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Learn You (Bit by Bit)

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Kirishima frowned down at the next math problem, trying to work it out without asking Bakugou for help.

“Is this right?” He asked once he'd finished, looking up to find Bakugou watching him with an odd look on his face. “Hey, you okay, man?”

“Fine,” Bakugou waved him off, looking at his worksheet. “You got it. Try the next one.”

Kirishima started on the second but he couldn't help but notice that Bakugou kept staring at him. “Is something up?”

“Hm?” Bakugou raised a brow, sounding distracted.

“You keep staring at me, bro.”

Bakugou shook his head, looking away. “It's nothing. Just thinking.”

Kirishima wished he could say that that was the last time Bakugou acted oddly around him, but since then he kept noticing the blond would stare at him, especially when they were alone.

“Alright. Seriously, what's up?” Kirishima demanded after weeks of this odd behavior.

“Nothing,” Bakugou assured him.

“No, you've been staring at me for weeks. What's going on? Is something wrong? I'm here if you need to talk, dude.”

Bakugou shrugged. “It's nothing,” he repeated.

“Then tell me what it is,” Kirishima pushed, “if it's nothing.”

Bakugou paused, eyeing him warily.

“Come on, let it out,” Kirishima encouraged him, smiling kindly. “We're best bros, yeah? I won't tell anyone. And I promise not to judge or anything.”

“You're pretty.”

Kirishima blinked, stunned. “What?”

Bakugou shrugged. “Sometimes you look really pretty. Like when you smile or when the sun hits you. I like looking sometimes. I can stop, if you want me to.”

Kirishima blinked again. “Um. Thanks? You don't, uh. You don't have to. I guess? If you don't want to?”

Bakugou nodded. “Told you it was nothing. Now do number fifteen.”

Kirishima stared at the worksheet blankly without taking anything in. “I've never been called pretty before,” he acknowledged.

“That's surprising. You're really fucking pretty,” Bakugou muttered.

“But. Is this...are you saying you like me?”

“Of course I like you. I wouldn't hang out with you if I didn't like you.” Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“No, I mean. Are you asking me to date you?”

Bakugou tilted his head to the side thoughtfully. “No. I don't think so. Did you want to?”

“No, not particularly,” Kirishima agreed. “I don't even think I'm. You know. Gay,” he whispered the word.

Bakugou shrugged. “I'm bi,” he said easily, like he was announcing the weather. “Don't really care about that stuff much though.”

Kirishima was stunned. “Really? You're bi?”

“That a problem?”

Kirishima shook his head. “No. I guess I just didn't see that coming from you.”

Bakugou hummed, marking an answer on his own homework. “Don't really talk about it much.”

“Have you ever been confessed to?” Kirishima asked curiously.

“A few times,” Bakugou admitted. “Always someone who just likes the way I look. Like I'd date someone I don't even know. Stupid fuckers,” he grumbled.

Kirishima turned back to his worksheet but wasn't able to focus, hearing the scratching of Bakugou's pen. “How did you know? That you liked guys too?”

“How did you know you liked girls?”

“What?” Kirishima blinked, confused. “I mean. You just. I do. There isn't anything to know,” he said, brow furrowed.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow.

Kirishima blushed. “There had to have been a moment though. Like. Something that told you that maybe you liked boys too? Maybe?”

Bakugou sighed, glancing around. “If I tell you this shit, you have to swear you aren't going to breathe a word of it. To anyone. Especially Sparky. Otherwise I will murder you in your sleep.”

Kirishima gulped. “That one was kind of intense compared to your usual death threats, bro.” He laughed awkwardly.

Bakugou glared. “I'm serious.”

Kirishima bit his lip. “Right. Uh. Okay. I promise I won't say a word of it.”

