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Witch Hunter

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They were friends. Of course that they were. Their mothers were close and also supernatural creatures should stick together, right?

Katsuki Bakugo came from long line of werewolves. So long, in fact, that it would be impossible to tell if anyone in their family tree ever was transformed instead of being born with wolf genes already written in their DNA. He was old blood and was extremely proud of it. His father on the other hand was just a human, but he was surprisingly good at surviving in the middle of chaos — warzone? — that their home was.

Midoriya Izuku was witch — like his mother. Actually, that's why Inko and Mitsuki become friends in the first place; that was result of their... Extraordinaries. And maybe a bit because green haired woman knew a lot of spells and potions that could help with werewolf-ish tantrums in the full moon. That's a really valuable ability, indeed.

The thing is when four year old Katsuki got his explosive quirk and Izuku was left with nothing, their friendship began to deteriorate... Crumble. Bakugo decided that he is useless and sure, Izuku still followed him but well... Their relationship wasn't very friendly. Especially after river accident when blond came to conclusion that his ex-friend is looking down on him.

Midoriya tried to fix their friendship, but he wasn't able to. Bakugo stubbornly clung to the thought that he doesn't want to know someone so weak... Not only not having quirk but also not being able to use magic despite being witch. Izuku tried to explain to him that the second one isn't true, that it takes a lot of time, even years, to learn basics but werewolf didn't listen.

When they were seven Midoriya decided to step in, stopping Bakugo from bulling some unfortunate kid.

He was beaten up, powerless and angry at himself for his own weakness when he met hunter. Man noticed potential in him; the way he rushed to help even though he had no chance of winning. He proposed teaching him his ways... Training him to help people and stop dangerous, inhuman beasts from murdering innocent. He also assured him that he doesn't need quirk for this. Determination and hard work were enough according to him.

Izuku accepted offer. Of course he did. After all he wanted to be a hero and heroes help!


Bakugo was eight when his life was in real danger for the first time.

He was playing with bunch of extras from his class on the verge of forest with Midoriya hovering somewhere in background when someone appeared. With speed that definitely wasn't natural he lunged at blond and two of them ended on the ground, struggling for upper hand.

Children run away screaming while Katsuki made more explosions in matter of minutes than throughout few last weeks.

While panicking and trying to fight man off he noticed sharp, dangerously shining teeth of his attacker, and he instantly knew what was going on. Vampire. Seeing how much he didn't care for the fact that sun was fully out and ignoring all potential witnesses he was old enough to have long ago lost his mind. Now there were only primal instincts driving him forward as insanity took over his mind. So it made sense that he attacked, what according to law of nature was his natural enemy, first chance he got.

Bakugo's heart squeezed uncomfortably when he noticed that Izuku isn't here anymore; he run like others, but blond had no time to think about it... Even if traitorous voice in his head jumped to opportunity to tell him that it's his own fault. After all get was the one who pushed him away for his weakness and now he shouldn't feel betrayed just because he evacuated when he needed help. And it's not like he could even do anything! If even Katsuki can't win and this nerd would be much more useless! He would be nothing more than toothpick for this monster!

Seeing as everyone apart from them two fled from the scene of possible murder, Katsuki took his half-wolf form. He wildly waved his clawed hands, even though he knew it was hopeless.

But even if he couldn't win he wasn't going to just give up! If he'll die then it will be while putting up fight! He'll be biting and struggling to his very last breath! No matter how pointless or useless it would be! He's a warrior, and he won't just lie down and die! Especially when attacked by such a hideous beast!

Katsuki won himself few precious minutes, and he got few pretty decent hits before his attacker managed to bit into his neck. Sadly the same moment fangs sunk into him, he knew it was over. Sure, he still fought and tried to wrestle himself free, but he wasn't able to succeed.

He was still young and in werewolf-ish standards... Weak.

His eyes fluttered shut and arms fell limply to his sides when suddenly weight on him was gone. He could feel dust in his nostrils and there was familiar voice in his sensitive ears.
“Kacchan! Kacchan! A-are you alive?! Oh, please tell me that I wasn't too late! I couldn't have been too late!”

Blond boy slowly opened his eyes even though he was sore and didn't want to do it just yet. He rose his bloody red irises towards his companion who was holding stake in most likely uncomfortably firm grip, and then he glanced at himself. He was covered with pretty thick layer of dust that only second ago was his attacker and would-be reason of premature death if he hadn't been stopped.

“What... You...?” he managed to choke out, trying to get up to at least sitting position. His vision was fuzzy and everything was spinning around. He would most likely fell back on the ground if it wasn't for green haired boy who immediacy abandoned his weapon, instead trying to help him support his weight.

Normally Bakugo would snarl that he doesn't need him but... He nearly got killed by vampire. If he ever gets to have a moment of weakness then it is a damn perfect time for it!
“I went to get stake to help you.” explained Midoriya, sniffling.

Of fucking course nerd is crying. When isn't he?

“What do you mean 'went for stake'? You're witch not a freaking hunter!” Bakugo protested with snarl although weak one.

“Uhm... I'm training to become hunter...?”

“What?! You're a hecking witch!”

“I know, I know! I just... Want to help people. Some creatures aren't like us... And are dangerous... They want to hurt others and I won't let them do that! I will stop them! Like I stopped this vampire!” Izuku exclaimed with sudden blaze of determination burning in his eyes.

For a moment two of them were completely silent.

Bakugo would never ever admit it out loud but in that exact moment Midoriya was pretty cool... Kind of admirable. He also killed vampire. Vampire! And that means he can't be that useless, right? And anyone who can kill this kind of monstrous creature — even when using element of surprise — is worthy of being his friend.

Hunters are pretty awesome when they don't try to kill him nor his family, he supposes.

“You're part of my pack.” he decided, getting up to his wobbly legs and not even pushing Izuku who helped him stay upright.

“Huh?” hummed Midoriya surprised by his words. He looked quizzically at his ex-friend.

“From today onward. You're part of my pack.” repeated blond.

Huge smile bloomed on Izuku's face.


Midoriya got scolded by his mother for attacking vampire instead of getting adult's help. She would come to his rescue after all! Mitsuki though, was really proud of him.

Hunter, who was mentoring, him had reaction which was pretty much the mix between two mentioned above mothers. Something along the lines of being irritated at his recklessness and cooing that 'barely did he hatch from egg, and he already wants to soar with dragons!'.

Oh well... In the end it was one of the best life decision he ever made because he got back his friend!

Most of the school's population was surprised that he once again was in Bakugo's good graces. Especially since he still called him 'Deku' but reacted rather aggressively when someone — anyone, really — tried to bully green haired boy.

It didn't make sense to them unlike to two boys. For them it was obvious reaction since they both were part of magical part of world and knew how protective werewolf are of their pack's members.

And Katsuki's pack was composed pretty much only of him, if he as alpha wasn't counted — he was more of his parent's pack than they were his. And he wanted his own group! He was a strong, independent werewolf! I mean, not yet, but he'll be soon enough! He'll drink a lot of milk, and he'll grow quickly! They'll see!

Izuku was content with his life.

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Uraraka felt pretty safe.

Sure, it was late — within hour it would be midnight — and dark but moon was so pretty... Full and white, shining at earth from black sky.

She didn't feel like she was in danger. She walked this path so many times before! Sometimes earlier, sometimes even later but nothing bad ever happened to her. She hadn't even seen any warning sights and it was safe area. Not far away was hero agency and no villain would dare to attack her here!

But then she heard branches breaking and none of those arguments could stop her from sprinting faster than she had ever run in her life.

She didn't look back, not thinking even for second that it might have just been a squirrel or some street cat. Her survival instincts told her to go away as quickly as humanly — or even inhumanly — possible, and she listened.

Even though she gave it her all, something lunged at her and pinned her to ground.

She hit pavement with pained yelp, but she had bigger problems than scraped hands and knees. She turned her head and her heart stopped for a moment. Huge, gigantic... Unbelievably big dog... Wolf? Canine was leaning over her, breathing down on her and showing its razor sharp teeth.

For few painfully long seconds... Maybe even minutes, two of them looked each other in the eyes. Creature growled and Uraraka could have sworn that even though it attacked her on its own accord it was hesitating. As if it was fighting with itself; bite or leave?

Ochaco could pinpoint in beast's eyes exact moment when it lost its battle. With quiet, terrified squeak she closed her eyes, waiting for her demise.

Heavy footsteps and yelp of pain later she was free.

“Are you okay? Please tell me I wasn't too late...” said voice, and she hesitantly opened her eyes and turned around; to lay on her back instead of stomach.

Someone was standing over her with hand outreached for her to grab. She couldn't see his hair because they were hidden under black as night hood while eyes were overshadowed to the point of their color being unidentifiable. His only distinguishable feature were freckles dusted on his checks and maybe Uraraka went insane from fear, but she decided that someone with such precious dots couldn't possibly hurt her. Desperate times call for desperately stupid assessment of situation, doesn't they?

“Y-yes.... You were just on time...” she murmured in trembling voice, taking his hand and letting him help her to her feet.

She flinched and took step back when she noticed beast that attacked her laying just beside. It seemed unconscious but she was scared anyway. How could she not be? In the moment of danger... She couldn't have done anything! Even her quirk was useless because she was stupid enough to run away instead of facing creature and sending into stratosphere!

“Don't worry, it won't get up anytime soon.” said boy, and she involuntarily took deep breath.

“T-thanks... For saving me...” were her quiet words. Her traitorous eyes fixed themselves on dark, furry beast. “W-what is it...?”

Boy scratched his neck nervously.

“Simply put? Someone who lost control over their... Power.”

“So... It is human...?” she asked with shock. Stranger just nodded.

“Don't worry, first transformation is worst. There should be no more instances like this one.” boy assured her while glancing at furry ball which seemed to be soundly snoring on the side of pavement. “And now you should probably head back home.”

“Oh. Yeah... Right...” she murmured though frankly... She was scared. She knew that even though her home wasn't that far she will be sprinting all the way back. And while at it she will probably keep on looking behind. She'll be lucky if paranoia will stick to her only one or two weeks.

Part of her hoped that mysterious boy will accompany her on her way... Even though she didn't know him, so she shouldn't trust him with knowledge of where she resides!

“You live near? I have to take care of him but if you want I can walk with you for a bit.” he proposed and to be honest she knew that more rational and safe decision would be to decline. Common sense wouldn't have it but...

“If it wouldn't be a problem for you... I would be really grateful if you accompanied me to the end of this street...” she said quietly, ashamed by her cowardice.

Boy laid small object that looked like material sac full... Of something on beast's head, and then he headed towards direction she was going to take. She quickly understood that standing and watching as he goes would be extremely counterproductive not to mention stupid, so she rushed after him, feeling a bit like an idiot.

She wants to be a hero, and she needs saving... She really needs to learn a lot... And work even harder!

“This area should be safe but you'll probably feel a bit afraid anyway so... Here. He and others like him have really sensitive senses so if you have it on you, you should be safe.” he said, showing her small, material sac.

It was different from what he left with beast. Apart from the fact that it wasn't as big it also was not the same color and most importantly it had small cord around it that let it be worn as some kind of necklace. Uraraka hesitated but when boy smiled, her heart melted a bit, and she gently took object from his hands.

She smelled it and was surprised that it didn't stink. Quite the contrary actually. It had pleasant though sharp herbal scent. She decided to hung it around her neck and when she did it she immediately felt better. Safer.
Even if it was nothing more than placebo she wasn't going to complain.

“T-thanks... I don't think I can thank you enough for everything you've done for me...” Uraraka said shyly, looking away.

Maybe because of his hood she couldn't grasp how his hair looked or what color eyes were but... This smile and extremely cute freckles were enough to liquefy her heart into mess of emotions she shouldn't be feeling towards total stranger. But aaaah! How not to fall in love? Mysterious, heroic and so lovely! Perfect man indeed!

“Ah, that's no problem at all! I'm happy I could have helped you!” he answered and then stopped. “That's the end of street. You'll be fine or should I accompany you a bit further?”

“N-no need! My house is just behind the corner! Once again... Thank you!” she said, quickly rushing towards her home but after few steps she halted. “I hope we'll meet again!”

She glanced at him, but he wasn't there anymore.

If it wasn't for her scraped limbs and strange sac on her neck she would take this meeting as a product of her imagination.

Luckily she had enough evidence to know for sure that mysterious boy existed.

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Iida was starting to regret leaving house.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and seeing how home appliances tried to kill him — he still could not come to terms with how this microwave had managed to fall on his foot — he decided to go for a city stroll. It turned out to be as bad of idea as being in kitchen. And the amount of cutlery that fell out that one drawer will probably show itself in his nightmares. If it wasn't for his glasses one of forks would most likely end in his eye! Since when laws of gravitation are so against him?!

So Tenya once again barely dodged biker who didn't notice him — there were too many painful situations he avoided thanks to his reflex trained in order to become hero — and he was just going to pass zebra crossing when
someone caught him by his jacket and pulled him back.

Iida expression was nothing short of terrified as car darted centimeters from his face. On red light!

After few deep breaths, he turned around to look at person who saved his life. Of course, he bowed deeply showing his gratitude.

“Thank you, if it wasn't for you... I don't want to even imagine what would happen.” he said, straightening himself and looking at his savior.

“Ah, no problem. I'm happy I could have helped.” answered boy, waving his hand.

His hair was completely hidden underneath hood while sunglasses were positioned on his eyes. What a bizarre choose of clothing. I mean, it's sunny but not really that hot so it isn't suspicious just... Never mind. A lot of people wear similar garments.

Anyway the only distinguishable thing about him were freckles dusted on his cheeks.

“I can't believe this driver was so reckless! Not only did he break traffic rules but also in such crowded area! We all were lucky that you reacted!” continued Tenya, fixing his glasses stiffly as they tried to slide down his face.

“True. I hope that police will stop them before they really hurt someone.” agreed boy, turning around to go back to... Whatever he was doing or wherever going before saving Iida.

“Thank you once again!” said Tenya after him, getting back to walking aimlessly. And dodging bikers.

Few steps later he heard stranger yelling 'watch out!' and immediately stopped dead in his tracks. Centimeters from him street lamp dangerously faltered before hitting ground he was going to walk on.

Pedestrians yelled, shocked by the occurrence and then circled around his would-be murderer, murmuring about what just happened.

Iida stared at object incredulously, wondering what the freak is wrong with this day. Meanwhile, stranger from before quickly reached him.

“Are you okay? That could have ended really badly!”

“Luckily I'm alright but thank you for your concern. And interference. If it wasn't for your warning I might have gotten hurt badly!”

Boy nodded stiffly and few dark curls wriggled themselves free from within his hood, but they stayed in shadow which made it difficult to discern what color they were. He was pretty sure it was black, but he could have sworn there was green shine to them.

“If you don't mind me asking... Where are you heading to?”

Tenya furrowed his brows, wondering where did the subject come from.

“I'm walking around the city but seeing how many accidents happen around me I think I should head back home.”

“May I accompany you? I'm on stroll, without any specific destination in mind and I would feel bad leaving you without supervision. No offense but it's not your lucky day.”

Normally he would deny without second though, holding to the thought that he doesn't need help. As a future hero he should be the one making civilians feel safe after all!

But today... After how he fell from bed, nearly busting his head open on his nightstand, tumbled from the top of stairs, got hit with microwave, was attacked by cutlery... Not even mentioning those mechanical doors that did not open on time and which he hit his face on. Hard. Oh, also bikers, car and street lamp.

Anyway if Iida believed in superstitions he would think he got cursed or something.

“I do not want to impose on your journey but if it really is not a problem for you I would love to have you walk with me for a bit. I admit that truly it is not my day and I seem to fall into embraces of danger nearly every step I take.”

Even though his words were serious and steady he felt stupid. As if he got scared by few accidents — and they surely couldn't be blamed on some third party! — to the point of needing someone metaphorically leading him by the hand.

“Great!” stated stranger, sending him huge smile. “Do you like heroes?”

At the end of the day Iida was happy that he decided to let stranger accompany him. For whatever reason accidents left him alone and Tenya even proposed going to visit park together. Mysterious boy didn't have anything against this idea so together they spent few hours walking around green area and around it. After some time they got to small cafe where Iida insisted on buying his new friend dessert for saving him from car and street lamp.

None of them introduced themselves and to be frank it worked just fine for Iida. Some small, irrational part of him decided to think about a stranger as an angel. How else could he explain those warm smiles and feeling of safety that seemed to surround him? And also the fact that not only did he saved him two times but also when he was near accidents stopped?

When the sun started to settle and it was time to part their own separate ways, Tenya felt irrationally scared. He'll get back home and what then? Cutlery, stairs, doors... Everything once more will be out for his blood. And he knew that it was stupid to think like this, but he was afraid anyway. Sure, it can't be coordinated attack but it could as well be one with everything that happened to him so far. Iida felt cold breath of death on his neck far too many times today.

“Uhm... You don't look like someone who believes into superstitions and probably will think this is stupid but... Here.” said stranger, putting forwards small object on his opened palm. It was cord with crystal hung on it. Tenya, although extremely rational, took it, wanting to take a closer look at it. After he inspected it he once again fixed his gaze on boy who scratched his neck nervously. “Bracelet for luck. You know... According to placebo if we believe into something it becomes true for us so... If you believe that it will help you stay safe it just might work!”

“Thank you but I cannot take it. You have done so much already for me... Also I really do not believe in such things like talismans...” protested Iida although meanwhile this little, quiet voice inside his head thinking that stranger is angel was yelling at him to just take gift.

“Please... Take it for my own peace of mind. It's a bit as if I left my positive energy with you so it would protect you from accidents! And also reminder to be safe... I really don't want for something to happen to you while you're on your way home.”

Tenya glanced at object still laying in his hands and made his decision.

“I am deeply moved by your attitude towards others, and so I will be honored to take this keepsake!” he said with deep bow, and then he reached out his hand. “Could you help me to put in on?”

Smile he got in return only assured him further that boy before him must be some kind of angel. Maybe even his guardian one?

When Tenya was sure that bracelet wouldn't accidentally fell off — he knew about his habit of gesticulating with more force than strictly necessary— he turned around to leave, but then he realized that he should say his goodbye in more worthy way than taking bracelet and thanking for it.

But the stranger wasn't there anymore. So he had to go and... He returned home safely. Without any accidents which also didn't happen in his house. As if bracelet truly took care of his extreme unluck.

Quiet voice in his head telling him that stranger was an angel wasn't so quiet anymore.

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Todoroki wanted to stay outside as long as possible. He knew that if he comes back too soon, his father will decide that it's a perfect time for training. He wasn't going to risk it. Even if he has to go back after midnight. How could he waste this rare chance when leaving house could save him from at least some bruises

But part of him regretted his life choices when walking through dark, deserted alley, he noticed humanoid shadow. He wasn't scared, not really, as he was ready to break law and defend himself with his quirk if the need arose but... This kind of situation would unnerve anyone. Especially teenage boy who didn't even graduate junior high yet.

When shadow finally showed itself and attacked, Todoroki reacted instantly, freezing attacker to the ground. He opened his mouth, ready to make clear that stranger attacked wrong person but man wrested himself free from cold embraces of ice.

He blinked in surprise, making barrier between himself and enemy but... His foe jumped over it with inhuman agility and speed, lunging straight at him.

Shoto hit the floor with enough force to lose breath for a moment. His world swirled, but he wasn't going to go down so easily. He raised his right hand, ready to freeze his attacker just as he felt sharp pain in his neck. Jump started by shock and panic he created icicle that went straight through assaulter stomach.

Todoroki shoved possibly dead body off himself and stood up on unsteady legs. He touched his hurt neck, while breathing heavily. He didn't completely feel gravity of what he just did. But he did realize how serious the situation is when his enemy got up with crazed hiss of pain. And then... It lunged at him yet again.

Boy paid the price for his shock — caused not only by lack of icicle in man's stomach and his scarily fast movements but also injury that seemed to stitch itself together within seconds — by once more hitting ground. Hard. This time his ice controlling hand was pinned to the ground by his attacker. Controlled completely by his panic and self-preservation instinct, Shoto used his fire when creature bit into his neck once more.

Entity didn't react.

Think that looked like normal man — but couldn't possibly be human — did absolutely nothing in reaction, ignoring flames that slowly burned its skin. It was getting more gray but not black. It sizzled but every time it was getting to the point of breaking under fire strength, it healed to its previous state.

Suddenly Todoroki's head was empty and body weak. Light, as if made of cotton. He tried to struggle for a moment longer but it didn't take him long to give up on his vain effort.

If he was going to die, at least he'll take satisfaction in his father losing his 'perfect masterpiece'.

Abruptly he was free. Monster wasn't there anymore.

There was dust in Shoto's face, which made his eyes water. He lifted his hand to wipe tears but halfway through it, his limb limply fell back to the ground. He was pretty sure that he was bleeding to death right now.

“Hey, do you hear me?”

His glazed irises landed on person that his tired mind hadn't noticed before, even though it should. Not that it was going to change much. Not counting dark hood and some funny dots on stranger's face he haven't noticed anything more. From his place on ground he couldn't even see his eyes.

“Okay, different approach. If you hear me blink two times, okay?”

Why does this voice want him to blink? Ah, whatever. It's not like he has anything better to do.

Blink. Blink.

“Oh! That's good. I know you're feeling terrible but try to stay conscious, okay?”

Shoto flinched when he felt stranger had touched his neck but quickly relaxed when he realized that he is patching him up. Phew. He's going to survive after all. Though... Is it really reason for joy? Now he has to go back home... Oh no. If his father sees him like this... He will double or even triple his training regime and...

“Wait a moment, I'll call ambulance, okay?”

“No!” protested sharply Shoto.

His father can't learn about what happened. Absolutely no. It... Would be even worse than death. Everything but getting his father involved. Hospital would surely ignore all his pleas to not inform Endeavor about state of his 'son' and consequently make his life a living hell.

“Uhm... Alright but please, calm down.” answered boy, taking seat just beside him and helping him to sitting position.

Huh? Todoroki didn't even notice when he started to fight his body to get up to at least not-laying position. Ah, he really wasn't feeling well. Who would thought that the day would come where something would hurt him more than his father? At least in physical sense because let's be honest; mentally Endeavor will always be on podium. His fucking precious first place.

“So... If you don't want to go to the hospital, ehm... Where should I take you?”

Shoto blinked slowly.

“I don't know.” he admitted after a while of owlishly staring at stranger who in turn sighed.

“There's park nearby. We can go there and get a seat on bench while thinking about what to do next. Sounds alright to you?”

Todoroki stiffly nodded and then without further ado he let himself be helped to standing position. Journey wasn't long but it surely was full of scraping his legs on pavement and being half-carried by his company. It wasn't his fault that his body was extremely uncooperative and exhausted, okay?

When they finally arrived at the park, Shoto heavily landed on bench while stranger quietly seated himself next to him.

“What was that...?” he asked quietly, leaning on wooden object.

“Will you believe me if I tell you that it was a vampire?”

Todoroki turned his head a bit to look at stranger and his serious expression. He finally could see his eyes but it was hard to tell their color from within hood. Maybe it's brown? Or black? Hazel perhaps? No matter hue, what grasped his attention was how big and gentle they were. Even... Especially in darkness of the night.

It made Shoto want to trust him.

“After what happened I'm ready to believe a lot of things.” he answered after a moment of thinking.

His focus shifted from stranger's face to his hands when they dived to the bag which Shoto noticed just now. After a moment of shuffling, he presented him thermos.

“Tea.” he explained and Todoroki decided to ignore all known rules of 'stranger danger'.

“Thanks.” he murmured and took object with his still mostly uncooperative hand.

Beverage had intense taste of herbs but was warm. Shoto didn't exactly like its flavor but felt a lot better after few gulps, so he wasn't going to complain.

“So... If it was vampire who are you?” he asked, taking thermos away from his lips and now how holding it in both his hands to warm himself. He felt rather cold after getting deprived of concerningly big amount of blood, and he really does need that to live.

“Hunter.” answered stranger with light shrug.

“You hunt vampires?” he asked, just to be completely sure. Also, he was really interested in this subject.

“Not only.”

Shoto could feel goosebumps crawling on his back. There are different kinds of those creatures?

“Don't worry! This area is pretty safe! You were really unlucky to... Stumble upon that.”

“What happened to it? It changed into dust... What did you do? My ice was useless... Fire... I was forced to use this cursed fire and it did even less...”

“It was an old vampire. Only stake through heart could kill it for good.” explained boy, and then he raised his eyebrow. “Cursed fire?”

“It's my father's. I relinquish him. I promised myself that I'll become hero without using his power... And today I broke this promise.” said Todoroki, turning his head away.

Why did he say this? He wasn't sure. For some reason he just trusted this stranger. Maybe it's because he has saved his life? Or maybe because he listened to his plea and didn't call ambulance? It also could be the fact that he was sitting with him now, answering his questions and giving him company even though he already did enough for him... He could and maybe even should leave him to take care of himself, instead attending to his own duties but instead he was still here...

Shoto flinched when boy gently laid hand on his shoulder.

“I don't know exactly what your situation is but it's your fire.” stated stranger but seeing expression of his companion decided to change his tactic. “You didn't have any other option than to use everything you had. You encountered inhuman creature and did what you had to do. You had no other way than to break your promise.”

“Look at this from this perspective; this fire might have been what bought you precious seconds that decided if you'd live or die. And if you wouldn't survive it how could you fulfill your promise?”

Shoto nodded absentmindedly, although he doubted that flames were truly what saved him. This element could only destroy. His father taught him this very well. Ha! It's the only valuable lesson he ever got from him...

“Tell me when you'll feel better, so I can help you get back home, okay?” asked stranger after a longer moment of silence and Shoto glanced at him before giving quiet 'mhm' of agreement.

To be frank he was ready to trust him with... Pretty much everything. If he wasn't so terribly exhausted he would probably tell him the story of his life and even ask for some advice. Who knows, maybe his father is actually a demon and stranger can kill him? More like send back to hell but oh well... Both options would be change for better in his book.

His eyes closed for a moment and after few seconds he was laying unconscious on his savior's shoulder.
“Oooor you can fall asleep on me.” murmured Izuku with sigh, taking thermos from his companion hands, so he wouldn't spill its contest on himself. Then he adjusted his hood so it wouldn't just slide from his head in the worst possible moment.

Ah, there is truly no better costume than his hunter one. To be sincere he would — metaphorically — say 'fuck it' and go out without any form of hiding his identity if he wasn't worried about random people recognizing him. He really didn't want someone, on the other side of street, screaming 'hey! You! Who saved me from this huge dog/blood-thirsty human/unlucky day/demon/other strange creature'. Especially when he told victim what tried to kill them and who he, himself, is.

But back to the situation on hand. What should he do? Tomorrow is school-day, and he doesn't want to spend half of the night as a pillow. He can't just take boy to the hospital because he seems afraid of it for some reason and... Well, he got enough stress for today... Tonight? Day-night? Actually... For whole month. Or even year.

After few minutes Midoriya gave up and dialed his mentor number, wanting some words of knowledge. Sadly, there was no revelation. He got 'wake him or leave him' as advice. And frankly... There wasn't much more he could do. Unless he asks mom for some spell that would help him stalk down stranger's house. Not that it was too bright of an idea since boy with two toned hair could feel a bit threatened with hunter somehow knowing where he lives.
“Hey, I know you're tired but you should go back home...”

Shoto didn't even open his eyes. He murmured his address through haze of being half-asleep, and then he came right back to dreaming. And as Izuku's too-good -for-this-world nature would have it, he took him back home by an ancient technique of piggybacking without another word.

Todoroki woke up in his room and first thing he did was finding mirror as to make sure that bizarre dream he had was only that; product of his extremely stressed subconscious.

Nope. Gauze on his neck is still there. What more on his bed stand he found note and small sac which — after examination — turned out to have some kind of herbs inside.

I hope I chose right room.

Ps. I left you some homemade tea. It's good for regenerating blood cells. I hope you'll get back to full health soon, oh and no, garlic isn't good weapon against vampires. They just don't like how it smells :)

Todoroki decided to remember two last sentences as most important life advice he ever got. Though he wasn't sure why he was supposed to think that garlic is a good weapon. Hm... Maybe he'll learn more on the internet...?

Also... If 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' then does it mean he has friend now?

Chapter Text

Tokoyami wasn't afraid of night. He thrived in it as he was a child of the darkness. True, he had to make sure that there was enough light to leave him in control over Dark Shadow but... Not counting that it was his time to flourish. Gloom and dusk were his closest friends.

But this night stride was making him fell... Strange. In the air hung aura of danger and Fumikage wasn't able to grasp what made him feel so uncomfortable. With every passing second that didn't show what unnerved him, he was losing his confidence.

“We should go back, something is off...” said Dark Shadow, trembling near him. Strange. Normally creature loved their night strolls because they gave him perfect combination of darkness and light. It made him powerful but not insane.

“Truly, thickness of darkness seems to be crushing even my own soul tonight.” admitted Tokoyami, quickening his steps in the direction of his house. Feathers on top of his head ruffled in anticipation of unseen threat.

Why was he so paranoid all of a sudden?

When he heard strange, wet sound he finally realized that his fear wasn't unfounded and his intuition was right. He really regretted it because what he noticed... Thing that emerged from the corner he was heading to, made him understand that he didn't know real terrors hiding in the veil of night's darkness.

Entity couldn't be human. Even if it had humanoid face and normal, nearly completely ordinary, long, black hair. Her pupils were no more than pinpricks of famined predator and from lips emerged rows of fangs.

It didn't have body.

It was no more than levitating head with viscera hanging from inside its neck into view of outside world.

If Tokoyami wasn't endlessly terrified and hyper focused on what approach on escape should he take, he would most likely puke. He was sure for ninety eight percent that spleen of this beast was brushing against pavement right now.

What worse — and seeing it was already bad enough — creature also noticed him and with quiet sound similar to blabbering rushed towards him. Razor sharp teeth shone in light of street lamps when creature opened its mouth. Fumikage made step back and then turned around. Within seconds, he was running while levitating head only quickened its pace. He might have not been able to thing's steps but squish of flapping guts was enough for him to know exactly where his pursuer was.

Boy wasn't exactly sure why but it was crystal clear for him that if this thing catches him it will be over. If she sinks her fangs into him... She won't let go. Not while he's still alive at the very least.

“Dark Shadow!” Fumikage yelled with untypical for him fear and friendly creature of night rushed towards terrifying entity, not giving mind to his own dread.

He needed to slow it down.

When his enemy not only didn't falter but also quickened its pace, ready to meet him head on and steadying itself to bit into him, shadow immediately retreated.

“What... What if it can hurt me...?” he asked weakly, taking back his place beside Tokoyami.

“When even our dear friend, darkness, cannot save us what can we possibly do to save our miserable lives?”

“Run! It's all what we can do!” yelled panicked Dark Shadow.

Two of them flinched when they noticed figure before them but as it had not only head but also body, they decided to risk putting their trust into stranger.

“Help!” squeaked shadow creature while Fumikage forced his tired muscles to cooperation and hastened his already exhausting sprint.

“What happened?” asked gently hooded boy and Tokoyami stopped just beside him, trying to catch his breath.

“There's monster!” explained Dark Shadow and all eyes turned into direction from where bird boy came from.

Fumiage was expecting some sort of 'creature suddenly disappears' act which would make him look like mad man but no... She was still there. She stopped and her blood-freezing gaze passed from him to stranger whose face was clad in dark hood.

After few long seconds of hope that she would retreat... Entity slowly, kind of carefully, started getting closer to them.

“Our only refuge is running.” stated Tokoyami even though he was still breathing heavily. He stood straighter, ready to sprint again.

“Not really. Stay here, I'll take care of it.” answered stranger and before Fumikage could do anything, hooded boy was already going in the direction of fearsome creature that could easily be resident of the deepest parts of hell.

“You'll die!” Dark Shadow yelled after him but apart from it, he did nothing to stop him. They both just watched situation unfolding before their own eyes, frozen with fear. 

Entity, seeing that one of her potential victims is coming closer to her of his own accord, stopped for a moment to look suspiciously at figure, but then she started levitating towards him while once again making with this strange, babbling noise.

“If you're here, who will protect your body?” he asked, dodging her charge and rushing forward. She stayed frozen in the spot for a moment.

While boy sprinted towards direction from which she came from in the first place, she finally came back to her senses. With crazed squeak of terror she chased after him. Within seconds both of them disappeared from bird creatures' point of view.

Tokoyami didn't want anything more than to go back home. Most preferably by teleporting as not to meet any other kind of terrifying creatures. But they both stayed, paralyzed by the fear of meeting this awful entity again... Or even worse; stumble upon her devouring stranger and... No, he didn't want to think about it. Imagining the most terrifying scenarios — more of these beasts or it having ability of changing others into her-alike creatures — was completely counterproductive. What use was in making himself even more horrified?

“What now...?” asked quietly Dark Shadow.

“We shall wait.” answered Tokoyami, looking in the direction hooded figure and monster disappeared.

After few minutes he took seat on pavement, hugging his legs close to his chest. He felt so lost... If it weren't for his dark companion he would have gone mad from fear. He already felt as if his sanity was slowly slipping through his fingers because of all encompassing terror. It was choking him. He didn't want to be here... Oh, he would give anything to just be back home already... Safe and sound. 

When after undefined time he heard steps behind himself, he launched himself up, jumping away from what could potentially be enemy.

“Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!” said kind of familiar voice and Fumikage turned around, surprised to see stranger here.

He run off in opposite direction. He circled back or does he have some kind of teleportation quirk...? What if it is actually that awful entity but it has some kind of illusion power? Or maybe it can change shape, or... What if it possessed body of hooded boy?!

"What... Where is this thing...?" asked quietly Dark Shadow, nervously looking around.

"Ah, don't worry about it! I took care of it. It won't come back. Not now, not ever." answered  boy and maybe Tokoyami shouldn't trust him with such an ease, especially since he looked quiet suspicious but... His smile was very good at lifting his spirits and making him feel better. Even if only a little bit.

Someone with such a warm expression — even if half of his face is shielded by shadows of his hood — can't be evil, right?

“Should I inquire about what happened with that gruesome beast of thickest depths of darkness, would you shone some knowledge onto me?” asked Tokoyami, trying to quell trembling that very skillfully tried to become part of his voice.

“I burned its body.” he explained and Fumikage blinked, surprised. He had so many questions!

“What was this fearsome creature?” he asked finally, choosing his priority.

NukekubiYokai, kind of physical ghost. Every night her head leaves body and travels looking for victims. She thrives on their life force.”

“Every night...? She'll be back?!” asked with newly found panic Dark Shadow. Fumikage was equally worried about this matter though less verbally.

“Ah, no, no! This nukekubi is dead but there are others. Although I wouldn't worry too much about them as there aren't any more of them close by. They usually live solitary lives and after some time one of them may try to claim this area but there isn't a big possibility of it happening. Not while I'm near at least.”

“While you're near?”

“I'm hunter. I take care of those creatures that try to hurt others.”

“I understand.” murmured Tokoyami with small nod. “I'm immensely grateful for extinguishing embers of that hellish creature life before it could have taken my life force. I cannot put in words how thankful I am for your help.”

“No problem. I'm happy I could have helped!” was hooded boy's instant reply.

“No problem? You saved us from monster even I could do nothing against!” squeaked Dark Shadow and then suddenly lost half of it exuberance. “I'm still a bit scared...”

“If it makes you feel better... I can give you talisman against those kinds of entities.” proposed stranger and not waiting for answer took small object from his bag. Shadow creature waste no time, instantly taking gift and presenting it to Tokoyami.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look, now we'll be safe!” stated creature, trying to force object through Fumikage's head so it could be comfortably coiled around his neck. He in response, took it from its claws and decided to admire it for a bit.

Between two stones made of sleek surface shining beautifully under street lamp, was placed wood with strange carvings. It smelt like herbs and resonated within himself, making him feel calm and safe. As if it would truly protect him from what he feared.

“Once more I want to bestow upon you words of my gratitude. Without your light darkness would surely devour us.” said Tokoyami, finally putting talisman on. He was lucky that cord was long enough to go through his bird head. He knew from experience that some ornaments could be... Problematic with his specific build.

“Ah, no need to thank you. Your safety is enough of reward for me.” answered stranger with this bright, instantly making you trust him, smile. “If you don't mind, let me ask about your shadow friend... It's your quirk?”

“Yep! That's it! I'm Dark Shadow! The one and only!” stated creature with deep bow while Fumikage nodded.

“Oh, wow! That's really awesome!” said enthusiastically stranger. “And now that there's no more dangers near... Would you like me to accompany you home or would you prefer to go back on your own?”

“I do not want to abuse your kindness but today darkness is too thick even for myself.”

“Yes, please, escort us because we're scared!”

“Um... Alright. Tell me when you feel safe enough for me to take my leave, okay?”

“Of course!” said happily Dark Shadow and their little gathering hit the road.

“Let me ask what is the function of hiding your identity behind hood?”

“That's mostly because I want to separate m civil life from... Hunter's duties.” explained gently boy, and then he laughed nervously. “Also I would prefer authorities not to know who I am and how my face looks like, if they ever got interested in what I do. I don't use my quirk, so I don't break any law but it's always better to be safe than sorry!”

“You don't use your quirk...?” repeated Fumikage, surprised.

“No. I don't have ability of this kind, I mean not in the sense the rest of society does...” he explained and wow. Tokoyami finally realized how his friends feel, not being able to understand him and his strange way of speaking.

“Maybe my curiosity is uncalled for but can you tell me how did you know where the body of this creature is located?” bird boy asked, deciding to change subject. There were so many things he wanted to question stranger about! He craved answers he could get and wasn't going to give up so easily on obtaining them!

Also he wanted to know as much as he can about hideous monster he encountered. Sure, he has amulet, and he was assured that he's safe but... For a long time he won't be able to feel good in this area. No matter; day or night. More knowledge might make him a bit more prepared for... Whatever he could encounter.

“It's part of hunter's training. Usually creatures of this kind thinks alike and leave their bodies in specific locations they hope are safe. More often than not they choose forgotten, seldom occupied by people areas, preferably covered from outside world. If abandoned building or cemetery is close then... Well, search finished. Or at least eased a lot. Also if you make it clear to it that you want to get to its body, it will panic and rush toward it. It makes finding it laughably easy.”

Fumikage listened to him very carefully. He would think about this subject as fascinating and maybe a bit exciting if it wasn't for his today's encounter with that beast. Some things are just better left as stories, never to be meet face to fa... Beak.

“Are there other monsters? I mean... Vampires? Or werewolves?” Dark Shadow piped in.

“Yes, but don't worry! You shouldn't meet any of those in your area. And even if you happen to stumble upon them, talisman that I gave you should help.”

“I'm surprised that our world has yet to learn truth seeping through the cracks of night's reality.... How monsters so vile that their existence freezes soul in silent scream of horror can stay so well hidden?”

“Most of them chooses victims under cover of darkness and well... There are no witnesses that could talk about what happened. As for instances of this kind you're in, when hunter comes to rescue, people normally are too afraid to talk about what happened. They try to forget about it as soon as they can, telling themselves that it was a dream, nothing more.”

“Oh! We're here!” stated Dark Shadow and stranger sent them two last, warm smile.

“Take care and be safe!”

When two of them turned in the direction of their house for a moment and then glanced back at boy to say they final goodbyes... He wasn't there anymore.

But Tokoyami knew that it wasn't dream. Oh, no. Today he learned that lands of nightmares can't make such a terrifying creature as nature itself. Fumikage definitely wasn't going to question its capability of traumatizing him. Never.

Still, he wasn't going to live in fear.

He might take a path of hero, but he'll help other like stranger... Like this hunter had helped him.

Chapter Text

It was just a calm walk through forest to gather all loose thoughts. Nature was such a tranquil company... It made her feel relaxed in world that more often than not was made of cold metal and unfeeling technology.

Everything was calm. Normal and alright... And then it wasn't. She had heard weeping and as future heroine she instantly rushed toward it to check what happened.

She wasn't sure what she witnessed. One moment there was woman's silhouette, in the second she was near her asking if she's okay and in the third... Something was wrong. Air was heavy with something she couldn't quite put her finger on, and she felt strangled. Sadly Momo had no time to process sudden fear that latched to her as within seconds she was in stream of water.

She wasn't expecting that water would be so deep and fast. Current was powerful enough to make a terrifying enemy that did its best to crush her hopes of staying afloat. Somewhere in her panicked mind, full of chemicals needed to make lifebuoy she just couldn't get right, she noticed that woman has vanished. She was gone, without a trace... As if she was never here in the first place.

She pushed her — even if brunette didn't exactly feel her touch — and then she disappeared. Like... Ghost. Phantom.

Yaoyorozu slowly started to submerge and choke on water while her panicked mind was still uselessly circling around all materials she knew. Lifebuoy, life jacket, even floaters... Anything! Something that could help her, no matter what it would be! Oh, why is this stream so strong?! It shouldn't be! After all it's more of a creek rather than a full-blown river! It's not natural! Not normal! Something... Something is wrong! Is it someone's quirk...?

Suddenly Momo felt something grasping at her ankle — though, again, it didn't seem to be a typical, physical touch — and suddenly her head was completely underwater. She tried to shout in her shock but it just made more liquid go through her lungs, slowly killing her. She choked and felt strangled, while surface was so far, far away and darkness started to creep upon her vision and again this cursed weeping and no... She doesn't want to end like this... She can't end like this! Her whole life awaits her! Goals, dreams... She has to fight, she has...!

Something pierced water's surface and with last embers of her strength she drew her hand in the direction of figure, mutely begging for help before it was too late to save her.

Her hysterical pleas had been heard.

Seconds later Momo was on ground, coughing and vomiting liquid which nearly killed her. She felt as if her lungs were on fire — how can life giving water feel like flames incinerating your organs from inside out? — while her body trembled. From fear of what could few seconds more without help meant. From encompassing coldness. From anger at herself became if it wasn't for her mysterious savior she would have be...

Wait. Who saved her?

She looked with shock at completely wet — because of saving her — boy whose face was obscured by hood. Why didn't he take it off? Is he trying to hide his identity? Is... Is he a criminal?! Masked, in the middle of forest and...!

“How do you feel? Should I call help or do you prefer to go back home on your own accord?” he asked in quiet, gentle voice and Momo instantly pushed aside all negative scenarios and suspicious that tried to swarm her mind.

Stranger whose voice leaked such intense worry... Who saved her, who was the only one that heard her silent scream... He couldn't be evil, could he?

“Why won't you take your hood off?” was what escaped her opened lips instead of answer, because Momo preferred to be careful. Even if she deeply believed that she could trust him... She wasn't going to risk it. After what just happened... She felt paranoid.

Today... Minutes... Seconds ago....? Just now, she realized how terrified she truly was of dying.

“Huh? Ah... It may sound stupid but I have habit of going through forgotten places like this one and making sure no one is in danger. And for instances when I actually save someone... I prefer to say anonymous.”


She didn't understand him. People liked being well-known, recognizable... They loved fame, sometimes even the wrong kind of it.

“Haha, I'm a bit shy and I feel better keeping my identity as a secret... Also hood helps me get into character of someone who is strong brave and always knows what to do. It's really useful when it comes to giving any kind of support towards people that had a... Run in with unpleasant situation. It's a bit like hero costume for me! I want to be a hero and every way to get experience is great as long as it's legal, don't you think so?”

Momo pulled her legs to her chest, and smiled. She felt much better, now that she could breathe normally once again.

“Me too. I mean... I want to be hero too.” she admitted, and he reciprocated her gesture of lips turned upward.

Yaoyorozu subconsciously relaxed. His smile was... Happy, bright and warm. It made her feel safe because if something was wrong he definitely wouldn't be able to be happy in the same way. She knew that he will protect her, not harm her.

“Wow! That's amazing! If you don't mind me asking... What is your quirk?”

“I can create.” she answered and put forward her arm. She pulled her sleeve and made one and then second towel. She gave him the first one, the next taking for her still wet self.

“Woaah! I'm sure that you'll be a great heroine with such an amazing quirk!” stranger stated, and he and he only knows how badly he wanted to start murmuring. And make notes about this awesome ability.

Momo decided to dry her face first as to have excuse to hide her blush. She was talented but unused to complements of any kind.

“Thanks, what about you, if I may ask?”

“Uhm... I don't have quirk.” he confessed, and she blinked in shock, taking cloth-like material from her face to take better good look at him.

“It... Becoming hero may be a bit hard but I'm sure you'll succeed! You've showed a truly heroic spirit today! You've saved my life...” she said and her voice which started crystal clear and full of strength, ended in nearly intangible whisper.

He sent her bright smile she wished she could see it every time she is unsure of herself or scared. It made her feel not only better but also safe at such deep level that she could barely believe that a total stranger could have such an effect on her. It was kind of like warm honey, golden and sweet but not unhealthily so.

“Thanks! And if you don't mind telling me... What exactly happened?” he asked, changing subject and glancing at creek.

“I... Heard woman weeping and I wanted to see if she isn't hurt. Then... I'm not exactly sure what happened. I think I was pushed but it wasn't a completely physical feeling... And I also saw her, this woman, but she vanished so quickly... And when I fought with current something caught me and pulled me down... I know how it sounds but I'm sure that's what happened! I couldn't have just imagined it!”

“I believe you.” he said quietly, and she subconsciously sighed in relief.

She was afraid that he would think that she's crazy, or that she had seen things as a result of stress. When someone puts their trusts into your words especially if you don't have any evidence... It's nice. It helps come back to senses because you don't have to fight with this deep voice in your mind, telling you again and again that 'your mind is making it up. You just fell into the river and are overreacting'.

Although she was talented she lacked self-confidence.


“Ah, no need for thanks!” he stated and for a moment they were quiet. He was the one who ended silence. “If you want to know... There's a legend about a crying woman.”

“You mean Banshee?” asked Momo, raising her brows slightly.

She heard about her; phantom foreshadowing someone's death. Though even if she believed in such things it couldn't be it. She... Brunette was sure that the being didn't drown people, instead warning them about someone's death. If her memory wasn't playing trick on her — and it never before has — she had the habit of washing victim's clothes. Also Banshee made god-awful, easily recognizable weeping-like sound and wore white clothes. And so it didn't really make sense, compared to what happened to her.

“No. La Llorona.”

“La Llorona?” repeated Yaoyorozu with surprise. She had never heard this name before.

Boy nodded.

“According to the legend she went mad after her husband left her, and she drowned her children. A bit after that she realized what she had done and tried to find them but it was too late. Some time later her body had been seen near the river, dead. People believe that she killed herself and at heaven's gate she was asked where her sons are. Her soul was denied resting in peace until she finds them. From then on she takes lost children, mistaking them for her own, and drowns them. It is said that whoever see her is going to have accident or there's some kind of danger waiting for them in very near future.”

“I-it's not night and I'm not a child...” Yaoyorozu denied quietly, terrified by the story she just heard and the fact that this creature... Ghost... Could be what she encountered.

Boy shrugged.

“There's always seed of truth in legends. Not whole tree, rarely even sapling.” he explained, and she trembled.

“Do you think that she can come back here...?” she asked quietly, suddenly fearing that woman didn't disappear at all. Maybe she's waiting just behind her, ready to drag her back to the bottom of the creek...

“I don't think so.” answered stranger with confidence and calmness that made her feel a bit safer. “Would you like some tea?”

“Uhm... Sure...?” she answered, surprised by sudden change of subject but when she was offered warm thermos she took it without any doubt.

She wasn't expecting rich, herbal flavor she was subjected to, but to be sincere she liked it. It was completely different from what she normally drank but in positive sense. It was so special that she wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be high quality, homemade mix. She truly appreciated it.

“Thanks.” she said quietly, giving him back his property after few more gulps of beverage, and then she nervously got up. “I know I'm just being paranoid but I would prefer to not stay here, near this creek...”

“Of course. You have every right to leave, especially since it's makes you feel uncomfortable.” stranger stated, also moving to stand up. “Do you want me to accompany you back to civilization?”

“That would be really nice.” she said shyly, slowly taking first steps toward place she came here from.

In her head she was thanking her lucky stars that boy decided to go with her instead of going his own way and leaving her alone. She really didn't want to be left on her own after what happened. Not... Just yet.

“Do you believe in talismans deterring negative entities?” he started new conversation and Momo initial answer was nervous laughter. Then the real one came.

“After today I think I will start to.”

Boy smiled gently, realizing that her words were mostly joke, and then he grabbed for his bag. Yaoyorozu flinched a bit, surprised to see object — dry, huh, it seems that he left it on ground when he came to her rescue — which she hadn't noticed before, but she quickly relaxed when stranger took out small bracelet-like item made of few crystal-ish stones. Between them were few metallic ornaments.

“Here. It should help you put your mind on ease.” he said, offering her small object.

“Oh, you don't need to give it to me! You've done already so much for me...” she answered, looking nervously away.

It felt wrong to take gift after stranger had saved her life, stayed with her and helped her calm down, gave her some tea and now was also accompanying her to the more populated area.

“I insist. I would feel bad if I left you with nothing after what scaring you with the legend of La Llorona.” he argued and after a moment of thinking she smiled at him gently.

“Okay but let me make something for you too. Though I don't know a lot of about stones and their meaning so... Any special requests?” she asked, taking bracelet and without any problem slipping it on her wrist.

It was just placebo, but she felt much, much better.

“Oh! That's really nice of you!” he answered and then went quiet, seemingly being deep in thought. "Hm... Lapis lazuli, bronzite, mountain gem, malachite, blue goldstone, prehnite and sodalite.”

Momo blinked.

“It seems that you have quite an impressive knowledge about stones, huh?” Yaoyorozu murmured. To be frank it made her really happy. She knew that crystal and other minerals had various meanings and if boy was capable of saying which ones he needed in his life from the top of his mind... It most likely made him a book nerd, and she could relate to that. It would be really nice to find someone with similar interests. “If you don't mind I'd like to go to the library. I need to know structures of objects I want to create.”

“Ah, of course! Though I think we should change clothes first so... Maybe we'll meet thereafter half of an hour?”

“Alright.” she answered with small smile. Spending time with other people always was nice. Especially when she could learn something new.

Moment later they entered city area and after choosing library for their later meeting, they went to their own separate directions.

Momo was a bit surprised when — after changing — she noticed that boy was already at appointed place. She was sure that she was very quick, after all she was ten minutes before time they agreed upon! Though she wasn't going to complain.

Her only regret was that stranger still had hood hiding his face. She hoped that he would... Well, befriend her. Put an end to this whole anonymity, introduce himself... Ah, she shouldn't think about it and instead focus on what she got!

Two of them spent more time on stones than it was strictly necessary. Not that any of them regretted that. Yaoyorozu listened about minerals and their specific uses with pleasure while boy talked about those animatedly. He seemed exhilarated to have company who seemed to be interested in this specific subject.

After Momo made bracelet for him — with stones he requested before, put together on blue embroidery floss — they spent hour more just continuing their prior conversation. Yaoyorozu wasn't too superstitious but the energy some people believe colors and various stones possess was truly fascinating.

When boy took his leave, she felt her heart squeeze a little with sadness. She really hoped that it wasn't the last time they meet... She really liked him and sincerely believed that if given chance, they would be great friends. Who knows? Maybe even the best ones... Staying close their whole life, ready to trust each other no matter what or just chatting about some new subject that piqued their interest...

Momo met murderous ghost but counter didn't leave much fear in her. Stranger took it away. He gave her bracelet and lovely spent afternoon that she just couldn't regret. Not now, not ever. And it was enough to sweeten a bit the reason how they meet in the first place.

Yaoyorozu felt a bit stupid with herself, but she couldn't stop believing that if she again stumbled upon unnatural danger he would come to her rescue.

And so Momo did not fear encounters with any unearthly creatures.

Chapter Text

Kirishima really hated his friends right now.

Usually he was friendly - he was pretty much the sun incarnated, shining on the road of life with such an endless joy and enthusiasm that even blind could see it. He was nonchalant and optimistic and most of all he was complete unused to feeling negative emotions towards others.

But right now the line of his patience has been overstepped by a far margin. The one that only one or two people throughout his life managed to get to.

'Let's go camping', they said. 'It will be great', they said. Why would we take adults with us? We'll be fine on our own! And even if something happened in middle of forest we would just use our quirks since who would rat us out? Who could take it to the police? Random bear? Don't think so!

And then they've seen something and barely even managed to haul their belongings on their backs before running away with such a hurry that Kirishima nearly missed them leaving when he blinked. So he was alone. In the middle of the forest. Calling out to his friends who were nowhere to be seen. He was pretty sure they were halfway back to their respective houses. What worse none of them picked up! They left him to be devoured by who-knows-what and didn't even send him SMS explaining their reaction!

