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Date Night

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The sparkles in Aoyama’s eyes are gone, the aura around him a bit depressing. He and Monoma haven’t been able to see each other due to classes and the little time they get isn’t enough. He can’t sneak out either because someone at U.A dorms either catches him or needs his help. Aoyama never thought he’d admit it, but he misses Monoma giving him French food nicknames.


“I hope Aoyama’s doing okay,” Yaoyorozu sighs, “he hasn’t been his sparkling self these past few days.”


“Maybe he’s sick,” Sero comments, Ashido huffing as she puts her hands on her hips. It's then she remembers something, “Aoyama and Monoma are still dating, right?”


“I believe so,” Yaoyorozu gasps, “you don’t think they broke up did you?!”


“I’ll kill that blonde-haired bastard,” Bakugou spat, jumping in on the conversation. Kirishima huffs, “You just want an excuse to fight Monoma.”


“I’ll go ask him,” Ashido says, making her way to the blonde’s desk.


“Hey, Aoyama. Are you feeling okay?”


He looks at her, “Honestly? No,” he huffs, “Because classes and villains, I have not been able to see Monoma. I,” he hugs himself, “miss him.”


Ashido can hear the sadness in Aoyama’s voice and sees it in his eyes, turning back to Yaoyorozu and Sero.


“Come with me,” she demands, marching out the room.




“Is Monoma okay,” Tsunotori asks Kendou. She sighs, “I don’t know, we’ve walked by class 1-A twice and he didn’t say anything rude or try to pick a fight.”


“The aura around him is a bit...depressing,” Rin comments, “one of us should ask him if he’s okay.”


“I’m...kind of scared to,” Kendou says with a nervous sweat. Tsuburada walks towards the three, “Isn’t he still dating that French kid from class 1-A? Maybe he’s upset because they broke up.”


“No,” Shiozaki shouts in protest, “they can’t! They’re so cute together!”


Tetsutetsu blinks with a nervous sweat, “She’s amped up.”


Shiozaki marches towards the four, “We need to investigate!”


“No need,” Ashido boasts, “we can work together.”


Behind her is Yaoyorozu, Sero, and Bakugou. Kirishima’s there to make sure Bakugou doesn’t do anything rash.


“Ah,” Shiozaki muses as she walks towards Ashido, “I see you’re a woman of culture and know what we must do.”


She nods, the two slapping their palms together in a manly manner. Similar to how Kirishima and Tetsutetsu do.


“The hell is this,” Tetsu asks, confusion written all over him. Kirishima sighs as he pats his shoulder, “I’ll tell you later.”




Shiozaki, “Ashido and I have come up with a plan!”


The group is standing in between their classroom, their lessons over for the day.


“We’re going to murder that fucker,” Bakugou asks with a wicked grin, grunting when Kirishima slaps the back of his head. As the two bickered in the background, Ashido starts to explain things.


“Shiozaki and I have decided to set Monoma and Aoyama up on a date! The reason why they aren’t acting themselves is because they haven’t had some quality couple time in days! This date will cheer the both of them up!”


“How did I get dragged into this,” Sero asks himself mentally, Yaoyorozu taking a step forward.


“The space between our dorm building would make a perfect dating spot. If we all work together then we can help them be happy again!”




Aoyama has his face in his pillow, laying on his bed as if he were dead. He saw Monoma in the hall, but the taller blonde just walked past him without a single word.


“Maybe he doesn’t like me anymore,” Aoyama says mentally, jumping when the door to his room gets kicked open. Ashido’s the one that kicked it open, Yaoyorozu walking in with a dress on her forearm.


“W-what is all this,” the blonde asks nervously, blinking when Ashido stands him up.




Monoma slowly makes his way back to his room, his bangs over his eyes. He hasn’t been able to have sex with or touch Aoyama in days and it’s taking a toll on him.


The blonde lifts his head a bit when someone grips his arm and pulls him forward, leading him to his dorm room.




“Is this all,” Midoriya asks as he places the table he was carrying on the ground, Shiozaki setting plates near the ends and a candle in the middle as Midoriya puts the chairs in place. Sero hands her a basket of rose petals then Shiozaki scatters them around the area, “There! Todoroki, can you light the candle?”


He shrugs then ignites his index finger, moving the tip towards the candle. Once it's lit up, he moves his digit back as he shakes it.


“Well,” Midoriya starts to walk away, “good luck with...whatever it is you guys are doing.”


Todoroki nods in agreement before walking away, Rin hurrying towards Shiozaki.


“He whined the entire time, but we got him ready.”


“Good,” she grins. Yaoyorozu approaches them, “Ashido and I have also prepared Aoyama. She’s on her way with him as we speak!”


“Tetsu’s on his way with Monoma,” Rin says before walking towards class 1-A’s dorm, “I’m going to go check on the food.”


As he walks away, Tetsutetsu leads Monoma towards them.


“Aren’t you handsome,” Shiozaki muses, trying to cheer the blonde up. His hair’s back to normal, but he still looks upset.

He’s wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt with black slacks, the dress shoes reflecting in the moonlight.


Monoma responds with a soft grunt, not looking at anyone.


