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A Night to Remember 💋

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Bakugo had a long night. First fighting that damned nerd, talking with All Might and then being punished by Aizawa; he was finally able to go back to his dorm at around twelve. To some people it was probably a normal bedtime, but Bakugo was used to going to bed at 9:30. It was a big difference for him. He had exerted himself in that fight with Deku too, that nerd was getting better with his quirk and it showed. He still crushed Deku easily, a few sores and scrapes was nothing. Bakugo was more emotionally exhausted then anything. The fact that he didn’t qualify for a license really got to him more then he wanted to admit. He wanted to be the number one hero, dammit. Not some shitty excuse for a hero who wasn’t any better then half and half.

So with his mind fuzzy with sleep deprivation and self doubt, Bakugo dragged himself down his dorm hall. He paused at Kirishima’s door, staring without a word at the room. The week after he was rescued from the villains, he wouldn’t stop having nightmares. Kirishima heard them, they kept the redhead up. So he had gone into Bakugo’s room and tried to comfort him. Bakugo had almost exploded Kirishima the first night when he woke up to his presence, but he quickly got used to it. The two got so comfortable in that routine that they had started sleeping in the same room. Kirishima had asked if cuddling “between bros” would help but Bakugo refused. He was a sporadic sleeper, often finding himself in strange positions upon waking.

At least, that was the excuse he told himself and Kirishima to avoid sharing his bed with his crush. He didn’t want to have a crush on that shitty haired best friend of his, heck he was barely processing his own sexuality. Yet he always got all sweaty around Kirishima. He didn’t mind too much at first, it did boost his quirk. But as time went on it grew and grew, and it was a bad sign that Deku had taken notice of his increased strength when sparring or fighting with Kirishima.

He didn’t want to think about that damn nerd right then, he had enough of that for the day. Bakugo wanted to clear his head. And there was only one person who got him enough to help. Kirishima.

He took a quiet breath and knocked on the door, waiting for a response. Kirishima would probably already be sleeping, and if he didn’t respond Bakugo decided to just head back to his room. As much as he wanted Kirishima’s support, he didn’t want to wake him up.

He definitely didn’t want to seem desperate, because he totally wasn’t. Bakugo knocked again, a bit louder.

To Bakugo's frustration he still didn’t get a response, and with a sigh he dragged himself to his own dorm room. Bakugo entered his room and left the light off, instead opting to climb into bed. He sat down on the bed and shifted to get comfortable. It was warm and comforting, and he finally felt like he could relax.

Bakugo rolled over, reaching his arm out and feeling another warm body in the bed. What the fuck. He panicked and reached for his bedside light, turning it on and finding himself next to a very sleepy, very embarrassed looking Kirishima.

“Ah, sorry bro! I swear it isn’t what it looks like, I just got worried about you and waited here and fell asleep-“

Kirishima’s eyes widened as he processed Bakugo’s injuries. Bakugo winced at that, not liking the idea of Kirishima thinking he was weak because of a few scrapes.

“Bakugo, what happened?!”

“Nothing, shitty hair. The other guy looks worse anyways.”

He turned away, finding himself blushing slightly at Kirishima’s quiet chuckle. Fuck, thank goodness the room was still dark.

“But seriously, Bakugo. You look pretty banged up. I was super worried about you dude! You’ve never stayed up so late before, I was freaking out, thinkin’ something bad happened.”

Kirishima ran his fingers through his hair sheepishly, both of them avoiding looking at each other.

“Shitty hair, I promise you I’m fine. The damn scrapes are nothing, it was worth it, I got to crush that damn nerd into the ground."

Kirishima’s eyes widened. “You fought Midoriya? Why?”

“Had to release some steam.”

Kirishima frowned at him. “I would have been happy to spar with you, bro.”

Bakugo shook his head. He couldn’t explain to Kirishima why he had to fight Deku, he made a promise.

