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Lightning and the Thunder

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It was literally just a Tuesday. The weather forecast was only calling for light rain. No thunder. No lightning.

Well, the weather forecast was bull.

Kaminari swore he could feel it all day. Little pops of his electricity through the morning, and by the time classes were over, his skin was humming and his head was aching.

"Kami! Bakugo, Sero and I are heading out to the gym. Mina's doing something with Hagakure, will you come with us so we have even teams?" Kirishima ran up to him, a grin on his face. It actually pained Kaminari to refuse, but he knew he would end up shocking every piece of equipment in the room.

He held his hands up in surrender. "Sorry, I'm going back to my room for a while, I want to work on homework."

"Oh, alright! We'll find someone else, good luck!" Kirishima answered, already jogging off.

"Thanks." Kaminari continued back to his room, avoiding any more conversations as his headache grew. When he opened the door to his room, the rain was pounding against the window. He hoped Kirishima and everyone had made it to the gym without getting wet. If they had taken Iida- doubtful, but possible- the class rep would have most likely pulled out ponchos for them all.

Entertaining that thought, Kaminari dumped his bag on his bed and went into his bathroom. Opening the cabinet, he swallowed a painkiller. Maybe that would help the headache. Giving a wary look to the work on the bed, he opened the door instead and wandered downstairs. A small group was in the kitchen, with others in the living room.

"Anyone need their phone charged?" He said. It was a quick way to rid himself of some energy and gain some favor in case he had done anything stupid earlier in the day.

Jirou wordlessly held up her phone. Kaminari sat on the couch next to her and took it. The static just under his skin flowed into the phone, and it was like relaxing a muscle.

"Thanks," she offered.

"No problemo."

This was repeated a handful more times, and by the time he was done, Kaminari could actually focus. A thunderclap shook the air, and he debated the pros and cons of going back to his room or just staying in the living room until the storm was over. He hated storms, it was only by some miracle that there hadn't been a really bad one while he was in the dorms.

Pulling the weather back up, he saw that it was supposed to last until just after seven. Okay, that wasn't too bad. Maybe he could do some homework, convince someone to help him make dinner, or even rope Sato into making stuff for everyone...

His mind racing for ways to spend the evening in company, he went back up to his room one more time to get his school bag and slip a couple empty batteries into his pocket.

Back into the living room, Jirou looked on as he worked on assignments, occasionally offering her help or making comments on the audiobook she was listening to. It was pretty nice, even as Mother Nature raged on.

Half an hour through this whole thing, Bakugo, Kirishima, Sero, and Ojiro burst in, dripping wet. Bakugo immediately started firing explosions to rid his skin of water, as the other three just starting shaking it off onto the rug. Momo looked up, sighed, and used her Quirk to make four towels, handing them to the boys with no less than motherly exasperation.

After Kaminari had plowed through a good chunk of his assignments, students started to filter down for dinner.

"Want some soba?" He asked Jirou.

"Oh yeah. I can make it if you want." Unknown to some, Jirou was a wicked cook amongst her other skills.

"That would be the best idea," he admitted. But as Jirou started to move about the kitchen, he grew tired of the endless papers that littered the table in front of him and came to see how she was doing.

"Tell me what to do?" He pleaded. "I'm bored."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah yeah. Go grab a couple bowls."

They ended up making more soba than they could eat between the two of them, and Kaminari piled the rest into a bowl and lifted it above his head. "Soba! Soba! We're giving away free soba to any willing taker!"

Todoroki appeared from nowhere and held out his hands. Kaminari gave up the bowl.

"Oh, it's still warm," the bi-haired boy said with a sigh.

"You sound disappointed?"

"Soba is best eaten cold," Todoroki replied, and shifted the bowl to his right hand, frost appearing on the edge.

"Cold? You're freezing it!" Came the voice of an indignant Jirou behind Kaminari.

"Exactly. Thanks." He turned and retreated, disappearing in the same perplexing fashion as he had appeared.

