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Some Wannabe Hero!

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Midoriya Izuku had learned at the early age of four that not all men were created equal. Some were destined for greatness and had a talent for becoming something...someone. While others, like himself, were born with the short end of the stick; forever destined to be on the sidelines. In a world full of superheroes with amazing powers known as Quirks, Izuku was given the shortest stick of them all: deaf and Quirkless.

"Izuku, sweetheart. It's time to get up." Inko signed after she shook him awake like she always did when it was time for school. Her long green hair was tied up in a usual bun and her soft eyes were always a joy to wake up to in the morning. "Good morning, baby."

Izuku rubbed his eyes as he yawned, then signed "Morning, Mom. Can I have a fried eggs for breakfast?"

"Course you can, sweetie." Inko grabbed Izuku's hearing aids from his bedside and put them in his ears for him, "I'll let you get ready, baby." 

"O.K." Izuku watched her leave and hopped out of bed, still yawning as he walked to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, picked his hair, washed his face and got his school uniform on before going into the kitchen area. His mom already had his plate on the table, just waiting to be consumed. He sat down and dug in, eagerly chomping on the eggs, toast and bacon. 

"You must've been starving, honey." Inko giggled. She sat across from Izuku with a cup of coffee in her hands. "Or maybe I just did a good job on breakfast." 

"You always cook good stuff." Izuku signed with a mouthful of food in his mouth, "Can I have more bacon? Please?"

"I'll get right on that, hon." 

Inko used her Quirk to crack a few more eggs in the pan and fry a few slices of bacon for good measure. Izuku always thought it was amazing how fluent and precise his mother was with her telekinesis. The way everything she controlled was surrounded with a green aura made it seem magical. 

"You're finally a third year, baby. You must be excited." 

"Today we're going to talk about careers goals.

"Really? That should be fun. You could be an author or an artist. I always see you drawing about Quirks in your notebooks." 


Izuku scarfed down the extra eggs and bacon Inko made before getting his shoes on and grabbing yellow bookbag. Inko grabbed her car keys from her purse and followed Izuku out the door to the garage of their apartment complex. 

"I'll probably be at the hospital overnight again, sweetie. There was a villain attack the other day and there were alot of victims." Inko said as she unlocked the car doors with her key. 


"There still some leftovers in the fridge from last night or you can use your card to order some pizza or something." 


Inko backed out of her parked spot and drove out into the busy streets of Musutafu. Izuku rolled down the window to enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather. Cherry blossom petals covered the sidewalks and the sun was shining brighter than ever. It made Izuku feel alive as he watched the citizens of Musutafu roam streets. Sure, he couldn't really hear alot of the hustle and bustle of the city, but that didn't stop him from enjoying the sites nonetheless. There was even a villain attack going on a few streets over with Mount Lady and Kamui Woods on the scene! Izuku poked his head out the window to try and get at least a glimpse of the action, but Inko pulled him back into his seat with her Quirk. Dammit, Mom!

It wasn't long before Inko stopped the car in front of Aldera Junior High and gave Izuku a kiss on the cheek. "You be good now, baby. Text me if you need anything. You know my work phone number, right?" 

Izuku nodded his head and gave a thumbs up. His mom worried too much. He got out of the car and watched her drive to work. School wasn't all that bad, after all. This is his third year! Things change in third year! New year, new me as they say. When he made it to his classroom to take his seat, he was met with nearly all of his classmates from last year. The students that recognized him immediately began to point and snicker in his direction. 


Luckily, it quickly ceased when their teacher walked in the front of the classroom behind the podium with a pile of papers in his hands. 

"Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone had a good break." He waved around the pile of papers in his hands, "Soooo let's cut to the chase, as third year students, it's time to think seriously about your futures. I could pass these career aptitude tests, but why bother?" 

He threw them in the air as Izuku's classmates began to activate their Quirks, "I know all of you want to go to the Hero track, right?" 

"YEEAAAAAHH!!" The class roared, except for Izuku, of course.

"Yes, yes. All of you have some very impressive Quirks. But you know the rules, no power usage at school. Behave, behave." 

"Tch, hey Teach!" Izuku could recognize that voice anywhere. Bakugou Katsuki or Kacchan, for short. Childhood friend of his, though their relationship was anything, but friendly. "Don't lump me with these losers. I'm the real deal, but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some dumbass D-lister. Ha!" 

"Oh you think you're better than us, Katsuki?!" One classmate yelled. Others joined in, yelling and barking at the spiky-haired blonde.

"Psh! I could take you all on without breaking a sweat!" 

"Hmm..well Bakugou, you do have impressive test results." Their teacher replied as he looked at his clipboard, "Maybe you will get in to U.A. High." 

Izuku put his head down. He knew where this was going. U.A. High School was the best Pro Hero school in eastern Japan. All Might went to that school and so many other amazing Pros. Of course, Katsuki would want to attend there. The entire class went quiet after that with a few murmurs and whispers between students. 

"He's goin' for the national school?" 

"Damn, that place has a 0.2% acceptance rate!" 

"Yo, that place is impossible to get into." 

"That's the exact reason why it's the only place worthy for me." Katsuki stood up on his desk, with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face, "I'll ace those entrance exams because I'm the only person in this school who stands a chance of getting in. I'll end up being more popular than All Might himself and be the richest hero of all time! It all starts with U.A High!" 

"Oh yeah, Midoriya, don't you want to go to U.A. too?" The teacher asked as he took another look at his clipboard. Izuku could feel all of his classmates' eyes on him. He knew what was coming next in 3..2..1.. The class bursted out into mocking laughter. A few classmates called out to him, 

"Triple D! You're kidding, right?!" 

"There's no way you can get into the hero course without a Quirk!" 

Izuku didn't even bother giving them a response, he knew they got rid of that rule. He could be the first deaf Quirkless Pro Hero, if he tried hard enough. He could overcome those odds! 

"Dekuuuu!" Kacchan shouted as he pushed Izuku out of his chair with his explosive Quirk. He looked down at him with those piercing red eyes of his, "You're even worse than the rest of these damn rejects, you deaf Quirkless wannabe!" 

He balled his fist as he gave Izuku a sadistic glare, "You really think they let someone like you in when they can have me!" 

Izuku shook his head and quickly scooted back against the chalkboard behind him. He's wanted to be a Pro Hero since he was little. There wasn't anything wrong with trying...right?

"You'd never to hang with the best of the best! You'd die in the exams!" Katsuki mocked him, "Triple D: Deaf, Dumb Deku. This school is already shitty, you seriously wanna embarrass it even more by failing so hard!" 

The class continued to laugh until the teacher finally got them to settle down. Izuku decided it be best to stay on the floor for a bit, just so he could compose himself. Izuku does remember a time when Kacchan wasn't so cruel to him. He remembered following Kacchan around when they were toddlers. He thought he was absolutely amazing, he was everything Izuku wasn't: Confident, loud and most of all, normal. He didn't have to wear hearing aids or sounded weird when he talked. Katsuki was normal and Izuku was glad that such an amazing kid was his friend. That is..until Katsuki developed his Quirk.

Izuku couldn't be happier when he heard the 3:30 PM bell. It meant school was over and he could finally get some notes on the fight he missed this morning. It was already all over the web, so it wouldn't be too hard to get enough information. He grabbed his notebook to put in his book bag when he felt it being snatched out of his hands. He looked up to see Kacchan, putting the notebook under his arm, "What do you think you're doing, Deku? We aren't done."

Izuku tried to reach out for it, but Katsuki stepped back. He got out of his chair and lunged out for it, but Katsuki was a lot faster than him. Dammit! "Stawp et, Kacchan!" 

"Wow, you still sound like a fucking toddler. Gonna have to speak better than that, dumbass." Katsuki smirked taking the notebook from under his arm and hanging it out the open window.

"Kacchan, no! Pleeze!" Izuku tried to snatch the notebook one more time, but Katsuki tripped him. He fell flat on his face, feeling utterly humiliated. As soon as he got up from the floor, Izuku watched in horror as Katsuki used his Quirk to blow up his notebook and toss it out the window behind him. 


Katsuki rolled his eyes at Izuku's outcry and placed a smoking hand on Izuku's shoulder, "Deku, you're a deaf, dumb loser who still thinks he can be something. I was destined for greatness, while you, you're a benchwarmer. A fucking pebble on the side of the road. So don't even think about applying to U.A."

Izuku his head hung low, his fists at his sides. Why? Why was he being treated like this? Katsuki smiled, tightening his grip on Izuku's shoulder, "You know, I think there might be another way for you to be a Hero, Deku." Katsuki smirked, "Pray that you'll born with a Quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!" 

Izuku felt himself clutching his fists with rage. He looked up at Katsuki with a look of disgust, but Katsuki simply let off a few threatening sparks from his hand, "What?" 

He shoulder-checked Izuku as he walked off, not even having a hint of remorse for what he said. Izuku couldn't believe he actually said that?! What is wrong with him? He grabbed his bookbag and stomped out of the school to search for his notebook. 

Idiot! If I really jumped, you would've instigated a suicide! Why doesn't he think before he speaks!

He looked over and saw it. His notebook, completely drenched, burnt and floating with a pool of koi. 

Stupid. Useless and...

No. No, he won't let their words get in the way of how he thinks. He shouldn't worry about how others think of him. He just has to keep his head up! Keep moving forward! Just like All Might! Izuku laughed heartily as he walked under the bridge, waving his fist around. That is, until be felt something strange wrap around his leg. He turned around and saw a disgusting mass of green sludge surround him. 


It was too late, he tried to run, but the sludge villain tackled him, closing off his mouth and nose, while surrounding him in the filthy mass. Cold sludge held down all his limbs, tears were already running down his face. He tried to scream, thrash...ANYTHING, but the villian had him cornered.

"A medium-sized invisibility cloak..." The villain hissed, "Don't worry, I'm just talking over your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for 45 seconds, I promise." 

Izuku clawed at the sludge, every breath he took only invited more sludge down his throat. He was drowning. He was drowning and there was nothing he could do. No matter how much he kicked or struggled the villain didn't even budge.

"I'm liquid, child, you won't be able to pull me off." The villain sneered, "You're doing me a great service here. You're my Hero, kid." 

The sludge was crawling up into his nose. His lungs were on fire. His strength was draining with every second. Izuku was dying. He was dying. But no one was here to save him. Maybe he deserved this. Maybe Kacchan was right. He was just a pebble. A waste of space. Then Izuku blacked out. 


"HEY! HEY! HEY!" Izuku felt something hitting his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw a large white smile above him. 

Hold on...n-no..way?! All Might?!

Izuku screamed in shock at the top of his lungs, did he die? Did he die and this was heaven?! 


Izuku needed to get his autograph. His notebook! He grabbed it to flip to a good page and HE ALL READY SIGNED IT! He bowed several times to his idol to show how grateful he was. This was going to be a family treasure passed down for generations to come! 


Wait, no. He was leaving already? B-But Izuku has so many questions to ask him! He couldn't let this opportunity slip him by! He...He had to know!

"NOW STAND BACK! I'M TAKING OFF!" All Might warned before jumping up high into the sky, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPOOOORT....HUH?!" 

Without thinking, Izuku had grabbed All Might's leg. He buried his face into his thigh.

"LISTEN, KID! I LOVE MY FANS, BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH!" All Might tried to pull him off, but then look down at how far up they were, "OH WAIT! IF I DROP YOU, YOU'LL DIE AND THAT WOULD BE BAD!" 

A few seconds of flying and they landed on the roof of some building. Izuku could've swore he saw his whole life flashed before his eyes. He looked up at All Might, who seemed pretty annoyed. "NOT A VERY SMART MOVE, KIDDO! THE DOOR IS OVER THERE! I'M A VERY BUSY HERO, YOU KNOW! SEE YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!" 



"PLEEZE!! STAWP!" Izuku's face was burning red. His speech still wasn't the best, but he needed to know. He kept his eyes closed as he waited, but he still didn't hear anything. He looked up and All Might had turned around, but his expression was confused. He walked up Izuku, crouched down to his level and put his giant hand on his shoulder. His voice sounded alot more calm, "Young Man, are you deaf?"

Izuku nodded his head. Then All Might quietly chuckled, but it sounded more...somber, "Okay, I'll answer one question. I don't know JSL, so take this marker here and write it in your notebook."

All Might put the sharpie in his hand and Izuku felt like he was going to faint. All Might actually listened to him! He slowly grabbed the marker and pulled out ruined the notebook from his bookbag to flip to a random page.

[Can I be a Hero, even if I don't have a Quirk?]

He handed the notebook back and watched All Might's face as he read the question. He was frowning. All Might took the sharpie back to write something before handing back his notebook and patted Izuku's head, "Young Man, Pro Heroes are always risking their lives everyday even with their Quirks, so it pains me to say that you couldn't become a Hero without a Quirk." 

Izuku put his head down. The ultimate Pro Hero told him he could never become a hero. Tears formed in his eyes and he quickly wiped them away. Why is he crying?! He knew this already! He knew! This was the reality. His reality. That's why he was trying so desperately not to listen. Not to see the true picture. He had a heroic heart, but without a Quirk, he was nothing. Izuku looked at his ruined notebook and clutched it against his chest. He just wanted to go home.

"No tears, my boy, no tears. I know you can still become a successful young man. Please don't lose hope." All Might hugged him, but that only made Izuku cry even more. He dropped his notebook to clutch onto his idol's shirt, not caring how loud his wails were. As humiliating as it was to be bawling in front of the number one hero, he was at least glad, All Might stayed to comfort him.

After a few minutes, All Might let him go to give him the notebook he dropped, "There's nothing wrong with having a dream, Young Man. But you should be realistic. If you need help with scholarships or anything, my personal number is in here. Now I really have to go." 

"Th-Thank you, All M-Might.." Izuku squeaked. All Might gave him one more pat on the head before running and jumping off the building to go protect the city. Izuku wiped his eyes and mouth as he walked down the winding stairwell of the building. By the time he made it to the main streets, he saw a large explosion in the shopping area. 

Is there another fight going on?

He ran across the street towards the crowd of people and saw it was the sludge villain? What the? But All Might caught him when he attacked Izuku. But...if he dropped the bottle when Izuku latched onto him...that meant...

This is all my fault.

"Why aren't the heroes doing anything?"

"Looks like the heroes met their match. Plus the villain captured a kid. Things aren't looking too good for them." 

Izuku heard the two adults and he was to blame. His stomach was in knots. He felt sick. He covered his mouth with his hands to ground himself. If he hadn't been so selfish. So blind about his own denial about his hopeless ambitions. If he hadn't been taking up All Might's time, none of this would have happened. Kacchan was right. Izuku was useless. He's a Deku. He should just disappear. He's no hero. He's a nuisance. Izuku looked up to see the victim to the sludge villain had in his clutches and it was- 

"KACCHAN!" Izuku jumped into action, running as fast as he could towards the flames. It was like his body was moving on his own! He just couldn't stop! He had to fix this, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

"No! you idiot! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!" Death Arms screamed. 

"Not this brat again!" The sludge villain snarled, "You're toast, kid!" 

The villain winded back his fist, ready to slam Izuku into the concrete, but Izuku remembered page 25 of his Hero Analysis book. He snatched off his bookbag and chucked it at the villain. Several of his supplies spilled out, with his All Might pencil case stabbing the villain right in his eye. The impact was just enough for the villain to lose hold of Katsuki's face. Finally, letting the boy breathe and giving Izuku a chance to try to tear away at the sludge that was trapping his friend. 

"Gaaah!--cough,cough--Deku! What the fuck are you doing?!" Katsuki strained. 

"Kacchan! I--I coudent stan dere an' watch you die!" 

The sludge just wouldn't go away. Izuku wasn't strong enough. It was pointless! He wasn't doing anything. But Izuku kept trying anyway. The sludge villain growled, "I'm getting tired of you, kid! Die!" 


Izuku braced for his inevitable death, but it didn't come. He looked up and saw his Hero. A real hero come to his aid. He stood between Izuku and the sludge villain's tentacles. 

"All Might.." 


The sludge villain screamed in anger as he winded up for another attack, "Damn you, All Might!" 


In an instant, the villain was completely demolished by a powerful whirlwind produced by the Pro Hero's fist. Rainfall, came down shortly after, leaving the surrounding crowd astonished. Afterwards, the Heroes collected the scattered parts of the sludge villain taken him in by police custody. 

Katsuki was praised by the Heroes for his bravery, while Izuku was getting chewed out for his risky behavior, at least, Izuku was sure he was, guessing by the angry faces of Death Arms and Kamui Woods. One of his hearing aids somehow fell out of his ear when he ran towards the sludge villain and the other one ran out of battery.


Izuku picked up his things after everything settled down. Sadly, his hearing aid was no where to be found. He gave up looking for it and walked home. He wanted to apologize to All Might in person, but he was being swarmed by interviewers. He'll just call him later when he's not so busy. Now Izuku's going to have to explain to his mother that he lost one of his hearing aids. As he was sulking down the street, he was suddenly being pulled by an unknown hand on his shoulder. He turned around and it was...Kacchan? 

He wasn't looking Izuku in the eye and simply presented him with his other hearing aid. Izuku was surprised, eagerly taking the device and popped it in his ear. "Thank you, Kacchan."

However, his happiness was cut short when Katsuki grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall of a nearby building, "Shut up! I only brought that nasty ass thing so you could hear me loud and clear, Deku! I never asked for your fucking help! I was fine by myself!"

"Stawp et, Kacchan!" Izuku whimpered. He tried to pull Katsuki's hands off of him, but Katsuki had a strong grip.

"No! You think you're better than me! Don't you?! You think I'm weak, Deku!? Don't fucking lie to me!" Katsuki screamed, shaking Izuku in pure anger, "Say it, Deku! Say you think I'm weak!"

Izuku couldn't take this anymore. He wanted to go home, so he bit Katsuki's hand and pushed him away. Katsuki roared at the top of his lungs, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU FUCKING BIT ME!"

Katsuki punched Izuku in the face. Hard. Tears formed in Izuku's eyes from the sting on his cheek. Katsuki towered over him, attempting to hit him again. Izuku stopped him by kicking Katsuki in the stomach a few times. Katsuki swung with a right hook, but Izuku grabbed both of Katsuki's arms to stop him. Izuku kicked him in the stomach once again. Hard enough to make Katsuki fall down to the ground.

"I waz tryin' to helb you!" Izuku cried. He dropped himself on top of Katsuki's waist and slammed his fists down on his chest, "I waz doin' my bezt!"

"You bastaaaard! Get the hell off of me!" Katsuki yelled back. He tried to sit up, but Izuku put his hand on his face to push him back down, "I don't even know what fuck you're saying!"

They continued to wrestle each other on the ground until there was no fight left in either of them. Izuku ran away before Katsuki could get up, leaving him with a bruised cheek and a bloody nose. Izuku wasn't in any better shape either. His cheek had swollen up to a noticable degree and he had quite a few scratches all over his face. He looked back to see that Katsuki was simply standing there with his hands balled to his sides. Izuku could've swore he saw a tear roll down the boy's cheek.

I'm sorry, Kacchan.

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"Once again Pro Hero Lemillion continues to reign supreme in the Japanese Hero Billboard Charts as the number one hero. Not that that's surprising in the slightest."

"Of course. The world needed someone to be the Symbol of Peace after All Might's death and he was there to step up to the plate."

"I still can't believe that was so long ago. I hope All Might proud of what the generation of students he taught have beco-"

Katsuki turned off his television and tossed the remote on his coffee table. He hated watching the news nowadays. It was always the same shit over and over. Lemillion and his fucking husband, Suneater, and their friend Nejire-chan were always in the top three spots. The Big Three.

Then the reporters would always mention All Might's sacrifice when he killed All For One. That was nine years ago and they...they wouldn't stop bringing it up. The images of that battle would never stop playing in Katsuki's head. He remembered screaming All Might's name at the big screen of the city after his classmates had rescued him. After the battle had ended with a destructive United States of Smash, All Might, bloody and beaten, still raised a fist up into the air, only to fall to the ground minutes later. He was pronounced dead the next day.

No one ever said it, but Katsuki knew he was the reason All Might died in battle. If he was stronger, he would've never been kidnapped by villains. Even if he's ranked fourth in those stupid Billboard Charts, Katsuki never felt like a real hero. This guilt has been consuming him for years now. He finished writing everything he needed to do on his list and tore off everything from his calendar except for half of the first page.

[April 1st: Visit Old Hag and Pops]

The train ride to his old home didn't take long. He knocked on the door and waited until a wrinkle-free lady with his same fiery red eyes and spiky blonde hair as him opened the door. Her eyes widened in surprise before a shit-eating grin grew across her face, "Well, well, well! It's about time you decided to visit!"

"Hey Old Hag. Where's Pops?"

"Oh fuck you!" Mitsuki crossed her arms, leaning against the door frame, "I haven't seen your ass since last year and this is now you treat me!"

"I don't have time to visit you all the time, dammit! Quit bitching!" Katsuki walked pass his mother and took off his shoes, "You should be lucky I'm visiting at all!"

"Oh you motherfucker." Mitsuki closed the door, whipped herself around and slapped her son on the back of his head, "Don't give me a reason to beat your ass, boy!"

He turned around and activated his Quirk in his hands to give off a few warning explosions, "Hit me again and I'll fucking blast you to hell!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

"Please! Can we all have a nice, non-threatening family get together for once?" Masaru called from the couch with a newspaper in one arm and a coffee mug in the other. He nodded his head towards Katsuki, "Happy to see you, Firecracker."

"Same to you, Pops." He sat on the couch next to his father, "Anything happen here?"

"Nope, not really."

"Pretty boring without your ass here, Brat." Mitsuki plopped herself next to Katsuki and pushed his head down, while ruffling his hair, "We saw the charts today, very proud of ya."

Katsuki kept his head down and interlaced his fingers, "I'm still ranked number four, though. I haven't really changed in 3 years."

"Yeah, but ya didn't fall either." Mitsuki laughed, "Just try harder. Maybe people will like ya more if you weren't so damn bratty."

"What your mother is attempting to say is that keep at it, Firecracker. Hopefully you'll be at the top sooner than later." Masaru patted his son on the back to comfort him, "You're a great hero."

You don't need to lie me. I know I'm a fucking screw-up. A shitty son.

"Thanks guys."

"You want some curry, Brat?" Mitsuki stood up from the couch to go into the kitchen, "I should still have some chicken in the fridge."

"Sure! Just make sure it's extra fucking spicy!" He called as he sat up. His mother's curry was the absolute best.

"Of course, I'm making it extra fucking spicy! Nobody in this house is a fucking punk!"

Masaru chuckled, "Extra fucking spicy is the only type of flavor in this house, I suppose."

[April 4th: Hang Out with the Morons]

"Uncle Kat! You're here! You're here! You're here! You're here!" A little girl screamed as she jumped into Katsuki's arms when he walked into the Kirishima household. She gave him a huge smile, showing off her pearly white sharp teeth, "Hi Uncle Kat!"

"Hey Princess." Katsuki kissed her forehead, "Where's your dumb dad and even dumber mom?"

"Mommy's in the kitchen making snacks and Papa's with Uncle Den and Uncle Han!"

"Maiya!" Kirishima called from the living room, "Who are you talking to?"

"Uncle Kat, Daddy! He was asking me where you and Mommy were!" She giggled. Maiya was definitely the perfect combination of her parents. She had her father's warm beige skin, deep red eyes, coal black hair along with her mother's natural curls, yellow horns and striking black sclera. Lucky for Katsuki, she clearly didn't inherit their intelligence as she was pretty damn clever for a four year old.

"Let's not keep your dumb dad waiting." Katsuki walked into the living room with Maiya in his arms. Sero and Kirishima were sitting on the couch, while Kaminari was on the floor. The three of them were playing Mario Party 6 together on the Wii. Kaminari turned around and smiled when he heard Katsuki walk in.

"Eeeyyy! It's Boom Boom Explody Man! Welcome to Hanta's a dick for stealing two of my Stars!"

"You can't blame me, Ejirou was the one who landed on Chance Time." Sero said trying to defend himself.

"I would be sorry, but you were in first for a while, man." Kirishima laughed, "Glad you could make it, Katsuki."

"I'm only here for my Princess." Katsuki sat down next to Kaminari and put Maiya on his lap. "If she wasn't here, I wouldn't even bother."

"I'm Uncle Kat's favorite!" Maiya exclaimed, "Uncle Den, I told you so."

Kaminari sucked his teeth, "He only likes you cause you're cute! I betcha if I was as cute as you he would like me."

"I can 100% confirm that I still wouldn't like your ass, even if were half as cute as my Princess."

Sero snorted, "Holy shit, talk about denied."

"Why are we all pickin' on Denki?" Mina asked, balancing a veggie plate, a bowl of chips and dip in her arms. "It's not his birthday."

"Everyone picks on him all the time, Mommy."

"Yeah, that's true." She placed all the snacks on the table before sitting on the arm of the couch next to her husband, "Carry on."

"You are one evil little girl! That's it! No birthday presents for you!" Kaminari huffed.

"Noooo! I'm sorry, Uncle Den!" Maiya laughed, "I think you're the best. Even if you're kinda dumb."

Katsuki watched all of his dumb friends and adorable niece continued to playfully insult each other. They were always so happy. He still wonders why they continued to involve him into things. They always tried to reach out to him, but he always turned them down. He hardly answered their calls, barely bothered to text them and only visited for birthdays.

I don't deserve them.

Before Katsuki left the Kirishimas for the night, he went upstairs into the couple's bedroom to hide an envelope inside the top drawer of their dresser. He labeled the back of the envelope with a simple 'Thank You.'

[April 7th: Apologize to All Might]

It was nearly sunset when Katsuki walked into the cemetery. All Might's grave was covered with plenty of flowers and gifts. It was nice to know people continued to support the former Symbol of Peace several years later. He placed the wooden bucket down beside him and dipped a sponge into it. He was always a neat freak, so he made sure every part of All Might's gravestone was spotless. It was the least he could do for what he did to his late idol. Once he was finished, he read the words engraved on the tombstone.

Yagi Toshinori

All Might

Beloved Symbol of Peace

"Brought some candles for you, All Might. They smell pretty damn good." Katsuki placed them in front of the gravestone, wiping away unwanted tears with his arm as he did so. He used the ladle to pour water on top of All Might's gravestone before finally placing his hands flat together to pray. He closed his eyes and swallowed the lump that was stuck in his throat.

"I know haven't visited you since the funeral and that's because...I-I've been busy." He took a deep breath, "I know it's my fault you died. It should've been me instead of you, but I'll make things right with you, All Might. That's a promise."

He raised his chin up high and used his forearm to wipe away any tears in his eyes. Katsuki wasn't going to cry. He didn't deserve to shed any tears. After pulling himself together, he collected all of things to leave.

He never looked back.

[April 8th: Final Day]

The early morning was warm. The sky was various colors of blues, yellows and pinks as the sun was rising. Katsuki had walked from his apartment all the way to the bridge. Very few cars were passing by and no one was around to stop him. This was a good sign. He looked over the bars separating him from the lush blue waters of the river.

Would it be morbid to say that it felt inviting? If he jumped now, all of the pain, the guilt, the thoughts that plagued his mind for so long would disappear. Katsuki was never afraid to die. He always told himself he would keep fighting the way he wanted to till the very end. Now there wasn't much fight left in himself. In fact, as looked over the horizon, he didn't feel anything. He couldn't even say he felt empty. He just felt...ready. He closed his eyes and gripped the cold metal bars with his calloused hands.

"Okay, everyone! Settle down! Go back to your desks!" The kindergarten teacher called, "We have a new student!"

Katsuki and the other children sat down, seemingly excited for what was to come. There had been word going around that the new kid was a boy, which was great. He could use a few more lackeys in his Bakugou Hero Agency. The teacher opened the door for the little boy. He was pretty short and his smock looked a few sizes too big. He had chubby, freckled cheeks and his hair was bright green with wild curls. He stood next to the teacher with a nervous smile on his face.

"Class, this is Izuku. He's going to be apart our class." The teacher squatted down to the kid's level, "You want to introduce yourself, little man?"

This Izuku kid continued to smile, which only confused the class even more. Why wasn't he saying anything? The teacher must of noticed the lingering silence because he tapped his shoulder. Izuku jumped a bit and rolled up his sleeves before pulling out a notebook from his bookbag. He opened it to the first page:

[It's nice to meet you, my name is Midoriya Izuku and I'm 4 years old.]

The class was in shock. A few murmurs and whispers were heard as they watched him turn to another page.

[I wanna be friends with everyone with this notebook]

[So please talk to me with it]

[I can't hear well]

"Holy crap!" Katsuki yelled, standing up in his chair. This kid couldn't hear?! How was that even possible? The teacher gave him small smile, "Now, I want Izuku to feel welcome. So let's all be nice to him, okay?"

"Okaaaaay!" The class replied.

The teacher looked delighted, he turned back to Izuku and pointed to Katsuki's table, "You can sit over there with Katsuki."

Izuku nodded his head and walked over to him. He pointed to the chair next to him and Katsuki pulled it out for him. "Hey, I'm Katsuki."

He waved at him as he gave him the notebook. Katsuki rolled his eyes, but took out a marker from his pencil case to write what he said.

[My name is Bakugou Katsuki]

Izuku looked at his name with a raised eyebrow, "Bakooogou Katschuski?"

"No, dummy. It's Katsuki. Kat-soo-key." He even pointed at his lips to show this weird kid how to pronounce it.

"K-Kats...Kat..choo...Kacchan!" The boy looked at him as if he accomplished something. That's not his name! But the teacher said they have to be nice, so Katsuki will let it slide for now. He took the notebook and wrote:

[You can call me Kacchan]

It wasn't long before other students of his class were pretty interested in Izuku. Everyone in the class wrote their names in his notebook. A couple of them even wanted Izuku to try to pronounce their names. He was certainly the center of attention. At the end of the day, Katsuki saw Izuku standing outside the building, clutching the hem of his smock. He looked scared.

"Hey, Izuku!" Katsuki called, but he didn't turn around. Oh yeah. He can't hear right. Katsuki ran over and tapped him on his shoulder just like his teacher did. Then pointed to his bookbag, "Gimme your notebook."

Izuku pulled out the notebook and a crayon for Katsuki.

[Are you waiting for your mommy?]

Izuku shook his head as he took the notebook back.

[I don't know the way home yet.]

"Tch. Dummy." Katsuki snatched the notebook back and rolled his eyes. This kid is so weird. Well, if he goes to this school then that must mean he doesn't live very far. Katsuki could walk him home.

[Do you know your home address?]

Izuku nodded his head and wrote his address under Katsuki's question. Katsuki knew where that was! Those apartments were across the street from the playground.

[I can take you home. Gimme your hand.]

Izuku smiled, "Kacchan's my hero!"

"Mom! That'sth my hero! Ground Zero! Ground Zero!"

"What the hell?" Katsuki snapped out of daydream when he heard his Hero name being called. He turned his attention to the owner of the voice. A little boy with wild brown hair had let go of his mother's hand to run up to Katsuki with a Ground Zero themed bookbag on his back. This kid was more than likely no older than five, "I'm your biggesth fan, Ground Zero! I'm stho happy to sthee you!"

"Hey kid." Katsuki squatted down to the boy's level, "How were able to tell it was me?"

"Only true GZ fansth can sthee their heroesth in dithguise." The boy smiled, showing off his large tooth gap. "Can you sthign my backpack, Ground Zero?"

"Sure, I have marker in my pocket." He pulled out a thick sharpie from his hoodie pocket and signed his signature on the orange 'X' of the kid's bookbag.

"Sweetie! Don't run off like that!" His mother cried when she finally caught up with the boy, "I'm so sorry, Ground Zero. Your my son's favorite hero."

"No, it's fine. He's a pretty cool kid. Definitely hero material."

The boy's eyes sparkled with pure admiration. He pulled on his mother's skirt, while bouncing up and down, "You hear that, Mom! Ground Zero sthaid I could be a hero! Thisth isth the besth day ever!"

"Thank you for all of your service, sir." The mother bowed to him, "I'm glad Musutafu is kept safe by someone like you."

"Thank you, ma'am."Katsuki watched the family walk away before turning back to look over the bridge. He stood there, watching, lingering, contemplating. Then he walked away.


"Yo, Baku-bro, Maiya was so happy to see you at Game Night the other day. Really glad you came."

"Anything for my Princess."

Kirshima and Katsuki had just arrived back to their agency after a long patrol in Hosu City. It was a pretty slow day today, only managing to arrest two dumb teenagers for petty theft of a grocery store. They were into the locker room to change into their civilian clothes. It was quiet for a bit in the empty locker room as they changed, until Kirishima spoke up once more.

"Yeah, man. My baby girl sure does love ya." Kirishima laughed as he put the last of his Hero gear away into his locker, "The whole Bakusquad really cares about you too, man."

"Why do you still call us that? Not even in high school anymore." Katsuki slipped on a shirt and glanced over at his friend, who had still had a smile on his face, "And what the hell are you grinning for?"

