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The Girl With The Drabble Quirk

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My name’s Vallombrosa Risako . I’m no one special- but what is to me is the things that happen around us; things that you might not be aware of! I like to observe the un-observable, and turn something otherwise thought of as fiction into fantasy! I call myself “ The Fiction Hero ”; Saving people’s dreams in my mind and help them become reality! But, I have to study a person to do so. Sure, some call me a wallflower, but if you sit in the sun long enough- you might be surprised on who will walk by to give you some nutrition!

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I think the want to explore another’s own desires is in us all, but some of us can do a better job at it than others. In that aspect, I’m like you! So, I bet you wanna know; “Well how’d you turn fiction into fantasy?” Well, that’s my Quirk, Drabble! So, how does my Quirk work exactly? Well, it’s a bit hard to really show unless I do it- kinda like I am doing now. Basically, I have a typewriter in my mind; what fantasies I observe, think, and ultimately write, become true! Well, for the most part I think.

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I started following one Hero in U-A, I think his name is Izuku Midoriya. He goes on his free time to a hospital to see another Hero. This hero got hurt badly recently… It sucks. I know that all Midoriya wants is for him to get better, but life doesn’t work like that. That’s where I get this gut feeling to help; if I could create something, and it touch someone like him and make his day better my bringing a desire to live- why not try? I want to help him- I wonder if he is in love? Hm...

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Mirio Togata … He is one of The Big 3 at school, right? I heard he loves ramen, and that is what is in your hand Midoriya. You grip it with such intent and angst; is he on your mind Midoriya? When you think of his pain- does it make your blood boil? Your emotions are true and real- even if you don’t see it. Those feelings… They aren’t fiction at all. I can see it. If you bit any harder on your lip you might break the borderline-


“Excuse me, but do you know the time?” said Midoriya to Vallombrosa.

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“Huh?” Vallombrosa asked.


“I’m sorry- were you in thought? I just see you are wearing a watch- and my phone is dead. Do you know the time?” asked Midoriya again. 


“... I-It’s 4PM…” Vallombrosa nervously responded.


“Oh, okay! So I am not too late today… Thank you!” said Midoriya as he waved goodbye as he started to walk off.


“Your welcome…” Valloombrosa said in awe. She sat there for a moment as Midoriya walked away- in shock of what just happened. In reality, Vallombrosa never expected to ever make contact with him, but she just saw the things that she imagined.

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I cannot control fate; I merely add ripples in the water of destiny. Or- bud a foreign flower in the garden of prophecy. No; those powers are left for Gods- But I am no God. But, even things that I imagine for myself… They can happen as well. That was never a thing I chose to focus on- myself. These drabbles that I write aren’t for me- they are for you; for people like Midoriya. That is who I write for. Gods would just snap him in his utopia- but I… I am just a girl with a Drabble Quirk.

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Midoriya- Baby, don’t you cry. You clutch your pillow at night as the dreams of what you cannot help pass through your head. You call him in the late night to express your feelings, you waste so much money wholeheartedly to make his time recovering better. You beat around the bush of the obvious sexual tension that glooms within you and him.


All I want is you to be better” Midoriya thinks.


But mind the words that you don’t say Midoriya. Oh- how we all love to hold onto those things. Don’t let those die; not after those many nights.


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I get it- you have such strong feelings, but they cannot come into form. I’ve seen this in another; Eijiro Kirishima . With such a gentle and stern heart- he lusts for love more than he will admit. He watches Katsuki Bakugou as he tries to not pay attention to what Aizawa-Sensei is saying during class- like a playful love affair. But not even he can be pulled into Sensei’s words when he instead can be pulled into Bakugou’s void heart. Kirishima frowns- thinking passionate thoughts of them together all within his head.


“Kirishima, pay attention!” Aizawa yells towards Kirishima.

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“Ow! I’m sorry, Sensei!” said Kirishima as he rubs his head from Aizawa throwing chalk right at his forehead. The class laughs- unknown to the reason Kirishima even was not paying attention. The whole class looks at him- including Bakugou. They lock eyes, and Kirishima blushes; for the only person Kirishima is looking at is him. 


“He’s just in love with the clouds, Sensei” joked Sero as he pats Kirishima’s shoulder. But as Kirishima looks towards Sero he groans; if only he knew of the true clouds that he wished were not just daydream worthy. 


Perhaps... My Quirk Can Help…

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That’s your next thought isn’t it? “ Oh, this will never happen, so I should just stay single forever; my love will never reach me, and I don’t have the willpower to make it happen ”. How could a world-renowned Hero feel so empty- while filling the world with happiness and clarity? Putting on a facade is easier than dealing with what is reality- you would rather exist in fantasy. But, that contradicts my Quirk’s intention- so please, do not hide in fantasy. You are worthy and deserving.  


Kirishima, Bakugou, or Midoriya; which one of you is contradicting my intentions the most?

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“Agh” said Bakugou as he rubs on his left shoulder blade groaning to himself. Kirishima, paying close attention, walks over.


“Want me to massage your shoulder? It’s ‘cause of the recoil of your Quirk ‘aint it?” said a worried Kirishima.


“I-I’m fuckin’ fine!” said Bakugou. However, he tries to move away- and pinches a nerve in his shoulder. “Fuck!” yelled Bakugou.


“No one’s watching- here” said Kirishima as he gets behind Bakugou, and rubs his wounded shoulder, “Let’s go to the infirmary after, okay? Can’t have you on missions and you're actually hurt”


“Agh. Fuck, okay…” said Bakugou giving in.

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Recovery Girl is not in?!” yelled Bakugou as he and Kirishima stand outside her door.


“There's a note on the door. It says, ‘ Left for a House call- please excuse my absence ’” said Kirishima reading the note. Kirishima grits his teeth- believing Bakugou cannot get the accurate service he needs. Suddenly, he starts to lift his head and look down the hall- towards me !


“Huh? Did you see something down the hall just now?” asked Kirishima to Bakugou. Bakugou looks down the hallways as well.

“Don’t freak me out. Come on- let’s go back to dorms” said Bakugou with disappointment.

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“That was close…” Vallombrosa said as she tries to catch her breath- running away from Kirishima’s gaze. In truth, following the desired targets of interest, to her, means putting herself in those situations. She thinks intensely about the situation, and wonders what she can do. Suddenly, she has an idea.


“White Mages in the games I play often have potions to heal wounds… I’ll write Kirishima like that!” said Vallombrosa. She then activates her Quirk- opening her skull wide open revealing a black typewriter- and starts typing. 

Kirishima’s a makeshift White Mage! Mages have potions for the hurt! ” Vallombrosa typed.

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Kirishima and Bakugou attempt to walk back to the dorms, and head down a case of stairs nearby- Bakugou walking downwards in front of Kirishima. 


“I’m sorry I had us walk all the way here… I wish there was something I could do…” said Kirishima in guilt.


“It’s fine- I’ll just do some stretches later” said Bakugou looking away. Suddenly, Kirishima’s pocket enlarges- as if something magically was put in there!


“W-Wha-...!” alerted Kirishima. Bakugou, surprised, looks back.

“What’s wron- Huh!?” said a shocked Bakugou, as what was right in front of his face was a bulge in Kirishima’s pants!

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“Dude…” said Bakugou looking away. Kirishima, embarrassed, reaches in his pocket.


“No! It’s not what you think! I didn’t know this was here!” said Kirishima. Kirishima pulls out a vile of fluid.


“And what is in that?!” asked Bakugou.


“Oh! This is ointment! I have it for scrapes I get. Try this stuff!” said Kirishima as he opens the vile.


“Hell no! I’m not letting a guy pour some unknown fluid on me...!” said Bakugou as he blushes.


“B-But It’s from me Bakugou; I wouldn’t put it on you if I was doing something weird with it…” said Kirishima reluctantly...

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… But why would Bakugou blush ’cause of Kirishima? I peeked down the stairs- only to confirm if I could Drabble within a Drabble.… But, I know what I saw! Bakugou’s face- one that suggested he considered wanting more than that ointment of Kirishima’s on him. Go ahead Bakugou; do not keep your feelings hanging on the tip of your tongue- when your tongue could be what leads you to Kirishima!...


“Hey, what’s going on here?” asked a familiar voice walking up the stairs. Bakugou, Kirishima, and the meddling girl peeking behind a wall all rested their gaze upon Izuku Midoriya.

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“Move Deku!” said Bakugou as he pushed Midoriya to the side- hitting the wallside. 


“Kacchan!” yelled Midoriya as collided with the wall, “What’s his deal?”


“Bakugou has a hurt shoulder- and he won’t try this ointment I have!” exclaimed Kirishima as he shows Midoriya the vile.


“Hm. Does it work? Here- try it on my shoulder; it kinda hurts now since I just was pushed unsolicited…” said Midoriya. Kirishima looks to Bakugou with a frown as he walks away.