So he took what was his and went back home, nearly ready to start cursing. He was a bit angry but mostly hurt. Did his friendship meant so little to them that they were ready to leave him behind as dinner for random bear? Not that it would be able to eat him with his quirk...

Few meters away from where they were going to set up camp and from where his companions run away in complete chaos he felt it. He haven't seen it like rest of them, and he didn't run away screaming like them but... Suddenly it was freezing cold, chills and shudders dragging it steely claws through his body and... It's source surely was somewhere behind. His mind started getting foggy with dread as he subconsciously hugged his coat closer to him. And it wasn't even all that was to it. There was also this... Smell. Like something was rotting.

When he witnessed this bone rattling howling — something between famined animal ready for hunt and someone's hysterical yell — there were no thoughts in his mind. He was just running, his mind too terrified to work properly.

The same moment he began his hectic sprint he heard sound of breaking branches behind him. He was being chased by something. Something big.

He was alone, in the middle of the forest and it was getting dark. Within few minutes he'll start to trip over every possible twig on his way and as if it wasn't enough... There was no shelter around. No hope for help.

Kirishima really — and he means it — hated his friends in that exact moment.

Creature... Monster was getting closer and closer while he was too scared to look behind. The only thought in his sluggishly fighting fear brain was 'run, run, run, RUN' and there wasn't much — except of terror — to be felt. Even adrenaline rushing through his blood like hot-coal and mortification were frozen by this thing — whatever it was — chasing him.

At that moment Kirishima wasn't a strong, independent teen wanting to be hero.

He was a mere child, lost in incoming darkness and running from certain doom.

And when creature was just behind him, nearly breathing down his neck and slowly reaching for his back with its distorted claws... He noticed light. He didn't care one bit who it belonged to. If he stumbled upon psychopathic cult sacrificing goat he would hug them with such a vigor as if they were his closest family just for being in that specific place. If it turned out to be his friends his recent hatred would immediately change into endless love and relief. Just because he wouldn't have to face this god-awful beast alone.

So he quickened his pace. Hope let him force his tired and frozen legs to cooperate.

Maybe throwing himself in the arms of stranger who was holding bright not-flashlight-shaped object wasn't the brightest idea he ever had but in his defense he was in an extremely stressful situation.

Before Kirishima could say that something is chasing him he heard unholy howling just behind him, and he quickly realized how bad of idea it was to stop his mad dash. Throwing himself at random person in the middle of forest surely wasn't a good survival tactic. If his life was a game his world would probably be devoured by darkness with very distinct 'wrong choice. Try again' by now. Sadly it was all real and there were no such things as save points or loading back to them. Death was going to take him and never give him back.

In his panic, brunet wasn't going to let go of stranger, instead hugging him even tighter. Luckily for them unknown boy managed to wrest himself free and Eijrio landed without any grace on ground. He didn't move instead looking with wide eyes at a beast that was no more than four feet away from him.

It looked like awfully grotesque mix of human and deer. It was mostly humanoid but strangely gnarled. It was completely black and had long snout where strangely prolonged skull laid. Through it came two massive antlers growing from its head. It's skin was clothed with fur from which spilled forth particles of frost. It every move and breath made quiet sound of crackling ice. With its hoofs it crushed branches beneath it, letting out a mighty roar.

It was clear for Kirishima that it was his end. What worse he'll be the reason for stranger's premature demise too, because instead of running — like any rational person would do — he decided that one more human will scare the beast off! Or that it will... Actually, brunet wasn't really sure what he was thinking would happen.

Creature opened its maw and Midoriya threw tip of barely pulled out of his bag torch to lantern as to set it on fire. He felt panic quickly growing as beast turned its sharp teeth towards him. Without a second to spare, he showed burning piece of wood into place he hoped its heart was.

Creature retreated when it was centimeters from biting his face off, angrily yowling at pain it was inflicted upon it. Then it turned around and run away, making its escape on all four limbs. It didn't take it long to disappear from his line of sight.

Izuku took deep breath. It was close. Too close. Why from all people he ever met, this one — chased by wendigo — decided that he needs a hug?! If his lantern burned out or if he didn't manage to push him off himself and get his torch... It would be the end for both of them! Probably.

Also... Ugh! Wendigo! What is it doing here?! It's too early for creatures of this kind! It's just the beginning of autumn and this is the entity of winter! But since it's here it would be best to get rid of it... It's too dangerous to just let it roam freely. Its habit of devouring humans — favorably hearts — and never being satisfied could, and most likely would, be catastrophic.

“Dude!” yelled Kirishima, rushing to get up and within seconds taking place just beside his savior. “I have no idea how you did it but woah! You saved me! If you weren't here... I don't know what this monster would do to me but it definitely wouldn't be nice!”

“Yeah...” Midoriya murmured, not having it in him to be angry at boy and his surprisingly cuddly reaction at seeing him. It's not that hugs are bad. Just... There are moments for that and the one few instances ago wasn't one of them. “Now please tell me what are you doing deep in the forest, in the middle of night, alone.”

If his voice transferred some of his irritation to the outside world, you couldn't really blame him. He was tired of this stupid kind of people who didn't think about dangers of this world — not even supernatural ones — and ended in situations like this one. If it wasn't for them he would probably have chance to sleep through at least one whole night throughout week.

“Ehehe... You see... I've come here with friends for camping trip, but they kind of... Saw this monster before I did and run? And I retreated a bit later than them? So I was left behind?” Kirishima asked nervously, looking everywhere but at stranger.

“Oh.” muttered Midoriya with sudden understanding. It's a little better case than he suspected. But it's definitely sadder than just being stupid and wandering in place like this one alone; how could his friends just go without him?! He could have gotten badly hurt! Even killed! “I'll help you get back to city.”

“Really?! Thanks dude! You're literally saving my life! Second time! I would get heart attack if I had to go through this forest alone after meeting... This.” Eijiro said enthusiastically, smiling widely and emitting huge amounts of gratitude.

Midoriya nodded, acknowledging his words.

“No problem.”

“So... What are you doing here? You're mysterious defender of these woods or something?” Kirishima asked, folding his hands behind his head and showing his teeth in display of his joy.

He was really, really, really happy that he wouldn't be getting back to civilization alone after all. Also, who knows... Maybe he'll befriend this stranger? He would be such an awesome friend! He's so manly and brave and amazing! And — unlike some people — he definitely wouldn't run away and leave him alone with that beast... Whatever it was.

“Yeah, I'm witch guarding this forest.” Midoriya answered half-jokingly, and then he showed his companion huge smile. It was hard not to get infected with brunet's enthusiasm. “Okay, but in all seriousness it's kind of my hobby to walk around various dangerous places and help the ones in need.”

“Ooooh! That sounds super manly! How many people did you save? And from what? Are there different beasts than the one I met? Uuuh, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!”

“Yeah... I encounter all kinds of monsters. What you met... Wasn't worst.” said Midoriya truthfully.

Nukekubi for example was a bigger problem. As much as finding place where her body is hidden usually isn't too much of a problem, there are some instances when it can be rather problematic. And without getting rid of her main part it is practically impossible to kill or even stop her. Her head could be destroyed endless amount of times but it would always be back. What even more problematic she is immune to... Unnervingly many things.

“Really? And you can defeat them?!” Kirishima asked with eyes lit with hundreds little stars of admiration.

Brunet was really sad that stranger's hood did great job of masking his face because it would make recognizing him without it nearly impossible. But, oh well... It's cold, and he's not going to ask him to take it off just, so he can look at his face.

“Most of the time it isn't that hard. You just need to know how to do it.” answered Midoriya, shrugging his shoulders. Then he stopped for a moment and Eijiro, of course, did the same.

“Something's wrong?” he asked, concerned with sudden and unexpected reaction of his companion.

“Someone near is in trouble.” declared Midoriya with furrowed brows. Not that Kirishima could notice it from underneath his hood.

“So... We're coming to the rescue?”

Izuku gave him long, calculating look and then handed over his torch which Eijiro readily took.

“You need to stay close and listen to me. No matter what. Am I clear?” he said seriously and brunet enthusiastically nodded.

“As day, sun and torch with which you made that demoniacal beast retreat!”

“Alright.” was boy answer, closely followed by going... Deeper into the woods.

“Umm, not that I want to turn back but... How far are we going?”

“It's pretty close. Something about... Hm... Three hundred meters?”

“Okay. Though... How do you know that someone needs help? And where they are?”

“Maaagic.” stranger said with jazz hands which instantly made Kirishima feel a bit more relaxed. Huh, he hadn't even noticed when he tensed again.

“Seriously dude, how?”

“Eight's sense of finding suicidal people, in the middle of the forest, who are just asking to be eaten.”

“Ooooh, so that's your quirk?”

“Let's say so.” stranger murmured, though Kirishima noticed suspicious twist in his expression. Lips to be precise. Even with his expression hidden by his hood, he could guess that his companion feels aversion toward this subject. But... Why?

“Okay, so... The person, the one in trouble... Are they being chased by the thing that tried to eat me?”

“I don't think so. While we're in this forest it will most likely focus on your scent.”

Kirishima gulped.

“That's... Um... While you're here I'm safe, right...?”

“While you have fire, you're safe.” corrected Midoriya and before Eijiro could vocalize his worries, he continued talking. “This torch should burn for the next few hours and I don't think it's possible to extinguish it without drowning it.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks. By the way where did you take it from? And how did you know you'd need it?”

“I have a lot of useful objects in my bag.” Izuku explained, showing thing that strap on his shoulder was connected to.

“Oooh! I have no idea how you pushed it down there but it's extremely cool that you're so prepared! I guess that you have perfect weapon against anything we might stumble upon in this forest, right?”

“Yeah, I think I do.”

Kirishima didn't get the chance to continue because they both heard really panicked, definitely feminine voice yelling 'be gone demon!'.

Chapter Text

Midoriya rushed forward and Kirishima was close behind. It didn't take them long to cross paths with a humanoid figure.

“Monster!” Eijiro yelled, getting good grip on Midoriya's shoulder and barely avoiding setting him on fire.

“Excuse me? I'm a victim here!” person they met protested with indignation so strong it nearly overthrew fear in her voice.

“Oh... Sorry...” brunet mumbled, letting go of his hooded companion and apologizing quietly with sheepish smile.

Girl they stumbled upon had pink skin and hair of similar color which from protruded two small horns. She didn't look particularly scary but in his defense her black eyes were unnerving. Especially when light of torch hit them, making her rises shine inhumanly brightly with truly golden hue.
“What happened? We had heard your... Scream.” Midoriya asked and her unnaturally colored orbs instantly landed on him.

“There's something in this forest! I'm not exactly sure what but I swear that it is strange and walks on all four limbs! And it's definitely not some kind of animal! At least not normal one! It's mutated, bald monkey at most!” she answered, walking closer to them and even though she looked pretty self-confident she trembled a bit. Also, her readiness to get close to two strangers in the middle of forest was telling of her emotional state towards... Thing she crossed paths with.

“Don't worry! This dude knows how to defeat it, whatever it is!” Kirishima said enthusiastically, nodding towards Izuku in acknowledge of his utmost power.

“Really? You're some kind of monster hunter or something?” Mina asked, eyes shining with hope of survival.

“Actually... Yes, that's basically what I am.” he answered with small smile.

“Woah! That means that we're saved!” the girl yelled, throwing her hands up in the gesture of happiness. “And since you're hunter who is he? You're his sidekick or what?”

“No! I'm poor soul lost in forest and chased by some kind of monster, just like you!” was Kirishima's answer, shortly followed by huge smile full of razor sharp teeth.

“Ooh, cool. So... You up to being nearly-doomed bros who barely escaped with their lives from demoniacal creatures of these woods?” the girl proposed, getting closer to him and getting ready for bump fist she, of course, received.

“Sure thing!”

Happy moment was cut short by rustling in near bushes. After few seconds of complete silence when Mina and Kirishima stayed completely motionless, Midoriya took few, cautious steps forward, to meet the incoming danger. He didn't have to wait long for creature to show itself.

Entity moved on it's all four limbs and had a rather humanoid figure. Skin of strange being was gray, silhouette slim and eyes were strangely hollow... Dark. It made quiet sound which could possibly be mistaken as human speech but even if it made sense to itself, Eijiro nor Ashido had no idea what it was trying to convey.

“Stay here and don't move. If wendigo comes, defend yourself with fire. It's heart is made of ice so if it gets too close it will melt, killing it on the spot. It may try to scare you into running and getting lost in the forest. Don't let it do that. With this torch you're safe.”

“W-what are you planning to do...?” Mina asked quietly and with sudden insecurity, looking at the hooded boy who approached scary creature with steady pace. The one she was running from not even minutes ago.

“Talk.” he answered before disappearing behind bushes into which entity retreated.

“Is... Is he serious?!” she asked in whisper-yell, looking at brunet. “This... Something is terrifying!”

“I... I'm sure he knows what he's doing...” Kirishima murmured although his heart was squeezed uncomfortably tight with fear.

“Yeah! He knows what he's doing if he wants to die!” the girl yelled, and then she froze. She slowly turned around to look behind her.

She heard branches being crushed and... It came from completely different direction than the strange creature and hooded boy went to. And it also seemed... Heavier.

She squeaked and hugged her companion when she noticed... This. Beast before her made completely new definition of word 'scary' and instantly overshadowed whatever initial terror she felt toward creature she stumbled upon minutes ago.

“It... Is this what we have to defend yourself from with just torch...?” she whispered and her voice trembled from dread she was feeling. Kirishima only nodded stiffly.

He trusted stranger but... Every part of him yelled at him, that he should run. Is this one, relatively small flame capable of defeating monster? If it was true beast wouldn't risk it, right? It wouldn't try to get closer...

Two teenagers held each other - and in Eijiro's case also the only weapon they had - for dear life while watching creature slowly circle them. And then suddenly its head turned around to look at bushes where hooded stranger and humanoid being from before disappeared. It slowly made its way toward it.

“Oh no. It's going there... And we're the ones with torch... What should we do? We need to do something!” Mina stated in panicked tone, and then she let go of Kirishima. He looked at her not quite comprehending what she is doing as she leaned down to get hold of random branch.

Then he watched her, frozen in fear, as she took swing and threw her newly found weapon at monster with all her might. She also yelled “We are here, ugly face!”.

She managed to hit wendigo in its head and creature instantly turned towards them and... Lunged. As it jumped towards them, Kirishima instinctively put forward torch, having no time to think about any other way out of certain death.

Entity ended its flight, pushing its limbs — claws? Hands? — into ground and with pained howl it retreated. Part of its skin started to... Melt.

“Oh yeah! That was totally awesome!” Mina yelled and then made some more enthusiastic sounds of victory. “One zero for us! It seems we're a pretty decent team when it comes to survival and not being eaten alive! Monsters should be scared of us, not the other way around!”

“R-right!” Kirishima agreed, although weakly. His heartbeat was so fast that he was worried one of his most important organs would run far away from him. Also, his nerves were frayed. But... It might have been better for him as it made him more focused and thanks to that he managed to notice the exact moment when wendigo got angry. Or... More like pissed off, to be frank.

Beast made the worst sound Eijiro had unpleasantry of hearing from it — from anything — and... It gripped nearby bush, plucking it out of the ground with its roots. What happened next will most definitely stay in his mind forever, coming back in his worst nightmares.

Creature threw plant at them and they jumped back with shocked outcries. Mina landed at left and Kirishima on right of massive mess of wood and leafs. What worse brunet tripped on something — probably some branch or stone — because of his rushed dodge and ended on ground without any grace. He barely managed to not let go of torch which flame faltered for a moment.

Eijiro just managed to raise his head when beast charged at them. Untold 'watch out' died on his lips while monster rushed to get grip on Mina and for an awfully long second he was sure that it's her end. He would watch as beast mutilated her, unable to do anything.

Then something lunged from nearby bushes.

Stripe of gray wrestled torch out of his hands while he was trying to process what was happening and buried it deep into wendigo's chest. With hideous, blood-freezing roar quickly turning into squeak of dying animal it collapsed to the ground.

Most of it body melted. Only skull and antlers remained.

Kirishima laid on the ground, uncooperative and unable to move, watching creature that saved them. Entity that Mina stumbled upon. The same beast stranger went to 'talk' with.

It slowly rose from it all-fours posture to proudly standing on its legs, looking at remains of hideous monster it just killed. Torch still safely burned in its clawed hands.

After a few very long seconds and as many much quicker steps there was hooded figure beside inhuman entity.

“Whew, that was close...” he murmured with sigh of relief and then directed his words directly at gray creature. “Thanks, I don't think I would make it in time.”

It answered in language that once again sounded human enough but unlike anything Kirishima ever had contact with. He definitely didn't understand it.

“Ah, yes, of course! And no, thanks for your help!”

Eijiro looked with bewilderment and endless incredulity as stranger got along perfectly well with creature that most likely talked in a long forgotten, ancient language of monsters. His manliness and awesomeness was tripled. At the very least.

“We should take our leave.” boy said, taking his torch back and then directing his steps towards his two human companions. Creature stayed behind, going back to standing on all fours and occupying itself with rummaging through corpse of defeated enemy.

Kirishima would be scared to turn his back to it. Even if it kind of saved their lives.

“I was starting to think you'd never say that!” Mina answered with loud sight of relief and quickly turned towards direction she thought would take them back to the civilization.

Hooded figure helped her to get the right path by taking lead and Eijiro quickly took place just beside him. After a few steps he was rewarded with torch, given him by his favorite stranger. Probably because Mina took place at his other side, and he didn't want to burn anyone around him. Being flanked while holding fire is pretty dangerous, okay?

“So... I've met a pretty cool monster, yeah?” Ashido asked with surprisingly happy tone. It seemed that near-death experience didn't make that big of impression on her.

“You can say so but for future reference if you met something like this... Please, don't try to interact with it and leave as quickly as you can. Also, it would be best to find someone to accompany you.”

“Why?” she asked, surprised. “I mean, he helped us, so he's a nice guy, right?”

Boy sighed.

“It's... More of a neutral creature. I was able to get along with him, so he was friendly but without me... Well... Skinwalkers aren't creatures you want to mess around with.”

“Skinwalkers? It's... A really worrisome name.” Kirishima joined the conversation.

“They can take appearance of anything which skin they possess.” Midoriya explained and suddenly brunet paled considerably. Not more than Mina though.

“If you hadn't arrived when you did and if you didn't manage to come to agreement with this would it...?” the girl asked quietly but decided against finishing her sentence. She was pretty sure they would understand what she was worried about anyway, and she wasn't sure if she was capable of saying the worst possible outcome for her aloud.

“Most likely.” hunter said.

“That's why you said someone was in danger...” Eijiro murmured, feeling goosebumps all over his back. “Actually... How did you convince this thing not to eat us? And why it didn't want to take... Um... Your skin...?”

“He was grateful that I warned him about wendigo's presence in his forest.” he explained. “And then for a fire I brought with me here. Without it he would have problem with this creature... In fair fight, with no outside help, he would most likely lose and get devoured.”

“Wow so you indirectly saved his life too.” noticed Mina, trying to lift spirits.

“He came to the same conclusion.” the boy answered, shrugging. “By the way... What are you doing here? Alone in the middle of night, so deep in forest?”

“Hahaha, you see... I might have... Kind of... Made a bet with my friends that I'll spend hour here? Alone? They're waiting for me on the outskirt of forest, from the city side...” she answered with nervous laughter. “Also, I kind of run pretty far when I noticed this whole skinwalker?”

Boy facepalmed his hidden by hood forehead.

“People like of you die first in horrors.” he stated solemnly.

“Hey! Not true! I mean, look at me! I look like monster so it's a simple conclusion that if I met some beast it would adopt me! Though today kind of proved me wrong... That's because I was really unlucky! Yeah! That's it!” she denied vehemently, pouting. “And for your knowledge if I didn't return after appointed time my dudes would call help!”

“I'll help you get back to your friends, okay?” he answered, completely changing subject and Mina instantly brightened up.

“Thanks to all my lucky stars! I would succumb to heart attack if I had to come back to them alone after all that happened!”

“Haha! I told him nearly the same thing when he said he would help me find civilization!” Kirishima added, joining conversation once again. He could feel his fear drifting away with those peculiar people.

Stranger's presence was really calming while girl's enthusiasm was... Really helpful in forgetting that some kind of ice beast tried to eat him not even five minutes ago.

“Being nearly-devoured-bros obliges!” Mina stated happily, once again getting ready for bump fist she of course got. “By the way where do you live? If you want you can go with me and my cool pals! Unless you have your own dudes waiting for you! That's fine too, no problemo at allo! I'll let you go, though not without tears!”

Kirishima grimaced a bit.

“They run away screaming and left me to get eaten alive by this wendigo thing.”



They were silent for a moment.

“So how do you know where are we going? Because... You know where are we going, right?” Mina asked, looking curiously at hooded stranger.

“There's only one city that is close enough for you to come without few days long trip through wilderness. That's where we're heading.”

“Woah! You must have really awesome sense of direction to know where it is! I have no freaking idea where we are after all those monster encounters!” Mina said, laughing.

“You grow used to navigating through forests when you help people with suicidal bets as often as I do.” he stated with shrug and small smile gracing his features.

“I was fighting for week-long supply of my favorite snacks, okay?! For them I'm ready to even spend night in scary forest! Actually... After today, I'm not anymore.” she exclaimed but her mood quickly changed, and she grinned widely. “Right! I should share my fairly won food with you because if you weren't here... Well... I wouldn't survive long enough to get it!”

“No need. I'm happy that I could have helped.” the boy answered with kind of shy smile and nervous wave of hand.

“Dude! You literally saved our lives!”

“Exactly, if wasn't for you someone would be running around in my skin! Oh... That sounds a bit... Really scary.”

“We nearly got eaten alive. Nah, what could we be possibly afraid of?” Kirishima asked with jokingly sarcastic tone which made girl laugh. It wasn't long until she was leaning towards him to playfully push.

She didn't notice that stranger wasn't between them anymore. It isn't this important right? She and her bro must have got a little ahead of him while having pseudo-quarrel! Pfff, he couldn't have just vanished into thin air when they blinked or something!
“Oh, look! I see light! And my dudes!” the girl said enthusiastically, glancing behind to talk with hooded stranger who...

Mina stopped dead in her tracks, looking with shocked expression at empty space behind her.

“He was here, I hadn't just imagined him, right?” she asked with still widely opened eyes, now fixing her gaze on Kirishima who looked equally surprised.

“Unless he was double hallucination then no. He was here a moment ago!” he agreed readily.

“And you still have his torch!” she added, swirling around to make sure that he really is nowhere near to be seen.

“Hey Mina, is it you or should we run screaming like little girls?!” yelled familiar to her voice, and she jumped a little, surprised by it.

“Normally I would say that no! I'm not me but monster of these woods but I barely escaped with my life so ya know... No jokes!” she screamed back and then turned around to look at Kirishima. “You think that dude was one of creatures from this forest or something? Maybe some kind of guardian ghost?”

Eijiro thought about all information he had about him and...

“I wouldn't be surprised...” he murmured, deep in thought while girl slowly started walking towards her friends. He quickly followed.

It wasn't long before they were within group's reach and Mina launched herself into making sure he knew everyone. She introduced him as her bro who — like her — barely escaped being devoured alive by this woods' beasts. Most of the bunch was rather skeptical towards her story. Sure, they looked more into it when Kirishima agreed that everything she said had really happened but it was still hard for them to believe that something like wendigo or skinwalker existed. Even the existence of mysterious savior was a huge question mark in their books.

What more... Eijiro and Ashido finally learned their nearly-eaten-alive-bro name. They also learned that they don't live that far away from each other.

Perhaps brunet lost a pretty big group of friends this day but... Was their friendship worth anything if they left him behind so easily? Instead, he had great pal that would definitely not do this to him. What more they shared this amazingly strong bond of 'we survived, though barely' and nearly as powerful 'we both know about the existence of mysterious boy from forest that saves asses of idiots like us'.

Eijiro really hoped that he would be able to meet hooded stranger again though preferably in less intense situation... Hugging him without previously running away from human-eating monster in the dead of night sounded great. Not being left behind to fend for himself against some terrible beast also sounded like future he would love to have.

He can say a lot of things about this camping trip but not that it was boring.

Chapter Text

“Do you need anything, boys?” Inko asked, entering the salon and...

“Help me.” Izuku whined while woman hid her mouth behind hand, trying not to laugh.

Bakugo — in his wolf form — was dragging Midoriya across the floor, his fangs firmly planted in the hood of his blouse. Green haired boy quietly resigned himself to his fate and didn't even try fighting anymore instead looking at his mother with wide eyes begging for rescue.

“Good. Make sure that he finally gets some sleep.”

Blond wolf growled quietly, acknowledging her words.

“Mom!” Izuku said in extremely betrayed tone.

“Shouldn't have spent half night strolling through the forest. Bags under your eyes puts onyx to shame.”

“It's not that bad!” the boy protested, vanishing behind doors of his room.

“As you can see I and Katsuki disagree!” woman yelled after him.

She completely ignored sound of wolf trying to put her stubborn son to bed and instead opted for focusing on placing all cookies on tray. Homemade! With love and fairy — not faery, fairy! — dust.

When she entered her son's room and left snacks on desk she decided to aid Bakugo in his mission of making Izuku rest.

So... She did the same thing as werewolf and used her own weight to hold him down.

“Really mom? Am I a sandwich to you?” he murmured from his doubly crushed belly.

Katsuki raised his head and sent him the most 'it's your own fault' look that wolf expression was capable of delivering.

“You're more like bread. Sandwich is what we make together.” woman answered with huge smile.

“I feel more like mashed potatoes right now.” he grunted back.

After a moment of silence he sighed deeply... Or as deeply as he could with crushing weight of person and enormous wolf on him.

“Fine. You've won. I'll take nap but can you get off me? I can't feel my spleen anymore.”

Two of them very slowly — most likely deliberately — let him go, and they sent each other knowing looks. Then Katsuki changed back into his human form, and they high-fived.

“Can you leave, so I can change into some pajamas?”

Bakugo took cookies and seemed himself out. Inko wasn't far behind and it just so happened that they both ended in kitchen.

“So... Has he told you about his misadventure with wendigo and skinwalker already?” Inko inquired.

“Yep. I have no fucking idea why this nerd tries so hard to save asses of people he doesn't even know. It isn't his damn fault if some human dies from time to time. It happens!”

“Sometimes I regret that I helped him with those observational spells. Not only would he act upon much fewer attacks but also cowered less ground.” woman answered with sigh.

“It's shocking that he didn't get his identity reveled yet, with the amount of people he helps.” were blond's words accompanied by rolling eyes and biting off cookie's head. It was first one on the long list of casualties.

“Even if it happened, he knows trick or two with hypnosis, so he should be fine.”

“Ha? Nerd and useful spells? Finally! I thought I wouldn't live long enough to see the day!” Bakugo stated with quiet growl of irritation.

“Patience Katsuki. Magic is a vast domain and in our case especially complicated.”

“Aren't you the strongest type of witches?” he asked with furrowed brows.

“Indeed we are and that's why Izuku needs time. Mastering something so powerful isn't matter of night or two. I needed decades to refine my skills.”

“Ughhh... Who would want to wait that long?”

“We, it seems.”

“Witches are strange. Strong but fucking bizarre.” was Bakugo final conclusion before he got up. “I'm going home. Relay something to that old hag?”

“No need, though... You can tell her to visit me more.”

“Same shit as always.”

“Oh and Katsuki...”

He stopped in his pursuit of front doors with slight growl of irritation.

“What?” he asked, glancing over at woman whose face was occupied with small, mischievous smile.

“Hide your tail before you leave, dear.”

Bakugo became as red as tomato and with boisterous “I fucking know!” rushed outside, beforehand correcting stupid and obvious error in his detransformation. How could he be so blind and not notice it on his own?!

Meanwhile, Inko shook her head but more in amusement than disapproval.

Ah, those young werewolves.

Chapter Text

Mirio Togata has never been a scaredy cat. He was always brave and confident. He was a courageous young man ready to become the best hero this world has ever seen!

But right now he would really like to be somewhere else. Anywhere, really.

“Tamaki... Something is in salon...” he said quietly, hiding behind his friend.

Seeing as they both got into UA, and they have known each other for years they decided to live together. It was a splendid idea seeing as Togata just witnessed something small... Few small somethings? Slipping through shadows in one of their rooms.

“What?” Amajiki asked, taking step forward but blond pulled him back.

“Don't go there! We don't know what it is!” Mirio protested instantly.

“Come on, I'm sure whatever it is you can defeat i...”

He stopped mortified as creature... Creatures finally showed themselves, coming from the darkest corner of the room. There was a lot of them and Tamaki had no idea that there will be a point in his life when he will be so utterly terrified of dwarfs. Yet here he is, dumbfounded and paralyzed with fear, looking with huge eyes at those small beasts. They looked like tiny humans and wouldn't even be scary... If it wasn't for their sharp teeth that none predator he has ever seen would be able to match. Their fangs were extremely pointed and seemed fully capable of biting off bones within seconds... And minimal effort.

“What... What is it?” slipped out of his parted in shock lips while one of the creatures started walking towards them with low growl. Its pace was slow but with every step it got more confident and sure of its victory. The rest followed its leader.

“Gnomes! I thought they were only legends!” Mirio answered, holding his friend in terrified, chokingly-strong embrace. “What should we do?!”


While two of them started panicking, creatures suddenly stopped. Moment later loud knock reverberated through now eerily quiet house.

Then the front doors opened.

“Sorry for coming unannounced but...” stranger started but halted his sentence when he noticed situation before him.

Mirio had no idea what this strange, hooded boy was doing here, but he hoped dearly that those small monsters will retreat since there is one human more. Maybe they don't have advantage in numbers, but they are taller! Much, much taller! And most likely stronger!

Nope. Those tiny beasts didn't even flinch.

Instead, their whole colony turned in the direction of newcomer who, unlike two inhabitants of home, was alone and bared their fangs at him. Togata opened his mouth, ready to tell him to run away or that according to legends gnomes change into stones under the influence of sun, but he was too late.

Hooded boy beat him to talking and was the one who interrupted silence. What more his words and tone dumbfounded him.

“What do you think you're doing?” he asked, and he sure as hell didn't sound amused. He was serious, calm and his irritation nearly bled into his voice. He crossed his arms and looked at group of creatures with such a fierce glare that those inhuman entities stopped dead in their tracks for a moment.

And then one of them made few growl-like sounds.

“It isn't your house. Maybe previous inhabitants let you stay here but now this place has new owners and if you want to keep on living here you should talk with them instead of trying to intimidate them.” boy answered curtly.

“Is he...?” Tamaki asked quietly, looking at equally dumbfounded Mirio.

“Scolding them...?” blond finished question, wondering who exactly this hooded boy is.

Two of them jumped when the creature on the front rushed forward, baring its fangs, ready to pounce at stranger whose reaction was... Crouching down. His eyes were now on height of entity which backed down at last second with hiss.

“You're not going to achieve anything acting like this. I will throw you outside and that's it.” were boy's stern words and sure, Tamaki couldn't see whole expression of stranger, but he was pretty sure that it showed ultimate 'you start cooperating or I'm throwing computer through window, young man'.

Gnome on the front growled something and then his arms shot up in the gesture of irritation and mute 'so what I'm supposed to do?'.

“I don't care if you've lived here decade, two or even three. It's human house.”

For a moment everyone was silent while stranger stamped his feet rhythmically on the ground with irritation, seemingly waiting for something. After a while and loud snort from leader-gnome, whole group turned toward them but... They were different.

Expressions lost their predatory animosity, teeth lacked their sharpness and looked pretty human. Now they looked like dwarfs from storied for children. Minus pointy hats.

“We apologize deeply for our prior behavior. We were scared because we have lived here for years and if threw us out we would most likely got killed by the first rays of sun.” the gnome on the front explained and brunet wasn't even embarrassed about his jaw figuratively hitting floor.


“Oh... I understand where you are coming from! You should have started with it! You gave us quite the scare back there!” Mirio spoke, suddenly getting back all his confidence.

Small, bloodthirsty monsters from nowhere were terrifying. Dwarfs scared of death? It's a completely different matter! Also, if someone needs help Togata isn't the one to turn them down! He would never do that! After all he decided a long time ago what kind of hero he'll be! He's going to become Lemillion, and he won't rest until he saves at least a million peop... Creatures!

“So you're not going to throw us out...?” gnome on the front asked untruthfully and with a rather big surprise.

“How could we leave you for certain death? We're heroes in training!” Mirio stated energetically, putting arm on Takami's shoulder.

Amajiki still was scared but now for a different reason; he was terrified of the sheer number of living beings occupying his salon. Ignoring mysterious stranger there was at least a dozen of dwarfs! Aaa! Why isn't his anxiety limited only to humans?!

“Oh.” gnome murmured and then bowed deeply before continuing. “If that's the case I would like to offer my sincerest apologies, from the deepest crevices of my heart, for our initial reaction. We'll do everything we can to repay you not only for your endless kindness but also our awful initial behavior.”

Rest of dwarfs made quiet sounds of agreement.

“No need for that! I believe that it was a rather stressing situation for you too!” Mirio answered immediately, deciding that every occasion to comfort distressed civilians is a good occasion. Even if those 'civilians' are creatures which according to every law of common sense shouldn't even exist.

“It went surprisingly smoothly.” hooded figure noticed, a bit astonished at blond's endlessly positive reaction to situation. It made all the heads turn toward him. He was holding notepad and writing something. Amajiki and Togata had no idea where did you took it fro... Oh. He has bag with him. “I suppose I can take my leave then...”

Despite his words he didn't move toward exit instead noting something even faster.

“So... You've come here just to help us with... Those creatures...?” Amajiki asked because as much as he was terrified of strangers he was even more scared of hooded figure not coming. He didn't want to be devoured by gnomes because of something as small as simple miscommunication!

He really didn't like idea of being eaten alive, okay?

“Actually... Yes.”

“Ah! So we owe you our deepest gratitude! How did you know we needed help?” blond added to conversation, as enthusiastic as ever.

“Let's just say that I have worryingly extensive knowledge about creatures that are terrorizing those areas.”

“Oh, you're a hero? You look a bit young but who am I to judge?” Mirio asked lightly.

“No, no. I just... How to put it... I use my free time to help people deal with inhuman creatures like those here? The ones that pro heroes more often than not doesn't even know exists? Yeah, something like that.”

“So you're paranormal hero! Woah!” Togata yelled with even more joy than before.

Tamaki is pretty sure that stranger blushed but to be frank, he wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Mirio's enthusiasm can be... A bit intensive. And unexpected. It could be even a bit intimidating at times.

“What are you writing...?” Amajiki added shyly because his thoughts gave him a feeling of solidarity with stranger which consequently made him a bit braver than he normally was.

While he's at it... He also would like to have some kind of hood in his hero costume. Who knows maybe this boy is also shy? Wow, it was surprisingly comforting to think that someone who so bravely stepped into their house and saved them from bloodthirsty gnomes — meanwhile changing them into friendly dwarfs — could have some something in common with him.

“Few facts and rules that can be obvious to them and... A little less clear to you. Of course, you can ask them about anything you're not sure about anytime, but it's always better to have everything written down. Especially since internet sources can be...

Misleading.” boy answered, for a moment stopping scribbling, and then he resumed it with new vigor. After few last touches he tore page off and walked towards two to give it to them.

Mirio instantly took gift while Tamaki was carefully observing gnomes who had kept respectful distance from stranger.

“Thank you! I don't know what would we do without you!” Togata said before his eyes landed on neatly, though hastily, written letters. After a moment Amajiki leaned over to catch a glimpse on contents of paper.

“And you... Keep in mind that those two can have big lacks in knowledge about you.” boy spoke to gnomes, and they all nodded solemnly.

“We'll keep it in mind. Thank you for your intervention. Without it I'm afraid that this situation would probably end rather badly.” was leader answer which was shortly followed by a deep bow.

“Right! Would you like some tea...?” Mirio started, raising his head and stopping reading, but he blinked owlishly when he didn't notice stranger. Was he already gone...? “Wow! He left? I've just heard him!”

Amajiki looked around and gulped quietly looking warily at bunch of dwarfs. They won't come back to their scary, bloodthirsty ways just because hooded hero disappeared, right...?

“So... Wanna decide who is going to do which chore?”

Tamaki looked incredulously at dwarfs screaming and yelling over each, choosing between washing, cleaning, vacuuming... A lot of things. Then he turned to look at Mirio who joined them with loud “you shouldn't do everything! Leave something for us!”.

Amajiki needed nap... Or better — to wake up from what just happened.

Chapter Text

Yuga wasn't very popular. Even though his quirk was pretty easy to show off and shiny... Well, shooting laser beams from navel wasn't too useful in everyday life. Also, — unlike most of his classmates — he could not use his power without cutting in half closest tree/wall/bench/human. And everyone would rather survive than get cut in half, thank you very much.

That's why when a group of his classmates asked him to hang out with them in haunted house he joined them. He was scared but... He was hungry for human interactions and being part of something. Anything, as long as it was more friendly than not. And so, he took deep breath, gathered all the courage he possessed and went with them.

They left him behind.

Laughing and yelling — later, they most likely tried to scare him but on their way back they made each other laugh, taking pretty much all of their 'spooky scary' credibility — they walked away closing doors just before his face. When he opened them they were already gone, and he was alone on the old staircase looking at endless darkness. It stared right back.

He listened in shocked terror which immobilized him as they voices grew louder and louder until they completely disappeared and... Was it a creek?! Is there something above him...?!

When he was with them he could do this but now? On his own?

He crawled behind first wardrobe he had found and curled up into miserable ball of pain. He hugged his head to his knees, crying quietly. Not just because he felt betrayed. He also was terrified out of his mind. He's alone in this scary, dark house! What if someone finds and hurts him? What if some kind of murderer will come here and kill him?! What if some kind of ghost or demon hears him and decides to possess him?! He doesn't want to lose his body!

“Um, hello? Is everything alright? I heard crying...”

Yuga became completely still, scared of unfamiliar voice but after few seconds he relaxed a bit. He didn't know who it was but... He sounded genuine. As if he really was worried. Unlike ghost, demon or psychopathic killer on the loose.

“H-here...” Yuga sniffled out quietly, though he was pretty sure that stranger didn't hear him. He was mistaken.

Moment later there was someone's figure leaning over him. Aoyama flinched disturbed by the fact that person was hidden beneath hood. It hid his hair and casted an ominous shadow over his eyes. But he instantly felt much better when stranger smiled. It was... A really warm and friendly gesture. Someone who would want to hurt him surely wouldn't be capable of such a nice expression especially with only half of face visible. Or at least so he hoped.

“Are you okay? What happened?” he asked holding out his hand for him to take.

Blond instantly took it and let himself be helped to his feet.

“Friends wanted to go to the haunted house and invited me, so I joined them... They left me here.” he explained quietly, wiping away his tears but still crying a bit. “I... Was scared that looking for exit I will stumble upon some ghost and I know it's stupid but... I didn't know what to do and it's so dark and scary here!”

“Oh... Don't worry, I understand. I'll help you get out safely, okay?”

Yuga nodded stiffly and when stranger took first towards exit he instantly caught his hand, looking away in embarrassment. He didn't want to be alone again. He... Wasn't sure if he would able to take it. And so he preferred to be laughed at for behaving like a lost child, but he wasn't going to risk it. He wasn't going to be left behind one again.

Stranger, though, didn't react negatively. To be frank he didn't at all. No comment left his lips and instead he gently directed them both to the main doors.

Yuga absentmindedly noted only outside features of hooded figure he could gather; freckles and smooth hands.

“I'm pretty sure that all ghosts moved out few weeks ago.” boy commented offhandedly and Aoyama didn't jump out of his skin from surprise and fright only thanks to his quiet, gentle tone.

“And where did they go...?” he asked with childish curiosity, grateful to his companion for ending silence that hung unnervingly in the air.

“To the other side of course!” was answer shortly followed by a friendly laughter which Yuga joined though rather nervously.

Meanwhile, Midoriya was congratulating himself on the fact that he had already taken care of this house a while ago. Ghosts that resided here weren't particularly aggressive but could be... Territorial. Thanks to all his stars that he didn't have that much work with helping them come to terms with their lives being irreversibly over. They let themselves be helped and finally were free.

“Um... If you don't mind me asking... What are you doing here? You were also with friends, you've come alone or...?” Yuga asked shyly.

“Ah, no. I've seen some whippersnappers leaving this house with a rather suspicious laughter. I decided to check if they didn't try summoning demons or something.”

In Aoyama's eyes his words were a joke. In his own? Not really.

“I'm really happy you did it. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I would do...”

Conversation ended when two of them came face to face with doors and then finally found themselves outside. They could take deep breath of fresh air and there was not much more to do than simply leave house behind. Stranger untangled his fingers from surprisingly strong hold of Yuga only when they descended the stairs and ended on the sidewalk.

“Once again, thank you, mon ami. It was a really awful situation for me!” Aoyama stated, laughing nervously and trying to act tough. Or at least self-confident.

“No problem. I'm happy I could help.” Midoriya answered with smile and then turned around, ready to leave. Or vanish. Depends on whatever he gets opportunity to do so or not.


Izuku stopped, looking back at blond who nervously twiddled with his fingers.

“I... Um... You look like a nice person and... Can I be your friend?” Aoyama blurted out after a pretty long battle with himself, looking away.

“Ah, I... Would love to but you see...” Midoriya started but stopped with deep sigh, seeing blond's crestfallen expression. He looked like his heart just shattered into a million tiny pieces! “Okay. I want to stay anonymous but if you give me your email we can be friends online.”

Suddenly Yuga's head jerked up, and he rushed toward him. Within seconds, he was holding both his hand in powerful grip of infinite happiness.

“Sacré bleu! Really?! I... I mean...! Do you have something to write on? I don't want you to forget it and...”

Yuga stopped when Midoriya freed one of his hands and took out notepad from his bag. Seconds later he offered him it with pen which blond took with extreme joy. Not long after one of page's corner was anointed with amazingly decorative script.

“Ame... Eclat?” Midoriya asked, reading — more like trying, really — strange words.

“Ah it's in French! It means shining soul!” Yuga answered with slight blush, giving notepad back to its owner.

“Oh, sounds interesting!” Midoriya praised with huge smile. “And if you want to you can keep this pen. As memento of sorts.”

“Really? Bon merci!” blond answered and the way he hugged this small, insignificant item assured Izuku that this was the right thing to say and do... Give?

“So... Write to you soon.” stranger said and with final wave of hand started walking towards his destination.

Yuga watched his back with huge smile, holding pen close to his heart in strong grip. It assured him that it really happened. Even when the nice boy disappeared behind the corner.

From that point on Aoyama wanted to be a hero.

He wanted to help and support. To chase away fear as hooded figure did for him.

Chapter Text

Shinso Hitoshi knew who he wanted to be even before the world began its rant of how quirks like his are evil, wrong and what not. He wasn't going to give up though, quite the contrary actually. Their words made his determination stronger. He wanted to show them that power isn't everything and the ability you are born with doesn't decide your fate. You do.

That's why when he noticed a crying girl in otherwise deserted playground he decided to came closer and check what had happened. True that he wasn't the mastermind of human interactions but... Well, it's hero's job to help when something is wrong, right?

It was going fine. It turned out that she lives near — though she didn't tell him where exactly, not that he was surprised; he's a stranger to her after all — and she decided to visit this playground. She cried because she lacked company. And she also fell from swing and had scraped knees. What a poor, little soul.

Shinso talked with her for a while, and she calmed down. Wow. Who would have thought? Such a surprise that after all those years of being terrible with children he suddenly isn't.

Strange things happened when he was ready to leave.

“Can you give me your name?” she asked looking at him with her huge, inhumanly golden eyes.

“Um... Sure...? Shinso Hitoshi.” he answered and it didn't even take minute for him to realize that something was wrong.

In first few seconds when she happily clapped her hands, everything was alright. But suddenly her smile... Was bigger. It was unnaturally huge, outstretched nearly from ear to ear. And her amber eyes shone maliciously.

“You gave your name to me so you're mine! Forever!” she told him and for some reason it made him shiver slightly.

“It doesn't work like that....” he tried to deny her words, but she ignored him.

“Come.” she commanded and he... Listened.

He didn't want to. He was going to turn around and walk far away as quickly as humanly possible without running, because suddenly he knew with every fiber of his being that something is really, really wrong. But he didn't have any control over his body. In his moment of terror there was this awful though that flashed through his mind; is this how his quirk feels like to other people...?

Girl leaded him to the forest and when first branches broke under his feet his horror reached its peak. He had to do something and do it fast. He had no idea what was going on, and he didn't even want to know to be frank. He just wanted to go back home.

“You, humans, are so naive.” accosted... Who? Who exactly is she? Is she even a human? Seeing what she just said... Most likely no.

“What are you?” slipped out of his lips, and he was surprised that he could talk. How is it that he can't control his body but can ask questions? What exactly is her qui... Power?

“If you weren't such an ignorant you'd already knew! Your name gives me power over you so what else can I be?” she answered with laugh, and then she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. So did his body.

Her expression changed from that face splitting grin into discontent. She hissed and... Shinso looked with shock as her body grew. Within seconds, she wasn't this little girl with scraped knees he tried to console anymore. Instead, the creature standing before him was slim woman with hair as golden as her eyes. But the most unnerving part were those long, dragonfly-like wings shining in all colors of rainbow every time sun touched their surface.

She didn't look like entity from this world.

She looked otherworldly and that made panic that was already swirling inside of him grow even more powerful. Now, he was definitely terrified out of his mind.

“Who dares to interrupt my fun?!” she asked what seemed to be nothing with irritation, and her pupil became predatory.... Vertical and thin like pinpricks.

Shinso looked to the side — now he can do that too, huh? — at the figure that arrived... Pretty much from nowhere. He came through bushes? From behind the tree? How came they haven't noticed him sooner?

“Kidnapping people shouldn't be pastime activity.” new-comer said with deep sigh. It seems stranger is here to rescue him. Thanks to all his lucky stars. Now all he has left to do is wait... And hope that his to-be-savior doesn't die while trying to save him from... Unknown but most likely terrible fate.

“And who are you to say that?” she asked and panic came back full... With doubled force when she covered the distance separating her from hooded person in seconds. Entity wrinkled its nose as if she was trying to smell answer to her question and then her face suddenly brightened up. “Ah, I get it now! So what brings you here, to me? Do you have anything you could offer me for this lad?”

Shinso didn't feel better with her sudden change of mood at all. The fact that she wasn't furious and ready to mutilate something didn't mean she wasn't going to do it in next few minutes. He also found it rather... Uncomfortable that she was talking about his life as if it was something that could be easily bought.

“I think so.” hooded figure answered and Hitoshi was ready to sigh with relief. Stranger seemed so calm and collected that there was no way he didn't know what he was doing... Right?

Two of them looked at newcomer with rapid attention as he rummaged through his bag. Finally, he took out phial which golden haired creature instantly wrested from his hand and smelled it. It made her face split in the same ear-to-ear smile as when she was trying to lead him into unknown. That's... Good, he supposes?

“Tempting, promising even but is it enough? You definitely could offer me more for his name.” she spoke though the way she was holding phial clearly stated that she wasn't going to give it back. Her eyes screamed 'it's mine'.

“Hm...” hummed boy, visibly deep in thought. After a while he reached for his bag which from he took small writing pad and pen. “Could you stay still for a moment?”

Her eyes gleamed with content and after giving a curt nod she listened to his request.

Shinso fixed his eyes on her nearly statue like silhouette and then on fast but full of practiced precision movements of the pen. After over a dozen of minutes that could be as well hours for him stranger stopped. He put down his writing instrument and then torn out page from his pad. He gave it to golden haired woman who happily accepted object.

“I like it.” she nearly purred and then reached out her arm. “I can accept this arrangement.”

They shook hands and Shinso flinched. Her smile... She seemed ready to devour someone's soul.

“Shinso Hitoshi. I give this name to you.” she said in grave serious tone.

“I hand you this magical concoction and portrait.” he answered in equally solemn voice. Then he let go of her palm.

She turned around, ready to go but before her silhouette disappeared behind the closest bushes she looked back one more time.

“Tell Inko to visit me. I haven't seen her in decades!”

They could still hear her maniacal laughter, even as she completely vanished — hopefully forever — from their views.

“How do you feel?” hooded person asked gently, directioning his attention towards him and Shinso blinked in surprise.

Did her words make no impact on him at all? From what he gathered names had huge value and could be used pretty much as weapons by her so this 'Inko' person could be in big trouble.

“Traumatized but unharmed.” he answered in his typical tired-of-life tone.

“Oh. Would you like some tea?”

Hitoshi knew that he shouldn't trust strangers. Especially those suspiciously hooded in the middle of forest, who just confronted — without any hesitation! — creature that most likely is going to show its not so ugly face in his nightmares. The thing is that at that very moment he was more existentially tired than even before in his whole life. And that's a pretty grand achievement.

So he decided 'fuck it' and said yes.

Shinso wasn't exactly sure how he ended up with hooded stranger, sitting in city's park and drinking from his thermos some kind of warm beverage, but he was absolutely positive that this happened according to his own, even if very tired, will.

“Don't worry about it too much. It could have happened to anyone.” his savior assured him.

“I think that most people would realize the danger of someone asking you 'can you give me your name' instead of typical 'what's your name'.” he answered with self-irritation. “What even was that thing?”

“Faery.” stranger said and Hitoshi nodded in acknowledge, getting ready to read about it when he gets back home. “If you wanted to know for future reference... It's best to introduce yourself with 'you can call me' or 'you may address me as'. Those are the safest options. 'I am' and 'my name is' isn't foolproof. Not all creatures of her kind can use it but some... Have their ways.”

“Thanks.” Shinso murmured and stiffly bowed his head in gratitude, hugging thermos. “For advice and for... Saving my life from this thing...”

“No problem.” stranger answered with smile that literally blinded Hitoshi for a moment.

How can anyone be so warm and trustworthy when half of their face is hidden behind hood?! Is it even allowed?!

“By the way if now you have my name does it mean...?”

“Ah, don't worry about it! It was more about taking it from her than getting it for myself!” he assured instantly and then hesitated for a moment. “Um, I see that you have problems with sleep... If you want I have a tea that would be great for that.”

“Wow. It's the nicest attempt of using chloroform I've ever seen.”

“W-what?! N-no that's not what I...!” stranger started with mix of indignation and mortification but stopped immediately when Shinso began to laugh. “Oh. That was a joke.”

Hitoshi nodded and hooded figure joined his cackle though with much more subtlety. Shinso took a moment to wonder how did this naive cinnamon roll survived in this brutal world for so long.

“So... What kind of tea you want to recommend me?”

“I would tell you but why since you've already guessed?”

Purple haired boy nearly choked on his sip from thermos and when he was sure he wouldn't die, he turned around to look at his companion with huge grin.

“You learn fast.” he noticed and Midoriya smiled back at him.

Once again Shinso nearly got blinded by this pure, precious, wholesome expression. It shouldn't be legal! It's too good for this world!

“Anyway here you go.” was Izuku's reply which was shortly followed by him taking sac full of... Something from his bag and giving it to Hitoshi. He took it graciously and decided to sniff it as he was curious about how it smelt like. The answer to his unasked question was; extremely herbal. “I can tell you what is in it but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know half of those plants.”

“If you're going to use Latin names then don't. Just don't.” Shinso said and then gave him back his thermos. His next course of action was nervously moving sac from one hand to another. “Are you sure you want to give it to me? It's not like I'm fainting from the lack of sleep or something...”

“Ah, that's not a problem at all! Really! Also, you deserve something nice after today's... Um... Adventure.”


“Traumatic adventure.”

For a moment they were silent.

“Thanks. Once again. For everything.” Shinso murmured a bit sheepishly, nervously scratching his neck. “I don't remember last time someone was so... Nice to me.”

“What? Why?”

Hitoshi was used to staying away from others, closed off in fear of being hurt.

But he was also used to not having anyone he could tell about his sad excuse of life.

“People give me a wide berth because they think that my quirk is villainous.”

“That's cruel!”

“You don't even know what my power is.”

“You can steal souls and I would still think that it's unfair to judge someone on this base alone.”

Shinso blinked, surprised by this answer. It... Was really nice.

“I think I'm going to use my yearly limit of thanking on you.” Hitoshi murmured with small smile and then got up. “So... I think I should head back home. It was nice to meet you and ya know... If you're somewhere close, bored and just so happen to see me I...”

He stopped mid sentence with quiet “huh?” looking with complete lack of understanding at a small piece of paper being hold inches from his eyes.

