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Everyone always knew Izuku was special. He was kind, smart, physically fit, and above all? The cutest. Goddamn. Thing. The world has ever seen. One day, a few days before Izuku’s fourth birthday. Izuku was out playing with Kacchan, his quirk had come in a few days before and he was showing of, sparks and mini-explosions popping and crackling in his small, four year-old hands. Everyone was admiring him, saying what a cool quirk it was and how he’d become an amazing Hero.

“Wow Kacchan! Your quirk is so cool! I can’t wait for mine to come in!” Izuku crowed, his green, fluffy hair bouncing in the wind, ruby eyes glittering, and smile blinding them all. ‘Wait a sec’ Katsuki thought ‘Ruby eyes?! Izu-chan’s eyes were emerald green! Just like his hair!’ “Izu-chan!”

“What Kacchan?” Izuku replied, perplexed at why his friend sounded so confused, his head still felt a bit fuzzy too, and the aches on his forehead, shoulder blades and tailbone were getting worse, his teeth were starting to ache too, although the itchiness in his eyes had gone down. “Why the fuck do your eyes look like that!” Kacchan! You said a bad word!” Izuku yelled with a horrified look on his face, “Wait, what do you mean about my eyes?” “They’re ruby red and the pupils are slit like a cat! Holy crap! It must be part of your quirk!” Katsuki yelled out, ecstatic for his friend.

“Kacchan! Language!” Izuku cried out, clearly imitating his mother. “Like I care nerd! Come on! Let’s try to figure out what your quirk is!” Dragging Izuku behind him, he said, “let’s go over to aunties house to try and figure it out” “OK Kacchan!” Came from a tired seeming Izuku, although the aches were getting worse every step he took, by the time they got to Izuku’s home, Katsuki was half supporting his small, toddlers frame, looking at him with concern in his blood-colored eyes.

“Auntie Inko! I think Izu-chan’s quirk is coming in! His eyes changed color an’ his pupils are slit and he’s complaining about these weird aches! He can barely move!” Katsuki was trying to sound like his gruff (read: pouty puppy because he’s only four) self but his concern for his friend was slipping through. Inko appeared as if she had teleported, maybe she had, mom’s are mysterious, all-powerful things when it comes to their children, “ Oh my goodness are you sure!” Inko called out immediately rushing towards them.

Right as Izuku collapses to the ground, curled up, clutching at his head, they watched as long, slim black horns, fading to red at the tip, slowly grew from his forehead, sweeping upwards and back. They watched a long, black, delicate-looking tail, tipped with a heart where it faded to red, slowly curl from beneath his shirt as his mouth dropped open, gasping, revealing his canines lengthen and sharpen into small fangs, then they heard a tearing noise as black, feathery beautiful wings burst from his shoulder blades as big as he was, his wingspan once he extended them all the way was about two meters. Izuku finally stood back up on his feet, looking up, Inko and Katsuki saw that his ruby eyes had begun to glow with an internal fire, with shadows swirling in his slit pupils, Izuku held up his hands, they were itching strangely, he flexed his fingers and long, elegant, black, sharp, claws sprang from his fingertips, he flexed again and the claws slid smoothly away, he smiled as blindingly as ever

“My quirk is so cool! I can definitely be a hero with this!” His voice startled both Inko and Katsuki, it had changed from his high-pitched, girly voice, to a somewhat deeper, melodic cadence. Katsuki grinned “This is fu-uh-fricking awesome! We can be heroes together!” Katsuki shouted, withering slightly under Inko’s look. “Yes dears, but first, Izuku and I should go visit the quirk specialist” Inko spoke calmly “So why don’t you head on home and tell Mitsuki what happened while I take Izuku to the doctor ok Katsuki?”.

“Fine! I’ll go tell the old hag what happened” grumbling, Katsuki prepared to leave, “Bye! Kacchan!” Izuku chirps as he flings himself into the other boy to give him a hug. Once again, Katsuki and Inko STARED, gone were the bumbling movements of a clumsy toddler, now, every move seemed to have an inherent grace and elegance, giving off an aura that spoke of innate power. Katsuki mentally shook himself out of his stupor first, “Oi! Get off me stupid nerd” growling, he turned to leave again, “Sorry Kacchan” Izuku said, still smiling.

‘Oh dear god” Katsuki thought ‘The fangs make his smile brighter, I didn’t even think that was possible’ as he sweat-dropped internally “Shit! The nerds quirk makes him into a goddamn DEMON how does it make him somehow cuter????” He cursed under his breath. ‘Well’ Inko thought ‘Time to be blinded again’ already resigned to her fate


At the quirk specialist, they were called in quickly, “Hello, you are the Midoriya’s correct? I am Dr. Tsubasa and I am going to help young Izuku here learn more about his quirk” said the man in the doctors coat, “Now, let’s start with a few questions...” After many questions and tests, they discovered that Izuku’s quirk was rather... overpowered...


He could fly, obviously, what was not obvious was the ridiculously high speed he could go at or that he could telekinetically control each individual feather similar to the Pro Hero: Hawks, Izuku also has very clear night vision. He can also create and control flames which are different colors depending on their temperature 

Average wildfire temperature: 800 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Red Flames:700 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Green Flames: 810 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Blue Flames:900 degrees Celsius 

Izuku’s Black Flames:1,500 degrees Celsius [quite enough to melt through stone easily]

Most of this does not have much of a drawback but if Izuku uses his black Flames for too long then he will overheat and there is a possibility of self-immolation if he isn’t careful.

He can also manipulate, manifest, and travel through shadows, although he appears to suffer from a small amount of nausea when he overused this, especially traveling through them.

He can summon either a sword or a whip made of shadows and flames, they have a very demonic appearance, fitting with his own appearance.

He can also summon a Hellhound, whom he has named Umbra, to his command, it is about the size of a small horse, and is pure black with flaming eyes, it seems to have a weaker form of the same umbrakinesis Izuku has and it is extremely powerful in combat.

Izuku can also seemingly regenerate from almost any wound ridiculously quickly.

He can also heal others of injury and illness, when this happens, he is surrounded by green light, his wings turn pure white and a halo appears above his head, hence the name “angelic healing”.

He also has a minor hypnosis ability where if someone looks him in the eyes and he activated it, they are put into a trance-like daze for a certain amount of time, his max is five minutes but it could increase with training.

He is also capable of using his fangs to drink human blood to regenerate energy although it is by no means necessary.

He has superhuman flexibility, agility, reactions, and senses, he can run and fly at just under Mach 1. We gave up on finding a limit to his stamina after we had had him sprinting for three hours straight and he didn’t break a sweat. We also gave up on finding the limit of his strenght after he easily bench-presses 30,004.5 kg [the equivalent of five African bush elephants plus one large house cat]

He also appears to have a strong sixth sense, his premonitions are usually correct and he can sense hostility towards himself and others.

We also did an IQ test, and since he hasn’t mentioned any difference in his mind, we’re not sure if this is his quirk or if the boy’s just a genius, but his IQ is higher than most adults, in fact if you were to place his IQ on a scale between the highest IQ of the pre-quirk era and Nedzu’s IQ? His is scarily close to Nedzu’s.


