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You slowly crept up on me

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Present Day


“Do you have a nice view?” she heard from behind her.

A tall, dark-haired guy was glancing in her direction and she turned to him with an annoyed expression, crossing her arms over her chest.

Jungkook was always doing this kind of stuff: coming out of nowhere to startle her and make fun of her. 99% of their conversations were based on teasing and talking back.

“I told you to stop coming up behind me. It’s creepy,” she said.

Jungkook leaned back in his seat on the bench with that typical confident air about his posture, clearly amused by Hayi’s reaction.

“And watching someone all day isn’t?”

“You? You wish.”

He looked at her with a you won’t fool me type of expression on his face. “You know full well that I’m talking about that smiley blonde guy. Hm … What’s his name? Oh, right. Park Jimin?”

Hayi rolled her eyes and turned away, pretending that she was looking for something in her backpack. At this moment, Jimin was standing with a group of fellow students. She’d always assumed he was such a sociable and bright person seeing as he was always surrounded by so many people and his smile barely ever left his face.

But there were also times when he was just expressionless and his eyes would grow cold, losing their spark. Maybe that’s what made Hayi so smitten: because he was lethal and innocent all at the same time.

Park Jimin was flawless. Fucking marvellous. She noticed it the moment she started her first day at the School of Art. Well, initially, all she thought was that he was just very attractive but, day after day, her desire to meet him in the hallway grew and soon she found herself hanging around in places he frequented.

It wasn’t that she was stalking him, but every time there was a break between classes, she was always searching for a way to see his beautiful face and hear his cute little laugh. And maybe it was a month ago or maybe it was earlier on when she realised that she had a major crush on Park Jimin.

“I was just wondering how long are you going to keep this up,” Jungkook interrupted her, mid-daydream.

She had actually forgotten that he was still there.

“It’s none of your business,” she snapped back, caught a little off guard. “And these are only your assumptions.”

“Yeah, assumptions …” Jungkook grabbed a bag of chips from the table and popped a few of them in his mouth, completely unbothered.

“That’s mine!” Hayi shouted, reaching out to retrieve her snack only to have Jungkook holding the bag over his head.

“Sharing means caring.”

“And that’s why I won’t share with you!” Hayi barked at him, but Jungkook just laughed.

He took another chip from the greasy packaging, smirking at her helplessness. Giving up, she grabbed her backpack and gave his arm an irritated tug.

“Let’s go, I’ve got class.”

“But Jimin just waved at me.”

“What?” Hayi murmured, feeling like her whole body turned to ice.

Jungkook’s expression was frightfully credible but she was afraid to turn around, “And he’s coming here. It would be rude to walk away. He clearly wants to talk.”

“You idiot! That’s not funny!” Hayi hissed, swatting at his arm with her backpack.

“I mean it.”

“Sure …” she started, turning towards the college entrance, and the rest of the sentence got stuck in her throat.


She bit her lip before she said it aloud because Park Jimin was, indeed, standing right in front of them. He came to a stop, slotting his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

“Hi,” he said, looking at Jungkook.”


Jimin’s gaze moved to Hayi and she opened her mouth to reciprocate the greeting only to wonder if it would be weird to talk so familiarly when they didn’t even know each other, so she just nodded and looked away, directing her gaze to the university building like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Is your group having dance class in the same room as before?” she heard Jimin say but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him again so she just stared at her boots.

No. That wasn’t the best idea. She reached up, fiddling with her hair, completely at a loss for what to do.

“Yeah. It’ll be a bit crowded with my group and yours in one room, huh? They have a real problem with organising this stuff,” Jungkook answered freely.

As annoying as he was, Hayi had to admit that he had a way with talking to others. She wished she had his ability to be so comfortable around strangers.

“I know, right? But thanks for telling me,” Jimin showed his brightest smile as he replied. “I’ll tell our professor that we need another room for our group.”

“Okay,” Jungkook beamed, raising his fist in the directed of the students who were loitering in the background, clearly waiting for Jimin. “Hwaiting, third year!”

They nodded and walked away. Jungkook stretched his hands, standing up from his seat.

“On a scale from zero to ten, how awkward were you?”

“Shut up,” Hayi snapped as they both headed towards the gate leading to the street. “How the hell do you even know each other?”

“We had class in the same room. Sometimes third and first year collaborate for dance projects.”

Their university was full of exceptionally skilled people and most of them were rookies who planned on becoming idols. Obviously, someone like Jimin was made to be one: good-looking, cute, sexy and talented. Hayi could create a never-ending list of his qualities.

Jungkook was also considered handsome, sure, and he was killing it with his dancing skills but Hayi would rather kiss a cactus than admit to his face that he had talent. They were always fighting like cats and dogs but she’d gotten used to his presence since they’d started hanging out in the first year of high school.

He’d moved to her neighbourhood a few years ago and their houses were right next to each other, their parents always having something to talk about, so it was natural that they’d started spending time together. And because of that, it wasn’t too hard for Jungkook to notice Hayi’s strange behaviour every time a hot student from third year modern dance was around them.


Two Months Ago


It still felt unreal to be in this place. Hayi attended the University of Art, majoring in singing, and the funny thing was that she chose this university because of Jungkook. One day he brought flyers from various other colleges and because Hayi was still confused as to which one would be the best, she grabbed one from a table and started to read.

“They have a really nice program for singers here,” she pointed out.

“There’s too much to choose from,” Jungkook sighed, flopping back against his bed.

“Firstly, you need to get there to actually have a choice.”

“I’m going to University of Art. They liked my dance during the audition and I was accepted at the first stage.”

“What?” Hayi almost shouted, eyebrows arching. “Already?”

Jungkook nodded.

“Good for you. I don’t even know if they accepted my application,” Hayi mumbled, her tone slightly bitter.

“If you really love singing so much then you should study it professionally. You know you’re good at it,” Jungkook hummed from the bed. “And you’d better hurry up. There’s not a lot of time left.”

And because of that, Hayi applied there.

The University of Art was the closest college that was still recruiting new students, even in August. Hayi had to admit that she was a little bit late to apply, but she made it. Eventually. And it was graduation day when she spotted Jimin for the first time.

He was obviously standing out with his exceptionally pretty face and blonde hair. And his smile made the warm aura that seemed to surround him even stronger. She didn’t expect that seniors of a dance department would grant them a surprise in the form of a flash mob, but they appeared from all corners of the inauguration hall, dancing to Big Bang’s hits.

Jimin was wearing a glossy, black jacket, a white shirt and a tie. His blonde hair was parted, exposing his forehead, and when Hayi saw his hot body rolls up close, she felt like her heart jumped right up into her throat.

She couldn’t take a proper breath, watching his sexy figure moving perfectly to every beat. He was wearing the same outfit as the rest of the dancers, but he looked by far the best out of all of them and there was just something about him that made Hayi want to undress him on the spot.

“What’s this goofy grin?” Jungkook teased, prodding her with his elbow.

“Should I cry?” she countered and Jungkook smiled, rolling his eyes.

“You’re like a little kid that just got candies.”

“Oh, how I wish I could get this one candy …” she muttered under her breath.

“You wish what?”

“I said I wish you could be less annoying,” Hayi recovered, standing up from her seat just like the others students as inauguration ended.

Jungkook stared at her, unbothered, and joined a little huddle of students from the dance department. Hayi heard two girls laughing, turning in their direction, and when they noticed her watching them, they approached.

“Are you in the vocal department, too?”


“And what about that handsome guy?” the first student asked, smirking slightly.

“No,” Hayi said automatically, her mind leaping to Jimin before she realised that didn’t make sense. “Wait … who do you mean?”

“That brunette you were talking to. Is he your boyfriend?” the second girl prodded.

“Ugh. No way. We just know each other because he’s my neighbour,” Hayi laughed and the girls sent her an almost hateful look.

“What’s wrong with him? I’d die to date such a hot guy.”

“I don’t mean to sound rude but dying for such a thing is a big exaggeration,” Hayi said, only just managing to refrain from rolling her eyes.

The girls exchanged a meaningful look and Hayi realised this was exactly why she hardly ever got along with anyone of her own gender. She was sarcastic, didn’t laugh as easily as others and, in this culture, she was considered as nothing more than arrogant.

“No wonder they don’t date. I mean … look at her,” she heard one of them whisper as they walked away.

“What?” Hayi shouted after them in disbelief.

It wasn't like she cared about other people’s opinions that much but she had heard far too many times that she wasn’t pretty enough, and this was just the final straw.

“You’re too short, too curvy, your nose bridge isn’t high enough, and your face is too round.”

She stalked towards the exit, noticing Jimin conversing with a few other students. And even if she hated to admit it, she suddenly felt so small in front of him.

Of course, he wouldn’t ever notice her.


One Month Ago


Hayi sat on the bench beside Jungkook, schooling her expression into one of innocence. She sipped on the straw of her orange juice, watching the group of boys who were rehearsing on the tennis courts.

It seemed like preparation for some kind of big event due to the sheer size of their numbers, but Hayi could easily find Jimin among them. She’d once heard that love had a fluorescent colour because, even if you were in a crowd of thousands, the person you loved would stand out.

Yeah, she probably went too far with that particular thought. She still hadn’t even spoken to Jimin, but she liked the idea of being in love with him. And maybe these feelings made her facial expression too dreamy because Jungkook patted her head so hard that she flinched.

“What the hell?!”

“What do you mean? Why are you here?” he shot back at her.

“I’m skipping my classes. They’re boring,” she lied smoothly. “But their dance … it’s cool.”

“They’re not dancing now,” Jungkook pointed out.

“But they will,” Hayi answered him, unintentionally inhaling a mouthful of orange juice after Jimin pulled up his blouse.

He used a towel on a nearby bench to wipe the sweat from his back and swept his hair back from his forehead. Hayi coughed, almost choked, and Jungkook laughed at her.

“I see. You came to see the chocolate abs, huh?” he said with that tone she just couldn’t stand. He was clearly having fun watching her distress. “Are you blushing?”

Hayi stood up rapidly and marched towards the trashcan, trying to make it look like she was just trying to throw away her empty juice carton. It was for Jungkook’s safety and her own emotional comfort. Otherwise, she probably would have strangled him to death right there on that bench.

She turned in his direction and he was still smirking. She only just managed to stop herself from swearing before she turned on her heel and headed off in a different direction, sending him a hateful look over her shoulder.

“Wait! Where are you going?” he shouted, jumping to his feet and following behind her.

“None of your business.”

“Why did you suddenly get so mad?”

“Because I’m so fucking tired of you!” Hayi hissed through gritted teeth just as Jungkook grabbed her arm.

“Hey, I was only joking!”

She skidded to a stop and turned to Jungkook, forcing him to take a step back so that they wouldn’t collide with each other.

“Like always! You’re so fucking funny, I can’t stop laughing,” Hayi fumed, feeling her eyes getting slightly teary.

Jungkook’s expression changed like the speed of light, the corners of his lips turning downwards. Maybe she was overreacting but she was so scared that Jimin would notice something about her behaviour and find her pathetic.

“What’s up?” Jungkook asked, all traces of humour gone.


“Then why are you crying?”

“I’m not. Just fuck off, Jungkook. Even if I wanted to watch a dozen naked guys take a shower together, it’s none of your business. Why do you always make fun of me?”

“You were … It’s just hilarious sometimes,” he stuttered, clearly feeling uneasy.

They stayed silent for a while, both staring off in different directions to collect their thoughts without having to look at each other. Eventually, Jungkook let out a sigh and rested his hand on Hayi’s arm.

“You should chill out,” he said. “Let’s have a drink.”

“It’s too early.”

“Fuck it. Professor told us to watch the seniors practising but it’s pointless. I need to do my own training. It’s the last hour and I’m skipping it. I want to slack off a bit, and you seriously need to chill out, babe.”

At first, it seemed like the best idea, especially when Jungkook was offering to pay for their drinks, but Hayi knew how quickly she could get drunk. And being drunk meant spewing a lot of stupid shit. They were sitting in that dim pub and she had no idea what time it was but she’d noticed that she’d become a lot more talkative as she poured both her and Jungkook another glass of Soju.

“You’ve got such a stupid expression when you’re drunk,” she laughed at Jungkook with her eyes half closed, sipping her drink smugly.

“And you’re more bearable when you’re wasted,” he slurred, making Hayi snort.

“You’re not bearable like and that … and like that,” she babbled.

“What’s this gibberish?” Jungkook chuckled. “Are you still angry because I noticed you staring at Park Jimin?”

“Park Jimin? That’s his name?” she laughed, resting her head on the tabletop. “He’s so hot. Fuck … Seriously. Give me his number.”

“I don’t have it.”

“How come?” she grunted, raising her head and looking at Jungkook’s pinkish cheeks. He just shrugged, laughing, but stopped as soon as she pointed her finger at him. “Okay! If you embarrass me in front of him, I’ll kill you. Okay?!”

“I heard you. Don’t shout.”

“Deal?” she said, moving her pinky in his direction.

“I won’t, I won’t,” Jungkook agreed, linking his finger with hers. “But it’s pathetic just to stare and …”

“Shh …” she hushed him, covering his mouth with her hand. “No more talking.”

“Blah … Your hand smells like cheese.”


Present day


“Remember? You promised that you wouldn’t embarrass me in front of Jimin,” Hayi said as soon as they stepped out onto the street.

“Did I? I was only making fun of you. And he’s not even around anymore.”

“I know. I’m saying it just in case.”

“You’re seriously paranoid,” Jungkook smirked just seconds before Hayi punched him in the small of the back. “Ouch!”

They walked for a while longer, mulling over their thoughts in silence. And then Jungkook just stopped walking.

“Do you like him that much?”

Hayi felt like her stomach was curdling, her pulse speeding up.

“Huh?” was all she managed to squeeze out, turning to look at Jungkook as he cast his gaze to the ground. “I don’t know … I guess.”

He took a step towards her.

“He invited me to this party. Guys from third year organise it on campus. He’ll be there.”


She couldn’t believe it. The two of them had only exchanged a few words and already Jimin had invited Jungkook to a party? She guessed there was no contractual privilege for people who were considered cool (not to mention hot as well because, without that, you wouldn’t be cool. Oh, fuck it …).

“Would I be the best guy ever if I took you with me? Hmm … I guess so,” Jungkook smirked suspiciously. “So how about it? You go with me and you can get close to him.”

“Okay …” Hayi said slowly, narrowing her eyes. “And what’s the catch? What do you want in exchange?”

“Do I have to want something?”

“Come on. I know you. You don’t just simply help somebody unless it benefits you.”

“So harsh … Maybe I just want to assist my little neighbour who’s afraid to even say ‘hi’ to her crush?” Jungkook crooned, spreading his arms for a condescending hug.

“I swear, someday, you will be dead meat,” she threatened, but before she could punch him in the ribs, he ducked, chuckling to himself.

“First, you need to grow taller if you want to actually stand a chance against me,” he taunted, grabbing her fist as it came hurtling towards his face.

“I will kill you in your sleep,” she said sweetly, and they kept walking.

