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"You should know, Madziel, that you missed a lot in these past years. Prepare yourself for some confusion."


Madziel laughed, nodding.


"I've seen it myself, so I believe you. The humans used some sort of horrible machines to kill the trees." I nodded, and their smile disappeared before they continued. "Do you trust the demon?"




I had returned alone to the jungle to pick them up. We'd decided it would be easier to prepare the spell first and just have Madziel go when they were needed. 


"Yes, him."


"I do."


"You're lying."


It wasn't an accusation, and it didn't seem like they were going to change their mind, so I didn't argue with them. Instead, I sighed.


"He has hurt me," I confessed, "but he won't try anything until Nyila is dead, and by then you'll be back here safe. You have no reason to worry."


"It's not me I'm worried about. Why do you work together if he has harmed you?"


"Because-" I stopped. Why? "Because my friends don't know he has, and if I quit now, they'll realize something happened."


"They're your friends," Madziel reminded me.


"But it’s embarrasing," I replied instantly. My eyes widened at my own words. I hadn't phrased it like that before. Then I sighed, sadly. "I'm ashamed that I gave him that power over me."


Madziel sighed, satisfied. Now that that was out in the open, I'd have to actually deal with it- Which was their intention all along.


"Let's get going, archangel."



"Are you sure?"


"Three of my informants have told me she's going to be there, Squirrel. I'm sure," replied Crowley, sarcastic.


"This spell only lasts for a few hours so if we can't find her, we'll lose our chance," Dean insisted. 


"You say it like I don't already know that," Crowley said, but there was no edge to it this time. He knew that if this was a trap, or if something went wrong last minute- It was over for him. And Dean bloody Winchester was determined to remind him of that every two seconds. 


"We're good to go," informed Sam, possibly interrupting another stupid argument between the two. He turned to Madziel and asked, "You know what you have to do?"


"I do," they replied solemnly.


"Sera, I need you here," Sam instructed, "Madziel will mix all the ingredients and then, they'll give it to you as they read the spell, and you only have to take a sip. Alright?"


I nodded. I walked up to the table where he was, and Madziel did the same from the other side of it.


Castiel swallowed and looked a the floor. Nervous was an understatement. Sam backed up until he was standing next to him and Dean, and that's when Madziel picked up the carved bowl and started to pour its contents into the chalice.


"Potione hac, restitutus Eris. Omnia erunt sicut erant!"


I took the cup and took it to my lips just in time to see the liquid flickering green. That's reassuring.


I took two sips for good measure and focused as much of my Grace as I could into my tongue, successfully avoiding the taste. The texture I couldn't escape, and that was enough to make me shiver.


"...Sera?" Called out Dean, and I realized I had been frozen in place. 


"It is done," I said, but my voice sounded far away. Is this normal? "We need to move."


Sam hesitated a bit. "Uh- Yeah, you're right. We leave in ten, everyone get ready," he said, and then turned to face Madziel, "The men should have abandoned your jungle by now. Thank you."


They gave a small reverence, and vanished right after muttering "Good luck".



Sera walked in first, with Dean behind her, then Cas, then Sam, and lastly Crowley. 


He and Sera had barely even looked at each other since they pulled their little scheme, and Team Free Will was completely on board with helping them stay away from each other.


Even if that meant walking into what was clearly a trap with the confidence of those who don’t know that, just for the sake of avoiding conversation.


Sera looked at the warehouse she found herself in and held in a sigh. After all these years, demons still couldn’t come up with something more original?


Of course, she understood why they refused to change. The warehouses served their purpose, and, as she’d heard someone say one time, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Just like they didn’t change their manipulation tactics, to put another example. Because they work even in the oldest being in creation. A being who should know better by now. A being who is clearly-


Seraphiel shut her eyes closed, shaking those thoughts off her mind. Self-loathing would have to wait. 


Not long after that, as the group walked through a corridor, a pair of demons kicked open a door and proclaimed, "Long live the Queen!" right before attacking.


There were only two of them against five, so they were defeated easily. It also meant it was purely a distraction, not meant to defeat them but to slow them down. 


They all knew that, so why Crowley felt the need to point it out was beyond her.


“That felt a little kamikaze, so I’d advise-”


" Why would any of us take a demon's advice?"


Dean’s eyebrows shot up, but a subtle elbow from Sam made him pretend he didn’t hear it. But Sera, however, didn’t seem to care if they heard her- She seemed to expect it, even.


Crowley was taken aback for a moment, but the shock didn’t last, since an instant later he was back to his smooth self. He put on a smirk, and looked down on her-, as much as he could, being the shortest one there.


“Bit grumpy, aren’t we? I think you’ve been spending too much time with the Golden Trio-”


Sera huffed, sarcastically. Her chin was pointing at the ceiling, her head as high as she could get it without looking awkward.


There was something, she didn’t know what, bubbling in her stomach, fueling her already less-than-ideal feelings. She knew -assumed- this was caused by the spell, but then again, it had been a while since she’d been betrayed, so it could have perfectly been that.


"I disagree.” It was such a simple statement, yet so powerful, that it made him frown. “Listen- Maybe a part of you convinced yourself that I actually liked you," she added, coldly, "Guess what? You were wrong ."


If that hurt him -it did- he didn’t let it show.


“I think we have different definitions of ‘liking’, darling,” he replied.


"Yeah? Well, let me clarify then. These are my friends,” she said, and pointed at Sam, Dean and Cas with a wide gesture. “Them I like. You,” she went on, disgust clear on her voice, “are a low life demon pretending to be fit to rule a kingdom. I don't need nor want your presence near me, and considering I could end your existence in a second, I'd suggest that you don't tempt me."


He stared, and she stared back. 


Sam would have done something about his brother’s hanging-open mouth if he weren’t too busy with his own look of shock. Cas, two steps ahead, shared their opinions.


Maybe, just maybe, the plan had worked a little too well.