The transformative part of young Izuku’s quirk is that he can cause long, sharp, powerful claws to appear and disappear from his fingertips as well as lengthen and sharpen his fangs and cause his eyes to glow.


His mutations are as follows;

he has large, feathered black wings with a wingspan of roughly two meters, these will most likely grow with him, putting them at roughly five meters at age fifteen, and seven meters at adulthood.

He has long black horns sweeping upwards and back from his forehead fading to red at the tips.

He has a long, thin, prehensile black tail with a heart at the tip where it fades to red, it is long enough to drag on the ground unless he holds it up or wraps it around his leg or waist, it helps him change direction and balance while flying.

His eyes also changed color from vibrant green to a ruby red that seems to burn from within with slitted black pupils.

He now has small fangs in place of his upper and lower canines, although the lower fangs are much smaller.

A streak of his green hair also turned to same shade as his eyes the first time he used the emitter part of his quirk and he has shown that he cannot turn it back so it is listed as a mutation instead of a transformation.


His quirk is classified as a mutation/transformative/emitter three way hybrid, Izuku has named his quirk “Fallen Angel”


Dr. Tsubasa and Inko were quiet after the explanation, processing how ridiculously powerful this little child’s quirk was while Izuku was practically bouncing up and down with excitement and happiness. Doctor Tsubasa walked them out, Izuku shooting ahead as he saw Kacchan waiting for him outside yelling “KACCHAN! My quirk is so COOL!”

Dr. Tsubasa turned to Inko saying “Oh, I almost forgot, you mentioned his voice, movements and aura changing after the transformation right? That most likely means that the quirk will affect his charisma, so to speak” “What are you saying?” Inko asked “I’m saying” Dr. Tsubasa grinned, “ That you’re son is probably going to be QUITE the ladykiller” Inko laughed “Oh, my! That’s going to be an interesting conversation!” She chuckled, face filled with mirth. “Well anyway, you should catch up to your son,  if there are any new quirk developments, call my office” Inko nods, then turns to follow her over-excited son and his grumpy friend.

‘Katsuki’s probably pouting because he wanted Izuku’s quirk to be weaker than his’ Inko thought, Izuku turns, seeing his mom smiling at him brightly, and gives one of his blinding smiles. It’s the last thing Inko see’s before a massive explosion fills her ears and the world is fire

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Aizawa Shouta, Hero name Eraserhead, was swinging as fast as he could after Endeavour’s fireball, hoping he would be able to pull any civilians out of its path of destruction, but he underestimated its speed. He cursed Endeavour’s name under his breath, the man was an idiot for using such a destructive attack with innocent civilians around, ignorant of the battle going on, if anyone got killed it was on his hands! Shouta just hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind that he saw them, two children, who couldn’t be older than four, one with blonde, spiky hair, one with green hair with a streak of red as well as some demonic attributes, clearly the result of some sort of mutation quirk, both smiling back at a middle-ages woman with the same green hair as the demonic kid.

Shouta opened his mouth to shout a warning, but before he could make a sound, the fireball impacted. The two kids immediately sheltered in the green ones wings and as the demonic child raised his hand the flames seemed to part around them, Shouta was relieved that the kids seemed safe but could do nothing but watch in horror as the woman took the full force of the fireball, he could see the horrific burns forming as it flung her, ragdolling against a lamppost across the street, he heard a sickening snap that he knew was her spine snapping, almost certainly ending her life instantly.

As the fireball dispersed, the two boys poked their heads out of the massive pair of wings, gazes immediately flicking to the lifeless woman across the street, their eyes widened and the green ones mouth opened ‘Please please DONT say what I think you’re about to say’ Shouta thought futilely “M-mommy?” The child stuttered out, tears beginning to pool in his ruby eyes. “A-auntie Inko...” the blonde one spoke, more shocked than scared like his friend, ‘So her name had been Inko’ Shouta thought.

Endeavour and the other heroes chose this moment to finally arrive at the scene “Eraserhead! There you are! You shouldn’t have run off like that! I highly doubt that my fireball would’ve done any damage so there was no need for you to...” he trailed off as the other heroes went silent and Eraserhead pointed across the street, expression cold enough to freeze magma in its tracks as the other heroes zeroed in on the corpse of the woman, Inko, now with two children at her side, one, the blonde, standing stoically with a look of shock on his face, and one, the green, sobbing, hugging the corpse, sobbing for his mother.

The other heroes slowly turned accusing glares towards Endeavour as a blonde woman, who Shouta realizes the blonde kid is a literal carbon copy of, rushed onto the scene, but stopped when she saw the corpse of the woman and the two boys. He watched a sort of cold rage settle over her grief and sorrow, she marches over to the group of heroes “Do you all know who was responsible for this” she asked coldly and politely. All the heroes go silent and look at Endeavour. She turns to him, a spark of rage showing in her eyes now. “Who are you to ask over it?” Sneers Endeavour. “I am Bakugou Mitsuki, the blonde kid over there is my brat, Bakugou Katsuki, the woman over there is- sorry, was Midoriya Inko, my best friend and a single mother, the green kid is her son, Midoriya Izuku, now, care to tell me who is responsible for the boy I see as my nephew having lost his one and only family?” The blonde, Mitsuki, snarls at Endeavour. The aura around her had completely changed, right now, Shouta was pretty sure all the heroes around were more scared of her then of the worst villain they had ever faced.

When Endeavour said nothing, Shouta spoke up “One of Endeavor’s fireballs missed the villain from the fight a little ways south of here, that fireball is what hit and killed Midoriya Inko... does the boy truly have no one else to take him in?” Shouta dreaded the answer to his question, the foster care system would not be kind to a boy who’s quirk made him into a demon “If that’s the case then Endeavour? I don’t care if you’re the number two hero, the next time you see me will be in court, taking you down a notch or two, and no Eraserhead, he doesn’t, I would take him in but my family can’t handle another kid. He-he’ll end up in foster care... as much as it breaks my heart...” Mitsuki trailed off as tears finally began to trace down her sorrow-filled face.

Shouta looked over at the grief-stricken child and couldn’t help but feel guilty... if he’d been just a bit faster, would this child still have a mother? But what could he do? Wait... the kid would be going into foster care... he and Hizashi had always wanted a kid... plus the kid struck a chord with him for some reason... not to mention now that he had time to pay attention the kid was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen, even with his demonic attributes... in fact they actually seemed to accentuate his overall adorableness... making his decision, he spoke again, “Bakugou-san? I’ll see what I can do, if I have anything to say about it, that kid won’t have to deal with foster care, just trust me” Mitsuki smiled weakly “Ok Eraserhead, just be prepared for a shit ton of questions, he’s a massive fanboy” She chuckled quietly, “then I will leave Izuku to you, Hero”

“I need to get Katsuki home before he finally breaks down and blows something up, not to mention, I have to start getting a court case together” she said, aiming a glare at Endeavour with enough venom to kill ten men. “Take this, it’s a card for a very good and very reliable detective, he’ll be willing to help you out” Shouta said, handing her detective Naomasa Tsukauchi’s card as she walked past him, she flashed him a grin, the grin was feral, predatory, it gave him chills ‘GOD!’ He thought as she walked away ‘Is that how people feel when I smile at them??’ ————————————————————————

