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Change of course

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"That is something hard to explain." Tony commented to Loki's enquiry. Although he had come to peace with Loki's involvement in the invasion, he was still a little vary of him. "Gianna, hon. Time to speak." He poked her. 

She let out a sigh, "When I saw Oldin's memories, I saw a spy informing him of Thanos's involvement with the invasion. But he still threw Loki in prison. He was thinking of handing over Loki to Thanos. If it hadn't costed him Frigga and Thor, he would have done it immediately." Tony discreetly looked at Loki. He was clenching his fists hard. "Do not stop on my account. No one ever did." He hissed out. Gianna and Tony flinched at that.

"A lot of times, when people treated you badly, he turned a blind eye to it. And when he abducted you from Jotunheim, he actually wanted to raise you to be his puppet King." By the end of it, he was looking murderous. 

"I wish I could repulsor that bastard in his face." Tony muttered angrily. 

At that time the lift door opened and Pepper walked in, "Tony, JARVIS said you're back, and.... what the hell is he doing here?" She asked pointing at Loki. She looked a moment away from punching him. Tony rushed to Pepper, "I can explain. And don't punch the angry God right now. Come on." Saying he dragged her away. 

"You two seem to possess some unique powers." Loki said looking at her and Ellen after Tony and Pepper left. "Like you're one to talk." Ellen snorted out. "After Frigga you're known to be one of the most powerful sorcerer out there." He commented. Mention of Frigga's name had Loki stiffening. "Sorry." Ellen muttered.

"Not your fault mortal." Loki said. "Ellen. My name is Ellen." Ellen replied. "I didn't ask, and powers are useless, if you don't know how to weild them." Loki retorted. "So, can you teach us?" Ellen asked him with a hopeful puppy dog eyes. "Norns you're worse than Thor." He rolled his eyes. But then realizing what he said, he just hunched over.

"You know that they love you right. Thor and Frigga, I mean." She told him softly. "Why? You looked into their memories too?" Loki gritted out. "Yes." She replied in a neutral tone. "I could see through everyone's memories I was talking to. I didn't see all of them, but past few years and recent ones. He used to go to the bifrost every night, look down that bridge and lay down there on edge for hours. He didn't even speak to anyone for weeks. When Sif bad-mouthed you, he almost broke her hand. And he actually beat up a few people who insulted you." 

"Was it before or after New York?" He sullenly asked her. "Before." She deflated. She wanted to tell him about what he told Odin at the end of TTDW.

She then turned to Jane, "Hey, Jane. I think it would be best if you stay downstairs near the Arc Reactor. It will conceal the presence of Aether a lot more." She told her. "Ellen, why don't you go with her?" She asked them. "I'll send Pepper your way when she is done grilling me." They both nodded and left for the underground floors. Several minutes passed where both of them just glared at each other.

The clacking sound of heels had them both turning in Pepper and Tony's direction. "Gianna Rosette Powell. What did you do?" She angrily asked her. "What if Odin takes offense, and decides to declare war to Earth?" 

Gianna sighed and looked at her, "He won't have time to. I read Malekeith's thoughts before he left. He was planning on attacking Asgard again. So, I would say they'll be busy for a while. The defense shields around palace are down, the artillery can't detect them, hell even Heimdall is a sitting duck. They're defenseless right now." She said in an uncaring tone. "You're quite knowledgeable of Asgard's defense system." Loki told her warily. 

"Want to know what else I know?" She wiggled her fingers in front of him. He looked thoughtful for a few moments, but then took her hand. She closed her eyes, but a sharp nudge at her mind had her opening them again. She glared at Loki, "Don't try to poke around my head. I can easily drop you back in that dungeon." She growled out, before closing her eyes again.

Then she concentrated, and showed her Frigga's actual death, her funeral, his jailbreak, fight against Malekeith, his death, him impersonating Odin, Hela, Sakaar, Ragnarok, Thanos, his second death, defeat against Thanos, Thor's depression. 

