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Lover of the Sacrificial Bride

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Cooking for them both was something that he enjoy very much. Tamotsu Maki Love making dinner for him and his mother. Let has been the two of them for a long time now before they took in their dog Karin. Today was the usually day. He made dinner for both him and his mother. He also feed Karin her food. His mom would be back by now from her work. His mother own a flower shop that supported their small family. To Tamotsu, life was perfect.

Hearing barking from outside, Tamostu went to the backdoor to let Karin the family in, "Alright, Karin. I'm coming, girl," He said as he open the door for his beloved dog. The family dog quickly went inside as the door had just open for her. Bending down, Tamostu petted his dog on the head. Smiling at Karin, Tamostu wonder how did he and his mother had ever manage to found as a sweet dog in the first.

"Hey, girl, did you enjoy the sunset?" Tamostu said. He love it when Karin barked back at him as if she was saying yes.

Just then, the front door open, reveling a beautiful woman coming in the house, "Hey, honey. I'm home," It was his mother. She just got back from work. Smiling at the scene before her of her only son and their dog playful together.

"Hey, Mom. How was work today?" Tamostu said as he got up. He was still wearing his casual clothes, school won't start for three hours. So he had time to get ready. Tamostu had short black hair and blue eyes with blue glasses.

"It was good, Tamostu. Although, it was a bit slow," She said. Looking over to the table, she saw the food on it. She smile at her son. Knowing full well that her Tamostu had always made breakfast and dinner for them both, "You made dinner again, honey. That's sweet of you," She said.

"It was nothing, Mom. I always enjoy cooking, you know," He said.

"Any girl would be lucky to have you as their husband someday," His mother said teasingly.

"MOM!" Tamostu shouted in embarrassment. His mom sure loved to tease him about that stuff.

"Oh, honey, I'm only teasing you," She said.

"Yeah, I know," Tamostu said. His mom had often said that she wanted grandkids someday.

Both mother and son soon began to eat dinner. The day started out as normal for the two. Tamostu getting up to make breakfast for the two of them, his mother leaving to go to work, him studying for school at night, and finally, making dinner when she comes back before he goes to school.

"Tamostu, your food is wonderful. I'm glad that you took that cooking lessons," His mom said. Eating her son's food had always manage to get her feel at ease with everything going on in the world.

"Well, Mom, to tell the truth, I always watched you cooking since I was a little kid," He said as he took a bite of his fish.

"Honey, I was wondering if you thought about what I said the other night?" His mom said with a worry look on her face. People had often said that he look like her. His black hair and blue eyes were from her. Except, his mother didn't have glasses like he did.

"Mom, I already told you. I like going there. Sure the school only let's its' students go to class at night, but it's so different from the other schools," He said. Ryotei Gakuen High School Academy was a night school of the rich and fame. However, both Tamostu and his mother won't from upper class. He only got there because of a scholarship that only a few manage to get from that school.

His mother look at him for a few second before she finally decide to speak, "I know, baby. But I want you to be at least be comfortable at where you are. I don't want you to think that you need to stay where you're sad because you're trying to give us a better life," She said.

Tamostu nodded at his mother, "I know, Mom," He said.

After dinner, Tamostu change into his school uniform. It was time to go to school now. Walking down stairs, Tamostu went to say bye to his mother and Karin for night. His mother will possible be asleep when he gets back from school.

"See you, Mom," Tamostu said.

"Bye, honey. Have a good night at school. I love you," She said. Although, it did felt weird to say night instead of day.

"Love you, too, Mom!" He said loudly. Walking out of his house, Tamostu already knew that the sun went down a few moments ago. Tamostu wonder what will school be like tonight. Maybe he could be able to talk to her?

Ryotei Gakuen High School Academy

School was the same as usually. Students were joining friends to talk before class started, teachers were preparing for classes. The same as usually. Tamostu did felt a bit out of place. Unlike the other students who were rich, Tamostu was the son of a flower shop owner. Still, some of the students were nice to him. Tamostu also managed to made friends during his first days here.

"Hey, Tamostu," One said.

"How was your day?" Another ask.

Tamostu was happy that he at least made a few friends here. The people here were different from his old schools. Some didn't care about coming to school since they were rich and could inherit their family wealth later in life. Others did care about coming here because school was the only place that get away from their overbearing families. Tamostu was the only student here to come here to get a better life for him and his mother.

When he was about to enter the building, Tamostu heard a girl calling out.

"Look! They're here!" She said. Soon more girls began to line up. Tamostu knew what they wanted to see. Four limousines packed in front of the school building. Tamostu sigh. Knowing full well who they are. "Of course, they're always here." He said.

Many of the female students were waiting to see them. The Sakamaki, Mukami, Tsukinami brothers, and Kino. The popular boys at school. They were known to be very handsome and very rich. Those guys were treated like princes by everyone. Many of the guys hated for having all the girls to themselves. Tamostu himself wonder what was great about them. Those guys didn't treat people right. How they treated women disgust him.

Stepping out of their limousines, the "Princes" had arrive. There were thirteen of them. Six in the Sakamaki brothers, four in the Mukamis, and two in the Tsukinamis. Kino was the illegitimate brother of the Sakamakis, but he preferred to be alone. They all look like that they came from paintings. They had many fangirls at their feet to be love back by them.

"Now, now, ladies. There is plenty of me to go around here," Kou Mukami said.

"Tch. You're already are getting on my nerves, you bastard," Subaru Sakamaki said, getting annoyed by Kou's fliting.

"Please, try to restrain yourself from causing a fight, Subaru," His older brother Reiji Sakamaki said.

"Honestly. I preferred to be at home right now," Their eldest brother Shu Sakamaki said yeaning.

"You all are eyesores to listen everyday," Carla Tsukinami said who was the oldest of the Tsukinami brothers.

"Brother, why do we keep coming here with them again?" His younger brother Shin Tsukinami said.

"Make way for Yours Truly. I'm the best around here," Ayato Sakamaki said .

"Ayato, you always want to make a scene to get people to notice you," Laito Sakamaki said.

"I'm the only one that is going to be the best one here," Kino said.

"Teddy, everyone is annoying here," Kanato Sakamaki said to his teddy bear that he always carried around with him.

"You rich kids think that you're all that, huh? Well you're not," Yuma Mukami said.

"Yuma, please, don't try to fight them again," Ruki Mukami said.

"Yuma, you could punch me if you want to," Azusa Mukami said.