The kid Izuku, was taken to the hospital along with the corpse of his mother to be checked over for injuries. Shouta insisted on being sent to the kid under the guise of extending formal apologies to him in regards to his mother. He walked into the hospital room where Izuku was placed, surprised to see him dry-eyed and calm, with a mostly blank expression on his face. Izuku turned to him the second he entered and his eyes brightened a little

“Oh my god! You’re Eraserhead! You’re one of my favorite heroes and your quirk is so coolandivethoughtofsomanysupportitemsandfigjtstylesandwaysyoucoulduseyourquirk” he squeaked, trailing off into incoherent mumbling, immediately flashing bright red as Shouta said “Woah there kid, slow down a bit, no one without a hearing quirk can understand that, anyway, I can answer your questions later, I’m here to check on you, kid” “I-I didn’t get hurt and e-even if I did I have hyper-regeneration so I’m f-fine” he stuttered out immediately. “I meant emotionally and if you were fully aware of the situation” Shouta replied kindly, giving as gentle a smile as his dead soul was capable of. “I know that mommy is dead and Auntie Mitsuki can’t take me so ill be going to foster care... I also know that it’s Endeavour’s fault that mommy is dead”

The amount of pure venom in the last part of that sentence startled Shouta, no child should be capable of that much bitterness and hatred, not to mention it was surprising that Izuku has picked up on all that in such a distraught state of mind. “And as for my emotional state... I just feel... sorta empty... and really really sad” Izuku ended, tears beginning to stream quietly down his blank face. Shouta moves slowly, giving Izuku time to push him away, as he pulled the shaking child into a hug, rubbing comforting circles into his back.

“I-I don’t wanna go to f-foster care! N-no ones gonna want a kid who l-looks like a d-demon!” He sobbed. “Shh, kid, don’t worry about that, part of what I was here for was to ask you if you were ok with my husband and I adopting you” Shouta murmured to the crying demon in his arms “R-really? You mean it?” Said Izuku, looking up at Shouta, still held to his chest and Oh God that was way to cute, it made Shouta’s dead soul leap out of its grave screaming “we must protect this adorable green floof!” and proceed to parade around in battle gear. “Of course I meant it kid, I don’t say things I don’t mean.” One of the logical ruses he pulled with his class at school floated into his mind, he ignored it

”W-wait a sec! You’re married?!” “Bit of a delayed reaction there, kid” Shouta said, amused, “He should be here any second now” Shouta has called his husband earlier to explain the situation so that he didn’t just come home with a kid and say ‘this is our son now’ he could imagine that that would have ended with several bleeding ears in the neighborhood. Right on cue, the doors banged open, revealing an over-excited Hizashi “HEYYYYYYYY LITTLE LISTENER!” “YOUR HUSBAND IS PRESENT MIC??” Izuku practically shrieked in excitement. “Oh. My. Goodness. Shouta you were right he is the most adorable thing ever!” Hizashi squealed, causing Izuku to go bright red and bury his face in Shouta’s chest.

‘I feel like I’ve signed my own death warrant... not some adoption papers...’ thought Shouta. “Well kid, you’ve been discharged and Tsukauchi is waiting for us out front with adoption papers” “So whaddaya say little listener? How about we head on home.” Izuku smiled and let himself be led away, he may have lost a mother today, but she would want him to be happy, and he had gained two dads and a really cool quirk! Things were going pretty ok.

Little did Izuku know how much of a bomb “Kacchan” was going to drop next time they met...

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Shouta has taken Izuku shopping. Shouta had told Izuku to pick whatever he wanted for his room. Shouta has made a very big mistake. Hizashi was barely containing his quirk as he laughed his head off at the growing pile of hero merchandise in he cart, with Eraserhead and Present Mic being prominent figures, as well as Nedzu, and a distinct lack of Endeavour. “So little listener, you like Nedzu?” came from Hizashi. “Yup! He’s one of my favorites!” Izuku replied. Shouta was quickly losing faith in this green floof’s taste in heroes. “What about Endeavour? He is the #2 hero” Hizashi asked, curious.

Izuku just froze, then turned to look Hizashi dead in the eye, wings and tail having dropped from their neat, folded and curled respectively, positions to drag on the floor, appearing to be some expression of shock.

Please God say you don’t actually think he’s a good hero” Izuku pleaded, ruby eyes filled with mild horror. Shouta’s faith in the kid’s taste was immediately restored. “All he cares about is beating up villains, in fact he often goes to far and kills said villains, he is so careless with his quirk that civilians are statistically in more danger once Endeavor arrives at the scene than when it was just the rampaging villain, and he always leaves behind a ridiculous amount of collateral damage behind after the fight, Heck! He has a 25% fatality rate! As in he kills one in four of the villains he fights! Not to mention that in all the recorded and televised interactions with his family, their mannerisms and reactions practically SCREAM that he’s abusive!” Ranted Izuku.

”You’re... way smarter then the average four-year-old to have noticed all that...” Hizashi was shook. “Wait... what was that last part Izuku!” Shouta realized in dawning horror. “Should we really talk about this here?” ‘Izuku made a good point’ “Dad?” ‘Oh fuck, fuck Shouta was dead, so dead in so many ways his heart and soul melted and his brain shorted out as the little demon kid that should look scary looked at him like someone had combined a puppy and a kitten, turned it human, and gave it a demon quirk. “No... we should talk about that last bit at home I think” Hizashi replies in place of the temporarily brain-dead Shouta. Izuku grinned, wings and tail snapping back up into place as he dumped another armload of Nedzu merch into the cart before leading the two pro heroes to the till, where Shouta payed mindlessly, both still in shock from the show of intellect from the seemingly innocent floof. Once they got back to their three-bedroom apartment, Shouta and Hizashi sharing a room while Izuku has his own room and they had an extra guestroom, They got Izuku settled in his... room? It was more like a hero shrine mixed with a quirk archive, going by the titles of the many notebooks. They say around the kitchen table to talk about what Izuku had said while out shopping.

“Well, for an example let’s look at video xxxxxxxxx, the first tell is how the children always have an eye on him and are very wary in his presence. Tell number two is how they always flinch when he touches them, usually very small, almost imperceptible, but always there. Tell three is how all the siblings, even those with fire quirks, the oldest and youngest, Touya and Shouto respectively, seem to have an irrational fear of fire. Tell four is the really badly hidden burns and bruises on Touya and Shouto, Tell five is how Endeavour acts like the only daughter and his middle son, Fuyumi and Natsuo, aren’t even his children, and how they act like they’re used to being invisible, neglected Endeavour only pays attention to Touya and Shouto, somehow I doubt it’s a coincidence that those are also the two children with powerful quirks. Tell five is how the oldest brother, Touya, acts and reacts to situations including both Endeavour and Shouto, his youngest brother, he spends as much time as possible in between Shouto and Endeavour, and goes on high alert the second Endeavour so much as looks at Shouto, and on the occasion Endeavour actually touches Shouto, it’s like Touya has to physically stop himself from leaping between the two, like he’s used to having to protect Shouto from Endeavour.”

