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The sound of children laughing and squealing with one another was prominent around the Party Room.

The smell of pizza wafted around the place.

Y/n was sitting at one of the party tables, holding one of the party hats. It was decorated with the faces of the colorful furry four. Her eyebrow twitched as one of the kids ran by the table, almost tripping over themselves as they giggled in excitement.

The party had not even started yet.

Today was one of Y/n's youngest cousin's birthday party. And, unfortunately, instead of having a regular pool party or some sort of sleepover, they decided to have their birthday at the famous one and only - 'Freddy Fazbear's: Theater and Dine', where the real magic happens. The kids restaurant was very famous for its original recipe pizza, the soft dough pizza with its handmade sauce and desserts. But it was mostly famous for the four animatronics that inhabited the restaurant. They were very well made. The crazy part? They had two forms. The first one was their... well, to make it simple - their animal forms. Next their human forms. Or whatever.

But! The host - which would be one of the employees - would ask the birthday boy or girl which form they would like to see. If they chose human, they would give them that. If they wanted the original thing, they would give them the animal forms and what not.

The robots where so intelligent. So clean. So swift in every movement they made. So damn advanced. Of course they would attract everyone in town to come eat and enjoy their time here.

The employees were well picked. And awfully talented. And that's because they need half of the staff members on stage with the characters. Why you may ask?

Well 'Theater' isn't in the title for nothing. The human forms aren't used for just birthday parties either. Seeing the animal forms are too bulky for any swift movement, they use the four's human forms when they're taking over the stage. Singing and dancing. The choreography is very well put together when the four dances with one another, along with the background dancers as the ensemble. It was literally like a damn theater. Except for no seats. Just tables and benches.

Of course - the background dancers. Those are different positions in the job. They don't have to watch over the area. Or cook. Or deliver pizza to tables. They dance and then get right off stage.

And they are damn great and doing it.

Everyone had their own position. They were paid fairly. And treated respectfully. Who ever was running this place, made damn sure the job was getting done.

Now. For the animatronics. They were very well put together. Highly intelligent. When one of the characters responded back to someone, Y/n damn near thought it was an actual person in the suit.

The four sang beautifully. Especially the bear and the chicken.

Unfortunately, Y/n's younger cousin decided that they wanted to see the four's human forms.

When Y/n's eyes had landed on them as they were onstage, she had to stare the three down.

They looked so much like a humans it was terrifying.

"Are just going to sit here? Or are you going to get up at least?" asked a voice Y/n knew oh so well. Her mother. Y/n tore her eyes away from the party hat and looked at her mother.

"Can't find much to do, to be honest." she muttered.

Suddenly a figure she also knew so well wandered over.

"Yo. I just bought a card. Got 300 chips on this thang. You gonna come play with me or not?" a voice asked.

Y/n and her mother looked up to see Y/n's eldest cousin. Darius.

Y/n's mother smiled before looking back at Y/n.

"See? You got your cousin here. Now go play. Me and the other adults around about to sit and have our time." she said. Y/n stood up as she laughed under her breath.

"I'm 18. You're treating me like a kid."

"You're still mommy's baby. Now off you go." she shooed the two before turning around and beckoning the now arriving adults over to the table. The restaurant served alcohol to adults. And some of them had brought few drinks with them.

"Come on. I didn't buy these chips for nothing." Darius piped up. He was stuffing pizza into his mouth he had taken from a random table he had walked by.

Y/n jogged and caught up with Darius.

"How much money did you spend on 300 chips?" she asked, walking side by side with the male who had just finished eating the pizza.

"Like... 30 dollars or something." he answered, lifting his shades slightly. They walked down the hall which was decorated with LED posters of the main four colorful animals. There were silhouettes of them seemingly striking their own poses. The backdrop was the color that matched their character.

Brown for Freddy.

Yellow for Chica.

Purple for Bonnie.

And red for Foxy.

It was dim in the hall as the LED posters seems to illuminate the way.

"Have you seen those robots? One of them talked to me. It was like I was actually talking to a human! They seemed pretty legit, it's crazy." Darius said. The two walked out of the hall and into the dim arcade room. Some of Y/n's family members (mostly the kids and their friends) ran past giggling as they held the plushies of the characters.

"I only saw them when they were on stage. But yeah, they seem cool to me." she said. Darius chuckled before pulling out the card and looking at Y/n.

"Alright, punk. Time for some games."




40 minutes or so passed.

Darius and Y/n had played countless games. Y/n's mother, who had decided to join in on some of the games, played the Connect-4 and lost five times to Darius. Y/n laughed at the small playful argument the two got themselves into.

Half of the family was in the arcade room when Y/n and Darius started playing Dance Dance Revolution.

"Why did you put it on hard?!" Y/n shouted as she stood off the platform. Darius wasn't paying her much mind as his feet planted on each arrow.

"Get back up here!"


This caused Y/n's youngest cousin to laugh as they looked at the two.

The three characters that were on the stage noticed how half of... well anyone wasn't in the auditorium. So they ventured to the Arcade Room where everyone had gathered. They were either playing the games or watching Y/n and Darius play Dance Dance Revolution.

"Oh. You got company." Y/n's uncle said as he noticed the three walk into the room.

"Oh! Look at those legs go!" Chica shouted as she walked over with a bright smile implanted on her face. The short yellow dress bounced as she clapped her hands.

She had short blonde hair, which was styled in finger-wave with a ponytail, a famous hairstyle in the 1920s.

Purple-pinkish eyes. And orange flats. And orange stockings that kind of resembled chicken legs. Y/n wondered if her animal form had talons. The 'Let's Eat!' bib was still present though. Kind of throwing the 1920s style off.

Standing next to her was Freddy. He resembled some sort of...20s...30s guy? Clark Gable maybe? But somewhat younger.

He had chocolate brown hair that had been slicked back slightly. A pencil mustache. And freckles that ever so lightly decorated his face. Baby blue eyes and straight teeth? Man who designed this guy? They did. Fantastic.

He wore a dark brown suit with a black bow tie. And black dress shoes. He had white gloves. And a small black top hat.

You would think these guys are humans, if it weren't for their ears and tail that resembled their animal. As for Chica... You would think twice considering she was just a chicken and didn't have any ears or tail. Just her weird eye color that Y/n could stare into forever. They were so vibrant and bright! It was as if they were glowing.

Next was Bonnie. A head of lavender hair. Two red eyes. Two bunny ears sticking out of his head, made out of some sort of metal. With mush of wires. Considering his ears moved.

