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Warlocks and Frogs and Bears, Oh My!

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Try as he might, Bakugo couldn’t get any more information out of the fairy, which pissed him off. Apparently, Deku had said too much, because he had slapped a hand over his mouth the moment the words escaped him. Bakugo tried to get him to explain, to the point of threatening to leave the ‘blasted bug’ behind. But Deku was persistent and told the barbarian that his life was on the line if he said anymore. If any of the other fairies found out about his slip up, it could cost him his freedom. So begrudgingly, Bakugo promised not to mention it, but he decided he would make the fairy cum again and lap up as much of that sweet nectar as he could and see what he could do with it.

When they were all packed up and ready to head out, Bakugo watched as Deku fluttered around the room as if in search of something.

“What gives?” he demanded. “You lose something?”

“My stone,” Deku’s voice echoed as he frantically searched the water basin.

Bakugo shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out the rock with the etchings all over it. “This one?” he asked as he rolled it over in his palm.

Deku popped his head out of the pitcher, hands on the edge of the porcelain as he held on. A big smile stretched over his face as his wings fluttered quickly. “Yes!” he exclaimed, flying out, reaching for the stone.

But Bakugo let if fall into his fist and held it tight out of the fairy’s grasp.

“Nu-uh. You’re going to tell me what the fuck is up with the sparks if you want this back,” he said with a smug smile.

“Kacchan, that’s not fair. I told you I can’t do that,” Deku hovered in front of the barbarian, hands on his hips as he pouted.

“Not my problem. It’s not like I’m going to announce to the world about some dumb fairy magic. I know how to keep a secret. I’ve kept you.”

“But, it’s important to me,” Deku tried to use his puppy eyes on Bakugo, but the barbarian wasn’t going to fall for it.

“And so is knowing why sparks flew from my hands and why it’s special to just me!”

Deku would have stomped his foot if he was standing on a surface, but he did cross his arms and glared at the human as Bakugo slung his bag over his shoulder.

“Now, are you coming with me or not?” Bakugo grumbled.

Deku didn’t answer, but he wasn’t gentle when he zipped into Bakugo’s hidden pouch, which only served to make Bakugo roll his eyes.

With fresh supplies and full stomachs from breakfast, they headed out of the city onto their next destination. Before stopping to restock, Deku had told Bakugo about a dragon’s cave not too far off that was supposed to be filled with a vast treasury. The dragon had been hoarding for centuries and was said to have mountains of coins and jewels.

Bakugo wasn’t a greedy man, but he had to admit, that getting his hands on even a portion of a treasure like that would make his life more enjoyable. And since there was nothing better to do, he figured why not. Thankfully, Deku had already given him a general set of directions towards the dragon and its cave, and so he didn’t bother the small fairy hiding in the cloak’s pocket.

They traveled for a day, and by nightfall, Bakugo still hadn’t seen or heard from the little green fae. He nudged at the lump in the pocket on his shoulder, but only got a small grunt in return.

Bakugo let his cloak fall into a heap with a little less care than usual before he set about starting a campfire. The fall caused an undignified squeak to emanate from the folds of the fabric.

“What was that for?” Deku demanded when he finally managed to get out and walk along the ground.

“Figured you’d want some dinner,” Bakugo grinned like a feral cat as he sat back once the fire was started and crackling in the night air.

Deku let out a little herumph and flittered away to sit on a low hanging branch, Turning his back not to have to look at the blond.

“Whatever,” Bakugo growled at the fairy’s defiance.

The rest of the night was silent, the only sound being the nearby wildlife and the fire.

“Come on you little shit,” Bakugo growled when he curled up on the ground ready for the day to be over.

Except the feeling of fluttering wings never came, and despite the fire, the night had a bitter chill to it that Bakugo couldn’t shake off.

By morning, Bakugo was more irritated than usual. When he checked the cloak pocket, he found the space empty. A low growl escaped with a snarl. Once the fire was thoroughly put out, and he ate a meager breakfast, he still hadn’t seen any sign of Deku anywhere. He kept telling himself he shouldn’t be surprised. He never assumed that the fairy would stay with him forever anyway. Hell, he would tell Deku to fuck off on almost a daily basis, but the fae would only respond with a laugh and a bright smile.

Bakugo checked his pants pocket and found the stone there, meaning that Deku hadn’t tried to retrieve it. Bakugo’s brows creased in thought. If the fairy didn’t try to take his stone back, and he wasn’t here… Fuck!

Bakugo jumped up and grabbed his satchel quickly before looking around for any signs of trespassing. It took a few minutes, but he eventually found a trail that started at just where the light from the fire would have faded into shadows during the night. Meaning, someone had been watching. FUCK! He got so fucking caught up in thinking about that damn nerd that he didn’t notice that he was being watched.

With an angry growl, the barbarian set off after the fairy.

It didn’t take long to find the intruder as the trail left behind was undeniable, even to the untrained eye. Clearly, this person was either an idiot or far too confident. Either way, Bakugo planned on taking them down a few notches.

The trail led to a cave dug out of the side of a small cliff. The outside littered with scraps and a mismatch of weapons. He also noticed a few bones off to the side, one of which looked like a human femur. Bakugo snarled. Just what he fucking needed right now.

With sword drawn, Bakugo slowly entered the cave, keeping his eyes sharp for any movement. He wasn’t more than a few feet inside when he heard a small cry. He would recognize that voice anywhere. Pushing himself up against the wall, he quietly moved forward to get the drop on his prey. The sunlight shone ahead and glinted off of something shiny, and as Bakugo got closer, he found some weird bear-man poking into a cage where Deku was pushed up against the back trying to avoid the long claw-like fingers.

The creature had a body that looked like a combination of both man and bear — with a bear head, mostly covered in fur, though wearing orange pants with a belt that held shields on either side. Probably trophies from whatever poor sap had gotten caught by the beast. Strangely his legs looked human, and he wore brown leather shoes. Whatever, it was ugly, and it had his Deku. Which meant, it had to die.

With a battle cry, Bakugo surged forward, sword raised as he rushed the bearman. He had hoped to take the monster by surprise, but Bearhead moved away at just the last moment and swiped at Bakugo with its massive paws. The claws clanked against the sword and even created a notch into the edge. Which only pissed Bakugo off even more.

He heard a small whimper that sounded suspiciously like the nickname Deku would occasionally call him, behind his head, but he ignored it for now. Bakugo would deal with the fairy once he put this monstrosity out of his misery.

The bearman lunged forward in an attempt to tackle Bakugo, but the barbarian was too quick and jumped up in time, and while in the air, he pushed off against the wall, pushing him forward. As Bakugo sailed over the bear, he swung down, his sword slicing down the beasts back. A howl of pain echoed throughout the cave for his efforts.

Bakugo landed on his feet, his sword red with the blood of beast and a feral grin across the barbarian’s face. “Come on, fucker. Come get me,” Bakugo taunted.

Bearhead roared and despite it’s wound, lunged forward, claws out and teeth bared. An acid like drool dribbling down out of its mouth as it snarled at the barbarian. Bakugo also lunged forward but dodged the claws swinging his sword with enough force to nearly sever the hand of one right before he dropped and kicked at the bear's knee, knocking him down.

The sound of the fight, of sword meeting claws or shield, of snarls, and growls echoed so hard off the walls it was nearly deafening. With a final jump, Bakugo plunged his sword deep into the chest of the bear headed man, driving it entirely through the body of the beast into the floor of the cave, causing the handle to snap off.

Panting, Bakugo tossed the handle away and stumbled back as he caught his breath. He watched as the beast took its final breath, and the eyes dulled as its life slipped away.

Bakugo turned and slightly stumbled forward, blood and sweat dripping down his body. Deku sat on the bottom of the wooden cage, vibrate green eyes wide in awe.

“Kacchan,” his voice whimpered.

“What the fuck happened?” Bakugo snapped. He looked at the pathetic excuse of a cage and frowned. “And why the fuck couldn’t you get out of this piece of shit?” he barked as he nearly destroyed the enclosure opening it.

Deku mumbled something too low for the barbarian to hear. “Speak up!” Bakugo demanded.

“I can’t fly,” Large green eyes, filled with tears, looked up at him.

Bakugo gently pulled the fairy from the wooden structure, tossing it away once Deku was safe in his hand. He turned the fae around slowly, and his eyes widened in shock to see one of Deku’s green wings broken, snapped along with a gash along the fairy’s arm.


Bakugo turned Deku to face him again, only to find the fae with his head buried in his arms resting on his knees.

“How the fuck did that happen?”

“I was… hic … I was looking for a place to nest when that … thing grabbed me. … hic” Deku sobbed. He wiped away the tears, but they kept falling from his eyes despite his effort. “When he did, he snapped my wing, and I tried to call out, but … hic … but you were asleep, and his finger pressed into my … my mouth.” Deku had to stop to breath as a choked sob escaped him.

Bakugo silently cursed himself. This was his fault. He shouldn’t have pissed Deku off. Shouldn’t have given the fairy a reason to find solitude where it wasn’t safe. Damnit, he fucked up.

“Can it heal?”

Deku nodded, but it didn’t feel convincing.

“What do you need?” Bakugo tried again.

The question got the fairy’s attention. With a sniff, he looked up at the barbarian. “I need a few things to make a potion, but I don’t know if you can help me find them,” Deku answered.

“You can’t fucking do it on your own. We’ll figure it out,” Bakugo grunted.

Not wanting to do any more damage to Deku’s wing, Bakugo gently placed the small fairy in the crook of his neck, nestled into the fur of his cloak, where he knew Deku sometimes like to sit. The fae curled into the fabric and sniffed a little more before settling down.

Bakugo gathered his dropped satchel and looked around for any weapons he could scavenge since his was destroyed. Though what was there was practically useless, he grabbed the best he could find knowing something was better than nothing before they took off.

The first thing he did was find the nearest stream so they could clean up. Bakugo knew that Deku wasn’t in any shape to get him off, but he also knew the fae hadn’t eaten for over twenty-four hours and wondered how long the fairy could go between meals. Deku had told him about how he had barely survived as a prisoner of Shigaraki, and he had been there for months. However, Bakugo didn’t believe for a moment that Deku could go that long without any food.

“You need to eat if you want to heal faster,” the barbarian grumbled after dressing the final wound that needed attention. Which included a small bandage around Deku’s wounded arm.

His cloak laid on a rock near the stream they stopped at. Deku laid on top warmed by the noonday sun.

“I can’t get you off right now, Kacchan,” Deku grumbled from his spot on the red fabric.

Bakugo rolled his eyes. “No shit, dumbass. Doesn’t mean I can’t do it myself for you,” he grumbled — a pink tint staining his cheeks.

“Kacchan would do that for me?” Deku perked up. His broken wing swung lifelessly with the movement. It made Bakugo twinge with guilt.

“Yeah, but could you at least… you know, throw some of that magic at me or something. Whatever it is that gives me those wet dreams.” Bakugo asked almost shyly as he moved closer to the rock Deku was perched on.

The fairy smiled knowingly, and gingerly stood, reaching out for the barbarian. Bakugo leaned forward, close enough that Deku could reach over and touch his face. He expected the fairy to throw some dust or some shit at him, but instead, he felt as small hands were placed tenderly on his bottom lip before a small kiss followed after.

A strong shiver, like a wave crashing on a shore, swept over Bakugo. From his lips down his neck, along his spine, swirling his gut. Then through his veins, where it settled into his heart and dissipated into his toes.

He closed his eyes as the sensation overtook his body. It started strong and faded into a gentle tingling that slowly faded away.

“What was that?” Bakugo whispered gently, but Deku didn’t answer. Only smiled softly before he smirked and blew Bakugo a kiss. This time, there was sparkling fairy dust, and within moments, Bakugo’s cock was rock hard and stood at attention.

A low groan escaped the man, and he didn’t hesitate to shove his hand down his pants, pushing them down under his balls to give his dick space. He didn’t need much, as each stroke of his hand felt like heaven on his throbbing cock. He could barely feel the calluses on his palms, and when he slid the pads of his fingertips along the sensitive ridges, he keened with pleasure.

It didn’t take long before he was spilling into his other hand, a grunt of satisfaction on his lips. A few more tugs to gather every drop and he slipped himself back into his pants with his free hand, as he reached out with the other.

He placed his hand, palm up, filled with his cum out on to the rock for the fairy to enjoy. He rested his head on his arm as his breathing slowly calmed back down to normal, listening to the sounds of a happy fae, gobbling up his meal with little hums.

After a while, Bakugo watched as the center of his palm got licked clean by a content fairy. Once done, Deku heaved a happy sigh and had a ridiculous smile plastered on his face that Bakugo rolled his eyes at.

“What do we need to get to fix your wing?” Bakugo asked after he washed up his hands.

“Most we can get in the forest, they shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’s the rare ingredient that might be harder,” Deku said with some uncertainty.

“Yeah? And what’s that? Eye of newt? Tongue of worm?” Bakugo asked with a smirk.

Deku’s face scrunched up in disgust. “What?”

Bakugo held back a laugh at how adorable the fairy looked at that moment.

“No. I need mercury. A liquid metal,” Deku explained.

“I know what mercury is, but isn’t that poisonous?” Bakugo carefully picked up the fairy and his cloak. The day was too warm to wear it, but he needed to keep Deku close as he couldn’t fly.

“It is for humans, but not fae. Or at least not all of us. I only need a small amount. If I don’t have the mercury, I run the risk of not having strong enough wings to fly.” He explained.

Bakugo gently placed the fairy on his shoulder after having put his cloak back on. “If you say so.”

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It didn’t take more than a few hours before they had gathered the essential ingredients of the needed potion. In their search, they happened upon a small village built near the stream. Bakugo did his best to hide Deku without hurting him before he strolled into town. The smokestack of a blacksmith had got his attention from a distance, and he needed a new sword. Thankfully, he still had plenty of coin in his belt.

Bakugo got some interesting looks as he entered the town square, but didn’t think twice about it, as getting such curious looks was a regular occurrence for the blond. He did notice, however, how Deku would peak out of the pocket he was hiding in, watching the people, and the shops as they walked past — mumbling things to himself along the way.

“We could use that book,” he said a little louder as Bakugo passed a merchant with decorated leather-bound books on display.

“What the fuck do you need a book for?” Bakugo whispered as they passed.

“To write things down in,” Deku answered in a tone that made it sound like the answer was too obvious. Bakugo tsked in response.

Once at the blacksmith, the barbarian was greeted by a woman with a round face, bright brown eyes, and an overly cheerful disposition.

“Welcome to Uraraka’s smithery! My name is Ochaco. What can we get ya?” she asked with far too much enthusiasm.

“I need a sword,” Bakugo grunted as he looked around, noticing a few on display.

A long, broad sword caught his attention.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place, we got plenty, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can make it!” the woman exclaimed as she threw a hand in the air.

Bakugo pulled back a bit; this woman was far too much. Deku, on the other hand, was giggling quietly from his hiding spot on Bakugo’s shoulder.

“I need something that will hold up against the thickest hide,” Bakugo said as he walked over to the broad sword giving it a good look.

The handle wasn’t too long, but long enough for two hands if needed. Wrapped in leather that looked like it would last for a long time. No outlandish decorations or unnecessary additions. Not that Bakugo didn’t mind a little flair, but he’s learned from experience that sometimes too much will attract more attention than what it’s worth. The blade looked good also — the right thickness, with an edge that looked sharped enough to take down any opponent.

“How much for this one?” he asked, thumbing at the sword.

“100 gold,” Ochaco said with a smile.

Bakugo tsked. “Too much,” he grumbled. Figures he couldn’t find an honest person.

“It is not! That’s made from the best iron, and forged with precision by a master blacksmith,” the woman argued.

Bakugo turned to her and leaned into her space, inches away from her face. “And who says they’re a master blacksmith? This town isn’t big enough to have a proper master smith,” he argued.

“My father trained under the king’s blacksmith!” Ochaco shot back, not backing down and pushing back into Bakugo’s space.

“Then why didn’t he stay there instead of coming to this podunk town?”

