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Boredom did not describe the feeling accurately, Sera had decided. It was something more profound, a sensation that crept through her bones and could not be shaken off, regardless how hard she tried.


However, her friends needed her. That was enough to keep her going.


All the books that were still to search through were set on the table, and continued through the floor, and the chairs, and even on the angel herself; On top of that, the pile conformed by useless books was always smaller, regardless of how much they seemed to read.


That would led one to think that they had found plenty of useful information, but that wasn’t the case either. The smaller bunch was, by far, the one containing the promising books.


Although on the long run, it meant less work, so they weren't complaining.


The three beings read in silence: Castiel sitting on the table, Sera on the floor and Crowley pacing around the room with a book on his hands.


When the clock marked past five twenty in the morning, the demon found himself clutching besides Sera.


“Darling?” He called, breaking the spell-like concentration she was in. “Does this seems accurate to you?”


Her eyes, now visibly tired and poofy, searched through the page looking for some false information. The more her pupils travelled up and down the page, the deeper her frown got.


“I don’t know about accurate, but it is kind of too good to be true.”


Crowley smirked. “That being my point exactly.”


“Cas? What do you think?”


“Uh?” He asked, pretending not to be paying attention to the conversation. “Let me see.” Leaving his book on the table, he took the notebook that the archangel was offering. His brows furrowed as his eyes assimilated the information. It was a spell that, theoretically, could show the exact locations of every angel on Earth. Every single one. “I’ve heard rumours about something like this, but nothing was proven. Should we give it a shot?”


Sera had heard those rumours too: A men of letters that had accidentally killed himself among with many others during the preparation of a new untested spell. After the accident, his project was dismissed and archived, never to be touched again. 


Many had tried to steal it, in crazy hopes to catch an angel, but even if they had managed to reunite all the ingredients, performing it was just as difficult.


“We don’t have anything to lose-... except time, of course. I guess we could give it a try,” replied Sera, and the other two nodded. The notes went to the ‘useful’ bunch, and was later joined by several others books, as the hours passed, and took with them all the energy and focus on the room.


But before all that could happen, and about fifteen minutes after that conversation, Dean woke up, on instinct, and ran into Cas, who was taking a little break in the kitchen.


“Morning, sunshine.”


“Dean?” The mentioned smiled instead of responding and went to get a glass of water. “You should be asleep.”


“And you should be searching,” Dean replied.


“I’ve been reading all night long. I was just taking a break,” said the angel, defensive. 


Dean chuckled. “I was joking. Don’t push yourself too much, okay? Research can be a bitch.”




“How’re you guys doing? Crowley’s given any trouble yet?” For a second, Cas thought Dean could read his mind. It didn't made any sense, because he was a human and humans couldn't do that, but it took him a few seconds to convince himself of it.


“We’re doing fine, I guess. We still have to go through more books, and then start working with what we have. Crowley has-... Well, I’m not sure. I was hoping you could help me, actually.”


Dean raised his eyebrows, both surprised and interested.


“Really? With what?”


“Crowley and Seraphiel seem... oddly civilian to each other. Kind, even. They seem really close, but...”




“But I’m not sure how. Or, why. I don’t understand what’s going on.”


Dean made a somewhat pitiful smile. 


“Cas, I think you’re jumping to conclusions.”


“What?” Asked the angel, shocked. He wasn’t expecting that response, for sure.


“C’mon, man. Sera? She’s the kindest person I know. She would have said please and thank you to Hitler if she had the chance.”


Oh. That made sense.


“So, what you’re saying is...”


“Hey, you could be right! Sera is acting weird lately. But I don’t think it has nothing to do with Crowley.”


Castiel sighed. Dean was right- Sera was very kind. He knew that. 


“You’re probably right. But what about him? Why is he being so..?”


“Respectful? To the most powerful being on Earth?” 


Cas sighed again. His theories were crashing down, and even when that was a good thing, he still felt a little disappointed.


“You still have a few more hours to sleep.”


“Yeah, I know. Can you try to convince Sera to wake us up a bit earlier? I don’t think I can go back to sleep.”


“I’ll try, but I can’t make promises.”


“I know,” the hunter smiled, “thanks, Cas.”


“Goodnight, Dean.”



The little pink alarm clock went off exactly at eight a.m., and even when it was sooner than she’d like, Sera decided to wake the Winchesters up.


“Take a break while I go get the guys, alright?” She offered, stretching. Her shirt lifted up a little, showing off a bit of her stomach, and making it impossible for Crowley to look at anything else until the cloth had covered her skin again. “I’ll be right back.”


While Cas got up and headed towards the door, Crowley took a moment to put his emotions in their place: The garbage.


He was a demon, for goodness’ sake, and she was an archangel. Not only was she never going to look at him that way, but-... Well, she was never going to look at him that way.


He was a demon after all. He represented everything she was against.


The exact same though went through Sera’s head, and not in a much different context.


He was a demon, after all. He was pretending to like her so that she wouldn't hurt him, but he was most likely bored of her, or, in worst case scenario, disgusted.


What would he even see on her? She was just like all the other angels. And demons hate angels.