“I just had to do this. Don’t ask me to explain, I can’t. If you have a problem, just leave me alone.”

He stared at Kirishima, daring his friend to respond.

“Okay dude! I won’t pry.”

Kirishima scooted a little closer to him, looking at the bandages on Bakugo’s face. He looked deep in thought, and it annoying and embarrassed Bakugo.

“Quit staring at me, hair for brains!”

What happened to Kirishima judging him for fighting Deku? He preferred that. Didn’t make his hands sweat as much. Kirishima didn’t respond for a moment, before he asked Bakugo a quiet question.

“Does it hurt?”

Bakugo crossed his arms, avoiding the sight of Kirishima’s worried face. How was he so cute?

“What the hell do you think?” He grumbled instead, huffing at the redhead. Bakugo didn’t want to think too much about his emotions right then.

Kirishima leaned a bit closer, giving Bakugo a strange look. Then he blurted out, “How about I kiss your injuries better!” At Bakugo’s silence, he quickly took back what he said. “Oh, it was just a joke bro! My mom used to say it to me, I meant nothing by it!”

Bakugo shook his head at the idiot in front of him. “I never said no, dumb hair.”

Kirishima blinked up at him, confusion flashing across his face. It was quickly replaced by a dark blush Bakugo could make out in the dark.

“Well... I have an idea...”

Bakugo watched Kirishima carefully, barely able to breath.

“Close your eyes.”

Bakugo blinked a few times, having expected something else.

“Hah? Why?”

“Just close them!” Kirishima scooted even closer, his eyes wide. “Trust me, okay?”

Bakugo squeezed his eyes shut, feeling himself tense up. He heard no moment or sound from Kirishima. Why was he doing this?

“Fine. And?”

That's when a gentle hand lay itself on his knee, light as a feather. He heard the soft squeaking of the bed springs, Kirishima scooting closer. Bakugo felt himself relax, maybe it was the knowledge Kirishima was there, that he could trust him. That was probably it. Kirishima moved his other hand to lightly cup Bakugo’s face, rubbing a soft finger over his cheek. Bakugo felt himself blush at the contact, never having been so intimate with someone like that. He wished his eyes were open but he forced them to stay closed.

The hand disappeared, and before Bakugo could react; Kirishima’s soft lips brushed against that very same cheek. Bakugo tensed up in shock, heart beating fast. Kirishima was kissing him. He feels Kirishima pull back, gently removing his palm from Bakugo’s face. Without opening his eyes, Bakugo grabs Kirishima’s hand and places it against his other cheek. He wants to say “don’t stop,” but he isn’t sure how.

Thankfully Kirishima got the message, and slowly presses a kiss on Bakugo’s other cheek. Bakugo feels his cheeks heat up, still squeezing his eyes shut; too scared to face his best friend and crush. Kirishima’s lips were soft. They were soft and warm and they feel perfect pressed against Bakugo’s face. If these kisses were supposed to make him feel better, they were succeeding.

Kirishima leaned up and kisses Bakugo’s forehead softly, finally scooting back and giving him some space. Bakugo forces himself to relax, trying to convince himself that once he opens his eyes things will be fine. It won’t be weird, he isn’t imagining Kirishima kissing his lips. He slowly opens his eyes, blinking at the other boy in front of him. Bakugo is well aware of how red his face is, how his fists are clenched tight into his shorts.

Kirishima smiles at him, a motion that makes his stomach flip and his heart soar.


Realizing that he had been staring in silent awe at Kirishima; Bakugo quickly looks away, his blush darkening.

“Y-yeah, I guess...”

Kirishima grins a bit wider, a blush visible on his own face as well.

“Sorry if I went too far bro, I hope I didn’t make things weird.”

“What do you mean by weird, dumb hair?”

Kirishima shifted nervously, fiddling with the bedsheet beneath them.

“Like, that I just kissed you? I hope that didn’t make you uncomfortable.”

“I liked it.”

