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You're the thunder, I'm the lightning

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“Kat-su-kiiii~” Eijirou teased in a sing-song voice, straddling Bakugou’s thighs and pinning his hands up over his head. “I won… you know what that means!” his toothy grin flashed brightly down at his less-than-enthusiastic boyfriend.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Shitty Hair. I let you win that one.” Bakugou grumbled, looking down into his lap and away from those overly excited puppy-dog red eyes. “Doesn’t mean you actually won-- mmnnph -” he stifled a moan as Kirishima ground over his hips, putting his brooding protest to rest. It wasn’t so much that he regretted betting who would top tonight on the result of their training matches that morning, Bakugou would never truly complain about Ei taking the lead. It was that stupidly cute moony smile that annoyed him most, the gloating that his energetic boyfriend would eventually hold over his head for the rest of the weekend.

“You let me win? Mmm, don’t think so.” Eijirou teased, giggling as he wrapped one of his hands around both of Katsuki’s wrists and cupped his chin with the other. “I don’t recall you letting me get you into a full nelson… actually, I’m pretty sure you tapped out.” he recalled effortlessly, smirking that dumb, adorable smirk.

Bakugou rolled his eyes and relented. “‘Kay, fine, I didn’t let you win. Happy?”

“Yep!” Eijirou replied with a laugh and leaned in, kissing his boyfriend’s forehead. “You taste good when you’re sweaty.”

Bakugou grimaced. “You’re gross.”

“Awww, but I thought you thought I was cute! That’s what you said this morning, anyway…” Eijirou countered, leaning in and kissing him again, but sloppier, like an over-eager puppy. “You said my butt looked ‘cute or whatever’ in my joggers.” he mimicked his boyfriend’s gruff voice and the compliment Katsuki barely remembered. (In his defense, the morning coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, and his boyfriend’s butt looked excellent that morning, due to his new regiment of squats in with his training.) Ei was the single chipperest morning person Bakugou knew other than Deku, but far be it from Bakugou to stomach living with Broccoli-hair. Ei’s positivity was only mildly more tolerable.

“I don’t sound like that.” he retorted, pulling against Eijirou’s grip, but it didn’t budge. Oh god, is he getting stronger than me? Bakugou wondered silently, before shutting down that worry. Sure, they were competitive with each other, but Ei’s build and quirk leant itself to being stronger than him by default. And his masculinity wasn’t so fragile that his boyfriend’s strength threatened his own. “Whatever, ya gonna do something about this?” Katsuki barked, nodding down at both his and Eijirou’s obvious erections, straining against the insides of their sweatpants.

“Mmm, I will, but you’re so much fun to tease, babe…” Eijirou laughed, kissing a long line from his temple to his collarbone, exposed by the low neck of his t-shirt. “You get all blushy and it’s so cute…” he trailed off, leaving another smattering of kisses along Bakugou’s throat, careful to keep his pointed teeth away from his skin.

Bakugou groaned and rolled his hips upward, eager to get on with the main event; Kirishima lived for the leadup, the foreplay, and fuck, if it wasn’t frustrating as hell for the blonde. “Ei…” he began, but was quickly cut off by his boyfriend’s lips pressing against his own, sharing a soft, wet kiss that quickly devolved to bitten back curses and moans, exploring tongues and nibbled lips. “Ei, fuck, I’ve had enough of this fucking teasing, just get on with it…”

Kirishima giggled and pulled away, admiring the blushing, panting mess he had made of his Katsuki, looking up at him with his best attempt at a stoic expression. “So needy.” Eijirou teased, rolling his hips again, savoring the choked sigh he received in reply.

“Damn right I’m fucking needy, you’ve been teasing me since we got home, asshole.” Bakugou growled thickly, "You won the game, fucking act on it, Shitty Hair."

"Getting cocky, are we?" Kirishima tutted, making easy work of Bakugou's worn training shirt with a sharp rip, focusing his quirk on his fingernails, sharpening them into claws that easily reduced the gray shirt to shreds. "Don't forget whose idea it was to play this game, babe. You're the one who had this brilliant idea~" Eijirou teased, tossing the shredded shirt over his shoulder, somewhere in the room behind him, releasing Katsuki’s arms for half a second.

Bakugou took advantage of the break and reached up, tugging at the collar of Kirishima's sleeveless hoodie with a sly grin, "Like you’re complaining," he captured Eijirou’s mouth in a heated, hungry kiss, nipping at his lip with his teeth, drawing a hiss from his boyfriend. “You win a match and you get to fuck me, that’s a hell of a deal, if I say so myself…” Bakugou chuckled, arching up into another kiss.