The thirteen poplar guys here as always. Girls would always swoon over them. But there was one person that Tamostu wanted to see.

"Pancake, get over here," Ayato said. But it sounded like an order. Stepping of Kino's limo, a beautiful girl with soft, blond hair and pink eyes came out. Her name was Yui Komori. She was seventeen years old and was in the second year with Tamostu. They had three of the same classes together.

Tamostu had a crush on Yui since her first day at school. But he had never talk to her before. It was because he was shy around girls who wasn't his mother, and because none of the poplar guys never let any other boy near her. In fact, the few times that a guy tried to talk to her ended with them getting hurt. Yui was never seen with anybody else who weren't them. This actually made many girls at school to be jealous of her.

The school bell rang, it was time for class to start. Tamostu look at Yui for the last time before leaving for class. He blush as she walk pass him like always. She possible didn't that he was alive. But what he doesn't know, is that will change soon enough for the both them

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Tamostu sat at his desk as usual, today was going to be the same. Not that he didn't mind of course. He was one of the four that actually pay attraction in class. The rest only fall asleep. Then again, this school is open during night hours. Still, the school was build for the rich and wealthy. Some of the students even said that the school was thing that they could sleep in.

"Mr. Maki, would you please take these papers to the main office?" The teacher said. The teachers had pretty much gave up trying to teach must of the students, now they pretty much focused on the students who do pay attraction in school.

"Of course, sir," Tamostu said. Taking the papers from his teacher, Tamostu could hear the other students calling him a teacher's pet. But he mainly ignored them.

Walking to the main office wasn't that long. So Tamostu would managed to get back to class before the bell ring. Seeing that the office was up ahead, Tamostu quickly keep up his pace, making sure that he wasn't running in the hallway. But before Tamostu could managed to get in the office, he noticed a blond hair catching his attraction from it. Tamostu could recognized that it was Yui. Seeing that she was with Kanato Sakamaki this time around, Tamostu knew that the purple haired guy managed to have drugged the poor girl out of class to make him something sweet.

"Teddy and I want something sweet to eat, Yui. Could you make something sweet like you always do?" Kanato said sweetly. But Tamostu knew that Kanato Sakamaki was anything but sweet. That guy may look like a little kid, but Kanato was a demon in the body of a beautiful person.

"Kanato, we should get back to class. The teacher won't be happy with us if we missed anything today," Yui said. The way she sounded, it was almost like she was afraid to get in trouble.

Tamostu could tell that Yui wasn't happy whenever she was with those guys. She smile at them, but those guys had always been awful towards her. But right now, Tamostu needed to go to the office. Giving the papers to the people in the office, Tamostu quickly return to his classroom. But he couldn't help but wonder why Kanato always made Yui into making sweets for him. Seriously, eating too many candy will make a person really sick. Tamostu had seen Kanato eating a lot of candy before, he wonder how can a person still be alive after eating that many sugar.

Lunch time

It was lunch time. Which it was a bit weird to call it that. Lunch is usually during the day. But since school hours can make you want something to eat, Tamostu knew that he couldn't call it unnecessary not to have during this time. Besides, he was already hungry right now despite already having dinner awhile ago. During lunch hours, Tamostu would eat by himself or with his friends to hang out with. Today he was having lunch by himself. Not that he didn't mind of course. Most of his friends were having lunch dates with their girlfriends right now.

He wondered what was it like to have a girlfriend. Girls weren't the easiest things for Tamostu to deal with. The only girls that he could relaxed with are his mother and dog. Being around girls makes Tamostu nervous. Girls would usually found him to be a nerd or a dork.

The black haired boy knew that was the was high school is. The good looking guys would always have all the girls coming for them. Leaving guys like Tamostu with no chance with getting girlfriends. However, he didn't came to this school to have a love life, it was to make a better future for his family. Getting a girlfriend could wait. Right now, Tamostu should be focusing on his grades, not on pretty girls.

Speaking of girls, Tamostu turn around to see that Yui was having lunch by herself again. Unlike him, she never had friends to hang out with. Almost must of the girls here had been bulling her because of her seemingly closeness with the popular guys. However, Tamostu was never there to witness them doing it to her. But he knows that because he was bullied as a kid. So he could recognized the signs of a bully victim.

However, Tamostu could see that Yui didn't have her bento box with her. Yui look like she was sad. But she always like sad. Maybe she forget her lunch at home. Deciding that maybe it was time to finally talk to his long time crush, Tamostu went to her table, while praying to God that he'll walk out alive after talking to her.

"Hey," Tamostu said. That was the first thing that he ever had said to her. He had no idea to what else to say to her. Yui was the prettiest girl that he had ever seen before, that wasn't his mother. Talking to her was something that he never thought that could happen. But what if she didn't like him? What if she lie to her boy toys by saying that he was mean to her? So many ifs. Why did he came up to her?

"Hello, Tamostu," Yui said. He just heard her said his name. He always thought that she didn't know that he was even alive.

"Oh, my God! She knows my name! Ok, Tamostu, don't mess this up," Tamostu thought to himself. Taking deep breathes, he open his mouth to say something nice about her. But before he could, a voice stop him from saying anything to her.

"Hey! Get the hell away from her!"

Tamostu suddenly found himself being sent to the wall. Ignoring the pain on his back, Tamostu look up to see the popular guys look down on him. All thirteen of them didn't look happy at him. They most have seen him talking to Yui. Everyone at school knows that no other guy was allowed to talk to her. Any guy seen speaking to her, they always end up being beating up Ayato, Subaru, Yuma, Shin, or Kino. Tamostu himself was having all of those guys looking at him with anger in their eyes.

"Hey, four eyes. Who said that you could talk to Pancake?" Ayato said, placing his foot on Tamostu's stomach. Ayato was said to be the most possessive of Yui than any other of his brothers and the others.

Yui tried to remove Ayato from hurting Tamostu more, "Ayato, please, stop. You're hurting him," She cried. But she was too small to physically remove Ayato as he was bigger than her. As well that he wasn't human.

Ayato look at her with anger in his eyes, "Pancake, who told you could talk to other guys behind Yours Truly," He said.

"Aww. Did the little girl found someone new to play? Don't won't do," Kino said. He took Yui off from his brother, pulling her away from the scene, "You'll be punished for this later," Kino whispered in her ear so none of the other students could hear him.

Yui's eyes widen as she was taking out of the room by Kino. She tried to say that she was sorry to Tamostu but she was too late as Kino took her somewhere else.

