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Starry Night

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 “What have you got for me today, old friend?”

“A kick to the teeth and a healer at the ready if you don’t stay the fuck away from me.”

Eijiro held his hands up in defense, slightly backing away from the angry barbarian. “Hey, all I wanted was some food, not an injury, Bakugo.”

“Well can’t you see I’m fucking busy, reptile?!” Katsuki practically snapped his neck from seething at the shifter behind him, turning back to sneaking behind the tree as if nothing happened. “Now shut the fuck up and stick by me if you want your damn rat food.”

Eijiro took offense to that. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m not into rat food?!” 

“Shut up, Kirishima! We’re gonna get caught if you keep yapping your mouth like a dumbass; I’ll stick your own tail in your mouth to shut your trap!”

Eijiro’s ears slightly lowered, already feeling the pain he would feel. “Ah, right.”

The two stood calmly behind the tree—well, Eijiro was calmly behind it, Katsuki was ready to push himself off to snatch the batch of meat that sat calmly at the campsite.

Eijrio was curious, his body walking past the tree. “Is there no one here?”

Katsuki failed to reach out to him, his face already twisted in anger. “I don’t fucking know, but keep your voice down!”

You keep your voice down then I will.” Eijiro turned his head to smile at his owner and grabbed the meat and bread by the fire, leaving some behind as he put his portion into his pouch that Katsuki made for him since he wouldn’t shut up about not having one. “Don’t want these people to starve now, do we?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes as Eijiro talked to himself, cautiously but quickly heading over to him to bend down and swiftly grab the whole batch, setting it into his own pouch. “You’re too fucking soft, we need to survive more than they do—fucking rich stuck-ups.”

Eijiro pursed his lips at the words Katsuki had muttered at the end, sighing and grabbing Katsuki by the arm and dragging him away. “Alright, let’s go before you start throwing a tantrum.”


“What the- thieves?!”

Both of their faces fell, stopping and sharply turning back to see who had seen them. 

It was the damned green-headed adventurer they always ran into when they walked along the streets of UA Castle Town. But if he was there, then that only meant one thing—

The prince, the witch, and the knight were all with him, as well.

“Shit!” Katsuki sharply grabbed onto Eijiro, dragging him along the trail they had walked to get to the campsite. “Fucking run, scaley!”

Eijiro heard running behind them, and even a few shouts for the prince to grab his horse. “Why don’t I just transform?!”

"You’re gonna knock down the fucking forest, moron!” Katsuki yelled, dodging all the low branches and jumping over and sliding under any broken tree. 

Eijiro was taking his sweet time after having been released from Katsuki's grip.

Katsuki was starting to get frantic, maybe even worry was etched into his voice. Even Eijiro heard it: “Kirishima, hurry the fuck up!”   

Eijiro knew what he was doing, though. Instead of answering Katsuki, he looked behind him and saw the prince and the green kid were fast on his tail. Making sure to be quick and handle his pouch well, he started jumping atop branches. “Keep running, Bakugo! I’ll tell you when to climb!”

“Are you stupid?!” Katsuki was running as fast as he could, but the horse was a lot faster than a human was. Even a skilled escape artist such as Katsuki was having problems escaping the prince and his companion. 

“Just trust me!” Eijiro shouted, his body disappearing within the leaves.

Katsuki only watched with a frown while he avoided obstacles, turning back to face his path. He muttered under his breath, “You better fucking make it, dumb dragon.”

It took less than a few moments for Prince Shoto to have already been hot on his feet, the stupid apprentice of All Might jumping and running after him.


Fuck, I don’t want to talk to him or the snotty prince. I preferred silent chasing. “KIRISHIMA!”

It was then when a loud roar was heard, as well as with an immense burst of wind blowing some of the leaves down to the ground.

Katsuki felt a grin pull at his lips. “There you are.”

With that, Katsuki quickly made a turn to pull himself up a tree, ignoring the sharp pieces of wood prickling his fingers and palms, he just needed to get out of there. After one more roar, Katsuki knew that was his cue to get to the highest part of the tree he could get to and step on a branch, feeling it break under him right as he pushed himself off to feel his arm get grabbed by a set of claws that shot through the sea of trees.

Katsuki was laughing, feeling victorious as he saw Prince Shoto and Izuku skid to a stop below him. He raised his free arm, sticking up a finger no one wanted to see. “Can’t catch me now, brat packs!”

When Katsuki was pulled out of the forest and above the trees, Eijiro threw him up to his back. He steadied himself from the throw, his grin not leaving as he walked up to Eijiro's nape, grabbing onto his horn. 

“Hell yeah, we did that!” 

The red dragon let out a puff of fire as a celebration, and Katsuki thought that was all he was going to do before he fired up for a whole shot, which exploded into the air in front of them.

