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Fire Daddy

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Izuku sighed, lazily resting his chin on his forearms laid across the concrete edge of the pool deck. As he sipped on a fruity drink with an umbrella sticking out of it, he perked up slightly, when his eyes started tracking a figure behind his sunglasses.

“Oh yeah,” he whispers, “Mmm, that’s good. Yes please and thank you,” Tilting his head down to peer over his glasses as he licked at the straw. 

“What was that Midoriya?”

“This drink is great Todoroki-kun, it really hit the spot, I was real thirsty.

“Oh, yes. Dad does make some great virgin daiquiris.”

“Hmm, I’m sure your Dad’s great with non-virgin’s too.”

“Uh, yes? Dad does enjoy his hard liquors from time to time.” 

“Hmm,” Izuku hums thoughtfully as he eyed Shouto’s dad from inside the pool.

Enji Todoroki had been gracious enough to open up his home to Shouto’s friends shortly after their graduation. He offered a day of relaxation before on their estate, poolside and fully catered, to enjoy themselves before they hurtled into their pro-hero careers. 

Izuku was more than happy to take Endeavor up on his offer. Who wouldn’t want to see the Pro Hero, in his tiny swim shorts that had absolutely nothing to hide? Who wouldn’t love watching those big rippling muscles slathered in suntan oil? Izuku bites down on his lip as Enji lays out on the lounge chair. Eyes travel down the valley of his pecs, the ridgecrest of his abs, the flat desert of his pelvis the—Izuku chokes on his drink as he gazes at the (literal) crowning jewel as little Enji decides to make himself known, peeking out of those sinfully short shorts.

Izuku’s jaw drops; Enji is packing some serious heat. 

“God I hope I can take that,” he whispers to himself. 

Enji looks down, meeting Izuku’s eyes. Izuku shakes his head briefly to snap out of his lust to put on a bright innocent smile as he waves to Enji, “Thanks again for letting us spend the night Todoroki-san! It’s really sweet of you! I just really, really wanna thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” 

Enji sits up, shorts ride up more and Izuku sends up a prayer to the angels above because, Lord, he is blessed right now, “Not a problem Midoriya, you kids deserve a reprieve of sorts. You’ve all worked so hard. Enjoy yourself, and if you ever need anything, just let me or Shouto know.”

“Mmm, yes, I will let you know,” he says under his breath before saying more loudly, “I’ve got everything I want right here, perfect view and everything!”

“Perfect view?” inquires Shouto from beside him.

“The clouds sure are really pretty today. It’s a beautiful view of the horizon from here Shouto!”

“Oh, you’re right, I’ve never really noticed it before. It really is a nice view”

Izuku sighs again, resting his cheek in his palm, “It is so perfect.” He picks up his drink and slurps loudly.

Shouto makes his way to Momo to talk in whispers as Shouto leans on Momo’s donut shaped floater. Momo giggles and Shotou’s got a warm smile on his face. On the other end of the pool, Izuku sees Ochako sitting at the edge of the pool, kicking the water at Tenya who sputters while Ochako laughs wholeheartedly. 

Izuku was genuinely happy even though he was the odd one out. There was no ounce of jealousy as he looked upon them. After all, Izuku’s lifestyle was...different, to say the least. Despite his innocent cherub face, Izuku had quite the colorful experience at UA; experimenting by batting for both teams and messing around with colleagues during internships over the last year. He was comfortable in who he was, and what he wanted.

It was a beautifully perfect day with his friends, as he watched them in their own little worlds. Smiling fondly as he looked at the future power couples of his generation; and while that was great and all, Izuku was after a different power. 

Fire. Power.

Izuku climbed out of the pool, taking the time to stretch out his relaxed muscles as he walked over to grab a towel. Drying off his hair he slyly glanced over at Enji who was simultaneously getting up to leave. Izuku smirked, pulling his towel off and wrapping it around his waist as he followed the older man into the home. 

Izuku makes his way to the kitchen where he finds Enji, leaning against the counter eating food from the feast he had catered for them. 

“Oh Midoriya, came in for some refreshments too? Well there’s tons, feel free to have whatever you want.”

“Oh, thanks Todoroki-san!” Izuku says as he approaches the man, face to face. He reaches behind Enji grabbing a plate, their skin touches, and Izuku hums, Enji’s warmth radiates from him, and Izuku feels a pull in his stomach. He bites down on his lower lip looking at the older man.   Enji looks down at the physical contact, then to Izuku who just beams at him, “Thank you again for doing this. This is a great spread .”

