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Soap and Syrup

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Through the blinds, early morning sunshine danced across Jolyne’s face. The brighter it got the more she stirred until her eyes lightly fluttered open, focusing on the empty spot on the bed next to her.

Jolyne had sprawled over as much of the bed as she could stretch over. She comforter had been neatly tucked over her shoulders but left her feet open to the cold. She curled into a ball, groaning at the sun still pestering her sleep-struck eyes. The only thing to finally relieve her of the groggy frustration that comes with waking up before noon was the smell of bacon. Shit. She is hungry, and it smelled so good.

After a few moments of enjoying the wafting smells, she decided it was finally time to get up.


Anasui stood in the kitchen wearing sweatpants and an apron that said “I Cook As Good As I Look” that Jolyne had gotten him for his birthday. His hair was pulled back into a loose, messy bun, not doing a great job at keeping his hair out of his face. He was too deeply invested in the pancakes that he had been tossing to hear the patter of bare feet shuffling towards him.

Jolyne practically jumped him, wrapping her arms around him and shoving her face in between his shoulder blades. He was millimeters away from burning his hand on the stovetop, but he couldn’t care less.

Anasui dropped the pan and his spatula to the stove, fully aware that it had a 100% chance of burning to a crisp before he was finished greeting her, and spun slowly in her arms to face her. Her face was now nuzzled sweetly in his chest. He could feel her breath against his bare skin and could feel her mouth quirk into a smile.

Green eyes glanced up through messy bangs. It was very obvious that she had just woken up. She was standing in just a giant Aerosmith t-shirt, her hair was a ruffled mix of green and navy.

“Morning,” her voice was muffled in Anasui’s chest.

Anasui smiled down, wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her close. “You hungry?”

Jolyne swung her head back, leaning into the grasp Anasui had behind her, “Starving!” She stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek before sliding out of his grasp to the plate of still warm bacon and quietly stuffing her face.

Anasui turned back to the stove, and as expected the pancake was burnt. He quickly tossed it and continued preparing the last of them.

The last of the pancakes sat steaming on a small platter and Anasui turned to find Jolyne. She now stood by a small table with two place settings and all the food he had previously prepared. A ding goes off next to him and she runs over to snatch the small bottle of microwavable syrup.
Jolyne and Anasui slowly march next to eat other, and set everything else down at the little table. Anasui slid the apron off and set it on the counter, then sat, and they started shoveling food onto each of their plates, not saying a word.

As they began eating, Jolyne reached under the table and wrapped her feet around Anasui’s ankle. He smiled and reached his hand out to lightly touch hers, fingers on fingers, as they continued eating.

“Good?” Anasui asked after a few minutes of silence.

Jolyne smiles through a full mouth, yet somehow made it look cute, “Perfect!”

They were actually holding hands at the point. Jolyne was as close to the table as she could comfortably muster, running her foot smoothly up and down Anasui’s calf. She began humming a tune, some indecipherable guitar riff, her eyes sliding shut as she chewed.

Forks clinked as they simultaneously reached for the last piece of bacon. A silent duel was starting. They stared into each others’ eyes, neither flinching, neither backing down. The hands held together, keeping a soft grip, as their eyes and forks glared, ready to strike.

As if in an old western, they stood, metaphorically, steadying their heartbeats and readying their weapons. Finally, as if the sun entered the center of the sky declaring “high noon”, Anasui’s phone dinged, a text.

They were both released from their little daze, giggling to each other. Anasui squeezed her hand lightly smiling wider, “Wanna split it?”

She released his hand to pick up the bacon and rip it in half, handing the slightly larger portion to him and grabbing his hand again.

“Are you not gonna answer that?” She asks mid bite.

“It’s Weather, I can text him back later, I’m busy.”

“Busy with what?”

His mouth tugged lightly into a smirk, “I gotta watch you clean all of these dishes.”

“HA!” Jolyne laughed out loud. “Not even gonna help?”

He played up a moment of thought, ignoring the over exaggerated pout coming from the girl sitting across from him, “Hmm. Well, I did make it all by myself, and I did let you eat more than half. So, no. I don’t think I will.”
Jolyne pursed her lips, fighting to suppress a smile, “Fine. Didn’t care anyway.”

She stood up with a few dishes, full-body pouting as she walks to the sink, filling it up with soap and water. Anasui follows behind, not long after, with the rest, setting them on the side. Jolyne had just enough time for suds to build, blowing a handful into Anasui’s face.

He stood frozen as the suds dissipated from his vibrant, pink hair, a glare became more present on his face as Jolyne laughed harder and harder.

Anasui took a handful and repayed Jolyne in kind. With interest, actually, seeing as his hand somehow fit twice the amount of Jolyne’s. Her mouth had been open and she was now spitting out suds in the open side of the sink while he turned off the running water. In a swift motion, while Anasui was distracted and closer than he had been prior, she scooped up one last handful and slid it down his face.

She was leaning into him now, laughing harder than she had before. They were both damp with suds, he chuckled lightly as he once again wrapped his arms around Jolyne. Her arms snaked up around his neck, laughter subsiding, as he moved again to her tip-toes. They tightened their limbs, bodies pressed closer as Jolyne pressed her lips to his. He smiled into the kiss, then deepened it.

She tasted like soap and he felt a little bad, but, hey, at least he was sharing in the pain. That pain, though, didn’t last long. Jolyne had a special way of making him forget everything. Nothing else existed when she was in his arms. All that mattered was the warm body pressed to his, giggling every few seconds into the kiss as his hands grazed her sides, nibbling his lip whenever he’d take a breath, combing through his hair, now out of the bun, with long fingers.

After a little bit, she backed out, arching her back and hanging from the arms around his neck, “So… Are you actually not gonna help me with these dishes?”

Anasui through his head back with an exasperated chuckle, “Of course I’m gonna help you, idiot.”

They kissed again, short and sweet then turned to the sink, almost overflowing with the water that Anasui was unable to turn off before.