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Switching Alliances

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   It was still there. Every morning Hux saw the scar that rebel scum had left on his fingers before his gloves went on, and every morning he was filled with hate. But today, finally, he would get her and make her pay.

Those rebels were tough, he’d give them that, but in one of the latest batch of prisoners, an ex-imperial, knowing Hux’s reputation was well-earned, had broken during torture and now he knew her next move.

   Weak, whispered his father’s voice in his head. And while he loathed even the memory of the man, Hux had to admit it was weak of him to have focused on this rebel, this woman, this Rose Tico. But today he would have her.


   He was on the bridge when he was informed that the new prisoners had arrived. He ordered them into single cells. He wanted no witnesses to this weakness of his. It was all very well to despise and even hate the rebels, but the last thing he needed was for someone to believe he’d become obsessed as Ren had over that blasted rebel jedi. No, it was nothing like that. After his cursed father had died, Armitage Hux made a promise to himself: no one would ever again leave a mark on him. She wouldn’t be the one for whom that promise would be broken.


  The cell was spotless. Perhaps others would keep their cells dank and filthy but Hux refused to let a single millimetre of his ship to be anything but impeccable.

She was inside, sporting a black eye but otherwise looking unharmed, her chin defiantly up.

“You,” she practically spat. “Come back for more?”

Hux stared at her. Time went by and he could see her somewhat wilt. Oh, not her defiance, the wretched woman had plenty of that, but the post-battle tiredness was getting to her.

“I’m not telling you anything,” she said. “You can torture me all you want.” And she grinned, eye now almost swollen shut.

“I want nothing from you but your suffering,” Hux said, turning his pristine boots around and leaving Rose Tico alone and baffled in her cell.


“Arise, General,” the spectral image of Supreme Leader Snoke told him, and Hux did so with military precision.

“Supreme Leader,” he nodded respectfully.

“Tell me of the prisoners taken today,” Snoke demanded.

“A rabble of rebels,” Hux replied. “None of note. They will all still be processed as the rules dictate.”

“You deceive me, young Hux,” Snoke said with a ghost of a smirk which caused Hux’s spine to tingle. “For I see there is one among them which interests you especially. I hope you are not going the way of my apprentice and letting your obsessions get the best of you.”

“I assure you it is not so, my lord,” he hastened to reply. “Merely a small score to settle with one of the rebel scum.”

“Ah,” said Snoke. “But this is no mere rebel scum. I hear this prisoner is friends with some of the highest member of the Rebellion, among them my young apprentice’s jedi obsession.”

Hux kept quiet. He knew Tico was friends with the jedi, but he had no interest in, by way of interrogating her, aiding in Ren’s mission to capture the jedi.

“The rebels,” Snoke went on, “especially the new jedi, have a peculiar failing. They will come after their friend. Especially the traitor we nursed within our midst like a snake, FN-2187. But I have no intention of allowing them to get what they are after.”

“My lord?” Hux prompted, confused.

“I am tasking you with a mission, General Hux: you are to turn this rebel against her cause so that, even if they get her back, she’ll be one of us amongst them.”

“My Lord… How am I to do such a thing?” Hux asked, baffled.

“Seduce her, of course” Snoke replied.


It’s not that he was some cold-blooded thing, as most of his subordinates thought. He’d been with women. It had started with a revoltingly humiliating visit to a brothel, forced by his father who aimed to make a man out of him, but thankfully through is military service he’d met a few select partners who, like him, were focused on the fast track but still needed to let off some steam. These were short-lived relationships with no future planed, and they suited him well.

    But this woman was not like any of his other partners. There was no shared history, no shared expectations. She would be unwilling and if there was one thing Hux abhorred was lack of sexual consent. He punished it severely in his subordinates, war was no excuse. He remembered all too well his mother’s pain, as a cook at his father’s employ, with no say on what she wanted, burdened with a child she couldn’t even show she loved. An now somehow, he would have to find a way to sway this rebel scum to his side.


En route he gave orders for a suite to be prepared adjoining his and soon he found himself in front of Tico’s cell, where she stood already cuffed.

“Gather your things,” he told her. “You’re coming with me.”