"Oh, it is, babe. I love fucking you," Kirishima panted against Katsuki's lips as he greedily kissed him, “It always feels so incredible, and you squeeze me so tight, god.” Eijirou gasped as Bakugou surged forward, overpowering him and throwing him onto his back in their shared bed.

"Oh, do you?" Bakugou teased with that growly rasp, the sound of it pulling a hungry moan from Kirishima. "Do you like it more than when I top?" Katsuki hooked his fingertips into the waistband of his sweats and tugged them down. Eijirou moaned as he lifted his hips, letting his boyfriend pull his pants off and toss them god knows where.

“Y-yeah, I… well, I don’t know, I like both, but-- hhahhhh~” Eijirou gasped as Katsuki took him in his hand and stroked slowly, coaxing him to full hardness just with the heat of his hand and the slippery, glycerin-laced sweat slicking over his straining length.

"Which one is it, Ei?" Bakugou growled with a devious smirk on his face, the sound shooting electricity down the Kirishima’s spine. Two can play this teasing game, Katsuki decided. If Kiri won the game, he’s going to give him the ride of his fucking life.

Eijirou attempted in vain to remain unaffected as Katsuki pulled the bottle of lube from under his pillow, where they had left it the night before. “I… fuck, I d-don’t know…” He stuttered as Katsuki turned around and slid a slippery finger between his own cheeks, circling his rim so cruelly, so teasingly. “It’s so hard to pick, babe...” his breath hitched when he watched that finger press in, easily working himself open. His hand flew to his own cock, rutting up into his own fist as he watched.

“I bet you’ll know by the time we’re done tonight...” Katsuki rumbled, slipping another finger in, his eyes rolling back and fluttering shut with pleasure evident on his face. “I bet you’ll start pushing even harder to keep winning after I prove that you like topping me m-more~” Bakugou moaned as he spread his fingers, pulling himself apart in preparation for Ei’s now throbbing cock. Both of them were still warm and pliant from training, so the stretch was easy and Eijirou, still worked up from the foreplay, was panting and begging in no time.

“Babe, p-please, ‘m not gonna last long," Kirishima begged. His voice sounded weak and broken to Katsuki’s ears, and he couldn’t help but smirk as he paused and turned back around, revealing just how hard and wet he had become with his preparation. Bakugou’s cock was dripping with precome, pearly drops leaking onto his boyfriend’s chiseled stomach, hardened with years of training.

“Oh? Had enough, Ei? Are you tired of me teasing?” Katsuki drawled, hovering over Kirishima’s lap. “Now you know how I feel, all worked up and excited without any release…”

“God, you’re gonna kill me, Kat, please just r-ride me?” Kirishima groaned, digging the heel of his hand against the base of his cock, hoping to stave off that edge, just a little bit longer, even if he only lasted a second once in his boyfriend, it would be so much less embarrassing than to lose it even before Katsuki touched him.

The way Eijirou’s teeth bit into his lower lip, the twitching muscles of his abdomen made Katsuki take pity on his poor, squirming boyfriend, and he lined himself up against the panting man beneath him, grasping his throbbing length in one hand, pressing it to his hole. "Oh, I’ll ride you, Ei. I’m going to fuck you into next week--" he groaned sinfully as he inched Kirishima’s cock into himself, pushing past the tight ring of muscle with a bitten-off curse. "And you’re never gonna forget how fucking good my ass feels!" he moaned, dropping down onto his boyfriend’s thick length entirely.

"Oh fuck, Kat! Yes!" Eijirou cried as his cock was swallowed up entirely by Bakugou’s body, his eyes slid shut with the mind-numbing pleasure of it.

"Shit, Kiri, oh god..." Katsuki gasped as Eijirou filled him so perfectly. "D-don't you dare stop trying to win, Shitty Hair. This is what you get when you win." He growled darkly into Eijirou's ear. "Ya hear me?" Eijirou gasped wetly as Katsuki angled his hips perfectly, heat licking up and down his spine. "Do. You. Hear. Me?" Katsuki demanded, dropping down onto his cock with every word. Kirishima’s voice betrayed him as he tried to reply, he nodded instead.

Katsuki leaned forward and wrapped his hands around Eijirou's wrists, guiding them to wrap around his slim waist, silently telling him to fuck up into him harder, to pull him closer to his hips as his pace grew frenzied. "I-I mean it, Ei," he panted, his jaw tightening with every thrust, "I'm gonna show you what you're getting yourself into."

