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Switching Alliances

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   Afterwards things changed. He gave her more freedom, access to the holonet for one. She was sure he knew she was sending all she could to the rebels, but it seemed he was willing to put up with some things for her. Or perhaps everything he told her she thought of use was just misdirecting information that led the rebels into traps. She got frantic messages from Finn and Rey and even from General Organa and they all looked sad by the end. They didn’t seem to understand that she truly loved him, and he loved her. They thought she had been caught in a hostage caring for her captor situation, but she knew better… didn’t she?

She’d never be the ideal military wife or whatever she was to him, but they could make it work.


   Everything seemed to be going fine for the next few months, but every day she felt more and more tired, to the point where she ended up requesting a med droid.

“Please proof your finger for a diagnostic sample,” it said in its robotic voice.

Rose did as asked and it pricked her finger.

“Allow up to 1 standard minute for final diagnosis,” it said.

It was then that Armitage ran through the door to their quarters.

“I heard you requested a med droid. Are you injured? Are you unwell?” He demanded.

“Nah,” Rose replied. “I’ve just been feeling off lately.”

“Off how?” He asked.

“Diagnosis: pregnancy of 12 weeks,” interrupted the med droid. “Recommended treatment: a new course of vitamin supplements for the duration and close monitoring of the fetus.”

Armitage looked as poleaxed as she felt.

“Is it,” he stuttered to the med droid. “Is it too late for termination?”

He couldn’t have hurt her more if he’d tried, and he clearly wasn’t even trying. She knew how terrible his father had been, how he feared turning into him, how he feared fathering a son and treating him like he was treated, fathering a son who would then turn into his father.

Before the med droid could reply she shouted, “There will be NO termination!”

“How could this happen,” Armitage said, agitatedly pacing their living quarters. “You have an anticonceptional chip!”

Here the med droid intervened. “Anticonceptional chip rendered inert by electric discharge from taser at capture.”

Armitage was white as a sheet as he dropped himself onto a sofa. She understood, she did, but it didn’t make it any less hurtful.

“Is everything alright with the baby?” She asked the med droid.

“The female fetus is in optimal condition, however further monitoring will be needed.” Replied the med droid.

“Well,” she told Armitage. “Cheer up, at least it’s a girl.”

Some colour seemed to have returned to his cheeks. “A girl,” he said in a contemplative tone. “A daughter.”

   A little later he left to go speak with the odious Snoke, though she felt sure the disgusting snake had anticipated just such a thing. Another tool to manipulate Armitage with… it’s probably what he’d had planned from the very beginning with the “mission” he’d assigned him to seduce her to their side.

She wouldn’t bear it. She wouldn’t put her little girl through this. She could see now she’d been blind and fallen into a trap, fallen for him, even if he was as much a victim as she was, and she was beginning to doubt even that. She had to leave.



   After his talk with the Supreme Leader who seemed not at all surprised by the news, and, as Hux had started to suspect, had planned the whole thing from the start, he had a new mission: make Rose his wife. It would take work, but they could be an imperial military family. Sure, she was an ex-rebel, but she’d already refused offers of rescue from her friends, from what he’d seen monitoring their transmissions, and General Leia had clearly given her up for lost.

They could be happy. After all, a daughter wasn’t a son. A daughter wouldn’t turn into his father. He wouldn’t see his own failures mirrored in her face. He was starting to warm up to the idea. A little girl who looked like Rose and nothing like his cursed family. A little girl who he could love and cherish and maybe some day she’d follow in his footsteps and become a great general within the Empire. He could trust Rose to make sure he was a good father, to make sure he never strayed. Already in him he could feel a new love for his child blossoming within his chest, a love promising to rival the one he felt for Rose in its intensity.

As he made his way to their quarter, planning on which room to turn into a nursery he couldn’t help but notice the odd glances directed his way by the subordinates he met along the way.

It was only when he got to their quarters to find them empty that he understood, and the despair he felt threatened to bring him to his knees.



   It was surprisingly easy to leave The Finalizer. Hux had given her permission to roam the ship at will but doing so brought her face to face with all the hateful people who’d tried to kill her friends, so she usually stayed in their quarters.