“Okay- sure” Kirishima said. Soon as he said this, however, Bakugou stopped in his tracks, and looked back to the two.

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“Wow Kirishima- it actually is working!” said Mirdoriya as Kirishima rubs the ointment on Midoriya’s shoulder. 


“Really? That’s good. ‘Ya know, I really don’t know where this thing came from…” said Kirishima. 


“Well keep that around- you might save a couple trips to Recovery Gi-” 


“Lemme try that!” said Bakugou cutting off Midoriya as he walks back up the stairs. Kirishima gets annoyed.


“Oh- so now you wanna try it?” said Kirishima. Bakugou groans.


“I don’t want fuckass Deku usin’ it all!” said Bakugou.


“You know what- whatever. Kirishima, thanks. I’ll see you later” said Midoriya as he walks away.

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Kirishima and Bakugou look at each other with an awkward silence between them as Midoriya walked away. Bakugou snarled at Kirishima- as if he wants to say something but doesn’t.


    “What’s up, Bakugou?...” said Kirishima.


    “... Can you just use it…” muttered Bakugou.


    “Huh?” asked Kirishima.


    “Come on!” said Bakugou nervously. Kirishima cocks his head nervously, and Bakugou looks away.


    “... Just show me your shoulder already dude” said Kirishima as he blushed. Bakugou, nervous, takes off his shirt right there, and Kirishima starts to rub the ointment on.


    “Ahh~...” moaned Bakugou.


    “It’s working huh?...” said Kirishima.


    “F-Fuck off…” Bakugou muttered ensconced.

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Bakugou allowed Kirishima to tend to him, and as the ointment started to sooth into Bakugou’s tense body it sure enough relieved the pain he was enduring. However, Kirishima still was flustered as to why the vile was even on him; he knew deep down he never had it, but at the same time believed he always did. 


    Kirishima, unsure, thought to himself, “ I told him I use it for scrapes… But is that even true?... ”. This is the powers of the Drabble Quirk; one that can even re-write people’s memories. But if it’s used carelessly- can have adverse effects.

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Much like there are endless possibilities to my power- there are endless possibilities for what one will feasibly go through for their own desires. If someone must believe in a lie for the sake of love they will; even unknowingly. Sometimes- I have recourse on helping. I ask myself, “ Is this love a lie if I manipulated it to happen ?”. But, how- when I’m only exemplifying what feelings already exist? Watching Kirishima’s uncertainty plants that bug back within my skull. Am I intruding? Is this my place, when meddling caused an argument between Midoriya and Bakugou?... Sometimes, I don’t know.

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You know that scientific drabble about how nothing is created from nothingness? That something had to exist- in some form before- for it to be curated into the next? I feel that way about miracles. And, like my power, I can manipulate that variable. If something cannot do something- there’s nothing in my power that can make it do so. It’s only if it has the capability to; at least, that’s what I believe. Telling the dreams of these Heroes will earth it to life in ways; but that fact is only the case because they already have those feelings.

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Kirishima disposed of the used vile in the trash bin- and along with it disposed of his uncertainty temporarily. In Kirishima’s mind, he was able to fix Bakugou’s issue with what he had; that alone was enough for him to smile through the doubt. Bakugou then turns to Kirishima with a perplexed expression.


    “So… You wouldn’t happen to have more of that stuff? I might be able to use it here or there…” said Bakugou.


    “Oh? That ointment? Um… Well…” said Kirishima. In truth, since he didn’t know where it came from, he had no idea how to get more.

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There’s nothing within him that can even come up with answer; my Drabble Quirk pulled it out of thin air. My energy must create memories- or thoughts- to compensate for the mentality of the person who’s fate I manipulate. But- I can’t just be Kirishima’s fluid bank! However, Bakugou would wonder why he cannot supply more- or where he got it- if Kirishima says he cannot give him more. I should just create a shop that will sell it. However, If I allow Kirishima to give him the ointment, Bakugou might come to him more often and open for help...

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“... Oh! I remember now! I got it from this pharmacy uptown! I went there with Sero before- he shared it with me! I can show you one day if you would like!” said Kirishima.


“Oh really? Must be some ‘in the cut’ kinda place huh? Stuff’s pretty jack loaded. Sure, we can do that someday; my shoulder feels pretty fine from just that small amount, thanks” said Bakugou. Kirishims then brightens up with happiness.


“Yea!” said Kirishima elated. They then walk off together- presumably back to dorms- and their energy together is kindhearted. 


I feel like I did something right…

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One day, Shoto Todoroki walked into the main floor of Heights Alliance finding Midoriya on the sofa deep in thought. Todoroki, wanting to converse with Midoriya, hesitatingly approached.


“Midoriya… I apologize for potentially intruding, but can we speak?” asked Todoroki.


“Huh? Sure. Sorry- I was thinking to myself. What’s up?” said Midoriya.


“I’ve noticed you’ve been carrying a load on your shoulders for sometime. You were there for me when I was going through it, so I’m here offering my assistance- as a friend. Is there anything I can do to help?” asked Todoroki. Hearing this really threw Midoriya off.

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“Help me? Hehe, Todoroki, I am fine- don’t worry” said Midoriya. Todoroki, however, wasn’t buying it.


“Midoriya- you do not need to lie to me. Ever since ‘you-know-what’ happened, you have been different. Despite me being preoccupied with my own shortcomings, I can at least be there for a friend” said Todoroki. Hearing this, Midoriya started to let down his guard.


“... Mirio-Senpai… It’s just all that has been going through my brain at times. Been thinking strange things lately about that as well… As if they popped outta no where” said Midoriya.


“I see. Well let’s change that” said Todoroki.

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“... What could you possibly do Todoroki… It’s like fixing your father issues overnight…” said Midoriya looking away. Todoroki then faces Midoriya towards him.


“Midoriya, with that conviction- nothing will change. I came out of my loop because I started to have hope… I don’t like seeing you hopeless” said Todoroki. Hearing this made Midoriya blush.


“Todoroki…” said Midoriya. Suddenly, a tear started to escape his face. “It’s just… Really hard sometimes with what is on my shoulders… It really is…”. 


Todoroki, in this moment, felt like his words did little effect. Suddenly, a thought popped into his head; “ Relieve Him ”.

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As this thought permeates Todoroki’s brain, a feeling unwinds itself from the deepest corners of his psyche; a desire to help Midoriya, and see him happy… That indeed stemmed from a desire that even I did not know. Todoroki… Does he have desires for Midoriya I can unearth? Perhaps- this could be mutually beneficial… I want to help Midoriya, so it’s only fair that I open every opportunity to do so- right?


Feeling a rush of intuition, Todoroki wipes Midoriya’s tear away, sits down close to him, and places his hand on his back neck.


“T-Todoroki???...” said a confused Midoriya.

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“I apologize for my forward-ness, but with somethings- you can only do so much. It might not be ideal, but let’s work on aspects you can change. You won’t make things easy on him if you are like this. Here-” said Todoroki as he massages Midoriya’s back neck, “You keep so much stress here. Midoriya, even a little give can help- may I?”.  Midoriya then looked to Todoroki, who seemingly suggested massaging his neck to release tension he wasn't even aware was there.


“B-But, you don’t have to… I’ll manage…” said Midoriya. Todoroki then places his hand on Midoriya’s thigh.


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Todoroki and Midoriya’s eyes locked in that moment; feelings of despair and promise were shared between their gaze. In that moment, Midoriya allowed the guards he placed up to fall; the one’s he kept up for Mirio’s sake. Todoroki sat behind Midoriya on the sofa, and as he did the muscles on Midoriya’s neck de-tensed; allowing Todorki’s hot side to warm up his body- while using his cold side to give Midoriya a refreshing feeling. In that moment, Midoriya could let go of the weight he held down on himself, and as he did so he fell into Todoroki’s grasp.

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“This feels nice Todoroki… I’m- kinda surprised that you would do this for me…” said Midoriya as he closed his eyes. In truth, Todoroki didn’t know where this desire came from- but he knew that he was being satisfied as Midoriya’s stress went away. However, he felt like he wanted more. Suddenly, as Midoriya laid against Todoroki’s chest he started to rub on Midoriya’s chest.


“This might take the tension off your collarbone” said Todoroki.


“Ah~, yea. Often, when I stretch- I get try and get these areas good. I suppose the body is a thing of habit” said Midoriya.

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“T-Todoroki!?~...” moaned Midoriya as Todoroki reached further towards Midoriya’s groin. He caressed Midoriya’s body as he started to rub around near his dick.


“Midoriya… You have been walking around with a stuff pelvis and hip- as if tension was here as well. You have a lot backed up… Don’t you?” asked Todoroki.


