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Clerical Mistake or Hazards of Angelic Bureaucracy

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Shen Yuan is admittedly new to this whole guardian angel business. He was only twenty when he died and it has been less than four years since that happened. You see, right after his death, when he entered the afterlife, Shen Yuan was drafted by the System into the ranks of guardian angels. Apparently, only certain souls held the necessary qualities that allowed them to become guardians and nurture their charges properly.

The last few years Shen Yuan spent learning and training for his new role. It was, he admitted, actually kind of fun. After all, now that he is a full-fledged guardian he has the opportunity to visit all those worlds he only ever read about.

That's right. You heard correctly. Guardian angels were not limited only to one world - the one they were born in, but they could be assigned to a multitude of different worlds from sci-fi to magical fantasy, anything was possible.

Today is both exciting and nerve-wracking day for Shen Yuan. He is getting his first charge!

He was practically vibrating with barely suppressed energy as he entered the administrative building and then went to the office written on the notice given to him.

The scene he entered was not what he was expecting though. Why? Because Shen Yuan walked in on a disaster. Papers were strewn everywhere. It was a complete mess. Everything was covered in papers. There was also no one there. No, wait...

A disheveled head popped out of the pile of papers. Shen Yuan recognized this particular angel as the one everyone called Airplane. Shen Yuan has no clue where this nickname came from or what his real name actually was, so he always addressed him as Airplane-bro. The man himself did not mind.

He is one of the senior angels, who was responsible for most of the paperwork. The clearly frazzled man apologized for the mess and started looking frantically for his assignment. When he found it, he triumphantly held it up to the unimpressed Shen Yuan, who then took it, politely thanked him and left.

Shen Yuan looked through the assignment he was given before brightening up, delighted. His charge is an adorable white lotus of a child in a cultivation world. His name is Luo Binghe. Shen Yuan's mission is to take the role of his Shizun and guide him to the peak of his life.

That... actually made him pause for a moment. Usually only senior, experienced guardians were assigned roles that meant direct contact with their charges. It was done for a multitude of reasons, including possible emotional attachment, mistakes in judgement due to too much involvement and possibility of the angel getting too connected to the physical body that was created for the mission and thus completely joining the ranks of the living.

Maybe his charge needed a more hands-on approach? Shen Yuan riffled through his assignment again for the possible explanation. Ah, found it. The reason laid in the role he was to take. And that is of Shen Qingqiu, the Qing Jing Peak Lord and his charge's Shizun.

Due to his actions, the soul of the real Shen Jiu will be working towards his redemption in another world on a mission given to him by a higher power and when he earns it he can go back. Until then his place in the world was vacant.

How lucky! Shen Yuan will actually get to experience a cultivation world himself! And as a respected Peak Lord no less! Teaching all those cute little disciples, studying all that magical flora and fauna... ahhh, so much fun~ Shen Yuan was practically sparkling just thinking about it!



Shen Yuan takes on the role of the cultivator and Peak Lord with enthusiasm. It takes him a few days to familiarize himself with his new role, surroundings and abilities, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. His little disciples are so cute~ Granted Ming Fan is a bit rough around the edges and Ning Yingying is a bit silly, but his ducklings are so adorable and obedient! It's good to be a teacher.

He is dropped two weeks before the selection of new disciples where he will meet his charge for the first time. And he is very grateful for the boon he was given. It would not do to make a fool out of himself in front of his charge. He needed to make a proper first impression! He is Shen Qingqiu now. The epitome of elegance and grace, the distant and untouchable immortal. He spent the whole two weeks he was given to prepare cultivating and practicing that image in his bamboo house and in front of the mirror!

He is extremely excited. The day has finally come! Today he is going to meet his charge! What could possibly go wrong? All he has to do is present himself as a trustworthy, respectable mentor and then teach a sweet little white sheep to be an outstanding cultivator. How hard could it be?


Shen Yuan jinxed himself.


The selection goes as expected. Shen Yuan is so excited he completely ignores Liu Qingge who was saying something or other to him. Honestly, that man is quite rude. Shen Yuan decided that the best way to deal with him is to ignore him entirely, maybe then he will get bored and leave. And hey, it worked this time. After a few failed attempts to get his attention, he huffed and stalked off with all the attitude of an offended cat.

He does, however, greet Yue Qingyuan politely and talk to him. The poor man perks up under his attention like a wilting flower that was finally given water. Strange. Did no one talk to him normally? If being treated like a normal human being made him so happy, Shen Yuan did not want to think about how he was usually treated! Poor man. Having to run a Sect and deal with politics really did a number on him.

Oh! He sees his charge! Shen Yuan has to restrain himself from cooing out loud. Look at that adorable little bun! Those fluffy curls, big shiny eyes, round face, such a good seedling. Ah, Shen Yuan wanted to pinch those cheeks! His cute little lamb finally made an appearance. He barely managed to wait out the bare minimum required time before claiming him as his disciple.

Leading his new disciple back to their peak Shen Yuan had to remind himself that skipping is childish and he is a respectable adult. He is what? 23? 24? He couldn't quite remember. Not that it mattered. He is waaay too old for that, an old man like him should not ever skip. Hmph.

