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New Places

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"Fuck," Todoroki cussed under his breath while he rounded a corner. He could hear the pounding footsteps of the officer a bit behind himself, making his heart beat harder. He couldn't lead him back to the motel, they'd surely figure everything out then. At least with the distance, the police officer only thought he was a common thug at the moment.

"Get back here!" The officer demanded loudly. "Do not make me have to pull my taser out!"

Okay, so maybe he shouldn't have stolen the necklace, but it had a moon charm on it that read "I love you to the moon and back" written on the back of it and he was a sap. Could you blame him? Bakugou had had a chain, but it apparently broke a fews days ago and he lost it. Todoroki just wanted to get something nice for his boyfriend and didn't want to spend their dwindling food and motel money on it.

Now, it seemed to be biting him right in the ass.

"Over here!" a familiar voice yelled at him while a hand closed around his wrist. He parted his lips, ready to argue, while he glanced back. The police officer was just a reach away from snagging him, which shut him up effectively. "Duck!" He ducked down immediately, eyes closing on their own. He heard a collision behind himself and the person dragging him, but didn't try to look back. When he was dragged around a sharp corner, he finally opened his eyes again. They took a few more turns and he looked around, taking in the buildings they were outside of. They all looked old and abandoned, bricks chipped and cracked.

Slowly, Todoroki turned to look at the person who had just helped him. Their back was to him with a slightly bulky jacket hiding their torso shape. He saw a head of spikey black hair and he perked up. "Kat, how did you know where I was?" He asked, moving forward with the intentions of hugging his boyfriend. However, the person turned around and Todoroki froze.


"Touya?!" Todoroki shouted out of surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, or ask why the hell his older brother was here of all places and why his hair was black now, but a firm hand covered his mouth.

"Quiet down, do you want the police to catch us?" Touya demanded firmly. He pulled his hand away from Todoroki's mouth after the younger calmed down. "I came out here to help you and your friends," Touya began to explain then. "It took a while to find you guys, so good job at keeping under the radar. Except, y'know, for stealing something."

"It's for Kat," Todoroki said defensively. "He lost his other necklace."

"Finally confess to him, then?" Touya replied with a smug smirk tugging at his lips. Todoroki gave a small, shy nod. "'Bout time. I'm glad you have a boyfriend. Now, can we please get to where your friends are before we get caught? I'll explain everything when we get there."

So Todoroki led Touya back to the motel that the other's were staying in. Todoroki pulled a few candy bars out of the inside of his jacket before he opened the motel room door. "Hey, I got those candy bars," he called out into the room as he stepped in. Touya followed behind, closing and locking the door.

Bakugou looked up from the book he was reading, reclined on the bed. Midoriya and Denki were sat on the other bed and were drawing on each other with pens. They looked up as well, eyes widening. Lastly, Momo walked out of the bathroom, still in her pajamas.

"Touya?!" The other four exclaimed all at once.

Touya stepped up to be beside Todoroki and waved at the others. "Hey," his voice was calm. The room stayed silent as he made his way over to the desk. Leaning down, he looked at the laptop that was left open. The sound of clicking rang out through the room suddenly.

"What are you doing?!" Todoroki demanded while making his way over to his brother.

"I'm contacting a person that will help you all out," Touya said simply. "You need somewhere safe and hidden before Dad decides to rip these cities apart on his own to find you guys. I don't want to have to visit you guys in the hospital if your parents get a hold of you again."

The admittance shocked everyone in the room.

"You knew?" Momo asked softly while she looked at Touya with wide eyes.

"Yeah, I knew. Enji used to abuse me before Shouto came along. I'd notice marks like you guys had anywhere." Touya started typing again, biting his bottom lip lightly.

"Why didn't you-" Denki started, but was cut off.

"Stop Enji? I used to try to all the time. I couldn't stand around and watch my little brother get beaten like my other siblings did. But the last time I stood up to him, he put me in the hospital in a coma for a week, and threatened to kill me if I stood up to him one more time after I woke up."