“B-Backed up?? What do you-...” said Midoriya as he is captivated by Todoroki’s touching. “Todoroki… You don’t have to tend to me… L-Like this… Guys don’t...” said Midoriya.


“So, do you want me to stop?” asked Todoroki. Midoriya, looking flustered and beat red, doesn’t know what to say…

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In Midoriya’s mind- the only person that really moved him so was Mirio. But in the moment- as Todoroki gently soothes Midoriya’s stress- Midoriya starts to wonder if the blocks he created via Mirio was preventing means of euphoria from happening to him. In Midoriya’s mind, he still craves Mirio- but, does that mean he shouldn’t crave Todoroki when he is single?


“Todoroki… This is so confusing… Mirio… You… W-Why? This is all so fast. Do you… Like me Todoroki?” asked Midoriya under panted breath.


“Midoriya; I can spend time explaining it- but why not I show you?” said Todoorki.

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I figured it out- where Todoroki’s desire stems from, and why it resonates so strongly within Midoriya. They both share a common place of loneliness. But not from being alone , but more close to feeling like there’s no one on the planet will understand their emptiness within. Is it really love if it hurts? Is it really pain if it’s inside? On the outside they’re strong. And in this moment- their primal hearts bore sympathy amongst them. 


It was brought up from the depths of loneliness- and bore deep within Midoriya through Todoroki’s nails picking away his stress; how fortunate...

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It’s a lovely thing- being alone. Many desires are born in periods of loneliness. And as I watched a seed that I planted grow into a blooming flower I saw as Midoriya’s fragile- yet fortified state- was self-remedied by Todoroki. Parts of Midoriya wished those were Mirio’s hands, but he also was filled with the desire to make Todoroki happy as well; after all, Midoriya looks out for him too. Midoriya allowed Todoroki inward, to give both of them a moment of satisfaction they both needed.


“... Just be gentle, Todoroki… And quiet…” muttered Midoriya under his ecstasy-filled breath- arousing Todoroki...

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Todoroki then started to kiss upon Midoriya’s neck; slowly moving his tongue along his shoulder blades as he turned his mouth hot- then cold on Midoriya’s skin.


“Midoriya- perhaps I neglected my own desires… Seeing you in this state… I just wanna tear you to pieces, and rip every weight out of your body- leaving only the Hero I know and love” said Todoroki. Midoriya gasps.


“You… Want me to feel better that strongly?...” asked Midoriya. Todoroki unzips Midoriya’s pants, bites down on Midoriya’s neck, and feels on his penis.


“What do you think?...” said Todoroki with a growled voice.

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M-Mirio… ” thought Midoriya.


“You like that Midoriya?” asked Todorki as he jerked Midoriya off.


“Ahh~ Todoroki…” said Midoriya.


I’m able to create such pleasure for someone else… This feeling in my chest; it’s so unique to me… ” thought Todoroki.


“Please… D-Don’t stop~...” said Midoriya.


“I won’t” said Todoroki as he pulsates his warm hand more intense.


Mirio... You won’t leave my head~...  But his hands- they are not yours… But his hands... I don’t want them to stop ” thought Midoriya. He then reached back to Todoroki’s bulge.


“M-Midoriya!~… I’m tending to you…” said Todoroki.


“I’m returning the favor” said Midoriya.

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I watched from the window as Midoriya and Todoroki sat there in ecstasy. This intense erotic game they are playing… Such passion rose from emptiness of an estranged connection? How did this passion not ignite within Kirishima and Bakugou- who had one also? Or, Midoriya and Mirio? Is it because it’s unforced connection? Or, that I didn’t plant in thoughts to entice a situation? Such burning desire can arise from flings- but why? Is what’s happening before me strictly sexual? But- there is a bond there. There is meaning to their deep crave to please the other- but where from?

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“I’m shaking Todoroki~” said Midoriya with a jittery voice. Midoriya’s legs were spasming, his toes here curled, and Mirodiya couldn’t hold his arms straight to reach behind him anymore. The pleasure he was feeling was indeed real. His connection to Todoroki was showed in reciprocation- as Todoroki’s bulge peeked out the opening in his zipper, which rubbed against Midoriya’s backside.


“I want to relieve you Midoriya… Are you close?” asked Todoorki panting.


“Mhmm!~ D-Don’t stop, please…” pleaded Midoriya as he rolled his neck back onto Todoroki’s chest.


“Your lips… They quiver” said Todoroki as he reaches down and kisses Midoriya.


Chapter Text

“Todoroki- just like that!~” said Midoriya as Todoroki gyrated his upper shaft- finding Midoriya’s sweet spot.  As he did so Midoriya’ entire body started to vibrate- as if he was a massage chair. He mad inaudible sounds- yet was in full ecstasy.


‘Midoriya… M-Midoriya” said Todoroki as he rubbed himself against Midoriya’s backside. Midoriya arched his chest and knees forward.


“I’m… I-I’m cumming!” moaned Midoriya. 


“Yea! M-Me too!” said Todoroki. They both release- Midoriya’s shooting all over the both of them, and Todoroki’s in his boxers. Midoriya continues to spasm after he shoots- with a passionate smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Midoriya and Todoroki pant with deepened breaths as Midoriya fully relaxes into Todoroki’s chest. Covered in his fluids, Midoriya attempts to wipe some off with his sleeve.


    “S-Sorry… I made a mess…” said Midoriya. Todoroki, with a hand full of it, chuckles slightly.


    “N-No, I caused it. None got on the seat- let’s just clean up before someone comes” said Todoroki.


    “There are towels over in the kitchen area” said Midoriya as he stands up- wobbly. Midoriya then zips his pants up and attempts to walk over. Suddenly, he looks over to the window.


    “... Is there someone outside?” asked Midoriya.

Chapter Text

“I don’t see anyone Midoriya” said Todoroki as he got up and checked the window Midoriya brought attention to. In truth, Vallombrosa had rushed out of that spot asap- after catching one of their gazes- still drenched in fluid. 


    “Worry not- it probably was an animal. Get the towels- hurry!” said Todoroki in a whispered tone. How it was a miracle that no one in the dorms came into the main area the whole time they did this, and as they rub the fluids off of them they both start to thing in their afterglow, “ Why did I do this?...

Chapter Text

The days after for Midoriya and Todoroki were fairly awkward to say the least; when they crossed paths in Heights Alliance they wouldn’t really speak- or make small talk- and tried to ignore what had transpired. Their awkwardness wasn’t from the fact that either didn’t have the desire to do so in the first place, but primarily due to the fact that it went down how it did. And to Midoriya- the one in his eye was Mirio… So why was he so wanting of Todoroki? These are the questions not only I- but Todoroki and Midoriya had wondered themselves.

Chapter Text

Today just wasn’t the day for Todoroki; as later in the day he had to do more interviews for the media with Bakugou pertaining his Hero License. Particularly those two had done Hero work higher than the expectations of those around them- and greater than other students in their class since. Why, the only other Hero in I-A I’ve seen do just has much is Sero- who has been coming around my Father’s workplace often as of late… A hard working Hero will get the merit deserving to them. But in Todoroki’s mind, he had other thoughts in his head…

Chapter Text

“The fuck are you uptight for Half-And-Half?” asked Bakugou to Todoroki.


“H-Huh?” asked Todoroki- caught off guard by Bakugou.


“Listen- don’t fuck up this interview by being a tightwad; get the stick outta your ass!” yelled Bakugou.


“I don’t have anything up my ass, but thanks for being concerned for me; I’ve just had stuff on my mind” said Todoroki.


“What?! Who the fuck said I was!? I don’t want you to mess up on my watch!” barked Bakugou as he snarled.


“Ah, okay” said Todoroki- oblivious to Bakugou’s taunts.


“Grr!” groaned Bakugou as he gets increasingly annoyed at Todoroki.

Chapter Text

“... Bakugou?” asked Todoroki to Bakugou as they await the reporters in the lobby.


“What!” yelled Bakugou.


“We have gotten pretty close over our time in the Supplementary Classes- may I talk to you about something that is on my mind?” asked Todoroki.


“W-What!? Who the FUCK said we were getting close- or friends?!” questioned Bakugou.


“... But we were together all the time for class, weren’t we?” said Todoroki.


“I told you before- time and actual friendship don’t have to correlate!” yelled Bakugou.


“... So, you don’t want me to talk to you?” asked Todoroki. Bakugou then groans.


“Spill It!” yelled Bakugou.

Chapter Text

“Have you… Ever had a feeling- deep within you- that you have been wanting to express, but couldn’t? Like… A feeling for another person?” asked Todoroki. Bakugou, as he hears this questions starts to get angry that he is being asked- but internally, he could relate to what he was asking. 


