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Fifteen Minutes

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Damien kicked the gravel down the walkway as he moved towards the school, his hands jammed in his jacket pockets. He was becoming frustrated with himself. He'd finally found a problem he couldn't lie, cheat, murder, or arson his way out of, and he had no idea how to approach it. 

Ever since he'd set eyes on you, he'd known you were made for each other. You were just as bold and crazy as he was, but you also shared his inner softer side; this, you exhibited in your kindness and understanding whenever a whacky new misadventure was hurled you way. 

Plus, Damien had to admit, the whole sexy-fire-djinn aesthetic you had going on definitely got him feeling some type of way. 

Damien worked his shoulders and let out an exasperated huff. If he was honest with himself, he knew he had no idea how to woo you. Every time he was with you, he felt truly alive--sparks flew and the synergy between you couldn't have been more perfect. You always knew exactly what to say to make his heart pound. 

Before he knew it, he was at the school's front gate. Damien let his eyes wander over Spooky High School's façade, watching with mild interest as Juan the Small Magical Latino Cat talked with Liam about art. 

He hopped the gate (quite a feat considering it was at least 10 feet tall) and prowled closer to the front doors. He normally would never set foot inside unless he was forced to, but he wanted to know if you were at your locker yet. He loved watching the effortless, strong grace with which you moved, putting away your books and grabbing your homework. You were surprisingly smart for such a bold monster, but he supposed that was why all of your schemes worked. You had both the intelligence to plan and the boldness to actually execute your shenanigans.

Damien caught the smile that had crept onto his face. He forced his expression into a glare, scaring a couple of cat monsters near the water fountain. He didn't care about them. They weren't you. 

He was disappointed to see that you weren't by your locker. Feeling his mood sour exponentially, he stalked to the bathrooms, feeling his temper boil. He pictured you hanging out with Scott, unable to resist his adorable werewolf charms. This fear ate at him, screwing his face into a permanent growl as he kicked open the bathroom door, startling you out of your thoughts. 

His eyes fell on you and he froze. 

You were halfway through washing your hands of the evidence of your most recent crime. You'd burned graffiti into one of the stall doors, a surprisingly good artistic rendering of your face above the words, One FireLord to Rule Them All. 

You snorted and offered him a half smile. 


"Hey, what's got your panties in a twist?" You flicked off the water, even as it began to evaporate in a little puff of steam. "You look like someone just told you that murder is illegal." 

He bit his lip, catching the blush that was definitely creeping onto his cheeks. 


"I know murder is illegal, I'm not a noob!" He shot back. "That's part of the fun, obviously! I love having excuses to break the law!" 

Damien shut his mouth with an audible clack of his teeth, earning a cute snicker from you. You turned and hopped up onto the counter, crossing your legs and exposing a large swath of thigh to him. He fought to focus on your words. 


"You wouldn't believe the crazy bullshit I went through on my way here," You grinned. "God bless the Monster Scouts, amiright? I never thought I would need to, but I actually encountered like four hyenas on the walk over here. And thanks to my trusty hair comb, I lived to tell the tale." 

You ended your story with a flourish of your foot, drawing Damien's attention back to your very long, very shapely legs. You smirked. 


"But, I digress. I sense you have something that's bugging you, Damien. What's on your mind?" 

Damien swallowed thickly. God, he wanted to fuck you into that counter, right then and there, in that dismal bathroom. 


"I--I guess I was mad over nothing. You know how I get all worked up over stupid shit sometimes." He thanked the stars that he hadn't let the word vomit come spilling out like it normally did. 


"Oh. Is that all?" You raised your eyebrow knowingly, allowing your ankle to barely graze his thigh. 

Damien's pupils blew out, and you let your fangs show in a mischievous grin. Damien had never noticed your fangs. Why would he? He'd never been this close to you before...


"What's the matter, my little Prince of Hell? Cat got your tongue?"

You leaned forward so that he got a very nice view down your dress, revealing your breasts to him in such a way that it took all of his willpower to not turn you over and take you over that sink. He let out a groan and as soon as it started, you broke your spell with a snap. 

You winked at him evilly as you sashayed toward the exit. 


"Sorry, babe--but a girl's gotta get her kicks somehow, right?" You leaned on the doorframe seductively. "After all... anticipation is what makes life worthwhile."


As soon as the door swung shut behind you, Damien collapsed to the tile floor. Fuck, you were dangerous. He should have known you would figure it out at some point. He focused on trying to get rid of his boner, but instead he was forced to remain in the bathrooms for much longer than he would have liked. 

When he finally got it to dissipate, he left the bathrooms a little more cranky than he'd gone in, which was saying something. Damien had been walking towards the cafeteria for lunch when he spotted Scott playing in the football field. Damien narrowed his eyes when he caught sight of your smaller form streaking around Scott, literally running circles around him. 

You were laughing and tossing a frisbee in the air for Scott to chase and catch. He borfed like a good boy, his tail wagging enthusiastically. Damien watched for a little while, fuming as he observed the easy way that the two of you interacted.

Scott was so nice and likeable, he never had to pretend to be someone he wasn't. Scott didn't have any problems making friends. He also didn't have any problems winning your heart, apparently. 

Damien did a double-take. Scott was sitting with you in his lap as you scratched his head and behind his ears, his tail smacking the ground happily. You cooed in admiration, calling him a good boy softly. 

Damien saw red, shutting his eyes and forcing himself to breathe. Steam left his nostrils in little puffs as he attempted to curtail his jealousy. When he opened his eyes again, you were laying on the grass while Scott ran off to bury his fluorescent pink frisbee. Damien let out a sigh of relief, evidently attracting the werewolf's attention at the new sound. 

Scott noticed Damien standing at the edge of the field and sprinted towards his friend, his tongue hanging out and tail wagging. Scott barreled Damien over in a big bear hug slathering his face with wet doggy kisses. 


"Friend Damien!! I'm so happy to see you, bro!! I would ask if you wanted to play Fetch with me and Amira but I already buried my frisbee..." Scott's words came out in a rush of breath, his grin wide as he held his friend in a tight hug.


"Jesus, Scott! What the fuck, man?" Damien barked. 

He finally detached himself from the jaws of love, trying to wipe the slobber from his face. Scott drooped a little, but he quickly recovered as Amira approached.


"I dunno, Damien," You jogged up to meet them, "You look pretty hot when you're all covered in werewolf spit." 

His cheeks flushed pink.


"Shut up, noob! I always look hot!" 


"I think Amira is hot, too! She's covered in literal fire!" Scott added helpfully. 

You laughed and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and an ear scratch, earning Damien's signature Death Glare™️.

Oh, boy. Were you being mean? Absolutely. But considering everything you knew about Damien, the angrier he was, the better it would turn out for you, in the end. He tended to channel his temper into his libido or his fighting, and either way, you were in for a hell of a time. (Wink.)

So, with slightly malicious intent (and genuine affection for your sweet football player) you looped your arm through Scott's and leveled your mischievous stare on Damien. A battle of wills, it would be, then. Let the games begin.