Katsuki didn’t care how joyful the moment was, he still tried to duck under the ears of his dragon but that did not help, for his hair ended up being singed back by the fire.

“I thought I told you to stop fucking doing that explosion shit!” Katsuki furiously shoved his head under the lake they were situated at, bringing it back up with a shake of his head.

Eijiro simply sat by the shore, a sheepishly smile on his face as he leaned on his hands from behind. “Sorry, I just get excited.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, ruffling his hair and taking off his cloak, setting it off to the side as he sat on the sand beside Eijiro. “Whatever. At least I was able to escape those guys.”

“Was that the prince back there?”

“What kind of question is that?” Katsuki turned his head to look at his dragon, a look of ridicule on his face. That did nothing to answer Eijiro’s question, who only pursed his lips and looked like a lost puppy.

“Um, so I guess not?”


During his outburst, Eijiro tried to calm him down and leaned back from the closeness of his rage. “Okay, okay! Jeez, thanks for telling me!” He shook his head, leaning back to his original spot and looking out into the horizon that was set in front of them, a perfectly sun-setting sky with the castle by its side on the highest cliff there was in the land. 

“Listen, I just didn’t want to get caught again,” Katsuki mumbled, trying to explain himself as a small apology for exploding. “Since I used to know the green-haired kid when we were younger before all went to shit, he kept telling the prince to lay off and give me a chance.”

Eijiro glanced over at Katsuki, who was looking at the sand under his crossed legs. “Oh, so then why’d we run if you know he’d just convince him?”

“Because he’s always given me chances!” Katsuki grabbed sand, unsuccessfully chucking it at the lake. “I don’t want to risk it now and just have to be given the same lecture for the dumbass prince to just say he’s given me too many chances and take me into prison.”

Eijiro spat out the sand that got in his mouth, wiping his face. When he was done, he didn’t take his eyes off his friend even if he wasn’t facing him. “Is the prince really that mean?”

“He just needs to do what his daddy tells him to do and he’ll do it, as simple as that.” Katsuki groaned and laid back on the sand, looking at the smothered-cloud sky. “I just want to fucking live my life out here and survive, ‘cause if that prince was fucking nice he would’ve offered to give me somewhere to stay.”

Eijiro was going to say something, but when Katsuki turned his head to look up at him, he bit back his words.

“Which he hasn’t, but all I’ve wanted in life was to live in the fucking castle town and enjoy life like everyone else. But, fucking, no !” Katsuki still kept his eyes on the red head’s, a look Eijiro had never seen before in his eyes. “Life’s fucking stupid.”

Eijiro didn’t know what to do with the whole conversation—Katsuki rarely opened up to him, but if he did it was only for a short while and it was just his feelings. But since he was being pushed to his limit, Katsuki had finally told him what he’d been wanting the whole time.

“Well,” Eijiro started, standing up and dusting off his pants and skirt, “let’s go to castle town, then.”

Katsuki couldn’t bear to look at him anymore. “And what? Didn’t I just tell you I can’t?!”  

“You never said you couldn’t. We’ve gone there a couple of times before, anyway.”

“That was before I had a large bounty over my head.” Katsuki turned his head away, resting his hands under his head as a pillow. “I don’t want to be taken to the fucking castle as a criminal. And if you’re taken away from me, you’ll probably be used for dumbass experiments or some shit.”

Eijiro felt touched. “Aw, you care about me?”

“I never said I did!” Katsuki snapped, sitting up as his ears were red. He shook his head, grumpily falling back down and turning on his side, pulling in his cloak to hug it. “I just fucking hate living in the wild like a fucking animal.”

Eijiro bit his bottom lip, staring at his partner who had been feeling down for the majority of their trip back to the lake. He tried to make him feel better—cracked jokes, gave him his food since Katsuki stress/boringly ate all of his, he even drew him with a stick!—but it was all not making anything change his mood of defeat. He knew he had it bad, and he knew that Katsuki was already getting fed up being left with nothing left to do but steal to live.

He knew what to do.

Katsuki felt Eijiro sit back down behind him, but he couldn’t see him for his back was facing him as the shapeshifter was looking up at the sky, a smile on his face. “Hey,” he was saying, “do you remember when we first meet?”

Katsuki had to scoff. “Yeah, you were fucking stupid getting caught up in a damn net.”

“Okay, well, that’s not the way I wanted you to take this conversation.”

Eijiro heard a small chuckle leave Katsuki, but even though he couldn’t see it he knew there was a slight smile on his face. 

He decided to continue, making shapes with the clouds that were slowly drifting beside the castle from afar, an orange sunset making its way to sleep. “Well, I don’t know if I ever thanked you, but thank you.”

“You did fucking thank me, like a bunch of ti-”

“But not for this.” Eijiro turned his head down to look at Katsuki, who was slowly turning his head to look at him over his shoulder. “Thank you for finding me and choosing me as your dragon.”