"Heh heh, well..." Kirishima rummaged through his locker and pulled out a thick envelope with both of his hands, "I found this in my dresser yesterday. It has over 5.4 million yen inside."

Katsuki's expression was unchanged as he put on a pair of denim jeans, "Lucky you."

"I know I didn't put it in there and neither did the wife, so I asked the boys and they said no." Kirishima looked at the envelope, "So that must mean you put it there when you came over house for Game Night. I really appreciate the thought."

"It's not a big deal." He sighed, "You can use it for Princess or go on a vacation with Acid Wipe. I don't fucking care."

"But..uh, what was really interesting was..." He opened the envelope to pull out a folded up piece of paper, "...the letter that was also in here. A very interesting letter."

"Interesting, huh?"

"I'd like to say so. I'll read it to ya if you don't mind." Kirishima put the envelope under his arm to open the paper and read it out loud, "Here's the money I owe you. Thanks for everything. Pretty short, bro."

"I like to get to the point."

"I just gotta know, Baku-bro." Kirishima re-folded up the paper and put it back into the envelope. He couldn't look at Katsuki, so he stared at the money as he asked, "Why? Why do you wanna kill yourself?"

Because I'm weak. Useless. I'm not a Hero. All I do is hurt others.

"Because I don't want to be alive." Katsuki closed his locker and stuck his hands in his pockets, "Not that hard of a concept."

There was a long pause between the men, until Katsuki was startled by Kirishima slamming his locker door. The sound of the impact echoed across the empty room, "I knew it! I knew something was wrong with you!"

Katsuki watched tears formed in the corners of Kirishima's eyes. He dug his pointed finger into Katsuki's chest, "You came to Game Night on a work day, your phone is off and on top of all that, I found your death sentence calendar in your locker yesterday! Everything after April 8th was torn off, it's so morbid!"

Kirishima raised the envelope in one hand and activated his Quirk with the other, "Promise me you won't kill yourself or I'm shredding this! The 5.4 million yen you earned will go to waste!"

"Shitty Hair, calm the hell down. Don't be an idiot." Katsuki said calmly, trying to reach for the money. Kirishima stepped back bringing his sharpened hand closer to the envelope.

"I'm being an idiot?!" Tears fell down the hero's cheeks, "You were gonna off yourself!"

"Okay, Shitty Hair." Katsuki put his hands up in the air, "You got me. I'll stop. Now put your hand down."

"What are you not gonna do, man?!" He sobbed, "Be specific!"

"I'll stop trying to kill myself." Katsuki put his hands together, "I swear won't do it. I promise."

"Do you mean it?"

"....Yes, I mean it."

"Good." Kirishima sniffed as he deactivated his Quirk, "It's a promise, alright?" He handed Katsuki the envelope, "I don't want this money. Neither does Mina."

"Shitty Hair don-"

"No!" Kirishima wiped his eyes with his arm, "I don't want any money that you saved up just to die. Please take it back."

Katsuki begrudgingly took the money and shoved it in his pocket. Kirishima hugged him, squeezing him as tightly as he could, "Please. Don't scare me like ever again, man. You're my brother, my kid's uncle. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you."

"Don't be so fucking sappy." Katsuki whispered. He swallowed the lump in throat to keep himself together. He doesn't deserve to cry.

"Being sappy is super manly." Kirishima sniffed as he let go of Katsuki and smacked his shoulder, "Let me buy you lunch, my treat."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Nope!" Kirishima pushed him out the door and into the food court of the agency. He bought them a couple of burgers and fries before sitting down at one of the tables. Katsuki popped a couple of fries in his mouth as he watched so many heroes talking and laughing with each other. He could only imagine the conversations they could be having.

Some hero Ground Zero is. He's so weak and useless. What a loser. Why does Red Riot even bother to spend time with him? Why is he even alive?

"Baku-bro! Earth to Baku-bro!" Kirishima waved his hand in front of his face, snapping out of his trance.

"What?! You're getting on my nerves!"

"I forgot to tell you, we're getting new patrol routes!"

"New patrol routes?"

"Yeah, I heard it from Denki. Crime rate is pretty low in the big cities nowadays, so more agencies are sending Pros over to the suburbs."

"Why neighborhoods, specifically?"

"I don't know." Kirishima shrugged his shoulders, "Probably to help Heroes connect with the people better or something. They emailed us the new routes yesterday morning. You probably didn't see it because you were....occupied. We all start tomorrow."

"Great." Katsuki dipped his fry in his glob of spicy mustard, "Are we still paired together?"

"No, sorry." Kirishima smiled, "But remember I'm always a phone call away or text if you need anything."


"And I'm gonna buy you a new calendar too, bro." He playfully punched him in the arm, "I'll have my baby girl pick it out, so you won't have the heart to rip it up."

"Do what you want."


Later that night, Katsuki was in his apartment, laying in his bed. He decided to turn on his phone to see his new patrol route. Within seconds it blew up with notifications popping up in his inbox. Most of them were from Kirishima and Mina.

Shitty Hair: Bro, did you give us all this money?

Shitty Hair: Ok I read the letter what the hell. This better not be what I think it is

Shitty Hair: Bakubro answer your phone

Shitty Hair: Please answer your phone this isn't funny


Acid Wipe: Kat! Omg! Kat where are u!

Acid Wipe: You don't need to do this

Acid Wipe: We don't want this money

Acid Wipe: Why aren't you responding!

Acid Wipe: We love you Kat

Those were just a handful of the texts they sent him. As guilty as he felt, Katsuki didn't feel the need to respond to them. Kirishima knew he was still alive, so Katsuki was positive he told Mina. Yep, he was alive. For now. After clearing out his inbox, he finally found the email he was looking for titled 'New Patrol Routes!'

Apparently, Pro Hero Ground Zero and Pro Hero Ingenium were going to take assigned shifts to the neighborhood streets around the Musutafu Apartments until further notice. "My old neighborhood, how nice." Katsuki sighed sarcastically, "Lots of kids over there now." He put his phone on his nightstand and pulled the covers over himself.

And plenty of bad memories.

Chapter Text

Izuku always knew that being a single parent was one of the hardest things to be. The sleepless nights, the occasional fights and the lack of free time; all of these just come with the payless job. Even then, he wouldn't trade his little one for the world.

"Kouta! Huwwy up! Yur bweakfaz' iz gonna be cold!" Izuku called from the kitchen. He was sitting at the table that was covered with documents, his laptop and phone. "Kouta!"

"I'm coming, jeez!" A little boy with spiky black hair covered with a horned red cap walked into the kitchen. He sat down in the chair next to Izuku and pointed to his head. "I couldn't find my hat. I was looking everywhere for it."

"Waz et in my bedwoom?" Izuku moved some of his papers to make room for Kouta's breakfast, "Like I alwayz tell you."

"Tch, I just forget sometimes." Kouta pouted, clearly embarrassed, "It's not like it's in there all the time."

"Okay." Izuku kept his snickers to himself as he prepared a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and blueberries for Kouta. He placed the bowl and spoon in front of him before sitting back down to do some more work on his laptop. The two sat in comfortable silence aside from Izuku typing on his keyboard until Kouta tapped him on his shoulder.

"Do I have to go to school today?"

"Yez, Kouta. I told you, you'd haff to go afder we finished unpackin' evwething.'"

"I still don't get why we had to move in the first place." Kouta crossed his arms and huffed, "You do all of your work on your laptop."

Izuku had to admit that Kouta was technically right. They didn't need to leave their apartment back in Tokyo City. Izuku just really missed Musutafu, he missed his childhood home after leaving it for college, he especially missed his mother. When Inko texted him last week that there was an available apartment in the third Musutafu building, he jumped at the opportunity.

"Giff it a chanze, Kouta." He sighed, closing his laptop, "You'll love et here, I pwomize."

"Hmph." Kouta finished off the rest of his breakfast and went into the living room to more than likely go pout some more as he got his things together. Hopefully as the school year went on, he'll warm up to the city.

"Kouta, get yur shoez on." Izuku stretched his arms out before getting up from the table, "We don' want you to be late!"

"I don't think I'd mind being late." Kouta sat on the genkan to get his red shoes on. Izuku sat next to him to put on his matching footwear. Like father, like son, as they say.

"You could meet some weally nice kidz in elementary school."

"All the dumb kids wanna talk about is stupid Heroes and even stupider flashy Quirks." Kouta crossed his arms after he tied his shoelaces, "It's so annoying."

Izuku sighed, "You don' wanna be alone at school, do you?"

"Yeah I do. I like being all by myself." Kouta huffed, "I don't wanna be around some Quirk-happy wannabes who won't shut the heck up about being da numba one hero."

"Don' you want to make fwendz?" Izuku gave him a small smile, "Fwendz yur age?"

"No, cuz everyone my age is annoying and dumb." Kouta looked up at his papa with a confident smile, "I got you and Gramma, what more could I possibly need?"

"Oh, Kouta." Izuku had realized early in the years of raising his son that he was not like other kids. Kouta was unnaturally mature for his age, always reserved, kept to himself and only snapped at other kids who got too close to him. It was definitely due to his past traumas before he came into Izuku's life. To say he was at his wits' end with changing Kouta's views on hero society was the understatement of century.

One day, he'll understand what his parents did for him.

The school Kouta was attending was the same elementary school Izuku attended when he was his age. Which meant they only had to walk a few blocks away from the apartment complex. Absolutely perfect since Izuku worked at home.

"My classroom is over here, Zuzu." Kouta pointed to a door that was labeled 'Class 1-A.' It was covered with paper planets and stars. Izuku opened the door to reveal the outer space-themed classroom already had a handful of kids sitting at their tables or playing with some of the toys.

"Welcome to first grade, guys! Come in, come in!" The young, bubbly teacher called out to them. Her warm brown hair was tied up in a small ponytail. She wore an open oversized green collared shirt over a white T-shirt tucked into her short denim jeans. Izuku nearly fainted from the sight of her. He could recognize those rosy cheeks anywhere.

Pro Hero Uravity is a school teacher!? Since when?

"Hey there, nice to meet you!" She walked over to Izuku and shook his hand, "I'm Mrs. Iida Ochako, but most of my kids call me Miss Ochako."

"A-aren't you a Hewo?"

"Am I Hero, you said?" Izuku nodded his head with a child-like wonder in his eyes which cause her to giggle, "Yes, I'm Uravity. But please just call me Ochako. No need for formalities."

Maybe I can ask for her autograph during parent-teacher conferences.

Ochako looked over to Kouta, who was hiding behind Izuku's leg. "So is this little one my newest student? What's your name, dude?"

Izuku patted Kouta's head, "Intwoduze yourzelf."

"My name is Kouta." He muttered, "Midoriya Kouta."

Ochako squatted down to his level with an outstretched hand, "I'm Miss Ochako. I can't wait to spend this new year with you. Can you put your bookbag in your cubby over there?"

"Can I keep my hat on?" Kouta asked as he begrudgingly accepted her hand to shake it. Ochako nodded her head to confirm he could, so he walked away leaving the two adults to speak with each other.

"Don't worry Mr. Midoriya, the principal told me everything about Kouta, so I'll keep a close eye on him around the kids." She smiled, "I don't know JSL very well yet, but my husband is teaching me a few things."

Izuku pulled out his notebook to write down a proper response before giving it to Ochako.

[Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I hope he doesn't cause too much trouble.]

"I'm positive he won't. I feel like he'll be a very good boy." Ochako handed him back his notebook and turned to her small class, "Okay everyone! Let's all sit on the Earth rug, it's almost Morning Time!"

Kouta ran over to Izuku to hug him, then let him go to sign, "Promise me, I'll see you later?"

Izuku kissed his son's forehead and signed, "I promise, I'll see you later."


By the time Izuku got back home, it was ten in the morning. He still had lots of work to do and seeing those documents piled on his kitchen table made him want to crawl into bed. Being a Quirk Support engineer was both fun and tiring at the same time. He took his seat at the table once more and opened his laptop to where he left off. His partner, Hatsume Mei, had requested him to type out 15 detailed Quirk analyses on a class of U.A students as well as some suggestions for potential support items.

Just one more student to analyze and I'll be all done. It's an easy one too. This girl's Quirk is Sponge. She's able to absorb any liquid through her skin and shoot it out in all directions. Obviously, the first thing she needs is-

"Hey baby, it's me! Are you home?" His mother called from the door. Welp, Mei can wait a little bit longer for those Quirk analyses. He closed his laptop to greet her with a smile.

"Hey mom." He hugged her and noticed a very large bag of Tupperware in her hands, "What's that?"

"Just a couple of housewarming gifts, sweetie. I wanted to bake you and Kouta something, but, uh as you can see...I kinda got carried away." She presented Izuku with the bag. Even though the treats were inside the containers, Izuku could still faintly smell them.

"There's cookies, brownies, apple turnovers and cupcakes in a few of those."

"Mom, you're gonna giff uz cafities." He laughed, "You diddent haff to do that."

"You know I have to spoil my two favorite boys." She looked around the room, "Speaking of, is he at school right now?"

"Yup. I juzt came home fwom droppin' him off." He pointed to the balcony, "You wanna hang out on the balcony and wait for him?"

"I would, baby, but I can't. I have to work at the hospital today." Inko kissed Izuku on his cheek, "I just wanted to come by and give you those desserts, my little engineer."

"Quirk Support engineer."

"Right. My little professional hero gadget maker."


"I love you, sweetheart." Inko signed before taking her leave, "I'll see you later."

"See you later, Mom."

After Inko left, Izuku turned back to the work pile on the table. He could finish it up, but he's been typing away at his laptop for three days straight on this project. He needed a break. A well deserved break and what better way to relax than to take a nice walk around his childhood neighborhood. He put the large goodie bag on the kitchen counter and went out the door for a walk.

I won't be gone for long. Just wanna clear my head.

The first thing he noticed was how much his old neighborhood had changed. There were now a small row of bushes between each of the apartment buildings. As he continued down the street, he saw how much better the playground across the street had become. A large swing set, a sandbox and monkey bars were added with the long slide and jungle gym. Izuku had to admit he was a little jealous as he watched kids running around with their mothers, enjoying the upgraded playground. Why didn't they add this stuff when Izuku was a little kid? He couldn't dwell on it for too long as he couldn't help smiling at the little girl sliding down the slide to her father.

"Catch me, Dada!"

"I'll catch you, don't worry."

"Mama! Mama!" Izuku hopped up and down like an energetic bunny at the top of the slide. His four year old self felt like a king of the entire world when he climbed up the ladder all by himself.

"I see you, baby!" Inko was at the bottom with open arms waiting for him to slide down. "C'mon down to Mama, Izuku!"

Izuku kept a nice pace as he walked around his neighborhood, remembering the good memories that him and his mother shared here before he left for school. Soon he reached a wired fence that blocked the forest he used to play in as a child. It was still just as flimsy and useless as it was over 20 years ago. Sadly, Izuku was too big for the hole on the bottom of the fence.

I could probably jump over this.

"Excuse me, citizen!" A voice called. Izuku turned around to see a giant Hero in a suit of pure white armor, aka, Pro Hero Ingenium. He ran towards Izuku in lighting fast speed. Very amazing. "I'm not sure if you realized but this area beyond the forest is forbidden to the public."

Izuku went to grab his notebook from his behind his shirt and flipped to a blank page.

[I know. I was just walking by. Are you the Pro that patrols here?]

Ingenium nodded, before he signed, "Yes I am! Sorry about that! I've had to stop so many people today from intruding past that fence."

Izuku put his notebook under his arm to sign, "You know sign language?!"

"Yes! I learned it at U.A. High. A very prestigious establishment I might add!"

"Can I get your autograph, please? It would be such an honor."

"Why, of course. Anything for a fan." He took the notebook to write his signature with a navy blue glitter pen. "My wife suggested my signatures should be more flashy. Apparently, sparkly pens were the solution."

"Thank you." Izuku laughed, he couldn't be happier. Meeting two Pro Heroes in one day and one of them actually knew sign language. Not to mention, he went to the best hero school in the world, U.A High. The same school All Might had attended. He should ask Ochako if he went to U.A as well. If this was a dream, Izuku never wanted to wake up because this was the best day ever.

"You're welcome!" Ingenium pointed to the streets, "Well I must be off, my shift is over."

"You aren't the only Pro patrolling here?" Izuku was going to potentially meet up with another Pro Hero?! Did he just die and go to heaven or something? Ingenium must of sensed his excitement, but he didn't seem too thrilled about talking about the Pro taking his shift.

"Yes, I'm not. The other Pro. The other Pro is a bit rough around the edges, but very good at his job."

Well that wasn't very descriptive. There are plenty of heroes like that. Was it Chargebolt or maybe Red Riot? Oh! Maybe it was Shouto! He's a very good hero and was very public about his large family. He had five kids, it would make sense for him to patrol neighborhoods like this one. Izuku wanted to ask more questions, but he already ate up more of this Pro's time more than he should have.

"Thank you." Izuku bowed to him with a smile. Ingenium gave him a thumbs-ups before dashing out of sight. Izuku looked at his phone for the time to see it was already noon. Damn, how did he not realize he was out of the house for two hours? Well, he didn't want to keep Hatsume waiting any longer than she needed for those papers. It was high time he made his way home.

As he was walking back, Izuku figured it was a good idea to make a quick stop at the vending machine in front of the convenience store for a bottle of tea before finally bringing his little walk to a close. With the bottle under his arm, he pulled out his notebook to write down notes about this U.A student's Sponge Quirk.

[The girl's Quirk would be most effective if she had access to a body of liquid at all times. Meaning that the best type of support item for this student would be a water tank of sorts so that wa]

"Augh!" His brainstorming was cut short when he bumped into something or someone hard and tall. The impact was hard enough to cause Izuku to fall to the ground, dropping his notebook, bottle and pen on to the sidewalk.

"Watch where you're fucking going, buddy! I'm on patrol!" The voice was loud and very deep. Izuku realized he had bumped right into the Pro Hero taking his shift. How nice. He looked up to see which Hero's day he had just ruined, only to be met with glaring red eyes and spiky blonde hair looking down on him. That is, until the man's eyes softened when they met Izuku's worried gaze.


Izuku sat there on the sidewalk confused as ever. Deku? Nobody has called him that since middle school. How does this Pro know his dumb childhood nickname? While Izuku got himself up, the Pro Hero had pulled down his black mask. Izuku froze at the sight of the Pro's true face.

"Do you remember me? I'm Bakugou Katsuki." He pointed to himself, "K-Kacchan?"

Izuku's heart began to pound against his chest. Panic was quickly coursing through his body and he could feel himself holding his breath. Kacchan? Katsuki? Why was he here? His Quirk was meant to be on the front lines, not to patrol neighborhoods filled with kids. Kids that could potentially be Quirkless. Katsuki was staring at him, he was waiting for Izuku to say something. Maybe to confirm that he remembered him, even though Izuku tried so hard to forget everything about him.

He wanted to say something, but nothing came out. It was as if his fear was preventing him from using his voice. Instead, he gave Kac-Katsuki an awkward smile, twiddled his thumbs and bolted in the direction he had just walked from.

"Hey! Where are you going!? Wait!" He heard Kacchan, no, Katsuki call for him, but his legs wouldn't stop moving. Izuku stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath when he gained a good distance away from him. He turned back and saw Katsuki was still running towards him with his stuff, "Please, come back!"

Izuku needed to hide and fast. God only knows what Katsuki is going to do to him and he doesn't want to find out. He ran back to the old fence and jumped over it like he thought he could. Sorry Ingenium, but rules were made to be broken. Specifically for situations like this. Luckily, Izuku knew these woods like the back of his hand, so he continued to run deep into it until he made it to a small river.

Izuku plopped himself behind a tree next to the familiar river and covered his mouth to mute his labored breaths. What could he possibly do now? He couldn't do this. Not after all this time. He couldn't relive those horrible memories after it took him ages to repress them. To forget them. Kacchan, er, Katsuki said he was patrolling, right? He was Ingenium's partner?! But why? His mind was racing a mile a minute with unanswered questions and thoughts of possible options to get himself out the shit hole he was in.

Sadly, all of those potential plans were shot when he heard Katsuki running towards the river. "Holy shit, he can run fast!" Katsuki panted. Izuku watched him walk across the log that acted as a natural bridge over the river. "Where the hell did he go?"

Izuku continued to stare at Katsuki look around the forest for him. He couldn't move because he'd make too much noise. Shoot. He just trapped himself. Maybe if he was quiet enough, he could sit here and pray that Katsuki would just give up and walk away.

"Hey, there you are!" Goddammit. Katsuki jumped down from the log to the river with a large splash and slowly walked towards Izuku.

"Hey." He said in a soft tone. Why wasn't he yelling at him?

Welp, there was nothing he could do now. Izuku stood up and immediately noticed how much shorter he was than his childhood bully. Great. He braced himself for a punch in the face or his collar to be grabbed or for K-Katsuki to shove his things onto his chest, but instead he was hesitating? What was he waiting for?

", I, uh..fuck.." Katsuki averted his eyes as he presented Izuku the pen and tea bottle stacked on top of the notebook, "I wanted to give you these."

He used his free hand to...sign? "You forgot these."

Izuku gasped as his eyes widened in complete shock. Kacchan? Bakugou Katsuki..knows sign language?! This must be a joke. It has to be a joke.

"Why do you know sign language?"

"Why do I..know sign language? Because I.uh..I learned it in high school." He put his things in Izuku's hands, "Here take your shit. It's yours."

I don't understand this.

"I wasn't sure if you ever wanted to see me again." Kacchan shoved his hands in his pockets, "But, uh, I guess by your reaction, I guess I was right."

Why are you being nice to me now?

"So...De-....I-Izuku...I was, um, wondering..uh.." Katsuki signed as he spoke, " and you, Izuku...can we be friends again? I-Is that an option?"

"Kacchan! Kacchan!" Ten year old Izuku was on the playground with Kacchan and his friends. It was the first day of school and his mom just bought him a brand new All Might notebook.

"What do you want, Deku?!" Katsuki growled, "Go be a deaf Quirkless loser somewhere else."

"Don't be mean, Kacchan. Let's see what Triple D has to say!" One of his lackeys snickered.

Izuku ignored the rude giggles from Kacchan's group as he pulled out his notebook from his bookbag. He turned to a specific page before presenting it to his former best friend with a hopeful look in his eyes.

[Can we be friends again, Kacchan?]

Kacchan snatched the notebook out of Izuku's hands and slapped him across the face with it, "Again? We were never friends to begin with you, Quirkless wannabe! Stop following me!"

Then he threw the notebook across the playground, "Go fetch!"

Izuku began to tear up from the pain in his cheek. He wiped his eyes as he walked away from the mocking laughter to grab his notebook.

"I know you asked me that before when we were kids and I was an idiot. So if it's possible we could...start o-" Katsuki stopped talking when he saw how terrified Izuku was. He was trembling so hard he dropped all of his belongings. He had covered his mouth to muffle the sobs that were erupting from his body. Izuku was so confused. Why was Katsuki acting like this? This is too much. Everything was too much.

"Don't cry, Izuku." He felt Katsuki attempt to place his hand on his shoulder, but Izuku instinctively flinched away from the hand. He couldn't risk Kacchan, no, Katsuki doing something to him.

Katsuki pulled his hand away, let out a pitiful chuckle and sighed,

"You must really hate me, huh?"

Chapter Text

"You must really hate me, huh?"

What the absolute fuck was Katsuki thinking? Why wouldn't Midoriya Izuku hate his fucking guts? Why would he want to be friends with the man who made his life miserable for their entire childhood? If anything, Izuku would want a restraining order for all the shit he's done to him. Katsuki should go, but he can't leave Izuku like this. That would just be a dick move on his part. Since Izuku pulled away from his hand when he tried to comfort him the first time, Katsuki settled for standing across from him with his hands in his pockets, watching him calm himself down.

Izuku wasn't even looking him, instead focusing on the fallen notebook. It was getting wet from the river splashing against the grass. Great. Another notebook of Izuku's that Katsuki had ruined. This wasn't how he imagined meeting up with Izuku AT ALL.

"I'll pick this up for you." It was the very least Katsuki could do. Before he could even grab it, Izuku wrapped his calloused hand around Katsuki's wrist to stop him. He was confused until Izuku turned Katsuki's hand over with his palm facing up. He watched Izuku's finger glide over his palm to spell out a single question.





"Why?" Katsuki raised his head to see Izuku's tear-stained face. His expression was unreadable. His eyebrows were furrowed, his mouth was straight and unmoving but it was his eyes that confused Katsuki the most. His eyes were shining emerald green like they always did when he was excited or determined about something back when they were kids.

What does he mean by why? Why am I here? Why did I follow him? Why do I want to be friends? Even if Izuku never wanted to see he him again after this, Katsuki needed to tell him the truth.

"I always wanted to see you again...Izuku." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "I became a Pro Hero, but...I've never been a good person. I've looked down on you and so many other people all my life and it frustrates the hell outta me when I think about how I acted back then."

It never left his mind. It haunted him. Katsuki didn't go one day without reminding himself about his failures as a human being. How he always brought misery and pain to anyone who came in contact with him. He doesn't deserve his life. He needs to simply disappear.

"I fucking hate myself." Katsuki's mouth was moving before his mind could catch up, "I'm selfish and weak and fucking pathetic. Because of me we caused our idol, All Might, to sacrifice himself. Because of me I lost an old friend that I refused to understand."

"So that's why." Katsuki looked Izuku straight in the eye. His ruby red eyes crackled with a fire of determination. "That's why, Izuku. I want to understand you. I want to win back our friendship."

After a few minutes of pure silence, Katsuki finally registered what the hell he just said. He didn't mean to put out his whole fucking life story! He felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment. Why was blushing over something so stupid! Win back their friendship? Seriously?! Katsuki wanted to pull his hand away and run right then and there, but Izuku wasn't letting go of his wrist, in fact, he was holding onto it even tighter! What the fuck?!

"B-But you fucking hate me, right?" He backpedaled, "Forget what I said! I'm basically here for myself. You can just pretend you never met-"


Katsuki immediately shut his mouth when he noticed Izuku fingerspell his old childhood nickname onto his palm. Izuku had even put his finger up to his own lips afterwards to signify for Katsuki to shut the fuck up. He let go of his wrist to pick up his ruined notebook once again, gave Katsuki that same awkward half-smile before grabbing Katsuki's wrist without warning to lead him across the log bridge over the river.

"We're going deeper into the forest? Isn't that where..."

"Here, Izuku!" Four year old Katsuki smiled with his hands on his hips. "This gonna be Hero Agency Bakugou!"

"Hewo Anjuhcee Bakooogo!" Izuku pumped his chubby fist in the air as well with his All Might plushie in hand.

"Heck yeah, this is the best agency ever and no one can take it!"

"Nevah evah!"

"C'mon Izuku, we need sidekicks!" Katsuki marched over to a nearby tree with his bug net in hand. "Let's grab these beetles!"

"Okay, Kacchan!" Izuku followed him without any hesitation.


Hero Agency Bakugou was a small cave near the lake that all the rivers in the forest flowed into. Katsuki remembered having fond memories of playing Pro Heroes with Izuku before he decided ruin everything by being an asshole over some so trivial as a Quirk.

The cave had been untouched for years. Now it was covered in moss both inside and out..more than likely from being so close to the lake. A few woodland creatures had also made their home here, running away as soon as the two men made their presence known. Izuku let go of his wrist to sit inside, then patted the mossy ground for Katsuki to sit next to him.

Don't fucking screw this up. He's giving you a chance. Make. This. Count.

Katsuki felt awkwardly stiff as he sat down. Izuku wasn't saying anything, instead he was watching the ducks paddle around in the lake. This gave Katsuki a chance to really see how much Izuku had changed without seeming creepy. Sure, Izuku still had the curly hair, the soft freckled face and those huge emerald green eyes, but he was no longer the skinny little middle schooler he was back then. He was pretty short, only reaching up to Katsuki's shoulder, but what surprised him the most was how fucking buff Izuku had become. His freckles scattered like stars all over his toned biceps and thick hands. If Izuku was able to fight Katsuki back in middle school, he could only imagine what he could do to him now.

Izuku turned to Katsuki with a sheepish smile, "Can you stop calling me, Izuku? It's weird.

Weird? But that's his fucking name. Katsuki raised an eyebrow as he signed, "What do you want me to call you then?"

"Deku. Not Izuku or Midoriya."

"But Deku means...useless."

"I know what it means." Izuku smirked, rolling his eyes, "It just doesn't seem fair for me to call you by your old nickname, but you can't call me by my old nickname."

That wouldn't be such a bad thing if Katsuki's nickname for Izuku wasn't full of hate and narcissism, but he'll do it for Izuku. So far, so good. Katsuki should ask some icebreaker questions to keep the conversation going.

"Do you live here now?"

""Yes. I moved into the Apartments a week ago. Lots of unpacking." Izuku let out a breathless snicker, "My son doesn't like the city though."

Katsuki couldn't believe it. Izuku has a kid now? He didn't think he even had it in him to have sex let alone have a child. Not that Katsuki could really say anything, he was still a virgin himself. Katsuki pushed those unnecessary thoughts out of his mind to focus on Izuku.

"So what do you do now? As a job?"

"Quirk Support engineer. I work with Pro Heroes and Hero students alot. I even met a few Pros who are never on the media. Like Eraserhead!"

"He was my teacher." Katsuki smirked, "Kind of an asshole."

Izuku gasped in the weirdest way possible. He began to sign so quickly that Katsuki couldn't even understand him. Maybe this was his own way of muttering in sign language. He was more than likely scolding him for talking shit about a classic Pro Hero.

I used to hate Midoriya Izuku for years and now here we are, sitting under a cave having a normal conversation. Why did I have to fuck everything up?

Speaking of which, Katsuki remembered Izuku used to talk alot more when they were younger. Did he become mute as he got older? It was pretty common for deaf people to become mute over time, right? Before Katsuki could even ask his question, he heard a loud vibration coming from Izuku's jean pocket.

"Looks like somebody needs you, Izu-Deku."

Izuku pulled out his phone to read the text, frowned, then showed Katsuki his phone screen with an apologetic smile.

Hatsume: Midoriya! I need those analyses today so I can make my babies!!! If you could get them in to me ASAP that would be AAAAMAAAZIIIING!!

Even in text messages, that crazy ass inventor chick was annoying. Izuku must have the patience of a saint if he works with her of all people. He stood up with his notebook and bowed to Katsuki before walking away. They can't just leave the conversation like that, can they? Katsuki still had so many questions for him. He nearly slipped on the moss as he scrambled to get up in order to catch up to Izuku.

"Deku, hold on!" He grabbed the hem of Izuku's shirt to stop him. Izuku jumped, giving him a terrified look on his face again. Shit! Katsuki back away and signed, "I'm not going to hurt you! I wanted to know if you wanted me to walk you home."

Izuku shook his head, "I know the way home, Kacchan. You have to-"

"But I want to!" Katsuki blurted out, "My patrol's around the Apartments anyway. It would be killing two birds with one stone."

"Okay." Izuku sighed, "You can come with me."

The walk back home wasn't too awkward surprisingly. Izuku continued to tell him things that happened in his life. He went to Shiketsu High School after being offered a full ride scholarship there, he went to college in Tokyo and managed to travel to different locations in America for a few summers. He really did live life to the fullest after middle school.

Yet here I am, still doing the same shit for years.

By the time, they made it to Izuku's building, it was a little after one. His apartment was on the top floor, so he had a pretty nice view of the neighborhood. Katsuki knew Four Eyes was going to chew him out for wasting an hour of his patrol "messing around," but he can kiss Katsuki's ass for now. Izuku turned around with the biggest smile on his face,

"See you later, Kacchan."

"D-Don't mention it." He watched Izuku go into his apartment, processed everything that just happened before walking down the stairs to the streets.

"He said see you later." He whispered as he held his head up high, "Does that mean I can see him again?


His shift was over at five, but he stayed another hour to appease fucking Four Eyes. He was tired, annoyed and above all, sleepy. His bed was calling him name. However, when he entered his apartment he chicken wings? The aroma of hot sauce and rainbow of peppery spices, along with the warmth of hot oil made his stomach growl with hunger. Either this robber was the stupidest criminal alive or...

"Baku-bro!" Of fucking course. His dumbass brother was in his kitchen, wearing his apron, using his ingredients to cook dinner. Kirishima's flaming red hair was pulled back with a white bandana and he was wearing his stupid ugly red crocs. Katsuki was going to burn those one day. "Glad you finally came home! Had me worried for a minute there!"

"Shitty Hair!" He growled, ignoring his rumbling gut, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"It's a surprise!" Maiya yelled. She jumped up from under the kitchen table, laughing as she did so, "Daddy and Mommy said it would be a great idea to spend dinner at your place instead!"

Katsuki glared at Kirishima who simply shrugged his shoulders, "Yep. We'll be over here everyday after work. Mina and I came up with it."

"Then where the fuck is Acid Wipe?"