"Dad said that it happened because you were playing football with Natsuo and hit your head hard on a tree root." Todoroki said quietly, frowning heavily.

"Of course he did," Touya scoffed while shaking his head. The screen pinged loudly with a Skype call sound. Touya answered the call and a light blue haired male popped up on the screen.

"I really wasn't expecting this to be your request, Touya," the man on the screen said. "I mean, it's fine. But we only have three rooms available at the moment."

"Three is enough," Touya said easily. "My brother can share with his boyfriend, I can share with one of the other boys, and then the other two can share with each other. Until more rooms become available. If your boss doesn't mind."

"He's always happy to have more kids to spoil, you know that," the man on the screen replied with a smile. "Let me talk to each of them." Touya nodded and moved away from the laptop. He looked to Todoroki and gestured for his brother to sit at the desk. Todoroki pulled the chair out and sat down. "Hello, my name is Tomura. Can you tell me your name, age and favorite food?"

Todoroki's eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Why would some stranger care about his favorite food? "Um, Shouto Todoroki. I'm sixteen and, uh, my favorite food is cold soba." He felt awkward saying what he was asked to, but the man, Tomura, seemed satisfied by the information.

"Good, next," Tomura said, looking at someone behind Todoroki. A gentle hand clasped his shoulder, making him look up. A smile tugged at his lips when he saw Bakugou standing there.

"Katsuki Bakugou, sixteen, and I like anything spicy," Bakugou's voice was rough and his facial expression betrayed how suspicious he found Tomura. Still, they could trust Touya, right? Todoroki didn't have time to ponder that, because their friends got up and walked over to the laptop.

"I'm Denki Kaminari, also sixteen, and I like hamburgers!" Denki said enthusiastically.

"My name is Momo Yaoyorozu. I am sixteen as well and I like pretty much everything. Mainly sweets," Momo said and smiled sheepishly.

Midoriya shuffled nervously behind the others, a timid smile on his face. Todorki could practically feel the anxiety rolling off of the smaller male in waves. The hand on his shoulder left and moved to cup the back of Midoriya's head carefully. "Hey, it's okay," Bakugou whispered softly. "I know it's been a rough few days since you haven't had your meds, but you're going to be okay. When we get to where Touya wants us to go, I'll find a way to get your meds. I won't let anything bad happen." There he goes again, making promises he can't guarantee, but it seemed to ease Midoriya enough to nod and smile a lit.

"I'm sorry," he apologized to Tomura, whom was just watching patiently. "It's hard to focus right now. I, my name is Izuku Midoriya. I'm sixteen like everyone else. I like anything, really, but katsudon is my favorite." His fingers twisted together nervously after he finished speaking, obviously holding himself back from rambling.

Tomura smiled kindly and nodded in a calming manner. "I can tell it's been rough on all of you recently. By tonight, you'll have warm beds and clothes, all much softer than the beds in your motel and nicer than the clothes you're wearing now. And if you'll give me the names of any medication any of you need, I can have it all ready by tomorrow morning."

So Bakugou and Todoroki listed off the medications they needed, it being a short list. Then Tomura gave Touya a few specific details, times and names before the call ended.

"I'm going to order us some pizza," Touya said after the laptop was closed. "Nobody panic, this is a new phone and Enji hasn't even seen it," he added as he pulled his phone out. He called a nearby pizza place and ordered four pizzas and some wings to go with it.

"Don't you think you ordered too much?" Midoriya asked worriedly. "I don't think we have enough money to spare for the cost...what if-"

"Easy," Touya said while he gently squeezed Midoriya's bicep in reassurance. "I've got the cost covered. And I can tell that you're all hungry. The food won't go to waste." The oldest smiled warmly when Midoriya nodded and relaxed. "Why don't you lay down until the food gets here? I can tell that you're tired." Another nod and then Denki led Midoriya over to the bed they had been sitting on earlier.

"He hasn't been sleeping well. Without his meds, his nightmares have been hitting him hard," Momo said quietly, hands curled into loose fists and pressed to her collarbone.