Bakugou stared at him for a long time before nodding. “Alright. Well everyone has stupidass crushes from when they're kids. There was a couple girls I thought I might like. But then, before my quirk came in, I got a crush on a boy. Went away pretty soon after, but I had told my mom that I was going to marry him and she'd already started her supportive ‘you can marry whoever you want’ schtick and had basically decided to be the most irritatingly supportive parent ever. She's always checking to make sure I know I can tell her shit. Which, obviously I do, but I'll deny that shit if you tell her, I swear to god.”

Kirishima laughed. “You're a lot softer than anyone gives you credit for,” he managed between giggles.

“Fuck you, I'm not,” Bakugou denied.

Kirishima's eyes widened. “Wait. Wait wait wait. Bro. Dude. Man. You've got to be straight with me here,” he said.

Bakugou cut him off with a flat look.

Kirishima giggled. “No! Don't distract me, I know what I said, you know what I meant! But seriously. This boy you had a crush on…”

Bakugou's face instantly went red. “No!”

“It was Midoriya, wasn't it?”

Bakugou's hands exploded. “Fuck you, you shitty haired rock!”

Kirishima bursted into laughter, hardening his skin against Bakugou's attacks and unable to control himself as he fell back with Bakugou trying to attack him and crawling over him.

“Shut the fuck up!” He demanded, shoving his sparkling palms into his face.

“Holy shit I can't breathe!”

“Then die, motherfucker!”

Kirishima wheezed. “You liked Midoriya! You said you were going to marry him!”

“Shut up!” Bakugou shrieked with one loud explosion.

Kirishima calmed himself down, looking at Bakugou. He was breathing heavy, head hung low so he couldn't see his eyes though his mouth was turned down in a deep scowl.

“Hey, I was just teasing,” Kirishima murmured quietly, suddenly feeling wrong. “I'm sorry if I went too far.”

Bakugou shrugged off his hand, turning away from him. Kirishima's stomach turned.


“Just--” Bakugou cut himself off, exhaling. His fists clenched tightly. “That wasn't a good time. For anyone. I don't want to talk about it.”

Kirishima frowned. “Sure, that's fine,” he assured him gently, “though you know you can talk about it, if you ever do want to.”

“There's a lot of shit I need to apologize for,” Bakugou muttered, “but not today. Maybe one day I'll be able to. But not...not right now.”

“Okay,” Kirishima agreed. “That's okay.”

They were both quiet for a long moment. Kirishima reached out, brushing down Bakugou's arm to his hand and gently taking one fist in both of his as his fingers coaxed Bakugou to unclench his. It was easier to get him to loosen the other, both of them watching as Bakugou's fists unfurled under Kirishima's touch.

“I like you more than I've ever liked anyone else.”

Kirishima glanced up at him but Bakugou was still looking down at his hands in Kirishima's.

“That's not me saying we should date. If you don't want to. But it's the truth,” he admitted quietly.

“I like you too, bro, but I don't...I'm not…” Kirishima trailed off awkwardly.

Bakugou shrugged. “You don't have to spare my feelings, shitty hair,” he said, smirking slightly. “You're not into guys. It's fine. We still good?”

Kirishima smiled. “Always.”

Bakugou's smirk turned mischievous. “Now get the fuck up and finish your homework before I blast your hair.”

“No!” Kirishima laughed, dodging Bakugou's teasing attack as they both wrestled. He was glad they'd always be best friends, no matter what.


Acknowledging that his best bro thought he was pretty and liked him more than anyone else surprisingly didn't change anything between them. Kirishima perhaps found himself admiring Bakugou's own features on more occasions than he had previously, but nothing really changed. He wasn't gay after all, so it wasn't like they were going to date, but he definitely wasn't homophobic or anything. It was actually really flattering that someone like Bakugou thought he was attractive. It meant more coming from his best bro.

Yeah. That was it.

"Bring it, bro!" Kirishima yelled, punching his fists together before hardening his whole body against Bakugou's barrage of explosions.

"Die!" Bakugou shouted with wicked glee, practically dancing around in the air as he used his explosions to maneuver almost like an acrobat. Kirishima shook his head fondly. Bakugou was always so flashy, he couldn't help but admire his bro.