"In the bathroom, taking a shower." Kirishima threw in a few more wings and drumsticks in the boiling pan of oil, "She had to take down a villian who tried to escape through a sewer. Not the cleanest place in the world."

"And Daddy and I went to the store to buy you a present!" Maiya ducked under the table for a solid minute before popping back up with a square box wrapped in shiny orange wrapping paper with a black ribbon on top. "Can I give it to him now, Daddy?"

"Yes you can Baby Girl."

Katsuki sat at the table to take the gift. He unwrapped it with ease and opened the white box to reveal a calendar. He glanced at Kirishima who was whistling away as he cooked. Goddamnit.

"Duh! Nuh! Nuh! Nuuuuuuh! You got the Big Fist calendar!" Maiya hopped up and down in her chair as she drummed her fists on the table. "It's got pictures of your niece's favorite Hero for every month! She picked it all by herself!"

"I thought I was your favorite hero, Princess." Katsuki asked as he flipped through the calendar. He had to admit, it did have some nice fighting stance shots of the Class B girl.

"You're my uncle, so you don't count." Maiya stuck out her tongue with a playful shark-toothed smile, just like her damn father, "But you're my favorite uncle if that makes ya feel better."

"And about that calendar, bro. It's a key item." Kirishima turned around to give Katsuki a smirk, "So you can't throw it away."

"Yeah! It's forever in your inventory!"

"Alright, I get the damn picture, Hair-For-Brains. I'm not gonna toss it. After all, my Princess picked it out." Katsuki should've known Kirishima would use his daughter for evil sooner than later. He knew Maiya had Katsuki wrapped around her adorable little finger. Manipulative bastard.

"Hey, is that Katsuki's loud ass I hear?" Mina walked into the kitchen with his gray towels wrapped around her chest and head, "I see that Maiya gave you the gift. You like it, man?"

"Why the fuck do you idiots think you can just make yourselves at home in my house?" Katsuki leaned back in chair and huffed, "Should've never gave you a damn copy of my key."

"Aw, you know love us, bro. " Kirishima set down the plate of wings in the center of the table, "Now who's hungry?"

"Ooh! Ooh! I'm hungry!" Maiya clapped her hands with anticipation as she watched her father fix her plate, "Uncle Kat, did anything cool happen when you went out doing Hero stuff?"

Katsuki felt himself smile a little, "I met an old friend."

Chapter Text

"See you later, Kacchan."

That simple little phrase played over and over in Katsuki's head for days. Izuku, well, Deku had given him a chance. He didn't deserve a chance, but he was damn well going to give it his all, so Deku wouldn't regret his decision. Sadly, the busy life of a Pro Hero doesn't allow Katsuki to spend any quality time with Deku. He has to do stupid paper work in the morning and his shift in their neighborhood is in the afternoon. The most he can do on his afternoon patrols is walk pass Deku on the sidewalks with a friendly wave or a quick hello.

"Good afternoon, Kacchan." Deku would always sign with a warm smile on his face. He still had that ridiculously large yellow bookbag that held his laptop. What a nerd.

"Hey, Deku." Katsuki smiled as he walked by before his usual resting bitch face set back in. Admittedly, it was annoying. He wanted to learn more about Deku, but it felt as if the universe was telling Katsuki he should leave Izu-Deku alone. It's not like he can't just walk up to Deku's apartment, it's more like he's being told not to go.

"What the fuck would I even do if I got there?" Katsuki muttered to himself, "Just sit around in his house? Play with his kid? Ask him to go get some coffee? No...I need a reason. A natural and smart reason. Can't look like I'm trying too hard."

Before Katsuki could even think of a good game plan, Tenya was calling his phone. He swiped his touchscreen with an annoyed huff to answer, "What the fuck do you want?"

"Watch it with the harsh language, Ground Zero!" Kasuki knew Four Eyes was doing that weird hand chop thing he always did when he lectured on the other end, "We are patrolling a neighborhood with young children!"

"I curse around Shitty Hair's daughter all the damn time and she doesn't repeat a fucking word." Katsuki said with a smirk, not that Four Eyes could see it. "So cry me a fucking a river, asshole."

"My god, you're so shameless." He gave an annoyed sigh, "How does Kirishima put up with you?"

"And you have a stick up your ass." Katsuki rolled his eyes, "How can Round Face put up with you? Now back to the original question: what the fuck do you want?"

"....Riiiight. I called to let you know that it's time for our scheduled break. I'll meet you in the playground with our food." He ended the call before Katsuki could insult him any longer. He didn't even realize it was time for their break.

Maybe some food could help. I'm starving.

The playground was empty due to it being a school day. The Pro Heroes sat next to each other on the bench with their bentos on their laps. Four Eyes was always weird sitting as proper and straight as possible, like a fucking robot. Katsuki preferred sitting with his legs crossed on the bench, plenty more comfortable. He ate a few bundles of rice as he gathered his thoughts,

Deku clearly still likes everything Hero-related. Maybe I could buy him something? Would that be too weird?

He did tell me he works from home. He shook his head and sighed, Should I even go see Deku again? Am I allowed to?

"Just so you know, Ground Zero," Tenya began as he finished the rest of his lunch, "there is a resident in this neighborhood that's hearing impaired. His name is Midoriya Izuku."

"How the hell did you find out his name?"

"His son goes to the same school Ochako teaches at. I'm going teach her a few things, so she can communicate with him as best as possible." Tenya pulled out a small sign language dictionary from underneath his bento, "If you need a refresher or anything you can always borrow my book."

His kid goes to the school here. That's probably where he's going when I walk pass him. I could offer picking up his kid, so he doesn't have to leave the house or is that too creepy?

"I don't need your goddamn help, Four Eyes." He growled, "I took sign for three years, I know my shit. Besides why the fuck are you telling me this?"

"And so did I, Ground Zero." Tenya rolled his eyes, "Nothing wrong with reviewing some material. After all, we Heroes need to be as inclusive as possible to civilians of all kinds."

"Inclusive, huh?" Katsuki picked at the sausages in his bento. Maybe I shouldn't go see him then. Not after all the horrible shit I did to him.

"Ground Zero? Is something the matter? You seem to be a bit out of it today." Tenya asked with a concerned expression. Like Katsuki was ever going to tell Four Eyes anything about his broken mental state.

"Piss off." Katsuki turned his head away with his chopsticks still in his mouth, "None of your damn business, Sonic."

He heard his hero partner groan, "Glad to see your insults haven't improved since our UA days, GZ."

"Glad to see you still love to stick your stupid ass nose into other people's business." Katsuki hissed. He wasn't hungry anymore. He closed up his half-eaten bento and set it aside. It was like the anxiety of seeing Deku again was eating him alive. He was going to throw up if he didn't get moving.

"I'm going for a walk." He said quickly, not even giving Tenya the chance to nag at him.

Instead, Tenya sighed and yelled after him, "Just remember to be back in a half an hour! Please!"


Katsuki had walked around the neighborhood about three times before his body stopped shaking. He hated feeling this way, what the fuck happened to him? He used to be so strong and confident when he was young and now he's just...honest to god Katsuki doesn't know what the fuck he is anymore. It's like anything that involves Deku he hesitates. How can he be a good friend if he can't even face his friend!

"Fuck it! I'll just go up there and ask him if he wants to walk around the forest or something." He wasn't going to be a coward! He stomped over to the top floor of the third Musutafu building, first door from the left, that was Izuku's place. Katsuki pulled down his mask and cleaned off any mascara that had gotten smudged from working. He was going to do this. The door was right there. All he had to do was knock. He raised his fist up to knock exactly three times, then rang the doorbell. His nerves were getting the best of him, but he swallowed his fears and lunch as he waited.

Pops always said to count when I felt anxious. Deep fucking breaths and count, Katsuki. Dammit.






"Hello?" A young boy answered the door. Katsuki looked down at the young child with spiky black hair staring at him with great contempt in his eyes. Katsuki bent down to the kid's level. So this is Deku's kid.

"Is Midoriya Izuku here? I'm uh, Bakugou Katsuki. A friend of his."

"He's not here." He growled, staring Katsuki straight in the eyes.

This kid kind of reminds me of me. Yeesh.

Katsuki was pretty sure that Izuku, er, Deku wouldn't leave a small child alone by himself. He took his eyes away from the kid to see if Deku was in the living room. He was! Sitting on the couch typing away on his laptop, probably doing some of his support engineering work. Katsuki points at him, "He's right there. On his computer."

"Not him." His voice still just as angry, "There's nobody here named Izuku."

"Listen kid, I'm just gonna talk to your dad for like 5 minutes tops." Katsuki gave the kid a small smile, "So can you stop messing around, it won't take-."

"Excuse me, but who the hell are you anyway?" The kid's glare was filled with unbridled hatred. He gripped the door tighter as he raised his voice, "Are you actually a friend of his or something?"

"...I..." Are they really friends? He remembered he said he wanted to rekindle their old friendship, but Izuku never confirmed that he wanted to be friends again too. Was Izuku simply being polite? Was he just pitying him?

"Thought so." The kid gave Katsuki a scowl that could run him for his money. He snarled, "You dumb heroes need to stop thinking you can do whatever the hell you want. Go away."


Katsuki bit his bottom lip, taking deep breaths. He shouldn't be surprised that Deku told his kid all about their history together. Why wouldn't he? He probably told his kid to pull a knife on Katsuki if he ever saw him on the street. But that kid made a good point. Does Deku consider him a friend? When do people consider each other friends?

Maybe...maybe they would know.


"I'm home!" Katsuki called. He kicked off his shoes and threw his gym bag on the couch. There was beef stir fry sizzling on a pan in his kitchen, making his mouth water. If he wasn't so fucking tired, he'd sneak a few samples of dinner. Instead, he plopped down on his couch to grab the remote when he felt soft feminine hands over his eyes.

"Hi Kat!" Mina sang. She must've came out of the kitchen because Katsuki could smell dinner coming from her clothes. "Glad you're back."

"Get your nasty ass fingers off my face." He had no venom in his voice as he turned on the TV, "Where's Princess and Shitty Hair?"

"They left to buy some more groceries. So it's just me and the food. You can eat whenever you want."

"I'll grab a bowl when they come back."

"So, uh..Kat?" Mina sighed, "I just wanna know. Are you, like, cool with us doing this?"

"Cool with what?"

"Don't play dumb, man." She moved her hands from Katsuki's face to wrap her arms around his shoulders, "With us having dinner here."

"...It's fine. I don't care."

The Kirishimas have been coming over his apartment for the past week to cook dinner and hang out for a bit before they left for the night. It was pretty annoying at first, but their presence made him realize how lonely he was in his own home.

"I know me and Ejirou kind of decided without you, but we're just...We really love you, ya big lug."

I love you guys too.

Katsuki felt Mina kiss the top of his head and squeeze him a bit tighter. He was really being a burden to them. He had to repay them in some way, but they won't except the money he left them before. Maybe he'll take them out somewhere.

"You're too sappy for your own good." He muttered, wiping his eyes with the palm of his hand.

"Whatever you say, dude." She giggled and rested her chin on his head. It felt very comforting and warm.

"Mina, can I...can I ask you something?" He asked. His voice was quiet, so he muted the TV.

"What is it?"

"What does it mean to be "friends" with someone?"

" you need an exact answer?" She moved her chin from the top of his head to look at Katsuki from the side. "Being friends isn't something you can really define with logic."

He glanced in her direction, eyebrows furrowed with uncertainty, "Aren't there some cases where you have to earn the right to be friends?"

"Earn the right? What do you mean?"

"For instance, say there was a brat who messed with boy and then..." Katsuki felt himself grit his teeth in anger and guilt, "...for some reason later on the boy forgave the brat, but the brat was doesn't know if he deserves to be friends with the boy."

"Then maybe the brat should tell the boy what he's thinking." Mina smirked, "Then he'd get an answer."

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of Katsuki's front door unlocking. The door swung open with Maiya front and center. She kicked off her crocs and ran towards Mina to hug her, leaving her poor father to hold all of the bags.

"Mommy! Uncle Kat! Me and Daddy brought more food!"

"No, it's okay, Baby Girl. I'll just handle this all by myself." Kirishima sarcastically huffed. "Can somebody help me before everything hits the floor?"

"I gotcha, babe!" Mina called. She helped her husband bring all of the bags into the apartment, while Katsuki continued to think about his doubts. Kirishima patted Katsuki on the shoulder, "Hey bro! Nice to see you alive and well."

"Shut up."

"You're as cuddly as a cactus, man." Kirishima laughed. Maiya hopped on top of Katsuki's legs with the sweetest smile on her face. She wanted something.

"Do you have work tomorrow, Uncle Kat?"

"No. Why?"

"Can you take me to the playground tomorrow? The one you work at."

"No." Katsuki was planning on working out tomorrow, "Maybe another time."

"Oh come on, please! My friend from preschool said there's a really cool playground there and I wanna see it!" She clasped her hands together and batted her little eyelashes, just like her damn mother did back in UA.


"I'll be your best friend! I'm really good at that!" She smiled. Goddamnit. He couldn't say no to those big red eyes.

"Fine, but you owe me."

"I promise I'll make you the nicest drawing ever!"

"Looking forward to it."


The next day Katsuki and Maiya were at the playground as promised. Maiya was swinging high on the swings, while Katsuki was sitting on the bench watching her. He was in his usual disguise, his spiky hair sticking from under a black beanie, navy blue shirt, black pants, boots and sunglasses over his bright blue contacts. Katsuki wasn't a fan of wearing disguises, but they were more so for the safety of loved ones than the Pros.

"Uncle Kat!" Maiya squealed. She was jumped off of the swing at its peak and landed on her butt, "I love this place! Can I go to school here instead?"

"That's a question for your dumb dad, Princess." Katsuki said, "Also stop jumping off of the swings."

"I'm using my Quirk!" She yelled back, showing her legs and bottom were hardened and ridged just like her Daddy's power.

"I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about you landing on someone." The toddler sucked her teeth and ignored his concerns and went back to swinging high as hell on the swing. He chuckled, "Damn brat."

Katsuki's eyes drifted to the Apartments that were up the street. Izuku's apartment. Maybe he could try to talk to Deku again. Hopefully that kid wasn't there. He stood up from his seat, "Let's go, Princess! I wanna meet someone."

"Ooookaay!" She jumped off the swing again, dusted off her electric blue tutu and skipped over to grab Katsuki's hand. He lead his niece to the top floor of the apartment building and had her stand behind him, while he knocked on Deku's front door. After a few minutes, the door was opened swiftly by the same kid from yesterday. Fuck.

"He's not here."

Katsuki saw Izuku was drinking some tea, while watching TV. He got down to the kid's level again and glared right back at him, "He's right there. I can see him."

"You don't see anything. Go away."

"Listen kid, why don't you-"

"Izuku doesn't want to see you, okay?!"

"Oh..." Katsuki felt his heart shatter. He should've known it was too good to be true. "T-That...that's pretty shitty. Nothing against your dad, but I, uh, I thought-"

"I want you to listen loud and clear Hero." The kid raised his fist, while getting in Katsuki's face. "If you're just here to make yourself feel better, you might as well leave. Now get lost."

"I see." Katsuki was going to do just that until he didn't hear the door being slammed shut. He looked over to see his niece in front of the door.

"Excuse me, but can you move?"

"No, man." Maiya had hardened her foot with her Quirk to keep the door open. "My uncle just wants to see your dad. What's the big deal?"

"I don't care. Zuzu isn't seeing any dumb heroes. Now move." He hissed.

"C'mon it'll only be for a like second. Stop being so stubborn."

"Move your foot from the door!" He was pushing the door as hard as he could, but Maiya's Quirk was too strong for him.

"Not until you let us in!" She yelled.

"Alright Princess just stop." Katsuki tried to grab her, but she made sure her foot was pretty jammed in. This can't be happening. "It's okay. Let's go."

Maiya looked up at him with a frown, "But you wanna see his dad, right?"

"Of course the stupid Hero has an even stupider kid." The brat chuckled darkly. How the hell was this Deku's kid? "You two are Quirk-happy idiots."

Maiya's eyes widened, then she growled, "You wanna say that again!?" She kicked the door open with her other hardened foot and tackled the kid to the ground. The kids started to wrestle each other, pulling on each other's hair and clothes.

"Get off of me you, idiot!" The brat yelled, "Your dad is a piece of crap! Just like you!"

"Who do you think you are?!"

"Bring it on, you stupid girl!"

"You need to learn some manners, jerk!"

"What are you gonna do, Quirk wannabe?!"

"Maiya, chill out!" Katsuki tried to pull them apart, but those kids were determined to kill each other. Yep, this was an absolute disaster. "Seriously Maiya, that's enough! Leave the damn boy alone!"


Everyone froze when they heard a new voice enter into the mix. It was Deku. He looked very confused at the scene before him. His eyes shifted at the tiny children pile, then at Katsuki as he signed, "Kacchan. What is going on here?"

"I...I..uh..w-well....fuck..I.." How do you explain that your niece tried to beat up your potential friend's son? Newsflash, you don't. Katsuki was trapped, so he did that only thing he could do.

"Princess, let's get the fuck outta here!" He yelled as he ran down the stairs of the building.

"But what about the boy?!"

"Leave him!" This was a total dumpster fire. Once again, he's ruined fucking everything. When he got down to the third flight of stairs, he finally heard footsteps behind him. He turned around only to see a mop of curly green hair catching up to him. FUCK!

Katsuki stopped in front of the building, it would've been pointless for him to keep running. He watched Izuku come down the steps behind him. Not even out of breath.

"How did you get so fast?" Katsuki signed, looking a bit annoyed.

Izuku giggled, "I took track in high school."

"Are the kids okay?"

"Yes. Before I chased after you, I told them to stay in my apartment to kiss and make up. You didn't tell me you had a daughter."

Katsuki shook his head, "She's not mine. She's my niece. My very bratty niece."

Izuku chuckled at that, "Mine isn't much better. Sorry about Kouta. I hope he didn't hurt her."

"Maiya should be the one apologising, not you. She tackled him first"

"Kouta, more than likely provoked her. He's not really the nicest six year old around."

Awkward laughter was shared between them. How do you even begin a normal conversation after that? He had to try. Katsuki took a deep breath as he remembered what Mina said to him. He wanted this to work.

"I wanted to come see you, Deku, but I wasn't sure if you were okay with it."

"I was wondering when you were going to come see me."

Deku was looking away from Katsuki's gaze, he was more than likely just as embarrassed as he was.

Katsuki cleared his throat, it felt so dry as he explained himself even though he wasn't talking, "I've been thinking about how I treated you back then and it makes me think I don't have a right to see you."


"I'm not even sure if we could be considered friends and I was too weak to properly ask you."

"I'm so happy, Kacchan." Izuku smiled, "I was thinking the exact same thing. Isn't that weird?"

"Yeah, that's pretty weird." He smirked.

"So are you busy now or you on some secret mission?" Izuku pointed at his blue eye contacts.

"No, I'm off today." He gestured towards his outfit, "I don't normally wear this type of shit. It's to protect my niece."

"That's really cool, Kacchan."

"Whatever." Katsuki shoved his hands in his pockets, feeling his cheeks burn a bit. Why does this damn nerd still gives him undeserved compliments?

"So do you want to come back and hang out on my balcony. Has a nice view of the neighborhood."

"Lead the way, Deku."

Chapter Text

"Damn it. He got to see him after all." Kouta grumbled. He gripped his controller tighter while he played his video game. Zuzu had forced him and this stupid girl to stay in the living room to "talk it out," but all she's done is mess with every little thing in the living room her grubby little hands can latch on to. He didn't need nor want to interact with either of these Quirk idiots for another second.

"Are you playing Wind Waker, Grumpy Boy?!" She gasped as she hopped on the couch cushion next to him, "Ooh! You're in the Wind Temple. Let me fight the boss!"

"My name isn't Grumpy Boy." Kouta rolled his eyes and scooted away from her. Too close, "And no. You'll get me killed, Dumb Horns."

"And I know my name isn't Dumb Horns. It's Maiya." She pouted, "I won't get you killed! I've played this game like a bazillion times. Just ask Uncle Kat."

"I don't care." Kouta didn't know how much more of this Maiya girl he could take. She was so annoying. Hell, everything about her was annoying. From her hair to her clothes to her voice. Zuzu needed to hurry up and tell the Hero idiot to beat it.

"Are you always this freakin' grumpy all the time?" She whined, slumping further down the couch until her back was lying on top of the cushion.

"I'm not being grumpy." Kouta hissed, "I want you and your stupid Hero dad outta here."

"I told you, he's not my dad!" Maiya started to kick her legs back and forth as she helplessly watched Kouta fight off a couple of enemies, "He's my uncle. My favorite uncle, so you better stop being mean to him."

"I'm not gonna have some Quirk crazy loser tell me what to do." Kouta paused the game to glare at the girl, "So you better shut up if you know what's good for you."

"You're so rude." Maiya sighed, completely unphased by his threat. What is with this girl? "Can't be a Pro Hero actin' like that."

"I don't want to be a stupid Hero." He gritted through his teeth, "I never will be, you idiot."

"Why not?" Maiya turned her head slightly, "Both of my parents are Pro Heroes and they're great. They save people all the time! Pro Hero Red Riot and Pro Hero Alien Queen!"

"Ha! Of course!" Kouta's voice was full of venom as he put his controller aside. This should be good. He snickered, "Of course both of your parents are Heroes! Now it all makes sense."

"What makes sense? What's so funny?"

"You and the rest of the world are insane. Callin' each other Villains and Pro Heroes and killin' each other cuz of it." He gave the girl an intense glare, "All your parents wanna do is show off their Quirks in the stupidest way."

"Hey, that's not true! My parents are Pro Heroes cuz wanna save people!" She returned an equally angry expression, "Don't just assume things, Kouta!"

"Your parents are idiots!" He roared. Kouta dug a finger into Maiya's chest with a twisted smirk, "Just you wait. One day, they're gonna show off and won't be here anymore."

"Say that again, so I have a reason to punch you." She growled in his face. The tension was so thick you could cut through it with a butcher knife. The kids had the most intense stare down until they heard the front door being open. Izuku walked in first with the Hero close behind him.

"You good, Princess?" The stupid Hero called, clearly oblivious to the tension in the room, "Did you say sorry to Kouta?"

"We'll finish this later, jerk." Maiya whispered before turning to her Uncle with the sweetest fake smile, "Ya I did and everything's fine now, Uncle Kat. I'm watchin' him play Zelda."

"That's good."

"Can they go now, Zuzu?" Kouta asked as he slid off of the couch to greet his father, "They are leaving now, right?"

Izuku shook his head as he signed, "Kacchan and I are going to talk more on the balcony."

"What? Why?"

"To catch up, Kouta. You can play with Maiya for a while and show her around the apartment."

Kouta looked pass Izuku to glare at the stupid blonde moron Hero standing behind him. He felt his blood boil just being in the same area as him. Zuzu was seriously about to let this stupid Hero come into their home like he owned the place?!

"No, this is so stupid." He pointed at the Hero, "I don't want him in here! This is our home!"


The dumb Hero tapped Zuzu's shoulder to grab his attention, "I don't mind leaving, Deku. I can come back over another time."

"No, don't come back ever. You don't belong here."

"Stop it, Kouta." Zuzu shook his head and turned back to him, "I want you to be nice, please. Don't do this."

"But he's-"

"Shhh! Kouta!" Zuzu had his finger to his lips. That meant the conversation was over. Kouta crossed his arms, glaring at the Hero as he was lead by Zuzu into their kitchen as if it was his own. He wanted to kick him in his gut so badly. He didn't think the stupid Hero would be able to manipulate Zuzu that quickly. He had to stop this, but not now, he didn't want to make Zuzu any angrier than he already was. Feeling defeated, Kouta stomped back to the couch to find Maiya playing his game.

"I didn't say you could play."

"You were occupied. Besides I got through alot of the dungeon for you." She smirked, "Now watch a pro at work."

"Whatever." He tried to pay attention to the TV, but he just couldn't. He was too angry himself. He stood up on the couch, turned around and watched Zuzu and the stupid Hero talk. Zuzu was grabbing the desserts that Gramma made for them from the fridge to share with the Hero.

"Gramma made those for us." He muttered, "Not for some stupid Quirk idiot."

Kouta continued to spy on them until Maiya pulled him down by his shirt. This girl would never stop being a nuisance. "Hey look Kouta, I found the boss key! Now we can finally kill the big bad bug!"

"I don't care." He watched the Hero follow Zuzu to the balcony with a plate of desserts and slid the sliding door closed behind them. He needed to make sure that dumb Hero wasn't getting any ideas. He jumped off the couch and sat at the table near the sliding door.

"You must be super fun at parties." Maiya grumbled, continuing to play the game, "Y'know maybe if you weren't...hey! Why are you sitting over there?"

"Shut up, I'm busy."

Maiya paused the game and sat in a chair next to Kouta, "Are ya spying on Uncle Kat and Mr. Midoriya, like a creeper?"

"You wanted to play Wind Waker, now go play it, brat."

"Stop callin' me a brat! I know you're not that much older than me! I'm turning 5 in August." Maiya turned her attention to the men and scratched her head in confusion, "Why is Uncle Kat talking with his hands?"

"It's called sign language, Dumb Horns."

"Really? Wow! My uncle is so freakin' cool. He's got mad skills."

"If you think so..." Kouta couldn't help rolling his eyes. Why was this girl so easily impressed by every little thing? He felt her pulling on his shirt, "What now?"

"Your dad was speaking sign language earlier, right?" She began to bounce in her seat, "That means you understand them! Tell me what they're saying! Translate! Translate!"

"Okay, I'll translate." Kouta smirked, "Zuzu is saying, 'Who's that stupid girl sitting in my living room?' and your dumb uncle says, 'Just some monkey I picked up on the street. She's really, really gross. Pretty disgusting.'"

"Stop messin' around!" Maiya punched him in his side, "Be for real!"

"Ow!" Kouta punched her back in her arm, "Fine, you dumb brat."

"You started it." She huffed, "Geez, you're freakin' rude, man."

"Whatever." Kouta watched closely as he translated,"'Do you always work on Hero gear from home?' 'No, sometimes I go to UA to help the students with upgrades. Why do you ask?'"

"Your dad makes support gear for Pro Heroes? That's so cool. Maybe I should ask him for a costume just like my daddy."

"Will you ever stop talking?" Kouta groaned, making Maiya snort. He continued, "'I was hoping you could look at my costume and make any needed adjustments of upgrades.' 'Of course I would...Kacchan. Anytime you need it.'"

"Mr. Midoriya's so sweet." Maiya smiled as she rested her cheek on her arm, "Super manly."

Kouta slumped in his chair, I can't believe this. Of all the morons you decide to bring into your life, it's him. Zuzu, you're being a dummy.

Maiya and the dumb Hero stayed in the apartment for a few more hours before they finally had to leave.

"It was kinda fun meeting you, Kouta. Even if you are rude." She said before giving Kouta a hug goodbye, which was super weird and skipped out of the door.

The Hero, on the other hand, stayed to talk to Zuzu some more. "Maybe I can come back soon. I'll check my schedule for the next time I'm off."

"I can't wait, Kacchan." Izuku smiled, he patted Kouta's head, "Zay goodbye, Kouta."

"Get lost." Kouta spat as he flipped off the Hero. He heard Zuzu gasp in surprise, but he didn't care for now. He just wanted this dumb Hero out of the house and out of his life. Kouta had to stop this. Now.

"You certainly got some spunk." Katsuki rolled his eyes, "I'll, uh, catch you later, Deku."

"Bye, Kacchan."

They watched the door closed and Izuku let out a very tired sigh, "Kouta, pleeze don' do that ever again. You don' flip off Hewoes."

"He's a dumb Hero, Zuzu. He doesn't deserve any respect from me." If anything, that Hero deserves to be thrown in a ditch or an abandoned island that was thousands of kilometers away from Japan, so he could rot in the hot sun.

Izuku looked like he wanted to say something, but decided to hold his tongue. Instead, he placed his hand on Kouta's shoulders, "How about you go take a baff an' I'll go get dinner reddy. By the time yur done, yur plate will be on the table."

"That I can do." Kouta went into his bedroom to grab his towel. Zuzu was getting a little too attached to this Hero. He needed to keep them apart, he needed to protect Zuzu from getting hurt.

"That dumb pro always comes to walk the sidewalk around noon. So maybe...if I go to the playground tomorrow, I can find him and "talk" to him." A disturbing smile grew on the boy's face, it was all coming together in his head.

"Then he'll finally get the picture of who he's dealing with."


"This was your father when he was your age, Sweetheart." Inko had little three year old Kouta in her lap as they went through one of Izuku's many baby books. Kouta loved it when Gramma babysat, she always told him stories about the hospital or when Zuzu was a kid.

"Who's that, Gramma?" Kouta pointed to one picture of Zuzu smiling with some blonde kid. "He has spiky hair like me."

"Oh..that's...that's, um, one of Izuku's old friends." She quickly flipped the page to new set of pictures, "They're not friends anymore."

"Why not? What happened?" Kouta turned the page back to the picture of the blonde boy. They looked very happy together.

"Well...he used to be really, really mean to your father, they stopped being friends."

"But Zuzu's so nice, why would he be mean to him?" Why would anyone be mean to Zuzu? Sure he was a little too affectionate sometimes, but he was pretty much the nicest person Kouta ever knew.

"I think it was because your dad doesn't have a Quirk." Inko sighed, "It's ridiculous, honestly."

"That boy was stupid." Kouta grumbled. This boy was just as bad as those Heroes. Only focusing on flashy Quirks. He hated Quirks.

"I wouldn't say stupid, honey, just a bit misguided." She kissed Kouta on his temple, "It's good to know you love Izuku all the same. You're going to protect him from all of the bullies?"

"Yep. I'll always keep Zuzu safe!" He smiled. Zuzu only deserved the best of the best.

Saturday couldn't have come sooner, Kouta woke up the next day with a wonderful smile on his face. He had the perfect plan. The best plan to keep that Hero far, far, FAR away from Zuzu. He jumped out of bed and slipped on his usual button-up shirt and black shorts to get this plan into action.

"Where's my hat?" Kouta looked under his bed and his closet, but no hat to be found. What the hell? He peeked his head out of his room to see his father walking down the hall with a basket of dirty clothes in his hands.

"Good affdanoon, Kouta." He smiled.

"Good afternoon. Zuzu, I can't find my hat. 'S not in my room."

"My bedwoom, Kouta." He answered without missing a beat.

"Can I go to the playground today?"

Izuku stopped in his tracks to give his son a surprised look, "Why?"

Kouta knew Izuku would be suspicious about him suddenly wanting to go to the park. He was pretty adamant about being a social outcast among his peers, but Kouta had already prepared for this kind of question. "I don't wanna play with those kids, I just wanna swing on the swings."

"Do you wan' me to come wid you?"

"No, I'm not a baby, Zuzu." He huffed, which only made his father chuckle. Oh brother. Izuku put the basket down to ruffle Kouta's hair and smiled.

"Yur still my baby."

"Stop being so weird." Kouta felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment. Zuzu was always such an overly affection parent. Then again, so was Gramma. Maybe it just ran in the family. "So can I go or what?"

"Yeah you can go. Make sure you take my perzonal zell phone and tex' me when you get there."

Kouta nodded his head, "I won't be gone long."

"I'll be here when you get back." Izuku smiled, then went to their small laundry room to wash their clothes. Kouta found his hat and Zuzu's cell phone on top of his nightstand in his room before running to the front door. Normally, Kouta would wear his red sneakers, but today was the perfect weather to wear his black steel toes boots. Kouta laughed to himself as he opened the door. Everything was coming together better than he thought.

"I'm leaving, Zuzu!"

"Haff a good day!"

"I most certainly will." He whispered before walking out the door.

As soon as Kouta made it to the playground, it made his skin crawl to see so many loud kids and a handful of parents. If it wasn't clear already, he hated people and would do anything in his power to avoid them. Unfortunately, he needed to be out of his comfort zone for today, so his plan could work. The swing set was relatively barren, so he took an empty swing and occasionally kicked his feet. Sadly, he wasn't on the damn swing for more than a few minutes until some random little girl wanted to play with him. Why was it always girls that wanted to bother him?!

"Hey kid, you wanna play freeze tag?" She was chewing gum and blew a large bubble that quickly popped, "You can be It if ya want."

"No." Kouta glared at her, he did not want to deal with this nonsense today, "Go away."

"Aw, c'mon don't be lame." She crossed her arms as if she wasn't being the annoying one in this conversation, "Do you wanna play Pro Heroes instead? You could be a good Suneater."

"I don't wanna play anything." Kouta scowled at the stupid girl, "Buzz off or I'll make you."

"Tch, you're mean." The little girl sneered, "No one likes a villian."

"No one likes an annoying brat either, but here you are." Kouta hissed. The girl seemed to have got the message because she ran back towards her friends without saying another word. Not the best way to start out an afternoon, but at least he didn't yell at her. He's not here to make friends, what he's looking for is those damn Heroes. He swung on his swing what felt like a lifetime before finally he saw what he was looking for.