After it was over, they all sat in silence, waiting for someone to speak up. In the end it was Loki who spoke up first, "So, what do you need me to do?" She smirked at him, "Well..." 


"What she said, was it true?" Frigga angrily asked Odin. Thor was still processing everything, but her mother's question brought him out of his thoughts. "Mother.." But her mother's glare stopped him from speaking anything else. "Answer me, Borrson, what she said, was it true?" She screamed out. "Frigga, you can not believe some.." He tried to pacify her, but an angry shout of his mother stopped him. 

"You need to remember that you cannot lie to me." She told him, muttering angrily and hitting his father with a spell. He tried to lunge forward, but he felt himself unable to move. "What did you do to me?" Odin asked Frigga, unable to move himself. "Uh, uh. Dear husband. I'll be the one asking questions now." She tutted at him. "Now, what she said about you knowing about Thanos's involvement in the invasion of Midgard, was it true?" She asked him. "Yes." He spoke out.

Both Odin and Thor were shocked at his reply. "Then why did you send him to the dungeons?" She asked him with pure rage written across her face. "Because he had become useless and a disgrace. I could no longer use him as a bargain or shield against the jotuns. The only use he had was as a cannon fodder when Thanos comes." He spat out. 

Thor shocked upon Odin's words just stared at him. Rage started to simmer underneath his skin. "How could you? All these years, and you do not feel anything for him." He angrily shouted at Odin. "The Norns spoke of him as the instigator of the Ragnarok. I could not leave him there in that waste land to be found by Laufey. He would have succeeded the throne there, and lead an uprising against Asgard." Odin also screamed out. 

"Enough. I've had enough of you ruling my children's lives, as if they were your pawns. But not anymore." Saying that she started to mutter a spell again. "Mother, what are you doing?" Thor loudly called out to her. "From this day onwards, you'll live the life of a civilian, with no memories of your past life, spending the rest of your life in banishment, until you learn humility." Saying that she hurled a sphere of energy at Odin. The next moment he disappeared from their sight. 

Thor, who could move from his position now, hurried towards his mother. "Mother, what did you do?" He asked her worriedly. "What I should have done a long time ago." She answered him quietly. "Perhaps then I wouldn't have lost my childrens to rage, war and despair." She told him picking up the Gungnir. Then she strode out the door in the hallway. The warriors were moving out of the way whispering to each other. But he didn't pay any heed to them, hurrying to catch up with his mother.

Both of them arrived at the throne room, where the destroyed ship of Dark Elves was leaning on the columns. "Mother, what do you plan on doing now?" He asked her. "Guards." She shouted ignoring his comment. The guards all gathered in front of her. "Prepare a small group of five soldiers with somewhat of a diplomatic skills. Thor's going to Midgard." She announced, saying the last part directing more at him. 

"Mother?" He asked her confusedly. "I would have loved to come with you my child. But someone needs to be here, when the enemy is still on the horizon. Be calm, and let the girl see your memories of past hour. If you are seeing this, then come back here." She said while looking into his eyes. 

"So, what do you want to talk to me about? And where's the eyepatch?" Gianna asked Frigga, leaning on the pillar. Loki who was standing beside her, was looking around in full alert mode. "Why don't you see for yourself?" Frigga told her stepping forward. Gianna let the power surge through her, and started to talk to Frigga.

"You're holding the Gungnir. It won't come to you unless...Ah. Now I see." Gianna replied observing the memories. Clever woman. "I must say, this isn't what I thought it would lead to." She said applauding the woman. "Now, is there a safe place we could talk without being heard?" She asked them. "Where's Jane?" Thor urgently asked her. "Safe." She didn't say anything more than that, and started following Frigga to wherever she was taking them. 

They came back to the library. She then turned to Loki, "When I bring them here you'll need to get changed." She told him. He rolled his eyes, and turned into a red headed woman with green eyes and then turned back into himself. "What's the meaning of this?" Thor asked them. "Selvig." She replied. 