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You slammed the door shut behind you, sliding down to sit on the floor as you struggled to catch your breath. You let your forehead fall to rest on your arms, taking in the silence of the abandoned music room. You'd never been in here before. Probably because Spooky High School didn't really have a band anymore. Turns out, monsters aren't that great at respecting instruments that aren't for murder.

You finally lifted your head to peer into the darkness, spotting several dusty music stands and a bin full of old equipment. You just wanted a break from all of the dating gimmicks and monster shenanigans. Hell, it was fun and all, but you were starting to tire of the chase. 

You weighed your options, thinking back on all of the relationships you'd tediously cultivated within the past few weeks. 


Liam was smart and pretty funny, for an undead vampire. Though his hipster tastes could be insufferable at times, deep down, he really cared genuinely about a few select things. He was well-versed in literature, and he was willing to explain things to you when you asked him about art or culture. Liam kept up a façade of indifference when you were around other monsters, but when alone, he was kind, considerate, thoughtful, and incredibly endearing.


Scott was lovable, adorable, and honestly the sweetest werewolf you'd ever met. His athletic prowess and his eagerness to please would make him a fantastic lover, hands down. Even aside from his ample muscles and his silly nature, he actually made you feel special, no matter what happened. Maybe he was a big dumb goof, but he had made it clear that he wanted to be your big dumb goof.


Oz--the manisfestation of fear that was way cuter than he should have been. The two of you had grown up together, but some time in the ninth grade, you discovered a spark there that hadn't been there before. He was incredibly smart and probably equally as awkward, but he was endlessly patient with you and never failed to be helpful when you had problems of any kind. Plus, you know, you really wanted to know what it felt like to fuck Fear. (It probably also helped that you accidentally saw him naked after Gym one time and the boy was almost indecently hung.)


Calculester. God, he was so nice, it hurt. Even though he saw right through your attempts to woo your classmates, Cal still found the time to befriend you and make you feel loved. Considering he was a robot, that was quite a feat in and of itself. He'd mentioned that he wanted to be with you, that he wanted to upgrade your relationship from "slightly more than friends" to "romantic entanglement". You didn't know how a robot could be so cute, but Cal certainly pulled it off in spades. 


Brian was an odd one, to be sure. A low-key guy who was of very few words, he was still kind as could be. He didn't judge anyone, which was probably why he had no enemies. People seemed comfortable around him, which you found strange as he was a brain-eating carnivore who would probably eat you as soon as look at you (if he was hungry enough). In any case, he was hotter than hell even with flesh rotting away from his face, so you could only imagine how hot he must have been in his human life. 


And then, finally... Damien LaVey. The Prince of Hell. Your head hurt just thinking about that one. He was sexy as fuck, suave, aggressive, and quite detrimental to your health. Damien was a horrible influence, but at the same time, you wanted to just bask in the high that he brought and never come down. His love of arson certainly did nothing to quell your lust... And the way he reacted to you, it was absolutely delicious. You brought Damien to his knees, something that no one had ever thought possible. Though originally you'd thought he and Dahlia would end up together, you'd noticed his attraction to you fairly early on. At first you'd ignored it, spurned it, tamped down your hope... But after watching your spell unfold before your eyes, you couldn't deny how mutual the feelings were.


You banged the back of your head into the door, tamping down your hair so that you wouldn't start a fire. You almost wished this whole Prom Fiasco would resolve itself; perhaps have your one true beloved ask you to prom for once. The more you thought about it, though, you knew that would be impossible. 

However, you still had a substantial amount of time left until prom. 

Instead of choosing right away, you decided to date all of them on a trial basis. Whichever boy stole your heart would be your one and only for as long as they wanted you. 

Still... That didn't mean you couldn't have a little fun along the way.

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A huge weight having been lifted from your conscience, you left the music room with a bounce to your step. The final bell rang and you raced to meet Scott on the football field for your date. He grinned and wagged his tail at seeing you, hopping up to stand and greet you with a soft kiss to your cheek. 

"I'm so happy you remembered me!" 

Your heart ached at the way he said that. As though someone else had forgotten him. 


"Of course, you big goob! I would never forget our first date!" 

Scott's eyes sparkled with mirth at that.

You flopped down onto the blanket with him, offering head scratchies and pets as you waited for the sun to set. To pass the time, Scott talked about the Wolfpack, about his favorite Pocket Humans, and a prank he'd pulled with Polly at lunch. You laughed and kidded around with him, offering your own experiences of the day. 

You'd almost failed a collaborative quiz in AP Murder, but you'd worked together with Vera and were able to pull out a surprise victory. You'd narrowly avoided Principal Giant Spider in the bathrooms. You'd made some money and visited Valerie's shop. 

Before you knew it, the stars were coming out and Scott's eyes widened in wonder. It had gotten cold in the expanse you'd been talking, so Scott shucked off his varsity jacket and pooled it around you without further thought. It was really warm. You snuggled into it with a small smile creeping onto your face at his sweet gesture.


"See that one?" He pointed up at a group of stars near the tree line, "That's Orion. And that one over there is Sagittarius, can you see the archer shape?" 

Scott was so close, you could feel his body heat as you laid next to him on his blanket. The sky was so clear tonight, allowing you to see stars infinitely in every direction. You listened intently, subconsciously curling up closer to his warmth as it got colder. Scott smiled down at you, happy that you trusted him enough to be so close. 

Scott knew you had trouble letting people in, with letting them see you. He could sense your trepidation with trusting people. You'd been hurt so many times that you'd built layers of brick around your heart, walling yourself in to protect your sensitive center. Scott understood how lonely that could be... he knew the courage that it required to try to venture beyond such barriers. Perhaps that was why his heart did little skips when you found yourself practically laying on his chest, snuggling into his warmth so happily. 

That's what he told himself as he began to stroke your back, kissing your forehead softly. 

You stirred in your drowsiness, smiling up at him brilliantly. Your eyes flashed a glowing green in the darkness, drawing his breath in to catch as they met his. You were captivating.


"Amira?" He whispered. 


"Mm?" You burrowed deeper into his chest, clutching at his shirt and feeling it ride up a little beneath you. 


"May I kiss you?" 

Your eyes opened to see his sheepish blush. His hands floated away from your body immediately. Scott looked away in embarrassment. Oh. You suddenly realized why. With a small, suppressed laugh, you sat back, up and off of him so that he could sit up as well. Scott struggled to hide the growing bulge in his pants, wanting your attention to be anywhere but on his (ahem) problem. 


"It's okay, Scott," You giggled. "You can kiss me all you want. But please be warned--you may not want to stop." 

What was said in teasing quickly made the air tense between you. He peeked at you from beneath his lashes, his blue eyes flickering with arousal. Fuck. He didn't realize how much he'd wanted you until you were looking at him like that. Your eyes were full of an unspoken challenge. He could feel the boldness flickering beneath your surface composure. He had to admit, even though he'd never been one to focus on stats, you were a pretty impressive specimen to behold.

Scott moved closer silently, pulling you into his body and letting his lips drift over your own, feather-light and gentle as could be. His hands ghosted over your waist, never dipping too low or going too far without your green light. 

Kissing Scott was unbearably sweet, just like him

You let yourself enjoy his presence for a little while longer, basking in his comfort that was akin to putting on a perfectly broken-in leather jacket.