In the back of Bakugou’s mind, was a tiny glimpse of someone that was growing more and more important to him- Kirishima, but Bakugou has a hard time expressing anything pertaining to anyone that isn’t him. They related on this. Bakugou, in reality, wanted to say “Yes”, but instead-

Chapter Text

“W-What the heck are you talking about Icyhot? You perplexed over someone else? You have been using your Fire-side too often and it’s got your brain fucked. Chill out- literally! We got better shit to worry about!” said Bakugou.


“You know- you are correct. I should focus on my tasks, and worry about my idle thoughts later. Thank you” said Todoroki.


“Agh! Whatever! I’m going to go get a drink real quick before our ears are chewed off!” snarled Bakugou as he got up. 


“May I have some water?” asked Todoroki.


“Do I look like a fuckin’ waiter!?” yelled Bakugou.

Chapter Text

As Bakugou got up to get a drink he noticed Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari walk downstairs; most likely to watch their interview from the sidelines. Kirishima and Bakugou’s eyes met, and Kirishima smiles.


“Hey there man! Good luck today!” said Kirishima. Deep within the warm smile of Kirishima was a heart that cared for Bakugou; Bakugou could sense this as he looked into him.

What is this… Why do I feel hot when he looks at me like that?... Maybe I need to chill out too…” thought Bakugou as he poured himself a glass of water as well- ignoring Kirishima.

Chapter Text

“Did Bakugou just ignore you?” asked Sero.


“Um, it seems… I just wanted to wish him good luck…” said Kirishima.


“Eh, don’t worry about it too much; he is probably shaking in his boots from nervousness that he can’t concentrate on anything else!” said Kaminari as he chuckled.


“You think?...” questioned Kaminari.


“HEY! I can hear you, you fuckin’ proton!” said Bakugou as he leans over the counter to Kaminari. 


“Bakugou- you don’t need to be so tense; relax and let yourself shine on camera!” said Kirishima with a smile. As Bakugou heard this, he couldn’t help but to blush.

Chapter Text

“Wow. They’re both so comfortable on camera… I feel like I’d freeze up” said Midoriya. Midoriya looks on as Todoroki and Bakugou get interviewed by reporters from across the room. 


“Yea. Ain’t he awesome?” questioned Kirishima with a smile as he watches across the room as well. Midoriya looks over with confusion.


“Huh? But who?” asked Midoriya. Kirishima then gets flustered.


“W-What? Uh- I meant that it’s awesome that they get this opportunity! Hehe~...” said Kirishima as he rubs his head.


“But I’m sure you said… Well, okay. I guess this is the fruit of their hard work” said Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Midoriya and Kirishima were both unaware of the same feelings they started to share for the specific individual sitting there. Midoriya tried his best to not let what he and Todoroki did to change his feelings about him as a good confidant, and watched in support of him. Whereas Kirishima was enamored by the fact the whole world could be paying close attention to Bakugou. Kirishima blushed silently as Todoroki and Bakugou answered questions combatively against each other; however, the moments Kirishima loved the most were the rare moments Bakugou looked away from the camera, and looked directly at him.

Chapter Text

When Bakugou would look at Kirishima- while his face expressed unease and annoyance- there was an underlying feeling of comfort; not that Bakugou was internally calm during this stressful moment, but that in looking at Kirishima’s face Bakugou felt calmed. While no words were exchanged between them on this fact, whenever Bakugou felt nervousness he’d look over to Kirishima- and the energy Kirishima evoked back to him was enough for him to stabilize. This was a testament to their unique friendship- but to those who can look further, it was the seeds of their romantic feelings growing for each other.

Chapter Text

Todoroki and Bakugou wrap up their interviews, and the camera crew leave Heights Alliance. Todoroki and Bakugou get up- and Bakugou couldn’t look more satisfied to finally be on his feet.


“Fuck! They were talkin’ my ears off!” said Bakugou.


“It did go on longer than I thought. But, they asked many enticing questions” said Todoroki. Midoriya, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero all walk over to them.


“You guys did a good job, thought Bakugou looked totally crazy the entire time!” said Kaminari laughing.


“Want me to pour that water all over you and make you short circuit, bitch?” asked Bakugou.


Chapter Text

Bakugou chases Kaminari around the room with a cup of water, while Kaminari runs as tears fall down his face from laughter. Midoriya, wanting them to stop, attempts to block Bakugou’s path.


“K-Kacchan! Stop! This is silly-” said Midoriya before getting a face full of water meant for Kaminari! Drenching wet, Midoriya attempted to wipe the water from his face.


“Damn it, Deku! That wasn’t meant for you!” shouted Bakugou. Todoroki then walks over to Midoriya.


“I’m sure being close to me is the last thing you want right now Midoriya, but here- I can dry you off…” said Todoroki.

Chapter Text

Midoriya, somewhat reluctantly, let's Todoroki dry him off; Midoriya still feels a way about Todoroki, and Todoroki not knowing how to talk about the situation. 


“Bakugou! Apologize to Midoriya!” said Kirishima. Bakugou, taken aback by Kirishima’s assertiveness, stutters.


“T-The fucker was in the way of my shot! What did he expect to happen?!” questioned Bakugou. 


“N-No, it’s fine Kirishima…” said Midoriya. Kaminari, sensing odd tension between them all, decides to squash it.


“I was just tryna lighten the mood. Hey, you guys must be hungry from all that talking; why not we all go get something to eat?” asked Kaminari.

Chapter Text

“I’m fine; I just had to sit within nose length of this asshole for some dumb reporters- the last thing I need is to dine with a sausage fest” said Bakugou.


“Are you implying I smelled bad? But I wore cologne…” said Todoroki.


“Come on! I’ll even pay!” said Kaminari.


“Well that is awfully nice of you… You sure you don’t want something?” asked Todoroki.


“Facts!” Bakugou said wondering similar.


“Hey- I’m hungry, and we all haven’t chilled in a minute. Plus- me and Sero were already going out to eat” said Kaminari. Sero then turns around- blushing beat red.

Chapter Text

“W-Well when you say it like that- it sounds like a date!...” said Sero.


“I mean- I guess so. Sero’s been working pretty hard doing Hero-like things as well! I guess not enough to get the reporters on him… Anyways- you guys down or nah?” asked Kaminari.


“I-I hope you don’t feel a ways Sero- I’m sure you are doing a lot of cool things!” said Midoriya.


“Nah, it’s all good. It’s about the lives you save- not the notoriety you achieve” said Sero.


“That’s worded very nicely, Sero I agree. Sure, I’ll go” said Todoroki.


“Me too!” said Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Kirishima questions if he should go; not because he isn’t sure about eating, but because Bakugou seems against it. Feeling an unusual pull, he goes to speak. 


“W-Well, I wouldn't mind going… But Bakugou, You sure you don’t wanna go?” asked Kirishima.


“I’m not that hungry…” said Bakugou as he continues to walk away.


“Let the angry bird do what he’s best at- flapping away back to his room all angry. We are about to enjoy some good ass food!” said Kaminari. Bakugou, growling, looks back to Kaminari- but notices Kirishima’s sad face. Bakugou then sighs.


“I’ll go…” said Bakugou.

Chapter Text

The 6 Heroes made their way to a local fast food joint, while I- Vallombrosa- trailed quickly behind. There was no way I would miss this golden opportunity! Some of my favorite pairings actually hang out together!? And I’ll have a front row seat?!-… Once I figure out how to get inside, and get close enough to not be too noticeable… 


Kirishima, reluctant to eat at a place with ‘unhealthy’ food, gets up first to the front of the line to order- and took his time searching the menu for the healthiest option. However, Bakugou was getting tired of waiting...

Chapter Text

“Hey! There’s a line of hungry guys behind ‘ya! Can you order any slower?!” shouted Bakugou.


“Hey! Quit it! I’m trying to stay on my diet- so I’m just trying to see if they have salads, or- I don’t know… Maybe something kosher?” said Kirishima- unsure of what to get. Bakugou scoffs hearing this. Midoriya, in the back of the line, tries to mitigate.


“G-Guys! Not in public… Kirishima- I believe the salad options are over there” said Midoriya as he points.


“Oh I see… But it comes with stuff on it… Is the salad lots of calories?” asked Kirishima.


Chapter Text

“AGH! You are at a fast food place- you think the shits gonna be healthy? Anyone knows that even the salads at these places are not that good for you! And why are you acting brand new- as if you don’t pig out?!” asked Bakugou. Kirishima then tilted his head down- and started to blush. 


Unknowingly to Bakugou, Kirishima was attempting to not order something crazy to monitor himself as he’s eating in front of Bakugou. While Kirishima and Bakugou often eat together, when you feel like impressing someone, you don’t wanna eat like a slob in front of them.

Chapter Text

“So… Are you ready to order?” asked the lady at the cashier. Kirishima then looked up.


“Oh! I’m sorry! I’ll have the ch-chicken sandwich meal… With a side of salad?” said Kirishima.


