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Mineta closed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. While working on his manga, he’d gotten a case of art block, and it was honestly painful. The dread that he couldn’t even continue working for the time being until the block wore off. He grabbed his phone and opened it to his messages. He tapped on the messages between Momo and him, deciding to ask her if she wanted to go out somewhere to eat for lunch. Maybe after eating he’d be able to start working again and he could get a refresher, since Momo was a reference for one of his characters.

Momo messaged back that she was actually busy at the moment. Mineta was a bit skeptical, since she wasn’t usually busy on Mondays, but he shrugged it off, deciding he could ask Iida or Denki. Both said they were also busy. After going through almost his entire contact list, with half of them not even responding anyway, he decided to just take a nap. Who knows? Maybe he could dream up something great to draw. That’s when his phone buzzed with a message from Tsuyu, who said that he could come over to her home if he wanted, though he had to bring something of his own. He searched through his kitchen before picking up a package of pork from his refrigerator. He had just bought it yesterday and he was planning on having it for dinner, but this was Tsuyu, so he’d just have to find something else to eat. Taking his bag, he put the pork in it and grabbed his phone from his desk, hurrying down to Tsuyu’s(he’d been there so many times before, so he knew how to get there quickly.)

Walking down the street, he didn’t expect to see Tsuyu out in her hero outfit, talking with an officer while somebody was being cuffed and taken away. Tsuyu said goodbye to the officer and looked to her side to see Mineta standing there. “Oh, hi Minoru-san!” Tsuyu said.

“Hi! So…when can we go over to your place?” Mineta fiddled with the strap of his bag. Tsuyu looked over at the cop car driving away and turned back to Mineta.

“Now, I guess.”

Tsuyu ended up convincing Mineta to stay over longer, both having a good time. Mineta took out the small sketchbook he always had in his bag, opening up to the next blank page as Tsuyu was distracted with the movie they were watching. Mineta glanced at Tsuyu every second, sketching out her pose. Both curled up on the couch, they were pretty close to one another, so Tsuyu was able to easily see the sketch. “Oh, you’ve been improving.” She murmured.

“Oh. I mean, I still have a long way to go, but I guess I got the basics down.” Mineta said. He closed the sketchbook and tucked it back away in his bag, fiddling with his mechanical pencil. “Should I go home? I’ve been here for a long time, plus it’s almost dinner.”

“You can stay the night. Anyway, we should be getting dinner soon. I’m sure there’s a restaurant around here, but I’ll check.” Tsuyu got up to find her phone and she was gone for a bit. Mineta stared down at the floor. Goddamn, was she adorable.