavy. He groaned, yanking off his shirt and placing his prized hand on the nightstand beside his bed. He flopped on the mattress, not even bothering to cover up his shoulders with a blanket or turn out the light as the sensation of dreamless sleep overtook him, and that warm feeling pulsed through his whole body. 

Though he was merely a spectator and had hardly been paying attention to the antics unrelated to his plan that occurred in the bar his successor and minion lived at, All For One notices every word. 

He would keep his mind running with enjoying out of context conversations, sometimes making him chuckle and wonder what they meant. However, when Tomura Shigaraki said that he had run into someone from his past, he turned his full attention to the conversation at hand. 

So, Tomura Shigaraki came across that girl. Back when he used to survey the Shimura family, the young Tenko Shimura always played with a sweet and naive little girl called Y/n. Y/n L/n, to be exact. 

He couldn't help but have Dr. Ujiko look up and extract her information from her medical documents. 

There was no father listed in her parental report, but her mother, M/n L/n had a Quirk that allowed her to memorize information with one glance at any document or picture. 

Y/n herself had a Quirk called Sentimental. She was able to touch people and access memories if she was connected to them. All For One's lips parted, realizing that was how Tomura regained his memories of her. Past his trauma, he was able to see her. 

She came to the bar a lot, and Tomura sometimes went to hers. She was his newest interest outside of his mission. She nursed him back to health without asking for anything but his friendship. His childlike personality was soothed by her kindness. 

To put it simply, she was a distraction, but useful nonetheless. A voice of reason. 

It wasn't until tonight that All For One came to see that there could be a possible problem. Kurogiri interrogated Tomura, insinuating that his heir harbored affections for Y/n, and the reaction he gave made it seem all too obvious... 

"Master," Kurogiri uttered when Tomura was gone to bed. 

"Yes, Kurogiri?" 

"You heard that, correct?" 

" odd. No one has ever managed to capture his attention like this..." 

"What shall I do about it?" Kurogiri questioned in a hushed voice. 

All For One pondered, "What other information has Tomura Shigaraki mentioned about this Y/n? Tell me everything you know..." 

"I am not sure if you heard her mention when she came through one day, but she apparently located and reunited with her absentee father. Alone, Tomura mentioned he had never seen a father in any of his memories. So that must be true." 

The emperor of darkness brightened, and when his conversation ended with the warp villain, he began to research again with much anticipation. 


Chapter Text

"That one is the murderer..." Y/n pointed to forward to the lineup of villains before her, "Am I correct?" 

The poor woman beside her, eyes full of tears nodded as she clutched a picture of her deceased husband to her chest. "That's who I saw in the diner...How did you know?" 

Y/n reached out, overwhelmed with sympathy to her, touching her shoulder and showing her the memory from the point of view of the assailant. "My Quirk, ma'am." 

She wiped more tears from her cheeks, taking in a shaking breath. 

"Don't worry...we will bring justice to your husband. This man is going away for a very long time given the evidence Y/n here, you and I have provided. We're so sorry for your loss, but you will be taken care of by us. Don't worry." Tsukauchi hugged the woman. 

Y/n admired her boss' level of empathy and respect. You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but he was a kind person and a fun superior who treated Y/n with respect she wasn't used to, and not just because she was his friend's daughter. 

When the lineup ended, Y/n looked to the clock. It was five and time to clock out. 

"Detective, is there anything else you need from me tonight?" She asked. 

Tsukauchi glanced at the clock as well, realizing the time, "Oh, no! You did good today, Y/n. Have a nice evening. You have dinner with your father tonight, right?" 


"Tell him I said hi, alright?" 

"Of course...You have a nice night as well!" 

With that, she exited the police station and let her hair down from the style she had it up in while she walked, bag under her arm. The restaurant was only a block away and he said he was already there. 

She saw him seated by the window, grinning widely when he waved sheepishly. 

Toshinori was turning out to be a decent father. He was learning the practicality of it and getting the hang of actually interacting with a child of his own, but the effort he put in was apparently working. 

Y/n entered the restaurant and sat in the seat across from him, "Hi, dad...How was your day?" 

"Nice. I took a break from work's orders." He grinned with his skeletal face. This form was the only one she knew him for. All Might was a different person at the moment, and that was for her own protection. Most of the world didn't know Toshinori Yagi as All Might, and she was in that group. Her mother, however, was horrified of what he had become. 