Kirishima chuckled nervously, pointedly staring at the space between them.

“You liked it?”

“Yeah, it made me feel better too, hair for brains. Thanks.”

Kirishima looked up at him and smiled, clearly relieved Bakugo hadn’t lashed out. But why would he? Those were the best moments of his entire life.

“You were already sleeping here, right?”

“Uh, yeah, by accident bro I’m sorry!”


“Huh? What do you mean Bakugo?”

“Just, stay and sleep because you are already here and it’s late.”

“Okay! I’ll go take the floor-“

“No! Sleep in the damn bed!”

“But what about you?”

Bakugo blushed again.

“Let’s just share the fucking thing, okay?”

Kirishima nods, shyly getting back under the covers. Bakugo joins him after a few moments, both of them lying on their backs and staring at the ceiling. Kirishima makes the first move, rolling over to face Bakugo. He avoids looking at Kirishima, instead focusing on keeping a poker face as he stares up at the ceiling.

Kirishima scoots a little closer, poking Bakugo’s arm.

“Bro, you’re glaring at the ceiling as if it personally wronged you.”

“Shut up.”

“What did it do, bro? Do I need to glare at it too?”

“Seriously, hair for brains. Don’t make it weirder then it already is.”

Kirishima scoots a bit closer.

“What’s weird, Bakubro?”

“Your hair.”

“Ouch! So unmanly, dude! My hair is the best!”

They are quiet for a moment.

“I guess it’s less shitty when it’s down like that, idiot.”

“I love you too, bro.”

Bakugo goes wide eyed, shifting so he is looking away from Kirishima. What the hell Kirishima! Bakugo’s face is bright red, his heart feels like it’s about to explode in his chest. Kirishima can’t just say things like that!

“You can’t just say things like that!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Kirishima chuckled nervously. Bakugo can hear him clear his throat, his voice deeper and more serious.

“I was really worried tonight Bakugo, I’m glad you are all right.”

“Why would I not be?”

“I know dude, that’s what I like so much about you. Nothing holds you down, you’re unstoppable.”

“Damn right.”

Bakugo finally rolls over to look at Kirishima, realizing that his best friend was blushing just as much as he is. Now they are just a few inches apart, staring at each other. Bakugo can see little details of Kirishima’s face, the small black hairs growing at his roots, his scar, his long eyelashes. He’s totally head over heels crushing on his best friend, doing all he can not to close the space between them and kiss.


His friends eyes widen at the use of his name, not used to hearing it out of Bakugo’s mouth.

“Thanks, or whatever.”They both are bright red now, and Bakugo tries to roll over away from Kirishima. But before he can, Kirishima grabs his hand. He squeezes it softly, rubbing Bakugo’s palm and smiling.

“What are you doing-“

“I really like you, Bakugo. I like how strong and powerful you are, how confident and manly and absolutely stunning you are; how every moment I spend in your presence makes me feel so much more confident in myself.”

Bakugo doesn’t say anything, unable to trust himself to speak anymore.

“You are always there for me and supporting me and bringing me up, and I couldn’t have a better best friend.”

Before he can overthink Kirishima’s words, Bakugo reaches over and wraps his arms around Kirishima, pulling him closer for a strange, intimate hug. Kirishima strokes his hair softly as Bakugo buries his head in his shirt. Neither want to let go, and due to their growing fatigue they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Bakugo wakes up the following morning to the most beautiful sight in the world. Kirishima, sleeping like a baby with the sun from his window illuminating his face just enough to see it but not enough to wake him. It was perfect. Bakugo couldn’t help but just stare at his friend, taking in the same face he had stared at the previous night. He could see even more of Kirishuma’s beauty in the morning, little things like the soft sprinkle of the redheads freckles making constellations on his face. Bakugo reached out a finger, brushing it softly against Kirishima’s cheek. A few hairs had slipped over his face, and Bakugo took care to quietly brush them back, tucked snugly under his ears. All Bakugo wanted to do was kiss his friend right on the lips. He never really thought about kissing someone, or who he would kiss or what his first kiss would be. But as Bakugo lay in his own bed next to his crush, who had practically confessed to him the night before; the person who he wanted to kiss, and when he wanted his first kiss to be because obvious.