Shouta and Hizashi were in shock... again. “You are... really good at analyzing kid...” Shouta said. “I always toned it down around other people... Kacchan said it was weird... that it made me seem like a freak...” Izuku said nervously. “It is out of the ordinary Izuku but it doesn’t make you a freak it makes you a genius” Shouta reassured the timid child. “Thanks Dad!” Izuku beamed brightly at him. Shouta was blinded as his soul screamed something along the lines of ‘TOO GODDAMN CUTE!’ As Hizashi’s heart melted from the glancing blow.

“Do you have any more examples of your analysis Greenbean?” Hizashi asked. “Yeah! My quirk notebooks! Wait... Greenbean?” “You answered to it kid, he’s not gonna stop calling you that now, anyway, it is a cute nickname... Greenbean” Shouta said, if a mischievous grin appeared on his face from teasing the kid his kid, no one could prove it later. “G-Greenbean is fine... I-i’ll go get my notebooks!” Izuku stuttered, flushing bright red as his massive wings came forward, folding around him, hiding him from view in a cocoon of void-black feathers. “It’s getting late Izuku, how about you get ready for bed, then bring us your notebooks” Shouta said, having heard a feather-muffled yawn from within the cocoon “O~k” Izuku said, getting interrupted by another sleepy yawn.

As Izuku retreated to his room, Shouta took out a large ahead of papers. Izuku’s file, it had been newly updated, apparently his quirk has manifested just that day. He turned to Hizashi,’”while Izuku’s getting ready, let’s look through this” “OK”. A minute or two later, they had looked through everything except the quirk file “That... is the longest quirk file I have ever seen a four-year-old have...” Hizashi said, shooketh once more. “Let’s get reading” Shouta said, barely concealing his curiosity. Several minutes later, the couple sat in silence as they finished reading the file “Well... that’s rather overpowered” Hizashi stated, for the billionth time today, in shock. “Our new kid is just full of surprises isn’t he?” Shouta agreed. “He also has really good control for someone who just got their quirk, I personally would have expected shadows and flames trying to tear everything {read:Endeavour} to shreds, but I didn’t see a spark”

That was when Izuku walked in, and dumped a pile of notebooks as big as he was on the table in front of them with a yawn, saying “I think I’ll head to bed now, Dad, Papa” then stumbled away. Hizashi squealed quietly “He called me Papa!” “Let’s just get reading these...” Shouta deadpanned. After getting through the last notebook. “... We can never let him meet Nedzu” the couple said simultaneously.

The next day, at UA, after dropping Izuku off at his kindergarten “I can’t wait to meet him!” Nedzu said, grinning gleefully. ‘...’ ‘SHIT’

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Izuku’s dads had dropped him off at his kindergarten. He rushed to class, eager to tell his classmates about his new quirk. His classmates were all over him about his quirk, telling him how cool it was and how he’d be an awesome hero with it... except Kacchan. He kept his distance, giving Izuku a strange look for the whole day, only shifting briefly to an annoyed visage when one of their classmates, Nagai Yubi, who’s quirk allowed him to extend his fingers, said that Izu-Chan’s quirk was better than Kacchans, causing Nagai to whimper and not talk for the rest of the day.

No one mentioned anything about his mom’s death other than the teachers original announcement and consolations as well as stating that Izuku’s last name had been changed from Midoriya to Yamazawa.

Once the day was over, Kacchan finally came over to Izuku’s desk “Why’ve you been acting so ridiculously happy nerd! You’re mom died didn’t she!” He asked, seeming confused, but with an underlying edge of danger that trusting little Izuku, of course, didn’t notice, Kacchan would never hurt him right?

They were now the only ones left in the classroom, even the teacher had left. “Well, I was very sad, but mommy would’ve wanted me to be happy, plus now I have two new pare-!” He was cut off by a small, bright explosion far to close to his face and his incredibly sensitive, night-vision eyes. “Two new parents huh? Replacing Auntie Inko already! Did you even care that she died?! I bet you didn’t!” “Ka-Kacchan what are you t-talking about!” “Looks like more than just you’re appearance turned into a demon MIDORI-ONI” “G-green demon? I-I’m not a demon Kacchan, a-although I won’t deny the green part... but my name is Yamazawa now... not Midoriya...”

“Shut it ONI!” Kacchan yells... as he sends an explosion powered punch into Izuku’s stomach. Causing Izuku to cry out and double over in pain, clutching his newly burned and bruised stomach as it began to heal. Kacchan reaches out with explosion heated hands, grabbing on to Izuku’s fluffy, feathery wings, burning, burningburningmakeitstop

“K-Kacchan stop!” Izuku shrieked, panicking, as his wings burst into verdant, green flames, forcing Kacchan to let go and allow his wings to heal. The teacher burst in, dragging the furious Kacchan off the frightened, panicking, Izuku, and using her quirk to stick him on the other side of the room before rushing over to Izuku to try to calm him down and see if he was ok, all while shooting death glares at the explosive boy across the room as Izuku’s flames flickered out and the teacher brought him into a hug, caressing his fluffy wings.

She stood up, “T-Tachiōjō-sensei?” Izuku asked in a quavering voice. “Don’t worry Izuku, dear, you’ll be fine ok? He won’t hurt you again.” “What does it matter! The demon freak regenerates doesn’t he! So who cares if he gets hurt!” Kacchan shouted furiously. “Harming another classmate is unacceptable Bakugou! Especially not poor Izuku, who has just lost his mother and clearly trusted you, you should be supporting him! Not hurting him! I will be having words with your parents!” Tachiōjō-sensei spat.


When Mitsuki and Masaru finally arrived, Mitsuki was busy shrieking at Kacchan in a fury, something along the lines of “different people cope differently brat!” While Masaru apologized profusely to Izuku whilst making sure he was ok. Izuku assured him that it was fine and he was ok and the Bakugou’s left, shortly before Hizashi and Shouta arrived.

Hizashi immediately rushed over to pick Izuku up “You Ok Little Liste- HOLY CRAP HE’S SO FLUffy- Really Shouta?” Hizashi says as Shouta’s eyes glow and his hair and scarf defy gravity, erasing Hizashi’s quirk. “Shut up you’re too loud” “But he’s so fluffy!“ Hizashi whisper-screams. “Ok, calm down, you’re overreacting” Shouta deadpanned . “Oh really?” Hizashi raised an eyebrow “You hold him then!” He places the, utterly confused, green floof into his husbands arms. Then watched in smug satisfaction as Shouta’s eyes widen and look down at their kid in awe

“A-anyway” Shouta stuttered, ‘Wait, STUTTERED?!? SHOUTA IS CAPABLE OF STUTTERING??? WHAT???’ Hizashi thought. “So we heard you got in a fight kid” Shouta said, disapproval clear in his tone. Tachiōjō-sensei jumped in at that “He didn’t get into a fight, one of his classmates attacked him and he got scared, which triggered his flames appearance, he never used them to attack or even really to defend other than forcing the other student to let go of his wings.”

“Who attacked him?!” Shouta asked, where there was disapproval there was now concern and anger, anger that someone would dare attack his kid, especially when they were the sweetest and most adorable thing the world has ever seen. “He was attacked by Bakugou Katsuki, the boy in question kept calling Izuku a demon and saying that Izuku never even really cared about ‘her’, the boy’s parents were told and he will be punished” replies Tachiōjō-sensei. “Alright, we’ll be taking Izuku home now then, goodbye” Shouta said grudgingly.