“Ah, yeah,” Enji says slowly, “Help yourself to whatever you want.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Izuku licks his lips, as he leans closer, fingers brush up Enji’s arms “Snacks are great and all, but I’m looking for a snacc ,” Izuku says lowly as he sends a smirk up at Enji.

“Um, there’s quite a variety here,” he replies. 

"I’m looking for something... meatier ,” Izuku emphasizes as he brazenly walks his fingers across Enji’s pecs.

Enji leans off the counter, standing straight with a cough, “I—uh, what are you doing Midoriya?”


“I’m not sure—,” Enji starts.

“Oh. Don’t play coy Enji,” Izuku starts as he winks, “You like young and upcoming heroes, don’t you?”


Izuku waves him off as he steps back shrugging, “Interned with Hawks . I learned a lot under him .”

  “You? And...Hawks?” Enji says in disbelief.

Izuku smiles before whispering lowly, “I just love pillow talk, you learn more about your lover when you’re in their embrace,” he leans back into Enji’s space tiptoeing to meet the taller hero, placing his hands on Enji’s bulging biceps, “I wonder, how it’d feel like to be embraced by these arms.” 

Enji places his hands on Izuku’s shoulders with an awkward chuckle, “Midoriya, this isn’t right. I’m flattered but, this is inappropriate.”

Izuku steps back slightly and laughs, “Oh, yes, this is super inappropriate Todoroki-san. I live for inappropriate.” 

Izuku turns back towards the pool and walks away with a sway to his hips. He glances over his shoulder, catching Enji’s eyes on his ass before the older man meets his gaze. Izuku licks his lips and winks at the pro hero as he walks out of the kitchen. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the pool with Izuku subtly flirting with Enji with simple looks and glances. Izuku couldn’t help but giggle when he saw the older hero cough or blush in at the attention. 

Later that evening, the group of friends settled down for a movie and popcorn as they laid about the living room. Enji had come by a few times, checking to make sure everyone had everything they needed. Izuku made sure to pay extra attention to the man and make sure he thanked him with a touch, a wink, a caress. Enji would freeze at the contact, but it was so subtle that the group of friends hadn’t noticed. 

Everyone had retired to their guest rooms for the night; the couples being paired off to their respective rooms. Izuku, however, was still wide awake as he did some evening stretches in his underwear. As he rolled his neck, he decided to venture out of his room and opted to explore the compound in hopes of running into the Pro-Hero he was in the process of seducing. 

The Todoroki home was a vast traditional estate. Shoji screens lined the hallways. Moonlight filtered through the paper screens as he walked the length of the home.  Izuku saw a warm light emitting from a room not too far ahead, and the sounds of low faint grunts paired with some deep thuds soon reached Izuku’s ears. He smirked as he walked towards the source of the sound. 

The shoji screen to the Dojo was slightly ajar as he took a peak. He bit his lower lip watching as Enji sparring in the low light of the lamps against a wooden dummy that was quite popular for martial artists. Feeling bold he slowly slid the door open and leaned against the frame with his arms crossed. He watched as the older pro moved flawlessly through his motions, sweat dripping down his sculpted body.  He pushed off the frame and shut the door quietly behind him before making his way closer to the man. 

Enji halted his motions when he heard the floorboards creak under the weight of footsteps. He looks at Izuku, chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. Izuku licks his lips at the sight of sweat glistening off Enji’s pecs before he plasters a smile on his face. 

“Midoriya,” Enji greets him as he steps towards a bench for a bottle of water. He reaches for the small towel, but Izuku grabs it from his hands before he can wipe himself down. 

Izuku takes the cloth from him, wiping the perspiration off chiseled pecs slowly, his fingertips graze the warm skin as he leans in closer, taking in the deep oakey musky scent.

Enji coughs, breaking the silence, “Midoriya, this—”

Izuku puts a finger up to plush lips, “Shh, come on Todoroki-san, it’s the dead of night, you don’t have to play host, or even be my best friends dad. You’re just Enji and I’m Izuku right now. Let down your guard and have some fun with me.”

Izuku can feel the room heat up a few degrees higher; and the smirk grows. The grip on the towel loosens before slipping to the floor. Both of Izuku’s hands are laid out across the expanse of Enji’s chest as he leans up on his tiptoes, “You want this don’t you? You’re fighting temptation.”

“I-I can’t, Izuku, I couldn’t.”

“Are you worried about shouchan?” His hands slide south across washboard abs, “There’s no reason to be. Shouchan knows how much I love pro’s.”

“I have no doubt that you do, and I don’t doubt you could have any pro you want.”

