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Rid of the monsters inside your head

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Pain. That was the first thing he felt when he woke up. 

A sweet throbbing reminder of the night before, something rather usual in Shouto’s life. 

His left wrist was stinging terribly, his head feeling dizzy and his stomach was probably, if the boy had to guess, a mess of purple and blue. Though thankfully, at the very least, his legs seemed to be in an adequate shape, meaning he wouldn’t be restricted during missions. 

As he bleakly opened his eyes he looked around at the dull grey walls of his small room, the only thing really standing out being his work out equipment, the dual haired boy sighed. No personal attachment to be found there and from an outside perspective he was sure it was rather questionable if the room even belonged to a 19 year old young man. 

The scorch marks on the walls and floor truthfully making it seem like anything but a child’s room, just an empty beat up space. 

Oddly similar to how Shouto felt the past years. 

Sitting up from the soft futon the teen groaned slightly, yet not saying anything more, not daring to release another sound or even a few words. The walls weren’t save here, nothing was. Shouto had to be careful with whatever he talked about, one tiny word or thought being the reason he often woke up like this. 

Silence was his preferred state. 

A cold shiver ran down his spine as the boy felt his fingertips tingle, the well known feeling of his quirk washing over him. Quickly he covered the few burns he had with a thin, cooling, layer of ice, as well as soothing his wrist with a cold grip. It would have to do for now. 

During these times he was thankful for his ability, the quirk that allowed him to wield the power of ice. If only for the mere moments it helped soothe his wounds, the burns, the bruises and swollen parts. This way he was able to take care of it himself, the way he’s been doing since he was a small child.

She had been gone for a long time now, after all.

Yet, however, under any other circumstances he cursed his quirk. The sole reason for the pressure forced upon him, the suffering he had to endure, anything bad that happened these days. All because of him and the burden he was born with. Ice and Fire. Not just one power, no, but two opposite powers combined in one person. The perfect weapon. The perfect legacy to crush the enemy, to finally rule over the city. 

The will of his father. His belief and ideology, supposed to be finally enforced through his youngest son. 

Shouto Todoroki was born into a criminal organization, a mafia. His family well known for being connected to many suspicious operations, business affairs, drug trafficking, weapon dealing and a whole lot more the boy only knew little about. When his father took over previous to his birth, the organization took grasp of any glimpse of power, any trace of potential or skillful people they could find. Everything to reach his father’s ultimate goal.

Nothing has ever been more important in the man’s cold eyes. 

The Endeavor organization, an old traditional and powerful organization ruling over many parts of Japan and still, to his father’s horror, not the top dog of the country. No, that title has belonged to All Might’s organization for years, no one seemingly being able to touch them. Which drove Enji Todoroki mad to no end.

All Might’s organization, another mafia, specialized in close to the same aspects and untouchable when it came to ruling over the countries underground with an iron fist and no hesitation. The man behind the remarkable organization, All Might, was known as ruthless, smashing any sign of weakness into oblivion with his overpowering quirk. A quirk unlike any other ever seen, coming close to legendary and one reason he was so successful. Adding his mastermind of strategies and a loyal team of unpredictable quirk users it was obvious as to why he was having the upper hand in almost everything.

The constant smile on his face, a smile Shouto only ever heard stories about, underlined the man’s confidence in overpowering any opponent, his self assured posture gave All Might an unbreakable aura. He was a living legend around the underworld, unreachable, unbeatable, the strongest there was.  

Nevertheless for awhile now a rumour has been spreading all across the gangs in Japan. All Might apparently had found a worthy successor, someone to take over the organization in the near future. Meaning he was on the way to retirement. 

Rather usual in that field of business. However, for Shouto’s father it was window of opportunity. A way to finally, after decades of moving in the shadows of All Might, force his way to the top. It was closer than ever for him. 

Besides that Enji Todoroki has been preparing for a moment like that for a persistent amount of years himself. His very own legacy, a perfect successor of his own kind, someone to guide the Endeavor organization to the top.

Keeping that in mind his father sought out a person with a similar powerful quirk, an ability to match the man’s fire quirk, to create a child equipped with enough deadliness to rise to the top. A weapon as Shouto liked to think. Not a child but the means to an end. 

Consequently his father did not conceive a child out of love, the desire to have his own family, or even out of love to the woman he saw fit for the mission. No, he forced himself upon the woman, who had no choice whatsoever, who was forced to comply to keep her family save, to stay alive. Her powerful quirk was ultimately the thing that doomed her for life.

Shouto’s mother. 

In the years that followed she gave birth to four children, to Shouto and his siblings. All while Endeavor kept a close eye on them, looking for the slumbering potential in the young kid’s eyes, anticipating the very moment they would reveal their use to their father. 

The second oldest brother Natsuo and his older sister Fuyumi were declared useless when they reached the age of four. None of them possessing any quirks measurable with their parents, merely a weaker version of their mother’s. Not of importance in Endeavor’s eyes, a waste of time and thus both were cast aside quickly, still raised within the organization as pawns but not regarded by their father any further nonetheless. 

Your quirk measured your worth. 

The oldest son, though, was an entire different story. Originally he, Touya Todoroki, was supposed to fill the position as his father’s successor, having inherited the fire quirk. His flames instead of orange, red flickered an entrancing blue,  a sign of power and force to be reckoned with. 

Still, his brother wasn’t made out to fill the position of a tool, a piece in a never ending game. Eventually he couldn’t bear the constant pressure, training and lessons anymore. The last straw was the task to torture one of their deceived suppliers, break some bones, burn some flesh, skin him alive. 

Afterwards Touya wasn’t the same anymore and only a month later he disappeared without another word, leaving a furious Endeavor in his wake.  

Which led to Shouto, the youngest of the children, taking his brother’s place. 

His manifested quirk fit his father’s expectations perfectly. Powerful, deadly and the downright mirrored image of Endeavor’s own abilities combined with the hardship of creating a successor. 

The only thing his father still despised however was his weak core, not as ruthless or aggressive as Touya, Shouto clearly still displaced too much of his mother’s personality to fully take over as the organization’s legacy anytime soon. He was half and half. Not as much of his father as his older brother, which effectively, Endeavor tried to beat out of him day to day. 

It was to strengthen him. It was for his own good. 

Overtime the dual hair coloured boy got used to it, the treatment, the preparation. Which was why his current situation, waking up with pain throbbing through his body, like electrical pulses hitting his nerves every few seconds, wasn’t anything unusual. At least like this he knew the training on the previous day was successful. The pain working as a reminder, a teacher. 

Lifting his right hands slowly in front of his stoic face, the teen let his eyes travel over the ice covered spots, the small crystals twinkling in the small specks of light that crept underneath the door from the hallway. The cold air around him made his breath puff out noticeably, covering the small space in frost the longer the boy concentrated on his quirk. 


Shouto knew he should get up soon or else someone was sure to wake him under Endeavor’s orders. 

If he was lucky maybe even one of his siblings, the siblings he only ever rarely saw since the day he got his quirk. Natsuo and Fuyumi were raised differently, as members of the organization. The boy didn’t know much, just that Natsuo apparently worked within the health support and Fuyumi took care of the accounts of their business transactions. 

Shouo wasn’t even sure both of them were even aware of him anymore, knew that their younger brother was still there. At least they never directly talked to him when seeing the teen around their headquarters, perhaps forbidden from talking to him or simply  having forgotten their blood bound relationship. 

It was like Shouto didn’t exist to any other than his father, Endeavor. 

Whatever this feeling was, it wasn’t the feeling of family nor home.  

But the boy didn’t know anything else. 

The boy was kept under close watch at all times, anything to ensure he would be able to take on All Might one day. The ultimate weapon of the Endeavor organization had to be a success. 

Lately, though, Shouto’s father has been changing his plans bit by bit. Starting with letting the boy accompany him on various missions, a small dash of freedom and keeping him more in the loop of current issues with the organization and several other aspects. It wasn’t just physical training anymore. No, it was getting more serious. 

Endeavor was planning on using Shouto as soon as possible, since he knew their rivals were plotting. A shift was happening. 

With another quick look at his right hand, where small crystals still danced across his twitching fingers, Shouto knew it was time. Letting out a small sigh the teen abruptly stopped the ice from spreading even more so and stood up from the futon. With his body still aching and burns stinging the dual hair coloured boy clicked his tongue in annoyance. Damn his weak body. 

Though, he had no time contemplating his wounds any longer, time was running and he didn’t dare anger his father just a few hours after he felt the punches from the previous night. 

Entering the small bathroom he solemnly reached for his toothbrush. With eyes still half closed Shouto began his usual morning routine, getting ready for the day. 

When he was still younger he always liked imagining how his mornings would be like if he were born into a normal family. Would he be going to school like any other teen? Would his mother be waiting downstairs with breakfast? His siblings, would they chatter with him at the breakfast table, talking about their plans for the day? 

Yeah. Shouto stopped his imaginations when he realized that nothing like that had any meaning for his life. Those were just silly notions, thoughts so far from reality. 

It hurt more than it helped. 

Spitting out the minty toothpaste, he quickly washed up and then finally sneaked a look into the cracked mirror. 

Looking back at him was a pale boy with noticeable bags under his dual coloured eyes, heterochromatic as he liked to remind himself, and a mix of white and red hair messily tangled together on his head. All these traits made him boldly stand out from other people, rendering him from blending into the background like he so badly wanted to. 

However the obvious mark on his face wrote him off as different above anything else. 

His angry, red scar on the left side of his face. 

Eyes following the slow fingers etching closer to his face, Shouto held his breath as he was reaching for the scar. But right before his long fingers could trace the burned skin, he withdrew his hand and let out a deep breath. His eyes cast downwards once again, away from the image in front of him. He shouldn’t. 

Without another glance Shouto promptly left the bathroom and moved over to his closet, searching for anything to wear. 

A few minutes later, now dressed again, he opened the door to the long hallway leading from his room towards the center of the headquarters. 

It was an old mansion in one part of Tokyo, with other buildings that belonged to the Endeavor organization scattered across their territory, everything to ensure nothing went wrong in their areas. 

While walking down the hallway, aiming for his father’s office, the boy set his mouth in a firm line, not casting other members he saw on the way one glance. Particularly even hardening his frown whenever somebody looked at him for more than a small second. These people knew of his abilities, or at least heard rumours about Endeavor’s son, which was why no one would dare stand in his way. No one would willingly speak to him, too afraid to get their face burned off. 

The only pawns of the business that would exchange words with him where Endeavor’s most trusted members, people from the upper department. 

As he reached his destination and was about to knock a voice however interrupted him quickly, halting his fist right before it touched the deep oak wood of the door. 

“You’re father is looking for you, Todoroki.”

The deep voice of Kugo Sakamata made the teen turn his head swiftly, the presence of the tall orca like man looming over him. If it were any other man Shouto wouldn’t have hesitated to ram a spike of ice through the body and watch him bleed out on the floor, the nerve some people around here had. 

Though, Sakamata was a higher up member, managing the weapon handling around their territory with a reliable manner. Shouto couldn’t just kill him, according to his father that is.  

The giant of a man cleared his throat, tensing lightly under the icy gaze of the child in front of him. “He’s in the interrogation room on the second level of the basement”, he added and left without another word. 

Shouto clenched his fist in annoyance but left his face in a stone cold facade. Whatever his father was doing now, interrogating or rather torturing people down in the basement, the teen wasn’t in the mood of getting a headache from people screaming for help. Not again this week. 

Though, having no other choice he started walking towards the big staircase close to the office, already feeling a few spots of ice covering his left side, the temperature dropping distinguishable around him. Thus, alerting the people coming across him and making them quickly turn around to walk the other way. It wasn’t fun getting frozen to the ground randomly by the boss’ kid. Everyone knew that. 

Moments later he already reached the basement and now stood in front of the heavy steel door. Nonetheless Shouto could already hear muffled cries emitting from the room, signaling him that Endeavor was in fact torturing someone. 

So it was going to be such a day. 

Shouto mentally already prepared himself for the oncoming headache. 

As he opened the screeching door the smell of burning flash flooded his nose, making him wince innerly, being personally familiar with such a thing. The bright light stung his eyes a bit and momently distracted him from the bright red drops on the grey cement floor. 

“Ah, Shouto. Finally showed up boy, you missed the start of today’s lesson”, his father’s deep, growling voice cut through Shouto’s momentum. 