"Guys! Guys! It's Ground Zero and Ingenium!" One little boy screamed. The kids gathered around near the edge of the playground to gaze at the Heroes patrolling on the sidewalk. It was pathetic. Ingenium laughed, whispered something to the other stupid Hero, before walking towards the group of kids, while Ground Zero kept walking.

"And Maiya says Heroes aren't here to show off." Kouta mutters to himself. He hopped off the swing to walk closer to the group. He couldn't just walk off the playground, some nosy parent might call for him. He needed to blend into the crowd before he took off to get to that Hero.

"Hello, little ones, so nice to see you." Ingenium said as he squatted down to their level, "I hope you all are being well-behaved!"

"WE ARE!!" The kids screamed like idiots. Kouta rolled his eyes. If he had to be around these Pro Hero-obsessed nobodies any longer, he might actually go insane. He waded through the crowd of kids and snuck pass Ingenium before he could finally run after that dumb Zero hero. He needed to deliver a special message to that idiot, that only Kouta could give to him.


"There he is." Kouta whispered to himself. Ground Zero had stopped to answer his phone, so Kouta managed to catch up to him in record time. He was hiding behind a large bush as he watched his target talk on the phone. Kouta cupped his hand around his ear to hear the conversation a little better.

"Maiya, I told you not to call me when I'm at work....I don't care." Ground Zero put his hand on his hips as he groaned, "That's not an excuse I'm not dropping everything just to buy you some fucking candy."

"Dumb Horns really is that annoying, even to her stupid Hero family." Kouta smirked.

"Nope....Good bye, Princess. Go bother your father now." He hung up his phone and snickered, "That girl is something else. I swear she acts like her mother every single fucking day."

"Excuse me! Aren't you Ground Zero?!" Kouta yelled out as he walked out of the bushes to confront the Hero.

"Kouta? The hell are you doing here?" Ground Zero looked down at him with a very questioning look on his face.

"I followed you here." Kouta rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Moron."


"Zuzu wanted me to deliver something to you." Kouta walked up the Hero and stopping in front of him once they were only inches apart. "He told me it's important."

"How important exactly?"

"This important." Kouta widened his stance with his clenched fists to his sides, took a deep breath, then delivered a swift, powerful blow below Ground Zero's belt.

"SHIT! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" The Hero screamed from the sudden attack. Kouta felt a smile grow across his face as he watched the Hero continue to screech and curse several times before falling to the ground on his knees, doubling over in pain to hold onto his injured scrotum.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, kid?!" The Hero managed to cough out, he sounded as if he was going to throw up. Good.

Kouta glared at the stupid Hero as he spoke, "Didn't you know? The rule is that if you talk to Izuku, I get to hurt you."

Right after he finished his sentence he put those steel toe boots to good use. He kicked the Hero in his sides, arms and thighs as hard as he could. He wanted him to hurt. This Quirk happy moron was just going to hurt Zuzu all over again. Kouta was going to stop this nonsense before it even started. "I say I get to kick you for every second you were in our house. So I think one million kicks will do, right? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.."

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it! You damn brat!" Ground Zero heaved, "What did I ever do to you?!"

"I already told you. You talked to Izuku, so I get to hurt you. Maybe this time you'll understand with that thick skull of yours that you'll stay away from Izuku."

"You are one evil fucking kid."

"I don't care what you have to say, Hero." Kouta kicked him one last time in his stomach, causing him to gag. "Don't talk to Zuzu ever again."

He ran off afterwards, but slowed down a bit when he heard the stupid Hero throwing up on the side of the road. His work was done, now Ground Zero will think twice before he ever decides to talk to Izuku ever again.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt really good. Like really, really good! Never in his life did he think he would actually be happy meeting his childhood friend. Kacchan had really changed so much. He was certainly less angry and he yelled alot less, he never insulted Izuku and he was just more pleasant to be around. It was honestly...well it was honestly kind of jarring. Don't get Izuku wrong, he liked the "new" Kacchan, but he couldn't help there was something off. It felt as if he was hiding more than he was letting on. Being a Pro Hero isn't exactly the easiest profession in the world, so maybe he has a couple of dark tales he'd rather not tell or something cool like that. Maybe he had some guilt over not being able to save every civilian. It's a common feeling that most Pro Heroes have to deal with, at least, that's what Izuku has researched in his free time.

He did remember Kacchan saying he didn't like himself when they reunited in the forest of their childhood. Izuku was sure he said something else about All Might, but Kacchan was talking so fast that Izuku couldn't hear what the hell he saying. That is, until he looked at him with those piercing red eyes and said in the most serious voice, "So that's why. That's why, Izuku. I want to understand you. I want to win back our friendship."

It made Izuku want to tear up everytime he thought about that line. He's never really felt wanted like that before and by Bakugou Katsuki no less. Knowing that Kacchan wanted to rebuild their broken relationship..that made Izuku feel...really, really good. He'll admit he felt even better when he saw Katsuki come into his apartment with his niece. They talked about so many things on the balcony, the high schools they went to, the things they've seen and their current jobs. It was great and Izuku really wanted to see him again and properly thank Kacchan for spending his day off with him. Which is why at exactly he was in the kitchen right now, frying up some spicy shrimp tempura for him as a present...for the third time this week. Kacchan hasn't been on patrol for last three days, which was a tad worrying because Katsuki was always hellbent on good attendance when they were kids.

"I hope he'z okay." Izuku sighed as he plopped the last of the batter-covered prawns in the bubbling oil, "Maybe he'z sick."

"Zuzu! I'm home!" His little boy called, "I have some stuff for you!"

"I'm en the kicchen, Kouta!"

Kouta came walking into the room with big shopping bag in his arms and dropped it on top of the table before walking towards Izuku to hug his leg, "I had fun at Gramma's house." He said with the cutest smile on his face. Izuku wished his little boy smiled liked this alot more often.

"What did you do today?" Izuku wiped off his hands on his apron before he picked up his son to sit him on his shoulders. He didn't want him getting popped by the hot oil. He felt Kouta rest his chin on his head, "Lots of stuff, we made a cheesecake and I taught Gramma how to play Mario Kart and then she taught me how to sew a needle and then I helped her water her flowers on the balcony."

"You guyz did alot of stuff. What'z in the bag?"

"The cheesecake. It's a chocolate one with kisses on top."

"That's good." Izuku fished out the last of the tempura from the pan with his chopsticks to put on a paper towel as he cut off the burner, "Uh, Kouta have you...have you heard anyding abou' Gwoun' Zewo at all? Maybe fwom yur teacher?"

He heard Kouta make a 'hmm' sound before responding, "Yeah, actually. He got suspended."

"What?!" Izuku yelled. He put down the chopsticks on top of the stove and picked Kouta of off his shoulders to sit him on top of the table so they were face to face. "He got suzpended from patrol?!"

"Yup." Kouta kicked his legs back and forth with a small smirk, "I heard Miss Ochako talking with her husband when he came to drop off her bento."

"How did he get suzpended?" Izuku was so confused. Despite his brass demeanor when he was younger, Katsuki was a goody-two shoes. Never smoked, never skipped school, hell, he never had to be asked to leave the classroom!

"He got into a fight with his girlfriend and his girlfriend told his agency on him!" Kouta had a full blown smile on his face. Girlfriend? Katsuki didn't tell him he was with someone! Why didn't he tell him? It's not like Izuku would put the Hero's personal business out there. Then again, it wasn't exactly Izuku's business either.

"I heard Miss Ochako say that this isn't the first girl he's been with. He's been alot of other girls and this is like the sixth one."

"Wow, I would've nevah guezzed." Well, Kacchan always was considered the best looking in school anyway, so he's not surprised he would be really popular bachelor, but six girlfriends? Geez.

"Guess he's not such a good Hero like you thought, huh?" Kouta hopped down from table to grab a snack from the fridge, "He's a real tool."

"Don' say stuff like that, Kouta. Couplez fight from time to time...maybe he hazn' found the right girl yet." Izuku grabbed some Tupperware from the cabinet above the stove, "I'm happy for him and you should be too."

Kouta pulled out a lemon popsicle and rolled his eyes, "I don't think so. He's a bad person."

Izuku put the hot shrimps in the container, sealed it up and placed it on the table, "Kouta..."

Before he could lecture him, Izuku felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. The caller ID showed up as Hatsume Mei. He swiped to answer and a few seconds later, his crazed work partner showed up on his phone screen. Well, her cleavage showed up on the screen anyway. If Izuku had to guess, Mei was more than likely adjusting her phone on her desk so it would show her face and hands. Izuku rolled his eyes as he waited, seeing his coworker's large chest used to make him feel so embarrassed, but now after working with Mei for a little over three years, he's been totally desensitized.

"There we go!" Finally, Mei sat down in front of the screen. Her wild salmon curls bounced as she settled into her rolling chair. She signed as she spoke, "Izuku! It's so nice to see ya! I need your help!"

"With what?" Izuku sat down in one of the kitchen chairs, and handed Kouta his phone, so he could sign as well.

"You need to come to UA to help me with costume adjustments for the senior and junior students."

"Okay, what time do you want me to come in?"


"Now? Why now? Why not tomorrow?"

"Becaaause! I want to get these done, so I have waaay more time to work on my babies tomorrow! I've got this new project in the works and it's going to need my 100% attention. This is going to be the greatest andultimate invention that Japan has ever seen! I can't wait for you to see it!"

"So you want to cram everything into one day."

"Precisely! I'll see you in the workshop at 11, Izuku! Bye-bye!"

"See you then."

Kouta hung up the phone for Izuku and smiled, "Does that mean I get to stay over Gramma's house for the rest of the day?"

"Pack up a bag." Izuku let out a breathless chuckle, "You might be spendin' the night there too."

"Yes!" Kouta fist pumped as he handed Izuku his phone before dashing to his room to prepare for his sleepover with Inko. Izuku looked at the container filled with steaming, hot shrimp on the table. Well, if Katsuki was suspended, he might as well make this third batch of shrimp tempura into his third lunch for the week. It's a good thing he loves shrimp. He grabbed his yellow bookbag to pack his laptop, two phones and his lunch.

Kouta came out of his room with a bookbag on his back. He went into the kitchen to grab the bag he brought in, "I'm taking the cheesecake, Gramma and I can eat it and watch movies."

"Okay. I'll see you tomawoah.." Izuku kissed his little boy's forehead, "Be good for Gramma."

"I'm always good for Gramma." Kouta huffed his cheeks turning pink as he wiped Izuku's kiss from his forehead before sitting down at the genkan to slip on his red shoes. It was as if Kouta picked and chose when he wanted to be embarrassed by Izuku's affection. How cute.

Kouta is such a sweet boy when he wants to be.


UA High School is the best Pro Hero school in eastern Japan. Everyone with eyes could see that, but it was also intimidatingly colossal. Izuku always managed to get himself lost in the building no matter how often he would visit the place and he's been working with them for a few years. It was honestly ridiculous at this point. Nothing like Shiketsu High, that's for sure.

"Where the hell iz thiz workshop?" Izuku muttered to himself as he tried to pull up the school map on his phone. He couldn't really ask the students, people already have enough trouble understanding him as it is when he talks. After about a solid twenty minutes of walking in circles, Izuku decided to give up and ask one of the damn teachers. Mei wasn't answering her damn phone, so he had to pray that at least one of them would know JSL. He found an abnormally large door labelled 1-A and walked inside the empty classroom aside from the tired looking older man texting away on his phone with his legs crossed on top of his desk. Thank goodness, it was Eraserhead.

"Yes?" He said in annoyed tone before shifting his attention towards Izuku, "Oh, it's you. Midoriya Izuku, right?"

"Yes. I'm here to work on costume upgrades with Hatsume." He signed, "I can't find the workshop."

"I'm assuming you need me to show you?" He yawned. Izuku nodded his head. He felt kind of bad, but he needed to get his damn work done. Eraserhead slowly got out of his chair, put away his phone and lead Izuku to his intended destination.

"Glad to see you're well." The Hero sighed, "What have you been up to?"

"Same old, same old. My son started first grade and I met with an old friend."

"Ground Zero?"

"H-How did you know?"

"Red Riot and Chargebolt told me. For some reason, my students that graduated eight years ago still tell me every little thing that happens in their personal lives." He snorted, "You don't know how many weddings, birthday parties and baby showers I've been invited to for the past few years."

"Then that means you know, Ground Zero got suspended recently."

Eraserhead raised an eyebrow, "Suspended? Last I heard he had to take a couple of vacation days."

That's what my son told me. He heard it from Pro Hero Uravity."

"Must've heard it wrong then because that doesn't really sound like Bakugou." He stopped in front of large set of double doors, "Here's the workshop."

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Take care of yourself." He said before walking back to his classroom, leaving Izuku to rethink this whole Ground Zero business. Taking vacation days? Kouta wouldn't lie to him, would he? Ugh, Izuku couldn't think about this now, he had important work to do. He pushed open the doors and found Hatsume already working hard on what he assumed to be some sort of water cannon. She spun around in her chair, "Izuku! You've arrived! Took ya long enough!"

"You didn' giff me diwectionz, Mei!" Izuku set his bag down to sit next to her, "I tried to call you an' you didn' answer."

"Oh sorry! I was working. No need to get so mad!" She squeezed him as if a hug could solve everything. Did feel nice though, "Now are you ready to make the most amazing upgrades UA has ever seen!"

Izuku gave her a nervous smile, Mei's ambitions on upgrades weren't exactly the most legal sometimes, "I'm ready for anything."


Six hours. Six hours of meeting with every single student, asking for specifications, and typing thorough analyses before building the proper equipment. Izuku never felt his fingers cramp so much as they did, he's never typed this much in one day on his laptop since college. He sighed, sliding down his chair, "I'm zo tired."

"Tired? I'm feeling energized! We got all of the projects done!"

"I can't feel my handz." He whined.

"You're fine! Don't be so dramatic! Now you can help me with my babies!" She giggled like the mad scientist she is, "Get your butt in gear we got projects to finalize!"

"Can we take a bweak? Pleaze?" If Izuku had to hammer in one more nail, he'd smash his own head in with it, "Pleaze?"

"Fine...5 minutes."

"An hour."

"10 minutes."

"45 minutez."

"15 minutes."

"30 minutez or I'm walking out thiz door."

Hatsume squinted her eyes and pursed her lips, but Izuku was firm. In the end, she groaned in defeat, "30 minutes. But no more!"

"Thank you." Izuku took the opportunity to pull out the shrimp he made. It was still pretty warm and crunchy as he took a bite. He picked up another shrimp and held it up to Hatsume's mouth. She gladly accepted the offering, getting crumbs all over her tank top in the process.

"So does Kouta still hates Quirks and Heroes?" She asked as she took another shrimp from Izuku's container, "Meaning to ask that for a while."

Izuku sighed, "He doezn' hate Hewoez...he juzt...he doezn' understand how the Hewo society workz yet."

"How is he handling you talking with that angry blonde guy? What was his name? Katsumi?"

"Bakugou Katsuki." Izuku chuckled, "He waz in yur grade, how do you not remember him?"

"I can't even remember if I've had enough sleep every night. You think I can remember classmates from almost 10 years ago?"

"Fair point." Izuku bit into another shrimp, "He'z not exactly happy with it. He flipped him off when he vizited lazt week."

"Yeah that sounds like Hero hatin' to me." Mei shook her head, "Need to get that kiddo in check before he hurts somebody."

"He'z allowed to haff hiz own opinionz. Pleaze, he would never."


Izuku was fiddling with some spare parts as he watched Hatsume refine her power suit. She initially wanted Izuku to give it a test run, but he liked his spine, so he eagerly declined.

"You're no fun, Izuku. No fun at all. My creations need guidance!"

"Mr. Midoriya izn' available right now." Izuku said as he was building his mini robot arm. "Pleaze leaf a mezzege affder the beep."

"Where's the beep?"

"There izn' one."

Their playful banter was cut short by a sudden knock on the door of the workshop. Hatsume smiled. Looks like she just found a potential victim, "Come on in! The door is open!"

"Thank you." The visitor was none other than Ingenium. Izuku had to admit it was always weird to see him without his cool suit, "Sorry for the intrusion. I need your assistance."

"It's A-OK! What's the trouble? Cybernetic eye? Need a hyper cannon on your suit? Built-in jets for you to go at the speed of sound?!" With each crazed suggestion, Hatsume was getting closer and closer to the poor man's face.

Ingenium pushed her away, "No, you devil woman! I only need a booster from my costume repaired."

"Aww that's so boring!" She pouted, "Izuku, can you handle this instead? My baby needs some quality TLC."

Izuku gave her a thumbs-ups before turning to the Hero, "I'll fix your booster, Ingenium."

"Midoriya, I had no idea you were an engineer! It's such a great profession to have, it's such a shame you have to work with that." He pointed to Hatsume, who was busy laughing manically as she worked on her power suit. Izuku shrugged his shoulders, unphased by his co-worker's insanity, You get used to it."

"I find that very hard to believe." Ingenium handed Izuku the busted booster and watched him get to work. Izuku was very quick. In just a few minutes, he managed to replace the needed parts and give the booster a bit of polish as well.

"All done!" Izuku presented the part with an air of confidence. Ingenium gasped in amazement, Izuku could've swore he saw a glimmer in the Hero's eyes when he took the part.

"Thank you so much, Midoriya. It's good as new. Dare I say even better."

"You're welcome." Izuku smiled, it always felt good to help Pro Heroes. Wait...doesn't Ingenium work with Kacchan? He might know then. He has too! He's his Hero partner after all. Izuku tapped Ingenium's arm to grab his attention.

"Yes, Midoriya?"

"Do you know what happened to Ground Zero? He's been absent for a few days."

"Oh yes, well, I don't know if it's my place to say..."

"Please! He's...He's my friend. I'm worried. Is he sick?"

Ingenium rubbed the back of his neck, "Well...okay, I suppose, if you two are truly friends. Ground Zero had to go on medical leave, apparently someone's brute of a child attacked him...below the belt."

"Someone hit him in the nuts?" Hatsume called out, "Damn dat's gotta hurt!"

"Precisely, he refused to tell me who it was though."

Someone attacked Ground Zero? What the hell? Why would anyone...

"He's a dumb Hero, Zuzu. He doesn't deserve any respect from me."

His Kouta wouldn't do that.

"Yeah, actually. He got suspended."

His Kouta wouldn't lie to him.

"Guess he's not such a good Hero like you thought, huh?" He's a real tool."

His Kouta wouldn't attack a Pro Hero like that. His son was better than that. His son knew better than to attack someone, especially someone who wouldn't fight back. Kouta wouldn't go to such lengths to cause pain to others. No, not his son. So why the hell is Izuku immediately thinking it was his son who did this crime?

"Midoriya, are you alright?" Ingenium placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I assure you Ground Zero is fine. Last I spoke to him, he said he should be back in another day or two."

Izuku couldn't let Ingenium know about this. Kouta could get in some real trouble for hurting a Pro Hero when they're on patrol, first grader or not. He took a deep breath with a wavering smile as he signed, "Thank you for letting me know, Ingenium. You were a great help."

"It's my pleasure, Midoriya and thank you for repairing my booster." Ingenium took his leave and as soon as he shut the door, tears formed in Izuku's eyes. Hatsume noticed her friend's distress and frowned, "What's wrong? He said GZ will be back soon."

"Nothing, nothing." He wiped his face with his sleeve, "I'll help you with that power zuit."


Izuku got home at about two in the morning and didn't leave the couch for the rest of the night. He couldn't sleep, he couldn't eat and he couldn't even distract himself with work because he finished everything.

So he cried.

So many questions of what he did wrong and how he could've done better and how much of a failure of a father he is. Izuku always believed Kouta deserved to have his own opinions, but maybe that was just Izuku's excuse to not dwell into his son's past. To not have fix what he assumed wasn't broken.

"Izuku! I'm home!" His little boy called. Izuku looked at his watch, it was 10:30 a.m. Kouta walked over to the couch to greet him. His face immediately turned from happy to worried, "Zuzu, what happened?"

Izuku sighed. He had to confront his son about this, even though every racing thought told him not to, "Kouta, did you attack Gwound Zewo?"

"Hmm?" Kouta's eyebrows raised in surprise before smirking, "Oh yeah, yup, I did. I punched him in the balls and kicked him in his gut."


"Pfft, cuz I hate him. He was gonna hurt you just like he did when you guys were kids. You're welcome."

"Kouta. That'z not yur decision to make." Izuku felt anger rising. He clutched the fabric of his jeans, "You can't juzt decide who I can and cannot spend my time with."

"Ground Zero doesn't deserve your time! He deserves to be thrown off a cliff!"

"Midoriya Kouta!" Izuku yelled, "I will not haff you talk like that anymore!"

The smirk on Kouta's face was replaced with a hurt look of confusion. Izuku had never raised his voice at his little boy. Ever.

"Go get cleaned up." Tears formed in the corner of his eyes, "We're going to hiz houze to apologize to him right now."

"I'm not apologizing to him." Kouta muttered, his fists were balled at his sides, "You can't make me."

"I wazn't azking you, Kouta. I'm telling you. Go get cleaned up."

"No, Zuzu!"

"Why are you being like thiz?!" Izuku slammed his fists on his thighs, "Why won't you lizzen to me?!"

"Because you're being a dummy!" Kouta stomped his foot, "He's gonna be a jerk to you all over again and I'm gonna protect you from him!"

"I don't need you to protect me, Kouta! I can handle thingz myself!"

The room went completely silent, until a single whimper came from Kouta. "Everything I was for care more about that stupid Hero than me!"

Before Izuku could even get another word in, Kouta ran away to his bedroom and slammed his door. Izuku lowered his head, letting loose another round of strangled sobs. He was the worst father in all of Japan.

It was nearly five in the afternoon when Izuku woke up on the couch after passing out from being both exhausted and emotional. His head was pounding from crying so much and his back hurt from sleeping on the couch. As much as he wanted to flop into his bed, he needed to check on Kouta. He knocked on his door, "Kouta, are you still upzet with me?"

Only silence on the other end. Understandable. He opened the door as silently as he could to check on him. Kouta's room was clean, his bed was made and his toys were put away. The only thing was missing was...


Chapter Text

"Pops, I'm fine, it wasn't anything serious....yeah I know I should've told you sooner, but....yeah." Katsuki had his phone held between his shoulder and cheek as he typed away on his laptop to catch up on the paperwork he's always put off. Apparently, his parents were a little concerned about him not being active on patrol and decided to bombard Katsuki with phone calls. "Pops, I can't let you know about every little thing that happens to me. I'm 25....okay, alright...yeah...thanks. Bye."

Katsuki sighed, leaning back on his couch to give his eyes a break from the computer screen. He had to admit, taking five days off just for getting kicked in the dick wasn't really all that bad. He got plenty of rescue reports typed up, he managed to clean up his apartment and it gave him a chance to really collect his thoughts about this whole Deku situation he got himself into. Deku hasn't really changed that much last he remembered. He was still a deaf nerd, he was still a Pro Hero fanboy and he still talked too damn much in JSL. The only difference is he has a son, Midoriya Kouta. A son that hated Quirks, Heroes and pretty much the Hero society in a nutshell.

"What the fuck caused that kid to be so...hateful?" No way is someone born into hating the world and there was no fucking way Deku taught him to think like that. Maybe it was Deku's wife or ex-wife? Baby mama? He didn't see a woman in the Midoriya household, but then again he was out on the balcony for most of the visit. Fuck, this was confusing! The more Katsuki tried to think of an answer it only left more questions than answers.

"Hey, Baku-bro!"

"Yeah?" Katsuki answered. He turned around to see Kirishima coming down the hall from his bathroom. He was soaking wet with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Sorry to ask, but..." He gave a sheepish smile, "Can you go pick up Maiya from day care for me, bro?"

"What the fuck?" Katsuki rolled his eyes, "Isn't Raccoon Eyes supposed to pick her up?"

"That's the thing. Mina got a call from her agency for a meeting." Kirishima gestured to his long dripping red hair and towel, "As you can see, I'm very not ready to get her right now."

"You've got to be kidding me." He pinched the bridge of his nose. How could his brother be this stupid. "Fine, I'll get her."

"Thanks bro, I really appreciate it."

The day care Maiya went to was specifically for children of Pro Heroes, so Katsuki knew he would have the displeasure of running into old classmates with their kids. It was a bit annoying to be constantly reminded of how everyone else was pretty much had their shit together, while Katsuki was a lonely and pathetic workaholic. When he finally got there he saw Icyhot's and Ponytail's four rowdy boys playing tag with Maiya in the playground of the day care. He decided to hide wait by a tree to avoid any awkward conversations.

"Rei! Hino! Motomi! Satoshi!" He heard Icyhot called from somewhere, "It's time to come home now!"

The boys all took turns hugging Maiya good bye and ran off towards their father. Maiya waved at them until they were gone and started to pick at the grass with her back facing Katsuki. The explosive Hero softly tiptoed with a devious smirk on his face towards his niece before scooping her up by her waist. "Hey there, munchkin!"

"Uncle Kat!!" Maiya screamed and laughed, squirming in his grip, "You scared me!"

"You let yourself wide open for a villain attack, Princess." Katsuki held her upside down by her legs, causing her to giggle louder, "Now what do I do with my bratty hostage?"

"Put me down! I'm too cool to die!" She squealed, "At least let me have my one phone call."

"How do you even know what a 'one phone call' is?"

"Uncle Den lets me watch late night TV shows about cops and villains in prison when I spend the night over his place."

"See? This is why we don't let Dunce Face babysit you that much." Katsuki put Maiya down and ruffled her fluffy black hair, "Let's hit the road, Princess."

"Wait, Uncle Kat!" She turned around to point at the crawl tunnel at the top of the slide tower, "When me and Rei and Hino were playing freeze tag we saw that boy sleeping in there!"

Katsuki raised an eyebrow, "What boy?"

"The grumpy boy!" She ran towards the crawl tunnel, beckoning Katsuki to follow her. Maiya crawled inside the tunnel to sit with her legs folded in front of the sleeping boy, while Katsuki could only stick his upper body into one of the many holes due the that fact that he was too damn big to use the tunnel, and yup, there was the "grumpy boy," Midoriya Kouta.

"See I told ya." Maiya whispered,"He's been in here all day. Motomi thought he was dead."

"Oh my fucking God, Princess." Katsuki groaned. He noticed how banged up Kouta was upon closer inspection. His shirt and shorts were very dirty from laying on the equipment and his spiked red hat was lying right next to him as he slept.

"Princess, could you go into the day care and get me a bottle of water?"

"Yeah, I can do that."

Katsuki watched her crawl backwards out of the tunnel, while he shook Kouta as gently as he could, "Oi, oi, Kouta. Wake up. Are you okay?"

He stirred a little bit before opening his eyes and as soon as he laid his eyes on Katsuki, he glared, "Oh great, it's the stupid Hero."

"Yeah, it's me." Katsuki sighed, "What the hell are you doing sleeping out here? Better yet, how did you even get here?"

"I took the bus." He muttered, "I got tired, so I took a nap."

Katsuki looked down to see the first grader's plain black crew socks, "You took the bus without any shoes on?"

"Yup." He crossed his legs, "Any more questions?"

"I have plenty more, but I'm sure you're not in the mood to answer 'em." Katsuki watched Kouta fumble with the hem of his shirt, probably thinking about what exactly to say next.

"...Aren't you mad at me?" He asked quietly, "I hit you...alot and I made you throw up."

"Yeah, I know." Katsuki rubbed the back of his neck, "I think I have a pretty good idea about why you did it."

"Why won't you get angry? Isn't that what you do?"

"If I was a shitty teenager then yeah, I would be fuckin' pissed." Katsuki chuckled, "But now, I'm not that kind of person anymore. Besides, I brought it on myself, right? I can't get mad."

"I don't understand you at all." Kouta muttered, "You and Zuzu...are just weird."

"Heh, I'll take that as a compliment. Now you should get home soon. You need bus fare?"

"...I don't want to go home." Kouta looked away from Katsuki and tightened his grip on his shirt. "I'm...staying here."

"Now that's a problem. I can't let you stay here by yourself. You wanna come over my place for dinner?"

"No way." Kouta rested his head on the inside of the tunnel, "Leave me alone."

"How long have you been out of the house?" Katsuki reached out his hand, "You don't look good."

"" Kouta passed out on the floor, causing Katsuki's heart to nearly stop.

"Kouta! Oh shit!" He reached into the tunnel to pull the boy out and held him close to his chest.

"Uncle Kat, I found some water!" Maiya smiled with the water bottle in her hand, but stopped in her tracks when he saw Kouta in Katsuki's arms, "What happened? Is he okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I think he'll be fine." He said quickly, "Let's go home, Princess."


"Daddy! Daddy! We have a guest!" Maiya called, she kicked off her crocs and ran into the kitchen. Katsuki laid Kouta on the couch and sat on the cushion next to him to brush some of the stray hairs out of the boy's eyes. He placed the back of his hand on Kouta's forehead, "Good, no fever. He must've fainted from exhaustion. This kid is something else."

"Hey bro!" Kirishima came from the kitchen with Maiya riding his back, "Who's this new guest Maiya is talking about?"

"You know that old friend I told you about? This is his kid. Name's Kouta."

"Sheesh, what the hell happened to him?"

"Me and the Yaoyorozu boys found him in the playground. He was sleeping." Maiya explained, "Motomi thought he was dead."

"That's pretty messed up, Baby Girl."

"Motomi's a messed up kid too. That's why I'm friends with him."

"Alright, enough talk about Icyhot's weird ass kids and Kouta being dead." Katsuki rubbed his thumb across Kouta's cheek with a worried look on his face, "He's not sick and he's breathing fine. I think he just needs to eat something."

"Got any ideas on what we could make for dinner?" Kirishima crossed his arms, "I don't wanna make something this kid won't end up liking."

"Ooh! Ooh! I know! How about some okonomiyaki?" Maiya bounced, "Everyone likes okonomiyaki."

"Sweet Pea, this is not the time to ask for your favorite food." He groaned.

"Actually, that's good ass idea." Katsuki stood up, "Okonomiyaki is really filling, it's perfect. Shitty Hair, watch him, I'll cook dinner."

"Okay bro, I'll holler if there's something wrong with him."

"Can I help, Uncle Kat?" Maiya hopped down from her father's back to follow Katsuki into the kitchen, "I'm an okonomiyaki expert, you need my guidance!"

"Sure thing, Princess. You can be the taste tester." Katsuki tied his apron around his waist and got straight to work. If there was one thing Katsuki was good at, it was making a good ass hot meal. In a little under two hours, Katsuki had mixed up his homemade batter and poured it into the hot pan. Maiya was already drooling at the dinner table from the smell of dinner alone.

Once it was done, he presented the large savory pancake in the center of the table and poured the okonomi sauce over the sizzling strips of pork belly. He handed Maiya the bottle of mayonnaise, "Don't fuck it up."

"You got it, chef." She carefully striped the okonomiyaki with perfect precision. Katsuki has never been more proud as he watched his niece flawlessly zigzag a chopstick across the mayo to create the iconic pattern. The last thing to do was garnish with dried bonito flakes and seaweed powder.

"I wanna put that in my mouth hole." Maiya's stomach growled with anticipation, "I wanna eat all of it."

"Hey, Hair for Brains! Get your ass in here, it's time to eat!" Katsuki cut the okonomiyaki into even slices and gave Maiya her plate. Kirishima walked in the kitchen with little Kouta walking by his side.

"Looks great, bro."

"Of course it does, I made it." Katsuki placed a plate and a cup of water in front of Kouta, "Eat as much as you want."

"Hey Daddy, where's Mommy?" Maiya asked with her mouth full.

"She had a meeting today, she'll be back before you go to bed." Kirishima reached across the table to wipe his daughter's cheeks with a napkin, "Don't talk with food in your mouth, you'll choke."

Katsuki watched Kouta stare at his plate, completely untouched. "Something wrong, Kouta? I think you should eat something."

Kouta simply turned his head away, "Hmph."

"Do you not like it?" Maiya stood up in her chair, "Uncle Kat makes the best okonomiyaki in the world and if you eat it, it'll make you smile."

"Does it make you annoying too?" Kouta rolled his eyes.

"Yes!" Maiya giggled as she jumped down from her chair to sit in an empty one that was between Kouta and Katsuki. She cut a small piece of okonomiyaki from Kouta's plate with his fork and held it up toward his face, "C'mon, open wide."

"Oh brother..." Kouta opened his mouth to accept the offering. His eyes widened at the burst of flavor, "Whoa, this is good."

"See told ya." Maiya cut another piece for him with a laughing smile, "Now say 'ah!'"

"Shut up." Kouta said before opening his mouth once more. The big bad Kouta was letting little Maiya feed him dinner. It was the cutest sight Katsuki and Kirishima had ever seen.


"Do you wanna sleep on the couch or in my room?" Katsuki had the softest comforters he could find in his apartment. After the Kirishimas left for the night, Kouta had taken a hot bath and wore Katsuki's old black skull T-shirt with some matching shorts for pajamas. Guess it was a good thing the Old Hag made him keep his childhood clothes.