"He's going to be alright," Todoroki said softly as he patted Momo's arm slightly.

"If that guy pulls through and gets the medication," Bakugou said quietly, sounding skeptical.

Touya huffed out a soft laugh. "He'll pull through. His boss has all kinds of connections and hates seeing kids suffering. So, Midoriya is going to be just fine."

Todoroki sure hoped so, or he had a feeling that he'd had to pry his boyfriend off his brother with a crowbar. Hopefully that wouldn't happen.

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Walking into the mansion felt like walking into an entirely different universe. The outside looked grand on it's own, but seemed to be overshadowed by the inside of the building. Twinkling fairy lights hung on the walls, accenting the silver chandelier that hung in the middle of the entrance way. The walls were decorated with a soft rust colored wallpaper and the floor was smooth mahogany wood. Two hallways, one on either side, and a huge staircase was before them. The staircase split off two either side to loop upwards. The five runaways began to wonder how many people exactly were there for there to only be three rooms available in the whole huge mansion. The mansion was three stories!

"Ah, the new kids arrive!" An excited voice rang out through the entrance way. Soft footsteps over the deep red carpet over the stairs could barely be heard. A man stepped into few from the left staircase that twisted around. He walked smoothly while adjusting the sleeves of his dress shirt. His gray hair fell in loose curls to the right. He was sporting an undercut hairstyle and moved as if the color of his hair had nothing to do with his age. He looked much younger than he probably was. "Welcome to my home," the man said proudly once he was in front of the five teens. He held his hand out to Bakugou first, warm blue-green eyes locking with red. His hold on Bakugou's hand was gentle while they shook hands. The actions were repeated with each teen, his actions all seemingly genuinely. When he reached Touya on the end, he pulled the eldest teen into a hug. "I'm so glad you decided to stay here. It's getting quite with most of the kids growing up. Some still stay here, but they're so eager to start their own lives now," the man spoke to Touya softly.

"I couldn't leave my brother behind," Touya replied with a small smile.

"Yes, I know. I'm so glad that you brought him along with you." The man turned to face the other five again, towering over them now that they could take him in completely. "Oh, forgive me. I was so excited to hear from Tomura that more kids would be coming to stay. I'm sorry that I only have three open rooms right now, but a lot of the kids that stay here are adults now so more rooms will be available by the end of this week." The man turned and waved a hand, gesturing someone forward. Three maids, dressed in black dress pants and dark blue button up shirts, walked over and smiled kindly to the teens. "Give them your bags, please. They will take them to your respective rooms. I promise that they won't go through with them." Hesitantly, the five handed over their bags, Touya excluded because he didn't have any bags. The maids hurried off with their bags then, taking them up the stairs.

"Perhaps we should do proper introductions?" Touya suggested. The man looked surprised and then slightly embarrassed. "Did I forget to introduce myself again?" He received a nod from Touya and laughed softly. "My apologies. I get ahead of myself sometimes. My name is Heizo Aikawa, but everyone around here can call me whatever they'd like to. What are your names?" He asked politely.

Bakugou stepped forward, chest puffed out slightly. "My name is Katsuki Bakugou, and this is my boyfriend, Shouto Todoroki. Along with my best friends; Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya and Momo Yaoyorozu." He looked up at Heizo as if daring him to say something rude.

"Oh, how sweet! I had a husband, he was very much like you, Katsuki, when we were younger," Heizo said kindly. "He passed away a few years ago, but he was a good man. I'm very proud of you for being protective of your boyfriend and friends." He turned away then, heading for the hallway that led to the right. "Come this way! I have food ready for you all."

Bakugou stood flabbergasted, trying to process what all of that was about. Blinking hard, he looked at the other's with a confused expression and only received shrugs in reply.

"I should have mentioned that Heizo is very excitable and enthusiastic, but it's much more fun to see everyone figure it out on their own," Touya mused from the side. He moved to follow after Heizo then. "C'mon before the food gets cold and he demands for more to be made."