Ochaco stood up straight at that. “Because of my mother. She grew up here, and she couldn’t leave because my grandmother was sick. So my father returned, and we’ve been here ever since.

Bakugo sneered. “Dumb, if he was so good, the king should have brought the whole family back.”

“You really don’t know how family works do you?” Ochaco crossed her arms in defense.

“Whatever. I’ll give you 40 gold for the sword,” Bakugo offered.

“What?! That’s outlandish! It’s worth way more than that,” Ochaco shouted. Bakugo just ignored her and shoved his hands into his pockets. “75 gold and you take me with you on your adventure,” she offered instead.

“Fuck you. I don’t need any extras slowing me down,” Bakugo sneered at the woman.

Ochaco tilted her head to the side and placed a finger against her cheek as she regarded the barbarian before her. Then with a smile, she sashayed her way over to the taller man. With a smirk she looked up, brown eyes locked to red. “75 gold, you take me with you, and I don’t tell anyone about the fairy in your pocket.”

Bakugo’s eyes widened, and he heard the tell-tale sound of a small squeak near his ear.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, I’m going somewhere else,” he seethed and went to leave.

“If you don’t agree, I’m sure the local mage would be happy to know about the fae you’re hiding in your cloak.”

“No, no no no,” was the little chant Bakugo heard from the folds of his cloak. Wizards, mages, anyone with magic would cause him a world of trouble in the hopes of getting their hands on a fairy, or any other kind of magical creature. And after what that fucker, Shigaraki did to Deku, Bakugo wasn’t about to allow it to happen again.

“How the fuck…”

“I saw him peaking out,” she confirmed. Bakugo growled over at the lump on his shoulder with narrow eyes.

“Why do you want to join me? Isn’t being the perkiest sales-person enough for you?”

“Look, you’re right, we live in a tiny town, so small, that we’re just not getting enough business. I need to do something to help my parents before we go under. If I can travel with you, earn some coins, I can help them.” Ochaco pleaded, big brown doe eyes blinking up at him.

“60 for the sword … and fine, you can join me. BUT YOU BETTER NOT GET IN MY WAY!” He yelled.

“But what about the….” She pointed to Deku, but he didn’t let her finish.

“I’ll kill anyone who tries to steal him from me, got it,” he seethed into Ochaco’s face. She backed up, hands up in surrender eyes wide with a hint of fear.

“Okay. Fine. … Just give me some time to get everything ready,” she said in a hurry.

“Whatever,” he said, pulling back. Bakugo got the required coins out and tossed them onto a table. “Is there a tavern here?”

“Oh, yes. Kendo’s place. It’s past town hall, down the road a bit. There is a large hand-shaped sign out front. Can’t miss it,” Ochaco explained as she gathered up the coins.

“Tacky,” was all Bakugo’s response as he turned and left.

He didn’t talk to Deku as they made their way through the streets of the village. Despite not being nearly as busy as a city, there were still enough people around that he didn’t want to draw attention to himself.

Once they got to the edge of town, the tavern Ochaco described was right where she said it would be. Large hand-shaped sign and all.

Once he was seated, and lunch ordered, he grumbled to his passenger.

“What the fuck was that, stupid nerd?”

Deku kept himself hidden, but Bakugo could hear his words. “She sounded nice; I wanted to see.”

“I can’t fucking keep you safe if you make yourself known,” Bakugo grumbled in a whisper, hiding his moving mouth behind the wooden mug.

“I couldn’t help it, Kacchan,” Deku whined.

“You better fucking help it. You can’t fly, dipshit, remember that” Bakugo growled. He grunted to warn the fairy of the incoming company as Itsuka Kendo, the tavern owner’s daughter came with his lunch of stew and bread.

He grunted his thanks and dug into his meal. By the time he finished, Ochaco had found him and was waiting for him with his new sword. Bakugo raised an eyebrow at the decked-out blacksmith’s daughter. He had to admit; she at least knew how to dress for traveling — a simple off-white blouse, with a dark magenta vest over the top. Blue, cotton jeans with calf-high boots, suitable for walking in, and a short sword hung from her hip. One bag slung over her torso and a hat designed for shade hanging by a cord, on her back.


With lunch over and sword in hand, Bakugo made sure his new traveling companion had all she needed before they went back through town. At the whispering insistence of Deku, Bakugo bought the stupid notebook and a pencil and tossed it in his bag. With a final goodbye to the Uraraka’s, they left the small village, getting back on the road towards adventure and a dragon’s cave.

Once they were safely out of sight from the village and any travelers on the road, Deku risked sticking his head out again. He didn’t say anything; in fact, no one was talking as Bakugo ignored any small talk that Ochaco tried to initiate.

It wasn’t until they stopped for the night that Ochaco finally had a chance to say something that wasn’t blown off by the barbarian.

“How did you meet your fairy?” she asked peeking at Deku who glanced back from under the flap of his pocket.

“Little fucker found me in the forest,” Bakugo said a hint of pink tinting his cheeks. Deku knew humans were weird about sex, but being a cum fairy, he didn’t see the problem.

“He looked yummy,” Deku chimed in as he slowly came out of hiding.

“Yummy?” Ochaco was about to ask, when she noticed his wing, “Oh no! What happened?” She leaned forward towards the small fae looking at his folded over wing, that had turned a lighter shade of green from the other, healthier one.

“A bearhead troll attacked me,” Deku explained. “But Kacchan rescued me, it was amazing!” Deku smiled, praising the barbarian.

“Kacchan? Is that your name?” she asked, glancing over at Bakugo.

“Fuck, no! I’m Katsuki of the clan Bakugo! You’ll call me Bakugo,” the barbarian demanded.

“Well, I’m Ochaco of house Uraraka, you may address me as … Ochaco.” The woman said with a smile.

“No, shit. I figured that out at the smith.”

Ochaco herumped at him in response.

“I’m Deku, the cum fairy!” Deku said with a bright smile.

“You’re a what now?” Ochaco’s cheeks turned bright pink, and her eyes got incredibly wide as she gazed at the fairy and then slowly over at Bakugo. Whose face had turned a bright red as he looked anywhere but at her.

“A cum fairy. I need cum to survive. It’s what I eat,” Deku said very matter of fact.

Ochaco looked from the fairy to the barbarian and back again.

“That explains a lot,” she mumbled.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean!” Bakugo barked, but Ochaco couldn’t help but laugh.

“So, what adventure are we going to go in search for first?” Ochaco asked changing the subject.

“We have to find some mercury to help fix the nerd’s wing,” Bakugo answered.

“Oh. Well, in that case, we’ll want to head over to the next kingdom. It’s not that far, and I’m sure the royal alchemist will have some.”

“Deku squeaked and went to hide away in the folds of Bakugo’s cloak. Ochaco raised an eyebrow at the fairy’s reaction.

“He doesn’t like any human who can do magic. He was captured and held as a prisoner by one who wanted to steal his magic for evil,” Bakugo answered as he poked at the fire.

“Oh, no. That’s horrible. No. I’ve met their alchemist; his name is Fumikage Tokoyami. He would never harm another soul. Promise,” Ochaco said with a smile.

“Tsk. You can’t promise that. …” he looked down at the broken wing and remembered how it was his responsibility to help the fae get it fixed. “But if he’s a good as you say, we need to do something. Deku can’t go on with a broken wing. It’ll slow him down.”

“Right then, in the morning I’ll take you to the castle!” Ochaco exclaimed happily. Bakugo rolled his eyes, and Deku squeaked.

Not wanting to deal with another surprise attack, Bakugo and Ochaco took turns staying up to make sure no one came upon them by surprise. By morning they each had gotten enough sleep to make it through a day’s worth of traveling.

Ochaco and Bakugo ate a small breakfast, as Deku nibbled on a few berries when Ochaco offered.

“I didn’t know you could eat berries!” Bakugo felt betrayed.

“I mean, how else did you think I survived as a prisoner. I wasn’t about to touch that nasty man’s cum. Gross.” Deku made a face. “Plus, Kacchan taste the best. So spicy,” Deku said with a gaze towards the barbarian. “Anyway, anything that’s not cum will keep me from physically starving, but I need cum to keep my magic, and if I go without for too long, then I will eventually die. A fairy is nothing without their magic,” Deku explained.

Bakugo wanted to hack something down, or perhaps punch a few things out of frustration, all the while Ochaco didn’t even try to hide her laughter.

Once they ate breakfast, they packed up and Ochaco led the way towards the kingdom with the alchemist. They walked for most of the day when Deku started to complain about being ‘hungry.’

“But Kacchan, you said I needed to heal? And you know my magic will help me heal faster. … I promise not to exert myself…”

“Would you shut the fuck up!” Bakugo growled.

“You know, I could use a cold dip in that pond,” Ochaco spoke up.

A small lake could be seen off into the distance, surrounded by cattails and almost halfway covered in lily pads and lotus blossoms. Without waiting for a response, Ochaco walked off towards the lake.

“Nice going, nerd, you scared her off,” Bakugo said.

“What? You wanted her to stay?” Deku asked. He was sitting on top of the fluffy part of Bakugo’s fur collar. “I mean, if you’re interested in, Ochaco, I’m sure she could lend a helping hand,” the fairy started mumbling.

“No! What the fuck? … Just come on!” Bakugo grumbled as they walked over to a nearby willow tree, where the branches fell low, brushing against the ground.

Bakugo pushed past the slow swaying branches that were thick enough to create a curtain and found a halfway decent spot to sit against the trunk before he carefully brought Deku down to rest on his thigh. The barbarian yanked on the strings to loosen his pants and pulled them down far enough to release his cock.  Gazing at Deku the entire time, it didn’t take long for Bakugo to get hard with only a few good tugs. When the fairy got up to take over, Bakugo narrowed his eyes and snapped at him.

“Hey! No exerting yourself.”

“But Kacchan, I promise I won’t.” Deku looked up with bright green eyes. “I miss the feel of you,” he simpered, palming himself over his tunic with his words.

Bakugo thought for a moment, hand moving slowly along his shaft. “I’ll let you ride my dick if you let me lap you up till you come on my tongue,” he offered.

“But what about Ochaco?” Deku got nervous, obvious not to want the secret out, but Bakugo just rolled his eyes.

“I’m not going to fucking tell her, plus the magic doesn’t fucking last long enough anyway,” the barbarian argued.

Deku considered his offer, mumbling for a bit under his breath, and Bakugo was in danger of losing his erection when the fairy looked up with him with a steely expression. “Promise?”

“Yes, you little fucker. Now, do you want this or not?” Bakugo asked, pushing his dick towards the fairy.

Deku licked his lips and carefully pulled his tunic off his shoulders and shimmied out of it. Fully naked, with Bakugo’s gentle guidance, he climbed on top of Bakugo’s hard cock and slid his body along the shaft. Since Deku was the same long eight inches as the barbarians dick, he could lick and kiss the slit at the top, while his toes wiggled in blond pubs at the base. He wrapped his legs around the thick cock, barely able to lock ankles on the other side as Bakugo could feel the hard press of the fairy’s dick sliding along his own.

Deku squirmed delightfully, as his arms and legs rubbed against the best places on Bakugo’s dick. In fact, when the barbarian looked down, he was sure he saw a shimmering green glow from the fae, and he would swear it felt like his entire dick was sheathed in something warm and tight. Although he could still feel the fae’s arms, legs, and cock against his dick, it was like there was more to it than that.

Bakugo rested his head against the tree and let his eyes drift shut as the sensation of Deku writhing on his cock built up his impending orgasm. He had to clench his hands in the ground or his thigh to keep from grabbing Deku and fucking up into the fae. Gods, if only the little bug were human size.

Small moans of pleasure mingled with Bakugo’s grunts and occasional long groan, and all too soon, the coil tightened in the barbarian’s core alerting him to his fast-approaching orgasm.

“Close,” Bakugo panted eyes shut tight.

Deku’s mouth went crazy along the head of Bakugo’s cock. Sucking, licking, touching with his hands. It was too much for the barbarian and with a grunt, as he bit back calling out Deku’s name, long strings of cum splashed on his stomach. Deku writhed on him a little more to coax out all remaining spunk before he scurried backward and climbing along Bakugo’s body to lap it all up.

Bakugo watched as the small fae licked along his abs, a dazed look on the fairy’s face. From his navel, Deku scooped up the cum with cupped hands and drank it as if it was nectar from the gods. When the fae nearly finished, Bakugo reached up and ran his thumb up and along the perky little ass that was up in the air as Deku was back to licking up his dinner. A small groan of approval as Deku pushed his ass back against the barbarian’s finger.

“Remember our deal, Deku,” Bakugo grumbled softly, still feeling a little light-headed from his orgasm.

With a final lick, Deku sucked on his fingers to get all traces of cum off of them, before he leaned back on his heels, showing off his hard cock, turned nearly purple with want for release.

“Fuck, you look delicious,” Bakugo gently scooped the small fae up into his hands and brought Deku up to his mouth, pressing a little kiss against the fae’s chest.

Bakugo’s kisses turned into heavy licks that went from under Deku, along his ass, up and over his cock, and even further up to kiss as tiny nipples. The barbarian kept up his lapping at the fairy, even stopping to add some suction to Deku’s cock, that caused the fae to moan and call out his name. Deku rutted his hips along Bakugo’s tongue, to the point of grabbing the muscle and humping against it while he moaned and cried in pleasure. Suddenly Deku’s motions fell out of rhythm, and with a final yell of Kacchan, Deku cummed hard all over Bakugo’s tongue.

The barbarian instantly felt the magic flowing, and once Deku was safe in the crook of Bakugo’s bent leg, the barbarian lifted his hands and focused on making them pop like they did before.

The first thing he noticed was how his skin produced a clear, sweet-smelling sheen; then with enough focus, he was able to make small explosions pop off his palms.

“FUCK YEAH!” Bakugo cried, causing the fairy to yell in retaliation.

“KACCHAN!!” Deku hurried to get his clothes back on and then climbed quickly to Bakugo’s shoulder, clinging to the fur for his dear little life, as Bakugo suddenly stood and rushed from the trees, holding on to Deku so the fae wouldn’t fall.

“This is so fucking cool,” Bakugo grinned like a madman.

Chapter Text

Ochaco walked down towards the water’s edge, trying to will away the blush that had crept over her face, while working hard to not think about what Bakugo might be doing to feed the eight-inch fairy. It’s not like Deku was big enough to … no. Don’t go there. Ochaco shook her head in the hopes of expelling the thoughts from her brain.

When she walked around the edge of the small lake, she came across a large fallen log and decided it was a good place to strip down while keeping her clothes nearby, as half the log was in the water, and half out. She turned her head back and forth, just to make certain no one was around, then carefully removed her clothes to avoid getting them wet or dirty. She didn’t have much in spares.

Once naked, she waded down into the lake, hand skirting along the log to help her keep her balance and not slip. Once she was waist-high in the cool waters, she submerged herself the rest of the way. The day had been warm, and wearing a vest over her blouse may not have been a great idea as it caused a lot of heat and sweat to build on her skin. The cold water felt incredibly refreshing, and with a happy sigh, she sank until the water touched her chin.

The wind gently blew across her face, as the sound of birds in a nearby tree chirped happily. She was grateful the only sound she heard was nature and not the goings-on of a barbarian and his cum fairy. She snorted at that thought. Then she had a thought. Do cum fairies only go after men? Or can they use the orgasms of women to feed off of also? Women produce fluids when they get off…

Ochaco was interrupted from her thoughts before they could go any further by a very peculiar sound. It sounded like a frog, what with the small ribbits, but not quite. More like a frog if they could cry, as an occasional hiccup was present.

Holding her breath, she listened, and yes, that was definitely the sound of a crying frog. Odd. She thought, can frogs cry?

Ochaco looked around and noticed that the sound came from inside the log. Slowly, Ochaco raised out of the water. She headed towards the trunk at the surface of the lake. She peeked inside but didn’t see anything, but the sound of the distressed amphibian echoed down the wood. Walking a few more steps up the lake, until the water came to her thighs, she was able to peek in and found a large green frog that seemed to be crying.