"I don't care."

"Couch it is then." Katsuki set everything up for the young boy, then grabbed his own bedsheets to sleep on his futon.

"The hell are you doing?"

"You thought I was going to leave you by yourself? Not a chance." Katsuki laid down with his head on the pillow, "I'm not as heartless as you think."

"Whatever." Kouta bundled up with the blankets on the couch, "You're still a dumb Hero."

"That I am." Katsuki scrolled through his multiple social media accounts on his phone to help him fall asleep. It was raining very hard outside and the sound was slowly lulling him to sleep. He put his phone aside and sat up to check on Kouta, who was still in the same spot under the covers.

"Hey, you awake?" Katsuki whispered. The kid only stirred a bit, so he must've fallen asleep. This gave Katsuki the opportunity to finally use the toilet. When he finally got into the bathroom, he heard a door being opened in another room.

"What the hell?" He relieved himself as quickly as he could and dashed out into the living room to find the pile of blankets on the couch were folded up. Kouta was gone! What the hell was up with this kid? "Shit! That damn brat! It's fucking pouring outside."

He needed to stop Kouta fast. There was no way he could let a damn six year old walk home by himself in the middle of a rainstorm. That's just asking for a villain to snatch him up. He grabbed an umbrella and some old high tops from his closet before he slipped on his loafers. Kouta couldn't have gone far that fast, but Katsuki couldn't take any chances. He ran down the stairs of his apartment and flew down the sidewalk. After about two blocks of running, he saw the boy bent down watching some leaves float down a sewer drain.

"Oi, I thought you didn't want to go home." Katsuki said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

"I changed my mind." He didn't move or raise his head, "Why do you care?"

"You kind of need to give somebody a fuckin' heads up before you decide to just walk out."


"I walk away to go take a leak for a minute and you disappear without a damn trace." Katsuki squatted down to Kouta's level, "Here, take this umbrella."

"No." Kouta pushed his hand away, "Leave me alone."

"What are you doing? Just take the damn thing please."

"Ugh.." He begrudgingly snatched the umbrella out of his hand, "Happy now?"

"Nope, you still don't have any shoes on. How about you wear these?" Katsuki rummaged in his pockets and reveal the small pair of blue high tops, "I used to wear them, but I can't fit 'em anymore."

He slipped the shoes on Kouta's bare feet. A perfect fit. "They're yours if you wanna keep them."

Kouta stood up and stomped his feet a few times as he looked at the shoes, "I'll think about it."

"Do you really wanna go home?" Katsuki took the umbrella back, "I'll walk you there."

"I don't care what you do."

The rain wasn't letting up anytime soon, but thankfully it wasn't pouring down any harder either. Katsuki watched Kouta lead the way to the Musutafu Apartments, but the awkward silence was killing him on the inside. He had to at least start up a bit of small talk, "So what made you wanna run away from home?"

Kouta sighed, turning his head back to glance at Katsuki, "I got into a fight with Zuzu."

"Huh, Deku doesn't seem like the type to argue. What happened?"

"It's cause he found out that I kicked you in the nuts." Kouta hugged himself tighter, looking down at his shoes, "And he told me he doesn't need me anymore."

So it's my fault that he's in this mess. "Alot of people say things they don't mean when they're pissed off. 'M pretty sure he didn't mean it."

"Stop it." He pushed the umbrella towards Katsuki, "Hold it up for yourself. What's the point of bringing an umbrella, if you're getting all wet? Idiot."

"Well I was the idiot that forgot to bring another one." He placed the umbrella over Kouta again, "'Sides I'll feel bad for your mom and dad if you came back home with a cold."

"Seriously?" Kouta stopped in his tracks, "Who the hell do you think you are? You can stop playing the nice guy, I can see through your act."

"What're you talking about? What act?"

"Don't play dumb. You havin' fun playing Hero to a couple of hopeless citizens? You doing this to feel better about yourself?" His voice was rising in volume with each question. "Must be so hilarious to you because he's deaf, huh?!"

"You even went through the trouble to learn how to sign." Kouta muttered, taking a few steps forward to get from underneath the umbrella before turning around with his teeth clenched and eyes narrowed, "Big freaking deal! You think that suddenly makes you a good person?! I can't stand you fake Heroes!"

"I see." Katsuki lowered the umbrella to cover his face and stared at Kouta's shoes, "I guess...Deku told you all about me, huh?"

"Yeah, he did. All you Heroes do is ruin families with your stupid Quirks and pretend it's all for the greater good." Kouta pointed at himself, "That's why I love Zuzu. He's amazing without a Quirk because he doesn't need one. Maybe if more people were Quirkless, there wouldn't be horrible people like you around."

What could Katsuki even say to that? Everything this child said was right. He could never undo the damage he caused to Deku. Izuku's childhood would forever be tarnished by Katsuki's inability, no, his refusal to understand him. Now he had to face the consequences.

"You're right, I'm a horrible human being. I don't deserve my status as a Hero. In fact I'm anything but a Hero." Katsuki felt his eyes well up with hot tears. Dammit. "I shouldn't even be alive. But still...I-I don't want to cause your father anymore pain. I don't want to make Deku cry anymore. So I guess in that sense, I am being pretty selfish."

Katsuki wiped his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was never this grateful that it was raining. He heard Kouta suck his teeth before walking towards to lift up the umbrella. He had the most confused look on his young face, "It's guilt that's keeping you going? You seriously can't live for anything else?"

"...Yeah, sad ain't it? Before I met your father I was planning on killing myself anyway." He cleared his throat, "Now I just wanna at least dedicate the little life I have left to him."

"You wanna fix what you messed up?"

"I can't change the past, but I can at the very least make the present a little better."

"If you want my opinion you're doing a shitty job."

"You do not hold back, do you?" Katsuki snorted, "Are you sure you're a six years old? Sure as hell don't act like one."

"Meh, whatever." Kouta crossed his arms and stared directly into Katsuki's soul with those dark eyes, "If you hurt Zuzu again...not even the number one Hero can fix what I'll do to you."

"I promise."

"And stop talking about dying. It's...annoying." Kouta walked under the umbrella and held onto the hem of Katsuki's tank top, "You can take me home now. Zuzu must be worried about me."

"I think so too."

After that, the walk home was alot less tense. The distance between Katsuki's apartment to Izuku's apartment was very far, at least an hour away by foot. Which was nothing for a Pro Hero, but not so much for a six year old. Halfway through the walk, Kouta was starting to slow down and Katsuki carried him on his back without a second thought, despite the boy's protests. Now Katsuki understood why Kouta took the bus to run away. It was about midnight when they finally made it to Kouta's neighborhood.

"We're here." Katsuki nudged Kouta with his shoulder, "You awake?"

"I never fell asleep." Kouta wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck a bit tighter, but not enough to choke him, "And uh..thanks..for helping me."

"Don't mention it."

"And sorry for punching you in the nuts."

"It's fine. I might've done the same thing if I were you."

"Oh and one more thing, I didn't correct you earlier. I don't have a mom. Just me and Zuzu. I'm actually his..." He stretched out one of his hands in order for Katsuki to see him finger spell, "A-D-O-P-T-E-D S-O-N."

"Wait...You're adopted?" Katsuki couldn't believe the answer was really that simple. Deku adopted Kouta. But when and why? Kouta has a complete opposite mindset about Pro Heroism compared to Deku. What compelled him to take this bratty munchkin of all kids? Was there a shortage in the orphanage or something?

"The Hero has a brain after all. You must've been payin' real good attention in those sign classes."

"You have no idea, kid." Quiet laughter was shared between them. The downpour had finally stopped with plenty of stars to accompany the full moon in the dark night sky. However, their light-hearted chuckles were cut short by the sound of a familiar voice yelling at the top of their lungs.


"Is that Deku?" Katsuki looked for the source of the yelling and pinpointed to a dark figure walking around the streets with a flashlight. The explosive Hero could recognize that mop of curly hair anywhere. Izuku was soaking wet and must have been looking for his son for hours.


"That is Zuzu! Let me go!" Kouta wiggled out of Katsuki's hold and ran at full speed towards Izuku. "ZUZUU!!"

Izuku turned around when he heard Kouta's cry, squatting down with his arms wide open for his son. As soon as Kouta jumped into his arms, Izuku picked him up and spun him around in his hold, laughing, crying and kissing all over Kouta's face at the same time. "Kouta! My baby! Kouta, I'm zowwy, I'm so zowwy! My baby, yur zafe!"

"I'm sorry too, Zuzu." Kouta squeezed him back, tears forming in his eyes, "I-I got you all wet and made you worry and-"

"'z okay, baby. It'z okay." Izuku held him tighter as more relieved sobs erupted out of his body, "Zuzu'z right here, baby."

Katsuki felt warmth in his chest to see father and son reunite. At least he could do something right. He stretched his arms and legs, readying himself for the long walk back home. Until he saw Deku walking towards him with his son in his arms. He put Kouta down next to him to sign, "Thank you. Thank you so much."

"It's no big deal, really." Katsuki closed the umbrella and held it over his shoulder, "I just did what anyone else would do."

"I'm so sorry about Kouta. He-"

"Don't worry about it, Deku. We talked on the way here." He watched Kouta wipe his eyes to give Katsuki a proper annoyed look, "I think him and I have reached an understanding. Right, kid?"

"If you say so." Kouta rolled his eyes with a smirk, "Bakugou."

Chapter Text

It's May. Katsuki has been back on duty for the past week or so and everything is relatively back to normal. His schedule is still the same, he still only sees Deku for maybe 10 minutes at the most when they pass each other on the sidewalk and Tenya still gets on his nerves. He's basically back to square one with Deku except his son, Kouta, went from hating his guts to tolerating his presence. Which frankly was the best possible outcome, Katsuki could've gotten out of that kid. Luckily, all of that was going to change because he was off duty today, meaning he was going to spend it with Deku.

"If there's one thing the Old Hag always told me, is that talkin' to people is hell of alot easier when they got good ass food in their gut." Katsuki was in the bathroom using his mirror to put in his blue contacts for his disguise. The plan was to take Deku out to a little ramen place that was in downtown Hosu City. He remembered that Deku's favorite dishes always had pork in it and the ramen they had great pork ramen options to choose.

"Don't know why Deku thinks these look good." Katsuki grumbled once he finished adjusting the contact, "I look weird as fuck with blue eyes."

"Knock, knock, bro, I'm coming in!" Kirishima called from the front door, "Where are you, bro?"

"Get out of my house, Rock Boy!"

"Ah yes, thank you for the warm welcome, Katsuki." Kirishima poked his head into the bathroom's doorway, "I feel so loved when I'm around you, bro."

"I'll show you some fucking love." Katsuki grabbed a large shampoo bottle from the ledge of his tub and hit it against his other hand, "C'mere so I can beat it into you with this bottle."

"Jeezzus, you are violent." He laughed, then pointed at Katsuki's eyes, "Dude, are you wearing you're civilian disguise? Where are you going?"

"If you don't get outta my personal space, I'll make sure to blast your dumbass straight to hell." Katsuki backed up his threat by shooting off a couple of mini blasts out of his open palm.

"No need for the insults, bro, daamn." Kirishima watched Katsuki walk out of the bathroom and followed him into the kitchen. He opened the fridge to help himself for any potential snacks or leftovers.

"I didn't say you could rummage through my refrigerator."

"You didn't say I couldn't either." He took a huge bite out of an apple he managed to find. "You're such a health nut bro, you're the only one I know that has fresh fruits and veggies in his kitchen."

"Very fucking funny." Katsuki snatched the apple out of Kirishima's hand to take a bite out of the opposite side before giving it back to him, "Why are you here?"

"I don't have patrol today. Mina and Maiya are having a mommy-daughter day and I'm very bored."

"So you decided to bother me, huh?"

"I mean, I would be at Kaminari and Sero's place, but they're working right now. Plus, I wanted to check up on ya."

"You've been checking up on me every fucking day."

"Well...I mean.." Kirishima shrugged his shoulders with a breathless chuckle, "I like to be thorough in my visits."

"You know.." Katsuki exhaled, crossing his arms, "You don't have to force yourself to come here."

"I'm not, bro. I'm not." Kirishima shook his head, "I come over here so I can see you. It's always nice to see you and talk to you know, man."

"I bet."

"It's the truth. I promise. Why would I lie?" Kirishima gave him a thumbs-ups like the damn corny idiot he is. But for some reason, he always had this weird way to make Katsuki feel a little less shitty and push down his insecurities. "Seriously though, what's with the get-up? Are you going somewhere today?"

"Yeah, I am." Katsuki smirks and fixes his beanie, "I'm taking that friend I told you about to the ramen place down in Hosu today."

"Oh yeah, Midoriya, right?"

"Mmhm, I think it's time I properly repay him for dealing with my shit."

"Can I come? I always deal with your shit on a daily basis."

"No, I don't need your stupidity rubbing off on him." Katsuki grabbed his pulled his phone off his charger from the kitchen counter, "Now go fuck around with Dunce Face and Scotch Tape."

"Aw don't be like that, Baku-bro!" He laughed, following Katsuki out of the kitchen and took another bite of his apple, "At least let me walk with ya."

"Oh my-fine!" Katsuki slipped on his boots and turned around to dig his pointed finger into Kirishima's chest, "Don't you dare try to fucking embarrass me in front of him or so help me I'll tell Mina what REALLY happened at the bachelor party."

"Katsuki, you swore!"

"I didn't swear shit. I said I'll use the information when I need it." He laughed his way out of his apartment with Kirishima grumbling behind him. He had feeling today was going to be a good day.


Katsuki stood up on the tips of his toes as he rang the doorbell. Then knocked on the door three times just like how Mama told him. He put his hands behind his back to wait.

"Hello?" A young looking lady with long green hair appeared at the front door. She looked down at Katsuki and smiled, "Hi, sweetheart. What brings you here?"

"Hi, Izuku's mommy. Can Izuku come out and play?"

"Of course he can, let me go get him." She opened the door wider with her back, "You wanna come in and wait for him?"

"No thank you. I can wait here."

She giggled, "Such a little gentleman."

In a matter of seconds, Katsuki heard Izuku running towards the front door and opening it with his All Might plushie in hands, "Hai, Kacchan!"

"About time you showed up!" Katsuki crossed his arms with a smile, "You ready to play Superheroes?"

Izuku hopped in place like an energetic bunny, "Supahewoez!"

"You talk so funny, Izuku." Katsuki laughed as he grabbed Izuku's hand, leading the way down the stairs. "I like it."

"Hey bro, is this the place?" Kirishima pointed at the apartment building, "Damn, this is a nice neighborhood, no wonder Baby Girl wanted to come here."

"Yeah." Katsuki tightened the grip on his phone as they walked up the stairs together. It's only been a month and he still feels his stomach twist whenever he gets near this damn nerd's house. He didn't want to fuck anything up. He could still fuck everything up even now.

"I'll knock on the door, bro." Three knocks and a few minutes of waiting, Deku appeared at the door in a red hoodie, black skinny jeans and those huge red sneakers. He looked nice. Yeah, nice. The nerd smiled at Katsuki as soon as he saw him, but raised an eyebrow at Kirishima. He signed, "Good afternoon, Kacchan. Who's this?"

"This is my dumbass friend," Katsuki signed, "Ki-ri-shi-ma."

"Nice to meet you, bro! I, uh, I don't know sign, but I wanna thank you for looking after my Baku-bro." He put his arm over Katsuki's shoulder, "I know he can be a handful."

Deku freaking giggled at that, covering his mouth in a poor attempt to muffle the snickers. Katsuki elbowed the redheaded idiot in his stomach and threatened him through clenched teeth, "Bachelor party, Shitty Hair, bachelor party."

"What? What did I say? It's true."

"Do you want to come with us?" He closed his door behind him, "We're going to a ramen shop.

"What did he say?"

"He asked if you wanted to come with us, Shitty Hair."

"Uh..." Kirishima glanced at Katsuki giving him the most terrifying death glare. His face just read 'Get the fuck out of here.' and 'You better say no.' Kirishima was 100% willing to comply, considering he was also being blackmailed. "No thanks, bro. I only came to walk with Baku-bro. Hope you eat lots of noodles for me."

Deku bowed towards him and Kirishima did the same before taking off, leaving Katsuki and Deku to themselves. Izuku gave him another one of those awkward laughs, "Hi again, Kacchan."

"Hey, Deku. So are you ready to go?"

"Yes! I haven't been to this restaurant before. I'm excited."

"Meh, ain't nothing special. It's a small place. It's quiet. I like it."

"Is it far?"

"Yeah, it's in Hosu City, so I think it would be ideal to take the train. Is that okay with you, Deku?"

"Sounds good."

As they were walking to the train station, Deku tapped on Katsuki's shoulder to grab his attention. He seemed a bit flustered before he signed, "I forgot to mention. I got a new phone the other day."

"You did? Why?"

" old phone kind of got soaked when I was looking for Kouta."

"Oh shit, I'll pay you back for whatever you spent on it." Katsuki was already digging into his back pocket for his wallet until Izuku stopped him.

"No Kacchan, it was my fault for walking around in the rain. Don't worry about it."

"You didn't do anything wrong, if I wasn't hanging around..." Katsuki averted his eyes, "He was just-Kouta wanted to protect you...from me."

"I know he did, but that didn't make it right." Deku sighed, "I'm just glad you're okay. I only told you because...well...I'm sure you have a cell phone too. Right?"

"I do. You want my phone number or something?" As soon as the question left Katsuki's lips, Deku went into a nerdy little panic. His hands were moving a mile a minute.

"Only if you want to, Kacchan. If it's not too much trouble, I mean you are a Pro Hero and everything so you must be busy and have loads of contacts anyway. It's just I'm sure it's inconvenient for you to keep coming to my house. Not that I don't like it when you come over my house. I mean-"

"Deku!" Katsuki laughed, grabbing Deku's hands, "You're signing too fucking fast, I can barely understand you. Stop mumbling in sign."

"I'm sorry." His face was red as ever. It was kind of cute funny, in a nerdy kind of way.

"Don't apologize, here, gimmie your phone."

When they got to the train station, Katsuki input all of his information in Deku's contacts, then texted himself to get his number. He didn't feel comfortable walking and texting at the same like a damn teenager. "Never hesitate to text me, I always have my phone on me."

"Okay, Kacchan. Thank you."

"No problem." Katsuki turned around towards the large map of train routes, "Let's see, we'll get there in twenty minutes if we take this one."

He pulled out his wallet to exchange money for tickets, but stopped when he felt Deku pull on his shirt. He turned his head back to glance at him, "What's up?"

"Let me pay for the tickets." He already had the money in his hands, "Please?"

"It's fine, Deku, you don't have to do that."

"No, I want to. Don't worry about it. I would feel bad having you pay for everything."

Katsuki groaned with a smile, "Okay, you can pay for the tickets, but I'm paying for lunch."


They boarded the train shortly after purchasing the tickets and decided to stand on either side of the doorway. Katsuki was leaning against the wall with his arms cross, letting the gentle swaying of the train clear his mind. The warmth of the summer sunlight was making him a bit sleepy and Katsuki was trying his best to not accidentally fall asleep. He decided to distract himself by looking at Deku, who was watching the tall buildings of the buzzling city pass by out the large windows.

Deku has alot of freckles on his face, especially his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. They're like stars. Why have I never noticed that?

Deku glanced at him and smiled. Fuck, he caught him staring. Like a creep. Katsuki felt his face burn, so he jerked his neck to look out the window. A few more minutes passed and Katsuki yawned, feeling the soothing movement of train again. He jumped when he felt his phone buzzing in his back pocket. He pulled it out and saw one notification in his Messages.

[Deku:] Are you sleepy, Kacchan?

I didn't think he'd text me that damn fast.

[You:] Not really. The train calms me down I guess.

[Deku:] Okay just making sure haha and thank you for today

[Deku:] It makes me very happy to know that you want to be friends with me again

[Deku:] Kouta told me everything you did for him when he ran away from home

[Deku:] I can't thank you enough, Kacchan. You really are my Hero

-Midoriya Izuku

Katsuki read the message a few times over before he glanced up to see Deku was still smiling at him. That smile was brighter than anything he's ever seen. He didn't deserve all of this praise, he didn't deserve the warmth and understanding Deku offered and yet, Katsuki felt his heart swell with pride. Even after everything Katsuki took from him, Deku continued to see the good that Katsuki couldn't. He swallowed hard, his throat suddenly feeling dry and his vision was a bit blurry. Katsuki took a deep breath, then texted Deku with a simple reply.

[You:] You're my Hero too


The ramen shop was small, but cozy. The waitress sat them down in a booth next to a the bay window, so they could have a great view of the streets. She placed menus in the table in front of them, took their drink and food orders, (Beer for Izuku and water for Katsuki) and walked away to tend to other customers.

"What are you getting, Kacchan?"

"When Shitty Hair and I used to come here after work all the time, I always got the chicken spicy curry ramen. It's fucking delicious."

"I picked the tonkotsu ramen with extra pork. It's my favorite."

"Good choice."

Soon they updated each other on everything that happened in the last week or so. However, conversation between them quickly stopped as soon as it started. Katsuki drummed his fingers against the table, trying to think of any questions that he hadn't already asked. Deku reached across the table to poke him on his shoulder, "Yeah, Deku?"

"I've been meaning to ask you this about your disguise.

"What about it?

"Sorry if it's a bit of a silly question."

"You can ask me anything, Deku."

"Why did you pick blue?"

Katsuki raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"Contacts. Why did you pick blue contacts? I thought you would like a color that was closer to your natural eye color."

"Oh, uh...I didn't pick 'em, my Princess did when she was two. It's her favorite color." Katsuki scratched his cheek with his finger, "It's a bit embarrassing to be honest."

"No it's not! It's clear you have a great relationship with your niece. I think it's beautiful. She's a very sweet little girl."

"Don't let her hear that. She'll let that get to her damn head in a fucking heartbeat."

Deku bursted out into hysterics, letting his head fall back against the back of the booth. It was so genuine and adorable contagious that Katsuki couldn't help snickering himself. The waitress came back in the midst of their little episode balancing large trays with their food and drinks.

"Spicy chicken curry ramen and the tonkotsu ramen with extra pork." She confirmed, while placing them on the table, "Is there anything else I can get you, sirs?"

"No, that's it. Thank you."

Deku didn't waste a second to dive right into his bowl. He pulled the chopsticks, blew on a rather large bundle of noodles and slurped it up.

"Oh my god.." Katsuki heard Deku whisper. He had to stop himself from giggling like an idiot from hearing Deku enjoying his meal. Conversation couldn't really continue since it was clear what was Deku's top priority right now. His lunch.

Maybe I should take him here more often.

Once they finished their meals, Izuku patted his stomach to show he was satisfied. Katsuki did the same, which caused the two to laugh together some more.

"What do you want to do now, Deku?" Katsuki said as he paid for lunch and left the waitress a very nice tip of 2500 yen on the table.

"Can we go take a walk to the forest again? Maybe take a look at Hero Agency Bakugou."

"Of course."

Another train ride that Deku insisting on paying for later and the two of them were jumping over the shitty fence to walk around in the forest. It was very nostalgic to see that literally nothing had changed in the woods. He inhaled the natural musk of the wood and dirt while listening to the birds chirp and the cicadas buzz.

"God, I love this place." He sighed, "I miss it."

"Me too." Deku looked at a tree that had an adult rhinoceros beetle crawling on its bark. He carefully picked it up and placed it on his arm, "Remember when we used to catch these all the time?"

"Oh yeah, we'd always scare all the girls with 'em by hiding them in your hair." Katsuki chuckled, "We'd always get in so much trouble."

"Or when we had our own Bug Sports Festival." Deku stretched his arm out to let the beetle know it could leave and it took the opportunity, "So many beetles we found put up great fights."

"I think the score is 20-18, I'm still number one."

Deku stuck out his tongue and walked pass Katsuki to look at the river. He turned back to Katsuki, "You wanna just sit here instead?"

"I thought you wanted to see the agency?"

"I don't feel like walking across the log. Tired."

They sat down together next to the river, which was a bit close in Katsuki's opinion. His heart was beating a bit faster when he felt his arm against Deku's. It felt so weird. He closed his eyes to listen to the river rippling down to calm his ass down, but it was hard when all he could think about was Deku's warmth.

"Kacchan, thank you fo' today." Deku said in the softest voice Katsuki has ever heard. He's barely heard him say anything for the past month and after finally hearing that single sentence; it was still as gentle as Katsuki remembered when they were younger. He glanced at him and Deku had his eyes close with his face bright red, making all of his freckles pop against his skin.

"Don't mention it." Katsuki cleared his throat, " your...v-voice."

"Kacchan," He sighed, "You don' haff to lie."

"But I'm not lying, I swear. I really do like your voice." He was sounding so fucking weird, but fuck it. Deku needed to know, "I...I wish you would talk to me more."

"Izn' my voize wheird?" Deku was looking at him with those innocent green eyes.

"Yeah, but...I like that it's weird." His cheeks were burning again, "Being normal is fucking overrated."

"You'd haff trubbull unddastanding me." Izuku let out a breathless chuckle and brought his knees up to his chest, "Izn JSL eazeeuh fo' you?

"Well, that's just more of reason for you to talk to me, so I can understand you better."

"Okay, Kacchan." He smiled, "If you zay zo."

"Fuck yeah, I know so." For the rest of the day, Katsuki listened to Deku talk about anything and everything, never growing tired of the nerd's voice.

Chapter Text

[Deku:] Good morning Kacchan!

[You:] Morning Deku. How's it going?

[Deku:] Just waking up in my bed.

[You:] Lazy. It's 10:12

[Deku:] It's Saturday I'm allowed to sleep in!

[You:] No excuses, get yur ass outta bed

[Deku:] I am Kacchan I am haha

"Such a damn dork." Katsuki muttered to himself, but couldn't deny the smile that was growing on his face. He was sitting on his kitchen counter enjoying a mug of his favorite morning tea while he texted Deku. Ever since that little trip to Hosu, they've been texting each other every day. They couldn't have very long conversations often due to their busy schedules, but Katsuki will always find a 'Good morning Kacchan' and a 'Good night Kacchan' text in his notifications.

[You:] What's on the agenda for today?

[Deku:] Finding a babysitter for Kouta

[You:] Going out of town?

[Deku:] No. I have to go to the doctor. My mom is coming with me to drive me there.

Katsuki felt his heart stop for a minute when he saw the word 'doctor.' Was Deku sick or something? Did he hurt himself?

[You:] What's wrong? Is it serious?

[Deku:] It's nothing serious Kacchan don't worry. Just a check-up.

"Thank god." He let go of the breath he didn't even realize he was holding after receiving the response. "Geez nerd, are you trying to give me a heart attack."

[You:] I'm off today, I could watch Kouta.

[Deku:] What? No, no you don't have to do that Kacchan

[Deku:] I wouldn't want to ruin your day off

[You:] Deku I'm the one who offered. You wouldn't be ruining my day off

[Deku:] It's so last minute though

[You:] Do you not trust me with your kid? Am I not worthy enough to care for a Midoriya?

[Deku:] Kacchan haha, you know I trust you!

[Deku:] Its just

[Deku:] Are you sure?

[You:] Yes, I'm very sure. What time is the appointment?

[Deku:] Um, I think around 12, so I guess I'll drop Kouta off around 11

Katsuki checked the corner of his phone for the time. It was 10:28 a.m. They would be coming over pretty soon then.

[You:] I'll be waiting Deku

[Deku:] See you there Kacchan!

He left his phone on the counter and downed the rest of his tea. He needed to clean up his apartment a bit and change into some more presentable clothes. A black tank top and gray sweatpants aren't exactly the best thing to open the door in for guests. With a small huff, he hopped off the counter to change into his room.

"Sometime simple, but comfortable." He rummaged through his closet for a nice outfit. The final decision was a navy blue T-shirt with black jeans. He fixed his hair in the mirror (not that he really could do anything with it in the first place), put his sunglasses in his hair and went into the living room. He fixed up the pillows on the couch, wiped down the coffee table before going back into the kitchen to prepare himself another cup of tea as he waited.

"Izuku, what're those things in your ears? Can I see them for a second?" Katsuki asked. The boys were sitting outside Katsuki's house enjoying some popsicles. "My mommy said I'm not allowed to touch 'em. Why not?"

Izuku held his popsicle with his mouth, then removed one of the mystery devices out his ear to finally place it in Katsuki's open hand. He grabbed his notebook, which was on the other side of him, to write his answer.

[They're called hearing aids. I have to wear them all the time.]

"Cool!" Katsuki exclaimed. The hearing aid was the same color as Izuku's skin, felt like plastic and pretty warm. If he looked close enough, he could see Izuku's last name printed on it, "Does that mean you can actually hear?"

[Just a little bit better.]

"I want my Papa to buy me hearing aids!" He giggled, kicking his feet, "Then we can match!"

[I have a whole bunch at home in my mommy's room. You can have some.]

"Really?!" Katsuki had the biggest smile on his face. Now him and Izuku could be super cool together. "Let's go to your house right now!"

He gave back Izuku's hearing aid ran into the house to get his sandals on, "Mommy! I'm going to Izuku's house! He's gonna show me his hearing aid things!"

"Okay!" Mitsuki called from the kitchen. "Don't break nothing, boy, I don't wanna pay for shit!"

"Let's go, Izuku!"

"Mmkay, Kacchan!"

"Damn." Katsuki looked at his phone, feeling a bit antsy as 11 am was slowly, but surely coming closer and closer with every tick of his wall clock. "What the fuck am I going to do with this kid for the next few hours?"

Kouta was definitely a strange kid, he was way too mature for his age. Whenever Katsuki would see him during his patrol (which was rare as hell), he would be with Izuku helping him carry groceries. He remembered he saw him play some video game with Maiya, but Katsuki didn't have any of those in his house.

"Well he likes to hate Pro Heroes, but I don't think I could listen to how much of a piece of shit I am for hours." He took a long sip from his mug, "Especially since I already tell myself that on a daily basis."

Before his depressive thoughts could get the best of him, he heard his doorbell ring. "Must be Deku."

He left his mug on the counter to open his door and, yup, it was Deku and Kouta. The nerd was in a white collared shirt with some dress pants, while Kouta was in a blue hoodie and shorts.

"Hey, you're wearing the shoes I gave you." Katsuki squat down to get a better look, "Glad to know they went to a better home."

"Shut up." Kouta's face turned red and turned away from Katsuki's smile, "I only wore them 'cuz they matched the outfit."

Izuku snickered, "He wearz dem almozt evweeday."

"Almost everyday?" Katsuki smirked, "Makes sense, they're some comfortable ass shoes."

"Zuzu!" Kouta punched his father in his leg, making him laugh harder. "You have a big mouth!"

Once Izuku composed himself, he patted Kouta's head, "Thank you zo much, Kacchan."

"It's no big deal, Deku."

"I don't know why Bakugou is watchin' me," The first grader crossed his arms and huffed, "I'm not a damn baby."

"You're six years old, kid."

"That shouldn't matter."

"It actually matters alot."

Izuku snickered at their banter, "Kouta, juzt be good fo' Kacchan, pleeze."

"I'm sure, he'll be fine. After all, we're cool now, right?"

Kouta rolled his eyes, "As far as you know, Hero."

"Oh Kouta." Izuku shook his head and signed to both of them, "See you guys later."


Kouta and Katsuki were on the couch watching the news station together. Apparently a villain broke out of prison and was currently on the run. So far the police lost trace of the guy and are currently doing an extensive search all over Japan.

"That's gonna be another headache." Katsuki pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm probably going to be apart of that sooner than later."

"You say that as if it happens all the time."

"Yeah, it doesn't, but it's still a pain in the ass. Lots of paperwork and talking to people all of the time is too much for me."

"Who would've guessed the famous Ground Zero has social anxiety." He snorted.

"Yeah?" Katsuki stopped being ashamed of his mental illnesses years ago, "So what?"

"Seriously?" Kouta snickered, "What kind of Hero are ya? Aren't you Pro Heroes supposed to be brave and fearless and all of that stupid stuff."

"I'm willing to lay my life on the line." Katsuki crossed his arms, "I just don't like people that much."

"Man, you really aren't like other Heroes. Kinda remind me of my teacher."

"Really? Who's your teacher? I might know her."

"Miss Ochako."

"Round Face, huh?" Katsuki smirked, "Haven't seen her happy ass in three years. I didn't know she took the teacher route."

"Yup, she's pretty alright for a Hero, she doesn't annoy me." Kouta stretched out his arms, "Am I just gonna be sitting here on the couch all day?"

"I don't really know what you like, kid. Is there somethin' you wanna do?"

"Not be here watching TV, that's for sure."

"I'll think of something we can do to pass the time." Katsuki stood up from the couch to grab his phone in the kitchen. He googled all kinds of locations and action that would be entertaining for Kouta, but everything just seemed too childish for him. (As weird as it is to say that.)