Entering the room slowly and closing the door behind himself thoughtfully, he now had a clear look of the scene unfolding. 

In the middle of the room buckled on a chair sat a man, plain looking, nothing special, nor outstanding quirk from the appearance, Shouto noted. Still, the pained look on the man’s face, a deep cut just under his hairline seeping a deep crimson red and most importantly the four cut of fingers laying on the floor at the crying man’s feed. 

The blood tainted the floor in dark spots, wiggling stumps only ever flicking more red onto the floor. 

Skin across the man’s body was reddened, blistering and already emitting infected fluids, a picture added to the constant smell of flesh in the space. 

Nothing out of the ordinary whenever Shouto entered this particular room, in fact the guy looked better than previous targets had. 

Endeavor was grinning wickedly and eyed his son with an analyzing gaze. “Now, just watch me boy, you’ll get your next mission out of this”, he said and promptly turned around again, facing the sobbing man still struggling against the bonds. 

“I already told you! I had no other choice! They were about to kill me!”, he cried out with despair in his empty eyes. 

Endeavor laughed at the comment deeply, just before his face hardened once again, cold gaze singling in on the man and making him yelp in the process. “And now I’m about to kill you if you don’t cooperate.” The flame emitting man leaned down a bit and gripped the knife out of his holder once again, setting the sharp tip at the knuckle of the man’s little finger, the last one at his right hand. “Tell me who exactly came into your shop and asked for your suppliers base? Who wanted to know where you get your cargo from?”

The sobbing man winced at the question and let out another whimper, about to beg once more. 

The knife that dug into his skin made him gasp however right before another set of screams broke loose. Endeavor was merciless ever so slowly dragging his sharp knife through the skin, slicing through the flesh like butter, blood flowing freely from the hand and adding to the mess on the floor. As the weapon reached bone the shouted out quickly once again. 

“Three boys!! I’ve never seen them before, but they looked scary, especially the green haired one with those crazy determined eyes. They wanted to know about the Endeavor organization around the area”, the man sobbed out of pain and widely looked at the man holding the knife above his finger. “Right before they left I heard one of them mutter the name ‘All Might’, but that’s it! That’s everything I know, I swear!”

Endeavor suddenly let the knife fall from his hand and shot a burst of flames at the wall beside him with an unintelligible sound. “FUCKING ALL MIGHT!”

Shouto watched on in disinterest with bored eyes, not fazed by his father’s outburst the slightest since it was a rather daily occurrence. 

“Please Endeavor, please...just let me go now...I told you all I know”, the small voice of the tied up guy reached the flame engulfed man. 

“Of course”, he just said while flames still touched the wall and ceiling. 

Before the man could cry out thankfully though, Endeavor added one more sentence. 

“Shouto, you know what to do.”

With that the teen stepped forward for the first time since entering the room, icy look still prominent on his face and right hand already tingling from his quirk, He knew perfectly what his father expected of him now, having gone through the ordeal too many times to count now. This was a direct order. 

Blending out the man’s pleads and begs Shouto kept advancing until he stood a few feet away from the growing puddle of blood underneath the guy’s chair. 

A quick move of Shouto’s hand and  ice suddenly appeared, neatly stabbing the man through the chest. Red tainted white and the boy could only hear faint gasps now, the man quickly being on his way of bleeding out. 

Shouto felt nothing as he looked at the ice pierced corpse sitting in the chair, the cold dead eyes still gazing at him and a few twitches to be seen here and there. 

It was easy like always. 

The sudden hand on his shoulder made him look up from the corpse. “I want you to investigate the area of the man’s shop. It’s at the border of our territory”, Endeavor said seriously, flames nearly touching Shouto. “Don’t mess this up, boy.”

Shouto nodded wordlessly and turned around once again, making his way towards the door. 

“Think about your mother, Shouto. You want to see her again, don’t you?”

This made the teen tense up, glare setting on his face and fury burning inside his stomach. How dare he, that bastard. “Yes”, he forced out through his teeth. 

“Don’t disappoint me for once then.”

With that Shouto was out of the door, making his way towards the garage. 

He had a job to do. 


The cold breeze of the evening air nipped at Shouto’s clothes as he made his way down the streets. 

The area his father send him to was rather run down, nothing like the posh neighbourhood the headquarters were based in, littered with trash and only a few people still outside even though it was merely a quarter past seven. Everything just indicating that one preferably stayed inside when daylight dimmed and the darkness crept into every corner, erasing the made up mantel of security. Like that people avoided the night. 

Personally Shouto didn’t care much about the time of day. 

However he only has ever been at the edge of their territory a handful of times and back then only accompanied by Endeavor personally or one of his henchmen. Never alone before. 

It wasn’t his first solo mission, but even then he was tense, focused and body tingling with his quirk, being close to the surface at all times. Always at guard. No matter if he was still on Endeavor’s side of the city, danger, especially at the unofficial borders of the mafias, was always imminent.

The constant freezing pressure on his right side, a likely occurrence when he went outside, working a mission for his father, was what kept him focused. As if anchoring him to the very reason he even pushed himself to get up out of bed every morning again and again. The reason he did as he was told, not complaining out front, killing the people he was supposed to kill and taking the punches he earned after every training session. 

The image of the perfect weapon, the purpose as an successor was constantly on his mind. 

Because if not, if he wasn’t able to capture that image in the end, she would pay the price. 

He’d never see her again. 

Yet, the one thing Shouto simply couldn’t do, what mainly was the reason Endeavor always ended up leaving burns and bruises on his skin, was use his fire side, the side that boldly represented the man, his father. 

It was like an inner barricade, a wall that separated him from his left side, an inner turmoil he couldn’t figure out no matter how much he tried, how often he trained. He just couldn’t reach it. That part of himself was locked permanently, a situation Endeavor had no tolerance for. 

The man simply believed Shouto was merely rebelling to a certain part, an act of teenage stupidity and defiance, a behaviour his son had to lose quickly. Obviously not desiring to have another Touya situation at hand. 

Punishment was a daily lesson in that case. 

Shouto honestly didn’t really bother trying to explain his quirk situation in a serious matter, having accepted his father’s ignorance early on. And besides, as long as he was able to fight, use his ice side, the quirk of his mother, as well as he could, Endeavor’s anger was bearable. 

Which was also why he couldn’t slack off now. 

He had to gather as much information as he could, to find out about the weird happenings along the border. It was a bold move of the All Might organization, perhaps even the first step of them trying to take over some parts of his father’s territory, thus, increasing the importance of Shouto’s task that night. 

Walking through the dimly lit streets the boy listened carefully also while keeping his eyes sharp, looking out for anything remotely suspicious. His steps were light, not wanting to be too noticeable even though he tried to cover himself as much as he could. head hidden underneath a hoodie and dressed in all black. And to be totally honest it was rather boring, the heterochromatic boy sighed, scouting missions always were. Shouto’s rather got his hands bloody than aimlessly walking around in the cold. 

However, just as he passed a small alley his ears suddenly picked something up. Low voices. 

The teen swiftly hid behind the brick wall, only a few meters away from the muttering people, shoving his hands into his pockets to lean back against the stone wall he tried to blend in and pretend to be a harmless bystander, all while listening closely. 

“Now they even got Kobayashi, the most reliable seller in this dumb..”, a gruff sounding voice remarked lowly, clear annoyance to be heard. 

Shouto couldn’t hear the rest of the sentence, the added muttering way to quiet to be able to catch from such a distance. Thankfully though he didn’t need to to know he was close to a conversation of interest regarding his mission. It was the name, Kobayashi, that made him edge closer to the wall to try to hear anything else. The name of the guy he killed only a few hours ago, an image of red tainting white still present in his head, when the unforgiving ice pierced through the begging man. 

A small crash suddenly went off with a string of curses following promptly, all while the heterochromatic boy kept quiet, still pressed to the wall in anticipation. 

“The fuck man?! Be quiet for fucks sake, we don’t want the wrong people finding us here,” a new voice remarked in hushed whispers. 

The other man, still cursing, shook his bruised hand annoyed, the cause for the ruckus being a pile of wooden boxes he punched out of anger. “So?! Ya fucking stupid if you don’t think there isn’t a gang war going on in this area.” The man looked down with furrowed brows and clenched his other, non bruised fist at the thoughts crossing his mind. “Fucking Endeavor, fucking All Might. They’re all the same, power hungry and not caring a damn about anyone else. I’m so fucking sick of getting caught in the crossfire.”

The eyes of his friend widened at the raw honesty coming from the hurt man, not afraid to speak about the truth right out in the open and unbothered to the possible consequences. “Pssst dude! Are you out of your damn mind?! You’ll get killed sooner or later if you keep talking shit about those organizations, they got their henchmen everywhere!”

The only answer he got, though, was a pissed off eye-roll and shook off the man’s head at the warning. 

“Whatever. I don’t give a shit about those people, they dare come close to me and I’ll kill ‘em.”

“First we need to find a new weapons dealer, we’re easy targets just with our quirks,” the other man sighed tiredly. 

“Yeah yeah. I’m aware. If you don’t have a flashy quirk you’re useless and disposable, no matter on which side you’re playing.”

Shouto could only agree silently, hidden behind the brick wall. Your social status was simply dependent on the quirk that manifested when you were four, money and family status following closely.  

Strong quirks opened all doors for those who possessed them. Schools, jobs, being a hero or a villain. People with barely noticeable powers could never achieve as much as others and were honestly an easy target for organizations like his father’s. Easy to manipulate, to recruit and to kill. 

The boy breathed out coldly, his quirk he was low key using the whole time for protection, already getting to him. A prominent shiver struck the teen and he was definitely glad he got some information and thus would be able to retreat home again, in hopes of just crawling into bed with no new bruises that night. 

There was hoping that maybe his father would be sated with the completed mission. All Might’s gang was plotting something at the borders, that much sure now and would certainly set his father on fire out of rage. 

But before Shouto could quietly turn around and disappear into the shadows once again a new voice halted his shivering movements. 

“Man, that’s not manly dude, risking your friends life like that.”

The voice sounded young, clear and perhaps even delighted, so very different from the other men in the alley. It made the teen tense immediately. Something wasn’t right. 

The bickering men stopped abruptly as a new figure stepped out of the shadows slowly. A young boy, barely eighteen if they had to guess, with red spiky hair, a bare torso and wearing the widest grin they’ve seen around the area, like a kid who just discovered a secret candy stash. It was unsettling, the whole picture of a boy grinning at them all out of sudden. 

“..W-what the fuck?! Who the hell are you kid?!”, one man stammered nervously. 

The other one rubbed his bruised fist before crossing his arms across his chest with a hard glare. “Piss off before we kill you boy. You don’t wanna mess with grown men, especially half naked. So get the fuck lost already!”

Silence. Nobody moved after the threatening words came out. Both men watched the kid carefully, all while getting more tense the more minutes passed. 

The red haired boy on the other hand couldn’t stop his grin from getting wider, amused at the words that came out of the tall man’s mouth. They clearly underestimated him, thinking he was just a normal kid out at night, how wrong they were though. He loved mission like these, the thrill of mouthing off to grown adults, his targets just waiting to be killed, to be sliced through with his hardened fists. 

His quirk, his hardening, was the most useful weapon out in the streets. Silent, non suspicious, a killing blow no one would see coming. 

“Since you trash talked my boss I’ll let you decide who I am, how about that dude?”, the boy answered with twinkling eyes and smile still prominent on his face as he slowly stepped forward, moving closer to the other men. 

Both pair of eyes widened instantly at the comment, mind going haywire at the implication. That boy, that fucking kid, worked for one of the gangs, for All Might or Endeavor. They fucked up, both knew that right away. 

The man with the bruised hand raised his arms as to shield himself from the ever advancing grin. “Kid, look, I was angry. It’s rough on the streets these days and now our dealer was taken, probably dead already, it’s just natural to let off some steam. Nothing personal boy!” 

He looked as his friend with desperate eyes as the boy didn’t answer and just kept walking closer, though, his friend was frozen to the spot, a shiver running down his spine at the situation.

The boy calmly reached the two men with an everlasting grin, nearly hypnotizing the both with his friendly, forthcoming and trusting face. Such a brutal contrast to his chilling words and the connection to a feared gang. It was so very misleading. 

