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Takashi Shirogane was the love of your life. That’s right, was. Over a year ago when you two first started dating, everything was butterflies and heart eyes. It lasted like that for a long time. All your friends were mutual friends, you had been living together, and he had met your family. That’s where the issue that your facing comes up, but you don’t even want to get into that right now. Things started going downhill when the both of you got busy with school and your careers. Takashi was an amazingly kind man with an overly busy schedule filled with volunteer work, classes for a career he desperately wanted, and part-time work for both the necessary living money and for the experience needed for his degree. On the opposite side of the same coin, you were headstrong and very career oriented; everyone who knew you knew this about you. You had worked tirelessly from a young age to get to the point where you were now, but between you aspiring for a successful life and paying your share of the bills, you had little to no time for Shiro. The break up had been a mutual agreement. After the verbal agreement to “take some time apart” you two continued living together for a couple of weeks afterward out of convenience and nowhere else to go, but it had quickly gotten awkward and you left in the middle of the night, a paper with an apology paper clipped to two months worth of your share of the rent. You hadn’t spoken a word since then, only seeing each other across the campus of the college.

Which brings you to your current dilemma. Your friends had heard about the tragedy that was your and Shiro’s breakup. More than they wanted to you were sure. Countless nights of broken-hearted blubbering through mouthfuls of Ben & Jerry’s over the phone had kind of ensured that. But you had never had the heart to tell your family that you broke up with, as your mother so eloquently put it, the only person allowed to become her future child-in-law. She was half-joking of course, but you were still sure the news would break her poor motherly heart. Now your hesitation to tell your family has come back to bite you in the ass. Yesterday your mother had messaged you to let you know that your aunt would be coming to your hometown with all her kids in tow. To celebrate the occasion, your grandparents had also decided to stay over. Now she wanted you to come home for the weekend. You and your ‘darling boyfriend’, that is. What the hell were you supposed to say? ‘Oh, sorry, mom. Can’t bring Shiro over, we actually broke up, like, two months ago and I just didn’t tell you.’ Hardly. You weren’t sure what would devastate her more: you two being broken up or the fact that you hadn’t told her after all this time. After several group chats that had amounted to absolutely nothing and more glasses of wine than you’d like to admit, you came up with a “genius” plan.

hi stnger!!1!


Yab et!!! HOw ya benn

Are you
Are you drunk?


(Y/N), maybe you should go lie down.
Instead of messaging me.

i gtta messsag ya

We haven’t talked in a while and you are drunk.
I don’t think you know what you are doing.

takashi losten
i needa favir
my mom lol not urs

Just call me, I can barely understand what you’re saying.

Okiwe doke

You clicked on the call button and he answered on the first ring. Instantly you began slurring through your plan, detailing how you wanted to pretend to still be dating while visiting your family home so that your poor, poor mother wouldn’t die of a broken heart and so that Aunt CJ and all her kids wouldn’t think you were a sad lonely nobody which, maybe you were, but she didn’t need to know that and so that grandmama and grandpapa wouldn’t start trying to set you up with one of the “sweet” children of their bingo buddies. And please, please, please Takashi. You’ll never ever ask for another thing from him again. You didn’t even realize you were crying until Shiro softly tried to calm you down like he used to when you were still together. “Come on, breathe. Breath, (Y/N). In, out, in, out. Good, like that. So wait, you want me to do what?”

If it was anybody else, you were positive that they would have said no or pretended you had the wrong number. But Shiro was different. As the kindness person you’d ever met in your entire life, he had agreed to your wine inspired plan. Which is why at six a.m. one week after the phone call you both had met at the Amtrak station with your luggage in tow. You couldn’t meet his eyes. Even if it was a week ago, you were embarrassed to the core to have drunk texted him. And even more embarrassed to have roped him into your stupid idea. “You cut your hair?” God, how could you have broken up with the picture-perfect boyfriend? “Oh, um, yeah.” Mandatory post-breakup haircut. “It looks nice.” “Huh? Thanks.” An awkward silence settled over you again, and the train was still not here. “So how're your classes going?” “Good, actually. I’m enjoying ASTRO 211 more than I thought I would.” You had no idea what that class was about. “Oh, that’s good.” Finally, the train pulled up.

Once on board, you ordered both you and Shiro a coffee. After being in a relationship for so long, you hadn’t forgotten how to order his coffee. “Thanks.” “Yeah, it’s the least I can do.” “Hey, I agreed to this too, remember?” “Yeah, but- oh alright.” You made your way to your seats. Thankfully the seats weren’t that uncomfortable since the ride from the city to the almost rural town where you grew up in was a ways away. The view was pretty too, which was a plus. Buildings giving way to overgrown greenery, small animals peeking through the trees, clear unpolluted skies; it was all so serene. So serene.

You woke up to the face of an angel- oh wait, no that was just Shiro. Why was he smiling so beautifully? “Hey, wake up, sleepyhead.” “Sorry! Sorry…” “Don’t be. We’re almost there, I just wanted to go over everything, if that’s okay?” “Yeah. That’s a good idea, actually.” You two got up to date on each other’s lives and came up with a handful of romantic happenings just in case anyone asked. You could tell Shiro felt kind of guilty about lying to your family and you casually mentioned how most of what you came up with wasn’t far from the truth. It seemed to ease his guilt a little. By the time you were both confident in your story, the train had arrived at the station.

Your mom was already waiting for you at the train station in her ’65 Cadillac. The top was down and she was waving you over excitedly. “Oh, (Y/N), Shiro! It’s so good to see you both again!” She leaned out of the car to hug both of you. “The front is full, you two don’t mind sitting together do you?” She threw a teasing wink before turning to the pile of groceries and supplies that sat to her right. Shiro opened the door for you before half-jogging around to get in himself. “Thank you.” He gave you a slightly exasperated look. Oh right! “-dear.” “Always, sweetie.” Your mom cooed. “You both are just too cute together. I do expect grandchildr-“ “MOM!” “Okay, okay.”

Your family house was that ridiculous American Dream™ home that you see in the movies, white picket fence and all. It was two stories and as you pulled up you could already see all of your cousins running around. Aunt CJ, your mom’s sister, had 5 kids. Between them, your aunt, parents, and grandparents, you had a sinking feeling that Shiro and you would have to end up sharing your bedroom. And, if your suspicions were right, your parents had probably not replaced your twin size bed meaning you and Shiro would not only be sharing a room, but also sleeping together on a not very large mattress. Your suspicions were confirmed when your mom ushered you to your old room. “Everything is just like you left it, honey. Your father and I didn’t want to disrupt anything.” “Thanks, mom.” Shiro had met your parents at dinner, but the dinner was at a restaurant. This would be the first time he’d see all the embarrassing memorabilia from your youth. “So, you liked astronomy too?” “Oh, haha, yeah. I’ve always thought space was fascinating.” He was busy inspecting a poster that was hung up on your wall when a knock sounded at your door. “Hey kiddo, were you planning on saying hi?” You hugged your dad. “Sorry, Takashi and I were just get settled in.” “Not too settled in, I hope.” “Oh my god, dad!” You shoved at his arm. “You know I’m only jokin’, shortcake.” “Don’t worry, sir. We won’t.” Your dad, unlike the common stereotype dad, was quite fond of Shiro. “Not to worry, son. I know you’re a respectable young man. I just like teasing my kiddo.”