The teens followed after Touya, Midoriya hanging towards the back. He felt a warm hand grab his shoulder, but he couldn't drag his gaze off of his feet. "Izu," Bakugou said softly, fingers hooking under his chin and tilting his head up. "Just eat a little bit? Then we can sit in your room and we can count your freckles?" the taller offered softly. Midoriya found himself giggling slightly at the last part. "I know how many freckles I have, Kacchan," he said quietly.

"Are you sure? I'm pretty sure you have a few new ones. Like here," he paused and poked Midoriya's neck lightly at the base, tickling the smaller teen. Midoriya giggled more and tried to hide his neck by pressing his chin to his shoulder. The action didn't block Bakugou's fingers from reaching the back of his neck. "And here."

Midoriya ducked his head down and covered the back of his neck with his hands. He laughed loudly when strong arms wrapped around his waist and picked him up, spinning him around. He felt a little dizzy when he was set back down on the floor and was grateful for the arm that was offered to him to help him steady. He could hear a fond chuckle ahead of them, and could only guess that Heizo was amused by their antics. It was so much nicer than having their parents yell at them to stop. The only one that hadn't ever yelled at them for messing around was Inko, and Heizo seemed just as caring as Inko was. It eased the anxiety that threatened to crawl to the front of his mind, for now.

Bakugou stayed close to Midoriya, arm over Midoriya's shoulders now. "It's going to be okay," he whispered to the younger. Midoriya could hear the genuine belief that Bakugou pushed into those words.


That night, they all had fuzzy pajamas to change into that night. Bakugou went without the shirt so he wouldn't overheat while sleeping. Todoroki did the same, but he exchanged it for a tank-top instead of going completely shirtless. The other three kept the shirt and pants, and Denki threw on some fuzzy socks since he tended to get cold while sleeping.

They all ended up sitting in a circle on the floor in Bakugou and Todoroki's shared room. The bed itself was huge and probably could have fit them all, but they preferred the floor anyways. Momo had a pillow hugged to her chest, knees bent and her torso leaning against them. "Do you think we can trust Heizo?" She asked quietly. "I mean, he's really nice, but I feel like there's something more here than just him taking care of kids.

"Yeah, I feel that too," Bakugou said honestly while he leaned back on his hands. "He's way too enthusiastic to be just another nice guy."

Todoroki sighed from his spot on the floor. He had a blanket wrapped around himself, hiding his body. "He is just another nice guy. The abuse from our parents has probably just caused us to have trust issues," he said thoughtfully. "And if it does turn out badly, there's five of us. And we'll get through it like we've gotten through everything else, together."

Midoriya fidgeted with the corner of the pillow he was holding. He had started tugging at the threads when the y first sat down, and now the thread was dangling free of the pillow, threatening to let the stuffing spill out. "That Tomura guy wasn't here to greet us," he blurted out suddenly. "I thought he was, like, the second in charge or something. And since he talked to us, shouldn't he have greeted us?" he asked before worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Maybe he went to pick up the medications?" Denki suggested softly, messing with the sleeves of his shirt. "I mean, he seemed pretty harmless. He was pretty excited to help us out."

"Which is worrying in itself," Bakugou cut in again. "Why the hell would older people be so eager to help out a bunch of runawway kids?" He demanded.

"Because he's a good person," Todoroki snapped without meaning to. It made everyone in the group just stare at him for a moment. Todoroki ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily. "I'm sorry guys. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything. It's just been a long time since anyone other than Auntie Inko has treated us, y'know, well. I promise that I'm just as worried about as you guys are, but I want to believe that Heizo is a good man that only wants to help us. I don't want to have to look over my shoulder with every adult we come across and worry that we're going to get stabbed in the back."

Bakugou scooted closer to Todoroki and wrapped his arms around the other. "I understand that," he said softly. "I know I can be kind of pushy and overprotective. I just, I don't want to watch you getting hurt again, any of you. I'll give Heizo a chance, a real chance, before I start assuming bad things about him." He promised. Todoroki leaned into Bakugou's hold then and relaxed.

"That's all I can ask for."