As it was all she had to do was go to hangar bay 12 and request a ship. No one had dared question General Hux’s… mistress or concubine, or what ever she was.

As soon as she found herself far away from The Finalizer she realised she didn’t know the current location of the Resistance… and no one was likely to tell her… and she couldn’t blame them at all.

Still, she opened up a com frequency and asked to talk to Finn, who barely spoke to her as it was since she became know as Hux’s concubine, and he quickly passed her on to General Leia.

“I’m sorry, Rose,” General Leia said. “But you’re too great of a security risk.”

“I understand,” Rose sobbed.

“However, I’m not about to leave you and your child out to fend for yourselves when you’ve finally gained the strength to leave Hux,” Leia told her. “I still have a lot of clout with the Alderaanian survivors, I can find someone to take you in.”

“I’m,” Rose hiccuped. “I’m really thankful for that.”

Using the coordinates Leia had given her, she set her course.



   He was going insane without her. A whole month had passed with no sign of her or their child. He’d posted an astronomical reward for information on her on the holonet: live and unharmed, but so far no one could find her.

Was this to be his life? Pining and waning for Rose, waking up from nightmares where he was hunted by his own child, who’d been brought up to hate him and the Empire?

He needed her back, but he knew he couldn’t make her his prisoner again. He loved her too much for that. And what’s more he missed her physically too. He missed her taste. He missed her small curvy body writhing and moaning beneath his. He missed just picking her up and kissing her senseless. He missed feasting on her delicious cunt while she deliriously lost all sense and begged for him. She missed how she had asked for him to love her.


   Another month passed; Rose must now be 5 months along. Did she have a pregnant belly yet? Could she feel their little girl moving within her? He could barely perform his duties because these thoughts tormented him constantly.

It was then he received information about her: they had sighted her in New Alderaan. Ironic that she’d taken up refuge in the ashes of a people the empire had destroyed, just as he had destroyed the Hosnian System. But no Hosnian survivor would welcome his wife and child, no matter how good.

He got into his personal command shuttle and set course for New Alderaan. He went without a plan, with nothing but hope.



   Rose was miserable. Oh, they treated her well enough for a traitor and Hux’s whore, but she was constantly reminded by their suspicious looks that that was how they saw her. No one mistreated her, but no one truly welcomed her either.

She wanted to go back to the Resistance, no… she wanted to go back to him.

Maybe she was wrong in the head. Her sister had died fighting these monsters, protecting the world from them, and Armitage was one of its most horrible brutes, the one who’d committed genocide against a whole system. And she wanted to return to his arms.

What’s more, in a purely practical way, she was horny. She missed his body. She missed him and his weird obsession with tasting her at all times, begging her for it. She missed his delicious girth inside her, stretching her, filling her to capacity. She missed him.

She wasn’t even surprised when she saw his command shuttle, just resigned. In retrospective she should have stolen that ship, how funny would that have been.

She ran into his arms as soon as he came out and he hugged her so tight it hurt.

Don’t leave me,” he whispered fiercely, over and over into her hair. “Don’t ever leave me again.

She leaned back. “I’m not going back.” She told him.

He nodded at her.



   It wasn’t easy, he never thought it’d be easy. They’d moved to a small outer rim planet, kept a small house, grew their own food, and soon little Paige would be going to school. She made it all worth it: all the years of training, the cruel rise to power, to the rank of General so soon in his career. She was worth it.

Right now she was playing around Rose’s legs as Rose tried to get their unruly garden in order. He was preparing his lessons for the next day, he taught at the small local school while Rose worked as a mechanic.

Paige was tall for her age, she got that from him, the rest she got from her mother, thank the gods, not a trace of Brendol Hux in her. And Armitage had found it easy to be a father. Had taken to it instinctively and it baffled him how anyone could have failed so badly at it as his father had, it was incomprehensible that anyone could do anything less than love their child as much as he loved Paige.

   It might not have been at all the life he’d planned for himself. But it was a good life.