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“What happened back there?”


Sera looked at Sam, whose voice gave away everything his face struggled to conceal.


“Nothing as terrible as you’re imagining, I promise,” she tried to smile, “...I made a deal.”


“What!?” The shout made her take a step back, and Sam felt terrible when he realized that. He went on, his voice lower this time. “Why? What did he want?”


“I have to protect my siblings, Sam. I had to make sure they’d be alright.”


“What do you owe him?” He insisted.


“He just wants to talk. Once this is over.”


“Are you sure? He could be tricking you, did-...”


“Sam, breathe. I know what I’m doing.”


He nodded, slowly, before adding: “I know you do, but please, don’t trust him. Even if you think you have it under control, if he finds an opportunity to screw you over, he will take it.”


He wasn't really telling her anything she hadn't heard before, but it still filled her mouth with a bitter taste. 


She knew it. She'd always known. Why did it still hurt, then?


“Thanks for the advice.”


“No problem. You know we worry about you, right?” He could see it in her, the minimal frown, and the way she avoided his eyes, or the little twitch in her lips, that told him there was something wrong, and that he was completely missing what it was. “Like, if he tried to do anything...”


Sera smiled, tired. “I needed to make sure,” That he didn't felt like I did , “I couldn't risk it.” 


“I understand.”


“Thank you.”


Sam extended his arms and took a step forward. “Can I hug you?” He asked, and waited until she had given him consent to wrap his arms firmly around her.


Sera's mind was still racing, and Sam and Dean were right, yes, but at least she had gotten to taste his lips without direct consequences.


She tried to convince herself that she was satisfied. Even if she wanted to go for a second kiss, and a third, and maybe a fourth-...


A memory hit her as Sam released her and walked towards the door. How many times had she kissed him?


“You coming?”





Dean's voice rang through the Bunker's halls, putting Seraphiel on high alert. When it reached her ears, she picked up her pace, more and more, until she was running towards the kitchen.


She could teleport, but leaving Sam after he had come after her seemed rude. 


So, she ran.


“Dean!” She cried out, loud enough for them to hear her. He stopped screaming, but when she opened the door to the kitchen she found her brother and the hunter, holding Crowley against the table by the shoulders. “Cas! Dean! Stop!”


The three of them turned to see her, but no one moved.


Not satisfied with that response, she practically floated to them, and grabbing her friends by their arms, she dragged them away from him.


Once there was enough space between them, she stepped in the middle, facing them, to make sure they wouldn't start fighting again.


“What are you doing?” She asked, frowning.


“What are we-!? What are you doing? You let him trick into-”


“No one tricked me!” She shouted back. Then, lowering her voice, “I made a choice, and you need to respect that.”


Dean's eyes narrowed in anger. Cas, on the other hand, was glaring at Crowley, apparently not interested in participating in the argument.


“Like you're choosing to defend him!?”


Her back was to Crowley. She took a deep breath.


“You were attacking him, Dean. Cas, you too.” The blue orbs abandoned the demon to look at her. Her voice was still calm. “He’s not the enemy here.”


“Well he's acting a lot like one!” 


It was hard to scream at someone who refused to yell back.


“What are you talking about?”


“You made a deal!” His voice lowered finally, and he went on, “That's not gonna end well, and you know it.”


“Maybe. Maybe not, but even then , that would be better than the alternative.”


She was right, and everyone knew that. But they stayed silent, because that was easier.


Sera turned her face to Crowley, not enough to actually see him but to make clear who she was talking to.


"You should leave."


She knew he had left based on the guys' reactions, because the demon didn't make a sound.





The angel looked up, and found Dean standing at the door of the library with shame on his face.


"Hi, Dean."


"I came to, y'know... Apologize. For yelling at you earlier." When she didn't respond, he sighed. "I'm sorry."


"It's forgiven." She didn't lie. But that didn't meant she was over it.


"It's just-... It wouldn't be the first time he flirts with someone to get their guard down for a deal, that's all."


Sera did her best to sound casual.




"Yeah... Just be careful, okay?"


"I am, Dean."


"I know you are. I just worry. Crowley plays people, makes them feel like he's on their side and then screws them over. I mean," he said, "I know you're smarter than that. You would never fall for it... But it's instinctive, you know?"


"Of course."


"Anyway, sorry. It won't happen again."


"Thank you." He smiled sadly and she returned the gesture. "Go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."



"Well, which one do you think it is?"


"How could I know? There's dozens!"


"They're here." Both brothers looked up sharply, confusion mixing with curiosity on their faces. 


"How can you be so sure?" Asked Sam, as he tried to make out the name of the country from where he was.


There was just one lonely point in the middle of what, Sam guessed, was the Amazonian jungle.


"I- It just makes sense to me," she stammered. Her lie wasn't convincing anyone- not the Winchesters and not Castiel, who watched from the other end of the table. She sighed. "I was the one who assigned their Garrison to this area before everything went down. I saw how excited they were about this place. It can't be a coincidence."


"So we're going to the jungle, then?"


Sera's answer was cut short by a thick British accent.


"Had I known that, I wouldn't have worn my nice suit."


Sera didn't even bother to look at him. Crowley walked towards the table with a relaxed posture that had to be faked, because no one could walk up to a group of people who want to murder them with so much calm.


"What are you doing here?" Hissed Sam, taking a step closer.


"This again?" Crowley groaned. "We already had this conversation, or am I mistaken?"


"We leave in thirty minutes," ordered Seraphiel, finishing the discussion instantly. "I'll get you proper supplies, you take care of the water and the clothes," she informed, mainly directed at the Winchesters, “and I’ll only say this once, so listen carefully: No matter what happens, you will not ask Madziel about the event that shattered them. You won’t even mention it.” That was the last thing she said before turning around and flying away.


If they noticed the coldness of her tone, they didn't say. Neither did they mention how rigid her body was or the complete lack of expression on her face.


They all had their guesses, though.