Reiji pulled up his glasses, turning to see the other students were ignoring them, fearing for their own safety, "Mr. Maki, please do not social with Yui Komori. She's in our care, so don't try be so familiar with her," He said with seriousness in his voice.

Tamostu (being on the ground) was scared. Mainly of Reiji Sakamaki who was the president of the student body council. Meaning if Tamostu ends up on Reiji's bad side, the former could be kicked out of this school, as well his planes for a better future for his family will be over before it began.

"If you knew what's good for you, Maki, stay away from that girl. She belongs to us," Subaru said.

"Besides, your mother would be so worry for you if something happens to you," Shin said. From the way Tamostu could see, Shin was looking at him with disgust in his one good eye. Hearing him of threating his mother made him angry. He tried to get up, Ayato's foot was strong.

"Are you trying to get up and defend little Kitty's honor? This isn't a movie, so don't bother fighting for her," Kou said.

The bell ring, making everyone quickly left for their next class. It almost like that they all wanted leave before something happens next.

"Class will start soon. We should be getting back, Shin," Carla said. Both of the Tsukinamis left.

"Please, did not talk to Yui again," Azusa said.

Seeing that he was alone now, Tamostu was worried about what will they do to Yui after school. They always made it clear that she wasn't supposed to talk no other guy other then them. He needed to plan something clever if he wanted to talk to Yui again.

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Yui felt fear, it's the emotion that she had always felt. Ever since that she came to live with the Sakamakis, Yui had always felt fear everyday. That fear soon became stronger as more male demons appeared in her life. They wanted her for her blood. Her blood was the only thing that she was good for. They didn't care for her in generally. They only just use her for their own gain. Yui always try to be kind to them, hoping that they will change if she was nice to them. But they never change. No matter what Yui tried, they kept abusing her and her body.

She wondered if it was still worth it to kind to them now. But Yui knew that her life will be in danger if she step out of line. She knows what they were capable of. Even if she stop caring about living, the boys won't kill her. They will make sure that she stays alive. Yui tried to make her life a little bit better by reminding herself that her father will come back for her. He has to. Her father was a kind man. He will never leave her to live with such horrible people.

Right now, she's being punished. When Tamostu Maki when up to her and talk, Yui felt that her heart was being lifted from the ground. No other boy was willingly to talk to her since she had a seemingly close "relationship" with the demons. When boys did talk to her, it was mostly because that she had a pretty face, and that was just about it. Of course, those boys would always get beat up by Ayato, Subaru, Yuma, Shin, and Kino for talking to her.

Tamostu talking to her was wonderful. He spoke to her like she was a normal person. Although, Tamostu had only said hey to her. It was still better than anything else that she had had in these months.

Currently, Yui was in Kino's dungeon after he took her away from the scene. A few days ago, Kino took her from his brothers and made her live with him. To Yui, this actually happens a lot. The Sakamaki, Mukami, and Tsukinami brothers all had often take her from one group to the next. Neither of them had actually asked her how she felt. If they did, they would have let her go by now.

Now Kino was another player to always take for himself. Yui prayed to God that Kino was nice. But deep down, she knew that wasn't the case. As soon as she came into Kino's care, he began to abused her like the others.

When Yui accidentally spilled his guava juice on his phone, which were two of his favorite things, Kino harshly sucked her blood very painfully. He reminded her that he only needed her for his own gain. Kino even decided of her punishment was for her meals being taken away. She wasn't allowed to eat until he said so.

Today, Yui worried that Kino will keep her from eating anything longer now. She hasn't eaten for a day now. Surely Kino wouldn't let her starved. She needed food so her blood will be good. Her blood was the only thing that was keeping her alive right now.

Suddenly, she heard the door to the outside opened. Yui went to see who it was. Much to her surprise and relief, it was Yuri who the loyal servant and childhood friend of Kino. Yuri was the only demon that kind towards her. At least, as kind could get from demons. Although, Yui was wondering what was Yuri doing down here. He wouldn't never disobey Kino without a reason to. Was Yuri giving her food? She secretly hope that was the case.

"Yuri, what are you doing here?" She asked.

"Kino had told me to let you out. His brothers and the others are here as well, Miss Yui. None of them look happy I'm afraid," Yuri said.

Yui's eyes widen with fear. When they're angry, those boys become scary. Now all of them are angry at her for breaking that one rule. She wasn't allowed to talk to another man who wasn't them. Yui shook as the thought of all thirteen of them being angry at her was something that she always hope wouldn't came. But to be honest, she was actually more worried for Tamostu. Fearing that he got hurt because of her. She knows that it was her fault for letting him talk to her instead of getting up and leaving him.

"Come along. They're all waiting for you in the living room, Miss Yui," Yuri said, unlocking and opening her cell. Yui step out of. Taking deep breathes, she went to the stairs and to the hallway to where the living room was at.

Seeing the door to the living room, Yui stopped for a second. Despite knowing that she was going to make them wait, Yui feared what will they do to her. Many things was going in her head. Like them stripping her clothes from her body to make her see the scars that she has to remind her that she belongs to them. They might even forced her to watched them kill Tamostu. Shaking her head, Yui open the door to see that the boys were waiting for her. None of them look happy.

Ayato quickly slammed her into the wall while he caged her between his body and the wall, "Pancake, who the hell told you could talk to other man? You belong to Yours Truly," He said. His green eyes clearly had jealously in them.

Carla also look like that he was ready to kill someone. The First Blood King was just possessive of her as his brother and the others, "You should feel honor that I, the First Blood Kind, had gracefully gifted you my with present. But you decided that a mere human was more greater than me!" He shouted. To Carla, Yui talking to someone that blow him had angered him. Why should she be talking to someone else while she had him to adored? She was being ungrateful.

"Yui, do you not like us anymore? Because if you do, I'll make sure that you never say anything else ever again. Right, Teddy?" Kanato said to his teddy bear.

Kou use his right eye to see if Yui had anything for that loser Tamostu, "Hey, little kitten, what is that guy to you anyway?" He said.

Yui tried to think of a way to say something about Tamostu without making things worst than it already is, "Tamostu is just a classmate," She hope that was enough. She didn't want the kind boy to hurt because of her.

Kou looked at her for a minute, "Okay. If you say so. Then I hope that you don't mind that we'll kill him for talking to you, kitten?" He said with a sadistic smile on his handsome face. Knowing that will a get reaction from her.