After the embarrassing interaction with your dad, you and Shiro went to greet your aunt, cousins, and grandparents. You were drained by the time all the pleasantries were over with. Being the doting boyfriend he was pretending to be, he excused the two of you claiming that you had promised to show him around your hometown. The town was a small town, like walk across the whole town in a day small, where everyone knew everyone which was part of the reason you left it in the first place. After a life of everyone knowing your business, a certain level of anonymity that the city offered was a nice change. That being said, if someone noticed you and Shiro were distant, the news would arrive at your mother within the hour. “Thanks. I love them, but they’re exhausting.” “I understand. But I have to say, I would love if you showed me around.” You gasped dramatically. “And here I thought you got me out of there to help me. Come on then.” You grabbed his hand, leading him to the tiny cinema were you spent most of your teenage years at. And then to the quaint grocery store and the local library. After that was a series of places that bore few memories. You saved the mom-and-pop diner for last. “-and this is my favorite place. I used to work here. These paychecks actually bought me the ticket to the city. Plus the food is great.” It was around lunchtime. “Mom probably wouldn’t mind if I took you on a date.” You winked playfully, keeping the charade up. “Aren’t I supposed to woo you?” “Hardly. This is the twenty-first century. I’m allowed to woo you.” He chuckled. “Lead the way.” As you two sat and ate, you couldn’t help but be reminded of all the dates you had gone on when you were still together. Your gut twisted painfully. This wasn’t a real date. After this week was over, you’d likely never see him again, much less be in a relationship. “Is everything alright?” You looked up quickly. “Yeah, totally. Just lost in thought.” “Penny for your thoughts?” “I was actually just thinking about how nice this is.” His hand found yours. “Yeah, it is.” Your heart fluttered at the simple gesture. This week was going to be more difficult than you thought.

The rest of the night went on without a hitch. Shiro was an absolute angel, complimenting you at all the right moments, holding your hand under the dinner table, and making conversation with your family. Truly he was perfect. It wasn’t until that night that things began to get more complicated. “You can take the bed, I’ll um sleep over here.” “(Y/N), what are you talking about, you can’t sleep on the floor.” “I just figured- since y’know we aren’t actually-” “Come here.” He patted the bed. You walked over, getting into bed with the man that you were still madly in love with. Even after he was softly snoring, you lie awake wondering what kind of cruel joke the universe was trying to play on you.

A knock at the door awoke you from the peaceful slumber you had been enjoying. Wait, this wasn’t your regular room. Oh right! You were visiting home, which meant… Yup. You were nestled next to Shiro, his right arm wrapped protectively around you. Your face burned as you realized how close you two were. The knock sounded again before your mom peeked her head in. “Awwww. You two remind me of you and your father when we were your age. Anyway, dear, breakfast is ready downstairs.” “Thanks, mom.” Maybe you could wait just a little longer before waking him up. For the act of course.

“Morning, lovebirds,” your aunt chirped out as she corralled the twins into the dining room. “Good morning, Aunt CJ.” “Goodmorning, ma’am.” “Oh, please. Call me Aunt CJ, you’re practically family.” “Sweetie! Come help me set the table.” Your aunt was looking at the two of you scrutinizingly. Was she questioning how legit your relationship was? Just for safety, you tip-toed to press a quick kiss to Shiro's cheek. “Be right back, love.” As you left to help your mom, you didn’t see the bright blush that had consumed his features, nor did you see the longing look directed at you.

The weekend was almost over and your heart was sulking, even if you couldn’t. Okay, maybe you were sulking just a little. “(Y/N)!” Your 20-year-old cousin whined your name. “What is it, Lori?” “Why do ya look so sad?” “I’m not sad.” “If you're not sad then you should go with me to the next town over.” She grinned, a mischievous glint to her eye. “Wha- what does that have anything to do with me not being sad?” “Oh come on, cuz. Plea-ease. You can bring your man candy.” “Lori!” “I just said what we all think.” “Fine, we’ll go. But only because I don’t want you getting into any trouble.” “Thanks, cuz. Oh and wear something nice, kay?” Your cousin sashayed out of the room but not before shooting you an impish wink. “What was that all about?” Shiro came up beside you. “Apparently we’re going out tonight.”

You pieced together a decent outfit when your cousin burst in. “(Y/N), how are you not ready yet? O-M-G, just put it on. Your boy toy is already ready.” “Lori, I wish you’d stop using such vulgar descriptions for my boyfriend.” “Whatevs, cuz. Just hurry up.” “Yeah, yeah. Now shoo.” You three were out of the house just before 11:30 to get to the club by midnight. It would take at least twenty minutes to get to the next town and your cousin wanted to meet up with some guy before going to the club. Granted at the time you didn’t know either of these things. Although, you probably should’ve figured something was up from the skimpy dress your cousin was wearing.

“Lori, there is no way. You legally can’t go in there.” “Maybe... If I didn’t have this!” She held up a fake ID in between her fingers. Her possible boyfriend followed her laughing. “Ugh. I should’ve known she was up to something.” “Hey, why don’t we go join them?” “Are you serious?” “If she gets in trouble, she might need her cousin to bail her out.” “Fine.”

You and Shiro seated yourselves at the bar where you could watch your cousin and her guest dance like fools. “Can I get you something? Maybe some wine?” He chuckled as you playfully shoved his arm. “Hardy-har. But I wouldn’t mind a drink. I feel like clubs used to be more fun.” He ordered the drinks and laughed. “What? Can’t hang with the youngsters anymore?” You sipped your drink. “Nope, I just want to go home and knit to my heart’s content.” His laugh grew louder. “And here I thought I was the old man.” “I swear, my grandparents have more youthfulness than we do.” “How about we change that then?” He stood up, grabbing your hand. You tossed back the rest of your drink. “You’re absolutely crazy.” “Crazy for you maybe.” Your heart stuttered. “Dance with me?” “Takashi, you know I am a horrible dancer.” “Then let’s be horrible dancers together.” You let him drag you to the overcrowded dance floor. Just as you started to let loose and enjoy the company of Shiro, your cousin came over. “So nice of you to join us, cuz. Too bad my mom just messaged me.” “What? She did?” “Yeah, we gotta go.” You were pretty sure Aunt CJ had said you guys didn’t have a curfew. Besides you were all adults. It’s then that you noticed a particularly peeved looking bouncer headed your way. Lori noticed where you were looking. “Lori, what the hell did you do?” “Me? Nothing much. But maybe we should go.” Shiro opted to distract the bouncer while you three made it out the back. A true knight in shining armor. He met up with you all back at the car.