He was clad in a purple vest. With a white dress shirt and suspenders underneath. With purple dress pants accompanied with black dress shoes. Y/n had never seen someone wear purple dress pants before. But that was their design for him.

His red bow tie was present. And he also wore white dress gloves. The fabric of his vest seemed to have some sort of velvet texture to it. As well as Freddy's suit.

"Oh! May I join?" Chica asked Darius who was sweating profusely. He nodded as he breathed heavily. Y/n laughed at him. Darius only looked at her and tossed the card to her. She caught the plastic card and looked at it, confused, before sending Darius a puzzled expression.

"Y/n! play this one!" Y/n's younger cousin pointed to a game next to the Dance Dance Revolution. It had a screen. And a camera on top. It had a LED platform that flashed with various colors.

"Yeah. I wanna see you dance with them hun. This will be cute!" Y/n's mother cooed out, already taking her phone out to start recording.

"Mom.." Y/n started. Darius plucked the card from Y/n grip and walked over to the game, swiped the card and then tapped the four buttons on the panel.

"I already got you guys in!" He sang out before walking over to the small crowd Y/n calls as her family.

"Okay. Now if I trip, I'm blaming this on you." Y/n said as she walked over to the platform, Bonnie, Chica and Freddy following right behind.

"You'll do great sweetie!" Darius teased. Y/n's aunt laughed before she jabbing the boy in his ribs.

"Stop it you."

"Okay! What song will it be?" Chica piped up.

Y/n could tell her mother was recording. She rubbed her face as she held a smile. Her family sure does know how to embarrass someone. A crowd was forming. People that weren't part of the birthday party and some of the employees also wanted to see the hype.

"Why don't we just mash everything together?" Bonnie tapped all the buttons at once in a comedic manner, causing Y/n and the crowd the laugh.

"Yar! What be with all the ruckus! I swear if it's another' fight - oh! Well I be wholly wondered! What are ye three doin'?" A scruffy voice shouted from across the room.


His red tail swished behind him, almost knocking a soda can off one of the arcade games. He wore a long, red, almost tattered pirate coat. A white blouse and brown pants with boots. He had a small goatee and yellow piercing eyes. Long red hair that was so untamed that it had been tied down in low ponytail.

And he had an eyepatch over his left eye as well.

More employees stopped working to watch, chuckling as they saw Foxy place his good hand on his hip like a sassy mother.

"Well. We're going to dance with our new friend, as you can see. Or is that eyepatch blocking your terrible eyesight?" Bonnie said, not even sparing a glace at Foxy as his eyes were focused on the screen, searching for a song.

Foxy gasped, bringing his hook up to his gaping mouth.

"How dare ye! Why I outta-" he picked the empty soda can from one of the arcades and tossed it, aiming it towards Bonnie's back.

But instead, it hit Y/n. She gasped as she was hit her face, the can falling to the platform and rolling away in victory.

This caused the crowd to laugh. Especially Darius.

Foxy gasped once again.

"I'm sorry lass! I wasn't aimin' fer' ya'"

Freddy glanced at Y/n, then over his shoulder and towards Foxy, who smiled at him innocently. He had awfully sharp teeth for a kid-friendly character. And...four golden teeth randomly placed in his mouth.

"Foxy. When will you ever stop throwing things? I'm sorry about him, he's an absurd person. I don't understand how he can just sit there and act like that." Freddy's voice was smooth and somewhat deep.

Y/n absently nodded as she stared at him.

"Oh! Okay. Me and Chica got something!"

"Actually. Bonnie. I was the one who picked out everything." Chica scolded the bunny who only smiled at her

It was crazy how these characters interacted with one another. How swiftly and easily they picked up one's line and made up another. Great improvising!

"Scooch ye' selves! I wanna join!" Foxy pushed between Bonnie and Chica, standing between them.

Y/n smiled. She stood next to Bonnie. Who stood next to Foxy as Foxy stood next to Chica and Chica stood next to Freddy.

"You're not even in the game." Freddy piped up. This caused a few laughs from the crowd and from Y/n herself.

"I'm aware."

"I'm starting it!"

The LED lights in the platform lit up as the screen went black, just to turn back on the next moment to start the song.

It was just like the game Y/n and her cousin would play. Just Dance.

The first song was Time Warp.

The four danced swiftly. Following the dances as they moved their feet and body.

When they had to grab a partner, Freddy took Chica and Bonnie took Y/n.

Y/n's mother saw Foxy was alone, so she gave the phone that was recording to her husband before jogging over and dancing with Foxy.

Bonnie's hand was placed in Y/n's waist as he took her hand. The two rocked back and forth as they danced.

Foxy and Y/n's mother on the other hand weren't following the dance moves as they had their own time. Foxy twirled her mother. Y/n laughed as she danced, causing the others to laugh.

Y/n's mother had soon walked off as that small duo part was over.

"It's just a jump to the left." The four jumped to the left slightly, Chica over-jumping and crashing into Freddy, who thankfully caught her and didn't fall. The two laughed.

"And then a step to the right!" They stepped to the right.

Y/n held a bright smile as she danced with the four. No wonder why the kids love these guys.

"Put your hands on your hips!"

"And bring your knees in tight! And it's a pelvic thrust! That really drives you insane!" The dance moves were silly yet fun.

Just as the song was about to end, another one started to play. It took Y/n a moment to realize it was a mashup of different songs.

Soon she heard the familiar melody.

It was the Ghostbusters theme!

Chica was that odd looking green ghost.

Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Y/n chased Chica in a small circle. Thankfully the platform was big enough.

They stomped on their feet as they danced. Y/n laughed as Foxy almost tripped and fell. He noticed Y/n laugh under her breath and shot her a grin.

"What yer laughin' at jitterbug." Now thinking about it, Y/n was moving her feet everywhere for no absolute reason whatsoever.

When it was time for everyone's small dance party, Bonnie did something Y/n would even think she would see anyone do for a 5 second dance time. Especially from an animatronic. He did the moonwalk. And he did it damn good.

This caused the crowd to woo and laugh. When it was Y/n's turn, she just did a corny 80s move.

Soon another song came on. Some sort of 20s-30s? theme.

"Oh. This ain't for me mate." Foxy took a step off the platform.

"May I have this dance m'lady?" Bonnie asked Chica. Chica smiled and grabbed Bonnie's hand.

"I guess that means it's you and me." Freddy looked at Y/n and smiled. He held out a gloved hand. Y/n didn't hesitate as she was already having a nice time. She took his hand. It felt oddy warm. He placed a hand on her waist before leading her to dance.