A chuckle reached their ears as a pair of red eyes settled on them. “Nah it’s alright dude, I totally get what you mean,” the red haired boy answered easily, eyes crinkling at the corners.

Both men breathed out in relief, but as soon as the comfort came it vanished, swallowed up by a painful gasp. 

It all happened so fast and the next thing the man with the bruised fist knew was a spiking pain in his abdomen, making his knees go weak from the sheer force. Slowly looking down he spotted a red, seeping spot on his grey shirt. Blood. Spluttering at the sight he quickly lost balance and landed on the ground, only being able to watch on as the red mess grew and his hands desperately clinging at his shirt. 

It was over. 

The boy smirked at the bleeding man, half of the job done already. Wiping his bloody mess of a hand on his black pants, a habit he never truly got rid off to the horror of his friends, he turned sideways to face the other men who was watching his friend bleed out on the floor with panicked eyes. 

Without having any time to run the kid was already charging at the speechless guy with sharpened fists. Screams could be heard as he punched right through the man’s abdomen, a similar wound appearing like his friend’s the man screeched into the dark night sky, the immense pain making his eyes flash white. Blood spilled everywhere as the kid bore through the skin of the dying man with his quirk. Disgusting, really, but also part of the job. 

A few minutes later only a low whimper escaped from the bleeding man, his friend already dead and the boy looked down at the mess with a finishing smile. Now information couldn’t be leaked anymore and he could finally return back to the headquarters. 

Shouto listened to the whole ordeal with wide eyes. He was naturally accustomed to the sounds of death and destruction and could tell what was happening right away without having to actually witness the scene. Dying scream and the sound of spilling blood have been burned into his memories very early in his life and as sad as it sounded, he wasn’t fazed one bit. 

No, the only thing that kept him on edge were the words of the boy. ‘Trash talked my boss’, he had to be a part of one gang and since Shouto was sure his father wouldn’t send other men this way, getting in the way of his mission, the person who killed the two had to be on All Might’s side. 

The enemy. 

Shouto had to get out of there quickly. 

He was sure he could take on the guy but it wasn’t like he was asking for a fight and rather prepared to stay in the shadows, no one knowing he was there. 

His luck though apparently was running out as he heard footsteps approaching him, the guy probably on the way to exit the narrow alley. 

The heterochromatic boy was trapped. If he moved now he sure was going to be seen by the guy, a fight the only way this could play out, but if he was quick enough he could perhaps sneak off into the other direction. Still, it was all risky and since he didn’t know anything of the guy’s quirk it was a gamble of survival at the moment. 

The footsteps got louder signaling he needed to act now. Quickly he turned away from the entry of the alley and walked close to the brick wall, away from the scene in hopes of making it before the guy reached the end of the alley. 

However, before he could even move into the desired direction a sudden shock ran through his body, making his limbs fall limply at his side as he tumbled to the floor with a painful grunt. His head was dizzy, a headache already forming, as he tried to figure out what the hell caused this. It was something he never felt before, like a lightning bolt that struck him out of the blue.

And if it weren’t already enough he could faintly feel a small sting at the back of his neck, which caused his mind to get even more foggy than before. He was losing his sight, blinking at the spinning ground and trying to move his body. His arms, his muscles, anything, just to get out of this mess. 

Yet his struggling couldn’t hold on forever and tiredness soon washed over Shouto, coaxing him to close his eyes for good. 

You’re such a fucking failure, aren’t you? Can’t get anything right, can you? Failure of a son. A fucking disgrace. 

With that his eyes rolled back into his head, taking him under completely. All while thinking about his failed mission and his father’s anger. The faint laughter in the background accompanied his thoughts as if mocking him, while Shouto soon fell into a restless and unwilling sleep. 

“Dude, look! I caught a bug!”, a shrill voice yelled from the rooftop of a house near the alley. He was smiling widely just like his counterpart who was just exciting the alley with gleaming eyes. 

At the sight of the passed out person on the ground the red haired boy’s eyes widened in surprise, their plan actually worked for once. 

“Kami! Bro you did it! I knew you could do it, man,” he beamed up at the blond with proud look on his face and gave him a thumbs up. 

The blond laughed at the gesture and swiftly got down from the building, a skip in his step as he reached his friend and the boy on the ground. 

“It’s all thanks to Hatsume really,” he explained as he pointed to the device on his arm with an awed expression. “Without her I wouldn’t be able to direct my lightening and set traps for other people to stumble into and her tranquilizer darts are just killer! Good thinking by the way to scout the area before killing the targets, otherwise we never would have noticed this shady guy lurking behind the wall!”

The guy in question was passed out on the ground, face squished against the concrete, hair covering his face partly and limbs lifelessly by his side. Like this he really didn’t look any older than the two boys, maybe even younger and if the red haired guy was being honest, fucking pretty as well. 

“He looks cute,” the half naked boy commented with a cocked head and drawn up eyebrows. Usually their victims were rather, well, off putting, nothing like that two coloured haired boy. 

The nod he received just proved his point as both boys stared at the unmoving figure with a deep interest. 

“Hahah dude, just wait until I tell Bakugou you said another boy was cute. Just imagine his pissed off face!”, the blond, Kaminari, snorted, always delighted at getting his friends into trouble. And, to be honest, he just loved causing trouble, an angry Bakugou was fun and Kaminari loved seeing his face getting red the more he shouted. Reality TV could never. 

Kirishima paled at the idea, not wanting another episode of a jealous Bakugou, not after the blond killed a guy the last time. He raised his hand and without another thought whacked the cackling blond across the head. “The hell, bro? Do you have a death wish?! Midoriya will kill him if he smites another guy without a proper reason.”

Kaminari winced at the impact but quickly recovered as another laugh escaped his lips. “The last guy had it coming though, the way he kept eyeing you in Bakugou’s present. And the way he killed the guy, hot damn, that man is creative!”, he exclaimed dreamily. 

“Bakugou is not only creative in the killing department, Kami,” the red haired boy added with a knowing grin as both squatted down on either side of a passed out Shouto.

“Eww gross! I don’t wanna know about your sex life, dude!”, he screeched dramatically. “You’re like my brother, bro.”

Kirishima only laughed at his friend’s antics and looked at the unconscious boy once again. “What should we do with him now?”, he questioned. It wasn’t like they’ve never caught a spying guy during their missions before, but he wasn’t on their killing list, in fact they’ve never seen such a face before. The only thing that really stood out and perhaps the only indication of the boy being in contact with some shady business was the big scar on the left side of his face. An angry red that marked his face. 

“Well, let's just take him with us. If he’s not of use after all he can still be killed, or used otherwise,” Kaminari offered with a shrug. “Man, I wonder what his quirk is!” With that the blond ran his fingers through the sleeping boy’s hair, eyes transfixed by the two coloured strands, which awfully reminded him of Christmas, now that he thought about it.  

The red haired boy hoisted the passed out teen up with the help of Kaminari and settled the limp weight into his arms. “We should probably get home, Midoriya must be waiting already and I sure hope he won’t be pissed that we brought a hostage with us,” he said and stepped forward, testing out the added weight in his arms. “How far away did you park?”

Kaminari scratched his head at the question bashfully and threw an awkward grin towards Kirishima. “Uh I might have wanted to make sure no one could follow us so I parked on our side of the border.”

The red haired boy shook his head at the answer and sighed. “Well, at least help me carry this guy, dude.”

“Sure thing, bro!”

Like that both boys vanished, taking an unaware Shouto with them. 


Shouto awoke with a pounding in his head, the worst headache he probably ever had so far. His limbs were tingling weirdly and his mind was foggy, like a big dark cloud that covered his memories, keeping him from remembering what happened. Slowly he tried to wiggle his fingers, but was quickly disappointed as his body didn’t listen to him at all and rather stayed still. 

Though, that wasn’t the worst part. If he concentrated he could clearly feel the absence of the familiar tingle on his right side, his quirk. No trace of ice could be felt on his skin, only the forming sweat due to the heat in the room that ran down his overheated body. His quirk was blocked, erased, which ultimately meant he was wearing some sort of quirk suppressor. 

Just my fucking luck, he thought bitterly and winced at the furious state his father must be in.   

 The boy had no clue where was and how much time has passed but he was certain there was only one organization that could have done this. 

All Might

He was in the dark, unable to move even the slightest bit, nor open his eyes and on top of that he was quirkless at the moment. All while being held by his family’s number one enemy. Great, it was just great the boy sighed tiredly. 

At least if he was lucky he would be killed and he’d never have to see his father again. Yet, his mother.. 

A few minutes passed and Shouto could slowly move again, his fingers finally able to stretch again, even though he was tied up as he soon realized after he opened his eyes with a wince. The room he was in wasn’t really bright but it was already plenty enough to make his head throb again, still influenced by the drugs in his systems, the ones that must have taken him out completely. 

Moreover his surroundings didn’t look promising, dirty and chapped walls the only thing he could see besides the hard chair he was sitting in and the heavy steel door in front of him. He couldn’t do anything but wait for something to happen. 

Thankfully his boredom soon came to an end when the door creaked open and was swiftly swung open with force. 

A person soon stepped into the room followed by a trail of smoke, an eerie atmosphere settled in the room at the sight of the manic grin the guy was wearing. 

It was a boy around Shouto’s age if he had to guess, still young, but eyes full of anger nevertheless. The intense stare he was receiving threw him off slightly and he prayed innerly for it all to end quick. 

“Well, well, well. Kiri wasn’t lying and really did bring me a present,” the boy with the blond disheveled hair sneered and walked up to a restrained Shouto after slamming the door shut once again, covering the room in darkness all over. 

The next thing Shouto heard was a loud bang as an explosion went off right next to the chair. His eyes widened at the startling noise while he looked for the source. Turns out the angry boy was the reason for the explosion, his stretched out hand emitting bits of smoke, his quirk no doubt. 

Bakugou laughed at the speechless face of the tied up boy, like usually, how all hostages reacted at first. “We’re going to have lots of fun half and half bastard. And while we’re at it you better tell me everything you know,” he grinned wildly, totally enjoying this part of the job the most. After all he was the best at interrogating their hostages. He just had a way of getting to people, to make them talk, a talent, really. “Won’t promise you’ll still be alive at the end.”

Like that, hours passed of the angry guy, Bakugou, screaming at Shouto for information while igniting explosion after explosion, combined with fists and hits all across the boy’s body. Shouto was pretty sure he would die like that, already pretty out of it from the aftermath of the drugs but now also beaten to a pulp and ears constantly ringing from the explosion. Even the burns across his uncovered skin were painful enough to nearly match the burns he always received from his father. 

Overall nothing he didn’t experience on a daily basis, probably the only reason he managed to stay quiet, to keep his mouth from spilling every secret his father had. 

A new kick to his side made the heterochromatic guy grunt in pain, all while the blond boy yelled in anger, probably frustrated to no end. 

“You shitty low life bastard! TELL ME WHAT YOU WERE DOING IN THAT FUCKING ALLEY!” 



Listening to the constant yells while packing away every punch Shouto soon couldn’t help himself but crack a slight smile at the loud words. What a joke this was. 

Bakugou stalled at the sudden reaction he received, the first facial change the guy offered him after being at it for over two hours now. A smile, a fucking smile. The dude really must have a dead wish, because no one fucking smiled at him just like that. 

Thus, the blond promptly pushed the chair over which made the boy fall on his back, face lined upwards, still wearing the small smile and bleakly blinking up at the sudden movement, the sudden shift in perspective. The foot that soon followed settled on his torso as it pressed down painfully, anything to get the hostage to stop smiling. Fucking extra he was, thinking he could sit there calmly as ever with a smile while Bakugou was trying to beat precious information out of him. 

The fucking nerve that dude had. 


But before Bakugou could angle his hand towards Shouto’s face the door swung open again, bathing the room in a dim light and halting the movements of the blond. 

“Stop Katsuki! The Boss still wants to see him,” a voice warned as another boy entered the room, running up to the both and looking at the blond intensely. 

Without another word Bakugou stared back into the all familiar eyes and tsked annoyed before retreating from the body on the ground. “Good fucking luck then, this fucker just won’t say anything. Deku can try all he wants,” he finally said and clenched his fist angrily. 

Warm hands settled on his face and made him look up again, to catch the proud face of Kirishima. Smooth fingers traced along the blond’s jaw as Bakugou glared at the other boy, a blush settling on his face despite his clear annoyance. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing shitty hair?”, Bakugou asked with a grumble. Leave it to Kiri to do this affection stuff in front of a hostage. 

