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In a Mirror, Evil

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***a long time ago***

He had taken pity on his Quirkless brother.
His Quirk: Redistribute, allowed him to take the Quirks from villains he defeated and give them to aspiring heroes. He could have gone down the path of evil, it would have been so easy. But he had taken the high road. Because people needed heroes and he would be one for them. He had been one of, if not the, first hero. So he based his hero name on that. He was Genesis. During the time he was a hero, crime rates in Japan plummeted, and Japan was the safest nation in the world.
But then he gave a Quirk to his Quirkless brother.
Because of course there could be no happy endings.
It had been only a simple one, as he had noticed resentment in his eyes, but how could he not, with his gift, give his brother the gift of a Quirk.
So on his birthday, instead of giving his brother the car he wanted, he would give him the gift of a Quirk. Well, he would give him the car anyway, because his brother’s old junker cost him so much money in terms of gas, and nobody really respected him.

His brother was elated when he saw the car, and even happier when he received the Quirk. The Quirk was a storage Quirk, meaning that the user built up power over the course of their lifetime. A simple Quirk, as his brother never really wanted to follow the hero’s life. Fine, that was his choice.
Only when his brother attacked him forty years later did he learn a sickening truth.
His brother had become a villain, known as Destroyer.
When he finally arrested his brother, he only laughed.
“You thought I was Quirkless, but I really wasn’t. I possessed a useless Quirk, allowing me to pass my Quirk along to another. But then I received your power-storage Quirk. The two fused, creating the Quirk that I call “One”. I have chosen a successor, and then they will choose one, and so on, until one of them is strong enough to bring you down!”
“I… I gave you a Quirk. Why are you doing this?”
“You always looked down upon me for being Quirkless. And hey, why did you wait until I was thirty to give me a Quirk?Don’t give me any bullshit excuses either.”
“Fine. No bullshit then.” He took a breath, and then began to explain.
“Ever since I got my Quirk, I had been spending all of my time defeating villains. I hadn’t visited for years, I felt bad, so I gave you a Quirk in addition to a new car. But my question is this: I know you don’t really care about being a hero, but why do you become a villain?”
He saw his brother pause, but then he continued. “Because heroes, especially you, are vain, fake and downright evil. Your Quirk itself takes Quirks that people were born with them, and just because they are villains, you ripped their Quirks form them. Quirks are a vital part of an individual. It’s like tearing memories or personality traits out of someone.”
He had never thought about that. But it didn’t matter, because they were villains, they had done crimes.
As part of a sentence for many villains accused of major crimes, such as assault, rape, or murder, or other similar crimes, their Quirk was removed by Genesis and given to someone more deserving of it.
If it was a minor crime, such as shoplifting or the like, the Quirk wasn’t removed.
Only one in every 650,000 people currently have a Quirk, so the times that he needed to be called in were rare.
His brother would be one of those people.