Soon enough Y/n was laughing with the three and soon with the crowd as they danced at the swing which was oddly catchy.

Freddy for sure knew how to dance. The steps were getting faster. As Y/n tried catching up. she felt so many eyes on her

She almost gave up. Freddy was actually leading through the dance. Every time she was about to step on the wrong arrow, his foot blocked hers.

Y/n's mother cheered. And so did some of her family as they watched. Some of the kids hopped around, laughing with one another, and even trying to dance like how Freddy and Y/n.

If Y/n knew the owner of the restaurant was out of his office watching with an amused expression she would have stopped dancing.

"By golly. I would be sweating right now, if I could!" Bonnie shouted over the music. Chica laughed. She was light on her feet.

Soon a part where the two men had to swing the ladies under their legs to transfer them showed up as the next steps by the bottom of the screen.

"I can't do that!" Y/n shouted, causing the crowd to laugh.

"Sure you can!" Freddy chuckled. He took her hands, slightly pushing her.

"Point for legs straight out when you jump." He said. Y/n nodded, feeling her heartbeat in her ears. Was the level on hard or something?! No way in hell could a kid in an arcade have this much skill!

Y/n jumped. Freddy held onto her hand. And she slid across the floor. Chica passed her as Y/n slid under Bonnie's legs. He took Y/n's outstretched hands and hauled her up onto her feet.

She did it!

Now she and Bonnie were dancing as the two looked at the screen for the next steps.

After a few more minutes, the song ended.

The game ended.

"New High Score!"

Y/n looked at the screen.

1000? Wow. Not bad.

Bonnie let Y/n go and smiled at her.

"You did great, sport!"

"If only ye didn't laugh at me fer' almost tripping ye seadog." Foxy poked Y/n's back. Y/n laughed before looking at the four.

That was fun.




"29--30! Yar! Ready er' not! Here I come!" Foxy was now entertaining the kids as Freddy and the others got ready for their first show of the day.

Foxy walked around the party room, his tail swaying behind him as he looked around, not acknowledging the adults as they weren't part of the game.

Y/n was sitting at one of the tables eating pizza as she watched the fox walk around, searching for the kids.

She saw him pull one of them from under a table when he noticed a balloon roll from underneath it. The parents only chuckled before continuing their conversation.

Y/n watched as Foxy picked the child up.

"I got ya!"

"Nohaaaa!" Laughed the child.

It had been a little over an hour since the dance. Y/n thought the robots had long forgotten her- seeing they had children to entertain.

"Well. It be miss snickers." Foxy wandered over to the table where Y/n was seated. She was sitting by herself as her cousin was off somewhere, most likely doing nothing.

Y/n looked at Foxy.

Oh damn.

"Oh? You remember that?" she asked, tapping the table slowly. Foxy held a blank expression before grinning.

"I remember many things ye' scallywag." he said, waving his arms as he spoke.

Y/n smiled up at him.

"I thought that maybe since you're a robot and all you don't...I dunno, tend to remember things but do what you're programmed to do." She said. Foxy's ear twitched as he squinted his eyes at her.

"Well yes tat too. But I can remember things. Put yer fingers up. Hold me up a number, lass." his gruff voice ordered. Y/n looked at her hand before holding up four fingers

"Seven." He quickly said as if it was really the right answer. Y/n made a face.

"Um. No. It-"

"No-no. Don't tell me. Hm…" Then he snapped his fingers as if a light bulb went off in his head.

"Five!" He shouted out the answer. Y/n burst out laughing. Foxy stared at her for a moment before grinning.

"Did I get it right?" He asked.

She shook her head. "No. It's four."

"Well. I be a seven headed seal! This must be rigged to the bone er' somethin'..." Foxy looked at Y/n's hand with squinted eyes.

"Can you really not see that well?" She asked him. How was it possible? Shouldn't they just do repairs on him?

"Well. I be lying if I said no." he grunted, humming for a second.

"But I do have excellent hearin' and runnin', lass!" He let out a laugh. He sure was loud guy.

"I heard." She said.

Right as she replied, the fox's ear twitched. His yellow eyes seemed to glow that vibrant color, the corners of his mouth twitching as he glanced over his shoulder towards a table where some other family - that wasn't Y/n's - sat.

A girl with awfully light blonde hair and green eyes was hugging a teens arm. The teen was paying no mind to her as the little girl looked over to Foxy and Y/n.

Y/n looked at the girl, her elbow resting on the table, body facing Foxy, who was still looking over his shoulder at the two.

"Well! What do I see with me one good eye? A little watcher, ey?" Foxy turned around. The fact that he had so quickly forgotten about Y/n was a bummer to her. Till she remembered - these are robots programmed to entertain children. Not lounge around and chat with teens.

As Foxy turned around, his tail hit Y/n's knee. It was soft. His tail, was soft.

"Aye! Hello thar, lil' lassie!" Foxy greeted, raising his metal hand, which, Y/n hadn't noticed before, was the third, non-human part to this humanoid.

The girl smiled and jumped up from her seat, bouncing up and down on her toes.

The mother glanced at her and then at Foxy before smiling and going back to her adult conversation.

Y/n faced the table once again to finish her pizza, discard the paper plate and most likely go bother her mother, but her plans changed as Foxy faced her once again.

"Come on! Yer comin' wit' me!" He grabbed her wrist and heaved her up to her feet. Y/n yelped. She didn't feel any pain. She was only surprised by the sudden movement.

"Come er' lass. We're off ta' find the other kiddies!"




The girl -  who Y/n finally got the name of - Molly and Y/n where running around playing hide and seek with the kids. Foxy was trailing behind them as they searched the playroom.

Molly giggled as Y/n checked the ballpit.

She felt a torso hit her leg. Turning around, she shouted to Foxy:

"I found one!"

And in second Foxy had hopped into the ballpit with Y/n. The two dug down and out came a giggling child.

"We found ye!" Foxy shouted, picking the child up and placing them out the ballpit.

"Get them!" shouted the child. Foxy's ears perked up as he squinted his eyes.

"Wait just one se-" a plastic ball hit his back. Y/n turned around away from the two and saw three kids standing outside the ballpit, holding a pile of plastic balls in their hands. Behind them stood Bonnie. His red bow tie was tilted as he held some plastic balls in his arms as well.

"Ready!!" He shouted, his bucked teeth showing as he stared down at the two. Foxy's ears flattened against his head.

"Bonnie! Ya' traitor! Aren't ye supposed ta' be backstage?!" He shouted, his sharp teeth protruding out of his mouth, showing his artificial pink gums.