“But before you enter my house, there’s a high possibility that you will trip over,” he predicted, leaning closer and whispering in her ear, “You’re so clumsy.”

Hayi smiled, unbothered.

“Anyway, short or not. I don’t need to be tall to kick you in the balls,” she smirked, looking up at Jungkook with a challenging gaze. He let go of her and stopped for a second, jaw dropping in a mock expression of shock.

“Whoa, so sassy,” he gasped. “Too bad you’re about as scary as a little chicken.”

Aware of what Hayi’s reaction would be, he pulled the hood of her blouse up over her head and bolted. She didn’t bother chasing him, knowing how fast he was, and by the time she’d managed to pull her hood back down, he was already standing on the other side of the street in front of the mall.

“God!” she screamed through her teeth, glaring at the cars zipping past, preventing her from crossing the road and kicking his ass.

She could hear his laughter, even from here. No. Not laughter. It was like a creepy howling noise. She hated it.

The game shop display was the first thing that caught her eye as she and Jungkook made their way to the top of the escalator on the mall’s second floor.

“Cyber Punk 2077 …” she murmured to herself, examining the cardboard cut-outs.

“I heard it sucks. I watched the view,” Jungkook said from behind her.

It was one of the only things they had in common: their love of games. During the day, they were fighting but they would never use their shared addiction to mock each other. Both of them were always fully up to date with the hottest news, but fighting during a game on the Xbox was a completely different story. Jungkook was pretty damn competitive and Hayi loved to win.

They’d spent over an hour in that same shop, picking out the perfect racing game to try out some time. But as soon as they passed by the clothing store, Hayi felt her eyes being drawn to one particular dress modelled on a mannequin in the window.

“I need to buy something dope.”

“What?” Jungkook mumbled, distracted, and she didn’t hesitate to grab him by the hand and drag him inside with her.

“You’re going to help me find something cool and you’ll tell me if Jimin would like it. You’re my guy advisor.”

“Oh, right,” Jungkook grumbled, glaring at her with a judging gaze in his eyes. “If you’re going to that party, you would wear something … adequate.”

“Hey!” Hayi started, but she grew silent as she looked her current outfit up and down: old sneakers, jeans and a pink hoodie. Right, hoodie. Jungkook was wearing one, too. “How come you wear all those baggy clothes like some kind of beggar and people still call you good-looking?”

“They do?” Jungkook asked with a smirk. “Well, I guess I’m a handsome beggar.”

“No, seriously. A guy can wear anything he likes and he’s still hot, but a girl can’t?”

“Not just any guy. It has to be a handsome guy.”

Jungkook pushed her in front of a mirror and grabbed some clothes from a hanger. “What’s your size?”

“What a gentleman,” Hayi mocked and Jungkook chuckled. “And yours?”

Jungkook leaned closer, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively, “Do you really want to know?”

“Forget it,” she sighed, pushing him away. “I’ll find something myself.”

Jungkook watched with amusement as she started searching through the various clothing racks, murmuring to herself under her breath. “I need to look hot … Hella hot …”

She snagged a random dress from a hanger and stepped back in front of the mirror, holding it up against her body and turning in various directions.

“If it comes to my taste …” Jungkook started, flicking through several items himself before procuring one of his own. “This one.”

She looked at the blood-red skirt that probably would have only reached halfway down her thighs if she wore it.

“Oh, no … Your taste is the worst. I don’t want to look like a slut.”

“It’s sexy, but still a kind of girlish style.”

Hayi thought about all those hot girls from college that were wearing short skirts and high heels. They were obviously taller and had longer, thinner legs, and they always managed to look completely stunning.

She spotted a pair of heels on an exhibition stand and plucked the same design off the shelf, snatching the skirt Jungkook was still holding and marching straight into a fitting room. She struggled a bit with a zipper and glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

“I can’t believe you’re dressing me up,” she called through the curtain as she sat down to tug on her heels.

“So that Jimin can undress you?” Jungkook teased, pulling the drapes aside as she came wobbling out of the booth.

“Hell, no,” she snapped as soon as she saw the way he was looking her up and down because she knew what that spark in his eyes meant.

He’d always had such a filthy mind and she only prayed he wouldn’t start suggesting how she should start making out with Jimin, or maybe even something a little bolder. He pouted at her, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Hayi, how many people have I successfully hit on?” he asked and Hayi felt like whining with exhaustion. Sometimes he pretended to be so macho and she hated it.

“You’re asking me? You probably don’t even know yourself,” she mocked him, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“And how many times have you …?”

“I get it. You don’t have to underline the fact that I suck at this,” she sighed. “But I did date Hanbin so it’s not like I have zero experience.”

“The most boring relationship ever.”

And these were times when Jungkook’s jokes were going too far. The line was crossed, considering how complicated and uncomfortable the topic was for her.

“Asshole,” she cursed, turning her attention to another clothes rack.

“What? He was a jerk. Why do you automatically assume I’m insulting you? You were the unluck one in this case,” Jungkook said calmly, moving in front of Hayi with his arms still folded.

“Well, you’re always insulting me.”

“I tease you. But if you date Jimin, you’ll be winning the lottery. That’s what I meant.”

Hayi glanced up at him, realising that he seemed to regret his previous comment about Hanbin.

“At least there’s one thing we can agree on.”

“Are you going to buy something or not?” he asked after a long – slightly awkward – silence, and she shook her head.

“I haven’t got my paycheque yet. I’ll buy something later. Let’s go and grab some coffee.”

“You just said that you don’t have any money.”

She turned to face him and grabbed his arm, feigning aegyo. “Buy me coffee. I want coffee, oppa.”

“I’m not your oppa.”

“Oppa!” she cooed, raising the pitch in her voice and tugging childishly on his arm. “If you won’t, I’ll just get cuter.”

“Fine. Now stop it or I’ll vomit.”

She smirked as they stopped in front of the cafeteria and he opened his wallet, ordering a latte and an americano. They sat on a bench together and Hayi pointed out a display for branded, leather bags.

“Now buy me one of those bags, oppa,” she said with that same childish voice and Jungkook slapped his hand over her mouth.

“Aish …”

Hayi laughed, sipping her coffee with a smile that faded as soon as she caught sight of a familiar face. Her eyes grew wider and she suddenly leapt up from her seat.


“What is it?”

“Jimin’s here,” she hissed and Jungkook leaned over in his seat to look through the glass panel at the escalator where Jimin was, indeed, heading their way.

She cursed again and ripped off her blouse, much to Jungkook’s surprise, fixing her hair with a rubber band. She’d been wearing a black tank top with spaghetti strips and it was a little too revealing but at least she didn’t look like a five-year-old anymore.

She sat back in her chair, ignoring Jungkook’s wide-eyed expression gaping at her and trying not to laugh at just how dumbstruck he looked. Like a deer in the headlights.

“Stop,” she giggled, biting down on her lip in an attempt to silence herself.

“You’re seriously insane,” he shook his head, lowering his head to sip on his straw.

“Maybe, but get rid of that stupid expression and just act normal.”

“You’re the one who needs to act normal,” he laughed and she mimicked him at an even louder pitch, noticing that Jimin was only a few feet away.

“Say something,” she hissed, leaning back and resisting the urge to ring her hands.

Jungkook glanced up, smiling, and Hayi felt like her heart was going to leap right out of her chest when Jimin stopped beside their table.


“Hi. Second time today.”

“Right,” Jimin said, looking a little confused, and Hayi forced a smile, crossing her legs beneath the table.

“We came to a game shop,” Jungkook offered, gesturing between himself and his companion. “This is my friend. Hayi.”

“Yeah, we’re neighbours,” she added nervously, concerned that Jimin may assume they were a couple.

“Nice to meet you, Hayi. I’m Jimin,” he greeted her politely and Hayi bowed, not knowing what she could possibly say next.

“She’s a freshman, just like me. By the way … Are some people from the vocal department coming to your party? You know how their schedule is so busy … There’s not really any time for integration,” Jungkook said, smooth as chocolate.

Hayi hoped he was trying to surreptitiously get her invited to that party so she could enter the society of seniors from the dancing department.

“There’s going to be a lot of people,” Jimin smiled at them, clearly not suspecting any hidden motives. “To be honest, we had the idea to invite as many people as possible since the university hasn’t organised any events for the freshmen.”

“That’s great! You’ll have time to relax, Hayi,” Jungkook grinned, patting her head as she forced a smile.

“Your department has the best cadre,” Jimin addressed her for the first time. “We actually have some pretty good teachers. All this school is lacking is a few more events for the students.”

“Is that so?” Hayi said, fixing her hair absently. “It’s good to have a sunbae who can give me such good advice.”

“Anytime,” he replied, and Hayi couldn’t quite believe that she’d just flirted with Park Jimin.


“Oh, right … Taehyung, I’m coming!” the boy shouted over his shoulder, waving to some guy emerging from the Gucci boutique. “I came up here to find a friend but it looks like he found me first. See you, guys.”

And with that, he was gone.

“Wow, that was really smooth,” Hayi praised as soon as Jimin was out of earshot. “I was afraid you’d say something stupid.”  

“I told you that I wouldn’t embarrass you in front of him,” Jungkook mused, watching Hayi closely with narrowed eyes. “And you actually made some progress, too. Now he knows you can talk.”

“Shut up,” Hayi mumbled, swatting at his arm. “So now we act besties in front of him?”

“We act?” Jungkook gasped, clasping his hand to his chest. “Ouch. That hurts my feelings.”

“What? You’re my neighbour. Nothing more.”

“And yet you’ve been hanging out with me since high school.”

“Okay, bestie!” Hayi cried, returning to her insufferable aegyo.

“Oh, no. Not again.”  





It was a difficult weekend. Maybe it wouldn’t have been if Hayi hadn’t searched for the videos from inauguration and found the one that was perfectly focused on Jimin in the flash mob dance. It was literally called, “Hot guy dances to Big Bang”, and it couldn’t have been more accurate.

At the time, Hayi had been too excited watching Jimin to remember every detail of his moves, but now she could relive it all over again, rewinding it to the sexiest moments. The way he moved his hips had her imagining how she would rub her ass against them.

She lay down on her bed, watching her favourite parts for the umpteenth time. Sometimes when she was watching porn, she would touch herself during the hottest parts, but she never thought she would get so wet just from watching someone dancing.

She massaged her clit through the material of her shorts, closing her eyes and letting her imagination run away with itself.

Jimin was moving his hips, biting his lips, looking right at Hayi sitting in the audience. Everybody turned in her direction, wanting to know who would draw such a sexy dancer’s attention. Jimin moved closer, presenting his body roll specially for her. She rested her hands on his rock-hard thighs and then slipped them up his shirt.

Suddenly, there was only her and Jimin. He pulled up the material, exposing the skin of his abdomen moulded perfectly against his muscles.

“You like it?” he whispered, shrugging off his jacket and tossing it aside.


Jimin smiled at her. Sweat was dripping from his forehead and he licked his lips, slowly unbuttoning his shirt right in front of her.

“Just come here,” Hayi gasped, seizing his tie and pulling him closer.

His knee landed between her thighs and he was looking at her with hungry eyes as she tore his shirt from his body.

“Do you want me?” he breathed in her ear and she ran her hands over his chest and arms as though she couldn’t get enough of feeling him beneath her fingertips.

“Yeah,” she whined, feeling the warmth of his tongue against her neck.

“I want you too, baby,” he said as he pressed their lips together.

“Jimin …” she whispered, almost breathless, when his mouth moved down to her chest, hands massaging her breasts.

“I want you so much …” she heard his voice so close to her ear.

“Me, too. Me, too.”

And it was like she still had those words on her lips when she opened her eyes, her alarm clock drawing her from her dreamy fantasies.

“Fuck,” she cursed, propped herself up on her elbow, breathing heavily. “I need to find a way.”

It was still early so she still had a little time to close her eyes and accept reality before she stood up to prepare herself for morning classes. She splashed cold water on her face but there was still something boiling inside of her.

A girl would usually fix such a problem with a dildo but since her family were still in the same building, the risk of getting caught was just too high. By her parents or her younger siblings. Whoever it was, it would be super awkward and after all, she wasn’t that unprudish.

But since she’d developed this major crush on Jimin, something had caused her to cross her limits. She threw on some random clothes and went down to eat breakfast with her mother and younger brother.

“You’re going out early,” her mother stated, eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Yeah. We’ve got some important classes today.”

As soon as the front door closed behind her, she was marching towards the mall. There were still thirty minutes before classes and she’d decided to make it quick. It was the first day of the month so her paycheque had finally been handed over.

She headed straight to the clothing store she’d visited the previous week with Jungkook and, not wasting any time, she grabbed the short red skirt from the hanger.

“What will go with this one?” she asked a nearby staff member. “To look attractive and classy?”

The woman seemed surprised but she smiled and started searching the shelves. After a minute or two, she came back with a white shirt, bundled slightly at the waist.

“I think this would look great since the skirt has a high waist.”

“How about heels?”

She took the black pair of heels that were offered to her and suddenly remembered seeing some female idol wearing a similar outfit on the television a few nights ago.

“And … this one,” the saleswoman continued, taking some overknee socks from the shelf.

Hayi avoided the lady’s knowing smirk as she payed for everything with her credit card. It was worth half her fucking salary … but it would be worth it.

She ducked into the bathroom on her way out and dressed up, hiding her old clothes in her backpack. Tugging out her cosmetics, she fixed her make-up and blackened her lids with eyeliner.

“Make this shit work,” she muttered to herself before she stepped through the college entrance.

A group of seniors did a double take, still glancing over their shoulders as they walked off down the corridor. She didn’t care about them but she had to admit that having so many men gazing her way was a new experience for her.

There was only about two minutes until her class began but she took a detour, deliberately passing by the dance studio where the students were lined up in the corridor outside. At first she couldn’t see Jimin but then he emerged from behind one of his friends and she almost panicked.

Everybody was looking at her. After all, she was wearing ten-centimetre heels, provocative over-knee socks and a short, short skirt chosen by the King of Kink himself: Jeon Jungkook. Someone whistled and Hayi eyed the guy from the dance department as a chick who seemed to be his girlfriend swiped at the back of his head.

Hayi slowed down as she approached Jimin. Their gazes met and suddenly she felt warmth spreading through her entire body. She couldn’t even bring herself to say “hi” so she looked straight ahead, hoping it would make her seem less awkward.

“Hayi?” she heard his voice.

“Jimin …” she exhaled, turning to him.

“Hi,” was all he said, short and stunned.

“You’re from the dance department too? It will be kind of hard in those heels,” some guy piped up and Hayi felt like running away as she saw Jimin smirk, giving his friend a punch on the arm.

“Hayi’s a singer.”

“Then I think I need to familiarise myself with the vocal department.”

“Stop it,” Jimin laughed, returning his attention to Hayi. “You look pretty, Hayi. And don’t listen to this goofball.”

“Thanks,” she urmured. “Um … I’ve got to go.”

