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A softie

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I whine at the sudden loss of warmth beside me. A soft chuckle comes from beside the bed. "I'm just going to shower, I'll be right back, I promise." Soft lips press against my forehead, the bathroom door closes soon after.

I roll over, stretching, a small pout still on my lips. I lay there quietly, listening to the water and soft humming coming from the nearby room.

His phone dings from the bedside table. 'It's too early for notifications' I grumble quietly to myself, reaching over to check his phone. I smirk, glancing up at the bathroom door, taking note of the shower still running. I quickly grab my phone, sending a picture from my gallery of unflattering pictures I took of my boyfriend.

Ding. I unlock his phone and immediately save the photo I had sent. I've done this randomly for months now, he never seems to mind, he just changes it back to a random picture he found online. I close messages, curious as to what his current background is. Oh. A shy blush creeps across my cheeks as I take in the photo. It's a photo we had taken together after our first date. He wasn't even looking at the camera, he was just smiling at me fondly. I sigh, locking his phone.

Maybe this one can stay.