“Okay. Are you all together?” asked the lady.


“Yes, all 6 of us! I’m paying!” said Kaminari. 


“Great. Who’s next?” asked the lady.


“How about Mr. Loudmouth” said Sero- pointing to Bakugou.


“Huh?!” said Bakugou as he turns around, “You wanna be eatin’ a knuckle sandwich?” asked Bakugou as he balls his fist. Sero backs off- chuckling. Kirishima then pulls on Bakugou’s shirt.


“Bakugou, just order...” said Kirishima.

Chapter Text

Looking into Kirishima’s endearing eyes, Bakugou calms himself, and walks up to the cashier lady. He looks around the menu- attempting to pick out the right thing he is feeling at the moment. However, as he looks around he notices that he is quite indecisive- which the others start to pick up on. Kaminari starts to chuckle.


“Well well… The one dogging Kirishima is unsure of what he wants!” said Kaminari. Bakugou then turns around again.


“Shut it! There’s a lot of options!” responded Bakugou.


“The fillet fish sandwich looks nice…” chimed Todoroki.


“I’m looking at those burgers!” proclaimed Midoriya.

Chapter Text

“Oh really? That’s so nice to hear! Why not just go before me then!!!” shouted Bakugou.


“Relax, Bakugou! They’re just trying to give you things to potentially might want!” said Sero.


“Yea, Bakugou. If you’re unsure- we can help you” said Kirishima. Bakugou, adhering to Kirishima’s words, settles down.


“Okay…” said Bakugou. Sero then scrunches his face out of confusion.


“Well why does he wanna suddenly listen when he says the same stuff y’all were?...” pondered Sero under his breath.


“Did you say something, tumor elbows?” asked Bakugou.


“N-No…” said Sero. 


“Ready to order?” asked the lady.


“...Yes” said Bakugou.

Chapter Text

“C-Can I have the same thing he got?” asked Bakugou- pointing to Kirishima.


“M-Me?” said Kirsihima.


“Yea… But with a side of fries instead?” said Bakugou as he turns to Kirishima, “I-I can share some if you wanna cheat your diet…”. Kirishima looks over, and blushes.


“Sure can do, next person?” said the lady. Suddenly, Kaminari walks up.


“I’ll just have a chicken nugget meal, with a side of fries” said Kaminari.


“And I’ll have the same- to keep it simple” said Sero.


“Okay… So that would be two chicken nugget meals with sides of fries… Next?” asked the lady. 

Chapter Text

“Are you thinking of getting what you mentioned before, Midoriya?” asked Todoroki.


“The burger? Um, maybe… There are other cool options too!” said Midoriya.


“Well, don’t be afraid to order whatever!” said Kaminari. 


“I’m still thinking Todoroki- you go first!” said Midoriya. Todoroki then ponders his thoughts.


“I’ll have the fillet fish sandwich meal- no fries” said Todoroki.


“So just a sandwich and a drink? Todoroki… You know you can get a side if you want” said Kaminari.


“I’m not that hungry, but thanks” said Todoroki.


“Okay… Last but not least- what would you like?” asked the lady to Midoriya.

Chapter Text

“Hm… Well one’s very meaty… Oh! But that one’s bigger!... Oh!~ I kinda want ‘em all…” said Midoriya.


“Well be mindful bro!” said Kaminari.


“Oh, but the new burritos looks really tasty!~” said Midoriya- salivating at the mouth.


“Well don’t get a boner over some burritos- order!” said Bakugou.


“Come on, wouldn’t you want that in your mouth?” asked Midoriya.


“If I did I’d have ordered it! Plus, burritos are too messy- they bust all over me…” said Bakugou.


“If you eat it right- it all goes down nicely” said Todoroki.


“Sounds like we’re talking about a penis…” said Sero.


Chapter Text

“Actually… I’ll have a cheeseburger meal, with a side of fries. And… If it’s not too crazy… Can I have a cookie, Kaminari?” asked Midoriya.


“Sure, buddy!” said Kaminari.


“Okay. May I have one chocolate chip cookie as well?” said Midoriya to the lady.


“Sure can do! Will this be for here, or to go?” asked the lady. 


“For here” said Kaminari.


“Okay! Then let me just finalize everything…” said the lady as she hands them all 6 cups to put their drinks in. Kaminari, ready to pay, then whipped out his wallet, and paid for the food in cash. 

Chapter Text

Midoriya, Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, Sero, and Kaminari make their way to a 6-seater booth as they await their meals. However, as they all stand in front of the booth they realized that they ran into an issue; the 6 Heroes were somewhat unsure of how they should arrange themselves. Bakugou then starts to snarl at the others.


“I don’t wanna sit next to Deku or half-and-half!” said Bakugou.


“Oh shut it! This is all we could get! The place is packed, and we are 6 people!” said Kaminari.


“Bakugou, would you want to sit next to me then?” asked Kirishima.  

Chapter Text

“W-What?!” said Bakugou as he gets flustered. Suddenly, he slides in and sits against the wall. He suddenly grabs Sero. “Tape measure- sit your ass down!” continued Bakugou.


“H-Hey! Why me!?” shouted Sero as he plops down on the seat. Kirishima then gets confused by Bakugou’s actions. However, before Kirishima could think to sit next to Sero Todoroki then sits down next to him. 


“I like to sit on the outside- do you mind?” asked Todoroki.


“N-No! Why would where I sit even matter? Hehe…” said Krisihima as he slides into the other side of the booth across from Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Bakugou, Sero, Todoroki, and Kirishima all take their seats, and they all look over to see Kaminari and Midoriya still standing. Kaminari and Midoriya then look to each other.


“Well, I don’t care where I sit- do you wanna sit in the middle?” asked Kaminari.


“I don’t really care either. If you wanna you can Kaminari” said Midoriya.


“Someone sit!” shouted Bakugou. Kaminari then rolls his eyes.


“I’ll go” said Kaminari as he sits across from Sero. Sero shares a smile with Kaminari as he sits. Midoriya sits across from Todoroki. Midoriya smiles nervously to Todoroki- who looks back deadpanned.

Chapter Text

“Here’s your orders!” said the female worker. She hands them their meals; Bakugou’s Chicken Sandwich with fries, Kirishima with his Chicken Sandwich with a salad, Kaminari and Sero’s Chicken Nuggets with fries, Todoroki with his fillet fish, and Midoriya with his Cheeseburger with fries and a cookie. 


“Thank you!” said Midoriya.


“My pleasure!” said the female worker. Bakugou immediately bites into his sandwich.


“How is it?” asked Kirishima.


“E-Eat yours and find out!” said Bakugou as he looks away as he blushes.


“You know… Isn’t a fast food place that brings you your food a bit weird?…” asked  Todoroki.

Chapter Text

Time passes as the 6 boys enjoy their meals- chatting aimlessly amongst each other in between eating. Sero, Kaminari, and Midoriya all seem to be enjoying themselves; smiling and laughing about. However, Bakugou, Kirishima, and Todoroki all have less than satisfactory expressions; Bakugou- a bit uneasy and annoyed- partly wants to leave, Todoroki- feeling out of his element- doesn’t know what to say, and Kirishima- feeling a bit sad- wishes that he was just with Bakugou. But, the Hero with the biggest poker face was Midoriya; hiding away his anxiety and nervousness through a smile.


“... What is wrong, Midoriya?” asked Todoroki.

Chapter Text

“H-Huh? Nothing is wrong, Todoroki…” said Midoriya- confused. Todoroki then hums to himself.


“You seem uneasy” said Todoroki- seeing through Midoriya. Midoriya then laughs nervously.


“I… Uh… I-I’m just thinking about school stuff… Y-Yea! School...” said Midoriya. 


“Hm… Okay” said Todoroki. Kaminari then sighs.


“Well if there is anything wrong- I would hope all this food would deter the mind!” said Kaminari.


“Yea, I agree!” said Kirishima. Mirodiya leans back into his seat, and sighs. 


How can he tell?... And why wouldn’t he know why if I was… ” thought Midoriya. Bakugou, looking over to Midoriya, starts to hum to himself...

Chapter Text

Watching from afar, and knowing the extent and origin of Midoriya’s anguish, I start to feel a bit guilty. If Todoroki was indeed on his mind- who else is to blame but me? I could intervene again but… Each time I have thus far it has essentially caused another issue thereafter… 


“...Excuse me, little girl but- are you here with an adult?” asked a female worker as she passes my table. I look towards her and scoff. 


“I know my physique makes me look young- but I’m 15. I came alone” I said.


“O-Oh! My apologies...” said the female worker.

Chapter Text

Onlookers peer towards my table as I sip lemonade and consume my hamburger. I, myself, intensely study each one of the Heroes. Ironically- while they all periodically look towards me to see where my parent or guardian is, I’m looking at the Heros as if I was their guardian; protecting their hearts from turmoil. But, the more that I stare I start to wonder; Am I the turmoil? ...