"No! Please, don't hurt him! Tamostu didn't do anything wrong! Just punish me instead!" Yui begged. Tamostu didn't do anything wrong. The ony crime that he did was talking to her.

Shu who look like that he didn't care, was actually listening, "You did this yourself when you decided to let him talk to you. So just deal with it. You already have us, so why go after another guy anyway?" But deep down, Shu was angry as well. The human girl that he found annoying was talking to another that wasn't him had made wanted to kill said guy. She always did this to him.

"Little Bitch, aren't we enough already? Don't tell me that you want more men to satisfied your needs? Now that won't do?" Laito said. Normally, he wouldn't mind sharing a girl with someone, but he had found himself not wanting to share Yui with anyone, not even his brothers. Seeing her with another man had made him actually jealous for the first time in years.

Shin was having a hard time controlling himself. He wanted to make the girl his already so no other man take her away from him, "If you agreed to never talk to him again, we will spare him?" He said. Although, Shin did wanted to kill Maki right now, he wanted to hear Yui agreed to not speak to Maki ever again.

Reiji pushed his glasses up, "And if you followed our deal, Tamostu won't get expelled from school either," He said. But Reiji wanted to Tamostu's life a living hell for talking that belong to him Reiji Sakamaki.

"You would also be allowed to eat again if you don't talk to this guy again?" Kino said. To him, a weak human taking something that he worked ao hard on getting was an insult to him.

"And if you don't? We'll make sure that you won't see that geek again," Yuma said, cracking his knuckles. That dork didn't look strong to take Yuma down.

Azusa gently placed his hand on Yui's cheek. Azusa was more kinder to her than the others. But he still abuse her, "Yui, please don't leave us for that guy." He said. He wanted to her in his room forever so she won't leave him like his "friends" to him once.

Subaru wanted to punch the wall but Kino said that his walls cost more that he his clothes, "If you don't want him to die, then don't think of him at all," He said. Right now, if that Maki guy was here, Subaru would no doubt kill him for talking what's his.

"Livestock, if that ever happens again? We not only kill him, but his mother as well. Understand? We're your masters, so be a good pet and be grateful that we're sparing him," Ruki said. He actually did wanted to kill Tamostu for speaking to her, his Eve.

Yui knew that they were being light right now. She wanted to cry but that will showed them that she was getting weaker, she had to remind strong, "Yes, I understand. I won't talk to Tamostu ever again," She said. This was the only way that she could keep Tamostu safe from them. She hope that Tamostu will forget about her real soon.

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Tamostu had wondered where did they took Yui to. After lunch, all thirteen boys had left school for the rest of the night. To Tamostu it was strange, mostly because of Reiji, Ruki, and Carla all cared about having prefect attendances in their school records. But for those three leaving the campus with their brothers was out of character. However, Yui also left with them as well. But Tamostu couldn't hope but be worried about her. Even if he didn't know that much about Yui, he was still a good person who cared about the well beings of other people.

It would have seem that the lunch fiasco had gotten all over school because of everyone was looking at him with mixed looks. Some look at him with applaud. Others look at him with pity. It did made him feel anxiety to have that many students to look at him. But right now, school was almost over for the night. He was having his last class before he could go home. He could hear the other students talking about what happen during lunch today. Or yesterday since it was almost midnight.

Did you hear what happen in the cafeteria?"

"Yeah. Maki talked to Komori."

"That was kind of bold, man."

"I know, right?"

"No other guy is allowed to talk or even look at her."

Tamostu had just heard two guys talking about the event. He wondered if he'll hear more about this during his last class.

"Yui Komori is so luckily that the most good looking boys in school all want her."

"Totally. She's has no idea that she's has it good."

Rolling his eyes to hear such things from those girls again. Again, don't they care what's under the skin?

Sitting at his desk, Tamostu pulled out his homework that he did this early morning. The teacher had just came in and told all the students in the classroom to pull out their homework. Unsurprisingly, no one did their work but Tamostu. The teacher look like that he wanted to quit his job. With these kind of students, Tamostu didn't blame his teacher for wanting to resigned.

Most of the students in school didn't care about their schoolwork because they felt that they didn't need to study to get in life. Their families will get them what they want. Some rich kids were like that.

Paying to attraction to the lesson, Tamostu had cut off Yui from his mind. Despite being worrying about her, he had to remain focused on his studies. But Tamostu couldn't help but be scared for her. The thought of her of being hurt because of him was eating him up.

"Please, turn to page 14. That will be a test in 2 weeks. So be ready when it happens," The teacher said. He look like that he had enough of teenagers.

Soon, class was over. But there were still some students in the school building who were supposed to clean their school. Tamostu was one of them. Despite being tired, Tamostu knew that he must clean his school. However, it was strange to him because tomorrow was the day that he was actually cleaning. But when he heard that it was because Reiji Sakamaki had change his schedule to today. Tamostu had no doubt this was Reiji's way of revenge for talking to Yui. Although, to be honest, Tamostu had thought that he was going to get a worst punishment than this.

"Guess Reiji is being light on me," Tamostu said to himself. He feared that he was going to get kicked out of the school.

As he was finishing his cleaning, Tamostu had found a group of three guys in front of him. He kind of was wondering what did they want from him. But one of them had surprised him by putting his arm around him with a grin on his face.

"Hey, man, that was pretty awesome back there," The guy said.

"Um... thanks. I guess," Tamostu said confusing.

"Yeah. You're all in one pieces and you're still at this school," The second guy said.

"Are you guys talking about what happen at lunch?" Tamostu asked.

"Of course, dude! Everyone is talking about it!" The third one said.

This was getting strange. Sure he talked to Yui Komori who was known among the students as "The Mysterious Girl" or "The Pale Ghost". The former because of she just appeared out of nowhere with the Sakamaki brothers, and the latter because of her extremely pale skin.

But those titles had made Tamostu drew to Yui because the strange aura that surrounded around her. He just couldn't help himself, but he did wanted to know more about her.

These three guys were telling him that he was cool and that he managed to came out alive.

"Then you tried to get up even when Ayato had his foot on you," The first one said.

"You sure got some balls. Even after what Shin said about your mom," The second said.

"Tamostu, you're awesome, man!" The third said.

Tamostu look at the three guys that were admiring him. But he knew that it wasn't going to least long. Next time, everything will go back to the way it was. But he preferred to be that way.