Katsuki turned back around, his face turning red. “Okay, and? Where’s this getting to?”

Eijiro had a small smile on his face, his eyes still on the side of Katsuki’s face since he was sitting. “You’ve shown me many things in this world I was never aware of. You showed me the castle, even if it was from afar, you’ve shown me U.A. Castle Town, you’ve shown me the wonderful people there and the not so wonderful people, you’ve shown me the wilderness and how to properly hunt and be stealthy, and, most importantly—” Eijiro made sure Katsuki turned his head to look at him, a soft smile on his lips as they made eye contact—”you’ve shown me how to truly make a friend.”

Katsuki felt like he was going to pass out. “O...okay? Um…” For once, Katsuki was at a loss of words. “And, um, what of this?”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you thank you for being my friend and showing me parts of the world I didn’t know existed.” Eijiro’s smile was enough to make Katsuki’s cold heart turn warm. 

“You’re…” Katsuki swallowed a lump in his throat, making himself sit up. “You’re welcome, I guess…”

Eijiro then grinned, feeling content with breaking a part of Katsuki he never knew was possible exposing. So he stood up, holding his hand out for the distressed barbarian. 

Katsuki only looked at his hand and then his face. “What?”

“Grab my hand.” Eijiro gestured his hand out a little more, that everlasting smile making it hard for Katsuki to bark. “Come on, I want to take you somewhere.”

Katsuki was hesitant, but he rolled his eyes and grabbed the hand of his dragon’s, letting himself get pulled off the sand. Eijiro helped dust off his back while he reached down to pick up his cloak. He set it over his shoulders, smiling at Katsuki over his shoulder from behind. 

“Let me transform, ‘kay?”

Katsuki didn’t even get to move away, for Eijiro moved him away himself. “Where the fuck are we going?”

Eijiro’s smile was the last thing Katsuki saw before Eijiro’s horns started to show, as well as his tail and the rest of his dragon body. “You’ll see,” he had said.

When Katsuki climbed on his back and held onto his horn, all he was able to do was just take in the scenery of the navy blue sky. It wasn’t completely dark, yet, but it was starting to get to it.

Riding at night was usually Katsuki’s favorite thing to do if he ever had to admit it. 

“You better be taking me somewhere nice, reptile.”

Eijiro simply snorted.

Katsuki didn’t expect the red head to drop him off at a roof belonging to someone’s house in castle town. 

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Katsuki called out, watching as he transformed into a human once again and falling onto the roof.

Katsuki had to make sure he didn’t slide off or fell through, which meant he had to catch him as he almost hit the roof. “Why are we here?!” he hissed.

Eijiro simply grinned, sitting down on the roof. “Well, to enjoy the scenery.”

“We could’ve enjoyed it back at the lake!”

Eijiro only pat the empty spot next to him. “Just sit down.”

Despite not wanting to, Katsuki complied. “Do you want to get us caught?!” 

Eijiro seemed to have been in deep thought. “Hmm… Not really. But , before you start repeating yourself, just remember that this is a thanks for all you’ve done for me, okay?”

Katsuki was beyond confused, but he just clicked his tongue and clenched his jaw to take in a deep breath. He looked out in front of him, having a good up-close view of the beautifully lit castle and its town with the night sky behind it.

Katsuki had to admit it, that was probably the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He turned to look at Eijiro to talk to him, to ask why he was even doing so much for a simple thanks, but when he saw how... etheral he looked with the glow of the lights outlining his face, he knew that he was lying about the night sky being the most beautiful thing he had seen.

Eijiro had noticed he was looking at him, so he turned his head to face him, the smile freezing when he noticed just how close they were.

Katsuki bit his inner cheek, looking back out into the sky. “Whatever, I guess this is fucking nice.”

Eijiro chuckled, now the one staring at Katsuki. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Sitting on an unknown roof in castle town at night where the lights were best with the one he had grown to love was truly the best feeling ever . No yapping, no arguing, no screaming—just peace, calmness.

Eijiro sighed, looking down at their hands, which were touching at the fingertips. No one had moved them, and that made Eijiro just want to shift his hand and grab Katsuki’s and just simply hold it in his grasp.

He looked back into the sky, watching as people left their houses and gathered around the town with a torch and a squared object in their hands.

Katsuki seemed to have noticed, and it piqued his interest. “The hell are they doin’?”

The dragon only smiled, knowing what was about to occur. “You’ll see.” 

Katsuki was starting to get fed up with being told to just wait and see, and he was about to go off on him about it until he felt his hand feel full with another. He looked down, seeing Eijiro’s hand in his own.

