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Why Me?

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“What the fuck?”

“That’s not the typical response to an internship offer, but we can work on that later.”

“No, asshole, I meant what the fuck did you say?” Bakugou looked somewhere stuck between pissed off and confused. Aizawa sighed.

“I want you to take an internship with me. It would expand your skillset to use your quirk in a less flashy setting and you could be a good asset for me. Besides, other heroes see you as a liability, so I doubt you’ll get many other offers.” He looked up from his desk to meet his student’s eyes. “I’ve taken students as interns before if I think that they could benefit from it. Staying out of the limelight and gaining experience at the same time seems ideal for your situation, so...” the teacher trailed off, gesturing vaguely to himself.

“Yeah, I get that part. Just...why?” Bakugou looked pissed off still, bit Aizawa could practically feel the waves of self-doubt coming off the kid. The ‘Why me?’ went unspoken but still floated tangibly in the air between them.

The teacher eyed his student for a moment, watched the boy fidget and avoid eye contact. Aizawa smiled, just a little.

“Why not?”