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Living in a motel room wasn't ideal, but it was a lot better than being with their parents. However, it had been five days since they had entered the motel and it was time they moved places to avoid suspicion. If the police were to get involved in any way, they'd be in deep trouble.

Bakugou sighed as he folded up Midoriya's shirts. "Izu, you need to fold your clothes so they fit in your bag properly," he chastised gently over his shoulder.

"Sorry," came Midoriya's muffled response. Bakugou turned slightly to see Midoriya was brushing his teeth quickly. He had toothpaste rolling down his chin and was just standing awkwardly as he brushed away.

"Go to the sink, nerd!" Bakugou snapped and moved over to the smaller teen. He firmly wiped Midoriya's chin clean amd then shoved the, now silver haired, teen towards the bathroom. He stopped, leaving Midoriya in front of the sink. The other leaned over the sink properly and continued to brush his teeth thoroughly. Bakugou walked out of the bathroom and pinched the bridge of his nose as he sighed heavily.

Gentle hands settled on his tense shoulders. Firm thumbs began to massage away the tension carefully. "Breathe babe, everything is going to be fine," Todoroki's calm voice drifted to his ears. Despite wanting to argue, his shoulders sagged and he relaxed a little bit. "There you go," was purred and followed by a light kiss to the back of his neck.

"The next motel is only four blocks away. We should get there without any trouble as long as we move fast," Momo spoke up. She was sat at the desk provided in the motel room and had a laptop sat in front of her. It was one that Midoriya had bought but never showed his parents and had kept hidden very well. "We need to figure out how we're going to get more money. We're already getting low on it."

Bakugou bit his bottom lip lightly but was still more relaxed than before. "We'll figure it out like we always do," he said gently. Two warm hands slid over his shoulders and down his chest. He took one of the hands into his own and smiled a bit. "We have enough for now."

"Has anyone seen my contacts?" Denki cried from the other side of the motel room. He was digging through his bag frantically.

Todoroki sighed this time and pulled himself away from Bakugou's back. He walked over to the TV stand and collected the container left there. The container was placed into one of Denki's hand after the taller male walked over to the blue haired teen. "Right here," Todoroki said gently. His hand carded through Denki's hair gently.

"Thanks Shou!" Denki called and then went into the bathroom after Midoriya walked out.

"We need to hurry up and finish packing. It's almost dark outside and we really need to get out of here," Todoroki announced to everyone.

Momo closed out of Google on the laptop and shut it as she stood up from the desk. She smoothed out her jeans and then moved over to her bag. It was already packed and ready to go, much like Bakugou and Todoroki. Reaching into a pocket on the side of her backpack, she pulled out five granola bars. "We need to eat something," she announced as she walked over to the boys that stood around the other bed. She handed the three by the bed a granola bar and then went to the bathroom, setting one on the bathroom counter for Denki.

"Thanks Momo!" Denki called happily. He finished putting his contacts in before he grabbed the granola bar and made his way out of the bathroom. The granola bar was opened as he made his way over to his unpacked bag. He quickly ate his granola bar, clearly having been hungry.

The others ate their own granola bars with the same amount of enthusiasm. They had been eating less food within the past few days since they had run away from their homes. While they weren't exactly starving, they also weren't getting quite enough food to be really satisfied.

Thirty minutes later and they were all finally ready to go. Todoroki led the group, with Bakugou in the back and the other three in the middle. It wasn't necessarily a conscious decision from any of them, it was just what felt right for them.

So off they went, heading for the next motel. The streets were still awake des5it now being dark outside, but it wasn't nearly as crowded as it would be during the day. They stuck to the alleyways despite that fact, lengthening the amount of time they were outside. Still, it was better than walking around out in the open. Their parents had started putting up rewards of money to get them home, which meant even more people were looking for them.

Todoroki stopped before turning the corner they nodded to go around. The others stopped behind him when he had his left arm out to the side to stop them.

"It's been five days since they've been gone!" A familiar voice cried out. "Five days and we still haven't found a single trace of them! What if someone kidnapped them now? What if they're in danger." The voice cracked and then was followed by a harsh sob.

"Kiri, they're all so strong," another familiar voice, this one feminine, followed by a weak laugh. "If they were in trouble, they'd all fight hard. I feel bad for anyone that would have to deal with that."

Midoriya looked back at Bakugou, their eyes meeting in the dim light provided by the stars overhead. Bakugou nodded once and moved forward. His hand rested on Todoroki's shoulder carefully when he stopped beside the other. "I'll be right back," he whispered softly.

"Be careful," Todoroki whispered back. He kissed Bakugou's hand lightly, his anxiety fluttering under the surface.

Bakugou nodded once and then made his way around the corner. His hands slipped into his jean pockets as he made his way towards the small group huddled together. He could easily make out Kirishima's spiky hair and Mina's signature horn accented headband, this side lit up more than back around the corner where Todoroki's and the other's waited.