The frog looked to be bigger than one hand, but if she cupped them, the animal would fit in both. Its skin was a bright green and had black lines down the sides of its body.

“Hello?” Ochaco quietly asked.

The frog’s eyes popped open and snapped to the woman’s. Black eyes stared into brown. The frog’s mouth was very wide, with a little dip in the middle just like any common frog but Ochaco noticed that this frog had long visible lower eyelashes, which she didn’t think frogs had. Also, it looked like a lily pad adorned the frogs head, with a point in the center between the large oval-shaped eyes, but lengthened in the back down the frog’s body where a small lotus blossom sat at the top of a bow in the stem. How odd.

“Ribbit,” the frog responded, fear evident in its dark eyes.

“I promise not to hurt you. Are you okay?” Ochaco asked, bending over slightly to peer into the log a bit better.

The amphibian looked from her face down along her body and back. “You’re very naked,” the frog said in a croaky voice.

Ochaco wasn’t prepared and jumped at the statement with a shocked expression. Then, realizing what the frog said was true, she covered herself and ran back down into the lake until the water reached her neck, located near the first hole in the log that sat just above the water’s surface.

Ochaco’s eyes darted over as she saw movement in the depths of the fallen tree.

“It’s okay. I’m a girl too,” the croaky voice echoed from inside before the giant frog jumped out and sat on top of the log. “Or least I used to be.” the frog sniffed with a small ribbit.

Ochaco straightened up a bit, her shoulders peeking out of the water as she gazed at her new companion. “What happened?”

“A warlock enslaved my family when they refused his offer for my hand in marriage. Ribbit. He has them locked in the dungeon of our home. He claimed no one could ever love a woman like me, and I should be grateful that he made the offer. When I told him I would rather kiss a frog than him, he got angry and turned me into one.” She sniffed.

“Oh, that’s terrible.” Ochaco said a feeling of deep sorrow for the girl penetrating her heart. Oh. I should introduce myself. My name is Ochaco from house Uraraka!, but you can call me Ochaco.”

“My friends call my Tsu, ribbit,” the frog responded with a smile.

Where are you from?

“From the kingdom of Aichi.”

Ochaco perked up. “That’s where my companions and I are going. To see the alchemist, Tokoyami,” she smiled.

“Can you take me with you? He might be able to undo the warlock’s spell,” Tsu asked.

“Of course!!

After talking with her new friend for a few more minutes, Ochaco figured the barbarian and fairy had had enough time, and she got out and dressed. Carefully picking up the frog, which did fit in both of her hands, she carried Tsu over to where she last saw the men.

Ochaco glanced around a few times, but it was the sound of a small explosion that caught her attention.

“FUCK YEAH!” Bakugo cheered from under a willow tree.

Followed closely by “KACCHAN!!”

Ochaco looked down at Tsu and then watched as Bakugo, with his pants still not tied, but at least hanging onto his hips, and a broad shit-eating grin, came stomping out from the branches of the tree.

“What was that?” Ochaco asked.

Bakugo stopped, and his hand snapped behind his back, the other was holding a distraught looking fairy on his shoulder to keep him from falling off.

“None of your damn business.” His eyes went from hers down to the frog she was holding. “You want frog legs or something for dinner?”

Tsu gave a terrified croak, and Ochaco pulled her friend closer to her chest. “NO! This is Tsu. She’s a person who got cursed into a frog.”

“Ack!” Deku squeaked and tried to hide in Bakugo’s hood.

“Oi, round face!” Bakugo yelled.

Ochaco rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you two, Deku will be fine. Tsu needs to get to Tokoyami as much as we do, she won’t say anything. Right, Tsu?”

“Of course,” Tsu agreed as she watched the fairy peek over the barbarian’s shoulder.

Bakugo growled and pushed past her and Tsu as he went back to gather his satchel.


At some point in their travels, Deku fell asleep in Bakugo’s hood; soft snores made the background noise as Ochaco and Tsu continued to get to know each other.

“Have you always wanted to be a blacksmith? ribbit”

“Not really, but I am good at it. I want to help my parents. Life hasn’t been easy, and with our smith in such a small village, we hardly see new people.”

“What do you want to be doing than?” Tsu asked.

“Well, if I could, I would train others on how to fight with a sword, or even hand to hand combat. My father doesn’t just make the weapons he also knows how to wield them. A friend of the family, nicknamed Gunhead, would train with my dad all the time. They also trained me since I was little. First with wooden swords, and then eventually with real ones. Despite what others might think of a girl with a sword, I’m excellent, and I would love to teach,” Ochaco explained with a wistful expression.

“That sounds amazing,” Tsu smiled.

“Do you have any siblings?”

“Yes, ribbit, a younger brother and sister. They’re with my parents,” *Sniff*

“I’m so sorry, Tsu.”

“Do you?”

“No, I’m an only child,” Ochaco said sadly. She honestly would not have minded having some younger siblings to look after. To teach and help grow.

As they got to know each other they discovered they have a lot in common, and shared love for family and knowledge.

Before long they were back on the road, Ochaco, and Tsu deep in conversation, with the occasional grunts from Bakugo. By nightfall, the castle of Aichi loomed in the distance. A black silhouette against the red to purple sunset as the day slowly turned into dusk. A choir of cicadas filled the air, punctuated by the occasional crack from the fire that kept them warm from the evening chill.

Deku only woke long enough to eat some berries but went back to sleep after that. It was noticeable how his wing was slowly loosing its color, and it worried Ochaco. And although Bakugo didn’t say anything, it was evident on his face that he was also concerned. That night, as Ochaco took the first watch, Bakugo was the most gentle that she had ever seen as he carefully laid his cloak in a pile onto the ground. Deku’s small frame barely visible from under the fur trim, still sleeping away. His broken wing lay lifeless on his back. The barbarian wrapped his arms securely around the cloak, resting his head near the fae, almost in an embrace as he drifted off to sleep.

“Do you think the alchemist will be able to help Deku?” Ochaco asked Tsu, who sat in the girl’s lap.

Large black eyes, filled with uncertainly gazed back.

“I don’t know, Ochaco-san. He is known to be the best in all the lands, but, ribbit, I have to have faith that he can do something. The same for myself. Because if not, … ribbit … what else can we do?” Tsu looked down, her largemouth in a frown.



“You said that the warlock claimed no one would ever love you. Why?” Ochaco asked quietly.

The frog heaved a sigh and hopped from her spot to the seat beside the woman instead.

“I’m different from the others. The voice you hear is my actual voice, croak and all. My hands are too big, and I don’t always stand up straight. I’m not what you would consider beautiful.” Tsu answered honestly.

Ochaco smiled down at her friend. “Tsu, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. You can’t tell another person what they find to be beautiful; only they can decide that for themselves even if you don’t agree with it. And I think you’re beautiful.”

A small tear slid down the green skin of the frog as a little, wobbly smile grace her lips. “Thank you, Ochaco-san,”

Ochaco gently wiped the tear away with a smile.


Deku wouldn’t wake the next morning, Bakugo wouldn’t talk, his face pained with worry. His entire wing had turned to gray, and the color was seeping into his back.

“How does just a snapped wing do that?” Ochaco thought out loud. No one answer. There was no answer. They hurry over brush, and down a well-worn road to the city a few miles away as dawn crept over the horizon. Only the birds and the early risers could be seen or heard. The rest of the world still slumbered in their warm beds as a small fairy didn’t wake from his.

Cradled in the crook of Bakugo’s arm, hidden from the world, Deku’s brightness slowly started to fade to a gray dullness. As the morning light broke over the horizon, the small band of misfits reached the castle gate.

Chapter Text

“Hey! We need entry!” Bakugo yelled, clearly having zero patience.

A guard with short blond hair and purplish-blue eyes greeted them on the road, wielding a sword and a scowl.

“Who goes there?” the guard demands.

“Ochaco of house Uraraka from the village of Shirakawa, and this is my companion…”

“Katsuki of the clan Bakugo and we demand entry to see the alchemist Tokoyami,” Bakugo interrupted, a snarl on his face.

“And that?” the guard asked, pointing to Tsu.

“A frog,” Ochaco answered, confused that the guard couldn’t tell at first sight, and not sure if giving away Tsu’s identity would be a good idea.

The guard sneered at it. “Filthy.”

“Monoma, what goes?” A deeper voice asked as a larger guard walked forward.

“These peasants are trying to get in,” Monoma explained, “but they bring nothing but filth, so I’m turning them away. .. Begone thots, and take that retched beast with you.”

“She’s not a beast,” Ochaco defended Tsu and held her close to her heart.

“I was talking about him,” Monoma laughed, pointing to Bakugo.

Bakugo growled, but Ochaco could see how he was holding himself back, knowing that blowing up wouldn’t get Deku the help he needed.

“Please sir,” Ochaco directed her attention to the taller man, with spiky brown hair and large lips, who looked more reasonable to speak with. “My friend and I have to see Tokoyami, it’s important.”

“My name is Rikido Sato, good lady, and as much as I want to help, we cannot accept strangers into our city right now.”

“Why?” Bakugo gritted through his teeth.

“It’s none of your…” but Sato cut the blond off by putting a large hand on the smaller man’s shoulder.

“Something has happened within the royal court, and we’re under orders not to allow anyone in,” Sato explained.

Ochaco felt a tug on her hand, and she looked down at Tsu who was trying to get her attention. Bakugo went on to calmly (well as calmly as a barbarian could) explain why they needed in as Ochaco used the distraction to pull Tsu closer to her ear.

“Tell Sato you are delivering a message to Tokoyami from her royal highness, Princess Asui. He’ll know it’s true if you tell him that the golden seal of Asui is a lotus blossom in green wax.”

Ochaco peered down at her friend with a questioning look but knew she didn’t have time to ask questions since Bakugo was starting to get riled up.

“Mr. Sato, sir. If you would,” Ochaco stepped between the angry barbarian and the taller guard. “We come with a vital message for Tokoyami from the Princess Asui herself,” she said quietly.

“Do you now?” He asked. “And what proof do you have that would convince me that you’re telling the truth?”

“The royal golden seal of Asui is a lotus blossom in green wax.”

Sato’s eyes raised and Monoma sneered in disgust.

“I see. I’ll escort you myself. I apologize for the delay,” he said with a bow.

Ochaco smirked at Monoma who only threw her a dirty look before stepping aside.

Sato motioned for the side door to open, allowing them entry and led them past more guards and the merchants who were slowly coming out to set up their wares. Thankfully due to the early morning, there were few people around, and it was easy to travel through the streets.

Ochaco noticed that Tsu kept her eyes on the castle looming over the city, with its white stone walls, and ivy that crawled along the stones. Purple and yellow blossoms bloomed in trails along the sides. She wanted to ask, but her friend’s eyes spoke of sadness, and she knew now was not the time.

They were brought before a massive tower of a building, with stone walls and many windows winding around the circular structure.

“Tsk, typical,” Bakugo grunted as he eyed the building.

A heavy knock at the door and they all held their breaths hoping the man was home and willing to help. After a second knock, a man slightly taller than Sato, with a mask over his face and neck, wearing a cloak opened the door.


“Shoji, these travelers bring news for Tokoyami from her highness, the princess.”

Shoji, a man of great height, and width filled the frame of the door with his body, and it only took a slight tilt of the head to look past the guard to see the two humans and a frog waiting for entrance.

“I’ll inform his Darkness,” Shoji said before he closed the door.

The small group stood around awkwardly as they waited for the man to return. No one said anything to anyone, though it is evident that Bakugo was grinding his teeth in frustration.

When it felt like Shoji wouldn’t return, and Bakugo was about to blow down the tower, the door opened far enough to emit them in.

“He’ll see you,” Shoji said as he stepped aside to allow them entry.

The trio entered the building and was imminently awed by the level of Gothic decor and furnishings.

“This way,” Shoji directed them towards a staircase off to the side. “He’s in his office. He doesn’t typically take visitors, but for her highness, he’ll make an exception.”

“I would hope so,” Ochaco said quietly.

They climbed up the spiral staircase, past portraits, decorative shields, and tapestries. One looked to be a family tree. Once they were near the top, they stopped at a landing leading to a set of large wooden double doors. Shoji opened both doors with his hands, and Ochaco noticed they were connected to two more sets of massive arms. She exchanged looks with Bakugo, who was also not expecting such a distinction.

“They’re here,” the large man announced.

“If everything is alright, I’ll take my leave,” Sato said with a nod to Shoji, who nodded back. The guard then turned and left back down the stairs.

The massive room they entered was filled with so many books on shelves and littered over desks that Ochaco wasn’t sure if they were in an office or a library. Then there were the piles of scrolls shoved in cubby holes or lined up on shelves, or haphazardly tossed on a massive oak desk. Quills, many darkened with ink were mixed in with an assortment of other random objects. There were cauldrons on various tables or large ones on the floor, some filled and others empty. However, it was the center of the room that really got her attention. On a platform, a foot high up, sat a massive telescope, pointed up and sticking out through a hole in the roof. Sitting at the base, writing down in a hefty tome was a cloaked figure.

“Your Darkness, the visitors,” Shoji announced.

The cloaked figure didn’t move at first, hand still furiously scribbling down on the parchment pages of the large book. After a few minutes, the barbarian got impatient.

“Oi! We got an emergency here,” Bakugo yelled.

The alchemist raised their head and shifted as if to look behind them.

Ochaco stepped in to save the situation.

“Please, Sir. We have a fairy that is dying and needs your help. Also, a frog who used to be a girl that needs to be changed back,” she said, holding out Tsu a little.

The figure was still for a moment before they turned quickly. Their hood fell back, revealing their raven head, fierce eyes staring them down.

“You said you have a message from her highness,” Tokoyami said as he walked down from the platform to the group.

“Well… you see…” Ochaco started to say when Tsu interrupted.

“By order of her royal highness, Tsuyu Asui, you are to do everything you can to save the fairy, Deku,” Tsu croaked.

The command got everyone’s attention, and the room fell silent.

“And you are?” Tokoyami asked the frog.

“Nothing but a common frog. Please, good sir, help Deku, ribbit,” Tsu pleaded, her big eyes wide with sorrow.

Tokoyami paused for a moment, eyeing the frog before he spoke.

“Let me see this fairy,” he commanded, and Bakugo carefully unwrapped the fae whose skin was already turning into ash gray.

Tokoyami carefully took the bundle with Deku laying on top. His breathing shallow, and his other wing already showing signs of wilting. The alchemist brought the fairy over to a desk that was crowded and had a royal purple cushion with a large gem sitting in the center.


The assistant came over and cleared space on the desk, and removed the gem, placing it to the side. Tokoyami placed Deku on the cushion and began to carefully exam him.

“How did he get injured?” he asked as he handed Bakugo back his cloak.

“Some stupid bearhead creature,” Bakugo answered and then proceeded to explain what had happened. Before he could finish, Tokoyami was already gathering ingredients.

“You already gathered some of the items needed?”

“Yes,” Bakugo pulled out the mushrooms and other items he found. The tiny white flowers were a bit crushed, but they otherwise still looked decent. “He said he needed mercury.”

“Yes, without it, his wing won’t heal properly. However, it’s the poison I’m more concerned with right now.”

“Is that why he’s turning gray?” Ochaco asked.

“Yes, Bearhead is a notorious, villainous type of creature. They have poisonous teeth; surprisingly, it didn’t eat the fae. It must have had enough sense to hold back in the hopes of getting to its magic.”

“Can you help?” Tsu asked.

“I can; I just need time to make the antidote.”

With that, Tokoyami and Shoji went to work, creating two separate potions. One to heal Deku’s wing and the other to purge the poison flowing throw his small body.

It took a few hours, and in that time, Bakugo leaned against the window watching Deku with a hard crimson gaze, while Ochaco took Tsu to a more private spot to talk.

With the frog in her lap, facing her, Ochaco whispered to her new friend.

“Why did you do that? Don’t you want to be changed back?”

“Deku is more important right now. I might be a frog, but I’m not dying. If I need to stay this way a little longer than that’s okay.”

“You are so kind,” Ochaco said with a smile. “Hopefully after Tokoyami heals Deku he can help you,” the woman said with a small smile.