They carried Izuku home, with him quiet all the way. Once they finally got home and settled Izuku down at the table, he was quiet for another minute or two before tears began to trail down his face as he cried “W-why would K-Kacchan say that! Of c-course I care about m-mommy! W-why would he do th-that! W-we’re supposed to be b-best friends and be h-heroes together!”

Shouta immediately pulled the crying boy into a comforting hug, telling him that Katsuki was just being cruel, that he didn’t deserve to be friends with Izuku if he said things like that and he certainly didn’t deserve to be a hero if he does what he did, gently running his hands through his sons curls and feathers as the sobs slowed down and he relaxed into Shouta.

Continuing to stroke Izuku’s hair and feathers as his tail unwrapped from its place where it had been tight around Izuku’s waist, leaning into Shouta and purring, wait... PURRING?! Shouta looked down at the child in his arms, and yes indeed, head and wings pushing into Shouta’s touch as his tail uncoiled and slowly began to wag back and forth as small, kitten-like purring noises were being emitted from his throat.

Hizashi and Shouta looked at each other, then looked at the purring Izuku, then back at each other “That... is the most adorable thing in the world” Shouta said, with a completely straight face. With Hizashi laughing in the background “did we adopt a kid or a kitten?!” “So little listener, what do you want to do about the Katsuki issue?” “I-I think... I don’t wanna go to the same school as Kacchan anymore...” “Then we’ll get to work transferring you to another school immediately, you’ll probably still have to go to xxxxxx elementary for a day or two more though” Shouta replies immediately.

“O~K” Izuku said, interrupted by a purr as Shouta began stroking his wings again. “Oh yeah! Guess what Greenbean! I called in a friend of mine to help you practice the flying and feather control part of your quirk! He of course wanted to meet the kid who basically has his quirk plus a ton more!” Called out Hizashi “His... quirk? W-wait a sec! Do you mean HAWKS the number three hero in ALL JAPAN?!?! Izuku cried, half excited, half p a n i c k i n g.

“Yep! He does!” A new voice called from the window. Right outside the window. They were on the fifth floor. What the Fu- “Holy Shit you were right! He’s way to cut- OH MY GOD HE PURRS THATS FUCKING ADORABLE” a red blur shrieked as it flew in the window. Hawks. The number three hero of all japan. Who was now holding Izuku at an arms length like a re-enactment of the Lion King. Screeching about how cute and adorable he was... Izuku.exe has stopped responding

3... 2... 1... Fanboy.exe has booted up... “OH! MY! GOD! You’re Hawks! You’re so freaking cool! I have so many questions! And suggestions! This is so awesome!” Izuku shrieked, matching Hawks, and more terrifyingly, Hizashi, Present Mic, in volume and enthusiasm. “You’re all too loud” Shouta deadpanned as he retreated to his and Hizashi’s room.

Izuku enjoyed his lessons with Hawks, who’s name he learned was Hane Akai, and he was to call Akai-nii or nii-san, much to Izuku’s embarrassment. He had to go to xxxxx elementary for the rest of the year though because no elementary schools were accepting mid-year transfers. Being surrounded by fawning classmates, and flinching whenever Kacchan no Bakugou called him ‘Oni’ and coming back home to purr-inducing cuddle sessions with his dads and occasionally his honorary brother, before “Flight & Feather Training” with Akai-nii. And then the next year began, and he was standing in front of a new class, in a new school, far from Bakugou. “Hi everyone! My name is Yamazawa Izuku! Please take care of me!”

Chapter Text

“It’s nice to meet you Izuku-kun” the teacher said “Now your seat is at the back beside Neito-kun there” She said, gesturing to an empty seat and a downcast-looking blonde boy, who he assumed was Neito-kun, in the corner. “Thank you Sensei!” Izuku chirped, beaming at everyone as he made his way to his seat. Many students claimed they had temporarily gone blind that day.

Class itself was boring after that, it was nothing he hadn’t already learned with Nedzu-ojisan. Lunch finally came around and he was swarmed, everyone was asking questions, mainly on his quirk, followed up by why he transferred schools. He told them he transferred due to bullying and then explained his quirk as best he could, leaving out the vampirism and including his intelligence as part of his quirk. Silence fell after his quirk explanation. One second... two seconds... three... “THAT IS SO COOL” nearly the entire class screamed. The blonde boy in the corner next to Izuku stayed quiet, he hadn’t said anything so far. Izuku looked at him, tilting his head curiously. One of the other students, with wavy, orange hair with yellow highlights reminding him of flames, he thinks his name was Kaene Te? Noticed his gaze

“You’re better off staying away from Monoma, his quirk is weird, he’s nothing but a copycat who thinks he can be a hero” he sneered derisively, just loud enough for Monoma to hear, as evidenced by the blondes nearly imperceptible flinch. “Te-san, that’s not very nice, my quirk can be seen as weird or freaky too, so I know what it’s like, you shouldn’t judge someone based off a quirk” Izuku reprimanded politely. “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you” Te-san scoffed, walking away with the rest of the class

“Hi! I’m Izuku Yamazawa! You’re Neito Monoma right?” Izuku chirped at the quiet boy, who now seemed somewhat starstruck. “Y-yeah, I’m Monoma Neito and... my quirk... is called copy... it lets me copy others quirks for a short amount of time when I touch them...” He said, trailing off as he got into his quirk, curling in on himself, waiting for the scorn and harsh words. They never came. Instead... “That’s so cool! Wanna eat lunch together?” Shocked, Neito stuttered out a sure. “Great! Let’s be friends ok Nechan?” Somewhat confused by the nickname he replied “Ok...” then decided to give as good as he got “Izuchan” this caused the boy to beam at him, small fangs just poking over his bottom lip and ‘Dear God that is he most adorable thing I’ve ever seen what the hecc’

They headed up to the roof to eat lunch. As the green boy floofed out his wings, Neito found himself staring. “What?” Izuku asked “They look so fluffy...” Neito murmured, before flushing scarlet as he realized he spoke out loud. “My wings? You can touch them if you want, just don’t tug the feathers to much” Izuku giggled as he stretched a massive wing out to Neito and ‘Oh my lord what idiot god gave this child a demon quirk when he is so obviously an angel’ Neito thought. Then his hand made contact with the outstretched wing. And all coherent thought fled his mind in favor of ‘HOLYSHITSOFLUFFY’ as his hand sank into the fluffy, black feathers.

Neito woke from his trancelike state as Izuku slumped against him, purring happily as Neito’s fingers ran through his warm, fluffy feathers. As the green-haired five year old continued to purr and began to nuzzle into the blonde, one thought was going through Neito’s mind ‘I will protect this adorable green floof even if it costs me my life holy cra-‘ his train of thought cut off as the door to the roof slammed open, and there stood Kaene Te, his worst tormentor.

“Seriously? The demon kid decided to hang with you?” he scoffed incredulously. “Guess I’ll just have to teach both of you a lesson then” he snarled, hands flickering with yellow flames, that Neito had the misfortune of knowing were very hot.