After a decently appropriate amount of time, you began to pull him on top of you, letting him pin you to the grass with his arms on either side of your head. You dimmed your fire enough that it was mostly coals and embers so you wouldn't hurt him, and began moving your hands up and down his torso. His muscles tensed beneath your fingers, flinching in surprise but soon leaning into your touch enthusiastically.

Scott yelped a little and pulled back to see the unbridled lust in your eyes, the fiendish glow that they held in the low light of the evening. 


"God, you're sexy," You whispered and ran your palm over his cheek affectionately, biting your lip as you looked at him. 

Scott let out a little whimper as he stiffened considerably. He really wanted you to keep going, but he was afraid of what would happen if you did. He greatly appreciated you and your friendship, and as strong as his feelings were for you, he didn't want to ruin such a good relationship. 

But with the way you were beckoning him with your come-hither stare and the heave of your breasts, Scott knew he couldn't hold out long.


"A--Amira..." His breath was heavy as he lowered his face to your neck, inhaling your scent deeply as he let out a little growl. 

You snickered when you noticed his tail was wagging again. 


"You're my good boy, aren't you, Scott?' 

He groaned loudly and you felt his bulge dig into your thigh as he dipped his head to leave trails of kisses over your skin. You ran your hands over his back and arms, letting him kiss your bare shoulder roughly and sucking in a satisfied breath when he let his teeth graze you. His reward was sharp fingernails raking over his back, earning a throaty sound from him as you chuckled as his response. 


"I think we're wearing entirely too much clothing, don't you?"

Scott laughed darkly and managed to rip himself from your skin long enough to lose his shirt before resting over your prone form once more. You lost his jacket and began unzipping your dress, allowing him access to your bare chest and earning a satisfied grunt from Scott. His rough hands were surprisingly gentle as they touched your breasts, his tongue lavishing attention upon your body in a delicious way.

You sighed contentedly, letting your head fall back to rest on the grass. Your eyes fluttered shut with the wonderful stimuli, before a thought struck you that forced your eyes open.

You snorted and sat up, startling Scott considerably.


"Whoa! Amira, is everything okay? Did I upset you?"

You laughed and covered your mouth slightly, trying to hide your smile.


"I just had a thought," You clarified, "If I wanna fuck you, does that make me a furry?"

Scott tilted his head to one side, confusion etched on his face.


"I don't think finding me sexy makes you grow fur...?" His eyes widened as your words dawned on him. "Wait, you want me to--?" 

His eyes darted down to your bare sternum and the mounds of flesh that were barely concealed by your dress. Scott really wanted you to say yes, but he also knew good boys waited until they were given permission... 

You spread your legs invitingly as you unzipped your dress the rest of the way. Your lips curled into a smile. 


"Of course. You're my good boy, aren't you, Scott?" 

You didn't need to tell him twice. Scott lost his remaining clothing and planted himself above you, his chest heaving in excitement as he trailed kisses down your bare torso. He was going to make it as amazing as possible for you, that much he could promise. You would feel nothing but happiness for letting him closer to your heart.

He thought back on a previous conversation he'd had with you not a week prior. 


Hey, baby boy, you'd crooned. What else that tongue do? 

Scott bared his sharp smile. You were sure about to find out. 

With a satisfied moan, Scott slipped his tongue over your slit and raked it up to taste your clit, earning unearthly sounds from you. Scott grabbed your thighs to prevent you from crushing his head, his claws digging into your skin decadently. His own eyelids fluttered as he savored the taste of your arousal. Scott loved everything about you, especially how you tasted. He could only imagine how good you'd feel as you came around him--

Scott uttered a deep, gutteral growl into your core and plunged into your folds, lapping at your insides with such dexterity and precision that you had to wonder just how many times he'd done this. (**AN: Precisely none, as you would later find out, which makes it all the more impressive.**)

He managed to reach your g-spot, making you sputter and gasp for breath; Scott chuckled and increased his pace with enthusiasm. With a final drag along the roof of you, he pulled out with an obscene smack, eliciting a yelp from you that was about four octaves higher than your normal voice. 

Scott let out a low chuckle, his blue eyes piercing into yours as he readjusted his postition to nestle himself over you. 


"You like that?"

With effort, you managed to nod and squeeze his biceps appreciatively. He smirked, something rare on such an innocent and kind face; it was welcome all the same as he dipped his hips to press his arousal into your stomach.


"I think you'll like this even more," Scott breathed into your neck.

You arched into him, pressing your bare breasts into his chest and earning a gutteral growl from him. Scott's eyelids fluttered and you watched his form flicker with waves of power. You glanced behind him to see the moon rising into the sky, not quite full, but close enough to enhance his strength, speed, and stamina considerably. 

His eyes darkened and he gave a breathy sigh. 


"Just remember, Amira--" He met your eyes one last time, "What the wolf wants is just a heightened level of my desires. It's still me, deep down. What the wolf wants, I want." 

You liked the sound of that. 


Chapter Text

Your eyes cracked open in the early morning sunlight, the sound of birdsong in the distance rousing your alarm. You sat up quickly, startling Scott slightly as he inhaled deeply, prying one eyelid open to glance at you. 


"Something wrong?" His voice was cracked and rough. 

As memories from last night flooded back, you understood why. Your lips slipped up into a cocky smile as you sat back to look at his naked form all tangled up in the blankets. 


"Nope. Pops isn't gonna be happy that I didn't come home last night, but who the fuck cares?" You grinned and gave his lips a peck. "Last night was totally worth it." 

His eyes lid shut and he pulled you down on top of him, pinning you to his chest as he kissed you sweetly. You tasted metal on his lips, but that only made you snicker. 


"Damn, boy. That wolf of yours is wild. You should let him out to play more often." You wiggled your eyebrows and nibbled on Scott's earlobe, earning a nervous chuckle from him. 


"That's precisely why I don't let him out more often." He growled softly at the feeling of your teeth scraping his skin lightly. "Are you asking for round... what, twenty-six?" 

You giggled and gripped his chest hair playfully. 


"My! Does Scott suddenly become more astute after sex?"

He nudged you off of him a little, humor in his eyes. 


"Maybe. You wanna go again and find out?"

You scrunched up your face dramatically as though thinking hard about it before grinning evilly and shaking your head. 


"Mmm... Nah." You hopped up and stretched in the early morning sun, your skin winking at him with your combined sweat. Claw marks riddled your back and legs, but nothing too deep or painful. Just enough for it to be fun... and draw a little blood. 

Scott blushed at how many there were all over your body, most notably on the backs of your thighs where he'd held you. He caught flashes of last night, of his aggression and domination, but also of the thrill you gave him when you dominated him. The high of tasting your blood had been pure ecstasy. Not to mention how many different positions he'd known you...

He shook himself from his daze, his hair standing on end. He caught several familiar scents nearby and closing. 

Scott tossed you your clothes and his jacket, putting his finger to his lips in a warning. He stood and pulled on his pants, sniffing and searching all the while. He could discern several wolves, but also--


"SCOTT! What are you doing out here this early, bro? We didn't even tell you about Coach's new early-morning training program, did we?" The Wolfpack froze as they got closer, sniffing the air suspiciously. 