"There's gotta be something, what's around here?" Finally, a place popped up that seemed to just the right thing for the kid, a cat café. All kids love animals, right? It was a few streets down from Katsuki's apartments, but they could walk there. Katsuki smiled as he walked to his front door to put on his shoes, "Hey Kouta, get your shoes on, I found something we could do."

"Better not be something dumb."

"It won't, trust me."

The building was small, but cute. It had a large window next to the door, so you see all the damn cats doing their thing in the play area. Kouta went up to the window with a spark of curiosity in his eyes. Then quietly gasped to himself when one of the cats noticed him through the window by patting the glass with its tiny paw.

"C'mon, kid, we're going here today." Katsuki opened the door for him, "You wanna play with the cats first or eat first?"

"Cats." Kouta ran inside with Katsuki not too far behind him. He was greeted by a young man that was sitting behind the front desk, "Welcome, how long will you be staying for?"

"I don't know, uh, like, an hour...I guess."

"Perfect, right this way, please." The man lead them to the play area, "Please no roughing with the cats, we'll let you know when your time is up. If you would like to order food, you'll have to eat in the café area."

There were ten cats roaming around: sitting, eating, sleeping and doing other cat things. There weren't that many people here, in fact, the only other customers were a young couple, who were playing with a large long-haired black cat with a blue scarf around its neck.

"Bakugou, look at all the cats." Kouta squealed, he sat on the floor to let the cats come to him and a few of 'em did. "You guys are really cute."

"I'll be over here, if you need me, kid." Katsuki pointed to the chairs that were near the couple.

"You aren't gonna pet the cats?"

"I'll let you pet them for me."

"Tch, don't be such a loser." Kouta stood up and pulled Katsuki towards the kitty pile, "You need to lighten up."

"Alright, alright." They sat side by side giving each cat as much attention as possible. Katsuki was pretty surprised at how sociable these kitties were, usually animals tend to avoid him like the damn plague, but not these felines. One specific tuxedo cat with a black nose seemed to take a liking to Kouta the most, the same one that saw him through the window. It brushed his head against his knee, jumped into his lap and licked his face, making the boy giggle.

"He has big green eyes like Zuzu." Kouta smiled as he scratched under the cat's chin. "I bet you're as amazing as him too, huh?" The cat purred and fell to his side, clearly enjoying the chin scratches.

"You like cats, Kouta?"

"Yeah, but I like all animals." He kissed the top of the tuxedo cat's head, "They're not annoying."

"Do you want a pet?"

Kouta sighed, "Yeah, I always wanted one, but Zuzu said we couldn't have one at our old place. Pets weren't allowed unless they were a service animal."

"The Musutafu Apartments allow pets."

"Really?!" Kouta exclaimed, but then quickly composed himself when he realized hs little outburst, "H-How did you know that?"

"I used to come over Deku's house all the time when we were kids. Some of his neighbors had dogs and cats and shit. I remember one had a fucking boa constrictor."

"Then maybe Zuzu will let me have a cat." He smiled, hugging that cat a little tighter, "That is, if what you're saying is true, Bakugou."

"I'm sure you'll convince him one way or another."

Their hour with the kitties was up sooner than Kouta would've liked, but Katsuki promised next time, they would come back. To end off their little trip, Katsuki suggested they get some treats from the actual café section of the cat café. As they waited in line to order, Kouta pointed to the menu hanging on the wall behind the counter, "All the food and drinks are dumb cat puns."

"Oh my fucking god." Katsuki groaned, of course a place like this would have something as stupid as puns. "I'm gonna have to say these stupid names out loud too."

"How else are they supposed to know what you want?" Kouta smirked, "By the way, I just want some sweet tea."

"You just love enjoying my suffering, don't you?"

"Most definitely, Hero."

"A hot mocha meowcchiato and a small iced sweet kit-tea, please." Katsuki said quickly when it was his turn to order. He couldn't help rolling his eyes as he slid his debit card to pay for his drinks. So fucking stupid. While he stood by, watching the barista do his thing, he noticed a small shelf with on display. They were all Pro Hero themed keychain plushie dolls featuring Lemillion, Suneater, Nejire-chan, Ground Zero and Froppy, the top 5 Pro Heroes in the JP Hero Billboard Charts.

He picked up the Lemillion doll and showed it to Kouta, "Hey, ain't this something your dad would like?"

Kouta took the doll from his hands, "Yeah, he's a huge nerd about the Hero stuff. He's always buying merch all the time."

"Think I should buy him one?"

"I think he'd like that. Get the Froppy one though, I don't think he has much stuff of her."

He exchanged the Lemillion plushie for the Rainy Season Hero and put it on the counter, "Hey, when you're done with our drinks, I wanna get this too."


They stayed at the cat café for another few hours before Katsuki decided it would be best to take Kouta home instead of waiting for Deku to come pick him up. It wasn't a far trip by any means (at least for him) and carried Kouta the whole way there on his back just like last time. Thankfully, the boy didn't protest at all.

"Why do you like walking everywhere so much?" Kouta asked as he grabbed the spare key from under the welcome mat when they made it to the apartment."There is such a thing as cars and buses, you know."

"I like to walk, don't judge me. It's what keeps me fit." Katsuki watched Kouta opened the door and followed him in. "Hey Deku! We're back, I decided to bring this munchkin home!"

No answer. Strange. They took off their shoes and looked around the living room, but Deku was no where in sight. Kouta shrugged his shoulders, "Probably asleep. He always does that after doctor visits."

"Really?" Katsuki looked at the Froppy plush and squeezed her a little, "Maybe I can wake him up with the present. Where's his room?"

"Over there, the room on the right." He slipped off his hoodie, revealing a plain black buttoned up polo shirt. "You should wake him up too, he's probably been sleeping all day."

"Right." Katsuki was careful to slowly open the door to Izuku's room. It was very dark, other than a small blue lava lamp on his desk. All Might figurines were lined up on his dresser and desk along with a few posters on the wall. They were clearly from the Golden Era of All Might's glory days, kept in perfect condition and all of them were signed by the former number one himself.

What a damn otaku.

He looked over to his left to see a large queen-sized bed parallel to the corner of the room and the short stack himself lying on his side in it, facing away from Katsuki. He was wearing his green jinbei and black sweatpants this time. Looks like Kouta was right.

"Hey Deku, Kouta wanted to surprise you with this gi-" Katsuki stopped when he heard sniffling coming from his friend. He noticed both Deku's hearing aids were laying beside him at the head of bed. He watched Deku slowly reach up to pat his right ear...twice. Then he whimpered, immediately, curling up into ball before breaking down. He was softly sobbing into the pillow he was clutching onto. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

"What happened?" Katsuki whispered, even though he already knew the answer. It didn't take a genius to figure it out. He swallowed hard, debating whether or not to intervene. Technically, he was invading Deku's privacy because Deku didn't HEAR him come in, but at the same time...could he leave him like this or should he leave him like this?

"I'll...I'll come back later." He backed out of the room and shut the door. Katsuki felt sick to his stomach, he remembered hearing those pained cries before because he was the one who caused them back then...all those years ago.

"God-fucking-dammit." He leaned against the door to compose himself, he couldn't let Kouta know about this. It wasn't Katsuki's place or business anyway. He walked down the hall into the living room and saw Kouta playing some video game on the couch.

"Did you wake him up?" He paused the game to look at Katsuki, "Did Zuzu like his present?"

"No. No, your father is hard as hell to get up." Katsuki crossed his arms, putting on a fake smirk, "He looked pretty damn tired when I walked in there."

"I figured."

"Kouta." Katsuki put the doll on the coffee table before sitting on the couch with him to watch him play, "How often does Deku go to the doctor?"

"Not very often. Gramma says he only needs to go when he has to."

"When was the last time he went?"

"I don't know, I think a year ago. It was when we were livin' in Tokyo at the time."

"I see..."

Chapter Text

The room was cold, bright and above all, unnerving. Izuku sat restless in his chair as he waited for his test results. His knees were shaking, his hands were sweating and the ever-growing pit in his stomach continued to drive him insane. Izuku has hated the doctor's office ever since he was four years old. These damn facilities have always brought him pain and disappointment no matter how many times he's been here. Ironic, considering his mother was a nurse. Speaking of his mother, she was right beside him rubbing his back in an attempt to calm his nerves. Izuku signed a 'Thank you,' over and over to her because, well, that's all he could do. It felt good knowing that his mother would always be in his corner, even in the worst of times in his life. Like right now, for example.

"You'll be okay, baby." She said in her soft, reassuring voice, "You'll be okay."

"Ms. Midoriya and Mr. Midoriya." The old audiologist called as he came into the room with his papers. He sat on a rolling stool in front of mother and son with a serious look on his face, "I have the test results."

"Yes, h-how are they?" Inko removed her hand from Izuku's back to fold her hands together in her lap. "Any changes?"

"Yes..." The audiologist flipped through the multiple papers in his large folder, "Izuku, based on your results. Your hearing loss has progressed to a significant degree from moderate to severe."

"Oh my god." She put her hand over her mouth, "It's deteriorated that much?"

"Yes, he's going to need stronger hearing aids from now on." He showed them the exact measurements, vitals and all kinds of graphs from the audiogram that Izuku didn't even understand. He stopped listening to them, feeling even more sick to his stomach. He let Inko ask all of the medical questions for that, it's not like he was even in the right mindset. His worse fear was realized again. His hearing got worse again and now he needed stronger, larger, uglier hearing aids again. The fact that he might lose his hearing completely sooner than he thought was earth-shattering. He wanted to cry, but not in front of the doctor.

"We'll get you fitted for your new ones in the next few days, Mr. Midoriya." The audiologist turned to Izuku once he finished explaining everything to Inko, "I know this is a very devastating situation, do you have any questions?"

"No. Thank you for your time." Izuku smiled through his pain, but his doctor could tell he was trying his damndest to keep it together.

"Thank you. Please try to get some rest." He signed before walking out the room to care for his other patients. Izuku sat there, fists clenched on his thighs, head down and mouth quivering. Tears rolled down his cheeks as soon as he heard the door clicked shut.

"Thiz izn't fair." He sobbed, covering his face with his hands. "Thiz izn't fair."

"Oh, baby." Inko hugged him, but he didn't move, "I'm so sorry, baby. I wish you didn't have to deal this."

Izuku woke up in his room, feeling very groggy and had a bit of a headache. He had cried so much, that must've passed out from emotional exhaustion alone. He slowly sat up in his bed and wiped his face, he could feel the dried tears staining his cheeks. His phone was on his nightstand and his soon-to-be useless hearing aids were right next to his pillows. Just seeing those damn things made Izuku want to toss them in the trash. He reached over to his phone to check the time, it was nearly seven at night.

"Shit!" He was supposed to pick up Kouta from Kacchan's house hours ago. He hoped Kouta didn't think Izuku forgot about him or that Kacchan thought Izuku was using him! He put in his hearing aids and ran out of his room, only to be stopped by the smell of food. What the hell? He creeped over to his kitchen with a sight he'd never thought he'd see in a million years. His son and his childhood friend were in the together. Kacchan was standing in front of the stove and Kouta was sitting on the counter eating a small strip of fried pork.

"So why did you cut the pork loin before you covered it with the flour and the breadcrumbs and stuff?"

"Prevents it from curling. Can you hand me that little bowl of egg over there?"


As nice as this sight was...why was Kacchan here? Why is Kacchan cooking katsudon?

"Hey, Zuzu!" Kouta waved to him, "Just in time for dinner. I was gonna wake you up. You sleep like a log."

Katsuki turned around with a smile on his face, "About time, thought you died in there."

"What are you doing here?" He asked as he sat at the table. Kouta jumped down from the counter to sit next to him.

"He brought me home and then wanted to make dinner." Kouta grabbed his chopsticks, "Thank you for the food, Bakugou."

"Kacchan, you didn't have to do this." He sighed, "I know how to cook."

"I keep tellin' ya, Deku. I'm doing this cuz I want to. I like to cook." Kacchan served them large steaming bowls of katsudon before sitting across from Izuku. It looked amazing. The breading was golden brown covered in a warm runny egg and the rice was pure white fluffiness cooked to perfection. "So quit your blubbering and enjoy your favorite. I worked hard on this just for you."

How did Kacchan remember Izuku's favorite food was katsudon?

"The pork is spicy too." Kouta said between bites. Pieces of rice were scattered on his chubby cheeks, "It's pretty good."

"I'll make some extras for your lunches tomorrow." Katsuki used his chopsticks to point at Izuku, "And I'm not taking no for an answer."

Izuku gave him a small smile before digging in himself. It was delicious with the perfect amount of spices just as his little one said. Their little apartment was filled with laughter and warmth that Izuku couldn't be more grateful for. He wasn't putting much input in the conversations Kacchan and Kouta were having, but watching them was more than enough.


"Kouta, it's time to take a bath. Kacchan and I will clean up the kitchen."

"Okay..." Kouta hopped down from his chair before giving Katsuki the 'I'm watching you' gesture as he walked away to the bathroom, leaving the two of them together...alone. Other than the clinking of dishes, there was silence between the men which, admittedly, was kind of uncomfortable. Izuku caught Katsuki looking at him with concern on his face, but he decided to ignore it. However, once they were side by side at the sink with Katsuki washing and Izuku drying the dishes, it was harder to pretend there wasn't any tension in the air.

"Hey." Kacchan whispered as he wiped down a glass, "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah." Izuku had no choice to talk. Dammit. "Why do you azk?"

"You weren't talking that much tonight." He still wasn't looking at Izuku, "I was wondering if you wanted to say something. If anything was on your mind."

"I juzt didn' want to tawk." He clutched onto the bowl he was drying a bit tighter, "Iz dat a crime?"

"Deku." Kacchan sighed, "Don't give me that."

"Giff you what?" He spat. Kacchan was being very annoying for no reason.

"Dammit Deku I...I saw you." Kacchan put down the glass and dried his hands with a nearby towel. He refused to look at Izuku as he spoke, "I went into your room earlier to give you something and then I saw you."

Izuku's blood ran cold. He stiffened up and glanced at Kacchan, who was still staring at the soapy water. He said quickly, "It waz notheen' impordent."

"Nothing important?" Katsuki asked for confirmation and Izuku nodded his head, "Then why were you crying?"

"...I.." He swallowed the lump in his throat. What could he say? He was shaking again and couldn't move. He didn't want to remember what happened this afternoon, he was going to have to deal with it all over again in a few days anyway. Should he even tell Kacchan? How would he even react? How do you tell someone you might not be able to hear them ever again?

"It's okay, if you don't want to tell me, Deku. I understa-"

"" Fat tears rolled down his cheeks. He was such a crybaby, "My heawing got worze. I need new heawing aidz."


"An' I'm goin' to need uggleer, bigguh onez than da onez I alweady haff!" He put the bowl and towel down to cover his face with his hands, " I-I went fwom moderate to zevere in one year! One g-goddamn year!"

Izuku knew that Kacchan couldn't understand him. He was talking too fast, stumbling over his words and he was crying, but he couldn't stop talking. His voice getting softer, cracking with every single word, "An' I'm zo scared I won' be-be able to hear a-aneething or a-aneeone hearing aidz won' help and...dere'z notheen' I can stawp it."

He broke down weeping, hunched over wiping his face over and over. The thought of never hearing his son's voice ever again. Never hearing his mother's voice again. It mortified him to his core. Without his hearing, he would become an useless excuse for a father to Kouta. A unreliable son to Inko. He would be nothing. Izuku continued to cry until felt a warm hand on his shoulder which made him jump. He raised his head to see that it was Kacchan. His face was full of sadness, that usual fiery red brightness of his eyes were replaced with a deep mahogany.

"Deku. Come here." He opened his arms wide for a hug. Izuku was cautious as he walked into Katsuki's awaiting arms, resting his cheek into his chest. He felt his strong arms wrap around him, surrounding him in warming comfort that was no doubt from his Quirk. "No matter what, Deku. I'll be there with you every fucking step of the way. It's not the end of the world, you can adjust."

"I'm...I can't.."

"Yes you can." Kacchan hugged him tighter, "I know you can. You're stronger than you think you are."

"I'm not...don' zay that." He shook his head, "It'z not true."

"Yes you are, why the fuck wouldn't you be?"

"Becauze I'm juzt a Deku!" He clutched Katsuki's shirt, crying harder, "I'm...I'm juzt a Deku. I'll be even moar uzelezz than I alweady am."

"'re're not useless." He felt Kacchan rest his chin in Izuku's green curls, "You never were."

"Then why did you zay that? Why did you awwayz zay that I waz?" These questions Izuku tried so hard to push down in his mind had finally slipped out of his mouth, "Why did you stop bein' my fwiend?"

It was finally towards the end of his third year and Izuku had been accepted into both Pro Hero schools in the Department of Support course: Shiketsu High School and U.A. High School. This was his reality! All Might and Mom were so proud of him. That's right, All Might! He kept his promise on helping Izuku get into a good school and now he was blowing up Izuku's phone about a celebration dinner. His treat! Izuku just pick the place.


[You:] Thank you so much, All Might. I couldn't have done it without your help. It feels like a dream!


[You:] Not yet, both courses are really good. But Shiketsu is offering more scholarships.


[You:] Bye All Might! Thank you again!

Izuku was smiling at his phone in the empty classroom, he was so excited! Finally, things have turned around for the better. He's felt more confident with All Might talking with him, his speech has improved and to top it all off, after the whole sludge villain nonsense, Kacchan had stopped bothering him completely.

"Where do I wan' to go?" He asked himself while nibbling on an apple slice from his bento, "Eitha skool soundz amazeeng."

"Oi, Deku."

Izuku turned his head to see Kacchan with his own lunch in his hand, standing in the doorway, "Hey Kacchan."

"The fuck are you doing in here?" He said as he closed the door behind him.

"I awwayz eat the da clazzwoom." His peers never want to be around the weird-sounding deaf kid.

"Hmph." He sat in the desk next to Izuku and placed his bento on top of it, "You got accepted into both schools?"


"Which one are you going to?" His voice sound a bit threatening as if Izuku should say the correct answer. Izuku pulled out his burnt notebook from his bookbag to write down what he wanted to say and handed it to Kacchan.

[I don't know yet. U.A is closer, but Shiketsu is offering more scholarships. But since you got accepted into U.A too, we should go together! It would be fun.]

"It would be fun?" Katsuki asked in annoyance. He gave Izuku back his notebook and crossed his arms, "I want you to listen to me very, very carefully. I hate you."

Izuku gasped. Kacchan was looking directly at him with a firm look on his face that was oddly calm. He tried to give the notebook back, but Kacchan pushed it back towards him with his hand, "We don't need to use that. Put it away. I'll speak slowly so you can understand and I'll listen to everything you have to say."

Izuku did as he was told and turned his chair so the two of them were facing each other, "Okay."

"Good. I'll admit back when we were kids, I had no idea what things were like for you." Katsuki scratched his cheek with his finger, "But you didn't try to understand me either. You know what I mean?"

He honestly didn't, but Izuku nodded his head in agreement anyway to not upset Kacchan.

"So instead of getting a clue like a normal person, you kept giving me those dumbass notebooks, being so weird and trying to act like you were better than me."


"So that's how I changed things, I beat you up constantly to show you that I didn't want your ass around. But nope, you just kept following me shouting Kacchan like the useless moron you are." He slouched his back against his chair, arms still crossed, "Then you decided to get back at me by making me look like a fucking joke with the sludge villain and get accepted into both Hero schools. You ruined so much shit for me, you get that right?"

Izuku's lips quivered as looked down at his twiddling thumbs with watery eyes, "I'm sowwie."

"Oh my god, Deku." He pinched the bridge of his nose, "I don't want a damn apology from you. What I'm saying is, I don't want you around me anymore. I don't want you to follow me to U.A. We're not friends. You're just a Quirkless, useless loser."

Tears ran down Izuku's cheeks. Kacchan sat there watching him, not even making an effort to comfort him, instead staring with a bored expression, "Think of it this way. Ain't it better that we go our separate ways? I mean, I hate you alot and I'm pretty sure you hate me too, right? So why don't we stop pretending we're something we're not?"

"Let's shake on it." Katsuki extended his hand with a smirk, "Starting now from one hater to another."

"But yur wrog. I-I don' hade you, Kacchan." Izuku sobbed, "I...I h-hade myzelff."

"What did you say?" He rose from his chair and fists clenched, "What. Did. You. Say?!"

Without warning, Katsuki cracked Izuku across his face, the sound of the slap echoing in the empty classroom. A large red mark appeared on Izuku's cheek. Katsuki grabbed him by his collar to yell in his face, "Now what? What're you gonna do, Deku? Gonna say 'sowwie' again?"

Izuku didn't give him a response, instead closing his eyes and bracing himself for another slap. Katsuki dropped him back in his chair and grabbed his bento, "Why the fuck did I even bother with your stupid ass? Known each other for 10 years and you haven't fucking changed. You still have no intention to be real with me."

Katsuki stomped out of the classroom, slammed the door shut on his way out. Izuku was left alone once again to hold on to his stinging cheek.

"Why did you hate me, Kacchan?"

"I...I don't know." Kacchan said, his voice was low. Soft. Remorseful. "I don't know why I did so much shitty stuff to you, Deku. I-I'm still trying to figure that out myself."

"I know you want to win back our fwiendship, but..." Izuku sighed, "I still don' unddastand I what I did wrog back then."

"You didn't do anything wrong, Deku. It was all me." Katsuki held him tighter, "I was a fucked up kid who did fucked up things and now I want to fix all of my fuck-ups. Everything I did to you, it was just downright...f-fuck!"

Izuku looked up to see Katsuki was crying. He could see his face was wet with tears as well. It startled him, to see Kacchan so emotional. So broken. So frustrated with himself. Just like Izuku.

" you still hate yourself?" He whispered, voice wavering. The question lingered between them for seconds, then seconds turned to minutes. "Deku?"

"Yez." Izuku buried his face into Kacchan's chest. He couldn't lie, not to Kacchan. One part of him wanted to be angry and hurt by everything he endured, but the other part of him understood that he was reason for everything going wrong. It was his fault for being Quirkless. It was his fault for being deaf. He was a burden. His deafness was nothing more than an obstacle. An inconvenience. His disability that was a liability for others. Izuku was less than a person that should disappear.

He felt Kacchan lift his chin with his thumb and pointer finger, so they were looking straight into each other's eyes, "All I want, Deku, is for you to like yourself."

"Kacchan..." Izuku turned his head away from Katsuki's gaze with a sigh, "I'm not worff it."

"Yes you are, Deku." He ran his fingers through his blonde spikes with a huff, "I...Deku..let me-please I..shit..I want to make this better. I want your forgiveness."

Izuku glanced at Kacchan, he had that same damn expression when they met the first time in the forest. It's not like Izuku didn't want Kacchan to be friends with him again, but at the same time, he didn't want to burden another person into his life with his problems. Kacchan was going to be miserable if he was with him.

"I do fo'giff you, Kacchan."

"No, Deku. I don't want you to forgive me because you feel like you have to. I have to earn it. It's not going to be a real win, if my ass didn't work for it." He let out a small chuckle, "And I don't care how long it takes. Okay?"


"Don't ever say you forgive me unless you really mean it."


Kacchan held Izuku in his arms for what felt like forever. He couldn't even remember the last time Katsuki hugged him. Feeling him so close, listening to his heartbeat, syncing with his breathing; it made Izuku's own chest beat harder, faster and louder in his ears. He didn't want Kacchan to let him go.



"Do...Do you still hate yurzelff too?"

"Yeah..I still hate me too."



"Can you...stay fo' tonight?"

"...Of course."

Chapter Text

"Hey. Wake up, nerd."

Katsuki felt a small, soft finger poking his cheek repeatedly. He batted the hand away, knowing full well who it was without opening his eyes. "Get outta here, Kouta. I'm sleeping."

"You're in the way. I can't play my Switch cuz you're on the couch. Plus people who are asleep don't talk." The brat proceeded to poke him in the cheek again, so Katsuki pulled his cover over himself. What the hell was with this kid?

"I thought we were cool!" Katsuki whined from underneath the blankets, "It's too early for this shit!"

"I wanna play Breath of the Wild." Kouta grumbled, "I always play my console every Sunday morning and you're in my way."

"Can't you just sit on the floor?" He turned on his side, so his back was facing Kouta, "That's what I did when I was your age."

"Hell no. This isn't the 1980s."

Katsuki swiftly removed the cover from his upper body to give the boy a look, "You little shit, I was born in 1999."

"I know, but at least that got you up." Kouta gave him a shit-eating smirk before he crawled on top of Katsuki's legs to sit down on the couch, "Good to know you're self-conscious about your age. That's more ammunition for me."

"I'm not self-conscious, you ass." Katsuki sat up a bit, so the munchkin could actually sit on the couch cushion and not crush his legs, "What you said was just really fucking stupid."

"That's why I said it." He grabbed his controller from the coffee table and started up the game. Katsuki watched Link run around slicing up Bokoblins and Chuchus for a few minutes before getting up to stretch his legs. He wasn't really a fan of simply watching someone play a video game, but he figured Kouta would rather die than hand him the controller. He walked into the kitchen to grab a water bottle from the fridge.

"Bakugou! Are you stayin' here all day?" Kouta called from the couch.

"No, I have to head back to my apartment and get some shit done at my agency." He smirked as he leaned against the counter. "Why are you asking? Are you gonna miss me if I leave?"

"Eewww. Hell no." Kouta paused the game so he could stick his tongue out at Katsuki, then scrunched up his face in disgust. "Don't even make jokes like that. I'd rather eat a bowl of natto than have you bumming around here all day."

"Damn brat!" Katsuki threw his head back in genuine, loud laughter. He really was like him when Katsuki was a little brat himself. "Someone needs to teach you some goddamn manners."

"Ain't gonna be you that's for sure, Hero." Kouta blew a raspberry at him before sitting back down to play the game. Katsuki would've walked over and wrestled the little brat, if Deku hadn't come out of his room with the wildest bed head he's ever seen. He was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with one hand and scratching his stomach under his shirt with the other.

"Morning, Deku."

"Morneeg." He yawned, "Did you sleep okay?"

"I slept pretty damn good actually. That couch of yours was surprisingly comfortable."

"That'z gud. I waz afwaid you would haff a hard time." He smiled, "Are you staying fo' bweakfazt?"

"Breakfast? Nah, I have to go. I don't have patrol, but I need to get some damn papers done at the agency." He finished the rest of his water bottle before scrunching it in his hand, "Wanted to see you before I go."

"Okay." Izuku fiddled with his thumbs, "Thank you fo' spending the night here."

"No need to thank me, Deku. I had a great time. Maybe you and the brat over there can stay over my place one day."

"Yeah, I'd like that."

Katsuki grabbed his sunglasses from the kitchen table, "Welp, I think it's prime time I get outta here."

"Okay." Izuku walked with Katsuki to the front door to open it for him. How nice. The sun was bright as hell and nearly burned Katsuki's fucking retinas. Geez.

"See you later, Kacchan."

"See you later, nerd." He signed then he jumped off of the banister and used his Quirk to fly to his apartment. He kind of...sort of...just slept in his clothes that he wore yesterday and needed a good, hot shower before he headed off to work. He made it to his apartment in literally no time and didn't waste a second to peel off his clothes when he entered his home. Clouds of steam and the smell of his favorite cinnamon body wash filled the apartment. He felt like a new person and with a quick change of clothes, he was out the door to his agency.


"If I have to stare at this fucking screen for another hour, I swear I'm going to throw this damn computer out the fucking window." Katsuki rubbed his burning eyes with his fingers before rolling backwards in his chair to be as far away as possible from his desk. As soon as he walked through the fucking door, he was bombarded with paperwork by his damn assistant. For the past six hours, he’s been stuck working on this missing villian case. He fucking called it. Apparently, this dirty, low-life criminal who’s been locked up for years managed to break out by killing two prison guards. Fucking peachy.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Zero, but the Police Department wants the Top 5 Pro Heroes to help with this case." His assistant said with another pile of papers in her hands for Katsuki, "I tried to explain to them that you were busy with other things, but they wouldn't budge."

"Fuckin' hell. I don't understand why I need to fill out so many fucking forms! I'm a Pro Hero dammit!" Katsuki had to make sooo many phone calls and emails with the police chief, detectives, the other Pros and the number one Hero himself. It was exhausting. He was ready to throw the goddamn towel if he was going to spend more time on this computer than actually going out to DO something. He pointed to his assistant, "If anything, this should be your job, not mine."

"I'm not having any fun with this either." She shrugged, "Crime is so low nowadays that Pro Heroism is more about documenting every single thing you do than actually saving people."

"That's because fuckers are always ready to sue the same fucking people who risk their lives to save 'em." He groaned, then pulled out his phone from his pocket to check some notifications. "Is that the rest of these damn documents or what?"

"That should be the rest of them. I'll leave you to it, sir. Just call me if you need anything."

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks." He watched her walked out of his office and shut the door behind her. Katsuki needed a fucking break otherwise he was going to blow up his computer, which wouldn’t be the first or last time he’s broken it from pure frustration/boredom.

“Wonder what Deku is doing now?” Katsuki pulled up his contacts to send his friend a quick text message.

[You:] I hope you're having fun building toys. I'm ready to blow my damn brains out filling out all of these stupid forms.

Was it weird that Deku was always on his mind? Katsuki has realized that he’s been slowly revolving his life around him. He visits Deku in his apartment during his lunch breaks from patrol, he texts him every single day and spends his days off with him too. Hell, yesterday was a perfect example of that.

“Maybe it is kind of weird.” Katsuki muttered to himself as he waited for Deku’s response. He's not obsessed with the nerd. At least, he doesn't think so. Katsuki just likes being around him. Hell, who wouldn't want to be around Deku? Deku has incredible knowledge about machinery and Quirks, he's very funny when he wants to be with a laugh that's so fucking contagious and he's so damn compassionate about everything he does. Now, after their conversation last night, Katsuki was more determined than ever to make sure Deku liked himself. His phone vibrated in his hands and a small smile grows across his face when he sees the sender.

[Deku:] I'm not building toys right now. I'm drawing them.

[Deku:] See?

Deku sent him a picture of a badass blueprint of what looked to be a some sort of battle suit. It looked cool as hell.

[You:] Who the hell are you building that suit for and how much money will it cost for me to get one?

[Deku:] A project for Hatsume. Her prototype exploded, so I’m designing the 2.0

[Deku:] Haha. Idk we’re doing this during our free time.

Katsuki was in the process of typing another cheeky response, when he heard multiple loud knocks on his door. “What the fuck do you want? I’m busy.”

The door was kicked open, nearly startling the shit out of Katsuki before he realized that the only morons to bother him in his office were none other than his idiotic friends: Scotch Tape, Dunce Face and the biggest idiot of them all, Shitty Hair. All of them were still in their Hero costumes, meaning they were either just getting ready to leave for patrol or they had just came back from patrol. Based on Katsuki’s luck, it was more than likely the latter.

"Hey, Bro!” The three of them shouted in unison as they surrounded his desk. Sero and Kaminari sat on either sides of his desk, while Kirishima settled on sitting in one of the chairs like a normal fucking human being. Katsuki put his phone in his desk drawer and pinched the bridge of his nose. Why today of all days?

“What do you extras want?”

“No need to be so hostile, man.” Sero gave him that dumb smile, “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen ya.”

“Plus we have some great news for you, bro.” Kaminari added, then turned to Kirishima, “Tell him, dude.”

“Tell me what?”

“It's high time for our manly annual camping trip, Baku-bro!” Kirishima clapped his hands in excitement, but Katsuki was more confused than ever. Camping trip?

“What the hell are you talking about? Annual camping trip?”

“Yeah bro. The Bakusquad go out to the campgrounds every year to hang out.”

“We’ve been doing this every year ever since we graduated.” Kaminari shrugged his shoulders, “Remember dude, we tried to invite you every year, but you always said no.”

“I think we stopped trying when we were all like 21 or something.” Sero added, “You are very, very difficult to convince, man.”

“So why are you guys annoying me about this camping trip now?” Katsuki crossed his arms, “Thought I made myself perfectly clear when I kept saying no.”

“Cuz it was my idea, bro.” Kirishima pointed to himself with that shark-tooth grin of his, “Let’s face it, man, I don’t like that you never want to hang out with the crew. I don’t want to..well..leave you here, while the rest of are having fun.”

“You’re the literal definition of a workaholic.” Sero said, “We heard you’re taking that missing villian case soon, so why not take a little vacation before diving straight first in this investigation?”

Kaminari reached over to ruffle Katsuki’s blonde spikes, “C’mon Katsuki, your personality isn’t garbage anymore like in high school, so I think it’s a perfect opportunity for some more bonding time.”

“Fuck off, Pikachu!” Katsuki slapped his hand away and gave him the finger, “When is this dumb camping trip thing anyway?”

“Towards the end of the month. Three days, two nights and one campsite full of fun.” Kirishima explained, “You can bring anyone you want to, like, uh, that Midoriya guy you told me about! He can bring his kid too.”