The red haired boy smiled warmly at the expected question and beamed happily at the blond. “Just admiring your post torture features.” It was true, Kirishima kind of digged when his boyfriend got angry and dominating, so manly. 

Bakugou’s cheeks only got redder at the statement, but embraced the boy regardless, arms settling around his waist with a squeeze. 

The whole time Shouto was watching the scene with the utter most interest, amazed at the clear display of affection, the touching the guy, who wanted to seriously kill him a few minutes ago, allowed to happen. It was such a weird place and time for a couple to be all up against each other and now apparently also kissing. His brain couldn’t wrap around the idea.

Though, to be fair, it wasn’t like he witnessed many couples before. 

However it was all really interesting and Shouto kept his eyes trained on the both, the locked lips moving against each other like the most normal thing in the world. It stirred something deep inside the boy, something he wasn’t willing to think about. 

The open door suddenly slammed shut again catching all three off guard. 

Steps came closer, though Shouto couldn’t see the new figure in the room due to his position on the floor. The two boys next to him walked backwards at the sight of the new person that entered, hands now unwinded and mouths set into a firm line. 

This must be the boss both were talking about. 

A pair of dark dress shoes came to a stop beside Shouto’s head as a figure looked down at his bound form. 

The man, or rather boy, since weirdly all of them were the same age, peered down into Shouto’s eyes with an unreadable expression. He was wearing an expensive looking suit, sticking out from the rough atmosphere the room generally had and with a mess of green hair on top of his head. The wide green eyes that just screamed intelligence looked Shouto up and down, while he was rubbing his chin. 

Shouto felt highly uncomfortable, more so than he did when Bakugou beat him up. But the stare, the boy that stood above him emitted a weird aura of sheer power, something that chilled the bound boy to his bones. 

Despite his innocent appearance the boy still seemed scary and Shouto could only guess blindly what was now going to happen to him. 

Moments passed with the green haired boy analyzing the situation. No one spoke, no one dared disrupt the silence, even the grumbling blond who was standing at the sidelines. And then the boy finally spoke. 

“Looks like I found a new pet after all,” he grinned wickedly at the bound boy. 

Shouto starred up at him with wide eyes. What the hell had he gotten himself into? 


Chapter Text

The stench of blood was thick in the air, like a thick copper blanket that covered the room unforgiving. Even the dim light couldn’t cover up the mess in the middle of the room, the growing puddle of redness, the alarming colour could be spot nevertheless, accompanied with pitiful cries. Though the sight was nothing unusual, at least not in their line of work. 

Yet, no matter how frequently, it was always more gruesome, gory and loud whenever their boss was involved.

At least that was what Tenya Iida thought. 

As his personal bodyguard the young man has seen quite a bit of killing and sure at some point you get used to it, now he never flinched anymore when the first stab, hit, or blow went off. But his boss, Midoriya Izuku was, by all means, creative when it came to murder. 

Which, for one, made Iida’s position kind of unnecessary. His boss rarely used his quirk and the young man had only gotten a few glimpses of it a handful of times, but it was also not like the green haired boy needed it. Even without its displace, Midoriya was scarily intimidating and capable. Most of the time he either used weapons, in such a skillful way it was nearly hypnotizing or he simply let one of the organization loose on his victims. 

Midoriya had the power, authority and position to do as he pleased. 

Iida being his bodyguard was a mere need of formality in mafia hierarchy, a statement and, as far as the tall boy was aware, All Might personally requested such when the boy was introduced as the leader’s successor. Like that, Iida didn’t mind and took his job as serious as ever, made sure to scout every place they went to before his boss set foot into it, was always on guard whenever they were outside of their borders, his every lasting shadow, analyzing and ready to protect at all times. 

Reliable and persiliant. 

So he leaned back against the white tile covered wall, easy for blood removal, and watched things unfold with his arms crossed in front of his body and a neutral look on his face. 

And what a sight it was indeed.

The green haired boy was currently crouching next to his victim, tracing the tear streaked tears of the whimpering boy on the ground, nearly as if he was admiring the display of emotion, the heartbroken and terrorized look in the person’s eyes. 

A look mirroring the realization that he was never going to leave this room again, he was going to die here. 

A knife was still clutched in Midoriya’s right hand, dripping with a deep red, matching the seeping wound on the stomach next to him and the growing puddle beneath him. 

Other than the knife in his hand the green haired boy looked indifferent to the whole ordeal, merely staring intensely at the the person’s face, though without any emotion, no regret, no interest, however his stare weighted tons. As the bleeding figure could only pathetically stare back at those deep green eyes, pleading, trying to evoke anything inside the young man. Needless to say it was doomed from the start as Midoriya only silently traced the sharp object up his body and came to a stop at his throat.

“P-please d-don’t,” the young boy on the ground forced out through his trembling lips, squeezing his eyes shut at the sticky, cold pressure against his throat. 

Midoriya didn’t react to the words the slightest, not fazed with the sudden begging. After all it was only a primal human instinct, the fear of dying, of the unknown. That didn’t make it any less annoying in his eyes regardless. 

He hated beggars who were just trying to escape the inevitable.

Especially when he already made up his made to kill the boy. 

Clicking his tongue disapprovingly he only pressed the knife closer, drawing a thin line of blood from the impact and making his victim whimper even more so. Pure terror was rising in those blank, brown eyes and the powerful boy took it all in. 

“Say Iida,” he drawled with an even voice, not taking his eyes from the boy. “How many have it been the last two months?”

The bodyguard straightened up at the direct question simply out of reflex and answered with a firm tone. “Including this one, the third so far.”

A small smirk spread on Midoriya’s face, the first emotion he has shown so far at this point and still it only made the boy under him freeze up out of terror even more so. 

“That’s right,” the green haired boy hummed, now face hardening again and knife just so slightly pressing closer as he lowered himself down right next to the boy’s ear, the perfect view of his shaking and pale lips, blood coating them in the most enthralling way. It really was too easy like this. 

“You see,” he began with a dark voice. “As a matter of fact you’re nothing special. Replaceable just like the boys that came before you. If anything feel humbled that I had fun with you before killing you, not everyone is given such an opportunity. But frankly, you’re boring.” 

Slowly etched the sharp weapon deeper into the forming cut on the boy’s throat as desperate sobs started up once again, new tears forming in the dull eyes, making their way down his pale cheeks and catching on the silver of the knife. It was probably a sad sight. Yet Midoriya couldn’t seem to care less. He had things to do, people to see and taking care of his toy shouldn’t take this long. 

Fuck, the other boys weren’t such whimps. 

The struggling figure looked at Midoriya terrorized, eyes welling with more tears as the pain grew more intense the more seconds passed, though at this point he wasn’t sure which part of his body hurt more. It was all twirling together into a huge mess of agony, settling inside of him while he could do nothing but watch. The guy was as terrifying as everyone had speculated, cold blooded, calculating and fearless. 

He was naive to think he’d make it out of there alive. 

Midoriya let out a sigh at the sobbing mess underneath him. They all had the same expression right before the end, the terror, the desperation written all over their faces while they could only cry like the weaklings they were born as. 

God, those toys really took the fun out of killing. 

“I hate boring,” the green haired boy stated simply. 

With that he quickly sliced through the tissue of the boy’s neck. Blood appeared immediately, seeping and shooting from the arteries as the victim choked desperately with wide eyes, though already knowing this was it, the end. 

Midoriya got up again, knife carelessly tossed next to the dying boy with a soundable tsk of his mouth. Looks like he had to get changed after all. Great, just great. Wiping his hands on his clearly ruined suit, his trademark appearance, he turned around with a fed up sigh and meet the gaze of his trusted bodyguard and friend, Iida. 

The man had his usual stoik stature and serious look on his face, always the reliable guy he was, the green haired boy could always count on him. 

“What was it about a suspicious man Kirishima and Kaminari caught?” he asked with a quirked eyebrow, already having something else on his mind and not even thinking about the guy he just killed seconds ago. This was business, his job. 

“Bakugo is questioning him while we speak. We’re not sure if he’s part of Endeavor’s organization but I’m certain we'll get to the bottom of the guys’s background soon,” Iida declared swiftly. 

A nod was the only thing he received as the other boy walked over to the door with powerful strides and a firm, interested look in his eyes. “In that case I’ll have a look myself, before Kacchan has killed him.” 

His oldest friend had quite a bad temper, that being a big understatement at that. Plain aggressive behavior, paired with a powerful explosion quirk, was the better way to describe Kacchan, though in their line of work it was rather useful, which consequently made Bakugou Katsuki one of their most skillful men. His intimidating and loud demandor had cracked nearly every enemy of their organization so far and those Kacchan wasn’t able to convince, well, in that case Midoriya let Bakugou free to do whatever he wanted to those suspects. 

Screams being heard inside the walls of their headquarters was a daily occurrence, as was spilled blood. 

In that way his old dear friend Kacchan was truly an artist in his own rights. 

Such a skillful killer. 

Consequently the mafia heir liked to check brought in suspects himself before they bleed out in their interrogation rooms. These days you couldn’t be more careful. With Endeavor’s rumoured uprising at their borders and the many people that went missing even in their territories he had to make sure, try to find any lead he could and hopefully gain control over the situation. 

Control, it was the most important aspect of life and Midoriya wasn’t waiting around until it slipped from his hands. 

All Might entrusted him with the organization. 

He wouldn’t disappoint his boss, no matter what. 

Like that, with quick steps he marched down the corridors of their main building, Iida right behind him, already having called someone to clean up the mess his boss left behind. The young man had his eyes set firmly, ignoring the many polite bows of the people he walked past, their dropping gazes and tense posture when coming across him. Even though it filled him with power, seeing all those men and women submit to his presence, he had other things on his mind. 

And besides, people being scared of him didn’t faze him at all anymore. 

Soon the pair reached the interrogation room, one of the high security ones in the basement of the spacious building. Listening to the loud screams and explosions going off behind the trusty steel door Bakugou must have already been dealing with the person for quite a while. 

“Oh, boss! Over here, take a look. This one is holding up admirably well against Bakugou.”

A red haired young man peeked his head out of another door, the room next to the interrogation room equipped with a glass wall, for people to keep watch of the situation inside. 

Midoriya entered the room and nodded at the figure who was bowing to him. Kirishima Eijiro, another one of their most trusted men, also belonging to their inner circle. He joined the organization roughly two years ago, wielding a quirk the green haired boy took an interest in right away. Hardening, as simple as it sounded it was also one of the most effective and silent ways to kill, making Kirishima rise to be top candidate when it came to mission outside their ranges. 

Besides that it was also rather interesting to see how easy to handle Kacchan was around the red haired man. He had a great positive impact on the people around him, Midoriya really had to give him that. 

“How long has Kacchan been going at it now?” he asked while his eyes were traced on the slumped figure on the chair. Red and white hair covered the person’s face as he took every punch and burn the explosive blond had to offer. 


“Nearly an hour now, and man the dude is tough, boss! Doesn’t even flinch whenever Katsuki burns him, it’s really impressive,” Kirishima drawled on with an excited look on his face, eyes sparkling with glee and mouth set into a wide grin. As usual. 

Midoriya hummed at the reply and crossed his arms while his eyes tried to analyze the sight in front of him. Interesting indeed. Kacchan’s burns were painful, he had to admit it. So the missing reaction was weird and while it couldn’t be a quirk related phenomenon it could only mean the subject had a weirdly high pain tolerance.  

Which spiked the green haired man’s interest even more so. He was intrigued, something that rarely happened. 

Just as Bakugou released another powerful blow of explosions, knocking the bound boy over to the floor roughly, Midoriya made up his mind. 

“I want to see him.”

Kirishima looked amused at the statement and quickly scattered off, into the interrogation room to stop his boyfriend from murdering the subject before their boss could inspect him himself. God, he loved the excitement and was curious what Midoriya might do to the boy. 

Bakugou luckily calmed down quite easily, for his standards that was and all thanks to Kirishima’s influence, the only person who could pull the blond away without getting something blown up in his face or told to die. Like that Kirishima truly was god sent. 

Both then finally stepped back as the green haired man entered, silence covering the room. Their eyes were trailed on the suspect in the middle, Kirishima full on smiling as usual and Bakugou scowling at being interrupted so suddenly, anticipating what might happen in the next few minutes and hands intertwined.  