Their eyes widened as they recognized Scott's scent all over you, in more ways than one. His musk could be sensed on you as well, marking you as his mate. The Wolfpack glanced between you and Scott, their tiny brains putting the pieces together. 


"Bro... did you--?"


"We had a nice date last night, bros. No need to get all freaked out." Scott stepped in front of you, an unspoken challenge in his eyes as he dared his brothers and cousins to speak against him. 

You could feel the dominance radiating off of him, from the strong, straight arch to his back to the way his fists were held at his sides. It was so fucking hot.


"If it was just a date, why does she smell like--!" The center wolf was silenced by a swift punch to the face, causing the other wolves to step off immediately. 

He stared at Scott, appalled. Dumbstruck, more like. 


"You're gonna leave the field and wait for me in the locker room. Right, bro?" Scott's eyes were narrowed, his teeth bared. 

He was daring them to step one toe out of line, give him any reason to set them in their place. The other wolves watched in anticipation, bristling in excitement. Perhaps there would even be a blood feud.


"What, are you losers attacking my friends?" Your head snapped to Damien, approaching all of you, rolling up his sleeves and balling his fists. "You wanna fucking scram before I murder this entire litter?!"

Fire erupted at his fists and ringing his head in a halo of death, his eyes lit in sadistic pleasure as the Wolfpack shrunk back noticeably. You whimpered softly, rubbing your thighs together. Fuck, why did all of your friends have to be so hot??

Damien smacked his fists together menacingly, some of the wolves snarling or snapping their jaws at him. 


"I've got this handled, but thank you, Friend Damien." Scott's voice was more dangerous than you'd ever heard it. 

When someone as nice, pure, and thoughtful as Scott let his voice carry the threat of life and limb, you knew you were fucked. The Wolfpack seemed to recognize this as the middle wolf snarled and lowered his head in deference. 


"There's no problem here, bros." He spun around and led his family and team to the locker room to wait for Scott. 

Once they were out of earshot, Scott's shoulders relaxed considerably. 


"Thanks for jumping in there, bro. I don't know how well I would have done if they actually challenged me for the rights to the pack." Scott's smile returned to his face before he noticed Damien's eyes were locked on you. 

More specifically, on the scratches that were slowly disappearing from your skin as Scott spoke. On the unmistakable scent emanating from between your legs as you ground them together. Damien smirked evilly at this fact. 


"Damn, Amira. You little vixen. Smells like you're a sadist, a masochist, or both." He let his fangs show, earning an audible breath from you. 

Scott laughed robustly and nodded slightly. 


"Can confirm."

Damien's eyes shot to Scott, remembering the scratches that had started to disappear completely. His smile disappeared, all hints of teasing gone. You sensed the sudden tension in the air and jumped into action. 


"Scott, you better go meet your team. They're gonna wanna have a chat with you." 

Scott sighed and began packing up his things. 


"You're probably right. But then again, you always are, Amira." He kissed your cheek once. "Would you like me to take you home first?" 

You smiled at his kindness. 


"Thank you, but no. Stop stalling." You indicated to the locker room. "Go get 'em."

Scott nodded to both of you before sprinting off to catch up with his pack. 

Damien could feel roaring in his ears. He wanted to rip Scott limb from limb. Eviscerate him. Hang him from his toes with his own entrails. You came into his line of sight, dispelling the roaring somewhat and bringing him back into focus. 


"Well? You gonna just stand there or escort me home?" 

Both of you started walking, Damien seeing red. 


"Why?" This was all he said. No curses, no screaming, no fire. It almost hurt more than his righteous fury would have. 

You shrugged, feeling shame and regret begin to tug at the edges of your senses. 


"I wasn't sure." You kicked a rock down the road, watching as it bounced among thousands of its brothers to settle in among the gravel. "I've been really confused lately. So many monsters have been vying for my attention, it was starting to weigh on me. I didn't know who to choose." 

You paused, trying to put it into words. 


"I wanted to test it. See if Scott was really for me. He's not, but I had a hell of a time finding out. I guess right now, I'm going through test drives. Playing with each one to see if they're 'the one' or not. Having fun with it. Trying to make sense of this mess of emotions I have in my chest."

You looked up from the gravel road to see Damien's face no longer blank, but somewhat... understanding. He twisted his face into a frown, as though fighting with himself, before stopping and looking directly at your face. You stopped a few paces ahead of him, watching as he closed the distance between you. 

The kiss was at first confessional, but quickly devolved into something much hotter and more aggressive. You tore at his t-shirt, your nails sinking into his flesh in a delicious way. He pulled back, panting, a smug smile on his face as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. 


"You can't deny you fucking loved that, noob." 

You snorted. 


"Of course not. Why would I deny something like that? Haven't I been 100% upfront with you whenever you actually ask?" 

Damien fell silent for a moment at that. 


"Yes, I like you a lot, Damien. Hell, if I wasn't still so sore from last night, I would absolutely be tempted to fuck you right here in these woods. I'm just trying to figure out where my liking of everyone else falls, as well. Scott isn't it, but he's fun. Once I've gone on down the line, I'll let you know where you stand. Deal?"

Damien crossed his arms and glared at you. 


"You know how fuckin' jealous I get, right?"


"I wouldn't have it any other way," You grinned at him. "You're pretty hot when you're annoyed. But then again, you're always hot."

Damien blushed and coughed, avoiding your eyes as he shuffled on his feet. 


"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself, for a djinn." He gave you a side-eye, smirking as you watched your reaction. 

You didn't give in to the bait though, merely inspecting your love interest with sharp green eyes and a smile that could kill. He finally relented to your persuasion skills, falling in step beside you and throwing an arm around your shoulders. 


"Alright, I'll forgive you, loser--mostly because I have high-key respect for you considering the balls it took to be honest with me of all people." Damien shoved his hands in his pockets, eyeing you. "Still--whatever decision you come to, my offer still stands." 

You squinted at him in confusion. 


"Which offer?"

He rolled his eyes. 


"Prom, noob! Prom, filled with shenanigans, murder, and arson!" He let his fangs flash with each word, spiking your arousal. 

Fuck, he could smell it on you. 


"Oh! Yeah, of course. You're my first runner-up, LaVey." You winked. 



You giggled, wrapping your arm around his back. 


"Of course! Nobody can compete with Calculester," You teased.

Damien paused, his eyes narrowing. He glared at you, baring his teeth in an only slightly playful manner. 


"Oh, so my creation surpasses me? What kind of bullshit is this!?" He snorted in rage, his claws digging into your skin. 


"It's called teasing, you dork," You rolled your eyes. "If you weren't such a hothead, maybe you'd have more friends!" 


"Who the hell are you calling a hothead? You've got actual fire on your scalp!" He pulled you closer, still. "And I have more friends than you, dipshit."

You only shrugged and slipped from his grasp as you came to the fork in the road that led to your house. Damien lamented the absence of your heat, but he tried to hide it from his face. Despite his attempted deceit, you saw the loss on his face. It made you want to smile. 


"I'll see you in class, Damien." You let the promise hang in the air between you as you disappeared into the trees. 