***Forty Years Later***

“For the listed crimes of thirty-seven charges of assault with a Quirk, fifteen charges of aggravated assault with a Quirk, and three charges of first degree murder with a Quirk, XXXX XXXX, also known as the villain Destroyer, you have been sentanced to a cumulative time of 1037 years with no chance of patrol.
“Genesis, if you could, please take his Quirk.”
He reluctantly walked up to his brother.
“I’m sorry brother.” He whispered into his brother’s ear. “I wish this had turned out differently. We should've talked more about it. You should've brought it up, and I should have seen how I was affecting you. This is the last thing I wanted, but this is the only thing I can do.
“I’m sorry brother.” He repeated again. Then he reached out, and touched his brother on the shoulder, wishing he could do anything but steal the Quirk he had given him.
But there was almost nothing there, save for a few tiny wisps of smoke.
No matter how hard he reached for these wisps, he couldn’t grab them. They were too small, too thin, too insubstantial, and too far away for him to grab any of them.
His brother then whispered back. “I already passed on One. My successor had been chosen. Good luck, brother. You’ll need it.”
His brother’s voice was cold. What had happened to his brother in the forty years since they had last met? Whatever it was, he couldn’t lie now.
He then stood up and announced, “[His brother] has a transferable Quirk, and he already transferred it. He had been using the dregs of the Quirk, which is called One. He is currently Quirkless.”
The reaction from the assembled people was immediate. The judge then asked, “Genesis, can you hunt down the person [brother] transferred his Quirk to?”
He responded immediately. “Of course, your honor. The Quirk will get stronger with time, meaning that I need to find the successor as soon as possible.”
He had to find this successor, it was the only way to stop HIS mistake.
This would probably mean he would have to become an underground hero.
Thankfully someone asked for him to take his own Quirk, one that stopped his aging. When the hero asked why, the man responded with words that would resonate in his mind for the rest of his (very long) life.
“I don’t want to live forever. The thought of infinity horrifies me. I don’t really want to die, but I don’t want to live forever. Outliving all my friends and family, my wife, my kids... “ He paused, tears running down his face.
“If you don’t want to continue, take your time. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”
“T-Thank you, Gene… Genesis-san, I feel better now.” He said between reducing sobs. “Are you sure you really want this Curse?”
“There exists a Quirk out there that can be passed on from user to user, potentially making it last centuries. I needed a Quirk good for that task.” He then took out a document. “If you could just sign these forms so I have some legal backing if you decide to go after me later.”
“I understand, Genesis-san. This has probably happened before, I take it.”
“Yeah, it’s happened before.”
“I know what you’re talking about, I work in the government, so we need paperwork for everything, and I mean everything.”
“Is there anything else you need?”
The man who possessed the eternal life Quirk signed the last bits of paperwork.
“Nothing else.”
“Are you ready?” he asked.
The man sighs. “Okay, here goes nothing.”
He reached out and touched the shoulder of the man. He felt his Quirk, it was a pool, with a faucet at the bottom, dripping out constantly.
But there was an elegant golden chalice, encrusted with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and all covers of diamonds. The chalice then turned into a simple pottery cup, that was even chipped it the rim.
The simple pottery cup was pouring water from it, refilling the pool at the same rate it was dripping out.
All of this he got in the span of a few seconds. Then he pulled the Quirk from the man.
“T-Thank you Genesis-san for giving me a normal life.”
He was taken aback at his reaction. “No no, thank you, kind sir, for allowing me to use your Quirk.”
They exchanged increasingly awkward “Thank you”s and “No no, thank you”s, he eventually met, happy to have saved another life.
That was why his Quirk was for good. He could save people who’s Quirks were out of their control, and they were happy.
That’s why he had became a hero, because there was so much sadness in the world.
Maybe he could save the world from One. At least he hoped.

***Fourteen years ago***

He was walking through the town, Disguise, Quirk Mask, and Concealment wreathed around him, making sure that One couldn’t recognize him. Anybody else, he was confident in his victory, but he couldn’t take One, and from what he had seen on television, he really didn’t want to engage the villain until the time and place of his choosing. He still had his tracker that Kurogiri insisted he wear, so that he could be extracted at a moment’s notice.
Sure it might seem paranoid, but you could never be too careful. In addition, it made Kurogiri happier, and he tried to indulge the man. Despite his demeanor, he’s quite a skilled combatant, and was useful for connections with the other heroes. All he had to do was have Kurogiri create a few gates, or promise to move supplies or something, and then they had a new ally. Of course he was paid well, and was also allowed to run his bar. It had been an odd request, but he allowed the bar to be opened. He could justify it as Quirk practice because in fulfilling his role as a bartender, Kurogiri often used his Quirk to kick out particularly drunk or rowdy customers. He also had staff, and both his staff and himself had ears, so they heard useful information.
He had been pleasantly surprised about how useful the bar had been. He still kept secret rooms above the bar as apartments.
So why was he walking through a city when he had access to teleportation?
Well he had a destination in mind, but he didn’t know the coordinates, so Kurgiri’s Warp Gate Quirk was useless. He was to meet with someone called Kradljivac, a Croation deep hero that supposedly had a “Quirk vampirism” Quirk of some sort. They had many resources, including their own teleporter. As a gesture of respect Kradljivac had traveled from Croatia to Japan, but insisted on choosing a new location.
Give and receive, a balance between the two of them.
So that’s why he’s walking through a city he doesn’t recognize.
It was like any sort of normal city, hordes of dejected people going around to do whatever, people not caring. Shoddily built structures stretching far too high in the air. He was honestly surprised that he could see the sky.
That’s when he saw the boy.
He was walking through the city, nobody noticing him.
It was obvious that the boy needed help. So he reached out his hand, activating Regeneration and Quirk Resistance, just in case.
The child grabbed his hand with four fingers, his pinky sticking in the air like how the British Royals drink their tea, acting like they’re so high class.
So this kid’s Quirk is dangerous, and he can’t control it...
Well he would make sure this kid knew how to use his Quirk to the best.
Kradljivac could wait for thirty minutes.