“Oh shit, Katsuki has another friend that he hasn’t told us about?” Sero pretended to be shocked and hurt, “I thought we all told each other everything, man.”

“Last time I checked, my life doesn’t revolve around you, dipshits.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, “I have to ask..De..M-Midoriya first. He’s getting new hearing aids and I have to make sure he’ll have them if I decide to go on this trip.”

“That’s fine, bro and if it’s a problem, we’ll just postpone it for a few days. It's no big deal.”

“Oh I see.” Kaminari snickered, “You’re friends with a deaf guy so you can yell and scream all you want and he’ll never be able to hear a goddamn thing you say.”

“Someone wants to get hurt today. Get your ass over here, Dunce Face.” Katsuki stood up from his chair and jumped over his desk to tackle Kaminari to the floor. The moron started to laugh uncontrollably as he tried to release himself from Katsuki’s hold.

“Help! I’m being assaulted!”

Sero and Kirishima laughed as well, “You did this to yourself, bro!”


Katsuki and the Kirishimas walked into his apartment after a long day of paperwork and patrol. Maiya was passed out in Kirishima’s arms because according to her teacher, she along with the Yaoyorozu boys, decided to skip naptime to play Rock-Paper-Scissors under their blankets the entire time.

“She’s always getting into trouble with those damn kids.” Katsuki smirked, “Icy-Hot is raising some brats himself.”

“Honestly, they all influence each other to act out.” Mina grabbed Maiya from her husband, “Remember when Maiya dared Hino to chew that gum they found under the lunch table at school?”

“Or when Rei used his ice Quirk to cover our entire kitchen floor into an ice rink?” Kirishima added, “Took forever to thaw out all of that ice.”

“Yeah, I think I dodged a fucking bullet by not having any damn kids.” Katsuki kicked off his boots, “If you need me, I’ll be in my room. I need to lie down.”

“Gotcha bro. We’ll call you when dinner’s ready.”

Katsuki flopped down on his bed face first into his pillow before flipping over on his back to breathe. A damn camping trip. He’s agreeing to go to a damn camping trip with his stupid friends. As Katsuki dwelled on it, how the hell did he even make friends in high school? He was 100% positive that no one liked him at U.A High.

Katsuki had just demolished that fucking joke, Todoroki Shouto. Looks like that icy bastard wasn’t as much hot shit as he thought. He proudly wore his gold medal the day after the Sports Festival because he fucking earned his win. He said he was going to beat everyone and he fucking proved himself.

Katsuki was always first in the classroom, but decided to leave for the bathroom really quick to clean his medal. When he got back, he stopped in front of the slightly open door when he heard giggling among his classmates.

“What the fuck are they laughing about?” He stood against the wall to listen, like hell he was going to ask what they were talking about. It’s not like they were going to tell him anyway. These dumbass extras never tell him shit.

“I just don’t understand why he acts the way he does.” That sounded like the Earphone Girl, “Like I’m not mad that I lost, I’m happy for him. It’s just I don’t like how much of a sore winner he is.”

“I get what you mean..” That was fucking Round Face, “But, like I don’t want to..say anything. It kind of makes me feel better hearing you guys think the same thing. Heh, heh.”

“His ego is toxic and filled with hatred.” The stupid Bird Boy added, “It’s difficult to not see his harmful behavior towards everyone.”

“He’s so vulgar and such a bully.” Even fucking Ponytail has some shit to say, “It makes me wonder how he was raised, he doesn’t listen to anyone.”

“His personality is shit simple as that.” That sounded like fucking Baggy Eyes, “All he does is sound like an ass.”

“We haven’t even know the guy for that long, so it’s amazing everyone knows his personality is crap mixed with sewage.” Dunce Face said. Then everyone fucking laughed. Those assholes! Bakugou fucking Katsuki was the number one in their class and they had a problem with him? Fuck that! He stomped right in that fucking classroom and the laughter stopped immediately.

“If you low-life shitty fuckers have an issue with me you tell it to my fucking face and not have your dumbass meetings!” He let out explosions in both of his palms with a snarl. “You extras are just jealous that I’m going to be the best Pro Hero here!”

Baggy Eyes stood up to walk up to him and looked him directly in the eye with a bored expression, “We all have an issue with you. Your personality is garbage and everyone in this class would be better off without you. No one likes you. No one wants to be around you. No one is or ever will be jealous of you. Happy?”

The entire class went silent after that, anxiously anticipating for Katsuki’s explosive reaction. But the explosion never came, instead Katsuki uttered a soft, “Fuck you. Fuck all of you.” Then he stomped out of the classroom without grabbing his bag. For the first time in his life, he skipped class and hid in the school library until the bell rang for second period. He went back into the empty classroom and saw on the center of the chalkboard a very large message that was written in several different types of handwriting.


Katsuki grinded his teeth together as he read the message. Those extras didn’t know him. They were in the wrong! Pro Heroes are supposed to be strong! Those bastards were being fucking oversensitive. Fuck! Why were his eyes watering?!

“Fuck them!” Katsuki growled as he kicked the wall in anger causing all of the chalk and erasers on the rack to fall onto the floor. “Shit!”

He quickly picked up all of the chalk and decided to erase the message. It’s not like he could even tell who wrote the fucking thing anyway. He went to his desk to grab his bookbag and all of his books inside his desk were gone. Bastards. Katsuki didn’t have time to look for them he was already late for class. Instead, he wiped his eyes and walked out the room, but not before he slammed the door closed behind him.

“I guess that’s how the old saying goes, what goes around comes around.” Katsuki pulled his phone from his back pocket to his messages again, “I needed to pay for being an asshole. It made sense that nearly everyone pushed me away and I ended up alone.”

[You:] Hey Deku. When will you get your new hearing aids?

[Deku:] I’ll be fitted for them on Wednesday and get them a couple days later. My doctor is pretty fast.

[You:] Perfect. Do you want to meet up on the beach next week?

[Deku:] Yes!


Next Sunday morning, Katsuki was at the Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, waiting under the gazebo for Deku. He was in a red tank top and black jeans with some brown Timberlands. The calm waves crashing against the coastline was nice and peaceful. He was sitting on top of the railing with his hands folded on his lap. He was going ask Deku about this stupid camping trip thing that Shitty Hair was so hyped about. Well, Katsuki knew the real reason Kirishima wanted him to come was because he didn’t trust him to be by himself. He figured Katsuki was going to take the first chance he got to take a plunge over the damn city bridge if he wasn’t there.

“So fucking overprotective.” Katsuki looked up and finally saw Deku on the sidewalk with his phone. He was in a long-sleeved, navy blue button down shirt under a black winter vest, dark denim jeans, those damn red sneakers and his yellow bookbag. Nothing out of the ordinary, but what really amazed Katsuki was Deku’s hair. Something seemed different about, but he was too far away to tell.

“Oi! Deku! I’m over here!” He called as loud as he could as he waved to him. Deku looked up from his phone, as soon as he noticed Katsuki he waved back with a huge smile on his face. Damn nerd. When they finally met each other at the gazebo, Katsuki could clearly see Deku’s hair was being held back by a black headband, revealing his brand new hearing aids as well.

“Hey, Kacchan!” Deku smiled, “What are we-"

"Wait a minute! Before we talk...what's up?" He pointed to Deku's new hairstyle, then pulled his own hair back with his hands, "Your hair. Today, it's held back by a headband."

“ to s-show you.” Deku immediately turned red, blocking his face with his arms, " n-new heawing aidz y-yezterday."

"You got your what?"

"H-Heawing aidz."

"Hearing aids?" Katsuki spoke as he signed. He continued when Izuku nodded his head, "Sweet. Can I see them?"

He reached out for his ear to take one out for him, but Deku flinched away, taking a few steps backwards. He looked just as surprised as Katsuki before giving him a cute chuckle, "Sowwie. Guezz my bodie iz still scared of you."

"Don't apologize. It's okay. It's my fault anyway." He watched Deku walk towards him and pull out his device before putting it in Katsuki’s open hand. It was a pretty large behind-the-ear type of hearing aid. The plastic outer ear piece and the receiver earmold were black in color with orange X’s. Katsuki felt his cheeks burn when it finally hit him what kind of design Deku got for his hearing aids. He couldn’t help but laugh as he gave it back, “You got Ground Zero themed hearing aids? There weren't any better choices?"

Izuku put the hearing aid back into his ear with a smile and signed, "I thought they were cool. I wanted them."

Katsuki shook his head. Deku was going to be the fucking death of him, "So I’m assuming you can hear better with these new ones now?"

"Yeah, alot bettah.” Deku looked away from him, “I-I diden't weelize how deep your voize waz...Kacchan."

“Y-Yeah…” Katsuki cleared his throat, “So, uh, here's the deal. My stupid friends are having this camping trip thing and they said that I could invite another friend and we're friends. Right?"

"Yez." He giggled. “Zoon we’ll be the bezt of fwiendz.”

"Right, so do you wanna go to this stupid camping trip thing with me at the end of the month? You can bring Kouta. It'll be three days and two nights.”

“I’d luff to go Kacchan, I think it’ll be weally fun.” Deku took off his book bag to rummage through it, “I, um, g-got you a pwezent too, Kacchan.”

“A present? For what?”

“The Fwoppie doll.” Deku pulled out a small green gift bag, hands were shaking and the blush across his face made his freckles pop against his skin, “I wanted to giff you a t-thank you gift.”

“Tch. Goddammit, Deku.” Katsuki smirked as he took the bag, “Thanks. Can I open it?”

Deku nodded his head.

He pointed to the bag, “Like right now?”


“Okay, just making sure.” He laughed, then removed the colored paper to reveal the gift. It was a gray knit beanie with a black pom pom on the end of it. It was very soft, stretchy and thick. Everything about it was perfect, so he put it on without a second thought. He signed, “Thank you so much, Deku.”

“Y-You like it? I wazn’t sure about the color, so uh, Kouta picked it fo’ me.”

“I love it.” As soon as Katsuki said those words, Deku looked so happy and so relieved. It made Katsuki smile just from seeing him smile. He never wanted Deku to stop smiling. “C’mon, let’s walk the beach.”

“Wite behind you, Kacchan!”

Chapter Text

The sun was shining. The weather was hot and Katsuki was sitting outside his apartment on the sidewalk waiting for his moronic friends and his niece to pick him up to go to this damn camping trip. His backpack was next to him filled with proper camping gear and clothes.

"This is going to be so freaking stupid." Kouta huffed. He was playing his Switch with his pair of headphones around his neck connected to the console. He was wearing a small bookbag that was more than likely filled with other games. Yup, the bratty munchkin was sitting out here with him too. Katsuki decided it would be an easier carpool for Kirishima if the Midoriyas simply came over his apartment to wait with him. While they watched for Kirishima's van, Deku was inside the apartment getting some extra work done. 

"What's stupid? Your game? You losing or something?" Katsuki looked over Kouta's shoulder to confirm his suspicions, but it was clear Kouta's character was in first place in Mario Kart. 

"What's stupid is this Hero camping trip that you managed to trick Zuzu into going to." 

"Tch, I didn't trick him, Demon." Katsuki rolled his eyes, "He said he wanted to come. All I did was invite him." 

"Well don't expect me to play nice with your stupid Hero friends." He glanced at him with narrowed eyes. "I won't hesitate to spit in their faces." 

"You can do it to Dunce Face." He said without a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "I give you full permission to spit directly into his eyes."

"Who the hell is Dunce Face?" 

"You'll know him when you see him." Katsuki yawned. "If you think this trip is stupid then why did you come anyway? Did Deku force you or something?" 

"No, I could've stayed with my Gramma." He said so matter-of-factly. Which, obviously confused Katsuki even more. "Zuzu doesn't force me to go to places I don't want to."

"Then...Then why the hell are you here?" He raised an eyebrow, "You hate to be around groups of people and you hate Pro Heroes. This camping trip is going to have both of those things." 

"Yes. I am aware." 

"Kouta. Stop bullshitting with me." Katsuki was not in the mood for this kid's mind games. "Why the fuck are you willingly coming to this trip? Are you planning to murder all of my friends?" 

"You wish." Kouta paused his game to look Katsuki straight in the eyes, "I'm only coming to make sure you don't try to make a move on Zuzu."

"WHAT?!" Katsuki yelled. He felt his face burning from embarrassment. Make a move?! Where was this kid getting these accusations? "What the fuck are you talking about, brat?!" 

"Oh brother." Kouta had the nerve to roll his eyes. "I'm talking about how I know you like my Papa." 

"I don't like Deku!" He hissed. His face still on fire, his heart was racing and he felt weak explosions unintentionally emitting from his palms. Motherfucker! This damn brat was making a fool out of him. "Don't say dumb shit like that!" 

"Psh, you're a bad liar. Think about it." Kouta smirked, then proceeded to list off some dumb reasons with his fingers. "You spend all your free time with him by going out to restaurants and stuff, you buy him dumb little gifts and I've noticed you two have been hugging each other good-bye a lot." 

"That doesn't mean I like him, you little shit! W-We're just friends!" 

They were just friends. Kacchan and Deku were friends. Nothing more! Even if for some reason, Katsuki did happen to maybe find Deku a tiny bit attractive, it wouldn't matter anyway because Deku doesn't like him like that! Hell, he isn't even sure if Deku is into men! Not that Katsuki would care because he doesn't have some childish crush on his childhood friend! Kouta was just spouting nonsense. 

"What do you know about crushing on anyone anyway?" He pointed at Kouta. "You're six! You're not supposed to know about this type of shit!"

"Tch. I know about this stuff cuz you're not the first person to try to get with my Papa." Kouta balanced his Switch on his lap to cross his arms, "You ain't special, Bakugou. I've been driving stupid nobodies away from him since he adopted me."

"You evil child." 

"And you're not the first person to call me that." 

"And I probably won't be the last." Katsuki grumbled, "So wait...does that means he's never dated anyone before?" 

"Yup. Before I came into the picture, Gramma told me he just focused on school and work." 

" why are you telling me all of this then?" 

"Because for some reason, Zuzu wants to hang out with you too." Kouta sucked his teeth, "And like I said, you're not the first person to like him, so if you try to screw up anything with him. I can make you disappear just like the others." 

"Jesus Christ." Katsuki sighed. What the fuck was this kid? Who the hell were his parents before Deku? "You act too fucking grown for your age. Are you his son or his damn bodyguard?" 

"I'm both." He smiled. "I don't think you'll mess up, but I do trust you like 20% of the time, so take this as more of a warning than a promise."

"That's honestly a lot more than I thought it would be."

"I'm just full of surprises, ain't I?" 

Kouta unpaused his game again, leaving comfortable silence between the two of them. This gave Katsuki a chance to let the embarrassing blush on his face slowly fade away from his cheeks and his gross sweaty palms to finally stopped emitting explosions on their own. Goddammit, this fucking kid, saying bullshit like that. Katsuki doesn't like Deku! He doesn't have a right to like him! He screwed up any possible romance when he decided to be an absolute asshole to him back then. Katsuki's best bet was to try to be friends and earn Deku's forgiveness. 

After a few minutes, a large red van pulled up in front of them. The driver's window rolled down revealing Kirishima with his long, red hair in a bun with a pair of sunglasses on his head and Mina in the passenger seat next to him.

"Get in, bros. It's camping time." 

"About fucking time, Shitty Hair." Katsuki sent Deku a quick text to let him know their ride was here before walking up to Kirishima's window. "The fuck was taking you jokers so long?" 

"We had to make sure everyone had their stuff together, bro." Kirishima pulled his sunglasses over his eyes, "You guys put your stuff in the trunk and sit it in the back. Baby Girl, Denki and Hanta took the middle row. Hope you're ready for an hour long drive." 

"I'm not." Katsuki groaned as he watched Kouta pull the door open to get inside. "You taking the middle or window seat?" 

"Window." Kouta looked up from his game, "Here comes Zuzu." 

Katsuki turned around to see Deku coming down the stairs with a smile that was filled with so much excitement. Out of the three of them, he was definitely looking forward to this thing the most. Though, Katsuki was pretty sure it was because this was the perfect opportunity to get some autographs from Pro Heroes.

"Hey Kacchan! He signed, "This is going to be fun!"

"I hope so, nerd." Katsuki climbed into the van, followed by Deku. He usually hated sitting in the middle seat, but he knew Deku liked to look out the window during long trips. As soon as Deku shut the door, Kirishima drove away to their destination. 

"Uncle Kat!" Maiya turned around in the middle of her seat in front of him to reach over and poke his forehead. Her hair was in two cute buns with mint green ribbons, "I'm super happy you could finally come!" 

"Me too, Princess." He kissed her forehead, making her giggle. "Now sit down in your seat." 

"Aye, aye, Captain!" 


This camping trip was possibly the worst decision Katsuki has ever made. Here he was sitting in this godforsaken van listening to his idiot friends and niece talk annoyingly loud to one another as they drove closer and closer to the damn campsite. Kouta made sure he couldn't hear a damn thing by having his headphones as loudly as possible to drown out the sound of the ridiculousness that was his friend group. Lucky brat. Katsuki slumped in his seat, bored as hell, while also ready to jump out of this damn vehicle. 

"Okay, okay Denki. What should we play next?" Sero asked, chuckling like a damn child. 

"I don't know, man." Kaminari snickered with him, "I think we played all the road trip games I can think of. What do you think we should play, Mimi?" 

"If I have to listen to Dunce Face and Scotch Tape play I Spy one more goddamn time.." Katsuki grumbled to himself dragging his hands down his face. He felt like he was going to fucking explode. 

"Let's play, Punch Buggy!" Maiya squealed, "I'll start! Punch Buggy, Uncle Han." 

"Ow! No using your Quirk, Mimi!" 

"That's how Daddy and I play, don't be a wimp." 

Katsuki couldn't help snorting at that one, at least his niece was making this road trip a little more bearable. Well, not just his niece, Deku, with his emerald green eyes filled a childlike wonder, would occasionally pulled on his sleeve to point at something he saw out the window. He signed, "Kacchan, look! There's so many tall mountains and the lakes are so beautiful! I think we're getting close to the camp!"

He looked so damn excited with his freckled cheek squished against the glass of the window like a damn puppy. Katsuki smirked at him, signing, "I hope you're right. My legs are falling asleep.

"We're here, everybody!" Kirishima called as he pulled into the empty parking lot of the campgrounds. Looks like the nerd was right. He turned around in the driver's seat with a smile on his face, "Let's get all our stuff and head up. It's gonna be a pretty long hike up the mountain trail." 

Kouta put his Switch and headphones into his bag before opening the van door on his side and hopped out to stretch his arms over his head. "That was probably the worst sixty minutes of my life." 

"Ditto." Katsuki climbed out of the same side as Kouta to get a good look at this damn trail. He had to admit, it looked really fucking nice. The dirt road was leading into the thick, beautiful viridian forest. The sound of birds chirping and the gentle breeze swaying the trees made him feel so calm. The road trip was garbage, but maybe this camping trip wasn't going to be as bad as he thought. 

"Oi, Deku. C'mon! Get outta here and check out this view!" 

Deku emerged from the van with his backpack on his back. His legs were shaking a bit, more than likely from sitting in the same spot for so damn long. Kouta signed, "Are you okay, Zuzu?"

Deku nodded, but after taking two more steps, he fucking tripped. God, he was always so damn clumsy! Luckily, Katsuki caught him just in time by grabbing his biceps. "What the hell, Deku? You trying to bust your damn head open?" 

"Sowwie." He let out a breathless chuckle, "I'm okay." 

"Here. Take this off. Sit down." Katsuki pulled off his bag without even bothering to listen to Deku's inevitable protests of how he was fine. "Don't need you falling down on the hike there." 

"Okay." Deku sat on his bookbag without further comments, but Katsuki could tell he was pouting. Damn nerd. 

"Baku-bro! You guys alright over here?" Kirishima called with their backpacks in hand. The others were right behind him with their camping gear. "Almost thought you guys left without us!" 

He handed Katsuki his bag before facing the group, "Before we go, let's introduce ourselves to the Midoriyas, huh?" 

"Whatever." Katsuki turned to Deku, "Oi, my dumb friends wanna meet you." 

"I know who they are! They're all Pro Heroes!"

"You didn't recognize Shitty Hair the first time you met him." 

"I was so used to seeing him with his mask it didn't even occur to me that was him." He smiled sheepishly and turned to Kirishima, "Sorry, Red Riot."

"Is he apologizing?" Kirishima whispered. Katsuki nodded his head, "Bro, don't worry about it. That's what disguises are for!" 

"Anyway, I'm sure you don't know their real names. So.." Katsuki pointed to each of his stupid friends as he signed, "The blonde one is Kaminari, the tall one is Sero and the pink girl is Mina and you remember Maiya, right?"

Deku nodded his head and waved to everyone, in turn they they waved back. Maiya skipped over to Deku to give him a hug, "Hi, Mr. Midoriya! It's nice to see you again!" 

"Oh brother, enough with the introductions." Kouta raised his voice in a huff, "Can we just go now? You Pro Heroes are so annoying." 

"Kouta! You're still a jerk!" She hugged him too, which absolutely mortified him based on the look on his face. He tried to push her away with his hands, but Maiya was not going to budge. 

"Gross! Ever heard of personal space, Dumb Horns! Get off of me!" 

"I thought we were friends now!" She let go him to put her hands on her hips. "Did me feeding you my favorite food in the whole world meant nothing to you!" 

"What planet are you from?!" 

"Alright, kids, that's enough!" Kirishima clapped his hands to get their attention, "Now that everyone has their stuff, let's get to the camp! The hike is long so try to keep up and don't get separated from the group!" 

"Bro, stop acting like our chaperone." Sero snickered, "We've been to this place for years." 

"Yeah, but Baku-bro and Midoriya haven't, so shut it, bro." He playfully punched Tape Boy in the arm, "Enough messing around, y'all. I wanna get there before sunset." 

"C'mon, Little Mama." Mina said as she held out her hand for Maiya to grab, "Don't let go of my hand, okay? I want you with me." 

"Okay Mommy!" 

Katsuki watched his friends walk ahead while he waited for Deku to put his backpack on. Kouta pulled on Katsuki's shorts, "Hey. I want you to carry me."

"And why the hell would I do that?" 

"Because you did it twice and I don't feel like walking." Kouta pulled on his cap. "And I don't want to be around your crazy niece. She's. Not. Normal."

"Point taken. At least you're honest." Katsuki chuckled as he picked the boy up and sat him on top of his shoulders. He turned to Deku. "You ready to go?" 

"Yez!" Izuku tugged on the straps of his bookbag following him and the rest of the Bakusquad to this campsite. This hike wasn't that long about six or seven miles give or take. The bright rays of the summer sun was seeping through the leaves of the trees. A couple of deer and moose could be seen curiously watching the "silly humans" walking in their territory. The smell of pine trees and soft dirt filled Katsuki's nose. He should probably go on nature walks more often, at least when he had the time.

The entire way he was having all kinds of conversations with Deku. It was amazing how they can easily talk about anything. From what their favorite piece of All Might merch to their most annoying coworkers to who would die first if the three of them were stranded here in the forest.

"Definitely Zuzu." Kouta said quickly. "You overthink like crazy and mumble too much that you'd attract animals." 

"No fair! Kacchaaan!" 

"Gotta go with the brat here, Deku." Katsuki tried to muffle his snickers. "You'd probably get mauled by a bear or something."

"That's exactly how he would die." Kouta laughed. "He would be the one unlucky enough to find a bear." 

"Ha! At least you'd make a good meal for the bear, Deku." 

Izuku crossed his arms and pouted, clearly not amused from their laughter. "You guyz zuck!" 

It was sunset by the time they got to the campsite. It was surrounded by pine trees with another trail leading up to the top of the mountain to let them see a beautiful view of the entire forest. The group saw Dunce Face and Maiya chasing each other around the unlit fire pit, while the Kirishimas and Sero set up everyone's tents. Welp, those ninety minutes of fun and peace were fun while they lasted. 

"Nature will bow to our will!" Kaminari shouted to the sky.

"We are the ultimate hunters!" Maiya yelled as she punched her fists in the air. 

"It's eat or be eaten!" 

"Humans are on top of the food chain!" 

"I'm assuming he's Dunce Face." Kouta asked in an annoyed tone.

"What gave it away?" Katsuki pulled his hand down his face. "The stupidity or the sheer amount of dread you feel when you're around him." 

"You know I can hear you, asshole!" Kaminari called as he was wrestling with Maiya, carrying her under his arm. "Why are you so mean to me? I thought we were bros, bro!"

"I'm not mean. I'm honest." Katsuki rolled his eyes, "Let's face it, you're an idiot, Dunce Face. I still question to this day how you managed to graduate high school." 

"At least I'm a fun idiot." He stuck out his lower lip, "Do you see how he treats me, Mimi? How am I not your favorite uncle?" 

"Everyone is my favorite uncle when I want something!" She laughed, then pointed to a path leading deeper into the forest. "Now let's go on the mountain top! I wanna hear my echo!" 

"Just be back before it starts getting dark!" Kirishima called as he punched a stake from one of the tents into the ground with his Quirk. 

"Okay, Daddy!" 

Katsuki lifted Kouta off of his shoulders to put him on the ground. "You wanna hear your echo on top of the mountain with them, kid?" 

"Absolutely not. No way am I going to be around a stupid Pro and that crazy girl." He shivered at the thought, "She might push me off the cliff by accident." 

"Tch, don't be so overdramatic." 

"Hey, Kat! If you need something to do how about you and Midoriya make dinner?" Mina said, "Ejirou, Hanta and I can finish up with the tents. There's ingredients for curry in my bag." 



Nightfall came along with thousands of stars scattered across the navy blue sky. Everyone was gathered around the warming campfire enjoying their dinner of curry and bottled lemonade, while making fun of each other, talking over one another and laughing between bites. Along with a few bits of gossip of their old classroom that Katsuki absolutely did not care to keep up with. 

"Hey guys, can we just appreciate how Bakugou fucking Katsuki actually came to a Bakusquad Camping Trip?" Sero raised his bottle. "I think that deserves a toast!" 

"Please don-" It was too late. All of them raised their damn bottles, except for Deku and Kouta. Whistling and absurdly loud cheers rose from his friends. 

"Hell yeah! Hooray for Baku-bro!" 

"Good job, Uncle Kat!" 

"I always believed in my heart that he had social skills." 

"Woo! Let's shoot for next year, Kat!" 

"I hate all of you, bastards."

After dinner, it was time for the making of s'mores and plenty of stupid ghost stories from Kaminari and Kirishima. It was already midnight when the fire began to die down, meaning it was time to turn in for the night. The squad told each other good night as they went inside their tents. Kirishima set up three large tents for the crew: one for the Kirishimas, one for Dunce Face and Scotch Tape and one for Katsuki and the Midoriyas. 

"Why can't you sleep outside?" Kouta asked as he unzipped his sleeping bag.  "You smell like an animal and act like one too, Bakugou." 

"Why can't you sleep in the campfire?" Katsuki mocked, "You act like a demon spawn, so I figured it'll remind you of home." 

"Play nize, you two." 

"He started it." 


"I'm just saying." Katsuki laid down in his sleeping bag next to Deku, but Kouta decided to squeeze himself between them. Whatever. He laid there listening to the creatures of the night, crickets chirping and owls hooting, try to lull him to sleep. He turned on his side to get a little more comfortable, then on his stomach a few minutes later, then on his back again. 

"Goddammit." He unzipped his sleeping bag to sit up and noticed Kouta was softly snoring away. Deku was on his side, facing away from him.

"Deku." He whispered, but no response. He raised his voice a bit. "Deku!" 

"Hmm?" He sat up as well with phone in his hands, "Yez Kacchan?" 

"You can't sleep either?" 

"No. That's why I didn't take out my heawing aidz." 

"In that case, you wanna find some constellations with me?" 

"We haffen't done that since we were three." 

"Do you want to?"


They both climbed out of their tent as quietly as possible to not disturb Kouta and sat down on the dirt side by side with each other. The stars were absolutely beautiful as they scattered across the night sky. Katsuki felt very warm all of a sudden, being so close to Deku, he looked down and saw their pinkies were touching. Why were their pinkies touching? He turned his attention back to Deku, his eyes were shining the brightest green he's ever seen. The way he was smiling and gasping as the occasional shooting star flew across the sky.

"Fuck." Katsuki's heart skipped a beat. He did fucking like Deku, denial was one hell of a drug. It didn't matter though, he didn't deserve him anyway.

Chapter Text


Maiya screamed as Kacchan threw her as far and as high as he could into the crystal clear lake, plunging into the water with a mighty splash. When she resurfaced a few seconds later, her entire body was hardened giving her a more monstrous appearance, easily clashing with her adorable white polka-dot cyan one piece swimsuit.

"How was that, Daddy?!" She squealed as she swam over to him and deactivated her Quirk, "I think that one was even better than last time! Don't you think?!" 

"I think so, Baby Girl, but this contest isn't over yet!" He called back to Mina and Kaminari, "Babe! Denki! Think you guys can give me a quick boost?" 

"Hell yes we can!" They laughed, swimming over to grab Kirishima on either sides of him and flung him out to the center of the lake. He hardened his entire body just before impact to cause an explosion of water to erupt. He resurfaced, still in his Unbreakable Form and raised his fist triumphantly amongst the whistles and cheers from his friends and family. 

"Damn you look ugly as hell in that form, Shitty Hair!" Kacchan laughed. "Should start calling it your Unbearable Form." 

Sero bursted into hysterics, "That's it, I'm calling him that from now on! I'm stealing that!"

"Don't hate, Baku-bro, don't hate!" He swam back to the group with his Quirk deactivated. "Try to beat that, Sweetie!"

"Uncle Kat! Uncle Han! Throw me again!" She pointed out towards the center of the lake. "I have to make an even bigger splash than Daddy!" 

"Okay Princess, get your Quirk ready and I'll blast you across the sky." 

"You got it!" 

Izuku smiled as he watched Kacchan and the Bakusquad enjoy the clear, blue waters. In the middle of their afternoon nature walk, Kirishima remembered there was this beautiful body of water in the forest and guided everyone here to have some real summer fun. He was sitting on the grass near the edge of the lake with his feet in the water. He didn't really want to risk losing his hearing aids and decided it would be just as fun to watch from the sidelines. According to Kacchan, the game they were playing was something they did to Kirishima when were teenagers. Then when Maiya manifested her Quirk two years ago, they made sure to include her as well. It was cute, but also a bit dangerous in Izuku's opinion. He definitely had a mini heart attack when he first saw Mina chucking her giggling daughter into the middle of the lake before Kacchan explained everything. 

"I told you she was nuts." Kouta muttered. He was laying his head on Izuku's thigh to keep him company. Such a sweet boy. "What kind of a kid likes to be thrown around like a ragdoll?" 

"Diffewent kidz like diffewent thingz, Kouta." Izuku ran his fingers through his son's hair. "I think she'z cute. She actz juzt like her pawentz." 

"You say that about every kid we meet is cute." 

Izuku snickered, turning his attention back to the group. Kacchan was sitting on top of Sero's shoulders with Maiya in his arms. 

"Get ready for this shit, Princess!" 

"I'm ready!" 

Kacchan lifted Maiya over his head, tilted his himself backwards a bit before hurling her into the center of the lake once again. She plunged into the water with her hardened body, splashing it everywhere with her eruptive cannonball. The squad cheered and applauded the toddler when she resurfaced. 

"Daddy! Mommy! That one! That was most definitely the best one!" She smiled, "My body felt harder than last time when I splashed!" 

"That's great, Baby Girl!" Kirishima scooped up his daughter and raised his hand with his Quirk activated, "Give me a Hard High Five!" 

"Heck yeah!" They slammed their hands together before crashing their hardened foreheads together as well. It was absolutely precious to Izuku to see someone have so much love for their child. Maiya was going to be an amazing Pro Hero with the way Mina and Kirishima were raising her.

"Oi! Deku!" Kacchan swam over in front of them with his hair completely soaked. Then, without warning, shook his head, getting water all over Izuku and Kouta.

"Kacchan!" He laughed, trying to block his face. Kouta crawled over towards Kacchan and pushed him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards into the water. 

"Oh shit!" He shouted before falling into the water. Kouta smirked as he watched him come back up, "What are you? A stupid dog?" 

"No, but you're a brat." Kacchan harshly slapped the surface of the water to create a large wave that completely soaked Kouta. "And now you're wet." 

"Zuzu, can I kill Bakugou now?" Kouta asked as he took off his cap to shake off some of the water. "No one will miss him." 

"Don' zay that Kouta." Izuku chuckled. "I would mizz him." 

"Gross." Kouta crawled back to his spot on Izuku's thigh, while Kacchan stepped out of the water to sit next to Izuku. "I didn't mess up your hearing aids, did I?" 

"No." Izuku signed. "They're waterproof."

"Are you sure you don't want to swim?" Kacchan smirked. "I promise they won't toss you out there like Princess and Shitty Hair. If they try, I'll fucking throttle them." 