Unknowingly, while in thought, one Hero starts slowly turning their head around as he overhears the conversation the worker had with me- Bakugou. He turns around, and he looks right at me! 

Chapter Text

“H-Huh?” said Bakugou as he watches as Vallombrosa quickly pick up her hamburger, and runs across the floor of the place- right out the door.  In her mind, there was no way she’d stick around- essentially stalk these Heroes- while one could be aware of her daunting presence. 


“Bakugou, is everything alright?” asked Krisihima. Bakugou then turns back around.


“I guess so… Some… Girl just ran out like right as I looked at her…” said Bakugou.


“Huh, that’s weird…” said Todoroki.


“Maybe your face scared her off!” said Kaminari as he laughs.


“What did you say, lightning rod?!” asked Bakugou.

Chapter Text

“Okay okay, Guys. Chill out. We don’t want to cause a scene!” said Kirishima- attempting to mediate. He then eats some of his own chicken sandwich, and smacks his gums loudly. “Sho Shwero, how’sh zhe new job been going?” continued a mouthful Kirishima. Bakugou grunts.


“Talk with your mouth empty!” said Bakugou. Kirishima then laughs.


“Sorry!” responded Kirishima. Sero then sighs with a grin on his face.


“It's been going- to say the least. N-Not to make it sound like really bad or whatever- just… It’s been interesting, hehe” said Sero as he starts to drink some of his soda. 

Chapter Text

“If I recall- your job has helped you take down many enemies as well!” said Midoriya.


“Yes it has. While the owner is pretty aloof it’s a good place” said Sero.


“Well me and half-and-half are back in the game, so kiss your temporary limelight goodbye” said Bakugou as he chomps down on his burger. Sero scoffs.


“Whatever Bakugou; you say temporary, but how temporary really was it when I held the fort down with everyone else who could do Hero work while you and Todoroki couldn’t for like three months?!” asked Sero. Suddenly, feeling guilty, Todoroki lowers his head.

Chapter Text

“What did you say? Wanna repeat that with two of your front teeth missing?” asked Bakugou as he eyes Sero in the face. Kaminari then points to Todoroki, which prompts Sero to look over.


“T-Todoroki! Sorry... Didn’t mean to get you down! Agh, Bakugou! Look what you made me do!” said Sero as he looks over to Todoroki.


“N-No, it’s just the reality of the situation. I felt ashamed at my actions, but I feel as if me and Bakugou are even better than before- and well equipped to tackle any issue that arises. Don’t you think, Bakugou?” asked Todorki. 

Chapter Text

“Huh?! Are you smoking balls half-and-half?! I was always equipped to tackle any issue!” said Bakugou.


“S-Smoking balls? What balls get smoked?” asked Todoroki Sero and Kaminari laugh.


“He means are you smoking someone's nuts, man” said Kaminari.


“Oh… No, I am not smoking anyone’s nuts, and I would like to refrain from smoking them in the future. Is that alright?” asked Todoroki. Bakugou then smacks his hand on his face.


“You idiot...” said Bakugou feeling aggravated.


“O-Okay guys let’s keep that talk to a minimum here… Now Sero, you were talking about your job- you work today?” asked Midoriya.

Chapter Text

“Yes, actually. Which reminds me- I can’t stay long. You know- it’s sad; many citizens who need to come into work everyday just to scrape by have to work in situations that are not really ‘inviting’ for a lack of better words… Productivity and motivation go up in a workplace if your workers like going there. I like going to work so work is always fine even when it’s busy- but I feel for those who need a job- I just want extra spending money” said Sero.


“Hm, did not know you thought so much about that, Sero” said Midoriya. 

Chapter Text

“Yea, I do. Heroes- while we put our necks out for others- often we are compensated for our efforts because of the union we are in” said Sero.


“So are you implying that Heroes have it easy compared to the working class?” asked Bakugou.


“N-No! It just makes you appreciate what they do on a daily while we go out kicking butt!” said Sero.


“But at the end of the day, us Heroes- like the working class- all work for our money. The degree of work is different but it's all the same. And that is something manly!” said Kirishima.


Chapter Text

Suddenly, as they all talk, they hear a weird gurgling sound comes from one of them. And soon, after, Todoroki stands up.


“I’m going to use the restroom. Please, excuse me…” said Todorki as he walks off. Midoriya concerningly watches as Todoroki walks away.


“Okay! Don’t get lost!” said Sero jokingly. He then checks his watch. “Okay guys- I probably got about 45 minutes of free time before I gotta make way to the side of town where my job is at. We gonna do anything after we eat, or are we just ‘gon part ways after this?” asked Sero.

Chapter Text

“Well… What did you and Kaminari initially plan to do?” asked Kirishima. Kaminari then blushes slightly.


“W-We were just gonna walk around and talk before he had to go in” said Kaminari. Sero then rubs the back of his head, and blushes.


“Yea… We don’t do much. I’m sure you guys don’t just wanna walk around” said Sero.


“Yea you are right dipshit!” said Bakugou. Kirishima then kicks Bakugou’s leg underneath the table.


“Bakugou! I mean- since you treated us- if you wanted to, it’s the least we can do” said Kirishima. Sero and Kaminari then look to each other...

Chapter Text

“... Well, we can walk around and visit some shops in the area before I go into work if you guys are down; Kaminari had that idea initially” said Sero.


“Sure! I don’t mind!” said Midoriya as he bites into his cheeseburger.


“I don’t as well!” said Kirishima. Bakugou then scoffs.


“I have to walk off the meal anyways!...” said Bakugou- giving in. 


“Great! I guess we just gotta see what Todoroki wants to do. He’s been in the bathroom for a minute, huh?” questioned Kaminari. 


“Let’s just wait for him, guys” said Midoriya. And so, they did…




20 Minutes Later…

Chapter Text

“Where is that multi-colored haired asshole at?! We are ready to go!” shouted Bakugou.


“Yea, I’m getting a bit worried…” said Midoriya.


“Did he dine and dash?” asked Sero.


“Well that wouldn’t make sense to do because he already knew I was paying…” said Kaminari.


“Well… Who wants to check up on him?” asked Kirishima. Suddenly, their faces show nervousness and embarrassment.


“U-Uh… Check up on him in the bathroom? I-I mean… Isn’t that a bit weird?” asked Midoriya.


“It’s not a single bathroom- so no not really” said Kirishima.


“Then you go- since you brought it up” said Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Caving into the demand he brought up, Kirishima, reluctantly, gets up and goes to the male bathroom in the restaurant to check up on Todoroki. As he enters the door, he notices that no other man is within plane sight. However, Kirishima can smell that someone is in there. Krisihima sighs, and approaches the stall to the way back.


“T-Todoroki?... Are you in there?” asked Kirishima.


“... Kirishima?” said Todoroki.


“Yes. A-Are you alright, man? You have been gone for like 20 mins, and Sero only has 25 or so minutes left before he has to head to work” said Kirishima. 

Chapter Text

“N-No… I think that fish I ate was b-bad… I’m sorry that I’ve kept you all waiting- but I am afraid of getting up off this toilet…” said Todoroki.


“Oh no man! They gave you some bad shit!? We are suing!” said Krisihima.


“P-Please… I don’t want an uproar over this… And it is just a speculation; however, I also forgot to eat breakfast- and this is all that I ate today…” said Todoroki.


“This is definitely food poisoning! I'm gonna get you something really quick okay bro?” said Kirishima.


“... Can you get me some more toilet paper?...” asked Todoroki.

Chapter Text

“YOU GUYS POISONED OUR DEAD WEIGHT! PAY UP! YOU WANT ME TO BLOW YOUR GUYS’ SHIT UP?!” Shouted Bakugou as he attempts to climb over the front counter. The worker behind it start to back up in fear.


“I-I’m sorry sir! We must of had a bad batch! He was the first person we served that sandwich to today- so we will definitely assess the issue if he was poisoned by our food” said the store manager up front. Midoriya and Kirishima to grab Bakugou off the counter.


“Huh?! If!?” questioned Bakugou.


“R-Relax, Bakugou!” said Kirishima.


“Kacchan! No!” shouted Midoriya.

Chapter Text

I am watching this event go down from afar; and all I can do is feel for Todoroki- who is in so much turmoil.I peak my head back into the establishment while all heads were turned away from me; I was still embarrassed about running out. I knew that the only way anyone was getting out of this situation alive was if I stepped in.


Let’s see what I can do about this… ” I thought as I slowly opened my skull open to use my Quirk. As I typed something that would help, Midoriya’s back pocket started to bulge...