"Oh? A-and what am I getting myself into?" Eijirou felt sweat trickle down his brow and neck, snapping his hips upward into his boyfriend’s clenching body as Bakugou kept his blistering pace.

Katsuki’s crimson eyes glowed like smoldering coals. "This." Eijirou arched his back as Katsuki dropped down again, gasping as his cock hit his prostate perfectly. "Every. Time. You. Win." he hit that spot again and again, faster, harder.

"Kat, please, 'mclose-" Kirishima gasped, his thighs quaking with the effort of staving off his orgasm.

"Good!" Katsuki growled as Eijirou's voice broke. "Come for me Ei, let me hear how I make you feel." Katsuki commanded, the grip of his hands around his hips nearly bruising as he slammed into him.

Eijirou screamed as the taut ribbon of his arousal snapped, his body bowing and arching as his orgasm tore through him violently. Eijirou mewled and clung to Katsuki's hips as he felt his thick spend fill his boyfriend, felt the spasms of orgasm vibrate through both of them. Katsuki didn't relent, riding Eijirou through his crest hard and fast, chasing his own edge. Eijirou's pleasured gasps morphed to shivering whimpers as overstimulation set in, and Bakugou knew to slide off, to let his boyfriend recover while he stroked himself to the finish.

“God, fuck, s-so good, Ei…” He wrapped his fist around his cock, red, dripping, and aching to burst. Eijirou watched with bleary eyes as Katsuki furiously pumped himself, and with just a handful of strokes, he came with a shout of his boyfriend’s name. It felt like being struck by lightning, tingling in his fingers and toes, and fuck, he had to be careful not to activate his quirk and burn himself. Katsuki crested his wave and let it roll over him as his pearly come coated Kirishima’s stomach and chest.

"Katsuki..." Eijirou whispered tiredly, beckoning his boyfriend to fall into his arms. Despite the mess of come and sweat covering both of them, Bakugou obliged, his arms and legs no longer strong enough to hold him up. The gap between them became nothing as Katsuki crashed to Earth, his chest heaving with exhaustion.

"Fuck..." Katsuki sighed against his chest. The humid air around them filled with slowing breaths and wet sighs.

"That," Eijirou whispered into his messy blonde hair after what felt like a lifetime of being tangled up in wet, slick flesh, “was incredible.” Bakugou groaned and reached up, ruffling his boyfriend’s bright red, gelled hair.

"Shut up, Shitty Hair." Bakugou rasped, his voice, usually growly and hoarse, now made rougher with sex and exhaustion. “So which one is better?”

"Huh?" Kirishima cocked his head to the side.

“God, you’re a cute idiot.” Katsuki laughed, nipping at his boyfriend’s collarbone. “Did you like topping? Y’know, more than what we usually do?” he asked, rolling off Kirishima’s sweaty, come-soaked body.

“Ohhhh, right.” Eijirou laughed too, remembering through the fog of his orgasm what they had been talking about before. “Um… I think I like both. Fucking you is fun, but so is being fucked, y’know? It’s… like two sides of the same coin.” he replied, rolling into Katsuki’s side.

“I need a fucking shower. You coming, Shitty Hair?” Bakugou groaned, sitting up and arching his back, listening for the popping and cracking sounds that always accompanied their romps.

Kirishima giggled. “Nope, I already did.”

Katsuki clicked his tongue in disgust. “Ew, you’re not gonna shower? You’re literally covered in-”

“Nooooo, you asked me if I’m coming.” Eijirou said, barely able to get out his words without giggling. “And I,” he snorted, “I said I already did.”

It took a second to register in Bakugou’s sex-addled brain, but when it did, he groaned low and loud and climbed out of bed. “That was dumb. Your joke was dumb.” he growled, throwing his shredded shirt at him before heading to the bathroom. “And you owe me a new t-shirt.”

“I thought it was funny.” Eijirou laughed and examined the shirt before tossing it into the bin in the corner, with the other shredded, burnt, torn, melted and otherwise destroyed disposables. “I’ll order one tonight.”

“You’d better, Ei. Now c’mon and shower with me, I’m not gonna cuddle you if you’re covered in cum.” Katsuki called over his shoulder, trying to hide the slight limp.

“Awwww, you want to cuddle?” Eijirou squealed, jumping out of bed and shedding what was left of his clothes, leaving them strewn around the room. They could clean up in the morning.