Chapter Text

You grunted and ground yourself harder onto Liam, his cheeks flushing grey as he grasped at your flesh urgently. He whimpered in desperation, his claws digging into your skin, his eyes searching yours as he silently asked for your permission. 

With a lewd moan, you nodded and threw your head back. Liam's eyes flashed red as his mouth attached itself to your jugular, lapping briskly at the lifeblood coursing through your veins. He fed on you for a long moment, his breathing erratic and his touch warming rapidly. His skin quickly went from ice to fire, his body surging with a vitality hitherto unexperienced by anyone.

He forced himself to detach before bleeding you dry, healing your wounds and quickly applying his sudden energy to your lovemaking. Your head lolled once, your eyelids fluttering before you whined in pleasure at his increased pace. His hands touched you so expertly, so precisely, you knew he couldn't be new to this. 

Your arms wrapped around his neck to steady yourself as he pounded into you, giving you access to his ears. You nibbled on his left lobe, toying with his gauges and forcing his hips to stutter as he let out a raggedy, satisfied breath. 


"I--it's been so long... since I've been close to anyone like this..." Liam's words were soft and reverent, so different from the sinful nature of the rest of his body. "Amira..."

You shuddered at your name, clutching to him for dear life as he sank back into you heavily, forcing the breath out of you as he pressed you into the cushions of the couch. Though you enjoyed the domination that the usually-demure Liam was exhibiting, you had to let out a tiny growl to remind him just who he was dealing with. 

His eyebrow quirked knowingly and he slowed his pace to slightly-above-human, (which could be considered almost a crawl for him) and he let you flip him underneath of you. With the roles reversed, Liam eyed you with hunger, but this time, he stilled as you took control. Your thighs gripped his hips roughly, your magic coursing through you as you let your noises raise in volume at your own pace. Your right hand flew down to your clit and your left went to Liam's nipple, earning a surprised sound from Liam. 

You bucked your hips in a hard forward and backward motion, making Liam throw his head back in a needy mewl. With a final, satisfied grunt, you yanked yourself off of him. He wheezed at the sudden absence, his eyes dark and narrow. 


"Excuse you," He growled. "Who gave you permission to stop? I haven't made you orgasm yet. Get back over here." 

You snickered. 


"Whoa, down, boy. I wondered what my blood would do to you." You chuckled at his confusion. "My blood is coursing with magic, dumbass. It's apparently like giving you an energy drink." 

You hummed in satisfaction.


"Not that I'm complaining." You shot him a wink before rolling closer to him. 

His hand shot out to pull you on top of his chest, his grin sharp and mischievous.


"You're not escaping me that easily, Rashid," He growled.

You smirked down at him.


"I expected nothing less from you, Sparkles."

His ears burned with your blood and he stuttered in frustration.


"Wh--You know vampires don't sparkle!" 

You cackled but stopped abruptly when his fingers found your clit, your breath hitching sharply as he gently massaged you. 


"I'm sorry, what was that?" He purred. "I'm afraid I can't hear you." 


"V-v--vampires don't really--hah--sparkle--Liam," You managed. 

He clucked his tongue in approval and patted your ass affectionately. His fingertips entered your opening one by one, his grin predatory in the half-darkness. 


"That's better, now, isn't it?" 

You sighed in contentment, letting your head fall and your chin to hit your chest. Your eyelids fluttered as you looked down at Liam from his position beneath your thighs, pleasuring you with your blood on his shirt and dribbling down his neck. To the rose petals scattered on the floor. The spilled wine from when Liam had initially bowled you over with his kiss. The dying candles, the setting sun...

You let your hands travel to grip Liam's dick, running your hands up and down his length in a teasing manner. He grunted.


"It's useless to try to make me ejaculate, Amira. I don't produce semen anymore."

You smirked.


"Just because you don't have it doesn't mean you're not getting pleasure from my touch. I want to make you quiver and squirm underneath me, Liam." 

His eyelids slid shut and he increased his pace with your clit and inside you, letting out a satisfied cry as you flicked his head and let your fingers work their magic. 

The only signal that he came was pulsing in his cock and a sudden shudder through him. His dick softened in your hand and you let go with a triumphant grin. Once Liam stopped twitching, he remembered where he was and he suddenly tweaked your clit, sending you over the edge at last. 

He sighed in disappointment, even as you collapsed onto his chest. 


"You shouldn't have made me orgasm first, Amira. I wanted to make you come undone in multiple ways..." 

He sounded so dejected, like a child who had been denied a chance to impress. You clucked your tongue and snuggled against his chest, your bare breasts pressing into his skin tantalizingly. 


"You've made me very happy today, Liam. I love you. You're amazing. But we should probably go back to class... meh, at some point." 

Liam's eyelids flew open as he came back into himself, suddenly aware of the situation at hand. 


"Fuck!" He sat up, his hand supporting your back. "You're right! How long have we been gone?" 

You glanced at your EyeWatch sitting amongst your clothes.


"I dunno, maybe an hour." You shrugged as you continued to wrap your arms around his bare, muscled body. "We didn't miss anything important. You had, what, Monster Ethics? You've got that in spades, anyways. I just had a shitty math class that I'm literally passing with my eyes closed. It's fine." 

You kissed his collarbone sweetly. 


"If we stay longer, we could cuddle and make out."

Liam visibly fought with himself as he considered what to do. He sincerely didn't want to miss his Drama class, but he also didn't want to end the feeling of you pressed to him. With an irritated grunt, he fell back onto the couch. You snickered. 


"There's the Liam I know and love." 



You left the deserted teacher's lounge with flushed cheeks and a lot of bite marks. It's not like it was a big deal, you healed pretty heckin' fast--but when Damien noticed, you could practically imagine steam shooting out of his ears for how angry he was. He nearly roared at you, baring his teeth in a way that, were it anyone else, would have given them a heart attack--but you didn't show any reaction at all. Your flame fluttered under his angry breath, but otherwise, you remained expressionless. 


"You done yet?"


"Who the fuck was it this time?!"

You rolled your eyes.


"Please. Fang marks? Use half a brain, Damien."

He dragged a hand down his face. His voice was uncharacteristically soft.


"Goddamn it, Liam." He sighed and planted his hands on his hips, regarding you silently.  "Do you love him?"

You paused at that, chewing your lip thoughtfully. 


"I... I don't know. I think I feel very strongly for him, but I think it's lust more than anything else. I think I love him, but I'm not in love with him." 

You lifted your jade gaze up to his face, your expression open and pensive. Damien let out a soft breath and pulled you into his chest in an unexpected embrace. It wasn't sexual, or aggressive, but... almost... sweet.


"Nothing you could do would make me hate you," Damien mumbled. "No matter what, I want you to be happy. If it isn't me, then I just want you to know... it's okay." 

He cupped the back of your neck like a child, stroking you comfortingly, offering solace you didn't know you needed. You took a moment to melt into his arms, feeling the silent tears fall from your eyes for reasons you were unsure of. Damien simply held you, knowing what his girl needed from him in that moment. 

For that one, blissful moment in time, you felt the fear and despair slip away from you. Depression's dark grasp slinked away from Damien's light, and for once in your life, you truly didn't want to die.




