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Kaminari you sly Fucker

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Kaminari Denki has a really hot older brother, Kaminari Itsuki and he is an Omega. He has shinny blonde hair and gorgeous red eyes, he has dimples although nobody sees them, he rarely shows any kind of emotion.

Not to mention he has and amazing body, feminine curves that any Omega would kill for.

Sero is painfully aware of this.


Whenever Sero sees the older omega he is sent into a gay panic. The Bakusquad is sick of it.

Kaminari has a plan. He told the rest of the Bakusquad what his plan was and they where in without hesitation. Bakugou was the first one to admit "They need to just fuck already."

And that's where the story begins.

Denki waited till Itsuki's heat and invited Bakusquad over. And Itsuki being very aware of his surroundings sensed the presence of an Alpha. Sero also smelled the scent of horny omega and tensed up almost instantly.


The Bakusquad, other than Bakugou himself, were Hyped as hell, and they were just Waiting for the moment that assured they would fuck so they could leave them to themselves.

They heard footsteps softly making their way downstairs. The closer the omega got the stronger the scent was. That sweet, vanilla scent was thick.

A blonde mess of hair popped out, lips parted slightly panting. Sero was breathless. Itsuki was wearing a white button-down shirt that was left open, and short shorts, he also had thigh high stockings. That was not why Sero was breathless, it was the slick gushing down his thighs.

Sero had a thing for thighs, more specifically Itsuki's.

Without hesitation Sero rushed over and picked up the older Omega by the back of his thighs. Itsuki wrapped his legs around the younger Alpha instantly, and started to kiss and bite at Sero's neck.


Sero carried Itsuki up the stairs with ease, causing more slick to rush out of the Omega. He whimpered as he tried to press his sex to Sero's. Before he knew it he was tossed onto his mattress like he weighed nothing, he bucked his hips into nothing at the thought of how strong Sero was, turning him on even more.

Itsuki spread his thighs invitingly, barely arching his back. Sero bit his lip at the sight, he placed his knee between the parted thighs and held onto his hips to keep him still. Itsuki gasped and started to claw at Sero's back. Itsuki rolled his hips trying to get some friction.

Itsuki whimpers and presses their lips together, the kiss was hot and messy but neither of them cared. Breaking the kiss Sero started kissing down Itsuki's body. He kissed from his neck to his chest down until he got to his bellybutton. Itsuki closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing.

Sero kissed just below Itsuki's bellybutton and paused.

"I can't wait to taste you."

Hearing that voice husky heavy with lust he came. His back arched off the bed and his jaw dropped as he came with a loud moan.

Sero's eyes went wide as he watches the sight. Itsuki, after coming down from his high, blushed a bright shade of red and threw his arm over his eyes.

"Holy shit did you just-" "yes"

Itsuki blushed even harder, he didn't think he could and then-

"Fuck that's hot"

Sero yanked down Itsuki's shorts and groaned and the sight. Itsuki was wearing white lace panties. Itsuki forgot he was wearing those. Sero pressed his tounge flat against the soaked panties, tasting the slick.

Itsuki nearly screamed but bit his lip successfully muffling most of it. Sero slowly pulled the soaked panties off the omega watching as the slick tried to keep them in place.

Fealing the cold air his his dripping pussy Itsuki shivered. Sero kissed his clit before he lost control. He started lapping and sucking at Itsuki's sex making the latter scream.


Sero shuddered hearing how lewd his name sounded, he started sucking at Itsuki's clit and felt the trembling thighs around his head squeezes him hard.

"Ha..Hanta!" He screams " 'M so close"

Sero bit his clit and that was the breaking point, Itsuki's thighs squeezed Sero's Head as his hands started to claw at Sero's back, His jaw dropped and eyes slammed Shut, eyebrows furrowed, back arching he barely registered the groan that left Sero as he squirted.

Sero just watched eyes wide as Itsuki calmed down. He became very aware of how hard he was.

"Hurry the fuck up" Itsuki started "Fuck me"

Sero did not need to be told twice as he stumbled to get his pants off. As soon as he did Itsuki's jaw dropped and his eyes bulged. Sero was easily nine inches and thick as hell. Itsuki is sure that if he wrapped his hand around it his fingers wouldn't touch.

He'll have to try that later, Sero gripped the back of his thighs and pushed his legs up so he was folded in half, the tip hovered over his entrance and Sero looked up as if he was asking permission, with a nod He pushed in slowly.

Sero had to hold back once he was fully inside.
Itsuki was very impatient and was ready to get fucked. That first thrust was heavily, Sero tried to go slow but he lost all self control. He was POUNDING into the older omega fast and hard. Itsuki was screaming and pleading.

Itsuki came again and had no time to recover as Sero started going harder, Tears welled up in his eyes as Sero slammed into his sweet spot. He was overstimulated but he was loving every Second of it. Sero started to groan loudly hips moving more frantically.

"Hanta please" Itsuki whimpered out "Inside"

Sero buried his face in Itsuki's neck breathing in his scent as his orgasm ripped through him. Itsuki was running a hand through Sero's hair soothingly, the intensity of his orgasm making him shudder.

Pulling out slowly Sero watches the cum start to leak out. Flopping over to the side Sero pulls Itsuki close and the two cuddle Itsuki cradling Sero's head, Sero's arms wrapped around Itsuki's waist. A few minutes of silence passed.

"..Was I good?" Sero asked timidly blushing slightly.

"You're so precious," Itsuki giggled "That was amazing"
Sero blushed even harder and his his face, "Does this mean we're..y'" came the muffled voice "Do you want to?" "..yeah.." Itsuki smiled and closed his eyes drifting to sleep but before he did "Then I guess we are" Sero smiled a smile so bright it could put the sun to shame.

They both fell into a nice, peaceful sleep.