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"...And, when we get all the ingredients, Cas will perform the spell on you, and you will be powerful enough to ice this bitch."


Sera nodded, eyebrows raised high. She found amusing how the eldest Winchester spoke; even when she had met thousands of other humans, his particular way of communication always managed to charm her.


Indeed, sometimes she'd even try to emulate him. Or Sam, too. Because even after all those years on Earth, she knew she still sounded like an angel most of the time. People usually would just look intrigued because of her manners, but on some occasions, some jerk would make a snarky remark about her being too correct or similar. She never reacted, but that didn't mean she didn't care.


"And are we completely sure that I can't just go like I am right now?" She asked. She was an archangel, after all. Sam looked at Cas, standing beside the table, and found the angel pouting in silence. "I could 'ice her' , as you say, even in my sleep. Cas could too. She's just a demon."


"Well, we can't- you can't do that, we've tried. She's... immune to grace."


The archangel gasped in shock, before noticing that what the hunter said was not possible. Not unless someone had seriously messed up. 


She looked at her little brother, like everyone else in the room was doing.


"How, exactly , did that happen?"


"It was my fault," groaned Castiel, taking a step ahead. "She tricked me into giving her the spell. I- I was naive, I should have seen it coming. I'm a-..."


"Woah there, kid," interrupted Sera, realizing how bad her brother felt. "Things like that happen to everyone, okay? I mean, literally. Remember Troya?" He nodded, quietly. "It's okay, really. I'll help," she accepted. After all, that's why they had called her to the bunker to start with.


"Thanks, Sera," said Sam, in a low voice. He wasn't trying to be secretive, she realized, but he was seriously tired. Too tired for 6;45 pm, she thought.


"No problem."


"Alright, then," cut off Dean, standing up. He handed her the almost torn apart page, and her eyes traveled through the lines of the spell as he continued talking, "see if you know where can we get that stuff. The marked ones are already in here, so-..."


"A shattered angel?" She read out loud, searching for confirmation. Maybe she had translated it wrong, after all, this Enochian was ridiculously cryptic and old.


"Shattered?" Repeated Cas. He walked over to where she was standing, and stole a peek of the spell, trying to find the term. "Are you sure?"


"Here, under the ingredients marked." Sera pointed it out with her index finger, and the blue eyes followed the directions that her slender hands indicated. "It says that the spell must be performed by a shattered angel in order for it to work."


"I... thought it meant 'broken', as in 'fallen'..." He explained, embarrassed.


"Isn't it the same?" Asked Sam, hopefully.


"No. Shattered angels aren't so... Common, to say at least. This is going to take longer than expected."


"Well, that's just awesome," muttered Dean, suddenly annoyed, "someone has to tell Crowley that the plan it's going to be postponed."


The face of the King of Hell flashed through the archangel's mind, and she had to force herself to remain neutral. There was something, a feeling she knew well, that flooded her when that demon in special was mentioned. Seraphiel would like to be able to convince herself that she was ignoring it, but it was a lie. 


She was not ignoring it, neither the feeling or it's causant. 


That's one of the reasons she responded to the Winchester's prayers so fast lately. Of course, they were her friends, and they had helped her in many occasions, but the hope that it might have something to do with demons, or Hell, or it's King, definitely made her a little more excited with the idea of returning those favors than before.


"Uh, Sera?"


She blinked rapidly, trying to reconnect with reality. Sam and Dean waited for an answer to a question she hadn't heard. Cas, on the hand, stared at her with a puzzled look in his eyes.


"I apologize, I got distracted. What were you saying?"


"We thought that maybe we could figure out what to do with the angel thing, call Crowley tonight, and then see what to do next."


"Sounds great to me," she smiled.


"Good, 'cause you're the only one who knows anything about shattered angels,” informed Dean, smirking. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's gesture, but nodded anyway.


"Well, makes sense. There hasn't been one in... Thousands of years, I believe. I don't know how will we find one for the spell."


"What is a shattered angel anyways?" Asked Sam.


"It's what happens when an angel gets their heart broken," she started to explain, but the green eyed man interrupted her.


"Like, an angelic crush gone wrong, or..?"


"Dean,” muttered Castiel, in a warning tone.


"I'm not talking rejection here, Dean," she said, after thanking Cas with her eyes. "This is a pain so deep, that broke something inside them; not their grace, but their soul."


"I thought angels didn't have souls."


"They don't. I meant, essence. The part of them that makes them... ' them ',” Sera said. She only understood how poor her explanation was when she heard it out loud, but she couldn't help it. Crowley was still in the corners of her mind, difficulting her thought process.


