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|Part 01: Beginnings|

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“Alright class! Settle down! I know this is your last year here, but we've got a new transfer student who was enrolled… last minute, like an hour ago…” The teacher sighed, shaking his head. "C’mon in kid.”

Walking into the classroom, currently inhabited by one such Bakugou Katsuki, Izuku Midoriya, as well as the rest of their juniour high class, was a thin-set boy, an eye-patch over his left eye, the other a blood-red, and framed by black, almost Opalescent hair, tied to the right side in a long ponytail by a red ribbon. Along with his slight frame, he wasn’t exactly intimidating in height either, standing, currently at 157 cm, but based on his medical reports, he seemed to have grown exponentially since being found… So, perhaps, that would change eventually. 

“H-Hello. I am N-Naoki K-Kirahara. It’s a p-pleasure to meet you all. I hope-” Naoki could barely keep eye-contact, bowing respectfully to his new peers, but was interrupted, the one question he dreaded the first to be asked. 

“What’s your Quirk?” “Yeah!” “Show us what you’ve got!”

Naoki inhaled deeply, letting it out calmly and slowly, the class waiting loudly in anticipation. "I-I actually… I don’t have a Quirk…” Naoki squeezed his eyes shut, awaiting what he worried would happen to him if he chose to hide his Quirk, but in all truth, he wasn’t lying, having enunciated a word of his reply… Because of his Quirk, he didn’t have just a Quirk. 

“What!” “Great, another trashy reject.” “Nah, he’s worse, he’s as bad as Midoriya.”

“Hah! So, you’re as defenseless and worthless as Deku."

As he had no proof of his past, birth, and not really even a family name, or, frankly, any record of his own existence at all, he was able to hide his Quirk, and along with that, so much more. Although, perhaps, in part to not having the memories to begin with, it was far easier to hide these things so well. Like his doctor- since the beginning of his stay at the hospital- had told him. 

Hajime Shinsou told him after recovering well enough to leave the ICU, ‘It’s impossible to lie about yourself when not even you know or remember anything in the first place. But, why do you want to hide your Quirk?’ 

An honest question, so, Naoki gave an honest answer. I just want people to find out who I am and what I am like without seeing me for my Quirk first. Besides, if I word it like I’m planning, I won’t even be lying to begin with, it’ll be dependent on whether or not they’re actually listening. I think it might help in building good relationships, in a weird way. I’m less likely to trust someone, and end up used or manipulated, if they see nothing worth using me for, reguarding my Quirk, I mean. I’m still… Not sure how to tell outright if someone is worth trusting, other than instantaneous instinctual reactions, and I also know, from just these few months, that I don’t trust easily in the first place. This may help me finding people who are trustable in their very nature… And, if they are able to spot the truth, or don’t automatically write me off at not having a Quirk, then I will be able to trust them a lot better. It will make opening up easier. If I make a friend from this, I’ll tell them about my Quirk right away, I promise, Hajime-san! 

The doctor had a Quirk called ‘Insomnia’, and had been monitoring Naoki while recovering. But, as for what happened to him, he didn't really know himself. Naoki only knew what the tired doctor had recorded and reported… Or, basically, any medical procedure, test or documentation since being brought in by someone, who now looked after Naoki, Toshinori Yagi. Though, most of the public knew him as All Might, the Number 1 Pro Hero. 

But, Naoki preferred not to dwell on the events before leaving the hospital the previous evening, even though- it was argued- he was far from healed enough to do so. Naoki had been in there, and seen nothing but the inside of that hospital for as many months as his memory had, which, to be fair, was only six, after coming to full consciousness. All Might, though, said it had been over a year by then, since he’d found Naoki- lost, alone, injured, and barely clinging to life- as he wandered through the woods. Additionally, he had been delirious, starving, dehydrated, and, disturbingly, none of his opened wounds, cuts, gashes, had healed much at all since he’d been brought in. However, unless he was way too reckless, they wouldn’t bleed. They tested, the past few days before his release, to see how much he and his body could handle before they’d bleed, and it was a fairly decent result. Additionally, they had found Naoki had almost no reaction whatsoever, to stimuli of pain. He wouldn’t even register most things under an 8 at all

As it was, he was lucky to be allowed to go to school, legitimately having begged the Hero to let him at least have one normal childhood experience before high school. Toshinori relented, but was still concerned about Naoki’s recovering injuries. 

Naoki’s mind drew back to the present as he decided to try a small hand at talking out to the class. 

“As I see it, I don’t need a Quirk. I am confident enough in my skills, so I ask you not to look down on me because of it." He said aloud as he narrowed his eyes. He’d been prepared, but he still wasn’t going to take things like this without putting up some kind of fight. 

“Ah! Shut up! Quirkless Wannabe!” The same blonde from moments ago lashed out. 

Naoki sighed, his left hand reaching to his neck, rubbing at the markings there. As with so many similar scars all over his body, he had no memory of how he’d gotten these, but he found himself rubbing his neck when he was nervous, stressed or upset. He continued what he’d been saying, now muttering, just loud enough to be heard, if there wasn’t so much rukus. "Besides, I am certain, even without memories, that I’ve lived through things none of you could survive, but I’d prefer to keep that hidden as well…” 

“What the hell did you mutter? Huh? Got somethin’ to say?” The red-eyed blonde called back.

Naoki was already making his way to a seat, ignoring the remark, done with listening to this for now. His eye caught a green-haired boy in the class who hadn’t mocked him or really said anything, but still looked quite shaken and nervous himself as well. I’ll take one of the seats near him. He seems less hostile than the blonde, or any of the others… I didn’t even get to learn anyone’s name… 

“What’s with that eyepatch anyway? Lame." Another student added as Naoki made for the seat he’d decided on. 

Naoki found out the boy he’d sat next to was Izuku Midoriya, or, as some called him, Deku. He also learned this boy was, in fact, actually Quirkless. But, he was a good, kind and caring boy. Naoki felt like he could maybe, just maybe, open up to Midoriya a little, and eventually, trust him as much as he’d grown to trust Toshinori and Hajime. 

“Now that everyone’s settled in, let’s begin class, shall we?” The sensei chimed in, having basically ignored the mocking just moments ago. 

With a few grumbles of reply, he began, officially. 

“So, as third year students, it's time to start thinking seriously about your futures and what you want to do with your lives. I could pass out some career aptitude tests, but why bother. Ha! I know you all want to go to the Hero track." The entire classroom, aside from Izuku, who was holding his hand up, patiently, Naoki, who was focusing on the textbooks in front of him, and Katsuki, who was acting like his smug and arrogant self, cheered loudly. "Yes yes. You’ve got some very impressive Quirks, but no power usage allowed in school. Get ahold of yourselves."

“Hey teach. Don’t lump me in with this bunch of losers. I’m the real deal but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted D-lister."

“You think you’re better than us Katsuki!”

“Let’s go! I’ll take you all on!” Bakugou responded to the challenge. 

“Huh. You’ve got impressive test results. Maybe you- Oh… Looks like you’re not the only one with good scores." He looked to Naoki, who was studying the book in front of him, completely oblivious to the teacher’s gaze. "But, Kirahara-kun’s are from a different… Grade-level… Hey! Kirahara! Put that book away. What are you so engrossed in that you feel the urge to skip my speech?” 

Naoki looked up. "Ad- Uh… Just science stuff… Sorry, sir. I was… Um…” He reached up and rubbed his neck, with his right hand this time. "I was trying to see if I can answer the questions in the first chapter by the end… Of Lunch period…” 

“What are you? A geek? That’s almost worse than Izuku!” “Ha! That’s ridiculous!” “Study all ya like, ya still can’t be a Hero with just brains alone…” 

Naoki just shrugged, shutting the book and properly focusing on the teacher. 

“My apologies, sir. If I upset you, please let me know. I’m still not used to being around others yet, sir." Naoki looked down, bowing his head as he spoke. 

“I’ve been informed, albeit very briefly- and poorly explained- of your circumstances, Kirahara, but only so much out-of-line behaviour will be tolerated. Please stay focused and do what you are supposed to. Any more slips today and I’ll be giving your guardian a call."

Naoki nodded. "Yes, sir. Sorry."

This, naturally, left the class confused, but the teacher continued, “Now, back to what I was saying, Bakugou, you’ve got impressive results… Maybe you will get into U.A. High."

“He’s gonna try for the national school?” “That school only has a .2% acceptance rate.” “It’s impossible to get in to.” 

“That’s exactly why it's the only place worthy of me!” Katsuki retorted, jumping up onto his desk as he continued. Naoki stared at him, wondering just why this kid was so arrogant and self-assured, and finding out why as the blonde continued to speak. "I aced all of the mock tests. I’m the only one at this school who stands a chance at getting in. I’ll end up more popular than All Might himself! And be the richest Hero of all time!! People from all over the world will know who I am! And it all starts with U.A. High!” Bakugou bragged. 

The teacher spoke once more, “Oh yeah, Midoriya… Don’t you wanna go to U.A. too? And… Kirahara… Your file says the same too…” This made Bakugou bleach in shock, as the rest of the class turned to eye the two Quirkless students. 

Izuku hid himself at Bakugou’s coming rage, while Naoki eyed the blonde, waiting to speak up and interfere if things got too rough. He’d long since gotten tired of how the class treated the green-eyed boy, and it was only the first day... They all broke out in laughter. "There’s no way you’ll get into the Hero course without a Quirk!”

“Actually, they got rid of that rule. I could be the first one!” Izuku tried to defend himself as Bakugou turned, growling in rage and overconfidence as he aimed an exploding fist toward Izuku, smashing his desk. Naoki narrowed his eyes, disliking the entire situation, but all too aware that he was still pretty badly injured. 

“Listen up, Deku! You’re even worse than the rest of these damn rejects, you Quirkless wannabe! You really think they’d let someone like you in when they could have me!” Bakugou shouted. 

“Huh?! No! Wait! You’ve got it all wrong! Really! I’m not trying to compete against you!” Izuku had frantically backed himself up, bonking into the wall behind him as Bakugou encroached. "You’ve gotta believe me! It’s just that I’ve wanted to be a Hero since I was little. I may not have a Quirk… But I can still try my hardest, can’t I?” 

“You’d never be able to hang with the best of the best! You’d die in the exams! Defenseless Izuku! This school’s already crappy! You really wanna embarrass it more by failing so hard!?” Bakugou taunted Izuku, while the teacher did nothing, and the other students watched and enjoyed it. Naoki was sickened. He had no idea what he would do, but he knew what his adoptive dad would do, so, that is what he intended to do, or at least try. 

As Naoki stood up, kneeling down and offering his hand to Izuku, Bakugou lashed out at him too, as if just now remembering he was ‘Quirkless’ as well. 

“Same to you Eyepatch Freak!” Bakugou challenged, and Naoki took the chance to make Bakugou’s attention shift as he pulled Izuku up. 

“I aced the mock tests as well." He began, his left hand reaching to his neck while his right hand cracked a knuckle, both subconscious habits, and all the ones he knew of, meant slightly different things, but hinted at his emotions. "And, to be frank, even a ‘Quirkless wannabe’ acts more Hero-like than you."

“What was that!? You don’t even have parents who wanted you enough to keep you! They probably threw you out when they found out you were worthless!”

“K-Kaachan, that’s not-” Izuku began. Naoki held up his hand. 

“If it makes you feel better about some discrepancy in your past, to pick on others without as much power as you, then what makes you think you’d be able to become a Hero? Here’s a thought- Why don’t you take a lesson from actual Heroes who have actually graduated, and made something of themselves. A Hero wouldn’t treat others the way you do! All Might wouldn’t! He’d stand up for them and treat them the same as he’d treat everyone else! Even without my Quirk, I can be a decent person even to people harassed by egotistical jerks who abuse their power. So, you, with a Quirk, there’s no reason you can’t, and no excuse not to. Besides… If you want to be a Hero sooo bad, than maybe act like a Hero would! Now leave him alone!”

“Why the hell would I listen to a worthless, defenseless, Quirkless wannabe loser like you? Huh!?” Bakugou shouted in a rageful attempt at a retort. Naoki’s right hand cracked another time, this time, Bakugou seemed to notice, taking it as a challenge. "You think that intimidates me! You’re both Quirkless losers, but at least Deku knows when to grovel! You think you’re tough shit! It pisses me off! I can demolish you both with a single hit!” Bakugou yelled, issuing what Naoki could deem a challenge. 

With a soft expression and eyes downcast, Naoki began, “Maybe I don’t stand down easily,” He paused, his eyes flashing up to meet Bakugou’s, one hidden beneath his ever present eyepatch, as his expression changed entirely as well, “But I know how to pick my battles well. I trust my instincts when I cannot trust the world around me, and I survive. So… I dare you. Come at me. You won’t land a harmful hit, Quirk or not." He wasn’t lying. He could barely trust the world he was in. He found two people whom he trusted, three if Izuku was included, but that was it. And, if anything, his instincts had yet to let him down. Plus, considering his injuries, his scars, the damage visible on him, he did just that. He did survive, and that was proof enough that his instincts were reliable. So, Naoki instigated his own challenge back at Bakugou, fully aware that everyone else in the classroom was watching. 

On the other hand, though… Naoki knew this was stupid. Fighting in class, when he refused to use his Quirk, could end badly, but if he was going to prove anything to anyone, himself included, standing up to Bakugou was a good start. He had recently adopted a rule, one he’d imposed upon himself, after seeing All Might act incredibly recklessly, and with more idiocy than normal, so often in such a short time, that, until he could rely upon himself better, he would only allow a single stupid action or choice a day, and would not only see it through, but would deal with the consequences without complaint. This was his allowance for the day. 

“Oh yeah!? I’ll make you eat those words! You’re gonna regret this!” Bakugou rose a fist, crackling his Quirk with a sputter of tiny blasts as he made to charge at Naoki. With a yell of rage, he went for the first attack. 

Naoki dodged the attempt, ending with a growl from Bakugou as he lunged again and again. Naoki effectively played cat and mouse in the enclosed space, dodging every attack with no visible effort, almost instinctual to the onlookers, as he still evaded attacks when his eyes were closed briefly. The whole class, as expected, were wide-eyed at seeing a ‘Quirkless Loser’ going toe-to-toe, keeping up with the powerful Quirk the blonde loved to show off. 

However, Bakugou effectively gained the upper hand when he obliterated a desk right beside Izuku, distracting Naoki when he focused Ricochet- a small part of his Quirk- to keep any debris from striking Izuku, and there would have been a number of impacts, he could tell. 

Bakugou saw this lapse without understanding what had caused Naoki’s lapse in attention, and launched a barrage of fists, aimed toward Naoki’s abdomen. 

Despite his skilled actions and movements, Naoki had only just been released recently, and early at that. So, when a rather lengthy, and dangerously deep gash on the lower left portion of his back tore through it's stitches, the sudden, surprising feeling registered… As pain, an odd and rather foreign feeling to Naoki. 