Chapter Text

You blinked and took a deep breath, seemingly breaking the trance that Damien had been in. He roused from his previous comforting state and managed to pull away far enough to fixate a glare on you. 


"I swear to heaven, Amira, if you fuck this shit up, I'm coming for you. Go get that shadowy piece of ass." 

He shot you an evil wink and smacked your ass before he disappeared in a puff of black smoke and the smell of brimstone. 

Speak of the devil. The object of your affections materialized down the hall from you, his white orbs falling upon you with a sly expression. Despite the blush tinging your cheeks, you strode forward confidently to meet one of your favorite classmates halfway. 


"Hey, there, stranger." His voice was surprisingly calming and smooth. You know. For the physical manifestation of fear. 

Your smile came easily as you fell into step beside him. 


"Did you do the homework?" Oz quirked his eyebrow when you didn't answer. "Ah. Should've guessed." 

He held back a snicker. As fascinating a subject as Monsters in Literature was, you could never seem to make the dusty old books as riveting as the retellings that your teacher made them seem. Oz was a bit of a goody-two-shoes and a teacher's pet, but he definitely understood where you were coming from. 


"It's not my fault," You muttered under your breath. 

He turned to glance at you curiously, laughter in his eyes and in his voice when he asked what you meant. 


"I mean, it's so hard to focus on what the professor is saying when giving out the homework. It's not like she grades them anyways." You shot him a knowing sidelong look. "Especially when my view is so distracting."

You usually sat behind Oz in your class together. He often spun around in his seat to talk to you or help you with the work, so it took less than half a brain to know exactly what you were talking about.

Oz had paused outside of your Monsters in Literature classroom, 602. He was eyeing you with an unfathomable expression (mostly because his mouth wasn't easy to see--he was literally darkness) and seemed unable to speak. 

Well, it wasn't surprising. You'd accidentally grazed him with a haphazard flick of the wrist, unbeknownst to you. But the monster standing in the hallway was regarding you as though his entire worldview had shifted. Sure, he'd always thought Amira was way too attractive for her own good--but he'd never suspected he would see what he was definitely recognizing as lust in your eyes. After all, Oz had always shipped you and Damien more than he'd given purchase to his wild fantasies. 

But in that moment, life clicked into perspective. You'd always been extremely flirtatious. Oz had previously chalked it up to your personality--a monster as bold and charming as you couldn't be blamed for anything of the sort--but as he took that brief reprieve in his mind to reassess his relationship with you, he discovered he had been a total fool. 

Oz blinked and let out a flustered breath, gaze finally focusing on you after a long minute. 


"Amira..." He coughed as a blush spread over his inky cheeks, eyes widening with the audacity of what he was about to do. "You wouldn't happen to have a date for Prom, now, would you?"

You quickly overcame your shock, letting a soft smile cross your face as you slipped your hand in his.


"I have nothing of the sort, Oz." 



Damien had to control himself as he watched you hold Oz's hand. He was five minutes late to Monsters in Literature, as always--but he hadn't expected to see the two of you making goo-goo eyes at each other in front of the door. 

His mood immediately soured, Damien stormed off in the opposite direction. He didn't open his eyes until he was alone in the bathrooms, grinding his teeth and eliciting a low, dangerous snarl. 

Damien noticed drops of black on the sink basin and his gaze darted to his reflection. Inky streaks marred his perfect crimson face, evidence of his shame. He hissed softly as he dashed away the tears with the back of his hand. He didn't understand why he was feeling so much anguish over such a small, innocent touch.

You could fuck as many guys as you wanted. You were a free woman. You were an independent monster with needs that he knew he couldn't always fulfill. He could understand that.

But that one small intimacy... 

He lifted his gaze back to his reflection, over the broken horn and studying himself as realization slowly dawned on him with the weight of the world. 

Damien loved you.

As far as he was concerned, no one else deserved to see you vulnerable, hurt, or sad. He wanted to be your rock, your steadfast point on the horizon, the thing that cemented your reality. 

He wanted to be your one and only. 

Once this realization hit, everything was so painfully obvious. 

I love her. I love her. I love her. 

He whispered it over and over like a prayer, seeking comfort in his weakness. After all, that's what you'd always been.

So, that was no longer a question. But, where could he go from here? Once he was aware of just how hopeless he was, Damien was completely adrift. He didn’t know where to turn, how to react, what to say.

Would it be cowardly to keep it to himself? Would you take it as false bravery if he didn’t? Damien couldn’t bear the thought of you seeing him in a negative light. If it was his actions, he could understand you thinking of him as an idiot. He was used to making dumb decisions. But when it came to you, all he wanted was to make the right ones. 


Damien was completely and utterly fucked.


You crushed Oz against your locker, your leg hooking around his hip as he ground himself into you. Oz had never considered that this was an actual possibility, but now that he was in the thick of it, he was in absolute heaven. You were the only one that he’d ever felt attraction to other than Damien (and the longer he thought about it, maybe he definitely had a type). Oz moaned into your kiss, pressing his erection into your clothed slit. Denim collided with denim, the friction delicious but not nearly enough. 

“Party tree. Now.” You hissed under your breath. 

With the endlessly useful djinn powers you’d inherited from your dearly departed mother, you found yourself being pressed into the bark of the party tree outside. Oz snickered when he became aware of this fact.


“Well, isn’t this an interesting development...” Oz playfully nibbled at your earlobe, his smugness peeking through his tone. “Just couldn’t wait to get me alone, huh, you little vixen?” 

You keened in response, grabbing a fistful of his hair to force his head back and expose his neck to your eager lips. You peppered his skin with kisses, pulling his flesh between your teeth in a sinfully delectable way. 

Oz had to admit, this was already getting steamier than anything he’d ever imagined himself getting into. He panted needily, his arousal mounting to where it was almost painful. 

“Amira... God, fuck—!” Oz grunted and grabbed your thighs, wrapping them around his hips as he raked his nails up your sides to claw at your shirt. 

Oz wanted you. With this realization, Oz snickered into your neck and pulled back long enough to fixate you with a mischievous look. 

“Amira, are you afraid of me?” 

You met his smile with a cocky snarl. 

“Fear is for the weak. You don’t scare me any more than a butterfly.” 

Oz considered your answer. 

“Hmm. Maybe I want you to be weak.”

His features didn’t change at all. His expression remained the same. Oz was absolutely as he’d always been. But all of a sudden, you could feel all of the hairs on your body stand on end. The deep, insidious fear that you felt earned a sharp whimper from you before Oz eased back on his influence. 

“That’s what I’m protecting everyone from all of the time,” He whispered. His forehead came to rest against yours, his hands coming up to stroke your arms comfortingly. “Don’t worry, I won’t do that to you again. Not unless you ask.” 

Oz’s sigh snapped you out of your reverie, your open observation interrupted as you shot him a wicked grin. 

“Oz, you’re an even better person than I gave you credit for. Which is a feat, because I practically ranked you right next to Vicky.” You rotated your hips, reminding him of the position the two of you were in. “As much as I enjoy naughtiness, a bit of old-fashioned altruism can be just as hot, baby.” 