She left before her face could turn any redder, but as soon as she got to her class, she realised that it had been transferred to another room. Damn, she was so distracted these days. What this guy did to her …

When she finally took a seat, she heard a couple of people whispering behind her. Of course, she had expected the attention seeing as she had suddenly pranced into the room dressed in clothes she normally would never even touch.

The professor announced that the group was going to watch a documentary about the history of music and, normally, Hayi would have been very interested but, on that particular morning, her thoughts were far away. To be honest, nothing about this place was helping.

A few months ago, Jimin was dancing in front of her during inauguration and today, she’d had a dream about making out with him in this very same room. Damn irony …

She bit her lip and crossed her legs as everything came back to her: his gaze fixing on her when they talked, his fucking body rolls, sexy dance moves and his damn, perfectly sculpted stomach. She dreamed he could touch her under this skirt. She hoped he’d stared at her as she walked away down that corridor.

Did he even consider her hot when he saw her? When she thought about his luscious lips, she imagined how they would give her endless pleasure. She would bite them, suck on them … And it was a good thing she was sitting in the back row.

She squeezed her legs together, rubbing them discreetly beneath the desk. Sure that nobody was paying attention, she placed her backpack on her knees and slipped her hand beneath her skirt. Her pants were wet.

How she wished Jimin could touch her there and see how horny he made her. If his cock could just slide inside her. The vision was so tempting that she started rubbing herself harder and only came to her senses when she saw the girl in front of her shift in her seat.

Hayi removed her hand but still continued to massage herself through the material. When she opened her eyes, she could feel someone’s gaze fixated on her and she straightened up, turning her head away from Jungkook when she noticed him sitting a few desks down.

“Fuck …” she whispered, pretending that she was fiddling with a strap on her backpack but Jungkook found her as soon as the bell rang.

“Relaxing class, huh?” he called from behind her.

She kept walking, refusing to turn in his direction, “Get lost, Jungkook.”

He overtook her, blocking her path as he leant against the wall with his arms folded and his expression unreadable.

“It must have been pleasant,” he said. “But I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to guess who you were thinking about.”

“Fucking pervert …” she murmured and Jungkook let her go as a group of his friends passed by, hollering his name.

Hayi slouched into the canteen, sighing in frustration when she felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. Who else would it be but Jeon Jungkook himself?




Hayi texted back:


His reply came in seconds:


Hayi sighed in disbelief as she wrote:


And that was when their SM battle began. It wasn’t like it was something that had never happened before but now Hayi was unsure whether they could still classify it as fighting or if it had turned into sexting.



Jungkook: YEAH RIGHT …




Jungkook: I AM. SO?

Hayi: WHAT?














Chapter Text


 Hayi swore to herself that she would never again ask Jungkook for his advice. In fact, she avoided him at all costs and their only interactions were short and tense, always initiated by Jungkook. Including the phone messages.


Hayi felt nothing but anger as she practically stabbed her phone in reply:


She heard the ding of his immediate answer but she ignored it, deciding instead to prepare a coffee for the next customer in line. She had exchanged a grim, abysmal job in the market place for a much more pleasant experience at a cute little café on the corner of the street.

But there was another benefit, other than the more appealing working conditions, and Hayi would be lying if she said that wasn’t the main reason she’d been so desperate to apply. Park Jimin was a frequent flyer.

She prided herself on not needing Jungkook’s help to manage herself around him but when there were no more clients lining up in front of the counter, she found herself reaching for her phone and reading the messages plastered across the screen.


She snorted as she sent off her indignant reply:



And then Jungkook sent a message that had her tossing her phone aside in pure irritation:



She returned to her work, forcing a smile across her face as she took the next customer’s order.

It wasn’t until maybe two or three hours later that the door opened and a gaggle of students flooded into the shop. Jimin looked just as handsome as always, wearing a denim jacket and ripped jeans, revealing how muscular his legs were.

He was so fit. And the moment he approached the counter, Hayi felt like her heart was going to explode. Such was the intensity of its palpitations that she had to remind herself to breathe in and out at a regular rate.

“Oh, hi,” she greeted him, her voice slightly constricted, and his face split into a stunning smile with just a hint of surprise hidden within.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I just started work. Do you come here often?”

It almost made her laugh because she knew full well how frequently he passed through that door, and yet here she was, pretending to be as ignorant as the goons by his side.

“Yeah. It’s pretty close to the university,” Jimin answered, sweeping his hair back and letting out a deep sigh. “Ah … Dance class really wiped me today.”

“You must be thirsty,” Hayi gabbled before realising how it sounded.

Jimin probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the dull flush that crept up her neck, but of course, he did. And he smirked, his tongue shooting out to lick his lips.

“Yeah. I am.”

“So … How about a gin and tonic?” Hayi muttered, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Oh, I wish but we have more classes later on.”

“Maybe next time.”

“Jimin, have you picked something already?” one of the boys behind him asked as the entire group shuffled forwards to read the menu on the board.

Jimin apologised for taking up so much time and ordered an iced coffee without further delay. Hayi served his friends and … that was it. He nodded his goodbye and then sauntered off to sit at the table all the way across the café.

Hayi really felt like all her efforts were pointless. She shovelled a slice of cake onto a plate for another customer and stole a quick glance at the group of dancers. Jimin was laughing sweetly at something one of them had said.

She wanted to be the one to make him laugh like that but … well, shit. She grabbed her phone and begrudgingly typed a message to Jungkook, knowing that she was admitting her failure.


It took several minutes before Jungkook’s reply bobbed up on the screen:


“What?” she muttered under her breath, shaking her head in disbelief before stuffing her phone in her pocket when she noticed that her boss was watching her with narrowed eyes.

When she could be sure that his back was turned, she responded.

Hayi: IDK, CAN I?


Hayi: YEAH

There wasn’t a reply for another five minutes and she busied herself with serving customers and wiping tables until she finally saw the number hovering above the text icon.



There was no point in answering so Hayi just focused her attention on brewing another coffee. Jimin’s gaze met hers completely by accident, all the way from across the shop, but it moved on almost as quickly. She decided to act like he wasn’t even there.

Her phone screen lit up.


Hayi: WHY?


She kept staring at the message, feeling like her eyes were about to well up. Did he mean that she and Jimin had no chemistry? That she wasn’t good enough for him? Why would he say something so cruel?

She answered on impulse alone.


She set her phone down and turned to one of the other workers by the coffee machine.

“Can you take my place for a second? I’ll be in five minutes.”

“Take fifteen, including your break, if you’re going to be as distracted as you are now. But I want you 100% focused when you come back,” her boss barked at her and she nodded.

Ducking out of the coffee shop, she plucked an e-cigarette from her pocket and allowed it to soothe her nerves. She didn’t know why she felt so awful every time when she knew that she couldn’t do anything to change her current situation.

The thought of being ignored, rejected or unappreciated was hurting her to the point that she was ready to cry. And she did. That was the reason she’d needed to leave the shop, because otherwise everybody would think she was crazy.

Crying. Just like that.

The door opened behind her and she flinched, spotting Jimin through the glass just before he stepped out onto the concrete slabs and she turned away, not wanting to look as though she’d been watching.

The footsteps approached from behind and she sensed that somebody was standing over her. Shit …

“Hayi, are you okay?” It was definitely his voice. She would recognise it anywhere. And then he was sitting down on the bench beside her. “I saw that you left. What happened? Was it your boss?”

“No. I don’t want to talk about it,” she answered flatly, still looking down and avoiding eye contact at all costs.

It was the worst possible moment to get him on his own and she must have looked awful with her eyes and nose tinted red from the effort of squeezing out all those tears. She swatted furiously at her cheeks and cleared her throat.

“Is it something serious?”

“I guess it’s not, but it’s still frustrating.”

“Are you having problems with exams?” Jimin kept pushing and she was surprised.

She wouldn’t have thought her exams were something he was interested in. After all, to him, she was a nobody. Only some acquaintance from college. She thought that maybe he was just that kind of person: the guy who always tries to help everybody.

And that was even worse because it was making her like him even more and, at the same time, hoping that she had a chance to get him to like her back.

“I just …” she started, looking up at him. “Am I okay?”

Jimin raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Am I good enough?” her voice was still a little nasal as she spoke.

“People keep trying their whole lives to achieve something but …” Jimin began, slowly and carefully, as he leaned a little closer. “Why do you think you’re not good enough? I don’t know you that well but you seem like a nice person. I heard you’re a great singer.”

Something in Hayi’s stomach twisted itself into a knot.

“You did?” she whispered, trying to school her voice into sounding at least neutral but it only made Jimin smile wider and she instantly felt a million times better.

“Yeah. I kind of wanted to hear you myself. There’s nothing of yours on YouTube?”

“Um …” she stuttered, too distracted by what she’d just heard to think clearly. “I’m earning additional money by singing at the bar every Saturday night.”

“Really? That’s cool.”

“You can come … If you want …” she mumbled, returning her gaze to her shoes so that she wouldn’t have to see his reaction. But he didn’t seem reluctant.

“What’s the name of this bar?”

“Oh, right … Summer Paradise.”

“Great. I’ll see you there.”

Somebody tapped on the window from the inside of the shop and Hayi glanced up to see her boss glaring back at her, gesturing to his watch with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

“I’ve got to go,” she whispered as he disappeared from the glass. “My boss will get angry.”

“Okay. Hwaiting, Hayi!” Jimin cheered as she stood up, taking a second more to look at him as he raised the corners of his lips and pointed at her. “And smile prettily.”

“Yeah …” she responded weakly and he laughed.

God, he was so adorable. His smile was still imprinted in her mind when she returned to her position behind the counter. Suddenly, she had no reason to be down anymore.

When her shift finally ended, she checked her phone to see two missed calls from Jungkook.

“Who’s laughing now?” she said with a grin.  




“I’ll visit you during your rehearsal with the third years.”

“Seriously …” Jungkook rolled his eyes with a smirk.

Lastly, she was really angry with him but then she decided to prove him wrong. They were sitting side by side but even if their conversation sounded reasonably casual, Hayi still felt uncomfortable when she felt Jungkook’s gaze wandering from her legs to her waist every now and again. She knew he was the type to check out any girl in a short skirt but, when it was her, it felt kind of awkward.

“I’ll bring you snacks. That’s my excuse,” Hayi added with a slightly forced smile.

“Error,” Jungkook chirped, making beeping noises like a malfunctioning machine.


He leaned back in his seat, resting his arm across the back of the chair.

“We’re Koreans, honey. If you give food to someone of the opposite sex, it means that you treat this person differently to everyone else. So anybody who sees you will think that either you have a crush on me or that we’re dating.”

“No way …”

Jungkook smirked at the discouragement on her face.

“I’ll bring food for everybody.”

“You’re that rich?”


“There are at least twenty dancers up there.”

“Ugh … You’re so frustrating!” she fumed, throwing herself backwards onto the bed and covering her face with her hands.

“No. Your ideas just suck. That’s why you need me.”

She sighed, staring up at the plain white ceiling. Jungkook rose from his chair and she felt the bed dip as he sat beside her but the discomfort didn’t appear until she realised her skirt had ridden up, revealing her thighs. She sat up and pulled it back down, fixing her tousled hair.

“So how do I make it work?”

Jungkook let out a long breath and it took several moments before he opened his mouth to speak.

“It depends if you want him to want you or fall for you.”


“Then you need to bait a hook to get him interested,” Jungkook told her, reaching out to cup her chin in his hand. “He needs to be attracted to your body and your face, your smell and your voice. And when he wants more, you have to show him that it’s not that easy. We men prefer it when things are a little more difficult …”

“That’s … intense,” Hayi murmured weakly, lost in both Jungkook’s eyes and his words.

He let go of her chin and shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s it. And then he gets addicted to everything related to you. He has to feel special whenever you’re around.”

“How do I do that?”

“No,” Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head as he took a lock of her hair and allowed the strands to fall through his fingers. “You need to figure that one out for yourself. There must be something the two of you have in common. Something that you could use to strengthen your bond?”

“I don’t know him that well.”

“Okay, forget it for now,” Jungkook dismissed, lying down on the bed beside her.

They lapsed into silence and Hayi felt his eyes on her bare legs again even before she saw that stupid smirk she knew far too well.

“You really like this skirt, huh?” he mumbled, pretending that he was repositioning the material just for an excuse to touch it. “It’s the second time this week that you’re wearing it. And these socks are really sexy.”

Hayi was caught off guard. That reaction was the exact same one she’d been aiming for but the thing was … It was Jungkook.


Jungkook rolled off the bed and crouched beside it, fingering the top of Hayi’s socks, his fingers shamelessly brushing against her skin.

“If it makes me want to spread your legs then it’ll do the same for anyone,” he breathed as his hand slowly edged further up her thigh.  

She grabbed his hand to stop the intrusion before it went too far, but she couldn’t deny the fact that his touch sent a sudden wave of warmth gushing over her belly. Jungkook smirked slightly, but retracted his hand all the same.

“Do … Guys like it when girls lead their hands up their skirts?” she asked carefully, chewing on her bottom lip as Jungkook raised his eyebrows. “I thought it’d be hot if I did it with Jimin.”

“Show me what you’d do,” Jungkook said and that was when Hayi came back to her senses, swatting his hand away from her.

“Oh my God … Get lost.”

On the contrary, Jungkook positioned himself so that his hands were either side of her hips, pressing into the mattress and caging her beneath him.

“Why?” he breathed, voice a little hoarse, tongue exploring his lips.

He was so close that she could feel the warmth of his body.

“I told you. We’re not sleeping together.”

Jungkook just smiled, “Look at you. That’s the first conclusion you jump to? You were only going to show me what you’d do with Jimin.”

Hayi was taken aback but she schooled her expression into one of neutrality. Jungkook’s eyes were dark and she knew that meant he was really horny.

“You enjoy it far too much.”

“What’s wrong with that, Hayi? Shouldn’t you be happy that someone wants to get …” he combed her hair behind her ear. “…a little intimate with you?”

She opened her mouth to say something but Jungkook’s finger pushed her against her lips before she could form the words she didn’t even know she wanted to say. It was so … controlling and strong.

She felt like his knee moved closer up the bed, forcing her legs a little further apart, and Jungkook’s hands slid up her thighs. A tiny little gasp escaped her lips when his fingers came to a stop on her hips and he leant in close, lips brushing against her ear.

“Don’t you feel like a real, sexy woman? Don’t you want to see what it feels like?” he taunted and his voice was husky. It had never sounded like that before. “If you feel wanted, it will be easier for you to act sexy in front of Jimin.”

That last sentence – particularly that final word – was convincing.

“Ok. You’re persuasive. Now shut up,” she whined, taking his hand and closing her eyes.

She imagined that it was Jimin’s hand she was leading between her legs, feeling how his fingers rubbed the material of her lingerie, completely of his own volition. Her body trembled without her control.

“Fuck …” she whispered, still with her eyes screwed shut so as not to ruin the fantasy.

Hanbin had never caused her this kind of pleasure, but she pushed that image of her ex into the back of her mind. She only thought of Jimin: his expression of arousal as he touched her, the way he pushed her firmly back into the blankets and she gave into the ecstasy those smooth fingers were giving her.