Reaching for the wound, and his face contorting in pain for the briefest of seconds, a hiss sounded from Naoki, standing out very little amongst the other noises in the air. Bakugou kept approaching and striking, and, Naoki had only just barely been dodging them. He was certain he was already bleeding through the bandage at this point, and if this went on much longer, he’d be in trouble. So, as the blonde came at his this time, Naoki decided on a calculated risk, and took it. Naoki figured that if Bakugou hit the injury with his Quirk, it might be hot enough to stop the bleeding, by cauterising the wound, a solid plan, since his own Quirk was ineffective at helping the injuries he had, just as most any other Quirks had been thus far. 

“I’ve got you now!” Bakugou yelled in triumph as Naoki rotated at the last possible second, making Bakugou’s explosive fist connect right with the gaping wound on Naoki’s lower back, directing the blonde’s fist there with a manipulation of Ricochet. As the blow hit, Naoki found it surprisingly painful, more pain than he had felt since awakening, but kept the displays of pain marginally lower than what he was actually feeling. A small grimace and click of his tongue was all the reaction discernable by Bakugou. 

“Hah! Serves you right! And here you said-” Bakugou froze when he saw the blood coating his fist, then, catching the small splatters here and there since Naoki’s attention had originally lapsed, and finally, his eyes turned to Naoki, who was panting and out of breath. Naoki’s uniform, though, was now exposing a rather sizable portion of Naoki’s back and side, showing the slightest amounts, mere traces of the scars, burns, and open wounds that littered his flesh. 

As his breath seemed to keep vanishing, Naoki was curled toward his left, now holding the singed wound. As the last few wisps of smoke left the cooling wound, Naoki spoke up again. "Thanks… For that… They haven’t healed… Worth a shit… In almost… A year…” Naoki continued panting, his breath refusing to return properly as his eyepatch fluttered to the ground after the force of the blast knocked it loose, showing his formerly covered left eye glowing dangerously, a cold, ice blue, starkly contrasted to the blood red his right always was. 

“The hell are those from?” Bakugou looked at Naoki, trying to remain tough, but worry obvious in his gaze. 

Naoki had leaned back against the wall in the back of the classroom, collapsing against it and sliding to the ground, similar to how Izuku had been before, still finding his breathing difficult, even if he was seated, but he was able to speak better. "I was only released from ICU about two weeks ago, and from the hospital last night. These open wounds are nothing compared to the rest of my scars. It doesn’t matter if someone has or doesn’t have a Quirk. If I can survive things like this, a little explosion, a little bullying, those are nothing. I had to beg my-”Naoki coughed a bit, his breath suddenly a lot easier coming after the cough subsided. "Adoptive dad to even allow me to go to school. I’ve only seen the insides of a hospital room for the last six months." He paused, having to breathe again. He was exhausted a bit, but definitely not enough to warrant a trip to the night-terror infested place called sleep. "I was in a coma for seven months before waking up. But before that… Nothing… ”

After a few minutes of shocked silence, Naoki used the chalkboard ledge to hoist himself up, and made for the exit of the classroom, aiming for the bathroom to take a much needed few minutes of alone time. He fished in his pants pocket for the small paper envelope of pills Hajime-san had given him. These were just a few of them, three doses. The rest were at home. 

They were meant as emergency anti-anxiety medicine, to help him calm down. Hajime and Toshinori had discussed what they addressed as “Anti-Nao”, with Naoki, and these tiny tablets were supposed to help Naoki regain a calmer, less paranoid, panicked and frantic state of mind when he worked himself up, or wound himself up too high. And, as it was, he could tell he was getting way too overwhelmed by what was going on, already feeling some of those behaviours sneaking forward. 

Once he reached the restroom, he downed the tablet, using his Quirk to get enough to drink. He didn’t care right then if anyone saw it. He was far too worked up to care. 

After that, he splashed several normal handfuls on his face, then turned to his side to repeat the splashing with the new burn from Bakugou. After that, he returned to drinking out of the faucet normally for a few minutes. 

Out of nowhere, the door slammed open, and Naoki ignored it, continuing until something was harshly thrown at him, hitting his face, and getting wet from the faucet, but incapable of hurting. Naoki was surprised to see a black jacket from the uniforms for the school. 

“Here. I blasted yours to shreds and you can’t go around school with half your back and side showing. The teachers will get mad. Just give it back tomorrow." Bakugou said. 

“Thanks- Uh… Um… Yeah, I don’t really know what to call you… Midoriya-san seems to call you Kaachan, but that could be like how you call him Deku… Only between you two… So… Um... " Naoki stuttered, still uncomfortable with the blonde. "I am sorry for taking it that far." Naoki finished, Bakugou seeming to look at the raven’s eyes, namely his left, seeing a soft seafoam green, rather than the glowing, icy blue he could have sworn had been there before. 

“J-Just call me whatever, idiot." He made to leave, then paused and turned back, checking the eye colour again, disguised by his last comment. "Naoki, right? I’ve never met someone who could handle themselves so well without a Quirk, let alone all busted to shit. D-Don’t think that means shit, okay! You’re still a Quirkless wannabe! I’m heading back!” He stormed out after his attempt at an… Apology? Naoki wasn’t sure what that was… 

And, while Naoki thought that maybe Bakugou had changed just a bit, he’d find out that he was ‘okay’ to Bakugou, not both he and Izuku. 

For now, he was clear, anyway.

So, near the end of the last period of the day, Naoki was called to the office, being told there was a phone call awaiting him. After packing his things, so they’d be easier to gather later, he made his way to the office, to get the call. Toshinori informed him he would be unable to pick Naoki up from school as had been the plan, simply stating that ‘duty called’, making Naoki lecture the No. 1 to be careful and not be a reckless oaf. After this, Naoki returned to class as the final bell rang, already seeing Bakugou and his two trolls back at it again. 

“I don’t know what you think you’re doin’, Deku, but we’re not done.” He yanked the notebook from Izuku’s hands. 

“What’cha got? His diary?” One of the other classmates asked. 

Bakugou showed it to them. 

“Huh? Don’t tell me you’re taking notes on how to be a Hero.” “That’s so pathetic!” They both mocked him, laughing as they continued. "He’s delusional!”

Izuku stood up, “Yeah. Real funny guys! Just give it back.”

Bakugou blasted it with his Quirk, Izuku freaking out, “That’s so mean.” He then went further panicked when Bakugou threw the notebook out the window. Since Naoki didn't know the area well enough, getting it from his current location wasn’t an option right now. 

Remaining where he stood, Naoki waited to see if Bakugou would get violent with Izuku, and prepared to step in, but, for now, due to his injuries, and a personal theory he was working on, remained out of the confrontation for the time being. 

“Most first-string Heroes show potential early on. People look at them and just know they’re destined for greatness. When I’m the only student from this garbage juniour high to get into U.A., people’re gonna start talking about me like that. They’ll realise I’m legit, the next big thing. That’s not ego talking, I just know I’m good.”

One of his ‘friends’ turned around, an eye roll present as he responded, hidden, to Bakugou’s comment, and his eyes landed on Naoki, standing and watching, and saw when a smirk flashed Naoki’s face, as he vanished from sight, making the other doubletake, and then rub his eyes, wondering if he’d really seen that, while Bakugou actually got a little physical with Izuku. 

Naoki, though, was literally a half-foot from the blonde, monitoring, and hand outstretched in preparation to stop, act, or block anything that may happen. 

Bakugou gripped Izuku’s shoulder, singing his jacket, and making Izuku go wide-eyed in fear. “Here’s a little advice, for you and the Eyepatch Freak. Don’t even think about applying, Either of you nerds… Or else.” Then, with that, the three made for the door. 

Naoki made for the exit of the classroom. Once outside, he released Ricochet’s effects on himself, and waited. He wanted a good, private and silent word with Bakugou when he left the room, and his emotions, he was sure, had his eye back to the icy blue that they had seen earlier, although, Bakugou had, since, seen his relaxed colour, the pastel seafoam green. 

“That’s just sad. I thought you at least had some fight in you.” “He finally gets it. He’ll never be a Hero. Better to find out now, instead of later, I guess.” The two groupies mocked. 

Bakugou paused in his steps, “You know, if you really wanna be a Hero that badly, there actually might be another way.” As he paused, Naoki’s ears perked. Could he… Know about Toshi-oto? He was curious, but hesitant and cautious as he continued to listen. "Just pray that you’ll be born with a Quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof of the building.”

That’s it… I’m going to kick his ass. I know it’ll be stupid and reckless, but… You can’t just do that! Naoki was enraged. 

He heard Izuku get upset, followed by his submission as Bakugou cracked his Quirk intimidatingly, making Izuku back down. Naoki made for the entrance to the school, standing at the door. 

When the three made it to the exit of the school building, just before they actually left, Naoki shoved the lent jacket back into Bakugou’s arms with force he knew he could attribute, in its smallest fractions, to Ricochet. He’d set his own rage aside for another time, sticking only to giving Bakugou the glare he wore as the blonde passed. Even he had no idea what colour his eye was displaying now. He’d never been so… So bloody pissed off. He didn’t miss the surprise Bakugou showed when Naoki returned the jacket with such forceful aggression, or the shock of what Naoki could assume was the different eye colour Bakugou would see in Naoki’s left eye. 

Bakugou, however, blew it off, leaving as if he hadn’t witnessed any of it, after the initial show of shock passed with added haste. Naoki went towards the exit, same as they were, but with a different route. He was hoping to get to wherever the notebook had landed around the same time as Izuku, and that he succeeded on. 

Naoki saw as Izuku made toward the pond with his notebook, and ran over to him. 

Izuku reached for the notebook, “That’s enough. Give it back.”

Naoki beat him to it, getting the notebook, and handing it back to Izuku. Izuku barely noticed him as he held the notebook to inspect it. He had an upset, angry look as he stared at the book. 

“M-Mi-Midoriya-san? I… Here.” Naoki brushed his hand in front of Izuku’s eyes, between him and the book. 

“EH!? You… How is it… It’s not damaged at all!? Just a few sec-” He looked to Naoki with wide eyes. "Thank you, Kirahara-san!” Izuku gushed before thanking Naoki. 

“I- Um, actually I don’t know what my real last name is, just the initial. I just use ‘Kirahara’ as a placeholder. Only reason I know my name is the necklace I have…” He pulled the necklace from under his semi-destroyed uniform. It was a simple ball-chain necklace with a ring on it, Naoki K. engraved on it, in English. But if one looked closely at the ring, it had his first name in Kanji as well, but looked like it was permanently burned into the ring’s surface. "That’s why I said Kirahara is just a placeholder. Obviously, someone gave me this, going through the trouble of having it made, or doing it themselves, so, it must be someone who knew me… And, when I find them, I’ll get my name back.”

“That’s so unique!” Izuku inspected the ring closely. “It looks like it was maybe done with a Quirk, but its still so well done!”

“So, at any rate, Midoriya-san… Just… Naoki is fine.” Naoki finished, tucking the necklace back once Izuku was done with it. 

“Eh… Um… Midoriya-san is unnecessary. I’m not… Just…”

“Oh… Sorry… Bakugou calls you Deku, but I don’t feel comfortable calling others things that can be offensive… Well, except calling my dad an oaf, but he really can be one…” Naoki chuckled, holding his right hand to his chin. "So, what would you prefer I call you? Oh! What about Izumi? It combined the first part of your first and last names… I know its a little…”

“No- Its fine! I like it… Well, we… We better get going. Is your dad planning to come and get you? It is your first day…”

“Uh… Oh, no… He was, but… He had something come up with work, so he can’t make it today. I’m just going to walk around and get to know the area better until he calls to let me know. Luckily he already gave me a phone, but he was supposed to give me the house key when he came to get me…” Naoki sighed. "What about you, Izumi?”

“Oh… I’m just… Going to go home like I normally do.” Izuku looked a little down. 

“Do you want to accompany me? I-I saw that notebook is No. 13, which means you probably know a lot about Heroes here. I could learn a lot from you on that, and since you are more familiar with the area, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind showing me around…”

“Oh! That’s a good idea. I need to stop at my house first, then we can definitely do that!” Izuku brightened. 

“Alright! I’ll wait here for you then. I need to go back and get my things from inside.” Naoki pointed back to the school. 

“Alright. I’ll return as fast as I can, Naoki-kun.” Izuku turned and prepared to leave, then stopped, looking back to Naoki. “OH! But… How did you do that? I mean it had to have been you who-” Izuku stopped when Naoki interrupted him. 

“Go on, Hero. I’ll tell you when we meet up later. Do me a favour, though, and don’t let that jerk get to you. You have to believe in yourself, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. I feel like that’s something you would have made yourself swear to, so… I’m just gonna remind you…” Naoki interrupted, offering a smile to Izuku. Izuku zoned out as he began walking again, his mind elsewhere. 

“And, I’ll keep smiling, just…” Izuku was out of earshot after that, and Naoki went back to get his things. 


When over an hour had passed, Naoki sighed, and began to walk home. He really didn’t think Izuku would have forgotten, but something else could have come up, and it wasn’t like Naoki had given his own number. He called his dad, and after no answer, looked at the news, facepalming when he saw the situation. 

Naoki tapped a foot on the ground, propelling himself using Ricochet, to get to Tatooine Station. Hiding his presence as he landed soft as though he’d just stepped down from another stair, Naoki made for the area where the Villain was, aiming to help in any way he could. 

He jumped again, landing on the outskirts of the carnage, seeing his dad there, out of breath and struggling with his own weakened body. 

Naoki released Ricochet’s masking, going up to his dad. “Nori-to… Here.” He activated a secondary Quirk, aiming to at least stop the internal bleeding he could tell the No. 1 was experiencing. 

“Naoki… You don’t-”

“Quiet!” Naoki uttered, loud enough to state his point, but still only within earshot of his intended target, and anyone within a few feet. "Let me do this, then you can go help, like you want to do, yeah? You wonder why I call you an oaf, Oto-san…” After he began, he looked through the crowd, where his eyes caught the same thing as Izuku’s, at the same time… Bakugou was the hostage. Without any sign of reason, Izuku charged, making the Heroes and the crowd panic. 

“Take this!” Izuku launched his book bag, hitting the Villain in the eye. “Kaachan!!”

“What the hell! Why are you here?!” Bakugou yelled. 

“I don’t know! My legs! They just started... Moving!” Izuku tore at the Villain, frantically, trying anything he could to help, even if it was futile to others. 

“Kaachan… I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die.” Izuku smiled, tears in his eyes, catching Naoki and Toshinori’s attention. 

“Get the Hell OFF ME!” Bakugou yelled. 

Naoki could feel All Might trying to force his power back, and so he sped up his healing, going further than he knew he was capable of before then. 

“Just a little bit longer, kid. And I’m done playing with you!” The Sludge Villain aimed an attack at Izuku. 

“Save the boy! This thing’ll kill him!”

Naoki finished healing his dad, and made to go after, when All Might’s hand stopped him, clasping his shoulder, going in himself. 

He blocked the attack, Naoki using Ricochet to launch All Might with enough speed to get there in time, dropping to a knee from the force he’d exerted as he smiled. 

“I really am pathetic.” All Might stated. 

“All Might… But-” Izuku began, surprised. 

“I told you what it takes to make a great champion, but I see now I wasn’t living up to my own ideals! Pros are always risking their lives! That’s the true test of a Hero!”