“Mmm,” Izuku plays with the waistband of Enji’s shorts, “I really could , if I wanted to. I could have anyone I want.”

“Exactly, so—”

“I could even have someone who works on the force.”


“I mean, I could have a fireman, everyone wants one of those,” Izuku’s hand slides lower, “But who needs a fireman,” Izuku pauses, “when I want a fire daddy .”

Izuku’s hand cups Enji’s half hard cock, “C’mon Daddy , loosen up a little, show me how hot those flames can really get.”

The temp of the room rises even more as blue eyes stare down into swirling green.

“Are you sure this is what you want, little hero?”

“100%,” Izuku replies as he strokes and fondles Enji.

Izuku watches the pro’s jaw muscles tighten and clench in defiance of succumbing to his seduction, he just needs an extra push and Izuku knows exactly what he needs to do. 

Dropping to his knees, he wastes no time pulling Enji’s shorts down, a thick long cock springs out and Izuku eyes it hungrily. His fingers wrap around the girth as he slowly strokes the man, looking up at Enji’s face as he licks his lips. 

Izuku licks and sucks on the tip, hollowing his cheeks. Enji stands still, arms at his side, but Izuku can see the flicker of lust coming to life behind his eyes. Izuku pops off Enji’s dick, opens his mouth and presents his tongue to the hero. With Enji’s dick in his hand, he starts to tap the tip rhythmically on his tongue before wrapping his lips around and sliding down. 

Izuku only makes it halfway before Enji’s at the back of his throat. He loosens his lips and opens his jaw wide to push further till he gags on the man’s cock audibly.

“Fuck, you’re so big,” he moans as he continues to lap and suck at Enji. Izuku uses a freehand to palm himself through his own boxers. He looks up to meet eyes blazing with lust; urging Izuku on.

Soon Izuku feels large hands in his hair, and he lets his grip on the shaft leave. He places his palms on thickly muscled thighs when he feels Enji starting to thrust slowly into his mouth. 

Izuku had finally gotten the Pro to play. 

Izuku’s mouth is fucked slowly, spit dribbles out of his mouth with each thrust.  But what he really wants is for the pro hero to abuse his throat, and fuck it thoroughly. Izuku grabs Enji’s butt cheeks and squeezes; Enji’s hips thrust forward hard in surprise and Izuku gags. Enji pulls out, Izuku shakes his head as he rasps out, “Keep going, you won’t hurt me.”

He’s back on Enji’s dick fast and the hero obliged his request by continuing to thrust hard into his mouth.  Izuku hiccups and tears form in his eyes as he moans wantonly around the cock filling his mouth. Hips thrust faster and stutter, he chances a glance at Enji whose eyes are closed, jaw hanging open as he moans lowly.

Enji pulls out, and Izuku blinks the tears away. 

“On your knees boy,” a gruff voice commands him.  

Izuku smirks as he gets on all fours along the tatami matted floor. He wiggles his ass at the pro, before reaching back to pull out his butt plug. 

“Hmm, looks like I miscalculated,” he coyly looks over his shoulder at Enji, “Maybe, you can help me get the right fit.”

Enji settles behind him, large hands spread his cheeks open, “You need more prep.”

Izuku’s eyes track Enji’s face leaning down to his ass, blue eyes locking with green behind his asscheeks when he feels a hot swipe run across his taint, Izuku’s elbows buckle as he repositions himself to rest on his forearms; arching his back to give the pro more access. 

Izuku faces forward and his head hangs as he moans again when Enji’s tongue laps long stripes from his taint to his asshole and circles around the entrance. Izuku jolts when Enji’s scorching tongue pokes into his hole over and over. Enji reaches around and strokes Izuku’s dick, causing Izuku to whimper and rest his forehead on the mat as he relishes in the feeling.

Enji stops his ministrations, and rests back on his knees. Izuku looks back and finds Enji’s big cock resting along his asscrack. He moans at the heat that emanates from it and whispers,“Fuck, I hope it all fits.”

“I’ll make it fit,” the pro hero growls out, as he grabs Izuku’s waist to pull him closer. The rush of pleasure at hearing those words rush up his spine and he shivers in anticipation. 

Izuku cries out when he feels his hole being breached; tears slide down his cheeks at the stretch of the burn. Izuku exhales as he tries to relax. He wanted this, he’s getting exactly what he wants and while he expected it to hurt, he underestimated just how big Enji really was.

“God damn, your ass is so tight,” groans Enji as he inches his full length in.

Izuku breathily laughs, “I think, you’re just really fucking big.”

“You okay?” asks Enji when he’s fully sheathed.

