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Coming up with a plan was easier said than done, apparently. And at this point, laying on his bed and staring at the ceiling, he much preferred the easy way out of all this. The uncertainty of everything they could run into, and the thought of getting caught and punished, was almost too terrifying to face. He didn't often admit what scared him or let himself be vulnerable, even to himself. So with his thoughts swirling in a downward spiral of despair, the urge to vomit grew. There was no way, in heaven or hell, that he could pull of a plan bold and good enough to keep them away from their parents and the police. It didn't help that Denki's father was the deputy police chief. They'd be hunted down and probably beaten to death. If they were going to go through with a plan, there was no room for mistakes.

Bakugou rolled over onto his side and picked up his phone. He opened the group chat, his thumbs hovering over the keyboard on his screen.

Bakugou to the chat:

If we were to, theoretically, run away...what do you guys think would be the best course of action?

Todoroki to the chat:

We'd need money, so we'd have to get that some how.

Momo to the chat:

We'd also need a destination and a way to get there without getting caught.

Denki to the chat:

and probably disguises. like hats and stuff

Bakugou to the chat:

Anyone have any bright ideas?

Midoriya to the chat:

Actually, I do!

Bakugou to the chat:

Lay it out for me

Midoriya to the chat:

I've thought about this for a while now. We would need to get rid of our phones early on, destroy them so no one could hack into them at all and we wouldn't be able to be tracked. We would take money out of Todoroki's father's bank account, but we can't take a bunch out all at once, we'd have to be discrete and take out money over time. If we want to get money faster, we'd have to all take money from our parents right before we bolt. We should split up in the beginning because it would make it harder for the police to find all of us. There's a bus that has five different times and the same destination, we'd all take the bus at different times and meet up in a motel in the city it drops us off in. As for disguises, we would need to buy clothes that don't match our regular style at all. We'd leave our houses in our regular clothes, and then change into the other clothes somewhere else. I also considered the fact that we would probably have to wear contacts and even dye our hair to keep from being caught

Todoroki to the chat:


How long did you think about this for?

Midoriya to the chat:

Since my father dislocated my shoulder

Denki to the chat:

that was almost three months ago!

Momo to the chat:

It's a good plan though.

Bakugou bit his bottom lip roughly as he reread Midoriya's little paragragh. It was a stretch, really, but it may just work out for them.

Bakugou to the chat:

Change the bus plan a little. I'm not letting all of us split up in case they try to catch anyof us. We're safer in numbers. So Todoroki and Midoriya will go on the bus together and Momo and Denki will go together on the next bus

Momo to the chat:

But that leaves you alone! We can't do that.

Bakugou to the chat:

I ain't riskin you four getting caught. I'll be fine on my own and I'll meet you guys at the motel without a problem. I'm not arguing this any further

Bakugou proceeded to set his phone to the side and go back to staring at the ceiling. His chest rose with the deep breath he took in before sinking down again. This was going to be fine, he tried to reason with himself.


Their plan was in action the very next day. They spent the morning buying items for their disguises. Bakugou bought brown contacts, black hair dye, a tight fitting gray hoodie, baggy black shorts and black vans. Todoroki bought blue contacts, white hair dye, a simple band t-shirt with a gray jacket to go over it, ripped black skinny jeans and black leather boots. Momo bought gray contacts, purple hair dye, a light blue flannel dress with a leather jacket to go over it, blue leggings to go under it and black flats. Denki bought green contacts, dark blue hair dye, a loose tank top with a leather jacket over that, faded blue jeans with tears at the knees and leather boots. Midoriya bought blue contacts, silver hair dye, a baggy galaxy hoodie, regular blue jeans and galaxy converse.

Each of them all double bagged their disguises and immediately hid the bags in their rooms when they had gotten home afterwards.

The two weeks following their purchases was filled with Todoroki carefully taking out twenty-five dollars out of his father's bank account each day. It wasn't nearly enough to really be able to pay for everything, but it was three hundred and fifty dollars they could use. And on the last day of those two weeks, the other four proceeded to collect money from their parents's wallets. It was early morning when they met up for the first time that day standing on a bridge with determined looks on their faces. The river below ran lazily in the early morning, filling the silence that had yet to be filled with birds awakening.

"We can't turn back if we do this," Denki said as he looked at his phone held tightly in his hand. They were all dangling their phones over the rail of the bridge, ready to send it into the flowing water below them.

Bakugou scoffed and smashed his phone against the railing roughly, shattering the screen. He tossed it into the river right after, not sparing the electronic a second glance. "I ain't coming back." Cheers from the other's followed after Bakugou's claim, the sound of shattering glass drowning out the river. A splashing sound followed after each phone dropped into the water.

Bakugou sighed softly to himself and fingered the strap of the backpack on his shoulder subconciously. "C'mon, the first bus leaves in a few hours and we all still need to get changed," he said gently. He turned away from the railing and made his way off the bridge, the other's following close behind him. There was a motel near the bus stop so they were going to rent a room and use it for getting ready.

Once at the motel and checked in, with only a few odd looks sent to them by the receptionist, they immediately began to get ready. Dying each other's hair came first, Todoroki and Midoriya coming first. By the time everyone's hair was dyed, they all already looked drastically different than before and gave them hope that maybe everything would actually work out.

Four hours later and Midoriya and Todoroki were out the door. They left after exchanging hugs with the other's, apprehension settling in finally. Todoroki pressed his forehead against Bakugou's because he wasn't willing to break their contact yet. "I'll see you at the other motel." He attempted to sound firm, but it was clear that the taller male was getting anxious.