“Damn you All Might!” The Sludge Villain went in for another attack. 

“DETROIT SMAASSSHHHH!” All Might threw the final blow, blasting the Villain to kingdom come, enough windforce to trouble Mount Lady, and leave both Izuku and Bakugou out of it. 

Within a few seconds, it began raining, but Naoki didn’t miss the steam from his dad, nor how he wiped his mouth of the blood. 

The crowd went ballistic. "All Might saved the day again! He’s amazing!”

Naoki smiled, making his way, slowly, through the crowd to be even a little closer to not only his friend, and a possible friend, but, to his own Hero, the person who had made the biggest difference to Naoki since he first opened his eyes so many months ago. 

I’m still gonna lecture that oaf… Probably Izumi too… He smiled, almost able to suppress his own chuckle, but not quite. I knew Izumi would have what it takes to be a Hero, Quirk or not, he showed those Heroes, in his own way…

Naoki froze when All Might staggered, well hidden, giving his signature thumbs up to the awaiting crowd, which erupted in cheers. Yep, I’m really going to lecture him, then try to heal him again, whether he wants me to or not… 

Naoki watched as the Heroes chewed Izuku out, and praised Bakugou. Naoki, though, stood a ways back, arms crossed and smiling as he leaned against a light pole, waiting for All Might to tuck and run, as he was sure the No. 1 would eventually. He’d since, also pulled out his sketchbook, continuing on a drawing he’d begun while still in the hospital, way before he’d been released. He saw as Izuku left for home, a little down looking, and Bakugou followed shortly after. 

It wasn’t too long after that, when All Might pulled out in a rush as well, grabbing Naoki’s arm as he ran by, almost making the far smaller boy stumble as he ran along. Once he was released, after only a few steps, Naoki was able to keep up quite well, as they ran. To where? Naoki had no clue, except that it may be toward Izuku. All Might sped up, intending to get the drop on Izuku. 

“I AM HERE!” All Might yelled as he ran forward, cutting off Izuku’s path. 

“WAAHH! All Might! Why are you here? How did you get rid of all those reporters?”

“Hahahaha! I stand for justice, not soundbites!” He made to do a fancy, over-the-top flex, “Because I- I am All Mi-” Blood splurted from the No. 1’s mouth as his inflated form poofed, leaving behind his scraggly, weakened form, and making Izuku yell out again. Toshinori coughed, seeing Naoki waiting patiently around the corner so he could finish what he wanted to tell Izuku. 

“Young man, I came here to thank you, and also to discuss your question from earlier. If you hadn’t told me about your life, if you hadn’t run into that fight, I would have been a worthless bystander watching from the crowd. So thanks.”

“Oh! NO! It was my fault he was there to begin with. I got in the way of your hard work. I wasted your energy, and not to mention your time.” Izuku answered. 

“I’m not done. You told me you didn’t have a power. So when I saw this timid, Quirkless boy try to save a life, it inspired me to act too.” Toshinori paused, Izuku’s attention now fully on the older man. “There are stories about every Hero, how they became great. Most have one thing in common. Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think, almost on their own.” Izuku’s eyes welled with tears, years of emotion coming to the surface. "And today, that’s what happened to you.” Izuku fell to his knees as Toshinori finished. “Young man, you too can become a Hero.” 

After allowing this to settle with the green themed boy, Toshinori began again. “I deem you worthy of my power. My Quirk is yours to inherit.”

Izuku looked confused, shocked and surprised. “Wait… What do you mean inherit. Inherit what?”

“Hahahah! You should see your face right now! Don’t worry. I’m not gonna force this thing on you. Listen well young man! This is your choice! Do you wanna accept my awesome power or not?” Izuku looked even more perplexed as Toshinori continued. 

“There are a couple of things you should know about my abilities. Journalists always guess my Quirk is ‘Super Strength’ or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interviews, I always make a joke and dodge the question. That’s because the world needs to believe that their symbol of peace is just a natural born Hero, like any of them. But I’m not. There’s nothing natural about my ability. I wasn’t born with this power. It's a sacred torch that was passed onto me from someone else.”

“Someone gave you this Quirk? No way…” Izuku was obviously stunned. 

“Yes way. And you’re next. I can give you my abilities.”

“Wait… Hold on… This is a lot to process… It's true that there’s a lot of debate as to what your Quirk actually is, nobody’s ever figured it out. It's one of the world’s greatest mysteries. People are constantly talking about it online. But the idea of passing on a Quirk or inheriting it is just doesn’t make sense to me…” Izuku mumbled, the storm of nerdiness proving too much for Toshinori. 

“Uh- Sounds like you’re overthinking this whole inheriting thing…” Toshinori tried, “Stop nerdin’ out!”

“Huh!?” Izuku snapped to attention again. 

“You’ll have to adjust your reality and accept this new truth. I can transfer my Quirk to someone else. And that’s just one facet of my secret abilities.” Toshinori held out his hand before him, showing the representation of said ‘torch’. "The true name of my power is ‘One For All’.”

“One For All…” Izuku repeated back, mesmerised by his Hero. 

“Yes! One person who brews the power, then hands it off to another person. It continues to grow as it is passed along. It is this cultivated power that allows me to save those who are in need of a Hero. The truth behind my strength.”

“But why would you choose to give me a gift like that? What if I can’t live up to it?” Izuku questioned. 

“I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor, and then, I watched you jump into action as the rest of us stood idly by. You may just be a Quirkless fanboy, but you tried to save that kid. You acted like a Hero.” Izuku broke out the tears again, “Seriously! You gotta stop crying so much if you want my Quirk! C’mon kid.”

Izuku scrubbed the tears away, replacing them with a determined look as he stood, “Okay! I’ll do it! Yes!”

“No reluctance. That’s exactly how I figured you’d respond.” Toshinori responded. 

Out of nowhere, Naoki came running as well, “Sorry! Nori-to-san, I left my bag back there! Really didn’t want to lose those books…” Naoki’s hands rested on his knees as he caught his breath. 

“Ah, Naoki my boy! I was wondering where you’d run off to just now. Back that quickly?” Toshinori asked, as Izuku’s mouth hung open in shock. 

“Heh… Yeah… I didn’t want to miss any of this!” He walked to Izuku, holding out his hand. “See, Izumi! You’ll be a Hero, just like you dreamed!” A smile crossed his face. “Oh! I forgot… Izumi, this is m-my…” He grew embarrassed all of the sudden, then pushed it away with a sigh. “This is my adoptive dad. He’s the one who found me over a year ago, so, he’s also my Hero too!” 

“HAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Izuku was shocked out of words. “Wait! You mean this whole time…!!!! That’s so… COOL!!! I never would have guessed!!! So… Then… That’s how you fixed my notebook earlier? You have…” 

“Stop right there for just a second. As much as I know it can be called a lie, it technically wasn’t. Because I don’t have a Quirk… My Quirk allows me to borrow other’s, after they’ve been used on me. For example…” Naoki mimicked Bakugou’s Explosion Quirk. “Our classmate used this on me today. But, I have a few I woke up with that I don’t know well enough to feel safe using them too much. I have explored and experimented with them a lot, but I am still frightened of their potential, so going ‘Quirkless’ at school, just seemed like a better option… And, unless they caught my dramatically over-enunciated way of saying it, they won’t have a clue. So, back to what is happening here. Nori-to-san… What are we doing now?”


They reconvened at the beach, or, what should be a beach. It was littered with garbage, refuse and debris. All Might instructed them each in their training tasks. Izuku was in charge of clearing the beach for his training, having it explained rather bluntly by the No. 1. 

Meanwhile, after a small discussion with All Might while they were away from Izuku, it was decided that Naoki focus, primarily, on getting proficient with Ricochet for now. Once he was, they’d work on the other known ones. He could already use one of those two relatively safely, so Ricochet was both his biggest weakness, but also his most diversely useful Quirk. 

Naoki asked if he could have Izuku’s help with them all, by analysing them same as he did with other Heroes and their Quirks, and All Might said it was his choice. 

So, for the time being, Naoki was to focus on trying to find a way to keep debris from coming back to the shore, and until then, help Izuku without his Quirk, building up his own body in much the same way as Izuku was. Needless to say, even though Izuku was small for his age, Naoki was that, and far physically weaker, but more flexible and dextrous. He had almost tougher a time with it, but the other task was something he could focus his mind on when he was distracted, or needing to mentally distract himself, such as at school. 


After this day, Naoki continued in school, becoming close friends with Izuku, and trying to avoid accidentally irritating Bakugou, while also evading the harassment and verbal abuse from the other class members. 

Izuku knew, and Naoki was certain Bakugou had an inkling, that the classes Naoki actually took weren’t for their grade level, but all of the previous ones he needed to catch up on. As such, he was proving to those who knew, and to himself, that he was a fast learner. By the end of their first semester, Naoki had finished all of the previous years, up to what would be the first year of Juniour High. By the end of the second semester, he was caught up, fully and completely on even that year’s work thus far, so, slowed his pace to focus more on his Quirks, staying even and level with the top student, who was infuriated at the knowledge of Naoki now having second-spot in every previous test of that year, when he wasn’t listed at the time of the test. 

But, Naoki could see as Izuku was falling hard and fast, meaning he wasn’t following All Might’s plan. But, he’d let the Pro handle it. He had his own troubles brewing, in the form of an ever increasing level of jealousy in the normally agro-blonde, who had, for a while, been abnormally docile. But, with his prowess and rank, atop his power, being encroached upon, it was only a matter of time, Naoki feared, before things went up in smoke. 

That led to a confrontation when Naoki left the school building at the end of second semester. Izuku was already gone, having left to meet up with All Might, and Naoki staying after class for a few moments to speak with the principal about the homework, wanting to know if there were any higher-leveled classes he could take, or any extra curricular assignments, anything, to take home over the coming break. He was granted what he’d asked for. Workbooks and textbooks on studying Oceanic currents, as well as physics-related books to help with his assignment from All Might. He had an idea, and a risky one, but, feasible, nonetheless. 

“Look who it is! The geeky Quirkless wannabe loser. Getting more cheat sheets from someone, huh?” One of the usual two who hung around Bakugou asked, the blonde leaned against the wall, eyes closed while the longer-haired ‘minion’ challenged. 

The other usual one was less upfront, still having nagging suspicions after the first day, having seen Naoki vanish right in front of him, but with enough confidence, Naoki knew he’d lash out too. 

Naoki ignored the verbal jab and made for the place he was due to meet All Might and Izuku. A hand grasped his shoulder, the fingers too long, hinting at who it was. 

“Leaving so soon? Not going to go write the answers on your desk or somethin’?”

With a sigh, realising this wouldn’t end easily, Naoki turned to the other, his eyepatch still in place, as it normally was, and had been every day, even after falling off the first day of class. 

“Despite what you may believe, not everyone needs to cheat to get good grades. The only reason I wasn’t accounted for at the original test reveals was from having to catch up on all of the schooling everyone else in our class has had since entering school. I only began this actual years classes three weeks into this semester. So, I apologise if you can’t comprehend that not everyone is as well off, privileged, or unintelligent as you show people. I’d bet you are actually capable of getting better scores, but, maybe dumb yourself down to… I don’t know…. Look cooler, not outshine someone you respect… Who knows. But, that also doesn’t mean I am in any way cheating. I don’t need to. As someone with an inkling of comprehension could possibly see, I just learn fast. And, for your information. They aren’t ‘cheat codes’. I asked for some more material to work on over break so I don’t get bored. As a ‘Quirkless’ loser, I don’t have many better ways to spend my time. Here! Do you want to see? I’d bet you have a lower IQ than a sleep-deprived cabbage." Naoki held out the book on Advanced Physics, then the one on Oceanic currents, showing his smirk as he was proven correct. The face on the kid was priceless. 

“If that will suffice, I’m going. Feel free to ask the teacher for my number if you want a tutor for Entrance Exams. I already took U.A.’s mock Exams, and aced them. I think I’ll actually try to apply. Who knows, maybe there will be more than just Bakugou who gets in. He’s got the Quirk, brains, and character to do so, but what does that spell for you?” Naoki chided, knowing it would probably bring Bakugou into the matter, but, Naoki’s wounds had finally all healed, so he was more than willing for a rematch. 

The blonde barely cracked an eyelid, but clicked his tongue as Naoki left. 


Finally, the night before the U.A. Entrance Exams, Naoki did it. He’d managed to slowly manipulate the ocean’s currents, and, now, all of the debris would wash up, still, but, where Naoki had made neat little shop, having spoken to an old man whose family owned it previously, and who had a Quirk similar to Naoki’s Time Manipulation. The old man, along with his son and grandson, all had a variant of this Quirk. They would fix and repair the debris, or break it down, progressing it's time forward, until they could safely dispose of it, or repurpose it. Naoki helped there whenever he could. They sold the items for so little, since it had all been previously just waste. They wanted people with shortened budgets, or limited funds to be able to have the advantage from their work, and they did just that. 

With Naoki finishing the current’s last little shift, he sat back, watching as Izuku continued. He was going far outside what All Might had asked, clearing the entire beach, and Naoki was inspired, going to help him while his own energy was still enough to do so. Naoki had progressed his Blood Tempter Quirk helping at low-income clinics, providing his help for free, and also at veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and the like. He had helped orphanages and homeless shelters with his Time Manipulation Quirk, as well as at the shop, so, he was confident in their abilities now. 

As dawn arose, Naoki awoke to Izuku’s yell of triumph, his cry of victory. He’d rested part way through the night, just collapsing on the shore, near the water’s edge, wishing to be semi-well rested for the upcoming exam, but he found himself covered by Izuku’s shirt, resting on a bench, near where Izuku was. 

He and Izuku had built up their bodies, and done it well. Izuku was built, his every muscle defined, glistening with sweat as he stood, proud, atop the pile of remaining refuse. 

“Hey. Hey. Holy crap, kids. You even cleaned up outside the area I told you to. Seriously! There’s not one speck of trash left on this beach, or looking to come in. Only a few minutes to spare, but you both exceeded my expectations! Holy… Stinking…” He shifted to All Might. "SUPER CRAP!” He lunged to catch Izuku, who had taken an exhausted swan dive from his perch. 

“Excellent work! Both of you!” Naoki remained quiet, nothing but a small smile on his face at having his father’s approval, and his own, at that. 

Izuku looked up to All Might, tired green eyes asking for approval as Naoki made toward the two. "I finished everything… All Might… I did it… Do you think I’m ready now?”

“Yeah! You did good, kid. Both of you. I’m impressed. I knew you boys had it in you, but this is beyond!” He’d set Izuku down, getting his phone and showing a picture to Izuku. "Look at this!”

“Um…?” Izuku asked, clearly exhausted. 

“It’s you crying, 10 months ago! And, Naoki! Here!”