His tongue swiped over his lips subconsciously as he came to a stop a few feet away from the small group. He looked over the other people with Kirishima and Mina. He found Sero, no surprise, and Tetsutetsu and Kendo. It was a surprise to see the other two, but it didn't really bother him.

"Hey," Bakugou called out to the others. Five heads turned to face him, ages widening. Their mouths fell opens, as if all of them were going to attempt to explain themselves at the same time. He wasn't surprised that they didn't recognize him. It would have been amusing to see them panic and scramble for some explanation that would keep them out of trouble if the circumstances were different.

"Bakugou," Kirishima blurted suddenly, causing said male to tense up. "You're...You're okay!"

"Of course I'm okay," Bakugou snapped, getting defensive. "Why the hell wouldn't I be?"

"Uh," Mina this time, moving forward more. "You disappeared without a trace. Your parents and the police said you ran away, but you wouldn't that without saying something to us."

Bakugou suddenly felt guilty, throat tight. He hadn't even thought about that until now. He hadn't thought about anything other than getting away from his mother. "Yeah," he said quietly. "That's what I did." The words felt like acid on his tongue, rolling down his throat. He felt a hand intertwine with his own, making him look to the right. Todoroki stood there with a stoic look on his face.

"What?" Mina sounded so hurt at the moment, her voice barely above a whisper. Hot tears filled Bakugou's eyes suddenly and he squeezed his eyes shut to will them away. A delicate hand rested on his left shoulder and he immediately knew that it was Momo.

"So, what? You just decided to leave us behind?" Kirishima snapped suddenly. "You didn't even want to tell us that you were going to leave? I thought we were your friends!"

Midoriya moved forward, hands out in a placating manner. "Kiri, please take a-" he was cut off by Sero.

"Shut up Midoriya! You don't have any room to talk! Did you even think about your own friends?! Iida and Uraraka and Tsu are complete messes because they don't know where you are!"

"Stop," Todoroki nearly growled. "You don't understand anything about why we ran away."

"What's there to understand?!" Mina cried out. "You guys ran away!"

"Because our parents were abusing us!" Denki this time. Bakugou looked at Denki and could barely see the tremble of the other's bottom lip. "Nearly every single bruise, cut, burn and scar on our bodies have been from our parents. We can't take it anymore."

Silence followed for a long moment after Denki spoke. Kendo moved forward and cleared her throat. "Why don't you just talk to the authorities?" She suggested gently. "I'm sure they'll help you all."

Momo shook her head and spoke up this time. "Denki's father is a police officer. And all out our parents have power and influence, we wouldn't be able to win. If we go back now, they'll surely beat us nearly to death for running away."

There was silence again, all of them just looking at each other. There was nothing any of them could say to change the situation. No words could fix the pain settling under their rib cages.

Sirens sounded off in the distance, breaking them free of their trance.

"We need to go," Bakugou said with a rough voice. He took a step back, Todoroki going with him since their hands were still clasped together. The other three of their group turned around.

"There's another way we can go!" Momo called out, taking the lead.

Bakugou stared at Kirishima still, trying to silently convey his regret and sorrow. Soft lips vrushed his ear lightly. "C'mon Kat, we can't stay," Todoroki whispered gently. Bakugou nodded numbly and let the taller turn him around. He held onto Todoroki's hand tighter as they started running, following the other three.


Bakugou dropped his bag on the floor at the foot of the bed closest to the room door. He set down on the firm mattress before he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. A choked sob forced it's way out of his throat as he sat there with his face in his hands. There was a dip in the mattress beside him and then strong arms wrapped around him. "It's okay Kat," came Todoroki's calm voice. There was a wave underneath the surface of it, showing that he was upset too.

"We didn't even think about telling them before we ran." Bakugou hiccuped harshly. "Why...why didn't I think about telling them? I hurt them."

Todoroki's arms pulled him in closer. "You weren't the only one that didn't tell there other friends about running away," the taller said carefully. "But it was for our safety. If anyone had known, they might have slipped up and gotten us caught. I feel really bad for not telling Iida and Uraraka and Tsu, but I'm glad I didn't. I don't think I could live with myself if I had to see you or the other's getting hurt again. It's better this way. Eventually everyone will move on and they'll be okay."

Bakugou leaned into Todoroki more and sniffled. He didn't bother with trying to wipe his tears away. He felt too tired and upset to do anything at the moment. As much as he wanted to set an example and be the one that their group looked up to, he couldn't in that moment. Kirishima had been his closest friend before he met the four people with him now. Even if Kirishima wouldn't have been able to relate or understand, he would have been there for him. So Bakugou felt like he hurt someone that definitely didn't deserve to be hurt. Hell, his whole friend group hadn't deserved to left in the dust like they were. But he couldn't change it and he would rather not drag the other's into trouble.