M/n had pestered him and he revealed the events that transpired since they broke off their short and turbulent workplace affair. He blushed at the thought. She was one of the reasons it took him so long to find any sidekick or secretary trustworthy. 

They would be friends again at least so they can be there for their child. He was still mad that she never told him about his daughter. It was better this way, though.

"Oh, are you not feeling well?" 

"I have a chronic illness...Nothing too bad, so don't worry. My lungs just buildup fluid and bedrest and relaxing helps the antibiotics work." 

"Ah, I see...I can imagine that would be rough. I'm glad you felt well enough to come to dinner, though." She grinned and held his large hand on the table with a soft and loving grin. 

Toshinori didn't see much of himself in her features, but she was definitely his child. Well, a test had confirmed it, sure, but she had so much of his personality it was almost like looking at his life and way of thinking from the looking glass. 

He even knew when something was distracting her. 

"Is something bothering you?" 

Y/n perked up, "Long day...and I've been thinking a lot about something. Nothing important..." 

"Tell me." 

She turned her gaze out of the window, watching pedestrians walk back and forth on their commutes home, sighing, "Remember when I told you about my friend who was mugged and hurt?" 


"I've been hanging out with him a lot. I think he's starting to like me...and I don't know...but I can't tell if what I'm feeling is the same or my Quirk playing a trick on me..." She shrugged. 

"Ah, well...I'm not too well-versed on this topic. My best advice is...if this feels natural then go with it. If it feels uncomfortable, then you know I will be there to protect you and to turn to if you need to get out of the situation." He almost blurted it out, amusing her. 

"Thank you, dad..."

"He got mugged, you said?" 

"Yeah! I had to help him clean up his wounds after the doctor stitched him up...He's pretty cute, too...We were childhood friends and I ran into him after years of not being in contact. He was adopted after a terrible accident killed his family..." She frowned. "He hardly remembers any of it..." 

An idea hit Y/n in a sudden flash. She blinked as her expression fell. 

A detriment of her Quirk was that she could only see the memories of someone if they remembered them, too. Tenko was lacking these moments and he had mentioned that he only really remembered her. 

By digging into his past, she could probably help him remember his family. 

"Oh...that's horrible. It must have been tough for a child to go through that." 


When this dinner was over, Y/n was going to begin a detailed investigation into the boy known was Tenko Shimura. 

Chapter Text

The next day, Toshinori was alone in the teacher's lounge at UA. Internships had just begun for the students of Class 1-A and 1-B. He grit his teeth as he waited for the sun to set, a contact pulled up on his phone ready to call at the appropriate time. 

He huffed out of his nose deeply. He had to tell him, he deserved to know. It would be important for him to know. He probably wondered what was between him and his secretary two decades ago...





"Hi, Gran's Young Midoriya so far?" He couldn't even begin to hide the nervous tone, his voice shaking.

"He's well...just went off to take a nap on my orders. The kid stayed up all He's resilient as hell! He reminds me of a younger you...speaking of you...what's the matter?" Gran Torino lowered his voice, concerned. 

"Uh, yeah...I actually called to tell you something really important. Do you remember back when I had that secretary...before I took on Sir Nighteye?" His voice wavered slightly, bracing himself for a negative reaction. 

"Oh...what was her name...M/n, right?" 

"Yeah, her...well, so funny story...I...have a daughter..." 

The silence reminded Toshinori of the seconds before a bomb went off. He slowly removed the phone from his ear. 


"I'm...a father...listen, I know it sounds outlandish, but M/n and I...we had a short-lived thing...Ha...I only met my daughter a few weeks ago...She's pretty and has a wonderful Quirk...she's kind and a lot like a younger me...I'm sorry, I'm rambling..." 

"YOU HAVE A KID!? Toshinori...You really were explains why M/n left so quick!" Gran Torino pinched the bridge of his nose. "What's the kid's name...?" 

"Well, she's not really a kid anymore...she's almost twenty-one...Her name is Y/n." 

"Huh...I'm...Dammit, you're an idiot, Toshinori...Tell me, does she know you as All Might or not?" 

"No...Only as Toshinori. It's relieving in a way to be able to be around her in my weakened state and her not question it. I...will tell her eventually...when I retire,'s for her safety..." 