Naoki could barely stifle his own chuckles at the photo. He’d always be a little embarrassed about that little fit. The picture showed him exasperatedly throwing his hands to the ocean, a look of disbelief and denial on his face, as he had yelled to the No. 1. "It’s the OCEAN!!!! How do you expect me to change something like THAT ! Its bloody impossible!!!” He was so thin back then, his hand still bandaged, his wounds still open. No muscle visible, though, he barely had any meat on him at all back then. At least, now, he had… More of the muscle, every part of him toned and lean, still thinset and barely any fat, but, as far as he knew, he may always have been this way. Hajime-san mentioned it could be due, in part to either high-metabolism, and, or, the starvation he’d lived through. 

“Look how far you’ve both come! Such improvement! There’s still a long road ahead of you, Midoriya, before you can inherit my full powerset. But it's starting to look like you can do it!”

Izuku looked down, clenching a fist. "All Might… Do I deserve this? Are you sure? You put so much time and energy into helping me. How did I end up so lucky?”

All Might looked taken aback for a second, “Ha Ha ha! It was your hard work that did this, not mine. Now, for your reward, Izuku Midoriya!”

“Yes Sir!” Izuku stood ready. 

All Might reached up, plucking a hair, “Someone told me this once. There’s a difference between being lucky and deserving. One’s an accident, the other, a reward. Never get the two confused. Take that to heart, young man. This gift, you earned it with your own valiant efforts."

With determination, Izuku made to accept his reward, shock taking over when All Might continued. "Eat this!” He offered the hair to Izuku. 

“Huh?” Izuku was mortified. Naoki barely stifled his own chuckles. 

“To inherit my power, you’ve got to swallow some of my DNA. That’s how it works!” All Might explained. 

“This isn’t exactly how I imagined it…” Izuku panicked. 

“C’mon! We’ve got no time! You'll both be late for the exam! Eat! EAT! EAATTT!!!!”

By the time the hair was swallowed, Naoki was bent over laughing, but straightened when All Might turned to him. "Naoki, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I know how hard you worked. You even practised your other two Quirks, in sync with this assignment I had designed to test you. You redirected the Ocean. You did, as you claimed in your own words, the impossible! Not only that, but you found a way to help other people while doing it! A way to solve the issue, and the outcome of your own resolution! Now, I hope you accepted your own reward already, Naoki. I am proud of you, as a mentor, as a Hero, and as your father, so, what do you say! How do you feel?”

Naoki smiled shyly, rubbing his neck with his left hand, All Might smiling, as it wasn't his right. "I’m… I am getting there. If I can make it into U.A. without recommendation, but on my own, I will be a lot closer to it, but… This made that impossible dream a lot more achievable. So… Thank you, Nori, Izumi!” He hugged them both, briefly. 

“Good, now off you two go!”


Chapter Text


“08:40 a.m. The same day” “U.A. High School Entrance Exam Location”

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

“We made it just in time!” Izuku gasped out, as he and Naoki ran up to the entrance, proceeding to slow to a walk as they continued. Izuku looked nervous. 

“You okay, there, Izumi?” Naoki asked, concerned. 

A hand went to Izuku’s mouth as he answered. "I may have swallowed the hair, but I don’t feel like anything great has happened to me yet…”

Naoki almost burst out laughing, until the voice coming from behind them spoke up. 

“Stupid Deku. Eyepatch Freak."

Izuku turned, Naoki following his movements as the blonde progressed. "Kaachan.” Izuku almost sounded surprised. 

“Get outta my way now before I set you both on fire." Bakugou threatened, making Naoki smirk. He was inching along nicely on this theory he had about Bakugou Katsuki, and everything he’d done recently just added to Naoki’s evidence to support the theory. 

“Eh- oh- hey good morning lets just both do our best out there okay good luck." Izuku’s run-together words were basically ignored, Naoki not getting a second glance. 

Some of the other students referenced the Sludge Villain, and Bakugou’s involvement. 

Izuku and Naoki pressed forward, until Izuku tripped, Naoki tapping his foot to the ground, sending Izuku back up, Naoki catching him. 

“I’ve got your back. Oh… Sorry, miss. I didn’t think you’d… Sorry…” Naoki flustered at the brown-haired girl who had reached to catch Izuku. He’d not really talked to girls… Ever… Since waking up. 

“It’s fine! I was gonna stop him with my Quirk, but I froze after you seemed to have it. Sorry about that! I figured you wouldn’t mind. I guess I’ll see you two inside! Bye!” She left, and Izuku looked more red than Naoki. 


“What’s up U.A. Candidates!? Thanks for tuning in to me, your school DJ. C’mon n’ let me hear ya!” The silence remained as the obnoxiously loud instructor paused. Naoki was thankful to be able to reduce the volume of what he was hearing. Loud voices always, for some reason, got to him. "Keepin’ it mellow, huh? That’s fine! I’ll skip straight to the main show. Let’s talk about how this practical exam is gonna go down, okay? ~Are you readiiii~Yehhhh~!”

Izuku geeked out, and Bakugou uttered his normal retort, snapping at Izuku, “Will you shut up."

“Like your application said, today you rockin’ boys‘n’girls will be out there conducting 10-minute mock battles in super hip urban settings. Here’s your joints, mah friends! After I drop the mic here you’ll head to your specified battle center. Sound good? OKAY!?~”

Naoki looked at his card as Bakugou spoke up. "I see. They’re splitting us up so we can’t work with any of our friends."

“Yeah, you’re right. Our examinee numbers are right after one after the other, but we’re assigned to different battle centers." Izuku replied, looking between his, Bakugou’s and Naoki’s cards. 

“Get your eyes off my card." Bakugou muttered as he continued. "Damn… I was really lookin’ forward to crushing at least one of you two."

Izuku looked scared for a second. 

“Okay okay, let’s check out your targets. There are three types of faux Villains in every battle center. You’ll earn points based on their level of difficulty, so better choose wisely. Your goal in this trial is to use your Quirk to raise your score by shredding these faux Villains like a mid-song guitar solo. But check it! Make sure you’re keeping things heroic! Attacking other examinees is a U.A. no-no, ya dig!”

Present Mic was interrupted, “Excuse me, sir, but I have a question."

“Hit me!” He responded, pointing to the inquisitor as a light shone over him. 

“On the printout, you’ve listed four types of Villains, not three. With all respect, if this is an error on official U.A. materials, it is shameful. We are exemplary students. We expect the best from Japan’s most notable school. A mistake such as this won’t do." He paused, turning to point in Naoki, Bakugou, and Izuku’s general direction. "Additionally, you with the unkempt hair." Izuku. "You’ve been muttering his entire time. Stop that. If you can’t bother to take this seriously, then leave. You’re distracting the rest of us." 

Izuku threw a hand over his mouth, apologising, as Naoki’s knuckle cracked and others in the auditorium laughed. 

Present Mic continued. ‘“Alright Alright! Examinee No. 7111. Thanks for calling in with your request. The fourth Villain type is worth zero points. That guy’s just an obstacle we’ll be throwing in your way. There’s one in every battle center. Think of it as an obstacle you should try to avoid. It not that it can’t be beaten, but there’s kinda no point. I recommend my listeners try to avoid it and focus on the ones toppin’ the charts!”

“Thank you very much, please continue." The examinee replied, taking his seat, as mumbles followed about the fourth Villain. 

“That’s all I got for you today! I’ll sign off with a little present! A sample of our school motto! As General Napoleon Bonaparte once laid down, a true Hero is one who overcomes life’s misfortunes. Umm-hmm! Now that’s a tasty soundbite!~ You ready to go beyond? Let’s hear a PLUS ULTRA! Good luck! Hope you practiced hitting more than just the books!”

Soon enough, Naoki stood outside his assigned battle arena, already attracting strange looks, his eyepatch, and bandages stood out enough among the group. He was stationed at Battle Arena C, with no one he knew or even recognised. And, the mumbles about him were almost all he could hear…

“Why is he covered in bandages?” “If he’s still hurt, he’s going to fail!” “Is he stupid? He can die here if he’s injured!” “Why the eye patch? Is he blind, or missing an eye?” “He looks strange, covered like that…” “He’s probably a weirdo." “He was sitting with that loudmouth. I’d bet he’s got a weak Quirk." 

Naoki couldn’t block the sound, or he’d risk missing the start. So, he just focused on taking calming deep breaths, and ignoring the others there. Although he had personally decided to use the bandages to cover the scars, knowing they’d draw more negative attention than the bandages did, he was beginning to second-guess that decision, wondering how it’d be different if he hadn’t.

Without warning, the exam began, and with nothing more than a tap of his foot, he was in the air, propelled ahead of the others, and over them to avoid plowing through them. He wasn’t the first in the arena, but that didn’t matter. In less than two minutes, he’d left seven robots less than half the size of their original shape. After six more, he stopped counting the metal corpses, bouncing around wrecking as many as he could see, simply landing on them with a jump, and he could tell he was wearing a bit. Keeping the backlash from affecting his body was the tricky part at his current skill. He’d land and deal a good amount of damage, but, taking off to launch at another, is where he’d leave them crushed. His hips, he knew would be out of place, if they weren’t already. He was glad he’d worn good shoes, since the legs of his pants were already shredded. 

With a crash, the aforementioned fourth Villain came onto the scene, leaving the other contestants scrambling recklessly in an attempt to escape. Naoki remained, eyes flashing to see if anyone was left in the path of the behemoth. He was terrified, that was no lie, but he’d never forgive himself if someone was hurt and he could have possibly saved them, so in that sense, his fear wasn’t for himself- rarely ever was- but at the mere possibility of another being hurt or killed.

There! She’s stuck! But… Even with Ricochet, I won’t have time to pull her out if I jump, and, that may not be optimal, depending on her injuries… I’ll have to use two Vectors of Ricochet… That’s manageable, but, I need thee to block the attack and protect my own body… Oh well- Too late!

Naoki had jumped once he saw her, now landing and shielding the girl as the second Vector redirected to clear the debris off of her, taking the Vector to then collide with the behemoth of metal, his fist tightening, crunching the bot, compacting it into itself, while wincing at the underestimated force and power of the hit, the excess impact shattering his arm, blood staining the bandages as the bones splintered into his flesh from the inside. As he dropped to a knee, he tried to release his fist, which was stuck clenched- more than likely from the arm being, well, pulverised- so he could redirect the Vector to try and shield his own body, but was too slow, leading Naoki to feel the full backlash of power and pressure from the leftover energy of the robot. 

Once it was done, he was covered in wounds, a few pieces of metal shrapnel lodged in his body. He left them, turning to the girl, and seeing to her injuries. 

I was right. If I had left that on her, it could have killed her. She’s hurt pretty bad… If she’s not tended to, she could bleed to death. 

He reached for the unconscious girl and used Blood Tempter, as the announcement overhead sounded off a minute left. 

He stopped the bleeding, then slowly knitted her injuries closed, surprised when they didn’t transfer to him instead, but rather, healed completely. The others of the exam watched, shocked, and too frozen to move in or help. 

After getting her fixed, he yanked the shrapnel from his abdomen, making the watchers gasp, reel and gag as he patched his own wounds with ease that shocked him. The other injuries were small in comparison, except his arm. He didn’t dare push his luck to touch that, so it hung loosely at his side. 

With a sigh, he plopped down, sitting on his rump as he finished out the last few seconds before hearing the “Times UP!” Afterwards, he fell back, exhausted, but not unconscious. 

After her normal entrance congratulations, Recovery Girl made her way to Naoki “My my… You aren’t the first to be so injured by your own Quirk… Here, let’s get you fixed up, dear." Naoki smiled at the elderly voice. Not at all weirded out by the kiss soon planted by the nurse. 

“Thank you." He replied once he was healed. She seemed shocked as he stretched and flexed his arm, “It’s good as new! Here, can you check her over? I hope I did enough to heal her." Naoki asked, gesturing to the aqua haired girl as he stood and stretched more. 

“You must have some stamina to still be awake after me healing that…” She added, as she looked over the girl. "She seems fine, but to be safe, I’ll treat her anyways."

“Ah… Thank you. But… That arm didn’t really hurt, it wasn’t more than an inconvenience, at best. Although…. Maybe me not passing out is from Hajime-san… I’ll have to look into that I guess." Everyone cleared the area, Naoki actually was really exhausted, and he knew it probably had nothing to do with Hajime-san, but more with the fear he had of sleeping when he lacked his medicine at this moment. 


He and Izuku didn’t see All Might after that, for a while. Not even at home did Naoki see his dad, so he ended up spending his allowance to get food. Even if Toshinori did come home, he was gone before Naoki woke up. 

After a week, the results came, and Naoki was worried. He had doubts if he’d actually have gotten in. He had points, and guessed he’d at least passed the written exam, but he’d also gotten himself really injured, and, if anyone asked who he was, or had any inkling of his lack of a past, memories, or him being All Might’s pity-case, none of that may matter. He might have never had a chance from the start, even worse, though, was if someone knew who he was before he was found, or speculated about his past… Anything like that… It frightened him. 

So, he sat with the letter, unopened, and almost too afraid to open it. 

Then, he thought of how hard he and Izuku had worked, and how happy Izuku had been to even get the chance, so he opened it, finding a silver chunk, which soon flickered a holographic screen, displaying his dad, All Might. 

“I Am Here! As a Projectile! I know I’ve been absent, but a huge amount of paperwork descends upon those with great power. As you know, I am now the newest U.A. Faculty Member! Now, for the results. Naoki, I know you have more than over-thought how these were going to turn out, and I am afraid to say- that overthinking was not in vain. 

There were several questions and concerns raised about you and your Quirk, as well as your origins. 

You did pass the written exam, and with flying colours. You more than excelled with the Practical Exam, but, that was where issues were stemmed from." He paused, letting it sink in, unintentionally, when he was speaking to another person off of the screen. "Ahem! But, worry not, Naoki! All of that was swept aside, and wiped away. 

How you selflessly saved the young girl, even seeing to her injuries before your own. How you calmly addressed and assessed the situation, and, though it cost you a Vector, cleared the debris from her, able to tell it could have taken her life, if left there, and even with your own grave injuries, were able to keep focused on others enough to leave those wounds be in leigh of greater trauma, this was enough. 

But, when playthrough was gone back over, I myself saw something you may not have even been aware of doing yourself." He gestured to a tv screen, clicking a button to play a clip. "You subconsciously manifested a third Vector, shielding those around you from the attack and debris." 

The video showed just that. When Naoki had been fighting to try and loosen his fist, a third Vector shielded all of the other candidates, even if by just placing a giant Vector before the entire group, to block the debris that otherwise would have collided with them. 

"Naoki, you may lack a past, memories, and knowledge of how to use all of your Quirk. The practical exam was graded on combat points, yes, but not just those alone. So, how could a Hero-Course reject someone who is committed to saving others, no matter the cost to himself, even doing so subconsciously when he was out of options? The proof was there, that even in your very subconscious, you protected those around you.

After all, that, right there, is what makes a Hero. And that’s what my Alma Mater is about! Training those who would risk their lives for the greater good. A panel of judges watches, and award points beyond just stopping Villains! So, Naoki Kirahara! 39 Rescue Points! It is only by your own hard work, your own will, your own beliefs and morals, that you would have made it this far! 

If someone with no more than a years memories can have as much concern and care for those around them as an elder, as a true Hero, it would be wrong and unjust to prevent you from a good future where you can grow on these traits. So, welcome, Naoki. You too have made it! You too are now part of the Hero Academia!”