Soon Tamostu had exited out of the school building. It was a long way to go home. People were still out despite being so late at night. Hopefully, his mom won't be up right now. He had sent her a text to let her know that he was staying after school to clean the building, saying that his schedule had change at the last minuet.

But unknown to Tamostu Maki, his life will change. Whatever he likes or not. Something, or someone will come into his life that show him that everything that he knows is not what it seems.

Chapter Text

Tamostu had just got off the bus that worked on late hours. It amazed him that there were buses that still worked during this hours. It was 1:13 in the morning. His mom was most likely asleep.

Walking down the street at this time was kind of creepy. Sure the street lights were on but Tamostu could still feel a little spooked. Things can happen at night. Many people were still out. School could have been great but those guys really had be the ones that ruined it. Some could agued that he should haven't talk to Yui Komori since that girl was off limits to other guys. Tamostu won't agree, Yui has a right of who she can or can't talk to.

Tamostu was lost in his thoughts. Today he actually talked to his crush. Yui speaking to him was something that he never would happen. He always thought that when they graduate from high school, Tamostu would talk to her only for a few minutes. Given her relationship with those guys, Yui was going to be with one of them. Ayato seems to be the closest one to her. Tamostu had actually believed that Yui and Ayato might become a couple later. If that did happen, Tamostu would be respectful towards their relationship and move on. But he couldn't help but feel uneasy with seeing those two together.

Yui didn't seemed like that she enjoy being with Ayato alone. Matter of fact, she didn't enjoy being with any of them. Yui always look like that she wanted to get away from them. Tamostu saw that whenever she was alone, she was a little relax. But when Yui was with any of them, she looked scared. According to some of the students, Yui isn't allowed to join any of the school's clubs.

The young man was confused by this. Not allowed to be in the school's clubs. That was a bit weird to him. Who doesn't a student to join a school without a good reason? Even though he never talked to her till today, Tamostu could see that Yui wasn't a troublemaker. She seemed like she couldn't harm a fly.

When he asked one of his friends, they say it was because Reiji Sakamaki that forbidden her from joining any of clubs. Saying that Yui can't join do to some health issues. Thinking about it now, Tamostu did often heard that Yui had often faint a lot. So he began to believe that was the reason.

"Man, if Mom's not asleep, then she'll definitely be worried about me if I'm not home by now," Tamostu said to himself. One can say that he was kind strange to talk to himself. But when you're alone in the streets at night, it was better than the silence of the dark.

As Tamostu continued to walk to his house, he heard a crash, coming from his right. Alarmed by the sudden noise, Tamostu ran to see what had had happen. He was the only one here right. If someone was hurt, he'll have to help.

When he got there, he saw a white van. It crushed into a stop sign. Worried about the diver, Tamostu quickly ran to checked up on them. Through the window, Tamostu saw man that appeared to be in his late forties. The man was still breathing, so he was just out cold. His arm was bleeding. Tamostu quickly took his phone to call for help. It to his shock and horror, there was no serves in it.

"What the hell?! Hey! Someone help! There's a man that needs medic attraction!" Tamostu shouted out loud. Hoping that someone will hear him. His phone not having serves was strange because Tamostu had come here a few times without any problems on his phone. This was strange.

"Is there anyone out there! Can anyone help!" Tamostu shouted again. And again no one seemed to be coming this way.

Thinking quickly, Tamostu took off his school jacket and put it on the man's arm to stop the bleeding. He prayed to God that someone will come and help.

Suddenly, Tamostu heard another noise. It was coming from the back of the van. Tamostu, despite not wanting to leave the man alone, went to check on the sound. Worried that someone else was in danger.

Opening the doors, Tamostu saw that there was nothing there. It was just a pile of rope, a fire extinguisher and a trunk. Thinking that he was hearing thinks because of what was going on, the blue eyed young man was about to go back and help the older man when he heard the noise again. This time coming from the trunk. It sounded like someone was kicking something. The trunk itself was big. Big enough to fit a person in there. In fact, Tamostu had began to wonder if there was someone in the trunk.

"Okay, a white van driving in the middle of the night and there's a large trunk in the back that's making sounds like someone is kicking," Tamostu said to himself. This was getting weirder.

The sound in the trunk had finally stop, but then another kick sound was heard again. But this was much louder with a strong force, the trunk was open with a golden light coming from it. Tamostu covered his eyes since the light was too bright for him to see.

A silhouette soon rise from the trunk. The light also died down a little. Tamostu could now see the silhouette. He saw a beautiful girl who was about to fall on the floor of the van. Lucky, he caught her before she did.

The girl had long, straight, black hair and fair skin. She was slender and tall. She was wearing a simple white dress with choker that had a red heart on it. She was also barefooted. However, the girl also had handcuffs and her mouth was taped. She appeared be asleep as well.

"Hey, are you okay?" Tamostu asked as he gently shake the girl.

Carefully, the young man tried to removed the tape on her mouth without causing her pain. When he managed to do so, he tried to removed the handcuffs as well. But before he had a chance to do it, the sound of a gun getting ready to shoot stopped Tamostu from doing so. Turning around, Tamostu saw the driver had woken up with a gun in his hand.

"It will be a smart idea to run and forget what you saw, boy. I don't want to kill an innocent child who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time," The man said. His arm was still bleeding.

Tamostu felt his heart beating fast. This day has just became his official worst day ever. He could handle getting bullied, but being threated to be killed, he can't imagined his life getting cut short.

Breathing hard, Tamostu tried to stay calm. Easier said then done when there's a man holding a gun and threated to kill you with it if you didn't listen to him, "Umm? Sir, can we just talk it out civilly?" Tamostu said nervously.

He knows that it sounded stupid to try reason with someone that is threating your life, but he's also just a high school kid with nothing to protect him. Seeing the girl who was still unconscious, Tamostu now knew that this man is definitely a human trafficker.

"You're some kind of kidnapper, right? You were about to do something awful to this girl, weren't you?" Tamostu said as he backed away a little.

Surprisingly, the man shook his head as if he was telling Tamostu that he was getting the wrong idea, "No, young man. I'm simply doing a holy thing by killing this creature. This thing may seem to look like an innocence girl, but this is a demon from Hell. Her and her kind are ruining our beautiful world that was given to us by the Lord. They must be wiped out in order for us, the children of God, to have peace," The man said.

The man was totally insane. The way he said those things was crazy. Tamostu may be a believer of God, but he won't kill anyone.

