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First Day Home

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As much as both Yoongi and Seokjin did their best to prepare for Namjoon’s arrival, the two were still rather nervous. They laid in bed the night before Namjoon’s adoption day, their nervous energy being displayed through the silence that enveloped the room. In the corner of said bedroom was a small toddler bed, bought from IKEA and built by Yoongi and Seokjin themselves. For now it was empty, but in another 24 hours it would become the new resting place for their adopted son.

The past months had all been a blur for Yoongi and Seokjin, as they worked to make as much money as possible. On the weekends, they went up to Ilsan to visit with Namjoon, to spend time with him in the orphanage, along with taking him for walks around the area (with an orphanage worker there as well, for legal reasons). They had grown a strong bond with the child, who always seemed excited that he would soon leave the children’s home he was in. Though he was also a bit young to understand how this was going to be life changing for him, that for the first time in his life he’d be living with two parents, not one or none like before.

When the couple woke up that morning at 6AM sharp, they both felt oddly rested, even with their rather tumultuous sleep. They got up early on that Saturday to ensure they would make it up to Ilsan by 9AM, and so that they would look presentable as well. They didn’t want to be looking shabby on what would be their last day visiting that orphanage.

“This is our last day of being childless,” remarked Yoongi as the two sat in the car. Seokjin was driving, the couple making their way up to Ilsan. “Until another 15 years from now, when he’ll move out of the apartment.” Little did Yoongi know that they would still have children in their house (not apartment) in another 15 years, one of their kids not even being born yet at this time.

The traffic wasn’t too bad on this day, as it was a Saturday and the weather wasn’t the greatest. The skies were dreary, and it was cold out as well. Not ideal weather whatsoever, but there would soon be a little sunshine sitting in the back seat of the couple’s small car. Sooner than they expected, Seokjin and Yoongi pulled into the parking lot across the street from the orphanage, hopping out of the car for the last time with just the two of them.

A cacophony of children’s voices, screams and cries greeted the newfound fathers as they entered the building. Colorful paintings dotted the walls, along with children’s artwork being displayed prominently. This place was clean and nice, in stark contrast to the condition of some of the other orphanages Yoongi and Seokjin would visit over the next few years. After the two signed in, they were taken into a different room than they were before, where Seokjin began to fill out a whole lot of paperwork. He was the one legally adopting all the kids, as the two weren’t able to be legally married. Though of course, they were a married couple in their hearts, and these kids would be taken care of equally by both of them.

Yoongi helped Seokjin to fill out the paperwork, as he didn’t have much better to do. This was before the era of widespread smartphone usage, and there wasn’t much to do on his flip phone that had clearly seen better days. This was not very enjoyable whatsoever, but once all of the paperwork was done, they’d be able to take Namjoon home. That would make up for this insane amount of writing and reading they were doing right now.

When Namjoon was woken up that morning, he ate his breakfast before being taken over to another area by the orphanage workers, who helped him pack a bag of his stuff. Depending on how long it took for his adoptive parents to fill out the paperwork, he would either go with them before or after lunch. Usually, it was after lunch, as Yoongi and Seokjin would have another person tell them a lot of information about how Namjoon was at night, what made him uncomfortable, etc. While this conversation was easy with Namjoon, it was a lot more of a difficult conversation when it came to the future kids Seokjin and Yoongi would adopt.

It did end up that Namjoon ate lunch with the other children, before he was whisked away, only able to say a few goodbyes. He clearly did not like this, as when he was brought to his newfound fathers, he was in tears.

“Is everything alright?” asked Yoongi, looking at the woman who brought Namjoon over to them, along with a backpack of items that were his.

The woman, who was rather cold and unfriendly (in stark contrast to the atmosphere of this place), responded to Yoongi. “He’s fine, he wanted to say goodbye to more people, but we try to discourage that as then some kids won’t want to leave. They get too attached to their friends.”

“I don’t see the harm in him going to say goodbye to his friends, we’re in no rush here.” Namjoon looked up at Seokjin, his tears seeming to slow down a bit. That’s all he wanted to do, he hadn’t gotten a chance to say goodbye to his best friend, but the mean lady wouldn’t let him go back. One of his old friends was right, the lady everyone saw on their adoption day was not as nice as all the other workers they saw on a daily basis.

The evil woman grunted. “It’s our policy. He’s three years old, he’s not going to remember this.”

“We can take him back there,” offered Yoongi, not totally sure if that was allowed or not. “We’d rather leave with a happy child than an upset child.”