"For example, when I became human," started Cas, trying to clarify the situation, "my grace was gone, but the essence remained."


"I see," muttered Dean, "so the angels get hurt, and then... What?"


"And then they shatter. That's it." Dean raised his eyebrows, but all the archangel could do was shrug. "I'm sorry, but that's all I know. I never spoke to one of them. It's not like it happened many times either, you know?"


"Well, we need to find one if we want to defeat Nyila," replied Sam. "Who was the last angel to shatter?"


"I-... honestly don't think he's an option. I can't think of any shattered angels that didn't disappear mysteriously ."


"I do," said Cas, grabbing everyone's attention, "it happened after you left. An angel named Madziel, I think... 1200 years ago."


"Madziel?" She repeated, in shock. "Oh, my... Are you sure?"


"Yes, I am," confirmed the angel, "I'm sorry, were you friends?"


"Not really," she confessed, with a small laugh from the nerves, "but I trained them, along with many of our siblings."


"You remember every angel you trained?" Asked Sam. Sera reclined herself in the door's frame, smiling nostalgically.


"Most of them, yes. All, actually. I think I can recall on the ones trained by Michael too," She sighed, putting her arms around her body, hugging herself, "to be honest, I like to think I remember every angel I met in Heaven."


"Wow," whispered Dean, as Sam lifted his eyebrows in surprise. Castiel, more than surprised, seemed amazed.


"But you didn't-... You remembered me? Not only because I fell, and all that came after, but..."


"I did." She smiled wide, like it was something obvious. "You are my brother, rebellious or not."


"But you..."


"You are a seraph, from the seventh generation, right?" She interrupted, to test her memory. "You got assigned to Annael, with older angels, because of the excellent application you put into training."


"You do remember."


"Why wouldn't I?" She chuckled in honesty.


Cas blushed softly, flattered. An archangel, the first archangel, the single most powerful creature ever made by God, considered him special enough to be remembered.


"So: Madziel," Dean put his hand on the angel's shoulder, calming him down, "do you think she'll help us?"


"It's a them , actually," she corrected, "not a she . And I don't know. The angel I met in Heaven was kind and generous, but after shattering... I don't know what are we dealing with."


"Well, can't we just go and find another?"


"There isn't ' another ', Dean," said Sera. He looked at her as she separated her body from the door, only to start fidgeting with her hands. "I've heard of only two other cases, and both times the angels disappeared forever under shady circumstances. They are our best shot."


"Alright. What are we gonna do now?"


"Well, they still have their grace. It can't be so hard to find. There has to be a spell somewhere."


"Then, I suggest you two get a decent night of sleep while Seraphiel and I search for a spell like that in the library."


Sera looked at Castiel, waiting for him to elaborate, but he didn't.


"Why are you guys not-sleeping for?" She asked.


"Nyila," Sam limited to answer. She understood what he meant immediately.


Nyila maybe wasn't as powerful as some of their previous enemies, but she surely was smarter, and way more ambitious, even when they didn't know what -exactly- she wanted. All they did know was that she was about to overthrow Crowley, and she didn't underestimate the Winchesters, a mistake all of her predecessors had made.


"Then Castiel is right," she decided. "You guys go take a shower or something, and I'll go get you both a proper dinner. And you should consider going to bed early, because tomorrow we're going on a little 'angel-searching' expedition, alright?"


Both brothers knew better than to argue with Sera when the subject was their health, so they resigned to nod and start walking to their rooms. But then, Dean remembered that he had a little extra in his to-do list.


"I still have to call Crowley, and update him. He's really cooperative when it comes to Nyila."


Sera nodded silently, trying to ignore the excitement in her chest. Dean started walking as he pulled his phone out, and Sera assumed he was headed outside, since there wasn't a good reception inside the bunker.


"Are you okay?" Asked Castiel, noticing the odd behavior of her older sister.


When he realized he had thought of her as an ' older sister ', his worries went to a second plane, losing their position to the softness of those words.


Of course, she always referred to him as ‘brother’, but he, at least to some degree, still saw her as a superior.


Not anymore, apparently.


"Yeah, don't worry. I'll have dinner ready in an hour, and I want everyone on the table, alright? That includes you, Cas," she commanded. She was used, after all, to take control of the situation.


"You're cooking?" Questioned Sam, turning around to see her. He was still in the library with them, looking for something in one of the shelves.


"Oh, no, I'm terrible at it. I'm calling in a favor from an old friend." She grabbed her black coat and put it on, before adding, "If something happens, pray and I'll be back immediately, okay?"


"Okay," Sam replied, "stay safe."


"You too,” she asked, and the angel zapped away.