At his questioning eyes, you laughed and bucked your hips. 

“Just—shut up and fuck me, Oz!”

He didn't need anything more than that. Oz immediately set to work, removing your clothes in a frenzy. It was almost 2:00, which meant the afternoon ravers would be here soon enough. 

Oz took a moment to admire your naked form before he surged forward to kiss you with fervor. No one had felt him before and stayed long enough for him to stop. Perhaps your resolve was what made his loins stir, or perhaps it was the bedroom eyes you’d been giving him for so long—whatever the reason, he now found himself buried to the hilt in your delicious heat. 

He moaned into your breast, his hands praising your body in the way that only a pure romantic could. Oz rolled his hips slowly, painfully, but so sweetly all the same. His whole purpose was to make you feel amazing, which he was surprisingly fulfilling quite well for being a virgin before today. 

You dug your fingernails into the inky darkness of his shoulders, arching your breasts into his chest and earning sounds from Oz that were driving you crazy. You picked up your pace and guided his fingers down to your clit. Oz seemed reverent as he inflicted pleasure upon you, watching you with wide eyes that couldn’t get enough of your bliss. 

Oz had to admit, this was better than anything he could have cooked up in his crappy imagination. If this was how good you felt, he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t tried this sooner. Fuck being abstinent; if this was how good it felt, he was never going back. 


Chapter Text

Oz brought you to the edge many times more before the ravers decided to crash your party. With a twitch of magic, it didn’t matter that they came uncomfortably close to discovering Oz fucking you into a tree. You were dressed and at the party tree and that was all that mattered. 

You danced with Oz beside you, stealing some fun from Bob the Clown and watching Oz stifle a smile all the while. 

After the rave died down, Oz gave you a meaningful smile and looked at the party tree suggestively. 

Without missing a beat, you grinned and grabbed his hand to drag him around to the other side of the tree with more privacy. You magicked your clothes away and were soon once more in the throes of each other’s bodies, crying out into the evening.

Just as you locked your legs around Oz, trapping him into a kiss, Damien decided to exit the bathrooms and maybe head to class for once. You were bold but you also liked smarts, so he figured he would take all the help he could get for his best chances. 

He let the door slam behind him and walked on the path back towards the school, his cheeks a little brighter than usual. He was crossing the grassy knoll near the tree when he heard it: the sound of sex. Damien paused, trying to suppress his snicker as he listened to see if he could tell who was fucking whom. His first assumption was that it was probably a member of the Wolfpack, but that was quickly debunked by the soft sound that came from behind the tree. It was masculine, but surprisingly gentle for most of the students at this school. There weren't many monsters who sounded like that, so Damien was willing to bet the voice belonged to Oz.

Damien tilted his head, straining to hear the other half for a clue as to the pairing. 

Then, he heard it. Your voice twisted into an appreciative whine, followed by a harsh exhalation of breath. It had to be you and Oz. Damien shut his eyes and let the steam leave his nostrils as his anger manifested. He wanted to murder something, but he wasn’t sure that was the best course of action...

Damien stiffened as he listened to Oz’s dick slide out of you as a satisfied groan escaped from your diaphragm. He didn’t move, his glare boring into the tree with great intensity. (If looks could kill, that tree would have spontaneously combusted.)

There was a light shuffling of feet as you magicked your clothes back on. You left the alcove first, your body language breezy and relaxed—right up until your gaze landed on Damien. You froze, your expression unsure, and Oz nearly bumped into you as he came out of hiding. 


"Oh, hey, Damien," Oz greeted. "You ready for the Pre-Calculus exam next week?"

Damien's voice was low and terrifying as he stared the two of you down. 


"Cut the bullshit, Oz." Damien slowly cracked his knuckles as his hands hovered near his sides. "Did you think everything would be all peachy-keen after I found out that you've been fucking the love of my life?"

Oz's eyes widened and he unconsciously took a half-step away from you, obviously unsettled by Damien's lack of volume more than anything else. You stood there, slack-jawed, as you took in Damien's slowly building rage. 


"Well, here's the sitch, Oz--old buddy, old pal--I'm gonna beat you into the ground until I make you little more than a skid mark. If you can fight me and win, I'll walk away from Amira and never judge you again." Damien's eyes slid over you, as though you weren't really there. "If I win, though, I'm gonna chain you to that tree and clamp your eyes open and make you watch as I fuck Amira into the same damn dirt that I spilled your blood on."

You blinked and shook the haze from your mind as the skin on your neck began to bristle. 


"Damien, what the fuck are you doing?" Your voice was a little shrill for your taste.


"I'm sorry, Amira, but I realized something while I was staring at my reflection, waiting for you to finish your man meat buffet--I can't continue to stand by and watch. I love you, and I'm not letting you go without a fight." He bared his teeth and began removing his denim jacket as he glared daggers at Oz. "If I have to fight this whole fucking school to prove to you that I'm worthy of you, you can bet your motherfucking ass that I will do that."

Oz shifted uncomfortably on his feet, trying his best to cover his groin, which was quickly becoming a problem. Fuck, he thought it was so hot that Damien was so head-over-heels for you in the same way that he was. Oz bit his lip and did his best to seem unhappy with this display. 


"Damien, I don't want to fight you." Lie. "You're my friend!" Truth. 

Oz sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose with one hand, the other resting at his hip. 


"Damien, I'm not gonna settle for this archaic bullshit. I don't care how romantic your motivations are, I'm not your fucking damsel in distress!"


"Do you think I'd want you if you were a damsel in distress?" Damien roared. "I love you because you're such a pain in the ass! You're strong and independent and you could absolutely murder me in my sleep just to bring me back to life to yell at me! You're so fucking hot it's driving me insane!" 

This drew you to pause. You were rendered speechless for the second time in fifteen minutes. Oz was rock-hard. 

Damien spat into the grass and finished removing all of his metal and potentially-dangerous clothing (which meant he was shirtless, shoeless, and wearing just his jeans). He lifted his fists into a fighting stance and turned towards Oz expectantly. 


"Fight me, you motherfucker. Let me prove to you that I can take care of my spitfire."

Well, RIP my slacks. Oz straightened his posture and wordlessly began unbuttoning the cuffs of his button-down, rolling up the sleeves to expose his inky arms. 


"Are you sure you want to do this now? It's night, Damien. I'm at a gross advantage."

Damien grit his teeth silently and gestured for Oz to hurry up. Oz sighed and readied his stance, moving away from you with measured footsteps. You made an exasperated noise and threw your hands in the air in defeat, backing up towards the tree while muttering about men and the stupidity of testosterone. 

Damien and Oz circled each other threateningly, sizing each other up. Damien threw the first punch, landing a square hit on Oz's jaw. The manifestation of fear spat some swirling black and red goo before chuckling softly to himself and completely dissolving into the darkness. His laughter echoed in the clearing ominously, the effect starting to frighten you even though you weren't a part of the fight. Damien growled in frustration. 


"Cut it out, Oz! Enough games!" 


"If you insist, my friend." Oz's voice materialized in a whisper right at Damien's ear, making him pivot on one foot and lose his balance; there was no one there.