Bonnie smirked, tossing the plastic ball into the air and catching it.

"Yeah, but, the thing is - I already know all my parts. One of the kiddies came up to me saying you're trying to catch them? And you two missy. You're in this too, little lady. Actually! You took my lady!" He dropped the balls and glared at Foxy.

Foxy ears perked up.

"Why. Yes I did!" He nudged Y/n. Y/n was lost for a second before she realized. They were entertaining the kids.

So she tagged along.

"No! I'm not with you anymore Bonnie. Foxy is my true love!" She said, placing a hand on Foxy's shoulder, the colorful plastic balls maneuvering as she stood next to Foxy. The ball pit reached their hips.

"What..?" Another voice piped up. Chica stood behind the two, outside the ballpit. Freddy was next to her. They seemed mildly confused. Till Bonnie winked at them.

The kids were looking up at the five in awe. Obviously the small toddlers and kids that were hiding in the play area to sneak-attack Foxy and Y/n were enthralled by the upcoming fantasies and story that was about to take place.

"Oh! Bonnie! But I thought you loved me!" Chica pleaded as she looked at the animatronic, clutching her fist. Bonnie looked away from Y/n at Chica.

"No...I'm sorry..." He said in fake disdain. Chica gasped and placed a hand on her chest.

Freddy's blue eyes just observed the two, not saying a word just yet.

"No, Bonnie, no." Said a small voice from a toddler who was watching from the background.

Bonnie glanced at the child.

"Yer' never getting er' you two-timing landlubber!" Foxy grabbed Y/n's wrist and ran out of the ballpit. He was fast. Really fast.

"Get them!" The kids who were still on Bonnie's side threw the balls. Unfortunately, Y/n and Foxy ran the way Freddy and Chica were faced. So, the balls aimed at them.

"Oops...sorry Freddy!" Shouted one of the kids.

Meanwhile Y/n and Foxy ran back through the arcade. Y/n almost tripped multiple times because of Foxy's tail and how fast he was running. And she didn't have as fast pace as he had! She actually got tired. Rather quickly.

Soon Foxy turned a corner and pushed her against the wall, standing in front of her.

"Alright, lass. I think w-"

"Freeze!" A child stood in front of the two. He was holding one plastic ball. Y/n looked down at him and smiled.

"Well hel-" the ball hit her forehead. It didn't hurt, nor was she surprised.

"I found them!" In seconds Bonnie rounded the corner.

Foxy pushed himself from the wall and stood in front of Y/n.

"Tis' be me last warnin' fer ya' Bonnie! Stay away from her!" He shouted down the hall.

"Or else?"




To make things short - Foxy and Bonnie ended up roughhousing. Which made the kids join in.

Y/n laughed as Foxy pulled Bonnie's ear. His tail between his legs.

"Ow! Ow! Time out! You're pulling too hard!" Bonnie screeched. laying on the floor as Foxy stood above his head, hand wrapped around Bonnie's ear.

Until Freddy came around to depart the two.

Now was time for the show.

Darius sat next to Y/n. He was fiddling with a napkin, trying to find something to do as the kids sat on the floor or either at the tables.

Soon the lights dimmed.

It was showtime.

This was the first time Y/n would see the stars perform. Seeing they were 'oh so good' she would have to see it for herself.

The house lights matched the colors of the characters. Foxy's side stage was at the far left. Still in the room.

"Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Fazbear Entertainment would like you to put your hands together for the one and only -  Freddy Fazbear!"

The kids cheered and clapped. Y/n's younger cousin held pizza in their hand, the party hat on their head as they held the softest of smiles.

Darius averted his attention from the napkin to the stage. The three house lights that held Foxy's, Bonnie's and Chica's colors turned off, as the curtains were drawn back.

Though the show has started. Employees were still taking orders.

Y/n saw the house light focused on Freddy. Bonnie and Chica were standing beside him. But it was dark on their side. They stared blankly at nothing. Y/n glanced over to the left towards Foxy. Foxy's light wasn't on either as he held the same expression.

A jolly tune started to play. Freddy's ears perked up as he smiled. His bright eyes looked at the crowd as he held the mic close to his mouth.

"This better be good." Darius whispered to Y/n. Y/n only nudged him.

"Hello everybody! Are you ready to have a good time?" He asked. The kids replied with happy answers as they smiled. Freddy's voice was smooth. And deep.

He laughed as the kids spoke over one another.

"Well I know I am!"

"Because it's Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! For kids it's number one!" The lights shone down on all the main stars. Bonnie smiled as he looked at the crowd. As well as Chica and Foxy.

"Well! Let's meet the band!" Freddy took a step back. As Bonnie slid into his spot with large smile.

"No, not yet you silly bunny!" Chica laughed as she shoved Bonnie's shoulder gently. Freddy only laughed at the two before speaking back up.

"A little introduction before starting the party. Well. Hi. My name is Freddy. I'm the leader of the band. I got a hat and big bow tie!" He sang, pointing at his hat and tie.

"I'm a big round bear. But don't be scared - I'm a real fun loving guy!"

Bonnie's ears perked up. He strummed the chords on his guitar. He was actually playing it.

"Bonnie's my name I'm hopping along! Floppy ears and a cotton tail!" He turned around and pointed his behind towards the crowd. His fluffy white tail wagged which caused the adults to chuckle and some of the kids to laugh.

He swung back around, swinging the guitar around his neck and holding it in the right position.

"My guitar is blazin'! This rabbit's 'Hare' rasin'! Just listen to me wale!"

"Take it Bonnie!"

Bonnie played the guitar like a pro as he clenched his eyes closed. The kids laughed and cheered.

After his solo, Chica was up after another chorus.

Chica tiptoed to the center of the stage, kicking her feet slightly with an innocent smile. She was much shorter than Freddy and Bonnie.

"Hi! My name is Chica! The lady of the group! My singing is a treat!" She sang, Bonnie playing his guitar on the background. She squished her cheek against Bonnie.

"So sweet!" He added.

"But keep your eye on your pizza!" She pulled out a slice of pizza behind her back. Her voice changed an octave.

"Cuz' I'm a bird who likes to eat! Nom! Nom! Nom!!" She gulped the pizza down. Which got Y/n

"Now finally there's Foxy! One eye and a hook for a hand. He hangs around in Pirates Cove!" Everyone turned their attention over to Foxy as he grinned. Raising his hook and standing proud and tall.

"Now you've met all the members of the band!"