“I hope so.”

When the potions finished, Tokoyami brought them over to the fairy, the rest of the group hovering nearby.

“We need to get him to drink the first one,” Tokoyami explained.

“How is that going to happen with him out cold?” Bakugo demanded.

“We have our ways,” Tokoyami said with a glare at the barbarian. “Shoji,”

The massive man came over, and carefully, he picked up the fae holding him in two giant hands, adjusting Deku into a sitting position. With his other appendages, two additional hands came and gently stroked at the fae as Tokoyami used a syringe to suck up some of the potions, then put the tip to the Deku’s lips and pushed in gently. Carefully the alchemist pushed the liquid into the fairy.

“Couldn’t he drown?” Ochaco asked, concerned.

“Not with Shoji’s talents. His magic will keep the potion where it needs to be,” Tokoyami explained.

Observing, they could see how Shoji used his thumbs to ease the liquid down Deku’s throat, with only the tiniest dribble down the one side of his mouth. Once all the potion in the syringe was gone, Shoji worked his hands over Deku’s small body. Within moments the gray slowly began to recede, and his natural, earthy colors started to return.

“It’s working!” Ochaco cheered.

“Of course it is,” Tokoyami said with a small smile.

As large fingers rubbed over the fairy’s skin, a low groan emitted from his tiny frame.

“Oi, Deku. Wake up,” Bakugo called out to the fae, reaching for the fairy.

“What kind of fairy did you say Deku was?” Shoji asked.

Bakugo answered, but it was a low mutter the very hint of pink spreading across his cheeks.


“He’s a cum fairy!” Ochaco answered with a giggle.

Tokoyami and Shoji shared a look, then both of them smirked at Bakugo.

“WHAT?” the barbarian demanded. “It’s not like I’m going to let the little fucker starve,” he tried to argue, but it was then that Deku started to squirm in Shoji’s hands.

“He’s waking up!”

Deku moved around and grabbed onto Shoji’s thumb as it was gently stroking over his torso. He pushed his body up, arching his back, rubbing himself hard on the hand over his body — a low moan escaping his mouth.

“Oh, my,” Shoji said. “When was the last time he ate?”

“A few days ago,” Bakugo growled watching as Deku kept writhing against Shoji’s hand. “You know he’s…”

“He’s fine, I don’t mind,” Shoji said watching the small fae squirm in his hands.

“He’ll need to be fed,” Tokoyami stated matter of fact as he moved on to pick up the other potion that was gray. Pulling down a jar filled with a white powder, he added a measured amount and then with a golden spoon, he stirred it until it turned into a paste that turned silver in color.

“Yeah, I’ll get right on that,” Bakugo grumbled giving the birdman a hard glare.

“Can he feed on a woman’s orgasm?” Tsu asked out of nowhere.

Bakugo’s eyes widened, and Ochaco about lost it as she tried to hold back her laughter. Meanwhile, another small groan emanated from Shoji’s hands.

“How the fuck should I know?” The barbarian bellowed.

“Actually, yes, but only if the woman produces enough fluids during orgasm for them to consume,” Tokoyami explained.

“He would have to be pretty in there…”

“CAN WE NOT!” Bakugo yelled.

“I think he’s awake enough for the other potion,” Shoji interjected.

“Kacchan?” a small, weak voice called.

Bakugo stomped over to where the multi-handed man was holding Deku.

“It’s about fucking time, you done getting off on nimble fingers over here,” Bakugo scowled.

Deku looked up at the masked man, who was gazing down at him. A smile in his eyes.

“Hi,” Deku said with a little wave.

“Hello,” Shoji laughed. “Feel better?”

“Kinda? I’m really…” Deku writhed in Shoji’s hand, pushing his little tush down into Shoji’s palm.

“We get it,” Bakugo grunted.

The large man laughed as he placed the fae back down on the cushion.

“He needs his wing fixed,” Tokoyami came over with the silver-colored paste.

Deku sat up on his knees, spread wide, and his hands pressed into the velvet pillow.

“You’ll need to hold still as I apply this,” the alchemist explained.

Deku nodded his head before he leaned forward on his hands and knees, little plush tush in the air, and his one good wing slightly fluttering. Bakugo just rolled his eyes, as Ochaco giggled and Tsu gave a little ribbit. Shoji chuckled, and Tokoyami’s dark face turned darker somehow. Bakugo was glad that at least Deku was mostly clothed.

Tokoyami used two fingers to dip into the jar of silver-colored paste before he gently spread it along the broken wing. With his other hand, he lifted the wing to stand up correctly as he applied the paste. With each stroke, Deku let out a little hum. The paste hardened and turned into a solid cast along the ridges of the delicate wing.

The more Tokoyami worked the paste on the wing, the more Deku hummed, which slowly turned into wanton moans.

“Why the fuck is he so horny? Shouldn’t he be exhausted or something?” Bakugo asked a scowl on his face.

“It’s the first potion. ’It’s destroying the poison in his bloodstream while encouraging his system to get stronger. Since he’s a cum fairy, feeling pleasure and getting off is his bodies way of doing that. Also, as I said, he’ll need to be fed. Don’t be surprised if he’s famished. I hope you’re up to the task,” Tokoyami smirked over at the barbarian.

“So, um, if Deku is going to be fine, perhaps Tsu and I should, you know, give you some privacy?” Ochaco said.

“You can wait in the library next to my office,” Tokoyami offered.

“Thanks,” and with that Ochaco left with the frog in tow.

“There, that should be enough to heal the wing. The cast will need to stay on for at least a week. The mercury will seep in to help mend the wing, while the cast will keep it safe and in the correct shape.”

Tokoyami walked away from the desk to wash his hands in a nearby basin filled with water.

“Now what?” Bakugo asked.

“Now you feed him,” Shoji answered as if it was apparent.

“What, like right here?”

“It’s not like we’re going to judge you.”

“Deku is not the first cum fairy we have come across,” Tokoyami dried his hands on a towel before dropping it to the side. “We had one with us for a while, a small creature with blond hair and purple eyes and a strange accent.”

“Yuga,” Shoji offered.

“Yes, Yuga,” the alchemist said with a sly smirk. “I miss him.” Shoji nodded his agreement.

“Yeah, well, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to jerk off right here,” Bakugo tried to argue.

“Why not?” I could give you a helping hand,” Shoji suggested offering one of his hands out palm up.

“You should take him up on his offer, Mezo has very talented fingers,” Tokoyami said with a knowing smile.

Bakugo was about to argue when a small familiar voice piped up. “Yes, I want to see Mezo’s hands-on Kacchan,” Deku said with a dazed look on his face.

“Is he okay?”

“It’s the medication.”

Bakugo was about to ask more when a solid body was suddenly behind him.

“He really shouldn’t be moved, let him rest. However, if you’re so inclined to feed him, Shoji would be happy to give you a hand, or three,” Tokoyami said with a smile.

Bakugo felt as fingers slid up the bare skin of his ribs and were about to snap the hand when a small hum of approval caught his attention. He looked down to find Deku still sitting on his knee, his fists clenched on his thighs and a ravenous look in his eyes.

Although Shoji was standing a hair’s width away from him, Bakugo could feel that he was waiting for permission before going any further. The barbarian tsked and leaned back into the solid mass behind him.

“Whatever, but you better make sure Deku gets his meal, and not waste it on the floor.”

Shoji pushed the barbarian forward until the man was gently pressed against the desk, as Tokoyami moved Deku and the pillow closer to the edge. Then the alchemist put a small empty dish in between them to catch the cum.

“Ready?” Shoji whispered in his ear.

“Get on with it,” Bakugo growled.

Shoji ran a set of hands over along Bakugo’s shoulders while another pair roamed up his chest. The fact that the barbarian typically didn’t wear a shirt during the summer months was currently convenient. The final couple of hands came down and untied the strings of Bakugo’s pants, and with a quick pull, the ropes loosened, and the pants slid down Bakugo’s slim hips.

A small groan escaped the barbarian as nimble fingers roamed his chest and tweaked pert nipples. Bakugo wasn’t sure where to focus with all the touching happening all over his body. From the feather-light touches along his shoulders and arms to the firm press of thumbs into his hips.  He couldn’t help but notice the bulge pressed firmly against the cleft of his ass.

Bakugo leaned his head back against Shoji’s shoulder; eyes narrowed as his breathing came out faster. His gaze never leaving the small fae as Deku watched right back. Awe and lust apparent in his expression.

“You like this, shitty nerd?” Bakugo growled as a pair of hands roamed down his stomach and further down his happy trail.

“Yeah, I like seeing Kacchan all hot and bothered,” Deku said cheekily.

“Fucking…” whatever insult Bakugo had on the tip of his tongue died when a large hand wrapped around his half-hard cock. Instead, he pushed his head back a bit more and let his eyes slip closed.

Shoji hummed slightly amused at the barbarian’s reaction. A mouth covered with a cloth placed a small kiss against Bakugo’s temple getting the man’s attention.

“What… hah… are you hiding under there?”

Bakugo’s hips slowly began to move in time with Shoji’s strokes along his thick length. He reached a hand up and toyed with the mask, as his fingers danced along the larger man’s chin and neck.

“Let me kiss you,” Bakugo whispered, a deep-seated need coursing through his veins as a small moan escaped him when Shoji’s hand twisted at just the right spot.

“You might not like what you see under the mask,” Shoji answered.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Bakugo said and pulled the mask down under the other man’s chin.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but he honestly couldn’t see a problem. So the guy had an enormous mouth. Just means the more to kiss with. Without so much as a warning, Bakugo raised a hand behind Shoji’s neck and pulled the man forward, and he twisted slightly around to capture the lips with his own.

Shoji’s hand never stopped pumping Bakugo’s cock, twisting at the head, as the man met each one with a thrust up into a tight hold.

Shoji’s other hands touched, palmed and caressed wherever they could. As Bakugo leaned back from their kiss as a loud moan escaped him, Shoji kissed down along his jaw, to find supple skin along his neck and left a trail of marks in his wake.

Bakugo’s body was on fire from all the touching, creating a fog in his mind and yet a small moan from a short distance away caught his attention. Through slitted eyes, he gazed down to find Deku with his tunic pushed up over his hips and his hand jerking off his cock. An expression of lust and need etched into his face. Tongue peaking out between plush lips.

Fuck, what Bakugo wouldn’t give to be able to kiss those lips. He’s dreamt about it so fucking much it had driven him crazy.

A warm arm slid around Bakugo’s waist, and the bulge that had been brushing up against his ass was now a constant pressure. A deep guttural moan echoed into the room from the crook of his neck.

“You want that?” Bakugo teased, his breathing heavy. “Why don’t you pull that fat cock out and fuck my thighs with it,” he demanded.

Shoji glanced up and made eye contact with Tokoyami, who had pulled a large wingback armchair over and was slouching in it, unashamedly palming himself over his robes.

The alchemist gave a lustful smirk, and a small nod of what Bakugo could only assume was permission.

With quick hands, Shoji pushed down his pants, allowing for his long, thick length to spring free. Bakugo could feel how long and girthy it was as Shoji was pressing in between his ass cheeks before he quickly slicked it up with saliva. Then he slid it between Bakugo’s thick thighs.

Bakugo tightened his thigh muscles to create more friction, causing the larger man behind him to moan with pleasure. The large cock that pushed past his plush thighs felt incredible. Just by the feel alone, Bakugo knew it was larger and thicker than his own, and it was pushing against his perineum just right. Shoji’s cock shoved fast and hard past Bakugo’s balls and slid back only to slam back, making the man’s pelvis smack into Bakugo’s ass. All the while hands, or was that a mouth, at this point, Bakugo couldn’t tell, was roaming his chest. Pinching, kissing at his nipples, licking along his neck, only to nibble along his jaw.

Yet, despite it all, it wasn’t the same as when Deku would lay his whole body along Bakugo’s cock and suck and lick along the ridges of his shaft. Shoji’s hand was large and rubbed in a very pleasing way, but it couldn’t compare to the fairy.

However, the giant man was enough that before too long, Bakugo could feel the coil in his center to tighten. With a few more jerks and twists in just the right way, Bakugo grunted a warning.

“FUCK! Deku, get ready, I’m about to .. Arrg… cum.” Bakugo grunt just as the first spurt of pearly white liquid shot from his dick.

Deku raised up on his knees, his one good wing fluttering in excitement, hands up and out, mouth open wide.

Shoji was still aware enough to aim Bakugo’s cock towards the fairy and the small dish in front of him. Some of Bakugo’s spunk hit the fae in the face, and down along his body, while the rest either hit a few drops on the pillow or made it into the dish.

Once Bakugo was done, and Shoji had wrung him dry, Bakugo reached a hand down under his balls to catch and twist at the head of Shoji’s dick that still pounded in between Bakugo’s thighs. With a few more thrust, the man was cumming towards the fairy who was still licking the barbarian’s cum from his face with a happy hum.

Shoji’s orgasm hit him hard, and he nearly bent Bakugo in half as he spasmed forward, his cum landing in the dish before the fae.

“Hey, watch it,” Bakugo barked.

“Sorry,” Shoji mumbled as he tried to catch his breath.

A minute later, Tokoyami walked over and let his spunk dribble from his hand into the dish for the fairy. By that point, the bowl was nearly half full, and Deku had a massive smile on his face from the feast laid before him.

Shoji unwrapped himself from Bakugo and walked off, presumably to clean himself up. He came back a few minutes later with a moist cloth so Bakugo could also clean up between his thighs, then left to find a secluded spot with Tokoyami.

Bakugo watched as the two stepped into a darker part of the room, their bodies more like silhouettes against the wall. It was only a moment before two became one and he turned his head and looked away while the alchemist and his assistant kissed.

“How are you feeling?” Bakugo asked the fae who was currently leaning over the dish, slurping up the creamy cum.

Deku sat up with a big smile, and white liquid dribbled down his chin. “GOOD!” he happily chirped, and Bakugo had to restrain a laugh, but did roll his eyes.

Chapter Text

Ochaco held Tsu close to her chest, cradled in her arms as they slowly walked around the massive library. The tight space was packed with more books than Ochaco had ever seen. Some so large they were nearly half her size, and some so tiny, Tsu could hold it in the palm of her little froggy hand. There were incredibly thick tomes, and books so thin that they were only a few sheets of paper folded between bendable wood.

Besides a sea of books, there were countless scrolls, more so than the ones scattered throughout Tokoyami’s office, tucked away on shelves after shelves. Though, Ochaco had to wonder what was necessary for a few of them to be contained inside a glass dome on a wooden or marble base. Taking a closer inspection, she found that each scroll glowed or shined with a hue of color. One, on a deep mahogany base, glowed a soft blue, while another encased in what looked to be clear crystal on a black and white marble base had a black, ominous glow about it. When looking closer, Ochaco would swear the edges looked like they were embers on fire, yet not burning the paper. Tsu gave a small croak as a warning which Ochaco agreed with and backed away slowly from the mysterious scrolls.

They turned around and climbed up a set of cast iron spiral stairs to a second landing when a tapestry caught Ochaco’s eye. She turned and looked at the massive wall hanging, noticing it was a family tree. And not just any, but for the royal family. At the base were the names of the first king of the land, and all his descendants since then. The tree ran both tall and wide with the large family sprawling across generations.

Ochaco looked further and further up the tree when her eyes spied onto a familiar name.


“Yes,” her green companion croaked.

“How did you know how to get Sato to help us? You said something about a golden seal,” Ochaco inquired.

The frog in her arms looked up, not at the tapestry, but the woman looking back at her.

“My parents are the current king and queen of the kingdom,” Tsu admitted.

Ochaco’s face flamed as she gently sat Tsu on a nearby table to speak with her eye to eye. “Tsu, why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I didn’t want you to treat me any differently than you would anyone else. When people find out I’m royalty, they change and act differently.”

Ochaco sighed. She had to admit to herself that if she had met the princess under different circumstances, she probably would be more formal and polite, but getting to know Tsu as a friend made a world of difference.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that with me. I’ll always treat you like a friend,” Ochaco promised.

“Ribbit… thank you,” Tsu smiled.