The explosions against his chest and back barely rattled him and when Bakugou finally landed on the ground, Kirishima struck, lashing out with a hardened arm. Bakugou flipped backwards, kicking out with his legs and blasting the floor with both of his palms to send his feet straight for Kirishima's face. He hardened, swiping for Bakugou's ankle, and the blond spun in the air, kicking low at Kirishima's leg which the redhead dodged only so he wouldn't accidentally break the blond's leg.

"Bro," Kirishima panted during the brief respite as Bakugou pulled back for a moment. "You move like a dancer."

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "Obviously because I took some dance lessons as a kid."

Kirishima blinked, surprised, and his next block was shoddy as Bakugou aimed a blast right at his face. He coughed through the smoke, waving it away so he could stare at Bakugou who'd backed away a bit to give him space to recover.

"Dude, seriously? Why didn't I know that?"

Bakugou shrugged. "I quit before I started U.A. I keep up with the stretches and exercises though so I can keep the flexibility. Speed means nothing if I can't dodge shit."

Kirishima sputtered. "What kind of lessons?"

Bakugou twirled--was that an actual twirl?--and Kirishima was so distracted he barely managed to duck under the flying foot that came at his face, too distracted to even think about hardening.

"Ballet," Bakugou said, blowing himself over Kirishima in a clean arc before blasting Kirishima's back, making him stumble forward. "Hip hop. Ballroom. Contemporary." He punctuated each type with a new attack and Kirishima gritted his teeth, digging his feet into the ground and hardening more to withstand the explosions after he turned to face him. "Little bit of Latin. Mom dragged me to a flamenco lesson but I refused to wear the shirt."

"You were willing to wear a leotard for ballet but not a flamenco shirt?" Kirishima asked, baffled.

Bakugou shrugged. "I had tights too. But a leotard's not that different from my hero costume now, just tighter. I hated the flowy sleeves for flamenco though, kept covering my hands." He shook out his arms, looking down at them. "Never been a fan of stuff like that."

"That's so cool, bro," Kirishima said sincerely.

Bakugou hummed. "If you think so."

"So can you breakdance?"

Bakugou gave him a droll look. "Obviously."

"You and Ashido should totally have a dance battle!" he exclaimed.

"Fuck that," Bakugou waved off, turning from their spar since Kirishima's head clearly wasn't in it and walking over to his water bottle.

"Come on! It would be awesome!

"You've got thirty seconds to get it out of your system before I blow you to pieces," Bakugou informed him idly.

Kirishima blushed lightly and Bakugou choked on his water.

"Not like that!" He shouted.

Kirishima burst into laughter, hardening to withstand Bakugou's next round of embarrassed explosions.


"Hey, Bakugou?" Kirishima asked, glancing over at the blond who was focused on a game, explosions sounding from the tv. "You mind checking number twenty for me? I don't think I have it right."

Bakugou waved distractedly in the direction of his bag before returning his hand to the controller. "Just grab it from my bag. It's in the folder."

"Thanks, bro," Kirishima grinned even if the blond hadn't even glanced at him and grabbed Bakugou's bag, opening the main zipper to find two folders. He grabbed the purple one, opening it and expecting to find their maths homework.

'Things that make me happy'

Kirishima blinked, tilting his head to the side as he read the familiar writing below that, listed in Bakugou's neat writing.


Kirishima startled when the folder was yanked from his hands and he looked up to see a blushing Bakugou glaring at him.

"My other folder," he snarled, snapping the folder shut.

Kirishima's eyes dropped down to it before he looked back up at Bakugou.


Bakugou blushed even darker red, looking away. "It's for therapy," he grumbled.

"Therapy? You're in therapy?"

Bakugou glowered at him.

Kirishima quickly waved his hands. "Not that there's a problem with that! I just. Didn't know. That's cool though. How long?"

Bakugou muttered something under his breath. "Kamino," he finally grumbled, walking back over to the paused game and throwing the folder on his bed. "Aizawa-sensei said I needed to try at least."