"This is seriously fucked," Denki said quietly, sat on the other bed. They all quietly agreed with him.

Momo sat down at the desk in the room and pulled Midoriya's laptop from her bag. She set it on the desk and then opened it carefully. She opened YouTube, intending to play music but paused at the first thing on the screen. "Our parents talked about us on the news," she spoke up to get everyone's attention. Soon they were all crowded around the desk with curiosity. Bakugou finally wiped at his eyes and sighed heavily. Momo clicked on the video and turned the volume up.

Enji was on the screen first, dressed in a business suit. "I wish my wife could be here to talk as well, but she hasn't been able to get out of bed since she found out that Shouto ran away," the man started, arms crossed over his chest. "Shouto is my youngest child and I know I've been hard on him recently, but I love him and miss him dearly. I just want him to come home safely."

The group of teens collectively scoffed.

Up next was Momo's mother, dressed in all black. Her mascara was smeared and there was obvious tears rolling down the woman's cheeks. "Oh, my little girl! My baby is missing! She would never run away, I know someone took her. I'm sure it was that Todoroki child. He's alway had an eye on my daughter!" Then she broke down into sobs and turned into her husband's hold.

"Wow, she doesn't even know that most of us are gay," Bakugou muttered, clearly annoyed.

Mitsuki and Masaru followed after, both dressed in regular clothes. Masaru looked kind shell-shocked where he sat and stared off in the distance. Mitsuki looked pissed, tears brimming in her eyes. "Katsuki is a good kid," Mitsuki said with a wavering voice. "I don't know why he would decide to run away. His father and I have given him everything he has ever needed or wanted. I worry that he may have gotten into trouble that he couldn't handle." she nudged her husband carefully and brought the man back to the moment. "I just want my son to come home. If there's anything he got into that he couldn't handle, I would help him with everything I have," Masaru said desperately. "Please come home, Kat."

"What a load of bullshit your mother spat just then," Todoroki said quietly. Bakugou hummed in agreement.

Inko was on the screen next, her bright green eyes duller and wet with tears. "My husband left for a very important business trip this morning, so he couldn't be here for this." She took in a shaky breath. "I know my son wouldn't run away for no reason, or for a silly reason. He is not being a rebellious teen and I know he will be safe. And if Denki, Katsuki, Momo and Shouto are with him, I know they will all protect each other. If he ran away, I just want him to be careful and to come home whenever he's ready to. My husband wants Izuku to come home as soon as possible, but I trust my son and his friends to know what they need." She nodded in finality, as if she was saying that nothing would be able to change her mind on the matter.

"I love your mom, Izu," Denki blurted. Midoriya laughed in reply, wiping at his eyes carefully.

Finally, Denki's father showed up on the screen, wearing his police uniform. "My son is reckless and doesn't understand the trouble he is causing now. He knows no responsibilities." The man sighed heavily. "Officer Yagi has reassured me that he will find the missing kids, including my son, and will talk to them about the trouble they have caused for everyone. I want my son to come home in one piece."

The screen faded to black after he stopped talking. The teens stayed quiet for a long moment before Momo finally broke the silence. "I think your mom knows why we left, Izu."

"She probably does," Midoriya agreed. "Most of our sleepovers were at my house. She must have pieced it together after we left. And it seems like my father is completely pissed off. If I end up back there, I'll be dead the following day."

"Which isn't going to happen," Todoroki said firmly. "None of us are going back there. And if we somehow do end up back there, we won't let any of our parents get away with hurting us again."

"If we end up back there, we'll fight tooth and nail to get away again if we have to. Together." Bakugou's voice was hard.

"Together," the other four replied in unison.

That night, they split up to sleep in the two beds provided. Bakugou and Todoroki shared the bed beside the window, while Denki, Midoriya and Momo shared the other bed.

Bakugou rolled over to face Todoroki, finding the other already looking at him. He reached out and cupped Todoroki's jaw lightly. "You don't look too bad with all white hair," he said playfully, earning a quiet chuckle from Todoroki.

"And you look like a gremlin with black hair," Todoroki replied just as playfully, earning a gasp from the other.

Bakugou sat up and then mved to straddle Todoroki's hips and pinned the other's arms above his head. "You take that back," he demanded quietly.

"Only if you kiss me," Todoroki declared in a whisper. Bakugou leaned down immediately, kissing the other a little roughly. Todoroki returned the kiss with the same level of enthusiasm. He bit Bakugou's bottom lip teasingly. Bakugou groaned and broke the kiss, pouting. "Okay, you don't look like a gremlin with black hair." Todoroki hummed happily when his boyfriend settled for laying on top of him. He carded his finger's through Bakugou's soft hair carefully. "Just a thug."

"Shut up, Snowball," Bakugou huffed in reply.