Midoriya slowly stepped into the room, black expensive shoes making audible sounds on the white, or rather former white, tiles on the floor, announcing his arrival. Despite his lacking height the shadow that fell across the room, caused by the light from the hallway, was intimidating nonetheless, covering the space in a new, chilling atmosphere. 

His stare was set on the person bound to the chair and currently lying on his back, face turned upwards, which let the green eyes boy take a closer look at him at last. 

To be totally clear it wasn’t often that he was taken aback, nonetheless was it because of other people and their appearance. He has had his fair share of sexual encounters and the amount of beautiful men and women around him on a daily basis was a sense of normality. 

Until his eyes caught close sight of the boy. 

This was something else entirely, something the young man had never felt before. It was exciting, stirring something deep inside of him at the image in front of him, the beaten figure on the ground. 

Inappropriate thoughts were beginning to swarm his mind and Midoriya could already feel the faint hint of a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. 

Interesting indeed. 

The man was enthralling, beautiful, and unfazed by the whole ordeal around him. His exotic appearance, the mix of white and red of his hair and his sharp facial features with the smoothest and fair skin Midoriya has ever laid eyes on was pulling him in effortlessly. The boy was perfect. Even his noticeable scar on the right side of his face was, in a sense, only playing into the whole powerful look, matching in colour with the redness of his hair. And as Midoriya got closer he could even spot the difference of his eye colour as heterochromic eyes looked at him wordlessly. What a sight!

He had to have him, there was no other way. 

“Looks like I found a new pet after all,” he grinned wickedly down at the boy, who was staring back at him bewildered. 

Yeah, he would be bored pretty soon without a pet and it was nearly like faith presented him with a new one just like that, out of generosity. And who could decline such an offer?

Before getting to the fun part though, he had to make sure of a few things beforehand. 

And then he could have him. 

“Let’s see what you’re made of, shall we?”


Everything happened so quickly after the intimidating boy entered the room and Shouto wasn’t even sure anymore if his head was only spinning from the angry blond’s hits or the quick movements around him. 

His head was still pounding painfully, a throbbing the boy could only hope would fade in a few days. Not like he wasn’t used to the feeling of constant pain that crept up his body during the day, so it really wasn’t his main concern. 

Rather it was the green haired guy, or teen? 

Whatever he was, Shouto could easily pick up the rare and strong sense of power coming off of him. Probably someone important around the organization, as far as the reaction from the two guys, red spikey hair and angry jerkface was. 

So the intense gaze he received, the green twinkle in the guy’s eyes, was especially worrisome. As was the fact that he was suddenly dragged off somewhere unknown with a tight grip on his arm thanks to the red haired boy and the looming presence of the blond leading them down the bright hallway, they passed several doors and corners, changing directions in a way that made his head spin even more. It was pretty annoying.  

Secretly Shouto hoped he would just be thrown in a cell, not being bothered and able to sleep the whole day off. He would rather deal with everything after a good nap, this whole situation was simply tiring to no end. 

As expected he naturally also thought of his father, Endeavor, who was probably cursing out his name at the moment for being late, Shouto could only roll his eyes at the thought and image of his rage filled father as he set his office on fire with impatience. Though truthfully the boy wasn’t entirely sure how he’d react when finding out he was nowhere to be found. 

Would he explode even more? Think that his son merely ran off when given the chance, leaving behind his legacy, just like his brother, just like Touya? 

Would he- would he look for him? Even worried?

Shouto immediately shook his head. It was wishful thinking after all, the audacity he had to actually, for one mere moment, to believe Endeavor would be anything but angry. It was stupid.  

And admittedly it wasn’t like he wanted Endeavor to act like a real father all out of the blue. Not after over fifteen years of pain, agony and disappointment. Frankly Shouto couldn’t give another damn at this point in his life, even if for some miracle the man suddenly decided to act like the father of the year.

Realizing he was actually stuck there, at the headquarters of his family’s rival mafia with no one who’d come and rescue him, all on his own. Shouto felt nothing but confusion. How was he supposed to feel? Yeah, being shoved around by random people wasn’t pleasant but as much as it restricted him it was freeing in a way. 

The first time he was away from the watchful eyes of his demanding father for longer than a few hours. 

However the only thing, that really kept on bothering him, which wasn’t the swearing blond boy in front of him, was the missing tingle of his right side. His quirk, a part of him. He’d like to have that back, as a reminder at least. 

“Hey, half and half freak!” the figure in front of him suddenly declared with a sneer as the three of them reached a metal, grand door. The blond quickly jammed some sort of car inside a slot, which blinked green before finally sliding open swiftly. 

“Stop looking around like a damn dead fish, it’s fucking annoying!”

The red haired boy beside him laughed lightly at the command, probably pretty much used to the rough behaviour of the other one and firmly pushed the heterochromiac boy towards, leaving no room for an argument. They entered the room and Shouto winced at the bright, white light blinding him from the ceiling, all while a shriek sounded off close to them. 

Quick footsteps could be heard, accompanied by another excited squeal, just as a figure appeared in front of the three of them, eyes immediately catching on the heterochromatic boy in the middle. 

“Ohhh you brought me a new one already! How exciting,” the pink haired girl exclaimed with a twinkle in her eyes as she swiftly walked up to Shouto, stopping a few centimeters in front of him and starring him up and down with a small hum while she stroked her chin. 

The red and white haired boy stood silently, though with a slight quirked eyebrow at the happy sounds coming from the girl, who was now standing on her tiptoes, raising her hands eagerly to try and touch his hair. So far this has been the strangest situation of the day, if the boy was honest. How many weird people did All Might have working for him? 

“AHH and such a pretty one at that!!”

“I know right,” the red haired guy on his right laughed and finally let go of him. 

A growl then went off from his left just as the blond dude let off an explosion, startling merely Shouto as the others were familiar with his sudden mood changes. He quickly strode over to an already apologizing Kirishima, with a frown on his face. 

“What the FUCK did you just agree on?!” he sneered once more, taking hold of the red haired boy’s shoulders with a firm grasp and pulling him closer with a domineering attitude. 

Kirishima just smiled sweetly while holding up his hands in defense. He simply hardened his skin were Bakugou’s hands were starting to burn lightly and slowly trailed his arms upwards, around the blond’s neck as he stared into his eyes. “Katsuki, calm down, it was just my objective opinion, no need to worry here,” he explained calmly, pretty much used to his boyfriend’s jealous antics by now. 

It never bothered him though, it was quite of nice actually, knowing how possessive his lover was. 

“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, SHITTY HAIR. DON’T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT!” Then he pressed Kirishima’s face against his neck, forcefully but also making sure he wasn’t being too rough. “You’re mine,” he grumbled with a glare now directed at a confused looking Shouto. 

The boy indeed was watching the whole ordeal with wide eyes, all while trying to ignore the pink haired girl who was now full on stroking his hair, letting out a few comments here and there. 

“Oh wow. Say, did you colour your hair like that? If so which one is your natural hair colour, or did you go full on rebellious teenager, who couldn’t decide on one dye and simply went all crazy with your hair? No matter what, you certainly did a splendid job with the accuracy,” she rambled on with a glint in her eyes, pressing down on his shoulders to nudge him downwards slightly, all to get a better look. “You’re really half and half, how interesting!!”

Like that she abruptly stopped her inspection of the newcomer, all to Shouto’s relief who let out a sigh at being to able to stand normally again, without another person staring at him, nearly as if he was a lap experiment. Then the pink haired girl turned around, walking across the room to a metal table, covered by several devices and other things, Shouto couldn’t seem to name. 

“Bakugou, stop being a little bitch,” the girl commented simply, tinkering with a weird, metal looking device, if Shoto had to guess. 

The blond stopped his actions and whirled around, face full of rage as he was ready to charge forwards, though at the last second his boyfriend held up his arm in front of him. It stopped Bakugou in his tracks, as ineffective as it looked from afar and Kirishima leaned close to him to whisper something into his ear. Which appear to work as the blond calmed down immediately, though still a frown on his face. 

Both boys next to him stepped away from each other, although Bakugou now glaring at the girl and Kirishima taking a hold of Shouto once again, dragging him along towards the girl at the table, all while still having a smile plastered on his face. 

Shouto began to wonder if the red haired boy could do anything else but smile, it was nearly like the blond, who was apparently his lover, could only do the opposite and scowl at everything. Weird. 

“Stop saying shit and start doing your job, Hatsume.”

The girl laughed at the words but didn’t offer a reply and merely kept working as she hummed thoughtfully. 

“Midoriya send us, you know the drill. He needs a quirk suppressor beforehand, the drugs won’t work for much longer,” Kirishima offered and simultaneously grasped the arm he was holding even tighter, as if warning the boy wordlessly. 

Shouto on the other hand could feel alarm bells ringing off in his mind. Quirk suppressor. He knew of them, of course he did. It was a way of controlling people, stopping them from using their powers at will and also forcing them to use their quirks when required. The part of you, something you were born with, would be taken from you, like a control switch. Only the holder would be another person, who would be able to take full control of your powers, just like that. 

The boy could feel cold sweat forming on his skin, the hairs of the back of his neck standing up as the situation took shape in his mind. Of course, he should have been able to see it coming. 

Before he could move his left arm though, to try to shake off the red haired guy, another pair of hands was holding him forcefully.


“It’s happening either way, better stop exhausting yourself uselessly.”

He tried to kick his legs out, anything to throw the two guys off of him but as much as he hated it, he was still affected by the drugs, the beating he received just ten minutes ago and the headache throbbing against his skull did nothing to help the situation. Ignoring his pathetic struggles he was roughly pushed over the cold surface of the table Hatsume was still working at. Both boys put their weights on his backside, effectively securing his body beneath them.

At this point Shouto could only curse out his weak body but eventually fall still on the table. 

What would his father say now if he saw him like that? 

He’d probably get the beating of his life time and kiss goodbye the possibility to ever see his mother again. 


A tingle ran down his spine as a cold pressure touched his warm neck. He looked down, face missing of any emotion and mouth drawn into a tight line. A click sounded off as the metal collar finally enclosed his neck, cutting off any hopes he might have had deep inside of him. 

This was it. He was stuck for now. 

“There, doesn’t even look that bad if you ask me,” Hatsume smiled sweetly, nearly as if she didn’t just take his quirk away. “Then again, none of my babies would ever make you look bad,” she winked finally and pat his head before leaving to work on another project. 

Kirishima smiled at the boy who was slowly sitting up again, now with the quirk suppressor collar proudly around his neck. It would surely please the boss. 

“Now, let’s keep going! We don’t wanna keep the boss waiting!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes at the comment, but shoved Shouto forwards anyway, if for Midoriya who was waiting on the boy or just the sweet act of tormenting their hostage. The second one for sure. “You look even more pathetic and stupid than before, fuckface.” 

Kirishima grinned as his boyfriend and the collared boy passed the doorway. Sending a grateful smile towards their hardworking tech expert accompanied by a bow. “Thank you Hatsume, you’re amazing!” 

Joyful laughter could be heard right before the metal doors swung close behind them with an audible beep.

Shouto’s mind was glazed over, not taking in the surroundings around him at all and solely being able to focus on the squeezing material around his neck. It was foreign, distracting and just depressing. The tingling sensation of his ice, he really wasn’t sure at this point if he were ever able to feel it again. 

Perhaps if he could cry maybe he would have at the realization. 

But he could only stay still, legs moving on its own accord and thoughts running a mile in his head, even though he couldn’t form any coherent idea on what to do. He was helpless.  

Soon enough both guys on either side of the heterochromatic boy came to a stop again in front of a big metal looking door, which they quickly opened and stepped through. Pulling a still dazed hostage with them, Bakugou was already cursing out loud again, blaming everyone for having to put up with such a lazy peppermint bitch. Kirishima, however, was nearly jumping up and down from excitement, clearly pumped for the big event that was to take place just about now. 

Hopefully the depressed looking boy would deliver nonetheless. A good show was, as surprising as it was, mostly rare inside the building. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll do great!” Kirishima declared as they reached their destination at last, the entrance of their very own quirk testing arena. 

“Let’s just get this fucking over with, I’m starving and I don’t want to spend more of my time with that bastard,” Bakugou sneered with an annoyed tone, earning a sigh from his boyfriend in the process. 