"Zuzu is perfectly fine here with me, Bakugou." Kouta flipped over, so his chin was resting on Izuku's thigh and he could face Kacchan. "We were betting on who's gonna die first: the dumb red Hero or the dumb red Hero's daughter." 

"We are not." Izuku snorted. "I don't want to risk the chance of losing them. Hearing aids are expensive, you know." 

"Right, right. Are you...are you having fun, Deku?" 

"Yes. I'm having lots of fun, Kacchan." Izuku was having fun and it was the truth. He was a bit scared about hanging around Pro Heroes for three days, but all of them treated him like one of their own. They were all so compassionate and caring, it would make sense Katsuki would be so close to them. They really did act like one big happy family. 

"That's good, nerd."


"I am so freaking sleepy." Kaminari groaned. It was pretty dark out when the crew got back to the campsite.

"Tomorrow's our last day, bros, so let's make it count." Kirishima yawned. "We need to come up with something super fun."

"Whatever you say, man." Sero said. "Now I'm going to go pass out now." 

Playing in the water gave everyone a good case of swim fatigue, except for the Midoriyas since they didn't swim. It was inevitable that everyone decided to go straight to their sleeping bags in their tents instead of cooking dinner. Well, everyone, but the Izuku, Kouta and Kacchan, the three of them were sitting outside of their tent to watch the clear night sky.

"Aren't you sleepy, Bakugou?" 

"Not really." He stretched his arms over his head. "My arms are just real sore from tossing that damn kid in the water five fucking million times." 

"Hmm." Kouta stood up from the ground and pulled on Izuku's arm. "Zuzu, let's go up on the mountain." 


"Cuz I wanna see the view. Now that Dumb Horns is asleep, I can enjoy it in peace." 

"Kouta." What was Izuku going to do with this boy? He stood up, then stretched his hand out towards Kacchan. "Are you coming with us?" 

"I didn't ask him. I asked you." Kouta pulled on Izuku's other hand. "He can go make friends with poison ivy or something." 

" are a piece of work." Kacchan sighed, clearly trying to hold his tongue, then turned his attention to Izuku. "I'll catch up with you, guys. I want to dry off a bit and change my clothes. I won't take long." 

"Okay." Izuku let himself be dragged by his son towards the trail leading up to the mountaintop. It was kind of funny. Kouta has been acting more clingy than usual during this camping trip. Never leaving Izuku's side for a moment's notice, especially with Kacchan around. Well, Izuku would rather deal with this than his little one threatening the Pro Heroes. 

"Look Zuzu. We made it." Kouta led him further towards the cliff before they sat down side by side. He pointed out to the horizon. "Damn, you can see everything thing up here." 

The moonlight bathed the entire area in a calming, luminous light. The trees were a dark pine green in color and the lake the Pro Heroes were just swimming in reflected the full moon and stars on its surface.

"It'z zo pwettie." 

"It is, ain't it? This might be favorite place in this whole trip. Maybe we should come here again." 

"It would be nize." Izuku smiled with a soft chuckle. "Thank you fo' being a good boy duwing this trwip." 

"I'm not being good." Kouta huffed. "I just haven't decided which Hero to kill yet." 

"That'z not true. You haffen't cauzed anee trouble fo' the Hewoez." Izuku gave his boy a kiss on his forehead, making Kouta groan and blush in embarrassment. "I'm vewy pwoud of you, Kouta. My baby boy." 

"Why do you do these things to meeeee?!" Kouta whined. He fell backwards to lay on the ground and covered his reddened face with his cap, causing Izuku to laugh. 

"Well, ain't that cute?" A deep, gruff voice called from the shadows. Confused, Izuku and Kouta turned around to find the source of the voice that was invading their privacy. Kouta stood up with his fists clenched at his sides, "Hey! Who the heck are you?! Being a creep!" 

"My bad. I guess I am being a bit creepy, right?" What appeared before the Midoriyas was a ridiculously tall, bulky man that wore a black hooded cloak and a white hockey mask. His presence was extremely unnerving. 

As he stomped closer towards them, Izuku stood up as well, to step in front of his son, blocking him with his body. "Can we help you?" 

"Yeah. You can actually." He stopped to tap his mask. "See, I've been on the run for a few weeks now, so I came up here to get away from those fucking police officers and here I find a little family stargazing." 

Of course. A villain. Izuku had to get Kouta out of here. He picked him up, holding him tight in his arms and started to walk backwards towards the trail leading to the campsite. He couldn't risk leaving this villain out of his sight for a second.

"Hey, by the way, you've got a nice hat there, kid." The villain grabbed his mask and threw it over the cliff, revealing his face. He had a large scar covering the left side of his face and a prosthetic eye in his left eye. "Trade me for that lame mask. Been having to wear the damn toy to hide myself, isn't that annoying?" 

"'s him...Muscular." Kouta whispered. He could feel his little one shaking in his arms and clutched onto his shirt as tightly as he could. "He's the one who killed Mama, Papa and Auntie." 

Three years ago, young Kouta and Izuku were sitting together in front of their television when a follow-up report interrupted their show. The news reporter looked devastated as she spoke to the camera. 

"Water Hose. Two Heroes sharing one name. Mandalay. Member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. But these young Heroes' bright futures were cut short by one criminal's heinous actions. A truly tragic story. The villain tried to escape the crime scene but has been apprehended today by a top Pro Hero and will be going to prison for a very, very long time." 

Kouta had a blank expression on his face as he watched the report. It broke Izuku's heart. He couldn't believe this could happen to such a young boy. This villain ruined his life. Izuku was in the Beast's Forest to deliver upgraded Hero gear when the villain made his assault on the Pro Heroes that day. Mandalay told Izuku to protect Kouta with his life and get away from the area as far as possible. Luckily, he did with Kouta completely unharmed, but at what cost?

"Midoriya..." Kouta asked in a small, quiet voice. "Can you change the channel, please?" 

"Okay, Kouta." 

After finding out what happened to his family, Kouta refused to be taken in by the surviving members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. Instead, he wanted Izuku because he wasn't a "stupid Hero" and was Quirkless. The Heroes had no other choice but to give in. Why deny this child's wishes when he's been through so much grief already? Izuku wasn't exactly ready to be a parent yet, after all he was still in school, but he would make it work for Kouta.

"Thank you."

Izuku tried to run towards the camp, but Muscular jumped in front of them. He tore off his cloak to show off excessive amounts of his muscle tissue growing over his biceps, then raised his fist. "Let me get a shot in to cheer up! Come on!" 

Before Muscular could crush them, Izuku leapt out of the way, holding on to his son as tightly as he could. They rolled in the opposite direction with clouds of dust and debris surrounding them. Izuku put Kouta down behind him to guard him. 

"Zuzu, what are you doing?"

Izuku wasn't going to let this man hurt his son. Mandalay had told him to protect him with his life and dammit, he was going to keep that promise. 

"It'z going to be okay, baby." Izuku looked back to wipe his son's tears with his thumb. "I pwomize." 

"You two just keep getting cuter." Muscular scoffed mockingly. "A father trying to save his soon-to-be dead son. This is perfect. I'll make sure to torment you for trying to play the Hero, so show me your blood!"

He didn't waste a second to charge at Izuku with another powerful punch ready. He raised his forearm to block the attack, but was sent flying into the rock of the mountainside behind them. His arm was definitely broken, he felt it snap as soon as he took Muscular's punch.

"Oh whoops." Muscular laughed. "I almost forgot to answer your question. You can help me by letting me know where your little campsite is so I can find Ground Zero." 

"The hell do you want him for?!" Kouta screamed. "He's got nothing to do with us!" 

"I heard him and a bunch of other Heroes at the lake today. I have a beef with him." Muscular went for yet another punch. "He was the one who got me stuck in jail all those years ago!" 

Izuku dodged out of the way as he held on to his broken arm, trying to keep the villain as far from Kouta as possible. He couldn't keep this up, this villain would get bored from him eventually and go after Kouta instead. How could he save his son as a Quirkless nobody?

"Not talking, huh? Fine, have it your way! When I'm done playin' with you, I'll just find him myself!" He kicked Izuku in the stomach, sending him crashing into the mountainside once again. Izuku fell down to the ground face first. He felt a warm wetness running down one side of his face. 

"ZUZU! NO!" 

"Blood! Just what I wanted to see!" Muscular cackled. "This is so fun! You ready to die before your kid? Cuz I am! Why aren't you talking to me?! You're so weird!" 

That muscle Quirk of his so fast. It's so strong. There's nothing Izuku can do. He's Quirkless. He can't counter this! The only thing he can do is be this villain's punching bag and hope the Heroes will come stop him before he kills Kouta. 

"Be honest with yourself, man! Did you seriously think you can beat me?! With the way you're fighting, you either have a stupid useless Quirk or no Quirk at all! I might be doing you a favor by killing you! Let's make this easier for the both of us, huh?"

"Hey!" Kouta threw a rock at Muscular's head. His eyes were filled with tears. "Mama and Papa! Water Hose! Auntie! Mandalay! Did you torment them to?! Before you killed them!" 

"Huh? Oooh, now I know why you two look so familiar!" Muscular laughed. "You got away when I killed those nobodies! They were your family? Ha! Then it must be fate."

"Fate? What are you talking about?!" 

"Water Hose.." He pointed to the prosthetic. "It's thanks to them I have an artificial eye in my left socket right now." 

"This is all your fault!" Kouta cried. "Nothing in this world is right anymore and it's all because of crazy people like you!"

"Hey, it's no good shifting the blame like that, kid." Muscular turned his attention to Kouta and stomped towards him. "It's not like I wanted to kill them because of my eye. I wanted to kill people and they wanted to stop me. It happened due to all of us doin' what we wanted."

"Ain't nothing wrong with wantin' to do something you can't do." He grew more muscle tissue over himself, winded up for a punch. "LIKE YOUR WITTLE MOMMY AND DADDY!" 

"KOUTA!" Izuku screamed. He could barely move, the second impact into the mountainside messed up his back. His son, his baby, his everything was going to be killed in front of his eyes and he couldn't do a damn thing about it. This was a nightmare. An absolute nightmare.



A booming voice yelled before a strong explosion blasted Muscular into the mountainside. Izuku covered his eyes from the lingering dust and when he looked up, he couldn't help crying tears of relief. It was Kacchan. He ran towards Izuku with Kouta clinging onto his back. His eyes widened when he saw how banged up Izuku had become. He sat him up against the wall of rock causing Izuku to hiss in pain. "Oh my god, Deku. I'm sorry I didn't come sooner."

"It'z okay." He used his good arm to hug his son the best he could. Kouta was safe, that's all that mattered. "You didden't know."

Unfortunately, their celebration didn't last long. They looked towards the sound of rocks crumbling to see Muscular had emerged from the mountainside. "Ya miss me?" 

"Of all the nights you decide to show your ugly mug. It had to be tonight." Katsuki glared at him. "Fugitive."

"Being locked up ain't my style, it's very boring in jail." He smirked. "Hope you didn't think that shit would take me down though. But I'll give credit where credit is due. It wasn't bad, Ground Zero!" 

"What are we gonna do, Bakugou?" Kouta was sobbing uncontrollably now, burying his cheek into Izuku's chest. "He's...H-He's so strong! He almost killed Zuzu!" 

"Oi, oi, Kouta." Katsuki rubbed the panicked boy's back. "Everything is going to be okay. I'll kick his ass and save both of you. Just try to stay put."

"You Pros sure do love to mouth off about justice bullshit." Muscular loosened his neck and gave a wicked smile. "But I'm glad to finally meet you Ground Zero. I've been wanting to see your blood for a long time." 

"Wish I could say the same." Kacchan emitted threatening explosions from his palms. "If you wanted to die that badly, all you had to do was ask."

Muscular covered his entire upper body with his muscle tissue and charged at Kacchan to crush him with an earth-shattering punch, but he jumped over it. He kicked him in the face causing the villain slide backwards with his heels digging into the rock. 

"I think playtime is over now, right? You're pretty damn strong, so I need to take you seriously." Muscular snarled, barreling towards him. Just as Kacchan was going to dodge out of his way, Muscular grabbed his leg to slam him into the rock, busting his head open. Then he stomped on one of his legs. A loud snap was heard and Kacchan screamed in agony.


"Fuck! You fuckin' dirty, low-life...asshole! AP Shot: Auto Cannon!" Katsuki rolled onto his back to outstretch one hand, while forming a circle in front of it with his other hand to emit an arsenal of explosive bullets in Muscular's face to stop him from stomping his other leg. 

"You piece of shit!" He screamed, clutching onto his burning face. His skin was steaming and the scar on his left side reopened with blood dripping down his chest. In his rage, he kicked Kacchan in his stomach, sending the Hero flying over the cliff of the mountain. 



"What an asshole, am I right?" Muscular pouted, turning his attention towards the Midoriyas with one hand covering his eye. "Doing that stupid move on my face! That shit hurt!"

"Go away!" Kouta cried. "Leave us alone!" 

"Nah, I feel like attacking now, all of a sudden." Muscular laughed, walking towards them. "You know it goes."

This couldn't be happening. This monster was so determined to take Kouta away from him. Izuku wasn't going to let this villain fulfill his sick fantasy. He was going to protect Kouta with his life.

"" Izuku pushed his son off of him. "Go to camp. Get the otherz." 

"What? No! I'm not leaving you here, Zuzu!" He sobbed. "You'll die!" 

"Kouta...pleeze." He wiped away Kouta's tears. "Just thiz once...lizzen to me. It'z okay. Run. Pleeze." 

"" Kouta whimpered. He held Izuku's hand against his cheek. "I...I won't...I-I can't...I can't lose you too." 

"You guys are making this so much fun for me! I hope you know that!" Muscular used his Quirk to cover his entire body with muscle tissue, giving him a hulking appearance. "If you want, I'll kill you both at the same time. 'Kay?" 

"Like I would let you kill them!" Kacchan yelled from the night sky, using his Quirk to propel him upward. He emitted several explosions to twist his entire body into a colossal-sized tornado before barreling towards Muscular at the speed of a missile. "I'm not the fucking number four Hero for nothing!"


He released the catastrophic explosion onto Muscular before he could even react. The entire area was engulfed with his unbelievable power. Izuku held on to Kouta to prevent him from blowing away due to its strength. Once the dust had cleared, Muscular was down for the count, completely unconscious on his back. Kacchan landed in front of the defeated villain, looking exhausted. 

"K-Kacchan?" Izuku called out.

He slowly hobbled over to Izuku and Kouta with his broken leg, plopped down on his butt next to them with that typical Kacchan smile. "I told you I would kick his ass." 

"Bakugou!" Kouta sobbed into his arms, hugging him as tightly as he could. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Scaring us like that! You idiot!" 

"I kept my promise, yeah?" Kacchan whispered. "It's okay now. I'm here."

Kouta buried his face into Kacchan's stomach. "'re...y-you're my Hero."

Chapter Text

"Fuck..." Katsuki muttered, after all the adrenaline left his body, he was left in an extreme amount of pain. His head was pounding, nearly every muscle was aching, his arms and hands were burning and his leg, holy fuck, his leg. It was throbbing. The skin surrounding the fracture was covered in bluish, purple bruises and grossly swollen. He knew that fucking Muscular bastard snapped his tibia in two when his stomped on him. Fucker. It wasn't the worst pain he's ever experienced during his Hero career, but damn some medical attention would be pretty nice right about now.

"Bakugou, take off your shirt." Kouta said, still laying his head on Katsuki's stomach. He had finally calmed down when everything was said and done. "I'll use it to clean your face. It's covered in blood."

"No problem." Katsuki slipped it off without protest. He actually forgot there was blood on his face, after going through so many battles you just get used to the feeling. Kouta sat up as he took the shirt in one hand and then shot water with his other hand to soak the shirt.

"Holy shit. You have a Quirk?" Katsuki asked in surprise, causing Deku to snicker a little and Kouta to roll his eyes. "All this time...I thought you were Quirkless."

"Yeah, I have a Quirk." Kouta began to wipe down Katsuki's face as gently as possible. The feeling of cool water on his skin felt amazing."I just don't like to use it, dummy."

"Thank you for using it now." Katsuki smirked, "You're the real MVP, Kouta."

"Whatever." The munchkin's cheeks started to blush. He turned away as soon as he was done with Katsuki and moved on to clean off Deku's bloody face. "So what are we gonna do now?"

"That's a good question." Katsuki turned to Deku to assess the severity of his wounds. His arm was broken, his back was injured and he was probably suffering from a bit of head trauma after slamming into the mountainside. Then he shifted his glance to the villian. Muscular was completely unconscious; he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. After all, he was hit with a direct super-hot Howitzer Impact, but Katsuki didn't feel comfortable leaving the Midoriyas here with that insane serial killer.

"Kouta…" He groaned, he really didn't want to have to ask this. "You're gonna have to go to the campsite and get the others for help."

"What? No!" Kouta shook his head, "I'm not leaving Zuzu here."

"I know, kid, but I can't move." He gestured towards his swollen leg. "My leg is broken and I don't want to move your dad. His back is fucked up."

"B-But...he's still there." Kouta pointed to Muscular. "What if he...?"

"He's not gonna wake up, I can assure you that." Katsuki put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "I need you to be brave, Kouta. I promise, I'll keep Deku safe. I won't let anything happen to him."

"Kouta.." Deku cooed as he brushed Kouta's cheek with his thumb. "We'll be waitin' fo' you to get back wiff help."

"Okay...I'll go. You better keep your promise, Bakugou." Kouta stood up, hugged both of them and quickly ran off down the trail to the campsite.

"Deku, can you hear me?" Katsuki asked as he signed. Thankfully, Deku nodded his head a little, so he continued. "Can you tell me what hurts?"

Deku couldn't sign properly due to his arm, so he fingerspelled his answers. "L-E-F-T A-R-M, H-E-A-D-A-C-H-E, B-A-C-K, S-T-O-M-A-C-H."

"Do you feel sleepy?"

Deku nodded his head. Shit. He might have a concussion. It's too dark to check his pupils, so Katsuki will just have to go with the worst case scenario. "Stay with me, Deku. Don't fall asleep. Okay? Keep talking to me."

"Okay, Kacchan." He shifted a bit to sit up straighter against the mountainside, causing him to wince. " I don' think I can aneeway. My back hurtz too much."

"I don't want to take that chance." Katsuki scooted closer to Deku to place the back of his hand on his forehead. "You're burning up, Deku."

"Yeah…" He whined, he coughed a bit before spitting on the ground next to him. "I think we mite haff to cut thiz trip short."

"Are you sure?" He couldn't help playing with Deku's green curls, being careful to not tangle his fingers and hurt him. Some sections were surprisingly soft, while other sections were hardened from dried blood. "I think we could make a wheelchair out of some sticks and rocks or some shit."

"Kacchaaan…" Izuku said attempting to sound annoyed, but he giggled softly afterwards. He tilted his head towards Katsuki's touch with a content sigh, "Zo zillie."

"Katsuki! Midoriya!" That sounded like Shitty Hair calling for them. Katsuki looked up and saw his brother with Kouta on his back, along with the rest of the crew, except for Dunce Face. Kirishima looked very panicked as he kneeled down in front of him, "Bro! Kouta told us what happened. Denki already sent a message to the police and paramedics. They'll be here in twenty."

"Katsuki, was Midoriya already injured when you fought Muscular?" Mina asked as she pulled out a small eyelight from large first aid kit that was strapped around her waist. She sat down next to her husband, in front of Deku and lifted his chin. "Midoriya, sweetie, I'm just gonna shine this light really quick to check your pupils."


"Yeah, he protected Kouta from that bastard before I showed up. He told me his back hurts alot, so don't move him." Katsuki called out to Sero, who was tying up Muscular with his Quirk. "Hanta! What's the status on the villian?!"

"Still knocked out, but he's breathing. You did a real number on him, man. I think he has second degree burns on his face and upper chest area!"

It's times like these that shock Katsuki the most. To see the band of Pro Heroes work as fast and efficiently as they could with limited resources, he was both proud and weirded out. They're all so damn goofy and childish 99% of the time, that it's honestly jarring when they do start to act like the professional first responders they were trained to be. Katsuki never left Deku and Kouta's side until the paramedics came to take them away.


"Forward march and here we go! Members of the Agency Bakugou!" Five year old Katsuki was leading Izuku and his lackeys to the agency in the forest to find some more sidekicks. Izuku was really good at finding beetles, so Katsuki wanted him right behind him as they stomped across the log.

"Sound off, men!" He yelled as he popped out his Quirk with a smile. "Pro Hero King Explosion Murder!"

"Pwo Hewo All Mite Jun-aaAAHH!!" Izuku screamed, slipping off the moss on the log. Katsuki tried to catch him, but missed his hand. Their fingers just barely grazed each other. The boys gasped, helplessly watching their friend splash into the river.

"Oh no!" The capped boy frowned. "Izuku, don't die!"

"Hey?!" The black-haired boy called, "Are you okay down there?"

"Psh, don't worry, guys." The red-winged boy pointed at the river. "Izuku is super tough, see?"

He was right! Izuku did come back up and shook his head to get some of the water off. The boys clapped in relief, "Hurry up, All Might Jr.! We can't find sidekicks without ya!"

Izuku didn't respond to their calls and he wasn't looking up at them, instead he was patting both of his ears. Katsuki's mood quickly soured as he watched Izuku continue to touch his ears until he heard whimpers coming from the boy. He looked up at them teary-eyed and pointed to the water. "Heaweng aidez! Heaweng aidez!"

"What's wrong? Why is he crying?"

"I knew he wouldn't be okay from that fall!"

"I can't understand what he's saying."

Katsuki raised an eyebrow as he continued to watch Izuku frantically splash around in the water. Why was he so upset? He looked closely at Izuku's ear. It was empty...then it clicked. Katsuki threw his stick aside as he screamed, "HE LOST HIS HEARING AIDS IN THE RIVER! WE GOTTA FIND 'EM! HE CAN'T HEAR NOTHING WITHOUT 'EM!"

Without another second to spare, Katsuki jumped into the river with a loud splash. His friends stayed on top of log watching them like helpless citizens. How did they want to be Pro Heroes like All Might, if they were too scared to jump off a dumb log?

"You can find them, Kacchan!"

"Do you think he'll find 'em? Those hearing things are pretty small."

"Of course, he'll find them. He's the best."

Katsuki resurfaced, gasping for air. The river was pretty cold. He glanced at Izuku repeatedly diving into the water to find his hearing aids. Katsuki did the same a couple of times, until he happened to notice two All Might themed hearing aids tangled with a twig under the water. Jackpot! He grabbed them and popped out taking a deep breath with his prize in his hand. "Over here, Izuku! I found them!"

Wait. Izuku was facing away from him and continued to dive underwater. He couldn't hear him. Shoot. Katsuki inhaled, puffing out out his chest to project as loudly as he could.


Katsuki woke up feeling very tired and uncomfortable. The bed was unnaturally stiff and small. He tried to turn on his side until he felt a pinch in the inside of his elbow.

"What the fuck?" It was an IV. He had an IV in his arm. He stared at it in utter confusion longer than he'd like to admit until he remembered he was admitted to the hospital for a villain attack. That Muscular bastard. Deku and Kouta. "My leg, is it..."

He pulled the cover off of himself to see the damage. Surprisingly nothing. No cast. No bruises. No swelling. It was a little sore, but his leg was completely healed. Which was great, but why the hell was he so tired?

"Katsuki! You're awake!" An older woman with familiar emerald green eyes walked into his room with a bedside monitor next to her. She wore navy blue scrubs and had her dark green hair with streaks of gray tied up in a ponytail. "I'm so happy."

"...Ms. Midoriya?" He asked then received a giggle from her in return.

"The one and only." She smiled, "I'm going to be your nurse today."

"That's...okay..." Katsuki felt so uneasy around her. How should he act? What should he say? He couldn't just pretend all the shit he did to her only son didn't happen.

"I'm going to take your vitals now, shouldn't take too long." Inko plugged in the bedside monitor into the wall socket, "How have you been feeling, sweetheart?"

"Pretty tired, I guess."

"I figured, you've been asleep for three days. Any pain, babe?" She wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Katsuki's upper arm and clipped the pulse oximeter on his finger. Then pulled out a small notepad and pen from her pocket. "Scale from zero to ten. Zero being no pain and ten being the worst pain ever?"

"My leg feels a little weird." He kept his eyes on his leg, trying his best to not look at Inko. "K-Kinda sore. Like a two? I guess?"

"I can get you some Aleve for you, if you want?" The monitor ran for a few more seconds before beeping with Katsuki's vitals. Inko muttered as she wrote them down in her notepad. "Blood pressure...110/78, heart rate...78, pulse ox...95. Good vitals all around."

"I'll be fine." Katsuki looked away, feeling a rush of guilt every time he glanced at this woman's face. "It...It doesn't hurt that much."

"Oh honey, it's really no trouble at all." She removed the cuff and oximeter before she let out a small huff, "Katsuki. What's wrong? Is something else bothering you, honey?"

"I-I...aren't you....d-don't you hate me?" Katsuki twiddled his thumbs, "After everything...with D-Deku..and..."

"Hate you? Oh goodness, no! I don't hate you!" She laughed softly, it was near identical to Deku's laugh, then she sighed, "You've done so many great things for my boys. You saved their lives. How could I hate someone like that?"

"Maybe now...but back then. I-I was...absolutely disgusting." His vision went blurry as he stared out in space, digging his fingernails into his hands, "There's no excuse for how I treated Deku when I was a stupid kid."

"Katsuki...even back then I never hated you." She sat on his bedside to hold his cheek, "You weren't stupid, you were just misguided."

"I really do regret what I did back then." He felt a tear fall down his cheek, "I did so many horrible things to him. I...I'm r-really...I'm really sorry about everything."

"You know, when Izuku had told me he found you again, I was really scared that you didn't grow." She kissed his forehead and hugged him tight in her warm embrace, "But you've changed so much, Katsuki. Thank you for coming back into Izuku's life."

A few more tears managed to escape from Katsuki's eyes when Inko hugged him. He didn't know whether or not to hug her back, his hands were hovering over her hips, shaking uncontrollably. Did he really deserve all of this praise? Sure, he wasn't the same kid he was back then, but he was still selfish. He still insulted the people he cared about on a daily basis. He still...he still caused the number one Hero to die because of his incompetence.

"...Y-Yeah.." He whispered and put his hands on his bed in the end, letting Inko hold him as long as she wanted before she parted away.

"And stop crying, honey." She laughed, wiping Katsuki's eyes with a tissue from her pocket, "I'm just as much as a crybaby as Izuku."

"H-How are they?" He perked up, "Deku and Kouta? Are they alright?"

"Kouta's completely fine. Just a few scratches on his knees." Inko looked at her notes from the notepad, "Izuku's nurse told me he's still asleep, but he's fine. Recovery Girl healed both of you and it took quite a bit of energy."

"Can I go see him?" Katsuki asked as he tried to sit up, but Inko stopped him by placing her hand on his chest and lightly pushed him down on the bed.

"No sir, you're not going anywhere. You are strictly on bedrest. Your body still needs rest from Recovery Girl's Quirk."

"I'm only a little sore." He grumbled, sitting up once again, "Deku...he got fuc-messed up more than me. I-I'm fine, really."

"Katsuki, you used really strong explosions in that fight." She used her Quirk to surround Katsuki in a green aura to stop him from moving, "In fact, Recovery Girl had said if you used your Quirk just a few more times, you would've gave yourself nerve damage."

"Oh.." Katsuki looked at his hands, remembering the burning sensation he felt that night, "That makes sense."

"Exactly. Here I'll put the head of the bed up for you if you don't want to lie down." Inko held onto the correct button on the bed rail to sit him up and handed him his call light, "Is there anything else you need, sweetie?"

"Can I...get some water?" His hand moved up to his throat, "My throat is kind of dry."

"I'll be right on that." She unplugged the bedside monitor and walked out of his room with his door opened slightly. Katsuki relaxed in his bed as he looked out the window to view the soft morning sunshine.

"I hope Deku's okay."


It was already twelve in the afternoon and Katsuki was bored as hell as he waited for his lunch tray. There was nothing to watch on his TV and he finished all of the e-books on his phone. The worst part was that he couldn't even move around because he was deemed a high fall risk.

"I fucking hate the hospital." Katsuki whined, throwing his head back against the pillows. How much longer was he going to endure this? He felt a strong vibration coming from the side of his bed. It must've been his phone. "Who's calling me?"

[Shitty Hair]: is calling...

"What the hell does he want?" He swiped his finger across the screen to answer, "Yeah?"

"Ah, Katsuki! You..You're awake!" Kirishima cried with some relieved laughter, "Bro, h-how are you feeling? Are you eating okay? Did Recovery Girl manage to patch you up?"

"...Fine, fine and yes." Katsuki placed his phone between his shoulder and cheek as picked up the bedside remote to play with the height of his bed. "How's everyone else?"

"After they put Muscular in Tartarus, everybody has been pretty good. Maiya drew you a ton of pictures when we come visit you." He sighed, "We really missed you, man. Worried about you."

"I kicked that villain's ass." Katsuki smirked, "Good thing, I came up there when I heard those crashes. Who knows what would've happened if I didn't."

"He did some major damage to you too though. When they brought you in, you had a broken leg, a few broken ribs and skull fracture on your face."

"Damn." Katsuki didn't even remember having trouble breathing when he was talking to Deku. Maybe that's why he was so tired this morning, he was worse than he thought.

"He was a dangerous S-rank villain, not really someone you wanna fight alone." Kirishima let out a small chuckle. It sounded a bit forced, "I-I mean, he could've really, you know, fucked you up even more."

"Didn't matter how much he could've fucked me up." Katsuki put his bed in the lowest position before he stopped messing with it, "All that mattered was that...M-Midoriya and Kouta were alive and safe.

"Bro, Pro Heroes aren't supposed to be-" Kirishima paused, then exhaled sharply on the other end, "N-Never mind, man. I gotta go. My lunch break is nearly over."

"What the fuck? Who stops talking mid-sentence?"

"I do! Forget I said anything. I'll see you later, bro! Get well!" Kirishima said quickly before hanging up on him. Katsuki stared at his phone in confusion. The fuck was up with him? He couldn't dwell on it for too long because he heard his door being knocked on. "Yeah?"

"Bakugou!" Kouta cried as he kicked the door open. He had his spiked cap on and wore a purple long-sleeved polo shirt, khaki shorts that barely covered the Super Mario bandaids on his knees with those navy blue high tops. He was holding his black leather backpack by the straps, "I came here to see if you finally died and now I'm disappointed."

"Well fuck you too, you lil' hellspawn." Katsuki smirked, "You just come here from school?"

"Yeah." Kouta tossed his backpack onto Katsuki's bed before climbing onto it himself to sit next to him. "Gramma picked me up and brought me here. She said I can help around her floor by giving patients water or give the nurses a message when the patient needs something."

"How're you holding up?" Katsuki watched the munchkin take off his cap and balanced it on the corner of one of the bed rails, "Ms. Midoriya tell you about Deku?"

"I'm doing alright. I'm living with Gramma right now." He smiled, "She told me Zuzu is still sleepin' but he'll wake up soon. A couple more days."

"That's great. Nice how things worked out, huh?"

"Yup and I've been meaning to ask you." Kouta grabbed his backpack, opening it to rummage for something, "Why did you save us? You barely know anything about me."

"That's just what Pro Heroes do. We save people. Doesn't matter if we know 'em or not."

"Such a cheesy answer. Typical of a Hero, I guess." Kouta pulled out a large dark green manilla envelope from his backpack. It had [BAKUGOU] written across the back of it in black letters. He shoved the envelope with both of his hands into Katsuki's chest, "Here. I wanted to give this to you."

"What's inside it?"

"Why would I tell you? It's an envelope, stupid, you open it." Kouta hopped off of Katsuki's bed with his bag and walked towards the door without looking back, leaving his cap behind, "I gotta go, so...thanks again."

Kouta shut the door, leaving Katsuki with a bit of anxiety in his chest. "Hope this brat, didn't lace this thing with poison or some shit."

He ripped open the top of the envelope and inside there was a letter that was folded up. He pulled it out and put the envelope aside. The letter was written with a navy blue marker on a thick piece of white construction paper. Kouta's handwriting was very neat.

[Dear Bakugou,]

[At first I really hated you. You were a stupid Hero and you used to bully Zuzu. But after you helped me out when I ran away that one time, I guess you weren't half bad. Even when I kept being mean to you, you weren't rude to me or Zuzu. Now that you saved him, I guess Pro Heroes aren't as bad as I thought. Thanks. You're pretty cool and I trust you about 25% now.]

[From, Kouta]

[P.S. I put a bag of Jolly Ranchers in the envelope. You're welcome.]

[P.S.S. You can date Zuzu. I approve.]

Katsuki couldn't help snickering as he finished the letter. He turned the envelope upside down and sure enough, a small bag of sour Jolly Ranchers fell out. He folded the letter back up and placed it back into the envelope before indulging in his present, popping a blue candy in his mouth.

"This fucking precocious brat."