“More,” she exhaled, feeling a growing wetness where her thighs met.

The sudden circular movements were what pulled the first moan from deep within her throat. Even if nobody was home, she knew to stay as quiet as possible, but it was pretty damn difficult right about now.

“I’ll go down on you, baby,” she heard Jungkook breathing against her neck. “You’re so horny already.”

She kept her eyes closed, too deep within her own mind to let his voice remind her that it wasn’t really Jimin kneeling between her legs.

“No more talking,” she whispered, feeling how the material of her lacy lingerie was moved aside.

Fingers started moving slowly in her clit and then faster. She instinctively moved her legs but they were stopped by the strong grip of his hands. There was something arousing in this. She moaned, breathing harder as the movements grew in aggression.

When it stopped and she felt the warmth of the other body on her skin, she opened her eyes. Jungkook was just leaning between her thighs. As soon as she felt his tongue on her pussy, her whole lower extremities. It was like this tongue knew the most sensitive parts down there.

Hayi panted, feeling her muscles start to shake. Jungkook caressed her thighs slowly and moved his tongue inside deeper.

“Fuck …” she whined again, fisting her fingers in his hair.

He pinned her legs to the bedding as she felt her entire body arch with a sudden wave of bliss and then he was slowing down, but her arousal only grew. It wasn’t until she felt the small stream trickling down her thighs that she realised just how much.

Jungkook’s tongue increased its pace and she couldn’t handle it any longer. It was like something washed over her entire body and when the warmth became overwhelming, she let out a moan and released her grip on Jungkook’s head.

Her arms and legs thudded uselessly onto the bedding at her sides, too heavy to lift. She took a deep breath, almost certain that she felt a soft peck on the inside of her thigh, but as soon as she propped herself up on her elbows, she caught sight of a familiar car in the driveway outside.

“Oh my God!” she cried, leaping up from the bed. “My parents are home!”

“That’s unfortunate,” Jungkook monotoned, now sitting on the carpet with no indication of movement any time soon.

Hayi ripped off her heels and seized Jungkook’s arm, tugging and tugging and tugging even though he was far too heavy to be lifted by someone as petite as her.

“What are you waiting for? Go down …”

“I did,” he smirked, fastening his fingers around her ankle when she started towards the door. “You want more?”

She kicked him.

“Go down there and stop them before they think about coming up here.”

“We’re just warming up. What’s the fuss?” Jungkook continued as he finally pulled himself up from the floor and leant against the doorframe with his arms crossed and his expression bored-looking.

“I need to get changed,” Hayi hissed under her breath, tearing off her stockings.

She caught sight of Jungkook as she turned around and there was something … hot about him just standing there in the doorway, his hair all messy and tangled. She lifted herself up onto her toes and fixed his fringe, yelping in surprise when his arm looped around her waist and pulled her close.

“Going back to pretending that you’re a good little girl, huh?” he smirked in amusement.

Their faces were only a few centimetres apart but Hayi planted her hand in the centre of his chest and gave him a push.

“Just go and talk to them about something,” she ordered, closing the door in his face and slipping out of her clothes as quickly as humanly possible.  






Chapter Text

I realised that Jungkook/Hayi is pretty much based on relationship of these two.






As Hayi warbled out the final resounding note, the room offered up a smattering of appreciative applause, but all she could focus on was the gorgeous blonde guy sitting in the corner of the music club.

Jimin was wearing a full denim outfit and his hair was parted down the centre, just like it used to be. Hayi got up from the chair that was positioned in front of the microphone and nervously approached, her heart speeding up beneath her ribcage.  

“Jimin … Hi. I’m glad you made it,” she greeted as she reached his table.

“Hey. That was great. Your voice is so strong,” he praised her, briefly touching her arm with a wide smile on his face.

“Thank you.”

She wasn’t sure which words to use in order to continue the conversation and, in that short space of time where she stood there in silence, Jimin noticed Jungkook at another table.

“Jungkook!” he called out.

“Hello, sunbaenim,” the taller boy answered, raising his glass in a toast of acknowledgement.

He looked so nonchalant that Hayi barely managed to bite back a laugh, unlike Jimin who burst into a fit of giggles. It really was a gorgeous sound.

“Sunbaenim?”  he parroted with a grin. “I see you’ve read up on your use of honorifics.”

Jungkook’s eyebrow arched upwards as he teased, “But it was still polite, right?”

Hayi rolled her eyes at his familiar antics.

“This guy …” Jimin chortled but the sound of his phone ringing cut him off and he pulled it from his jeans pocket to check the screen. “I’m sorry, I need to take this call.”

Hayi watched him walking away to a quieter section of the club where he raised the phone to his ear. As soon as he was out of range, she marched over to Jungkook and jabbed her elbow into his ribs.

“What do you think?” she asked, knowing she didn’t need to develop her question any further seeing as Jungkook knew full well what she meant.  

“Do you want an honest opinion?”

“No. Lie to me,” she sighed sarcastically, giving him a withering glare. “Seriously, Jungkook … Only the truth.”

Jungkook shook his head, clicking his tongue in disapproval before taking his sweet time with a swig of his drink.

“You don’t fit. He’ll get tired of your unpredictable nature and you’ll get bored because, deep down, you don’t really like nice guys.”

He whispered the last few words right into the shell of her ear, his breath whispering against her cheek.

“Don’t be so sure, Dr Freud,” she chastised him, leaning closer to underline her advantage. “You’re only telling me this because you want to win a bet.”

“A bet?” Jungkook echoed, regarding her carefully as his eyebrows formed a confused knot in the centre of his forehead. “By the way, that’s my drink you’re chugging …”

Hayi ignored him, the remainder of the alcohol sliding down her throat. She exaggerated the smacking of her lips and Jungkook smirked, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Listen, I’m telling you this because I get you,” he muttered, his tone dropping several pitches so that only both of them could hear. “You’re just as fucked up as I am.”

Hayi took a step back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“If that makes you less lonely,” she snorted, leaving Jungkook’s side as soon as she noticed Jimin returning to his table.

She closed the gap between them, feeling a pleasant heat spreading upwards from the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t sure if it was coming from his body or hers but her heart was getting faster again.

“Hey, Jimin …” she greeted, rather breathlessly, realising for the first time how close they were. “There’s a nice club nearby. Do you want to go? Since you’ve seen me singing, maybe it’s time that you show me your dance moves.”  

“A club? Sounds good.”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” Hayi added, unable to conceal her smile at his positive response. “It’s the weekend. We need some chill time.”

Jimin’s eyes roved upwards and Hayi looked over her shoulder to see Jungkook standing right behind her, watching the scene play out in front of him with a clear expression of disapproval.

“Are you coming, too?” Jimin asked and Hayi quickly sent Jungkook a warning look, the refusal already on her lips.

“N …”

“Yeah,” Jungkook answered, cutting her off before she could even finish the word. “I love partying.”

Hayi felt like she could strangle him right there, right then, but at the same time, she wished the floor would swallow her up so she could hide the embarrassment heating up her cheeks. Why would Jimin invite Jungkook?

“I’m going to kill you,” she murmured threateningly as they waited at the door for Jimin to grab his jacket.

“Why?  I admit, it was smooth what you told him, but really, Hayi?” Jungkook mocked, giving her a condescending smirk. “A girl asking a guy out alone to a club?”

Hayi clenched her teeth and forced a smile as Jimin caught up with them. He pushed open the door and she took the opportunity to hiss in Jungkook’s direction.

“Since you noticed that the baby steps aren’t working, it seems like it’s time to take some strides. I’m done waiting.”

“Well, it’s a good idea for a hook-up. But didn’t you want to date him? When people don’t know each other that well, they should have somebody else around. You know, for safety reasons.”

“Bullshit. Don’t play the traditional card.”

“Okay, we can go now,” Hayi heard Jimin calling from up ahead of them and she nodded with a smile, increasing her pace so they could walk side by side.

“Then what are double dates for, huh?” Jungkook whispered, drawing Hayi’s attention so suddenly that she was forced to slow down just to give him the most infuriated glare she could.

“I seriously …” she started, cutting herself off abruptly when Jimin backpedalled to join them.

“Is something wrong?” he asked and, damn, he was observant.

All Hayi could muster was a short and curt, “No.”

The club’s neon lights illuminated their faces, projecting a kind of ethereal glow over Jimin’s face and Hayi realised that, the more she was looking at him, the harder she found it to believe that somebody could actually be that beautiful.

He clearly noticed her staring and smiled in response, radiant as always. He said something about them being lucky that the line wasn’t that long but she could only nod, trailing behind him as they headed towards the entrance.

There were a few free seats lined up in front of the bar, most of the guests bobbing about on the dance floor in the centre of the room.

“Jungkook, do you want to grab a drink?” Jimin asked, leading them over to the counter.

“Sure. Since Hayi drank mine earlier,” Jungkook shot back, plonking himself down on one of the stools. “And you?”

“Of course,” Jimin grinned.

Hayi didn’t like the way they were looking at each other.

“Hayi …”

“Three shots, please!” she called to the bartender, summoning him in their direction and gesturing to their little group.

“So kind of you,” Jimin crooned, briefly caressing her back with one of his feathery touches.

“Oh, these are for me,” she countered, seizing the first glass that was handed to her and throwing back her head, downing it in one.

“Whoa …”

“Okay, have fun,” Jungkook  smirked, pulling his wallet from his pocket when he noticed the bartender’s sharp gaze. “Two times what she ordered for me and my friend. I’m paying.”

What followed was a brief argument about who should pay for who but Hayi wasn’t listening, too invested in finishing her second shot. She wished it would reach her head as quickly as possible so that her mood wouldn’t be completely ruined by Jungkook and his gatecrashing.

“It’s strong …” she grunted to herself, scooping up the glass that had just arrived and handing it to Jimin. “Drink.”

“Thanks,” he answered, still slightly distracted by his conversation with Jungkook until finally permitting the other to pay for their round.

Hayi slipped in between the two of them and turned to Jimin, propping her elbow up on the counter and resting her chin in her hand, gazing at him.

“Do you know that you’re actually pretty famous thanks to your dance?” she started, her smile growing as she felt herself beginning to relax.  


“Yeah. That performance during inauguration? It had many views online. But it’s been so long since I’ve seen you dancing.”

“Which means you really want to see it now, right?” Jimin teased, prompting a blush to spread up Hayi’s neck.

“Of course.”

“Okay …” Jimin agreed cheerfully, hopping down from his stool and retreating several paces to get some space. “How about … this?”

He erupted into a fit of bodily contortions, each dorkier than the one before and yet still somehow managing to be sensual at the same time. Jungkook cackled, slapping the bar with an open palm but Hayi didn’t pay attention to him, keeping her eyes fixed on Jimin.

“And how does that one from university go?” she prodded, almost dying right then and there when Jimin licked his lips.  

“Ah … This one,” he smirked, a series of waves rippling through his body. “You mean this?”

“Wow, Jimin! You really are good!” Jungkook praised, clapping slowly.

Jimin saluted in response and returned to his seat to finish his drink, “You, too. I’ve always liked your dance.”

“Really?” Jungkook asked, incredulous, and Jimin nodded as he smacked his lips. It was too much for Hayi.

“Oh my god!” She suddenly shouted, grabbing Jimin’s hand and interrupting the increasingly peculiar atmosphere. “I love this song! Let’s go, Jimin!”

She dragged him out into the middle of the crowd and turned to face him, gazing into his eyes despite the dimness of the light. Her body moved on impulse, slowly conforming to the beat of the song and he followed her. There was something tempting in the way he was looking at her as she moved her hands from her hair to her hips.


We are in the black, black water

In the black, black water

We’re deep in black, black water

In the black, black water

We’re deep in black, black water

In the black, black water

In deep black, black water

In the black, black water


She moved closer and smiled. Half of Jimin’s forehead was plastered with his sweat-soaked hair, making him look even more sensual as he busted out his sexiest moves. She could sense the warmth of his body and feel the material of his jeans jacket nibbling at her skin.

She wanted to touch him so badly. He was inches away, twisting perfectly to every beat with his half-lidded eyes and thick juicy lips. One moment, his face would be shrouded in darkness and the next, it would be cast in bright blue lightning.

Her hands traced the muscles of his arms and then she felt a grip looping around her waist. Their foreheads touched and the frequency of her breathing increased tenfold. It was too much to handle.

Their lips connected. Tongues met half-way. Hayi ran her fingers through his hair. It was finally happening and she wasn’t sure if she could even feel her legs anymore as she allowed herself to melt into his embrace.

The feeling was so mesmerising that, for a second, she forgot about everything else around her. They finally drew apart and when their eyes connected, Hayi was broken from whatever trance had taken hold of her.

Everything felt like it was a part of some kind of mystical dream. Too good to be true. The song came to an end and something far more energetic started thumping out of the speakers.

Jimin’s hands were still on her arms.

“Having fun without me? That’s really quite rude,” she heard from behind her and turned to see Jungkook watching them disapprovingly.

“You want to join?” Jimin asked, biting down on his lower lip.

Pressed right up against his body, Hayi was enjoying herself far too much to bother protesting.

“How could I not?” Jungkook murmured and only then did she realise he was standing right behind her, his hands gripping her hips.

Without warning, her mind brought her back to that moment in her bedroom when they’d done all those things together. His chest was touching her back and Jimin was watching them both with surprise, still with his hands on Hayi’s waist.

“Stay,” she implored, pulling him closer by the front of his shirt before he had the time to retreat.

She had no idea what either of them were doing at this moment but it felt good. Even Jungkook’s soft kisses against the skin of her neck. She’d never felt more wanted than she did in this very moment. No matter what their relationship was, they were both exceedingly attractive and they knew what a simple touch could do to her.

Jimin kissed her again, this time rougher, but Jungkook must have been determined not to be left behind because he attacked Hayi’s neck with a series of bites and nips that were bordering on ferocious. She felt both tongues lapping at her skin and on her lower lip, Jimin’s crotch was rubbing against hers and Jungkook’s hands were kneading her breasts.

If the music wasn’t so loud, everybody within these four walls probably would have heard her moan. She could feel Jungkook’s hot breath in the shell of her ear, fast and sharp, and she arched her back, allowing her head to fall against his shoulder.

His hand looped around from the back and fastened on her jaw, holding her steady as he leaned in to latch onto her mouth. It was so unexpected that she almost flinched and when she finally opened her eyes, she could see Jimin watching the two of them with parted lips and darkened eyes.

She hooked her fingers around his neck and pulled their faces together, tongues rolling over each other with a kind of animalistic aggression. Strong arms were squeezing her waist and she felt even more kisses devouring her neck. It distracted her and, once again, she found her lips on Jungkook’s.

“Wow, it’s getting hot in here,” Jimin panted, mouth curving upwards at the side.

“You mean literally or as a metaphor?” Jungkook fired back, swaying slowly with Hayi in his arms, refusing to move his gaze from Jimin as the boy advanced.

“Both,” he murmured, so close that he and Jungkook were almost nose to nose, smoky eyes narrowed.