Bakugou carefully tangled the fingers of his right hand with Todoroki's left. "I'll be there," he whispered his promise. Soft lips brushed over his own lightly, unsurely, and he huffed out a quiet laugh while his eyes fell shut. Leaning up, he connected their lips gently and cupped the back of the other's head. Todoroki leaned down to meet him halfway, lips moving together in a shallow kiss. It was almost enough to bring tears to the hothead's eyes but, he held them at bay. The kiss broke apart and Bakugou felt part of himself stuck to those pale lips. "You need to leave or you'll miss your bus."

Todoroki hummed softly in agreement, still not pulling completely away. "I'm going to kiss you again when I see you tonight." A promise that said that whatever each other felt was mutual and would need to be properly addressed. But only after they were out of this city and away from their parents. "So you better be there."

Bakugou chuckled quietly before he gently nudged Todoroki away from himself. "Only one way to find out, isn't there?" He mused lightly. Todoroki cupped his face briefly and nodded slightly. He finally pulled away and Bakugou felt his heart clench painfully. The other looked as reluctant to leave as Bakugou felt at seeing him go. Bakugou held onto Momo's hand tightly as Todoroki and Midoriya walked out of the motel room with their bags.

"We're going to see them again," Momo promised gently. Bakugou could only nod, unable to get any words out from the lump in his throat.

Three hours later, Denki and Momo weren't ready to leave him alone. "Kat, why don't you just come with us? It's dangerous for you to be alone." Momo tried to persuade him gently. It was tempting, really, but he didn't want to risk putting anyone in danger. While it was unlikely for them to be reported missing already, there was no one of guaranteeing that. So they would need to stay split up in case the police were looking for groups of teenagers.

"It's safer for all of us this way. I can defend myself better than everyone else can," Bakugou replied softly. He sighed when Denki's arms wrapped around his torso tightly. Returning the hug was easy and he rubbed Denki's back soothingly. "I'll see you guys tonight," he said carefully as he pulled Momo into the hug. "It's going to be fine."


Everything, apparently, was not fine on his end.

By the time he made his way to the bus stop, there was a commotion around the station. Police were everywhere and checking everyone for something. Of course, Bakugou assumed they were checking to see if anyone had seen a group of teenagers pass through. His pulse quickened and his gut was telling him to turn and run back to the motel room he had left only ten minutes prior. Despite what his gut was saying, he pushed forward and willed himself to walk more confidently. He would be fine as long as he didn't act suspicious. At least, that's what he hoped.

Bakugou pulled his hoodie up after he shivered, the breeze picking up and carrying chilly air across his neck. He shoved his hands in his hoodie pocket while he continued to walk. He made his way over to the spot he needed to be at, making his body relax. He took in a deep breath quietly and then let it out slowly.

"Excuse me," a kind voice said from the left. Bakugou turned his head to look at the person and found a taller male with blond hair. The man held up a badge and smiled genuinely. "I'm officer Yagi, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

Bakugou moved his hoodie back a bit to show more of his face, aiming to look more friendly and open. He smiled kindly and shook his head slightly. "I don't mind, go ahead."

"It's been reported that five teenagers could be in danger," Officer Yagi began. "Have you seen any younger people acting suspicious in the area. Or perhaps any looking anxious with older people?"

Bakugou held back the snort that wanted to escape him. Was that the best their parents could come up with? Bakugou shook his head once more. "No Sir, I haven't seen anything like that." He answered politely.

"Have you seen any suspicious people at all?"

"No Sir,"

"You're very polite," Officer Yagi said suddenly. Bakugou shrugged in reply and laughed softly.

"What can I say? My parents raised me to respect authority." Something told him that praise wouldn't work on the officer beside him. "I'm sorry I can't be much help to you right now. But I'll give you a call if I see anything suspicious."

Officer Yagi nodded slowly. He looked over Bakugou for a moment. "Where are you heading?" Bakugou turned on his most charming smile.

"There's an art museum in Norview that I'm going to see. It will be closed by the time I get to the city, but I'm going to get a hotel room and then go first thing tomorrow. I'll be coming back here on Sunday morning." Feeding the lie was smoother than he expected it to be. He was so glad that they all came up with separate stories to tell anyone should they ask like Officer Yagi was.

"Oh, I see. You're into art?"

"Yes, I love art."

The bus he was meant to get on pulled up then, the doors swinging open and people stepping off of it. Bakugou turned to face Officer Yagi more and he held his hand out. "I'm sorry, I should really get going now if I don't want it to be too late when I get there." Officer Yagi shook his hand firmly.

"I hope the ride to Norview is smooth and that you enjoy the museum tomorrow."

Bakugou thanked the officer and then moved to get onto the bus with the rest of the people piling on. He paid for his fare and then moved to sit in the back of the bus. Relaxing into his seat, he pulled out a book from his bag and opened it to the first page. The ride was going to be a long one, so he settled in for it.


His back popped quietly as he stretched his arms over his head. He had just walked off the bus and was glad to be off of it. He looked around briefly, wondering if there was any places to grab food nearby. He jerked in surprise when arms wrapped around his middle suddenly.

"Kacchan," a familiar voice said happily. Bakugou relaxed and turned around, trapping Midoriya in a tight hug. "Hey nerd," he said quietly, smiling. He looked behind Midoriya and saw the other three walking towards them. "I thought I said I would meet you guys at the motel."

Todoroki shrugged, behind Denki and Momo. "I'm not the best listener." He moved forward after Midoriya pulled back. His hands cupped Bakugou's face and he kissed the other carefully. Bakugou gripped at the jacket the taller was wearing, eagerly returning the kiss. This one soon turned deeper than the first kiss they had shared, exploring each other's mouths. When they finally parted a few minutes later, the other three people were looking away from them awkwardly. Silence followed before they all burst into laughter together. After the laughter died down, they began their walk to the motel they'd be staying in for a few days. Their chests felt lighter that night and it felt like they could really breathe for the first time in a really long time.