“My email. If you want you can write to me. We can be besties online or something.” stranger explained and Shinso immediately took item.

“Thanks. That... Means a lot.” he murmured, nervously shuffling his feet.

“Hey, leave some of your gratitude for others! I would feel bad if you've used up your whole thank-you limit on me and everyone else would end up getting only apologies!”

Hitoshi laughed quietly, turning around for a moment.

“Not that big of loss for world.” he stated and then decided to look at stranger to bid his final farewells.

He blinked and then rubbed his eyes.

Bench was empty.

He looked at his hands and furrowed his eyebrows looking at sac of tea and piece of paper. Huh. Was his new friend's quirk teleportation or something?

Shinso shrugged and headed back home where it didn't take him long to take a seat before his computer with hot beverage positioned near his left hand. If he had spent half of an hour leaning over keyboard and looking for right words... Well, this secret will be safe with him. He'll sure as hell take it to the grave or at least to bed. Both sounds tempting.


It's me, dude you saved from... Fery? Frery? Faerie? That fairy-ish demon. Ugh, I hope I got right email. Btw I thought you were joking with this whole chloroform-really-is-in-this-tea but it really packs a punch. I'm pretty sure I'm going to faint anytime now.
Tell me if I overstep any boundaries of good manners. I'm not very good with human interactions. Both in and direct ones.

With best regard or smth,


Boy yawned and looked at his half-empty mug wondering if chloroform isn't actually a plant. If it is there is a chance that closer or further family of it was in this herbal mix. Not that he was complaining — he would truly appreciate good night sleep. To be frank he was ready to have nap right here right now with keyboard as pillow.

He closed his eyes for a moment and...

He woke up hour later.

Shinso wondered what the hell is in this tea... Meanwhile, making himself more.

Chapter Text

“Mom! Why some faery knows your name and wanted me to relay to you to visit her?”

“Huh? Could you be more specific” Inko asked, looking up from the plate she was drying up.

She wasn't sure if she was more amused or heartbroken with how tired — of life — and overworked her son looked.

“Faery? Golden hair and eyes? Tries to kidnap random people to her world as a meaning of entertainment?”

“Ah, yes, Anastasia! It's been such a long time since I've seen her!” woman said with huge smile which toned down a bit rather quickly. “I hope she didn't cause you too much trouble.”

“No, I got along with her pretty easily. Too easily to be frank. So? How do you know her? And why do I have a feeling that you're good friends with her?”

“We went to school together.”

Izuku choked on his own saliva.


“You may not know but your mom used to be quite a globetrotter! More like worldstrotter but ah, no matter! I've spent some time in faery realm. It's a... Really specific place. And now, tell me, what did you get her for name of this poor mortal who was unlucky enough to stumble upon her?” she answered with smile.

“You remember this potion I've been working on for weeks? The one that changes scent depending on who smells it?”

“Ah, yes. Anastasia would definitely be interested in it. But I doubt that was enough for her... So?”

“Portrait. Faeries are super egocentric.”

Inko laughed so hard there were some tears streaming down her face.

“Oh, Izuku... Have I told you that you're my favorite son already?”

“I'm your only son!”

Inko wiped droplets of happiness from her face and left now dry plate in cupboard.

“Oh my dear, precious child... Anastasia loves art. Do you know what it means?”

Midoriya made unidentified sound of distress — more like anguish, really — and decided to take swan dive into sofa.

“Exactly.” woman confirmed. “Frequent visits and lots of deals.”

“Maybe she'll decide that my style isn't worth her time?”

Inko's laughter told him just how flimsy his hope is.

“Look at it in positive light, she can be a perfect supplier of gems. Faeries have their ways of obtaining those in worrying amounts and with the speed you're giving those away...”

“I'm sorry for not wanting to leave traumatized people without any protection!” he yelled from salon and Inko could see his arms thrown up in the gesture of not-quite-irritation-but-something-close-to-it.

Woman entered the room he was in and leaned over him to pet his mess of locks.

“I know, I know. You're too kind for your own good and that's pretty much my fault.”

“Come on mom, you gave me the best genes.”

“Oh, you're such a sweet-talker.” she said and booped his nose.

“Mom! I'm not a child!”

“We'll talk when you're in your late hundredths-ies!”

“But it's, like, eternity!”

“Don't exaggerate, even we don't live that long.”

For a moment none of them said anything and Inko came back to kitchen.

“So? How did the human reacted at his attempted kidnapping to faery realm?”

Izuku rushed to sit instead of lying and looked at woman from the backrest of sofa with huge smile.

“Pretty well actually. We'll be online friends!”

Inko shook her head with heavy sigh but her upturned lips betrayed her fondness.

Chapter Text

He cried and yelled, and begged, and run, and paused, and...


Forest was quiet. Always so terrifyingly empty and endless. No matter how hard he would try to get away from it. He was sure that he have been stumbling through thick bushes for years but in this place time was... Different. When he first got here he was a teenager but right now he was smaller. His tiny, noodle arms and legs made it clear to him that he couldn't be older than five even though he knew that not so long ago he was twelve! He was steadily approaching thirteen-years-old threshold so why? Why?!

What is wrong with this place?!

Boy... Child...

Monoma gave up. He heavily fell to the ground, hugging his face to his knees and having support only in tree behind him. At this rate... Will there be anything left of him? He'll be revoked back to the point when he didn't exist, and he'll die... And he doesn't want it! Not now! Why at this moment of his life? He has so much to do and achieve! He must show to the world that his quirk isn't weak, and he himself is strong!

He heard crunch of broken branch, and he instantly got up, rushing towards cause of the sound.

Neito didn't care for how pathetic he looked or behaved. Now survival was the most important matter... Everything that mattered was getting out of this dreadful, time-reversing forest and finding way back home.

He launched himself at person who lost balance for a moment but quickly regained it. Boy caught handful of stranger's pants and grasped it tightly, meanwhile hugging unknown figure as if life depended on it. Who knows... Maybe it did?

He must make sure that this figure won't disappear.

He's seen this chance before and never could grasp it... There was silhouette sneaking between trees... The one he chased and chased, and yelled for it to stop. To talk to him. To interact with him in any way. But it didn't. It vanished before he could even get a good look at it. It ignored his begs and laughed at his pathetic attempts in catching it.

His tears died down a little on intensity when person before him leaned over and scooped him up. Monoma instantly snuggled into them and hid his head in their shoulder. He was grateful for stranger's hood; he felt pathetic enough as it is... Even without looking in the eyes of his savior while getting snot — effect of his excessive weeping — all over him he felt rather undignified.

“Everything's okay now. I'll get you out of here.” stranger said gently and blond could feel new tears forcing their way towards his eyes. This time though, he was going to cry from relief.

“This world... This forest... It changed me into a child and I don't want to be one! I don't want to be a child again!”

“Shh, calm down, everything's will go back to normal the moment we leave this place.”

Neito nodded into stranger's shoulder and then put all his strength into stopping incoming tears.

“Ooh, you're leaving so soon?”

Monoms raised his head quickly and his eyes instantly localized source of the sound. It was... Her. The silhouette from before. The one sneaking around, laughing at his pain. He remembered... Yes... He felt like it was years ago but it was her. It was her fault. He was here because of... This thing.

Woman had vixen features and animalish ears. Behind her there were six tails, coiling around her in amusement. Her dark hair drifted on her shoulders and back like a calm but tremendous waterfall. Eyes were crimson red and had vertical pupil but didn't seem to hold any aggression.

“You shouldn't stress people like this just because you're bored.” stranger's voice reprimanded and Monoma nearly sighed in relief.

If hooded figure isn't scared then everything will — or already is — be alright, right?

“Oh come on! I took him on the ride of his life! How many of those poor little creatures can say that they were in my very own dimension?”

“And how many of them went insane?”

Neito could feel goosebumps on his skin.

“You're overreacting! Everyone always comes back safe and sound! I mean, in physical sense at least... Really, it's not my fault how fragile they are! I always send them back with no injuries whatsoever! It's not my fault that some just take time change badly!”

Midoriya sighed deeply. It's not even that kitsunes — nogitsune in this case — are particularly evil creatures. Just... Their morality is a rather lacking field. They can learn it from humans but our race doesn't always give the best example. What more if entities of her kind spent most of their time in their own small worlds they had their own — more often than not impossibly tangled — beliefs.

“Just get us back to our world.”

“You could do it yourself but since you're asking so nicely...” she answered with smile that would be pleasant if it wasn't for sardonic glint in her eye.

Monoma got put down but before he could protest he felt... Strange. World seemed to swirl, and he suddenly hadn't those childish, noodle-like arms and legs. He, once again, was a teen.

He looked with shocked expression at stranger and then at... Fox?

Animal made sound worryingly similar to giggle.

“If I didn't feel so lonely maybe I wouldn't have to make companions of random people! So? What do you say, dear? Maybe you'd like to visit me from time to time? From time to time... Ha ha! Time is such a funny concept!”

Monoma blinked once and then twice.

After what he was put through talking fox shouldn't surprise him anymore but... It was a rather strange sight nonetheless.

“I can even bring some paints for you but please, leave ordinary mortals alone.”

Neito's speechless gaze drifted to hooded stranger who seemed completely unimpressed with the madness they were witnessing.

“Oh, oh! I like this idea! I'll be waiting!” answered creature and then... She disappeared. Completely new world opened its gate before her — the one Monoma unfortunately knew from experience— and its rippling surface vanished in the instant tip of her tail disappeared behind it.

“Wh-what...?” slipped out of dumbfounded blond.

“Nogitsune. Really old and really bored nogitsune. Do you want me to accompany you on your way back home?”

Neito was really proud of himself about what he was capable of choking instead of 'yes. Please. I beg you'.

“It... Would be really nice.” he answered and stranger asked about his address.

Moment later Monoma was walking with hooded figure towards his house. Maybe he shouldn't have told him where he live so easily but... He trusted him. He definitely felt too naive and trustful when it came to him but how could he not after what happened?

“So... You're kind of like hero but... The one who deals with strange creatures?” he asked, looking with not very well hidden interest at the stranger.

“Yeah, something like this.”

“How often do you meet things of... This strange fox kind?”

Stranger sighed heavily.

“At least once a week.”

Monoma's eyes shined with newfound admiration and if anyone asked about it he would definitely deny it. Or excuse himself with the fact that few minutes ago he was a child and there must be some side effects still present on him.

“And you always know what to do? How to reach an agreement with them?”

“Sometimes... More often than not talking isn't enough.”

In this exact instant Monoma knew who his favorite hero is going to be. Not only did he save him but seeing as he had never heard about him before, world probably had no idea about his existence. He saved people from shadows and didn't even want fame... Even though he's so awesome!

“Can you... Tell me some stories?”

The rest of the way Neito spent listening to the calming voice of stranger, taking in every single detail of his numerous encounters. He learned about existence of sirens, gnomes, gargoyles, imps, vampires, werewolves and many, many more. And no matter how crazy stories he was told were or how unnatural creatures were described...

Monoma believed in everything. How could he not after what happened to him? What more with every tale he was more and more sure that yes. This is his favorite hero. Idol. And you're supposed to trust those you look up to! Always and about everything!
When they arrived at his place, Neito was a rather unhappy soul.

“Will I meet you ever again?”

He tried to sound nonchalant but... He might have not succeeded. But only by a little margin!

“Why not?” stranger answered before holding out something to him.

Monoma took item from his hand, looking at it with easily noticeable interest. It was a green agate on the twine of the similar color. It seemed to be a bracelet of some kind.

“It's for me?” Monoma asked surprised, gently holding object and subconsciously bringing it closer to his heart.

“Yeah, it's a protection against malicious ghosts. I don't think that nogtisune from before will try to bother you again but... Better to be safe than sorry!”

“Thank you.” Neito whispered, feeling strangely touched by such a small, theoretically unimportant gesture from a total stranger.

His gaze drifted towards stone he was still holding close to his heart. To the calm color of green, and then he looked up and... Huh? Where did the hooded figure go?

After a moment of dumbfounded staring at air he headed towards front gates of his home.

Yep. Definitely his favorite hero.

Chapter Text

Aizawa was really tired.

He has been chasing villain for at least half an hour and when he finally caught him... They were in the forest in the middle of nowhere. Wonderful. Just great. It most definitely was climax of what he ever aspired to get to in life. What could beat nice little walk in bush-land accompanied by the dark night sky and unconscious criminal? Moon is sure as hell his most loyal friend. Okay, maybe second counting Present Mic. It's definitely the quietest one though.

But oh well, what else can he do? His only option is to start walking towards city. After all if he gives villain to the hands of justice fast enough he might even get a chance to sleep through one tenth of night. Hurray.

No, seriously. He really, really, REALLY needs this hour or two of slumber. He would let himself get stabbed for three. Wait. Maybe not... Because frankly he could rest for eternity if he just got himself killed. But the art of survival is being rather kind to him these days so it would be a pity to get murdered just because he wanted a good night sleep.

He sighed heavily when relative silence of forest was interrupted by woman's weeping. He needed to check it so here goes his hour or two of sleep. He really hoped that it wasn't some kind of trap because he was too tired to deal with some idiots. If he meets some delinquents, he will most likely sent them into stratosphere with solid jaw punch. And if by doing so he breaks some of their bones? Oh well. Strange things happens on patrols.

After few seconds with his fast but quiet pace and bypassing decently sized bush he could finally look at silhouette. For a moment he stopped dead in his track to rub his eyes. It didn't help as she was still there. In the middle of night. Doing her laundry. Wearing unnervingly clean, white dress and okay, everyone has freedom in dressing however they want but... It was fishy. If she didn't teleport herself here how was it possible that such an easy to dirty color stayed so perfectly pristine? It was devoid of any stains; no soil, greenery pieces... Actually nothing at all was on her. She didn't even seem wet from being so close to river!

“Are you okay?” he asked, coming closer.

He hated interacting with civilians — if it was his cup of tea, more like coffee, he wouldn't be underground hero — but since he had stumbled upon someone... He should make sure that they are not hurt or something. Especially when the mentioned person is weeping. No... More like wailing. In such awful, heart breaking way that even listening to it hurts. It was... Like all of her hopes were shattered and her world crumbled apart. As if she has lost someone more important than herself, and she couldn't move forwards.

She didn't look toward him. She didn't even glance at him... Instead, grimly continuing doing her laundry and crying.

Aizawa took few steps more towards her before he stopped, feeling goosebumps forming on his skin. Is it...? No. It's impossible. It must be some kind of imitation. What was this world, the one youth uses? Cosplay? Yeah. That must be it. After all it's impossible that this unnerving woman is holding Yamada's jacket. No matter how similar it is or how recognizable it. Shota haven't seen things like this in shops but it's not like he's some kind of shopaholic. He barely goes out to buy some ramen or sack of coffee.

“Is it... Present Mic's jacket?” he heard near him and his scarf instantly let go of villain he was holding up to this moment to, instead, rush in the direction of new adversary.

Aizawa turned his head to look at uninvited guest who jumped back but before that he made a rather undignified squeak of surprise. He also put up his hands as to show his capitulation. Shota looked him over and decided to go back to using his scarf on unconscious villain.

“Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!” stated hooded figure instantly but Aizawa had better things to talk about than listening to apologies.

“What are you doing here kid? It's the middle of the night and if I didn't have dangerous criminal to get care of I would be already showing you police station.”

Aizawa doesn't play around with stupid teenagers. No matter if boy decided to go for an innocent, midnight stroll or if he was actually doing something relatively harmful like... Let's say vandalism. On what in this bush land? No matter. Underground hero had more important matters on his mind than babysitting overgrown infant.

“Kid?” stranger asked with indignation which prompted Shota to send him the most glaringly-sceptical look he was capable of.

“You're five feet tall.”

“Five feet three!”

“And the difference is? If you're not old enough for your growth to recede or if you don't have some kind of genetical sickness changing you into dwarf then you're a child. Not even teenager. Maybe around ten years old?”

“I'm not a child.” boy reaped with gravelly serious tone and Aizawa mentally congratulated him on not taking the bait.

He hoped that — as with height — he would correct him and so betray his real age. Maybe Shota shouldn't be investigating random child in the forest but hey... It's always better to have more than less personal information about encountered people.

“Irrelevant. What are you doing here and what is it? If it's some kind of joke...” Aizawa started in threatening tone but decided not to finish his sentence as to add more severity to it. Moment later he glanced at weeping woman since her wailing seemed really quiet all of sudd...

Of course. She vanished without a trace. How typical.

“It's banshee and I'm here because I wanted to warn you about her.” boy stated and Aizawa was nearly impressed by how serious he sounded. If he wasn't a child he might have even believed him. In some small extent.

“Banshee?” brunet asked with skeptical expression and furrowed brows.

Hooded figure nodded grimly.

“According to beliefs she shows herself to people who are going to lose someone close to them. She usually washes clothes of the person that is going to die, weeping about it. It's a warning.”

“It's a superstition.” Aizawa answered instantly with deadpan expression. “Really kid, if you're going to play some dumb tricks with your friends, do it on someone less busy. I'm professional hero and I have more important matte...”

“I know you're a hero.” the boy interrupted him. He sounded a bit irritated now. “Eraserhead. Underground hero who can erase quirks. And banshee was washing Present Mic's jacket. Even if you don't believe in such things... It would be wise to stay extra vigilant in upcoming week. Warning you got may be your only chance to save him.”

He didn't like goosebumps forming on his back one bit.

“That's enough. You're coming with me to police station and I'll talk with your parents about stupid pranks.” Aizawa decided with enough irritation to snarl, trying to catch hooded boy by his shoulder.

Kid jumped back with surprising grace and then retreated towards forest.

“Death is not something to joke about.” he said in tone that showed much more experience than anyone his age should possess. Then he run away.

Shota cursed under his breath and with few quick steps he leaped through bushes stranger disappeared behind. Of course, he wasn't there anymore. And Aizawa couldn't care less if boy's quirk was invisibility, teleportation or if he just climbed on some random tree. He was too tired for this. He was too tired for anything to be honest.

He glanced at a still unconscious criminal he had to yet give in the hands of justice and took deep breath.

He needed coffee, sleep or both. Eventually coma.

Chapter Text

He didn't believe in such things as ghosts, phantoms, demons or god knows what else. In the world of quirks it more often than not was some brat using his power to 'bring legends back to life'.

But when he lied down, ready to fall asleep he could still hear this awful wailing.

That's why even if he took kid as at the very least partially crazy... He stayed especially vigilant. His transmitter was beside his bed, turned up to the maximum volume, and he himself decided to give up on wearing any kind of pajamas — or having any hope for good night rest — in this week. He was ready for action at any given time.

Present Mic was extremely irritating, but he was one of very few people he cared about. Life without him definitely would but quieter but also... Empty in some — very important — sense. They have been friends for such a long time that they were more of family now. Blond man was like frustrating child you would threaten with adoption most of the time, but in the end you cared. A bit. A lot. Enough to put your life on the line.

When on the third day he got SOS signal from Present Mic he got up in blink of the eye and within second was behind window. He didn't even close it behind him. He was running at lightning speed because... What was the chance that something would happen now? That after this whole banshee's warning thing, Present Mic would be in such huge trouble that he would need to call for backup?

Shota reached the place fast but... Was it fast enough?

Average person would most likely stop dead in their tracks thanks to terror of scene happening before them, but he was not such a thing. As a professional hero he has seen... Things, and so he didn't succumb to fear and didn't waste any time. His scarf weapon shot towards enemy without any delay.

Creature looked worryingly lot like granny but could as well be a demon. Her white hair were in disarray, clumped together with abundant amount of blood. Scarlet liquid was also streaming down in red rivulets down her chin. When she noticed intruder she exposed her soiled with life-giving crimson teeth... Fangs? Then she jumped away from attack at speed that definitely shouldn't be possible for someone looking as old as her.

Present Mic was laying on the ground. Unconscious and with profusely bleeding injury on his side.


Two heads turned in the direction of alley placed behind demonical woman. Aizawa's eyes grew wider from shock as he recognized familiar figure of hooded person he had met few days ago in the forest. The same one who warned him about true meaning hidden behind banshee's laundry.

Brunet was ready to — with quiet curse — throw himself at creature the same moment it tried attacking this stupid kid. Instead, he stopped dead in his track when the woman didn't react with any kind of hostility. She didn't bare her fang-like teeth at boy like she did towards him. What she did though, was hunching like kind, little granny touched by helplessness of old age. What worse she dared to smile warmly. As if she could fool anyone! As if it was possible for her to hide blood she spilled with just an expression while red liquid still hung to her face and hair.

“Oh, sweetheart, help this old lady, won't you? My dinner was interrupted by this brute!” she complained with tone perfectly tuned with what old, decrepit people used. Aizawa could feel creeps going through the back of his neck and spreading to his spine.

What she said... He felt sick. There was something wrong with this woman. Very, very wrong.

“Yama-uba this isn't your area... And you shouldn't attack innocent people.” the boy answered and to Aizawa's terror took few steps closer to this dangerous woman... Thing?

Despite his own fear Shota rushed towards two, not going to let another person get hurt, but he had to jump back when her hair... Took form of snake which nearly bite his face off. If it wasn't for his experience honed through years of being underground hero he would most likely get gravely injured.

“How impolite! Don't interrupt us!” woman croaked out, turning her head towards him for a moment. When she was sure that he wasn't going to try anything she looked at the boy again. “What are you suggesting then, sweetheart? You aren't telling me to starve, do you?”

“Of course not. I'll help you get back home and with less... Hurtful towards others dinner. Does it sound okay?”

Woman clapped her hands together.

“What a nice young man! You'd really do that for me? Ah, you remind me of my dear child... Kintaro was always such a treasure! My beloved little boy...”

He was frozen with shock as he watched this small boy from forest put his hand toward devilish granny. He watched as she took it, and they both departed into darkness. He didn't miss the way hooded figure nodded toward Present Mic, and he most certainly hadn't problem with realizing that this is his moment to act.

For a moment he shoved all his thoughts about this strange occurrence aside. He had more important matters to attend to and all of them took form of his heavily injured friend. Aizawa used his scarf to stop bleeding, but he knew that without professional, medical help it could and most likely would end badly. And he was sure that Present Mic needed it immediately.

He quietly cursed and with one hand on his friend's injury, he fished for his pho... Shit.

He — actually, the whole world — lacked words to describe how furious he was at himself. He assumed that if something really happened he and his hero costume would be enough to help. He didn't take into account possibility of him also needing someone's assistance. Also he hadn't snatched his phone on the way here because he was too focused on SOS signal from Present Mic. Getting to him as fast as humanly — or even inhumanly — possible was his only concern. He barely even glanced at where he should head to! Needing ambulance was stupidly not something he was expecting.

Inhale. Exhale. It's not the end of the world. Everything will be fine. Present Mic definitely has his phone on him, so he just needs to find it and...

Is it ambulance he's hearing?

Aizawa froze for a moment, listening to familiar sound which was coming in his direction. What? It's not possible! Or... Is it?

After few more seconds he was sure. There's no mistaking it, help is coming his way. In no time vehicle parked few paces away, on the street side and loud footsteps penetrated the quiet of the night. With those came voices asking for injured person and his position.

“Here!” Aizawa yelled and in the blink of eye he was watching professionals getting care of Present Mic.

He spent that night in hospital but at least waiting near blond's bed — after getting assured few times that he had lost a bit of skin, some muscles and a lot of blood, but he'll be fully healed within month or two — he had a chance to take a nap. For the first time in a very long time his sleep was peaceful.

Aizawa most likely should thank hooded boy for his intervention. Not only for a warning and taking demoniacal granny away — which let Aizawa stop Present Mic bleeding — but also for calling ambulance.

Shota hoped that this kid really was a kid and in an age he judged him to be — not the one he said in attempt to make him talk — because he would most definitely want to meet him again. Most preferably in a hero course.

It would be a pity if such potential was wasted, wouldn't it?

Chapter Text

Yagi was lost.

Maybe entering forest shouldn't be first thing he did after arriving at the new city but what else was he supposed to do? He heard child crying, so he had to check it!

He stepped into this terrain full of trees, ready to transform into his muscular form at any given moment to jump from behind some bushes and rescue those in need but... He didn't stumble upon anything suspicious. And he looked around. Very thoroughly. At some point crying just... Stopped. And everything pointed at it being nothing more than his imagination. So what to do? With heavy sigh he decided to move on. Back to the path he came here through. The one he could clearly remember. As clearly as day!

And yet here he is; completely lost.

First time he bypassed familiar tree he hadn't paid it much attention but after third one he was starting to think that something wasn't quite right. He needed only five tries in getting out to be absolutely sure that someone had caught him in their quirk. After all it wasn't physically possible to make so many circles while going straight! Okay, he might have taken one or two turns but those weren't that sharp, and he was sure that he's seen familiar area!

At one point he could have sworn he heard giggle. Strange, barely hearable one, sounding a bit like bells and kind of inhuman but someone... Something... Must be here! He sure as hell isn't alone in this cursed forest!

“Do you need help, sir?”

Toshinori nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard someone's voice inches away from him. It startled him bad enough that his body refused any and all cooperation. He spent few next seconds coughing. Blood.

“Oh, I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!” voice exclaimed, but not without panic, trying to redeem his guilt by gracing Yagi with handkerchief. Toshinori took item with gratitude.

“Don't sneak on people like this, my boy. For a moment I was sure I was going to go down from heart attack.” he said with a deep exhale of breath, finally managing to calm down his coughing attack. After that he finally took a good look at young man he had stumbled upon.

He... Was wearing hood. Um. Okay. That's fine. Who would want to get attacked by ticks, right? It's better to be safe than sorry after all!

“Again, I'm sorry... I thought my steps were loud enough...” boy murmured with shame permeating through his apologetic tone.

Toshinori sighed, wondering if age is catching up to him. Or maybe it's just the fault of this strange forest? It has already showed him how much it dislikes him. Eventually it just loves him to the point of not wanting to let him go. Alive.

“Ah, then I just must have been lost in thoughts.” he decided not wanting to wonder more about this bizarre subject. Instead, he forced his sad, skeletal checks to friendly smile. “As for your question... I would be grateful if you helped me get to the city. I'm ashamed to admit it but this old man just go himself lost in forest but well... Even bests of bests makes mistakes, am I right?”

“Don't worry about it. This forest... Is known for making it hard to find your way back. That's why I sometimes come here to make sure no one got lost.”

“What a heroic attitude.” Toshinori said fondly. His expression — in this form — wasn't made for showing his happiness but that won't stop him! He isn't number one hero without a reason! He can do anything if he puts his mind — and muscles — to it!

“That's nothing, really.” boy stated modestly.

Frankly, compared to what he normally did to save people... Helping the ones who were lost because of malicious fairies — not faery, but those tiny sparkling assholes — was a pleasure. No fighting, murdering, and he doesn't even have to act as negotiator. He just needs to get out of their illusion and... That's it. The end of story.

The two of them started their trek back to the civilization but it didn't take Yagi long to furrow his brows in consternation. He could have sworn that they had already bypassed this tree.

“Are you sure we're heading in the right direction?” he asked offhandedly because getting lost on his own was bad enough. He didn't want to be a reason why some random passerby got forced into living in forest just because they wanted to help him and none of them could find the way out.

“Yes. Don't worry about it. This area may look the same as the one we had already left behind but that's because you're not from here.” stranger explained and Toshinori took a breath of relief.

So hooded person actually knows where they are going. Phew.

“This forest is... Rather specific.” hero noticed after a moment of silence.

“Mhm. Can I ask you, sir, what were you doing here in the first place?”

“I thought I had heard child crying... But in the end I didn't find anyone so it must have been my imagination.”

“Oh... I understand. It... Happens.”

“It happens?”

“Sadly. That's why one simply should avoid this area. Especially when being on their own.”

What a bizarre place.

“I didn't even fully moved in and here I am, already going through such bizarre adventures.” Yagi murmured to himself with tired sigh.

“This area is full of such extraordinaries so please, take care of yourself, sir.”

“I'll keep this in mind and thank you for your concern, young man.”

Few steps later Toshinori was ready to kiss ground. Why? Because he noticed the end of this cursed forest. Finally! Freedom! He won't have to become a man from the wild after all!

“So... We're here.” hooded boy noticed, staying within the line of trees.

“Indeed... Thank you for your help, my boy. Without you I don't think I would be able to get back here.”

...And it would be better for everyone not to see All Might jumping out of the forest. It would be a rather worrisome experience. Not only for villains.

“It's no problem at all, really! But, um.... Here! I have some homemade tea. It is good for pain relief! With your... Worrying condition, the blood coughing I mean, I think it could be really helpful, sir.”

Yagi blinked, looking at offered sack with incredulous expression. Is he carrying things like this on regular basis?

“Ah, no need my boy, you have already helped me quite a lot...”

“I insist. It's no problem at all!”

Toshinori took gift with subtle smile.

“You're a good kid. Never change.” he said and tousled his... Hood.

Boy reacted with smile that shined with the added power of rays of sun gently touching his joyful expression.

Yagi turned around to look at the city.

“Though, maybe be more careful with strangers. You may never know who they are... But enough of that. If you don't mind me asking, where are you going? I have a friend who I'm going to me...” he said, taking few steps forward but stopped both his walk and sentence when he realized that he's lacking interlocutor.

He looked behind but hooded boy wasn't there anymore.

“Um... My boy?”

But nobody came.

Em... It happened, right? Yagi still had sack of tea, and he's pretty sure that he had lost at least hour on purposeless stroll through some strange, most likely cursed forest where there is no signal. Maybe kid hid behind some tree because he wanted to disappear mysteriously? Yeah, that's definitely what happened!

Toshinori laughed to himself. Ah, youth these days...

Chapter Text

In another dimension his class would have probably laughed at him but in this one... Well, crimson eyes holding promise of thousands years of pain were good enough of a warning for everyone. Even people can understand this mute 'this nerd is part of my pack, so he's getting into UA no matter what the fuck you think or want'. Kind of.

They didn't know how their friendship got fixed — through someone's death — but everyone knew that those two are in good graces of each other. Shockingly so seeing how belittling Bakugo was towards pretty much all of his classmates. To be frank it was strange and completely incomprehensible in their eyes. From their point of view it made no sense; strongest person in class, who thinks about people as extras, being friends with the weakest part of their generation... Someone who doesn't even have power and his nickname is pretty much an equivalent of 'useless'. But what can they do?

Some braver souls tried asking about it but... In his nice days Bakugo would dismiss them with scarily murderous glare or really unfriendly 'go figure it on your own, damn extra' while Midoriya would shrug with sheepish smile. Further questioned he usually stated that 'it just... Happened'.

When class ended Bakugo leaned over Izuku's desk.

“Oi nerd. You're up for a town stroll?” he asked with quiet growl, demanding submitting to alpha's will.

Midoriya might have been part of his two person pack — and by extent proud beta. Hurray — but he wasn't wolf nor werewolf, so he had absolutely no problem with denying request.

“Sorry Kacchan but I'm going through very important spells with mom today.” he answered quietly so the two students waiting for Katsuki wouldn't hear him.

“Ugh. How important?” Bakugo asked with irritation.

“If all goes well I will learn materialization.” Midoriya said and his smile became brighter. Seeing as Katsuki's face was more sceptically– angry than anything, he decided to give example of what he was on about. “With a little higher level of understanding you can make dynamite from nothing.”

Bakugo's reaction was grin so predatory that probably no other creature could hold candle to it. Except, maybe, Mitsuki.

Ah, such a monstrous grin... It makes it hard to believe that no one has ever realized the beast he really is. To be sincere if Izuku wasn't used to it — and haven't been saving people from bloodthirsty entities on daily basis — he would probably flinch.

“How strong?”

“Um... I would say that on scale from one to ten it would be 'school stopped existing'.”

“Have a productive day then, nerd.” Katsuki stated with huge grin and then, he left.

Midoriya shook his head light-heartedly, took his belonging and started his journey to get home. He was tempted to use magic as shortcut, but he decided against it. Every practicing witch — wizard? — knows that they should get as much fresh air as they can. Especially when they know that they'll spend few next hours with ancient, magical books. And it's not like Izuku doesn't like learning... He loves it!

Just... After hundredth– something page letters start dancing macarena and brain is begging for freedom. And Izuku — more like his extremely packed schedule — doesn't have time for it. Being witch is hard enough without school. And yet here he is, also having hunter's responsibilities...

Izuku sighed deeply but moments later he stopped dead in his tracks. There was something... Foul wafting through the air, straight to his nostrils. He quickly turned around and came face to face with snot– like mass. Slimy creature seemed surprised by his fast reaction.

“Hi.” being murmured and Midoriya instantly sprinted away, listening to his intuition. “Hey! Where do you think you're going?!”

Creature wrapped itself around him and Izuku started panicking. He was so used to bloodthirsty beasts that he had no idea what to do when he met humans with such murderous intents. Especially when they had strange mutation– type quirks that made them look inhuman. Not that it happened too often to him... Actually, it didn't happen at all! What is wrong with this day?!

“No worries kid! I'll just borrow your body! It won't even hurt that much! Just give me a second!”

Entity started slow process of cramming itself between Izuku's tightly clenched lips. And then through his nose... In the end even his ears weren't safe anymore.

Midoriya's mind was a battlefield, full of mute cry for help and tenths of various spells that would have helped him if he only could say them. He never put too much thought into learning nonverbal magic... After all he could always whisper words so quietly that no one would hear him, right? Why should he waste his precious time on something so advanced when there was so much basics to get through?
Now it came back to bite him in the ass.

After few more seconds Midoriya's panicked mind went into override, and he focused on magical power running through his veins, ready to pull it forward. He didn't care in what shape it would come out. It could be endlessly tangled and useless or as destructive as All Might's full– force punch. He was starting to see darkness, and he didn't have any more time to wast...!

Suddenly he was free.

He has flown backwards, landing on ground and instantly starting to cough. But he didn't have time to focus on getting his breath back. Magic itching just under his skin was ready to explode outwards in attack so unpredictable that even he had no idea what would do. It took him few, worryingly long, seconds before he was able to placate it. Phew. It would be bad if some kind of hero saw him doing... Something. Something magical. Yeah... It didn't sound as scary as it actually could be.

“Everything's okay, my boy?” he heard someone's worried voice from above but his answer was 'talk to the hand' gesture. Okay, it was 'wait a moment' but hey! You could interpret it both ways!

He coughed once more and when he was sure that he won't start vomiting parts of slime that tried possessing him — how else could he call this strange occurrence?! — he looked up. His first reaction was to blink in complete and utter shock. Then he made a rather undignified sound of surprise. And, admiration, probably.

“A-all M-might!”

What happened next was... A rollercoaster of emotions.

Midoriya got autograph but didn't get to ask his question so... He decided to get for a ride with his favourite hero. It might have not been his brightest idea but let's be sincere here; he did a lot of much more dangerous things on daily basis. At least symbol of peace — unlike most of the creatures he meets on average of three times a week — doesn't want to kill him! Probably... After the stunt he just pulled that might change though...

Then they landed and it just so happened that within seconds Midoriya was monologuing about how much he wants to be hero even though he's quirkless. Being witch — and so, magic — doesn't count! After all he can't use it against villains because keeping magical heritage is a very important duty! And maybe he could pretend that it is his quirk but... If someone realized the truth... Well, he would rather not have it. He'd like to reach his adulthood in one piece, okay?

And also his mom would most likely send him to another dimension if he as much as casted shadow of doubt at his family in regards to magic– using. Witches used to be — and still are — extremely cautious since the time of dark ages. Of course nowadays they aren't hunted even half as badly as back then but... Old habits die hard, don't they? And no one wants those blood– soaked days to come back.

Back to the point; it definitely took Izuku some time to realize that some kind of smoke was coming from his favourite hero but when he did finally notice, he was face to face with... Blond man from forest. The same one, fairies tried to draw into the heart of the forest and leave him there for few hours... Maybe days...

Before Midoriya could give away his hunter persona by vocalizing his thoughts — and he would most definitely do it after stopping screaming — All Might explained his malnourished form.

And then kind of... Crushed boy's dreams and left.

“And here I was thinking what a nice day it is...” Midoriya murmured to himself with sigh. Without any other delay he headed down, dragging his feet a bit. “I even put on bracelet from that nice girl today for good luck... Eh... At least I have All Might's autograph.”

He was just coming to agreement with his internal pain of 'symbol of peace told me that I can't be a hero without quirk' by the power of quiet, ironical 'yep, it's high time to move to faery realm' when he saw explosion.

Of course, he rushed in its direction.

He quickly realized who was the reason of ruckus and well...

He was running before he could rethink his life choices.

Chapter Text

Aaah! He wasted so much time! Of course, it's not like he regretted meeting All Might — even if he crushed his dreams a bit... A lot — and rescuing Kacchan but those valuable minutes were slowly transforming into hour... And it most likely would have been enough to learn some new, useful spell! Or basics of using this wretched nonverbal magic...

“Oi! Nerd!”

“Oh, hey Kacchan.” Izuku greeted like a gentleman he is, stopping in his tracks and waving to his quickly approaching friend.

After chaos brought to life by slime villain he lost him in mob and decided to go back home without waiting for him. Bakugo can take care of himself.

“Don't think that I needed your help! I could have fucking gutted this asshole!” Katsuki stated with irritated snort.

“In your human form?” Midoriya asked skeptically.

“Shut up Deku!” blond boy snarled and pushed his friend aside. Izuku just smiled because he knew that even if unnecessarily intense, it wasn't a hostile gesture. If it was, he would be lying on the ground right now. Few meters away. After all with his magical friend, Bakugo doesn't have to hide his werewolf-ish strength. “Though you did pretty good as beta.”

Izuku beamed. It was definitely a compliment.

“Bah! Don't make this face! You just did your job! If you didn't I would have to kick you out of my pack because I don't need someone useless!” Katsuki yelled instantly in defense of his ego. Or honour. Or bad– boy image.

Wow. He really hated being even relatively nice.

“Always at your service.” Midoriya answered with happy and maybe a little bit too smug smile.

“Ugh, don't get yourself killed on the way home. And learn those dynamite– making spells.” was Katsuki's farewell. Then he quickened his pace to nearly inhuman speed and it wasn't long before he disappeared behind corner.

Ah, such a friend is a treasure. Or curse. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Izuku hummed a happy tone, thinking about what he was going to learn today when someone has appeared before him.

“A– All Might?!”

If it took short conversation to make him cry it wasn't his fault. Izuku might be hunter and witch but that doesn't mean that his normal — human — self doesn't want to hear something nice from time to time, okay?! And the fact that he is helping people has never stopped him from dreaming about being real, professional hero!

Sometimes he wondered how his life would look like if he wasn't a witch, just a normal person. And if he didn't become hunter's apprentice... And — of course — if vampire never attacked Kacchan, if he never saved him... It would have left their friendship in shambles, wouldn't it? He might have even still be bullied by his former friend to this day...

Those thought were terrifying and came to him much more often than he would like to admit.

Izuku-witch was a powerful, magical creature.

Izuku-hunter was confident, brave and strong.

Izuku-human was a quirkless outcast... Loser.

And now, finally, Izuku-human was the one getting appreciated. He heard words he always desired... The ones he was waiting for his whole life.

And then he got offer he couldn't possibly decline.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“All Might's quirk, huh?” was his mother first reaction when he stepped though threshold of his home.

“Stop stalking me!”

“You nearly died today. Moment later and I would be the one intervening! Same with Katsuki... What were you thinking, young man?”

“I wasn't.”


Midoriya took his famous red boots off and entered salon which looked more like laboratory right now. On the table was huge pot and around it could be spotted various dried herbs. On the floor were towers built of books and Inko busied herself in kitchen. Probably with some kind of highly dangerous potion. Or dinner.

“At least everything ended well! I told you it's my lucky day!”

“I would say that it balanced on thin line of good and absolutely terrible but whatever you say, honey. Now, are you going to eat dinner or not? It's not good to learn advanced spells on empty stomach!”

Izuku jumped through couch with lightning speed and with as much momentum took seat at the table. He had huge smile on his face... Even when chair opposite of him nearly clattered to floor because of the force he used to sit down.

“Have I ever told you that you're my favourite mother?”

“I'm your only mother!”

It was an easy beginning of a hard study night which — by the end of it — has sucked all energy out of him. What more Midoriya nearly burned house when he mistook word in one spell. Oops.

On the positive side... He accidentally summoned bunny.

Chapter Text

Midoriya spent few seconds looking skeptically at beach he was supposed to clean. Oh well... It's going to be a couple of very interesting months, isn't it?

Right now he was mentally shaking his hand and profusely congratulating himself on going through hunter training. Without it task that awaited him... Maybe wouldn't be impossible but only someone with insane amount of determination would be capable of such monstrous effort. Not that he wasn't a very persistent person! He deeply believed that if he tried hard enough even his noodle version would be able to get this job done.

“Let's begin, my boy!”

Enthusiastic presence of his favourite hero turned out to be short-lived bliss as he decided to help his student by sitting on fridge he was pulling. Great aid indeed. Izuku gives eleven points in scale of Fahrenheit for this kind of support.

Izuku took a very deep sigh of relief when All Might had decided to take pity on him and let him lug trash without his additional weight.

“You're doing great, young Midoriya! You're pretty strong for your appearance, you know?”

“Yeah... This inconspicuous noodle holds its secrets.” he answered, too focused on rubbish to realize what was leaving his mouth. When his mind registered what he just said, his face transformed into tomato. At least in colour palette.

Toshinori just laughed. From crazy fast murmuring of his student he caught only 'what did I just said to symbol of peace'.

Situation got a bit reversed when All Might made worryingly high-pitched sound, alarmed by the fact that Midoriya's backpack just moved. Izuku of course, got startled by that and would most likely check it if it wasn't for Yagi who decided that hiding behind him was a brilliant idea. It probably was.

If it wasn't for his shyness and sheer absurdity of situation, green haired boy would probably feel amused.

“What do you have in this backpack?!” Toshinori asked with mix of surprise and indignation.

“Nothing alive. Or at least I thought so when I was leaving home...” Midoriya answered truthfully, getting closer to the subject of fear and mentally praying that there wasn't some random, inhuman creature inside.

“Wait, my boy! It can be dangerous!” All Might protested and Izuku decided to listen to him even though he was pretty sure he could deal with whatever was awaiting him inside his backpack.

There weren't many beasts that could defeat him. At least when some kind of slime isn't drowning his insides. As long as he can move he can win!

“So... What are we going to do?” green haired boy asked and at the same moment as gates of hell broke open and...

From within backpack the bunny came. Cutely wrinkling its tiny nose and setting his ears straight, he focused his curious eyes on two people he nearly acquainted with heart attack. Or to be more precise... All Might whom he nearly killed by the sheer amount of fear his arrival caused and Midoriya who was writing testament in his mind because that's it. The day has finally came when he'll die. From embarrassment.

“Um... Young Midoriya...? Why do you have bunny in your bag...? And why...” symbol of peace began, but he bit his tongue and instead of 'he looks like you' he decided to end his sentence with much more subtle “...Is he green?”

“He probably hid there when I wasn't looking and... Um... I'm not sure... I found him yesterday and... Erm... I didn't have the heart to just leave him out there all alone, and so he's staying with me until I find his home?”

Yep. It definitely sounds better than 'I was sleepy and didn't notice that while I was reciting spell, page got turned over and instead of making carrot I summoned bunny from another dimension but even mom couldn't send him back, so he has to stay in this world for now'. Also, creature just refused to leave him alone!

Inko stated that 'wow he's even more clingy than you' and as much as her comment hurt his pride a bit... It wasn't exactly a lie.

“Oh, I understand.” All Might said and bent over creature who disturbed by this huge silhouette looming over its tiny body, took few hops back. It also put its ears down and made sound which alarmingly well resembled... “Is it growling at me?”

Symbol of peace wasn't sure if bunny barring it's not so small incisors at him is more cute or terrifying. After all he would prefer to keep his fingers.

“He's... Specific.” Midoriya explained, scratching his neck nervously. “When he opens up to someone, he's a fluffy ball of happiness but... He can be pretty scary when he feels threatened.”

“Ha ha ha, small warrior!” All Might exclaimed enthusiastically, giving creature some space. “Do you think he'll feel safer with my... Smaller form?”

Instead waiting of response, Yagi transformed into his skeleton-ish form.

Bunny, after a moment of nervously observing hero, suddenly relaxed and his eyes became surprisingly big. He looked at Midoriya putting his ears upright and then laying them down while he glanced at symbol of peace as if he wanted to say 'look, he can do it too!'.

Toshinori laughed and outstretched his arm in the direction of green fluff ball.

“What now, small fella? You won't try to bite my fingers off, will you?” All Might asked, and he nearly jumped out of his skin when rabbit lunged at his hand, snuggling to it.

“He won't leave you alone until you pick him up.” Izuku said quietly, hiding his face behind his arms.

Where is his testament? His embarrassment exceeded critical levels!

“Good old me isn't so scary anymore, huh?” Yagi asked with amusement, gently picking creature and nearly dropping it when it snuggled up to him with light speed. “Who is a cute little huggable ball? Yes, you are. Tiny, precious, flu...”

Toshinori stopped dead in his tracks and when he caught Izuku's eyes he too started thinking about writing his last will. Then he cleared his throat, trying to reclaim some of his dignity.

“What are you waiting for, my boy? We don't have whole day you should go back to your training!”

“O– of course!”

Midoriya happily took off, running towards mountain of garbage. Meanwhile, All Might — after making absolutely sure his student is outside his radar — returned to talking sweet nothings to rabbit.

That day Toshinori spent more time thinking about adopting pet — preferably small, fluffy one with long ears — than ever before in his whole life. Actually... If Midoriya doesn't find home for this precious little fella, maybe he will let symbol of peace take care of it? At least for a while...

Midoriya, being out of sight of his mentor, decided that rubbish is a perfect testing material for his spells. Maybe he'll try transfusion? Or this whole 'making dynamite' thing so Kacchan can finally stop complaining that he doesn't know any useful magic... Hm...

It wouldn't hurt to try, right?

“Young Midoriya did something just exploded?!”

Yep. That definitely wasn't his brightest idea.

And instead of his life... Trash will flash before his eyes as he dies.

Chapter Text

Reflex, speed and even stamina training was nothing like the strength one. Or at least the one number one hero took him through. Which Midoriya realized in the most painful possible way. It's not like he didn't have any muscles... Of course, he had! He really needed those as a hunter. It's just... To this point in time lifting weights wasn't something he needed.

However, it wasn't the hardest part. No, no. The problem was... Lack of time.

He didn't even care for tantrums Bakugo was surely going to throw from his irritation at how busy Izuku is. He had to learn not only normal school subjects but also magic and it wasn't even the tip of iceberg of his responsibilities. No, this honour was taken by his hunter job. All in all, he definitely wasn't left with as much time as he needed for his training regime.

But he can't disappoint his idol! To be frank he can't even tell him what takes such a huge part of his life... Sadly symbol of peace is just a human and Midoriya would prefer not to traumatize him with the knowledge of beasts lurking in the shadows of this world. He's pretty sure he wouldn't take too kindly to creatures of... For example Nukekubi's kind.

In his desperation Izuku took... Questionable decision.

“...You take them safe distance away from danger and that's it. Most preferably without teleporting them to your world but if you absolutely have to then please, take them back to this realm as fast as possible.” he repeated umpteenth or so time, while kitsune — in her vixen form — walked around his room, looking at everything with interest.

“I get it, I get it. No need to worry.” she said and after looking unblinkingly at All Might figurine for much longer than it was healthy, she jumped at bed and curled into comfortable ball. “As for my part of agreement...”

With a deep sigh he threw history book and his math notebook at her. Then he took seat beside definitely too happy creature. She was wagging her tail with enough speed to make him worry about his well– being. It would most likely hurt as much as getting hit by whip, and he sure as hell didn't want huge, red mark on his skin.

Kitsunes of every kind — and so, also nogitsune — loves knowledge. That's why Midoriya wasn't even surprised when she agreed to help him if he taught her his school subjects. For him it was a perfect outcome as he could kill two birds with one stone. He'll repeat needed material, and he'll have relatively trusted person to help him with his hunter responsibilities.

Although kitsune was a bit unstable and morally gray he knew that she wasn't a bad creature. Since his first encounter with her, Midoriya has kept his promise of visiting her and learned quite a lot about her. She was strange and eccentric, but he knew beings which were much harder to get along with. To be sincere he was ready to admit thinking about her as a friend.

Somewhere in the middle of their learning session they were blessed with green rabbit hopping on bed and making himself comfortable on Izuku's knees. Boy, in return, started petting his pet absentmindedly.

When Midoriya wasn't looking nogitsune showed off all her worryingly sharp teeth in vicious expression of true predator to animal.

Fluffy ball opened its tiny mouth and... Kitsune gulped, looking at rows of razor sharp fangs protruding from behind its innocently herbivorous incisors. Part of her felt relieved that she learned about this hidden danger this way. She really rather do without being bitten by bloodthirsty rabbit, thank you very much.

While she was in a state of shock, bunny blinked at her with its huge green eyes and snuggled closer to Midoriya.

Nogitsune was left a bit traumatized.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“I can stand this furry, even if only because you named him in my honour...”

Izuku didn't have a heart to tell him that no. Katsu owed his identity to Midoriya's favourite food — katsudon.

“...But what the heck is this?! Are you trying to make your own pack when I'm not looking or what?!”

Vixen resting on his shoulders — nogitsune climbed on him in the first place just to further Katsuki irritation — decided to slip down and with grace of leaf she fell to the ground. Moment later she was in her humanoid form, entwining Izuku in her tails. From outside view it could pass for a rather alluring gesture but right now fur was close enough that when Midoriya tried to open his mouth he could feel it on his tongue so... He felt more like a victim than anything else.

“I wouldn't mind that.” kitsune practically purred towards quietly snarling Bakugo.

“She's helping me with hunter's responsibilities. In return, I teach her our school subjects.” Izuku answered, trying to push tails away from himself. Wasted effort. They were always back.

“You don't need help of this fucking rat! You're part of my pack, so I'll help you with this damn hunting business!”

Midoriya sighed.

“First of all you have school and your own responsibilities. She has eternity of free time and nothing better to do. As for second... Werewolf saving people from other supernatural creatures would probably leak to other hunters, and we all would be in big troubles. Kitsunes are unpredictable so her help would be taken as strange but relatively normal occurrence.”

Bakugo exhaled air irritably. He wasn't happy.

“It doesn't mean you should lower yourself to the point of asking this thing for help!”

“Noble kitsune for you.” vixen answered, finally taking tails from Izuku's face. He made a happy little dance in his head.

“Mom! Please throw me out because I have enough of them!” Midoriya yelled.

“Throw yourself out yourself! I'm a bit busy here!” were Inko's words and a moment later, as if in confirmation, building shook with explosion. She most likely was making strongly unstable potion.

“You think you can just fucking leave, Deku?” Katsuki asked, threateningly furrowing his brows.

“Yes.” were Midoriya's last words before as he brought his grand escape plan to life.

He moved toward window, reaching out for his broom which felt into his outstretched palm with help of unknown power. Before he jumped out he got hold of only as undeserving of this bestial company as him creature here. Katsu seemed content with being taken for an adventure of his life.

“Get back here you damn nerd!” Bakugo yelled when he finished processing what the fuck just happened before his very own eyes. After realizing that his friend is really escaping he thrown himself forward trying to catch Izuku by the back of his hoodie but to no avail. Midoriya was already on the other side, flying into the night. “And when did you take this stupid hat?!”

Midoriya didn't answer. Instead, he waved to him with his pointy headgear.

“I'll take my leave too then.” nogitsune decided and proceeded to also jump out the window.

“What is wrong with this house?!” Bakugo snarled to himself, turning around and blinking in surprise when he realized that, somehow, Inko is right in front of him.

With broom in hand and huge smile on her face.

“That's completely normal, sweetheart.” she answered and within seconds she was outside too. Of course like every civilized person she used window as exit.

Katsuki realized that it would be a little bit too assholish to get out by front door and leave them unlocked so... He used the same way of evacuation as everyone else.

Who keeps company with witches will learn to... Jump through windows, he supposes.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Dabi could have sworn that something flew through the night sky.

Though he wouldn't say with the same certainty that it was broom with humanoid rider who was wearing pointy hat associated with witches and... Rabbit?

Of course. His path to villainy just had to start so promisingly weird...

Chapter Text

Eating his idol's hair wasn't his dream morning but what can he do about it?

When he stepped through UA gates his stomach made backflip and some nervous pirouettes while he was telling himself — in his mind of course — how much he's going to success, that everything's will be alri....

“Oi nerd. Where were you? Your mom said you left early.”

He nearly jumped out of his skin.

“Kacchan! You scared me! And I was taking care of... Stuff.”