"Is it helping?"

Bakugou grumbled some more. "I guess."

Kirishima smiled. "That's good then. I'm glad you're giving it a shot."

"Whatever," Bakugou said, going back to his game. "Thanks. I guess," he added just as Kirishima had turned back to his homework.

Kirishima grinned to himself but didn't comment. He wasn't going to bring up him being on that list either.


"What the fuck, dude?!" Kirishima snarled, snatching his phone from Kaminari's hand. "So not cool!"

"God, chill, bro," Kaminari said, still giggling a bit. "Bakugou isn't going to freak--"


Kaminari startled, eyes wide in surprise, and he glanced up at the ceiling. "Uh," he stuttered.

"KAMINARI DID IT!" Kirishima yelled back.


Kaminari squeaked, turning betrayed eyes on Kirishima.

"You did it, man," Kirishima said.

"But he won't kill you!" Kaminari yelled, scrambling for the door. There was a loud explosion from upstairs and just as Kaminari opened the door of the dorms to run, Bakugou landed on his feet right in front of him, furious scowl on and palms popping angrily.

"I'm sorry!" Kaminari instantly shouted, backing further back into the dorm room and shaking under his glare. "It was Kirishima's idea!"

"Dude!" Kirishima yelled. "It was not!"

"Like fucking hell would Kirishima invite my parents here!"

"It's for your birthday, bro! We just want to celebrate!"

"We can celebrate without them, you absolute fucking walnut brain--"

Bakugou cut off his tirade at his phone started ringing in his pocket. His teeth snapped shut and he dug out his phone, glaring at the screen. He sent one last dark glower at Kaminari before he answered it.

"What," he snarled. It only took a second for him to explode. "No! I don't want--"

Whoever was on the other side argued back just as vehemently and Bakugou fell into frustrated silence.

"Fine. Whatever."

Bakugou hung up, throwing his phone into the couch cushion hard before screaming in pent up rage.

"Uh...dude?" Kaminari tried gently. "Bro, we just wanted to have a party for you and include your parents. I don't get why--"

"Of course you don't get it!" Bakugou whirled back on him, so angry spit was flying from his mouth. "You live in a stupid fucking world of goddamn rainbows! You wouldn't understand why--"

"Kacchan? What's wrong?"

Bakugou snapped to the side, snarling at Midoriya who was standing in the doorway. It was proof of how far they'd come that Midoriya didn't even flinch, instead only raising a brow.

"Dumbass invited the hag and my old man to whatever stupid party you shitheads are planning."

Midoriya's eyes widened and he looked over at Kaminari with surprise. "Why...uh. What would make did you even get their numbers?"

"My phone," Kirishima admitted, frowning and looking over at Bakugou remorsefully. "I'm sorry, bro. I fell asleep doing our science homework and he went through it."

"Why are you all acting like I killed someone?" Kaminari asked.

Bakugou yelled wordlessly, kicking the wall, before stomping towards the stairwell without answering.

"Damn," Kaminari muttered, "what crawled up his ass?"

"You shouldn't have done that," Kirishima said, frowning at Bakugou's back. He sighed, walking over and grabbing Bakugou's phone, turning it off and putting it in his pocket.

"What's going on?" Sero asked, he and Ashido stepping into the building with worried looks on their faces.

"I'm going to check on Bakugou," Kirishima said, leaving for the stairs. "Midoriya?"

"Go," Midoriya assured him, waving him off. "You're the only one he'd talk to now."

Kirishima nodded before entering the stairwell, taking them two at a time. He knocked on Bakugou's door when he got to their floor, barely even hitting it three times before the door swung open and a hand grabbed him to pull him in, slamming the door shut and locking it behind him.

"Hey, bro," Kirishima said quietly.

Bakugou paced his own room, a lion stalking all the free space with a low growl under his breath.