But as Kaene stepped forward, they heard Izuku’s purr deepen into a terrifying growl as he pushed away from Neito, his eyes no longer glowed softly but burned with the flames of hell itself, and the fangs that had been just barely peeking out from below his upper lip, now curved down to his chin, razor sharp, as long, deadly-looking claws curved from his small hands, wings bristling and tail lashing angrily, he stepped forward “Was that a threat Te-san? If it is you better step away right now because this won’t end well” the demonic boy snarled.

“I-I’m not afraid of some stupid claws Oni! I’ll burn you so badly you won’t be able to look at a candle flame for weeks!” Kaene shouted, letting his flames burn brighter. “You call those flames?” Izuku sneered. “Clearly someone wasn’t listening to my quirk explanation very well” Izuku scoffed as he caused bright blue flames to flicker briefly along his wings, which Neito, standing a meter away, could feel the heat from. Kaene backed up somewhat fearfully, but then charged. Straight at Neito.

Flaming hands pushed outward to grab. To burn. Neito froze in fear. Suddenly, he felt Izuchan’s tail wrap around his waist, pulling him to the slightly larger boy, then everything went black as massive wings wrapped protectively around him like a shield. He smelled something like burning feathers and heard a yelp of pain from his friend and then a small screech of terror from Kaene, then a thump.

Wings slowly unwrapped from around him, but a wing stayed around his shoulders and back like a cape, the tail didn’t release it’s hold on his waist, and and Izuchan’s arms were wrapped around his torso, clinging to him protectively. He looked in the direction the other boy was snarling, and saw his bully pinned to the ground by writhing shadows

Their teacher, Heiwana-sensei, arrived just in time to see the angry, handprint shaped burn on Izuchan’s wing finish healing, and hear Kaene howling death threats and how he would put them in their place. She unleashed her quirk, soothing aura, immediately to calm the three boys, feeling the flash of their emotions, Neito-kun, wrapped in Izuku-kun’s wings, was feeling scared, resigned, and confused, Izuku-kun was feeling scared, protective, surprised, and had a weird sense of nostalgia that she had learned to equate to a PTSD-like effect, and Kaene-kun, feeling terrified, angry, and incredulous.

“Alright, Neito-kun, as you seem calmest right now, can you tell me what happened?” “Yes ma’am, Te-san attacked me with his quirk, so Izuchan protected me and pinned him, only after Te-san managed to burn him though” Neito stated promptly, knowing the truth will be their best bet and would likely be seen in their favor. “I see, I will call your parents to pick you all up then, although the Te family will be having a chat with the principal, let’s bring you all to the office to wait, alright?” “Yes ma’am” Izuku and Neito chorused, although Izuku seemed a little shaky, and his gaze was far away. “Fine” grumbled Kaene.

Izuku didn’t let go of Neito the entire time they waited for their parents to arrive, occasionally he would hear his friend mumbling things like “not again, I can’t lose people I care about again, not to fire, never to fire” ‘Great, my first and only friend after my quirk developed has PTSD that makes him protective and clingy, well, he’s the cutest being in the universe so I guess that that’s ok’ Neito thought. Their parents finally arrived to take them home, Neito’s babbling in concern, Izuku’s at first scolding him and then realizing something, then they just gave warm smiles at how protective he was. After that day, Neito and Izuku became fast friends and nigh inseparable, days passed, then weeks, months, then Izuku was called into court to be a witness against Endeavour... wait... ENDEAVOUR?!?!??

Chapter Text

“So, Izu-chan, you know I love you like a brother and would trust you with my life” Neito said “But can you please tell me why the hell you are being called to court against Endeavour the Number Two ranked Hero in all Japan???” “Are you sure you wanna know the answer Nechan~?” Izuchan practically purred, “Y-es?” Neito questioned. “Weeeeeeell, he accidentally killed my mother then I brought to light several points that put him under suspicion of spousal and child abuse” Izuchan chirped with a cheerful expression on his face

“What. The. Hell.” Neito sweatdropped “Pre~tty Much!” “How in the heck did you stay cheerful while saying that” “Well if I didn’t laugh I’d be crying right now so consider it my way of coping!” “O-okay, good luck Izuchan!” Neito called, as the, now five year old, boy skipped over to his pro hero parents


The Courtroom was huge. It had to be for the apparent army of lawyers brought to play. On one side of the room, Endeavour sat with his team of lawyers, on the other, Izuku, Dad and Papa sat with the Bakugou’s and a group of four kids ranging from about Izuku’s age to what looked like a seventeen year old, as well as an older woman, most likely the Todoroki’s. Then the judge called the room to order.

First up were the Todoroki’s, to detail the abuse and neglect they had been put through. Toya, the eldest son, stepped up first, he had bright red hair and piercing, turquoise eyes, but for some reason was wearing a long sleeved sweater over his t-shirt, gloves, a scarf, and a face mask that hid everything below his eyes despite it being quite warm, he stepped up to the podium.

“First off, let’s explain how our father thought of us” his voice was low and gruff and filled with venom when he spoke of Endeavour “He thought of us as nothing but tools, weapons he could use to finally surpass All Might and become number one. He bought our mother from her family for her powerful ice quirk. I was the firstborn, I didn’t have the quirk he wanted, but I had a very powerful fire quirk, so I would do for a backup. That’s when the so-called training began. Brutal sparring and quirk training, sparring until I was left lying in a pool of my own blood and vomit, unable to move, covered in bruises and burns. Forcing me to make my quirk stronger and stronger, to make my flames hotter and hotter, until my flames turned from yellow to blue. Then got stuck like that. Now the thing is, that while I have a fire quirk, my body is more suited to the ice quirk I don’t have. So I had my mother’s need of careful temperature regulation, and the inability to properly regulate due to my father, he didn’t care about that of course, not even when my flames began to burn me did he care until... well it’s easier to just show you...” the teen said as he began to remove his gloves, sweater, scarf and facemask. The courtroom fell silent as he revealed horrific burn scars along his arms, collarbone, neck, jaw, and under his eyes, the scars were made up of violent purple, wrinkled, folded and gnarled skin. Accusing eyes turned to the flame hero as he looked away, seemingly indifferent to the damage he had caused to his son.

Toya stormed back to his siblings, leaving the sweater, gloves, scarf and mask behind. After him were Fuyumi and Natsuo, describing how their father had ignored and neglected them when their quirks, Fuyumi with a weak version of their mothers quirk and Natsuo with a weak water quirk, were deemed unsatisfactory. Rei then stepped in and told of how Endeavour had essentially bought her from her family and forced her into a quirk marriage, then proceeded to abuse her when she tried to protect her children from him. Then it was little five year old Shouto’s turn, he gave a similar story to Toya, but worse, if possible. By the end of the Todoroki’s say the courtroom had stilled in horror, the judge finally banged his gavel to bring them back to attention then called up Dad, he talked about following Endeavors rogue fireball and being unable to save Inko Midoriya. Then it was Izuku’s turn.

Izuku stepped up to his place hesitantly, fluttering his wings a bit as if trying to hide his face, he saw the judge, most the jury and lawyers, the older Bakugou’s, Rei, Toya, and Fuyumi coo at his cuteness as well as Dad using his capture weapon to keep Papa from squealing at his “sheer adorableness” he took a deep breath, straightened up, and began.