"What do you want me to do?" Loki had asked her. "Well, we'll need Erik's help to locate the convergence's focal point. But seeing you will send him into a cardiac arrest. I don't want that. So, around him, change your looks. We'll slowly bring him in on everything, but until then, please don't show yourself to him. I know that I'm asking a lot, but Erik hasn't been the same since New York. And despite everything he's a good man, and a fantastic astrophysicist." 

Loki nodded his head, "You do not need to give a speech. Barton, I may not feel as guilty, but Selvig, I do feel guilty for him. He was a civilian, trying to do something better for world, and protect Thor's lover from SHIELD." He said while looking at the glass table. 

"So, you and I are breaking in into Asgard. I know that Odin and Thor are going to have a fight. I say we take advantage of that, include him into our plan, and let the events of your escape from Asgard play out the same way. But this time, instead of destroying the Aether, tell Thor to give his strongest attack on Malekeith. Meanwhile, we all deal with his troops and the ship. You can fake your death again, if you want to. Then, you do whatever you want." She told him. 

"Alright, that could work. But we need to plan the details. Your overall plan is good and workable in ideal conditions. But the Dark Elves are notoriously known for being flexible. We need to have contingency for each moment that could go wrong." He told her. She nodded her head in acknowledgement. 

"You're right. I'm giving it to you because we won't be able to discuss it around everyone else." She told him. He nodded.

"Are you two done?" Tony asked, they both turned around to look at him. He was sitting in the chair with popcorns. "How long have you been sitting there?" She asked him confusedly. "Thirty minutes, I guess." He told her. "By the way, good plan. Let's contact Selvig and Bruce. Once he figures it out, we'll inform the British authorities, so that they can evacuate the area." He told them. 

"Alright. JARVIS, call Bruce." The screen on the TV showed the call connecting, and she looked at Loki, who had turned into a redhead woman in her early twenties. "Nice." Tony commented looking over the female form of Loki. "Good choice. Not the obvious black hair, green eyes thing." She complemented him. 

"Hey guys." Bruce's voice came from TV. "Hey Bruce. How's it going? Are Erik and Darcy there? And that intern, Ian I think." She asked him. "Yeah, we're all here at Selvig's place. What about you guys? Did you manage to get that thing out of Jane?" He asked them. "No. But we have a plan. Tell Selvig to gather up his research. I'm coming to get you now." Saying that she cut off the call. 

"JARVIS, tell the party to come upstairs." She told him. "Of course miss." He replied. Loki curiously looked up at the ceiling. "He doesn't live in ceiling." She told him, pointing at the camera in the corner. He nodded his head. 

"Now, I'm off to London, so until I return play nice." Saying that she teleported herself to Selvig's apartment. "Hey guys. Ready to go?" She asked them. "You, you..." Darcy made some puff puff noise and did some actions with her hands. "Okay. I don't understand this *puff puff* sounds you're making." She told Darcy. "Your powers looked a lot more like tessaract." Erik commented. "It's complicated." She told him. "Can we go now?" All of them nodded their heads and started to pick up things around them. She just rolled her eyes, and teleported all of them and their things to the tower. 

They arrived just as the others entered the room. "Good, you're here. Planning time now. Erik, can you tell us the focal point of convergence?" She asked him. "Greenwich. Before you guys called, me and Bruce were just doing that." She nodded her head. "Can you make a report about it, we are going to submit it to the British authorities and ask them to evacuate the area." Tony spoke up at her request. "Don't worry about that. I've already sent a preliminary report to MI6. They're going to get back to me as soon as possible." He informed them.

"Alright. Me and Laureen will go to Asgard, try to sway Thor to help us. In the meantime, you guys try to make something that may help us detect those portals." She pointed at them.

"Alright then Laureen, off we go." Saying that she teleported them to Asgard's throne room. She hoped that her illusions were working. She then heard Frigga's words.


"What's friend Selvig got to do with this?" Thor asked her. "He's not good right now. Guy's going crazy. Seeing your brother might trigger him. Now, get your friends here." She told him. He looked at her and had a servant call for them. 