"Look, I'm really sorry, I didn't know he'd--"

"Do you know why I don't want my parents here?" Bakugou whirled on him. Kirishima's apology died, leaving him only with confusion.

"No? You've never told me," he managed to say. "I mean, obviously I can tell you don't get along swimmingly with them, but you haven't ever explained why."

"Deku never told you any of this shit?" Bakugou demanded harshly.

Kirishima shook his head. "You know Midoroya wouldn't just tell your business like that. And besides, I wouldn't ask him. If you want me to know something, I know you'll tell me. Otherwise I'm not going to pry."

Bakugou stared at him hard for a long moment before he deflated, sitting on his bed with a heavy sigh.

"Me and my mom don't agree on a lot of things," he muttered, palms rubbing together in what Kirishima knew was a nervous gesture. He came over to sit beside him so Bakugou wouldn't feel like he was looking over him, very pointedly looking forward and not directly at the blond. "She doesn't want me to be a hero anymore. Dad's just kind of always gone with whatever she said. After all the shit with the slime guy, USJ, Kamino, she's been feeling pretty vindicated. The only reason she even let me come here to the dorms was because Aizawa-sensei convinced her. She said if there's one more incident, she's pulling me out."

Bakugou stared down at his palms, clenching them tightly into fists. "She makes me so angry. I get mean around her. Meaner, anyways. Ask Deku, he knows."

"I don't need to ask Midoriya," Kirishima said gently. "I get it; she's not good for your temper."

"Probably the reason we don't get along is that we're too similar, at least in our personalities," Bakugou grumbled.

"So that's why when you gave me their numbers you said to only call if you have to go to the hospital or something big again," Kirishima realized.

"Last time the cops didn't call her until hours later," Bakugou mumbled. "It was a headache later."

Kirishima pressed against his side, shoulders against each others. "We can tell them we had to cancel the party. Something school related came up and we just decided not to do it."

Bakugou sighed, leaning against him and dropping his head against his shoulder. "Not worth it," he said quietly.

Kirishima tilted his head against Bakugou's. "Tell me what I can do," he said after a long silence.

Bakugou hummed, closing his eyes. "Just sit here," he said. "I don't want to deal with talking right now."

"Alright," Kirishima agreed, wrapping his arm around Bakugou's shoulders and pulling him close. He could do that.

Bakugou curled closer, head easily making home in the crook of Kirishima's neck. His breathing slowed the longer they sat there, the silence of the room comfortable. Kirishima idly brushed his hand up and down Bakugou's back, shoulders, arm, slowly and almost rhythmically. He nosed into his poof of blond hair, calmly taking in Bakugou's smoky scent that always lingered around him.

"I'm sleepy," Bakugou murmured later, not pulling away. Kirishima hummed in agreement, holding him tighter in anticipation of him pulling away. "You want to take a nap?"

Kirishima was surprised at the question, pulling away a bit to glance down at Bakugou's face. The blond looked up at him with a raised brow, no glower or scowl anywhere to be found. Kirishima smiled.

"Yeah," he agreed quietly, warmth flooding him at the barely there smile that crossed Bakugou's face as the blond nodded and they both crawled up the bed to get comfortable. They came together as soon as they were settled again though, Bakugou wrapping an arm around his waist and cuddling under Kirishima's chin; his palm was hot against Kirishima's bare back, snuck under his shirt, but the redhead didn't say anything. It was far from intolerable.

Bakugou hummed quietly as Kirishima held him tightly before they both slipped into sleep. Idly, just before he slipped into unconsciousness, Kirishima thought that he could get used to this sort of thing, and he hoped he would have the chance to.


After his hero debut, Kirishima got confessed to. A lot.

They were usually random girls he didn't know, and while he might think they were cute, he didn't really want to jump into a relationship with someone he didn't even know the name of. He did not enjoy having to turn someone down and watching them cry either though, so, even though he felt a little like a coward, a lot of times he just tried to hide so they couldn't ask him to meet them somewhere in the first place. Either that or he remained latched to Bakugou's side, as the volatile blond had no problems telling 'the extras' to fuck off before they'd even managed to get more than a syllable of Kirishima's name out.

