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Sera found it harder than expected not to argue at the idea of working separately. But she managed, and now she was alone with the brothers, chopping holy roots in small pieces.


They looked like ginger, except they were a deep crimson, which was probably the reason for their legend. She smiled when she thought of the person who first saw them, and could not find any explanation for their existence other than true love.


The details of the story were coming back to her when Dean's voice pulled her out of her own head.


“I got a text from Cas,” he announced, kind of confused, before reading out loud, “Is it necessary for me to hear Crowley on the phone with his liver? It's making me rather uncomfortable.”


Sam laughed, and shot a mildly panicked look at his brother, that the archangel missed.




A buzz interrupted Dean before he could speak. “I meant lover,” He read, “the phone seems to change the words I write.”


“What will you tell him?”


Dean eyed Sera, who pretended not to be interested in their conversation. 


She had never been more eager to hear an explanation as she was at the moment.


“He'll get bored of her in no time,” he typed down, “think you can handle it for a while?”


Sera knew he had sent the text because she heard the tone phones make, but her eyes were as steady as she could hold them on her task. 




She shouldn't be upset. She knew. She knew. She had known since the very first second.


He has someone?  


A demon, most likely. Or maybe a witch, or- She shook those thoughts off. You knew! she told herself. You can act like you didn't know all you want, but you're not fooling anyone. You knew! And you fell anyways. Serves you well!


“Poor Cas. You think he'll be fine?”


“Yeah. Annoyed, but yeah. Crowley can be such a-” Dean stopped very abruptly, and Sera knew exactly why. That's the reason why she did what she did.


“Sorry,” Dean said to where she had been just a moment ago, “Wasn't trying to pick up a fight.”


The illusion that was replacing her frowned, and then shook her head. “As long as he doesn't hear you, and it doesn't affect our work, you can say whatever you want.”


The real Sera, now invisible and sitting on the kitchen floor, did her best to blink her tears away.


Why did she let her hopes get up in the first place? What was she thinking? That he would fall for her, and they'd fight Heaven, Hell, and Earth to be together, because from all people he could start to develop feelings, which he didn't have , and probably never will, he would develop feelings for her?


The clone smiled and nodded along to the stories the boys told her, but she didn't hear much. 


“I mean, I'm getting used to it, you know?”


How could she be so stupid?


“At first I tried to remember the names in case they ever became relevant, but now I don't even bother.”


He didn't care about her. But she, so desperate, had seen affection where there was nothing.


“One girl comes in, then a new one shows up and replaces her. It's always the same story.”


At least, she had friends like Sam and Dean. Because even being the oldest being on Earth, she was still a fucking child.


“I wonder if they have like a support group or something.”


Dean!” Chastised Sam.


“What?” Replied Dean in the same tone.


A demon would never fall for an angel. Much less for someone like her.



Cas’ task was easier in theory. Lying to your enemies should be easier than lying to your friends. 


But Crowley was exasperating.


For a moment, he considered smiting him and ending the issue. Then he remembered this was Crowley


It’d take more than just a smiting to finish him permanently.


He sent the texts Dean had instructed him before turning off his phone. 


“Are you done texting your boyfriend?” Questioned Crowley, condescending smirk on his face.


“I am,” replied Cas, after rolling his eyes. No point in arguing, he told himself. “Are you going to help or that would be too much to ask for?”


Crowley's eyes widened a fraction and he faked a gasp.


“Well, would you look at that? Now there's the angelic bulldog I love to hate,” he said.


“Of course,” Castiel went on, ignoring his remarks, “If Seraphiel isn't here then there's no one for you to impress, right?”


Crowley's face darkened.


“Excuse me?”


“I mean, did you think we wouldn't notice that you are attracted to my sister?”


Bloody hell, the demon thought.


“I feel like you're trying to make me confess something here, feathers.”


“There's no need. Even Sera herself has noticed.”


“What?” He asked, honest concern in his voice. He cursed silently- He had just confirmed his accusations, even if not directly.


“She doesn't know how to react, however. She treats you as if you're going to break, but I know better.”


Crowley put on the most annoyed face he could master and rolled his eyes, turning his back to the angel.


In reality, he was just trying to get his face away from his line of sight.


Seraphiel knew nothing, because that's what was going on. Nothing . Not a damned thing.


“I thought I was the one avoiding work.”


“There’s nothing stopping me from working and talking. You, however, seem too busy fantasizing to do anything productive.”


Oh, that's bloody well enough.


"Listen, Castiel, entertaining as it may be to hear this nonsense, I'm having a hard time concentrating as it is-"


"I hadn't noticed," the angel deadpanned.


"-And if you're truly interested in finishing with this, then I'd suggest you leave your delusions alone for the time being," Crowley growled, annoyance clear in his voice.


Castiel glared, but resigned himself to go back to work.


It is done. They should be over this anytime soon.


He hit send.