“Hunter stuff?”

“Not this time.”

Bakugo raised brows suspiciously and Midorya smiled in a rather self– confident way. Though, it was a complete opposite of what he was feeling in this most– important– day– of– his– life moment. It's now or never! He's going to make his dreams come true or fail miserably!

“You'll see. And you'll be impressed.” Izuku said. He was giddy about his secret.

Katsuki snorted in mix of irritation, amusement and skepticism.

“Me impressed by you? You can summon truck full of dynamite or did you find a way to shoot laser beams from your eyes?”

“Even better. I think. I hope.” Midoriya answered and his smile grew more goofy. “I'm not sure yet.”

“Marvelous. I'm already impressed. By the sheer power of your stupidity.” Bakugo stated, rolling his eyes and pushing his friend. “Better give it your all on examine! If you don't pass I'm degrading you to omega rank!”

“No! You can't do that! I'm your right– hand man and the oldest member of the pack!”

“I'm alpha and I can everything! So better get a grip on yourself and destroy competition!” Katsuki snarled and to make sure that his words made impact, he quickened his pace just to leave his sighing friend behind.

Midoriya was pretty proud of his role as beta but degradation wouldn't make a particularly big difference to him. For wolf, it would probably be amazingly important, for werewolf it would have meaning but for him? Meh. He'll live with that.

But! It's one more reason to give his all! It's high time to take first step forward! To get closer to his amazing, bright future and...!

Oh. Wrong step.

More or less second before hitting ground Izuku submitted to his destiny and with 'are you kidding me, fate?' face let gravitation do its thing. But... It decided to have mercy on him? He just... Stopped falling and someone helped him get back to his feet.

Izuku remembered this girl but as much as his hunter self was rather brave — it had to be for those who needed mental support, and they all did — his civilian persona has completely forgotten what human speech is. He and his beetroot red face looked at girl who after wishing him good luck left. Then he did the only rational thing he could; hid behind his arms.

Indeed... Without his hood– costume he was an utterly different person.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“I'm so relieved that Present Mic is okay...” Izuku murmured which grabbed attention of his friend. Bakugo raised eyebrow at him questioningly.

“Why wouldn't he?”

“He had a very dangerous run in with Yama-uba. If banshee hadn't warned Eraserhead he probably wouldn't live to see ano...”

“Great.” snarled Bakugo quietly, cutting him off. “You actually do something useful as hunter. Sometimes. Anymore interesting stories about saving pro heroes?”

“I might have helped...”

Izuku didn't end his sentence as one of students raised up to ask question. And then lectured him for talking in such an important moment which made Midoriya hide his head under his arms in shame. Bakugo only snorted, completely ignoring comment about their insolence. Whatever.

Izuku spent rest of explanation in his handy bunker.

Not that much later, blue haired boy reprimanded him once again. This time for 'trying to hinder' nice girl. Before he could explain himself the test has started.

It really wasn't his day.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~


Just oh.

His arm and legs were useless and skies were closer than ground. Well... It happens. To him at least.

He most likely won't die. Probably. So he just has to wait for his rather ungraceful landing. To be frank he stopped feeling pain somewhere around annihilating his first limb because of adrenaline. Actually, it stupefied him to the point of denying the awfulness of his situation and instead focus on 'I wonder what's for dinner'. He hoped for katsudon. And while he's at it... It would be nice to know what Katsu was doing at current moment. It's kind of strange that he didn't break into his backpack. Again. This rabbit must have some kind of quirk or be an assassin. Otherwise, how could he so often and so easily stalk him?

Midoriya was surprised when he got hit in the face and landed safely.

Maybe it is his day after all?

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“Wake up you fucking nerd! We're going to school!”

“Kacchan no.”

“It's alpha's order!”

“Five minutes more...”

Inko ignored sound of body hitting floor coming from her son's room, instead focusing on making breakfast.

“You have two minutes to dress up or I'm leaving you behind!”

“Do you want to try my cookies with Dandelion?” woman asked with bright smile just as angry boy has entered kitchen.

He eyed plate with strange, greenish... Things suspiciously. Even though he looked at them as if they personally insulted him, he decided to risk his health or even life by trying them.

“Tastes like weed.” he decided after taking bit and seated himself within range of table where pastries were located. “Relatively eatable weed.”

He was starting second cookie wondering how much he'll regret it when sleepy Izuku entered the room.

“Did you really have to bite me?”

“Should have submitted to your defeated when I threw you off bed. Some nerves you have to argue with alpha...” Katsuki answered with irritated huff.

“I made you breakfast!” Inko joined conversation happily.

Midoriya sent her grateful though very tired smile.

“Thanks mom.”

“Hurry the fuck up nerd.”

“Why do we have to go so early?”

“Because I said so. Eat your damn mud and stop talking.”

Izuku completely ignored disgusted look Katsuki sent towards his cereals — more like bran — and instead focused on chewing on them.

In the same instant he put his bowl to sink Bakugo was already behind front doors and Midoriya had no other option than to go after him with a loud sigh. His last words before leaving to start new chapter in his life were “love you mom” and getting equally precious reply.

After getting outside Izuku checked one more time — to be absolutely sure — if Katsu didn't hide in his backpack. Barely did he zipped it after getting satisfactory answer for his existential questions about his rabbit, and he already had to run after Katsuki and his inhumanly quick steps.

“Tomorrow you're getting up the first time I wake you.”

Maybe moving to faery world wouldn't be that bad after all?

Chapter Text

It's kind of funny how Bakugo's strong presence completely overshadowed Izuku and literally no one noticed him for unidentified amount of time. Until, that's it, chestnut haired girl entered classroom and greeted him with very enthusiastic “plainly looking boy from zero pointer!”.

And suddenly blue boy with glasses stopped reprimanding Katsuki in favour of introducing himself to Midoriya. What more — warning! It's truly shocking! — he apologized for his action at the entrance test.

Izuku was sincerely and endlessly surprised by how smoothly everything was going.

Aaaaand he jinxed it. Human-caterpillar has appeared and well... Quirk Apprehension test. Hurray. Such a joyful event...While he's at it, this teacher reminded him of someone... Hmm... Did he have pleasure of saving him from something? Nah, he would surely remember him if it was the case. Probably.

Whatever, there were more important things to focus on! Knowing this school there was going to be some kind of... Here they go. Person who places last is out.

Oh, the joy.

It wasn't as hard as he thought it would be. With a help of magic Izuku could probably get to top five. Maybe even three. And with his precious bag full of everything and maybe broom he would most likely find way to the absolute victory over everyone. Except, maybe, Bakugo and his werewolf-ish powers.


Like in entrance exam he couldn't risk any spells. If he was as good at using them as his mother he might have tried his luck but sadly he lacked few decades... Centuries? Many, many years of experience. One, small mistake, and he'll have to explain to his teacher — and his new classmates — why his feet are one with ground. Superstrength can do a lot but literally sinking through the floor? Nope. That's not chance he's going to take.

So Izuku had to get through tests without magic. That leaves him with years of hunter training, a lot of experience in wrangling with suspicious entities, month of jerking trash around and brand new, extremely destructive quirk. It's going to be a wild ride, isn't it?

Yep. He was right. This whole thing turned out to be one, big pain in the rear.

But according to his calculations he wasn't doing that bad. He had a chance to be eighteen or maybe even seventeenth if he threw ball good enough!

It's the moment when he uses his extremely destructive quirk and breaks his arm, isn't it?

...Or it actually isn't seeing his teacher's reaction.

Pessimistically speaking now the chance of Izuku getting expelled from the school on the first day of school is doubled but... At least now he knows why Aizawa looked so familiar! He's Eraserhead! The one — and only — who called him kid... And said that he is 5 feet tall... Ha! He's grown! Now he's nearly 5''7!

Wait. That isn't the time for that! He can boast about his size spurt when he isn't endangered, UA-student, specie!

Determined Izuku is capable Izuku so instead of breaking his arm he used only finger. Who is going to be a dead weight for others now? Definitely not him!

Midoriya might or might not have waited for results as for death sentence. He didn't break his finger bones just to be expelled on his first day! Not even sent to different course! Just thrown out like one of the trashes he has disposed of from the beach!

“It was a logical ruse. I'm not going to expel anyone today.” Aizawa stated with kind of really terrifying smile seconds before showing them scoreboard.

Mineta was dancing the dance of his people while Izuku blinked. He was sixteenth? Woah. Sure, not everyone has quirk useful in this type of tests but... Years of hunter training actually can help in school! And experience in fighting mythical creatures... Huh. Who would thought?

“Uggh! I hoped he would get expelled!” pink haired girl said, looking at Mineta who was still happily jumping around.

Suddenly Izuku realized how many familiar faces are around him. He saved her. And him. And her. And him. And them... And those two too... Oh dear! Who he didn't rescue?! It probably would be much easier to answer than the other way around.

“Right?! Not even a day has passed, and he tried to touch me in the places I don't want to be touched!” invisible girl added.

“He's presence alone is making me uncomfortable.” was Momo contribution to the conversation.

“Said out loud it makes me kind of... You know... Worry about our safety...” Uraraka used confidential tone, not wanting to gather unwanted attention.

“No shit. I'm thinking about wearing shorts under skirt.” Jirou joined.

“Can I drown him if he does something inappropriate to me, ribbit?”

Aizawa cleared his throat and for a moment all girls froze.

“From what I have just heard Mineta Minoru is showing alarming tendencies towards female part of class, did I understand it correctly?”

Momo nodded shyly, Uraraka did so too though a little more surly while Jirou looked like she was throwing her hair to the rhythm of heavy metal song. They were accompanied by Tsuyu's clear “yes” and “totally” coming from Mina whose word-choice was supported by Hagakure.

“Understood.” their hometeacher murmured, and then he glared at Mineta. “After school go to the principal office.”

“What? For what?! I'm just admiring females and their bootyfulness!”
“Are you refusing to follow teacher's instructions?”


“Great. Then everyone to the class. Midoriya nurse. Move along.”

Class A rushed after their teacher although for a time being without too much enthusiasm. None of them wanted to get expelled on the first day, ruse or not. Meanwhile, Izuku went on his quest of finding Recovery Girl. He was tempted to use some healing spell on himself, but he didn't know too many of those. Also, he was pretty sure that Aizawa would — somehow — learn about him not going to nurse and his broken finger miraculously being whole again within hour because yes.

Recovery Girl was surely be delighted to see him again so soon. Yeah...

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Recovery Girl greeting’s was more of a reprimand than anything else, but farewell was actually pretty warm. Who would thought that you can appease not-so-young medical ladies with decent conversation about health applications of stinging nettle and lamium album?

Leaving school grounds came rather quickly and Izuku was extremely surprised when voice calling him not only wasn't as angry as usually but also rather... Girly. Who apart of Kacchan could be trying to get his attention by screaming 'Deku'?!

Oh. Uraraka. And she also gave his nickname new meaning. Bitter taste of 'useless' has long ago vanished from word but 'one who can do it' sounded really... Encouraging. And so Midoriya gave her permission to keep on calling him that.

Iida was a bit unhappy with his ready agreement to repurpose past insult but hey! It's not like this nickname is painful, scandalous or anything of this kind. Nah. In kindergarten it was rather hurtful but come on! They are in high school for fuck’s sake! From that point in time 'Deku' has changed from mockery into... Word. It just was something his friend-bully-and-then-friend-again called him.

After few more steps Midoriya started feeling followed but decided against acting upon it. Honestly, there was only person in the world who could glare at him so heatedly that he nearly feel it physically. Sorry for making friends Kacchan. If you have problem with it make a written complaint, preferably in next three working days.

After Tenya and Ochaco went to their own separate ways, Izuku didn't have to wait long for bloodthirsty beast to catch up to him.

“What was that?”

“Me making friends?”

“I don't fucking care for round face and glasses. What was that with ball? What kind of magic is it?“

Midoriya instantly brightened up.

“I've told you! It's secret until I master it!”

Bakugo frowned.

“I hope your stupid ass isn't playing with black...”

Izuku nearly choked on his own spit which made Katsuki abandon his sentence, raising his eyebrow questioningly instead. He expression cooled down into his typical brand of irritation.

“W- where did you even get that idea from?! I-it's...! No! Just no Kacchan!“

“You've broken your finger. Magic shouldn't hurt its user like this.” Bakugo noticed to his sharp – even if extremely violent – mind.

“Oh...” Midoriya murmured before starting to intensely shake his head as if to yell 'no' with only his body language. “I understand how it looked like but it isn't it! It's... Something completely different. And safe!“

“Safe?” Katsuki repeated skeptically.

“In the way we're talking about!”

“Fine. But if you fucking summon some evil entities I'll skin them alive and you'll be the one cleaning that mess. And better for you to not leave any evidence.”

“There won't be need for that.”

“I sure as hell hope so.” Bakugo said before taking different turn than his friend to get back home. Surprisingly after few steps he stopped and turned toward Izuku with sour expression. “Nearly all of our classmates stinks with your magic and weeds.”

“Destiny is a funny thing...” Midoriya answered with stupid grin and equally as intelligent “hehehe”.

Bakugo wrinkled his nose in distaste, irritation or possibly mix of two before turning around and once again starting his journey toward his home. The last sound he made – and so, the only farewell Izuku got – was irritated exhale of air.

It didn't take Midoriya long to find himself in his house. Nor did it to notice that it was suspiciously quie... What is this demonical entity?!

“Howdy.“ head with rest of its body missing, greeted nonchalantly. It most likely was some kind of undead but what was it doing here?! Or maybe it was actually...?

“Jerry back to the jar!“ Inko yelled, instantly finding this strange being and grabbing it by its surprisingly healthy looking hair. “Sorry sweetie. Accident at work.“

Woman quickly disappeared behind the corner, while Midoriya just stared with blank eyes at the place where seconds ago was... Something.

He might or might not be a little scared of witches now.

Chapter Text

Bakugo didn't say anything but the way he drilled hole into his back was enough of a message. Werewolf was rather unhappy with beta of his pack leaving him behind to eat lunch with newly met humans. If they haven't known each other for years Katsuki would most likely accuse him of making his own group and leaving the one Bakugo made.

“His deadly stare is making me feel a bit threatened... And it isn't even directed at me.” Uraraka murmured after some time, subtly nodding toward blond boy.

Izuku didn't even look behind. He already knew who she was talking about. Instead he focused on his food. UA had amazing lunches and even threat of painful death wasn't capable of stopping him from enjoying this splendid meal.

“Such an unheroic behavior! If his actions start bothering you please report it to someone! Even me, I'm ready to talk to him about it for you!” Iida exclaimed, lively swinging his hands around in chopping motion.

“There's no need for that. He... He’s just angry that I'm sitting with you instead of him.” Midoriya said with sheepish smile, nervously scratching his neck.

“Huh? Why didn't he just join us? And also he doesn't seem too lonely. I'm actually pretty surprised by the amount of friends he has already made!“ Ochaco replied, directing her chopsticks at beginning of what was soon going to become the one and only Bakusquad.

“He's trying to prove something. He's specific but he isn't a bad person.” Izuku answered, shrugging.

“If you say so...” Tenya murmured.

“Changing subject... I can't wait for the practical part of classes! I'm so curious about what we'll be doing! And if we'll be threatened with expulsion again... Oh right! That reminds me... Did you hear that Mineta is out of our class? He had talk with school psychologist and it turned out that he isn't mentally fit to be in hero course!”

“I see that you're very serious with your school responsibilities and so you are well informed! I admit that as hard as I try, I had no prior knowledge of this!”

Uraraka leaned to Midoriya who instantly became red as tomato.

“Invisible girl.” she whispered in confidential tone and she wasn't disappointed as Izuku's eyes shone with not only understanding but also mirth.

Meanwhile Tenya kept on talking about how important it is to know as much as humanly possible about place they are learning in. After all 'knowledge is more important than any treasure' as he would said, meanwhile enthusiastically chopping air.

When bell finally rang everyone was already in class waiting for their teacher. They burst into excited screaming when the all mighty figure of All Might arrived.

Izuku wasn't fangirling. Of course he wasn't. He was fanboying!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

'Which unfortunate soul will have to go against Kacchan?' was Izuku's brief thought, while he mentally celebrated his pair. He was extremely happy to be paired with Uraraka.

Of course karma decided to kick him in the rear for the sins he was pretty sure weren't bad enough to guarantee him... This. But it seems destiny has different plans than being fair and acting like a nice fella instead of asshole.

“Villains Tenya Iida and Katsuki Bakugo versus heroes... Uraraka Ochaco and Midoriya Izuku!”

Before they took their respective placed in this grand scheme of exercise, two boys – to the surprise of their peers and teacher – decided to go for a sideline and… Just talk.

“No, I'm not using magic and you aren't using your werewolf-ish powers. My illusions aren't good enough to hide it from everyone.“

Bakugo snarled, unhappy.

“Whatever. I'll destroy you.” Bakugo decreed, ready to leave but after taking first step he stopped and turned around. “Do you have fast spell to make transforming harder?“

Midoriya nodded and murmured mix of words. After that they both took their respective places. All Might looked at them quizzically but instead of commenting their rather strange behavior he decided to enthusiastically start exercise.

Izuku knew perfectly well where Katsuki's request... Okay, it was more of a order since it came from him... Anyway Midoriya was sure that it came from the fact that his opponent was magical creature. As a witch he didn't have any easily recognizable features — except when he flied on broom or worn his precious pointed hat, he supposes— but some inhuman beings were capable of recognizing his aura. And Bakugo was one of them.

Fighting with human wouldn't be a problem for him in regards of stopping any sort of transformation — as people are just that... People — but he could have some issues when it came to facing magical creature. Why? You see... Under the fervor of battle it's kind of hard to ignore instincts. Werewolf has it coded by no one else but mother nature itself, that when fighting with inhuman being he needs to use his own supernatural form.

And Katsuki sure as hell wasn't going to fight with Uraraka. Nope. He'll go after his favorite nerd... I mean, come on, it's Bakugo. He'll defy every law and all advices, including those of common sense, just because he knows his strong enough to do so without any repercussions. And maybe — just maybe — because he wants to.

And that's exactly why Midoriya devised a – probably kind of suicidal – plan.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Izuku regretted some of decisions that has lead him there.

Not to UA or this exact practice per say. More... This specific fight. Most of it actually wasn’t that bad – every hunter knows how to evade attacks of creatures that oftentimes have much better senses, speed, strength, amazing reflexes or even some kind of powers after all – but there were moments when it got pretty heated. Katsuki is a force to be reckoned with even without his animal-ish form. His humanoid persona still is far above what normal people are capable of in pretty much every single possible way and mixed with his quirk it becomes... Problematic.

Izuku, as a witch, doesn't have as many direct bonuses so he had only his training and years of experience to rely on. In theory it sounded pretty great but in practice... Bakugo isn't a slacker and he definitely knows how to pack a punch. A rather explosive one at that.

Irritating blond by nonstop evading him and running away definitely wasn't his brightest idea but... It wasn't the darkest one either. And he stood by that even as his childhood friend used scary looking thing on the cuffs of his hero costume in his anger. It turned out to really be a grenade launcher... Or at least something akin to it.

Dodging rush of scorching death by inches, Midoriya just so happened to remember this one time mom took him to Muspelheim. He didn't want to come to this fiery world ever again. Sure, it was interesting and actually a pretty amazing trip but when you're seconds from falling into boiling lava you're left with some doubts as to why you were even there in a first place.

The culmination was the moment when Midoriya started having second thoughts about choosing plan A over B. Sure, the second one had a lower rate of success but at least it didn't have a step leading to him getting punched — in the face! — with not only fist but also rather big explosion. If he tried hard enough he probably wouldn't even have to break his arm!

When he fell on the ground, drowning in pain of bones dented in too many directions — very possibly shattered into horrifyingly small pieces — and awful burns he started wondering why he wanted to win so badly. He didn't have to think long as answer was clear to him; he wanted to defeat Kacchan. At least this one time. They were friends and equals but... Most of the time it didn't feel like it.

Bakugo always was better. He didn't have to spent years on learning basics of using his supernatural powers. Instead he easily use his werewolf form from… Pretty much start. After some bawling with his beastly instincts he could fully enjoy his inhuman heritage. What more, even in his normal form he still had better senses, strength, stamina... Everything.

He also had to ace all school related things. Starting with tests and finishing with making friends. Not that he appreciated – even a tiny bit – anyone apart from, maybe, Izuku. For him they all were nothing more than pebbles on his path to success.

And let's not even delve into his quirk. Great power that made people praise him endlessly… Glorify him even. A truly perfect fit to be a hero. Meanwhile, in the background, was this poor unfortunate kid, left behind by all that’s good in life. Useless Deku...

Not caring for pain, Midoriya smiled when he heard that his team has won.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

After visiting Recovery Girl — mix of being reprimanded and talking about common yarrow — Midoriya was so exhausted that he pretty much slept through the rest of the hero class. What a joy.

After he finally got up, he left school main building and quickly arrived at the front gates where he spotted Bakugo. Boy seemed grimly serious and much less angrily-explosive than usually. Not that it was a big surprise after their fight.

“You weren't supposed to use magic... This new ability of yours is something else. What is it?” he said which actually was a pretty rare occurrence. He mostly growled and snarled. Or yelled.

“It... Isn't really my secret to tell... When I get full control over it and make it mine I'll tell you everything, okay?“ was Midoriya's answer.

Katsuki didn't make any sound of acknowledgment, instead starting to walk forward. Izuku rushed after him, taking silence as a good sign. Instead of it he could have gotten a rather explosive outburst of 'I want to know truth now!’ and he’ll happily take this much calmer reaction anytime.

“You've defeated me. Even though you didn't mastered this new ability... You've won.” Bakugo hissed, clenching his fists. But instead of normal inferno, his eyes were shining with tears. A rather unnerving and extremely rare sight.

“Ehm...“ was green haired boy’s eloquent answer. It took him quite a lot of time to think about what he should say as, sadly, his mind went blank. What words would make his childhood friend feel better? Where there any capable of that at all?

“If you've won with me... You defeated alpha...“ Bakugo started but stopped, clenching his teeth and making expression that showed just how much this situation affected him. It was bad enough to burn even through his endless anger.

At least Midoriya finally understood what it was all about. It fell on him kind of like metaphorical brick signed with distinct 'oooh' of realization.

“That's not true Kacchan! In direct fight... You're the one who defeated me! I... We won because of Uraraka! It's Iida who has lost his battle not you!”

“But you're the one who made this fucking plan, aren't you?! I failed as a leader! I was sure we would overpower you without any problem and I have lost!“ Katsuki hollered, pointing accusatory finger at him.

“Kacchan. It wasn't your pack. You didn't have a say in choosing who you would work with and ended up with stranger. It's only natural that you preferred to act on your own.“

“And that's the problem, damn it! In heroics there isn't such a thing as choice! I will have to cooperate with those extras whatever I like it or not!”

For a moment they both were silent. Bakugo looked the other way and Midoriya was pretty sure that he noticed few tears but didn't comment on it. He liked his head on his neck, thank you very much.

“You didn’t see them... Their quirks... Damn them fucking all! I was supposed to be the strongest! I always have been the strongest! So why... Why those extras are so powerful?“

At least now Izuku's brain decided to work with him and give him something more than just nervous ‘uhm’ and ‘ah’ to work with.

“So you can make progress. If you don't get through stairs first you'll never get to the top.”

“Easy for you to say!“ Katsuki snarled, once again looking in his friend's direction. There were tears streaming down his checks, but his voice was steady and strong enough to startle Izuku into jumping. Though he didn't back down nor did he took a steep away. “You always find a way to make yourself better and stronger, you fucking nerd! First this whole 'being hunter' gig then your magic actually does shit and now this damn power! How do you do that?!”

Midoriya took deep breath and stopped. Katsuki did the same and for the moment they just stood there, calm green on battlefield with furious crimson.

“Because I've always had to chase after your back. I want to walk alongside you... Not behind you.”

Bakugo snorted.

“You're a fucking beta. Know your place.”

This time it was Izuku eyes whose shone with tears. Angry, furious even, droplets of water ready to burst out into waterfalls.

“I might be part of your pack but that doesn't mean it's all I am or ever will be! Even if I'm beta of your group, I'm still myself! Hunter, witch and aspiring hero! Stop looking down on me!“

“Me?! You're the one who is looking down on me!“

“What the actual... I was always the worse and weaker one of us! How do you suppose I could have looked down on you?!“

“Back then, at stream... You reached out to me because you thought I was weak!“

“The fuck Kacchan?! I hadn't thought you were weak! I though how much I didn't want your skull cracked open by random stone!“

For a moment they were quiet, looking everywhere but at each other.

“So... You want to be on the same level as me, huh nerd?“

“You're not the only one aiming to be number one.“

They continued walking to their homes without as much as a glance in their companion’s direction.

“Then... Better try your best because as my rival it's your job to make me sweat at least a little bit while getting to the top of those fucking stairs!“

Izuku's lips split into nearly unnervingly bright smile. He wiped away his tears and looked ahead with new determination.

“It's our starting line Kacchan! Now we're have to give it our all! Both of us!“

“Don't fucking state obvious Deku.“

They parted their ways still not looking at each other but with huge ballast taken from their shoulders.

Midoriya finally knew that he is equal to Kacchan.

Bakugo had his fears and worries but... He was going to fight them and win.


Chapter Text

“Who has brought rabbit to the school?” Aizawa asked, looking with the highest degree of existential exhaustion at precious little creature which nose was scrunched up in cute manner. It was looking at him, sitting calmly on its spot on the ground.

Teacher could hear a very distinctive “aww“ from somewhere in the back of class.

“Uhm... I didn't take him with me! I even checked my backpack before leaving home to make sure that he didn't hide in it! I'm sorry! I really don't know how did he get here!” Midoriya's voice started in murmur but nearly instantly become much louder with the power of panic. He felt really nervous with all attention focused on him.

Aizawa pinched his nose.

“You want to tell me that this rabbit was able to get through UA safety precautions? Infiltrate place which most powerful villains wouldn't be able to?”

“Maybe someone let him in by accident...“ Midoriya answered meekly and Aizawa sighed tiredly, looking at rabbit which...

“Where is it?” he asked, irritated.

“He hopped under desk!” Kirishima yelled enthusiastically, showing aforementioned object with his finger.

Teacher looked under the furniture, trying to get ball of fluff but...

“Ha, ha. Very funny. Now seriously, where is it?”

He got a lot of very surprised and even a bit unsettled looks.

“It isn't there? But... It was there! It couldn't just have disappeared!” Mina yelled opening her eyes wider than it should be physically possible. She looked genuinely shocked.

“What did you teach this bunny?!“ Kirishima asked, looking at Izuku who was feelling rather regretful for the fact that he couldn't just get absorbed by ground beneath him. Hades would most likely not mind his presence and maybe he would even offer him some tea. Biscuits even. Though one should be careful with eating food of the dead.

“Nothing... Though I tried. Staying in home.” was his weak answer.

For a moment everyone was silent. The moment of stillness was interrupted by Ojirou who has raised his hand.

“Excuse me but... I think I found it.” he said while Aizawa turned his tired gaze towards his student.

It wasn’t long before whole class was looking at golden part of his tail, where the green ball of fluff could be spotted. It seemed to feel rather comfortable there.

“Awww, look at it! Isn't it absolutely precious?” Hagakure squeaked and her uniform showed just how enthusiastically she was waving her arms around.

Aizawa came closer to Ojirou and reluctantly bent down to catch the pet.

“It may not be the best idea...” Izuku tried quietly but his teacher realized how dangerous his actions were on his own accord.

Man stood up and took step back, looking at his green haired student with a rather blank expression.


“Uhm... Yes...?”

“Did your rabbit just growled at me?”

“Most likely...?“

Aizawa massaged his forehead. His traitorous mind made him remember bloodthirsty granny. She —exactly as this fluffy, green creature — wasn't acting like she should. Something was wrong with her though obliviously much more than with this animal.

“Where did you find this small terrorist?“

Ojirou was too scared for his life to as much as flinch. What was the possibility that this cute, little bunny would bite his tail off?

Surpassingly big.

“He just... Was there? In my house...? And I didn't have heart to throw him out but I can't find his home...?” he answered quietly and with enough uncertainty that his statement could be taken as a question.

Murmurs went through class. They were mostly made of “awww“ and not really subtle “how mainly“ from Kirishima.

“Let's take a different approach. Can you take this little monster away from Ojirou and let me start the lesson?”

“O-of course!”

Izuku jumped from his desk like a small rocket and it wasn’t even minute before he was holding rabbit in his arms. Creature made small sound of discomfort but after few seconds it decided to face its defeat like a real man and hug Izuku with all its might.

Class watched it unfold with their heart melting from its utter preciousness while Aizawa looked beyond skeptical.

Moment later Midoriya was sitting with creature comfortably curled up on his knees. Small terrorist didn't move at all from the moment it was deposited on its new resting place. It behaved so well that it was easy to forget that it was even there. It was most likely acting like a perfect student to irritate Aizawa. Malice of fluffy creatures truly lack any and all boundaries.

“Since we prevented this crisis... It's time to chose class representatives. I don't care how you do it. To the end of lesson I want decision to be made.“ homeroom teacher said and seconds later he was resting in his sleeping bag.

After a moment of yelling and screaming Iida intervened. Because of him everyone finally voted and so Midoriya and Momo turned out to be winners. Moment later the bell rang but students didn't rush out to lunch. Instead they surrounded Izuku.

“Can I pet it? Does it bite? What is its name?” Mina asked enthusiastically, leaning over his desk.

Rabbit looked at her with its huge, green eyes.

“He's really friendly unless you scare him. Then he can be a little bit... Aggressive. He's Katsu.“ Midoriya answered and then offered ball of fluffiness to her. She looked a bit unsure but took creature into her arm nonetheless. “Hug him. He loves snuggling.”

She listened to him though not without some worries. Those turned out to be unfounded because rabbit seemed rather unfazed by being given to complete stranger. He must have trusted his owner a lot.

When Mina was completely sure that pet is safely in her arms she squeaked happily.

“Do you see it?! Such a small, cute ball of snugglity!”

“Hey! Hey! I want to hug him too! Can I? I can hug him too, right Midoriya?!” Hagakure yelled, getting through mob of students like a hurricane out for cuteness.

“Uhm... Sure... You all can but please, one at a time... I don't want him feeling hemmed.“ he answered quietly, deciding to not tell them that if they scared Katsu enough then... Well...

He wasn't exactly sure what his bunny is capable of but seeing how kitsune doesn't want to be even in foot range of him, it's better not to anger the king of fluffiness.

“Hurray! I'm first in line!”

“I'm second!“ Uraraka yelled not even a second later. It was kind of like she was just waiting to say it.

“Third!“ Kirishima added and soon enough class was engulfed by chaos. Midoriya decided to leave it all behind and go get lunch.

Apart from him and Kacchan, all of their class stayed in classroom. And when they came back... They did it with rabbit while still keeping tabs on their respective spots in hugging line.

“We were unfairly made to wait! Even though I was second!” Uraraka said with pout, taking her seat at their usual table.

“It's logical. Since we sit with Midoriya we'll be able to give him back his pet after everyone gets their chance to hug it. And while we at the subject... If it isn't inappropriate of me, Midoriya, I'm curious why you named your bunny Katsu.“ Iida added to the conversation.

“It sounds a lot of like Bakugo's na...“ Ochaco started but decided to stop when her friend sighed deeply.

“No. I didn't name him after Kacchan. I named him after katsudon. Though don't tell him because he doesn't know and I'm pretty sure that truth will make him explode...”

Girl started laughing with intensity that made few people in the room look at her.

“Really? You named your pet rabbit after food... After meat dish.“ she said quietly when she calmed down a bit.

Midoriya shrugged with shy smile.

“What can I say... I wanted his name to remind me of something I love.“

Uraraka's laughter returned with doubled power.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Reporters’ attack, Izuku's abdication and safe trip back home later, Midoriya was thinking about his existence deeply. More precisely about part of it that was green, fluffy and uncannily good at breaking into the school grounds.

“If you're going to stalk me at least don't show yourself, okay?” Izuku asked after making his pet sit on his bed. He was ready for long, heartfelt conversation. Really, he felt like he had an actual child and he was just a teenager!

Bunny didn't budge, devoting all his attention to green haired boy.

“I'll take it as yes.” he decided with a sigh and then went down to help his mother in kitchen.

“We're making potion for strong bones!” she said enthusiastically and Izuku wasn't even going to question it. He didn't have to since answer was obvious for him anyway.

“Please tell me that we won't need salamander's eye.“ he voiced instead.

“Not this time!“

Chapter Text

Midoriya could have foreseen this. Actually, he probably even should have. And yet, here he was, caught completely off guard. Though it wasn't devastatingly surprising or shocking just… He wasn't exactly ready for it happening in that exact moment.

It started innocent enough. They were in bus and when yells of excitement summoned by idea of trip to the USJ has died down, the conversations has started. In one second everything was perfectly fine and in second Momo noticed Iida's bracelet. She decided to ask him about it and also show him her own. That's how it began.

Seconds later there was only one subject of discussions; mysterious, hooded boy and equally as curious items he left in his wake to some of students.

“I have torch! Dude saved me from wendigo! It was super manly!“ Kirishima yelled, managing to gather everyone’s attention on himself.

“Don't forget about me and skinwalker!“ Mina added.

Red haired boy immediately started enthusiastic storytelling about his and Ashido's would-be death experience. Incoming doom is a funny thing to talk about, isn't it? Especially when you actually survived it.

“It's hard to believe in existence of such monstrous creatures.“ Iida spoke, while fixing his glasses. They had to be impeccable – like the rest of his appearance – after all.

He got a lot of questioning looks.

“Dude! If you met mysterious bro you also had seen something scary, right?“ Kirishima asked incredulously.

“No. I had a really unlucky day and if it wasn't for the hooded figure we are talking about I'd possibly not be here now because of a traffic offender. Or because of lamp. Though I admit that after meeting him the string of unfortunate accidents has stopped...“

“That must have been some kind of curse! Evil magic or something like this!“ Uraraka decided and then her eyes drifted to her green haired friend. “Right! What about you Deku? What do you think about it?“

“Me? Uhm... I... Em...”

“Hey, didn't mysterious stranger had freckles too? My memory isn't playing tricks on me, right? Kirishima, my dude, you remember that he had those, don't you?“ Mina asked in conspiratorial tone, quickly turning her attention to her near-death-experience buddy.

“Dunno! It was too dark to see small details like that one!”

“Your words are clad in truth. I too, have noticed this small particularity, even as darkness of this terrifying night was engrossing my world with such intensity that it sucked all light from world around.” Tokoyami intervened.

“Woah! Midorya! Don't tell me that you have mysterious brother fighting with monsters!“ Mina yelled enthusiastically.

“He doesn't. He's a fucking only child.” Bakugo snarled.

“Ooh...” Ashido mumbled, endlessly disappointed but suddenly she brightened up and her eyes shot up to Katsuki. “What about you? Did you meet him? Have you ever met hooded hunter?”

“Yep. When I was a brat. Someone tried sucking my blood but he got impaled with wooden stake and turned out not to be even a pebble. He was a fucking dust.“ Bakugo answered, shrugging.

“Vampire. I was in similar situation when I was in middle school.” Todoroki added.

“I've met La Llorona. Phantom or some kind of ghost that tried drowning me.” Momo said quietly, shyly even.

“My patch was crossed by Nukekubi. Terrifying creature without body, left only with head from which streamed waterfall of their disgusting viscera.”

“Ah! Mon dieu! Your encounters sounds awful! I was extremely lucky, seeing as I've been rescued before I could stumble upon something equally as terrifying. But who knows what was awaiting me in that haunted house...“ Yuga joined.

“I was attacked by huge, dog-like beast! it was kind of like wolf but much bigger and more frightening...“ were Uraraka's words.

“Werewolf.” Todoroki informed helpfully.

He might or might have not spent a lot of time reading about mythical creatures after he was attacked by vampire.

“By the way it could be kind of cool to put everything we know about mysterious hunter together... Maybe we could find him or at least contact him somehow? He had disappeared before I could appropriately thank him for saving my sorry ass! “Mina yelled suddenly and she didn't have to wait long for reaction full of “exactly!“.

“I have his email address.“

Suddenly all eyes were on Yuga. Or... Not all seeing as Bakugo was trying to murder Izuku with his stare alone. Midoriya was trying really hard to hide from his glare and looked at everything but him.

“Whaaaaaat? How?!“ Mina screamed, probably conveying verbally what most of class was thinking right now.

“Ah, you see mes amis... I asked him for some way of contacting him and he just couldn't say no to such a sparkling persona!“

“Dude! Share it with us!” Kirishima requested and suddenly there were hundreds of stars shining in his eyes.

“Don't you think that we should ask mysterious stranger for consent first? After all he wanted to be anonymous...”

“Email is anonymous!”

“Yaoyorozu is right! We especially, as a future heroes, shall not impasse on someone's privacy!”

“I'll just ask him about it. I'll give you his email if he agrees to it. D'accord?”

“Okay...” Mina mumbled pouting. Of course it didn't take her long to go back to her happy self. “It's information time! I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that he can't be much older than us!”

“I thinks so too. I've spent some time in library with him. He acted like someone our age would.“ Momo added.

“Don't ask me. It was ages ago.” Bakugo grunted, as irritated as always. From time to time he was murdering Midoriya with most heated glare anyone has ever seen.

“If my memories haven't been poisoned by the uncertainty of time I can tell that he does not possess any quirk.“ Tokoyami said.

“What?! Impossible!”

“He told me that he doesn't have it too.” Momo agreed.

“Guys... Actually... Have you ever seen him doing anything above you know... Normal, non-quirk, human capabilities?“

“Apart of disappearing and locating the ones in need? Not really, though don't tell me that he doesn't have some kind of quirk that lets him now when someone is in trouble!”

“Maybe it's some kind of sixth sense? After everything we met it wouldn't even be that surprising...”

“By the way how can he take care of such huge amount of terrain? After all we don't exactly live close to each other... What if he's always on the run?”

“That would be awful! What if we don't see him ever again? Maybe he's saving some unfortunate souls on the other side of world right now?!”

“Midoriya, you're strangely quiet, ribbit.” Tsuyu noticed and suddenly conversation quieted down and everyone focused on green haired boy.

He didn't like to lie but what else could he do in situation like this one?

“Ah, I'm sorry, it's just... It’s kind of really scary...” was his genius answer.

“True. All those creatures... Can really make you uneasy. What about you? Did you meet any? Have you ever met mysterious stranger?“ Asui continued topic.

“Uhm... Yeah, I think... It was dark and um...” Midoriya started but it wasn't long before he stopped.

He knew hundreds if not thousands of strange creatures. He met most of them. And yet here he is; having no idea which one of them he should talk about. Aaa! Think Izuku, think! You can't afford to make them suspicious! Okay, maybe you can but you don't want to because it would...!

“Don't worry dude! If it's traumatic memory for you, don't feel compelled to talk about it!”

Kirishima stopped his panicking thought process that would most likely turn into fit of mumbling. Midoriya looked up and saw red haired boy sending him supporting smile. His teeth were unnervingly sharp but who was he to complain about them?

“Thanks...” he said quietly. He didn't want to be the only one not telling the story of his life while others did, no matter how traumatic it was to them so... He calmed his racing heart and decided to use first creature that came to the front of his mind. “It can sound a little bit stupid but...”

“Chill dude! We'll believe into anything! And we promise not to laugh or anything!”

“I've seen reptilian. It... Was weird. In one moment it was human and in second it wasn't and... He didn't know I was there but when I started retreating... I tripped. I was sure it'll be the end of me but then hooded figure has come... Reptilian escaped and he disappeared before I could get a better look at him...“ he told them, looking away.

Deep inside he was feeling rather stupid.

Good job Midoriya. You needed nearly three minutes to think about... This. Couldn't you choose something, don't know, scarier? At least some kind of zombie! Or even shadow person. Ah! Some kind of imp would probably make for a better story! But no! You had to make fuss about reptilian. Please just not him! Everyone but humanoid gecko! It the true fuel for nightmares!

“So they do exist! I knew that theories are real!” Kaminari yelled, while Uraraka patted Midoriya sympathetically on the back.

“Don't worry. We all... Most of all came through this, we know how you feel!” she said with warm smile. It made Izuku feel even more guilty about lying.

“Exactly dude! And now back to the main subject... What else do we know about hooded bro?”

“He's super mysterious.“ Ochaco stated.

“He knows a lot about gems and their uses.“ Momo added after a moment of deep thinking.

“He's an exemplary civilian who has good of others in forefront of his thoughts.“ was Iida’s immediate answer.

“He knows monster languages!“ Mina yelled, reminding everyone about the part of Kirishima's story when they two got their asses saved by skinwalker.

“He has soft hands.“

Yuga got a lot of incredulous looks but no one said anything.

The moment of silence was interrupted by Kirishima.

“He has amazing sense of direction!“

“There's no fear in his heart and he immerse himself in darkness as if it was his oldest friend. One with which he fought endless battles.“ Tokoyami stated.

“He's super intelligent! He knew where monster's body is and burned it while this scary beast was chasing him!“ Dark Shadow added.

“We could try to draw him... At least his silhouette, general outline or something.“ Jirou proposed.

“Cool idea! Who wants to draw?“ Kaminari yelled enthusiastically Kaminari, completely on board with ‘find mysterious hunter’ idea.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

“I can try...“ Izuku said shyly.

Easiest way of keeping your identity secret was being part of investigation after all.

“We should choose few people that have seen him the best to help you with details!“ Uraraka yelled happily. She was so excited about possibility of finding hunter!

“Momo and Iida have seen him in daylight. And I'm sure they'll make great reports.“ was Sero's ingenious input.

“Guys, we must have mistaken our destiny... To the end of this year we'll be the best detectives this world has the pleasure of seeing!“ Mina stated with huge smile.

“If so many people from our class has met him, don't you think that other people must have seen him too? I'm sure a lot more of people from our school knows about him, ribbit.“ Tsuyu vocalized her thoughts.

“Yeah! We can ask around about him!“ Hagakure yelled, throwing her arms up. Not that it was very easy to spot.

“And what are you going to say? Hey, have you seen hooded guy saving people from bogeymen?“ Bakugo shot her idea down.

“When you put it like this it does sound kind of stupid...“ she agreed quietly, quickly losing her enthusiasm about this particular plan.

“We could make poster with key words.“ Ojirou proposed hesitantly.

While their conversation went on, Aizawa whom was sitting in the front row, evolved from 'sleeping man' into 'fully focused, eavesdropping underground hero'. Huh. Interesting... It can be quite helpful. Especially since he was still holding up to the hope that hooded stranger was somewhere in U.A.

He thought about option of this boy being in his class but the only person at least minimally matching the description and his own experiences was Izuku Midoriya. Boy who might be a little bit problematic but would most likely not leave his house — to walk around dark places... Forests — after curfew.

He had freckles, he was in surpassingly good shape and he definitely could be easily matched to yelp hooded stranger made when attacked with his restraining weapon but it was the end of similarities. And the list of differences was much, much longer. It started with the fact that hooded boy seemed to know what he's doing. He didn't break his bones every time he tried doing something. Not that Aizawa had the pleasure of seeing him fighting... Or using his quirk. If he had one because according to his students observations he didn't.

What more let's not kid ourselves; Midoriya is a crybaby. Eraserhead was pretty sure that his reaction to most of the supernatural creatures hunter met, Izuku would end up in tears. He isn't a coward. He just... Has a very good irrigation system. Imagining this serious, mysterious figure which saved Present Mic's life as such emotional mess was... Just wrong.

Yelping from shock of being attacked by scarf? Yep.

Barely holding up tears every time something unusually sad or especially happy happens? Nope.

Aizawa has seen Midoriya cry about passing history short test with maximum score. Anyone trying to convince him that this child sets off to fight with supernatural creatures capable of devouring professional heroes in the dead of the night... Will probably get ignored because Eraserhead has better things to do than listening to such crazy stories. And sleeping in his favorite, yellow bag is definitely one of them.

Aizawa sighed deeply.

If his class wants to make investigation maybe he should too?

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a great learning experience with friends. Fun and safe.

But of course villains showed out and ruined everything for them.

While surrounded by vastness of water he felt kind of proud that he learned his lessons from sludge villain incident. Sure, he could use only one spell without vocalizing well enough not to kill someone by accident but it was all he needed. Especially since he was dealing with people not monsters. Some might have strange mutations but they are nothing to be scared of when you've already seen kraken. It was truly scary but pff, anthro-shark? Nah. Sirens are worse.

Before he could break few supernatural laws and save himself from quickly approaching danger with the power of his magic, something caught him by his abdomen and deposited him onto the ship. He was left on the steady ground, without breath but relieved nonetheless. 

“Thanks Asui...” he murmured just after saying his goodbyes to water in his lungs. It was trying to stay with him forever but he was having none of that so he coughed it out. With intensity which made him worry a bit about his insides but! At least he could finally breathe freely!

“Call me Tsuyu, ribbit.” she answered and after looking overboard she added “We're surrounded, what should we do?”

Izuku stood up taking place next to her and looking at their enemies, deep in thought.

It wasn't long before he decided that their quirks aren’t known by villains and they can use it against criminals. He could break finger or two and make vortex capable of immobilizing them for a moment or two. Then Asui could catapult them to the other side. But... It was a painful and really risky plan.

Instead he could... Yeah. He definitely could do that.

“I'll distract them from the other side of ship while you go there. We'll meet in that spot.” he said, showing her what place she should go to. His eyes shined brightly with determination.

If he was his hunter self right now he would probably smile but he wasn’t. Now he's Izuku-human and what more, he’s planning to use magic in  his civilian form which... Makes him feel a little bit nervous and hope deeply that no one will realize who... What he is.

“How?” she asked and got surprised look in response. He wasn't sure what she was questioning him about. “My quirk will let me go though water in blink of the eye but what about you, ribbit?”

He really hated lying.

“USJ is made with real places and catastrophes in mind. There have to be some lifeboats here. After making distraction I can take one of them and get to the land safely. Even if one of the villain's notices me I can change direction of boat to mislead them and leave it, getting to the land by foot… I mean swimming. Double diversion.” he answered.

Tsuyu put a finger to her lips.

“Are you sure, ribbit? Making such a huge commotion to get everyone's attention... What if something's goes wrong?” she asked and even though her voice was calm she was worried.

Midoriya took deep breath and looked deep into her eyes.

“I know what I'm doing. Everything's will be alright.” he said and he sounded so sure of his words that after moment of silence she nodded.

“I'll trust you but you have to take care of yourself and be safe. If something worrying catches my attention... I'm coming back for you.“

“Give me fifteen minutes after getting to the other side.“ was his answer. Asui didn't miss out how his posture seemed much more confident than it should be in such a grave situation.

His lack of doubts made her feel better. If he believed witch such a conviction that everything will be okay... Then it definitely will be!

“Fifteen minutes.“ she reaped to make his time limit extremely clear while Izuku turned around and went dashed toward other side of the ship.

Moment later deck shuddered with power of some kind of explosion that could be heard in worryingly close proximity. Tsuyu was surprised — what was that? Dynamite?! Since when Midoriya's power could make eruptions of this kind?! — but she dived into water the same second villains went to the other side as to check what was going on. It didn't take her long to get to the dry land.

She hid in the green terrain around and glued her eyes to the ship.

She really hoped that Midoriya was alright...

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

'Who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl' said Izuku’s deep subconscious mind as he made sure that he remembers incantation he needs well enough to use it without… Unwanted side effects. Then, finding empty, darkened place where villains wouldn't be able to realize what is happening before it's too late wasn't that hard.

Throwing burning dynamite into the water was a little bit harder because he had to calculate perfect moment but well... He managed on his second try and had the pleasure of watching panicking criminals trying to find the reason of turmoil. He nearly felt bad for those unlucky souls who fell victim to whirlpool made by explosion.

Huh. Good to know that magical dynamite is more powerful than normal one.

With a smile and quiet “Kacchan would be so proud“ Midoriya retreated from villains’ point of view. After a long while of calming their thoughts from whirlpool that was even stronger in their minds than in outside world, they stormed ship. They weren't going to wait for another attack and endanger themselves with new explosion! They were going to find culprit and take him down once and for all!

They searched whole ship but he was nowhere to be seen.

Green haired boy, they could have sworn went deeper into this huge boat, has disappeared.

It was... A bit unsettling.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~


Girl jumped surprised, and then quickly turned her head towards person that so happened to be just behind her.

“How...?“ she asked looking at him and then at ship.

“I had to get here from a different direction than you as not to be seen.“ he answered, smiling apologetically and nervously scratching his neck.

Asui looked at him suspiciously.

“What was this explosion? It wasn't your quirk, right? Your fingers looks fine, ribbit.“

“Ah, this... I managed to find power panel of ship and overheat conduits. I wasn't excepting such a big eruption but... It worked out in our favor!“

Really... Since he started attending UA he was lying more and more. And that's awful and unpleasant! He didn't want to have to deceive anyone! But sometimes you have to do what you have to do, right?

“Okay... I'm happy you didn't get hurt. What now?“ Tsuyu said after making sure that he wasn't burned or anything.

Midoriya looked around and as a result of years spent as hunter he was perceptive enough to gather all important information within seconds. Aizawa fighting with hand-on-face villain. Part of their class with Thirteen. Strange, black creature waiti... Okay. Not waiting anymore.

Izuku's eyes grew wider. This beast. It's...

“Go to the others.“ he said and Tsuyu blinked, surprised by his decision.

“What about you? You aren't planning to fight with villains... Right?“

“Of course not! But Kacchan definitely is going to so I have to find him and make sure that he doesn't do something stupid.“ Midoriya answered quickly, even though lie left him with disgusting aftertaste.

“Okay then. Be careful, ribbit.“ she said and left.

When Izuku was sure that she wouldn’t follow him after all, he started running. Towards villains. Toward Aizawa. Toward...


Name is worth much more than people can imagine. It's treasure for any creature, hidden in magnificent chests and buried in the deepest parts of one’s soul. Locked with key which only owner has. Nearly none of creatures — alive nor dead — can reach or even so much as catch glimpse of it.  

The only exception being the race of faery. They can't tear out someone's chest from their soul but they can acquire it. They can ask for it... For name. Not only its owner but also other people who knows it. But of course there's also key and it has to be given freely. Of course, there are faeries that try to forcefully get access to what is basically someone’s essence but there were very little successes throughout the history. It's mostly unheard of.

But Nomu was different. It's chest was wide open. Its name... Power over its existence... Was free for anyone's taking. Key was melted, lock plucked out and crushed. It all was destroyed in such a degree that even human was able to reach for its contents. 

People aren't supposed to have this power, to even as much as grasp the idea of it. They don't have right to it and so… Wrestling it from villain's hands was the easiest thing that Midoriya has done today so far.

Izuku was the most powerful kind of witch. One that veins were surging with magical blood of not any beast or rotting creature trying to wiggle from death embrace. His roots lied within one of the scariest beings of magical world.... Faeries.

No matter how many generations has passed, their power always stayed strong within his family. He may not have wings or shapeshifting abilities like his magical kin but he also doesn't have to tell only truth like them. Lies made him uneasy and left unpleasant aftertaste but he could tell them rather easily.

He also couldn't grasp whole power of someone's name with such a ease as pure blooded faery but unlike humans — and other supernatural creatures — he knew about chests and keys. He could acquire them.

“Halt. Let go.“ he said, stopping his walk just a few feet before the best.

Of course, it listened.

It didn't even notice that its name — its whole existence — was now in someone's else hands.

“What the...? Nomu! Crush him!“ villain masked by hand yelled furiously while Aizawa was trying to lift up his head from ground.

Blood was sliding down his temple profusely and his arms were bent in wrong directions but he couldn't give up just yet. He can't let himself lose consciousness now. After all he was pretty sure that this green dot he has noticed at some point in his peripheral vision was his student. It was hard to be sure about it when his world was swirling in circles of unperturbed pain though.

And he, as a teacher, couldn't let this demonic creature hurt some innocent child.

“You...! You destroyed my weapon!“ pale haired man yelled, trying to pounce on him and disintegrate his face.

Midoriya, in the meanwhile, felt rather relieved that there was a good distance between him and his classmates. Villains are insignificant and Aizawa half conscious but other students... How would he explain himself to them?! He just took control over enemy’s beast with pretty much no effort!

“Nomu.“ slipped out from boy's lips and it didn't sound like human speech at all. It was more of summer breeze, sweeping through soul with wave of strange numbness.

Izuku really disliked main advantage — ability — of his magical blood. Taking control over someone's existence was... It left him with uneasy trembling of emotions that could or could not be his. It was hard to describe it in human words. It made him feel strong, powerful and undefeated but it also filled him with something old, much older than himself... And dark. So ominous that its darkness could be physically seen if he tried looking for it with his not-exactly-human eyes hard enough.