“W-well, mommy and I had j-just left the quirk doctor because my quirk has just m-manifested earlier that d-day, K-kacchan had been waiting for me out front, s-so we r-ran on ahead. We turned around to s-see mom walking d-down the road towards us, th-then s-suddenly there was a m-ma-massive f-fireball and-and I pulled k-kacchan to me and m-managed to p-part the fla-flames around us so we didn’t get b-burnt. When the fire was gone, we s-saw m-mommy lying across the street and not m-moving and she was... she was... d-d-de-“ he broke off, unable to continue.

“And how do we know it wasn’t your quirk that went out of control brat! clearly I wasn’t the only fire-user in the area!” Endeavour roared, flames jumping up, the Todoroki family visibly flinched at that, and Shouto began to panic, not that Izuku noticed as he dropped to the floor, wings and tail wrapping around him, all he saw were flames and memories of his burnt, broken mother overwhelmed him, distantly he heard someone telling him everything was ok as warm, safe arms wrapped around him, gentle, familiar fingers carding through his hair and feathers until he was calm again, he realized it was Dad that had calmed him, and that Toya Todoroki had seemingly leapt between him and Endeavour on instinct, now staring down his father.

Izuku turned to Endeavour coldly “For your information, none of the flames I can generate are the mix of yellow, orange, and red that yours are, my flames are either solid red, green, blue, or black if I push myself, so the flames couldn’t have been me, not to mention there was concussive force involved with the fireball, which is another thing I’m incapable of at this moment, so no, it couldn’t have been me, so stop trying to shift the blame, didn’t your parents ever teach you to take responsibility for your actions?” Izuku spoke, venom dripping copiously from every word before turning back to the judge.

“I think it would be best for young Izuku and young Shouto to go wait in another room now that they have given their statements as the presence of Todoroki Enji seems to greatly distress them” the judge said, with a clear glare in Endeavour’s direction. Izuku and Shouto were walked out, Izuku calmly and easily, Shouto still somewhat panicky and limping almost imperceptibly, which Izuku, of course, noticed.

Once they were left alone in what looked like a lounge, most likely for people who had breakdowns due to trauma in court, like, ya know, them, Izuku approached the the dual-colored boy, “Hi, are you hurt? I noticed you limping on our way here” Izuku inquired quietly, clearly having recovered somewhat from his panic, Shouto replied “I-it’s a bit of bruising, that’s all” “Would you let me heal it for you?” Izuku questioned “What do you mean heal it? I thought you had a fire quirk” Shouto said, confused. “My quirk is... complicated? It’s kinda like how you basically have two quirks, but I have a lot of quirks that all tie into the same theme, a “Fallen Angel”, healing is part of it, as is the fire.” Izuku stopped himself before he started rambling. “Oh, then I g-guess you can, if you w-want to” Shouto mumbled, not used to people offering to help. Izuku then strolled over to him as his wings turned white and a golden halo appeared above his head, reaching out a hand glowing with soft green light and placing it on Shouto’s head, Shouto froze in shock as he felt, not only the bruising on his leg, but the older bruises and burns all over his body, as well as the nonstop aching muscles and bones, begin to heal and mend. “There” Izuku chirped as his appearance faded back to normal, “All healed!” “T-thank you” the peppermint colored boy stuttered, “No problem” Izuku chirped as he pulled the other boy into a brief hug


Well it was going to be brief but then Shouto practically melted into the hug. Bringing his wings forward to wrap around the boy as well, cloaking him in comforting, fluffy darkness, ‘Je-sus! How touch-starved is this kid!’ Izuku thought ‘I mean sure he mentioned being isolated from everyone but Endeawhore but Goddamn


The end of the trial saw Endeavour with no hero license, no rights to ever have children in his care, and a twenty year jail sentence

The end of the trial saw the Todoroki’s relieved and overjoyed to have That Man out of their life

The end of the trial saw the Bakugou’s and the elder Yamazawa’s happy with their vengeance

The end of the trial saw Shouto wrapped in Izuku’s tail, right wing and arm, giggling and smiling nonstop as the boy used his quirk to make literal shadow puppets on the cream wall. At which the Todoroki’s were shocked, they were used to quiet, calm, stoic Shouto who hated being touched, giggling and smiling Shouto who’s curled up and cuddling with someone? Suffice it to say, they are S H O O K E T H

“Well” Rei speaks calmly, “I guess the Yamazawa’s had a point” “What are you talking about?” The Todoroki kids chorus. “That Izuku would have most likely have basically adopted Shouto by the time we got here, they have also offered to take us on while we get used to not having That Man in our lives, they also offered in case any of you children want a chance to start fresh with a new family, with a tonne of visiting of course but technically different families.”

“Oh?” Toya asked “Who are the Yamazawa parents anyway, I feel like I should recognize them but I can’t place where” Izuku hopped in at that “They’re the pro heroes Present Mic and Eraserhead!” He chirped “Oh! Right! Those burns looked really bad, by looking I’m guessing they caused nerve damage that wouldn’t have healed on its own, could I try to heal them? I’m not sure how well my quirk works on old injuries but I could try!” “Huh?” Toya said, overwhelmed by this energetic ball of green floof “I thought you had a fire quirk though?” Izuku facepalmed “You are not the first Todoroki to say that today” he gestured at Shouto “You guys have a perfect example in your family where someone basically has more than one quirk” he deadpanned “Let’s just day my quirk is very multi-faceted and leave it at that ok?” “Oooookay” Toya said “You can try if you want I guess”

“Yay!” Izuku chirped as he began to glow... literally... what the hell???? His wings faded to white and a golden halo appeared gleaming above his head, soft green light surrounded him, reaching out, he grabbed one of Toya’s scarred hands in his glowing ones and seemed to concentrate.

Everyone watched as gnarled purple scars faded and smoothed, leaving much fainter scars, and Toya’s eyes widened as the numbness and phantom pain he’d been feeling for years, that he thought he’d never get rid of, began to fade. After several minutes, Izuku’s glow faded and he went back to normal. Toya’s scars were much fainter and less obvious, although still there. Toya ghosted the fingertips of one hand over the opposite arm. And he felt it. Nerves that had been scorched beyond repair activated. Happy tears filled Toya’s eyes as he swept the tiny green angel into a hug, muttering frenzied thank-you’s as tears began to pour down his cheeks, a huge grin splitting his face

It was later decided that Toya and Shouto would go with the Yamazawa’s while Fuyumi and Natsuo were going to stay with Rei and they would visit frequently, Shouto and Izuku were ecstatic that they were going to be brothers and live together while Toya, while also thrilled, was still in shock from A) having his scars mostly healed, B) being rid of Endeavour, C) having a new little brother and a new chance to protect both of them, and D) the sheer adorableness that was Yamazawa Izuku. As Shouta and Hizashi walked in Toya realized something, his eyes widened, he pointed at Shouto “Peppermint” then at Izuku “Spearmint”. Everyone froze, one second, two seconds, three, then burst into laughter.