"Considering the League of Villains is still out there, they might be willing to hurt those who are close to you...right for you to keep it a secret for now. Maybe I can meet the girl soon! As much as a dunce as you are, I bet she's wonderful..." 

"Ha...yeah, she's amazing...Well, you should get back to your...whatever you were doing..."

"Yes...Well, let me know if you need any...advice. Goodbye, Toshinori!" 

"Bye, sir..." He pulled the phone away from his ear and huffed out a long breath of relief when the line disconnected. 


Y/n hunched over her computer during her hour lunch break, absently picking at an order of grocery store sushi she took with her. Her fingers spread over the keyboard and her eyes were trained on the public record files of families. 

She hummed, rubbing her lips while narrowing her eyes, "Not a lot of information on the Shimura family...Mr. Shimura was in the foster system, apparently...never knew that..." 

She thought that maybe while she was digging that she could find his birth mother. He clicked on the profile. 





The chart of the injuries on his body suggested he was maimed quite violently. Y/n only hoped that Tenko didn't bear witness to whatever occurred to his father. She knew that their relationship was never good, especially given that Kotaro often gave harsh punishments to his children when they stepped out of line. 

She moved over to his parents. 





No body chart was available, as it was suggested her corpse was lost in the explosion. Y/n remembered reading about such an accident that took place almost forty years ago. It seemed the Shimura family was filled with tragedy. 

"Whatcha doing, Y/n?" 

"OH! Hi, detective!" She scrolled down and up absently, trying and failing to hide her surprise at her boss's voice. 

"You're looking at public records...? You know you don't have to work on your break..." Tsukauchi chuckled. 

"Y-Yeah, I's for something else." She dared not to lie lest she be caught by his Lie Detection Quirk. 

"Okay..." He arched an eyebrow. 

"A personal project..." She shrugged, "For a friend...he has some memory issues and I'm trying to help him out a bit..." 

"Ah, I if you can attain some of the things that happened in his past, you can help him remember through your Quirk?" 

"Exactly." Y/n nodded.

Tsukauchi smiled warmly, "That's very heroic of you..."

Y/n's heart was touched, her smile growing to match his. 

He walked off, leaving her to her own bidding. 

And she continued her work. 

Chapter Text

Tomura curled his fingers and knocked on the door with his pale knuckles. His features were twisted into an involuntary scowl, anger prickling at every edge of his being. 

The door opened hastily, and there stood Y/n in the doorway. "Hi, Tenko!" She lunged out and hugged him. 

He winced, the pain of the gash on his shoulder still fresh. The stitches in it made it feel uncomfortable. Her touch made his heartbeat pick up and heat to spread across his face and neck. "Uh, hi..." 

But there was also something else they both felt at the same time. 

Tomura blinked, the world in slow motion while his physical pain fought to make him stay grounded, but the vision he saw took him back to the past. 


It was a fall day. The clouds above the sky were pulling away after a rough windstorm the day before that prevented the two dear friends from playing. 

M/n had raked all morning and made a few large leaf piles scattered across the medium-sized backyard, the tree where they came from in the center with a few tall branches above. 

"Come out, villain!" Tenko called playfully, "Justice must be served!" 

Y/n peeked her head from the pile she hid in, careful about not crunching the leaves around her too much in contrast to the light breeze. She stifled a giggle, rolling a smooth rock in her fingers. She raised herself up and threw the rock to be in the pile behind Tenko, making him whip his head around suspiciously. 

She could make a run for it. Despite not being covered in camouflaging leaves anymore, the tree was hard to climb. Not for her, but for Tenko. If she could hide up there, he wouldn't be able to get her. 

"Ha!" She latched her small hands onto the bark of the tree, which shook. It had clearly been weakened by the storm as well. She tried to gain more purchase on it with her feet gliding on the bark. 

Tenko saw her and began to run toward her, "You won't escape me! Haha!" 

There was a large crack noise, scaring Y/n enough to let go as she glanced around. 

"Y/n!" Tenko shrieked, "Look out!" 

From above, one of the largest branches of the tree began to descend downwards to fall right atop the little Y/n. 

She covered her face and screamed. Then she was on the ground, underneath Tenko as the branch created a shaking and deafening thud when it made contact with the spot where she was standing. 

"Y/n, are you okay!?" He scrambled off of her, tears in his eyes and a wince of pain on his face. 