And also because of his complete lack of experience — he has never done it before, why would he do such a thing? — he was losing language of humans in favor of something... Ancient. Possibly even older than world itself.

But what can you do? Hard times demand hard choices.

Midoriya could think about whatever he wanted unperturbed as Nomu stood on villain's path to him. Izuku looked with mix of interest and surprise at how man's touch changed black creature's arm into dust. But creature didn't even budge, regenerating lost limb in matter of the seconds. Villain jumped back, kind of angry but more than anything, frustrated.

“Kurogiri!“ he said in commanding tone and misty man took stepped closer to his accomplice, watching this strange, green haired child with squinted eyes.

“Hey! Isn't it Mido...?!“ familiar voice yelled from not so far away and Izuku was ready to go into full fledged panic when suddenly voice he knew belonged to Kirishima got completely swallowed by explosion.

“Bro! Why did you do that? Now there's smoke everywhere!“

Midoriya took deep breath of relief, inwardly thanking profusely for Bakugo's intervention. It was so close! There would be so much explaining and/or memory erasing to do! And there was no time for this!

Izuku turned to villains and what he said didn't sound as words at all. It was more like mix of emotions and memories, far away worlds shining on them with suns that didn't belong to this Earth… Or even this universe. It was cold breeze of incoming hurricane and burning touch of volcanic cloud on their minds. Calm evening spent on watching their lives disappear and then rearrange into something completely new, so very different from what they knew. It reminded them that they are just a spec, small insignificant and living in their own, finite realms. Possibly not even truly a puzzle of a bigger picture.

Nomu walked closer to men that in reaction took few steps back from it. Creature stopped few feet from them and halted. Villains send him long, untrusting look before glancing at the one who destroyed their plans.

Kid wasn't there anymore. As well as Eraserhead.

“What kind of quirk is it?!“ Shigaraki asked, angrily scratching skin on his neck.

Instead of answer he got bang of opening doors and deep voice ensuring students that everything will be aright.

All Might has finally arrived.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Tsuyu looked with mix of disbelief and shock at Midoriya who was dragging unconscious Aizawa in the direction of her and their classmates. When the rest of students noticed him they immediately came to the rescue.

“What happened?!“ Uraraka yelled, helping him to safely transport their hometeacher to spot near Thirteen.

“This black monster....“ Izuku answered quietly, taking deep breaths. Asui didn't had any doubt that dragging grown man this whole way wasn't easy. She was quite impressed that her friend was able to that. He had to have some impressive muscles.

“You were supposed to warn Bakugo and come back, ribbit.“ she noticed accusingly but before he could explain himself, doors opened.

All Might needed one look and ten seconds to get rid of all smaller criminals. And then in the blink of the eye he was standing before main villains.

“Nomu! Kill him! Destroy symbol of peace!“ yelled one of bad guys but black beast didn't even budge. It was kind of like it didn't hear him at all.

“We should retreat...“ Kurogiri said but before he could change his words into actions he was on the ground with weight of a very angry blur of ashy blond on top of him.

Bakugo wasn't very heroic while threatening smoky man, which Kirishima pointed out, but explosive boy ignored him. Who cares for such insignificant details when you're in the middle of surviving villain attack? More like end of it but... Shh. No one needs to know that.

Shigaraki tried saving his only way of escaping from Bakugo but All Might was rather effective ins stopping him from it. Yes, he tackled him to the ground. Moment later came Todoroki who helped by befriending villain with flooring. He used his ice to make sure that it'll be long and well-prospering relationship.

“Nomu do something! Listen to me! You're mine!“ pale haired man screamed, jerking as much as he could but Todoroki's power was unrelenting.

Midoriya joined their ranks seconds later.

“It's all your fault! What did you do to sensei’s weapon?!“ howled main villain at him and then. for a brief moment, their eyes met.

Izuku was perfect picture of innocence. And surprised incomprehension.

“What...?“ he murmured quietly and his big, green eyes put a pause to Shigaraki's struggling.

Is it really the same kid that stopped Nomu? It isn't possible! In that moment his irises were so... Bright in not normal, kind of toxic way... And weren't dirty emerald like now. No, no. Those were like a deep malachite in which you could drown. He remembered too well how not normal those were. In fact he whole was inhuman.  And this language... Words... If he could even call it that. But he couldn't just describe his speech as clash of emotions and memories! It was... It was wrong!

“You've been defeated, villains! You're plan is in shambles and all you can do now is to give up and face justice!“ All Might's deep voice boomed through USJ.

Midoriya  found himself looking at him. He's crossing his limit, isn't he? He has already used it up and that's why he wasn't here before, on the beginning of this attack. Please, let the heroes arrive as fast as they can... His mentor shouldn't be overworking himself so much! It can have awful consequences! 

For a painfully long while there was nothing but silence. In the meanwhile Todoroki decided to freeze Nomu but no one — including black creature — has paid much attention to that.

When professionals finally arrived there was a collective sigh of relief.

But Izuku wasn't one of those who could finally feel at ease. He knew he was going to go through a lot of explanations seeing how villains will be interrogated and with no doubt say who stopped Nomu from fighting. And everyone will surely realize that this isn't part of his quirk so... What is he going to say?

Ah... It's going to be a long week.


Chapter Text

On the bright side Midoriya dodged a bullet in shape of many uncomfortable questions.

On the other hand... Villains escaped. Even though the quirk suppressants were used they vomited strange black liquid-like thing and got swallowed by it. Maybe Izuku should worry for his life and possible vengeance from Shigaraki for pretty much destroying their plan but... Coming to his house would end baldy for them. Really badly. Inko knows curses that could make them regret the day when they were born... And every single other life they ever had or will have.

And if they find Midoriya alone? Great! What would stand on his way of using magic and erasing their memories? Lack of witnesses works both ways.

Anyway Izuku used his free day to its fullest potential. Bakugo came to him and they went hiking to maybe not nearest but biggest forest. One of not many places where Katsuki could use his animal form and torment... Pretty much everything. Poor trees. And bushes. And branches. And possibly Midoriya.

“...So I've thrown dynamite into water near them.“ Izuku finished his story of escaping ship, while bending his head a little to the right as to not get hit with pine cone.

Bakugo really cares for keeping his senses sharp. It isn't that he just wants to hit nerd in the face with random things found on forest ground. Nope. Definitely not. Why would you even think that?

“Once in lifetime chance of you doing something interesting with your magic... And of course I'm not there to see it.“ Bakugo snarled somewhere in the front of his green haired friend.

He was going forth and back for quite some time now, not able to put up with how slow Izuku was travelling. Young witch was tempted to summon his broom but he wasn't talented in slaloming through trees. And he would prefer not have his face dating some spruce. Thank you very much for a kind offer but no. Just no.

“Anyway, what did you do to this black bastard? Crybaby with hands on his face was close to bawling when this stupid beast didn't listen to him.“ he added, deciding to try his luck with throwing one of smaller branches at Midoriya. He, of course, dodged. 

“It isn't that hard to take control of something that doesn't have its own mind.“ the boy answered, shrugging.

Bakugo wasn't really curious about what kind of magical creature Izuku had in his family tree. He knew that there was one and that he isn't some average witch but that was it. He didn't really want to know and has yet to ask about it and Midoriya wasn't going to tell such an important secret to someone who didn't even want to learn about it.

“You're fucking lucky I reacted before shitty hair noticed what you were doing.“

“Thanks Kacchan.“ Izuku said with huge smile which resulted in werewolf snorting. It of course didn't defer Midoriya from continuing. “And while we're talking about Kirishima... You're getting along pretty well with him.“

“Maybe I'll let him be part of my pack. In human terms of, fucking, course. Those idiots in class really can't live without me. “ Bakugo huffed. He looked irritated but Midoriya knew him long enough to see through this facade. He was rather happy to have those 'idiots' in his life. 

“I think they see you as natural leader and that's good, right?“

“I sure as hell am, nerd! I'm alpha and even those petty humans can feel it!“

Midoriya rolled his eyes, smiling.

It's nice to know that blond found himself some new friends.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

His memories were blurry.

It's everything he could think about when he opened his eyes. His face meeting ground with enough force to nearly kill him and few broken bones were pretty much everything he could remember from the moment the black creature — Nomu — attacked. Something inside him murmured insistently about some green smudge but really... His brain should know better than admiring grass in such important moment. 

So why couldn't he focus on anything else? Why his subconscious and intuition told him that it's a very important detail? A part of a rather complicated puzzle...

There was one more particularly suspicious thing. Not bad just... Strange.

His injuries weren't as bad as they should have been. It was extremely unnatural how ‘safe’ his wounds were. Blood dried up inhumanly fast and in places that stopped it from hurting him further. His bones were broken but in their respective places. Even though he went through so much, none of those punctured his skin. He nearly got killed yet when paramedics got to him there weren't any life threatening injuries.

And it wasn’t even the end of it. He was transported to the safety even before teachers had arrived... Actually… Even before All Might has made his appearance. Somehow students — with emphasis on Midoriya — were able to get his body to the same place as Thirteen's.

Smudge of green could actually be something more than just some grass.

But what could have possibly happened? Even if symbol of peace heard everything right and villain yelled at boy that it was his fault that Nomu didn't listen to him anymore... What did this information bring to his life? It wasn't making sense.

Midoriya's power is superstrength not some kind of control over strange creatures.

Strange creatures...

After USJ Aizawa realized with particular dread that Izuku is truly a problematic child. And if he is one in school he most likely is one after school too. And following those steps of thought... Maybe hunter is crybaby and Midoriya is actually a decent suspect.

In this case... He has clue to look into.

Worst case scenario green child will turn out to be innocent and completely unrelated to mysterious boy from forest who kind  of saved Present Mic's life. He definitely wouldn't drown in despair if that was the case. Sometimes false clues can help in finding true ones or open mind for new, blindingly ingenious possibilities.

Though first things first. Sport festival and then he can transform into detective.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Aizawa looked at Midoriya's cascade of tears with raised eyebrow. It looked more like Niagara Falls than natural phenomenon of crying.

Is this child going to do something like this every time he thinks that he might actually be mysterious hunter? Really?

He sighed deeply. Maybe he just should take a nap?

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Quite frankly Izuku was rather surprised that Bakugo didn't try to mutilate him for what happened in obstacle race. But what you can possibly want from him? It wasn't even the first time he proved that something as insignificant as survival instincts can't stop him from going for victory.

Though the next part of sport festival had a much bigger revelation in store for him.

He had to fight with Shinso. It was... Actually unexpected. And even though he knew about his power he still gave answer to his mean words. Even Ojiro warned him and here he is! Getting closer and closer to the edge of arena!

Sure, he could use Shinso's name to free himself but... It isn't situation of life or death like in USJ and so, Izuku wasn't going to do this. Instead he focused, trying hard to ignore fog that his head was full of in hopes of breaking free from Hitoshi's power with his own, human capabilities.

In the end he noticed some kind of ghost figures and was able to use One For All which guided him to victory. Of course he said encouraging words to Shinso — not as many as would like to since technically he doesn't know him though — and he felt immense relief when general course started cheering for purple haired boy.

They both left their fight with smiles.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Shinso took his seat and by the power of not so much intuition as hope he decided to check his phone. Messenger app to be precise. The one on which he switched to with his hooded friend. Email wasn't really comfortable with how many nightly — for some quite time now also daily ones — conversations they held.

Sure, herb tea worked like miracle but purple boy is the creature of the night even without insomnia! And hunters rarely sleeps it seems.

Hitoshi smiled when he noticed the message he got not even five minutes ago.

You did great! If you had as much school practice in using your quirk as heroes courses I'm sure you would have won  ^o^

He shook his head but corners of his mouth stayed tilted upright.

Don't think so. This guy was seriously packed (= =) 

If he just was kind enough to stay under my power and didn't break his fingers... But no.

He waited for a pretty long and when he was ready to give up and hide his phone in the pocket of his pants, he finally got answer.

Survival instinct? What is it?

Is it edible?

Shinso snorted.

Btw where are you watching sport festival from? From your secret base you fight evil with from or...?

I'm cheering you from tribunes!

Strange. I don't see your infamous hoodie.

Cause I'm here as a civil so I don't have it on!

Even though that realistically speaking there was no chance of him finding him in the crowds around, he watched surrounding him people for a while. Of course no one seemed to scream “I'm the mysterious hooded person fighting with nightmarish monsters!“.

Though he noticed that green child was also writing on his phone. Probably smsing with his family to tell them how great he did... Bragging about his victory and stuff.

Hey... You really did great. If school doesn't think about sending you to hero class I'm going to write them letter about how much they should do it! ( •̀_•́)

I'm holding you up to this =^._.^=

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Another surprise was of this day was Todoroki.

How Endeavor could be such an asshole?!

It makes sense now why he doesn't want to use his fire! Though it's not fair... It's his power and he shouldn't be held back by the chains of this monster of a father!

Of course Izuku wouldn’t be himself if he didn't tell him so. Or... More like yelled it into his face while breaking... Worrying amount of bones. But it's the result that matters, right?

Maybe he hasn't won but at least he helped someone.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

It's.... Nice. To have classmates that are worried about you. Even if they get thrown out by angry old lady. But hey! It's the sentiment that matters! 

“It looked awful... I'm worried you'll have to undergo surgery...“ she murmured but it seemed like she was talking to herself rather than to him.

He wasn't going to correct her.

“You should be more careful! If it goes like this you'll permanently hurt your arms! And after today you're sure to have some scars!“

“I'm sorry...“ he said while wondering how surprised she'll be when within few weeks his arms will be in perfect condition, with no marks whatsoever.

Taking names wasn't the only bonus of his faery blood heritage. He also had much better regeneration than normal people. It was slow enough to be seen as normal and its true potential laid in its intensity. It made ‘scars’ and ‘permanent injuries’ pretty much impossible.

“I don't want apologies! I want you to actually take care of yourself!“

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

I'm pretty sure that bones shouldn't be bent in so many ways... And that this dude could break my neck with snap of his fingers. Not even mentioning mister I-can-make-glaciers-and-roast-marshmallows-with-the-power-of-my-will-alone-though-if-you-make-me-angry-you-might-burn-to-crisp-by-accident.


Laughing matter aside, I wouldn't want to be in place of arena while those two were fighting. There were moments when I was scared for my life even though I was sitting pretty damn high. I'm betting that first seats started to question their choices.

Seat choices.

It was supposed to be funny.



There's a possibility that I broke my arm and have a little problem with writing.

Possibility you say...

What got you? Random demon? Werewoof?

Very funny.


Ouch. Worst enemy of humanity.

So? What exactly happened?

I could be safe or helpful

And everything's suddenly clear.

Dude, it's so typical for you.

I know T– T

*pat, pat*

I'm pretty sure that somewhere somehow there's your photo under the definition of ‘hero’. Actually I'm kind of shocked that you're not here, in UA, teaching about basics of heroics.

Who said that I'm here just as spectator? >:3

Shinso nearly dropped his phone.

You're UA student?


You're in class A or B?

Maybe I'm in general course? Or in support?

His friend was writing something else but Shinso wasn't going to wait for him to finish. He had so many questions!

I've already told you. You're a definition of hero. So? Which one is it? A or B? 

And what if I'm actually in other school?

Don't try to turn tables.

But if I told you the truth, you would find me!

Oh no. What a terrifying vision. I'd surely friendship you to death. What if I also... Thanked you? Truly frightening. If I were you I'd already die from fear of me  _  

Ha. Ha.

So very funny.

I don't know about you but I'm not laughing.

Okay, I'm part of UA. But I won't give you information about course.


With you?


Leave charming words for someone else. I'm not going to tell you what class I'm in.

It was such a good plan...

I will buy you katsudon if you tell me?




Katsudon and All Might's poster?

Ha. I have ALL of them

...I'm getting kind of scared.

You haven't even seen my room yet so silence, you pagan

Fights with monsters. In his free time makes altar of number one hero  in hopes of summoning him.

Who told you about it?!

 I mean...

What altar?

It would be funny.

If I didn't know that you are capable of it.

Hey! Who wouldn't want to summon All Might?

Dunno... Maybe someone normal, rational and at least a little bit afraid of opening inter-dimensional portal by leaving few figures in circle? I mean, I would be pretty terrified if symbol of peace just popped into existence in my salon because yes.

Pagans. Pagans everywhere.

I'm a little bit concerned about you.

I'd say that you shouldn't be but...

Few seconds later Shinso got photo of broken arm. His screen was mostly white as cast took more than half of a picture. Of course apart of it there was also a bit of grayish floor. Sadly, even shoes didn't get into frame. What a pity...

At least Hitoshi knows to look for kid with broken arm if he wants to find out identity of his mysterious friend.

Wanna meet in park with your oh so lovely on-duty hood so I can write something on your cast?

I know what you’re planning >.<

Yep. He could have expected that. His wonderful, best — and kind of only — friend wouldn't fall for it. Such a loss... Marking your prey with some kind of words or other daubs could be really helpful.

On the other hand how many people with cast can possibly be in UA?

Normally? Not that much.

After sport festival? Oh well... Shinso must evolve into Sherlock Holmes—Shinlock Hitolmes?—if he wants to find identity of his hooded friend.

Fine. I'll stop. Hide who you really are as long as you want... But I'll find you. 

It sounds ominous.

It should.

But now seriously. Wanna get ice creams after festival?

They didn't hang out often but from time to time they would meet to talk in person. Shinso has never tried to — with or without his quirk – unmask his friend. It seemed... Not right. It would break their trust and possibly destroy bond they had grew to have.

Hitoshi really appreciated this friendship. 

If you're going to pay for it then sure >:3

Eeh... Fine.

For this broken arm you deserve some ice creams. Maybe I’ll even get you two scoops.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“Who are you writing with Deku?” Uraraka asked, resting on shoulder of her friend who instantly evolved into tomato.

“I-t's j-just m-my f-friend from b-before UA!“

“Oh! You're getting ice creams! I want some too!“

Oh no, no, no. It would reveal his identity!

“We could go together today... Right after sport festival I mean... Only if you want of course!“ he answered and he managed to do so only because his need to hide his hunter life was stronger than his shyness. Not by much though.

“Sounds great! I wonder if Iida will join us...“ she said and her happiness swiftly changed to worry when she looked at empty seat near her.

Even if he wanted they didn't get the chance to hear it because he had disappeared without a word. He haven't even stayed for the ceremony of giving medals.

They went out for ice creams but they were really worried for their friend.

Chapter Text

Mon ami! My classmates wanted to talk with you! Would you mind if I gave them your email? You had the pleasure of meeting most of them and saving them from some monsters so they would like to thank you!



Of course, why not. And congratulations! I've seen you in sport festival. You did great and sparkled the most!

Merci beaucoup! It means a lot, coming from you ・゚ *

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Hey bro!

It's Kirishima. Wait... I didn't give you my name before, right? I'm the guy who nearly got eaten alive by wendigo! You know... Dark forest, hugging you when I'm chased by a terrifying monster and when I really should run instead? That’s me! Sure, I dyed my hair so I look completely different but you can't see it from my writing so... To the point we go! 

Once again thanks for saving my stupid ass back there, in that forest... There's a possibility that you'd like to met or something? I know that you want to hide your identity and all but duuuude! Let me at least buy you milkshake! I can, I don't know, leave it on windowsill? Or somewhere in the forest?

By the way you saved a lot of my classmates, ya know? It's super awesome! And now we are making investigation about you! You'll see! We'll find you and thank you! We'll make the most badass party ever for you! And maybe we'll get you light sword or something! It'll probably help you a lot in your mission of saving idiots running around super dangerous forests!


Your dude Kirishima

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Hey hey!

I don't know if you remember me but it's me! The girl you saved from this huuuuge wolfish thing! Werewolf? Not important right now! You gave me those super nice smelling herbs to repel other monsters! And you helped me come back home safely!

Every time I think about it... I'm always really grateful that you were there back then. I am really, really, REALLY grateful! If it wasn't for you... I don't know what would happen to me! So... I want to thank you. With my whole heart. 

I'm stronger now, you know? I think that if I got attacked like this again... I would be able to defend myself! And it's thanks to you! If you haven't saved me back then I wouldn't be here right now! I wouldn't have this chance to develop and understand just how much potential I have. If I could I would hug you soooo hard that we would probably fly into cosmos! You're a true hero and inspiration to do better for me!

With best regards,

Uraraka Ochaco

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

I'm unworldly grateful for the possibility you have opened before us by giving Aoyama your agreement to give us your email. We all deeply respect your decision and are endlessly fortunate for the doors that presented us with prospect of giving you our deepest gratitude even if only by mere words.

The darkness I had to faafuhfweah




Tokoyami made cawing sound of pure fear when Dark Shadow clicked “send“. Boy was able to throw him from chair and away from keyboard but it was too late. Far too late...

Fumikage hit desk with his beak before he decided to try to save at least some of his dignity.

Please forgive me for what you had just been subjected to. Words are not enough to show how utterly ashamed the deepest of my souls parts are of what transpired. As for Dark Shadow he feels that his mission is not finished and so I shall end this message before the mistakes of past are repeated.

Tokoyami Fumikage

Poor boy didn't know that the moment of his inattention — and hiding his face in the pillow, mourning his dignity — was enough for Dark Shadow to write one more, though short message.


~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Oh boi! I'm pretty sure that you got like billions (tryliards! BILLIONSTRYLIORDS) of “thank you“s so... Nah, just kidding! Imma gonna tell you how grateful I am too! Ha! You'll just drown in thankfulness!

So watcha gonna hear from this lad? I still really like my skin (and being in it) so I'm also reeeally super-duper-awesomely happy that you saved me back then! And other people from my class! I like them, ya know? It'd be awful if something happened to them and I didn't get the chance to meet them... Especially Bakusquad! I won't tell you who I mean by that beautiful name! You'll have to ask me about it face to face! And yeah. It IS blackmail.

Alien Queen Mina sends her regards!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Dear Hunter,

(I'm truly sorry if I violate any boundaries by calling you that but I do not know your true identity and some of my classmates told me that you introduced yourself to them as such)

I wanted to tell you how big of impression you have made on me by the work you have done for our community. It is an wonderful and worth looking up to how you help others while also not breaking laws about quirk usage.

If there is any way for me to repay you for all you have done not only for me but also others please tell me what it is. I would love to show my gratitude for your work and goodness of your heart! Those who does not want prize or attention deserve it the most!


Iida Tenya

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

You have told me that my fire is... Mine. You said that I had the right to use it. Back then I was blinded by my hatred but now... Someone has opened my eyes. Now I know that it is my power and I want to thank you. Yours and their words... Everything is finally clear. I need some time before I completely understand everything and decide how exactly I feel but you should know just how grateful I am.

You saved my life, were with me when I showed weakness and you were the first person to try breaking walls of my ignorance towards my power. I owe you a lot.

Thank you.

Todoroki Shoto

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~


I’m Momo Yaoyorozu, we have met quite some time ago. I hope you remember me.

Since our last meeting I have spent quite learning about gemstones, their build, where they can be naturally found etc. If you wouldn’t mind I’d be very grateful if you could discuss some things with me and answer some questions.

I’d also like to know how is bracelet I made for you holding up. It’s alright I hope, but if something is wrong with it, please tell me. I’ll be more than delighted to fix it. The one I got from you is in excellent condition. Also… Thank you so much for it. I really appreciate everything you have done for me back then.

Ps. Could you recommend me some reading material about mythical creatures? When I heard about all encounters my classmates went through…. I realized just how little I truly know. And I want to learn! It could be extremely helpful if I ever stumbled upon something supernatural. After all, as an aspiring hero I should be ready for anything.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Seriously nerd? You keep on babbling about fucking protecting secrets and how important it is to not let anyone learn the identity of oh so mysterious hunter but yet you gave your email to fucking everyone?

Damn it. You're fucking retarded.

When they found out who you are don't come to me crying.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

“Hey! What do you have here?“

Aizawa didn't even turn around instead opting for focusing on email he was just typing in.

“My class seems to have a way of contacting kid who helped me save  your life.“ he answered while loud man instantly put his whole weight on his friend's shoulder.

“Really? Woah! Give him my thanks! And ask what happened with murderous old lady cause I don't want to meet her ever again! And it would be kind of hard to avoid her without knowing where she is! I mean, she vanished without a track! She can be anywhere!“

“I'm going to use his email to localize him. You'll thank him personally when we find him“

“Dandy! Just, you know, if he hides his identity so well what if you can't find him even with this? I mean, I'm pretty sure that he knows what he's doing!“

“Seeing how he gave his contact info to the bunch of kiddos and how he, himself, is one, I don't think that he has enough security precautions to hide from professional underground hero.“

“True, true. Though... You're sure that he is just a teen?“

“After everything that happened I'm not even sure if he's a human.“ Aizawa said and in this moment his voice showed thousands years of endless fatigue. So much, in fact, that Present Mic took a step back.

“Don't worry! I'm sure that when you find him everything will become crystal clear!“

“Yeah... When I find him...“

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Izuku insides felt warm and fuzzy while reading — and replying — to all the messages he got from his classmates at various periods of time. It was... Really nice. And the green ball of  fluffiness resting on his legs only strengthen his happiness.

Even Bakugo's words were making him feel positive emotions. He surely must care at least a little bit for him if he decided to reprimand him for his possibly dangerous lack of carefulness!

Though this one message was... Strange. Not exactly worrying just... If was different than the rest.


He could understand why someone would like to make sure that it is really him before they send most likely very personal monologue but... Everyone introduced themselves somehow. They really trusted Aoyama's and believed that he gave them right email.

Who could it possibly be?

Yeah. That's me.

What will be will be, won't it? There’s no point in stressing over it in advance. 

Huh. So you didn't get devoured by demonic granny.

Oooh. It explains a lot. Nearly everything actually. Sure, Izuku wasn't expecting Aizawa to be interested in his students’ investigation of hooded savior but it made it have even more sense. As underground hero he would definitely prefer  to be careful and stay hidden with his intentions.

She preferred chicken soup rather than me.

Black broth to be precise but it's soup-like so... Not much difference, right? 

What was even that thing?

He could have expected this question. Actually it was surprising that it wasn't asked earlie...



Aizawa isn't a talkative person. So if he didn't get right to the point it means that he's trying to buy time and it means that...

“Mom! Your defensive spells works against internet tracking, right?!“ he yelled, a bit panicked. He couldn't go down like this!

“Magical, technological, quirk related... I'm pretty sure it works against everything. What goes on in this house stays in it. Why do you ask?“ she answered and after a moment entered his room. She nonchalantly leaned on the wall, watching him curiously. 

Izuku took deep breath of relief.

“I have bunch of teenagers and underground hero after me.“

Inko snorted.

“My blood. I was once chased by mad mob of villagers with pitchforks, you know?“

Midoriya looked at his screen and then at her.

“Can I get a full story?“

“Sure, sweetheart. Reply to your friend and homeroom teacher and I'll make some tea.“

“Mom! Stop spying on me!“

“Sorry sweetie but what kind of witch I would be if I didn't know about everything that's going on in my own house?“

“Normal one?“

“Exactly! And our family always was extraordinary!“

Chapter Text

Shinso felt anxious enough to wonder how his new class would react if he had suddenly threw everything and run away from them without second glance in their general direction. By jumping from window. While yelling about freedom of speech.

Oh great. He was so nervous that his train of thought was becoming... Worrying.

But it's a new, extremely important stage of his life! And he hasn't even told his best — and only — friend about this huge change! Part of him regretted this decision because his emotional support would be really appreciated but on the other hand... There was this tiny but tempting chance of hunter being in this exact class.

Part of Shinso hoped that his hooded friend would write to him with annoyed ‘why didn't you tell me that you transferred to hero course?!’ and it would help him so much with his investigation! Sure, there would be still a lot of students to observe but it's a much better number than taking in account profile B and other years!  

Purple haired boy was so ready to really jump from window when he heard ruckus of reaction that Aizawa's “after sport festival we were able to chose student who will replace Mineta“ made. If they're always so loud... Ugh, it'll be a hard school year.

And then he was asked to come in and introduce himself.

Oh joy.

“Shinso Hitoshi from general course. I'm not here to make friends.“ he said with his voice as ever and then looked around the classroom.

Wow. With only one glance he already noticed five people who couldn't be his hooded friend. And while he is at it... Can someone tell him why this green haired guy is so happy? Oh no. It definitely doesn't mean anything good for him.  

He'll try to befriend him with all his might, won't he? And it's also this type of idealistic, optimistic guy who can't be stopped...

Oh double joy.

Luckily after he took his seat and initial wave of enthusiasm passed, the classes went rather smoothly though he admits that this course was rather bizarre. Especially when instead of learning some kind of literature teacher started talking about interning with heroes. He probably would be more worried for his lack of offers if wasn't for the overactive-fingers-breaking-green-guy who also got nothing. Like, how is that even possible? Who wouldn't want someone so powerful? Come on! He most likely could pick up some house and throw it into stratosphere! And isn't it the exact kind of quirk that is demanded of hero?

Though it was just the beginning of this day’s rollercoaster of surprises. The thing that got him pretty shocked was lunch break when everyone stayed in class instead of exiting. What more they regrouped – they are going to become unstoppable army and get control over world one day, aren’t they? – and started talking about... Something.

Shinso looked at teacher who instead of leaving, stayed in class, hiding in his sleeping bag. He was most likely fast asleep.

“Hey Shinso! Wanna join?“ broccoli boy asked while giving him smile so happy that it shouldn't be humanly possible. Uh, he felt blinded by it! How someone can have so much willingness to live?!

“Join what?“ he answered suspiciously, raising his eyebrow as high as he could.

“We're trying to figure out identity of mysterious hunter who lives a normal life in daylight but in night he saves lives!“ Kirishima yelled enthusiastically, throwing his arm around Midoriya's shoulder. “Maybe you haven't met him but...“

“The one who always wears hood?“ Shinso cut in and even though his face was rather emotionless, his stomach was making somersaults from excitement.

Not only he got into his dream course but he also was in class with people who — like him — met hunter? And that’s not even the end of it! They too, are trying to find out who he is! If it's dream caused by his favorite chloroformed tea he doesn't want to wake up. 

“Dude! You've also met him? It must be destiny that you got into our course! Destiny!“ redhead yelled enthusiastically, throwing his arms up. Deep in his soul he felt untold grief that he didn't have confetti.

Green haired boy laughed quietly and Shinso decided to join the group of his new classmates who took him into their bunch without any problem. He actually felt like they were ready to start chanting ‘one of us’ or some shit like that.

Wow. It was a strange thing... To be part of something. To be welcomed instead of shoed away.

“To put it simply we gather information about him and make a fast summary meetings at lunch that usually last up to five minutes. Then we go to eat. We think about some after school hours we could gather and talk about him but we'd prefer to do it when we get some real lead or plan.“ Momo explained matter-of-factly. “When we have some free time we'll tell you how we met him, okay?“

Shinso nodded.

“So... What do you know so far?“ he asked, curious about their intel.

“From what he told us we know that he is quirkless but I'm sure that he has some kind of sixth sense of finding people who are in trouble...“ started Kirishima.

“He has super good orientation! He always knows where he is and where to go!“ yelled Mina, jumping happily in place.

“He has freckles.“ said ever so helpful Todoroki.

“And soft hands!“ Yuga stated   happily, completely ignoring questioning stare of purple eyes. “We also have his email address!“

“Me too.“ he replied, shrugging. Most of his new classmates gaped at him.

“Seriously? That's not fair! If it wasn't for Aoyama we wouldn't have any way of contacting him! None at all!“ Ashido yelled with exaggeratedly grumpy expression. 

“You should have asked him for it when you meet him, genius.“ Bakugo huffed with his typical irritation.

“Right! Do you have any helpful information? Because as of right now our investigation doesn't show any progress! And we would prefer not to walk around strange places in the middle of the night in hopes of getting saved by hooded figure and asking him some question...“ Kirishima inquired.

“He's in UA, in hero course but I don't know if in A or B class. He seems to be around our age but I wouldn't bet my life on him being same year as us.“

When he ended talking he was pretty sure that the classroom will explode with the enthusiasm he seemed to evoke.

“I can't believe it! He could have been directly under our noses this whole time! He still can be... Guys!“

“Hey... The only person with freckles in UA I know is Midoriya...“ Uraraka said and suddenly everyone went quiet, looking at Izuku as hawk would watch its prey.

“Uhm... W-what...? M-me...?“ he stammered, wildly waving his arms around meanwhile trying to hide from all the attention pinned on him. “B-but I h-have a quirk! A-and I'm p-pretty s-sure that I w-would die from f-fear if I m-met even half of t-the things hunter s-saved you from!“

Shinso seized him up. Can it really be...? No. On the other hand... He did break his arm at sport festival. At the exactly same day his favorite friend has his arm in cast...

But hunter said that it was morals not some kind of fight that did it to him so... In that moment he most likely wasn’t thinking about the risk that Shinlock Hitolmes and his unworldly intellect would pose to his identity so he probably wasn’t lying nor making any alibis. Sure, he wouldn't literally say ‘Fireflake nearly burned me to death’ but he would probably use something like ‘I hit someone's wall pretty hard. Very cold wall’.   

“Everyone! Please calm down! You're upsetting our friend!“ Iida yelled though without his typical chopping motions.

If someone thought about it they would probably realize that something wasn’t right about his behavior.

“T-thanks.“ poor green child muttered, still terrified of all this attention.

“Deku. Give me your hand. I need to know if it's soft.“ Uraraka said with a very serious expression on her face.

“W-w-w-what?“ Midoriya screamed in high-pitched voice before his face was swallowed by redness so intense that he really stopped looking like human. He was more of tomato right now. And then... He has lost consciousness because it seems that shyness can actually hit someone as hard as frying pan.

Shinso was surprised that the explosive boy of pure anger who got first place in sport festival was the one to catch him.

“Congratulations. You killed him.“ he huffed irritably, leaving possibly dead body on one of empty seats.

“Aaaa! I'm so sorry Deku! I didn't mean to!“ the girl yelled, getting to her friend in the matter of seconds. Then she tried her best in waking him up by poking him. Her cheeks were colored with ashamed pink.

Hitoshi is pretty sure that Bakugo growled. Okay?

“U-Uraraka?!“ Midoriya stammered, waking up and nearly passing out again when he realized how close her face was to his.

“You're alive!“

Girl caught him into worried hug and Shinso is pretty sure that he could see boy’s soul leaving his body.

“Can we leave this subject alone for now and go eat lunch?“ Hitoshi proposed and he was rather surprised when everyone seemed onboard with his idea.

Normally people always did exact opposite of what he said to make sure that he isn't using his power on them.

When he entered cafeteria and chose his meal — dragging his feet and staying behind everyone, because eating alone isn't nice. Even in UA where food is otherworldly — he heard someone calling his name. Huh?

Though as much as it was unexpected, part of him knew that the one demanding his presence is broccoli boy. Idealistic optimist who will befriend him no matter what… His initial thought may be much more close to reality than he had initially expected. 

He decided to join this talented in breaking bones child and even took seat beside him. For science! Even if this guy isn't hunter, excluding this idea completely would be really good for his investigation, right?

“What do you think about our class?“ Midoriya inquired, sending him huge smile. Ugh… Why is this child so bright?

Shinso looked at people opposite him — robotic blue hair and brunette murdering innocent broccolis — trying very hard not to stare at I-make-snow-storms-but-I-can-burn-you-alive boy who was seated on the other side of Izuku.

“It's... Intense.“ he decided because even though he said that he doesn't want friends he wasn't going to be asshole who has only enemies. At least not now. Time will show what future hold but present is his to wield.

Right now he needed allies because those are rather helpful when you’re investigating something. And it would be pretty nice to actually have positive relationship with people who you have something in common with. Even if this something is effort of finding mysterious hooded monster killer... And talker, he supposes.

“What Uraraka said made me wonder... Midoriya are you related to hunter?“ Todoroki asked, surprising everyone to the point of complete silence.

Izuku nearly choked on his food. That would be a rather unheroic death.  

“W-what? N-no!“ he protested immediately.

“You have freckles like him!“ Uraraka said accusingly.

“Like thousands of other people!“ was his defense and to be honest... He was right.

Maybe they haven't run into anyone else with those yet but it didn't mean that there aren't people with this specific feature in this school. Shinso knew about it especially well because he wasn't used to going with his head held high and looking others at the corridors into eyes. Though it seems that he should have. To spot freckles.

Plus second and third years usually have completely different curriculum plan than their newbie selves. So somewhere deep in the heart of school could be hunter... Looking exactly as they imagined him and maybe even easy to recognize without his typical hood but out of their reach. 

“That's true. We shouldn't jump to conclusions without any evidence. Especially if it's stressing our friend.“ Iida added, though without his typical pep.

“I know. It's just...“ Uraraka stopped for a moment, biting her lip and thinking for a while. After a moment she took deep breath and rested her face on her arms. “I just really want to meet him again. You know... Get to know him and talk face to face... Without this whole secrecy...“

“Uhm... If it makes you feel better... Someday... Somewhere... I can wear hood so you can be completely sure that this mysterious hunter isn't me.“ Midoriya shyly proposed and deep inside his soul, Shinso could hear happy screaming – screeching even – of his inner Shinlock Hitolmes.

It'll be perfect evidence! Most undeniable assurance that green haired boy is or isn't hunter! Sure, him giving this idea is pretty self-explanatory but hey! One hundred percent sureness is something you don't deny in investigation!

“Really? Thanks Deku! I'm pretty sure that if you wouldn't do this I would spent rest of my life wondering if you aren't hunter after all! Or some kind of his clone or twin brother!“ Uraraka said, smiling happily.

“N-no problem.“ Midoriya answered, nervously scratching his neck.

“We should tell everyone else about it so their doubts also can be put to rest.“ Iida interjected.

“Maybe I'll just take hoodie tomorrow and put it on after school?“

“Sounds like a plan!“

“Take the darkest one you have.“ Shinso added because there was no way he was going to let go of this chance. Oh no. He had to know if this green child is his hunter friend! Because even if he has a lot of doubts about this boy being hunter... Those freckles do look a bit familiar.

This worryingly bright smile too, actually.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Right now Aizawa was really questioning whatever hunter is human or not.

IP address of his computer was showing place that could exist only in another dimension. And if it wasn't enough the localization changed from time to time.

If he wasn't getting clue to go to the Jupiter, he got proposition of checking random river in Australia. Bah! Even Bermuda Triangle showed on charts once or twice! And not even get him started on how many times he was told that mysterious boy lives in his own house! It was madness! Pure, unwavering madness!

Honestly, finding hooded figure by using his email turned out to be mistake. It made him have more questions than answers. And he had close to none of those.

From the brighter side of his life — not much brighter though — new student has come with new, enlightening information about this case. Hunter is in this school according to Shinso. And what better in one of hero courses. Huh... What a joyful and helpful knowledge.

Who knows... Maybe this worryingly enthusiastic bunch of pseudo detectives will really end this investigation with success? 

But there's one thing that Aizawa can't stop wondering about. He was expecting Bakugo to be more invested in it... Something between the lines of ‘ha! You're weak and that's why you can't find him! I'll show you how it's done!’. Instead, boy seemed to ignore everything related to hooded hunter. Kind of like he already knew the answer and didn't need to look for it.


Chapter Text


Karma really is a bitch. Senseless one at that too.

Midoriya looked at the blond boy who he remembered quite clearly. He had saved him from nogitsune and right now was being dragged away by his friend after trying to deliberately hit his head with his elbow.

“Nice dodge.“ Shinso muttered and maybe his voice didn't show it but he really was impressed.

He didn't even notice the danger nearing them before it was too late.

“Exactly! Great reflex Deku!“ Uraraka added enthusiastically.

“I agree.“ Iida said and Midoriya scratched his neck, laughing nervously.

“Thanks. I train as much as I can to be a great hero one day... And being vigilant is very important!“

“Right, right! By the way... You didn't forget to take hoodie with you, did you?“

The boy nodded with a huge smile.

“I have it in my backpack!“ he confirmed.


The rest of the lunch went without a hitch. Though it was only a calmness before the storm because when the time came everyone exploded into supernovas of excitement. When lessons ended Aizawa didn't throw them out from classroom instead opting to take a nap — how typical — while the bunch of overactive teenagers paced inside, impatiently waiting for Izuku to take off his school jacket and wear the star of the evening; black hoodie.

It didn't take boy long to get changed and within minutes everyone could admire their friend surrounded in the darkness of his new cloth. Of course, his face was hidden by a hood.

After a few long seconds, there could be heard dozens of disappointed sighs from within the classroom.

“Chickening chickens! I was sure that he is our mysterious hunter! Seriously, who else in this school has freckles and is part of the hero course?!“ exclaimed Mina, clearly showing how defeated she felt with her body language.

Most of the class silently agreed.

Izuku — compared to hunter — was... How to put it... It was a bit like an advertisement vs real product. His face wasn't shadowed as much as the person's they were looking for. His big, green eyes shone with such clarity as when he didn't have the hood on and their color could be spotted as easily as ever. Strands of his hair were crawling out from underneath material in lithe waves, escaping curly sea of his head without any problem. Those locks couldn't be stopped. Uraraka knows. She tried.

It wasn't just those small differences. No, no. There was more to it. He looked... Innocent. Like a child drowning in the darkness of this particular hoodie. Hunter was mysterious, maybe even a bit dangerous. He was one with night while Midoriya was... More like a puppy, adorably entangled in as black as midnight sky blanket.

“Can I take it off already...?“ Izuku asked, feeling a bit too self-conscious with all those critical eyes focused on him.

“Wait! I want a photo so I can compare it to a real hunter if... When I meet him again!“ Kirishima yelled, suddenly jumping from his seat to come closer to the green haired boy. He was going to get the best shot he possibly could!

“Uhm... Okay?“ Midoriya answered though he didn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea.

After a few seconds Eijiro took his phone from before his face and looked into his gallery. Good photographer knows to check out their session before their model runs away!

Kirishima's smile fell when he noticed that there was something wrong with all his takes of his friend's hooded face.

“I have dozens of photos and all of them are so blurry! Midoriya! Why is your face so out of focus?!“ he hollered, even more disappointed when he snapped some more pictures and all of them were as bad as those before them.

“Focus Midoriya! Focus!“ Ashido yelled, laughing but after a moment of happiness she got out of her seat and walked towards two boys. “Probably your phone camera is just awful! But don't fear for I, Mina, am here! Heroine Alien Queen and her modern equipment will without a shadow of doubt save you!“

After a few clicks, she showed Kirishima her screen and...

“He is blurry here too!“

“What?! Seriously?! I mean... I always thought Midoriya is really focused, especially on his studies but it seems that he is completely out of it!“

While those two were talking about how awful are their phones, Izuku took a few steps back and got changed yet again.

“Sorry... I should've believed in your words instead of making you go through this.“ Uraraka said quietly with sheepish and a bit guilty smile.

Ouch. Betraying her trust like that was nearly physically painful.

“Ahahaha, don't worry... It's no problem at all!“ he exclaimed, waving his hand and bending down to put hoodie in his backpack.

“So it's brainstorm time! Who apart of Midoriya has freckles in this school?!“ Mina yelled when she finally submitted to the truth of her phone camera being uncooperative today.

“From our year? I'm pretty sure that neither class A or B has anyone with those...“ Momo said, seemingly deep in thought.

“Wait! It's so obvious!“ Uraraka screamed and it was sudden enough to stop everyone from moving. They stayed quiet as her face showed enlighten of the highest degree.

“What is?“ Kirishima asked, walking to her and looking at her with a mix of curiousness and excitement that seemed to have transferred from her to him.

“What if the hunter doesn't actually have freckles? What if it's part of his disguise?“

The class was full of shocked gasps.

“It's ingenious! And even worked on us too!“ Kaminari yelled.

“Exactly dude! I feel like Uraraka opened before us doors to another dimension or something!“ Eijiro added, his eyes shining so brightly with excitement that they could probably work as flashlights.

“In that case... If he can use makeup to make freckles he can as well use concealer to hide some easily recognizable marks or scars!“ Momo noticed and her eyes got wider as she realized what it could possibly mean.

“So he can be anyone!“ Sero exclaimed and suddenly his eyes zeroed in Todoroki.

And then everyone was staring at him. Even Bakugo and Izuku.

“You know a lot about mythical creatures...“ Mina noticed accusingly.

“After being saved from vampire I started reading about beings of this sort. What more it can't be me because one of my hands is cold and other hot but none of them is particularly soft.“ he replied calmly, completely unfazed by his classmates' suspicion.

“Aoyama should be a judge here.“ Kaminari decided and nodded to himself impressed by his ingenious idea.

“Okay.“ their prime suspect had replied and gave his hands to Yuga who with extremely serious face inspected them. After a moment of holding one and then other, he let go and turned around to face his classmates who were waiting with bated breaths.

“Ah non! Todoroki can't be our mysterious friend!“ he said and then he went back to his seat.

“Are you sure? Like, one hundred and one percent sure?“ Mina asked, disappointed that yet another attempt at finding the truth has failed.

“Bien sûr! Even if we take into account fact that softness of someone’s hands can change quite a lot within months there’s still the fact that hunter's hand was neither as cold or hot as Todoroki’s!“

Midoriya was getting kind of worried here.

Trying to find his identity this way was actually pretty smart. Because of his extraordinary regeneration, his body was always going back to its perfect condition. Unlike most of the people, his complexion is amazingly smooth for... Something around ninety percent of his life. Unless he gets hurt or breaks something that's it. All other times he can as well be a skin model.

Aoyama found pretty much by an accident the biggest — only? — weakness of his identity hiding.

“Wait... Bakugo makes his explosions with glycerin in his sweat and this chemical component is well known to be used in skincare...“ Momo said quietly and her focused expression immediately gathered the attention of everyone.

“Dude!“ Kirishima yelled and then threw all his self-preservation instinct through the window. Accompanied by curses and snarling, he caught Katsuki's hands and released them seconds before being blown to pieces. “He has soft hands! Like, seriously amazingly soft!“

“And he also knows Deku who has freckles... Maybe he was inspired by him to use freckles as part of his disguise? Maybe he wanted us to think that he isn't hunter because Deku is?!“ Uraraka started rather quietly but was nearly screaming at the end of her statement from all the emotions she felt. It was so... Shocking but obvious!

“It all makes sense!“ Kaminari hollered.

“And Bakugo also stated that he met vampire years ago and that's why he has no idea how mysterious hunter looks like...“ Sero wondered aloud and after a few seconds of intense silence he pointed blond with his finger accusingly. “It's a perfect excuse to refrain from helping us with making a sketch of himself!“

“He always leaves chat so early! He says that he goes to sleep but what if he actually is patrolling and saving people?“ Kirishima continued.

“With his explosions, he can get anywhere in a matter of seconds!“

“And this whole 'being quirkless'? He probably tried to mislead us!“

Uraraka noticed that Midoriya was hiding his mouth behind his hands. Kind of like he was trying to stop himself from making any sound. Suspicious...

Wait! Maybe...!

“Deku... Don't tell me that you knew about it all along!“ the girl yelled, making him focus on her instead of the extremely unexpected turn that the investigation has taken.

It was no longer a laughing matter for him.

“What?“ he inquired intelligently before noticing that all of his classmates were focused on him. Counting in a very angry Bakugo. If a look could kill Midoriya would be eating cookies with Hades right now. “K-Kachan? As a hunter? No, it isn’t possible! I'm sure that if he met any kind of monster he would blow it into pieces...“

“True.“ Uraraka muttered.

“But we can't ignore the rest of our evidence!“ Kaminari screamed.

“What evidences? Those are nothing more than idiotic speculations. You seriously think that I have nothing better to do than walking around strange places in the fucking middle of the night in hopes of saving some amebas that can't stay safely tucked in their damn beds?“ Bakugo snarled.

“I find doubt in his burning personality of endless fury changing into calmness we know from hunter under the cover of the night.“ Tokoyami noticed.

“Definitely. Explosive blondie wouldn't be able to act like a decent human being.“ Shinso confirmed.

“How did you call me?!“

Hitoshi's smile was kind of scary when Bakugo suddenly froze, looking ahead with empty eyes.

“In the name of science.“ he exclaimed before clearing his throat and addressing explosive boy. “Are you a hunter?“

Everyone hold their breath when they realized what was happening. Shinso was using his quirk to learn the truth.


Yet again everyone felt utterly crushed when their lead turned out to be nothing more than their overactive imagination. What a pity.

“Are you connected to him somehow?“


Everyone's head — apart of Aizawa's who was still pretending to be asleep — shoot up.

“Do you know who he is?“

Bakugo opened his mouth.

Uraraka looked at Izuku, surprised.

“Did you say something?“ she asked quietly and then... What was that? She blinked and even rubbed her eyes but when she looked at him again everything was back to normal. Strange. She could swear that for a moment his eyes were... Unworldly.


Midoriya’s murmured answer came in the same moment as Bakugo's much louder one.

“And here I was hoping that we'll finally learn something!“ Kirishima said, clearly disappointed while Shinso looked at Izuku.

Midoriya nearly jumped out of his skin, terrified that he got caught.

“Poke him or something.“ he muttered, hiding hands in pockets of his pants. “At least we have two suspects less.“

“Hey... We could check everyone in our class this way!“ Kaminari proposed enthusiastically, meanwhile taking a few steps back from Izuku who has jabbed blond and by doing so woke beast from its trance.

Moment later Midoriya was grappling with Bakugo, not letting him pounce on Shinso. No mutilated bodies on his watch!

“You wanna go?!“ Katsuki roared.

“Hey, Midoriya... Maybe you and Bakugo should go home since we know that you two aren't a hunter and we're just going spent rest of this meeting checking the rest of us...?“ Kaminari asked nervously, trying to get even further from fuming blond. He was already on the other side of the class.

“I fucking will! And you, imbeciles, can continue your useless investigation without bothering me!“ he snarled, getting free from Izuku's hold with enough power to nearly send him tumbling to the ground.

He took his backpack and was out at the speed of light.

Very angry, ready to burn some people, light.

“Uhm... I'll try to stop him from killing random passerby...“ Midoriya muttered, taking his things and going after his friend. “See ya!“

Seconds after he left, Kirishima grabbed Shinso’s shoulders with a huge smile. It was bright but full of scarily sharp teeth. Should Hitoshi fear for his life or...?

“Brainwash me!“

Shinso blinked.


“Me next! Me next!“ Mina yelled enthusiastically, jumping in place. After a moment she suddenly stopped with wide eyes. “What if one of us knows who the hunter is but their memories got erased and only you can get them back?!“

“Mon dieu! What a scary thought!“

“I'm third in line.“ Todoroki added, raising his hand.

After a few surprised blinks class spiraled into the madness of “I'm next!“. It seemed that everyone wanted to be brainwashed. And they wanted it now. 

Shinso was sure that it wasn't normal.

Chapter Text

“I hate you“.

Midoriya scratched his neck with nervous laughter. 


“Soft fucking hands nearly got your secret identity figured out. And you're damn lucky that you somehow stopped isonomic asshole from getting the truth out of me!“ 

“Yeah, it was a close call... I hoped that if I put on a hoodie and used some illusion I'd get perfect alibi... I mean, I did but I was hoping that they'd get a new, less dangerous lead!“ Midoriya replied with a deep tired sigh. 

“And your success was a spectacular disaster. Like always.“ Bakugo snarled. 

“But at least we're both safe from their suspicion now!“ 

“What a fucking relief.“ 

For a moment they were silent. 

“Hanging out on full moon?“ Midoriya asked in an apologetic tone. 

Immediately there was a sharp smirk on Bakugo's face. 

“At least you know how to redeem yourself.“ 

Katsuki was banned from going out when the moon was full. It was a big no-no for him because Mitsuki didn't trust her idiot son with the period of time when werewolves — not even only young ones, all of them — were overactive. 

Overly, overly overactivitely overactive. Doubled or even tripled. 

Though woman would probably let him go under the ever-watchful eye of Midoriya. He was the perfect measure of safety! As a witch, he knew a lot of useful spells and as a hunter, he most likely had a wide variety of tricks that would let easily deal with the hyperactive beast. 

Sure, being a nanny for a bloodthirsty werewolf, howling with an intensity of heavy metal embodiment of Present Mic who also so happens to mutilate – or at the very least tries to — every single thing on his patch isn't Izuku's favorite idea to spent time but well... What wouldn't you do to redeem yourself in the eyes of your dear friend who can bite your leg off while you're asleep? 

Not that this leg wouldn't grow back eventually... 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

How was your day? :3

I hate you


Don't act innocent. You know what I'm talking about


You and your extremely-useful-inhuman-power-of-knowing-everything probably already knows that I'm in class A. 