Ochaco leaned forward and gently nudged Tsu’s forehead with her own, a smile gracing both their lips. Without thinking, Ochaco planted a small kiss on top of Tsu’s lily covered head. With her eyes cracked open only slightly, she could have sworn she saw a faint glow around the ’frog’s body.

When Ochaco pulled back, Tsu leaped from her perch on the table to the windowsill behind her. She gazed out of the glass into the world and castle that sat behind the tower. It’s white stone walls stood proud, the vines filled with colorful flowers a stark contrast to the pristine building. A heavy sigh escaped the amphibian with a downturn of her smile.

“What can we do to get your kingdom back, Tsu?”

The frog looked up in shock. “What?” Tsu asked, surprised.

“Well, we can’t just let some evil warlock take over? Why haven’t your guards kicked him out? Are they not loyal to the crown?”

“He’s got them under a spell, and as for the rest, I think he’s put an enchantment on the castle. It makes people believe my family is still in power. I once saw him create an illusion to make himself look like my father before I escaped. It must be how he’s controlling everything.”

“Hmmm, then we not only need to turn you back into a girl but also get a powerful warlock off the thrown,” Ochaco paced the small space before the window, finger tapping her cheek as she thought out loud.

“But how? Even if I get turned back into myself, if I waltz in there, he’ll have me arrested. He might even use his magic to make people think I’m the enemy,” Tsu nearly cried.

“When. When you get turned back and don’t worry, I think I have a plan,” Ochaco said with a smile.

“Really?” Tsu’s expression turned hopeful.

“Yes, but we will need the help of a few friends of mine,” the blacksmith said with a grin.

“You’re the best, Ochaco,” Tsu croaked a small tear sliding down her face.

Ochaco smiled and lifted Tsu in her arms and gave the frog a gentle hug.

“Shall we go see if they’re done?”

“We probably should,” Tsu said as Ochaco carried her down the stairs.


When the girls joined the others in Tokoyami’s office, the men were in a state of normalcy as Bakugo was giving Deku a calm bath in a bowl of warm water. Ochaco and Tsu shared a knowing look as they observed the barbarian being gentle as he carefully washed down the fairy, who had a pleased and content expression.

“Let me see her highness,” the alchemist said, walking over to the two.

Ochaco lifted the frog, and for a moment, Tokoyami stared at the frog before he dropped down to one knee.

“Your highness, please allow me,” he said, head bowed in respect as he held his hands up to receive her.

“You don’t need to be so formal, Tokoyami, we’ve known each other our entire lives,” Tsu croaked.

The alchemist lifted his head, eyes wide before he nodded and carefully took the frog from Ochaco.

“My apologies your highness,” he said.

“Call me, Tsu.”

A small hint of pink dusted the raven’s cheeks, and Ochaco had to hold back the little giggle.

“Of course… Tsu.” With the frog secure in his arms, Tokoyami brought her over to place her inside a small copper bowl.

“Why a bowl?” Ochaco asked. Shoji, Bakugo holding a healthier-looking Deku joined her at the table.

“She needs to be bathed in the correct potion to dissipate the enchantment placed on her. Once it is worn down enough, I can cast a breaking spell to get rid of it,” he explained.

“You’re not going to need me and handys over here, are you? I don’t think I’m up for that again just yet,” Bakugo snarked.

“Not that kind of bath. Leave that for your twink,” Tokoyami smirked, causing Bakugo to snarl and Deku to blush profusely. “What we need is the water of Lily, Nightshade essence, Phoenix tear, and dragon tooth powder.”

Tokoyami listed off the ingredients as he went in search of each on the rows of shelves that stood end to end, back to back, along a corridor.

With Shoji following behind him, the alchemist handed off jars of items to his assistant as he gathered what he needed. Ochaco glanced over at Deku and noticed he was laying down, curled up in the fur of Bakugo’s cloak, yawning widely as his eyes began to droop.

“Looks like someone needs a nap,” Ochaco teased pointing at the fae.

“He’s had a rough day,” Bakugo grumbled.

“Don’t you mean a ‘hard’ day?” Ochaco giggled, which only earned her a glare from the barbarian.

Bakugo, obviously not wanting to risk damaging anything in the alchemist’s office, stomped off and carefully sat down in an oversize armchair facing a tall window. He gathered Deku up and carefully made a bed of his cloak and covered the fairy so he could sleep.

“They are adorable,” Tsu whispered, and Ochaco nodded her agreement.

Tokoyami and Shoji returned, with all of the larger man’s arms full of bottles and a couple of tin boxes. They set the items down on a table near a medium-size cauldron also made of copper, though it looked to be old and often used before Shoji went off to get some water.

Ochaco looked over all the jars, noting each one was a different size and shape. One was tall and skinny; another was short and fat. One bottle was a dark blue, while another had a liquid that was soft green. It reminded her of Deku’s wings. One tin was labeled for dragon tooth powder, and the last wasn’t labeled but had an image scrawled across the top.

“What’s in this one?” Ochaco asked, pointing to the small brown tin.

“Tea,” Tokoyami said only glancing over at her as he lit the fire beneath the cauldron.

“Oh,” she stood up straight from where she had bent over to read the containers.

“Would you like some?” he asked.

“Um... I mean…”

“Yeah, I’ll take some,” Bakugo spoke up from his chair. His hand protectively over Deku’s small form, as the fae slept.

Tokoyami nodded then glanced back at Ochaco for her answer. “Sure, sounds great,” she smiled as Shoji went off to make the tea for everyone.

Soon, the cauldron was ready, and Tokoyami precisely measured out each ingredient, adding them at just the right moment. The pot was soon popping up bubbles of liquid that was swamp green. The smell of it wafting in the air reminded Ochaco of a dense forest after heavy rain. It reminded her of home, and her parents. A dull ache pulled at her heart. Her parents had been so supportive of her when she declared she was going out to seek adventure.

"I’m going to find so much gold that we won’t ever need to worry about taxes ever again!” Ochaco told her parents.

“Oh, Ochaco. You don’t need to worry about us. We want you to live your own life. Enjoy your freedom, and have fun.”

“Just be safe out there, baby girl. No matter what, you’re still our little girl.”

 A single tear slipped down Ochaco’s cheek as a small smile played on her lips. She missed her family but knew she was doing the right thing.

“Ochaco-san?” Tsu croaked from her spot in the bowl.

“It’s okay, Tsu.”

“The potion is ready,” Tokoyami declared.

Shoji carefully picked up the bowl Tsu sat in and brought her over to a low podium near the cauldron and Tokoyami stirred the concoction with a large black ladle.

“Won’t that burn her?” Bakugo spoke up. He had walked over, with a yawning Deku on his shoulder.

“No. The bubbles are from the nightshade, not from the heat.”

With that, he ladled out a scoop of green potion and slowly poured it over the frog. Tsu giggled a little as the liquid poured over her body.

“It tickles,” she explained as she gave a little body wiggle.

“I would never create anything to hurt you, your… Tsu,” the alchemist corrected himself.

“Thank you, Tokoyami,” she said as he ladled another scoop of bubbly liquid over her head.

“Please, call me Fumikage,” he smiled.

Tokoyami continued to label the green substance over the frog until he was trying to scrape the bottom of the cauldron and Shoji picked it up and dumped what was leftover Tsu’s head. By the time they poured the remaining potion on her, he skin had taken on a neon green glow.

“My book, Mezo.”

Shoji retrieved a standard size, brown, leather-bound book, with a strange symbol etched into the cover. The alchemist turned a few pages until he got to almost the center and with a hand extended he began a chant as he waved his hand around in circles above the frog.

Ochaco, Bakugo, and Deku stayed back and out of the way watching in wonder.

Except nothing was happening.

“Did you forget something?” Ochaco asked.

Tokoyami’s brow furrowed as he tried the enchantment again. Tsu’s body glowed the faintest shade of green, but it dissipated quickly after. There was a collective heavy sigh when she remained a frog.

“Ochaco needs to kiss, Tsu,” Deku pipped up.

“She’s a frog, not a sex fairy,” Bakugo grumbled.

“It’s not that. I can feel the extra layer of magic beneath the enchantment. Like a backup spell.”

“Why me?” Ochaco asked, her cheeks burning.

“Because… well, just because,” Deku mumbled looking away with a shy smile.

Tokoyami looked between his book and Deku before he flipped a few pages. With a quick flick of his wrist and a few mumbled words, a faint dark blue aura surrounded the frog. “He’s right. There is a countermeasure here I didn’t take into account.”

“Okay, let me try,” Ochaco said as she stepped forward.

With Tsu still in the bowl of green potion, Ochaco gently cupped the frogs face in her hands. She could tell Tsu was a little nervous, and she felt butterflies flitting around in her stomach though she couldn’t be sure if it were nerves from breaking the spell or kissing the princess.

Leaning down, Ochaco placed a gentle kiss on the frog’s lips, lingering perhaps a little longer than needed. Happiness, acceptance, and a emotion even stronger than those swirled around in her heart. Ochaco wanted to hold on those feelings for as long as she could. It was with heated cheeks; she reluctantly pulled back and stepped back away from the podium.

Not even a minute later, a glow surrounded Tsy and intensified all around her little body. Ochaco was sure she could make out a new shape slowly appearing around that of her friend.

Shoji stepped up to the podium, with a large, soft open robe in hand, waiting behind the princess. As Tsu’s body glowed to the point where it nearly blinded the occupants in the room, the giant man gently picked up the woman with two hands while simultaneously wrapping the cloth around her body with two others. He helped her to stand on her feet as the light slowly flickered away. Once the light grew dim in the center of Tsu’s body, she stood on her own, a soft white robe wrapped snuggly around her lean frame.

Large black eyes framed by long thick lashes were wide in wonderment as long black straight hair fell behind her. And although she did have a larger than normal mouth and her hands were a tad on the big side, the blacksmith found her to be stunning.

Ochaco couldn’t take her eyes off the princess that stood before her. It was as if every prose of poetry, every description of beauty and perfection suddenly came to life in the form of a woman. The sonnets sung of soulmates and true love found purchase in physical form, and when Tsu smiled, Ochaco’s breath caught in her throat.

“Your highness,” Shoji said with a bow.

“Welcome back to us, Tsu,” Tokoyami offered with a smile as he extended his hands to the princess. She clasped them in her larger ones and brought them to her bosom.

“Thank you, Fumikage. Your services will not be forgotten. When I get my kingdom back, I will make sure father rewards you well,” she promised.

“Your friendship is reward enough,” he dipped his head in respected.

“So how do you plan on doing that anyway?” Bakugo spoke up, breaking the spell of the moment.

“I have a plan!” Ochaco pipped up with a little hop, throwing her fist into the air.

“Really?” Bakugo raised a questing eyebrow at her.

“Yep! A great plan!” she said, though truth be told, she was banking on her friend's willingness to helping her out, but she wasn’t about to let that stop her enthusiasm.

“And this plan is?” Tokoyami asked.

Ochaco smiled brightly, and with as much confidence as she had, she explained what she felt they should do.

Chapter Text

After explaining her plan, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Bakugo, and Deku left the alchemist’s tower. They were given additional medication for Deku to take over the next few days and were also stocked up on other necessities-- including some traveling clothes and shoes for Tsuyu. Tokoyami had tried to talk her out of leaving, but she insisted she needed to do more than sit and wait, even if it was safer. Tsuyu could never sit idly by and do nothing. Tokoyami and Shoji also had their jobs to complete to help with Ochaco’s plan.

With goodbyes and promises made, they parted ways from the tower and made their way through the castle grounds.

“Where too first, round face?” Bakugo asked. Deku had to be hidden in his cloak again for protection, but he could feel the little fairy moving around. “Quit your fucking squirming,” the barbarian growled.

“It’s not easy being in here with a cast on my wing,” Deku whined from the confines of the pocket.

“I have room in my bag if it would be more comfortable for him,” Tsuyu offered. Tokoyami had given her a stiff leather pouch and filled it with a few items-- like a small sheathed dagger, a couple of thin books, and a little bundle of food.

“Please, Kacchan,” Deku pleaded. “My wing is getting caught on the fabric.”

Bakugo heaved a sigh and turned them down a narrow alleyway. They had spent many hours in the alchemist’s tower, and now the city was bustling with people everywhere. Once they were away from prying eyes, Ochaco retrieved Deku from his pocket and carefully placed him inside of Tsuyu’s pouch. Though the leather was stiff, he was still able to lift the flap a little to peek out the side.

“Hey! That’s how you got caught last time,” Bakugo growled, a hint of concern under layers of agitation.

“I promise I’ll behave, Kacchan,” Deku said.

Once they moved the fae into the pouch, they were off again.

“So, where is this… what did you call her again?” Bakugo asked.

“Well, she’s an inventor, and he’s a scholar of the court,” Ochaco said.

“You mean, Tenya and his wife, Mei?” Tsuyu said with a smile.

“Yes! Tenya stopped by our blacksmith once to get his sword sharpened. He had been on a quest and was returning home. That’s when I met him. Then, I had traveled to the city for my parents and ran into him and his wife. Mei is super talented, and I know she can make what we need,” Ochaco said as they walked down the cobble street, bypassing merchants and guards.

“Tsk. Well, they had better; otherwise, we’re screwed,” Bakugo said as they kept moving. He noticed that he was getting more attention than usual, and it was unnerving him.

They kept walking, and Bakugo kept his eyes open. Something felt off, and it was raising his red flags. The hairs on the back of his neck kept standing on end, the feeling of being watched was strong. “Hurry the fuck up,” he growled under his breath.

“Is something wrong?” Tsuyu asked quietly.

“We’re being followed,” Ochaco said before Bakugo could. Perhaps she wasn’t as much of a rookie as he thought.

“Oh,” Tsuyu said in what sounded like a near croak. Though she had pulled the hood of the jacket, she was wearing down over her head; there was still the chance someone might recognize her. “This way,” she hissed and they quickly turned down a new street and hurried ahead.

Bakugo and Ochcao almost had to jog to keep up with her as she quickly walked down the narrow street. Bakugo noticed that it was one shop after another, with narrow townhouses built between them at random intervals. Bakugo hoped they would turn soon, as the feeling of being followed increased. Thankfully Tsuyu made a sharp right turn down an alleyway, and Bakugo and Ochaco had to run to keep up. Just as they turned the corner Tsuyu crossed the threshold of a back door into a nondescript building. Had Bakugo not see Tsuyu with her hand on the handle, he doubted he would have even known a door was there.

“Hurry,” Tsuyu croaked as she entered the building.

Bakugo puts a hand on the middle of Ochaco’s back to hurry her up ahead of him, as he kept his head turned to the side to watch behind them. The shadow of a person loomed over the entrance of the ally, and with a small shove, Ochaco bolted for the door with Bakugo on her heels. Ochaco practically jumped through the entryway, but Bakugo wanted to make sure whatever extra was following them, wouldn’t see their escape. He saw a small box sitting against the other side of the alley and darts over to grab it. Stepping into the open doorway, he placed the box in front of the entrance before shutting the door. Just as it closed, he saw the shadow getting closer, and hoped that they all made it in time. The door didn’t have any windows, but he pressed his ear to the wood and listened. Tsuyu and Ochaco stood nearby, waiting with bated breath.

Listening carefully, Bakugo hears the footsteps of the person who had been trailing them — noting how they choose to take lighter steps and were careful about their surroundings. As the sound grew closer, he saw Deku was peeking out of Tsuyu’s pouch. His bright emerald eyes locked onto Bakugo’s ruby ones.  When the sound of the stranger passed the door, the girls sighed in relief-- but Bakugo knew better. It could be a rogue, and he stopped their mini celebration with a hand up. They paused and waited, and it wasn’t until the sound completely disappeared that he dared to move.

“They could still be right outside the door waiting for us, so we need to be fucking quiet,” he whispered.

The girls nodded, and Bakugou motioned for Tsuyu to lead the way, since it was she who brought them into this building. Which, when looking around, it looked like someone’s home. The door they came through appeared to be a back door into a mudroom of one of those new Victorian-style houses with the textured wallpapers, plush carpets, a lot of wood and metal combined pieces of furniture.  