And so the lady relented, though it took a bit more convincing for that to occur. Namjoon went back to say goodbye to the friends he couldn’t, and was much happier after that. It was a little after 2PM when he left the orphanage, walking between Yoongi and Seokjin as he held both of their hands. When he saw he was going to get into a car, Namjoon got really excited, because it had been a long time since he had ridden in one. Well, he didn’t even remember going into a car, and while the caretakers said he had before, Namjoon wasn’t sure if he should believe them or not.


A little while later, the family of three arrived in Seoul, finding a spot on the street to park their small car. The mood was still a happy one, characterized by how Namjoon was fascinated with the sheer size of the apartment building, and the apartment itself. Yoongi and Seokjin showed him around the small place, each of the few rooms inside. The place was meant for a child now, as things were childproofed, and there was a small potty, as well as a stool in the bathroom. Though Namjoon was quick to inform that he used the big boy toilet like everyone else.

It was a relaxing afternoon and evening, Namjoon enjoying playing with the new toys he was given. He particularly liked playing with the cars and the coloring books, which kept him occupied for some time. The three also went out to the park, where little Namjoon was able to get all of his energy out. In contrast to how he is now, he was a rather wild and active toddler, becoming more subdued as he became older and got another four siblings. After some time at the park, the family went back to have dinner. Everything was going well, until it was bath time.

Now, this apartment did not have a tub in it, but Seokjin had gone out to buy a plastic wash basin for this purpose. There was enough room for Namjoon to sit in there, and it would work until the managed to move out into a new place (which was going to have to have a tub in the bathroom), but the toddler did not want to step inside the basin at all.

“I don’t wanna,” whined Namjoon as he stood in the bathroom, arms crossed. Both fathers were unsure about what to do, if they should be more stern and make Namjoon take his bath, or to give him a break since it was his first night here. But then, Yoongi thought of an idea.

“Namjoon-ah, why don’t you take a big boy shower with appa?” Yoongi, who often took his showers at night, figured this was a good solution. He’d take Namjoon into the shower with him, handing the boy off to Seokjin when he was done so that the older could complete his shower. It would also make up for the loss of water, because they had made the mistake of filling up the wash basin before they knew if Namjoon would get in there or not.

Namjoon liked this idea as well, now eager to get bathed. With the help of Seokjin, he took off his clothes as Yoongi took off his, and they hopped into the shower together. To keep Namjoon from squirming around (and from looking around―Yoongi was a bit self conscious about being naked around his child that he hadn’t lived with for that long yet), the father held Namjoon in one arm as he washed him with the other hand, the process not taking too long. Once he was done washing Namjoon, he handed the toddler off to Seokjin so he could finish taking his own, much needed shower.


The toddler went to sleep pretty easily that night, exhausted from the long day he had. Seokjin sat in there with him for a few minutes until he fell asleep, turning off the lights before he left, going to sit out on the couch with Yoongi. It was only 8PM, so they surely weren’t going to sleep at that hour. Instead, they put on the TV, watching some reality show that was fairly entertaining.

Yoongi ended up falling asleep on the couch, more exhausted than Seokjin was. It was around 11PM when there was a noise that emerged from the bedroom. Loud cries, ones of fear they sounded like. Immediately, Seokjin got up from the couch, going to check on what was happening with Namjoon. Yoongi still remained asleep, not yet having developed his paternal instinct that he has now, which would have woken him up instantly in this situation.

Upon entering the room, Seokjin could see how Namjoon was sitting up in bed, hugging his teddy bear as he cried in fright. “What happened sweetheart? Did you have a nightmare?”

Namjoon shook his head, and pointed towards the closet. “M-M-Monsters. It’s d-dark s-s-so there’s m-m-monsters.”

Oh. Seokjin realized at this point that he had forgotten to turn on a nightlight in the room, unaccustomed to doing as such. That was the first thing he did, and he could now see all the tears falling down his son’s cheeks. He went over to wrap the child in a huge hug, reassuring him that everything would be ok. “There, no more monsters.”

“N-no, there’s a-a c-cl-closet s-so th-there’s m-m-m-monsters.” Namjoon continued to cry in fear, scared because his bed was right by the closet in the room. Seokjin knew he had to think of a solution, and fast. It actually turned out to be easier than expected, because he remembered something he read online about how you could make “monster spray” for your kids, and that would help them get over the fear.

“Namjoon-ah, stay right here ok? I’m going to go get something that will make sure there’s no monsters coming out to get you.” The boy nodded, still crying but hoping that his dad would have a solution. That solution was a spray bottle with water inside, Seokjin bringing it back in and having Namjoon help him spray it around. This managed to calm Namjoon down, along with the fact that his parents would be sleeping in the room soon as well. That made him feel safer than anything.


Namjoon’s first year living with Yoongi and Seokjin was a time of ups and downs, but a time of happiness as well. Soon enough though, the family of three would be becoming a little bigger, another child on the way.