Class A, as in... Hero course? Woah! I knew they would transfer you there after the sport festival! ^o^ You're just so good! 

But how do you feel? 

I mean, how awesome it is to be in your dream profile? 

I've spent half of an hour brainwashing people in my new class. 

Because they asked me to. 

No one knows anything about you but everyone wants to. 


That was unexpected. 

Izuku might or might not had a little bit too much fun acting as he didn't know about it all. He also felt immensely blessed for the fact that writing-lying was much easier than talked one for him. 

So you're still saying that you didn't have an idea about this? Ծ╭╮Ծ

I'm truly sorry that I'm not omniscient (︶︿︶)

I don't really believe you ¬_¬

What I'm supposed to do to make you? 

Tell me what year you're in. And if you're in class A or B. 

Other options? 

Your name and surname. 

Caterpillar Bag-Sleeping

Aha. So you have lessons with Aizawa too. 


Anything else I might find useful? 

Never trust Midnight when she says that test will be easy

It's a lie. Endlessly cruel one ≖_≖


Just wow. 

I mean, it's not like WHOLE school knows about it. 

I wanted to help ◕︵◕

W hen you don't want to help?  .___.

When you're talking to me with such a condescending tone :<

No. Then you want to help me change that tone so I can get along with others better and have more friends. 

Don't even try denying it. 


You know me so well


Especially your face

You can say

That my face


For a moment Midoriya stared unblinkingly at his screen. It lacked response for a worryingly long period of time. Maybe his taste in jokes was bad enough to send Shinso to another dimension? 

From now on to the end of the world you shall hold blame of my awful sense of humor. Because instead of fighting it you fight at its side. 

How forest laughs? 


Not how it fronts amusement but how it laughs. 

I'm disappointed

Now you'll never learn the truth


How forest laughs?! :<

Now you know how we feel every time we try to find your true identity

I'm forest's laughter? 

No, because I know what's forest's laughter is. 


Ps. Wanna hear about a bunch of weirdos my new classmates are? 

Always •‿•

Great because... 



Fine, fine

Stop screaming

I'm pretty sure I can psychically hear you from here

Don't use it to localize me please (;╹⌓╹)

I swear when I finally find you

I will make you 'funnyass order'

And it will be such an amazing order

That you'll stop being so funny

When you get hit with it

You mean when I get hit with the awesomeness of it...? 


When you get hit WITH it. 

And you're surprised that I'm scared of revealing my identity  ̄ー ̄

Chapter Text

Izuku though that Gran Torino's training regime was a terrifying thing to face but fight with Stain? Oh boy. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Negative ones.

And while we’re at it... Midoriya was ready to scream when Katsu — yes, the same bunny he left under the watchful eye of his mother, who knows how many miles from there — bit into criminal's ankle. He's so close to putting a restraining order on this fluffy ball of stalkingness! Who knows what horrors lie within the mind of this preciously silky monster?!

Not that his interference didn't turn out to be extremely useful. Element of surprise can be really helpful in a fight of this kind, you know?

Even this flying has Nomu realized it!



Midoriya was somewhere between screaming because 'why is it always me?!' and existentially giving up on his fate of being abducted by some kind of mutated pterodactyl. Oh well. Happens. One moment you're happy because everyone survived would-be murder by the hands of Stain and in second hellish beast descends from heavens and takes you into their custody. Or, possibly, a journey into the unknown. Who knows?

At that moment Izuku kind of regretted getting so beat up in a fight with the hero killer. Keeping the appearance of normal-student-who-isn't-hunter-nor-witch is hard, of course, it is... But why to this extent?!

Just after he opened his mouth, ready to tell this creature lacking free will to leave him on the ground and  – more importantly – alone, something strange has happened.

He was saved. By Stain.

Oh well...

It seems that this world can surprise even veterans of beast-hunting-witch sort.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Iida decided to not get surgery fixing his hands and Izuku joined him in that decision. Though he knew that within weeks his hands will be whole, without any trace of what happened with Stain so yeah... Not much sacrifice there. Oh, and Todoroki became hand crusher. Pretty catchy title, isn't it?

They also got some pretty harsh words from the police. And a bit of gratitude. Hurray.

That wasn't that bad actually. What Izuku dreaded was... Bakugo. He reacted to Izuku sending his location with a very majestic series of:

What do you want you damn nerd, I'm interning right fucking now

You're going to answer?

You got yourself into some kind of fucking apocalypse, didn't you?

Of course you did.

I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Don't die

And then — after a moment of silence — there was one more message.

What the heck was that.

Seeing as there was no angry blond boy exploding half of the city and none huge beast tearing anyone's throat... Katsuki has most likely arrived somewhere at the end of the battle. Possibly at the moment Stain saved his sorry ass from Nomu.

Midoriya sighed.

Oh well... At least he strengthened his bond with Iida and Todoroki. Yay.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

I'm pretty sure that green-child-of-broken-bones fought Stain. 

Izuku nearly choked on his own saliva while getting very close to falling from his hospital bed. 

“Everything's okay Midoriya?“ Todoroki asked and he got an apologetic smile for his trouble. 

“Yeah! I just... My friend sent me a text that really surprised me!“ he answered honestly before fixating his gaze on the screen of his phone.

He looked a bit like a hawk. Worryingly broken, fluffily green hawk. 

What do you mean? 

Don't question my sources but I know that he is in hospital (he and someone else. Maybe the guy who makes glaciers from volcanos and melts Titanics. And chairman square-face perhaps? Not 100% sure bout this though) and Stain got caught. What more there are videos about him saving salad child from ugly face with wings. 

It all makes logical sense

Especially since our class rep is Ingenum's brother

Ya know

This hero who got permanently injured by Stain? 

I'm getting seriously worried for the safety of my identity

Shinlock Hitolmes at your service 

You've made it now? 


Shinlock was born the day I swore to heavens to learn who you truly are

I created a monster

(= Φ ω Φ =)✧

I'm scared ・⌓・

You should be

But back to the subject

I bet that class rep tried to annihilate Stain and bush child came to the rescue but before that had happened, his survival instincts took one last breath and they made him call for reinforcements...

While we're at it how did he get my phone number? 

...And firedrop decided to join the party so their trio ended battling Stain. Dunno. Maybe they actually tried escaping? But my theory says that they kind of defeated and 'restrained' him but as a mastermind of crime he is, he escaped and saved the green child (it's on the video. You've seen it, haven't you? I'll send you link if you didn't). Why? Probably decided that he isn't fake hero or something shit. Makes most sense. 

Then Stain lost consciousness from all emotions of this day and voila. 

Oh no

Too much Aoyama in my life

I'm starting to spreche in French

Wyślij pomoc

Oder Katzen


You alive? Or did my bilingualism kill you? 

Are you sure you aren't a professional detective? 

I mean, your theory seems REALLY plausible

I've told you

Shinlock Hitolmes at your service

Can I employ you to make sense of my pet? 

Cause there's something wrong with him

Once, he bit a criminal

Already on it boss

Or wait

Not sure if you can afford my services

I'm paying in love?

I'm allergic to it. 

Tea with chloroform?


Your pet is a creature from another dimension sent to you by one of your werewolfly-vampirely-who-knows-what-you-fight-everyday enemies. They tried to get revenge on you but you're a nice dude so small beast taken a liking to you and instead of eating you, protects you from other filthy creatures of the night. 

Where and when can I pick up my tea? 

Okay. Shinso's deduction was becoming unnerving. 

If even his joke-theories are close to truth, it's time to pack and move to the faery realm. 

Chapter Text

All Might was a bit afraid for his life and he wasn't exactly sure why.

He had to stop two students from getting out or catching him. Nothing too hard or complicated. He's a symbol of peace! And his opponents seem to have... Specific relationship. Really, after the first heroic training he has supervised… The one when Bakugo nearly exploded Midoriya into sun, they didn't really look like friends. And even if they were it could have – and probably did –  changed after what happened, seeing how blond reacted to his failure.

They didn't interact much with each other on lessons and according to Aizawa they put up with each other fairly well but it's not enough! As future heroes, they should be capable of cooperation! No matter who they would have to fight against!

But never mind! It's time to find those two rascals!

“We can't win with All Might! We have to run!”


“I'm not fucking going anywhere damn nerd! I'll defeat him with or, preferably, without you!“

Oh well... That's nothing that old good...


...Won't fix!

All Might didn't wait for them to gather themselves after the sudden attack, instead rushing towards them. He wasn't the only one charging at an opponent though.

“Kacchan no!“

Bakugo made a blindingly bright explosion and then attacked him in quick succession of powerful blasts which would probably do a lot of damage if he wasn't fighting against the number one hero. Sadly he was facing the most powerful person that anyone has ever fought against and so it wasn't long before his face was well acquainted with the ground.

All Might waited for a few seconds, giving him a chance to get up but when he didn't do that — strange, the symbol of peace was sure he didn't hit him that hard! — he decided to focus his attention on his second and last victim.

He looked left then right and finally up... And kid was nowhere to be seen! Where can he possibly bEEEEEEEEEK!

He would never ever, ever admit to it but he nearly jumped out of his skin when someone tapped him on the shoulder. But he would truthfully admit to instantly turning around and nearly making Midoriya head shorter. Kid was lucky he had such an amazing reflexes. Or the ability to foresee reaction of scaring the shit out of the symbol of peace.

“Where did you come from, my boy?!“ he yelled, slightly unnerved by his student uncharacteristically smug expression. He was a bit too shocked to stay in his villain role.

“I'm running away... Or am I not?“ he answered and reached to take something from behind his back but All Might expected what his plan would be and so instantly immobilized him.

“You shouldn't have given your position so easily!“ hero-playing-villain-in-this-exercise declared, ready to tell boy some life-improving advice and what he did wrong. He didn't do this only because he suddenly realized a very important fact.

Midoriya didn't have handcuffs.

All Might quickly found them... On his wrists. They were deposited onto them while he was still holding his green haired student.

Symbol of peace blinked in surprise, looking at crimson rad eyes which conveyed mute but very intense 'I won'. Then the sound of exercise ending rung and man finally let go of Midoriya with deep laughter spilling forth from him.

“You've outsmarted me! I completely hadn't been expecting that!“ he admitted, ruffling boys’ hair.

Izuku had a huge smile on his face while Bakugo fought back his grin.

“Of course we outsmarted you. We're not stupid!“ blond snorted with irritation that was supposed to hide how pleased with himself he truly was.

“Kacchan wanted to fight and I wanted to run so we came to an agreement! We'll defeat you but with trick, not outright strength!“ Izuku explained enthusiastically. “Our argument on the beginning was supposed to make you less careful!“

“Truly great plan put to life by promising, future heroes! And now shoo! To Recovery Girl!“

The three of them headed toward the exit and after few steps, All Might had the pleasure of admiring Izuku happily putting hand toward Katsuki.

Bakugo fist-bumped Midoriya's high five.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Brainwashing Midnight was surpassingly nice

Without contest it sounds strange ꒪⌓꒪

With contest too ΦωΦ

Shinsoooo( ≧Д≦)


Why did you brainwash Midnight?

To pass 

You can't brainwash teachers to pass! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

It's UA

Here it isn't matter of 'can' or 'can't' but having to

It's the main reason of practical exam, ya know? 


You should have started with that ⇀Д↼


As if you didn't already know about the exam

Mister generally-heroic course

Maybe I'm in the third year and I think about interns, not exams? 


What then, Sherlock? 



There's a lot of time before internships start so don't try to wriggle out of it

I'm watching you



I'm scared (ノ´ロ`)ノ

When aren't you scared?

When I fight blood-thirsty monsters^▽^

Anyway it's a pity you're not first year hero student 

It would be nice to go on a trip together


Don't worry!

I'll stalk you down and come to visit!  ̄∇ ̄


I'll be holding you up to it.

Chapter Text

Of course.

If there was a chance — no matter how minuscule it was — that there would be a villain in a shopping center and that he would take hostage, Midoriya was the one to be the one in the middle of it. Who else could it be? After all, he's the one who can't have even a moment of serenity in his life! He should have just stayed at home like Kacchan. He would learn some useful spells, maybe new potion... But no. Here he is with Mr. 'don't move or I'll disintegrate your neck'.

He would say that at least the man doesn't have a hand on his face but... Someone's severed limb is nearly better than this face that only mother — and really desperate gremlin, perhaps — could love.

“Oi... You're the kid from USJ... You broke Nomu... I should kill you on the spot but I have a few questions so you'll live a bit longer. Unless you try something. And don't think that I'll let you off hook so easily. Not counting you I have hundreds of potential victims here and you definitely wouldn't want their premature demise... Right, mister future hero?

He took one step too far. He can threaten Izuku but not all those, innocent people! There are children that didn't even get the chance to choose their dreams yet!

“Uhm... If you want to talk maybe... You could give me your name so I would know how to call you...?“

He mentally kept his fingers crossed for his super-intelligent plan to work. Please, fall for it!

“Huh? Right, right... If I want to be famous everyone should know my name... That's why Stain is so popular!“ villain stated and Izuku was starting to think that all hope is lost because of his enemy's monologue habit but... In the end, he got what he wanted. “I'm Shigaraki Tomura. “

Midoriya furrowed his brows. It isn't his true name but... It's kind of like lock pick made perfectly for chest where the true key is so...

“True name.“ boy whispered and human language mixed with the hum of faraway waves while he attempted to get treasure hidden deep inside his foe’s soul.

If Tomura hadn't seen kid's performance in a sport festival he might have been more cautious but he did and he wasn't. And now... His mind was foggy. No... It was more than this. It was drowning in an omnipresent dream-like haze which made him completely ignorant to strange sound that boy's speech was. It was powerful enough that he didn't even bat an eye at the fact that kid somehow knew that what he told him wasn't actually his given name.

“Tenko Shimura.“ he answered absentmindedly and suddenly something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

For a fraction of a second kid's smile was sharp; it was extending nearly from ear to ear. And eyes... He knew this shine. How could he not? It was a sign of defeat... His defeat. It is, after all, what took his weapon out of commission, changing Nomu into useless, unresponsive statue.

“Let me go.“

And this hiss. Sounding like... No, curling into crazed waved of fierce ocean made from heart-piercing grieves and shrieks. Awakening something so deep and forgotten that he couldn't have possibly known its true meaning while he was still alive. It also were the first words that he had heard in what felt like an eternity of nothing more than bare feelings and memories of what couldn't be but was.

His mind was empty, coated with thick fog of someone's will in his head.

He listened.

Then his unseeing eyes fixed themselves on a kid... Creature with terrifying eyes, shining with depths of malachite unknown to mankind. If he had any control over his body, he would shudder. He was afraid that he would drown in this gaze. It wasn't human. It... Wasn't part of this world.

Shigaraki blinked.

What had just happened? He was in the crowd and he noticed a familiar, green head... Yeah, that's the child! The one from USJ! He broke Nomu! Huh... He'll be a perfect victim for a small talk! He'll answer his questions not only about what happened back then but also will satisfy his thirst for knowledge about Stain’s popularity!

With a strangely strong feeling of déjà vu Tomura crept closer to the kid and... Ugh. What is this girl doing here? Of course, she had to get there exactly now! Now brat isn't alone and getting two hostages might turn out to be a little bit problematic...

He turned around, ready to leave but... Why is there police outside?!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

In the end, Shigaraki managed to escape. It's even known how. One of cameras caught him going to one of mostly deserted parts of the building and getting swallowed by a dark void which was quickly connected to one of USJ attackers.

Meanwhile, Midoriya ended with detective Tsukauchi.

“I will ask you a few questions about what happened, okay?“

Izuku nodded although he felt a bit stressed. He already met man — after villains attempt at killing All Might — and he knew what his quirk was. He was really lucky that the man had told him how it works at the very beginning. Otherwise, he could have been in pretty big trouble. Good for him that back then — and now — he was — and still is — victim not suspect!

“Do you have any idea why the villain was doing in the shopping center?“

“I think that he was looking for something or maybe just thinking about stuff and he hoped that he'll find some answers.“ Midoriya replied truthfully.

“Do you know why he went after you?“

“It seems that he remembered me from USJ.“

Wow. This conversation doesn't seem to be as bad as he thought it would be!

It turned out that it was just the beginning.

Chapter Text

This trip was off to a splendid start.

After getting through a murderous forest full of bloodthirsty creatures with an uncanny resemblance to golems Midoriya minimally avoided coup d'etat on his... Crotch. He was so shocked that for a moment he lacked any and all words! 

As much as he was deeply hurt by the rather rude behavior of kid, he couldn't just let him plummet to premature death when — for whatever reason — he fell from division between girls' and boys' part of hot springs. What was he even doing there in the first place?! And why did he lose consciousness?! If he was afraid of heights he shouldn't have been there in the first place! 

Though, at the very least, he learned the reason why Kouta hated heroes so much and of course... He wouldn't be himself if he didn't try to change it!

What turned out to be a rather heavy task the very next day. It was even worse than school exercises which were steadily beating into ground student-part of the world's population. Ha! It's easy to see who came through hunter training and who didn't!

But... It turned out to be as much of pro as con as people started to question his minimal exhaustion. Compared to them it seemed like it was a piece of cake for him. They weren't suspicious per se. More... Suprised and maybe a bit jealous. 

Anyway, when the third day has come everyone was really excited by the idea of camp games. Of course, Izuku was fourfold as ready as anyone else for the test of courage. When it turned out that everyone but him has pair he didn't mourn at all. Ha! He's veteran of not being afraid after surviving all those night encounters with monsters! And which witch can't scare living daylight out of people? It will be easy peasy! 

“You seem really excited.“ Uraraka noticed with a small smile although she was a bit pale. 

“Who wouldn't be? It will be great!“ he answered enthusiastically, nearly vibrating with the intensity of his emotions toward going around the dark forest with people trying to terrify him. Their attempts will probably be a sad excuse of what half of the encounters with monsters he had but whatever! It's going to be super fun nonetheless!

Everything was great and all, Tsuyu and Uraraka entered the forest and suddenly... Fire. 

Freaking fire in the forest. And not even because of natural reasons. Oh no. Of course, when everyone is having good time villains have to come and destroy it! 

It wasn't long before Midoriya was coming to Kouta's rescue. What were the chances of one of the criminals going after a kid to brutally murder him? It couldn't be too high! He's just going to get him back to the camp and then...

Oh. Here his amazing luck goes. 

Izuku cut dark sky like a morning star and acquainted villain with his beautiful, red boot. Then he landed, getting himself between man and kid. It will be... Most likely extremely painful situation. If it wasn't for Kouta being here, Midoriya would attempt using one spell or another but with him here, things were a bit harder. Sure, he could erase his memories but he used hypnosis that didn't work for longer than ten —fifteen if it was his lucky day — minutes. And it could be too little time to defeat experienced villain. Even with the help of magic. After all, he can't be sure what this beast of a man has endured in his life so far. 

So what now? Old, good smashing fists into each other faces? 

Okay, maybe better not... This villain is nearly literal a mountain of muscles! Muscular, huh? It shows! 

“Ohoho! I remember you kid! Boss has few questions for you!“ he stated and Midoriya had no more than second or two to dodge being hit with strength comparable to train. 

Ha! You think that since you're so huge and strong you'll surprise him and get a hit in? No way! Years of being hunter give some abilities, ya know? Izuku fought bigger monsters than you! Sure, they had weakness he knew about and which he could easily use against them but... Well... He's going to do just fine! There's someone's life — plus his now, he supposes — at the stake so he sure as hell isn't going to lose!

For a pretty long time, man tried to attack him while he just dodged or rolled out of the way. Once or twice he even gave in to the temptation of doing Matrix-likee leaning back. True, he didn't really have a chance to counterattack but well... Playing for time is pretty cool, right? Everything's great as long as no one dies!

“My quirk lets me make so many muscles that my body isn't able to completely contain them!“ villain stated with distressing enthusiasm and oooh. That explains a lot. “You have no chance against me kid so just kindly give up before I kill you!“

“Didn't your boss want to talk with me or something?“ 

“Hahaha! As if I care! I kill whoever I want and whenever I want! Also, it's enough if we get hold of one objective! While we're at it... You don't know where this Bakugo guy is, do you?“ 

Moment of shock costed him greatly as he was painfully flung into a stone wall. Midoriya get hold of yourself! You're professionalist in dealing with monsters and you're letting your ass be kicked by some human?! You can do this, you must do this! 

When Muscular appeared above him, ready to drive his head into a mountainside, Izuku rolled to the side and instantly rushed to get up. While at it he fixated his gaze on his foe. 

“Ugh! I have enough of this! There's no fun in fighting with someone who just keeps on running away from my attacks!“ villain yelled so suddenly that Midoriya jumped, startled by his sheer volume. 

And then man lunged at Kouta and while kid squeaked loudly in terror, Izuku barely managed to get to them in time. He stood before the attacker and calculated the perfect moment to flip him over his shoulder. The problem is that the enemy caught him with his muscles and took him down with him. Seeing as he was being crushed with the weight of this huge man and he didn't have much mobility left, dodging was out of the table. Before he would manage to get from beneath this huge train of fat, he would already die twice or thrice. 

So what? Counterattack time? 

“What ya gonna do? You'll die and then I'll kill this kid! That's the kind of hero you are! The dead one! Ahahaha! You always end like this! So pathetic and weak!“ 

Five percent of power did an amazing job of absolute nothing. The man has literally continued to laugh into his face as if his attack was nothing more than a tickle! 

“L-leave h-him al-lone! D-did you t-torment my parents l-like this too before you killed them?!“ Kouta yelled throwing stones at killer's back. “It's your fault that the world is as bad as it is! If it wasn't for you, villains...!“ 

“It's their own fault for...!“the man started but it was the moment when Izuku decided that this conversation went on long enough. It's time to bid farewell to his bones and enemy!

His foe involuntarily let go of him when he got hit. All his muscles gathered in the place he was punched but it wasn't enough and he flew away, in the end leaving a decently sized crater in the side of the mountain. 

Midoriya instantly rushed after Kouta who nearly got blown from the cliff because of aftershock. When he put him back down on the ground he took a deep breath of relief. He might have one less functioning arm for now but at least they are finally saf...!

“So you can pack a punch after all!“ Muscular exclaimed, slithering from the hole his body made, with a smile that promised hundreds years worth of pain.

Oh well... Izuku still has his second hand left! 

“Hey assface, how do you live with such an ugly mug?“

All eyes fixed themselves upon the newcomer. 

“How did you ca...?!“ 

Villain didn't even get to finish his sentence as his face went blank and the body just stopped moving. 

“Stay. Don't move. At all.“ new order was given and criminal, of course, listened. He had no other choice. 

“Shinso!“ Midoriya exclaimed with a huge smile. He had never thought that he would be that happy to see his friend! And he already takes his presence in with a great amount of joy in his everyday life.

“I knew it.“ the boy said, hiding his hands in his pant's pockets to hide their trembling. “You always have to get yourself into some shi... Something bad.“

He didn't want to think about what would happen if he was too late or if the villain didn't answer him. It... Instead of two corpses, there would be three. Not a pleasant vision at all. 

“Ehehe, you see... That's what heroes are for!“

“For getting themselves killed?“ Hitoshi replied skeptically, raising his brow. 

Their chit-chat was cut short by a traumatized child which glued himself to Izuku's leg. Green haired boy didn't get a mini heart attack, surprised by this sudden action. Nope. Not at all. What are you even talking about? 

“Why did you help me? I was so awful toward you and you risked your life for me! And... And your arm... It's all my fault!“ 

Kouta's words quickly warbled into a mix of tears and snot but somehow it was clear enough to be understood so there wasn't any complaint from Izuku's side. Instead, he decided to ruffle kid's... Hat and give him a huge smile. 

“That's nothing! That's what heroes are for! Also, don't worry about my hand, it will heal! To be frank I broke myself much worse at sports festival than here so it's really not that big of a deal!“ he stated while Kouta wiped his tears and looked at him with big, glossy eyes.


“I don't want to interrupt you but... I would prefer to get as far away from this knucklehead as possible.“ Shinso murmured. He really didn't want to stop this heartwarming scene but... He was a bit afraid that random pinecone from nowhere will hit villain and then they all will be in deep shit. 

“Right... We should head back to camp.“ Midoriya decided and then he turned to Kouta. “Do you think you could help with this fire? Your quirk would be really helpful!“

Boy nodded gently. 

Their trio started going in the direction they knew they would meet teachers and they took dozens of steps before they heard the awful sound of crunching. It sounded like stone was breaking. They all slowly turned their heads around and instantly sprinted when they realized that Izuku's earlier attack — the one which broke his arm — made part of the mountain so unbalanced that it started to tumble down. Rain of pebbles definitely wasn't dangerous on itself but... There was just enough for some to innocently bounce off Muscular which gave him back control over his body. He made a sound that was less like human screaming and more like wild animal roaring.

It didn't take him long to notice them and he charged at them with a speed that Kouta's small legs nor non-physical quirk of Shinso could match.

“Go! I'll stop him!“ Izuku yelled, stopping.

They didn't listen.

Chapter Text

“We can't leave you here! You'll die!“ Hitoshi answered with irritation hiding his real fear.

“You're overreacting! I'll just break a few more bones!“ Midoriya stated, feeling a spike of panic. A minute or two more and villain will be upon them and the young witch would definitely have a much better chance without witnesses!

“You can't die! You're my hero!“ Kouta said with tears spilling forth from his eyes.

Muscular was few meters away and Izuku bit his lip, taking a fighting stance at the head of the group, ready for another one hundred percent punch when...

Forest shook with a roar so awfully loud and inhuman that even villain stopped for a moment. All of them looked around in perfect sync, wondering what could have made this demonical sound.

They didn't have to wait long for an answer because brushes near them rustled and a creature that came from behind them was...

“Bunny? Ha! What are you doing here, mini kebab? Wanna play with big boys?“ criminal asked mockingly, turning from his human victims toward animal one.

Pet crinkled its nose and then completely ignoring his potential killer, turned its fluffy head toward Midoriya.

Izuku could have sworn that in one second those small, green eyes shone with bloodthirst even stronger than the one he had felt from Stain. His conclusion turned out to be true when not even second later animal lunged at the enemy. Not jumped. Lunged.

Amused expression of Muscular contorted into pure agony and horror when pet without any problem whatsoever bit through his steadily growing muscles. It dug underneath his skin. His pained screaming was soon followed by terrified yelling of Shinso, Kouta and Izuku.

It... Was distressing. The way they could see something alive writhing under numerous layers of tissue and devouring its foe from inside out.

After a few endlessly long seconds of making very loud sounds, Shinso covered Kouta's eyes while Izuku rushed forward, ignoring Hitoshi's attempt at stopping him.

What is this suicidal child of greenery doing now?!

“Katsu no! You can't do that! Spit it out this instant! You don't know where it was! And damn it, come out right now! Bad Katsu! You can't kill people!“

Then he whistled as if he was calling a dog and...

Suddenly —though not exactly unexpectedly — man's body hit the ground limply and after few seconds, from his blood soaking shoulder, came small head bathed in dark, red liquid. Bunny once again tore skin open but this time to get out. When he jumped from a possibly dead man, he shook off some of the filth occupying its fur and then hopped to his owner, innocently wrinkling its nose.

Kouta passed out and Shinso decided to acquaintance insides of his stomach with the outside world.

“Don't come back unless you got rid of all this blood and guts young ma... Bunny.“ Midoriya stated though he was having a hard time making his voice sound dead serious. He was feeling kind of sick himself.

Katsu blinked with his huge, green eyes and crinkled its nose while sending him look that conveyed silent 'I'm helping you and that's how you thank me?' and then he turned around and hopped somewhere. Wherever it was... Izuku didn't want to know.

Midoriya took a deep breath and then he quickly checked if Muscular was still alive.

Huh. His muscles were devoured from inside but it seemed that Katsu didn't get through any arteries because man still breathed. That's good.

“What in the ever-loving fuck was that?“ Shinso asked weakly, looking around with terrified eyes.

Izuku opened his mouth.

Hitoshi blinked, surprised by the sudden change of scenery.

“What happened?“ he murmured. For the life of his, he couldn't remember how he ended with unconscious Kouta on his back. He could have sworn that last time he looked behind, mountain they have left Muscular on was much closer to them.

“You don't remember?“ Midoriya asked with startled, maybe even shocked expression.

“I have no idea what happened after I brainwashed that asshead.“ he admitted, worry bubbling inside of him.

“Something... Emerged from the forest and attacked him. Kouta passed out and we had to run away... It must have been so traumatic that you subconsciously erased it from your memories.“ the green-haired boy answered and Hitoshi decided to take it as sufficient explanation of what really happened. What else could have taken place there after all? If Muscular was freed from his mind control and attacked them, Shinso would definitely remember it! It's not something you forget easily... Or at all.

“Aha.“ he murmured, looking somewhere ahead. “It... It was that bad?“

Midoriya bit his lip and looked to the side, nodding.

“I remember only blurred fragments but... It was really terrifying.“

Shinso hasn't said anything, still looking absentmindedly somewhere far away. He wasn't going to ask for more details about it. Something told him that he didn't want to know what happened. Why would he when it was traumatic enough for his brain to erase it in the first place?

After a few minutes of walking, they stumbled upon Aizawa who let them go to Mandalay with a very important message although not without doubts. As for him; he took Kouta and with his help proceeded to extinguish the fire.

Two boys rushed forward but before they disappeared from their teacher's point of view, he stopped them for a moment longer.

“Shinso, make sure that the problem child doesn't get himself killed.“

“I'll try but I'm not a miracle worker.“

And then they left. Hitoshi pretended that he didn't notice Midoriya's pout which very obviously delivered 'I can take care of himself' (not that his broken arm would agree). He wouldn't admit to it but he was kind of curious about how bad it would be if he used this limb again in one hundred percent attack. Seeing the sports festival and how his fingers broke like plates under truck tires... Maybe he actually doesn't want to know.

“So... Villains want to get Bakugo?“the purple-haired boy asked.

“And most likely me.“

Shinso stopped for a moment.

“Are you stupid?! You should be with Aizawa right now!“

Izuku rose his hand in a defensive motion, starting to walk again and his companion went after him as he didn't have any other — or more like a better — choice. Leaving him out of his sight for a second would most likely mean few more broken limbs. Ugh.

“After an encounter with Muscular... I'm afraid that the rest of the villains might be just as strong as him and if they'll have to focus on two targets instead of one, the rest of student will be a bit safer. And I'm really good at dodging attacks and not getting kidnapped!“

Hitoshi's only answer was really, really, REALLY skeptical stare.

There was no more time for conversation as two of them stumbled upon Mandalay. They helped her a bit in a fight, relayed message and of course Izuku didn't tell her that he's one of the potential kidnapping targets but Shinso did.

Unfortunately, Wild Wild Pussycats had no time to stop him before he rushed forward; to find Bakugo. And the purple-haired boy had no other choice than to follow this suicidal kid which... Wait. Where is he? He was here a moment ago! He just run behind this tree! What the fuck?!

Hitoshi stopped for a moment, squinting his eyes suspiciously.

Midoriya just disappeared. Same way hunter always did. It definitely wasn't his technique of Full Cowling as he would notice from far away this specific green smudge of energy. Especially in this all-encompassing darkness.

Shinlock Hitolmes decided that Izuku in hood wasn't one hundred percent evidence of innocence after all.

And that means that broccoli child might be a hunter. And Bakugo probably knows something.

Chapter Text

Bakugo was ready to blast this fucking forest into space.

He felt cornered. What worse he couldn't just transform and mutilate this damned villain because this stupid snowflake wouldn't leave him alone. Katsuki, unlike Izuku, didn't have any ways of erasing memories so... No murder time for him. Instead, he's going to fight not only for survival but against his own instincts that tell him to change into his more ferocious form and go on the rampage. What a shitty situation!

When he got a telepathic message from Mandalay, the situation became even worse. Sure, they got permission to fight but those fucking villains dared to make him a target! They thought that what? He's so weak that he's just going to let himself get kidnapped? What more they were threatening his pack! Not only did they attack his class but they also directed their attention toward both alfa and beta! Ugh! They're lucky that most of his human group is safe because of their own stupidity and a failed exam! If they were in danger too... Guts would fly everywhere!

“We need a plan!“ half cold half hot bastard stated. Katsuki was ready to growl at him though not in his typical, irritated way but in more animal-likee fashion.

“Fucking plan is to hecking murder this piece of shi...“ he didn't get to finish his sentence as the earth beneath his feet shook and trees flew through the night sky. “Damn it, what is it now?!“

“Use fire!“ Mezo yelled while huge, shadow bird sucker-punched toothy villain.

'What the actual fuck' came through Bakugo's mind but instead of asking it out loud he stopped Shoto who seemed ready to burn this whole place to the ground.

“Wait until he destroys this wimp.“

Todoroki complied and when Moonfish got a free ride into space — courtesy of angry Dark Shadow's airlines — two boys used their quirk to stop angry bird's murderous attempts on their classmates' lives. A little lot of light and there's nothing to fear anymore!

“What are you doing here you damn nerd?! Villains are trying to get you so you fucking should hide, not run around the forest like some kind of imbecile!“ the very second Bakugo's eyes laid on the green ball of misery which Mezo held, the scolding started. “And you! What's up with you? You're mother hen or what?!“

“There was no time, I had to get him before Dark Shadow would.“ multi-handed hero explained, finally setting Midoriya down on the ground.

“And I couldn't just leave you! They want to capture you too!“

“I can fucking take care of myself, damn nerd!“

“Forgive me as my control has been put under trial I did not win which put you all in mortal danger. I am greatly thankful for rescuing me from grasps of darkness but still, shame is surging through my veins because of my great failure.“ Fumikage joined the conversation when two boys stopped arguing for a moment. Right now they were glaring at each other with determined.

“You helped us get rid of powerful villains and everything turned out alright. Don't worry about it.“ Todoroki was first to reassure his classmate, surprising everyone.

“Exactly! And now... We should get back to the main camp. We need to be really careful and don't give villains any opportunity to get to the Kacchan.“  Midoriya stated but he was put under so many scrutinizing glares that he quickly understood his mistake. “And... Uhm... Me.“

“You're the one we need to protect because I fucking have this thing called survival instinct!“ Katsuki snorted and then they finally started walking.

After a few minutes of their journey, blond suddenly stopped and strained his muscles as if ready to pounce. The hair on his arms stood straight and if he was in his werewolf form, Midoriya was pretty sure that he would look like a bristling guard dog that noticed thief.

“Vampire." he hissed so quietly that only green-haired boy heard him.

Izuku's eyes flicked with understanding before he was charging forward.

“Midoriya?“ Shoto asked and after a second of shock, everyone was sprinting after him.

Their group was greeted with the sight of Uraraka pinned down to the ground by unknown blonde which was saying something to her while showing off her inhumanly sharp teeth in a huge smile.

“Vampire...“ Todoroki said quietly but not quietly enough.

The girl instantly rose her head and Uraraka used the fact that psycho attention wasn't on her anymore. She managed to push her of herself before she could stab her with suspiciously looking... Something. Mutated needle? Who knows!

“Oh wow! Someone knows legends!“the blonde stated enthusiastically, jumping back and taking a good look at newcomers. Her eyes firstly stopped on Midoriya and shone in a way that made his 'stranger danger' and 'bad touch' warnings go wild. Then she focused on Bakugo. Her expression went serious for a moment but then as quickly as she lost her smile, she came back to her joyful behavior. “Oh! I get it, I get it... There's a teeny weeny too much of you so better not to get into a fight! So... Bye-bye! And see ya Tsu! Farewells my dear besties!“

She left with inhuman speed.

“Look out!“ Uraraka yelled suddenly, pointing her finger at their little group but before they turned around it was too late.

Fumikage, Bakugo, and Midoriya were gone while strange, masked man jumped far away from them, holding three small spheres and showing them proudly to students.

“Ah! I must thank Himiko for her great performance! She managed to grab your attention just long enough for me to succeed in my mission! Playing you was child's play!“ he stated, barely dodging wave of incoming wave of ice.

“Give them back!“ Ochaco yelled, lunging forward the same moment she realized what happened.

“What about... No? And now, excuse me but if you have nothing interesting to offer me I'll take my leave! My companions are waiting for me and the success in our mission I'm going to bring! Adios!“

Villain started running, using trees to propel himself further and further away. The group of heroes in training, of course, rushed after him.

“We won't get to him on time at this rate!“ Uraraka noticed, starting to panic.

“If you used your quirk on us, Tsuyu would be able to shoot us after him and Shoiji's arms would let us maneuver in the air better!“

“Great idea Deku! Wait... Deku?!“

Everyone stopped for a moment, baffled by their friend's sudden appearance but they quickly rushed forward again when he didn't halt in his quick steps.

“I was able to escape but the villain still has Kacchan and Tokoyami! We need to save them!“

“Alright... Let's put your plan into motion!“ Uraraka said with newly found determination.

Not even seconds later three of them were sailing through the air.

A few meters away Shinso rubbed his eyes and then sighed heavily, following a trail of this classmate-shaped star.

No doubt he'll have some interesting stories for all of his frien... Hunter.

Chapter Text

Mr. Compress lunged at the poor, unsuspecting floor which, to be honest, was rather rude. Even for great villain of his kind. Though, for his defense, three heroic students did pretty much the same thing but to him. Ah, that's truly karma at it's finest.

Then the criminal transformed into marble when someone shot fireball towards this huge pancake made out of humans.

If Dabi wasn't as existentially tired as he was, he would probably take a second to admire green, broken child — isn't he also the one they need to catch? Didn't Compress say that he got him? — not only managed to dodge his attack but also save Shoji from getting burned. Shoto was lucky enough to have been on the side of the attack that was easy enough to bypass. Getting hit with those hellish flames definitely wouldn't do him any good.

Twice had attacked Todoroki, Himiko lunged at Midoriya and when he dodged her, Mezo nearly managed to knock her down.

Meanwhile, Mr. Compress seemed to have an existential crisis.

“What...? How did you get free?!“

Dabi can swear that while dodging Himiko's attacks, the kid smiled inhumanly widely and winked at him. Though when he looked around he realized that he was the only one who has seen it so... Maybe it was just his imagination?

“Great. Do you have other two at least?“ he asked, showing with his unhappy tone how much he enjoyed this retarded company.

“I managed to get them.“ Shoji butted in, showing two marbles.

“Ha! It was just a trick! I deceived you!“ Compress exclaimed mockingly. Knowing him he was going to boast about his achievements some more but before he could, they all saw the light. A laser beam came from behind bushes and shot man into his mask.

Everyone moved as one and the situation took a very fast pace.

Izuku stopped Toga from stabbing Shoji which gave him just enough time to snatch one of the marbles. Meanwhile, Shoto was beaten to getting the second one by Dabi who quickly retreated with a hostage to other villains.

“Turn him back. I want to be sure that we have explody kid.“ he said and Mr. Compress complied, while Midoriya let go of Himiko. She jumped back while pointing her finger at him, then her fangs and finally at her neck with a very unnerving smile.

Last few meters to villains she rushed through with even more concerning 'I hope you'll be bloody when we met again'. Her giggle made his skin crawl.

Meanwhile, Bakugo appeared in Dabi's arm, slowly sinking into a portal with a villain who held him firmly. His eyes instinctively landed on Izuku and for a moment the world seemed to slow down. Katsuki seemed to be somewhere between panicking and yelling angrily 'Deku no' while Midoriya... Seemed determined to do something. Most likely very stupid something.

“Stay.“ blond snarled before his world was drowned in the darkness.

Before the portal closed green smudge cut through clearing, in hot pursuit of villains and hostage.

Todoroki and Mezo watched in shock as their friend pretty much lunged into a sweet embrace of death. Tsuyu and Uraraka left treeline just to fall onto their knees, pinned down by the weight of what just happened. Shinso arrived seconds after them and stopped dead in his tracks. If he has been there just a little bit sooner...

Why none of them could do anything?!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Izuku isn't exactly sure what happened but after an all-encompassing feeling of darkness he woke up chained to the chair. How nice.

“Fucking nerd... I told you to stay.“ Bakugo whisper-snarled when he realized that his companion has finally opened his eyes.

“Sorry. I haven't thought it through.“ the boy answered just as quietly with a sheepish smile.

Their low-volume conversation was stopped by the mad man's cackle.

“Haha! UA is done! Best school in the country! More like the worst one! Attacked by villains not only the second time but with two students kidnapped!“the pale-haired villain said, definitely too cheerfully for hostages taste and then he turned around to look at them.

Suddenly his expression fell from worrying happiness to something disgusted and kind of disgruntled.

“You!“ he exclaimed, stepping closer and pointing an accusatory finger at Midroiya's forehead. “I have questions! What did you do to Nomu? And how did you know I was in the shopping mall? I know you're the one who called the police! But how? And when?“

“Better question is what  the fuck do you want from me?“ Bakugo replied with his own question, doubly more irritated than ever before.

“Later... Now I want answers.“ the villain brushed him off and then stepped even closer to Izuku.

He was two feet away and well... It was a dangerous distance. Even very, seeing what his foe's quirk was.

Seeds of panic started to sprout deep inside Midoriya as no matter what he would do, it wouldn't end well. There was no way he was getting himself out of this situation without using magic but the chance of erasing everyone's — apart of Bakugo — memories was infinitesimal. Especially since there's a vampire in the room and without his faithful bag with equipment, fighting her off may turn out to be an awfully hard task.

To be frank his only advantage was Shigaraki's name. It was his only card so he had to play it right in this poker.

Oh dear lord... He can't play poker!

“Step back.“ he said and his words were nothing short of emotions entangled into whispers sliding through windows like vernal rain.

A good first move would be to get a chance of getting some room to think about what to do next, right? Especially since villains have no idea what he is truly capable of. Or... At least not in inhuman terms. Even the vampire doesn't know what he is!

Not that it stopped her from enthusiastic clapping and murmuring something along the lines of “so pretty and shiny“ and much less innocent “I want to bathe him in blood“ which soon evolved into “everything is more beautiful when it's bleeding“. As bad as it was it turned out that in villains quarters was something worse. Much, much worse.

While his enemies watched with bafflement as Shigaraki retreated with a strangely empty expression, television suspended above their head flickered back to life.

Chapter Text

 “Ah, I see. Tomura, you can get rid of him. Faeries crossbreeds are immensely problematic if you let them live too long.“

His heartbeat rate quickened and for a moment world ceased to exist because his mind was devoured by pure, unshakeable panic.

Unseelie. The mysterious boss of villains is  unseelie  and it isn't even the worst part. Even though the creature could be on the other side of the country, just looking at his silhouette hidden by shadows, Midoriya could feel encompassing him the rotten stench of black magic. Putrid, hateful corruption... Disasterous spells which were forbidden for very good reason, all entangled around the man with such an intensity that its power leaked through all realms of existence. 

It wasn't just bad anymore. Right now he was in such a monstrously awful situation that nothing short of a miracle could save him. 

Shigaraki once again stepped toward him and he opened his mouth in hopes of saving his life with some spell. He completely ignored his surroundings — Bakugo angrily fighting with his restrains and villains trying to stop him from breaking out — and focused but before first words could pierce the air, he felt like he was choking. Of course. Dark magic user is against him. How could he have thought it would be that easy?

Seconds before Tomura's hands could meet his head, he managed to free himself with the help of nonverbal magic. Learning it was hard but right now he was immensely thankful to his past self that he did so. Who would have thought that eventful meeting with slime villain would end up bringing so much good to his life? 

Chair skid back and then fell harshly, while he jumped back, trying to stop himself from putting his hand up to his throat. The feeling of choking was getting stronger and stronger with every passing minute and he had no idea how to detain it. Is there any spell against it? If there is, would he be able to use it without verbal incantation? Can there even be anything done to halt it? Dark magic is... Powerful. And he isn't! Not yet! 

“Oh? A witch with faery blood? How could such a distressing rodent escape me? Not even one too... Where is the nest you crawled from, hm? It needs to be burned down before more problems arise. Especially the one that managed to keep your plague hidden for so long.“ 

For a moment choking feeling was replaced by sheer terror. He was threatening his mother. Izuku has endless faith in her abilities but... This man uses black magic. And it's not only extremely powerful but also equally dangerous for everyone. Even experienced witches. Midoriya can't let this monster hurt his family! No way! 

Sure, he is a witch but he had learned his lessons long ago. If you can't defeat something with sheer power? Then use other means. He really needs to thank his teacher for teaching him this. To be frank, he should for his whole hunter training. He might even do this if he survives. 

If he can't win with his magic... 

Midoriya let Shigaraki lunge at him, using his weight distribution to judo throw him to the ground. Then he took the chair and send it toward his enemy with all his might. Sadly item was absorbed by a black hole that not long later gave him object back. He ducked down and managed to not get decked in the face with it.

Although he dodged he wasn't safe. He felt dizzy and with corners of his eyes, he noticed room getting devoured with strange darkness. It was crawling toward him and he had a strange foreboding feeling about it; one touch and you're done. The situation didn't look too good for him but it wasn't over yet. 

Because Izuku never gives up. He always fights and he always will. To the very end.  

Twice was the closest one to the green-haired boy and he tried to use it to his advantage but instead of getting him into the embrace of incoming doom, he was undercut by him and ended on the ground. Meanwhile, Midoriya rushed to get up, ignoring world that swirled around him dizzyingly — it's not the first time he has to fight under definitely less than ideal circumstances, pfff, what hero was ever stopped by such a small thing as no chance of victory whatsoever? — and used the arm of Kacchan's chair for acceleration. He jumped with such a force that Mr. Compress, whose mask meet his beautiful red shoe, became well acquainted with the floor. 

Then with small help of Full Cowling he minimally dodged Toga — he planned on having a much bigger distance between himself and her... It was a close call — and dived under a wave of Dabi's flames which thankfully ended on Himiko. Izuku's next course of action was rolling under brunet's legs and getting to the bar. There, he barely avoided Kurogori's portal and he managed to catch him. Thanks, Kacchan, for finding this weakness of black mist man. 

Midoriya didn't take hostage because he knew that it would be useless. Everything he did was nothing more than hopelessly fighting for time, while darkness crept from everywhere around. He wasn't even exactly sure what he was fighting for — apart of survival — not that it stopped him from giving his all. 

Just after Izuku hit Shigaraki — who thought himself good at sneaking — with Kurogiri, he got a good grip on random bottles from behind the bar and threw it in Dabi's direction. His dizzyingly swirling vision completely deprived him of aim and consequently, two objects collided. Drinks ended on the ground in an ungraceful heap of glass and liquid. 

“You think I'm stupid enough to set in on fire, kid?“ Dabi mocked.

You? No. Me? Yes.

Or at least that's what he would say if choking feeling didn't steal his ability of speech.

He was lucky that fire spells were easy enough for him to learn without having to say incantation out loud. 

As the floor was devoured by powerful flames, feed by alcohol, he dived under the counter. That's when Magne decided to make their move and... After somehow bypassing fire they were shocked to not find Izuku where he was supposed to be.

While this small apocalypse took place, Spinner was politely standing in the corner of the room, fanboying. It's clear to see why Stain thought Midoriya worthy of being called a true hero! What a conviction! Such a will to fight! 

Meanwhile, Izuku took — or at least tried to — deep breaths through the nose, heavily leaning on doors leading to this nightmare of a bar. He wasn't able to go further than a few meters, for whatever reason magically exhausted even though he barely even used his power. Choking feeling was starting to seep from his throat to his whole neck and he was pretty sure that he doesn't have much time left. It can get to his lungs at any moment and then... What then? 

What then?! 

He can't just go... Kacchan is still inside and he can't leave him there! Even if he manages to call help what with him? No matter how fast he would contact his mother and how quickly she could arrive... It could be too late for his friend. 

Izuku couldn't let the worst-case scenario happen. He needs to fight. To do something. But what? 

He felt someone's presence in a corridor before he saw it and he instantly snatched doorknob, ready to save his skin by entering this deadly trap full of villains. Sadly it was too late. 

His body collapsed to the ground, mostly still on the corridor while his head rolled inside. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki was ready to explode. In every single possible meaning of this world.

If it wasn't for this choking, dark tar swimming swiftly through the air— magic? No, it can't be. He has never seen it so... Solid. — he would have long ago thrown any and all precaution to Tartarus and used his wolf form to get free. Then he would mutilate all those morons until they were nothing more but ribbons of meat and droplets of blood. No one would ever find their bodies! And even if someone did, they would have a fucking expert-level puzzle to piece together!

Of course strange, choking thing in the air —Katsuki still couldn't come to terms with the fact that it could actually be magic — wasn't enough to stop him from struggling. His bonds, even though made to withstand huge pressure, were weakening steadily. Bakugo could feel metal break and material tear bit by bit. Adrenaline, survival instincts — not only for himself but also for his friend — and inhuman strength gave one hell of a punch.

 Don't fucking die nerd. This werewolf is going to show them who is a real predator in this room! They will be put in their place in no time at all!

While Midoriya disappeared under the bar's countertop, Bakugo's hair stood up. His intuition told him to hurry the fuck up. Something is... Wrong. Really, really wrong. Someone is coming. Someone who even Katsuki doesn't want to face.

Suddenly this black... Something crawling through the room became unbearable and even though his vision was completely drowned in the darkness he didn't freeze. He kept on struggling and finally managed to free one of his hands. After that taking care of the remaining binds was laughably easy.

He squinted his bloody red eyes, trying to see past blackness. He finally caught sight of the pseudo boss of villains but before he could lunge... Doors were swung open.

“Take rid of body Tomura. I have more important matters to attend to.“

For a few, painfully long seconds Bakugo's mind couldn't grasp the reality that he was in. It was... Too terrible. Terrifying. It couldn't be true. It couldn't. But then one of the villains moved and all noises buzzing in his ears just disappeared. Everything came back to focus with doubled —even tripled — power and his hands started shaking for a different reason than before.

All his negative emotions and grief, guilt for being too late... It devoured him in a wave of fury so strong that choking darkness didn't matter anymore. Even if it truly was magic — the worst possible one; the black magic — he wasn't going to honor it with any kind of attention.

His soul was burning. He needed to revenge his friend. He was ready to lunge at the real leader of villains, no matter how powerful he was. Man was lucky to have escaped his wrath... Otherwise, Bakugo would have sunk his fangs deep into his throat and torn him apart!

Before Shigaraki could take a second step toward the body, ready to disintegrate it, there was an explosion and then something lunged at him. With a quiet “what the fuck is it?“ he tried to get a grip on the monster that unluckily for him was faster. It bit into his shoulder and jerked him around as if he was nothing more than a ragdoll. Then he threw him at a wall with uncanny strength before nimbly dodging blue flames.

Steely crimson gaze took one long look at his surroundings as he readied himself to massacre his enemies.

Kurogiri came to Tomura's aid, Toga was watching him with unnervingly wide smile half-leaning on countertop, Compress was most likely hiding somewhere, Spinner seemed to have an existential crisis, Magne was in some kind of shock, Dabi observed him carefully staying completely still, Shigaraki tried to get up and Twice attacked him. Or at least that was his intention.

Instead, werewolf used man's acceleration for his advantage, tripping him with his own body. Masked villain landed on the ground with enough force to somersault a few times and end up in a very intimate relationship with the wall. He probably won't get up for some time. Good.

Katsuki wasn't exactly sure why he did it but he took guarding position near a body of his friend, snarling at enemies and telling them with his eyes that if they dare to as much as think about coming closer, there will be hell to pay. Making them see insides of their throats was the nicest thing on his to-do list.

“Uh, come on. He's dead. And we just want to talk with you.“ Tomura said when he finally pulled himself relatively together. Kurogiri managed to bandage his arm already.

Bakugo's only reaction was low, warning growl.

“Let's play then!“ Toga yelled happily and moved from her spot on the countertop.

After a blink of an eye, the two of them were rolling on the ground, savagely fighting for the upper hand. While she tried to stab or bite into him — she's happy with both options, really! — he did everything in his power to claw her eyes or this stupid smile off. And face. Especially face.

Katsuki was doing good — great even! — until Magne decided to help Himiko. And then Dabi also joined the fray and okay, the situation was starting to get out of control... Why there are so many of those fuckers?!

Within a corner of his eye, Bakugo noticed Shigaraki lurking toward the body of his friend but as much as he was ready to tear him apart if he dared to come any closer, he was rather occupied with three other foes.

When Tomura reached out his hand towards Midroiya's corpse, something knocked him off his feet with the most ferocious roar he ever had unpleasure of hearing. Man instinctively threw the attacker off himself and within seconds he learned that his fearsome foe was... Bunny.