Now Hayi was sandwiched between them and she could feel the sudden tension layering the air around them. The both of them kissing her had been nothing short of heaven but now she could only imagine them kissing each other and it was starting to scare her.

Jungkook liked men and women and Hayi knew he certainly wouldn’t mind making out with somebody as hot as Jimin. And Jimin … She was afraid to admit it but, sometimes, he acted like he was attracted to Jungkook.

“I feel sick,” she interrupted, wriggling out of Jungkook’s embrace and escaping from between them. “Take me home, Jungkook.”

“You’re not feeling well?” Jimin asked, his smouldering expression transforming instantly to one of concern.

Why did he have to be so damn sweet every time? It made her feel guilty for lying to him but still she managed to nod her head, “I need to rest.”

Wordlessly, Jungkook grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the exit but she could hear Jimin’s voice calling after them, “Okay, I’ll come with you.”

Once on the street outside the club, they paused so that Jungkook could call a taxi and Hayi simply waited in silence with her arms folded protectively over her chest. No one said a word other than Jimin’s occasional, “are you feeling better yet, Hayi?” until they finally piled into the back of the taxi.

Jimin was the first to get out as the vehicle pulled to a stop outside his house. It seemed big but there was a towering fence surrounding it on all sides and it was too dark to identify any details.

Hayi kept resolutely staring out of the window, her lips just as sealed as Jungkook’s, right up until the moment they were watching the taxi driver trundling away with his fee. Then she spun on the spot, glaring at Jungkook with all the hatred she could muster up.

“What the fuck was that? Not only do you demand to come with us but then you start flirting with him?” she shrieked, pushing his shoulder even though she knew he was too solid for it to have any effect. “What’s wrong with you?”

Jungkook’s expression, up until that point, had been schooled into seriousness but at Hayi’s words his lips curled upwards in amusement, “When did I do that? He was the one flirting with me. Maybe he’s attracted to me.”

“Jimin is not … gay,” Hayi ground out through gritted teeth.

But then she realised she couldn’t be sure about Jimin’s sexuality or really anything regarding his personal life because she knew next to nothing about him. Really … almost nothing.

Jungkook shrugged, “But he could be bisexual like me, you know?”

“No,” Hayi said with a bitter laugh, taking a step closer and staring him right in the eye. “You’ve just always been a horny kinky brat who thinks everybody wants to sleep with him.”

It was a short and painful silence between the both of them and, just when Hayi tried to explain the harshness of her words, Jungkook narrowed his eyes and poked his tongue against the inside of his mouth.

“Well, you don’t. At least for now …” he murmured and only then did Hayi understand what he meant. “You really have no idea how to seduce him, right? Maybe you should just pick another option. You know which one …”

“No, you’re just an obstacle and … a really bad teacher. If you hadn’t come with us, I would probably be …” she stopped herself, too shy to express her desires that openly “I mean … What’s your point, Kook?”

He didn’t stop staring at her, mouth sealed in a firm line of irritation. Hayi always hated it when they had moments like this because she never knew what was going to happen next.

“I already told you. You’re either too awkward or too bold whenever you’re with him,” he snapped, licking his lips. “Maybe it’s you who’s the bad student.”

The seductiveness of his body language didn’t match with the ferocity of his words. Hayi slammed her fist into his shoulder with all the force she could muster and it must have hurt because his hand leapt to the assaulted area as a hiss of pain left his throat.

“I’m bad? Then stop criticising me …” she growled, turning towards her front door before perhaps the most unexpected thing occurred.

Jungkook pulled her closer, his arms encircling her body from behind as he reeled her in until his chest was pressing right up against her back.

“I told you. You’re a bad student,” he murmured, so close to her ear that she could feel his lips on her skin. “Try to seduce me first. If it works on me then it will work on Jimin.”

 “W-What?” Hayi stuttered, numb with shock.

The warmth of his body against hers disappeared as soon as she spun around to face him. Him and his big chocolatey eyes sparkling in the darkness.

“You know my address and my phone number,” he said shortly. “Good night.”

And with that, he was gone. Hayi fixed her hair, staring through the window into her house. She could only hope, as Jungkook closed his front door behind him, that nobody had seen the two of them together. What the fuck had he been thinking?

All her feelings were churning inside of her but the ones that stood out stark and clear were none other than fury and pure arousal. It took her several moments to calm down before she could enter her own house. Everything that had happened over the course of the day had proved to be too much.

At some point, she had been happy because she’d finally kissed Jimin but then there had been Jungkook messing it all up. It was confusing. Was he even going to help her get close to her crush? Like, ever? She highly doubted it now.

I’ll show you, you damn brat, she thought to herself just before she allowed sleep to claim her.




She sat alone, perched on the low brick wall with one leg crossed over the other, waiting until classes finished for the day. The first student passed by at precisely two on the dot and both he and his group of friends seemed to do a double take when they saw her.  She even heard whispers that she’d gotten sexier and she felt her ego do a little leap of joy.

Immediately at the sight of the familiar figure from afar, she hopped up from her seat and straightened the rumples in her skirt. Broad shoulders, slim waist, long legs. She would never dare say it to him in person but she had to admit that Jungkook was handsome.

The smirk threatening to curl on her face was pretty hard to hide as she flounced on over to him, innocently chewing on her bottom lip.

“Are you free today?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook responded, his brow furrowed in mild confusion, an expression which only deepened when Hayi took his hand and stepped even closer.

“Your parents aren’t home?” she murmured, softly enough so that no one around could hear.  

“No, let’s go,” Jungkook answered at once, perhaps a little too quickly and a little too breathlessly as he caught on to the motive behind her self-invitation, grabbed her hand and pulled her to his car.

She settled herself against the smooth leather seats and crossed her legs to discreetly reveal the stockings she had clinging tightly to her thighs. Jungkook’s smug smirk could have been seen from space as he started the engine and drew his eyes away from her body and onto the road ahead.

It was only a moment later that he glanced at her again and she took the opportunity to fix her curly hair so he could admire her freshly-moisturised skin from afar. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t trying to remind him that his lips had been there just last night.  

“Here we are,” Jungkook said as they drew to a stop, fumbling with the car door in his haste to get out.

Hayi leaned forwards, reaching over his lap towards where the belt buckle was still locked in place, “First, you should undo this.”

His hand leapt to the button and their fingertips brushed. Something akin to awe flashed across Jungkook’s face and he closed the gap between them, looking as though he were about to kiss her, but, at the very last second, Hayi drew back and got out of the car.  

One point for her.

Jungkook unlocked his front door, abandoning the keys on the table in the hall before turning to face Hayi who still stood on the threshold, watching him closely.

“So you changed your mind?” he questioned, taking slow steps in her direction until they were so close that they could feel each other’s breath on their skin.

“No. I came here to practise.”

“To practise?” Jungkook repeated, eyebrows arching.

“Yeah,” she chirped matter-of-factly, placing her hand against his chest and pushing him up against the wall. “On you.”

There was a soft thud as his spine met the plaster and Jungkook let out a short sharp breath. Hayi could only smile at how easy that had been. His eyes were darkening but he also seemed taken aback because he couldn’t take his gaze off her lips.   

“Oh, seems it’s working. I can’t be that bad after all …”

Before she could finish, Jungkook took her by the shoulders and spun so that their positions were switched and she was the one pinned against the wall. His hands wondered down to her hips and, after a hot burst of his breath buffered off her neck, she felt the slickness of his tongue over her pulse point.

His teeth nibbled slowly on the lobe of her ear and then his lips were massaging her throat, procuring a low moan from her lips.

“So, I guess you like doing all these sexy things with me, too. Tell me … Didn’t it ever cross your mind that I could be a better lover than Jimin?”

Hayi opened her eyes and tried to push him away but he brought his hands up to the wall either side of her head, caging her in. She could feel the warmth of his body even from behind the material of his shirt.

“What happened to you? Why are you acting like this?” she asked, irritation growing and almost immediately turning to arousal as Jungkook’s fingers fastened on her chin and he kissed her aggressively.

She fisted her fingers in the front of his shirt, tilting her head to the side to give him access to her neck.

“Because I want you. You’re feisty and you always fight back,” he breathed out, bending his knees so he could dust kisses over her breasts, too. “And it turns me on when you moan under my touch.”

“You asshole …” Hayi whispered weakly, relishing in the hands that roamed all over her body. She wanted to fight him but the stimulation was proving too much for her.

“Is this lingerie for me?” he breathed out, lifting her skirt and allowing his fingers to ghost over the suspender clinging to her thigh.

“You wish. I’m wearing it for Jimin,” she hissed back but her snappy retort only resulted in Jungkook shoving her against the wall even harder as he battled with the zipper on her skirt.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, Hayi, but … Jimin’s not here,” he whispered in her ear, teeth chomping down on the soft skin.  

“I really  … hate you …” Hayi gasped, curling her fingers into his hair.

“But you wanted to look hot for me, didn’t you?”

She really had no idea what game he was playing but she knew she had to take control of it quickly, “Okay … I did.”

“Really?” Jungkook asked as he unbuttoned her sweater.

She helped him free the top half of her body of its clothes, exposing the black lacy bra she had on underneath.

“Yeah. Do you want me to only wear this for you?” she murmured, cupping his cheek and poking at his lips. His eyes were roving all over her and she took his hands, leading one to the suspenders at the top of her thigh and the other to the embroidered flowers on her bra. “All of this only for you?”

“Maybe,” he said, seemingly instinctively, with a kind of emptiness in his eyes.

“How about the club then?  You didn’t like the three of us making out?” she teased, trying to get closer as she wrestled off his shirt.

“It was hot,” he shot back, wriggling his arms free of the sleeves.

She tried her hardest to focus on the task at hand and not allow herself to be distracted by his perfectly sculpted muscles. She’d never before seen his naked chest this close.

“You seemed jealous when you followed us,” she continued, fixing her eyes on the wall over his shoulder to keep her mind clear. Even if she didn’t believe what she was saying, she needed to see his reaction.”

“I’ll take this off, too,” Jungkook deflected, reaching for her thong but she lashed out, grabbing hold of his hand and restraining him.

“After you answer my question.”

“Decipher it yourself,” he growled back, trying again to remove the last of her clothing but she pulled his hands back up to her breasts and smashed their mouths together, devouring each other’s lips with a kind of animalistic hunger.

“What if I said … that I only wanted the two of us to share these make-out sessions?” she mumbled, still with the taste of his mouth on her tongue.  

Jungkook drew back and looked at her, “I wouldn’t believe that.”

“But why?” she snapped, the frustration starting to shine through in her tone and making her even less believable.

Jungkook’s whole body pushed up against hers and she could feel his hardness through his jeans.

“You really want to make me angry, don’t you? You’d better not provoke me, Hayi,” he breathed out, tossing his belt aside and removing his trousers.

“Or what?” she pushed, jumping slightly when he grabbed both her thighs and lifted her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist.

“Fuck …” she moaned as his kicked off his boxers and thrust inside of her.

“You’re so wet,” he murmured back, pushing harder. “So fucking wet for me.”

She tightened her legs around his hips so it was easier to move as his actions increased in speed and ferocity. She could feel a burning sensation against her back as she was rubbed up and down the wall but she didn’t mind. Her arousal had reached the critical point and she knew that she was going to come. Jungkook was slowing down and the grip she had on his scalp must have been painful.

“Oh my God …” she moaned before her whole body erupted into shivers and she came with Jungkook's still hard dick in her pussy.

She could see the upturned twist of his lips and then their foreheads were sharing sweat as he made her set her feet back on the floor.

There was barely time for breathing before he was spinning her around and she was spreading her legs, scalding cheek pressed up against the cool concrete of the wall. There was something excited about the thought of being fucked from behind, especially when she suddenly felt the moisture of Jungkook’s tongue on her pussy.

She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to hold in her moan but her body was betraying her as her hips trembled and she felt something sticky dripping down the insides of her thighs.

“So ready to be fucked,” Jungkook growled, his voice husky as he added, “Are you prepared?”

“Yeah. I’m on the pill.”

“Who would have thought …” he chuckled darkly.

She felt his hardness against her ass and pushed back into it, rubbing up and down and grinning giddily in satisfaction at his reaction.

“This big ass … Such a hot ass …” Jungkook hissed under his breath, grabbing her hips and bringing his palm down on her butt cheek.

She widened the spread of her legs, feeling the sensation growing again as Jungkook entered her once more. She would have been lying if she’d said that she didn’t enjoy the sound of flesh colliding with flesh as he pounded into her. Her legs were still quivering but she managed to maintain the strength to keep her balance.

“Fuck …” Jungkook whined, the sound bringing a grin to Hayi’s lips as she realised he’d lost control, his breathing hard and fast and his pace quickening even more.

She was starting to bow under his strength.

“You’re so tight,” he moaned. “Fuck … I’m going to come.”

“Bed,” Hayi forced out with a weakened voice and Jungkook quickly pulled her closer.

He tried to push her through the bedroom door and onto the mattress but she twisted the both of them so that she could land on top. Removing the rest of her lingerie, she climbed onto his lap. His hair was slick with sweat and his eyes were wide, hard thighs pillowing her ass and firm dick still embedded in her wet pussy.

It felt so good. She placed her hands on his muscular arms and started moving her hips.

“You like it, baby?” he smirked. “Yeah, ride me hard.”

“Shut up,” she hissed, bowing over him and covering his mouth with her hand.

He swatted it aside with a cocky smile, “You can shut my mouth with something else if you want.”

“In your dreams …” she answered, pushing him deeper into the bed linen.

“How do you know what I meant?” he mocked, a sharp hiss deflating his lungs as she leaned forwards and sunk her teeth into his bicep. “Did you just bite me? You’re really wild.”

He bit her back and she laughed, taking a moment to look at his face. He was smiling. And it was kind of cute.

“Just shut up,” she repeated, interrupting the moment as she dug her fingernails into his chest and continued to ride him.

Her spine arched backwards, her pace sped up and then there were hands on her hips and she was rolling until her back met the blankets and Jungkook was looming over her. His moves were steady but rough and she spread her fingers over the hardened muscles of his ass.

He gasped and started to slow and Hayi felt warmth blossoming in her gut. He’d come inside her. It took her several moments before she could inhale again and, in that time, Jungkook had keeled over onto the mattress beside her, panting.

His body had always been slim but only now did she realise just how ripped he was. His breathing finally started to regulate and his face split into a grin. It was at that moment that Hayi realised it had been a mistake to have sex with someone whose looks had such an effect on her.  

“I’ll take a shower,” she mumbled, tumbling off the bed and slipping into the bathroom next door to Jungkook’s room without waiting for a response.

It was a weird feeling standing beneath the water in the house of somebody she’d known she was a teenager. How had they gone from friendship (because, let’s face it, that’s what it was) to something so intimate. She could be shamelessly when she was with Jungkook and he fulfilled her sexual fantasies so she expected they just matched well but it had become so fucked up.