“Lauren! I swear to all things holy! I have half a mind to tell your mother about this!” “Oh c’mon. Please don’t, I really really don’t want to get in trouble. B-besides our hero is back.” She looked over to Shiro who looked both comfortable and disapproving. “You’re gonna give your heroic boyfriend a reward ain'tcha?” You rolled your eyes. “Now, really, Lori-” “What, don’t tell me you’ve never kissed him?” “Of course I have. I just-” “Then prove it.” You turned to Shiro giving him a ‘you-don’t-have-to-do-this-if-you-don’t-want-to’ look. He just smiled warmly and cupped your cheek with his hand. Your heart went on overdrive and your mind had officially taken it’s leave. Not wanting to look like a liar in front of Lori, and really wanting to kiss Shiro, you tip-toed to meet him halfway. His breath was warm against your lips and you could taste the alcohol he had been drinking. It was like the first time you’d ever kissed him. The fireworks went off behind your eyelids and you clung to him like a desperate schoolgirl. You pulled back breathlessly, resting your forehead against his before turning to your cousin. “See, I told you.” “Bleh, whatever. Let’s just go.” As you got in the car you couldn’t help but feel like that kiss was more than playing pretend. “Hey,” Shiro was whispering against your ear sending chills down your body, “can I talk to you when we get back. Maybe somewhere private.” “Yeah, totally.” Your voice came out breathier than you meant and you blushed indignantly. “Thanks.” On your way back to your parents house, he held your hand the entire time.

You ended up not telling Aunt CJ, but made sure Lori knew she owed you. More importantly, you let yourself be escorted away by Shiro so you could talk. You led him to your old treehouse. It was the only private place you knew of in this itty bitty town. “So what did you want to talk about?” He was looking nervous, more nervous than that time he was waiting to get his score back on a class that would determine if he got to continue on his degree or have to retake the class again. You put your hand on his forearm in an attempt to comfort him. “Hey, whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” Your heart twisted painfully. Was he going to say that he wanted to stop pretending early. Or maybe he was going to say he realised how glad he was to have been broken up with you. “It’s just that, I don’t want to pretend to be dating anymore.” You knew it. “Oh- um, that’s… I can see sleep on the couch tonight. Or I can get you a ticke-” “No, no. That’s not what I meant. When you texted me a week ago, you can’t begin to imagine how unbelievably happy I was. Even if you were ridiculously drunk. And then you asked me to pretend to be dating you and while I knew it was not a very solid plan, I couldn’t say no. Because even if we were pretending, I wanted to be with you. In any way I could. Which is really selfish of me but-” “Takashi, I-” “No, (Y/N), I know it was wrong. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t want to pretend to be dating because I don’t want it to be pretend. I want to be with you. I love you. I want to spend every moment with you be it at your family’s crazy get together or our apartment. I-” “I love you too, Takshi.” A bubbly giggle left your lips before you peppered kisses over his face. “I.” Kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” You kissed his lips, letting yourself get lost in the familiar feeling. You’d made the mistake of letting him go once before, you wouldn’t make the same mistake again. You two would make things work out one way or another, you'd make sure of that.

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Death, destruction, no promise of tomorrow: all things that haunted you in waking and sleeping hours. Living with your guard up constantly would change anybody for the worse. The war had affected everyone. You, personally, couldn’t sit still for longer than ten minutes without getting antsy and every loud noise made you jump and cause your flesh to crawl. Still, there were others that had it worse than you, not that it was a competition. And you were positive everyone shared your fate in having nightmares. Nightmares like the one that had awoken you minutes earlier.

You were wondering the halls aimlessly, unable to sleep after a nightmare. You’d tried getting some warm milk (thank you Kaltenacker), counting sheep, and even working out in the training room in hopes that it would tire you out. It didn’t. So now you were just wondering around, checking on everyone to ease your anxieties. The only person that you had yet to check on was Shiro, but his room was in the hallway you were currently in so that wouldn’t be a problem for much longer. Once you finally came across his door, you leaned against it, ear to the cold metal. All was silent, which did little to help ease your paranoia. A grunt cut through the silence making your heart sink. Was Shiro in danger? Was someone in there with him? You opened the door without thinking, your fight or flight response taking over any rational thinking. Shiro was safe and sound, asleep in bed. You sighed, annoyed at yourself. You turned to leave when you heard the same frightened noise that had caused you to rush in. It came from Shiro, you realized. He was tossing and turning and crying out. Looks like he was having the same kind of night you were, poor guy. You felt conflicted; on one hand if you woke up Shiro he wouldn't have to suffer through whatever monstrosity his mind had conjured up, but on the other hand, if you woke him up now he'd probably wonder why you were in his room this late at night.

Your sympathy for him won out in the end and you took a tentative step towards him. “Shiro, wake up. It's just a dream. Hey, wake up.” You spoke to him as if he were a spooked puppy under a house. “Shiro, you gotta wake up.” You gently shook his shoulder. His eyes shot open and within seconds you had been pinned to the ground, his Galra arm glowing against your throat. Your eyes widened in panic and you thrashed against him, causing him to press the quickly heating arm harder into your throat. Your breath rasped out. “Sh-iro. Pl-lease. Can't- can’t br-eath.” Tears stung at your eyes and black dots danced into your line of sight. He seemed to recognize your voice, his cloudy eyes clearing. “(Y/N)?” He pulled back, throwing himself as far away from you as he could get. “I’m so sorry. I- I. I'm sorry. I didn't mean- I shouldn't have. Are you okay?” Your hand rubbed at your throat. It stung like a bitch, but you'd felt worse. When you spoke your voice came out hoarse. “M’ok-ay.” You moved towards him, stopping when he pressed himself further the wall. He was acting like he was terrified of you, or rather, afraid of hurting you again. You held up your hands to tell him it was okay. “Shir-o, I'm okay. It's n-ot your fault.” You offered him a smile as you took a small step forward. His eyes darted to the side of him and he leaned his weight in the same direction. You stopped inching closer. “Listen to me please.” “Why, why were you here? (Y/N), I could've-” “You didn't, Shiro. That's what matters. I'm here. You're here. We're both safe. I heard a shout and I thought something bad happened. I'm sorry I wasn't thinking when I came in.” He shook his head, shoulders slumping. “You shouldn't have come in.” You wrung your hands. “I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.” He looked up, surprised. “No, no, no. That's not what I meant! I just- I don't want you to get hurt by me. Or anyone. That's… That’s what my dream was about.” You blinked, he'd had a nightmare about someone hurting you? You walked over to him, relieved when he didn't flinch away and took his hand. “I got hurt in your dream?” “It's not just that. I was the one that caused it. It was like I couldn't control myself. I- it felt like I was watching everything happened. I tried to stop it but…” You nodded in understanding. “That's when you woke me up. And I almost couldn't stop myself then either.” He looked up from the floor, shocked when he felt the warmth envelop him. You had hugged him. “It was only a dream. I know you'd never hurt me. I trust you, Shiro, more than anyone I've ever known. It'll be okay, I promise.” He wrapped his arms around you, shaking slightly. You felt something wet hit your shoulder. He was crying. You pulled him closer. “Hey, shh, shh, shh. It's okay.” He hiccuped, his crying getting more obvious. You pulled back long enough to wipe away his tears. “Why don't we lie down. I won't leave if you don't want me to, but you do need rest.” He nodded, letting you lead him back to his bed.