The four sang their theme song. Darius watched. Y/n glanced over at him, watching as the lights illuminated the room. It held a warm friend atmosphere. It was perfect.

The song was catchy. And would eventually get stuck in Y/n's head for hours. She knew that she would grow annoyed by it. But only shrugged it off.

"Well! Well! Lookie here! Freddy Fazbear! My friend!" shouted a new voice off the stage. This really grasped the kids attention.

A yellow bear - who didn't have human form like the main four - waltzed onto the stage. A dark unbuttoned yellow vest. And a dark yellow bow tie.

He seemed similar to Freddy. But...yellow.

Freddy's ear twitched, before he turned his attention to the left side of the stage, where Bonnie was at. He noticed the bear walking onto the stage. The corner of Freddy's mouth twitched before he smiled.

"Ah. Fredbear! Good to see you my friend. Why are you here?" It was like a small show being performed. The kids watched them attentively. Not saying one word.

Fredbear tilted his head as he looked at Freddy.

"Well. I heard there's a birthday kid of course!" Fredbear announced. C/n sat in the seat, kicking their feet excitedly.

"Yar? Birthday kid? Why was I not aware of this?" Foxy's house lights turned back on, signaling it was his part of the script as he faced the main stage.

Bonnie rolled his ruby eyes.

"We've already established this!" He yelled. Foxy's ear twitched before he grunted.

"Well! I be the last one o' the bunch ta' be notified, Hare!" Foxy growled. Bonnie gasped and placed a hand on his chest, holding a distraught express.

"How dare you! I am a rabbit!" Bonnie stomped his foot. This caused the crowd to laugh at his over dramatic action. Y/n noticed he was kind of flamboyant. Which was hilarious.

"Same ol' thing."

"Boys! Not now!" Chica walked across the stage, stopping to stand next to Freddy. Fredbear was busy looking off into the crowd.

Mostly looking at the children. This didn't go unnoticed by Y/n.

Why was he staring at the kids?

Fredbear's gaze met Y/n's. Whatever the four stars were going on about, was now just a blur for Y/n's mind, as she and this Fredbear character she didn't even know about, just sat there, staring at each other. His blue eyes were piercing into hers.

She soon... grew uncomfortable.

She looked away, removing her eyes from the bear and instead looking down to the floor where another child sat right in front of her.

"Oh. Look who's here." Bonnie's voice was mixed with... disgust?

Slowly a figure made its way towards the stage. A yellow rabbit. He seemed to have the softest fur of all the animatronics. It's bright purple bow tie caught everyone's attention. But his fluffy tail was drooped down as his ears lying almost flat against his head.

"Bonnie. Be nice." Freddy gave Bonnie a look.

The yellow bunny turned to face the crowd, his green eyes roaming around the room. But he didn't speak.

"Everyone. Meet Springtrap." Freddy said. The kids greeted the bunny which caused Springtrap's ears to perk up almost immediately. He waved shyly.

Springtrap? What type of name is that?

The show went on...




After the show - which was great - the kids shot up to either eat, play or interact with the loveable cast.

Fredbear was occupied. Seeing the kids had never seen him before. They were interested in who he was and why he was there. But apparently the parents knew.

Bringing in the

'Back in The Day'


"Yeah. 'Fredbear's Diner'. I'm glad they brought him back. He was a nice character. We would request songs and he would sing them." Y/n's mother laughed, holding a class of liquor in her hand. The adults all agreed.

Y/n's bladder was aching as she sighed and stood up.

"I have to use the bathroom. I'll be back." Y/n said, pushing in the chair with a sigh. Darius shot up from his seat.

"Yeah. I'm not staying here with you old folks. Talking about old pizza and shi-"

"Boy. shut up."

"Just saying."

Darius followed Y/n across the room and down an empty dim hall.

"That show was funny. I actually enjoyed it." Darius said, fixing his shades and cracking his knuckles. Y/n looked at him

"Yeah. I agree. But that... Fredbear robot... he was staring at the kids. Then at me. I felt like we were having a staring contest…" She mumbled, placing her hand on the doorknob of the bathroom door.

"That was not a robot. That was someone in a suit." Darius informed.

Y/n was taken back. Really? Well...She guessed it explained it somewhat.

"Oh. How'd you know?"

"Managed to score a number from one the chicks here. She started going on about the animatronics and the maintenance they do on them." Darius said, crossing his arms with a huff.

"Then started going on about that Springtrap one. That's not a suit. Well. It can be. At least that's what she told me. But the damn thing doesn't want anyone to make him as a suit. So. They keep him the way he is." he explained.

That made sense.


"I'll be in the arcade. Meet me there." Darius walked off. And Y/n fled into the bathroom.




Y/n sighed and dried her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror. Four hours had passed. And the party was now coming to an end.

Y/n opened the bathroom door and walked out. She was so busy thinking about the various things she had to do when she gets home, she didn't notice the large figure in front of her

She rammed face first into a fluffy yellow back. Y/n quickly backed away, her back slamming right into the bathroom door. It was Springtrap's form. When she rammed into him, he had whipped around and pressed himself against the wall across from her. His arms were spread on the wall as he looked at Y/n.

She must have frightened him.

"Oh...I'm sorry if I scared you..." She said, not expecting the rabbit to understand her.

Springtrap's green eyes stared down at Y/n. His chest heaved up and down as if he was breathing hard.

He slowly relaxed his form and stood up straight.

He was awfully tall. From what Y/n could tell, he would stand around... 7 feet.

The huge rabbit twiddled his index fingers. This was magnificent. The way he acted... was so human.

Y/n couldn't help but stare in awe. What sort of technology where they using on these guys?!

Y/n didn't notice Springtrap's hand nearing her face, his index finger grazing her cheek. She flinched.

She hadn't noticed him moving to touch her.

This caused Springtraps hand to quickly retract back to his body. He pressed himself against the wall.

"I'm sorry…" He whispered. His voice was so...soothing. Yet extremely quiet. If Y/n wasn't paying such close attention to him, she wouldn't have heard what he said.

Y/n couldn't muster up any words as she stared at him. Springtrap's green eyes looked at Y/n.

"You're scared?" She mumbled.

Springtrap's ears perked up. He seemed the sink at the question.

Y/n stood up straight once again and cleared her throat.

"You don't like large crowds or something?"

Springtrap shook his head. Y/n nodded.

"Oh..." She mumbled, thinking for a moment. Darius can wait. She sat down and crossed her legs. Springtrap tilted his head, before sitting down across from her. He couldn't exactly... cross his legs. So his bunny feet hit Y/n's foot. She smiled at him.