Chapter Text

As Midoriya looks on to the chaos in front of him, he starts to feel something grow against his ass. He gets a sudden shock of nervousness; blushing as he thinks someone is touching his ass. His mind instantly went to Todoroki- but quickly swatted that thought away as he knew he wasn’t there. He then feels against his pants, and feels something in his pocket. As he takes it out and looks at what is there- he gasps in excitement.


“What is it, Midoriya?” asked Kirishima.


“What is that?” asked Kaminari.


“Pepto-Bismol! This should help Todoroki!” shouted Midoriya elatedly.

Chapter Text

“... Why do you have that just with you?” asked Sero. Midoriya then scratches his head.


“Um… I’m not sure… I didn’t even think I had this on me until I felt it in my pocket… It’s almost like it just- materialized there” said Midoriya.


“Well that’s fuckin’ impossible! You are just a forgetful fuck!” shouted Bakugou.


“Take a chill pill why don’t ‘ya?!” said Kaminari.


“Yea- if you have that, then maybe you can give some to Todoorki and make him feel a bit better!” said Sero.


“You are right! I-I guess I’ll go give him some…” said Midoriya reluctantly...

Chapter Text

Midoriya- being the one that seemingly owns the Pepto-Bismol- is elected to be the one to help Todoroki by giving him some. However, he suddenly feels hesitant to go see Todoroki in the bathroom; partly due to their previous encounter, but also because he doesn't want to see him in the bathroom. However, he knows that he can help Todoroki out- even if it’s just a little bit. And so, he enters the male bathroom, and can instantly tell that Todoroki is in the bathroom stall all the way to the back.


“T-Todoroki?...” mutters Midoriya.


“... Midoriya?” said a perturbed Todoroki...

Chapter Text


“T-Todoroki… I have something that might help… I’ll… Roll it under the door” said Midoriya. He then rolls the Pepto-Bismol under the opening of the stall door, and as Todoroki sees the pink bottle he stops it with his foot. He then looks down at the bottle, and instantly gets excited.


“M-Midoriya! You had this one you?” asked Todoroki.


“Y-Yes?” responded Midoriya. Todoroki then picks up the bottle, opens it, and drinks some of it immediately. As soon as he downed the serum, Toodorki starts to feel a churning feeling within his stomach, and a rush of energy befalls him.

Chapter Text

Todoroki’s body jitters almost uncontrollably as his body digests the serum. The belt buckle of his pants- resting at his ankles- taps against the bathroom floor very rapidly. Midoriya hears this unusual sound. Concerned, he starts to look under the stall to see his pants around his ankles, and his body spazzing out.


“T-Todoroki?! Are you okay?” asked Midoriya.


“I-I-I… Nghh…” muttered Todoroki as he starts to cover his stomach with his arms. Suddenly, the jittery sensation moves lower down Todoroki’s stomach- and as it does Todoroki starts to feel more relieved as the sick feeling starts to go away.

Chapter Text

“Oh my… I wasn’t expecting that stuff to work so… Thoroughly…” said Todoroki as he exists the bathroom stall- holding the seemingly magical Pepto-Bismol; his clothes someone put back together not as kempt as before.


“I’m sorry that you ate some bad food, Todoroki. How do you feel?” asked Midoriya. Todoroki then heads over to the sink , and turns on the faucet.


“Honestly… I feel fine. Like I said- that stuff was very throughout; honestly, I’m just as hungry as I was before I ate- if not more” said Todoroki.


“Oh!... Well, I’m glad that you are alright” said Midoriya.


Chapter Text

As Todoroki turns off the faucet, he goes over to dry his hands. As he does this, Midoriya then goes over to the Pepto-Bismol that was sitting on the corner of the sink, and picks it up. Analyzing it, he goes into deep thought.


I… Always had this?.... That makes sense… But… ” thought Midoriya.


“Midoriya?” asked Todoroki as he observed Midoriya.


“H-Huh?” asked a startled Midoriya.


“Let's get back to the others- I’m sure that by now Bakugou might try and burn the place down” said Todoroki.


“Oh right!” said Midoriya. Todoroki and Midoriya then head back to their friends.

Chapter Text

As Todoroki and Midoriya return to his group of friends they all look over and are relieved that Todoroki looks fine as ever. Bakugou- however, still irate, approached Todoroki, and snarls in his face.


“You need to be watching what you put in your fucking mouth you airhead!” said Bakugou.


“... I will monitor what I am eating more carefully. I’m sorry that I cause a scene for you all” said Todoroki as he bowed.


“-D-Don’t bow for us, Todoroki! It’s not your fault!” said Kaminari. 


“I understand, but still…” said Todoorki. As they talk, the store manager finally approaches Todoroki...


Chapter Text

“Sir! I’m so so sorry that you got sick! Please- if there is anything else we can get you- it will be free!” said the Store Manager. Todoroki then turns to them.


“Um… I think I’m fine for now actually…” said Todoorki. However, as he says this, Kaminari elbows Todoorki’s side.


“Hey! If they are offering free food- you accept!!!” whispered Kaminari into Todoorki’s ear. Todoorki looks at kaminari with slight confusion.


“Oh,” said Todoroki as he then turns to the Store Manager, “Actually- I changed my mind. I would like something” said Todoorki. Hearing this, Midoriya shake their head...

Chapter Text

Moments after this whole issue, Todorki get’s another meal- but for to go this time; this is because they have wasted to much time- and by now Sero has to be on the way to work! And so, all 6 Heroes back up their belongings, and walk with Sero and Kaminari towards Sero’s place of work...




“Sorry guys- that we do not really have much time to sight-see. But- when you make commitments, you gotta stick to ‘em; am I right?!” asked Sero with a smile. However, Bakugou scoffs.


“Whatever!” said Bakugou.


“… You don’t have to tag along...” said Kaminari.

Chapter Text

“Well- I’m interested in seeing just how this roll of tape actually conducts himself outside of Hero studies!” admitted Bakugou.


“You know- if we were going to go out to eat… We could have just ate where you work; I mean- it’s a pizza place” said Kirishima.


“Well… That makes sense… Me and Kaminari typically just eat where it’s closest to the school” admits Sero.


“I wouldn’t mind trying the food that is made there- besides this free sandwich I got” said Todoroki.


“Are the pizza’s there homemade?” asked Midoriya.


“Yes; it is a local family owned business” said Sero.

Chapter Text

“What’s it called?” asked Todoroki.


Risako’s Pizzeria” said Sero.


“Huh… Is the owner actually Italian?” asked Midoriya.


“I think so… He’s a fairly oblivious man- but kind. So, he doesn’t really chat about his life outside work. I mean- we don’t chat about life that often; I just show up to work mostly- or help with Hero-related issues” said Sero.


“Hero related issues?” asked Bakugou.


“Yeah; You would be surprised how intertwined villainism is with the food industry…” said Sero.


“So you even do that work for him? Are you in some Black Market mess?!” asked Kirishima.


“N-No!” exclaimed Sero.

Chapter Text

As I tailed them from afar, I couldn’t help but take notice to the subject matter. They were talking about my father. For the record- he is Italian; just part-Italian, part-Japanese like me. However… I wasn’t aware that this man- with the oddly shaped elbows- was affiliated with my father in a Hero way as well… Just… What is my father doing when I’m not around? Come to think of it- I’m not really that around aren’t I… I spend so much time observing, that sometimes I find that I do not really reflect on what’s in front of me.

Chapter Text

As they approach the pizzeria- it became more easier and simpler to tail them; this is because this part of the area I knew very well- being that my own father’s business is over here. Oh how the dichotomy here was so contrasting; how someone so foreign to these 6 Heroes was tailing them in and to a place that was the exact opposite of foreign to me. 


It was nothing more than just a few blocks away, and as I went to turn the corner and hide against a street pole I peer into the distance towards the Heroes...


Chapter Text



“Hey! Val!” a high-pitched voiced person said in the distance. As I recall- only one person calls be ‘Val’ so casually. Startling me, I look over to see a face that I recognize so very well.


Genoveffa !” I said excitedly. In truth, she’s the only person I would call a ‘friend’ to me.I go to approach her, but soon forget I was tailing Heroes! I look behind me- but they are nowhere to be seen… I know where they are headed, but seeing her appear right in front of me seemed to have taken precedence in my mind…

Chapter Text

“I haven’t seen you in awhile!” said Genoveffa as we hug.


“You are right!” I said as embrace her tighter. Genoveffa had pastel Pink hair, and skin a cocoa color- as if she just tanned; this contrasted pale skin, and green hair. I know her through her family- the Juba’s; they are family friends to the Risako’s. Our personalities couldn’t be more different- but what ties us together is our bonds to our desires, and the boundless world around us.


“How are you? How are classes?” she asked. 


“Classes? Oh- they're okay…” I said- attempting to dodge the question...