“Are we in someone’s house?” Ochaco asked.

Tsuyu turned back and smiled, but didn’t answer.

It was just at that moment when a chime sounded, and then a click. A small wagon toy rolled down a set of tracks attached to the wall. It slid down a slope past them, and connected with a wooden spoon that smacked, spun up and hit another lever that caused some metal balls to go in three different directions on three different tracks. It was one cause and affect after another.

The group wasn’t sure what to do as they watched the action around them. They tried to walk out of the room into the hallway, metal bars quickly slid down, barring their way. Bakugo turned to go back the other way when the deadbolt clicked into place.

“What the fuck is this?” the barbarian growled.

“I’d like to know the same thing,” a feminine voice spoke from somewhere.

“Mei?” Ochaco asked the room, not sure where to look.

Tsuyu pulled her hood down, exposing herself. “Lady Iida, we need your help,” the princess addressed to the voice.

They waited in anticipation as the sounds of whirling gadgets came to a slow stop, then there were footsteps running through the house-- at least one person was hurrying down the stairs.

They all turned their heads when a body nearly slammed into the bars at the hallway arch.

“Your highness!” Mei Iida gasped, her eyes widening in surprise, before she slightly turned her head and yelled. “TENYA!”

More footsteps echoed, and a moment later, a taller man with dark blue hair and glasses stood behind his wife and immediately began to turn a wheel that was on the other side of the door, as Mei flipped a few switches.

“We are so sorry your highness,” Tenya kept repeating over and over again as they worked to unlock the gate.

“Just shut up and get us out of here,” Bakugo growled.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just grumpy,” Ochaco pipped before Bakugo could make the situation worse.

“Miss Uraraka, so good to see you again,” Tenya said with a smile to her, after giving the barbarian a dirty look.

Once the trap reset and everyone could get out of the room, they moved from the back entry room to the more fitting living room in the front of the house.

“So what brings you to our humble home, your highness?” Mei asked.

“Secretly through the back door no less?” Tenya added.

The three guests sat next to each other on the large, elegant sofa. Tsuyu looked over to Ochaco, then over to Bakugo, who only ‘tsked’ at them before he folded his arms over his chest.

Between Tsuyu and Ochaco, they explained what had happened to the royal family and how they had to see the alchemist for her to get changed back.

Introducing Deku had been interesting-- but since he was a part of the plan, it was needed. Thankfully, the worst that happened was Tenya’s cheeks turned the brightest shade of red, while Mei was enthralled by the little fae and was positive she could make a much better cast. (Tsuyu talked her out of it.)

They talked until Tenya went off to make some dinner, and the conversation continued during the meal and late into the night. From talk of their plans, to what was needed from the invention couple and to just how the group had found each other.

By the time the sky darkened enough to see the stars, the group was exhausted. Tsuyu and Ochaco were given the double bed in the guest bedroom, while Bakugo took the ‘stupidly fancy’ couch in the sitting room-- Deku curling up on the soft fur of his cloak.

Tsuyu and Ochaco stood in the spare bedroom looking at the queen size bed, both feeling slightly nervous.

“I can just sleep on the floor,” Ochaco offered.

“No, it’s alright. I’ve shared a bed with my sister before, I don’t mind,” Tsuyu said, though the pinkness to her cheeks betrayed her nervousness.

“Are you sure? I don’t mind.”

“Really, Ochaco, it’s fine.” Tsuyu stepped behind the partition to change into the nightgown that Mei had given her to wear for the night.

Ochaco sat down on the bed and took a deep breath. She knew she could do this; it would just be very awkward, that’s all. Taking another deep breath, she quickly changed into her nightgown.

When she found Tsuyu a few days ago, she wasn’t expecting to find someone who made butterflies dance in her stomach so easily and so soon after meeting them. A thought that spiraled into so many others, including why did she need to kiss Tsuyu for the enchantment to break?

She was pulled from her thoughts as Tsuyu stepped around the partition. The nightdress Mei gave the princess to wear was nearly sheer enough to be seen through, but not entirely. With its cream colors and lace, the way it opened up in the front down to mid cleavage and hugged the woman’s bust and hips-- Ochaco couldn’t take her eyes off the sight before her. The gown only came as far as Tsu’s mid-thighs with a small bit of lace trim at the bottom-- colored in a soft white, off-setting the cream of the dress. The sleeves only went as far as just past the elbows with matching lace trim.

Tsuyu was a vision of beauty, and Ochaco was stunned.

“Your turn,” Tsuyu said with a shy smile, and it broke Ochaco from the spell she was under.

With a mute nod, she picked up the night shirt she had packed in her travel bag and went behind the screen to change. It didn’t take long to change clothes, but Ochaco gave herself a little more time to calm her racing heart and will the pink from her cheeks. The pure cotton white long shirt she wore felt so bland and dull in comparison to what Tsuyu wore, and it made Ochaco’s cheeks burn for a different reason. She hoped that her plainness wouldn’t put off Tsuyu.

Hesitantly, Ochaco stepped around the partition to find Tsuyu sitting cross legged on the bed, her nightgown riding up a little on her creamy pale thighs. Ochaco gulped past the lump in her throat.

Ochaco wasn’t sure what to do, so she stood awkwardly between where she just was and the inviting bed where the princess sat. Her hands’ twisting in the fabric of her off-white nightshirt.

“You can join me,” Tsuyu smiled.

Ochaco smiled back and slowly joined the other woman on the bed. Tsuyu was looking over the plans they had written down, and Ochaco looked over her shoulder.

“Everything okay?” Ochaco asked.

“I’m worried that we’re going to get caught. I don’t think Iguchi will fall back on turning me into a frog again. He’ll probably either throw me in prison with my family or kill me.”


“Shuichi Iguchi, the warlock’s name. He also goes by Spinner,” Tsuyu explained.

“We’ll just have to make sure we don’t get caught,” Ochaco offered as she moved a little closer to Tsuyu, nearly pressing against her back.

Tsuyu heaved a heavy sigh and leaned back a little into Ochaco’s space. “I just want my family again,” Tsuyu said.

Ochaco gave her friend a gentle hug. “We’re going to get them back, promise.”

“Thank you, Ochaco,” Tsuyu said with a small smile.

Talking a bit more, the ladies slipped under the covers facing one another. Their fingers twined around each other as the sound of crickets and cicadas sang outside their window. Tsuyu was the first to fall asleep, and Ochaco watched her steady breathing of the princess until her eyelids were too heavy to keep open, and she also fell asleep.


The next morning they were awakened by a small explosion coming from the downstairs followed by the yells of a frustrated fairy.


Ochaco eyes popped open to find her face smooshed into pillowy-soft breasts, her body pressed against Tsuyu’s, her leg thrown over and resting between the princesses.

Her face burned with embarrassment, and the shock of her current situation kept her immobile. She hoped that the ruckus from the floor below hadn’t woken up Tsuyu, but soft fingers brushing through her hair told her otherwise.

“Are they always this loud in the morning?” Tsuyu grumbled, her voice still hoarse from sleep.

Ochaco had assumed that the princess would be appalled at how they ended up in bed; however, instead, she only turned closer to Ochaco as her fingers kept stroking Ochaco’s short brown strands.

“Not usually?” Ochaco wasn’t sure, having only spent a few mornings with the strange duo.

They laid there in comfortable silence for a moment-- Ochaco’s heart beating nearly out of her chest, and hoping that Tsuyu couldn’t feel it pounding against her stomach. When another small blast sounded, they both groaned at the intrusion and slowly sat up.

“We should go find out what’s going on before they destroy the Iida’s house,” Tsuyu said.

Ochaco couldn’t help but notice the small blush of pink dusting the woman’s cheeks, nor how Tsuyu wouldn’t make eye contact.

After getting dressed and ready, they met Tenya and Mei on the stairs on the way down, where they overheard Bakugou and Deku bitching..

“Look, damnit, if we’re going on a fucking mission to save a king, I am going to need some more backup, and these damn explosions are the best thing!” Bakugo was yelling at Deku perched on a grandfather clock.

“And I told you, they don’t last very long!” Deku yelled back.

“Then, we just get some more and save it for later,” Bakugo said with a smirk.

“Kacchan!” Deku gave an indignant squeak then yelped when he noticed they had an audience.

Bakugo turned and growled at them for interrupting. “When are we leaving on this mission?” he demanded, changing the subject.

“How did you…” Tenya was about to ask, but Ochaco stopped him.

“They don’t talk about it,” she told him.

“We need to leave soon to meet with Shoji and Tokoyami,” Tsuyu answered.

Bakugou nodded and went and gathered his fae from the tall clock.


With preparations set and dawn just barely peeking over the horizon, the group left the house. Tenya and Mei separated from the rest and made their way towards Tokoyami’s tower. The other four took side streets and kept their identities hidden as they made their way down the still quiet road towards the castle. And yet, despite the lack of people out, it still felt like there were eyes on their backs. With Tsuyu and Deku in the lead, Ochaco close behind her, and Bakugo watching their backs they hurried down the streets. However, it was a dark shadow that fell across their paths that stopped them at the end of a narrow alleyway.

Bakugo rushed to the front, sword drawn, “Who the fuck are you?”

The figure stepped forward, their lean body covered from head to toe in black, hood pulled down over their head. They didn’t answer as they continued to walk towards the group gradually. When they were no more than a few feet away, they slowly brought their hood down, exposing their face.

“MONGOOSE!” Tsuyu exclaimed and rushed forward, brushing past Bakugo and into the waiting arms of the tall woman.

Bakugo growled but turned back to keep an eye behind them as the two embraced.

Ochaco felt awkward as she stood there while Tsuyu gushed over the newcomer. Her cheeks burned, and a tightness pulled in her chest. It left an unsettling feeling that she was unfamiliar with and didn’t like. Wanting to give the princess some privacy, she turned and joined the barbarian.

“Where’s Deku?” Bakugou asked.

Ochaco looked up then back at Tsuyu. “Still with the princess.”

They stood in silence, Bakugo watching her, for what she didn’t know.

“So, what’s up with you two anyway?”

Ochaco wanted to say there was something there. She wanted to gush about how butterflies exploded in her stomach when she looked over to see large green eyes and beautiful long hair. She wanted to giggle over how wonderful it felt to wake up in soft arms, while nimble fingers combed through her hair. But when she looked over and saw the bright smile on Tsuyu’s face as she laughed and seemed so excited to see her companion, Ochaco just couldn’t.

“Nothing. We barely know each other,” she said instead.

“Tsk, whatever,” Bakugo sneered, seemingly not believing her.

After a few minutes, they were joined by Tsuyu, and the woman dressed all in black.

“Everyone, this is Mongoose, my personal guard from the palace and a dear friend of mine,” Tsuyu introduced them.

“If you’re her highnesses’ personal guard, then why didn’t you fucking protect her from that shithead warlock?” Bakugo demanded.

Mongoose hung her head in shame as she spoke. “I admit, I failed as Princess Tsu’s guard. I allowed myself to be swayed by his words and fell for his false accusations. By the time I was able to clear my head from his misdirection, it was too late. The royal family was already imprisoned, and Princess Tsu was missing.”

Bakugo herumped his displeasure, but Ochaco stepped in before his gruffness could start any trouble.

“Are you still able to get into the castle?” Ochaco asked.

“Yes. I have yet to be outed as no longer under Spinner’s spell.”

“Good, because we need to get in undetected.” Ochaco went on to explain their plan, and a few minutes later, they were off towards the castle

Chapter Text

The sun was just behind the treetops as the group made their way towards a hidden door. One that Mongoose knew about; leading down into the area where Tsu’s family was imprisoned.

Mongoose explained that the entryway was meant for the royal guards to exit and enter the castle in secret on the king’s orders. Known only by a very select group of people and as far as she could tell, the warlock wasn’t one of them.

They knew they had to wait for the other group if they wanted to stand a chance at getting in and out without being noticed. The Iidas, Tokoyami, and Shoji were meant to create a distraction big enough to get Spinner’s attention, and also that of as many guards under his control as they could.

The door was well hidden and didn’t have a need to be guarded, which allowed them entrance, but they still kept silent as they tread quietly down the stone halls. Mongoose motioned for them to move quickly towards one direction, but Bakugo stopped them to retrieve Deku.

“What are you doing?” Ochaco demanded to know.

“It’s not going to take all of us to open a damn door. I’m going to make sure that we don’t get any surprise visitors.” He grunted in a whisper.

Mongoose and Tsuyu nodded their heads at the barbarian, but Ochaco narrowed her eyes in suspension. “Don’t get caught,” she mumbled as Bakugo cradled the fairy in his hand.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head over me,” Bakugo ruffled Ochaco’s hair with a smirk. “Just make sure you get their ‘royal majesties’ and get the fuck out. No funny business,” and with that, he turned and left, Deku giving a small wave.

Mongoose, Ochaco, and Tsuyu kept moving along the corridors as they made their way down into the dungeons. They made a quick stop into the royal pantries to gather a couple of small baskets of food to pose as servants from the kitchens. Once they made it to the first guard standing in front of the gates, they were stopped. Thankfully their ruse of Mongoose escorting food to the prisoners worked like a charm, and aside from losing an apple that was plucked from one of the baskets as the guard threw a wink to Ochaco, it went smoothly. After that, they quickly made their way down flights of stairs into the humid depths of the cells that contained far more people than Tsuyu expected.

“My Goddess. What has this warlock done?” Tsuyu said, fear evident in her voice.

“Anyone who opposed Spinner would be sent to the dungeons.” Mongoose explained as they passed one cell after another, each filled with people from her royal court, including whole families, children included.

“He’s a monster,” Ochaco expressed as a small girl whimpered in her mother’s arms.

“Food?” a timid voice asked, and Ochaco looked over to see a little boy with messy black hair looking up at her with pleading eyes. “Please, we’re hungry,” he begged.

Ochaco glanced back and didn’t see the guards present and stepped over to the barred cells. She gave the child a few of the apples that she held while wishing she had brought more with her. But she reminded herself that she was on a rescue mission, not a mission to feed the hungry. Once they got the rightful leaders back on the throne then all these people would be set free and given what they needed.

Following Ochaco’s lead, Tsuyu also handed out her food to those whose hands were outstretched and wanting. Once both baskets were empty, they tossed them aside and hurried down the corridor. It was near the end that they finally found the king, queen, and Tsuyu’s sibling.

“Mama!” Tsuyu cried when she saw how sickly and exhausted her parents looked.

“Are you sure that’s them?” Ochaco asked, confused. To her, the people in the cell didn’t look anything like the princess. The family had bright red hair, were tall, thin, and didn’t match the description Tsuyu had given about her family.

“It’s the enchantment,” Mongoose explained. “Spinner made sure they didn’t look anything like themselves before he put them in here. So when they tried to claim to be the royalty, no one would believe them,”

“Then how does her highness know it’s them?”

“Because she was here when they were charmed,”

Ochaco nodded in understanding.

Tsuyu yanked on the cell door in the hopes of pulling it open, but to no avail. “Mongoose, we need the keys,” she sniffed, desperately trying to get to them.

“I can go back and see if I can lift them from the guard back at the gate,” Mongoose went to turn when Ochaco stepped up.

“I got this,” she said as she pulled a small black roll from her satchel.

From the roll, she pulled out some slim tools and knelt in front of the cell door. In under a minute, there was a click, and the door swung open. Tsuyu wasted no time slipping in and embracing her family.

“How did you do that?” Mongoose asked Ochaco as they watched the reunion.

“Oh, I have plenty of skills,” Ochaco said smugly.

Once Tsuyu explained to her family what the plan was, Mongoose made sure the coast was clear before they headed back towards the way they came.


Bakugo carried Deku up through the stairwells, peeking his head into a room on occasion.

“What are you looking for, Kacchan?”

“Someplace for a little privacy,” the barbarian smirked.

“You’re going after the warlock, aren’t you?” Deku glared at him.

“No, shit! You think I’m just going to stand back and do nothing? If that idiot isn’t taken out, then he’ll just come back harder. And like Tsuyu said, he might just kill them all next time. Can’t risk it. Gotta take the fucker out.”