Yesterday, she had been making out with both him and Jimin and now she was washing off the aftermath of a pretty filthy sex session with Jungkook. She wanted to date Jimin but she was hooking up with Jungkook. She’d failed to learn what Jungkook was trying to do with his actions and she was angry that she’d given into him so easily. Damn it. He’d actually gotten what he’d wanted. They’d slept together. They went all the way. She was one of Jungkook’s many lovers now.

Hayi cursed under her breath and hopped out of the shower, drying herself off and getting dressed. As soon as she returned to Jungkook’s room, he spun around to face her, pulling on a fresh shirt.  

“I had a shower in the other bathroom. What took you so long?” he asked, taking a step in her direction.

He was wearing boxers. His shirt was still unbuttoned, revealing his toned chest and stomach beneath the cotton flaps, and he reached out to fix her hair and brush her cheek. The thought struck her that she was now going to be treated just like all the bitches he’d slept with and she slapped his hand away.

“I’ll be going …” she gritted through clenched teeth but his fingers fastened on her upper arm.

“Already?” he questioned, closely inspecting the grim expression on her face.

His eyes lost their spark and he cupped her chin, much more gently than before, “Really.. This Innocent face can really fool anyone. You’re not as innocent as you seeemed..”

“Because I’m not innocent. That’s just your sick fantasy. You don’t know me at all.”

Her gaze was daggering him and the tone of her voice was ice cold. Jungkook retracted his hand from her face and stood there, blinking, as though surprised. Then he grinned, but the emotion didn’t reach his eyes.

“I know you better than you think, Hayi.”






Chapter Text



Hayi rose from her spot on the bench beneath the large oak tree sticking straight up out of the lawn in front of the school building. The break between classes was only supposed to be a few minutes long but she’d decided to skip the history of music lecture.

“And here’s our femme fatale,” she heard close to her ear and she didn’t even need to turn around to know who it was.

She’d thought he’d been angry at her since he seemed so resentful when she’d practically bolted from his house that night but he’d always been so hard to read and she didn’t want to mess things up even more than they already were.

Jungkook was attractive. They’d had sex. It’d been simple physical attraction and that was it.

“What do you want Jungkook?”  

She crossed her arms over her chest and he turned to face her, tilting his head to the side like the sight of the girl before him was of the greatest interest. She didn’t like the way she felt when his eyes started wandering up and down her body but there was a wave of warmth spreading through her gut at the unwarranted attention.

“Nothing in particular,” he answered matter-of-factly, tucking her hair behind her ear. “New perfume?”

“Maybe …”

“Yeah. Definitely. Yesterday, it was a sharper and sexier smell. But I like the scent of flowers on you, too.”  

He stepped over that invisible line and suddenly he was invading her comfort zone so she mirrored his actions and closed the gap between them, keeping her eyes on his face even if it was difficult to compete with such an intense and intimidating gaze.

His eyes had always been so beautifully expressive.

“I would never have thought that you were such a smooth talker,” Hayi said slowly, trying not to stutter and instead sounding unintentionally seductive. There was something in Jungkook’s face that reacted at the sound of her tone and she wasn’t sure she liked that either.

“You finally admit that you like it?” he murmured, fingers closing on the material of her skirt just above her hip as he reeled her in.

“Looks like I’m not that bad of a student,” she breathed out, ensuring her expression remained blank. “You fell for it, didn’t you?”

Jungkook stood there, blankly blinking, for several seconds before he forced out his reply.

“Yeah, sure …” His Adam’s apple bobbed slightly as he gulped. “Good way to change the subject, but it doesn’t change the fact that you really did like it.”  

“You wish.”

She tried to laugh but the sound came out empty and suddenly she found herself unable to draw her attention from Jungkook’s perfectly smooth skin. She supposed that was the third thing she didn’t like in this situation. Noted.

Once she’d finally managed to look away, she spotted someone heading in their general direction just before they stopped at the sight of who they were walking towards.

“Jimin! Hi!” Hayi called out, quickly ducking out from behind Jungkook and approaching as she nervously fixed her hair.

“Hi,” came the slightly mumbled reply. Jimin didn’t look right. He was awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck and didn’t seem to be able to look her in the eye. “I was just passing by. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”  

Hayi felt like her cheeks were burning. Did she and Jungkook really act like the lovers she refused to admit they might be? Pushing aside the thought, she forced a smile.

“What? He’s always like that,” she laughed, elbowing Jungkook without looking at him. “Don’t pay attention.”

Jimin didn’t seem convinced and his facial expression didn’t change as his eyebrow arched, “Always?”

“You mean naturally charming?” Jungkook pitched in, propping his elbow on Hayi’s shoulder and leaning into her slightly before she could push him away.

“That was totally not what I meant,” she hissed. “Are you going for lunch, too, Jimin?”  

“Um … I was actually going home to eat dinner but I just found out my parents won’t be back in time. You know … working in a corporation and stuff … ” he explained, his voice slightly lighter and with less tension. “Not to mention my brother stopped coming ever since he moved out.”

“Aww … poor Jimin-ssi. Eating dinner all alone. I bet Hayi would love to help you with your loneliness …” Jungkook started, cutting himself off with a hiss when Hayi stomped on his foot. “Ouch! What? You said you were hungry.”  

He’d always been a brat, too.

Jimin glanced down, hiding the smirk on his face that gradually fought against his self-restraint until it burst into a grin.

Still addressing Hayi, he jerked his thumb in Jungkook’s direction, “He’s always like that, huh?” 

“Unfortunately. I’m sorry for his stupid behaviour.”

“No, it’s actually funny,” Jimin dismissed, a statement that was both surprisingly and strangely irritating.

Hayi shot Jungkook a warning look but he just shrugged, linking their arms like a little kid as he put on his best aegyo face, “What can I do? I was born cute.”

Jimin burst out laughing, throwing his whole body into the action and almost falling over right there and then. He slipped an arm around Hayi’s shoulders and once more pointed at Jungkook with a huge smile adorning his adorable face.

“Jungkookie always makes me laugh during dance practice.”

Jungkookie? Jungkookie?  What the fuck was that?

Hayi could only nod, unable to even try to force another smile. She wondered if it was the feeling of Jimin’s arm around her that was keeping her anger at bay.

“And by the way, you can actually come with me, guys,” Jimin added. “If you want, of course.”

“What?” Hayi stuttered, completely distracted by the invitation.

“I mean that I’m inviting you for dinner at my house.” 

She wasn’t able to process all the emotions hitting her at once. One second ago, she’d been annoyed at these two being too cosy with each other and now there was this spark of happiness in Jimin’s eyes as he expressed his desire to have her in his house. Did he?

“Oh … Okay,” she said quietly as Jungkook shrugged and nodded his approval.

Then she realised. Wait … He wanted her and Jungkook in his house? WHAT?

“Let’s go then,” Jimin  said, beckoning them forwards.


They had seen the outside of Jimin’s house before but then it had been shrouded in darkness and shielded behind a huge stone fence. Now it was presented in front of them in all its glory: white walls, big windows, a clearly modern style and a lot of greenery sprouting from the lawn.

When Hayi stepped forwards, she spotted the dancing lights reflecting on the driveway and peered through the large glass conservatory to see a swimming pool framed with deck chairs.

Jungkook whistled, “Damn, Jimin-ssi. You seem … rich.”

“My parents are,” Jimin explained with a chuckle.

There was a big guest room, preserved in gold, white and grey colours that somehow cohabited in pleasant harmony with each other. The furniture and ornaments looked cosy and yet still elegant. Just like Jimin. Hayi glanced at him and smiled when he caught her eye.

“Cool house,” she observed.

“Thank you,” he answered with genuine gratitude. “Sit down, guys. Make yourself comfortable.”

Hayi perched on one of the stools at the island that was connecting a kitchen annex with another guest room. Meanwhile, Jungkook was still patrolling the place, inspecting the pictures lining the walls, but Hayi couldn’t look away from Jimin as the boy unloaded various foods from the fridge.

It was all pre-prepared stuff but he explained that it needed to be heated in the microwave before they could eat it. She offered to help and landed herself the job of setting the table for three. She decided she would seat herself beside Jungkook and opposite Jimin so that she could kick the first one and look the second in the eye.

Luckily for her, Jungkook was too focused on stuffing his face to notice her strategic placement.  

“Fuck … that’s delicious,” he declared, voice muffled through his mouthful of fried pork in spicy sauce.

“Yeah? I’m glad,” Jimin smiled, reaching over to grab a bottle. “More wine? Or maybe you want something stronger?”

Before he’d even finished the query, he was opening a two-winged minibar from one of the kitchen cabinets, displaying a whole host of different alcoholic beverages ready and waiting to be chugged like there was no tomorrow.

“Shit, Jimin,” Hayi scoffed, rising from her chair and stepping closer to get a better look at the supply. “I wouldn’t have thought that you’d own a liquor store.”

There were many different brands and variations, all with a different language inscribed on the labels plastered over frosted glass, but Hayi’s attention was immediately drawn to an unusual-looking whiskey in the shape of a rifle.

“Whoa, that one must have been expensive. Why does your family have so many strange alcohols?”

“My father’s a surgeon and he gets them from patiens as presents. My mother’s a stewardess so she brings a lot of things home from the countries she flies to.”

Jungkook inserted himself between the two of them, scooping up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, “May I?”

“Sure. They wouldn’t even notice it was missing. I think they lost count after the twentieth bottle … Oh …” he petered off, eyes blowing wide at the sight of Jungkook throwing back his head and bringing the drink to his lips. “Okay.”

Hayi just stood there, blinking stupidly and gawping. It was blindingly obvious that Jungkook was staring at Jimin as he drank and that wildly intensive stare of his was having some kind of effect on the other boy. That was when Hayi started to wonder if Jungkook was deliberately trying to seduce the guy she liked.

She didn’t know why he would do that. What game was he playing?  

“I want to drink, too,” she announced, snatching the bottle from Jungkook.

Jimin returned his attention to the minibar, scanning his collection for a beverage of his choice, and so he didn’t see the way that Jungkook was still staring at him with a smug smirk painted over his face. Unable to stand it any longer, Hayi seized his hand and dragged him into the adjoining guest room segment.

“Could you put on some music, Jimin?” she called over her shoulder, taking Jungkook by the waist and forcing him to swing with her.


While Jimin was distracted looking for some kind of remote control that would undoubtedly activate whatever other hidden technology he had concealed in this place, Hayi pulled Jungkook closer so they could whisper without being overheard.

“Stop doing this weird shit or I’ll kill you.”

“I’m not doing anything. I don’t need to,” Jungkook hissed back, right in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her. “He clearly wants my dick …”

“Oh my God, shut up,” Hayi cursed, freeing herself from his unwanted embrace.

“I’m telling you. He wants his pretty ass to be fucked by my hard …”

Before he could finish, Hayi slapped her hand over his mouth, muffling whatever sick words he was intending to spill next. There was a spark of amusement in his eyes just seconds before she felt something warm and wet against her palm.

“Did you just lick me?”

“Why? Don’t say you don’t like the feeling of my tongue,” he teased, moving even closer.

His shamelessness was irritating but, at the same time, Hayi couldn’t deny that it felt a little like foreplay. This boy knew which words to use and when to use them and , as the music started playing, Hayi took another solid swig from the Jack Daniels bottle.

“There’s something else that I have …” came Jimin’s voice from the partition between the kitchen and the guest room, an unfamiliar smirk on his face as he held up a small plastic bag.

At first, Hayi didn’t recognise the substance inside but she understood perfectly the moment that Jungkook spluttered out a laugh and reached out for a high five.

“Whoa! You have weed?! Jimin, you rebel!”

Jimin already had several prepared pipes enclosed in a box that he opened with a key. He led them out of the room and into the colossal conservatory with the swimming pool, stating that there was better ventilation in this place so his parents wouldn’t smell the drug residue when they returned.

“It’s my brother’s,” he explained. “I don’t usually smoke but, whenever there’s a party …”

“Yeah … Sure …” Jungkook nodded, winking.

They all stretched out on the deck chairs, inhaling together. Music was flowing from the speakers and it created a kind of calm, lazy atmosphere. They just basked in each other’s company, smoking and occasionally shuffling in their seats.

Jimin reached over to massage Hayi’s neck as she flopped down beside him. She laughed, allowing her head to rest against his chest.

“Look, this bottle is already empty,” she pointed out, holding up the Jack Daniel’s.

Barely a litre of alcohol shared between three people wasn’t that much but Hayi still felt about as relaxed as ever. Maybe it had something to do with the pot Jimin had handed her.

“Let’s play truth or dare,” Jungkook suggested suddenly, withdrawing his feet from where they’d been propped up on a nearby chair and shuffling excitedly in his seat.

“Okay!” Hayi shouted, energy revived as she folded her legs beneath her and settled on the floor. “Me first.”

She set the bottle and the poolside floor and spun it, the frosted glass finally coming to a stop with its narrow neck pointing straight at Jimin.

,,Truth or dare?''

,,Hm.. Truth.''

“Jimin, did you lie about your parents being at work?”

“What?” he scoffed in surprise, clearly taken aback.

“And the answer is …?” Jungkook prompted mockingly, reaching out to tickle his chin and eliciting a laugh from both of them as Jimin took hold of Jungkook’s hand.

“Yeah,” he admitted, nibbling on his bottom lip. “They’re on vacation. I wanted you to come. And that’s all I’ll say.”

“Hm … So you had hidden motives. Naughty boy.”

If Hayi was sober, the interaction she was witnessing probably would have bothered her but instead she just rolled her eyes and ignored them, gifting herself another long drag of the weed cigarette.

“Now, my turn,” Jimin declared. “Jungkook, truth or dare?”

Jungkook hummed in consideration, his gaze never leaving Jimin’s face as he finally answered, “Dare.”

Jimin mimicked the interested humming from before as his lips curled into an evil smirk, “I dare you to take off your shirt.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Jungkook got up and lifted his shirt just a little. His belly was flat and his muscles were pushing up against the underside of his skin, extremely well defined. He was clearly teasing Jimin who seemed to be hanging on every movement, impatiently awaiting more details.

Jungkook slowly slipped his shirt over his head and Hayi stopped herself from spilling some quip about his bare chest being something she hadn’t seen before.

“Enjoying the view?” Jungkook smirked, directing his question at Jimin as he watched the other boy brushing a thumb against his lips.

“You’ve been working out,” his target observed with a laugh. “Nice abs.”

He returned his attention to the alcohol in front of him as Jungkook retrieved his shirt from the floor and slipped his arms back into the sleeves.

“Now me,” Jimin murmured, leaning forwards to spin the bottle and Hayi felt her heart leap into her throat when it settled in front of her.

“So?” her tormentor interrupted when the stare she had fixed on him lasted a little too long. “You need to choose truth or dare.”

“Dare. Now what?”  

Jimin paused before his lips spread in a wide grin and he chuckled, “Jump into the pool with me.”

“That’s it? Fine.”  

She got up and started peeling off her clothes, enjoying the surprised expression on Jimin’s face at her willingness to strip in front of him. In just a few seconds, she stood there in just her lingerie with the eyes of both boys burning into her semi-naked body.