Naoki was stunned beyond words. He had no idea that had occurred… And, it both shocked and terrified him, but, he still was more surprised by the tears running down his cheeks at being accepted. He finally found somewhere to belong. Somewhere outside of home. 

The first thing he did was call Izuku, and the two fawned over their acceptance, their dreams one step closer to being achieved. 

Chapter Text


The results of the exam were off-kilter for previous years. Katsuki Bakugou had 77 Villain Points, and no Rescue Points, while Izuku Midoriya had 0 Villain Points, but the most odd was the most worrisome, a student with no past, no memories, and yet, tied for first place. Naoki Kirahara. As far as Villain Points, 39, and had 38 Rescue Points. He seemed to mainly target the 1-pointers, occasionally hitting a few twos and threes along the way. 

“It’s a little low, considering what he’d done, don’t you think?” A feminine voice asked. 

“I think some of the judges were concerned by how he’d done it… He tore himself apart, worse than the number 8, and also, didn’t even seem to know he was shielding the other students, but atop that, at the end, how he’d ripped the shrapnel out of himself like it was nothing, that was a little disconcerting." 

“Reckless, even if he could heal himself." 

“But, that also brings up another point. He seemed to use two entirely different Quirks, so I imagine the shock of that was what did it…”

There were other mutters, some about Bakugou, some about Midoriya. But, the raven-haired teacher of Class 1-A had little to say, a short, single deep-voiced hum being all, as he narrowed his eyes. 


The night after the letters were sent out, Izuku, All Might and Naoki met up at the beach. 

Toshinori told them he had nothing to do with their acceptance, he wasn’t a judge, and pulled no strings. 

Naoki watched Izuku and Toshinori talk things out. Toshinori explained things about One For All, shifting to All Might, to display it, and attracting attention, leading the three to run. 


Naoki waited for Izuku outside the green’s house, shouting a greeting to Inko as well, catching a glimpse of her as Izuku shut the front door. Naoki would going along with him to school. They both jogged to their assigned class. Class 1-A. 

Naoki laughed at Izuku’s muttering as they reached the door, Naoki also shocked at the size of the door, but enjoying Izuku’s hype. 

“Maybe everyone in here is nice-” Izuku slid the door open, only to be proven wrong. Glasses from the exam was lecturing Bakugou to remove his feet from the desk. Bakugou pulled a threat, and the violet was offended. 

But all eyes went to the two incoming students. 

“It’s them…”

“Uh-Hi!” Izuku began, while Naoki uttered a small greeting of “Hey…”

“Good morning! My name is Tenya Iida from the-” The violet began marching over to the two of them. 

“Yeah, I know… Ah- I’m Izuku Midoriya. It’s super nice to meet you." Izuku interrupted, Naoki realising the violet’s attention would be focused on Izuku, and preferring to avoid the unnecessary attention, and, hopefully, for the time being, Bakugou’s wrath. He had found out he and the agro-blonde had tied for first place at the exam, and that, he feared, was grounds for the blonde to toast him like a marshmallow dropped in a campfire. 

“Izumi, I’m going to go in and sit." Naoki muttered to the green as he went into the room. He found more eyes on him than he felt comfortable with, Bakugou’s back and forth between him and Izuku. His seat was along the back row, and one inward from the row Izuku and Katsuki were in.

Soon, the bouncy girl from the exam popped in behind Izuku, Naoki smiling, a small chuckle at the flustered green’s reaction. He wondered what just had happened in Izuku’s exam, since so many seemed to already be aware of it. Though, he didn’t recognise anyone from his own battle arena, which made him less nervous, but, more anxious. 

I wonder if the aqua-haired girl has recovered well… If she’s alright after that… Naoki thought before his mind trailed away again.

He thought back to the confrontation between Izuku and Bakugou after their teacher from Aldera called them all out for getting into U.A., and he watched Bakugou stare down Izuku at present time. He was worried Bakugou might do something, but his eyes soon latched onto Naoki’s uncovered red one. 

“Still wearing the stupid eyepatch, you Freak?” He yelled to Naoki. 

“I am, for now. So, I guess you figured out what it hides, then, Katsu-san?”

“The hell did you just call me!? I’ll blow it up first chance I get!”

“Go ahead. Save me the trouble of having to throw it away. So, we tied. How does that feel to your ego? I didn't lie when I introduced myself in class last year. I don’t have a Quirk. Not my problem you lacked the intelligence to catch on…” Naoki teased, knowing he was distracting the blonde from Izuku, and also other’s eyes as well. 

“Wasn’t he the one who tied for first with that blonde there, Bakugou, I think it was?” A classmate with odd looking sleeves, especially around his elbows.

“Woah… You’re kidding… So then… What is his Quirk?” A gold-blonde with a black bolt in his hair asked.

“I wonder why he wears that eyepatch…” A female student with pink monochrome-hair, skin, little antennae.

“Wait… He was wearing a ton of bandages at the exam… Wasn’t he?” A spiky-red haired male recalled aloud.

Naoki was really not handling the excess attention as well as he knew he could. But, to his relief...?

A deep, tired voice meandered from the corner of the room. "If you’re just here to make friends, than you can pack up your stuff now." Naoki looked around, eyes landing on… A… Yellow caterpillar with a human face…? He was hard-pressed not to laugh. "Welcome to U.A.'s Hero Course. It took eight seconds before you all shut up. That’s not gonna work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that." He fully emerged from his cocoon, “Hello. I’m Shota Aizawa, your teacher." The classroom blanched as he dug into his sleeping bag, pulling out another uniform, after sneaking a glance to Naoki, swiftly and subtly. "Right. Let’s get to it. Put these on and head outside."


“WHAT? A QUIRK ASSESSMENT TEST?” The class asked in confusion. 

Naoki listened to the address given by the teacher, not exactly keeping eye contact, more staring anywhere not near other people, his left hand at his neck, his right picking at the gym uniform’s hem, glad his ‘undershirt’ kept his arms hidden. 

“Bakugou, Naoki. You both tied, getting the most points in the Entrance Exam. What is the farthest you threw a softball in Juniour High?”

Bakugou answered first. "67 Meters, I think." He eyed Naoki. 

“Heh… Only 13…” Naoki rubbed his neck with his right hand, making Izuku realise he was actually lying. He didn’t know how far he could throw, since he’d been injured most of the year, and had rarely done Physical Education class to avoid further injuring himself. 

The class laughed, Bakugou narrowing his eyes. "Right, both of you try doing it with your Quirks. Anything goes, just stay in the circle. Bakugou, you go first. Go on, you’re wasting our time."

“Alright. You asked for it." He threw it, an accompanying explosion ringing as Aizawa turned back to the class to speak. 

“All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. It's the most rational way of figuring out your potential as a Pro Hero." He held up the distance counter. 

705 meters. The class sputtered their shock, making the teacher give his other warning, Naoki’s requested throw put aside for the time being. 

They’d be doing 8 physical tests, and the one in last place was to be immediately expelled. There were complaints, and Aizawa gave his response. This was his class, and he’d run it how he saw fit.

The first test was a 50-meter dash. Even using Ricochet to launch himself, he was taking it slow. He hated standing out so much at first go.

Bakugou muttered something, setting Naoki off. "My Quirk has more uses than anyone’s at this school."

“Probably not, Katsu-san… But, keep thinking that." He whispered to himself, he was pitted against a student, who was silent and aloof, so, Naoki didn’t really look at them or register who it was… But, Naoki was sure he’d been heard- both by the student, and Aizawa. Naoki’s thoughts were confirmed when Aizawa narrowed his eyes, obviously thinking about a few things, but what- Naoki couldn’t guess or assume. 

Tenya took the top spot. Naoki making it just a few milliseconds slower, 3.04 seconds was Tenya’s, Naoki at 3.07. Aizawa watched him, eyes narrowed, seeing Naoki botch his speed. 

Next was the grip strength test, and to no surprise, Naoki failed that worse than Izuku, so much so that his grip didn’t even register- which made the others laugh, ensuing taunting and mocking that made Naoki embarrassed. But, Naoki knew his hands had been shot from the day he’d woken up. It made it easier to draw, since he couldn’t accidentally press too hard, but grip was never something he could do well since his awakening, if at all. 

On the long jump, he simply jumped, almost no apparent power to it. When he landed, on the other side, it was light as a feather. No need to overexert his Quirk. 

At the repeated side steps, he struggled again, even using Ricochet, he wasn’t too fast, but also was constantly switching the two Vectors he had between one side and the other. One was a barrier to not cross, the second was to shield himself from smashing into the barrier and harming himself. Not more work or time than a thought, but still enough to slow him down. The grape-haired midget took first. 

Then came the ball throw. Out of stubbournness, Naoki was determined to outdo Bakugou just to prove a point, since the blonde still kept sneering at Izuku, and staring at him in disbelief and anger, or sending glares and aggression toward Naoki.

So, with his turn, he took a deep breath, holding the ball on his fingertips, letting it float up just barely, and tapping it lightly with his index finger, sending it flying at a 65 degree angle, with a few shockwaves in its wake. Aizawa was eyeing him again, and Bakugou had a growl on his face. Naoki turned and smirked, turning to a smile when his right hand went for his neck as Aiawa clicked the button, “I stopped it before it got too far away to control or bring back. It’ll be back… Now." The ball flew back at the same speed it had left, but then halted and dropped gently into Naoki’s awaiting palm. He offered it to Aizawa, who still eyed him wearily. He showed the counter to the class, 705.3 meters. 

“Midoriya." He tossed the ball to Izuku, and Naoki pat his shoulder as he passed the green, “You’ve got this, Izumi."

“If Midoriya doesn’t shape up soon, he’s the one going home." Tenya insinuated. 

“Heh!? Of course he is! He’s a Quirkless loser!” Bakugou argued. 

“He has a Quirk! Did you not hear what he did in the Entrance Exam?” Tenya spouted back. 

Izuku only made it 4 meters. The teacher had erased Izuku’s Quirk, revealing his identity as Eraser Head. He came down harshly on Izuku, making Naoki ball his fist, freezing when the teacher turned to him. "And you. Your Quirk isn’t much better, but at least you can control it and help yourself when you decide to be recklessly idiotic with it. On that note… Stop intentionally botching your abilities. What you’ve shown me today is nothing like what you did effortless at the Entrance Exams. You want to prove yourself, so quit inhibiting your own success. No one else here has the luxury to relax and take it easy, yet here you are, not giving it your all on purpose. Take this seriously, or go home. Well? Any thing to say, Kirahara?”

“That’s not my last name, sir. Since you seem to know all about me, you ought to know that. Other than that, Aizawa-Sensei, to be fair, I didn’t botch all of those. The grip test, for example… With the way my hands have been for all my life I know of, I can barely grip at all. Makes delicate work easy, but tougher things dangerous. Even with that small amount of force, I could tell I’d cracked at least three hand bones. As for the side-steps, the same goes. I highly doubt I could have improved that one without breaking my body in the process. As I am sure Izumi and Katsu-san can attest, at least in some aspect, my body can withstand a lot, but, has also been through the proverbial ringer, and, frankly, the literal one as well, I imagine.” He quieted at his last statement before returning to normal volume. “I’ve been doing my best not to damage it beyond my capability to mend more than in emergencies. So, I won’t. And, if you really want to be fair, and truly test my capabilities, you’d have to actually test all of my Quirks, not just my primarily used one. And, that isn’t in the interest of progressing this along in a timely manner, is it?” Naoki smiled, more a smirk, as he closed his eyes. 

“You really, honestly think you have the time and skill to waste here at this school? What I’ve seen here from you today makes me question how you tied for first place in the exams with Bakugou. But, if I was being honest, you would have scored much higher, except that you frightened the judges with how you handled things in the arena. You were exemplary in your Villain Points, no doubt, but, you only went after one-pointers. On the other hand, you also saved the other candidate, even at the cost of your own body, in a worse way than Midoriya. You shattered and destroyed your arm, and still took shrapnel impaling you, among the dozens of other debris from the carnage you caused. Even with that damage to your body, those injuries, you still healed the girl, who would have died, sure; you blocked the debris from hitting anyone else there, fine; but, the way you ripped the metal out of yourself without a care, no pain, no emotion, and no concern for the others there at that grotesque display of self-disreguard- I would never have let you come to U.A. with that behaviour. Then, telling Recovery Girl your injured arm was just an inconvenience on top of that… It was frightening, disturbing, and horrific. Concern driving you to self-sacrifice, I can maybe see, but you seem to have no reguard for your own safety or health at all. And, yes. I know all of your past, all barely-a-year of it before you walked into Aldera’s halls, and proceeded to get into U.A. now, not even two years into your ‘life’. No past, no memories, no family. That’s all well and good, but then there’s your Quirk. That is where things get fishy. Your Quirk leaves a lot to be concerned about. How is that for an analysis, Naoki?”

“Good, fair, in the eyes of an onlooker, it makes sense. But there’s not much that will register as actual pain for me. Never has been. And… My Quirk is what it is." Naoki faced his other classmates, “My Quirk is called ‘Borrower’. I have five ‘slots’. Three are filled with set Quirks I borrowed in my past. The fourth is filled by another student in this class. The fifth, is still blank. I primarily use ‘Ricochet’, because I am most familiar and comfortable with it. The second, allows me to heal myself and others, with varying constraints and restrictions, and the third lets me reverse or progress the time of objects, but is limited to non-living things, and by both the damage, and how long it has been damaged. The fourth is one we’ve all seen today. To be able to borrow a Quirk, it has to be used on me." He held up his hand, crackling the explosions associated with Katsuki Bakugou. He shook his hand afterwards from the odd feeling left from the temporarily mutated sweat he’d used. "Now, before you all assume Katsu-san is guilty of attacking me, I’ll say this. I had him cauterise one of my injuries while in middle school, and he did. Otherwise, it may never have healed. The injuries I had when I went to Aldera were the same I’d had when I was found and admitted to the hospital. The same I had when I awoke over seven months later, and the same I still had, six months after that, when I went to school for the first time I could remember. They only fully healed further in second semester. Aizawa-Sensei, if you want me to retake the previous three tests I intentionally botched, I will. I apologise for my behaviour, and overstepping any boundaries, or crossing any lines. If anyone else has questions, I’d be happy to answer them later."

Aizawa smiled, glad the boy was honest right off the bat, with only a little pushing. Now, maybe his self-confidence will be able to improve, and he will actually say things on his mind, rather than mutter them to himself, and, stop inhibiting his own growth and development. That was a cruel, but necessary first step with this boy, one I can see he has needed, but never known how to do. Which actually makes sense, being without any clue as to his own life or past. I can see why others were worried about him, but, if I can sever their reasons to be worried right off the bat, it’ll save me headaches down the road, and, give him more credibility later on as well… Now, as for the other trouble… 

“That’s not necessary. It’ll just waste time. You can redo them after class today, before everyone is sent home. Now, I returned your impractical Quirk-” Back to Izuku “Take your final throw."