Deku was quiet for a minute as they kept traveling through the castle, staying close to the shadows. When Bakugo finally found a room that he felt would be safe, they ducked in. It was a small cabinet, a room large enough to house a small desk, chair, and a couple of bookshelves, but it was empty and would suit their purposes.

“Okay, I don’t want any arguments…” Bakugo started to say but was cut off by Deku’s smaller voice.

“It’s okay. I know what you need.”

“Heh? You’re not going to fight me on this?”

“Of course not! You need your explosions to fight. It would be foolish to go into a battle with a warlock without magic.”

“Fucking finally.” Bakugo lifted the fairy closer to his face and was about to lift the fairy’s clothes when Deku stopped him.


“What the fuck! Why?”

“Let me… Let me get you off at the same time. It’ll work better. Trust me.” Deku said.

Bakugo had his doubts on how him getting off would be beneficial, plus it’s not like they had a lot of time, but the fairy knew his magic better than he did, so he walked over to the chair and sat down. Within moments his pants were shoved down under his balls, his soft cock hanging out as he gently placed the fairy on his thigh.

“Make it quick, dammit. We don’t have all day.”

“I will, promise.”

Deku removed his clothes completely, careful of his broken wing, and climbed over to where Bakugo was stroking his cock, getting it hard.

“Can you lift your pinky finger?”

“Heh? Why?”

Deku blushed, as a small smile broke over his face. “Because I need to ride it,” he barely said loud enough for the barbarian to hear.

“Isn’t it going to be too big? I don’t want to fucking hurt you.”

“I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this, but it wouldn’t be the first time.” Deku tried to reassure him.

“I don’t have lube, dumbass. It’ll hurt.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I can take care of that, just stick your pinky out,” Deku smiled.

Bakugo brought his other hand up, knowing his pinky on his left hand was slightly smaller than the one on his right. Deku pulled the little digit into his mouth and began to suck and lick at it like it was the head of Bakugo’s cock. The sensation was lewd and turned on the barbarian more than he expected. As Deku lavished Bakugo’s finger with his mouth, he rubbed his ass all along the hardening cock he sat on top of. His legs curled around the length, his thighs squeezing as he pushed up and then sank back down. Fuck, this was much hotter than Bakugo knew how to deal with. He had to bite his lip to keep the small moan from escaping his throat.

Then Deku did the unthinkable, he slid the tip of Bakugo’s pinky finger down into his tight throat, up to the first knuckle. The moan he had been trying to hold back escaped at the sight of Deku’s mouth stuffed full, his eyes slightly glassed over, and small slurping noises were in the air.

Bakugo felt he could get off just like this. The sensation on his finger went straight to his dick, which was getting rubbed and bounced on by the sexiest fairy alive. But before he knew it, Deku pulled off his pinky and pushed his hand down until it rested right above his cock.

“Keep your hand here, Kacchan,” Deku said, his cheeks flushed.

The fairy turned his body around and pulled up Bakugo’s cock to hold it like he usually would, but this time, he slowly sank on the spit drenched finger. There was a small resistance at first, and Bakugo was concerned that it would be too much.

“Oi, dipshit, you … fuck… you’re not even prepared for something that size.”

“I fingered myself when I was sucking on your finger,” Deku’s voice was rough, and he didn’t stop pressing down.

Just as Bakugo was about to protest again, he felt how the tip of his finger pushed through Deku’s tight entrance. They both moaned in unison. Without stopping, Deku kept slipping down the thick digit until he reached the first knuckle before he stopped.

“Take your time,” Bakugo whispered in awe.

He could see how his finger was stretching out the fairy’s tight hole and nearly came from the sight alone. Then Deku began to move, slowly sliding up then sinking back down. All while holding onto his cock, face pressed into the head, mouthing the sensitive ridge.

“Oh, fuck!” Bakugo groaned.

Deku’s magic to work his cock was in overdrive. His entire length felt like it was encased in something soft and moist, his pinky kept sending sensations to his dick to add to the pleasure, and Deku’s mouth was doing things he didn’t even know were possible. His hand jerked after a particularly good jolt of pleasure, and the movement of his pinky must have hit the fairy’s prostrate because Deku moaned so loudly and lewdly Bakugo was sure someone outside the room would hear them. With what little brain cells working, Bakugo slowly twitched his pinky finger, and the results caused Deku to writhe on him like never before. Fuck, he could get used to this.

Their movements quickened, both for the need of time, but also with the strong need to cum. Deku now bounced on Bakugo’s finger with abandon, as he mouthed, stroked, and hugged the barbarian’s cock. Bakugo did his best to hold his cock up for the fairy with his free hand while holding his other as still as he could. His thighs twitched, and his breathing became labored, the closer he got to spilling over.

“Fuck, gonna cum… fuck!!” Bakugo swore as quietly as he could.

Deku could only moan in response.

Then, as if a bowstring was pulled back then shot, Bakugo came. He was quick enough to catch most of it in his hand as Deku gave a massive squeeze, his orgasm racking his small body. With Kacchan dripping from his lips, the fairy tightened around Bakugo’s finger as he came into his hand. A shame really, because Bakugo liked sucking the fae’s cum directly from the source. Deku slowly pulled off Bakugo’s finger and slid down onto the barbarian’s thighs, both of them needing a small moment to catch their breath.

“That was amazing, Kacchan,” Deku smiled up at him, cradling the cum in his hands.

“You going to eat this or what? We have to get moving,” Bakugo asked. He hated that they had to get going so quickly, but the whole point of this was to defeat a warlock, not linger in their afterglow. (No matter how good the sex was.)

On shaky legs, Deku stood, but instead of slurping up the puddle of cum in Bakugo’s hand, he dipped his cum filled hands into Bakugo’s, mixing the two. Then, carefully, he raised his hands towards the barbarian.

“What the fuck?! You expect me to drink my cum?” Bakugo growled.

“It’ll make the explosions stronger and last longer,” Deku explained with a bright smile.

For a moment, Bakugo had a look on his face like he was trying to do complicated math, but then internally figured, ‘fuck it,’ and raised the fae to lap up the liquid from his palms.

As he expected, the cum was salty, yet sweet with a hint of spice. He wondered if that was from his jizz. The moment the liquid hit his tongue, it caused a tingling sensation that traveled throughout his entire body. He barely noticed that Deku had moved down to lap up his snack from Bakugo’s limp hand. His entire focus was on the now-familiar sensation of the fairy’s magic taking hold of his body, giving him the power he now craved like his favorite food or drink. And since he had already gotten the fae off earlier that morning, it now felt like it had built up even stronger. When the feeling settled down, and he could feel the magic flowing through him, he grinned a smile so feral it would scare even the toughest of men.

“Oi! You done down there, we got a villain to defeat!” Bakugo snapped.

Deku smacked his lips with a happy smile and nodded his head. With a little help from the barbarian, the fairy got dressed quickly, and the two were back out into the corridor in search of the great hall. Knowing that was where they would find the other team, working on their part of the plan.  Bakugo wished he could pop a few explosions off his palms for good measure, but he didn’t want to alert anyone nearby. Which, weirdly, was very few people. He wasn’t one to go visiting royalty. Still, in the small experiences he did have, he knew that typically castles had people roaming around, either servants moving around doing things, or guards roaming the grounds. Yet, here, it felt too empty. It was eerie, and he didn’t like it.

They kept moving until they heard voices coming from behind a set of large double doors. Bakugo crept up to peek through the crack where the doors were open. As he suspected, it was the entrance to where they wanted to be. There, in the center of the room, stood Tokoyami, Shoji, and the Iidas, while sitting on a sizeable over-glorified throne sat the warlock. A lizard of a man, with green scaly skin, long bright purple hair, and a large mouth currently curled into an evil grin. His eyes, hidden behind a dirty white cloth mask, were large and filled with awe and greed.

“…We would like to offer a demonstration,” Tokoyami offered as Bakugo silently crept into the room.

“By all means, please show me how you can make gold from iron,” the warlock said, his lust for wealth evident in his voice.

He stood and stepped down from the throne, walking closer to where Tokoyami had a large cauldron set up along with some crazy gadgets that Mei had brought with them. Bakugo knew it was all for show. The whole thing was a massive rouge to fool the dictator, but that didn’t mean they hadn’t pulled out all the stops to make it look convincing. Looking around, Bakugo quickly noticed two guards closest to the warlock. A tall person with shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, large lips, and triangular glasses. They had a stocky build but stood with their hip cocked like a woman bored. The other guard was massive and looked dumber than a box of rocks and didn’t concern the barbarian. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, he figured.

Spinner joined the alchemist and his team around the cauldron as the contents inside bubbled and burped out a noxious gas. Bakugo knew what he had to do. He had talked with Tokoyami and Shoji when Ochaco was distracted with Tsuyu at the tower making his plans. He counted on the alchemist to replay that to the inventors. Now, it was all a matter of timing. As much as he wanted to rush in and take down these bastards, he had to be patient. As quietly as he could, he slid himself over into the shadows cast by the massive pillars in the room and hid behind them, waiting for the signal.

“And this really works? This alchemy?” Spinner asked, eying the concoction warningly.

“Yes!” Mei stepped forward excitedly. “We’ve tested it to great lengths, and even had it tested to confirm the gold’s purity.” Tenya held a lump of gold in his hand as if it was proof of their achievement.

Spinner’s smile grew as his eyes widened at the prospect of becoming even richer. “Show me,” he said.

Tokoyami and Shoji gave a glance to each other and moved forward. Shoji with an iron bar and Tokoyami with a beaker of neon green liquid. Spinner stood near the cauldron; excitement etched on his face. Even his guards moved forward out of curiosity. Perfect, Bakugo grinned.

“Perhaps you would like the honor’s, your majesty?” Tokoyami offered handing the beaker towards the warlock.

“Yes, of course,” Spinner said as he took the bottle.

Luckily all the guards and the warlock were so curious to see the magic happen that they didn’t notice Tenya and Mei taking small steps back away from the cauldron or how they slid down goggles over their eyes. Nor did they see how Tokoyami and Shoji also slid down their eye protection or tightened their protective cloaks around their bodies. They only saw as the bar of iron was dropped into the belching cauldron before Spinner held up the bottle of liquid.

As Spinner uncorked the beaker, the Iidas, Tokoyami, and Shoji all took several steps back. Bakugo hid behind the pillar, Deku, in the safety of his cloak when the red-headed guard took notice.

“Um, Spinner,” they said, but it was too late.

The warlock poured the green substance into the cauldron, a wicked grin on his face. The liquid quickly turned bright purple, then red, then gold, gaining a happy gasp from Spinner before it exploded in a hot, liquid mess.

That was Bakugo’s cue. With a shout, he jumped from around the pillar and started shooting explosions from his hands. He knew there would be other guards nearby that he hadn’t seen, and wasn’t disappointed. Four other soldiers appeared from the sidelines, and without hesitation, Bakugo threw blast after blast at them.

Shoji threw himself over Tokoyami protecting his lover, while the Iidas used a shield that unfolded in a second. Like a giant fan made from metal as they crouched behind it. He knew the second team was safe and didn’t worry about them. He just kept pummeling the guards. Unfortunately, some of them had shields strong enough to withstand his blasts, but that didn’t stop him from showering them with explosions.

“Get the warlock!” someone yelled, and Bakugo turned just in time to find the green-skinned lizard bastard tugging his fallen guard.

“My love,” Spinner cried to the red-headed guard who had taken the hit to protect the villain. Spinner looked directly at Bakugo then the others and seethed out a vicious threat. “I will kill you. All of you!”

He let go of his dead companion and raised his arms, summoning a large sword made of multiple blades and knives, woven and tied together to create a monstrosity of a weapon. With a war cry, he jumped high into the air and attacked the group. Bakugo shot a blast at his head, but the warlock dodged it and then swung at the barbarian.

Shoji stood on shaky legs, the initial blast had damaged his back slightly, but it didn’t stop him. He unclasped his cloak, letting it fall to the floor and let all his arms raise and lengthened. Tokoyami also released his cloak, revealing a shadow form to float around his body, eyes glowing yellow. Mei had tools already in her hands, and Tenya was wearing a suit of amour that Bakugo hadn’t noticed before. Probably kept hidden beneath his inventor’s coat. Each person ready and willing to fight.

More soldiers rushed into the great hall, swords drawn and ready for battle. With a yell, Spinner began his attack once more as his footmen followed his lead. Soon the entire room was a disarray of fighting, but the soldiers were no match for the unlikely team. Bakugo shot down grunt after grunt, cursing and yelling threats each time. Tokoyami’s dark shadow picked up one footman and tossed them against the stone wall, knocking them out. Mei had a pistol with a glass chamber filled with bright blue acid, that when shot, ate away at anything that it hit. And Tenya was faster then Bakugo ever expected, and his fighting style was not one would expect from a scholar.

When they thought they had the upper hand, Spinner raised a hand, and a bright ball of light exploded from it. From the explosion, a tear in space opened up, and three massive, ugly creatures emerged from the black void.

“You’ll never defeat the Nomus. Now DIE!” Spinner screamed.

The massive creatures looked like they could have been human, except for all the deformities. They were grotesque and didn’t flinch when Shoji threw a punch at one. The one Shoji attacked swiped an arm back and practically tossed the multi-armed man away as if he was a rag-doll.

“This is bad,” he heard Deku say from his spot on his shoulder, inside the cloak.

“Shut the fuck up! We got this,” Bakugo growled.

Just then, three new people joined their ranks. Ochaco, Mongoose, and Tsuyu.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to fucking get to safety!” Bakugo screamed as he shot off a couple more blasts.

“And let you have all the fun!” Ochaco quipped. “Never. We’re in this together!”

Soon, it was big and ugly versus the others, with Spinner giving commands and swinging his overcompensating sword. The battle raged, and everyone took more blows than they thought possible, but even Nomus can be worn down, and eventually, the three ugly beasts were brought down one by one. Leaving only Spinner.

Bakugo was exhausted, and he could feel the magic beginning to wane from his body, but he wasn’t about to give up. He noticed the others standing beside him, looking how he felt. He raised his hand one more time in the hopes this would be the shot that would take out the warlock.

“Kacchan, here,” a small voice spoke beside his ear, then, without warning, a small hand was shoved in between his lips, smearing a sweet substance on his tongue before a tiny pair of lips pecked his bottom lip.

In a matter of seconds, the renewed tingling sensation raced through his body, reigniting the magic in his veins. With a laugh and a sneer, be built up the power in his hand. “Get ready round cheeks,” he said to Ochaco, who was closest to him. She glanced over, noting the small flickers from his palms and nodded, readying her sword.

With a shout, he let off a massive blast as Ochaco rushed forward. A dark shadow followed closely behind, and in a flurry of movement and yelling; the villain was taken down.

It was the sound of the massive sword coming apart and clattering to the floor that signified the defeat of the warlock. With a howl and a crack, the warlock sank onto the floor, blood dripping from the wound caused by Ochaco’s sword, piercing his heart.

The battle was over.

Chapter Text

After the warlock was defeated, his magic no longer held any control, the Asui family returned to their natural state. The guards that had been bewitched were back to normal, and the castle and the city it dwelled in were free from the tyranny of the warlock’s greed.

A week later, a grand celebration was had at the castle. Bakugo had to be bribed with a title and some gold to stick around. Although the barbarian could never pledge his loyalty to any king, he was still awarded the title of honorary knight of the Asui kingdom. Deku was given a tiny metal crafted from a thin disk of gold embedded with a single tiny ruby that hung from a strand of thin satin cord. He was the honorary kingdom fairy. Both would forever be welcome back with open arms by the Asui family.

Tenya was knighted by the King, and a handcrafted suit of armor was designed specifically for him. His wife, Mei, was made the King’s Inventor, and the two were offered their own wing in the castle for their studies, and inventions.

The alchemist and his assistant were also asked to be counselors to the King, which they accepted as long as Tokoyami could keep his tower home.