Shouto, in fact, could only faintly hear the sounds of the blond asshole and the smiling redhead. His thoughts were still all over the place, mostly due to the collar. Yet a sudden push and the sound of a door banging shut behind him brought him back to reality at the last moment. 

The other boys were gone and Shouto now stood inside an empty, dark grey room, the silence reaching him ever so quickly and washing over his clustered mind, straining his attention from the collar for the time being. 

His dual coloured eyes wandered around the new space. The room was rather big, equipped with high ceilings, and bright, at least in comparison to the hallways he has been dragged through the past few minutes. Tough, strange however was the fact that it was completely empty, no furniture, no traces of any objects, nor could Shouto spot any windows or walls. Just four walls around him. Even the door he must have been shoved through was gone, as if he just randomly appeared in the middle of the room. 

It was strange. 

Perhaps it was his cell for the time being. Still, as a person who grew up in a mafia organization himself it was unheard of cells to be this big in size, wasted space for imprisoned subjects. So clearly he was there for some kind of purpose or whatever they wanted of him now. 

As a matter of fact the heterochromatic boy really just wanted to sleep now, close his eyes and forget this day ever happened. Forget about the stupid collar he was forced to wear and go back home, no matter how furious and disappointed Endeavor would be. 

So like that he simply leaned against the sturdy wall behind him and slowly sank down until he was sitting on the cold and hard floor beneath his feet, trying to get as close to the rest he so deeply desired at the moment. As he blinked up at the dull ceiling he carefully reached up with his bruised hands. Long fingers came in contact with cool and smooth metal, nearly soothing at the touch, though Shouto could only sigh deeply. 

It was futile. 

A collar like the one around his neck wasn’t easy to break and quite impossible without a quirk. And since he was currently quirkless his situation seemed more hopeless the more time passed. 

All the training, the hours of torturous work and he couldn’t seem to think of any ideas on how to escape the grasp of All Might. 

Leaning his head back against the wall he closed his eyes, hands falling back into his lap just as a sudden shiver ran up his back, making the boy snap his eyes open at the shock. 

It wasn’t the shiver, no. Rather it was the accompanied tingle on his left side, the familiar feeling of his ice powers, making themselves noticeable again. Right away Shouto held up his arm and watched in relief as shimmering and enthralling crystals formed on his bruised skin, creating a glaze of frost. 

Just to make sure, he reached up with his other arm and soon he still came in contact with the smooth texture of a functional collar. So they activated his quirk as it seemed. 

Like a switch the collar’s suppressor must have been deactivated, which let him use his quirk freely again. 

A relief, really, but at the same time it was just as suspicious. 

Quickly Shouto’s sharp eyes trailed along the room. It was still spotless, empty and with no sign of any activity. Sharp senses, concentrated on his regained flow of power through his body, he hesitated but then decided not to use his powers at the moment, even though he deeply desired to. 

If anything there must be a certain reason they deactivated the collar and Shouto really liked to find out what would happen if he did the exact opposite of what they so clearly wanted him to do. What else was his enemy capable of?

Turns out he didn’t have to wait long and after merely two minutes he found out. 

A piercing scream tore itself from his mouth, more out of surprise than of pain. The collar, he just grew to hate even more, was the cause of his reaction. Electrical shocks shot from the device like lightning bolts, agonizing as it sounded, though the worst part was how his powers reacted towards the extreme stimulation. 

The tingle in his left side flared up immediately and the boy couldn’t even blink fast enough until ice was shooting from his arm, covering one corner of the room in thick frost. Eyes wide, a panicked look on his face, Shouto couldn’t catch on fast enough before his other side began to react. 

The side he never used, his despised half, the powers he never asked to have. 

However at the moment Shouto could only look on in horror as a small flame appeared in his hand and steadily grew to a blazing fire along his arm, the perfect contrast to his freezing side. 

“ No, no ,no…,” he muttered before he even realized that he opened his mouth, to enthralled by the rising heat. 

This was never supposed to happen.

He swore he would never use this side of him again.

Swore he wouldn’t make her sad anymore.

The flames traveled up his side steadily and all Shouto could feel was his aching scar as he thought how desperately he just wanted to end it all. He finally wanted to stop hurting.  


Green eyes traced on the figure in the room twinkled with glee at the displace of ice covering nearly half the room. 

Promising was all Midoriya could think with a slow, wicked grin that spread on his lips. All the possibility with such a quirk, the distances the power could reach, the force behind such an attack. It was perfect. The green haired boy’s mind already planned out all the fun he could have with the pretty boy. 

A new guard dog. 

How fitting for his newest pet. 

“ICE POWERS?! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!” The loud and ecstatic voice of Kaminari traveled through the room, which was right above the arena, naturally equipped with a one way see through floor. 

“Dude,” the grinning blond pulled at the sleeve of the person standing beside him. “Next snowball battle I want him on my team!”

The purple haired boy with deep bags under his tired looking eyes, not fazed at all by the ball of energy hanging off his arm, merely watched the figure closely. “Must belong to one powerful family line,” he commented bleakly. 

“Oh man,” the blond began to whine. “People with elemental powers are just so badass, don’t you agree Hitoshi? They can just WHOSH and BAM people across the room like it’s no biggie!!” 

Shinsou sighed at the increasing pull at his arm, internally asking himself why he decided to accompany Kaminari to the quirk testing arena. Truthfully he probably could have thought of something better to do, but somehow he always had a hard time saying no to the annoying blond. 

Brainwashing powers and somehow he always let himself be persuaded by Kaminari.  

“Kaminari, you have the power to control electricity, that’s-”

“Of course you wouldn’t get it!” he complained again, though accompanied by a mischievous grin while he slapped Shinsou’s shoulder, who could only wince at the action, looking even more exhausted than before. “Electricity is by all means a made up concept, just like math, which we all know isn’t real!! But ice, water, earth, fire, it all seems like so much fun!! Man I wish-”

“You two,” the powerful and even voice of their superior suddenly interrupted their conversation. “Cut it out and watch.”

Both boys straightened up their posture at the comment, immediately falling silent, in Kaminari’s case that was and looked downwards at the arena. And what they saw made both of them tremble. 

“Turns out my dear guest is a duel quirk user, who would have thought,” Midoriya said with an amused expression, eyes twinkling at the image presented to him.   

The boy in fact was not only freezing half of the space, no, his other side was emitting a strong and blazing fire. Two exact opposites combined in one person, it really was Midoriya’s lucky day wasn’t it? Having someone this pretty and powerful, with such an unique quirk, presented to him on a silver platter. What an absolute delight!

He would shape him into the weapon he had longed for ever since. 

The scary grin on his face only grew wider as more ideas bloomed inside his head, it was enthralling, seeing the boy down there wield his two quirks, like an eternal dance between elemental powers. Yes, his mind was definitely set now. 

His finger pressed a button on the small remote in his hand and soon enough the boy fell to his knees, ice and flames having stopped and finally collapsed to the floor. He was obviously exhausted. But that was fine, for now, until Midoriya would take on his personal training, as well as his special training. 

“I expect the boy in my office in ten minutes. Get him ready and don’t waste any time,” the green haired boy called out towards the people in the room and quickly stood up from the expensive couch to make his way towards the door. “I’m quite giddy to try him out after all.”

With that their boss left the room, leaving a still gasping mess in the form of Kaminari and Shinsou behind. 

“W-what-” the blond tried to form words, not even able to take his eyes of the weird guy lying on the floor. 

Shinsou exhaled slowly and wordlessly went towards the door, on the way to retrieve the boy like his boss ordered. He wouldn’t take the chance to annoy the guy. “Let’s get going.” 

“But-,” Kaminari exclaimed helplessly, gesturing towards the heterochromatic boy exasperated. “WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY?!”

Getting no answer however, the blond quickly let out a string of curses and promptly followed after Shinsou. Whoever was that weirdly powerful and unique guy, the blond really wasn’t surprised Midoriya was so interested in him. 

How long would the guy of fire and ice stay alive though? 

Kaminari just hoped he’d make it past autumn, it would be a pity if he’d never get to experience a snowball fight with the guy. Especially since he called dibs for his team. 

Chapter Text

Bakugou could already feel himself regretting his decision as soon as he entered the restaurant and came face to face with a grinning woman, who immediately bowed low to him as a greeting and a sign of respect. 

Which, yeah, she fucking should the blond thought with his eyes set into a glare and arms crossed, underlying anger only rising. After all the particular restaurant was one of many that stayed in close contact to All Might, as them being located directly in the organization’s territory, so it was only smart to bow to them, to assist them in any way. 

If not, then well, it never ended good for such places. Not cooperating was pretty much a death sentences, written in your own blood out of stupidity.

Though, at the moment Bakugou would rather be there to spill some blood than for the actual reason, lunch with those damn annoying extras all thanks to his stupidly convincing boyfriend. Playing pretend like they had a normal nine to five job and didn’t torture and kill people on a daily basis.

A fucking joke that was. 

But because he was a fucking great boyfriend, who damn as well kept his words, he had no other choice but to show up at that godforsaken place. Fuck his lover’s gorgeous face and pretty freaking eyes. 

He could only say no so many times before caving in!

Clenching his fists, already feeling sweat building up, he eyed the still lightly bowing, small figure in front of him. He could clearly see her trembling nervously, legs shaking like a leaf and yet a big smile etched on her face as her eyes stayed transfixed on the floor, avoiding eye contact at all costs.  

And to be honest, it was fucking annoying. 

“Can I help you sir?” She finally, fucking finally, asked with a small voice and Bakugou could feel his fist unclench again.

The blond snorted at the obviously stupid question. “I’m meeting a man called Kirishima here, just fucking point me towards the table or some shit, I don’t have all fucking day.”

For one tiny moment her eyes wavered, smile dropping shortly as she processed the words, before she quickly nodded with an even brighter smile than before and bowed once more. “I understand sir, please follow me this way.”

With that she quickly turned around and walked down a long hallway, obviously taking Bakugou’s impatient words to heart, even if it was out of fear rather than politeness. 

The blond followed with a grumble, hands shoved into the pockets of his baggy pants while his eyes trailed along the passing environment analyzing. More out of habit than out of impatience he took in the many closed doors along the dimly lit hallway, which definitely meant the place mostly consisted out of private rooms, a smart choice regarding the people who probably visited it mainly. 

Privacy, in their kind of business it sometimes decided over life and death. 

A few things you rather just not wanted certain people to hear, especially recently with the rumored uprising of their enemies. 

Faintly the explosive man could hear the clicking of cutlery and plates combined with annoying chatter that echoed along the wooden floor, probably belonging to ordinary customers if he had to guess. 

Soon enough the small woman in front of him stopped at a door and carefully knocked before sliding the sturdy object to the side, revealing a private dining room, a big table in the middle with several pillows around it. She gestured him in with another smile and then turned around again after remarking she’d be getting their food ready to serve and closed the door once more. 


The blond sighed tiredly and quickly contemplated if he should just blow that damn guy up with his quirk or do it the good old fashioned way and gut him with the dull knife he always carried around. 

Definitely the knife if it came down to it, he was a damn sucker for those screams. 

However, Bakugou simply clenched his fists a few times, breathed in and out once more and finally made his way over to the table, from where the annoying shout came from. His face, though, was still very much set into his dead set scowl as he approached the group. 


“Dude! Chillax, man. You look like someone peed in your morning cup of coffee!” the voice sounded off again, in its shrill and headache forming tone. 

Another person at the table let out a laugh just as Bakugou sat down on the only free seat, sneer directed at the group with one exception being the small and quick kiss on the cheek the red haired man beside him. 

“One more word and I’ll slit your throat dunce face!”

Normally the words would weigh way more but coming from Bakugou the group of friends merely grinned knowingly. The red head beside the blond quickly took hold of his hand and beamed at him excitedly. 

“I’m so happy you joined us for once! The food here really is amazing Katsuki and it’s not far from work, so it’s a win win!”

“Don’t fucking talk like we’re office workers or some shit,” the other merely grumbled out fed up, yet the gentle squeeze of his hand and the love filled gaze of his boyfriend let a unique sense of calm spread over him, as much as he tried to denied it every damn time they touched. 

Perhaps he really was softening up or whatever that damn Deku was always on about. 

“What? Can’t some couple friends enjoy a quiet meal on their lunch breaks?” another voice added with a smug expression as the dark haired girl took a sip from her drink. 