And, with that, Bakugou was glaring at Naoki again, as Izuku hid his surprise in lieu of his task. So, for the second time, Izuku threw the ball, only using his Quirk in the last point of contact, propelling it, and when it landed, he surprised everyone, his throw surpassing Bakugou’s, just barely, proving his worth to Aizawa, who was nothing short of impressed at Izuku’s ingenuity. 

“Aizawa-Sensei… Ya see… I’m still standing…” Izuku spoke, a pained grin as he clenched the injured fist. 

“This kid." Aizawa was practically speechless. 

Naoki rushed up to Izuku, “Here. Let me." Then he froze, looking to Aizawa, who gave a small nod, accompanied by an almost amused looking eye roll. Naoki healed the broken finger. "You did good, Izumi. Now, keep doing your best!”

“I will. But, you better do the same, too. You don’t want to disappoint dad, now do you?” Izuku questioned. 

“Ah-No. I don’t, not more than I already have." Naoki smiled. 

The class spoke out, their various opinions, as Bakugou was enraged. 

“Hey! Deku! You bastard! Tell me how you did that, or you’re dead!” Bakugou charged, only to be restrained, and his Quirk erased. "What! Why the hell is your damn scarf so strong?” He was caught by their teacher. 

“Because it’s a capture weapon made out of carbon fiber and a special metal alloy. Stand down. It’d be wise to avoid making me use my Quirk so much. It gives me serious dry-eye." Aizawa answered, then turning to address Naoki again, sensing the raven ready to defend. "Naoki. Let the staff handle things when other students go out of hand. Do not act out on your own, or you’ll get into trouble." With that, Aizawa released Bakugou, telling the next person to go already. 

With the Distance Run, Naoki didn’t lower his power, instead, maxing it out. He out-ran everyone, and had more speed than Tenya. He actually found himself enjoying the class, both the classmates and the actual class, and, surprisingly, he admired and respected Aizawa. 

With the sit-ups, he struggled, and that was obvious, the obscenely loud cracking in his spine and hips making a few of his classmates sick, namely Mineta, Aoyama and Koji. Mineta Minoru seemed to be pretty squishy- and a pervert, so it made sense, as did Aoyama- a flamboyant apparent with a love for sparkles, and Koji, being gentle and an animal lover, in his nature, was worried and hearing such sounds may have been unnerving for him. Again though, Naoki didn’t react to that pain. 

And, almost the same when it came to the toe-touch, except, it was his shoulders, collarbone, knees, and rib cage that cracked. When his left shoulder did so, though, was the first reaction of pain his class had seen, Naoki biting his lip with a pained grimace. 

After the final tests, Aizawa revealed the results. Izuku was in last place, almost to no one’s surprise, and, then the teacher blew his cover. It was a ‘rational deception’, and a girl in the back, with a ponytail, admitted she’d known all along, Naoki smirked, stating he figured, but wasn’t entirely sure, since he himself didn’t give his all. 

So, with that, class was dismissed, but asked to stay until Naoki was done with the three tests he’d intentionally botched. With the 50-meter dash, he timed out at 2.06 seconds, and with the long-jump, he jumped with more force, and nearly three times his previous distance, landing with an audible crack, and a, “Ow! Shit, that hurt…” He came back, limping, favouring his left leg. "I think I dislocated it… Again…” Naoki explained, a crack of his right index finger while his left hand rubbed his neck again. "Sorry, sir…” Naoki apologised for his cursing. 

And, finally, with the ball throw, he asked Aizawa. "Do you want the ball back? If you’re fine with not having it back, I could probably make it to Hiroshima and make it land… Safely… But, no telling how bad of shape the ball would be in by then… If you do, though, I think 6000 meters is probably the safest I can send it, and still be able to return it… That’s based on my own testing of this Quirk when I worked on my project this past year… The furthest I have accurate control seems, right now, to be around there…”

“Hmm, so I was right…” Aizawa muttered, then actually addressed Naoki’s question. "I think, if you know it that well, I can let it go for now. Just know, these improvements won’t be graded, just your botched ones. And, if I ever catch you doing that again, we’re going to have an issue. Everyone go home. Class dismissed." Aizawa gave slips to Naoki and Izuku, to go see Recovery Girl, having to all but force Naoki to go, by having Izuku be responsible for making sure he’d get there, and get taken care of. 

Chapter Text

Soon enough, they were headed to school for their second day of class. Morning classes were normal, but in the afternoon- Hero Basic Training. 

All Might was their teacher, and the class was ecstatic. 

They were going to have combat training, and their Hero Costumes were presented. They were instructed to suit up and meet at Battleground Beta. 

Naoki changed separately in a stall in the boys locker room, still self-conscious about his scars, even after revealing that part of his past to his class, seeing it was an entirely different thing, but his Costume was pretty unique. 

A few other classmates complimented or commented each other’s Costumes. Naoki was embarrassed when he was complemented. Even though it wasn’t decked out or fancy, with a lot of gear, it was made to help him control which Quirks were active at any given time, and designed to help prevent the outfit’s deterioration when Ricochet was used. His normal hair-band or red ribbon replaced with a metal hair piece, a fastening clip that was far more durable, made to keep his hair restrained. He really didn’t want to cut it. So, when Toshinori had given him the metal clip, he switched to wearing it immediately. Other than that, the suit covered almost all of his body, shoulder and hip braces built in, and the gloves serving a similar purpose, being reinforced and supportive of the weakened grip. As he requested, the primary colours were black and red, the reds being various tints and shades. Additionally, he actually wore his ring, not keeping it on the ball-joint chain, rather, on his ring finger instead. He also ditched the eye-patch, which drew more attention, since his eyes were mismatched. 

“They… My left eye changes colour based upon my mood. I am still figuring out what each colour or emotion shows as or means." Naoki explained, gathering a number of compliments and gushing from some classmates, others, reacted differently, like Katsuki, who was eyeing him warily, or others who were completely silent or had no reactions. 

All Might drew everyone’s attention toward his explanation. They were fighting in pairs, one ‘Hero’ team, one ‘Villain’ team, and they were by lots. 

Team A was Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, B was Mezo Shouji and Shouto Todoroki. C was Mashirao Ojiro and Momo Yaoyarozu. D was Katsuki Bakugou and Tenya Iida. E was Mina Ashido and Yuga Aoyama. F turned out to be Koji Kouda and Minoru Mineta, while G was Denki Kaminari and Kyouka Jirou. H was Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami, and I ended up being Naoki and Tooru Hagakure. Finally, J was Eijiro Kirishima and Hanta Sero. 

As if fate hated Izuku, he and Ochaco were against Katsuki and Iida. When All Might led them in to Battleground Beta, Naoki tapped his hand to Izuku’s shoulder. "Be safe, not stupid, Izumi…” Then, Naoki followed the class to the monitoring room, watching Izumi and Ochaco versus Tenya and Katsuki, and worried. 

When All Might returned to the room, Naoki glanced at him, hoping the Pro didn’t notice, but the No. 1 was unusually perceptive. "Naoki. Don’t worry too much. I will step in if things get too bad."

“I know that. You are a teacher here… But, don’t let it get bad enough that I can’t help Izumi recover, or, any of them who are hurt… I’ve tried to keep Katsuki from being able to go straight for Izumi, but in there… I’m not… I can’t… So, as the teacher, you have to. You hear, oaf?”

“Now now, Nao-” All Might began. 

“Hey, focus and start the match already…” Naoki urged, smirking at All Might. 


With that, the announcement was made, and, as Naoki feared, Katsuki went right for Izuku, not even caring about the training. Ochaco and Tenya being the only ones properly focused on the actual mission, Izuku taking to distracting Katsuki, while simultaneously trying to settle things as best he could with his old friend, now rival. Izuku knew Katsuki and his fighting style, habits and patterns so well, it was surprising, even to Naoki. 

On top of this, he was asserting himself, even disclaiming himself as the ‘same defenseless Deku’ from before. Now, Deku is the name of a Hero! And, that, made Naoki smile in relief, seeing him rewrite an old negativity from his past, into something he was proud of and confident in, even enough to challenge what had previously been something that defined him as a ‘Quirkless loser.’ 

Good on you, Izumi… I’m still going to call you that, as my first friend in this current life of mine. But, still, you are growing, and that is amazing. And, on a different note, my theory is coming along quite nicely. I can call it a hunch, now, no longer a measly theory… Katsu-san is making it rather easy to read his personality, and, motives, reasons for his behaviour and actions, his underlying beliefs and personal troubles, issues. His insecurities… It is all so unbelievably simple to see… And, with that, Izuku’s are becoming simpler to understand too, it makes it a lot less difficult to understand him too… I don’t… I really don’t hate Katsu-san, I don’t dislike him, or despise him, rather, I admire him, in a way, and respect his confidence, and while I can plainly see he can be a really huge ass, I also see a goodness in him. I don’t think he’d ever become a Villain, even if presented the perfect chance to do so… That in itself is a comforting thought… For me… 

Their fight was intense, Katsuki using his Quirk, blowing a massive attack straight at Izuku, making Naoki worried as he glanced toward All Might, who then warned Katsuki to not use it again. 

One of the normally silent students spoke his views, catching Naoki’s attention next, and realising he was right, and was also perceptive. It was the first time Naoki had heard the other male speak, or really noticed him. If I remember correctly… His name is Shouto Todoroki… I should pay attention to the capabilities of everyone else here, I need to know as much as I can, both about my possible ‘enemies’, and my ally… Tooru-san is invisible… It's different from when I do it, I imagine… Still, I should ask her, and see what effect my invisibility has on hers… Naturally, though, studying him as well as get to know his Quirk and abilities… Other than Izumi and Katsu-san, I don’t really know anyone in our class too well… Izumi has already made friends with Tenya and Ochaco, so I know a little about them, but not much… 

“He doesn’t come off as a guy with a strategy, but he’s actually quite intelligent. He changed his trajectory while in mid-air using a blast that doubled as a smoke screen. Very clever…” 

“That would take very precise calculations, almost as much as Ricochet does… Though, it was still a harsh attack at the end, and that would have been dangerous in itself if he didn’t also do some form of risk and calculation as well. If he hurt Izumi too much, or overpowered his blasts… All of that is both risky and difficult to calculate in such a fast-paced match… I know Katsu-san and Izumi from juniour high, so I have a decent estimation of their intelligence. Even so, I had to learn from advanced physics books to be able to properly control Ricochet, yet Katsu-san seems to be doing it almost innately…” Naoki pulled an Izuku, mumbling and assessing out loud, drawing the class’s attention for a few moments. 

All Might spoke up, eyes still on the fight, but, supplying Naoki with as best an answer he could about why that was. "The difference, there, Naoki, is that young Bakugou grew up learning and using his Quirk actively. You may have done so, but you lack the memory of it, so relearning was your only reliable and safe option. Do remember the task you achieved over the ten months before the Entrance Exam? You spent until the last night completing it, whereas, before losing your memories, it may have been something you could have done in a week, maybe two."

“Eh… Point… Ocean currents are actually rather fickle, so, I’d bet on two… But, I understand what you mean…” Naoki replied, glancing about the room at the stunned faces, his eyes landing last on Todoroki’s visible grey eye, the other covered in ice, just as his entire left side was. To his surprise, Todoroki met his gaze, a look of almost… Sadness… In the stormy orb as he stared at Naoki. 

Naoki gave a reassuring smile, or his best attempt. Todoroki looked stunned for a moment, then, was back to his stoic look. Naoki tried to greet him this time. "Sorry, I’ve not properly greeted you yet, so, here…” He offered his left hand to Todoroki. "I’m Naoki Kirahara, but just Naoki is fine."

Todoroki glanced sideways for a brief second, then held out his own, shaking Naoki’s hand. "Shouto Todoroki." He looked at the hand, now noticing it was gloved over part of the palm near the thumb, and across the top, meeting at a band across his middle finger, and a similar one on his thumb. He also saw the metal ring on Naoki’s finger, eyes narrowing at the red band, albeit, for not more than a second, before pulling away and continuing to monitor the fight. 

Naoki bit into his lip when Katsuki slammed and injured Izuku over and again, cracking his knuckle from the stress of watching. 

Soon enough, Izuku was charging straight for Katsuki, and Katsuki doing the same. 

Izuku redirected his punch- empowered by his Quirk- upward, ensuring Ochaco had a chance to get the Weapon, and seizing their team’s win. 

However, the damage Izuku took, both using his Quirk, and blocking Katsuki’s attack, left him weakened and broken. But, they won. The Hero team won. Without waiting for the announcement of their victory, Naoki bolted to the location, barely hearing All Might calling after him. 

When he got there, though, he was almost too stunned to help. All Might was there in time, along with bots to take the green to the nurse. Naoki barely noticed a hand on his shoulder, “Naoki, he’ll be fine." All Might then went to Katsuki. 

Tenya was MVP, and Yaoyarozu explained, in due perfection, why, to the chagrin and surprise of most of the class. 

Naoki and Tooru were now up, against Todoroki and Mezo. 

“Hey, Naoki! Let’s get serious! I’m going to take off all my clothes, and-”

“Wait… I need to check something first. Your Quirk… I may have a bit of an issue if my hunch is incorrect, but, even if it isn’t correct, I have a backup… So, please bear with me for a second." He walked over to her, whispering, to avoid others hearing what he’d say. "I’m going to tell you this, so there isn’t any confusion or worry about it now, or later. I’m not into girls, so, if my hunch is correct, I am still apologising now, beforehand, Tooru-san." Naoki used Ricochet to hide his presence. 

“Huh?! Naoki!” She sounded embarrassed as he vanished from sight. 

When he reappeared, he explained, not even blushing as he did. "I was correct. Feel free to punch or retaliate how you please, later. When I hide my presence with my Quirk, I can see you, but you cannot see me. Ask about it later if you want to know anything… Anyways, this works! I’ve got an idea. I imagine Todoroki may want to freeze the entire building, to end this quickly. I need to be faster. Here." He had removed his outer coat, handing it to Tooru. "Put this on, so if he does, you won’t get frostbite. I can break the ice the second he makes to form it. And, cold doesn’t really bother me." 

He reached behind his back, pulling the black rod free, and using his Quirk to extend it an extra foot up and down, now at half its capable height. And, then relayed the rest of his plan to Tooru. 

"If I can keep him from using his ice, then I can prolong the match. And, by hiding my presence, I can remain here and guard the weapon, keeping it safe. With you being physically unseeable, you will be harder for Todoroki to find, but, Mezo-san can still sense you, so, I’ll be covering you as well, using my coat as the anchor and extension of the Vector. Perfect way to divide and conquer. If even Mezo-san cannot find or sense you, you should be able to tie him with the tape in short time. And, that leaves Todoroki to come and find out why his Ice won’t work… Or, to me. 

Once you’ve taken care of Mezo-san, return and assist how you see fit. With that coat, even if Todoroki tries to freeze in closer quarters, it should miss you completely, just… Don’t freak out if it does it by lifting you a foot or so off the ground. Also, with you being hidden in Ricochet with me, you should be able to see me normally. Good?”


“Alright, let’s get going. The match should officially beg-”

“Let the match commence!” All Might’s voice wrang over the speakers. 

“Go. I already activated Ricochet, Tooru-san."