Once he was tucked in you moved to sit in a chair by his bed, but his hand remained firm on yours. He diverted his eyes again, a slight blush over his features. “Would you- if you don't mind, would you consider…” He held his other arm out in a silent request for you to join him. A warm smile tugged at your lips. “I'd love to.” Lying with Shiro was like going home after being on a long trip. Everything was familiar and warm just like you'd left it, even if you'd never truly been held by Shiro. You nestled in closer. “Good?” “Perfect.” You smiled up at him. You couldn't guarantee that you wouldn't have another nightmare, but lying here with him, you were sure it wasn't anything you couldn't handle together.

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Growing up, you were a big fan of the original Voltron. Your dad had showed it to you when you were younger and it had quickly become your favorite show. Which is why when, years later, you found out there was going to be a reboot, you were unsure how to feel. On one hand, you were endlessly excited, a new generation would get to enjoy the delights of your beloved cartoon the way you did. On the other hand, you wondered if the reboot would do justice to the original, or if, like many other shows, it would be an ugly smear on the franchise. And oh, god, what if the casting was awkward and horrible? Your only hope was that the mecha would at least still be true to the original design.

However, Otakon was coming up and you had little to no time to worry about that. You’d seen a couple of leaks of the new costumes and well, you were impressed with what you saw. So much so that you decided to make one. Growing up Keith was your absolute favorite character. The red-clad paladin inspired you to remain true to yourself. So, obviously, you needed to make the red accented suit. It had taken way too many cups of coffee and a ridiculous amount of EVA foam, but after three weeks you had recreated the armor to the best of your ability. In another two weeks, you’d made the full supply of plushies you intended to sell as well as printed out the art prints you had made a month ago specifically for Otakon. You were exhausted. Completely and utterly drained and just in time to catch a cab to the airport. With costume and products packed neatly within your luggage, and a cup of coffee in hand, you were on your way off to Washington D.C.

The hotel you were staying at was nice enough, the best part about it was the close proximity to the convention center. Finally having a few spare minutes, you decided to check out the cast list for the new Voltron. The guy for Keith seemed pretty accurate, Hunk and Lance seemed pretty true to the original so far too. You were on the fence of the casting choice for Pidge. And Sven… Why did he have a poof of white hair? The original always had black hair. Weird choice, but aside from that he bared a pretty great resemblance to the original. You sighed in relief. The casting could have gone much worse. Your precious paladins looked the part, now all they had to do was play the part.

Otakon was just as magical as you remembered it. You’d gotten there early to set up your booth and got to watch as the flow of cosplayers and other attendees arrived. Truly nowhere else had the feeling of hundreds of people existing as one the way the con did. A handful of convention goers had already stopped at your booth, a few of them had even bought something. You’d also gotten a handful of compliments over your cosplay. It felt nice to have your hard work recognized. Although you would admit, you were surprised anyone recognized you.

It was a couple hours into the con when the crowds seemed to thin a bit, you suspected a guest panel or screening was happening. You kinda wished you could sneak away to see it; ah, oh well, an income is a bit more important. Several minutes had passed when a girl dressed as Ruby Rose approached your table. “Oh my gosh! Are these Madoka Magica plushies?” She definitely shared a personality with the character she was dressed as. “They are.” You smiled. “Ah, I want like fifty of them. Oh! You’re dressed like that new show, right?! Voltron! I just saw the screening for it. You look, like, exactly like that one guy.” You let a delighted giggle bubble from your lips. “Keith actually. Did you? How was it?” “It was super good. I really think it’s a neat idea. Although… It existed before right? I’ve never seen it but some people were talking about there being an old one.” “Yeah, Voltron: Defender of the Universe. It’s one of my favorite shows, so I was really hoping they were doing it justice in this reboot.” “Well, I can’t speak for the old show, but the new one looks pretty good.” “That’s certainly a relief.” She gestured to your costume again. “He, Keith?, seemed like a real cutie, I think he and that Shiro guy have some real chemistry. Can I get these?” She held up the Homura and Madoka plushies. “Oh yeah, sure that’ll be thirty.” “Here you go. Would it be alright if I came back with someone?” “Please do.” “Okay, I’ll definitely be back then.”

