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Of frightened cats and honey

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Shinsou never was one for Attention. Whenever a conversation seemed to revolve around him his intuition told him to run away and hide, until it's safe to come out again. So that's exactly the reason why Shinsou Hitoshi, future Hero and student of class 2A found himself sitting in a tree on the school grounds while he was worrying about everything and nothing.

It wasn't that he was trying to flee the conversation he was more or less participating in, but his brain couldn't keep his focus on the words Midoriya seemed to blurt out in an unfollowable speed, about how he was watching a villain encounter on his way to school, so his mind wandered off to the voices of his other classmates. Especially one blonds voice seemed to ask for Hitoshi's attention and he couldn't find his way to not listen to his words.
„-s what I told him. It’s the truth! I am such a disaster bi.“ A high pitch squeak followed after the statement and the pink girl, to which the sound belonged, threw an arm around the boy. „Kaminari if I’d known your type was sleep deprived, I had long gone set you up with Tokoyami. Not that I mind though. He does look good and I would totally steal him if it wasn't for you.“ Hitoshi's gaze wandered to Kaminari who now put his head on his arms which were crossed on the table in front of him. His hair for once put up into a short ponytail, let him think about what kind of mess his hair was at the moment. He was aware that he always looked this way, but the pretty blond still made him insecure.

Sero put a hand on Kaminaris shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. „ I don't think you are such a mess. You remember the first time you spoke to me? You totally flirted even though I don't really know what it was about anymore. And here we are. Best bros. Your flirt attempt couldn't have been that bad. And I am sure he doesn't even remember anything.“ Ashido nodded but slowly remembered that Kaminari couldn't see her movement. „I agree. If you still think he is handsome you could just try again and if Shinsou isn't interested-“

Shinsou promptly stood up and left the classroom the moment he heard his name. A loud bang of his chair hitting the floor was following his reaction. He just heard his name and his instincts kicked in while he ran. Distantly he heard Uraraka calling for him but his own footsteps were too loud and his mind was already made up. So he just ran and ran until he stopped at a tree not too far from the main building.

He knew someone was probably already looking for him so he did what seemed only logical at this moment and climbed the tree until the branches seemed to be too weak. That's when he sat down and really breathed for the first time. He wasn't someone who really liked all the attention, even the littlest of attention made his fleeing instinct kick in. It wasn't his proudest attribute but he couldn't really do something about it.

In his miserable attempts on trying psychology on himself, he deduced that it had to do with people calling him villainous. The more he thought about the more sense it made. Every time someone talked to him they were either trying to get him to use his quirk for their own benefits or they were calling him a villain. He often was excluded from conversations so more often he listened to them. The few times he was a part of their conversation were the times they were talking about him being evil, so yes, obviously he didn't like the attention. It never meant something good.

When Aizawa decided to train him, he quickly found out that his mentor was a man of few words and Hitoshi found himself enjoying the quiet training sessions with him. The only time his teacher seemed to use his voice was to explain a technique they were working on or to comment Shinsous attempt to fight off Aizawa. That being told he never even got the chance to use his quirk in one of their training sessions. He didn’t mind. His quirk wasn’t even that practical and he wasn't sure if there was a way to train it.
And even if, he needed someone that willingly let themselves be brainwashed and that didn't happen. Excluding this one time, a kid in his foster home needed help with their concentration, so Hitoshi obliged to brainwash the little kid to do their homework. But that was the first and only time because right after the parents found out what he did, he was moved to a different foster home.
By now his file was full of brainwashing accidents of when he was younger and didn't know how to control his quirk yet and little slipups that were exaggerated so his caretakers had reason to give him away. He couldn't blame them though. He could understand why people thought his quirk was terrifying, he just wished that they could ignore it.

In his latest foster care, it wasn't all too bad. Somehow they ignored his quirk, but that was more related to the fact that they ignored him altogether, which wasn't too much of a burden. He got his own room (it was more of a closet, but Hitoshi would never admit that. He was glad to have his own space even if it was only a place to sleep in and nothing more) and it’s one of the few households that never dared to muzzle him. It was fine. He felt okay where he was, but at the same time living with people who won't talk to you meant no one would sign the papers which would allow him to move into the dorms.
Because of that, Hitoshi avoided Aizawa-sensei the first week of school. In breaks, he was the first to leave the classroom and last to enter. Lunch he quickly decided to have with Midoryia and his friends, who he quickly decided weren't the worst persons he could spend his time with (not that he would ever tell them) and after school he raced to his bike, just to make sure Aizawa couldn't ask for the papers he gave him before the holidays.
At the same time fleeing the scene before anyone could talk to him also meant, that he hasn't talked to someone outside of the dekusquad his whole first week, which made it just weirder to see Kaminari right under his tree and screaming his name.

„Shinsou what are you doing up there?“ He sighed. He couldn't just tell him the reason why he sat way up on a tree but what else could explain the situation? There was always the possibility of brainwashing the handsome boy to go away but Hitoshi would never use it outside of training or emergencies. Concluding there was no other choice than telling the truth.
„Hiding.“ The blond turned his head slightly and Hitoshi thought he looked a bit like a dog at this moment.
„And from what exactly?“ „human interactions and possible humiliations, “ he said, not giving to much away. Kaminari chuckled „It’s quite impressive how far up you climbed but I think you should come down now. Aizawa said he wouldn't start homeroom before we found you.“ Shit. He hadn't thought before he ran and now Aizawa sure would ask him about the unsigned papers the moment they'd step into the room, which is if he even got that far.