"Young man, leave while you can. My superiors won't be so kind if they knew that an innocent had discovered the truth of their kind. Forget that you ever saw her. Live a peaceful life with your loved ones. Never tell a soul what has happen this night," The man said.

A small part of Tamostu wanted to listen to this man. Afraid what will happen if he didn't listen. Was there a secret society going in the world? He was scared what they will do if they found out about him. Will they try to kill him and his family? But looking at the girl, Tamostu couldn't abounded her to an awful fate that was waiting for her. Besides, she didn't look like a demon. Tamostu soon made his choice.

"I'm sorry, sir. But I won't stand by and let a girl be harmed by crazy people," Tamostu said. His hands were shaking. He was scared what will happen now.

The man sigh, shaking his head as if he was disappointed by the younger man's decision, "Then I'm afraid, child, I can't allow you live," He said.

Pointing his gun at Tamostu, the latter was getting ready to face death. But to be honest, the black haired boy was scared beyond anything. He was going to die right here and then. His poor mother will have no idea that her son was murdered for trying to save a girl. If he was lucky, security cameras will caught this and the man will be brought to justice.

While Tamostu was saying his prays, the girl had finally woken up. Her red were open wide. They wondered to the man that holding her captive. They were filled with anger and hatred. They soon went to see a younger man with black hair, blue eyes, and a pair of blue glasses. Neither of the men were aware that she was now awake. Seeing that the older man was about to shoot the younger man who didn't seem to be with former, the girl grabbed the fire extinguisher quicker and throw it at the man hard.

The man was thrown back as he landed on his injured arm, which caused him to cry in pain. Tamostu was shocked and relief to the girl had waked up. It seemed the man had missed the black haired boy as well. The girl grabbed his hand as she tried to lead Tamostu away.

"Well, come on! Do you want to live?!" The girl shouted as she began to run with Tamostu behind her.

"Yes! I want to live!" Tamostu shouted. He followed her. Taking his schoolbag, the black haired boy was running for his life. Completely forgetting his school jacket.

The man saw that both teenagers had escaped him. He tried to grabbed his gun but his arm was getting worst. The pain won't go away.

As Tamostu and the mysterious girl were running, the girl stopped and looked at Tamostu. She wasn't sure if she should trust him. But right now, she didn't have any other choice.

"Hey, would you take this chocker off of me. I hate it. It's blocking my powers," She said.

"Umm... sure," Tamostu said. As he did what he was asked, the young man took off the choker of. But then the last sentence had caught him off guard.

"What? Powers?" Tamostu asked.

Soon the girl had butterfly wings on her back. They were big and red. She fluttered them a bit before she turned to see Tamostu who looked like he was losing his mind right now.

"I'm Koemi Yoshida. What's yours, human?" Koemi said.

And with that, Tamostu fainted from shock.

Chapter Text

Tamostu felt his head was spinning. That was the craziest dream that he had ever had. He was nearly killed by some psycho who told him that there are demons the world that they live in. Groaning, Tamostu held his head in his hand as he tried to make sense of that dream. Dreaming that he was almost killed for trying to help a girl from getting kidnapped was something he never want to dream again.

"I should stop having snacks so late at night," Tamostu said to himself.

However, when Tamostu saw that he wasn't at his house but at the park, he was starting to get confused. He slept under a tree. Having no idea what time it was, he checked his phone. Seeing that it was 7:15 am, Tamostu immediately got up. Checking to see that all his stuff was still there, he quickly ran to his neighborhood.

No doubtingly, his mother was worried sick. She had probably had just got up and saw that her son wasn't in his room. Tamostu didn't want his mother to go to the police and say that he was missing.

"Mom is definitely going to kill me if she sees me walking through the front door," Tamostu thought as he ran past a few people.

Seeing that he was now in his neighborhood, Tamostu slowed down. Catching his breath, the black haired boy was walking this time. Hopefully, his mother was still asleep. She won't leave work for another three hours. Maybe she was won't known that her son wasn't home last night.

Who was he kidding, his mother will know that he wasn't home last night. She would no doubt ask why didn't he came home last night. Tamostu would have to tell her the truth. That he rescued a girl from getting kidnapped by a nut job and almost killed for it. Also, the girl had happens to be some of kind of demon. He even sounded crazy when thought about it. His mom sure won't believe his story. He might as well say that he took a shortcut through the park and fell asleep under a tree when wanted to see the stars late at night.

"That will be lying to Mom," Tamostu thought again.

Seeing that his house was in front of him, Tamostu took a deep breath and walked in. Seeing that no one was awake, the young man quietly closed the door. Karin must be asleep as well. The family dog would be barking to alert the family of two to let them know that someone was on the property.

"Nice house you have," A voice said. One that was familiar.

Tamostu turned around and saw that it was that girl he saved. It wasn't a dream after all. Her butterfly wings were beautiful and big. She was sitting on the couch. She looked like she enjoying herself.

"What are you? And how did you get in my house?" Tamostu asked. He had no idea what can this girl do. She said that the chocker that was on her was blocking her powers.

"I'm a spirit if you happen to know. Although, I'm also consider a demon as well. As for how I got in your house, I have my ways," She said, crossing her arms while closing her eyes.

Hearing that she was indeed a demon of sorts, Tamostu slowly stepped back a bit. Not knowing how to handle this kind of situation. He had no idea if she had malicious intentions towards him or his family. Seeing the cross that was on the wall, Tamostu quickly went to it and took it off the wall. He held up his cross in front of the girl, waiting for her to be destroy by it.

"What exactly are you doing?" The spirit girl asked confusingly. She wasn't at all harmed by the cross. Tamostu was confused. Won't demons supposed to be hurt by crosses and holy water like the legends go by. Don't tell him that everything he knows how to stop demons were lies. He hoped that didn't mean that they're unstoppable. Everything has its' weakness.

"Dud, don't tell that you actually believe in all of that crap that humans made up about us?" The girl asked while she laughed.

"You... you actually thought that little cross was going to work on me," She said as she continued to laugh.

Somehow, Tamostu was feeling embarrassed since the spirit was still a girl. A really cute one at that. But she was still a demon. So he can't let her beauty get to him. Suddenly, the young black haired boy remembered her name. Koemi Yoshida was her name if that was correct.

"Your name is Koemi Yoshida, right?" Tamostu asked.

The black haired girl, now known as Koemi, looked at him for a moment.

"Yup, that's my name. Don't wear it out," Koemi said.