With that, she headed out of the room, running, and, less than a quarter minute later, the building was beginning to freeze. And, just as quickly, Naoki tapped the correct button needed to activate Time Manipulation, reversing the freezing before it spread too far. It was attempted again, and three more times, then stopped. If it came to it, Naoki could use Ricochet to disrupt the energy being stalled, and prevent the freezing, but, using Time Manipulation was better, energy-wise, for now. Best not to distract his Vectors, in case a threat was imminent. 

He heard Tooru over the speaker, “Naoki, I’m not sure if they can hear us over this, but I found Shouji, and you were right, he can’t sense me at all. This should be pretty easy!”

“Good. And, no, Tooru-san, only within the Vector would anyone else be able to, who isn’t otherwise linked, like the teacher, however, Jirou-san may be able to, if she found the right frequency and vibrational patterns, though, even then, it’d only be through this device, so only when we speak using it. Any sign of Todoroki yet?”

“No… But I’m pretty sure they separated, so be careful." Tooru warned. 

“Will do. You do the same." Naoki added. 

After a few more minutes, the freezing was attempted again, and again every ten to fifteen seconds until Todoroki walked into the room where the weapon was. Once he’d entered, Naoki directed a Vector toward him, but stopping it a foot away. 

“I know you are in here, Naoki. No sense in hiding. You must have covered Hagakure as well, but why I couldn’t freeze her… That’s a question I’d like an answer to. For now, though, show yourself and fight fair and square." Todoroki challenged. 

He seems to know a lot about my Quirk, even though I haven’t shown this side of it yet, to many people, or… Really at all, even at the test yesterday, or the Entrance Exam… Curious…

He clicked the ear piece, “Tooru-san, how is it going?”

“Good! Shouji has been apprehended! I’ll head back up there!” Tooru replied. 

“Alright. Be more cautious and keep an eye out. I’ll be undoing the Vector that hides us now, so, just click the ear piece when you are in the room. The coat will remain invisible with you, so I won’t be able to see you anymore. The single click will alert me well enough with the sound it makes, okay?”

“Got it!” Tooru answered. 

Naoki released Ricochet’s first Vector, appearing almost ten feet away from Shouto, his metal rod still out and ready, his first Vector still in place. "Hey there~." Naoki teased, trying to provoke his opponent. 

“So that was why my Ice wasn’t working… I’m guessing you messed with the building on a molecular level, not letting the particles slow down enough to freeze. Smart." Todoroki assessed. 

So, it seems he may only know about Ricochet’s potential uses, not my other Quirks… Or, not Time Manipulation, at least. 

“And, since your coat is gone, I am guessing that is how you kept Hagakure safe from the ice if I used it near her. Very clever and well thought out. I think I underestimated you, just a little, Naoki." Todoroki added, letting out a chilled, foggy breath. 

“It looks like you have some pretty risky backlash from your ice, Todoroki-san… You should be more careful of your body. It is incredibly dangerous, the cold, frostbite, hypothermia… So, how does this play out from here?” Naoki asked, honesty curious, but baiting Todoroki into attacking first. He was better at reactions than initiatives, so, that was best for him to do. "I can stop your ice, and break what does manage to form… There may not be a win for you today, Todoroki-san~."

Or, will you prove me wrong? Naoki questioned to himself. 

That again… He’s teasing me and trying to get a rise out of me, but… He doesn’t know… It’s obvious at this point, that he doesn’t remember… Any of it… Todoroki had his own thoughts running out of control, so, since he couldn’t see a way to win this with his own Quirk, not the cursed one that made his own skin crawl and stomach churn, he’d indulge on these thoughts, and try to temper them, sate them… For now, at least. 

“That ring you wear… I noticed it earlier when you offered your hand and introduced yourself. What does it mean to you?” Todoroki asked, catching Naoki off guard. 

Naoki brought his left hand to his chest, clutching the shirt that made up the rest of the top of his Hero Costume. "It… This ring is the only thing I have of my past, and, the only proof I existed before my memories begin. It means someone out there knows who I was, and, the only way I can find that out, is through that person. The only way I can learn my own last name, is in that same person. And, it also means that at some point, there was someone who I was… Who… Who cared about me enough to have given it to me." Naoki explained. It was an honest question, so he saw no reason to ignore it, even with the battle they were in. 

“And what would it mean to you, to find that person?” Todoroki continued. 

“Everything. Everything and so much more." Naoki looked down, a little sad. 

“Then… How would you feel… If you found out that person… Was already dead?” Todoroki asked, Naoki’s eyes widening, his heart freezing in his chest as if it had been what Todoroki had frozen. His breath caught in his throat, which seemed to be tightening all too quickly. 

He looked up to Todoroki, meeting his gaze as he sunk his canine into his own lip, tasting the blood. 

Todoroki knew he looked upset as well, but not as much as Naoki, he realised, when he saw the tears in Naoki’s eyes, threatening to fall. 


“Your Indoor Combat Training is over. The Villain Team WINNNNSSS!” All Might’s announcement interrupted any possible questioning Naoki would have done. Naoki now dropping to his knees, hand still pressed close to his chest as he curled in on himself, barely able to keep himself together. 

He felt All Might’s hand atop his shoulder, but still couldn’t come back to his surroundings, even when the older man kneeled and tried speaking to him. It wasn’t even registered by Naoki, too far away to have been heard. He was pulled to his feet, and led off the battle arena, back to the viewing room. When they arrived, he was still shocked and remained silent, but was back to being aware of what was going on. 

Tooru returned his coat, “Here, Naoki. I figured you would want this back."

He nodded, offering a small smile, but that was all. 

“Now! Let’s go over this round! The MVP of this exercise is young Naoki. Anyone want to explain why this was the decision?” All Might began. This time, Tenya’s hand rose. 

“Kirahara assessed the situation right off the bat, predicting what moves and strategy the opponent would have, and acted with the correct counter-strategy. He also instructed his partner, and led the team to its victory, with almost no uncovered alternatives for the opposing team. Additionally, he both combined their strengths, and aptly covered their weaknesses, as a team. And, lastly, he left no real chance for the other team to use the building, situation or his other teammate, to their advantage, not even their own Quirks, leaving no certain chance of the Hero team winning. I also might add, that his assessment of miss Hagakure’s Quirk, and how it would interact with his own was spot on and put into place in their plans in a fantastic way. Though, I am confused about what he had said to her at the beginning, when he spoke to her quietly… And, why he said she could hit him or retaliate as she saw fit later, as well as ask questions… None of that made sense to me…” 

“Ah-That’s-” Hagakure began. 

“That’s between Tooru-san and I, so please don’t fret too much over it… Tenya-san…”

“I have my own questions about this choice, Sir." Yaoyarozu started. 

“Go on." All Might answered, gesturing she continue. 

“While I agree with what Iida said, I also have… Doubts… When it came to the end of the match. Kirahara left himself open in a rather… Odd way. He allowed the questions and conversation with Todoroki to distract and cloud his thinking. If Todoroki was intent on using that to seize the weapon, that would have been the perfect way to do so. He allowed himself to become emotionally attacked in such a way that, in a real battle, would have more than likely gotten himself and his team killed, or injured. Additionally, I am concerned with why he has the two weapons as part of his Hero Costume to begin with. There’s the rod, but, looking at it, you can also see a sword hilt accompanying his attire as well. Is that even allowed? And, lastly, while his strategies and methods were well and good, he didn’t embody a ‘Villain’ at all, not nearly as well as Iida had previously. That, and he clearly took advantage of this being timed. In a longer, drawn-out fight, simply prolonging the enemy won’t always help, and, if it hadn’t been timed, how he left himself emotionally weak and vulnerable at the end would have led to his and his team’s failure, even with all of the strategies and other things he’d put into play. Also, he never actually tried to inhibit or stop Todoroki, not even attacking him, restraining him, or having Hagakure do so, when she would have the perfect oppourtunity to do so." 

“I see your point, Yaoyarozu, but-”

“May I, sir?” Todoroki interrupted. 

“Go ahead." All Might replied. 

“To be completely honest, I was in the match with the intent to, as Naoki predicted, finish it quickly, by freezing the building. However, after my failed attempts, my mind… Was also clouded… When I realised the likelihood of winning was all but gone, I wanted to affirm a few things about Naoki, on a personal level, about things unrelated to the match, or, even about our classes. As such, I was, at that point, no better than Bakugou, and only said what I did to Naoki for those reasons. Because I had a few moments alone, where no one else could interrupt or speak for him. Where he couldn’t hide or run from my questions. Additionally, in this match, I also had no intention of relying on my partner for anything more than a location of our opponents, so, when they weren’t able to be sensed, I had basically written him off and abandoned him to his own devices, going out on my own to try and salvage the situation, even though it wasn’t possible. So, by that sense, I was not fit to be ‘MVP’." Todoroki admitted. 

“I definitely wasn’t either. If Naoki hadn’t stopped and given his plan, and confirmed that it would work to begin with, I would have gotten frozen stiff right away. He had all of that worked out before the match had even begun, even an idea of how to change it, if his hunch wasn’t feasible. That made our winning possible, and ensured Todoroki’s ice wasn’t usable to him." Tooru added. 

Mezo gave his own. "And, after Naoki and Hagakure were hidden, I wouldn’t have been able to do much. Hagakure had me restrained before I even realised it." 

Naoki was a little embarrassed they had all defended him, even though Yaoyarozu was correct, so were all of them, including Iida. 

“Then, it's settled. Time to move on to the next match! Make sure to watch and learn for your own upcoming match. So! The next round is…”


After the matches were all finished, All Might left the scene with speed surprising most of the class, and Naoki soon made toward the same place. Naoki was still shaken up and upset from his match, and there were only three people he could trust to talk about it. Izuku, Toshi and Hajime-san… And, only two were in reasonable distance to talk to, though, Izuku was more than likely not recovered or conscious yet, but it would help Naoki focus and calm down if he could heal Izuku, or really, just use his healing Quirk at all at this point. 

Yaoyarozu stopped him, though, “Kirahara. I need to ask, since it wasn’t addressed in the assessment even after I had brought it up. What are those two weapons for, and why are they even allowing them at all? Heroes don’t usually use weapons."

“Ah-… Oh… Well, the rod is to help give specific control and direct parts of Ricochet, and the Time Manipulation Quirk, as well as to channel the latter more effectively. The sword, though…” He pulled it free, sheath and all, showing it was a tanto’s size. "Isn’t even sharpened, completely blunt and rounded edges, except for one small part." He unsheathed the short blade, showing just what he’d described, the sharpened part being only about three centimeters long, close as it could be, to the hilt. "It only needs that small part sharpened, to help with my third set Quirk. That one allows me to use my own blood to heal another’s lethal wounds, so, providing access to that without relying solely on already being injured, or using another Quirk of mine to do it, was what I wanted it for. Here, see?” He slid the rounded edges across his palm, showing her how it wasn’t able to cut. 

“I see… That makes sense. I hadn’t considered that, even though I knew from yesterday’s class that you have multiple Quirks, I didn’t take into consideration what either of them could be, only knowing of Ricochet, since you spoke of it. My apologies, Kirahara." She bowed her head slightly. 

“No! Don’t worry, no need to apologise. Also, I would rather just be called Naoki, since… “ He paused, rubbing his neck again, left handed. 

“Oh, right. I can do that. Well, I seem to have caught you in a rush to leave, so I’ll let you go now. Thank you for answering those inquiries, despite what I pointed out earlier. I hope there are no hard feelings."

Naoki waved and shook his head, “No, no, you were just in your reasoning, so there’s no point in faulting you. I am going to go now. See you later, Yaoyarozu-san." Naoki turned and left, eager to get away from stressful things. 

Naoki came in to the nurses office, hearing Recovery Girl lecture Toshinori, saying he needed to be a good guide to Izuku. 

“H-Hey… Recovery Girl, do you mind if I look Izumi over? I may be able to help him recover nicely… And, it calms me down to heal others…” Naoki asked after walking in. 

“You are too reckless, just like these two, but… I suppose I can allow it. Do you know what you’re doing, though?” She returned. 

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Healing others is a lot easier than healing myself. And, to be honest, I… I could use the relaxation from it…” Naoki added, recalling his earlier stress-inducer. 

“I understand. I will monitor while you do, but don’t overwork yourself either." She answered. 

Nodding, Naoki seated himself, and went to work on fixing what he could on Izumi. After a few minutes, he finally spoke up to Toshinori. "Hey, da-I mean… Sensei? I… Do… Do you have anything you can say, any advice or suggestions, or anything like that… About what… Todoroki-san… Asked me earlier? I haven’t felt… I don’t know… I’ve felt off since then… And, I’m confused, worried, and frankly, a little terrified about what he… Implied… Suggested…” Naoki finally asked. 

“As your teacher, I cannot say much, not knowing exactly what was going on in either of your minds is part of that, but Naoki… As your father, who does know what I know of you, your beliefs, morals, and what little I know of your past… I say to try and talk to young Todoroki. If he isn’t up for telling you right away, what is going on from his viewpoint, then try becoming friends. You may not learn what he was implying, but you won’t lose the opportunity to learn about him, or to make a friend- an ally- that way. And, even we Heroes need friends and allies. I only know so much about young Todoroki as his teacher, or not as a teacher, but that is why I am suggesting what I am. 

You only have one good friend right now, and while that is good, you are in a class full of new people, new talents, new potential, so make the best of it. That may be the best advice I can give you right now. But, aside from that, don’t try to force or push Todoroki into the topic he was referring to either. 

Remember, I am as blind as you are on your past and who you were. But, all that should matter, here and now, is who you are. I acknowledge that the lack of memories weighs heavily on you, but, try not to let it drown out your thoughts, or outweigh who you are now, what you have made of yourself. Eventually, you’ll regain what you have lost, it may take time, but, if you try to force it, you may do more damage than good. It is inevitable that someone out there knows what you seek, at least, in part, it may be young Todoroki, it may not. Either way, let things come to pass in their own time. I guess… What I’m trying to say is… Naoki, don’t destroy who you are, who you have become, and what you have built in this life, so rashly and in such a rush. Things will happen in time, and bit by bit, you will find the pieces of who you are, all of you, along the way. Does that help?”

Naoki smiled, actually relieved and calmed by what his dad had said, “Yeah, Nori-to… It does. Thanks… Dad… Ah! That was a little jolt from him… I forget others can feel pain normally, so it surprised me… But… His arm’s all patched up! With Blood Tempter, burns are almost impossible to fix, so they will need you, Recovery Girl… On the other hand, all of the damage I can fix is done and repaired now!” He smiled widely, chuckling a little as his eyes closed in his grin. "Whew… I want a beer of the carbonated genus and the root species…” He looked at the shocked expression on the two teacher’s faces, then jumped up, shaking his hands as he better explained. "I mean a root beer, geeze guys… I don’t drink nasty, let alone illegal beverages… I was trying to joke… ROOT BEER! That’s what I wanted…” He sighed when they realised what he’d done for his ‘joke’. 

“I was… Concerned for a minute, but I understand what you meant now… All Might? This is news to me. I was unaware you had a son, or that it was this boy."