Unluckily for him, there was no time for laughter or surprise as the small beast was thirsty for his blood. Maybe at any other time, it would be funny but right now Shigaraki was a bit disturbed. This thing was fast and.. Ouch! Did it just bit into his arm?! Since when rabbits have sharp enough incisors for that?!

Tomura was nothing but angry at this whole situation — it spiraled out of control enough for his mentor to have to interfere! What does it say about his abilities?! — and he had no intention of playing around with this rodent. While the rabbit was still holding onto his arm with death-tight grip and teeth sunken much deeper than it should be physically possible, Shigaraki lifted his second hand.

Tiny best's fur quickly turned into dust but somehow... Something went wrong. Creature didn't pass away, instead... Changing.

With the help of adrenaline and sheer terror flowing through his veins, Shigaraki managed to pull the creature out of his arm and jump back. It was nothing short of a demon and now... Now it was free. Without its small, fluffy cage of a body, it stopped being rabbit... Or any animal for that matter. Its silhouette was long, dark and shapeless. It was made of shadows so thick it stopped being a mere shade anymore. It was flowing around with the ease of half-liquid, but it headed towards him with the full intensity of solid body. It was... He could abyss staring into his soul, ready to devour it without any mercy.

Kurogiri managed to send beast away — to the first location that came to his mind — just in time to save him, but Shigaraki could still hear its terrible roar of fury. Sound so inhuman and blood-curdling that even endlessly furious Bakugo had to admit that something was wrong.

Meanwhile, Katsuki acquainted Dabi's face with Magne's back, bitterly thinking how nice it was to have a backup. Fucking awesome. Especially since it lasted so damn long.

Toga used the moment when he was occupied with getting rid of two of her companions to slam him with her full strength into the wall. He hit it hard and then landed with a loud thump on the ground. Ah... To hell with it! At least one of his rib is cracked like an egg but whatever! It's better than if it was a leg. He can still fight.

Werewolf lunged at vampire while Dabi with half-conscious Magne tried to get up and Shigaraki once again stalked towards the body. Ugh! How many tries does it take to kill something that is already dead?! Disintegrating him is a matter of a few seconds! So why the world is trying to stop him from that so damn hard?!

Tomura leaned over the corpse, reaching out with his hand but jumped back when it jerked.

What the actual fuck?

Shigaraki watched in an absolute stupor as the body started trembling violently. It was so... So unnatural. It looked like something was trying to crawl from inside. It was alarming enough that for a moment the world around him ceased to exist. Background sounds of fighting were forgotten and even Kurogiri anxiously calling his name didn't register in his mind. Tomura was too focused on this strange phenomenon.

Suddenly — finally? — something pierced through stomach and... Is it a hand? Fucking damn... Is it an arm?!

Villain took step back and stumbled into Dabi who abandoned battle with the werewolf in favor of checking what made their pseudo-leader freeze so suddenly. Part of him regretted this decision as the scene was... Ugh...

Just after the first arm, the second came and then, from within depts of stomach emerged head. Creature crawled out, caked with blood and no less shocked and panicked than villains watching him.

Midoriya came back to the world of the living... In the most distressing way imaginable.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

She could smell blood from the very beginning of the corridor.

She rushed through the last part of the distance in a dead sprint but at the entrance, she froze for a moment. Her expression changed from threat showed with feral snarl into shock.

She was too late... But not too too late.

Izuku's body laid on the ground, bloodied and beheaded while he was sitting at the top of his mutilated stomach. There, sticking out of his bareback was a pair of wings caked with a layer of blood thicker than they, themselves were with only crystal green parts glistening from scarce parts where scarlet was absent. And when the boy turned his head towards her — with speechless terror stealing all other emotions from his expression — she noticed his unnaturally long, elf-likee ears and those otherworldly eyes. Shining malachite which surface could as well be part of the cosmos with its seemingly endless depth. Pupils were absent, replaced by a flare so bright it probably would be able to lighten up a dark room. Those sure as hell weren't human irises.

If it wasn't for the situation at hand Mitsuki would probably be bewitched by this familiar — even though so alien — creature but right now she didn't have time for this.

Woman threw her hoodie at him and then once again took her wolf form. Toga didn't even try to fight her and instead, she hid behind Dabi, ready to sacrifice him to her foes. Hey! With one natural enemy she could fight but two? She's crazy, not stupid! Also, she can't just die! Look how much blood is here! She can't get killed when the surroundings are so, so beautiful! Though it would make a really cool grave... Hm...

“We're getting out of here.“the woman growled and for once in his life, Bakugo wasn't going to argue. At all.

Two of them turned towards exit and Katsuki froze for a moment, finally noticing the gruesome scene that was Izuku's rebirth. Mitsuki didn't have the same problem and after making sure that kid had donned her hoodie, she caught it in her teeth and lifted him. She was a huge, powerful wolf ready to annihilate anyone who tried to as much as think about standing on her way out.

Kurogiri must not have caught the memo as a black hole opened just before the doorway to the corridor.

Katsuki took a defensive stance, ready to fight until his — and his enemies' — last breath but before anyone could react few things happened in quick succession.

Inko has appeared.

All Might emerged through the wall.

When the dust cleared there were only pro heroes and villains in the room.

Chapter Text

All Might nearly jumped out of his skin when someone poked his shoulder. Can, he was holding, exploded and he turned around to look at the person who spooked him. And now of all the times! He was already dying out of stress! Two of his students... His successor! They were abducted! And if villains' leader is truly All For One...

He really needed to take a few deep breaths. That's why he was here — out of the meeting room — in the first place. He was getting himself something to drink when he got startled by...

“Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.“

Blond blinked, surprised.

“I-it's alright!“ he exclaimed readily, mentally cursing himself for his unprofessional stutter. Though it isn't his fault! He was so surprised to see her here! “What are you doing here, ma'am?“

Inko smiled nervously.

“I was just walking by and noticed you... I... Um, here. For luck. “ she answered, presenting him a tangled mass of black stones, suspended on equally dark twine. “I hope your mission will go smoothly.“

He absentmindedly took the gift, focusing on gloom surface of gems and after a moment of thought, he slipped it onto his wrist, under his hero costume's sleeve. It was flat enough to not catch too much attention but too convex to not being completely invisible. Although it could gather some questions, All Might was going to leave it be. It made him feel kind of... Safer. More sure of his mission's success.

“Thank you. Please do not worry, I will bring your son safely back home.“ he assured her, looking at her with a huge smile but then he froze for a moment. “Um... How do you know about... The mission?“

He blinked.

Why is his lemonade crushed? And what is this new feeling on his wris...?

“All Might! Don't fool around and get your ass back here! Do I have to repeat how important this mission is?!“

Blond didn't even manage to end his process of thought as he was attacked by an angry, old man.

While hero number one was explaining himself to his stern mentor, Inko continued her journey. She knew exactly how the future was going to look like and what she had to do to change it. She sure as hell wasn't going to let this cursed, dark warlock win. He will pay for what he has done to her son.

After all, he isn't the only one with less than permitted tricks up his sleeve. But there's a huge difference between them; she is capable of deceiving the price that he had paid and only brush against the allowed line. This stupid man... Blinded by his alleged superiority he grew far too prideful for his own good. But it's fine in the end. Why? Because the higher you are the more painful the fall is and oh, what a painful fall she's going to make it be...

She so very carefully ripped stitches and knitted destiny together. Now she just had to wait for it to unfold but while she did that...

Well, she had a few choice words for the one who dared to hurt her child.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

All For One knew the exact moment when foreign energy crossed his domain. More precisely, the threshold of his room.

“So that's the price you paid for your magic. You weren't expecting someone to succeed in injuring you, huh?“ she spoke with a strange mix of calm and disdain, staring at what was left of his face.

Unseelie is part of a faery species. Their regeneration is admirable and shapeshifting abilities should be more than enough to hide any defects. But here he was... Completely lacking any and all of charm that their race was so well known for.

He wanted power and he paid for it. Dearly.

And today is his end. Inko made sure that it will be the case.

“What are you trying to achieve? You are on my territory and your pathetic tricks are nothing compared to my magic. You know that very well.“ All For One answered, making himself more comfortable on his seat. He wanted to show his superiority toward her.

He wasn't afraid. Why would he be of such a pathetic creature?

“I just wanted to tell you in person that this is your end.“ Inko stated calmly and then her eyes shone with toxic green so intense that their flare pierced through half-smoke that surrounded them with thick blackness. “No one messes with my family.“

“It is easy to see that you are a crossbreed with your proficiency in lying.“

She didn't honor him with any kind of an answer. The time of his demise was coming.

Inko disappeared while rotten magic that tried to catch her in its cursed grasp coiled back, shrinking away from her.

What a pitiful creature... Had this monster really thought that she was stupid enough to come there without any protection?

She emerged into her destination with spell already pulsing with power on tip of her tongue. Barely did she finish her incantation when the wall exploded. Exactly as she has foreseen. It crumbled and she knew that her moment has come.

Shigaraki was doubly dumbfounded. Symbol Of Peace arrival was unexpected. But it was just the beginning of rollercoaster of confusion. Why was his arm bandaged and bar smeared with blood? And where were their hostages?! Why Twice is unconscious?! And is... Is Spinner fucking crying in the corner? What the fuck is going on?! Can someone explain this bizarre situation to him!?

Seconds before All Might — who sacrificed a moment of his precious time to look around, hoping to see his students safe and sound or at least in one piece — acquainted his fist with Tomura's face, the villain made eye contact with Dabi. The conclusion was clear; he has as little idea as Shigaraki on what the hell just took place here. As they were soon to learn none of them knew... How strange.

How strange indeed.

And then... Villains were annihilated.

Amendment; they would have been if it wasn't for All For One. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

All Might couldn't afford to lose.

No matter what... He must defeat his archnemesis. It's proverbial now or never. Five, nearly six years ago... It was supposed to be the end but his incompetence gave this monster a chance to escape and survive. If he was more careful... This situation wouldn't have taken place. His students would be safe and League Of Villains most likely wouldn't even exist in the first place.

But even with the plus ultra amount of determination, the fight wasn't easy. Quiet contrary; it was the hardest battle he has ever had the unpleasure of experiencing.

All For One transported his subordinates somewhere safe but pro heroes didn't have the same luxury. Villain was pulling all of his dirtiest tricks, going as far as using Gran Torino as a shield and saying that Shigaraki Tomura is Nana's grandchild.

All Might was back to his weak form but he wasn't going to give up. Not now, not ever.

“Why can't you just die like all other worms with One For All?“ his foe asked and suddenly the air was heavy with... Something.

Symbol Of Peace has never seen quirk of this kind. Aura around him was pierced by something... Unearthly. Black as tar and gloomy, possibly as evil as what his enemy heart probably looked like. If he had one at all.

Dark blurs lunged at him in a storm of waves so strong that the world around them seemed to shudder. All Might crossed his arms protectively, getting ready for the impact but... It never came.

Shadows, the attack was made of, split bypassing him as if he was in some kind of defensive bubble. For whatever reason, in that exact moment, he noticed... There was something underneath the sleeve of his hero costume. Was it... Bracelet? Huh? When did he put it on?

“Damned witch...“ All For One hissed quietly and then he proudly straightened up, looking down on Symbol Of Peace. “Do you know the mother of that green-haired child my subordinates kidnapped? Because I am a very busy man and as much as I would love to tell her how I beheaded her son, I am not sure if I have time for that.“

Hero froze for a moment.

His enemy was a monster and manipulator but not a liar.

Toshinori felt sick. No. It couldn't have happened. His successor couldn't have... Can't be... But if it is true... Is it his fault? If he didn't give Midoriya One For All would it still happen...?

“You can't lose! Please, win All Might!“


People believed in him. As a pillar holding this community together... He can't give up!

In the end, he has won but the moment he was out of camera's eye, he cried like a baby. Where are Bakugo and Midoriya? Is his successor really....? No, no, no! It's impossible! All For One must have lied! This one, only time...

All Might wouldn't take it. Not after he has already lost Nana. Villain took too much from him.

Chapter Text

Barely did they land in the salon and Inko already had her brand new son in arms. Mitsuki and Bakugo de-transformed and both of them — for the first time in a very, very long time — had no idea what to do with themselves in this strange situation.

“I'm so sorry... I was too late.“the green-haired woman said, hugging her precious little boy close to her heart.

“Mom... You'll get blood on your clothes...“ Midoriya murmured, too shocked by everything that had happened to think about anything more than most obvious facts.

“That's not a problem.“ she assured him while Mitsuki stabbed her son in the side with her elbow.

“Come brat, we should leave.“

Blond sent her withering glare.

“I want to know what happened.“

“I know you're worried but you're not the only person with questions. We'll be back tomorrow, okay? Izuku is in good hands.“

Bakugo growled quietly under his breath to show his discontent but headed towards doors anyway, glancing toward two grenettes one last time.

They are safe. Whole and okay. Both of them. Even... Even if according to every single possible law of pretty much everything they shouldn't be. Especially Midoriya.

Blond wasn't going to complain. Instead, he decided to go back home and lay down because it definitely was the worst day of his life. It beats the hell out of this unfortunate afternoon when vampire tried to kill him and he would probably succeed if it wasn't for Izuku.

Meanwhile, Inko decided that it would be actually a good idea to take rid of all this blood. She hoped that after disposing of this obvious sign of death, her son would feel better. At least a little bit. Because really, how can she be surprised by his current state of shock when he's pretty much swimming in scarlet liquid and a bit of his own guts?

So... To the bathroom!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He had died.

And then he was alive but choking. He had to claw his path to freedom — and air — through something... Soft but thick. Dense in the way of hundreds of tiny ligaments. Something like... Body. Flesh.

When he could once again see the world around, Kacchan was fighting villains and a moment later auntie Mitsuki has arrived. She threw her hoodie at him and even though he was endlessly confused about this whole situation, he put it on. Because it was cold. Because... He felt vulnerable with all those staring eyes.

Also, everything was too much. Suddenly sounds were painfully intensive and world strangely colorful. It didn't exactly change but... It was like instead of seeing one, flat grey he could notice every single variation of it. If he wanted to, he would without any problem find the smallest of deformations on the wall because there was this tiny shade to them.

And there was something on his back, uncomfortably brushing against hoodie he had on.

Then the world whirled and suddenly he was in his salon. He remembered bits of what happened but it was like... He was beside himself. He was tired and confused. He wasn't up to facing this bizarre thing that his life is.

In water, his stormy thoughts started getting some resemblance of order. Especially when he felt warm liquid on something more than just his back, legs and arms.

His wings shot upright and he blinked, his mind shutting down for a second.

His what?!

For a long moment, Midoriya just stared at his surroundings, covered in red spots of watered blood which were catapulted everywhere. Courtesy of his new limbs. Then his eyes landed on doors in which his mother has appeared with new clothes.

“Oh dear.“ she murmured focusing on scarlet dripping down from ceiling and walls.

“Sorry. I wasn't expecting... These.“ Izuku said quietly, nervously nodding towards his wings.

If it was a normal situation he would probably laugh nervously but right now everything was happening far too fast and he couldn't force himself to even smile. If it wasn't for all-encompassing exhaustion and shock of what happened today he would probably be going through breakdown right about now. His panic-level would go through the roof.

Instead, he was empty.

“It's okay.“ Inko assured him quickly and then she stepped closer. “Do you need help in getting the blood off?“

He stiffly nodded and with her help, he got rid of red liquid surprisingly fast. That's good because weight hidden behind it was... Crushing. Not that he was able to feel it just yet. Most of his emotions were strangely subdued by the feeling of being far away. Kind of like if it wasn't really his body nor his situation... His life. Is he dissociating?

“Mom... What happened to me?“ he asked quietly after putting on his clothes. They were too big. By a far margin.

“I think that first, you should take a nap. It... I have a lot of explaining to do.“ she answered and he decided that it was a good plan.

He really needed to sleep on it.

He went to his room, dragging his feet. His mother was just beside him, not leaving even when he was safely tucked in his bed. As he was comfortably situated, wondering if he'll be able to fall asleep after all... The excitement of that day he took a glance at his mother.

“Is Kacchan okay?“

Inko smiled warmly and tousled his hair.

“Everyone is safe. It's okay so don't worry and sleep well, okay?“

He closed his eyes with a quiet sound that malformed from “okay“ into “mhm“.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Midoriya would say that his last memories were nothing more than a dream but he knew his reality too well to lie to himself like that. In his world, there wasn't such a thing as 'too impossible to be true'. Even in this instance.

Also, all hopes he could have left were crushed the same moment he rolled out of bed. His wings got tangled into a sheet and he nearly kissed the ground.

When Izuku got his balance back — and send a rather scary glare toward his bed for an attempt on his life — he decided that answers can wait a little bit longer. First, he needed to learn if apart of those wretched new limbs there were any changes to his appearance.

In the bathroom, he faced a new problem... His dwarfish height. He had to stand on tiptoes to see himself! And he definitely wasn't going to risk it and try flying because he would most likely end like huge moth hitting every possible wall. And the ceiling. Also, ground as the grand finale.

Leaning on the sink, Midoriya got closer to the glassy surface and for a very long moment, he just stared at his own eyes. They shone ominously though in his humble opinion there was something... Charming in them. Reeling in and holding attention. Definitely not human. Not only because of how unnaturally beautiful they were but also because of the lack of pupils. Where are those black dots? Where could have they possibly went? This strange light in his irises devoured them or what?!

After a long time of staring Izuku lifted his hand and touched his ears which were... Long. Enough so that their tips could be seen from beneath his green locks. And while he's looking at his hair... They were more curly than before. Not even two days ago they were more of a crazy jungle of sprained springs rather than the sea of graceful circles, twirling charmingly around his face that he had now.

What more his teeth were... Sharp. Unnervingly so. Luckily, after knowing Kirishima for so long he kind of got used to seeing pointy smiles and so he was much less worried than he would be otherwise. Not that he didn't feel output by it a little bit. After all, up to this point in his life, he had normal human incisors.

But the biggest difference was, of course, two wings sprouting out his back. They outstretched in the waves of half-transparent, crystalish layers where within the depths of green could be spotted dark dots which brought to mind a starry night or even cosmos itself. Is it the winged version of freckles or something?

He spent a few more minutes admiring a new version of himself with a bit of quiet terror and then he quickly moved out, looking for his mother. He really hoped that whatever happened to him could be undone. He can't go to school like this! Also, how is he supposed to go on about his hunter responsibilities when he's over a head shorter and it's obvious that he is an inhuman creature?!

“Mom!“ he whined, entering salon where Inko was waiting with two, steaming mugs.

He wasn't going to question the fact that she seemed to be waiting for him. He had more important matters to indulge in.

“Yes, I know what happened and no, it can't be undone.“

His wings sagged in disappointment and he covered the remaining distance from her, dragging his feet. He took a seat on the couch, next to his mother and lifted his head only because there had to be some way out of this years-stealing-wings-giving-strange-eyes-making-and-ears-lengthening situation. He's still young — now doubly so — and has his whole life ahead of him!

“I can't go to school like this!“ he whined and then panic finally settled in. “What has even happened? I thought I... Died... Because, actually, I did die but here I am anyway? And why do I look like this? Now I'm more of a faery than human! And it doesn't make sense! I mean, this whole situation doesn't make sense but still, I need answers! I... “

Inko sighed deeply.

“It's... I hoped we wouldn't have to have this conversation for at least a few more decades but life seemed to have different planes... If I were to sum it up the simplest way, you just... Hit magical puberty, I suppose. Forcingly early but it's nothing to be worried about in general! Hybrids of our kind spend their lives more as humans than faery but when their time comes... It's actually a new beginning. Our bodies are a bit like cocoons and when you die, you kind of hatch. Usually, it happens in a much less brutal way than yours and then you're more of a young adult than a child but that's fine. We can get through this.“

“Wait, mom. You... Went through that too?“ Izuku interjected, looking at his mother with wide eyes.

“Indeed. After that, we are more of a faery than human and so we can change our appearance rather easily.“ Inko answered and to accent the truth of her words she spread her wings. They were slimmer than Izuku's and lacked starry freckles but instead had enchanting squiggles relapsing into surprisingly complicated patterns.

For a moment her ears were longer and eyes bright, inhuman... Attention grasping and extremely enchanting. Not even minute later it was all gone, leaving the woman as a plain-looking human.

There was this quiet, passing thought in Izuku's mind asking if their wings had a magical power of phasing through materials, if she enchanted their clothes for their comfort or was it actually ability he had yet to learn. Sadly, there were much more urging matters to think about.

“So... I can do it too?“he asked, feeling as much hope for going back to his normal life as being worried that the answer would crush all his hopes and dreams.

“You'll need a bit of practice before I'll be able to safely let you go out to people but as I said, it'll be fine! We'll pull through this. Together. Sure, there's much work before us but it's nothing that the two of us can't handle.“ she answered and smiled, hoping to lift his spirits.

Izuku reciprocated her gesture. Though, he was a bit concerned with how the corners of his mouth seemed to go nearly from ear to ear. Sure, it happened to him before but back then it was less... Natural for his face.

Human smiles aren't normally that wide, okay?!

Chapter Text

“Now let's talk about details which I'm sure you're curious about... It will be notably harder for you to lie and in the foreseeable future, you're banned from using most of the spells you know. Your magic is stronger now and would definitely get out of hand. And that's something we don't want, do we? Your regeneration is a bit faster but still relatively human. Also, it will be easier for you to acquire power over names.“

Izuku hid his face in his arms with the undefined sound of existential crisis.

“When am I going to learn all of these? And grow up? It's not like I'm going to be a kid to the end of my life, right?“

“It's the next issue and I can't stress its importance enough... Generally speaking, when you go through this transformation you stop aging but how to put it... In your language of young, it's kind of like a default setting. You can turn on the option of growing older and before you ask no. You can't just jump back to your previous age. We can speed up it a bit with some spell or potion and it won't be a problem to shapeshift from time to time into your teenager form but in the long run, it could be dangerous. We're not pureblood faeries and even if we are more like them now, we're still partially human. Your body needs to get used to your new magic and you won't be able to use it to its fullest potential unless you grow up a bit. Under normal circumstances, we wouldn't have this problem because you'd hatch as a young adult but you know how the situation is... And so we need to be careful. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

“So... I can just shapeshift but not all the time?“ Midoriya asked just to be absolutely sure and when he got a confirmation in his mother's nod, he decided to ask one more question that bothered him. “What time limit I have?“

“It would be best not to do it more than consecutive several minutes. I'm not telling you that you absolutely can't do this, just... The longer you are in your current form the quicker you'll grow up. Also apart from shapeshifting, I'll help you get a hang on illusion with your new stronger magic so you can use it in school to hide your inhuman appearance. You'll just need to be careful not to get touched because then it would be easy to realize that something is amiss. On your practical lessons, you'll just use shapeshifting. Sounds okay to you, sweetie?“

Izuku nodded and found it in himself to even smile.

“Thank mom. You're the best.“

“If I was it wouldn't have happened...“ she murmured with a pained sigh.

“You couldn't have foreseen it!“

“I could.“

“You're the one who told me that time spells are a big no-no. Even if you just want to take a glance at the close future.“

Inko smiled sheepishly. It was probably inheritable in the Midoriya household.

“You didn't!“ Izuku gasped.

“When I realized that I lost you from my radar I knew that something is really wrong! Especially when I couldn't find you even with more complicated spells! And just so you know, I'm happy that I looked into what was going to happen because that foul creature wouldn't stop at nothing! He would use not only black magic but the most forbidden of the most forbidden spells known to this world and plunge everything in eternal darkness! He has no morals! None at all!“ she stated and her voice took a rather outraged tone.

This time it was younger Midoriya who sighed deeply.

“At least everything is fine in the end.“

“More or less.“

Izuku's eyes bore into his mother with intensity of All Might's punch.

“More or less?“

She levitated remote control to herself and without further ado turned the TV on.

She knew for a fact that for the next few days people would be talking exclusively about All Might's fight with the mysterious villain who nearly managed to defeat him.

Midoriya froze for a moment.

And then he shrieked.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Inko watched with a mix of worry and amusement as her son was making circles around the salon. He was — like always — murmuring with uncanny speed. She managed to caught 'everyone knows secret...' before his words became complete gibberish to her.

Maybe she shouldn't have found it endearing but how could she stop herself from thinking how cute he was when his wings fluttered in rhythm with his words, nearly taking him off the ground? At this rate, he'll fly on the first day of his transformation! And that's a pretty incredible achievement. She was an apt student and yet it took her somewhere around a week before she took off the ground for longer than a few seconds.

“Sweetie. It's the middle of the night. Go to sleep, you'll stress about it in the morning.“

Midoriya didn't stop. Quite the contrary; the speed of his murmuring only seemed to grow.

Inko couldn't stop herself from laughing when his wings also quickened their pace and...

“Sweetie, you're taking off.“

For some reason, it managed to gather his attention and Izuku looked... Down, at this mother. But since he was awakened from his trance and ended his murmuring spree, his wings also stopped which made him fall down with a quiet yelp of surprise. Luckily for him, he was no further from the ground than two feet so he landed safely if ungracefully.

“To bed you go. You're a growing boy, again, so you need to get lots of sleep.“ she said, pointing her finger in the direction of his room. Midoriya opened his mouth to say something but she beat him to it. “Don't even think about bringing up your hunter life. We'll talk about it in the morning.“

Izuku closed his mouth and with a huff of irritation did as he was told.

In the end, emotions lost against exhaustion and dreamland took him away remarkably quickly.

Who would have thought... You really can sleep when you're dead.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Midoriya's awakening was a close call to a heart attack as the first thing that met his barely opened eyes was scarlet red. He squeaked in surprise, instantly sitting up but second or two later he realized that there was nothing to be scared of. So he once again dropped down, closing his irises and placing his hand on his extremely fast-beating heart.

“You scared me Kacchan.“ he said quietly and then his eyelids fluttered open for good. As he said his next sentence, there was a concerned edge to it. Rightfully so. “Please tell me you didn't bring me any dead animals.“

Wolf huffed, moving a bit to make himself more comfortable on the side of the bed.

“We're not fucking ten. If you want some sparrow or squirrel hunt it on your own.“ Bakugo declared but even though his words were relatively aggressive, his tone was unusually lacking in heat. Or any emotion for that matter.

Yep. Katsuki was worried. Not that it comes as surprise after what had happened...

“Good point... I'm pretty sure I'm not even ten right now.“ Midoriya answered half-jokingly and then he crawled out of his bed.

What a strange feeling... To not only don't get crushed by Bakugo but also don't get brutally awoken. His concern must be on an unspeakably high level.

“It's not funny.“ Katsuki snarled, tailing him like a guard dog ready to tear apart anyone who as much as looked funnily at him or his friend. “How do you think school will react at you looking like this, huh nerd? Don't tell me that you're just going to give up on UA.“

“What? Of course not!“ Izuku denied immediately and then briefly explained his situation. It was quite a lot to take in. Not only did he have to grow up, relearn magic from the pretty much beginning but also master fickle art of shapeshifting as fast as [in]humanly possible.

“Better hurry up because if teachers decide to check up on you and see you like this we all will be in deep shit.“ Bakugo stated as they entered the kitchen, smoothly transforming back into his human form and taking a seat next to his green-haired friend.

“We'll go to the faery realm. Time flows differently there so you won't even notice our departure.“ Inko explained and Midroiya was so, so close to acquainting his face with contents of the bowl that was offered to him as breakfast.

“It's a scary place.“ he whined, leaning his forehead on the edge of the table.

It's kind of sad how easy it was. He barely had to bend his back to do it.

“You haven't been there yet.“ woman noticed.


Inko laughed subtly.

“I have no idea what do you mean. I'm sure she'll be overjoyed to see us.“

“That's the problem.“ Izuku stated before he finally focused on his food.

If he wants to grow big and strong, he can't ignore his meals!

Ugh... Why does it always happen to him? He can't even go through a school trip without accident of some inhuman kind!

“I thought you'd be more traumatized.“ Bakugo murmured and Izuku knew him long enough to identify it as an indirect question about his well-being.

“It could have been worse.“ Midoriya stated, shrugging and nom-nomming his bran. Yummy.


“I could have died for good.“

Katsuki squinted his eyes dangerously.

“If you pull off a stunt like that ever again I will fucking murder you myself.“ he stated aggressively and didn't stop eye contact even as Inko put cookies in front of him. Still glaring he took one of them and brutally bit into it, tearing it apart.

Izuku felt a bit threatened.

“Okay.“ he agreed readily, deciding against thinking about his imminent doom. Double death. Yay. Sounds lovely. “So... Um... Have any of you seen Katsu...?“

Bakugo crinkled his nose and if he was anyone else it would be cute or funny. Possibly both. But as it was him, it showed a silent threat of death for anyone who dared to put him in one of those categories.

“He was in villain's den. He transformed into the shadowy spawn of hell after handy bastard tried to disintegrate him. Weakass got scared and black hole asshole transported him... Somewhere.“ he explained efficiently while Midriya choked on his food.

“Shadowy spawn of hell?!“

As if on cue, something touched his leg and Izuku nearly fell out of his own body from shock. Or fear. He wasn't quite sure himself.

Of course, when he leaned down he noticed his pet who... Seemed completely normal. Of course. What else was he expecting?

“Next time don't get your ass teleported so easily.“ Bakugo advised or more like ordered while Midoriya picked up fluffy creature and put him on his knees where animal stood on its hind legs to look over table, at the blond.

Bunny crinkled its nose in mindless for others and confirming his understatement of said words for Katsuki way.

“He nearly killed a villain even before this whole kidnapping ordeal.“ Izuku murmured while Katsu decided that he got enough of beauty that is Bakugo Katsuki and curled up into a ball on his owner's knees. “He literally tore him up from inside. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a miracle that he didn't kill him.“

“My blood.“ Bakugo said with a predatory smile and Midoriya sighed.


After a moment of relative silence, blond opened his mouth.

“Have you seen All Might's battle? His enemy... This motherfucker was using black magic!“ Katsuki declared, suddenly at boiling level of fury.

Midoriya paled.

“Right...“ he said quietly and then looked at Inko. “Mom?“

“I evened their fight but we might be out of onyx, obsidian and black tourmaline.“

“Thought so.“ Bakugo murmured, meanwhile devouring another cookie. “ Fucking villain thinking he can defeat the best hero that ever was with some dirty tricks. He's not some damn special snowflake just because he can use some jackass-tailored magic!“

Katsuki spent some more time with grenettes before deciding to get back home. He left with words of encouragement that sounded like something along the lines of 'better fucking master this whole shapeshifting bullshit before you're gramps'. Ah, what an amazing friend.

“Mom... I was wondering... If time flows differently in the faery realm, can I just wait there until I'm as old as I was before this whole killing-me fiasco?“

“You'd survive years without your friends?“

“There was no question asked.“ he stated immediately before getting lost in thought. “Though... If I go there from time to time I could quicken the process, get more time to relearn magic with this new amount of power and meanwhile I could still be in contact with everyone here...“

“True.“ Inko stated while Midoriya got up. He remembered about his pet resting on his knees at last moment and barely managed to catch him before he fell.

“Why didn't I think about it straight away?“

“Because for some reason you really don't like the thought of visiting the faery realm.“

He sighed heavily which counted as him acknowledging his defeat in this argument. One zero for Inko because every single witch with lifetimes of experience is right. Always.

“When do we leave?“ he asked, hugging Katsu close to his heart and slowly making his way toward his room.

“The sooner the better. Your teachers can stop by at any moment to talk about the puddle of your blood in the villain's headquarters.“

Midoriya paled considerably.

“What with my body...? With what was left of it, I mean...?“

“I managed to get it back with us. I also erased everyone's memories though it's all I had time for. There was too much commotion for anything else.“ Inko answered and then... There was a rather ominous smile on her face. The face splitting, ear to ear one. Brr. Scary. “While we're at it... I have some curses to cast so what about going to the faery realm in an hour?“

The goosebumps on his back were no laughing matter. He nearly felt sorry for the criminals.

“Um... Alright...“ he murmured and then very quickly retreated to his room.

Witches are scary, okay?

Chapter Text

The first thing Midroiya did after entering his room was saying hello to his computer. He surely got a lot of new messages, which he couldn't answer from his phone because oh well... He lost it with his old body. Ah, no! Wait! Even before his fight with Muscular began, his telephone took its last metaphorical breath! Not that it was particularly comforting... Actually, it wasn't at all. 

Anyway, after a few technical difficulties, he was greeted by spam from Shinso. Not that he was surprised... His hunter life can be pretty dangerous and if he suddenly stops answering it is a rather decent reason to start worrying that the worst has happened.

Not that it didn't... Though is death so bad? He survived it and he isn't complaining. Or at least not as much as he could. No matter! Now there are more important things to do than think about getting brutally murdered! And those things are messages to read! 

Such a pity you're not here. We have scary spooky forest stroll (  ̄ヘ)

Wanna bet that everyone would drop dead from a heart attack if you were the one scaring? 

The next message hasn't come for the couple of... Hours? Oh dear, it took so long for everyone to get to relative safety? And when Shinso wrote those two sentences?! Phones were prohibi... Whatever! There are more urging matters to think... Read about? Back to messages and focus! 

I can't believe it I won't believe it it can't be true

Villains attacked. They shouldn't. USJ wasn't supposed to happen again! It shouldn't!

I mean, I wasn't there but...

Once was too much. I can't believe going through this stress two times in one year. 

We're future heroes. Keyword: F U T U R E

Ugh! I can't get my shit together... My hands are shaking. 

Two students got kidnapped. TWO STUDENTS

And we have no information about their state. None! They can be dead by now for all we know! 

The worst thing I was there. On the opening where they were taken

If I was a bit faster it wouldn't have happened

If I was faster and got one of the villains under the influence of my quirk they both would be safe!

Nurse is coming

Over and out

The next sequence of messages came nearly an hour later. 

I'm fine if you'd like to know (and I know for the fact that you do. Typical you) but I had to get checked over whether I wanted to or not. Everyone had to. Actually, hardly anyone had left the hospital yet. We are sticking together. I'm pretty sure rock boy is planning something and maybe I'll even join him. I'm not sure if I have strength for that but let's be frank here... When I have strength for anything? Life is hard.

I'm starting to get a bit worried about you.

You didn't get eaten alive by some scary thingies of night, right? 

There was a few minute-long pause. Shinso probably didn't want to be seen as paranoid. 

Okay. Something is really going on. Unless some goblins have stolen your phone.

Srly. Write something. Anything. I'm worried. 

But back to the rock boy point. I know everything now. I eavesdropped on him when he was talking with gravity girl (for some reason flamy snowflake was listening with me. Is it a beautiful beginning of spy friendship I'm smelling?) and I'm pretty sure they are going to try to come to the rescue. 

Wanna join? 

Okay, Midoriya officially is starting to get concerned. He wasn't even sure if he feels relieved or not that it all is in the past so he just needs to read everything to learn what happened. 

Creatively creative girl has a tracker. We're on the move.

Few minutes of interval. 

We're on the train. President boy joined us to make sure that we don't die or something but he wasn't happy with us. 

What am I even doing here? It's not even like I'm that good friend of one of the kidnapped students... The rest of our group is close to them (fireflake counts, I think. I mean, since his fight with... I feel kind of bad calling him 'bone-breaking kid' when he's in villains hands and I have no idea what is happening to him... Whatever. I don't want to talk about it. The point is, their fight to the death seemed to end as life long friendship?)

Feel free to join us. We're at Kamino Ward and I'm sure that you'll easily find us with your trouble-radar. 

I promise to try not to die. 

The next round of messages came nearly an hour later. 

Where are they? 

All Might is fighting with someone fucking terrifying, we had to retreat. It... Was awful... I don't even have words to properly describe it. This villain's aura alone... Ugh, I have goosebumps everywhere. I'm surprised that it isn't some kind of demon. Though if it was you'd already be here. 

Really, say something. I'm ready (and it's not even a joke) to conduct a search party. 

Now we're going back. Everyone is... We're not holding up too well, okay? Our mission was a total disaster and we couldn't help at all. But that's okay. Because they will find angry goldilocks and green roll and everything will be back to normal. Nothing happened to them. Definitely. I don't think that rock boy, president and gravity would be able to live with themselves if something really happened to those two. Creative and fireflake also look like they are in a bad place in their lives. I probably don't look any better.

Please say something. 

Even though it was barely after dawn, the last message was no older than three minutes. Though let's be frank here; Shinso most likely couldn't sleep a wink and was glued to his phone or computer nonstop from yesterday. How could he not after all that happened? And after his own silence... Not that he didn't have a very good excuse! 




Sorry. I'm back

You're lucky. 

Do you have any idea how worried I was? 

Yesterday was too much already! Things that happened... There was even more than I told you about (#saving-green-roll-from-evil-muscle-man-and-leaving-him-at-the-mercy-of-wild-and-very-dangerous-animal)! How can you leave me at my biggest moment of need, huh? 

Midoriya felt really bad because what was he supposed to say? Truth is not an option but... Wait. Actually, if he... 

I was... Kind of critically wounded

I was pretty sure that it was my end

But I am alive! 

And everything is okay!

What happened? 

His fingers hang above the keyboard but nothing came to his mind. What was he supposed to say?! He doesn't want to lie! He isn't even sure if he is capable of it! Aaaa! Cursed faery blood heritage and guilt! 

Izuku left his computer and with few very quick steps, he transported himself to the salon.

“Mom! Can I give my hunter identity some role in everything that happened with this whole kidnapping ordeal?“ he asked not even looking for his mother. 

He wasn't going to cross the area where she was casting possibly most devastating known to not-humanity rituals and cursing with such an intensity that entire lives would be irreversibly destroyed. All their past and future lives. 

Was he exaggerating? 

He hopes he was. 

“I think that it would be safest to give credit for the rescue of you two to you. Hunter saved you and that's why heroes didn't find you in enemy's lair. He took you safely back home.“

“Thanks!“ Izuku yelled, readily agreeing to this new version of events. After all, they couldn't just tell everyone that 'yeah, my mom is a super-powerful witch and Mitsuki is a werewolf so they made short work out of villains'. And they can't brainwash everyone! Too much work and possible suspicion! 

“Sweetheart!“ Inko called after him and he stopped for a moment.“Remember about your... Problems with lying and try to say the truth no matter how twisted one, okay? And while I'm it... I'm sure that your inner hunter kept you safe long enough for me to find you so it is thanks to you that you're back here, safe and sound!“

“Okay!“ Midoriya answered and then rushed back to his room. He was starting to get kind of worried about this whole 'problems with lying' thing. How much harder will it make his life? 

I swear to God to put up missing posters about you with a blurred photo of a person in a hoodie if you don't reply right now. 


Midoriya hit the desk with his head when he involuntarily wrote 'new hands'. He nearly sent it! Aaa! Having friends is hard! Because you want to tell them everything but you can't! Though... Maybe one day...

No matter! Back to the point! 

So... I might have been in villain's evil lair? 

Before you and possibly also when you were near? 

But inside instead of outside like you?

And meanwhile, I nearly died because of the exact same villain that was later fighting All Might?

(And no, it isn't a demon, he's an Unseelie. Worse version of what you met, with an added bonus of using black magic. Before you ask: black magic is something you don't mess with. It's completely forbidden and sometimes... Often you lose more than you gain. It's extremely self-destructive and powerful)

Generally speaking, I should be dead buuuuuuuuuut

I actually survived and two kidnapped students are safely at their respective homes


On the one hand, it shouldn't surprise me

On the other...

No, actually it just shouldn't surprise me anymore

But now, seriously... Are you okay?

Sure, you're alive and that's great but it doesn't tell me how you feel 

And if you're not bleeding out on side of the road somewhere 

Generally speaking, I feel fine 

At some point, it was bad, like, I-am-literally-dead bad but now it's as good as it can be

Actually, it's better than it could be seeing as according to every possible law of life I should be dead 

I'm a bit worried about my hunter responsibilities in foreseeable future but my condition is more of 'on the way to full recovery' than 'bleeding out on the side of the road somewhere'


No need to worry about me ( ✿◠ )

Maybe I wouldn't if you'd finally tell me WHAT exactly happened instead of throwing 'critical injuries' and 'not bleeding out on the side of the road somewhere' at me

I kind of had my stomach ripped open? 

And someone might or might have not tried to chop my head off? 

And he might or might not have been very effective? 

[Lord give me strength]

I nearly regret asking


Teachers know that angry goldilocks and breaking-bones-for-breakfast-dude are home? 

Safely so? 

I would ask how safely but knowing you, you'd die before letting something happened to them. What am I going to do with you? 

I got home drowning in my own blood

I had better things to do than contacting teachers  

As a serious, future hero I should tell you to immediately call them because it's an extremely important situation

But seeing as I'm only a teenager

And as your friend (dude, pal, soul brother) I will tell you to rest and take care of yourself or something

Be safe, un-bleeding somewhere to death and whatnot

(づ ̄ ) ❤❤❤

Just don't get yourself in trouble because of that

Neh. No one knows who I am anyway

Besides I didn't do anything wrong!

Maybe I used my quirk once but it was self-defense! ( ᗒᗣᗕ )

So you have quirk after all?

According to a few people, you didn't have one

Did you lie to them? Ծ_Ծ

I was a very late bloomer? 

Midoriya took a deep breath of relief. How lucky of him that no one — apart of Kacchan — in his class knew about how long it took for 'his' power to show itself. Hurray! At least one good choice in his life! Not boasting about having bone-breaking quirk ten years past the manifestation date actually has its pros! Who would have thought? 

Is it a question or an answer? 


Shinlock Hitolmes is on your trail. 

Beware ㅇㅅㅇ

Okay, maybe he took this sigh of relief a bit too early. No matter! He needs to check out the rest of his messages! 

Wow. A lot of people wrote to him about the events of the day prior... Was it yesterday? It feels like it had been years already! How the time flies... 

Anyway, most of his classmates reported what happened on their school trip to him. Majority asked if he could help authority find their missing friends. They truly believed in his tracing abilities. Additionally, Uraraka, Kirishima, Iida, Todoroki, and Momo proposed him joining then in their mission. He regretted a bit not being able to be there with them but frankly, he really had no way of joining them. Or even replying to them. He's pretty sure that he was dead back then. 

Message, or more like a person, that gathered most of his attention was — of course — a teacher. 

I know that situations of this kind aren't in your field of expertise and that you take care only of the paranormal situations but I exploited all means available and have nothing while two lives might be endangered right now. 

Are you capable of helping with this case? 

Midoriya felt really touched by it. Sure, he has known for quite some time now that Aizawa cares for his kids — not that he would ever admit it — but awww. It's a new level of showing his concern! And it's a bit painful that he's in dark, worrying while also actively looking for them while they are completely fine and back home... 

They are safe.

He really shouldn't say more. He shouldn't even write that. He really would like to avoid having Eraserhead knocking on his door when he looks like this. His mom would definitely be able to hide his new form but for how long? Especially from such a perceptive, right now definitely overcautious, hero... 

Okay, Izuku decided. There's no more time to lose. So he turned his computer off and rushed to look for his mom to ask if they can hit the road to the faery realm right now. 

Inko was sitting on the couch and... She was waiting for him, wasn't she? He should have expected that. 

Well... It's time for truly murderous training. Again. Hurray. 

Chapter Text

He had spent a week in the faery realm. He'll never ever lower his name-guard even for a second. Or even half of it. And he thought that he already was careful enough... Ha, he was nothing more than a naive fool! Also, it turns out that Katsu can stalk him even to another dimension. It's a bit disturbing. 

At least when they got back, it turned out that they haven't been gone even for half an hour. 

The first thing that Midoriya did back home — after checking the clock of course — was enthusiastically greeting his bed. He was exhausted. Shapeshifting was extremely useful and amazing but just as hard to control. Especially so since his magic — as his mother has already warned him — was... Different. 

He felt a bit like he had to deal with a new One For All. This analogy actually eased him into using his new power quite a lot as he had already learned his lesson of 'too much output? Yeah, exploding your bones into oblivion seems like a fantastic idea'. Though it wasn't a perfect comparison. Fundamentally speaking his quirk and magical abilities were extremely different. They were literally worlds apart. Though maybe it was metaphorical since, after all, now they are in one body so they actually are in one place...

Anyway, Izuku was going to check his messages before he took a nap but...

He was a good friend and decided to take Shinso's advice to heart. Even if he read it a week ago. And to think that it was sent not even an hour ago in this world... Ugh, time is such a strange concept. 

No matter. Midoriya will face his problems after a decent rest! 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He was ̶s̶u̶m̶m̶o̶n̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶l̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ awoken by the doorbell. 

He made an undefined sound of misery and then turned over, ready to fall asleep again. However, after a few seconds, he shot straight up, because who could it possibly be? Kacchan would let himself in and it had to be some kind of human but who exactly? 

Out of curiosity, he crawled out of bed and slowly crept outside his room. He didn't even have to sneak to the salon as he could hear everything from entrance doors just fine. He kind of liked his new senses as they were much stronger and it would probably prove useful in the future. The question is in how distant or close one. 

“Good morning.“

All Might?! 

“Greetings, to what do I owe this visit?“

Izuku decided to creep closer, meanwhile wondering what his mentor was doing here. Especially so early after his fight. Shouldn't he be resting? 

“I... We raided villain's headquarters but we weren't able to find Bakugo nor your son... But there was an awful lot of Midoriya's blood on the ground and we are afraid that the worst could have happened...“ blond explained in a gravely serious tone and Izuku felt as if his heart was squeezed uncomfortably tight in his chest. His idol sounded so awfully... Tired. Exhausted. As if he was going forward on his last breath of hope and it was quickly burning out. 

“Oh, but Izuku is alright. He's in his room right now.“ she answered, putting her hand to her cheek and looking at her companion with wide eyes. Man froze for a moment, not quite comprehending what she just said. 

“He's home...?“ he asked so quietly that even he himself would have a problem with hearing his words. Unlike Inko, who smiled warmly at him and then gestured toward the couch. 

“Of course. Please sit down, I'll go wake him up. After everything he went through he's probably sleeping like a rock.“ she stated and without further ado, she moved toward her son's room. She met him in the corridor. “You've heard us, sweetie. Show a little life.“ 

“Mom...“ boy whined because it's not time for jokes!

However instead of saying something more, he donned his older and more human form — he still felt better in it than as a winged-child although now it was his default persona — and then followed the woman to the salon.

“All...“ he began but before he could end his sentence or even say his favorite's hero full name, the man rushed toward him and caught him in a tight embrace powered by all the worry he held.

Well... Good to know that his thinner form still has some vigor to it. 

“My boy... I was so terrified... I was sure that All For One... No, I shouldn't think about it. He lied because he wanted to throw me off guard.“ 

Okay, it sounded ominous. 

Midoriya wasn't sure what he's supposed to do so he awkwardly returned the hug and patted symbol of peace on back lightly. 

“It's okay.“ he stated quietly because what else was he supposed to say? It isn't perfect but it's fine. He's alive and he's going to stay that way. For a very long time. 

He survived and that's what counts. 

“What happened? How did you get back?“ blond asked, finally letting him go from his firm embrace and instead of putting his hands on his shoulders. He also made eye contact. 

Oh boy. Is it the moment when he dances around the truth like pureblood faery, not lying but not saying everything? 

Yep. Definitely. 

“I don't know if you heard about him but hunter... Is kind of the one who saved us.“ Midoriya stated, holding with all of his strength to what his mother told him. His inner warrior of inhumanity had a pretty important role in their survival, right? 

Even though it wasn't really a lie, this half-truth left an unpleasant aftertaste in his mouth. Bearable but painful in strange, not exactly physical way. 

“Hunter...? Ah, right. Class A talks about him quite a lot...“ blond murmured before taking a deep breath and dragging himself toward the couch on which he heavily fell. “You should have informed us that you're here... Safe and sound. We were sure that...“

Suddenly he shot upward. 

“What happened?“ Izuku asked, panicked by an unexpected reaction of his mentor. 

“There was so much of your blood in villain's headquarters... Are you okay? Do you need medical help?“ 

“Ah, no! Everything is okay.“ he answered truthfully and All Might had once again collapsed onto a piece of furniture. 

“I have a lot of questions but right now... Let me catch my breath. The last few hours were unusually stressing. And while we're at it... You should contact Aizawa. I'm pretty sure that after this whole fiasco he'll get some grey hairs.“ 

“That's how it is with children.“ Inko said lightly and then she furrowed her brows. “And villains.“

For some reason, her tone with the last two words took such a dark edge that it made even his goosebumps scared. Izuku could relate. 

Moment later All Might decided to take his leave. He wanted to check on Bakugo and tell everyone that kids are safely back home. Midoriya knew that long talk with detective Tsukauchi is awaiting him and so with a heavy sigh he decided to visit his favorite werewolf friend. They needed to have a truthful version of the story and but also couldn't provide information about what really happened because of obvious reasons. 

It's going to be a long day. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

The conversation with the detective was exhausting but went pretty well. Especially since Midoriya asked him for his name, explaining this kind of strange request of introduction — even though they have met already — by a shock of everything that happened. He ashamedly said something along the lines of 'I want to make sure that everything around me is real and that I'm really safe'. With a lot of uncertainty and question marks. 

But even then he knew that it was more of a lie than truth and so he felt Izuku so sick that he wasn't sure if it wasn't affecting him physically. But he pulled through. And as a reward for his extreme discomfort, he made sure that Tsukauchi won't learn any forbidden — for regular mortals at least — information. 

It quickly turned out that it was just the beginning of emotional turmoil. 

The next visit from All Might was something that he wasn't expecting. At all. Especially since just after explaining the reason for his arrival — dorms for students — blond made moving speech about how sorry he is for all dangers that Izuku had to face and that he wants to help the boy become a great hero. He even said that he wants him to become the next symbol of peace. Icing on the cake was him bowing very, very low. 

“So please, give our school one more chance... I promise, I will do everything in my power to teach your son all I know and that I will protect him even at the cost of my own life!“

Inko glanced at her firstborn who, of course, had tears in his eyes and then she realized that there was something wet running down her own cheeks. It... She was moved by those words much more than such an old witch should be. She has seen so much and yet, here she is, moved beyond comparison by a mere mortal. But let's be honest here, Yagi Toshinori is a mortal like none other. 

She dropped down onto the ground and put her hand on the shoulder of the symbol of peace.

“I'm not going to make Izuku let go of his dreams, I was never going to. Even after everything that happened... I know that the hero profession is one of the endless dangers but I came to terms with it. And I couldn't ask for a better teacher for my son.“ she said and when he lifted his head she smiled. “But please, don't die. Don't just give your life away. Every single one should be fought for to the very end.“ 

And then, after the heartwarming moment, came the time for talking about details and signing agreement for living in dorms for Izuku. And also a lot of crying but shh. It's normal in the Midoriyas household. 

When All Might was leaving, he stopped on the corridor for a moment and looked at Izuku.

“Young Midoriya... I forgot to tell you something really important when I was here last time.“ he said and immediately boy was giving him one hundred and ten percent of his attention. “I'm proud.“

Blond showed thumbs up meanwhile smiling his big, hero smile and it just so happened that Izuku's tears automatically activated. And his body, instead of waiting for the brain's input, rushed towards his mentor to embrace him. 

Symbol of peace left his student's home with a smile and very quiet 'wasn't young Midoriya taller last time I hugged him?' somewhere deep in his mind but he was far too happy to focus on this thought. He was terrified of this talk! And instead of going horribly wrong, it went extremely smoothly. Aizawa on his end knew what decision had been made, just by looking at the incoming blond. Good. One of the two hardest visits is behind them. 

Meanwhile, Inko sent Izuku a disapproving look.

“Remember about shapeshifting. Illusion alone isn't enough when it comes to physical contact.“ she said out loud, though her gaze quickly softened and the tone wasn't especially scolding. 

“Sorry, mom.“ Midoriya answered with a sheepish smile, scratching his neck nervously. 

“I know you got emotional back there but at this rate, you'll give yourself away rather quickly.“ 

“She said after signing me up for dorms.“ he murmured and Inko threw her hands up. 

“You heard All Might! How could I possibly say no to him?! I couldn't just tell him that you should stay home because you got transformed into a child and you need to learn magic again while you also have your hunter responsibilities! Oh yeah, and by the way, our home is more of an impenetrable fortress than UA!“ 

“I know...“ Izuku said with sigh because let's be frank here... He himself would readily agree, consequences be damned. “To be sincere... I'm wondering about telling him my secret. I feel bad that he has no idea about it all while I know so much about him. It's just... Not fair.“ 

The woman smiled and tousled his hair. 

“It's your decision, sweetie. Humans shouldn't know about us but... If you're sure that he won't tell about it anyone then I think you can make an exception for him. Also, it would be good to have someone in UA who knows about it.“ 

Midoriya nodded slowly, thinking deeply about all for and against. 