"I will never understand our classmates," Kaminari said with a shake of his head.


They only managed to complete one more assignment before they abandoned the idea completely and the conversation deteriorated into nothing more than friends talking.

That was, until seven thirty rolled around. The weather forecast had once again been wrong- Kaminari should just go in there and help them- and the storm was still raging.

And then the lights went out.

"Kaminari!" Came at least one voice, and Kaminari flinched. He had overloaded the power one time.

"I'm guessing it was the weather?" Jirou said.

"Probably. Definitely wasn't me." It might have been better if he had, because his skin was still humming and the painkiller was starting to wear off.

As they tended to do when something happened, everyone gathered in the living room. Some of the students had flashlights at the ready, and most were using the lights of their phones. Bakugo's palms were exploding once again, and Todoroki had a handful of fire.

Iida started asking questions the second he got there. "Have we got everyone?"

"Everyone we're expecting," Yaoyorozu replied.

"Shoji's got Tokoyami?"

"Yep, I made sure he was okay before I came down." That was Midoriya.

"Anyone hurt or anything broken?"

"Surprisingly not."

"Okay. We'll just wait for the lights to come back on."

"Once again, I'm a great phone charger," Kaminari supplied, and he even got a laugh out of someone for that.

Someone proposed to play some board games, and however fun it would be, Kaminari was hesitant, opting to just keep sitting on the couch with Jirou. After ten minutes, he starting getting chills down his spine, and Jirou raised an eyebrow. He gave her a smile and told her not to worry. He took one of the batteries out of his pocket and charged it. But something was wrong. Usually, releasing a charge like should have helped the situation, but it was like emptying a reservoir with a single glass.

This wasn't good. He charged the other battery, and it finally felt like some pressure was being released.

"How long is the storm supposed to last?" He asked Jirou. She checked her phone.

"All night," she replied. "It'll be over at five or six tomorrow morning."

Well then. Kaminari just hoped that the weather forecast would be wrong for the third time that day.

An hour later, he knew for certain that he was in trouble. "Jirou?"


"Can you ask Momo for painkillers and two of the strongest batteries she can- she can- she can-" he cut himself off with a sigh.

"Make?" Jirou supplied, starting to look worried.

Kaminari nodded, and she went over to the kitchen where Momo was talking to Todoroki. When she came back, Kaminari swallowed the pills dry and held the battery. But everything was too fuzzy. He couldn't even focus.

"Are you okay?" Jirou's voice was starting to become panicked.

Kaminari shook his head. "I need to go outside."

"Hold on, I'm going to get Kirishima."

Kaminari nodded absently, and she left again. He felt like he was going to pop, or die, or both. It hurt so much, with his entire body crackling with energy but his brain too confused to do anything about it.

A hand led him away from the couch. He was outside, a hood was lifted onto his head... who had put a hoodie on him? Kirishima was talking, but it was warbling.

"Stay," Kaminari managed, pushing the other boy off him, using the last scraps of whatever was keeping him from loosing it to make it far enough away from everything he could short-circuit. In the middle of the grassy field, he gave up. With rain beating down on him every second, and the wind blowing furiously, he let go. A spark arched along his back and then it exploded.

Kirishima told him later that it looked like a light show. Electricity pouring off him in waves, burning the grass around him and bouncing into the air. After it all, he had laid down onto the grass and passed out. The two had picked him up and hauled him back inside, drying him off and wrapping him in a blanket on the couch. Aizawa had been called. It was a whole mess.

"And you didn't bother to tell anyone that lightning storms overloaded you? It wasn't even on your file?" The teacher had demanded.

Kaminari shook his head slowly. "It's never been that bad, and usually I can handle it."

Aizawa had just sighed. "Know when you need help, Kaminari. No hero can handle everything."

"I know, I know." 

After the concerned lecture, Kaminari went to go find Jirou and Kirishima. He was going to apologize, and more importantly, thank them.