"I never got yours," She said.

Tamostu remembered what happened. After seeing her true form, he simply fainted from everything that he witness. Getting threated and seeing a demon was probably too much for someone to handle in one night.

Rubbing his neck in embarrassment, Tamostu blushed since Koemi was most likely the one that placed him under that tree in the park, "It's Tamostu Maki. Thanks for taking care of me when I was out," He said.

"Oh, that. Yeah, you're not that heavy for a guy. So no problem," Koemi said.

"Tamostu, honey? Are you home?" Mrs. Maki said upstairs. Tamostu froze as his mother had just gotten up. He had no idea of how he could explain why there was butterfly girl in their house. Especially when said butterfly girl was a demon. "

Yeah, Mom! I'm downstairs!" He shouted. However, he had no idea why would he said that. His mom definitely come down and see him.

He quickly turned to Koemi and grabbed her hand while blushing, "You have to leave," Tamostu said. He lead her to the back door.

However, Koemi was offended by this and pulled her hand back, "Why? I was just here to thank you for helping me and you're trying to kick me out," She said.

"It's not like that. My mom would have a heart attack if she sees you," Tamostu said.

"And why would your mom have a heart attack if she sees me?" She said.

"Well, because you have wings and you're a demon," Tamostu said. He didn't want to sound mean but his mother would be scared of the demon girl that in her house and near her son.

Koemi sighed, seemingly got the message, "Fine. But I'm coming back later," She said.

With that, she disappeared it was nothing. Tamostu couldn't help but wondered what she meant about coming back later.

"Tamostu, baby, where have you been? Did the cleaning took that long? I was about to call your school when I somehow fell asleep," Mrs. Maki said worrying.

Tamostu didn't know what to say to her. He could explain to his sweet mother about last night.

"I'm sorry for making you worried, Mom," Tamostu said.

His mother took a breath for moment, "I'm just glad that you're home now, sweetheart," She said. However, she noticed that something was missing on him.

"Tamostu, what happen to your jacket?" She said.

Remembering that he forgot it at the van, Tamostu mentally slapped himself for losing it. He only has two school jackets. They were expensive.

"I accidently lost it, Mom. I'm so sorry," Tamostu said.

"Oh, honey," His mother said.

Karin then barked happily when she saw Tamostu was finally home. The young smiled and bent down to pet her on her head.

"Good morning, Karin. Did you miss me, girl?" He said.

Mrs. Maki smiled. She loved moments like this in her home. Her Tamostu playing with their beloved dog.

"Why don't you go upstairs and get some sleep, honey? You must had had a long night," She said.

Yawning, Tamostu couldn't help but agreed with his mother, "Okay, Mom. See you later," He said, going to his room.

The bright sun was shinning on the beloved home of the Maki family. The family was made with love and happiness. A smell but a beautiful family of a loving mother, a hardworking son, and loyal pet dog. Soon another addiction will joined them. Even if they won't from this world.

Chapter Text

It was late morning and with his mother out to work, Tamostu was heading to the mall to hang with his friends before school starts that night. It was sunny and beautiful today.

"Guess that's one of the good things about going to school at night," Tamostu said to himself as he was near the mall.

While he was near the mall, Tamostu thought back to Koemi Yoshida, the spirit demon girl that just entered his life. Everything felt so rushed to him. A demon had just became part of his life and now she's coming back later that day. This was so weird. Especially since she was behaving like an actually teenage girl instead of some evil entity that could harm him or possess him.

Once he was outside of the mall, Tamostu checked his phone to see the time. He was right on time. One of his friends had just texted him, saying that they're all meeting for him outside of the video game store.

Tamostu smile since his friends love playing video games despite him not being good at it. However, they did try to teach him a few tricks on how to play. The whole group would get together at one their houses to play games. Tamostu's was always the one that they go to the most because the others actually enjoy the small home that he lived despite his friends were very rich with bigger houses with many rooms.

Once he was inside, Tamostu walked to where the video game store was at. It was on the first near the food court. Meaning that he and his friends will eat something. The mall was very big with many people shopping today.

"Oh, my God! They already have the new poster of Kou Mukami!" A girl shouted.

This caused many more girls to go direction to where the girl shouted. Tamostu saw them running his way. He quickly moved aside and watched as the stampede of teenage girls ran inside of a store. On the glass window of the store, the black haired boy saw a poster of Kou Mukami on it.

The poster was Kou having most of his shirt unbutton. Tamostu merely shook his head as he walked away from the store.

"Kou's really famous alright," Tamostu thought to himself as he was finally at the game store.

His three friends were just outside of the store waiting for him to come like they planned. Once they saw Tamostu coming their way, they waved at him as he was now here.

"Tamostu, you're finally here, dude," One with blue hair and grey eyes said His name was Kai.

"I almost thought that you won't show up on time," Another with green and matching eyes said. His name was Akira.

"By the way, we heard what happen last night. Are you alright, man?" The last one with brown hair and golden eyes said. His name Touya.

"Yeah, I'm okay, Touya," Tamostu said, not wanting to have his friend worried about him.

All four of them went inside of the store. There was nothing new that they have. Pretty much everything had the same games. Although, Kai did suggested to try some different genres this time since they always play the same ones anyway.

"How about a horror one? We never try these before, guys," Kai said, handing one horror video game.

"Dude, you know how I easily get nightmares from watching anything scary," Touya said.

"How about this one, guys? I heard from my sister that this is a really good one," Akira said as he showed a game that had a bunny and a panda on the cover. Something which younger gamers would love to play.

"Dude, Akira, this game is for preschoolers. And didn't your sister just started preschool this year?" Kai said.

While the three were auguring on which game they should get, Tamostu was looking at a game that was both horror and romance. The cover had a guy and a girl on it with thirteen dark silhouettes. The summary explained that the game was about a guy moving into a new town after the death of his mother. As he gets settled, he meets a very beautiful young girl who lives in the manor on the hill that overlooks the town. However, she's extremely shy and nervous around him.

However, this is due to the fact that many of the townspeople had shunned her for being unmarried and living with thirteen young men at the manor. But the guy doesn't care as he falls in love with her and wants to marry her. But he discovers that the girl that he's in love with is forbidden to marry someone else who aren't the thirteen men that she lives with. The guy soon discovers more about the manor which has more secrets.

"Hey, Tamostu, what do got there?" Touya asked as he looked at the game that his friend was holding.