"Yeah! You saved me Tenko!" She gawked, "Are you okay?" 

Tenko raised his elbow to show a small rock pierced the skin of his elbow, bleeding only slightly. 

The backsliding door opened and M/n ran out, "Are you two alright!? What happened!?" 

"Mama!" Y/n sprung up, taking Tenko's hand. "Tenko saved me! He saved me from the branch falling! He's a hero!" 

"A hero...?" Tenko whispered. 

M/n stared at the branch, "I should have known...that tree was going to give out soon...Come on, you two...Goodness, Shimura, that gash! Let's get it all patched up!" 

Inside, Y/n's mother disinfected and put a little hero-themed bandage on the cut. "You're a very brave boy, young man." 

As the sun set on the horizon, M/n walked Tenko back to his home with Y/n in tow. 

The front door opened, "Hi, Miss L/n. Was Tenko well behaved?" 

"Yes, very. He has a little scrape, but he was brave about it. Sorry about the bandage, it's all I had on hand, but you're free to change it." 

"Oh...okay." Kotaro looked down at his son's arm with disdain when he saw the themes of the covers. 

"Tenko was awesome, Mr. Shimura! He saved me from a falling branch! He's a hero! My hero!" Y/n hugged her friend, causing him to squeak and his eyes to go wide. 


Y/n turned the cup of tea in her hands, a soft smile on her face as she recalled the memory. Tenko lounged on the couch beside her, legs crossed. He looked relaxed...more so than he was when he came in. 

"What made you want to dye your hair that color?" She asked suddenly. 

"Oh...well...impulse..." He shrugged, sounding a little unsure. 

"Well, do it while you're young, I guess." She looked down at his hand, "How have your wounds felt...?"

"Almost done healing...But..." He pulled back the collar of his shirt. "I uh...fell on a knife..."

"What!?" Y/n gasped, crawling over him to look at the crudely stitched and covered gash. "How?!" 

"I should not be allowed to cook, let's just say that." 

"Oh, Tenko..." 

He snickered, his lips pulled into a smirk. 

Y/n realized her position on top of him, scrambling off of him, " you want me to wrap it up for you...?"


Chapter Text

"Hey, Tenko?" Y/n blinked her eyes closed. 


She opened up her eyes and turned her gaze to him, her eyes soft, "Is Kurogiri your only family?" 

He was noticeably jarred, his lips parting to speak before they became drawn into a tight cringe across his lips, "What do you mean...?" His voice wobbled on the edge of anger. 

"I mentioned you were adopted..." Y/n crossed her legs and sipped the tea in her hands. 

Tenko hesitated for a moment, "Yeah...I was adopted, I guess. When no one else helped me, he did...He's not home all that often, but I think I'd be dead without him." 

"I'm so glad he helped you. I mean, I wouldn't have you to talk to if he didn't help you!" Y/n bit her lip sadly, looking down at her lap, "I still...want to help you..." 


Y/n slowly reached her hand out, "Let me look at your face, Tenko..."


When her fingertips made contact with the skin of his cheek, dragging across the cracked features and untreated scars, his heart jumped in his chest. He folded his fingers together, her touch radiating an unknown warmth. 

"Your skin...can I give you a face mask...?" 


He was lost in her eyes. Those damned e/c eyes that flickered across his face while her fingers pushed away his powder blue hair. He felt self-conscious but unable to look away.

His mind spun with the words of Kurogiri, suspecting him of the unfamiliar yet so obvious feelings that gnawed away at his cold heart.

Y/n cupped his cheeks in her hands, " honest with you like me...? Or have I been annoying...?" 

He blinked himself back to reality. "You're the...what are you talking about...?" 

"It's just're so different than you were when we were kids. That expected with age,'re so different...Do you find me annoying...?"

He pondered for a moment. She was the same person she was back when they were little, albeit older and...attractive. 

Tomura thought back to the night a few weeks before when she came to help him heal, her hands carefully on his irritated and damaged skin. She was so soft, gentle...kind. He didn't deserve. 

"I know I wrapped up your shoulder already...but your allergies really have gotten worse." She was closer, her face red but her eyes determined. 

"Actually...they've cleared up a bit..." He remarked with a quiet voice, "Ever since you came along." 


Y/n gawked, "How can does that correlate...?"