He decided to take matters into his own hands, and he did. By poking Kirishima’s cheek. Bakugo then came to the shocking conclusion that Kirishima had squishable cheeks, and poked them again, a bit softer that time. He was in a strange sort of awe just poking Kirishima’s cheek, like the weirdest fucking guy in the world. And of course, Kirishima woke up.

“Bro, bro, where am I?”

Kirishima blinked groggily at Bakugo, trying to figure out where he was and what had happened to land him in bed with an insane hot dude squishing his face.

“Oh yeahhh!” Kirishima gave Bakugo a dorky smile. “Bakugo, you’re looking at me like I’m your new favorite food or something. Are you okay?”

“Shut up. It’s cause your c-“ Bakugo trailed off sheepishly, not able to say the word he wanted to. It felt too intense, too real.

“I’m what?”

“You’re cute. Fuck, you’re cute. So damn cute, Kirishima. Even with your shitty hair.”

Kirishima’s face quickly joined his hair in color, staring blankly back at Bakugo.

“I think you’re cute too. Manly and cute.”

Kirishima scooted a bit closer to Bakugo, so close their noses could almost touch.

“Bakugo, would you go out-“

“Be my boyfriend.”

They both freeze for a moment before Kirishima begins to laugh, somehow getting even closer to Bakugo.

“Bakugo-,” said Kirishima before another wave of giggles hits him.

“Am I a joke to you, Kirishima?”

Kirishima shook his head, doing his best to swallow his rebellious laughter.

“No way man! Not at all, I’d love to be your boyfriend.”

“Thank god, you scared me for a second, idiot.”

“I literally confessed to you last night!”

“By calling me your best friend?! That sends mixed messages Kirishima!”

“Is asking to kiss you a mixed message?”

Bakugo paused for a moment, realizing just how close they were. Hell yes he wanted to kiss his new boyfriend.

“If I don’t get my kiss, yeah. Hurry up! Kiss me, Kirishima.”

Kirishima giggled nervously, looking at Bakugo’s lips.

“I’ve never kissed someone before, bro. I don’t want to do it wrong.”

“I have.” Bakugo said with a smirk, leaning in and placing a soft, short peck on Kirishima’s lips. “You.”

Kirishima froze for a moment, mouth open slightly with a look of adoration on his face.

“Dude that was so manly!”

“Yeah, of course it was. I’m the best!”

Kirishima chuckled, reaching over and running a hand through Bakugo’s hair. The cuts from the previous night where still on Bakugo’s face, and had swollen up a bit while they were sleeping.

“Dude, you should probably go see Recovery Girl. Get them patched up.”

Bakugo pouted, shaking his head.

“I rather stay in here with you, cause if we get up I would have to see your normal shitty hair.”

“You could always say you just wanted to cuddle, bro.”

“Shut up.”

Kirishima smiled, one hand still gently tracing Bakugo’s face.

“Can I kiss you now?”

“Why do you keep asking, idiot? What do you think?”

Kirishima stared at Bakugo with wide eyes.


“Kirishima, if you want to continue acting like you do actually have hair for brains, I’m going to get up and leave right-“

And then Kirishima was kissing him. It was sloppy and uncoordinated, both quite sleepy. But it was special. It was their moment together, pressing messy kisses on each other’s lips and holding each other close. Giggling between kisses, secret smiles and silly whispers to make them both laugh, it was perfect.

They were perfect together. Bakugo peppered Kirishima's face with kisses, and he couldn't help but think just how important the beautiful idiot next to him was. He wasn't going to admit it then, probably not for a few years, but Bakugo knew he loved Kirishima more than anything.