“He’s not my son biologically, just, unofficially adopted. I had Hajime Shinsou send his files to Principal Nezu, so I imagine you’ll get the copies soon, Recovery Girl. And, I took him in because of the circumstances around that time. Though I will not deny it was a lot of trial and error, on getting things right, I am glad I did. It's been a learning experience for us both, but he's a good kid, and been good for me as well. I just hope I was as good for him."

“You are the best I could have asked for, dad. And, yeah, you were completely new and unaware of how to be a dad, or a father figure, but, you still did more than anyone else normally would have… But, it's probably best to not tell everyone, so I’ve refrained from spilling those beans, though I’m sure it will get out eventually…” Naoki added, a small and short shoulder shrug. He turned back to look at Izuku, who seemed to be awakening, slowly, but finally. 

“I’m going to head out. Thank you, Recovery Girl. Naoki, you should probably return to class, so you don't miss more than necessary. And, if you want to complain, just think of it this way… If you go to class, you can fill Midoriya in on what he missed later on. Off you go." Toshinori ushered the raven out, making sure he went to change out of his Hero Costume before returning to class. 


When Izuku finally returned to class, it was already over, but a few remained in class to go over the results from training, Naoki lingering to wait for the green, and putting in a few words when questions or comments were directed at him, which they quickly learned he had little to say. His mind was a little over-stimulated, and that was obvious to the class. Eijirou noted his eye was a light lavender, and Naoki was surprised. He’d never seen that colour before, and when he stated that, Mina took a picture, showing him, leading to Tenya lecturing her, which she blew off. 

Tsuyu asked why he called everyone by their first names, surprising him a bit. "Uh… I’d have to say it's… A habit, but… I guess it's because I don’t know my own last name, so I ask people to call me my first name. And, also, first names are more unique and individual… So, they’re easier for me to remember face-to-name-to-character traits or personality… Plus… Imagine if there were three ‘Iidas’ in one class, but none of them were related… Or even if they were… I think that’s… Probably why…”

But, luckily, once Izuku came back, everyone mainly focused on him for a little bit, and Naoki learned a few more names of the classmates he hadn’t known, by them introducing themselves to Izuku. 

Tenya lectured Fumikage about sitting on the desk, and Kyouko told him to chill. Denki and Ochaco came back, and asked how well he was recovered. "Oh, Recovery Girl said it would have taken a few different treatment sessions, but that Naoki offered to fix what he could, so, other than a few minour marks left from the burns, I’m all good now! Oh… Is he here?” He scanned the room, eyes landing on the shy smile Naoki had on as eyes turned to him. "Where’s Kacchan?”

“Woah… Naoki really does have more than one Quirk… He’s really amazing…”

“Izumi, Katsu-san left… I think you may be the only one who can make him come back. I… Doubt he’d listen to me if I tried…”

Izuku took off, running eagerly to catch his longtime friend. A few classmates watched their confrontation, before All Might showed up as well. Naoki made his way down progressively, and once there, he stayed silent and out of the way until things were settled down enough to go out.

Chapter Text

Naoki did a little self-Quirk Assessment with Izuku and All Might, to try and learn more about the third Vector he’d presented during the Entrance Exam, and, afterwards, had a good theory on what it was, but kept his ideas to himself until he could get better evidence, so, he also put it into play when at school, to help increase how well he could control it. As such, once he walked onto campus, he set it up. 

Luckily, he was able to hide his presence and avoid the press and their pressuring questions and bothersome verbal assault on the students, staff, and anyone there. He really didn’t want to be dragged into that kind of problematic situation. He offered it to Izuku, but the green declined, before they’d reached the gates, and, to no surprise, he was asked and prodded with questions. He dodged them by using the excuse he needed to see the school nurse, sighing when he got into the gate, where Naoki was awaiting, now visible, to the chagrin of a few press members. 

His theory was based on the third Vector being a barrier that he manipulated subconsciously, so, he wanted to see if he could keep it going, even if he was focused on school, and, if he could give it parameters like his normal Quirks. The school gates, or the U.A. Barrier seemed like the perfect way to learn, especially with the swarm of press loitering outside the campus. So, he tried to set it with the same rules the gate followed, based on only permitting access when the person seeking entrance had an ID, but, would also alert him if anyone messed with the actual gate. Additionally, it wouldn’t harm anyone who actually entered, but, also alert him, and enable him to track them, and he hoped, interrupt or disrupt and Quirk usage they may try. These were all separately added parameters, so he could test how far he could manipulate the Vector for now. He was sure most wouldn’t work for now, and maybe not ever, but it was still worth a shot. 

He monitored the gate physically, until class began, and found out it his control wasn’t fine-tuned with this Vector to do a lot of that, but would alert him if the gate was tampered with, at least… But, seemingly only when it was closed. A press woman tried to enter, and the gate did its job, yet, he only knew by actually seeing it. Though, after a little bit, he was alerted, and he looked, seeing a reported had only bumped into it while trying to get through the crowd there. 

Aizawa entered shortly after, and Naoki followed him into the classroom, being eyed for few seconds when he arrived after the teacher, who was also late. 

“Naoki, you’re late. Even if your things were here and you were only outside the classroom… Now, onto topic. Decent work on yesterday's combat training you guys. I saw the video feeds and went over each of your team's results. Bakugou. You’re talented, so don’t sulk like a child about your loss, okay?” Aizawa advised. 

“Yeah Whatever." Bakugou replied. 

“And Midoriya. I see the only way you won the match was by messing up your arm again. Work harder, and don’t give me the excuse that you don't have control over your Quirk. That line’s already getting old. You can’t keep breaking your body while training here. But, your Quirk will be really useful if you can get a handle on it. So show a little urgency, huh?”

“Right!” Izuku was cheered out of his soured attitude at the beginning, when Aizawa praised him at the end. 

“Naoki, well done on using you and your teammate’s strengths so efficiently. I like that side of you better than the boy who was so reckless and unconcerned with his own safety, as you were in the Entrance Exam. This shows me you are intelligent and able to strategise, so I want to see that more often. Other than this, you also used your opponent’s weaknesses to your team’s advantage well. I will ask you a few things later on, though, as with you, Hagakure. But, that’s later." Naoki nodded his head. "Now, let’s get down to business. Our first task will decide your future. You all need to pick a Class Representative."

At first, the class was a little shaken, worried about another surprise test, or the like. But, out of nowhere, everyone was not only relieved, but also excited and cheerful, making Naoki very confused, to say the least. Almost the whole class was eager for the title, jumping up, or yelling out, while Naoki just shrunk back and stayed as quiet as possible in the rukus. 

Naoki wanted to ask, but didn’t get the chance, before Tenya silenced everyone. "Silence! Everyone! Please!” ONce it was quiet, he continued, “The Class Representative’s duty is to lead others. That’s not something just anyone can do. You must first have the trust of everyone in the classroom. Therefore, the most logical way to fill this position is democratically. We will hold an election to hold our leader." A few complaints were raised, and Aizawa clocked out. 

When the statement that most people would only vote for themselves, Naoki put his own rare two-cents in, “Why not disallow that? Prohibit one voting for oneself, then, people have to acknowledge someone other than themselves as a person worthy of the position. It will make people here think about who is actually capable of performing the duties necessary, rather than self-promoting." 

“That’s a good idea, Naoki." Tenya agreed. From there, it was agreed upon, and no one complained, out loud, anyways…


Yuga: 青山優雅 --

Mina: 芦戸三奈 --

Tsuyu: 蛙吹梅雨 |

Tenya: 飯田天哉 ||

Ochaco: 麗日茶子 |


Mashirao: 尾白猿夫 --

Denki: 上鳴電気 --

Eijiro: 切島鋭児郎 |

Koji: 口田甲司 |

Mezo: 障子目蔵 |


Kyouko: 耳郎響香 |

Hanta: 瀬呂範太 --

Fumikage: 常闇踏陰 --

Shouto: 轟 焦凍 |

Naoki: 治気 |||


Toru: 葉隠 透 --

Katsuki: 爆豪勝己 ||

Izuku: 緑谷出久 ||||

Minoru: 峰田実 --

Momo:八百万百 ||


When the results were revealed, Izuku was embarrassed, and Naoki was slightly horrified. He had votes… He himself, had voted for Todoroki. The way he had stayed aloof, and emotionally uninvolved, yet was cleary intelligent and strategic, that was why, but why others voted for him was a mystery. 

Bakugou lashed out, “Who the hell voted for Deku? Why does the Eyepatch Freak get more votes than me!”

“Alright. The Class Rep is Midoriya, and-” Aizawa began. 

“I resign. I refuse. I decline. Please don’t make me do that… It’s too much for me to handle atop my extra studies to continue catching up academically…” Naoki interrupted. 

Aizawa let out a sigh that spoke volumes to his annoyance. "Naoki… Eh… Fine… Then… Yaoyarozu. You’ll be deputy." This made Bakugou angry, but Aizawa explained, “I’m assigning it to her because of how you act. You are too brash, too aggressive, and not moments ago, you were threatening whomever voted for Midoriya."


Soon enough, lunch was being served and Naoki was sitting amongst the rest of the students, eating. He actually rarely had an appetite, but found that eating Lunch Rush’s food seemed to stimulate his body into craving food, which would help him retain weight and build up strength, unlike his normal hit-and-miss eating habits. 

Izuku was worried he wasn’t qualified, and Tenya told him not to worry, stating his reasons, and adding in that was why he’d voted for Midoriya. 

Izuku was a little stunned, and Naoki shrugged. "Not sure who voted for me but I hope I didn’t disappoint them…” He mumbled. 

“I’m sure you didn’t, Naoki. But, anyway, Iida, didn’t you want to be Class Rep pretty badly?” Izuku asked. 

Tenya gave his reply, hinting at his family’s agency. They found out he was the younger brother of Ingenium. Izuku was ecstatic, all but fawning over the information. 

“Naoki, who did you vote for? I’m just curious, so you don’t need to answer…” Ochaco asked after complimenting Tenya’s smile. 

“Oh- I um… I voted-” His eyes widened, and without warning, he vanished, Izuku calling out after him, and worried. 

That was my Vector… At the school gate… Someone… A loud bell wrung out, and a voice announced there was a level-3 security breach, directing all students to evacuate, but Naoki was already outside. 

He reached the gate, and saw what he’d sensed wasn’t incorrect. The U.A. Barrier’s gate was crumbled to pieces, the press now invading the school grounds. 

How the hells did that get so damaged… I can reverse the time on it, but not with all these students and civilians here… 

After the police arrived and the press were removed from the premises, things quieted down, but Naoki remained where he was. 

He watched when Principal Nezu, Midnight, Recovery Girl and No. 13 arrived to investigate. 

“How were ordinary members of the press able to bypass our security systems?” Nezu began, Naoki now coming out of his hidden presence, waiting behind the teachers until they finished. He knew he could provide some assistance, if not answers. But, he wanted to wait for the rat to finish. "Someone else must have been behind this. Some Villain actually managed to infiltrate our school. But, was this some display of power, or a declaration of war?”

Naoki spoke up. "N-Nezu-san?” The four turned in a rush, surprised to find him suddenly there, despite knowing they had come alone, and had not been followed. 

“Why are you out of your classroom? What’s your name, class and who is your teacher?”

“Ah- Uh… I’m Naoki Kirahara, from 1-A, and Aizawa-Sensei is my t-teacher… I… I sensed my own barrier being messed with, and since it had been circumventing the school’s own barrier, I knew something was wrong… So, I came out here when it happened, shortly before the alarm went off…” He paused to see if they had any response. 

“You are the multi-Quirk user from the Entrance Exams… What do you mean your own barrier? What were you doing with it?” Nezu asked. 

“When I was informed about having used a third Vector in the exams, when not being aware of it, I though it might be a subconscious one that acts as a barrier if I need it… I was testing it, and have had it surrounding the interior of this barrier since I arrived today. It just told me if anyone messed with this one. But, whoever did this…. It did the same to my barrier as well… So, it worried me because of how… it felt… It felt like it was rotting, or… being eaten… And, to see the gate like this, I wanted to try and see if I could learn anything else by using Time Manipulation it, but didn’t want to do that without permission… If I use that Quirk, it is possible to see, in reverse-time, what happened to it, and how it was done… But, I can do it. If it can help, I’d like to. It may help prevent other students from being hurt in the future, or, help understand who it could have been, what kind of Quirk they used…”

“I see… What do you think, Nezu? Midnight asked, still eyeing Naoki. 

Recovery Girl spoke up. "I want to say this, Nezu. Yesterday, this boy healed Izuku Midoriya in a few minutes, when it would have taken him until later today to be fully recovered, if he was reliant on my Quirk. I think this boy is genuine in those feelings, and I personally stand by him in that respect."

Naoki was shocked, but kept his face as calm as he could. He knew his eyes gave away his emotions, if one could interpret them, and not even he could do that well. 

“I will allow it, as you are right, Naoki. Any knowledge we can glean is better than being left to assume and guess. You may do as you asked."

Naoki nodded, walking to the gate, stopping a few feet away, and holding his left hand out. "Ah- Nezu-san, it might be a good idea to record it, to look back at later and maybe learn more from when more information is possibly learned later on… I can wait for a little bit, but if you do, I suggest doing so from the front and back…”

“That is a wise idea. Midnight, if you will do that back here, I’ll do so from the outside. " Nezu agreed. 

After they were in place and situated, Naoki began. Bit by bit, piece by piece, the wall was returned to its proper state, and with it, Naoki felt that third Vector being rebuilt as well. After finishing, he rested his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. 

“You did well, Naoki. As the principal, I thank you. I’ll give you a pass back to class, but, in the future, please request permission before using your Quirk in such a way, and also, don’t make ditching class a habit, young man. We will assess these recordings and make note of what we can notice, but, you may be called in to give your own input, as your Quirk is what alerted you to it, and your Quirk that restored the school gate. " Nezu commended Naoki. 

“Why not just have him come along for now. It will be a lot simpler than having him run around. Here, Naoki, have some gummies. Don't eat them all at once, now. "

“Oh… Thank you." He plopped one in his mouth. "I only seem to have an appetite if I eat Lunch Rush’s food at school. Then, I actually notice when I’m hungry for the rest of the day…” Naoki followed the teachers. 

“I was right… My barrier… I said it had felt like it was rotting, or being eaten, and that’s what it looks like happened to the gate… It… It decayed… Both the gate and my barrier… And…” He waited a few more seconds, “There! It looks like it has a specific beginning point. And…” He bounced up, holding his hand out. "It’s reasonable to say, hand height for someone around… Maybe… Between 172 and 182 centimeters tall… But, for now… I don’t think there’s much else I can deduct… I apologise, Nezu-san…” Naoki bowed his head. 

“No need for that. We could have had an inkling of the height, but the personal input of how it felt from your own Quirk being involved, that is something we wouldn’t have been able to learn of, or from. So, now we know, whomever this is, must have some kind of Quirk that allows them to decay what they touch… That is important, but, for now, not quite enough to give much in the way of good leads. We can only be wary and alert for now. Alright, I’ll let the staff know what we’ve found, but you, yong man need to return to class. Here’s a pass. On your way now." Nezu shooed Naoki…