He didn’t know what to do, and when he looked up at Eijiro with a gaped mouth, he just kept staring at the castle with a certain tint in his eye. So he closed his mouth, clenched his jaw, and relaxed his breathing as he tried his best to not freak out over holding hands with the one he’d been hiding his feelings for.

He probably just wants me to calm down , Katsuki thought, sighing and looking down at the townspeople get ready to set their things on fire. He still didn’t know what was happening but he went along with it.

“Hey, Bakugo.”

Katsuki looked at him, and he felt his heart rate increase when their fingers weaved through each other. “What?”

Eijiro wasn’t facing him, but he just said, “Look at the castle.”

Katsuki was probably the most confused person on the planet by then, but when he finally turned his head to face forward and look at the castle, his eyes were shining.

Slowly, one by one, everyone around them had started to light up their squares, and it was then when they were released into the air that Katsuki had realized exactly what they were.

“Wait, Kirishima,” Katsuki was blindly looking at the glowing squares fill the air, now realizing they weren’t even squares, “are those...the lanterns?”

“The lanterns, yes.” Eijiro took one long look at the glowing lanterns before turning his head to face Katsuki. “The ones you never shut up about in your diary.”

Katsuki felt sweat on him, glaring at Eijiro. “It’s not a diary! It’s a journal! And how did you find it?!”

“Well, when we’re constantly moving from spot to spot, I eventually grow to just get curious on every one of them and find some things I don’t think I should have.” Eijiro saw the panicked look on Katsuki’s face, the moment his heart had fallen.

“ that’ve read—” Katsuki was unable to continue on, his nerves having gotten the best of him.

“Yes, I’ve read all of it.” Eijiro smiled, but it was a different kind of smile—it wasn’t just soft, or gentle, it was...warm.

Katsuki felt his breath shallow as Eijiro tightened their hands even more and scoot closer, placing their hands on his knee so that their knees would touch. The look Eijiro gave him, it was something so gentle yet so... alluring .

“You’re so beautiful,” Katsuki breathed, as if he was in a total trance.

Eijiro turned completely red, and his ears were feeling like they were shying down just a bit. Never did he ever expect the word “beautiful” to leave Katsuki’s mouth. Ever. And for it to be thrown toward him hit something in Eijiro’s chest he had never felt ever since he first fell for the thief, and it was his heart swelling for how much he loved him.

“So are you,” Eijiro breathed back, his eyes tearing up a little bit. “Katsuki...I love you.”

“I…” Katsuki swallowed, but he bit back any sort of fears and anxieties of saying those short but meaningful words. “I love you , Eijiro. Thank you for being the positive in my life.”

“‘I’ll do anything to make sure you’re happy, even if it means stealing a house here in castle town and claiming it as my own so that we can both own it. And having to beg Prince Shoto to take that bounty off your head, which was a struggle, but worked.”

Katsuki felt his chest ache, eyes widening a little. “You… Did you actually?”

A sharp-toothed grin was all it took for Katsuki to tackle Eijiro into a hug, the two almost tumbling down the roof but Eijiro kept them grounded with a single clawed hand. 

The tears he felt fresh on his shoulder were enough to make Eijiro start crying as well. The guy who always kept himself grounded and well hidden with his feelings—the hard-headed barbaric thief—was crying tears of joy, and even if they were from content it did little to make the red head stop crying.

"How did you even plan all this shit?" 

Eijiro held him close, saying in his ear, "When you were knocked out cold from my tail hitting you and throwing you into a tree."

"That was planned?!" 

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck with a free hand. "Hehe, yeah. I'm pretty sure Midoriya and the price wanted to tell you about that but I had to play it cool to not ruin the surprise. Also, with the fact I know you like me back, this plan had gone by a lot smoother and it wasn't awkward knowing we'd be two guys chilling here on a roof watching the lanterns light up the beautiful night sky. I may have even made Prince Shoto tell his father to set the lanterns up today."

Despite feeling overwhelmed with the fact Eijiro had planed everything by knocking him out, he still choked out, “Fuck." He pulled back with a deep breath to try to make it seem like he never cried, which made it hard to believe since his eyes were red and puffy. “I really don’t know what in the fuck I did to deserve you in my life. This shit feels too good to be true, man. You're too good to be true."

Eijiro’s few simple words were enough to make Katsuki’s heart clench. “Well I am a dragon, so may it be a dream or a story from a faraway land, I’ll always be your dragon and your best friend. Maybe even your boyfr-"

Nodding his head, Katsuki felt tears fall down his face as he interrupted the red head's speech by grabbing his cheeks and squishing them to bring him close, rasping out, “I love you so fucking much,” right before he smashed their lips together.

With the dark sky painting a starry night with the lanterns, the barbaric blond and his dragon were outlined with the beauty of the sky and the breathtakingly lit castle knowing that they would make the best life there could have been, starting anew at their first-ever home together—a real home.