***Seven years later***

“Kurogiri, take Tenko out of here.” He yelled.
“What about you, Exodus?”
“Don’t worry about me, I can take on this latest user of One. Please, save yourself and Tenko first. Worry about me later. Yes, I am wearing my toe rings”
Kurogiri seemed suspicious of him, but the mist-man trusted him enough to obey his instructions, as his advice was almost always good, it had saved them for the past several years of their heroics.
“Miyazaki Smash!” a booming voice ran throughout their secret hideout, destroying the entire front of the building.
He readied himself for the upcoming fight. He knew that this fight would be happening as soon as he captured the previous user of One, Nana Shimura, twenty-one years ago. The fights were getting increasingly difficult, as One was strengthening, thanks to the Quirk he regretfully gave.
One wasn’t the only villain present, and Exodus wasn’t the only ‘hero’. One hundred years ago, he had changed his hero name from Genesis to Exodus, due to the proliferation of villains, culminating at the Heroics Prevention Act, which banned heroes.So he had turned to ‘vigilantism’ then, working in the background to defeat as many villains as possible.
After defeating the seventh wielder of One, he had faded back into the shadows, hoping to hide from the eighth wielder, which he hadn’t known about. It apparently hadn’t worked.
He looked over the assembled heroes. One was standing in the forefront, his dyed-black hair in a simple style, his costume was intensely Japanese, even having a red circle in the chest with rays extended from it, in the style of the Japanese Imperial flag. The rest of the costume was decorated in various other patterns of red and white, and the cape he wore was the Japanese Imperial Flag.
“Fear for your lives, because I am here.” One said as he leapt in.
There were only three other villains.
The first was Lucifire, standing there nearly as tall as the current user of One, hell-red flames wreathing there way around his costume, red and black complete with two fake horns as part of his mask, an eternal scowl on his face.
The second was Assassin, standing there in entirely back, with a serene half-mask hiding his face, his silver-white hair covering the other half.
The third was Defabricator, clad in layers of black denim, with more tendrils behind him, and threads spanning out from those.
This fight wouldn’t be easy.
But he could still win, and even if he couldn’t, he could cross his big toe and his other toe over on either foot, which would send a message to Kurogiri, which would warp him away in an instant.
Taking out Assassin and Defabricator would be the first goal, obviously. He had prepared for Defabricator in advance, the costume he wore was a false ‘fabric’ made of metal and other synthetic polymers that wouldn’t be affected by Defabricator’s Quirk.
His plan for dealing with Assassin and Defabricator the same way, with a golden fire quirk he had retrieved from a villain a long time ago.
His two allies with him were known as Crusher and Dauntless, and they each had two Quirks.
So this would be an even fight then.

***Six Years ago***

It hadn’t gone well.
Sure he had defeated Assassin and Defabricator, stealing their Quirks, but something had happened for the first time.
He had tied with One.
Sure he was now tied up to a machine, half his face covered in scars, and One was still standing, but according to the knowledge he had, One could only do villain work for nine hours a day now. Good. But he still lost Crusher. He regretted having the two of them there at his side, but he needed them there. At least Tenko and Kurogiri were safe. He had risen the both of them since they were children.
He could still operate from the shadows then. So he considered changing his name to something new. Why not go down the line, calling himself Leviticus. It fit with the major themes of the book, such as sacrifice and atonement. He had spent the past years redeeming villains, gathering wealth, and recruiting heroes.
But there was still the problem of the eighth wielder of One.
He would just have to find the perfect combination of Quirks to defeat the Symbol of Evil.
It would just take time. He would also have to contact Dr. Tsubasa, hoping that either the doctor would find a healing Quirk, or he could find a regeneration Quirk.
Yes, it would just take time.
But how much time does he really have?