"Comfy?" She asked him. Springtrap nodded. A small smile formed on his face. Y/n smiled back at him.

"My name is Y/n." She greeted, pointing at herself with her thumb.

"My name is... Bonnie... or Springtrap..." He said. Y/n smiled and nodded, patting his foot.

"Nice to meet you, Bonnie."

Springtrap's nose twitched as he smiled. He then leaned forward as his nose nuzzled Y/n's hair.

This caused Y/n to stiffen. Such a strange interaction... with a robot character that was programmed to entertain children.

She placed a hand under his chin and scratched. Springtrap's left ear twitched and so did his left foot. He obviously loved the interaction.

"I see you met Springtrap."  A voice called out. Y/n flinched at the unwanted voice next to her. Springtrap sat up quickly and looked up.

Y/n looked up to her left as well. A man in what he appears to be in his early thirties stood there, watching the two. He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. Apparently he didn't catch up on much sleep due the dark circles under his eyes.

He had olive toned skin. And a mustache. A dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes.

"Hi. My name is Henry Emily." He introduced himself. Y/n looked at him. Why was he coming up to her all of a sudden?

"Hi..." Y/n greeted. She stood up, heaving herself off the floor as Henry outstretched his hand for a handshake. Springtrap stood up as well, standing close behind Y/n as he looked down at the two. Y/n could feel the animatronics torso against her back.

"Y/n, right?" Henry asked, shaking her hand in his big palms as his other hand pointed at her. Y/n nodded in confirmation.

"Yes, sir."

Henry smiled and pulled his hand away, nodding.

"Great! I am the owner of this location. And I'm glad that I was able to see you jump around with the kiddies. It's not everyday I see teens your age around here having fun." He explained with a smile.

Y/n gave him a small smile back along with a nod.

"Oh yeah. I'm having fun. And I really enjoyed the show." she stated.

"Well that's great. Now. I was thinking if I can offer you two positions here. You see. I need them to be filled in quickly. Because, you see - many of my employees here don't want to take that part of the job here." He offered.

He was offering her a job. A summer job. And that as a damn great thing to Y/n.

"Are you offering me a job here?"

"Yes ma'am. And I have a very special position for you." He stated, looking at Springtrap, then Y/n.

"I need more team members on the Security Guard position. And Entertainment." Henry placed his hands behind his back. "How old are you?"

"18. I'm turning 19 next month." She said. Henry nodded once more.

"Perfect. Now. Here's what I'm offering. Many of my fellow employees won't take the day shift or night shift at all. I only have like. Five security guards. I would be very grateful if you could take the offer of becoming the sixth guard." he explained.

Y/n listened. She didn't see the problem.

"Will I be working both night shift and day shift?"

"I would love for you to work the night shift. And as for Entertainment wise - dayshift." He replied.

Henry seemed rather desperate for someone to work the night shift. Seemingly most people don't want to spend their sleeping hours here. Only to most likely come back later just to work the day shift.

"All you need to do for Entertainment is dress as Springtrap. You see. He's a springlock suit. We'll explain it more in your training if you agree with the job. No interviews."

Y/n didn't even think twice as she smiled brightly.

"I'll take it. Both positions. I need to keep myself busy anyway." She said. This caused Henry to smile and grab her hand, shaking it once again.

"Thank you! Alrighty." He reached in his back pocket and held out paper and pen, handing it to Y/n. She took the pen and paper and looked down at it. Words. Words. More words. And her signature.

It was waver she had to sign. Henry snapped his fingers. And almost immediately, Springtrap's arm came into view. His palm facing towards the ceiling. Y/n soon caught on and placed the paper in his hand and signed the paper before handing it to Henry.

Henry nodded. "Thank you very much. Alright. Next week. Be here at around 6:40 AM. One of my employees will teach you how to work the suits, give you your schedule for the night shift and your uniform. Welcome to the family." he gave Y/n's shoulder a firm pat before walking down the hall.

Springtrap placed his hand back to his side. He then stood next to Y/n and looked at her.

Y/n absently watched Henry wander down the hall and into the arcade area to most likely check up on employees.

She felt the green eyes staring right into her. She then turned and looked at the rabbit. The two just stood there staring at each other.

Y/n finally decided to speak up.

"Seems like we're going to be working together soon." She smiled at him. Springtrap's tail wagged quickly as his snout twitched. Soon an upbeat tune was heard from the stage in the Party Room, causing Springtrap's ears to perk up and look down the hall.

"You gotta go?" She asked him, bringing his attention back to her. He looked at her. And nodded. Y/n smiled at him.

"Well. Get going." The rabbit made a noise from the back of his 'throat' before quickly hitting Y/n's head with his nose. Some kind of affectionate gesture. He then walked off down the right side of the hall towards the Party Room.

Y/n's smile only widened. This character sure was something. Awfully smart. Aware of his surroundings. Just like the others.

It was so bizarre.

Once he was out of sight, Y/n turned around to walk to the other side of the hall, down to the arcade. She only took about three steps until a staff door opened, causing her to stop in her tracks yet again.

A man walked out the room, holding a blank expression as he sighed. He closed it behind him and turned towards Y/n's direction. He also seemed to be in his late 30s and he had long dark hair. It seemed purple when Y/n stared long enough and when the little light on the hall gazed down to him, it seemed as if it was really purple.

His hair was dark, really. Like. A black... purple color.

He had a goatee. Which Y/n guessed he shaved seeing the formation was coming back.

He was a lanky guy. Skinny. Yet not fragile at all. His skin was an odd pale complexion. And he had dark circles under his eyes. Damn. Did no one get sleep around here?

He had his hair tied into in a low ponytail.

He almost ran into Y/n when she took a step back so the two wouldn't collide together.

"Oh damn. I'm sorry." He apologized quickly.

Y/n quickly spoke up out of embarrassment. Maybe if she wasn't busy staring at his appearance, she wouldn't have almost ran into him by an absent mind.

"It's okay." She quickly said.

She could see his face better now. His eyes... weren't normal. They were a silver... greyish color.

His eyes were mesmerizing in a way. The male stared at Y/n for a moment. His grey eyes seemed to have brightened a bit.

"Oh. Hey…" He greeted. Y/n didn't know why he was greeting her.


"You're that girl from the crowd." He breathed out. His voice was raspy in a way. and somewhat deep.

Y/n was lost for a moment before blinking.

"Crowd? As in... when the show started?" She questioned. He nodded.