It wasn’t until the following day of the con that the friendly girl returned, now adorned in a Sailor Venus costume. “Minako, good to see you again.” She grinned. “You too, Keith.” You shared a laugh. “Actually, I’m glad you're in costume again.” “Oh?” “Yeah, this is the friend I wanted you to meet.” She stepped aside and you just then noticed the person who was standing near her. A guy dressed in a costume complimentary to yours stood there. Tall, muscular build. Black accented armor. And a helmet? You couldn't see the person’s face at all. “This is Shiro.” You raised an eyebrow at her and she just shrugged. Okay, you were fine with people getting into their roles. “He’s a really big Voltron fan, aren't you Shiro?” The man nodded and she elbowed him as if to say ‘be friendly’. He held his hand out to you and you took it. “Sorry. I’m Shiro, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Wow. He had a really nice voice, nothing like your beloved Sven, but the subtle gruffness was still pleasant. “Nice, to meet you too, Shiro. Although, you already know who I am,” you teased. You may as well play along. “Would you two consider posing for a picture?” You looked back to ‘Sailor V’. “Oh, um, yeah sure. I’m not the best at posing, though. So, sorry in advance.” “It’s fine, I can just tell you how to pose if you don’t mind.” “No, yeah. That sounds great.” You shimmied past the small space between your booth and the next booth so you could stand in the alley space. The first pose she set you both in was a comradery style pose with his hand on your shoulder and you half-smiling at him. The following pose was apparently mimicking the scene in the screening where Keith rescues Shiro. “Great. You guys are fantastic! Can I maybe get one that’s a little romance-ier?” You blushed, but ultimately you didn’t have an issue with it. A couple of years of high school drama years back had helped you to be less shy with staged intimacy. However, you didn’t know how ‘Shiro’ would feel about it. You looked over at him to see he had taken off his helmet. There was something oddly familiar about him. “Are you okay with it?” “As long as you are.” He nodded, before looking back at his friend. “How did you want us?” “Okay so “Keith” you have your hand on his chest and one wrist kinda balanced over his shoulder. Good, like that. And Shiro can you kinda cup their cheek, a little bit more on the jaw, yeah like that! And with your other arm, can you pull them closer to you. Now act like your about to kiss and hold still while I get the shot.” You both did as told, your eyes fluttering shut as you moved till your lips were just barely almost touching. You could feel his cool minty breath over your lips and your heart shuddered. It all felt very intimate. Click. “Great! Thank you so much!” Just like that, you snapped back to your senses, untangling yourself from the Shiro cosplayer. There was a very evident blush on his cheeks and he avoided meeting your eyes. “Thank you so much, omigosh, these pics are so cute. Do you have something that I can tag you with? An Insta? Tumblr?” “Yeah, here. My card actually has all of my contacts, feel free to use any. Hope your fans like the pics, haha.” “Oh, they will. Are you sure you’ve never done any photoshoots before? You did really well.” “Ah, no I haven’t, but thank you.” “Right well, you ought to consider it. Anyway, I gotta go.” “M'kay, enjoy the con.” “Thanks! You too.” While she bounded off in the direction of who knows what, the Shiro cosplayer stayed behind. You were kinda surprised, you figured he’d been too embarrassed after the stunt, which had brought some attention from shippers. “Sorry about all of that,” he finally spoke up, “she gets out of hand sometimes.” “Hmm? Oh, I really didn’t mind. It’s really just acting. Sorry if it was embarrassing for you, I know not a lot of people are actually comfortable with that kind of thing.” “Oh no, I mean I’m used to it.” “Oh?” “That sounded bad! What I mean to say is I’m used to acting, it's kind of my job.” “Really, that’s so cool!” Surprise spread across his face temporarily. “Not to be rude, but I kinda feel awkward calling you Shiro, not that your cosplay isn’t on point. It’s just that I don’t want to be talking to you and be addressing you by your not-really-your-name, name.” He chuckled; a deep and warm sound that put butterflies in your belly. “It’s actually Shiro, my parents were serious Voltron fans.” “Your parents have good taste in tv shows then. It makes sense that you would cosplay as your namesake.” He seemed even more surprised at your comment, did he know something you didn’t? “Yeah, hey, I actually have to go. Do you have a break anytime?” It was your turn to be surprised. “Not today, unfortunately. Will you maybe be here tomorrow? I only have this booth for two days.” “Yeah! I mean, yeah I’ll be here.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, looking suspiciously anime-y. What a weeb. Kinda cute, though. “Sounds good. Now shoo, you're bad for business.” You shot him a wink and quickly scribbled your number on the back of a business card before handing it to him. “So we can decide where to meet up for tomorrow.” Or if you want to talk whenever. Shiro left with a shy smile and a cutely awkward wave. The rest of the day was spent daydreaming of the real-life black paladin, double and triple checking your phone for texts, and selling WAY more merch than you had originally expected to sell. What a fantastic day.

The following day, also being the last day of the con, had come quickly. You had quickly contemplated whether or not to wear your cosplay for the third day in a row. With little else to wear (damn your poor wardrobe planning abilities) and the realization that Shiro might not recognize you without the mullet wig and bulky armor, you begrudgingly put the stuffy foam armor back on. Shiro had still yet to text and truth be told, you were feeling a teensy bit crestfallen. He probably had better things to do than hang out with some rando fanartist. Just as you were resigning yourself to wandering around the con solo, your phone buzzed. It was an unknown number.

Unknown Number
Hi, this is Shiro, from yesterday
Sorry for taking so long to respond
I may or may not have temporarily lost your card :(

He didn't just blow you off. You grinned at your phone. So he was a triple texter? Still, his texts were adorkably endearing.

Its cool, did you want to meet up or???

Yeah, that sounds great
Where’d you want to meet up

In front of the main stairs maybe

Okay, I’ll meet you there

You pocketed your phone, walking over to your agreed upon meeting spot. Shiro was still nowhere in sight, though. Oh well, you weren’t in any hurry. “U-um, excuse me? Can I maybe get a picture with you?” “Hmm? Sure.” You smiled, posing next to the kid who had asked you for a picture. “Oh my stars! Thank you so, so, so much! Your cosplay is so good.” “Thank you, that’s really sweet of you to say.” Shiro came up behind you as the kid left. He was wearing his cosplay still too. “Looks like your armor is a big hit.” You jumped, startled by his sudden appearance, shoulders relaxing when you saw it was just him. “Haha, yeah. It’s nice, I won’t lie. It took me forever to make this thing.” “It looks great. Almost exactly like the one in the new show.” “To be fair, I did mine based off of the few leaked photos that were circulating.” His eyes widened. “I’m really impressed in that case. Those pictures were all grainy and they were only up for a day. How’d you managed to make this,” he gestured at your costume, “out of that?” You shrugged, wiggling your fingers mysteriously. “I have my ways.” He laughed, the sound filling you with warmth. “Why don’t we go dazzle the rest of the con with your amazing, mysteriously made cosplay.” It was your turn to laugh. “With you in that amazing cosplay too, we’ll definitely dazzle the con.” He held his elbow out to you and you gratefully took it. “Where to first?” “Wherever, I haven’t seen any of the con, so I’d like to see as much as I can before it’s over.” “Duly noted. I know the perfect place.” He whisked you around the con, taking you to panels and events and vendors, pausing briefly to take you to a cosplay cafe. You felt like royalty. It was already getting late and he was still dragging you around. “Where are we going now?” “It’s a surprise.” “What, no way.” “Yes way. Now let me surprise you.” You laughed, completely on cloud nine. It had been the best day you’ve ever had. “Then, by all means, lead the way.” He took your hand, leading you across the entire con to the biggest meeting room the building had.

A sign on the door proudly read: Cosplay Ball. A grin split your face. “A ball, really?” He looked back at you nervously. “Yeah, is that okay?” “That’s perfect, honestly.” “Perfect.” He smiled back at you a second longer than needed before turning with a blush. “Let’s go then, shall we?” “We shall.” In the ballroom, there was a wide variety of cosplayers. Whovians, Potterheads, Trekkies. You name it. You even saw a small handful of people cosplaying the original Voltron. Your Voltron. It brought a smile to your face. “Care to dance?” Shiro held his hand out to you like a prince from a Disney movie. You took it, bowing in response. “I’d love to.” He led you out onto the dance floor. The two of you started out dancing normally, but as the songs progressed the two of you had initiated some kind of ridiculous dance moves battle, determined to make the other laugh. “What in the world was that?” You spoke in between fits of laughter. “That? That was my ultimate dance move. Why? You didn’t like it?” Shiro feigned surprise, poorly hiding his grin. “Ultimate dance move, is that what you call it?” He laughed as you did an awkward mix between the sprinkler and the chicken dance, “What is that?” You beamed up at him. “The greatest dance you’ve ever seen.” “It’s definitely the most interesting dance I've ever seen.” You two broke into laughter as the song ended. “Alright, party people! This next song is for all our couples in the crowd. Grab your partner and let’s get dancing!” You began to walk off the floor, assuming Shiro was following. A hand grabbed your wrist and you twisted around to see Shiro standing there looking blushy. “May I have this dance?” Truth be told, you were blushy too. “You may.” He took your hand, leading you back onto the dance floor like it was an actual fancy ball. Once you were near the center of the floor, he intertwined your fingers and rested his other hand on your waist. His touch was light like he was afraid of making you uncomfortable. It was sweet. You placed your hand on his shoulder just as the music began. You weren’t entirely sure what the two of you looked like dancing, but it definitely felt like the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast. Shiro made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. You felt weightless like you were made of air and were dancing in the clouds with him. The lyrics picked up and Shiro leaned close, his lips inches from your ear. Your heart skipped and you really hoped your palms weren’t sweating too horribly. In a voice loud enough for only you to hear, he sang the lyrics to you. Oh wow, he was actually serenading you. You blushed, did he really mean what the lyrics were saying? He spun you away from him before spinning you back so that your back was to him, his arms keeping you secure as you both swayed in time to the music. “Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.” You felt pleasantly dizzy like you’d had a bit more to drink than you should have. An airy giggle left you and you leaned into him, letting yourself get lost in the moment.