Shouta and Hizashi looked at Toya... ‘Well, looks like Izuku charmed another one’ they thought in unison

Chapter Text

Ok, now I don’t want people to worry, I have no intentions of dropping this fic, I am, however, putting this on a temporary hiatus due to a mix of starting high school, getting sick, and dealing with a nasty case of writers block. Plus my inspiration has lately been towards another venue, namely a few Creepypasta’s that I’m working on writing. So I repeat this is a TEMPORARY hiatus, this fic will NOT be dropped. To my dedicated readers I apologize and I hope you will be willing to wait for me to get back on track for the green floof and co.

Chapter Text

Shouta and Hizashi had apparently already been searching for a larger home than the apartment, as Akai had been sleeping over so often he practically lived in the guest room, taking his role as honorary nii-san of Izuku very seriously. Plus they had just gotten this feeling that their little Greenbean would make their family grow remarkably quickly, as was already shown with Akai, “adopting” him instantaneously, and Izuku doing the same thing with Toya and Shouto. So they already had a new house picked out, plenty big for all six of them and more, all the rooms soundproofed because... Hizashi, just Hizashi (If you have to think about what other reasons there could be, you’re too young 😉). However, they still had to buy the house. Thus the newly grown family had to deal with a rather awkward night as five people sleeping in a three-bedroom apartment. Of course, Izuku’s solution to this was...

“Sleepover!” Izuku chirped as he glomped Toya, a, frankly shell shocked, Shouto towed behind him by Izuku’s tail, which was wrapped around Shouto’s waist. What the two pro heroes noticed, was that wherever Izuku touched the two other boys, there seemed to be a very faint green shimmer, similar to his healing glow, they had noticed the same thing when Izuku cling to Neito after the Kaene incident. Apparently Izuku was feeling very protective of his new brothers.

Quickly, a nest of blankets and pillows was situated in the living room, big enough for the three boys. Toya and Shouto seemed hesitant, so Izuku, by the magical power of glomp and a fair bit of superstrength, tackles the two into the nest, giggling like mad, further paralysing the boys because ‘How in quirks name can he get MORE CUTE’. Before all coherent thought disappeared as each of them touched his wings for the first time when they weren’t an emotional train wreck. The two boys fell asleep to unimaginable fluffiness and the sight of their adorable new brother curled up between them. And the thought ‘Maybe things really are starting to look up now...’


They were awoken by... purring? The Yamazawa’s didn’t have a cat? What??? They looked around, and promptly melted upon seeing Izuku, curled up between them, wings wrapped around them, and purring like a kitten. Toya began to pull away, but a long tail pulled him back and red eyes opened slowly, “no getting up, only sleeping and cuddling” Izuku’s drowsy voice spoke up. Toya did the only sensible thing. Chuckling lightly, he complied with the Spearmint’s wishes.

They woke up for real about half an hour later, finished packing, and now stood in front of the new house... which was massive. It was more like a mansion. It had five stories and a huge garden. The bottom floor had the kitchen, dining room, living room, and a bathroom. The second floor had a gym/training room, considering everyone in the family either was a pro hero or wanted to become one (Toya has graduated UA and was a side kick in Endeavours agency going by Dabi, he is working on switching to being an underground hero and working in Eraserheads agency though), and two spare rooms. The third floor had a music/radio studio for Hizashi, a spare room, and an office for the pro’s of the house. The fourth floor had Shouta and Hizashi’s master bedroom, Toya’s room, a bathroom and two guest bedrooms. The fifth floor had a bathroom and four bedrooms, three of which had doors going between them, Izuku’s being in the middle, Shouto’s on one side, and the spare room on the other, and Izuku’s and Akai’s rooms both had large, open balconies that made entrance and exit by air easy. All the bedrooms, the music studio, the office, the gym, and the spare room on the third floor, were completely soundproofed. The whole place seemed to be designed like a modern American mansion, and was made of quirk-resistant material. In short, it was freaking insane.


“This is crazy” Toya sweatdropped. “Blame Hizashi” came Shouta’s deadpan voice. “This is so cool!” Izuku squealed. Within half an hour of entering the house, Izuku’s room was a massive hero shrine and quirk archive. When the house was fully decorated. Izuku saw that his Shouchan and To-niisan has very little stuff for their rooms. Which he found unacceptable, naturally. Soooo...

Timeskip and shopping trip brought to you by Izuku’s floofy wings


They were in a shop. And Shouta was internally slapping himself. He had made. The same. Goddamn. Mistake. And was now watching a growing pile of All Might, Present Mic, and Eraserhead merch grow in the shopping cart once more. And he could tell that Hizashi was laughing at him. Finally Izuku rescued him, “Can Shouchan and Tonii and I go to the park for a little?” “Of course, floof” Shouta replied, internally breathing a sigh of relief. “Yay! Wait... floof?” Izuku questioned. “You answered to it!” Hizashi laughed. Izuku just gave them this look, wings and tail dropping into a position that screamed betrayal, before just giving them this deadpan expression and running off with his brothers. Shouta sighed, but he was glad to see the new additions to the family so happy, he remembered earlier that day...


Shouta had been noticing it. The near imperceptible flinches and wariness around him and Hizashi. He knew they needed to talk and to show them that not all heroes were like Endeavour. He sat across from them on another couch in the living room. The two boys flinched again, Toya curling a little more around Shouto. “We aren’t going to hurt you, you know” Shouta got straight to the point. The boys froze. “What Endeavor did was horrible, not all heroes, or dads in general, are like him. We will never hurt you, physically or emotionally, we will never force you to do something you don’t want to do, and we will never ignore your pain or needs. We are not like that burning trash heap you had to call a father.” He could see their wariness crumbling, already much more trusting because of Izuku. Shouto burst into tears first, flinging himself into Shouta’s chest, Toya followed more calmly, still sobbing quietly, as he melted into the hug...

———————flashback end———————

Toya was mostly being dragged around by the two younger boys as they chattered on about this hero or that, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. His minty brothers were adorable. What he was complaining about was that they had gotten dragged into a sudden villain attack. The villain had a magma quirk, and was raving on and on about how he’d get revenge on Endeavour... ‘wait... OH SHIT!’ Toya thought, as the villain turned on him, Shouto and Izuku. A wave of magma was sent towards them and... parted? He heard a bone-chilling growl. “You.. do NOT. Attack. My. Brothers.” The small, demonic child hissed, showing off lengthening fangs. ‘Well’ Toya thought ‘It was at this moment, nameless villain knew, he fucked up’. And then writhing shadows engulfed the screaming villain in an instant. Before fading away as quickly as they had appeared, leaving behind an unconscious villain.

Toya then felt a wing wrap firmly around his waist, clearly with no intention of letting go. He looked down to see Izuku, with Shouto wrapped in his other wing, eyes glowing like the flames of fucking hell, fangs reaching his chin, claws curving from his fingertips at least five centimetres long, and tail lashing furiously... and Toya was just gonna pretend he didn’t see the demon dog that dissolved into the shadows behind them. Holy. Shit. Never piss off the Spearmint. Jesus Christ that was scary. And this is him when he’s five, he’s going to be terrifying when he gets older.

Then they heard a familiar voice. “I can’t leave you problem children alone for fifteen minutes!” A frustrated Dadzawa shouted from the crowd.

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