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When Sera opened her eyes, the first thing she knew was that she’d slept for more a night. 


The next was that the effects of the spells had worn off. She was back to normal- Or so she hoped. At least, she felt normal.


It didn't felt like she was outside of her vessel moving a puppet, and when she tried to make a noise, it didn't sound far away anymore. 


But then, when she went to check her angelic vision, she felt something inside the bunker. Something dark.


So, yeah. The effects could still be messing with her. Or they could be gone, and the Winchesters had had a busy couple of days.


Sera dragged herself out of bed, slowly, testing her limbs. Everything seemed to be working perfectly.


She walked around, focused on the feeling. She couldn't really pin down where it was coming from, but she wasn't very surprised to realize she was headed in the direction of the dungeon.


She probably should just turn around and go looking for her friends, Sera thought, they could easily explain what had happened while she was unconscious. But, for some reason, she didn't.


When she stepped into the room, any doubts she might have had were gone: This was a demon. 


It's not like there were really that many options before, but now this was an absolute certainty.


So, something had definitely happened while she was out. Sera was ready to go looking for her friends now, but a rough voice made her freeze in her spot.


"Seraphiel," Crowley called, from behind the shelves.


What on Earth was Crowley doing there? After Nyila had been taken care of, he had no reason to stay near the Winchesters long enough for them to capture him. Nor did they have any reason to- It was supposed to be over! 


She was supposed to be able to forget about all that- all this . What the hell was Crowley doing in the dungeon?


She opened one of the shelves, slowly, and took a step inside. 


Then, she had to choke in a gasp.


"I take it I don't look so well, do I?"


No , Sera told herself, ignore him. Don't fall into his game.


"What are you doing here?"


Even completely bruised and covered in blood, Crowley managed to look sarcastic.


"Vacationing," he replied. When Sera narrowed her eyes at him, all he could do was shrug, exasperated, "Take a guess."


"That's not what I asked, and you know it."


He raised his eyebrows briefly, admitting that she had a point.


"I might have forgotten that the hatred the Winchesters have for me is stronger than their sense of gratitude."


Sera turned around and left the dungeon faster than humanly possible, not even giving Crowley time to ask what she was going to do.


She marched towards the kitchen, decided, but as the voices started to reach her, her steps became more and more hesitant.


"But you saw how he was looking at her! Dean," Sam gasped, "you can't tell me that was an act. What if-?"


"What if what?" Snapped back Dean. Sera tried to hurry, decided to intervene and act as a mediator, but when she heard what Sam said next, she changed her mind.


"What if we were wrong?"


She stopped dead on her tracks, a few steps away from the kitchen door.


"We weren't, alright?!" Dean took a deep calming breath and then repeated, "We weren't."


"You saw it!" Accused Sam, "You both did!"


Cas didn't say a word, but Sera could still feel him in the room.


"I saw him watching her sleep like some creep! That's what makes you think he's in love with her?"




"Dean," muttered Cas, sounding regretful. "Maybe Sam is-"


"He's not!"


"I'm not saying we shouldn't have intervened, but Sam has a point," said Cas, sounding a little more convinced.


"Let me give you another point, then," replied Dean, "the point that nothing involving Crowley ends well for us, and telling her all that was the right thing, even if it doesn't feel like it."


"All that"? Wha-?.. 


Then, it hit her.


The lovers. They regret telling me?, Sera wondered.


"It doesn't 'feel like it' because we lied , Dean-" Sam hissed, and he was about to continue when a soft gasp made them all turn.


“...You what ?”


Standing in the doorway, Seraphiel stared at her friends with a deep frown.


“Sera, we-”


What? Huh!?” Her voice was rising, as blood rushed to her face and her hands began to shake. “What!?”


“We were just trying to protect you,” said Sam.


“From what? I'm an archangel, what could've he done to me?”


Silence was the only response she had.


“You planned all of this... What for? To get me to kill him for you?”


“Sera, that's not-” Castiel started, but when she turned to stare at him the words seemed to abandon him.


The archangel wanted to scream more, but instead decided to listen to what they had to say first.


It didn't mean she was any more calm now, however.


“Then what?” She sighed, “What were you trying to do?”


Sam looked up to meet her eyes and almost whispered, “We know.”




“Sera, we know.” A million thoughts went through her mind in less than a second. “We know how you feel about Crowley.”


Excuse me?” She choked out, her frown deepening with each passing second.


“And we think he knows too,” continued Dean. “If he used that to get you on his side...”


“I'm not-!”


“Sera,” begged Sam, voice raspy and low, and she saw the rest of his sentence though his eyes alone: Stop it, we know


“What did you do?” She asked, no, she demanded, after a few seconds of silence.


Dean got one step closer to her.


“It's not-... Listen, Sera,-”


If he wouldn't tell her, then that’s fine. She put her palm on his forehead, and watched it herself.


Her eyes lit up for a few seconds, as the images flashed through her mind.


The plan, the scheming, the lies- all of that went straight from Dean's memory to her brain, answering every question she didn't know she had.


When Sera let go of him, she was shaking. 


And so was the whole bunker.


“Why would you-!? I thought-..! I can't-!” The lights flickered, long enough to grab the archangel's attention, and she made an effort to stop screaming. Her voice was still loud, but the ground did no longer felt like it would rip open and swallow them, so she did not stop. She had a lot inside her chest to stop. “All of you- You lied to me, manipulated me and played with my emotions, and for what!?


“We were trying to-”


“Don't say protect me because so help me , I will hurt you.”


Regardless of how scary she sounded, Dean tried again. 




After all, this was his fault, if you thought about it. Cas was forgetting about it before he convinced him and Sam to help. Sam, who would have never agreed to something like this if it weren't for his lies. Yeah , he decided, this was his fault .


“You did not care about how I felt. You did not care about what I wanted. All you did was assume that if Crowley and I got together, he'd use me for whatever crazy plan you think he has.”


“Exactly! We-...”


No! Don't act like you were trying to keep me from being hurt, because you weren't. You thought...” Her voice broke, and just then they realized how betrayed Seraphiel felt. This had been a mistake . “You still believe that I can't think for myself. Have I not yet proved that I can make my own choices?”


She went silent for a moment, but this time no one tried to argue. How could they? She was telling the truth.


“You thought that I'd let people use me as their angelic bully, regardless of what I think-... I'm not a weapon people can gain control over! I'm a person !”


Sam took a step forward, and attempted to reach out for her, but she bolted back.


“You're the same as everyone...” She muttered, before teleporting away.


“Sera, wait!”