Tenko looked away, his nails grazing his course throat, "It's hard to explain..." 

"Tell me." 

"Well, my 'allergies' are because of my Quirk...and my Quirk is connected to how I feel, I I get itchy when I'm emotional...angry, especially. I think you anchor me..." 

Anchor...Y/n couldn't help but chuckle. Her mind was always floating away, but she made him feel like he was weighted in reality. No feeling of grandeur could replace it. 

"Well, you look good to me..." She hummed, feeling every groove and bump on his skin and all the imperfections of his hair. 

He chuckled bitterly, his eyes closing slightly, "I'm glad someone thinks so..." 

In the few seconds of silence, Y/n studied his features again. That striking Shimura nose and those carnelian eyes. His jawline, sharp enough to cut diamonds in a figurative sense. His lips were cracked and breaking, but something about them was mesmerizing. She found herself quickly wetting her own. 

The clock ticked absently behind them, the TV playing some movie quietly. It was all white noise to Y/n. 

Following the clicking of the clock, Y/n gulped closed her eyes and kissed Tenko on the lips. 


Explosive was the way Tomura would describe it. His eyes snapped open, but he didn't move. Y/n was kissing one ever kissed him before, not to mention the fact she of all people was... 

The cognitive dissonance of the situation depleted instantly, a rising level of desire and relief crashed through the villain's body. He gave a short grunt before his hands came up, pinkies and pointer fingers hovering off of her. 

His sloppy return was met with a stifled giggle from Y/n when their teeth clacked together for a second, making him ease back. 

She pulled away, their lips disconnecting with a wet smooch sound. 

Tomura blinked his mind in a daze. "Wh...what...?"

"Ah! I'm sorry! I should have asked first!" Y/n's whole face turned crimson red, fanning her face. "I-!"

" it again." 


"Do it again...I liked it..." 

Y/n looked surprised. Shit, had he startled her, too?

His answer came when she kissed him again, much more passion than the last. 

Tomura could get used to this, but he'd be damned if Kurogiri found out...he'd never hear the end of it. 


From outside of the small Mustafu apartment, the wrap gate watched carefully every move of Tomura and Y/n. 

He gasped when he saw that they were locked in an embrace when he arrived, lips together. 

Oh, how he was going to tease the young ward about his truly obvious crush and his behavior. 

But, firstly, he needed to pass this information off to Master, 

Chapter Text

Y/n wasn't sure when to stop. It was the sweetest feeling to be not only kissing but making out with her best friend. 


Tenko seemed to be enjoying it as well, basically holding her as tight as he could and with as many fingers as he could without decaying her. He was a good kisser for an apparent first-timer. 

When the need for a breath of air overwhelmed her, she separated her lips from his with a string of saliva still connecting them for a moment. She panted, opening her eyes only slightly to look at his face. 

Both parties were bright red, yet their eyes were anything but embarrassed. 

"Your lips...they're so soft..." He whispered.

"Yours are, too..." she replied.


She grinned, "'s surprising. They're not as chapped as they look..." 

"You really...fuck, I can't understand why you kissed me..." He pulled his face a little further back.

"It's simple...I...noticed something. You and I are clearly...different people than we used to be. When we were little, we had no idea what this meant...but being back in your life has made me grow smitten with you..." Y/n trailed off, her hands gripping onto his hoodie. 

Tenko blinked, opening his mouth to speak before he paused and furrowed his brow. 

Y/n, with a pounding heart, leaned in and kissed him again, much like the first time with great gentleness. It was short and sweet, and she wrapped her arms around him, bringing him into a comforting hug. 


Tomura rested his chin on her shoulder, that familiar and unnamed warmth in his chest. 

He scoffed to himself, shutting his carnelian eyes. 'I think Kurogiri was right...What a happy distraction...' 

He felt her fingers in his messy and unkempt locks of baby blue, her own hair right next to his face. She smelled freshly cleaned, like her favorite shampoo. He was intoxicated by her scent. He huffed out a breath, "You're a good way, I mean..."

"Is something wrong at home?"

He pursed his lips, "'s not important, but you're like a little vacation..."

Y/n rubbed circles on his back. "I'm only one warp gate away, Tenko...if you ever need me, just let me know." 

Tomura hummed and buried his face in her neck, nodding once. 


"...and I'll hold you whenever you want me to..."

"Even better..."