The song ended too soon, the warmth of Shiro’s chest against your back was also gone too soon. You still felt giddy, but your pulse seemed to be evening out. The songs had gone back to party songs. He led you off the dance floor, your hand still held by his, not that you minded. Once you both were far enough away from the crowds to talk without having to shout, he stopped walking. It was only then that you noticed how flustered he actually looked. His cheeks had been flooded by pink, he was looking at the floor, and he was chewing at his lip. Wow, he’s got really nice lips. You wondered what it would be like to kiss him, what it would be like for him to pin you against the wall and-. You shook your head lightly to rid yourself of your thoughts. “(Y/N)?” You looked up at him, smiling softly. “Yeah?” "Sorry if that was too much, I- I didn’t mean to be so bold about… Sorry.” “I had a great time, no worries.” A great time was an understatement. His posture straightened. “You did?” You nodded, pushing some of your hair behind your ear shyly. “Yeah, dancing with you. It was- it was really fun. I had a really great time.” He looked like a puppy who was just called a good boy, what a cutie. “(Y/N)?” “Yeah, Shiro?” “Can I maybe kiss you?” Please do. “Yeah, sure.” Just like how you had posed yesterday he cupped your jaw and placed a hand on the small of your back pulling you close to him. Instead of stopping just before your lips met, though, he closed that already almost nonexistent space. His lips were definitely just as kissable as they looked, if not more. By no means were you an inexperienced kisser, but kissing Shiro was like nothing you’d ever experienced before. It was a religious experience, truly. When he pulled back, you chased his mouth with yours continuing the kiss for just a blissful moment more. After you parted, he pressed his forehead against yours. “Do you think I could kiss you again?” “I think I’d be offended if you didn’t.” “We can't have that now can we?” The second kiss was as mind-blowingly wonderful as the first. So was the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth.

Things were getting heated when you heard someone clearing their throat. You pulled back breathless and disheveled to look at the direction the sound had come from. “Shiro, you aren’t supposed to be fraternizing with the fans.” Fans? What the hell was this person going on about? “Mitch, I’m not fraternizing with-” “Really? Because it looked like you were trying to eat their face.” You blushed indignantly. Shiro seemed to feel the same way you did. “Yeah, but they’re not-” “Not what, Shiro? A fan? Of course, they are! Why else would they be trying to get in your pants?” “Now look here you ass-” You shut your mouth when you saw how Shiro was looking at you like you’d completely broken his heart. “Is that true, (Y/N)?” “What are you talking about? I’m a fan of what? Shiro, I like you because you seem like a great guy and I’ve been having a great time with you. Not because of whatever this douche thinks.” “Why would they be wearing that costume if they weren’t a fan?” That’s why he was familiar. Oh shit. Shiro was the actor for the black paladin. He WAS Shiro. You’d been making out with an actual actor. “I’m a fan of Voltron, sure. The original Voltron, that is. I haven’t even seen the screening for the new one, I didn’t realize who you were until now, I promise.” Shiro shook his head sadly, walking over to that ‘Mitch’ guy. “You really ought to know better by now, buddy.” “Shiro wait.” “So you can get your 5 seconds of fame?” “No, I don’t care about any of that. You should know that. When your friend introduced us, did it look like I knew who you were then?” “...” “I thought you were joking about your name, remember? Please, Shiro, I won't even tell anybody that I met you if you don't want me to. I don’t want your fame. I just want to be around you, in whatever way you'll have me.” He’d turned to face you now. “What a liar, am I right-” “Shut up, Mitch. (Y/N), please don’t be lying. Not about this.” You gave a half-hearted shrug. “I’m way too awkward to lie about liking you.” A smile slowly spread over his features, the realization of what you’d been saying finally dawning on him. “You like me?” “Did that seriously just occur to you?” You laughed in exasperation. “We were literally making out. Yes, I like you!” He bit his lip again, thinking for a moment before taking another step toward you. “I like you too.” “Shiro, the ‘razzi will find out about them. You don’t need that kind of publi-” “They make me happy, Mitch. I can’t just leave a gem like them.” Mitch sighed, resigned. “Fine, just don’t let it get in the way of work.” Once he’d left, Shiro turned to you, holding out his hand. You took it. “I’m sorry. I should have believed you from the beginning.” “Don’t worry about it. Guess that’s just what happens when you’re this crazy famous actor.” You shook your hand in the air, talking in a posh accent. He laughed. “I’d hardly say I’m crazy famous.” You stuck your tongue out at him. “Whatever, you nerd. Now, where were we?” He grinned like the Cheshire cat, moving so his lips were just barely brushing against yours. “Right about here I think.” You grew up watching Voltron, you never could have imagined you’d end up dating one of the paladins.

Chapter Text

It’s not that you didn’t like living at your parent’s house, but it was definitely high time you had your own space. Much to your relief, you managed to get just that. Somehow, despite it being in the inner city (and close to your college at that!) you’d secured a decently affordable apartment. The only downside- the coat closet was a major hassle. The structure was a bit on the older side and the wood had warped over the years leaving you with a closet door that had to be yanked open form the outside. Not that big an issue in the grand scheme of things, you figured, especially since the rest of the place was so nice and in your budget. You’d also managed to save some money by forcing your longtime best friend to do free manual labor for you.

“Shiro, where did you put the box that has my books?”

“They’re already on the shelf.” Shiro came out of your new bedroom, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. His white tank top sat snug against his skin from the sweat. You turned away, blushing. How dare he look that good.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Sure, I figured you’d probably want them the same way you had them before.”

“Jeez, are you like reading my mind or something?” You laughed, going to see his hard work. “No, but seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without you, Shiro.”