As the awards were given, Ochaco stood to the side, awaiting her turn. She had been given a beautiful set of clothes, a gift from the royal family to wear for the ceremony. She looked up to where Tsuyu stood next to her mother, smile radiant, wearing the most beautiful gown made from silks and lace. Mongoose standing at her place to the princess’s side. Ochaco heaved a silent sigh as she tried not to allow the overflow of emotions to overwhelm her.

She should have known better to wear her heart on her sleeve as she usually would. It was one thing to fall for someone as easily as she did, but it was another to fall for a princess. She was nothing more than a commoner, a simple blacksmith’s daughter with no title of her own. Tsuyu would most likely end up married to some prince or princess or to someone with a worthy title and rank. Like her personal guard. What hope did she have for someone like Tsuyu? She shouldn’t have fallen in love with someone so unattainable. And she knew it was love, the emotions felt too deep and ancient that if she were one to believe in things like reincarnation, she would swear her love for Tsuyu has spanned over lifetimes.

But those were thoughts she couldn’t dwell on. Not if she wanted to keep her heart from shattering completely. It’s already broken enough as it is. After the ceremony, she would return home to at least let her parents know she was well and to drop off the wealth of gifts she had already been given. After that, though, she wasn’t sure. As much as she loved her family, she knew being a blacksmith wasn’t for her. She’s now had a taste of adventure and life outside of her little village. She needed more of that. To be free from the mundane life she used to live. She wasn’t sure where she would go, but she couldn’t give up now. Perhaps she could sweet-talk her way into traveling with Deku and Bakugo.

The call of her name by the royal herald caught her attention and brought her back to the present. With a bow, she stepped forward to stand before the royal family, all of whom smiled warmly down at her. Tsuyu’s especially took her breath away.

“Ochaco of house Uraraka, without you, we would have lost our beloved daughter forever. There are no words to accurately describe how thankful we are that you came into our lives and helped to rescue our family from the tyranny of the warlock. Without your efforts and brilliant plan, we are sure we would still be lost in the dungeons forever.” Ganma said. He then motioned to his guard and was given his sword.

“Kneel Ochaco of Uraraka, so that I may knight you.”

Ochaco’s eyes widened in surprise. She figured she would be awarded a low-level title or baroness or something of the like, but to be knighted into the King’s court was a much higher honor than she expected. Trembling slightly, she dropped to her knees and bowed her head as the King’s sword gently rested on her right shoulder.

“Do you Ochaco of house Uraraka hereby swear loyalty to house Asui and all their family members from henceforth? To give yourself completely into serving his Majesty and the entirety of the kingdom? To serve and protect to your best ability the kingdom of Aichi until death does part you from this mortal world? If you so do, swear it upon your honor.” the herald read from the scripts.

“I swear it upon my honor, to give all of myself to the king, the royal family and to the kingdom, so say I, Ochaco of house Uraraka,” she declared, grateful that her voice didn’t betray nervousness.

The sword that rested on her raised then lowered once to tap her shoulder, then went over to her left side and did the same thing.

I, King, Ganma Asui of Aichi, herby award Ochaco Uraraka the official title of knighthood. I also award Ochaco Uraraka a gift of land and the gold to build a home worthy of a knight. For herself and her family. You will also have rooms here in the castle that will belong to you when you stay with the royal family. Rise Sir Ochaco of Uraraka, Royal Knight of the house Asui and the kingdom of Aichi.”

The crowd burst into cheers as Ochaco rose from her kneeling position. Before she knew what was happening, two other knights from the King’s court came forward. One wrapped a white belt around her waist, the official symbol of knighthood, while the other fixed steel spurs to her boots. Another emblem of her official title. Finally, a final knight stepped forward, a luxurious cloak made from the best wool in the softest white with a pink lining on the inside. She expected the knight to wrap the cloak around her shoulders, except Tsuyu stepped forward instead and accepted the cloak from the knight. Stepping over, the princess smiled brightly as she let the fabric fall from her fingers like water flowing from her hands. Holding the clasps, she gently wrapped the soft cloak around Ochaco’s shoulders. Tsuyu leaned in slightly as she clasped the golden clasp at Ocacho’s neck.

“Met me after the ceremony,” she whispered, and Ochaco gave the faintest nods.

Decked in her official knight attire, Ochaco turned to the King.

“Face your kingdom, Sir Ochaco,” the King said.

Ochaco turned, tears stinging her eyes as she was greeted with the cheers and smiling faces before her. But she saw none of those smiles because two had taken all of her attention. There, waiting behind her, having been silently escorted by knights, to stand for her and witness first hand her promotion, were her parents.

Ochaco had never felt more pride in her entire life. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to hold onto her composure. Someone must have motioned for her parents to come forward because before she knew it, they embraced her in their arms. 

“We’re so proud of you, sunshine,” her father said as her mother wept. 

At that moment, Ochaco was truly happy. 


After the royal court was finished and everyone was free to go about the rest of their day or get ready for that night’s festivities, Ochaco promised her parents she would find them again before she hurried off to find the princess. She tried not to look like she was in a hurry by running, but her steps were quicker, and her eyes darted around everywhere, trying to find Tsuyu. 

“She’s over there,” came a familiar voice. 

Ochaco spun to find Bakugo leaning against a wall, his leg kicked back with his boot against the stone. Deku, fully healed, sitting on the fur of his shoulder. He hooked a thumb towards the corridor that led away from the chaos of the crowd chatting behind her. With a nod, she quickly walked past them, Deku smiling and giving her a double thumbs-up as she passed. 

At first, she wasn’t sure Bakugo hadn’t sent her on a wild goose chase, but when she saw the flash of a golden gown at the edge of a servant's hallway, she knew she was close. Her heart beat hard in her ribs, and her breath came quick, but it was more from anticipation than her run. She slowed enough to keep herself from looking too desperate and turned into the narrow passage. There, waiting for her, was her princess. 

“Tsuyu?” she questioned.

“Ribbit,” Tsuyu said, her cheeks turned pink from embarrassment. “I didn’t mean to do that. I guess I got used to it.”

Ochaco could tell that the princess was nervous, but she couldn’t understand what for.

“Is everything okay?” 

“No. … Maybe. … I don’t know.” Tsuyu admitted.

Ochaco stepped forward and gently placed her hand over the top of her friend’s as she wrung them. “What’s wrong?” she asked. 

“You’re leaving.” Tsuyu’s voice gave a small crack at the end.

Ochaco felt a cold shiver run down her spine. Leave? Did she have too? Was she expected too? Her parents were here, they would probably want her to come back with them to their peaceful little village. But, truth be told, she didn’t want to go. She had already made her peace with striking out into the world, and now as a knight, she felt she had bigger responsibilities. No, she couldn’t leave. No not, maybe not ever. Especially if Tsuyu didn’t want her too. 

“Unless you have a reason for me to go, I plan on staying, your highness,” Ochaco said with a crooked smile. 

Tsuyu stepped closer and wrapped both of Ochaco’s hands in her own. “I would like you to stay, but not because you feel a duty to my father,” she explained, somehow reading Ochaco’s thoughts. “I want you to stay because … because … I want you to stay for me.” Tsuyu admitted, her voice wet with unshed tears. 

“Princess?” Ochaco asked unsure what was being asked, while hope bloomed in her chest. 

“You’re supposed to call me Tsuyu remember. That’s what friends do, call each other by our names. You’re my friend, right?” Tsuyu looked up at Ochaco with her big green wet eyes, fear, and hoped swirled together in their depths. 

“Yes, of course. Always, Tsuyu,” Ochaco promised.

“What about… what if we were more than friends,” Tsuyu asked quietly, so softly Ochaco almost didn’t hear her. 

Their unconscious steps brought them even closer. Toe to toe, hands in hands. Both with cheeks tainted pink. 

“More than friends?” Ochaco repeated, and she couldn’t keep the sound of desire from her voice. She could feel her heart racing at the implication, her smile brightened. Then reality hit her, and she started to drawback. “But what about Mongoose?”

“Mongoose? What about her?”

“Aren’t the two of you? I mean, you seem so close? …”

Soft hands slipped from hers and tenderly cupped her face. 

“Mongoose is my guard but is also already married. You’re the one I’m in love with,” Tsuyu answered with a smile. 

Ochaco’s eyes stung from the tears that threatened to fall. “I love you too,” she admitted with a small sniff. 

“Good, then that means I can kiss you,” Tsuyu laughed right before she leaned in and placed the softest kiss on Ochaco’s lips. 

The knight thought she had died and ascended into heaven. Unsure where to put her hands, she tentatively placed them on the princess’s hips. Far too soon, the kiss was over, but neither moved away from the other. They rested their heads against one another instead. 

“Stay with me,” Tsuyu asked. “Be mine. Please, Ochaco.”

Ochaco nodded and whispered, “Yes, yes, a million times yes,” kissing the princess in between each answer. 

They both giggled before Ochaco pulled her love back into a deeper, more passionate kiss. 


Ochaco and Tsuyu eventually made it back to where everyone was celebrating. They found the Urarakas and Ochaco explained how she wouldn’t be returning home with them. Thankfully they were not disappointed. 

“The King has extended an invitation to give us our own smith in the city. So we’re only going back long enough to pack. He’s even sending help to make it quicker,” her father explained. 

They talked for a little longer before they went to find the King and queen. 

“Do you think your parents are going to be okay with us being together?” Ochaco was nervous, knowing that their majesties could very quickly ban them from being together. 

“I already talked with them.” Tsuyu said. “They knew of my intentions, and it’s partly why father decided to make you a knight.” 


“A princess should marry someone of nobility and with a high title. What better than a knight?” Tsuyu teased. 

Technically there were titles higher, but Ochaco wasn’t going to point that out. Especially when her brain was still trying to wrap around the concept of marriage. Tsuyu wanted to marry her. HER. A blacksmith’s daughter from a small village.  

“You saved my life, my family, and my kingdom. You’re amazing, Ochaco. Kind, sweet, strong. From that moment I met you, I had a good feeling about you, and I haven’t been wrong.” 

Ochaco couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes, she would marry this woman right now if allowed. With a new purpose, she walked forward to meet with the King and queen and her new future. 


That night, two women dressed into nothing more than simple silk nightgowns held each other in the dim light of the princess’s bedchambers. The single candle light flickered as the moonlight shown down the two women very much in love. Occasionally one would kiss the other, as Ochaco ran her fingers through Tsuyu’s hair. 

“I love you,” she whispered. 

“I love you too,” Tsuyu responded with a smile. 

Their kisses started gentle but quickly became heated when closed mouth kisses turned to open mouths and roaming tongues. When their hands began to wander, they slowly made their way to the massive bed in the middle of the room. 

Tsuyu gave a small squeal of laughter when Ochaco picked her up and carefully dropped her on the soft mattress. Tsuyu giggled as she moved back a tiny bit to give Ochaco room to join her. 

“I want to touch you,” Tsuyu said as straight forward as always. 

“Please,” Ochaco whispered as she leaned forward and kissed along her lover’s jaw. 

The silk nightgowns didn’t last long and were quickly tossed aside in the excitement of new love. 

Ochaco couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be here, in bed with the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen, with the promise of forever for each other. She’s not sure what she did to deserve to be so blessed, but she hoped it would last the rest of their lives. 

Their bodies pressed close, kneeling on the soft blanket, they continued to kiss hungrily. Exploring each other with their mouths and tongues. When they need to breathe, Ochaco continues to kiss along Tsuyu’s jaw, leaving little nips and kisses in her wake. She works her tongue down along Tsuyu’s neck, making sure to stop and leave red marks when it pulls the most delicious moans from her lover. From the neck, she works her mouth over Tsuyu’s shoulder, and as she peeks up through her lashes, she moves her mouth to one of Tsuyu’s perky breasts. The pink nipples stood at attention, and as green eyes gaze down into warm brown. With the tip of her tongue, Ochaco flicks the hard nub a few times before she pulls the whole thing into her mouth. With gentle pressure, she sucks and swirls her tongue, her hand reaching up to give the other breast attention. When she felt she had lavished one side well enough, she moved over and gave the other just as much attention. 

“Ochaco… Mmmm.” Tsuyu moaned her fingers, sliding through short brown hair. 

“You’re so beautiful,” Ochaco whispered into Tsuyu’s skin, her hands sinking into silky hips. “I want to taste you all over.” 

“Please,” the princess nearly begs as she leaned back, giving Ochaco more room. 

Ochaco helps Tsuyu unfold her legs so she can lay on her back. With a small kiss to each ankle, Ochaco kisses her way up a creamy leg, giving even more attention to milky thighs. Tsuyu’s face was red, and she turned to look away, but the smile and soft panting encouraged Ochaco to keep going. Spreading Tsuyu’s legs open a little more, Ochaco continued to kiss as much as she could along thighs and even up on Tsuyu's hips, teasing and drawing out the anticipation. 

Tsuyu slid a hand into Ochaco’s locks of hair, trying to direct the woman where to go. Still, she wasn’t willing to give in just yet and continue to leave feather-light kisses, only to soft skin into her mouth, then lavish and suck on it until it turned purple then to kiss it as an apology afterward. When she felt her lover had squirmed enough, she kissed along her lover’s folds, letting the tip of her tongue dip between them getting a taste. 

When she kissed her way all-around each fold and crease, she stuck out her tongue and licked from the bottom all the way up to the protruding button peaking from its hood. Now with a new goal in mind, she licked and flicked her tongue at the hardening clit before she pulled it into her mouth and sucked on it. Swirling it around in her mouth. The sounds coming from the princess were like no music she had ever heard before. Low moans and soft cries a symphony to her ears. 

She wrapped an arm under and around Tsuyu’s thigh as she kept attacking the clit in her mouth. Her other hand pressed against the folds of the wet pussy giving more stimulation. When her fingers were well coated from Ochoca’s saliva and the wetness leaking from her lover, she slipped two fingers in and began to thrust them. Tsuyu’s cries of pleasure increased as Ochaco finger fucked her wet cunt. Her jaw ached from the constant sucking, and she switched back to kisses and licks as her fingers continued to piston in and out. She would alternate between the licks and sucking until Tsuyu’s body began to quiver, and the princess was begging for release. 

Pressing a third finger in and bending them slightly forward, she found the g-spot within her lover and continued to push against it as she sucked hard on the clit in her mouth. Tsuyu’s cries turned into a long, drawn-out moan as her orgasm washed over her. Wetness drenched Ochaco’s fingers and chin. With a final kiss, Ochaco climbed up her lover’s body to collapse beside the princess. 

For a moment, they laid there side by side as Tsuyu came back from her mind-blowing orgasm. 

“I don’t think I can move my body, but I would like it if you wanted to sit on my face,” Tsuyu offered once she was able to speak again. 

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine,” Ochaco said. 

“Please, I really want you too,” Tsuyu drew her lover in for a small kiss and then another. 

Not able to resist her princess, Ochaco carefully positioned herself above her lover, knees next to Tsuyu’s head. Tsuyu guided Ochaco down by her hips and the moment a long wet tongue touched her cunt she nearly squeaked. Then the lick came again, and Ochaco’s eyes almost rolled to the back of her head. Continuously, the mouth beneath her moved around her pussy. Sucking on the folds, pressing the long tongue between them and up inside of her. The feeling was amazing. She wanted nothing more than to ride her lover’s face for as long as possible. In fact, she started to buck her hips slightly to the movements of that incredible tongue. 

Then, Tsuyu shifted Ochaco’s hips forward slightly, and her mouth moved from the wet folds to the hard clit peaking from its hood. When Tsuyu’s mouth wrapped around the hard nub, Ochaco about screamed. Tsuyu had a good hold of her thighs and held her still as she worked Ochco’s clit like it was her last meal. Sucking, licking, back and forth. The build to climax didn’t take long, and before Ochaco could even warn the other, she silently screamed as her body was racked from sear pleasure. She nearly fell over as the last waves washed over her. 

When Tsuyu let go of her, she slipped to the side, unable to move. Her entire body tingled from head to toes, as small tears leaked from the corner of her eyes. 

Once they were both able to move again, they climbed under the covers and wrapped themselves up into each other arms. 

“Love you,” they whispered to each other before falling into blissful sleep.