“What? I’m not going to get my clothes wet,” she defended innocently. “You’d better take yours off, too.”

Jimin sniggered in approval, taking her hands and helping her pull his shirt off. Before either of them could say anything, however, Jungkook leapt forwards and tugged down Jimin’s jeans.

“What are you doing?” Jimin laughed, stepping out of the denim puddle at his feet.

His abdominal muscles were also very distinct, his body more petite than Jungkook’s but still exceedingly fit. His thighs looked so strong and clearly rock hard.

Hayi grabbed his hand and, before he could withdraw, Jungkook gave them both a shove.

They hit the water together, still with their fingers interlocked, and were submerged beneath the surface as ripples lapped over the edges of the huge basin. They came up for air and Hayi felt her chest constricting as Jimin ran a hand over his scalp to smooth his sodden locks.

She couldn’t resist the urge to kiss those full, wet lips, and so she moved closer, fighting the pressure of the water all around her, until she was close enough to bring their mouths together.

Her eyes flickered open, still mid-make-out, and focused right on Jungkook as she deepened the intimacy. When he narrowed his eyes, however, she moved back, satisfied that the smirk on his face was clearly forced and therefore she’d had the desired effect on him.

Jimin kept staring at her, shock painting his dripping face. She laughed it off and splashed water in his direction.

“Hey!” he giggled, copying her actions.

“Jimin, you’re too nice,” Jungkook interrupted, perching on the edge of the pool and allowing his feet to slip into the water. “I would punish her differently.”

“It’s a dare. Not a punishment.”  

Jungkook remained deep in thought as his two companions climbed out of the pool but Hayi ignored him, rubbing her arms as goosebumps sprang up all over her skin. She could feel Jimin’s eyes on her and turned around.

“Do you want me to warm you up?” he said, completely out of the blue, with a certain husk to his voice.

“I …”

He smiled encouragingly, his fingers caressing her arms, “I’ll bring a towel.”

She nodded, unable to look away as he retreated to the small set of stairs leading to the guest room. It wasn’t until he’d disappeared from view that she sensed a pair of big, dark eyes piercing her body.

“What?” she snapped at Jungkook.

“You thought he was hitting on you?”

“Because he was.”

Jungkook snorted and shook his head, settling himself back onto his chair.


He shrugged, “He’s as gay as the grass is green.”

“The grass isn’t always green,” Hayi growled, her mind suddenly feeling so much clearer. “I’ll prove you wrong, asshole.”

“Go on then,” he challenged with the same teasing tone, now laced with a hint of irritation.

“But you need to go,” she told him, positioning herself in front of his chair with a set expression and crossed arms. Jungkook lifted his gaze from his phone screen just as Jimin started descending the stairs and Hayi hissed a final, “Go.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and lifted his mobile to his ear as if he’d just received a call, “Hey, man. What’s up?”  

Jimin watched him get up and walk away so he could talk in private with his non-existent conversation partner, before he handed Hayi a towel, “Here.” 

“I’ve been thinking about different things that could warm me up,” she started, moving closer until their chests collided. “I mean … It’s cold and it’s all your fault. You made me jump into the pool. You should compensate for that.”

Jimin was watching her carefully and it was only then that she realised she was acting frighteningly similar to Jungkook but it seemed to be working because her target obediently sank into a chair when she gave his chest a little push.

If she wasn’t stoned, she would never dare act this way.

“Are you cold, too, Jimin?”

“Yeah,” he said, licking his lips and smiling.

Fuck, those lips. That wet hair and the water droplets gliding down his face.

“That’s strange because you’re so hot,” Hayi continued, stroking her fingers over his torso as she straddled his waist.

“Are you using a pickup line on me?” he laughed, allowing her to press their foreheads together.

“I guess I am,” she murmured and, without further hesitation, she attacked his lips with her tongue.

She tried to move forward, reaching for his hair to curl her fingers into, but his hands came to rest on her hips, pushing back ever so slightly.

“Fuck … I’m a bit wasted.” Jimin murmured.

“Me, too, but I’m not doing this because of that …”

She kept kissing him, rolling her hips on his lap. She wanted to feel his hardness beneath her but he didn’t quite seem turned on enough yet.

“Jungkook is here …” He gasped, a little breathlessly as he surfaced for air.

“I know.”

“What if he sees us?”

“I don’t care,” Hayi growled but before she could resume the kissing, she sensed somebody’s presence right behind them.

“I leave you for one second and look what’s going on … You’re so dirty,” Jungkook interrupted, stepping into Hayi’s line of sight with his phone still clutched in his hands. “By the way … I guess it’s your turn now.”

He indicated to the phone that was buzzing against the table beside them and Jimin cursed under his breath as he scooped it up.

“Why does this phone keep ringing? Fuck … My father called me twice,” he hissed under his breath as he started dialling. “Wait a minute …”

The change in his voice when the call connected was astounding. All of a sudden, it was lighter and airier and nothing like the husky growl Hayi had heard him use just a few moments ago.

“Yes. I'm home. No. I was in bathroom and I didn't hear you. Really? Okay, dad. See you,” he finished, and the moment he hung up, his demeanour switched yet again. “Shit! He’s coming back in a few minutes! Go! He’ll be so mad if he finds out I had you two here!”

Hayi jumped up and lunged for her clothes, struggling to pull them on over her sodden body as Jungkook hurried to do the same.  

“Hide the weed,” he instructed Jimin with a laugh.


Not two minutes later, they both were in Jungkook’s car, escaping the scene of the crime. It was crazy. Crazy and dangerous. He was tipsy and stoned and yet he was still driving. She was just as tipsy and just as stoned, her hair soaking the seat behind her.

But that didn’t seem to be a problem for Jungkook, and Hayi just wanted to get home so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

“We were almost caught by his old man,” Jungkook suddenly chuckled.

“Yeah,” Hayi answered absently.

She was lost in her thoughts, remembering how Jimin had reacted when she’d started kissing him. It was confusing. Had he been discouraged? And why did it seem like he only wanted to flirt with Jungkook? 

“He got a bit wild, didn’t he?”

“Yeah,” she replied automatically, not even listening to whatever Jungkook was saying.

She felt the touch of his hand on her neck and heard something about her wet hair looking sexy on her but she could only bite her lip and fight the urge to burst into tears. What if all of this was just a game thought up by the both of them? Was she that pathetic when showing her affection? Was she Jungkook’s playing now?

“What’s up, baby?” he questioned, but the pet name just added more fuel to the fire. 

“Baby?” she growled, anger bubbling over as she glared daggers at him. “Don’t call me that!”

“Why not? You seem upset …” Jungkook argued, reaching out to softly caress her cheek as he stared her right in the eye.

The car drew to a stop right in front of her house but she was too furious to even noticed, “What’ your point? Why won’t you let it be, you … you fucking …”

She never finished because Jungkook chose that moment to kiss her hard, humming softly as his hands leapt up to cup her chin.

“Jerk? Asshole? I already know that,” he murmured against her lips before allowing his kisses to travel down to her neck. “You’ve called me those things multiple times. How about something sweet instead?”

His hand slipped in between her thighs.

“Fuck …”

“Yeah … Moaning is better. Do you like that, baby?”

“Don’t call me …” Hayi gasped out, feeling her pleasure group as Jungkook’s finger started circling her clit through her underwear.

“This feisty baby girl …”

He was all over her, pulling her in his direction and she knew that if she just gave in, he would probably place her on his lap and make her ride him. Again. They couldn’t do this again. Jungkook had been doing whatever he wanted with her and it was fucking up her mind. She didn’t know what was real anymore.

“Take your fucking hands off me!” she breathed out, using all her strength to push him away and Jungkook went willingly.

He let go at the first sign of resistance and drew back, looking up at her with surprise.

“W-What?” he stuttered.

“It’s not funny anymore, Jungkook. You’re both making fun of me. You and Jimin. Just admit it.”

Jungkook stared at her, blinking a few times in disbelief, “Are you joking?”

“There are two options. You’re both acting like you’re into each other to make a fool out of me or you’re teasing Jimin just to provoke me and make me angry!” she accused, swallowing hard to stop herself from puking right there and then.

“Hayi, it’s not like that …” Jungkook tried to defend, reaching out to touch her but stopping himself at the memory of her fierce rejection just a few moments ago.

Instead he scrubbed his hands over his face and stared out of the window like he needed some time to collect his thoughts.

“Christ, your imagination amazes me.”

“Don’t fuck with me, Jeon!” Hayi shouted, tears starting to pool in her eyes. “I’m not playing this fucking game with you anymore!”

Jungkook looked back at her, eyes sparkling in the car’s dim light, and she suddenly felt the overwhelming need to punch him. Her fist pummelled his arm a few times but she didn’t have the strength nor the conviction to make it really hurt.

“Stop looking at me with those fake-ass doe eyes, you fucker!” she shrieked at him. “You knew I needed to impress Jimin and you used it to make these … sex experiments with me!”

Jungkook’s expression changed completely, “Experiments?”

“You manipulated me! You told me you were helping me but it was only for your benefit! Go to hell!”

She seized the door handle, preparing to tumble out onto the sidewalk, but Jungkook grabbed her arm and held her back, forcing her to turn around so that they were facing each other once again.

“Wait … You’re crying?”

Hayi blinked and the tears started flowing with no sign of ever stopping. Jungkook just gaped at her, stunned into silence, as she tried to take deep breaths and regain her composure.

Who was she trying to fool? It was obvious from the start that Jimin had never been interested in her.

“He didn’t really kiss me back,” she finally whispered. “He just put his hands on my waist but I couldn’t feel anything. There was nothing.”

,,You felt nothing or it was him who seemed to feel nothing?'' Jungkook unexpectly asked. She ignored his question, closing her eyes and tooking deep breath. She wiped her tears and looked at Jungkook.

,,I fucking get it. He's not into me. I could feel it. There was no feeling in it when we kissed in club too. You was right. He's not into me.'' She said as she clenched her teeth. I hope you're fucking happy. ,,We fucked like you wanted and I didn't make with Jimin. You won, fucker. Now leave me alone..''

,,Hayi..'' She heard Jungkook's voice before she turned to door. Sudden embrace of his strong arms took her by surprise. His head rested on her back. He was hugging her from behind. 

,,Don't act like you're sorry.''  She said weakly when he finally  let go of her after longer silence. Then she left the car.





It had been years since they last spent time together but, somehow, Hayi started hanging out with Jisoo again after resolutely avoiding Jungkook for over a week.

She didn’t have a lot in common with the rest of her new friends so it was Jisoo who became her main companion, the two of them venturing on shopping sprees together or just sitting at home after school when the other girls were out partying.

“That eyeshadow looks great on you,” Hayi complimented, watching Jisoo applying her makeup in front of the dresser.

“Here, this is the perfect lipstick for you.”

“Yeah, it’s nice,” Hayi agreed, smacking her lips and admiring the vibrant colour in the mirror.

“It looks far more effective than your cosmetics, right?” Jisoo laughed. “Now some mascara.”

“Wow …” Hayi murmured, her face breaking into a grin as she inspected her perfectly-accented eyelashes.

“You can have that one if you like.”


“Yeah, I have plenty,” Jisoo dismissed and Hayi was once again reminded that her friend’s mother worked in a cosmetics company and her father was the definition of wealthy.

“Thanks,” she said, hugging Jisoo from behind.

“Wait, but you have to help me with the party.”

“You already scheduled it for Friday evening, remember? And then you cancelled it. I waited for your party to come to be honest.”

“Yeah, but my parents cancelled their vacation so I had to call it off. But next week they’re visiting my grandparents in Daegu,” Jisoo explained, dusting her cheeks with blusher. “I’m really planning it big this time.”

“Who’s going to come?”

“The whole first year because why not?”

“Oh …”

“Yeah. You should tell Jungkook to come. He never misses the opportunity to party.”

“Yeah, another excuse to hook up with more dumb chicks,” Hayi said bitterly, flopping down on Jisoo’s bed and staring up at the ceiling.

“You guys are still at the frenemy stage?” Jisoo questioned, clicking her tongue disapprovingly when Hayi just sighed. “It’s actually funny. He has so many girls tailing him wherever he goes and he clearly doesn’t give a damn about them, but he follows you around like a puppy.”

“He only looks like a puppy. Trust me,” Hayi cut her off before diverting to a different topic regarding the food and drinks they needed to prepare for the party.


The following week passed at lightning speed and then the night of the gathering was upon them.

Hayi donned a short dress with a simple cut and high boots. With Jisoo’s help, her makeup was literally perfect, and when the first guests arrived, she perched on the kitchen counter and poured herself a beer.

“Hey, you look really hot, Hayi,” a guy from her department said, seating himself beside her.


“See you on the dance floor?”

“If there even is one in this house,” she laughed, feeling the alcohol start to spread that pleasant feeling inside of her.

The guy grinned and left her in favour of greeting his friends. He wasn’t really her type but she was desperate to get over Jimin, a need that wasn’t helped when she noticed him in the next wave of people flooding through the door.

“Why did you invite him?” she hissed in Jisoo’s direction as boy headed over.

“Jimin? Why not? He’s hot, and actually quite nice. Weird that those two things actually work here, huh?” she laughed.

“Whatever,” Hayi dismissed and before she could escape to another part of the house, Jimin noticed her and lifted his hand in a wave.

It was so humiliating. She had tried so hard for so long to get him to take a single step towards her or at least be just a little interested in her but it had all been for nothing. All those kisses now felt empty and meaningless. She could feel it like a leaden weight in her gut.

“Hayi, hi!” he greeted, appearing in front of her despite how uninterested she tried to make herself out to be. “How was your ride back home the other week?”

She hated these polite-type conversations. They were worthless to her.

“Fantastic,” she answered, the sarcasm distant in her tone as she downed the rest of her beer in one and hopped off the counter.

She noticed the arch of surprise in Jimin’s eyebrows and it brought her an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as she pushed her way through the crowd, putting as much distance between the two of them as possible.

He’d probably thought she would be always nice to him but oh, how wrong he was. She actually didn’t feel like being nice to anyone tonight. There was a good song booming through the speakers and she allowed herself to forget everything as she danced.




Did a full one-eight, crazy, thinking ‘bout the way I was

Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe

But look where I ended up, I’m all good already

So I moved on, it’s scary, I’m not where you left me at all


She laughed, basking in the bitter realisation that the lyrics perfectly matched her entire situation.

And then he showed up: yet another person who’d made her life a living shit-fest this past week. Jungkook just materialised beside her as soon as she started dancing with the guy from her department and she gave him a couple of glances from time to time but didn’t plan on saying “hi”.

She rested her hands on the student’s shoulders and kept swinging along to the music, smiling up at him like he was the only thing that mattered in her world.

“Hey …” he tried to draw her attention after coming on a dancefloor.

“What?” Hayi snapped with irritation as he insisted on swinging to music uncomfortably close to her and her new friend.

“We should talk,” Jungkook said, leaning closer so she could hear him over the thumping music.

Hayi's partner looked at him, suspicion and surprise dominating his expression even. It looked so ridiculous.