“Well, I know you wouldn't have your books put up yet.” He slung his arm over your shoulder and you shoved him away playfully. “Ew, gross. Keep your grody sweat off of me.” You stuck your tongue out at him and he grinned mischievously.

“You mean this sweat?” He pulled you into a full embrace and you jokingly pushed against his chest.

“Shiro, noooooo.” Truth be told you really didn’t mind. He actually wasn’t that sweaty and to be fair, you yourself weren't all that sweat free. Well, that and a hug from Shiro was never something to turn down. He looked down at you, you figured he’d look as though he was going to make some impish comment but instead a gentle smile played over his features. He was so close to you like this, your heart hammered dangerously in your chest. Shiro seemed to realize this too and quickly let you go, taking a step back and clearing his throat awkwardly.

“U-um, sorry about that. I um, n-nevermind. Should I go get the other boxes?” He looked around trying not to meet your eyes, but would occasionally do so anyway; his face blushing even redder when he did. Your heart twinged painfully at the reminder that Shiro only saw you as only a friend.

“Erm, yeah, might as well.” An awkward silence hung over you as you made your way back down to the first floor. Awkward moments like this seemed to be happening more and more frequently. You hated it. The two of you had been friends for longer than you can remember and suddenly you had to go and catch feelings for him like an idiot and ruin a perfectly good friendship. Shiro cleared his throat and bumped his hip against yours attempting to make the atmosphere lighter.

“So you’re definitely gonna buy me dinner after this right. I mean it is only fair.”

You snorted, bumping his hip in return. “After paying for the deposit on this place? You’re lucky if I can buy us ramen tonight.” You’d already planned on ordering a pizza as thanks and he knew that. Regardless he whined, slumping against you so that you had to hold up his weight.

“You’re forcing me to work for you all day in the sweltering heat and I don’t even get food out of it? I thought we were friends, (Y/N).”

“Oh my god, Shiro, get off me, you weigh like a billion pounds. I’ll buy you dinner, jeez you drama queen.” He stood back up laughing. This is how it should be, you thought, bumping hips against Shiro and joking back and forth. Still, seeing him with his head tossed back in laughter with the sunlight shining over his statuesque features made your heart thump a little harder in your chest. You couldn’t stop loving him, you’d tried, he was just too perfect for words.

It took the rest of the afternoon but between Shiro and you, you'd managed to get your necessities unpacked and put away, a bedroom mostly set up, a living room kind of set up, and the locks and nails changed on your door. It was beginning to feel like home. “I can’t even begin to thank you for this, I mean honestly, I’d probably be lugging this thing up the stairs right now, if it didn’t already mow me over on the way up.” You patted the couch affectionately, a thrift store find that you’d managed to upcycle.

He grinned, “Well, I couldn’t just let you get steamrolled by a couch, now could I?” His pinky nudged yours gently, the simple action sending flutters throughout you. You had to remind yourself that it probably didn’t mean anything, that the way Shiro was peeking at you shyly from the corner of your eye was absolutely just you seeing things that you wanted to see.

You laughed, the sound betraying how electrified your nerves felt. “I guess not. It would definitely be weird having your best friend become Flat Stanley.”

At that Shiro guffawed. “Oh my god, I forgot about that book.”

“I’m just glad I’m not living it.” Shiro kept laughing and you ended joining him. As your laughter began to settle, you leaned against him, relishing in the feeling of Shiro sliding his arm your waist to hold you closer. You tried hard not to be hopeful about the way Shiro leaned his head against yours sighed happily as if he was just as content to hold you in his arms as you were to be held.

In honor of finally getting your house set up, you decided to throw a party. Everyone was invited, not that you even knew that many people, but your friends had a tendency to bring along other people. Not that you cared, as long as they didn’t wreck yours and Shiro’s hard work. You fully intended to spend the evening clinging onto Shiro like you always did when it came to literally any outing ever, a habit you had even before you realized you had a huge crush on him. You’d just got the pizzas delivered when party guests began flooding in. Shiro was the first one there, dressed casually, but you still thought he should be on the cover of every magazine ever with how stunning he looked. “Hey, Shiro, good to see you.”

He chuckled, “I was here just this morning helping you set up your kitchen.”

“Alright, fine then. It’s bad to see you.”

He slung an arm around you in a sort of half-hug that he didn’t pull away from. “Don’t be mean, it’s good to see you too.” You looked around, pretending to look for something until Shiro began looking too.

“What are you looking for?”

“I just figured you’d have brought some sexy plus one? No cute guy from Planets 101?”

Shiro rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “First of all Planets 101 is not a real class, secondly I’ve got my sexy plus one right here don’t I?”

You nearly choked, even if it was a joke Shiro had just called you sexy. If you didn’t die of a heart attack, you’d surely die of joy. “Eh, you’re not so bad yourself.” You winked for good measure. Just then the doorbell rang and you left to go answer it if you’d stayed just a second longer you might’ve seen the way Shiro's chest and neck was flushing. Instead, he covered his quickly reddening face in his hands to hide his embarrassment and affection.

The party was going well, if not a bit wild. As expected there were way more guests than you had invited, making the whole ordeal border overwhelming. It wasn’t until Shiro got whisked away from you that you really began to feel the crushing weight of the social gathering. You needed air or at the very least somewhere to get away from everything. Your bedroom had been blocked off for this very reason, among other reasons, but it would be a burden to try and squeeze past that many people to get there. There had to be somewhere closer. That’s when it occurred to you- the closet. It wasn’t huge, but it would be a good enough space to get away from the crowd and cut off the noise. With some effort, you managed to make it there. You made it a point to close the door enough that it would muffle some of the noise but not trap you in. You breathed, this really wasn't so bad. You didn’t own very many coats so there was more than enough space for you to stretch and gather your bearings. Your heartbeat just started settling when a slam sent it back into a panicked state. The door! Someone must have bumped it. You tried the handle, but it wouldn't even turn from inside the closet. Maybe you could push it open? You rammed your shoulder up against it but it was stuck in place. Desperation crept up your throat until you were shouting pathetically, banging your fist against the door, anything to let someone, anyone, know you were trapped in here. Tears fell from your eyes as you slumped against the door pathetically. God, you didn’t even have your phone, you’d left it on the table. If you couldn't get someone's attention, though, there was no telling how long you’d be trapped in here. Despite your previous failed attempts, you went back to banging your hands against the wall, hoping that the noise might catch the attention of the closer party guests or possibly even loosen the door. In a stroke of luck, the door creaked open. At first, you thought all the pounding had nudged the door open, but you quickly realized it was being opened by someone. Shiro. You laughed, somewhat hysterically, of course, it had been your prince charming that just so happened to save you. “(Y/N)? What in the world are you doing in here?”

You flung yourself onto him, burying your face in his neck, relief outweighing any embarrassment you might have felt. “Thank you so much, Shiro. I thought I was going to be stuck in here forever.”

He patted your back bemusedly. “What are you talking about?”