“Don’t shit me earphone freak. You being here has nothing to do with any of us at the table, you’ve probably just visited the headquarters, a check up on whatever shit you’re pulling at the moment with your play pretend CEO.” 

The tension clearly rose with Bakugou’s words, Kirishima sighed into his drink while Kaminari, full of confusion, merely looked at the smugly looking girl who didn’t waver for one second at the accusation and simply raised the glass in her hand to take another sip.  

“If you managed to realize that then why don’t you just drop the act and stop pretending like you don’t profit from my work.” 

Bakugou glared at the offending words, table gripped tightly with his left hand, totally unaware to the faint smoke that was already forming from his quirk. 

Jirou Kyouka,a member of their organization, a player on All Might’s side and still for some reason Bakugou just couldn’t fucking stand her, she and Miss Perfect aka the head of their whole department, if one liked to call it that. Simply said All Might was able to pull more strings than just the dark, twisted and illegal ones, the shady business people like Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari managed. 

No, he was smarter than that and the inner circle precisely knew why. 

Having control over one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country granted him power and influence way beyond their usual field. Yaoyorozu Momo posed as the official head of the company and research, which, in any sense, was the perfect cover up for the actual background. 

A young, pretty and successful business woman trying to improve the world. The public ate it all up eagerly, none the wiser to the mafia business being behind it all. 

Bakugou just couldn’t stand them. 

“Guys why don’t we just-”


At that the blond’s eyes traveled to Kaminari who was excitedly clapping his hands, whole body jumping in his seat and eyes transfixed on the wooden table. The table that was now bearing deep scorch marks, brown having stained with a scarring black, which looked as if it was close to catching fire, a clear result of Bakugou’s explosion quirk caused by his sweat. 

The boy in question growled at the realization. Not because he cared about the restaurants interior design or any of that shit but didn’t, under any damn circumstances, want to please that dumb airhead in front of him. 

“You make it really damn hard for me not to get up and slit your fucking throat, shitface,” Bakugou sneered across the table as he loosened his grip on the table. “Don’t. Fucking. Test. Me.”

Kaminari blinked once at the words, kind of saddened the explosive boy retrieved his hands and wouldn’t blow up the table like he anticipated. Disrupting his fun, like he always seemed to do. Though the boy quickly regained his bright smile. 

“So you’re into necrophilia?! In that case wouldn’t you say I’m...drop dead gorgeous?” His eyes glistened with delight and mischief as he looked at Bakugou. 

Jirou beside him snorted at the bad pun and held her hand in front of her mouth to muffle her small laughs. “Now you really signed your death sentences.” 

All eyes were now on Bakugou, whereas two pairs looked on in anticipation the other merely watched all knowingly. One lunch, he really just asked for one lunch, could that be too much to ask? The lot of them were killers but hell, shouldn’t they be able to pull off something like this smoothly?

Perhaps Kirishima asked for too much. At least the rising tension in the room hinted at it and frankly the red head wasn’t in the mood for another bloodbath today. 

The silence was suddenly disturbed with a snarl and before anyone could blink Bakugou was already throwing himself across the table with bloodthirsty eyes, hands reaching for a now squeaking blond who desperately tried to scoot away from the wild figure in front of him. 


Jirou eyed the sharp object in the explosive boy’s hand and to be honest she couldn’t say she was surprised, which thinking about it Kaminari really shouldn’t be either. Even though all of them had their quirks having a weapon on you at all times was a must in their range of work. 

“I’LL KILL YOU, I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” Bakugou kept screaming as he began moving across the table, hand clasped tightly around the knife in his hand and eyes ablaze with fire. 

Before Kaminari could cry out again though and try to hide behind Jirou, who rolled her eyes at his antics and shoved him to the side, a hand grasped Bakugou’s shirt and forcibly pulled his backwards to land right back on his seat.

The red eyes of his disappointed boyfriend came into view as Bakugou whipped around to face the person who dared interrupt him. 

“Katsuki, I told you we don’t kill our friends!” His tone was firm, leaving no room for any argument or whatsoever. Though the hand that stroked the blond’s reddened cheek was gentle and calming to the touch, as if trying to silently calm his angered boyfriend down. 

“Great cause that fucker surely isn’t my friend!” Bakugou grumbled out with another glare directed at the sputtering blond in the corner. 

One more gentle trace against his cheek made his attention return to his boyfriend who was still looking at him in a pleading way, totally using his pretty eyes against him, which he knew Bakugou had a hard time refusing since they started dating. Fucking damn it. 

“Katsuki,” Kirishima tried again with a light smile added to the mix right as he managed to take the knife from the blond. 

They stared at each other nearly as if in a silent conversation, Bakugou’s eyes glaring angrily, though easing up the longer he looked at Kirishima. Finally the blond let out an exaggerated sigh and looked away. 

“Fucking fine. But only until lunch is over, I won’t make any damn promises for afterwards.”

“That’s fine with me,” Kirishima answered now happily grinning again and quickly giving Bakugou a kiss out of gratitude. He really did have the sweetest boyfriend. 

Kaminari now being more at ease again since the knife was put away -getting threatened by Bakugou really wasn’t anything new to him- was now pestering Jirou, blissfully ignoring the disgustingly and weird couple across from them.

Soon enough the food arrived however and all four settled down again and began to enjoy their lunch, the reason they actually came to the restaurant, while exchanging information about their current assignments, except Jirou that was, and other things that have been going on in the organization. Having a private room gave them a sense of secrecy after all. 

“Sooo have you heard about the latest dude Kaminari and I caught at the border?” Kirishima casually threw in the room as he happily slurped on his udon. “He’s now under the boss’ care!”

At that Jirou frowned slightly. “Under Midoriya-san’s care? If he’s just a random guy how did he end up there?” 

After all it was common knowledge that their boss, Midoriya, wouldn’t just waste his time with any person, nonetheless a suspicious guy two of his henchmen randomly picked up. He didn’t have the time for such things and usually suspects would be mercilessly killed after being interrogated. 

Kaminari let out an excited laugh at the question, eyes filling with glee at the memory of the quirk testing. “That guy is fucking insane! Saying he is powerful is an understatement, so of course would the boss take him in!” 

“How powerful are we talking here?”

“Ohh he’s the whole deal alright!” the blond exclaimed delighted as he dropped his chopsticks. “That dude has these cool ice and fire powers, like a heater and air conditioner all in one and he even has a gruesome scar on his face to match the whole badass look!”

The girl’s eyebrows drew up at the explanation, ignoring Kaminari’s usual excitement that often blinded his eyes, to take in the information. A guy with two quirks, huh? Now, that really sounded like something else. 

“How did you even randomly came across a guy like this?” she asked while resting her head on her hand, which was propped up on the smooth table next to her cooling food. 

A dual quirk user. Those were more rare then one would think and a real treasure for people like them, so she could understand as to why Midoriya-san would spare killing the boy and instead pull him onto their side. 

But then again, wasn’t that just too convenient? 

“We had a job to finish, some suspects to get rid off who stirred up some minor trouble at the border for us and the guy happened to be close by. Walked right into one of Kami’s traps, it was so awesome!” At that Kirishima spoke up, still chewing on some noodles. 

Bakugou, who has been awfully quiet since he gave up on killing Kaminari, glanced at the three figures at the table, talking about the weirdo he interrogated not long ago. Fucking delusional all of them were, not that the blond expected anything else. 

He didn’t know what it was but something seemed off about the guy. A weird feeling overcame him just looking into his stupid mismatched eyes and it really fucking annoyed Bakugou to no end. 

But with Deku handling him he probably wouldn’t last long anyway. 


“Can you three idiots just fucking shut up about this damn ugly mug!? Who cares about him!? We all know he’s as good as dead already.”

The three abruptly stopped at the loud exclamation. “Bakubrooo,” Kaminari started whining. 


Kirishima looked down as deep in thought, not even flinching as Bakugou lunged for Kaminari once more, though now using his chopsticks as a weapon, to which the other boy still backed off with panicked filled eyes. 

“You never know,” Jirou cut through the squealing and angry screams, thus silencing the rowdy boys slightly with her direct and serious stare. “Perhaps the guy will actually keep his life if he’s as useful as you make him out to be.” 

Bakugou settled down back on his seat and let out a snort at the ridiculous idea. “Don’t be stupid, it’s still Deku we’re talking about. Nothing changes that.”

At that all four of them stayed silent, several pictures coming to their minds, images each one of them would rather be able to forget.

Whatever their boss had planned with the dual quirk user it wasn’t going to be pretty, so much was clear.



A cold but familiar hand was placed on his head, fingers carding through his hair with a gentle nature making him carefully nudge against the calming presence sleepily. Yet the slight tremble of the digits against his scalp made the young boy open his uninjured eye, coming face to face with a dark figure kneeling beside him. 

‘Shouto,’ the voice repeated with a whisper. ‘Shouto, I’m so sorry...I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.’

Wet droplets landed on the blinking boy’s face as the figure drew closer. 

‘Shouto, I love you so much, never forget that.’

A light pressure could be felt on the boy’s cheek but as sudden as it happened the figure already pulled away again. ‘I’m sorry.’ 

Just as Shouto began to realize what was happening the figure already stood up again, turning to leave his room with quick and shaking steps. 


Tears formed at the missing answer, the lost touch and the retreating figure, without another glance backwards. Confusion, hurt and fear clouded Shouto’s mind, as he tried to make sense of what was happening. 

‘Mom! Where are you going?’

No answer, no sound. 

It was too warm, the heat was building up. 

‘Mom! Don’t leave me, please! Don’t leave me alone!’

His small hands could do nothing but desperately claw at the white material on his face, tearing into the dampening cloth as sobs suddenly escaped his mouth. 




Panting Shouto suddenly woke up, sweat was dripping down his face out of terror, the images of his nightmare still very much present in his mind. Clenching his eyes shut he let out a deep sigh.

It was that night again. 

The last time he saw his mother before she disappeared from his life. 

It wasn’t unusual, having nightmares, no it was actually even surprising when the half and half boy slept through the night without any painful images clouding his head. Shakingly his right hand slowly reached upwards and instantly came into contact with the deep marred and scarred skin of his left side. A painful reminder he’d never be able to shake off. 

Trying to stop his head from spiraling back downwards the boy opened his eyes and came to face an unfamiliar room. 

Alarm bells went off at the realization and only then did the half and half boy notice that he was lying on something rather soft and warm, so very different from his futon back home. What the? A quick glance downwards confirmed his suspicion as his eyes trailed along the decent sized bed. 

But as strange as it was under circumstances it wasn’t the most baffling thing. No, but it was the fact that Shouto now could clearly feel lack of clothing he was wearing beneath the thick blanket on top of him. 

Raising up the blanket carefully he was proven right once more. His clothes were gone, all of it except his underwear, leaving him nearly completely exposed to the situation happening around him. 

Shouto blinked once and took another look at his body before slowly letting the blanket cover him, engulfing him in warmth again. Oh well. 

He was in an unfamiliar room, lying in a strange bed and somebody undressed him without his knowledge. 


Like a flash all the things that happened the past 24 hours came back to him, rushing back into his conscious alarmingly. He had been taken by their enemy one one of his missions, taken and brought right into the den of the lion, of All Might. 

And then there had been pain, a striking and electrifying pressure against his neck. 

The collar.

His hands traveled along his torso until soon enough they came in contact with the cool feeling of metal, the surface of the choking device forced upon him. It was a strange pressure around his throat and Shouto really didn’t want to get used to it the longer he thought of it. 

His quirk, shit, the boy didn’t even want to think about what he was forced to do. He promised, he fucking promised her and couldn’t even keep something simple as that. 

In the end he really was a good for nothing son. 

Trying to stop the trembling in his hands, the shaking against the suffocating steel around his neck, Shouto willed himself to calm down. He couldn’t do this, not here, not right now, he had to think, come up with a plan. Anything at all to get away from there or the consequences would be dire. 

Still, looking at it in a realistic way it was going to be nearly impossible to escape, at least at his current state. 

The collar around his neck weighted heavily and boldly limited his possibilities of action. His quirk was out of question, since someone else had the control of it now, leaving Shouto at their mercy and with a numbing feeling in his body. It was simply humiliating. 

Even the fact that he was stripped of his clothes couldn’t come close to the feeling of being disconnected to his abilities, a part of him. 