"Yes. That. I was Fredbear." He placed a hand on his chest. On the back of his hand was what looked to be a scar that healed over time.

Y/n thought for a moment. Fredbear... oh. That yellow Freddy.

"Oh! That. Whoa. You're one of the entertainers here?" She asked., stuffing her hand in her jean pockets. The male nodded he shuffled on his feet slightly.

"Yes. I am." He said in a silly tone. His Fredbear voice.

The warm voice caused Y/n to smile.

"I actually spoke with the owner of this place and scored me a job as the night guard and Entertainer. I will be running Springtrap."

His caused the male to look back at Y/n as his eyes were drifting down her form. He was observing her.

"Really?" His eyebrows rose slightly. The corners of his mouth twitched as he slowly smiled.

"Many people don't like the entertainment position because of the spinlocks in the two suits." He informed. This caused Y/n to raise an eyebrow.

"What's that?"

"A springlock is a lock in the suit that you turn on when you get in the suit to move the animatronic parts away so you can get in the suit. You unlock the springlocks. And you're dead." He stated. As if it was completely normal. Y/n stared at him for a moment in shock.


"Really. But. Don't worry. Seeing you are now the new recruit, I'll teach you all about how to use the suits." He said.

Y/n thought for a moment. She wanted to back out so badly now.

"Alright…" she mumbled. The male was fiddling with his fingers as if awaiting for her answer.

Once she agreed, he smiled.

"Great…" His eyes gazed upon her. Studying every detail on her. He blinked slowly.

"My name is William... William Afton." He introduced.

"My name is Y/n L/n..."

"Nice to meet you, Y/n…" William said. His eyes were so cold. Yet his seemed like a nice guy from Y/n's perspective.

William then looked over his shoulder then turned back to look behind Y/n.

"Hey. Uh. Want to help me bring out the birthday cake? The birthday song will be starting soon." He said.

Y/n heard the kids entering the main room.

"Oh sure."

"Great. Wait out here. Let me get back in my suit."




Y/n waited outside the staff room for William. After about 5 minutes or so, the door opened, revealing the yellow bear. William was fixing the tie as he closed the door behind him with his foot.

"Alright. Let's get going." He said as he started moving down the hall. Y/n followed right next to him into the party room.

Some of the kids saw William in the Fredbear suit and quickly ran over to him.

"Hi!" One child greeted. William kneeled down and picked the child up.

"Well, hello there little one." He said in his Fredbear voice. Y/n stood there and watched the interaction. William sure was good at playing as his character.

William glanced over to Y/n to make sure she was still there. The bears blue eyes eyes flickered over to Y/n before looking at the boy.

After a few moments of  speaking with the kids, William and Y/n continued their journey to the kitchen.

He held the door open for her. Where she heard pots and pans. People talking. And many other things you would usually hear in a busy kitchen at a restaurant.

Y/n walked in, and shortly after, William followed behind her. Before walking around her.

"Oh. Mr Afton. The cake is in the freezer." Called out one of the chefs. A stout male with red hair and freckles. He had glasses on. Standing next to him was a short lady. With brown hair and blue eyes. She seemed to be in her 40s.

"Alright. Thank you Fritz." William walked deeper into the kitchen. His tail was wagging! Y/n found that interestingly cool.

The Fritz male sighed before rubbing his face under his glasses. A few of the chefs were busy cooking. Fritz then fixed his glasses and looked at Y/n.

"You're Y/n right?" he asked. Y/n nodded her head.

"Yeah." This caused Fritz's eyebrows to raise in shock.

"You're going to be working here soon?!" he exclaimed as he walked around the counter and over to her. Y/n nodded once again.

"Yes." She said. Fritz shook her hand quickly.

"Hey! My name is Fritz. Fritz Smith. Mr Emily said you'll be working the first night shift with me. Which is great. I'm glad that we got a new member here and all." He ranted. He smelled like the pizza and grease he was around all day. Which wasn't a problem to Y/n.

His attitude caused her to smile.

"Alright! Cool. I can't wait to start working with you!" her attitude matched his.

William watched the two interact from the backround as he placed the cake on the cluttered counter.

As the two spoke, William looked around the counter for the lighter to light the 8 candles. His eyes danced around before he then looked around the kitchen, moving around looking the lighter only to realize it's nowhere to be found.

"Where's the lighter?" He called out, gaining everyone's attention in the kitchen. Fritz turned around and looked at William.

"Oh! Let me get it." He glanced at Y/n before walking off to retrieve the lighter for William.

Y/n stood by the door awkwardly. Seeing she's not really supposed to be in the kitchen. But William bought her in so no one had a problem obviously.

"Y/n? Can you check to see if the gang is ready to start the show?" William asked as he held the cake. Fritz was lighting the candles in front of him.

"Okay." Y/n called out across the kitchen before turning around and exiting the kitchen.




First, she walked over to Pirates Cove, seeing that was the closet next to the kitchen. She walked in, noticing the kids laughing and playing around. Foxy was seated at one of the tables, drawing with the kids. One kid was wrapped around in his tail.

"Now! I be the best drawer here at 'Freddy Fazbear's'!" Foxy exclaimed. He held a crayon in his good hand.

He saw Y/n and immediately stood up once seeing her standing by his cove.

"Y/n! Ye sly landlubber! I haven't seen ye in an hour and 40 minutes. Why I outta-" he hopped over the table, the crayons and papers flying to the floor, his teeth bared, showing the various golden teeth he had.

Y/n quickly took a step back, her heart jolting in her chest as she watched the male stand on the table. The kids laughed and watched.

"Whoa! What?! What did I do?!" she exclaimed placing a chest on her chest.

"I kept a good eye out for ye! Lookin' everywhere! For ye!" He threw a crayon at her, looking like he was ready to pounce at her at any given second.

"I'm sorry…?" she slowly said as she raised her shoulders with a sheepish smile. Foxy only stared at her for a moment. His ears slowly lowered down to his head.

He shot off the table towards her. Y/n screamed then ran the other direction, right into the Party Room. The kids that were in Pirates Cove laughed their behind off, almost falling over.

Y/n screamed as she ran. Foxy was right on her tail. He was right when he said he was a fast runner. Swift and quick on his feet.

Y/n saw her mother, who was standing up, holding a box pizza. She was placing it on the table till she looked over and saw Y/n and Foxy.

Y/n slid and hid behind her mom.