“I do not know how long I can walk in these,” Aoyama’s voice worries, Monoma lifting his head as he hear the familiar voice. Everyone blushes when they see the French student, Monoma’s eyes slowly widening. Yaoyorozu dressed him in an off-the-shoulder, pale lavender evening gown, his bang over his eye while the rest of his hair’s pulled back into a low and loose ponytail.


Tetsutetsu slowly lifts a hand towards Monoma’s back then pushes him forward, the two blondes looking at each other.


Aoyama, “These clothes suit you,” he says shyly. Monoma’s blush gets darker as his usual smirk stretches across his face, “Just looking at you makes me hungry. Chef Yaoyorozu, you get five stars.”


“A~and he’s back,” everyone says mentally, Aoyama smiling happily. It saddens as he looks away from the taller, “I am sorry that we have not been spending too much time together.”


“Don’t apologize,” Monoma gently cups the shorter blonde’s cheek, “it’s not your fault, my delicious mille-feuille . Let’s enjoy the time we’re getting now.”


“Isn’t a mile...whatever Monoma just said a French dessert,” Sero whispers to Kendou.


“I believe so,” she responds.




Bakugou played the role of the chef and cooked the couple’s dinner. Kirishima had to witness how Bakugou shouted whenever he messed up or made a tiny spill. The redhead also was the one that carried to food out.


“Your classmate’s a better cook than I thought,” Monoma comments, Aoyama wiping his mouth with a napkin. Monoma, “I was hesitant because he might’ve poisoned my plate.”


“Neito,” the shorter blonde huffs, trying not to laugh.


“What,” the taller huffs back, “it’s true. I hate him and he hates me.”


It’s only the two of them now, Ashido and Shiozaki were on Aizawa patrol until a while ago.


“Um,” Aoyama nervously smooths some of his hair behind his ear, “do you have room for dessert?”


Monoma leans back in his chair as he smiles softly at his lover, “Are you proposing something, Yuuga? If so,” he stands up, “shall I escort you to my room?”


Aoyama, “L-let’s use my room this time.”




“What a lovely smorgasbord I’ve gotten my hands on,” Monoma muses seductively as he stares at Aoyama. Both are completely naked and on the bed in the shorter blonde’s room. Aoyama’s on his back with his hands spreading his ass cheeks apart to reveal his lube leaking entrance, his knees bent with the balls of his feet pressed against the mattress beneath him. His cheeks are red and his eyes are averted, his lips pushed together.


“My mouth is watering just looking at you,” the taller blonde says as he shoves his middle and ring fingers inside the soft channel, “this is a meal I’d gladly die for.”


Aoyama moans out as Monoma continuously presses against his prostates, his dick twitching as precum oozes out his slit.




“Can’t form words,” the taller asks teasingly, finally leaving the shorter blonde’s weak spot alone.


“I’m not done toying with your hole yet. Get on your knees.”


Aoyama does as the taller blonde says, Monoma spreading his ass cheeks.


“Thank you for the meal,” he chimes before digging in, shoving his tongue in the smaller’s entrance. 


“W-wait,” the shorter whines, “n-no-! Ah!”


“Protest all you want,” he says with a smirk, “I want to eat you out. This is apart of the dessert course too.”


Aies pitié (Have mercy),” the shorter blonde moans as he arches his back, Monoma holding his hips to prevent him from pulling away.


Pas plus (No more)! Ah!”


“There,” the taller blonde says with a smirk, “I’m full and now,” he presses his tip against the shorter’s entrance, “you’ll be full too.”


Monoma’s eyes widen when Aoyama pushes his hips back, both moaning airly as the smaller takes all of the bigger inside him.


“Someone’s eager,” the taller muses, watching the shorter blonde’s hips as they move. The taller licks his upper lip, “I don’t think I’m full anymore,” he says before he starts slamming in the shorter blonde, Aoyama unable to control the volume of his moans.


“Neito,” he chants, “oh oui (yes), Neito!”


“As much as I love it when you call my name while speaking French,” Momona presses his chest against Aoyama’s back, “I’m going to need you to quiet down. Don’t want any of your classmates finding out what we’re doing, do you?”


Instead of saying he couldn’t, Aoyama buries his face into his blanket as he climaxes, the bigger gripping his shaft and stroking him.


“How mouthwatering,” Monoma muses as he moves his hands to the shorter’s chest, “are you alright, Yuuga?”


When the shorter blonde tightened around the taller, teasingly, Monoma let out a breathy moan as he filled the condom around his shaft.




Midoriya blinks as Aoyama walks in the boys’ bathroom. His hair’s a mess and he looks tired, the button-up shirt he’s wearing is a bit big on his body. He’s not wearing any pants either.

The aura around him is back to its usual sparkle and glam though.


The greenhead opens his mouth to ask a question, but stops when he hears Bakugou shout. He also heard Monoma boast a few rude remarks.


“What on-?”


“Bakugou probably saw Monoma in my room,” Aoyama yawns, “he spent the night.”


Midoriya blinks then shakes his head, not wanting to know anything else.


“It’s too early for this shit,” Kirishima shouts as he marches past the bathroom, hurrying to split Bakugou and Monoma up.