Luo Binghe, who was walking behind him, couldn't help but lift an eyebrow in surprise. Was he.. was he sulking? How can someone keep a completely serene visage, yet practically project pouting with their whole aura? This Shizun of his... Luo Binghe couldn't stop his eyes from narrowing thoughtfully for a moment before he regained his composure. Shen Yuan didn't notice.

Once they reached their destination the standard procedure of greeting a new disciple took place with Shen Yuan being presented tea brewed by his charge. Honestly, he wasn't paying all that much attention to what was being said. He was mostly concentrating on not ruining his image of aloof immortal by spontaneously petting his little charge. He didn't want to scare him away.

Snapping out of his thoughts and seeing expectant faces of his disciples both old and new, he elegantly waived his fan to buy a moment of time. He wasn't really listening so he had no clue what was said, as such he had to improvise: "Very well. From today on you are one of the disciples of Qing Jing Peak. Follow Ming Fan, he will show you to disciple quarters, get you outfitted and tell you what will be expected of you as a disciple. If you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask your shixiongs and shijies."

With that he smoothly rose and gracefully turned around dismissing everyone. Silently Shen Yuan congratulated himself on managing to keep his image of a wise, but distant master. Maybe if he wasn't so quick to turn away then he would have realized that something was off with his charge. There was nothing child-like in those deep black eyes that were studying him intently. 



But Shen Yuan did not notice. Just like he didn't know that back in Heaven, a week after he took his assignment, when the mess was finally resolved, Airplane-bro turned chalk-white when he realized that there was a mistake in his posting. Shen Yuan did not know that when Airplane made inquiries into this assignment it came out that there was a misfilement and a gross dereliction of duty from a couple lower angels who were stuck doing paperwork as a punishment.

As a result one of them misfiled an incident report file, the other copied part of the information from the report into one of the standard guardian angel assignment forms and chucked the other part into another form, and the third one sent them along without checking for errors. There was supposed to be no angel, guardian or otherwise, assigned to this world and the file on the "charge" was based on an alarming report on suspicious activity from the son of this world... who was a half-demon and, if Airplane was reading between the lines of the report correctly, far from innocent.

Afterwards, Airplane frantically tried to contact and recall Shen Yuan back, but it was all in vain. Forbidden worlds are called that for a reason. Once you enter them all the communication gets cut off and there is no way to retrieve the poor soul that got stuck in there. Shen Yuan was on his own.

When Airplane realised that laziness and negligence of those idiots quite probably doomed a baby guardian angel, he went on a warpath. Heads flew, the whole system was rehouled and improved, new protocols were put in place. As for Shen Yuan? He had no clue on what was going on and he won't find out for a very, very long time.


Shen Yuan was blissfully unaware of what was going on in Heaven. He was happily spending his days teaching his cute little disciples and watching over his charge, studying any books he could find on fascinating inhabitants of this world and simply enjoying himself. Little did the angel know that his charge is a demon in disguise. A reincarnated demon lord to be exact.



Luo Binghe had no idea what to think of this new version of Shizun. Deep black eyes were trained on Shen Qingqiu. He was observing him very closely since they met and yet beyond his looks he saw no similarities with the scum from his past life. Oh sure, superficially their mannerisms resembled each other in a way, but that resemblance was very shallow.

It was like the Shen Qingqiu he knew and loathed from his past life and the Shen Qingqiu of this world were two different people. If anything this Shizun was more like the one he met in his weak, crybaby copy's dimension. Could it be... He finally settled on keeping his observations for some time before deciding on any course of action. So that's what he did.

Within a couple of days of him observing this Shizun, he determined that his theory about this man being a counterpart of the mirror world's Shen Qingqiu rather than his own was correct. By the end of the week Luo Binghe determined that he will not kill this Shizun. He was everything Binghe has ever wanted back when he was actually just a child. Demons are greedy, covetous creatures. Binghe might have failed to steal Shen Qingqiu from that crybaby weakling, but now that he has a shot at his own Peak Lord he has no intentions of ever letting him go. Shen Qingqiu belonged to Luo Binghe.

By the end of two weeks he decided that he will add him to his future harem. By the end of the month he started planning their wedding, the whole harem idea was scrapped. As half a year has passed Luo Binghe has already planned out their wedding, which positions they will try on their wedding night, their honeymoon, and possible names for their future children. As a year passed by he firmly decided that if anything were to happen to Shizun he would kill everyone in this sect and then himself.

Now if only puberty would pass quicker. He couldn't actually seduce his husband-to-be while Shen Qingqiu thought of him as a child. It is quite annoying that he has to wait to reach adulthood. Still that meant that he has more time to plan on how to get his man. He will make Shen Qingqiu his one way or another. Even if he has to learn how to cry at the drop of a hat to achieve that!!!



Shen Yuan looked over at his charge and wondered what got him so fired up. Look at that determined look on his cute little face, that adorable fist bump. Really his little sheep is adorable. Shen Yuan fondly shakes his head and continues walking completely oblivious to what the future has in store for him. Ah well, sometimes ignorance is bliss.