"What in the world...?" Her mother mumbled as she looked at the fox. Foxy just stood there, arms behind his back. He smiled innocently at Y/n's mother

"Why! Hello thar' madam!" he greeted. Y/n looked at Foxy and stuck out her tongue. Foxy's eyes slid over to Y/n. He squinted his eyes before looking at the mother once more.

"Hi." Y/n's mother smiled at the animatronic before turning and placing the pizza on the table. This caused her to move out the way between Y/n and Foxy.

Foxy looked away from the lady's and at Y/n.

"Wait--wait! Before you get mad. Someone told me to tell you to get ready for the birthday song. So. Yeah. Don't attack me!"

Foxy grunted under his breath, before pointing at her with his hook.

"Alright. I'll spare ye' this one time, lass." he said.

Y/n grinned triumphantly, then turning to face the stage, where only Bonnie was seen, standing there with his guitar. He was looking at the two.

"Ay... the idiot's starin'..." Foxy grunted, crossing his arms. Bonnie must have knew what he said, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"I have to tell him that he has to get ready for the birthday song. Can you come with me?" Y/n asked. Foxy nodded as she started walking over to the stage.

Bonnie's eyes followed her. When she reached the stage, she placed her hand on it and looked up at him.

"Bonnie!" She called out. Bonnie immediately walked over to her and bent down.

"Fredbear said to be ready for the birthday song. Can you tell Freddy and Chica that? I don't know where they are." She told him. Bonnie nodded. His ears had hit the top of her head.

"Of course! I got ya' buddy." He winked at her before standing back. Y/n noticed the bunny had an accent. Somewhat country... He rounded the stage and got off to make his way throughout the building to find Freddy and Chica.

Foxy was still standing behind Y/n. So when she turned around he gave her a small fright as she almost ran into him.

This caused Foxy to chuckle under his breath.

"Sorry, lass. Didn't see ya' thar!" he stated. This caused Y/n to make a face.

"How didn't you see me? I was right in front of you." she stated.

Foxy squinted. He was genuinely confused.

"Ye was?" He questioned. Y/n looked at him, her eyebrows scrunched together. Could he really not see that well?

"Can you seriously not see that well?" She asked. Foxy nodded. This caused Y/n to get confused.

"Okay. You should get ready." She said. Foxy's ears perked up.

"Oh, yes! Yer right. See you later, lass!"




It had been about fifteen minutes or so. The four main attraction and everyone at the party had sang Happy Birthday to the child. And Y/n and William had wheeled out the cake.

Y/n, Darius and William (who was still in the Fredbear costume) cut and passed out cake for the kids.

"So. I just got me an application here. I spoke with the boss." Darius started, handing the cake to one of the kids, who walked off. Y/n's cousin was speaking with William as they held a Freddy plushie in their arms. William patted their head and gave them a thumbs up.

Y/n handed the frosted dessert to one of the kids and looked at Darius.

"Seriously?" She asked. Darius nodded.

"Yep. I'm a dayshift guard."

"I just scored me a job here too. That's crazy." This caused Darius to freeze as he stopped cutting the cake before quickly looking at Y/n.


"Yes." Darius smiled before gently nudging Y/n.

"We're gonna have fun this summer." He laughed. His excitement caused Y/n to smile at him before passing out more cake.

"But. I gotta tell you something when we leave. Did you bring your car?" He asked her. She looked at him once again and shook her head.

"No. Rode with Mom." She replied. Darius nodded.

"Ride with me and spend the night at my apartment. We got shit to discuss." He said. Y/n nodded. She was wiping her hand off with a napkin.

"Alright." Y/n could feel eyes on her from behind. So she turned around. And saw the four main attractions looking at her. Freddy was in the middle, holding his microphone. He had his head tilted as he was speaking with Bonnie who also had his eyes on Y/n.

Foxy had his foot perched on the railing by the wings of the stage where steps were placed to get on and off stage. His yellow eyes found Y/n. As for Chica. She had her hands behind her back as she was also looking.

This made Y/n feel somewhat uncomfortable as she turned back around.

After the cake was all passed out, the kids were seated down to eat the cake.

What a day.




"Alright. You got everything?" Y/n's aunt asked her child.

"Yes!" They exclaimed. The lady picked them up and smiled.

"Alright, M/n. We're heading out. This was fantastic!" Y/n's aunt said. Y/n's mother smiled as she slipped out her purse.

"I know. We're leaving too. Stay safe now." And with that, the two left with Y/n's cousin waving goodbye.

Y/n stretched. Darius pulled out his car keys and shoved her slightly.

"Let's go." He said. The attractions were up at the front waving goodbye to the guest as the building was now closing.

"Ma! I'm going home with Darius. I'm not gonna be home tonight." Y/n called out as she stood up from the table. Her mother looked over at her and nodded.

"Alright. I don't mind." She said. Y/n gave her mother a thumbs up before following Darius out the party room.

Y/n saw the four main attractions standing by the exit, waving goodbye to the guest. When Chica saw Y/n and Darius, she smiled and quickly waved.

"Oh! Lovely! I heard about the news!" she squealed. When Y/n got close, she caressed both sides of Y/n's face and smiled at her.

This caught Y/n by surprise. Darius stopped walking and waited, watching her Interact with the attractions.

"What news?" she asked Freddy. For... to be honest, he hadn't really spoken to her.

"You working here of course. You're already in the system. We're very glad to have a new Entertainer and night guard." He said. He didn't have his mic. Nor his vest. Y/n could now see his tucked in white dress shirt.

Y/n's blinked when Chica pulled away and hugged her, laying her head on Y/n's shoulder.

"Oooh! I can't wait to spend more time with you, honey! Between you and us four. You're our favorite." she whispered the last part to her. Y/n looked at Freddy. Who saw her looking at him, and smiled at her.

Foxy and Bonnie were on either side of Freddy looking at Y/n.

"I uh... am honored?"

Darius wasn't paying attention, more speaking with the lady he had spoken earlier back in the arcade room. Trying to most likely score a date with her.

"Yar! Ye two are makin' er' uncomfortable! Chica, let er' go!" Foxy defended. He saw how Y/n was lost at words. Couldn't comprehend. He didn't want her to be freaked out by them.

Chica pouted before pulling away.s

"Well. We'll see you next week, Y/n." Freddy said. Y/n nodded.

"I'll see you guys next week. I'll make sure we'll have tons of fun while I'm here."





In the car - Darius drove down the road. The music was playing quietly as he tapped the wheel.

Y/n sighed before laying her head on the window.

What a day. She was awfully tired from it. The sun was setting. And the air was warm now.

Soon Y/n drifted off to sleep.



End of Chapter 1