Despite that Shouto had to admit that he’d like to know why he was undressed in the first place. Maybe they didn’t want him to dirty the bed sheets. The scattered blood drops on his shirt from the interrogation could also be a reason, or perhaps it was just because these people liked to humiliate their hostages on a personal level, though Shouto could not seem to understand what would embarrass him about his own body. 

Whatever it was the boy had to admit that he was at a loss on what to do now. 

“Oh good, you’re finally awake,” a smooth voice suddenly sounded off from behind the heterochromatic boy. “Please be a dear and be patient, I should be done with these papers in a few moments.”

Eyes widening, a shiver ran down the boy’s spine at the voice. 

It was-

“You really had me worried for a second there, making me think I turned up the collar too high. That would have been a pity.”

A few seconds after the scrap of a chair against the floor could be heard and footsteps began to come closer to Shouto who was quickly pulling himself into a sitting position, mind racing wildly at the image being presented in his head, a powerful figure looming over him with a wicked smile. 

And just like in his memories soon enough the footsteps came to a stop right next to him, right as the mirrored image of his mind stared at him once more with the same glint in his wide, green eyes and a lazy smirk on his face. A smirk Shouto really did not know how to interpret. 

But one thing was clear, this guy was intimidating, the raw sense of power rolling of him in waves, strong enough to make goosebumps appear on the heterochromatic boy’s skin. 

“My, my, you’re even prettier up close,” the guy stated matter of factly and sat down promptly on the side of the bed, trailing his hand leisurely along the bedding, all while Shouto kept staring at him indifferently. “But we’ll have enough time for that later. Besides you’re probably wondering why you’re here, aren’t you?”

The tight look the green haired male received at the question brought another amused upturn to his lips.

“Congratulations, you’re the new addition to my arsenal, a brand new shiny weapon. With a quirk like yours you really gave me no other choice but to take you in to mold you into something useful, something that will support me on the way to the top and even further.” The green eyes of the man sparkled darkly at the words right as his hand came to rest above Shouto’s upper thigh and the boy could only watch on at a loss for words, hands tightly gripping the bed sheets.  

“My name is Izuku Midoriya and I’m the successor of no other than All Might himself, so if you ever had any hopes of escaping from here you better bury them as we speak. You’re in the middle of our territory, in the centre of our headquarters, collared with a quirk suppressor and ultimately at my mercy,” Midoriya spoke slowly with an intense stare right as his hand squeezed down on the half and half boy’s thigh, forcing a small gasp from him in the process. 

Shouto in fact could only freeze at the sudden pressure on his leg, the feeling of such a strange touch, one that didn’t hurt, was foreign to him on many levels. His mismatched eyes were transfixed on the man sitting next to him, wearing the most pleased look the boy could think of at the moment. 

He wasn’t sure if it was the collar or just himself but Shouto had trouble processing everything. 

Izuku Midoriya.

All Might’s successor. 

What the hell has he gotten himself into? After all it was just supposed to be a normal mission, a look out for the unusual activities on Endeavor’s side of the city and now, now Shouto was trapped, leashed like a dog by the very people he was supposed to kill one day. In a way it was ironic, the fact that he was lying in one of All Might’s bed while his ‘son’, if Shouto had to guess, was trailing his eyes along his body while the half and half boy could clearly feel the strong looking hand creep beneath the bedding, coming closer and closer. 

Considering everything that was happening at the moment, all the information he received in the strange surrounding, his head was practically spinning, though mind completely blank. 

He was trained, his father made sure of that since he was able to walk, but no matter what, he never could have been prepared for something like that. 

What was he going to do? How should he react? Should he try overpowering the green haired guy and flee, make it out of there, preferably alive? 

A new and sudden warm feeling rested on his leg completely ripping him from his thoughts and he jerked away quickly. 

“Interesting,” Midoriya commented at the reaction and tapped his fingers impatiently on the mattress. “I’d just love to know who hurt you before you wound up here and looking at your face I’d say it went even further than plain, simple abuse.”

His eyes got a far away look for a short second, but enough for Shouto to notice, before the green haired boy clenched his fists once and returned his gaze towards the mismatched eyes, that were still watching him on edge. 

“But you don’t have to worry about something like that here, that is as long as you do what I say of course,” he finished with a smile or rather what was supposed to be one, though to Shouto it seemed more fake than anything else. “How about you tell me your name first of all?” 

Shouto blinked at the clear command, the firm voice of Midoriya making him tense up in his sitting position and he really wondered at that moment how a person that was pretty short and young could be of such an intimidating and terrifying nature. 

But then again, if Shouto was being honest, his father was the only one that ever really scared him. 

That hurt him. 

So the only real threat right now was the collar around his neck and the dooming knowledge that his quirk lied in the hands of others. If anything the traveling eyes of the green haired guy were the only mildly concerning aspect. 

And the faint touch. Shouto never liked to be touched. 

A distant ‘tsk’ could be heard from beside him at the missing answer as Midoriya was waiting impatiently for the answer, grip on the bedding tightening by the seconds and eyes darkening the longer Shouto merely stared ahead.

“I see you’re not really the talkative type,” he drawled matter of factly and simply pulled out a remote from his pockets and held it up for the heterochromatic boy to see, who’s eyes caught on immediately. 

Midoriya shook his head disapproving, the corner of his mouth turned downwards at the time wasting pet on the bed. He’d learn sooner or later that stalling would only make it worse. 

After all he was the one in control and the boy, as pretty as he was, wouldn’t be spared a punishment. 

“You see, the handy device around your neck doesn’t only suppress your quirk but it also let’s me electrocute you to a certain degree, which is quite fun don’t you think? Or I could activate your quirk, to be honest I’d really like to see the flames again,” he threatened a blinking Shouto as he dangled the device in front of him. “They were so beautifully destructive.”

No, not again.

Not ever again.

Mind slowly starting to panic, the horrible feeling of heat still prominent on his mind, the boy finally looked into his enemy’s eyes.


Midoriya finally hummed satisfied at the answer and threw the half and half boy another grin as he stored the remote back into his pocket, aware of the mismatched eyes carefully following his movements. 

“See? That wasn’t so hard was it?” he asked while his hand noticeably drew closer once more beneath the bedding. 

Shouto, however, could only sit still at the words and soon enough he could clearly feel the warm touch of a hand on his thigh once again, making him frown lightly. Again, it felt strange, not quite painful but also uncomfortable nonetheless. Deep inside he really didn’t get what was so great about his leg, but before he could jerk away like last time the grip tighten. 


“You’re my pet now, Shouto, and I take care of my things, though, nevertheless I can’t promise you I won’t break you in the process.” At that his warm hand traveled upwards and soon reached the rim of the boy’s underwear, which he raised teasingly with his fingers, all while keeping eye contact with the wide eyed figure. 

Shouto couldn’t look away, the deep green eyes of Midoriya as if keeping him in place and the hand so close to places he never believe someone would come close to, making his mind race with a whirl of emotions so different to his usual state of indifference. Nothing made sense anymore. 

“Yet, if you do end up breaking,” Midoriya declared with another squeeze to his upper thigh. “I will make sure you’ll break in the prettiest way possible.” 

With that he let go of the boy and retrieved his hand from underneath the blanket. 

Shouto blinked at the lost contact, still confused and thrown off, though now it seemed like he could breathe again. 

“Now enough that, we still have work to do. Follow me, Shouto.”


Hours later Midoriya was making his way down the labyrinth of hallways inside of their headquarters, a noticeable frown on his face. In reality though it was a rather successful day for him, having started training his newest pet, who really did seem profitable in all the right ways. 

Even though he was being a little bitch at first.

As for now Shouto, was taken care of by Uraraka, fitted into new clothes already and placed in the training wing, to strengthen his abilities. After all Midoriya didn’t feel like waiting to show him off and bring him along onto missions. 

But so far the half and half boy seemed sort of like a natural, which in all honesty shouldn’t surprise the green haired boy since they did find him on the streets at night. 

Perhaps he’d get to the bottom of his pet’s past soon enough. 

Though, now he had other worries clouding his mind. His boss, All Might himself wanted to see him all of sudden, which taking into account the last few meetings, couldn’t mean anything good. The overall tension that settled throughout the city could be felt by everyone of their men and went so far that Midoriya was certain it even affected All Might.  

Times really did change. 

All Might wasn’t the same anymore, Midoriya was aware. The last few years weighed him down like no other and it surely didn’t surprise the boy when he was told he’d have to prepare himself to take over the business way sooner than originally planned. The retirement was looming in the close future. 

Still, Midoriya took it in stride, having secretly always known it would end up like this eventually. 

He wasn’t sad, under no circumstances would he let himself succumb to an emotion like that, but he was determined. 

A legacy to carry all on his own. 

Reaching the doors to his boss’ office, which were heavily guarded, he merely kept on walking, making the men quickly dug out of the way before bowing deeply in respect. Without knocking Midoriya opened the heavy door and entered the room, letting the door fall close behind him with an audible bang. 

“Ah Izuku, my boy, you finally arrived.”

After bowing out of respect in front of the figure that was sat at a long table, with all other people already there, Midoriya took the last empty seat on All Might’s right with a sigh. 

“My apologies, I was held up on the way, boss.”

A man stood up on the opposite on the table and cleared his throat. “Since all of us are present, I’d like to start with my latest report.”

With all of them, he meant no other but a few of All Might’s most trusted men, the ones that pulled the strings behind every big operation, took care of every branch that belonged to their organization and reached a position of deep trust. People even Midoriya could rely on when All Might was no longer at the top. 

“Yes, please do begin Aizawa.”

With that the tired looking man began, listing off various aspects that their leader needed to hear, about the state at the borders of their territories, the current numbers of their weapon distribution and other exports, and the ever prominent topic of their enemies.

“Since we advanced at the border to Endeavor’s territory nothing major has happened. A few of my men did spot more of henchmen roaming the streets, which also were heavily armored, but nonetheless his actions stayed predictable.”

All Might hummed at the words, deep in thought as was his successor who crossed his arms at the information. 

“Regardless it isn’t like Endeavor to stand by and do nothing, he usually tends to rush into situations when affecting his business. To be frank, lately I can’t seem to shake the feeling off that he already has something against us in his hands,” their leader carefully said. 

Midoriya nodded beside him also having had the same suspicion, which weirdly only got worse since the last days. “I’d have to agree, boss. I hate saying this but that bastard is dangerous, which is why we need to keep a close eye on him.” 

“I already sent two people into his territory to gather information, one with a mind control quirk which should be rather useful,” Aizawa explained and received a satisfied nod from All Might in exchange. That way they might be able to get some intel after all.

“Moving on we do have another problem on our hands,” All Might continued their meeting as Aizawa sat back down and sank back into his chair tiredly.

“Heroes haven’t been keeping much distance lately, which I won’t tolerate any further.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened in recognition. It was no secret that, in their kind of business, false heroes, the corrupting slaves of the public, who desired nothing but fame and fortune, were a pest. A pest, Midoriya was oh so giddy on getting rid off. 

The false symbols of peace they had the audacity to call themselves.

In their society being a hero was a joke and those citizens who denied it were just as bad, placing normal, money-greedy people, with useful quirks on petalstones. 

It was all fake and disgusting for Midoriya. 

“But,” All Might continued evenly. “I have kept close contact with another group, that is very much aware of the situation and willing to get rid of them.”

With that he turned to his successor beside him with a direct stare. “As the organization’s next leader I want you to form an alliance with the league of villains. We will work with them, supply them if needed and finally get rid of the ridiculous idea of heroes society has made up.” 

Midoriya gulped at the words but nodded nevertheless, determined to satisfy All Might and driven by his own goal to eliminate the heroes. He’s waited long enough after all. 

“Of course, boss. That way I even have the time to test out my newest weapon if needed.”

All Might gave him a proud smile at that. “Then it’s settled, you’ll be meeting the leagues leader tomorrow to form an alliance. Regardless you know the drill, to be careful take a few of your trusted men with you.”

“Now, Kayama, please do inform us about the progress your research team has made and the prototype that was delivered to the headquarters today.” 

At that a dark haired woman stood up with an amused grin and placed a stack of documents on the table. “Very well boys! This might be the most promising weapon we have every created and I’m proud to announce that the game is about to change.”

Her wicked smile only grew wider as she began to explain.