Chapter Text

“Nonsense! You managed to get into U-A’s ‘Department of General Education’ with just the potential of your Quirk alone , and you say it’s ‘just okay’? You're having the time of your life!” said Genoveffa.


“Yea… Well, the other Heroes around me are very cool; some of the most unique people you will ever meet” I said.


“Val, you are just as unique- if not more” said Genoveffa.


“Well, I’m still too weak to join the departments that train actual Heroes…” I admit as I become somewhat embarrassed.


“Oh… Well, you will get there! If that’s what you want” said Genoveffa.


Chapter Text

“Still... Being around all of those Heroes all the time must be cool...” said Genoveffa as she looked up to the sky. As she said this, I saw a gleam of dream sparkle in her eye; one that wishes that she could be something more than what she is currently. That is because Genoveffa has no Quirk; and despite that, she is one of the few people that get along with me- despite our contrasting personalities. I wonder… If she wishes she had one.


“I’m sorry…” I said- attempting to cover up something that had nothing to do with me.

Chapter Text

“Huh? For what?” asked Genoveffa.


“I… I don’t know…” I responded.


“Hehe, Val- it’s fine. I’ve never had a Quirk. Sure- the idea of being a Hero is cool, but you don’t need to have a Quirk to be a Hero to someone. You can save someone from a bully at school and be their Hero. Or a public figure. Or, someone down the street that sells them antiques and is there for nice chats that you can depend on; ‘Hero’ to many can mean many different things” said Genoveffa.


“Huh… I never thought of it like that...” I said.

Chapter Text

“So, who is a Hero to you?” asked Genoveffa.


“A Hero to me?” I responded- unsure of where she was going with her question.


“Yes” said Genoveffa.


“Well… To me, a Hero is multi-faceted; so, like you said- a Hero can mean many things to many different people. But, many only see what the Hero wants you to. In reality, they’re no different than an average person- no matter their status, power, or ideology. A Hero to me is someone who’s truth shines through even when no one’s looking- because that means their conviction is pure and true” I said.

Chapter Text

“Ah… So, Is there an ideal Hero you have in mind?” asked Genoveffa.


“An ideal Hero…” I pondered. In truth, as I monitor Midoriya and his friends up close- my opinions of what my personal Hero is or should be changed a bit. That is because the more I observe- the more I realize that a Hero is not some untouchable thing like I initially thought. They are human” I said. However, what also trips me up on this is where I specifically fit into it; do I want to become someone untouchable to someone else? Am I… Even multi-faceted?...

Chapter Text

“Haha. You always were so perceptive of others and how they feel. That’s what makes you a good person at heart. So, maybe one day you will be someone’s ideal Hero” said Genoveffa.


“R-Really? You think so?...” I said- taken aback by her sweet words. When I start to consider an idea- which I thought was so trite before- it does appear nice. But, something that I know is also far in the future- with many hurdles in between. Could my ideas and desires reach someone- even if it might just be words that whispers sweet dreams? Maybe, just maybe...

Chapter Text

“I do! Sometimes it would be cool to see you through someone else's eyes like you like to do with others; you might be amazed at how unnoticeable you are” said Genoveffa.


“H-Huh? What do you mean?” I asked.


“I mean- weren’t you just following those boys?” asked Genoveffa.


“M-M-Me?! Following boys!? I don’t know what you are talking about!...” I said- completely nervous.


“Oh, stop! I totally saw you! Hehe. Such a sweet anime-girl you are!” said Genoveffa as she starts to smile in awe of my apparently cuteness, “You are around that age! You must have a crush!”.

Chapter Text


“C-C-C-Crush?!!!” I shouted in a squealing tone.


“Hehe~. You’re beat red, Val” said Genoveffa.


“I-I’m not following them because of that!” I mistakenly admitted.


“Oh! So you are following them!” said Genoveffa.


“B-Because, I’m observing them… They are Heroes from Class 1-A…” I said.


“Oh! So, you are seeing what it takes to make it into that class then first hand!” said Genoveffa.


“Y-Yeah… Let’s go with that…” I said reluctantly.


“Are those your ideal types of Heroes?” asked Genoveffa.


“I like to think so- at least right now” I responded.


“I wonder what kinda Hero I’d be…” pondered Genoveffa.


Chapter Text

“A remarkable one- I’d like to think” I said back to Genoveffa.


“Hehe, you think? Eh, I don’t know… The Hero stuff is cool- but I am fine with what I have, and the role I play in the universe” said Genoveffa.


“Huh?” I said- confused.


“Well, not everyone is meant to be everything realistically. Not everyone can do everything. So, that’s why it’s cool to see someone be able to do what you can’t- in a way that you think it should be. It’s called a beacon of hope; or an idol. Or you know- a Hero” said Genoveffa.

Chapter Text

“Ah… Well, when you put it like that- I can see where you are coming from” I said. Suddenly, I begin to ponder… “How’s the Antique Store been?” I then asked.


“Oh, our family business- Juba’s Joss ” asked Genoveffa.


“Yea” I responded.


“It’s alright. Business is average- but we have new findings, and interesting customers as of late!” said Genoveffa.


“Oh really? How so?” I asked.


“Recently- we have been getting various donations from the public- as well as some shifty dealers- who have no need for certain objects, and sell them to us for a quick profit,” said Genoveffa.

Chapter Text

“R-Really?” I asked- feeling a bit uneasy.


“Yup. Or, they come to get items appraised to see what they are worth. Often, we think they are stolen goods” said Genoveffa.


“Uh… That kinda sounds shifty and kinda illegal…” I said. Genoveffa then shrugs her shoulders.


“Comes with the line of business I suppose; Kinda weird to me too. It’s better to not really question who comes in sometimes- unless it’s the cops” Genoveffa said.


“I-Interesting… Well, it isn’t anything unheard of- I can say that” I said.


“This is probably the most interesting thing so far to me” said Genoveffa.

Chapter Text

Suddenly, Genoveffa  whips out a retro golden-looking coin. When looking at it, the first thing I notice is that it has the insignia of a lightning bolt on it. It was about two inches in width, and perhaps a centimeter or two thick; it was no ordinary coin that was in her hand.


“W-Wow… That’s an interesting coin” I said.

“Yea; some dudes come in with it to see if it was worth anything. They thought it was made of real Gold- but it’s actually a silver coin painted gold; however, it was worth almost 50,000 yen!” said Genoveffa.

Chapter Text

“W-What?!” I shouted.


“I’m serious- well… If it was around 26 grams of pure silver- yeah! Which I think it is- we never really analyzed it because they didn’t care” said Genoveffa.


“You are kidding…” I responded.


“To them it was worthless it they were getting that much for it- compared to gold- which would be well within the 100,000 range if it was the same about of grams” said Genoveffa.


“Really? It probably would weigh different” I responded.


“That was our first tip off that it wasn’t gold” Genoveffa.


“And now it’s yours?” I said.


“Yup” Genoveffa responded.


Chapter Text

Genoveffa hands me the peculiar coin, and I hold it in my hand. I get an unsettling feeling; as if it means nothing to me or her- but everything to someone else. I knew this was stolen- but how? It was missed by someone- but who? I had a weird urge that I should not part with the coin until I return it to its rightful owner…


“Genoveffa, this might be a bit weird… But, can I have this?” I asked.


“You? You like it, huh?” asked Genoveffa as she laughed.


“Y-Yea… I-If you don’t mind, I mean” I said.

Chapter Text

“No! You can! It’s just a coin ‘ya know? I don’t need to sell it to make money” said Genoveffa.


“Really? Thank you” I said as I gripped it firmly in my hand. Suddenly, I felt a warmness in my body swell up; as if a story that was unfinished was about to meet its fin in my wake.


“You sure are happy to have it. A little too happy if you ask me…” questioned Genoveffa.


“S-Sorry! It’s just a nice thing for you to do! Yea, let’s go with that…” I said.


“Awe! Thanks!” said Genoveffa as she blushes.

Chapter Text

“Well, Val- I would love to stay and chat all day long, but I actually need to head back to the shop!” said Genoveffa as she leans in to hug me.


“Oh really? Well, I need to stop by sometime” I said.


“Yes! Please! It’s been well over a month since the last time- I think” said Genoveffa.


“Okay. I’ll text you, ‘kay?” I suggest.


“Okay! Bye!~” said Genoveffa as she runs off. Come to think of it- I didn’t even know why she was in this area… Nonetheless, I now have this golden coin. Now- where is its owner…

Chapter Text

A few days had passed since the Heroes had all hung out on a dinner outing together. Since then, the Heroes focused on their Hero Work Studies. The weather outside starts to slowly turn colder as the December month is about half-way done. Many of the Heroes- when they were not in class or in their studies- would often retreat back to their dorms for warmth as they finish up their end-of-the year assignments. Today was not any different in this regard; however, little did these Heroes know that the cold weather would bring about a series of unfortunate events...