Tamostu was pulled out of his thoughts when Touya talked to him. Since Touya hated anything scary, the black haired boy decided to put the game back.

"Nothing, Touya. I was just looking at it," Tamostu said as he placed the game on its sport.

"Hey, let me see it," Kai said. Picking the game from the shelf, the bluenette read what it was about.

"Guys, this looks really good. How about this one?" Kai said, showing the game that Tamostu was looking at.

"Dude, I told you nothing scary!" Touya said angrily.

"Come on, Touya, there's a cute girl in," Kai said, showing the girl to Touya.

"Fine, but I'm not playing with you guys," Touya said as he walked out of the store with Tamostu following him while Kai and Akira were buying the game.

"Touya, wait I'm sorry. I didn't know that Kai was going to buy that game," Tamostu said as he ran after his friend.

Touya stopped and looked at his friend. He knows that Tamostu didn't meant it, Kai could be so immature sometimes.

"It's fine, Tamostu. Kai could be such an ass at times," Touya said.

After Kai and Akira joined up with them, the four friends went to the food court and grabbed something to eat. They got bungers, fries, and cold drinks. They all talked about what they were going to do this weekend.

"Hey, Tamostu, why did you decided to talked to Yui Komori? You know that girl is off limits to other guys, dude," Touya said worrying.

The blacked haired boy blushed when his friend mentioned his crush. It looks like that his friends are worried about his safety, much to his embarrassment. However, his friends did know about his feelings on the blonde haired girl since she arrived at the school.

"Well, I saw that she didn't have her lunch with her and she did look really sad all by herself, so I decided to talk to her," Tamostu said. He looked at his friends who all were showing concern on their faces.

"And you still like her even with those fake rumors about her?" Akira asked.

A couple of days ago, rumors began to spread about Yui going around and sleeping with the Sakamakis, Mukamis, Tsukinamis, and Kino. Poor Yui had been avoided by almost everyone at school because of that. The rumors were made by some jealous girls who were fans of the popular boys and were made at Yui for having the boys' attentions than any other girl in the school.

"Who cares about rumors made by some jealous girls? Yui's just a lonely girl that the other kids make fun of," Tamostu said.

"Dude, we get it. You want to go out with her, but those guys have power and money. They could make you disappear without a trace, Tam," Kai said. Despite being very immature at times, Kai still cared about his friends. A blush appeared on his face.

Dating Yui Komori was something that he never thinks about. There was no way in millions of years she would ever go out with him. She was too pretty while he was a bit plain looking.

"I like her but there's no way that she'll like me that way. I was just hoping to have a conversation with her and get to know her a little bit better, guys," Tamostu said as his face became redder.

When Touya was about to say something, another voice was heard. But only Tamostu could hear it.

"So you want to want over your crush, huh?" A familiar female voice said.

Suddenly, everything around Tamostu seemed to have stopped. Everyone at the mall were frozen. Even Kai, Akira, and Touya stopped moving. Tamostu was shocked to see his friends frozen in place. Looking at everyone around him, it was like time had stopped.

"So you want to get the girl of your dreams, right, Tamostu?" Koemi said as she appeared behind the black haired boy.

Tamostu yelped since she just appeared out of nowhere. Koemi did say that she was coming back but he didn't think that she'll be back this soon already. He wondered if she was following since he was going to the mall.

"So tell me about this Yui Komori, Tamostu," Koemi said as she sat down on a chair, eating Touya's food and drink.

"Well... umm..." Tamostu had no idea to tell this girl. He might come out as creepy since he literal knows nothing about Yui.

"She has blonde hair and pink eyes," Tamostu said. Man, he sure did felt embarrassed that he didn't know what else to tell Koemi on Yui.

"She also lives with a couple of guys, but she's not related to any of them," He said.

"And that's it? You literal nothing about this girl other then those things you told me about her?" Koemi asked confusingly.

"Well, she mostly keep to herself. But those guys never let her social with almost anyone. I was planning on how to talk to without those guys noticing us," Tamostu said. Despite what those guys told him," Tamostu still wanted to help Yui. Given how the guys always acted towards her, the black haired boy felt something was wrong but he couldn't do anything to help Yui without any proof they're hurting her.

"So you want to go out with girl you know nothing about? Fine, I'll help you with your love life," Koemi said.

"Wait, what?" Tamostu asked.

However, next thing he knew was Koemi passing her lips on his. His mind exploded. Tamostu felt his body was decaying. He was having his kiss! And with a demon no less. He felt he was going to Hell for this. Kissing a demon was definitely a sin. The young boy was screaming on the inside. What was happing to him?

But there was something else that he also noticed, a few chains appeared around him and Koemi. The chains soon locked together. The chains began to glow into a golden bright light, He could also hear Koemi's voice in his head as well.

"If you wish to win this girl's feelings, then why don't we make a contact together?" Koemi asked while she was still kissing him.

The black haired boy didn't know what was going on. Koemi said something about a contact, as if she was willingly going to make a pack with him of winning Yui's feelings.

But without thinking, "Okay, I agree," He thought, hoping that Koemi would hear him. It would seem like she did.

"Then our contact is now sealed. I'll help you win your crush," Koemi said as she finally ended the kiss. She could see that Tamostu was all red.

"Man, don't tell me that was your first kiss?" Koemi asked as she watched the blacked hair boy fell back on his chair. However, she herself also fell back a little. Placing her head on her head as she had a headache.

Tamostu shook his head to knock himself from his embarrassment when he saw Koemi in a little bit of pain.

"Hey, are you okay, Koemi?" He asked he went over her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just froze time too long. I'll better go and rest. See you later, Tam," She said as she disappeared with time going back to normal.

"Okay, Tam, you don't have to deny that you do want to go out with her. We're just worried that you might get hurt," Touya said. He then notice that his food was half eaten. 

"What the hell?! Kai, did you eat my food again?!" Touya shouted as he accused Kai for eating his food.

"Touya, I didn't do it this time, man," Kai said, handing up his hands to defend himself.

Tamostu watched as his two friends augured who eat Touya's food. The blacked haired boy couldn't explained that a demon came and eat while he made some kind of deal with her. His friends will all think he's gone crazy. However, he thought back to Yui. He wondered how she was doing right now. In all the times he saw by herself, she never talked to anyone unless she had to or if someone else was talking to her first. Yui, the girl that Tamostu had always founded to be very beautiful, will show him another world that never wanted him to see for his own safety.