“I should probably sleep on it.“ he said quietly. 

“No matter what decision you make, remember that you have my support. Also, I'm sure that you'll do what's right. You're a smart boy.“

Deep inside Midoriya knew what he should... What he wanted to do.

But he was afraid of All Might's reaction. 

Chapter Text

Just outside dorms, he was accosted by his friends.

“I was so worried about you!“ Uraraka exclaimed with tears shining in her eyes, capturing him into chokingly strong embrace which was shortly followed by Iida who, of course, beforehand gesticulated wildly with a very concerned “I can't imagine what an awful experience you have gone through! Please tell us if we can help you in any way!“.

A moment later Kirishima caught Bakugo and joined them with blond under his arm, meanwhile yelling "group hug!". It wasn't long before a few other classmates completely ignored their survival instinct and snarling Katsuki to embrace a forming mob.

This beautiful scene was stopped by Aizawa clearing his throat.

“Can we get to the point?“ he asked in his permanently tired tone.

“Sorry. We were so worried about our friends...“ Uraraka said smiling sheepishly, feeling responsible for this half baked scolding. After all, she was the conductor of a hug train that left the station the moment she noticed green hair.

Meanwhile, Izuku was going through an existential crisis because it was so close! He minimally managed to shapeshift. Also... He was hugged by the girl! And his classmates were worried! Aaaa! So many emotions! He's going to overheat and explode!

“From now on you'll have plenty of time to talk with each other.“ brunet noticed and then glared at them disapprovingly. Though there wasn't too much heat — or energy — in it. “Everyone wants to go, so I'll be quick about it. Exams for the provisional license are near and if you want to pass you'll have to give it your all. Am I clear?“

There were some enthusiastic yells of agreement. Mainly from Kirishima, Kaminari, and Ashido.

“Also I just wanted to make sure you know that you're only students and I don't want any self-proclaimed rescue missions.“ he declared and few people froze. “I would be able to expel you and would do it with pleasure if you showed dangerous trends of this kind. And now that everything is said... I'll show you the dorms.“

Kirishima took a deep breath of relief and Bakugo sent him a suspicious look. The only answer he got was a huge, bright smile.

Moment later time of unpacking has come and that resulted in a very enthusiastic reaction of 'best room competition'.

Excess of overactive teenagers rushed towards Midoriya's chamber against his will and everyone froze for a moment.

“Dude...“ Kirishima murmured as he lacked better words. Nothing could quite convey what he felt.

“You should ask All Might to come and sign all your posters!“ Uraraka said enthusiastically when she gathered her posture back. She was comforted by the fact that she wasn't the only one who's jaw metaphorically hit the ground.

“Hey! That's a great idea! Can you imagine his face if he saw it?“ Mina yelled, overjoyed and hopping in place.

“Huh, I can smell herbs.“ Sato noted a bit surprised, leaning forward.

“Me too.“ Momo agreed and smiled lightly. “Is it some kind of tea?“

“Ha ha ha, yeah, mom insisted that I take it...“ he confirmed.

Not really a lie. If he forgot about his dried greenery Inko would definitely remind him to pack it.

Meanwhile, Shinso leaned on the wall, watching closely with eyebrows creased in focus.

Room full of All Might and tea. Sounds familiar.

Midoriya caught his eyes and forced himself to smile, seeing suspicion in purple eyes of his friend. He was terrified of being found out though he wasn't exactly sure why. It probably was one of those irrational fear that didn't need a reason to hit with you intensity comparable to mini truck driving straight into your face.

His salvation turned out to be Mina's and Toru's unhealthily strong need to intrude on Fumikage's little kingdom. Of course, everyone followed those two which left his own room safe from prying eyes.

He was rather lucky that his collection of more or less precious stones was safely tucked in a drawer.

“Wow.“ Toru murmured when everyone intruded upon Tokoyami's chamber.

“Look, look! In the corner, he has a shrine dedicated to...!“ Dark Shadow started but Fumikage reacted admiringly fast, closing beak of his soul-bound companion.

Sadly for him, it was too late. Mina, encouraged by those words, slipped unnoticed inside and...

“I can't believe it! You have a shrine dedicated to the hunter!“ she proclaimed loudly and birdman made not exactly refined and definitely unusual sound of anguish.

“Um... Maybe we should go to the next room...? I think that we shouldn't impede on Tokoyami's personal space like this...“ Midoriya intercepted shyly and to his surprise, his classmates decided to listen to him.

“Right, right! Sorry!“ Mina said, throwing quick apologies toward birdman who, with a grateful nod toward Izuku, closed doors behind him and joined everyone in their room-adventure. He hoped that someone would leave a bigger impression than he did.

His pride needed to make sure that everyone forgets about this unfortunate shrine.

To his immeasurable happiness, it happened rather fast; Yuga readily showed them his room which was as bright as he himself. What more everyone's focus quickly ended on pen hung in the middle of one of the walls which Aoyama happily presented, opening his arms widely. He looked overjoyed at the possibility of showing them this ancient artifact.

“I got it from hunter!“ he said proudly.

“Okay, now I feel bad that I let Kirishima keep torch!“ Mina whined and her redheaded friend sent her a huge smile.

“We can share it. Kind of like... Sacred torch!“ he answered, a short burst of manly laughter leaving his lips even before he said two last words.

“Oh yeah! Though... How do I put it on the wall? There's some kind of special holder for it? There must be something like this! I mean in movies it's...“

“Next Shinso!“ Toru yelled with a sudden burst of enthusiasm, interrupting Mina who immediately picked up her energetic behavior.

“Right, right!“ she agreed and before Hitoshi could show his objection everyone was inside his room.

He hid his face in his hands, suddenly really embarrassed by his cat wallpaper even though usually, he was rather proud of it.

Apart from it, his chamber was pretty normal. Except for, maybe...

“Woah! What's up with this board? It looks like you're solving some great mystery!“ Mina exclaimed enthusiastically and Shinso tried to catch her before she could get closer to it but he wasn't able to. She was simply too fast. “Oooh! It's ingenious! With this, you'll learn the identity of the hunter in no time! Now I feel pretty stupid because you're, like, totally on a completely different level than me! You're nothing short of a real detective!“

“Yeah...“ he agreed just to appease her, meanwhile glancing at Midoriya. He, of course, showed a healthily unsuspicious amount of interest in the subject before leaving with the rest of their classmates.

It figures he wouldn't make it any easier for him.

Ojiro's and Tenya's rooms were pretty ordinary, Eijiro and his man cave weren't too shocking — though the torch on his desk was pretty awesome. Truly worthy artifact — and in Mezo's case, the amount of furniture was rather limited. Hanta, on the other hand, showed off his Asian styled room.

The next attraction turned out to be Todoroki’s room where apart of exchanged floorboards there could also be seen wooden stake and salt. He got few questioning looks but he just shrugged, as stoic as ever, and stated “I’d rather be ready” which made few people enthusiastically nod their heads. The rest more or less noticeably agreed that it was a pretty good idea.

Then Denki showed off his complete lack of style and a scary amount of what others declared as trash. It was quickly forgotten as their bunch entered Koda’s kingdom. Girls instantly rushed to hug bunny while Midoriya – not without a surprised outcry – noticed that his own pet was there.

“Sorry! I have no idea how he got here!” he said, sweeping Katsu off the ground while the quiet boy just blinked. He could have sworn that when he was leaving his room green creature wasn’t there… But he quickly waved his hand in ‘no problem’ gesture nonetheless. After all presence of one rabbit-like creature more doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

Meanwhile, Shinso stared suspiciously at the broccoli child. Up to this point, he had no idea that Midoriya had a pet bunny. But he did know that hunter has a mysterious creature with an extremely powerful ability to follow him everywhere. Interesting…

“Now Sato and then our rooms!” Mina stated enthusiastically, bypassing Izuku and using it to pet little fluff ball he was holding.

Hitoshi had no idea why but when she moved her hand toward the creature, he wanted to yell at her to be careful… Run even. Something deep inside him told him to warn her. And of course, it was baseless paranoia, especially seeing the snuggly reaction of bunny but… Why was he so scared? And on such subconscious level that he couldn’t even start to comprehend what made his skin crawl about this small, cute pet...

Sato’s room was cozy and more importantly… It came with free snacks. His homemade cake won over most of his peers.

Bunch of UA students traveled rather quickly through girl’s accommodations and finally, the choice was made. Sato was the winner and although it was mostly because of bribery no one was going to complain. Good food isn’t bad. Especially when it’s free.

Todoroki wanted to get back to his room but he and others from not exactly successful rescue mission were taken hostage by Uraraka. Midoriya joined them and stayed with them as they didn’t really have any reason to shoo him away. Ochaco decided that if Tsuyu didn’t want him to hear what she was about to say she would just say so. She was rather blunt and straight-forward after all.

When they neared her though, she didn’t even seem to take notice of Izuku.

“I know that you went there despite my objections and I was so disappointed by you… And after what sir Aizawa said I felt really bad, I was so worried for you… I have to tell you about it because if I don’t let it all out I don’t think I can just simply go back to having fun together with my friends.” she said, tears already shining in her eyes.

“I understand your worries! That’s actually why we wanted to do this whole room competition thing! To get rid of all this stress…” Uraraka assured while Kirishima decided to give her emotional support by hugging her.

“It’s good that you told us how you feel… Now we can give our all to make things right and make them go back to how they were!” Midoriya said, feeling awfully looking at crying Tsuyu. It felt… Wrong. Just wrong. She was always so stoic and…

“I was so worried that villains would hurt you, ribbit.” Asui stated and reached out her hands toward him. Pressed not only by her watery eyes but also by Kirishima’s… And Uraraka’s stare, he decided to step closer and embrace her. “Why did you do that?! Do you have any idea how awful it was for us?! We couldn't do anything… Anything!”

“Oh… I’m so sorry…” he whispered, looking everywhere but at her. “I… My legs moved before I could think. They wanted to take Kacchan and…”

“We get you dude but… It was so terribly terrifying to learn that those monsters have taken not only Bakubro but also you.” Kirishima added and Uraraka nodded rather aggressively.

“When you were disappearing through that black hole… I felt as if hours were passing by while I couldn’t move! It was just so… So…!” she said energetically before suddenly completely deflating. “Awful and unfair...”

“If it wasn’t for how much you have already gone through I would punch you for your extremely disastrously dreadfully irresponsible behavior.” Iida added.

“It was traumatic.” Todoroki confirmed.

“I was supposed to watch over you…” Shinso murmured, looking somewhere off the side. His voice seemed calm and even but it was undeniably full of guilt.

“Uhm… I… I really didn’t mean to worry you I just… Sorry. I know it was stupid and dangerous, and I know that I shouldn’t have done that but…”

“Stop apologizing and start being careful!” Uraraka interrupted him and Iida nodded solemnly, confirming that he felt the same way.

“We care for you and we don’t want you to get hurt, ribbit.” Tsuyu added.

Midoriya evolved into a tomato.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing friends…”

“Hey! That’s my line!” Uraraka objected and heavy air around them lifted, replaced by a bunch of friends having a good time.

“Is that all? I want to go to sleep.” Todoroki questioned which prompted Iida into jumpstarting.

“Our friend is right! It’s late and we all should take our leave and rest!”

Everyone more or less willingly listened and moved toward their destination.

Midoriya took deep of relief, happy to be able to swap shapeshifting into illusion. It was less tiring and didn’t stop his growing up process. But the new problem has arisen…

Where did Katsu disappear to this time?!

Chapter Text

Making a special move wasn’t exactly easy. But the big clue to creating it were his scars… The ones that every normal person that went through everything he did would have. Recovery Girl was sure that if he’ll keep on overusing his hands he can permanently destroy them and sure, it wasn’t really possible with his otherworldly regeneration but he didn’t want to make people suspicious so…

One look at Iida and he suddenly had his answer.

He doesn’t have to be like All Might. 

He doesn’t have to use his fists. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

How does one become a hunter?

If Izuku was drinking tea he would most likely choke or spill it all over the screen. Possibly both.

Actually, he kind of should have expected that. Aizawa, as an underground hero, probably has already met dozens of supernatural creatures and just swept in under ‘strange quirk’ rug. Though after what has happened to Present Mic… Honestly, it was strange he was asking just now. Maybe it was prompted by hunter’s ‘saving’ Midoriya and Bakugo? Who knows? Brunet’s thoughts are one huge mystery. And, unlike his classmates, he doesn’t have time for some silly investigations.

Green haired boy needed a moment to find even remotely satisfactory answer for the question he was just asked. 

One must go through training under someone experienced in that field. 

He couldn’t give a more obvious reply, couldn’t he?

I want to become a hunter. When do you have some free time for the first lesson? 

Midoriya nearly choked to death on his own saliva. Once again, he probably should have expected it but here he was, completely shocked. Aizawa wanting to become his student? Come on! Brunet knows that he’s talking with a kid! Wait, teenager… But still! 

Aaaa! What is he supposed to sa… Write?! How to reply without lying and giving away that he kind of died? It’s not like he can just lie!

During a fight with villains, I have been injured and now I am kind of under house arrest (more of a limited way of interacting with the outside world, really). So, for the time being, I am unavailable but I can get you notes about everything you need to know to become a hunter and send it to you through email. Apart from theoretical knowledge and acquiring some experience in the field I do not think you will have much more to do. The practical part of the training I personally have gone through will not be necessary for someone who is already an underground hero. 

Okay. That wasn’t easy but he had succeeded! And he had used pretty formal language so ha! Aizawa should start wondering if he isn’t actually older than he had originally thought!

Wait. He probably knows that the hunter is a UA student. Ugh. Class A investigation definitely is more worrying than silly. Especially for his secret identity.

Injured? How seriously. 

He could have expected it. He probably should. But, once again… He didn’t.

Stomach ripped open and risk of having head somewhere else than on the neck.

You should be in a hospital.

Midoriya felt like screaming. Aaaa! Why Aizawa have to be so concerned about hunter? He should know that he is very talented in the art of surviving and can take care of himself! Why does this ever tired man who acts like he doesn’t care, have to actually be such a precious cinna… Coffee roll?! 

Everything’s alright now. As much as it can be, at least. I just need some time to recover.

Wow. Threading around truth without directly telling it isn’t that hard after all. 

You better not be disregarding your health.

Okay, how is it even possible that he doesn’t know his identity yet? He’s already talking to him as if he was his student! Actually, it’s so close to all the talks he gets as the residential problem child that he can hear brunet’s voice in his head! Aaaa!

I wouldn’t even dream of it.

Now, I will just start sorting through the most basic knowledge every hunter should have… 

From bed. While resting.

Yeah… Sure. Right after getting a temporary hero license. 

Wow. He is actually a rascal however you look at it. He’s deceiving teachers, doesn’t listen to orders and has probably killed more inhuman creatures than Aizawa has seen deaths. And heroes of his type aren’t called underground ones without a reason. 

But anyway! Where are his hunter analyses?


Even though most of the other schools were hell-bent on annihilating UA they have persevered. 

To be honest this whole exam has gone suspiciously smoothly. In first-round Midoriya hasn’t been hit with the ball even once and in the second one, he aced being mental support for ‘scared’ civilians. Evaluators were quite impressed but you know… When you save people from supernatural creatures on a daily basis you learn a few things. Giving hope is one of the first abilities you gain in this kind of career path. 

Waiting for results Izuku felt nervous but his fears were quickly overshadowed by a murderous creature that decided to stand next to him. He needed only one glance at Bakugoto to realize that blond had met at least one person he would mutilate — most likely for attacking someone belonging to his ‘pack’ — but there were too many witnesses for that. Phew. 

As the scoreboard appeared most of class A started celebrating.

Katsuki looked like he was seconds from explosion so powerful that it would wipe Earth from the surface of the Earth — it was nice to have a planet while it lasted, huh? — while Todoroki merely seemed… Sad. Izuku, as expected from future hero, decided to get away from ticking bomb and give emotional support to Shoto but before he could, Inasa decided to apologize to always stoic boy for his behavior on the exam. 

A moment later everyone was going back to the bus with evaluation papers in their hands. 

Izuku, of course, was bawling his eyes out from happiness as he looked at a piece of plastic. 


Confrontation with All For One was as awful as expected. If not worse. 

When All Might interrogated him about his motives and Tomura he got a lot of babbling about the triumph of evil or something like this. Maybe not exactly typical stuff about ruling overworld but close enough. But after he got over that part, he decided to ask about something he just couldn’t take out of his mind. Even if he expected an answer not to bring anything good to his life, deep inside he knew that he should… That he has to question it. 

Especially with Tsukauchi by his side. 

That’s exactly why instead of leaving, blond got a bit more comfortable on his seat – or at least tried to – and glared at his archnemesis. 

“Lying about killing a kid was a low move. Even for you.” he stated and for a moment the room went completely silent.

“What do you accuse me of this time, symbol of peace?” the plague of this world answered with mock and very subtle undertone of confusion. 

“You said that you have beheaded one of the children your organization had kidnapped. I have met him not so long ago and for someone who according to you should be dead, he seems rather fine.”

It looked like All For One was disgruntled and… This empty, destroyed face full of scars seemed to convey surprise? Was the evil incarnate even capable of feeling this emotion? 

“I have done it. With all certainty, it was not a trick of any kind. What more, his head has ended in the opposite corner of the room than the rest of his body." he stated slowly as to make sure their little brains would understand it. He felt like swearing. If it wasn’t for this faery kid he wouldn’t have to interfere and would manage to take tracking quirk from heroine the league has abducted. 

Because of this brat, he failed to do so before the heroes have arrived. How did they even find them in the first place? Ah, that whole day was one, huge streak of extremely irritating accidents that shouldn’t have taken place. But it was not the end. He had prepared a future generation that would carry out his plan. 

“Stop lying. I have seen him with my own eyes. Alive and well.” Blond hissed out but hand on his shoulder made his focus turn toward his friend. 

“He has told the truth.” Tsukauchi has said quietly, with the confusion that quickly was mirrored in the hero’s blue eyes. 

All For One chose this exact moment to start laughing maniacally. He sounded a bit like if he needed an exorcist. 

“You have no idea about the secrets of this world! Maybe the villains aren’t the ones you should really be afraid of?” 

That’s when All Might decided that it was enough. 

He rose and together with Naomasa they moved toward doors. 

“That doesn’t make any sense.” detective noticed and blond just nodded, furrowing his brows. 

Figurative black clouds over his head have lifted for a moment when he realized that he got a new message. Even with a dark atmosphere and still heavy air he smiled at the sight of his student’s success. He knew he would pass the exam. He didn’t work so hard for nothing, after all. 

But after leaving Tartarus and entering the car, a few minutes after sending congratulations to the green-haired boy, he decided that something was wrong. Puzzles were missing from the picture and…

Young Midoriya, if you don’t mind I’d like to talk with you about something. 

Chapter Text

Okay. That SMS sounded a bit ominous. 

Not that Katsuki didn’t seem equally as dark when he demanded Izuku to meet him outside dorms. Ugh, Midoriya just wanted to go to sleep… But fine. Let’s do this. 

Midoriya let himself be lead into a beta field and concluding from blond’s expression, they were about to have a very serious conversation about… Something. 

“What exactly is your fucking quirk?” Bakugo asked in a tone that sounded a lot like a snarl. Well, at least he wasn't beating around the bush 

“I don’t know if it's my secret to tell…” Midoriya murmured which prompted Katsuki into huffing and pointing an accusatory finger at him.

“Stop with this bullshit. If you, unlike me, could pass the exam for a temporary license using it… Then it’s your power and your secret.” he stated. 

The bitter undertone in his voice made the green-haired boy sigh deeply and encourage his friend with a gesture of his hand to move closer.

After a moment of stubbornly standing in place, blond took a few steps closer. A moment later the two of them were sitting in a dark alleyway positioned between two buildings ruined by not as much age as generations of UA students. 

They were quiet for a moment.

“So?” Bakugo inquired, trembling impatiently. He knew that whatever he was about to hear would most likely be shocking enough to knock even him off his feet. 

“It’s All Might’s quirk. He passed it onto me.”

He was expecting some kind of explosion. Instead, Bakugo sunk his claws worryingly deep into the curb they were sitting on. 



“Why were you the one to get his power? How exactly are you better than me?!” the blond asked with enough anger to lift him into standing position. 

Midoriya didn’t rise. Actually, for the first few seconds, he didn’t even seem to react. He looked at his friend after a long while with a strangely empty expression. 

“Do you always have to reduce everything to who is better? And can’t you at least once,  once,  appreciate what you have?!” he asked and his last words escalated into nothing short of yell. Now, he also shot up. 

“How when you always have to have more?!”

“Me?! You’re the one who always had to do more, better and faster than anyone else! And never mind the fact that you have amazingly powerful explosions while up to UA I had nothing! Also, I had to learn things for years to be able to do anything, while you could near-instantly transform! And you always had your heightened senses, inhuman strength, stamina… Everything at hand!”

“You never had to wrench control from your inner fucking beast so it wouldn’t mutilate random people or even your own damn family!” Bakugo yelled right back, grabbing Midoriya by his shirt. Actually… Trying to as it merely grazed his hair. 

Izuku laughed bitterly, letting illusion drop. 

“You mastered it. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. And me? I didn’t even get a good grip on my power and I have to deal with… This. I have to start from the very beginning because I literally lost my head! Do you find it funny? Do you really think I have it that much easier than you?!”

For a moment Bakugo was completely still and quiet. Then, with loud swear, he hit the nearest wall that shuddered dangerously under both the strength of his muscles and explosion. 

“I’m furious, okay? Not at you nor that hecking quirk you got from our favorite hero… I’m angry that I’m so damn weak! If I managed to free myself like you… Hell, if I didn’t get abducted in the first place you wouldn’t go after me! You… They wouldn’t have killed you and that villainous potato in an ass-ugly helmet wouldn’t have fought All Might! And then he would still be the symbol of peace! It’s all my fucking fault!”

Midoriya instantly froze and angry tears in his eyes retreated while bitter droplets started streaming down blond’s checks. 

For a painfully long moment, Izuku just watched, not knowing what to say or do. 

“You’re strong. It… Just was a bad situation.” he said meekly. 

Well. That was an understatement if he has ever heard one. 

“Don’t give me that shit. Heroes win bad situations. Heroes save people from damn bad situation!”

“What else I’m supposed to say?! Kacchan, you’re one of the strongest if not the strongest person I know! It’s not your fault that the situation had spiraled out of control! It didn’t happen because you were weak but because villains weren’t playing fair! And how were we supposed to be ready for it if even teachers weren’t?!”

“If villains are getting worse then heroes should get better! And we’re those future heroes!”

“Fucking damn it Kacchan! We’re first-year students! In third grade you’ll get to destroying organizations of evil, now you’re supposed to learn! Draw conclusions from what happened and use it to your advantage!” 

Bakugo turned around with a huff. 

“It’s hard to understand a real failure when you always find a way to win, huh nerd?”

“I had died. In what plane of existence you take it as a victory?” 

In the moment of silence that had fallen between them, Bakugo has wiped tears from his face. 

“It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning.” Katsuki had finally stated, turning in the direction of his friend once again. He reached out his hand. 

Izuku blinked, surprised before subtly smiling and fist-bumping blond. It looked kind of funny because of his child-like height but none of them were going to give it any thought. 

“You mean the beginning of villains end?”

“When we graduate this school… There will be nothing left for nor of them.” blond agreed readily before shoving his friend to the side with a sharp smile. “But don’t think that since you have All Might quirk you’re better. I’ll annihilate you anyway!”

“I wouldn’t even dream of it. It will be a neck to neck battle for the highest place on the podium.”

“Not if I destroy you.”

“You can try. Good luck with that though.”

A relatively relaxed atmosphere was interrupted by quick steps. Both of them froze and their ears flinched as they listened to the sound indicating that someone was getting closer to them. Midoriya has instantly hidden his true form with illusion while Bakugo realized that he still had his claws out and he just as quickly suppressed them. 

Not long later All Might has graced them with his presence. 

“Can you enlighten me on what is going on here, boys?”

Izuku has opened his mouth to explain it somehow but he quickly closed it, realizing that he can’t lie and telling truth isn’t an option…

“Why did you choose Deku?”

…Or it is.

“Huh? I haven’t chosen anyone, young Baku…”

“You have given him your power. Why?”

The older blond glanced at Izuku who scratched his neck with a nervous laugh. He was doing a pretty good job of conveying ‘sorry. It just... Happened’ with his eyes only. 

“Because I have seen potential in him. Even though he lacked quirk, young Midoriya has shown a truly heroic heart.” All Might admitted. 

“I have always wanted to be as strong as you… But in the end, I turned out to be weakling that caused your early departure.” Bakugo huffed, his voice full of hatred aimed at himself. 

It wasn’t lost on the other two just how subdued he seemed. 

Midoriya could have expected that one talk wasn’t enough to destroy all his concerns and regrets. That’s not how it works. Maybe the process of healing has begun but rarely beginning was also the end. It probably wouldn't be good if that was the case too. 

To the surprise of students, man has caught both of them into a tight hug while he told them how they should focus on being heroes that can win and save people together.

And then he furrowed his brows in confusion and worry.

“I know it’s a strange question but uhm… Did you become smaller lately, young Midoriya?”

“So… Who else knows about this passing power thing?” Bakugo inquired, wiggling himself and in the process also Izuku free from the embrace. The grateful look he got wasn’t lost on him. He would have huffed at it but right now it was more important to redirect All Might attention to something else. 

Toshinori seemingly didn’t notice the change of the subject because he readily dived into the topic of One For All. What it is, why it must stay a secret and who else possesses knowledge about it. Then, he also explained to Bakugo that his untimely retirement was inevitable and has been coming for the past five years; from the time of his last clash with All For One. 

“I’m still going to become the number one hero.” was Bakugo’s reply. No one missed how his shoulders seemed to relax. As if some kind of burden was lifted from him. 

Midoriya smiled because it was a good start for their path of great success. 

His happy expression didn’t hold long though as they stumbled upon Aizawa.

“Robot has caught you two leaving dorms. Pray tell, what were you doing in a dark alleyway of the beta field in the middle of the night?” the ever tired teacher asked, glaring at them. 

“We were talking.” Midoriya answered truthfully. Shota raised his eyebrow to convey not only his dissatisfaction but also his skepticism. It was something along the lines of ‘I’m sure you did just that’.

“And you couldn’t have done it in dorms?”

“Topic of their talk was… A truly delicate matter and if someone overheard them it could end up badly.” All Might interject albeit rather nervously. 

Brunet sighed deeply, massaging his forehead. The things he had to deal with on a daily basis… 

“You’re going to clean the living room and when you’re finished with it I expect it to be spotless. Am I clear?” he asked. Midoriya enthusiastically nodded while Bakugo did it with much less energy and with much more glaring at the air. 

They both knew that they pretty much got scot-free seeing as they have been caught red-handed and the rule they broke was pretty important.

Well… It could have been worse so there’s nothing to complain about, right? 


Bone-breaking child and angry child are in a deep shit .__.


They left after curfew. And our homeroom teacher is kind of… Strict ⚆ _ ⚆ 

Shinso please tell me why do you always know about everything O.o

When you become a detective

You don’t let any kind of information slip away


I’m scared


That I’ll find you?

Yes. You’re seriously too good in this Shinlocking business >.<

I have sworn that I’ll learn your identity

So it’s inevitable. You can just give up already

Nooo, because otherwise, you won’t have reason to make progress ●︿●

Progress in stalking people? 

Exactly! That’s a useful ability! 

...I think

Even if it is a bit questionable! ^▽^

I think I’ll never fully understand you

Now goodnight because unlike you I care for my education and not being a zombie at the start of the school year


I bet that I can find a least three living corpses that are less tired than you -\/( ̄▽ ̄)\/-

I’m not even going to question it.

Goodnight and beware 

I’m watching you (=ΦエΦ=)

Chapter Text

Dark. Yes, it was always dark. Their world was dark, their battles were dark and they were dark. That's how it was and always was going to be.

He wasn't weak. That's why he was still alive. They always fought, devouring each other and showing weaker ones where their place was in the food chain. There was no trust nor light. They were beasts and no one ever dared to come too close to their world. They were too terrified of them. Rightfully so.

Then he felt a tug.

He hid writhing mass of shadows he was made of, not going to show his true strength until the right moment has arisen. His dark, dark fur was fluffy and soft, so unkiller that maybe even some idiots from his race would fall for it.

Then everything changed.

World was... Different. Colorful and warm. Full of light.

There was something... Some strange creature before him.

“Mom! I summoned a rabbit! What do I do?!“

What was this strange sequence of sounds? It was... Delicate. Calm. It wasn't like his world full of angry roars and dying squeaks. Like their deadly, agonic song that just couldn’t be escaped…

He liked it here.

“Does it try to eat your face off?“


“So there's no need to panic. Just send it back, sweetie.“

“But mom! I wanted to summon the carrot! Not rabbit! I don't even know how I did it!“

Under this so new, so bright light, his fur slowly melted its darkness, taking more of a green hue. To be honest he has never ever seen this tint in such intensity before. He wanted to keep seeing it. He wanted to be part of it. 

It was a nice color making him think of those nice-sounding creatures. 

“Huh? It looks more green know. Strange. Anyway... What was I reading? Wait. I wasn't trying to cast this spell! Oh no! Why would the page just turn around?! Come on, this day was intense enough without magical movement of paper!“

He didn't want to startle strange, soft-looking creature but it didn't seem to see through his disguise so he crept closer. Thing's eyes turned toward him but it didn't show any fear. Instead, it put its limb forward and... Was it planning something? Was it, like him, acting all fluffy and soft but in reality was it just waiting for its chance to attack?

He decided that he can overpower it if the need arises and if he can’t... If things come to the worst… He will die fighting. 

He was suddenly lifted and his muscles tensed, ready to tear its fluffy disguise and attack but he didn't do so as he felt this... Strange movement. Hands on his head. And then back. It felt... Pretty nice, actually. 

“It's purring! Mom! I summoned purring bunny!“

“That's great sweetie!“

“No, it isn't! What am I supposed to do with purring bunny from another dimension?!“

“Adopt it?“


Yes, he could grow used to this world.

 ~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Later he felt the tug again. Soft, green creature wanted to send him back. Why? Did it see through his disguise? Did it not like him? Why did it want to get rid of him? He could prove his worth! He could do it, yes he could! He would do anything in his power – maybe even beyond it – to earn his place in this strange, strange, colorful world!

He did everything he could to resist the tug. Every time he felt it, he fought it with all his might. Just don't get sucked in the strange force calling him home. Just don't. Or you'll be back in darkness. Without colors. Without green. Without soft creatures, communicating in their funny, complicated language. 

He resisted.

And soft boy must have noticed his effort, must have deemed him worthy because he stopped trying. Of course, the other soft creature also put him through a test and it was even more difficult than before but he wasn't going to give up. Giving up, generally speaking, meant dying. And he was a survivor.

He persisted and this world… This world was amazing. 

It seemed like one, huge trap. It was always soft, nice, colorful... So, so, so wonderful! And nothing tried to hurt him. And his soft creature took him in as his own! It let him stay in its abode! It gave him its food! But it never needed him. Why didn't it need him? He would protect it! He could fight for it! He wants to show his worth! He needs to show he's worthy being here! How can he take so much and give so little? He can't! Absolutely can't!

So, he hid in the backpack.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

The hand was coming closer and closer...

So he growled. 

Huge, huge, imposing figure. Golden hair was pretty, bright like light. But the thing seemed strong. Maybe not as strong as him but he can't be sure, can he? And his soft creature doesn't seem alarmed — or does it? Their soft, little faces are so complicated! — but how is he supposed to know what to do in a situation like this one?

Then, those funny sounds and... Big creature wasn't so big anymore. It still was tall, so so tall but it was also hurt. So thin. 

It showed him its weakness! Why would it do it so readily? What if he decided to use it against it? It could be a trap, of course, everything always could be a trap but this world couldn't make traps. It was too nice for it.

He decided to befriend the tall, tall soft but thin creature with funny golden hair. Ears? 

He liked it. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He was gifted with a descriptive word. Name? Or at least he thinks that’s what it is. 


He likes it. It sounds soft. Like everything else in this world. He will treasure it as it is his. He also knows that his creature is Midoriya! And Izuku! And witch! And so, so, so many other things! It's so bizarre! How can it be so many things? And is he something more than just Katsu? What else is he? 

He needs to learn. More, more, more! His soft creature keeps on learning. He needs to do it too! 

He must prove he is worthy of all this kindness.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Katsu likes doggy golden soft creature. It’s his creature's ally. Friend? Part of a pack? Packs are complicated. In his world they were dangerous. You had to listen to the strongest and any – no matter how small and seemingly insignificant – mistake would end up in your premature demise. You had to be so so so careful and yet, here his soft creature was. Completely ignoring what doggy, golden creature wanted. Who was stronger here? His soft creature didn't even try to fight when doggy dragged them somewhere. And other green creature didn't seem concerned by the situation at all. It seemed... How do they call it? Emotions? Amusement? Amused? Yes! That's the word, right? Right! He's learning! He is, he is!

He observes. He will know exactly what is going on next time! And he will join and he will be 'amused' like the other green person because he will know why it is amused! But now he can't because what if he makes a mistake? He must know what he's doing! He can't, after all, risk hurting his soft creature! He absolutely can't!

He loves his soft person.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He likes watching his soft person interact with other soft creatures. It's so... Colorful! Full of emotions and sounds — words — and so so nice! Even if they “argue“ they don't attack! Soft creatures fight so so rarely! They prefer to talk! 

His soft creature sometimes goes out and fights, yes. But it's not as aggressive as in his world. It's so nice. Even when it... He fights, he is nice. Because it's his precious soft person! And they are soft! 

But Katsu is sad that he can't help. He wants to help! He doesn't want to interrupt when his soft person is doing so great but he wants to do something!

Let Katsu help! Let him help! 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Kitsune was strong. 

Katsu was stronger.

He showed his teeth, the ones of his disguise. The ones that weren't even his true weapon.

And she was scared.

Such a fragile creature! Not as soft as his creature but fragile! Oh so fragile! 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Flying was fun.

It was... Freeing. Fast but not in the way his shadow form moved. 

And he was flying with his soft person. 

He loves doing things with his soft person. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Is it where his soft creature goes? To the place with much, much more soft creatures? They are so social! Why do they need each other so much? There are already so many creatures around him! Tall, tall hurt one, the other green person and explosive doggy soft creature! So, so, so many! And yet, it isn't enough? So strange!

He doesn't like dark tired person. He doesn't like dark in general. It reminds him of his world. Even if this world isn’t capable of being anywhere as dark as his home's most light darkness. But his soft person would be sad if he did more than growl so he does just that!

And then he hides. And goes to a different hiding place. And then... Golden! Fluffy golden! Kind of like tall, tall hurt creature.

Someone picks him up and he would growl but ah! It's his soft person! His soft person! Yay! They will sit together! That's nice! They will spend time together! Even though the soft person is around other soft people it won't just leave him! Because his soft person is nice like that! 

He was content in his place on his soft person’s knees. Even if nothing interesting was happening it was fine! Being close to his soft person is enough!

Sharp sound — but still soft because it's a soft world — made a lot of soft creatures come closer. So, so many! Is it ambush? Should he growl in warning? Attack? Or should he not? Soft people aren't fighters. They are nice.

Then his soft person gave him to colorful, pink person and left.

Oh, his soft person wants him to learn more about ‘befriending’ thing, right? That's okay! Katsu will learn! He can do that! He can get better and better and make his soft person so so proud of him!

Soft, colorful people were nice. He liked them. Even more so when they helped him get back to his soft person. 

He loves the funny place where his soft person goes to!

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He was a bit surprised to see the green person outside just as he left. Did they notice him leaving? Have they realized what he is? What should he do?

“I may not know where you came from nor what you are but leaving witch’s house without her knowledge isn’t as easy as one may think.”

He didn’t understand anything at all but concluding from the used tone, he decided that he wasn’t in trouble. Or at least not too much of it. 

But still. He needs to go to his soft person! He hasn’t seen them for a few days now! He’s worried and he misses them and, and…!

He made a sound of distress – it’s how he should communicate his worry, right? – and looked toward direction his favorite soft person went to. He hoped that he conveyed his anxiety well enough.

Sigh was the answer he got and something he did understand. A bit. 

“I was supposed to keep an eye on you but I’m pretty sure that you can take care of yourself. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone look after Izuku and his suicidal tendencies.”

He still had no idea what the green person had said but the movement she made with her hands clearly showed that he had permission to go. He readily did so.

He hopped until he was far from anyone’s prying eyes where he changed and moved through shadows as he was one with them. Finding his soft person wasn’t easy but in the end, he saw a fire and followed the smell of blood where he found who he was looking for. 

Against him stood a soft creature that was surprisingly sharp. 

Sharp knives, sharp moves, sharp words… It seemed kind of dangerous, at least in this world’s standards. And he knew that his soft person would be fine but… What if not? What if something actually happened to his precious soft person? 

So he decided to help. Just enough to do something but without showing his true colors. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

It took long. Finding his soft person took too, too long. He went somewhere far, far away! In the forest, so so deep! But Katsu found him! How could he not?

And his soft person was hurt.

Not just hurt as in one of their small, soft fights. Or even one of the bigger ones. He seemed not only hurt but also worried. Scared? 

And that made Katsu angry. Very angry.

Katsu was going to  annihilate  the one who did it. And finding culprit wasn't hard at all. Stupid, stupid creature didn't even try to run. It paid for its lack of survival instincts.

He bit through its pathetic skin. It barely held together, giving away to his double row of teeth easily. He easily went through muscles, devouring the flesh of this despicable creature. 

But then his soft creature called him. 

And he didn't want to let go. He wanted to make this pathetic creature pay the dearest price for attacking  his  soft person but in the end, he did. He left it alive. After all his soft person wouldn't want death, would they? They are soft. They shouldn't see death. It's too harsh for them. Too, too harsh! How can it even exist in this soft world? Or... Was he the one to bring it here with him? 

His soft person wasn't happy with his intervention but he understood. Soft person doesn't hurt other creatures and doesn't approve of it. Unless it is absolutely necessary. Unless it's needed to help others. Even then, they do so little damage… It just how his soft person is. Too nice. Too kind. That's why Katsu needs to protect them.

But he also needs to get rid of red, foul liquid. His soft person doesn't like it. 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

They took them.

They took his soft person .

And he had no idea where. He couldn't find them. They were far, far away and hidden. So so well. Like treasure. But his soft person is a treasure. His treasure. So he's going to find them. He's going to find them and protect them! Because there are things scarier even than him in this universe. And he won't be scared. Because he needs to be strong for his soft person! His soft, brave person!

But then...

Then there was blood.

His soft person’s blood.

And body. And head. And the head should be connected to the body.

And he wasn't angry. He wasn't even furious. He just wasn't. Wasn't who he was for quite some time now. He was again in a dark world. Full of death and hatred and he needed to be stronger. And he was going to be stronger. The strongest. He was going to  turn this place into a bloody mess .

He bit into his first victim. He was going to tear it apart.

As his victim destroyed his fake skin, he could feel sick glee. Freeing him from his fluffy disguise was this disgusting creature's second mistake. Not that the first one wasn't the one that made his life so much shorter than it could otherwise be.

He lunged.

But he was somewhere else.

He was somewhere else.

He was. Far. And he couldn't do anything. His soft person... Gone. And he didn't even avenge them. Useless, useless... After all, he wasn't worth the kindness he was gifted with. 

He... Felt like falling apart.

He screamed. He roared. He howled. He yelped like injured, dying animal. 

Maybe he was dying after all? 

He should be dying. 

He didn't protect his soft person. He didn't want to live. No matter how nice or colorful this world was. It hurt him more than his own. It hurt him so so so much more.

He hated it. He hated this world.

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

Katsu never understood his soft person’s tears. He didn't understand tears in general.

But then his soft person was back. Strange, different but it was them. It was his soft person. 

And Katsu wept. 

He knew his soft person was overwhelmed with everything that has happened so he gave them space. His soft person deserves it. Everyone else deserves talking to them first. They weren't the ones that failed in protecting them. Katsu will think himself enormously lucky if hi... The soft person even lets him stay with them. After all, why would they need this useless, useless creature that didn't manage to save them? To do as much as avenge them…? 

And Katsu knew he didn't deserve to go back to his old habits with the soft person. He knew he failed and so he should repent. 

But the soft person didn't seem angry. Didn't seem angry  at all . Not even disappointed. They acted like nothing had happened between them. And Katsu didn't understand. He didn't help. He was useless. So why weren't they angry at him? Why did they let him stay? Why did they still care about him?

How could Katsu ever hope to repay this kindness? 

~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~

He was nervous.

Back in the days of darkness, he wouldn’t even know what that emotion is. There was no time for it. You could show weakness and fear, sure, but you would not survive it.

His soft person was packing their things. Last time it did such a thing, it and the other green creature went to the world of funny not-exactly-soft-but-close-enough people. The whole trip there, he kept on observing, making sure that no one would dare to hurt his soft person. But the inhabitants of that terrain seemed friendly enough so he didn’t need to interfere.

But back to the point. After the visit from the blond hurt person, there was a lot of packing and Katsu had no idea what was going on. He was a bit afraid, to be honest. What could this mean? What was going on? Is his soft person departing somewhere far away? Will they leave him? He can follow, of course he can, but will they want him there?

He didn’t have to worry for long though. His soft person took him with them! 

They are going to stay near this place where his soft person goes to all the times, he thinks. And he assumes that all those soft people will live there too. That’s nice! It should be safer here, right? Also, his soft person seems happy around others so that’s good! He wants his soft person to be happy!

As he was left in a closed room, he decided to investigate. He needs to make sure that everything is secure in this new place! Also, it’d be good to know the layout of this territory. 

He nimbly moved through cracks and crannies, for normal eyes looking like nothing more than a strange shadow. 

He didn’t put much mind to most rooms until he stumbled upon… Something. It looked a lot like him, in his disguise form that is, and that made him stop. He carefully shifted back into a fluffy green creature and moved closer.

Was it like him? Or was it part of this world? It would explain a lot. Why soft creatures trusted him so easily; he reminded them of some part of fauna here.

He spent some time staring at the creature that stared right back.

He hissed lowly and it flinched, seemingly surprised and afraid of the sound he made. Oh, he supposes it really is a part of this soft world. If it was like him it would most likely show it somehow; attacks him or talk with him about the softness of this world. 

Not much long later the doors opened and he tensed, not sure what to expect. But it turned out that those were just soft people. Oh! His soft person is here too! 

They swooped him off the ground – yay! – and he looked around as the pink soft person patted him. Purple soft person seemed on edge for some reason. Oh, wait… Wasn’t he with his soft person back when that despicable... Creature attacked his soft person? But if that was the case then shouldn’t it be more afraid? Unless his soft person did its magic-thing to it.

Ah! There are still so many things he doesn't understand...

But maybe he doesn't have to know everything? Maybe... Just maybe... He is enough as he is? And he doesn't need to do nor be anything else for his soft person to care about him? 

Maybe he should learn soft people language's so he can ask about it? Yeah! That's a splendid idea! He would love to talk with his soft person! 


~– =– ~(– )~*~^./\.^~*~(– )~– =– ~


Please don't mind those edgy words on the side

Chapter Text

Midoriya was so ready to don on his majestic hunter costume and tell Monoma to chill out. He would even do it if it wasn’t for the principal speech beginning. It was rather… Chaotic. At first, it was bizarre, then surprisingly serious and finally a bit unnerving as he warned everyone about not breaking curfew's rules. By leaving the dorms. Like some students did.


Then students heard a bit about new, more important internships and the rest of the lessons went on pretty smoothly. In dorms, Midoriya and Bakugo got down to the work; namely cleaning the main room.

It wasn’t particularly hard and two of them had time to talk a bit about their fighting techniques. They also discussed possible new attacks and pointed out each others’ mistakes, various details that could help them improve. Spending time together after their rather aggressive debate of the previous day was surprisingly easy. It seemed that they just needed to get all their frustrations out of their system from time to time.

Sure, Midoriya got full-course lecturing from his favorite blond friend when Sero pointed out the dust on the windowsill but hey! It could have been worse, right? Life has taught him this specific lesson far too well…

They only had to clean the salon so it wasn’t long before they were done with it. Izuku needed to take out the trash and their punishment would be over. Hurray.

He was just strolling around with his dearest friends – rubbish – contemplating deeply his existence and everything that has been happening lately in his life… And there was a lot of that… When he noticed someone’s face. On the wall.

“Trash, right? You can throw trays to flammable waste.” person… Creature? Blond declared, pointing with his freshly taken out of physical surface hand to the right container.

Huh. What a nice ghost.

“Uhm… Thanks.” Midoriya murmured, moving forward once again.

Strange. Did some lost soul wanted to see UA at least after death? If that’s the case there’s nothing to worry about. Unless it starts haunting students he doesn’t really need to do anything. Harmless spirits are… Well, harmless.

“No problem.” the blond answered with a huge smile and then, disappeared into the wall.

Not much time later Izuku had to stop walking as to not step on someone’s face. Even if it is a ghost so his foot would just go through, it would still be extremely rude!

“You’re this energetic first year, right? I thought I you would be more surprised by my quirk but here you are, so serious! Who would have thought?”


“Quirk?” slipped out from Midoriya’s lips.

“Yep! How else could I be in the ground? Don’t say… You thought I’m a ghost! Right? Ahahaha, sorry if I have scared you! Everyone is talking about you and I wanted to see you with my own eyes!” the boy replied before returning into embraces of mother nature.

Izuku has waited a moment for his return but… After a few seconds of the face not coming back he decided to murmur “okay” and take care of trash he was still holding. It’s not like it’s the strangest thing he has seen in his life. It wouldn’t probably even qualify to top ten.

Actually, it was kind of normal with everything that has been happening in his life lately.

Who knows… Maybe one day they will meet again?


Oooh. Izuku recognizes those two. Well… He knows all three of them as the most promising students from the third year but he stumbled upon blond and brunet as his hunter persona. Actually, those big blue eyes of one of them seem especially familiar… He has mistaken him for the ghost a few days prior, didn’t he?

Anyway. Their trio was rather… Specific.

And somehow their presentation ended in a class A fight against Mirio. Shoto has decided to not participate as he didn’t pass the exam for a temporary license and after a few seconds of murderously glaring at his surroundings, Bakugo did the same. Even as he leaned over the wall nonchalantly, his fists were clenched so hard that no one would be surprised if he drew blood.

“I will catch up to you and then outpace you.” he promised in words that sounded worryingly close to growling.

“Come on, bro! Join us! You shouldn’t keep on beating yourself just because you failed this one ti…!” Kirishima tried but he was aggressively interrupted.

“You don’t get it, shitty hair. Before I start proving to you how strong I am I need to do it to myself first!” he roared and even though he used his typical amount of endless fury and his expression was just as angry as usual, everyone realized just how important what he had said was.

Midoriya was ready to cry from happiness because… Kacchan has finally realized it! After all those years this day has finally come!

“In that case… Good luck Bakubro!” Kirishima replied enthusiastically, sending his friend a huge smile.

“As if I needed it.” the blond answered with a huff.

“What an admirable determination!” Mirio stated and all eyes instantly focused on him. “Now… Will you accept my challenge and show me what you’re truly made of?!”

“Yes!” Mina yelled while Shinso sighed deeply.

He had a bad feeling about it.

“Isn’t it a bit unfair? We all versus you one?” redhead asked, craving a truly manly battle. “I mean, we have already fought real villains! We don’t need you to go easy on us!”

To his surprise, Midoriya walked up to him and patted him on the back.

“I have a feeling that he knows what he’s doing.” He said and after a moment of thinking, Kirishima nodded.

“If he thinks that he can win against all of us… Alright, let’s do this!”

Moment later Togata was naked and most of their class half-conscious.

“Oi! What do you think you're doing?!” Bakugo yelled at them. He might or might have not regretted his decision.

Not that he’s going to change it. He made up his mind. One day he’ll definitely get a chance to fight against this powerful hero! Actually… He won’t have to. Because his classmates will become stronger than him so he’ll just wait for that and then destroy them! And it will be like if he kicked blond's ass, just indirectly!

“His quirk is truly admirable. He possibly is the closest one to becoming the number one hero. Including professionals.” Todoroki stated.

While the audience got into a pretty heated discussion, Midoriya managed – although barely – to snatch Shinso from the underground-incoming Mirio. They were the only two who have survived up to this point. Blond knew purple-haired kid’s power and didn’t find it very dangerous so he left him be for the time being while Izuku evaded all of his attacks with surprising grace.

Somewhere deep inside Izuku cried about Bakugo's decision not to join the fight. If the two of them got to fight together and had a chance to prepare some kind of plan, they would most likely win this. Maybe in a similar fashion as against All Might – the one closer to trickery rather than direct strength – but victory is a victory, isn’t it?

For the time of the battle, Izuku had changed his form because illusion definitely wouldn’t be enough. It was a pity because his normal, inhuman self had long ears that were rather sensitive to sound and by an extent rather useful in this situation. Actually, in his present shape, most of his senses – if not all of them – seemed… Subdued. Not that he was going to let it stop him! He was a hunter with an average range of sensing things for years and he managed to win with whatever fate has thrown in his face! And this situation isn’t that different! To be honest it’s much safer than most of his paranormal encounters so yeah…

Also! Blond’s quirk kind of changes him into a ghost and he has experience with those! Sure, they have this aura about them – cold, making your skin crawl, death clinging to everything they touch... – but in Togata's case, every time he moves those minuscule tremors are flowing through the ground. For a hunter, those kinds of details can be a difference between surviving and… Not making it.

“Right!” Midoriya yelled and Shinso dodged in that direction with a quiet, breathless “thanks”.

Mirio was rather surprised that purple-haired boy managed to evade him but instead of showing any kind of worry he smiled brightly.

“You’re doing great but!” he stated and this time he didn’t disappear underneath floor. Instead he rushed toward Hitoshi.

“You’re not going to say anything to me, huh? So scared of my quirk?” tired teen asked, meanwhile trying his damndest to avoid getting kidney punched. Sure, he has been training very hard since joining the hero course to become better in hand to hand combat but he knew that his foe has much more experience. He was going to get his ass handed to him.

While Mirio moved his fist to attack, green blur dashed toward him with a war cry. Togata permeated through him, meanwhile moving his fingers toward the boy’s eyes.

Blond would lie if he said that he wasn’t surprised by sudden determination in those green orbs. There was also the fact that instead of closing them, Midoriya had swung his hand as if ready to be stabbed into irises as long as he would land a hit himself.

Within seconds Izuku flew through him and landed some distance behind him.

“You weren’t expecting it, huh?”

“Indeed, you’re pretty full of supri…!”

Everyone gaped as blond froze, caught under Shinso’s quirk power.

Generally speaking, two of them had no chance against blond but… His talkativeness and surprise mixed with enthusiasm turned out to be his downfall. They didn’t need to defeat him with brute strength as they had a method.

“Get dressed.” was Hitoshi’s first command, meanwhile Midoriya came closer to his purple-haired friend with a huge smile.

“We make a great team!” he said, his face shining with happiness of thousand suns. Though it wasn’t first nor the last time the boy would blind Hitoshi with his joy. Ugh, why there are so many energetic people around him? Come on, it’s even more scary than dude without pants! Not that he isn’t just as vigorous...

But as Izuku raised his hand for high five, Shinso readily accepted it. Not exactly enthusiastically as his hand barely touched Midoriya’s but hey. That’s the thought that counts.

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that you’d success! I mean, I probably should with how talkative Mirio is but I’m impressed anyway! You did far greater than I expected you to!” Neijre babbled happily.

“Good job.” Aizawa added.

Midoriya caught Bakugo’s eyes and got huff and a look saying ‘you should have managed to win it yourself, without any help’.

Then Shinso freed Mirio from underneath his control and blond enthusiastically congratulated the two of them before giving them all a speech. Even if he hasn’t won, he still defeated most of their class and if it wasn’t for his slip up, there wasn’t much doubt that he would get two last survivors too.

His words were a huge inspiration for everyone.

Something about his quirk being strong only because he made it be so… Resonated strongly with Shinso. Because… Maybe his power can be villainous and isn't that heroic but that doesn’t mean it will always be seen this way. He is the one possessing it and he will decide what he’ll use it for. Hitoshi can and will write his own destiny and prove that every ability can help.

Then class A thanked big three for their arrival and their small group left.

“So… Someone caught your eye?” Neijre asked happily. She was already expecting his answer but oh well! It doesn’t hurt to make sure if her guess is correct!

“Definitely! And I’m sure that he would do greatly under Sir’s supervision!”

Hah! Of course, she was right!