Izuku exhales again, shifting his hips to test it out, he lets out a loud moan when he accidentally brushes his prostate. 

Enji’s deep chuckle rumbles as he says, “Oh? Already hit your spot?” He thrusts shallowly and Izuku throws his head back and keens.

“Oh my God! Fuck!” Izuku whimpers, “Move it Enji. I need this. I need it NOW.”

A snap of Enji’s hips as Izuku jolt forward, face planting into the mat.

“We can’t have that Izuku; you wanted this right?” Enji puts an arm around Izuku’s torso for support, pulling him up on his knees, and Izuku moans louder as Enji pushes deeper.

“Fuuuckk,” moans out Izuku, “Fuck, you’re so big! Fuck you feel so good. Oh my god, yes, mmm. More, more.” 

Enji’s pace quickens, pulling out longer louder moans with each thrust.

“You—need—to—keep—it—down,” the Pro Hero grunts out with each thrust, but Izuku can’t help it, he’s annoyingly loud when it comes to sex. He hates holding back how good it feels, and he’s found that it spurs on his partners when he does. 

But, Enji. Enji is not having it. 

Enji wraps a hand around Izuku’s throat and tilts his face up; his lower back arches more and Izuku finds himself looking up at Enji when another hand clamps over his mouth. Enji hits his prostate over and over and Izuku screams into the hand that stifles his moans. 

When Izuku can’t take much more he taps the arm that Enji’s using to cover his mouth. Enji relinquishes his hold and Izuku breathes in the fresh air and tries to reign in his moans. 

“I—want—to—be—on—top,” he pants out. 

Enji slams one more time into Izuku who yelps as he’s let go and collapses onto the floor. Enji sits back and lays out flat, arms behind his head as he smirks at Izuku.

“You think you can handle it?”

Izuku wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, and nods, “I never back down from a challenge.”

He climbs into Enji’s lap, placing himself above Enji’s dick and guides it in. Izuku slides down, groaning softly at being filled again; the burn is still there as he hits deeper than ever with him on top. He looks down to find leverage for his hands and gasps when he sees a bulge in his lower stomach.

“Holy fuck,” he whispers as his fingers run across his stomach and looks at Enji who’s smirking at him. Izuku shakes his head and slips back into his coy persona, palms spreading out over Enji’s pecs, and he slowly rises and falls on Enji’s dick; eyes closed to take in all the sensations. 

When Izuku finds the right angle, he picks up his pace, slamming his hips down every so often making Enji’s moans a little louder than usual.

“I wanna hear you moan Enji, I want you to really let loose on me!” he exclaims. 

Enji growls as he slams his hips up, “I don’t like being told what to do.”

Izuku jumps and laughs, “C’mon Enji, I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted so far. What do YOU want?”

In a flash Izuku’s back is on the mat, bent in half with his legs on Enji’s shoulders, ass lifted off the ground. 

Enji starts to pound into Izuku mercilessly; Izuku’s head lolls from side to side as his moans started to get louder. Lips entrap Izuku’s and a searing tongue makes its way into Izuku’s mouth. Izuku moans as loud as he can into Enji’s mouth and that makes the man slam harder, Izuku breaks the kiss gasping for air when he realizes how close he is to the edge. 

“I’m—.” he starts, and Enji takes the opportunity to wrap his fist around Izuku’s dick. A few pumps has Izuku trembling as he comes undone; cum splattering across his abs. His ass clamps down around Enji who follows with a shout. Izuku can feel every pump of Enji’s dick empty into him, and he moans when Enji leans back letting Izuku’s legs all open aside his hips. 

The two pant, catching their breath as they stare at one another. Izuku smiles angelically at the pro hero; who grunts as he pulls his softening cock out of Izuku. He reaches for the towel used for his sweat to clean up his dick, and wipes Izuku down. 

Enji pulls his shorts back on and sits back on the mat, and Izuku lazily rolls onto his side to chat with Enji. 

Izuku sighs, “Hawks sure wasn’t lying when he said I needed to prep myself”

“Hawks told—? You guys—” 

“Mm yes, me and Hawks. Still can’t believe it huh?” he says seductively, “He sure is a lot of fun. Though, he did lie about one thing.”

“And what’s that?”

“He said you’re a big cuddly bear after sex. Yet here I am, with no cuddles.” Izuku sits up with a faux pout.

Enji coughs, “It was important to clean you first.” He pats his thigh, “Well then, come here.”

Izuku pops up with a smile and deposits himself into Enji’s laps, and strong arms envelop him. “Don’t mind if I do, fire daddy.”