“I got stuck in here. I was- oof!” Something bumped Shiro forward, you still in his arms. By some strange maneuver that left you pondering if physics really applied to Shiro, he had twisted himself so he landed on his back, you still securely snuggled into his chest. “Oh gosh, are you okay?” You frowned down at your savior (twice tonight), inspecting him for any visible signs of pain.

He smiled, his eyebrows drawn up slightly. “Fine. Just a broken back and a fractured hip.”

You laughed, rolling off of him and onto the floor next to him. “Slow down there old timer or we’re gonna have to get you to the geriatrician.”

Shiro chuckled, turning his head to look at you. “Is that sarcasm I hear?”

“Wha? From me? Never, I can’t imagine why you would even think such a thing.” You giggled along with him.

“Oh, you’re right. What could I have been thinking?” Your laughter gave away to a comfortable silence. You turned to look at Shiro only to see him already looking at you. All traces of discontent had long since vanished from his face leaving an adoring smile in its place. He moved so he was facing you and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, hand lingering a beat longer than was platonic. His skin against yours made you feel electrified as if every single cell in your body was charged. You leaned into his hand, watching as he leaned closer, closer than friends get you couldn't help but think. “(Y/N), I-”

“You..?” You prompted, but Shiro had turned his attention to the door. His hand retracted and suddenly he was getting up, whatever moment you were about to have moments ago was forgotten as Shiro tugged at the door.

“It’s locked.”

You got up, now realizing the true gravity of the situation. “No, it’s just stuck. It’s fine, you’ve got your phone on you, right?” Shiro’s hand went to his pocket instinctively, his shoulders slumping as he realized it was empty.

“No, Lance was borrowing it to record Pidge drunk dancing.”

You groaned. “Now how are we gonna get out of here? You’re the only reason the door opened last time.” You could already feel the walls pressing in on you, Shiro seemed to realize this too, because within seconds he was at your side.

“Hey, hey… Look at me, (Y/N), I need you to focus on me. No, no, focus on me, there you go. I need you to breath okay, you aren't breathing. Breathe with me. Good job, alright, just keep breathing. We’re gonna be okay. I would never let anything bad happen to you, I haven't before, have I?” You timidly shook your head no, eyes dropping to the floor. Shiro tilted your head back up gently. “Hey, it’s okay. Why don’t we sit down? When you’re feeling a little better I can see what I can do about the door, how’s that sound?” You nodded again, in all honesty, it sounded great. You were almost certain if Shiro let go of you right now you might just fall apart. He was the one thing keeping you from having a full cleithrophobia induced meltdown. Shiro situated you two so that he was sitting with his back against the back wall of the closet with you placed atop his lap, facing him so that you couldn’t see the full extent of the small room. He sat with you reassuring you until you were able to mumble out an “I’m sorry” to which he responded that you had absolutely nothing in the world to be sorry for.



“Can you talk to me about the stars?” He smiled and began a long speech that went into depth about his favorite subject in the world: space. You didn't mind in the slightest, it was interesting and Shiro’s voice had a soothing sound to it. You nuzzled into his chest, now more lying against him than sitting on his lap. With your ear pressed against his chest like this, you could hear the irregular sound of his heartbeat, like he was nervous. You peeked up, although he hadn’t tripped up on his words, he was looking down at you with a look you couldn’t quite place. You shrugged it off, you were too comfy and too tired to care. Slowly but surely in the arms of the person, you trusted more than anything you lulled off to sleep.

When you awoke it was daytime and the door to the closet was open. This didn’t register as important to you at first, what did strike you as important was that you were surprisingly comfortable for having slept in a closet. It wasn’t until you looked to your side that you found out the reason for your comfort. Shiro was still holding you, your head resting comfortably against his chest. It occurred to you that he must’ve adjusted the both of you so that you’d be comfortable; the gesture warmed your heart. You brushed his fringe out of his eyes, your touch ghost light against his skin for fear of waking him. He’d slept over at your place before but you’d never been close enough to him to see how gorgeously serene he looked as he slept. After a moment's hesitation, you leaned forward to press your lips against his cheek, a silent token of affection toward your knight. You pulled away as you saw his eyes flutter open and rested your head back where it had been. “Mornin’ handsome.” The words slipped out of your mouth before you could register what you were saying, thankfully Shiro wasn't awake enough to fully realize it either.

“Mmm-morning.” He blinked the sleep away before peering over at you, a look of tenderness over his features. “How’d you sleep?”

“Good, thanks to you.”

His smile brightened. “That’s good to hear. Oh, hey, the door’s open.” You looked over, confirming what Shiro had said.

“So it is.” Despite the confirmation that you both could easily get up and leave neither of you made any move to do so. “You didn’t have to do this you know.”

“Do what?”

You patted his chest gently. “This. Being here, and not just cause we were stuck. You could've left sooner, or even just let me sleep against the floor.”

“But you’d have been uncomfortable.” When you looked up at him you saw he was blushing, fiddling with his hair as he continued to speak. “You should know by now that I wouldn’t do that to you. I care about you, (Y/N), more than you realize.” He was looking at you, determined despite how flustered he felt.

“Then tell me.” Could he mean what you thought he meant? You had to be sure.

He chuckled nervously, letting the last ounce of self-preservation he had slip away. His hand ran through your hair. “I care about you more than anyone I’ve ever cared about before. I- I don’t know where I’d be without you, and I don’t want to think about it. I’d do anything in the world for you, you don’t even have to ask, so long as you’ll just let me stick around,” his eyes searched yours, the intensity of his grey eyes making you look away blushing. You guess he found what he was looking for because he continued, even if you could hear his heart thrumming wildly in his chest. “You, (Y/N), are the stars collected into one ethereal being who I am endlessly and hopelessly in love with. If you seriously didn’t know that by now I don’t know what more I can do to imply that.” He bit his lip awaiting your answer, but honestly, you were speechless. He, Takashi Shirogane, the guy you’d had feelings for since like forever was here confessing to you that he loved you. After waiting for your response and getting none, he began to frown. “Say something, please. E-Even if you don’t feel the same way, please just say something.” How were words supposed to work right now, your brain was practically short-circuiting. Instead, you lifted yourself up enough to press your lips against him. It was clumsy and awkward, but it was the best kiss you'd ever had.

You pulled back after a moment to look at Shiro in the eyes, matching the intensity he’d had earlier. “I love you, Takashi Shirogane, and honestly I don’t think there was ever a point where I didn't.” With a grin, he pulled you back in for another kiss.

“I swear as soon as I finish these pancakes I’m gonna call someone about that fucking door.”

“Oh? I think you should keep it, after all, we might not have, well y'know, if the door wasn't stuck."

"Y'know? We confessed and kissed, Shiro you make it sound like we did something much worse. You giggled as Shiro blushed and mumbled a flustered dispute as he turned back to the pancakes on the griddle. “I guess the door can stay, but only because I got such a cute boyfriend because of it.” Shiro’s blush only worsened.