Oz walked out into the light again, this time largely concealed by misty shadows. He laughed once more, pressing his influence barely into the corners of Damien's consciousness. Just enough to make him feel great unease and discomfort, but nothing more than that. Oz's clothing had blended into the rest of his body; he needed his concentration to be on his opponent, not on the illusion of modesty. For obvious reasons, he kept a swirling cyclone of shadow obscuring his lower half. 

Damien roared at Oz in rage and threw a ball of fire straight for his face. Oz lifted his hand in front of his face and waved gently, extinguishing the hellfire in a small puff of black smoke. Oz raised an eyebrow, a grin splitting his face. 


"Had enough, yet, Damien?" 


"Not nearly," He retorted. 

Damien lunged in before Oz could retreat into the shadows, landing a solid few hits on his torso and pinning Oz to his body. Damien laid out a brutal onslaught on the monster of darkness, pummeling him with punch after rage-fueled punch. It wasn't until he'd resolved to switch attack type that Damien felt something very hard pressing into his hip. He froze momentarily, just long enough to lock eyes with Oz to see the haze that had taken over his face. 

You couldn't help but smirk when you realized the meaning behind Damien's facial expression. You'd suspected that Oz was pan, but you'd never have guessed that he was into both you and your potential boyfriend. You snickered to yourself. Okay, so Oz definitely had a type. 

Oz took Damien's moment of shock to plant a hot kiss on his lips, further sending him off balance. Damien latched onto the kiss fervently, catching Oz's jaw and pinning him to the kiss. Oz wasn't expecting this turn of events, but he immediately moaned and began grinding on Damien's hip with intensity. 

You bit your lip and let your hand wander down to the junction between your legs, watching your two beaus war for dominance with their tongues. 

Fuck, that's hot. 

Two sets of eyes lazily drifted open and glanced at you as they pulled apart, a string of drool connecting their lips as they caught sight of you. 

Fuck did you say that out loud? Damien raised his eyebrow at you in a knowing, mischievous way. Fuck. Yes you did. 


"Maybe we should give her a better view," Damien remarked. 

Oz chuckled and teleported both he and Damien ten feet closer, so that their thighs were touching your knees. They were kneeling in the grass now, Damien's erection fighting against the denim of his jeans, and Oz as bare as the day he was born. Oz scooted closer so that his left thigh was close enough for you to ride, his arm reaching out to support you as you moved into him. Wordlessly, Oz and Damien connected once more, with you firmly nestled into the crook of Oz's arm with a perfect view. 

You slowly began to rock your hips back and forth along the muscle of Oz's thigh, feeling him tighten his leg for your benefit. You grunted and magicked away your clothing, letting your bare slit find purchase on his leg. Oz groaned into Damien's mouth, and Damien growled as he bit at Oz's lip and tongue. You moved along Oz's leg, your other arm flying to Damien's chest for support. Your fingers grazed over raised marks on his skin, which upon observation, you recognized as angelic symbols. (You've seen the X-Men movies enough to know them when you see them.) You groaned and gripped Damien's shoulder, fingernails digging into his flesh. He pulled away from Oz in irritation that was mixed with amusement. 


"I think we're not giving her enough attention, Oz," He deadpanned  as you magicked away his jeans. 

His shit-eating grin was too damn hot for his own good. You shifted from Oz's thigh to Damien's and pressed your bare breasts into his body, your mouth attacking his neck and earlobes as he threw his head back in ecstasy. Oz pressed closer until you were sandwiched between the two gorgeous monsters. Oz's erection pressed into your body, earning a moan from you as you shifted your hips in anticipation. 


"God fucking damn it, someone fuck me, please!"  You snarled.

Damien looked altogether too pleased with himself as he grabbed you and lifted you by your hips, only to let you down onto his dick with a satisfying sound. Oz whined and his lips found the back of your neck, pressing worshipful kisses along the trail of your spine. Damien savored the feeling of you around him, the aroma of all three of your bodies, and the sounds you made as he and Oz touched you. 

Damien's lips collided with yours, earning a moan from you as you relished the taste of Oz and Damien on your tongue. Not wanting to leave Oz out, you pulled back from Damien just long enough to lift yourself off of his dick, turn, and slide right back down onto Damien. Now facing Oz, you wiggled your eyebrows and let your lips sink down over his tip, earning an unearthly wail of pleasure from Oz. Damien continued to thrust into you even as you continued to engulf Oz's length, finally feeling a flicker of pride as you let his dick hit the back of your throat. Though tears came to your eyes and the urge to vomit nearly overtook you, you lapped at Oz's precursing fluids with determination flowing through your veins.

(I know it's the wrong game, but I couldn't resist.)

Oz's hand found the back of your head and he pressed you further onto his erection, slowly swiveling his hips as he fucked your mouth at his leisure. 

The three of you had to have been quite a sight, indeed. 

Only the light of your flame illuminated your three entwined bodies, rocking slowly in tandem beneath the stars. 


Damien grunted in satisfaction as he came for the third time, releasing his load all over Oz's chest and face. You had passed out sometime earlier, perhaps only a minute or two--so the two remaining monsters had taken to entertaining themselves in each other's company. Oz smiled down at you softly, his thoughts drifting towards that very morning. Damien caught Oz making goo-goo eyes at you and huffed dramatically, tweaking Oz's dick to get his attention. Oz yelped. 


"Ey, what?"


"Don't think that just because we fucked, we're no longer sworn rivals. I'm gonna claim Amira as mine if I have to murder everyone on this fucking planet." His glare did little to frighten Oz. "Just don't get any bright ideas, nerd." 


"Haha--I wouldn't dream of it." 

Oz fell silent for a moment, the gears in his head turning. 


"You really love her, don't you?" Oz's eyes were free of judgement as he observed his friends and lovers. "I don't blame you, she's really something." 

Damien looked like he was about to fight it, but he sighed and relented. His hands stroked Oz's thigh absently as he watched you sleep, eyes far away.


"I would do anything to make her happy. She's the only person whose opinions I think I've ever cared about. My dads, they're alright, and of course I want them to be proud of me--but Amira? I love her to the ends of the earth and back." 

Oz's heart swelled, but ached at the same time. He was so happy that you had someone who cared so fiercely for you. Oz felt himself deflate despite himself. As much as he'd enjoyed loving both you and Damien, he knew when to bow out of the race. Oz sighed in defeat and smiled weakly at Damien as he summoned the appearance of clothes. He shifted away from Damien slightly and crossed his arms and legs (something he knew to mean defensiveness, but he didn't care) and put effort into making his voice work. 


"Damien... I care about both of you. I would never do anything to hurt Amira, or you. As much as I enjoyed tonight, I know I won't be able to live with myself if I continue this charade for my own selfish fantasies. You won't have to worry about me getting in your way anymore."

Oz quickly stood and began to recede into the shadows. 


"Oz, wait--!" Damien moved to follow him, but came up short when Oz paused to listen. "I'm not making any decisions for her. I'll let you go, but you need to promise to respect what she says. If she wants you, she wants you." 

Though Oz held doubt in his heart that would ever be the case, he nodded curtly. With a final twitch of his shoulders, Oz faded into the pitch darkness that encompassed the night.