“I’m not in the mood,” Hayi shot back, turning her attention back to her boy.

He whispered something about moving further away if Jungkook was bothering her and she gratefully accepted his offer, taking his hand and allowing him to lead her to the other side of the makeshift dance floor.



If you don’t want to see me dancing with somebody

If you want to believe that anything could stop me

Don’t show up! Don’t come out! Don’t start caring about me now

Walk away, you know how, don’t start caring about me now


She chugged a second beer before returning to her dance and, by then, the crowd of bobbing heads had become significantly smaller as most of the party guests filtered into the guest room to sit on the coffee table or sprawl out over the rug.

Hayi snorted as she recognised the game they were playing, one that she had only recently been participating in herself with Jimin and Jungkook. As she watched, somebody dared a girl with bubblegum pink hair to show everybody her new belly piercing. Hayi lost interest in whatever happened next.

She joined Jisoo in the kitchen, helping her add ice to the mojitos and ignoring the raucous applause and screeching laughter echoing from the guest room. Until …

“Whoa!” a collection of guys hollered, cackling with amusement.

“Jimin has to kiss Jungkook!” she heard somebody shriek.

“He won’t do it! It’s so gay!” someone else declared.

“It’s only for fun …”

Hayi whipped around and was immediately met with the sight of Jimin sitting cross-legged on the living room rug, staring up at Jungkook’s figure perched on the edge of the cough with a beer in his hand and a blank empty expression ironing out his features.

Hayi glared at the stupidly smug smirks on the faces of every student around them and she reached for a mojito, suddenly feeling a sense of crippling nervousness, tension and anger all in one go.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” she shouted, indifferent to all the eyes that locked on her as she stormed into the middle of the room and grabbed the bottle from the coffee table.

“Hey! Put that down! We’re playing!” some random guy protested.

“Well, there are plenty of others around. Go and find one of those,” she snapped harshly, fixing her attention on Jungkook as she growled out the words, “Let’s go.”

He followed her up the stairs without hesitation, the both of them ignoring the obnoxiously loud, “are those two dating?” that echoed behind them. Hayi dragged him down the second floor corridor until they reached the end, the furthest possible position from that disgusting game.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook questioned nervously.

“What am I doing?! You were going to kiss Jimin in front of the whole campus?” Hayi shouted, her throat raw from constantly swallowing her own urge to vomit. “In front of … me?”

“No,” Jungkook managed to get out just before Jimin joined them.

“Guys … Is something wrong?”  

Hayi glared at him, then at Jungkook, and tried to breathe steadily so she could think.

“Let’s play our own truth or dare,” she announced. She entered free room, sitting down on the floor and setting the bottle she’d stolen in front of her. “Just the three of us.”

“What?” Jungkook gawked, both of them still staring at her in confusion.

“You know how this shit works,” she growled, fixing them with her most piercing and demanding gaze. Jimin sank into a chair, nervously fixing his hair as she continued, “Me first.” 

Jungkook finally seemed to realise there was no escape as he joined her on the floor and she span the bottle, cackling bitterly when it landed on Jungkook.

“Oh … Good opportunity. So Jungkook, how long are you going to keep acting like a fucking asshole?”

“I wasn’t even going to play that stupid game!” Jungkook shouted defensively, his teeth clenched and his fists balled. “Somebody twisted the bottle, it pointed at me and then it pointed at Jimin!”

They kept staring at each other, neither of them willing to admit defeat and be the first to break the connection, and Hayi found herself inexplicably beginning to laugh again. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe she was just losing her mind at the completely and utterly fucked up situation between the three of them.

“You don’t say?” she shot back, voice dripping with sarcasm. “Poor Jungkookie was chosen to make out with Jimin. Maybe you should just fuck already. Why keep beating around the bush?”

Jimin was obviously uncomfortable, silently watching from the side lines, but that was exactly how she wanted him to feel. It was how she’d been feeling constantly over the past few days.

“You’re drunk …” Jungkook whispered.

“With fury!” Hayi shrieked back.  

“Hayi, what’s wrong? Why are you being so hostile towards Jungkook?” Jimin asked, surprisingly calm.

“Because he treats me like the object of his sick fantasies! He’s a manipulative son of a bitch and you can’t even see it! But that’s not the main reason!”

She glared down at her hands in her lap, desperately blinking back tears.

“What’s the main reason?” Jimin continued tentatively and Hayi let out a deep sigh, straightening her expression back into one of seriousness.

“That’s another question. Now it’s your turn,” she said, sliding the bottle over to Jungkook.

He didn’t move, just staring right back at her, “Okay, I’ll continue. So what’s the main reason that you hate me?”

“You’ve got to ask me to choose truth or dare.”

“Truth or dare?”


“Then I dare you to answer this question,” Jungkook announced triumphantly, clearly not willing to give up any time soon.

Hayi felt her heartrate beginning to speed up as she practically spat the answer in their faces, “Because Jimin is clearly interested in you and you still keep using it against me. You think you can treat me like shit? We’ll end all of that tonight. Now.”

“What?” Jimin spluttered. “I …”

Hayi didn’t give him the chance to defend himself as she turned to face him, glaring right into his widened eyes, “Let’s get straight to the point. Jimin, is it true that you’re in love with Jungkook?”

Jimin shuffled in his seat, chest visibly heaving with poorly concealed panic as he panted out the words, “I … I really don’t understand this situation …”

“What do you feel about Jungkook, Jimin?” Hayi pushed, already suspecting the answer she was determined to receive.

“Hayi!” Jungkook shouted, but his tone wasn’t angry. It sounded more similar to concerned.

“Why are you asking me this?” Jimin whispered, avoiding eye contact with both of them.

“Because your answer will change everything. I have to know to make things clear.”  

Jimin still didn’t look up from the floor and it looked like he was having some kind of internal battle with himself.

“Yes, I do like him. I’m sorry, Hayi,” he mumbled, glancing up at her before almost immediately looking away again. “We’ve spent a lot of time together during dance practices. I always thought he was handsome and I developed a crush on him. I thought that you were arranging those meetings because you were helping him as … a friend.”

“What?” Hayi breathed out, a white hot burst of pain ricocheting through her chest as she watched Jimin biting his lip shamefully.

“But there’s apparently something going on between you and Jungkook,” he continued, reaching up to anxiously brush his hair aside. “Fuck … I’m confused because you seemed interested in me before and then you kissed me … I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings … I really don't understand this situation and I planned to talk to you both to make things clear and..”

He petered off when he saw the tears rolling down Hayi’s cheeks.

“Oh my God … Don’t cry, Hayi,” he pleaded, sliding off his chair so he could sit on the floor in front of her.

Jungkook remained silent, his eyes glued to a fixed spot on the rug as if he were trying to completely dissociate himself from the entire conversation. He was clearly thinking hard about something but Hayi couldn’t be bothered to wonder what.

“I won’t interfere with you, I promise,” Jimin swore, reaching forwards to take Hayi’s hands. “I really didn’t know there was something between the two of you. You kissed me in front of him to make him jealous, right?  You're angry with Jungkook, right? That’s why you’re sad?”

Hayi stood up, a choked sob bubbling up her throat, unable to handle it anymore. She couldn’t understand how somebody could be so blind.

“No!” she shouted, drawing in deep breaths through her nose in an attempt to calm herself down. “Because I like you, you asshole!”

If it were possible, Jimin’s eyes grew even wider.

“It’s you. It’s not about Jungkook. It’s about you. I wanted him to help me get to you but nothing was working. Now I get why. You were never interested in me. All you can see is Jungkook. I’m done!”

Feeling as though a fraction of that almighty weight had been lifted from her chest, she dived for the door but Jungkook’s grip on her hand stopped her in her tracks.

“Hayi …”

“What the fuck do you want from me?” she wailed, trying to wriggle free but only succeeding in leading him out into the corridor with her. “I don’t want to talk to you!”

Jungkook’s expression was soft as he gently rested his hands on her shoulders, “Now it’s your turn.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Let go!” she demanded, swatting at his hands to no avail.

There was something sad in his eyes and he didn’t remove his hands from her arms as though he were afraid she would run for the hills as soon as there was nothing to hold her back.

“Truth. I want you to ask me for a truth,” he gulped.

“What truth?!” she screeched, still desperately trying to shove him away from her but he just pulled her closer.

“I love you, Hayi. I’m in love with you.”  

It took her several seconds to realise what she’d just heard. It was too unbelievable. Far too unbelievable.

“Oh my God …”

“It’s true,” Jungkook said.

“Shut up!” she shouted back, shaking her head and beating her fists against his chest.  

“Hayi, I’m telling you what I really feel about you!” Jungkook cried, the desperation piling up with every word he said.

She had never seen him like this before. But there was more. Even more words that were even more hurtful and he seemed to know this because there was conflict and regret in his eyes as he prepared to utter them.

“Now I get it,” he said, his voice suddenly weak. “I tried to deny it but I couldn’t. I was interfering with you and Jimin because I love you and it all got out of control. I pretended to be teaching you how to seduce Jimin so that you’d fall for me. I knew Jimin didn’t like you.”

“What?” Hayi choked, more tears continuing to fall from her lashes.

Jungkook’s hands slid from her arms as she advanced, backing him up into the wall.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, averting his eyes from her face. “I thought that … I just thought that you would start to like me and give up on Jimin but then everything just became one gigantic mess. I wanted to spend more time with you so I agreed to help you. I even thought that maybe I’d just let you go when I saw how good of a person Jimin is, but I can’t hide it anymore. We used to be friends but we fit each other so fucking perfectly in so many ways. Don’t you see it, Hayi?”

Now they were just inches apart and he reached out for her hand.

“Don’t you …” she started, completely caught off guard. “Don’t you see what you did?”

“Yes. I tried to discourage you so you’d stop hitting on Jimin. I knew he was interested in me and I didn’t want you to get hurt. But you kept insisting,” he was almost growling at this point. “You can’t be with Jimin, don’t you get that?”

Before Hayi could even process her own actions, she’d slapped him in the face. She was disgusted, unable to believe that somebody could say something like that after doing what he’d done.

“Hayi …” Jungkook whispered, trying to stop her from storming down the stairs by blocking her way.

“Don’t touch me!”

“I only want you. I’ll be good to you. Just give me a chance,” he pleaded, those chocolate brown eyes sparkling with a kind of rabid desperation.

“Oh my God …” somebody whispered from behind them and Hayi whipped around to see Jimin standing there, jaw hanging open in pure undiluted shock.

Hayi ignored him, instead directing the rest of her tirade at the person standing between her and freedom, “You’re so sick! I don’t want to deal with you right now! I’m done with this!”

“Hayi!” Jungkook tried one final time but she shoved past him and barrelled down the stairs, vision blurred by her own tears.

He tried to follow her but he barely made it two steps before Jimin’s fingers were fastened around his upper arm.

“Jungkook … That’s enough.”

Jungkook looked up at him but Jimin refused to meet his eye. He searched for the right words to say but there were none and it was only at that moment that he realised how much of a jerk he’d been and how many people he’d hurt because of it. A jerk. Just what Hayi used to call him.

“Jimin … I … What you heard …” he started but Jimin cut him off with nothing but ice lathering his tone.

“Stop. Let’s just stop with the lies. She’s right. We shouldn’t see each other again. There’s no solution for this.”

Jungkook glanced over his shoulder, “But Hayi …”

“Leave her alone!” Jimin suddenly snapped harshly. “Don’t you see she’s mad at you?!”

There was a long silence before Jungkook finally whispered, “I’m sorry, Jimin.”

Jimin just shook his head, a disbelieving smirk curling his lips, “You think that will change anything now? I can’t even hate you.”

“I never thought everything would get so fucked up.”

“It was already fucked up when you introduced her to me,” Jimin said, and Jungkook knew he was right but …

“What could I do? She had a mad crush on you.”

“Well, at least she wouldn’t have gotten hurt like this and … I wouldn’t have fallen for you.”

Jungkook was too lost in his thoughts to register Jimin’s words. He’d made Hayi cry and that thought alone practically paralysed him with worry. Everything could have been so simple.

“I’m so fucking dumb,” he sighed. “Maybe if I’d just confessed to her like a normal person … She would already be dating me and maybe she’d even be in love with me …”

The words kept tumbling from his mouth without filter or sign of stopping.

“But she had such a huge fucking crush on you.”

Jimin licked his lips, nodding with a grimace, “I see …”

“What?” Jungkook questioned, feeling like he was finally coming back to his senses.

“I guess I don’t stand a chance. How long has it been?”

“What do you mean?” Jungkook mumbled, still slightly disorientated from shock and guilt.

“Since you’ve loved Hayi?” Jimin clarified, looking as if every word was a dagger in his chest.

And Jungkook couldn’t lie anymore.

“I’ve always kind of loved her. I guess I just couldn’t admit it to myself.”

He realised how hurtful the truth must be for Jimin to hear when he saw the boy swallow thickly and turn away from him.

“Go away, Jungkook. I’ve heard enough.”

And suddenly Jungkook felt like he’d never been more pathetic in his life. It was hopeless to try and comfort Jimin after what he’d done but, no matter what had happened, he simply liked that boy and he didn’t want to cause him any more pain.

“Jimin … I didn’t … I’m sorry.”

“It will be difficult meeting up during class but let’s just call a truce and leave it at that.”

Those were the last words Jungkook heard Jimin say that evening because as soon as they’d left his mouth, he was storming down the stairs and filtering seamlessly into the crowd.

Jungkook slowly made his way down to the ground floor, looking around at the people crowded into the guest room. Shadows and silhouettes were dancing on the wall beside him and he identified a familiar face in between all the writhing bodies.  

Hayi was talking to Taehyung, a boy from the fashion design department. Jisoo was with them and her eyebrows were furrowed with concern. As Jungkook watched, Taehyung slid his arm around Hayi’s shoulders and started leading her towards the door.

Struck with a flare of panic, Jungkook plunged into the crowd, pushing and shoving his way through until he reached the two of them just before they could slip out into the street.

“Hey! Where are you going?” he asked, falling into step beside Hayi.

It seemed like she’d fixed her makeup but there were still charred smudges of mascara smeared in the corners of her eyes. Her big beautiful eyes. He wanted to hug her so badly, wanted to see her smile again, but all she did was shoot him a withering look of hate and keep walking.

“She asked me to drive her home,” Taehyung explained.  

“I’ll do it,” Jungkook volunteered without hesitation, reaching to take Hayi under his arm and practically flinching when she withdrew like he might burn her.

“Stay away from me!” she hissed, slapping his hand.

“Let’s go to the car, Hayi,” Jisoo intercepted, pulling her close and guiding her to freedom.

“I don’t know what happened but you clearly fucked up, dude,” Taehyung said, clapping Jungkook on the back with a somewhat sympathetic smile before he turned on his heel and followed both girls out into the nippy night air.

“Yeah. Big time,” Jungkook whispered to himself, collapsing onto the porch steps and slumping against the handrail as the song from inside reached his ears.




Tell me how it feels sitting up there

Feeling so high but too far away to hold me