"Oh no," Kirishima said as they walked into class, staring at his desk which was covered in so much Valentine's Day chocolate it was spilling over.

"Dude, so many girls have been in here," Kaminari said, grinning at him. "They've just left the chocolates and then went running."

"Why do I not have any chocolates?" Mineta cried. "Kirishima! Quit stealing all the girls!"

"I don't...but I didn't…" Kirishima frowned.

"Just ignore the extras, throw this shit away," Bakugou said, walking past him and sneering at the mound of chocolate. "None of it even looks homemade. Lazy fuckers."

"Hey, homemade chocolate is hard!" Hakagure defended.

"Yeah, it's not like you know how to make it," Uraraka challenged.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "I make the best damn chocolate, you dumbass."

"No way!"

"I fucking do so get over it!"

"Prove it!"

"I don't have to prove shit to you!" Bakugou barked, grabbing the trashcan and bringing it to Kirishima's desk, sliding the chocolates off into the trash.

"Dude!" Kaminari cried out. "That's so mean!"

"Uh, bro," Kirishima tried hesitantly.

"You don't even fucking eat chocolate," Bakugou snapped back at Kirishima. "You and your goddamn protein diet."

"Yeah, but someone else might have wanted it," Kirishima pointed out.

"No one wants your shitty rejected chocolate," Bakugou shrugged off.

"You're just jealous you didn't get any chocolates," Kaminari accused.

Bakugou snorted in actual humor, rolling his eyes. "Oh yeah, you fucking got me, Sparky; I'm jealous."

The entire class burst into laughter. Kirishima went to take his seat at his now cleared desk as Aizawa-sensei came in. He didn't worry about the chocolates again.



Kirishima hummed distractedly where he was finishing up his homework. It was easier now that he and Bakugou studied together every day versus when he used to only cram on the day before the exam. He glanced over when Bakugou set something down on the desk between them, though his casual glance turned into a stare as he realized what it was.

"That's chocolate," he said questioningly, looking up at Bakugou curiously. "Thought you threw all of that away, dude."

Bakugou shrugged, pointedly blasé as he watched Kirishima for a reaction.

Kirishima looked back down at the chocolate, the simple plastic bag it was in, the smooth surface unmarked by any brand name. "That's homemade," he acknowledged.


Kirishima raised a brow. "You made it?"

Bakugou smirked slightly. "Yeah," he repeated.

Kirishima nodded, reaching for the bag and opening it, taking out a piece and taking a bite. "It's spicy?" He said, surprised. He licked his lips, taking another bite. "Good though. Thanks!"

Bakugou's smirk turned full-on smug as he nodded, turning back to finish his homework.

"You made me chocolates, bro," Kirishima said, grabbing another piece. He grinned teasingly. "On Valentine's Day too. You totally like me, dude."

Bakugou rolled his eyes, a fondly indulgent look on his face. "Obviously, hair for brains. I already told you I did. You like me too."

"Well yeah, I know, but still, you--" Kirishima sputtered as the rest of Bakugou's statement caught up to him and he blushed, coughing a little on his bite of chocolate. Bakugou sent him a knowing look but offered him his water bottle without comment which Kirishima chugged down.

"I never--But you--I didn't--"

"Breathe," Bakugou ordered calmly, so Kirishima did. "I'm not saying you like me romantically, dipshit, but anyone with eyes can tell I'm your best friend. I better be your best friend," he added, brow raised imperiously, and all Kirishima could do was nod dumbly. "So I made you chocolate. Whatever. You don't have to make a big deal out of it."

"But it's Valentine's Day," Kirishima stressed.


"So, you made me chocolate for the day that people confess their love for people with chocolate!"

Bakugou was still just watching him, propping his jaw up with one hand, the picture of indifference. "Do you have a problem?" He finally drawled out.