As soon as they entered and saw her and Loki, they all drew out their weapons and stood in a battle stance. "Really?" She raised her eyebrow, and flicked her wrist, sending their weapons in one of her pocket dimensions. Loki let out a smirk at their baffled expressions. 

"Calm down you three." Frigga scolded them. "So, what is the plan?" 


Jane was sitting in her room in the palace, two guards were standing at the door. Suddenly, both of them were hit by Sif, "You, come with me." She told Jane. Jane hurried after her towards the lobby.

("We don't know if Malekeith is listening to everything through her." Gianna told her. "So, we play it out like you don't trust our plan, and that's why you're going to take her to Malekeith yourself, and when he takes out Aether from her body, you'll destroy it. But please don't do that in real. Cause that won't work. The only way to destroy an infinity stone is by attacking it with a similar power. Your lightning won't do a shit to it.")

There Thor and Loki were waiting for her. "Jane." Thor hugs her. "What's happening?" A few soldiers spots them at the moment, "Later." They hurry towards the throne room. But Sif doesn't come with them, "You go. I'll hold them off." She tells them. Thor nods his head at her. And she nods back with a smirk. Before Loki leaves, a sword is thrust under his throat. "Betray him, and I'll kill you." She glares at Loki, who just gives a shark grin to her. 

 Volstagg, who was waiting for them in the throne room, nodes at Thor. "Thank you my friend." Thor parts him on the back. Volstagg hugs him back and murmurers a "Stay Safe." Thor nods his head and heads inside the ship. "Betray him, and-" Loki cuts him off with a "you will kill me? Evidently, there'll be a line." He replied sarcastically. 

("You." She pointed at Thor. "Let him pilot the ship. You maybe able to fly, but he's the skilled pilot. And by God's grace, don't crash it in any structure. I'll leave you on Mount Everest if you do so." She threatened them.)

"Are you set in?" Loki asked standing in front of the control panel. "Yeah, let's go." Thor tells him. Loki then beautifully pilots the ship out of Asgard, and on the waters. Jane in the middle of it, passes out. "Oh dear. Is she dead?" He comments dryly. Thor glares at him and bends down to pat Jane's cheek. "Jane? Jane?" He calls out worriedly. "Hmm. I'm fine." Jane replies before turning around and curling up. Thor lets out a sigh of relief. Loki rolls his eyes at his brother's antics. The people at guarding stations starts firing at them, but misses most of the time of course. "So, who's the better pilot now?" Loki asks Thor gloating. "I can do better." Thor replies with a sniff. And then throws Loki out of the ship. 

("That ship won't fit through the entrance. It will cut off in half." Loki told them. "Alright then. Abandon the ship, and let your troops blow it up. They should get to have some fun too." Gianna told them. "Let me guess, you want me to bring a smaller craft to carry them through the path." Fandral asked her. "Gold star for shazm." She clapped his shoulder. "Shazm?" He muttered confusedly.) 

Thor then carries Jane and jumps off the ship himself. The troops then blows it up viciously. Thor lands gracefully, while laughing at Loki's less than graceful landing. "I see your time in dungeon has made you no less graceful, Loki." Loki just ignores him. 

"You lied to me. I'm impressed." He played his part. "I'm glad you're pleased. Now do as you promised. And take us to your secret pathway." Loki just grins madly and grabs the handle to pilot the boat. He feels the rush and thrill of the blowing winds, and grins more widely. 

A second ship soon follows after, shooting at their ship. Loki manoeuvres the ship carefully to dodge the shooting. He then takes the ship to higher altitude. "Fandral." Thor commands. "Right." Fandral sighes out and takes a rope, jumping off the ship and using the momentum to land on the other ship. "Sorry boys. Nothing personal." And fake punches Ellen, Volstagg and Sif. 

("You'll land our ship and fake knocking out the soldiers on board. But don't do it really, because that would be us disguised as the Soldiers. Then we'll teleport to the Dark World. And stay hidden. He'll detect her the moment she enters the Dark World." She tells them.)

Thor and Loki fly through the secret passageway, ending up in the Dark World.