"Well, no, I--" he cut himself off. "I just. Well yes, I mean. It's the principle really. Or well, the idea. Or the meaning? Obviously I know you like me but I didn't really think about you liking me and now I just don't want to mess us up and I--"


Kirishima instantly shut up, eyes wide as he stared at Bakugou.

Bakugou watched him for a moment, head tilting just slightly to the side. The sun came in from Kirishima's window, catching on Bakugou's hair, and it almost looked like he was wearing a halo, his eyes blazing red in the setting sun's light.

"So pretty," Kirishima whispered without thought, quickly biting his tongue.

Bakugou smirked slightly, gentle enough to possibly be called a smile. "Kiss me already, you idiot."

Kirishima blushed bright red, biting his lip, but the idea echoed in his mind and he nodded without much in-depth thought, leaning closer. Bakugou's eyes hooded and Kirishima thought he looked dangerous, like some kind of warrior angel. His own eyes slide shut just as he pressed his lips to Bakugou's, a small gasp leaving him unbidden at their connection. Bakugou moved with him, head tilting more and mouth softening to chastely mold against Kirishima's before the redhead pulled back a few inches.

"Uh," he stuttered, mind completely empty.

Bakugou chuckled quietly, leaning forward and kissing the corner of his mouth familiarly. "Happy Valentine's Day, you big dummy."

"Hey, I'm not--"

Bakugou kissed him again, slow and lingering, and Kirishima's mind wiped clean once more.

Bakugou was definitely still laughing at him, even if it was only with his eyes this time.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Kirishima echoed, blinking and trying to shake off the mind-numbingly good feeling of Bakugou's lips pressed to his own. "Am I gay?" He suddenly blurted.

Bakugou burst into loud laughter then, pulling away and full-on guffawing. "Oh my god!" He wheezed.

"Hey! I'm serious!" Kirishima cried out, though he couldn't help but giggle a bit himself.

"So you want to date?" Bakugou asked instead, grinning roguishly.

"I...I think so?" Kirishima said.

Bakugou seemed entirely too smug. "Good."

"But that means I'm gay, right?" Kirishima asked, confused. "Right?" He pressed when Bakugou didn't answer.

Bakugou shrugged. "Not necessarily. It just means you're into me. You don't have to be gay for that."

"But I'm a guy, and you're a guy. If we date then…"

"I already told you I'm bi," Bakugou pointed out. "You could be bi too, or pan, or what the fuck ever. Who cares? I'm into you, you're into me."

Kirishima processed that for a moment before he smiled. "Yeah, that makes sense," he murmured. He grinned. "Can't wait to tell everyone you confessed to me on Valentine's Day with homemade chocolates," he teased. "Super romantic, bro."

"Fuck off with that, I didn't confess! You already knew!"

Kirishima giggled. "Oh my god, you really were jealous! That's why you threw away those chocolates so quickly earlier today!"

Bakugou huffed, crossing his arms and pouting adorably. "I'm the only one who actually made chocolate for you," he grumbled, annoyed, "and you don't eat a lot of chocolate. Like hell was I going to let you eat a bunch of shitty chocolate and then not want to eat mine."

Kirishima chuckled. "That's kind of really cute, dude."

"Shut up," Bakugou muttered.

"I will if you kiss me again," Kirishima offered, licking his lips and leaning closer, eyes dropping down to Bakugou's mouth.

"Like that's a fucking hardship," Bakugou said before leaning closer and kissing him. He barely moved away before they melded into another kiss, and then another, and another, until Kirishima lost count, swept up into Bakugou's pace. "You're fucking mine, Eijirou," Bakugou stated, between kisses, reaching out and wrapping his arms around his neck. "Any complaints?"

Kirishima blushed bright red, shaking his head and bumping his forehead against Bakugou's. "But you're mine too, right?"

Bakugou huffed a quiet laugh, nosing his cheek and kissing at his jaw. "Fucking duh," he murmured.

Kirishima smiled. "Okay then," he agreed.

He could live with that kind of partnership.