„I don't think I can, “ he said truthfully. „You were the one to climb up there and now you aren't able to climb down?“ he didn't sound as if he judged him, he rather sounded curious. „Yes. I don't know. To be honest I never climbed one before. I just did the first best thing that came into my mind…“
„Honestly? Mood. I am pretty impulsive, although I think that's not common for you. Should I get Uraraka? I think she could make you float so you won't need to be afraid about hitting the ground.“ Hitoshi thought about it for a moment but then quickly shook the thought out of his head. „I humiliated myself in front of one person today. I think that's enough.“ Without hesitation, Kaminari answered „I don't think you humiliated yourself. But I get it you got that whole bad boy thing going. We wouldn't want to ruin that. Right?“He smiled „Right.“

He once again just stared down at the boy without an idea of what to do next. He never was one to voice his concerns but looking at Kaminari, knowing he wouldn't judge him, he did. „But I don't know what to do either.“ The boy on the ground inspected the area around him and then spoke up to him again „As far as I can see we have 2 possibilities. There's one of those fluffy mats near here. I could bring it here so you could jump. Or if you don't want to I could try to guide you step by step. I know neither of those is really appearing-“ He scratched the back of his neck just as Hitoshi did when he was insecure and somehow that made him aware of how much his legs trembled. „I don't think my legs could hold me at the moment… but I like the first idea.“ „Shinsou, my dude, the boy with the capturing scarf which allows him to put himself way up onto rooftops, are you telling me that you are afraid of heights?“ „Maybe a little.“ He answered.

Kaminari didn't hesitate long after hearing what Shinsou said. Shortly after he answered the boy ran to the mattress and tried his best at pulling it under the tree. He didn't really take long but for Hitoshi, it was agonizing to watch and the longer he looked down where the boy stood before, the more he was convinced to die today. The least heroic death he could think of. His previous statement was underestimated. He wasn't a little afraid of heights, he was fricking terrified. And while he was waiting for the mattress to find it's way to where he would land if he was about to fall, he began to panic.
What if he fell? What if he blacked out and couldn't hold onto the tree in his unconsciousness? What if the sweat that was slowly building in his palms made his hands to slippy? What if-

„Shinsou! Hey, look at me! It’s alright! I know that must be a terrifying view up there. Could you take a deep breath for me?“ Hitoshi hadn't even noticed that he was hyperventilating but the moment the boy said he should take a deep breath he just did. „Alright. Well done. Now you just need to jump. Okay?“ „I don't think I can do this…“ His voice was shaky and he just couldn't think of anything else than him dying this unheroic death of falling from a tree. No, he wouldn't die today. He just couldn't jump.

„Shinsou. I know it’s scary but I promise you that you won't die today!“ „I just said that out loud.“ „Yeah. But that’s alright dude. I understand…just- just close your eyes okay?“ He did what the boy told him. There wasn't any slight resistance. It was the first time someone didn't make him feel like a burden or a villain or someone unresponsible. For the first in a long time, he felt like a human with emotions that really mattered. „Okay. Now just jump.“ And he did.
It took too long. That was all Hitoshi's brain could process. Gravity was rapidly and at the same time slowly pulling him towards the ground. It took so long. He was lost. No feeling of orientation otherwise than down and no sense of time. Maybe he was already falling minutes or hours. He couldn't tell, but the moment his body was slamming into something soft, he knew he survived.

It wasn't long before he opened his eyes and looked into honey ones that showed worry but also looked satisfied. Hitoshi blinked and then moved his head slightly from left to right to see, yes, he was on the ground. And then looking up again into those honey eyes. „I am alive.“
„Told ya you would survive.“ He held his arm out „But now we should hurry or Aizawa is gonna kill us“ Hitoshi grabbed the offered hand and not a second later he stood on his feet. Kaminari already turned around and began to jog to the classroom when Hitoshi said „Thank you“

„huh?“ he turned around „oh no problem dude. That's what friends are for“ He showed him two thumbs up and then continued his jog, without a second thought, if Hitoshi would follow. A Friend? He smiled at himself on that thought. Perhaps it wasn't too bad if someone took an interest in him. Perhaps attention didn't always mean something bad.

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When they arrived at the classroom they quietly sat down and despite Hitoshi's assumption earlier on, Aizawa didn't seem to want to talk to him and just started the lesson.
After homeroom, Hitoshi was determined to leave the classroom again, so Aizawa wouldn't have the opportunity to talk to him, but he was held up by the blond boy, who earlier came to his rescue. Right before he could grab his stuff and leave, the boy stood in front of him. Hitoshi was a bit uncomfortable with how close the other one was to him, but he wouldn't ask him to step away and any other statement would come off as rude. So he just put his gaze at those honey-coloured eyes and waited for him to talk. "Okay I feel bad right now, you know? Because I found you there and let you jump and didn't even ask if you were okay and just ran off. I mean what if you had hit your head or scratched your handsome face. I couldn't live with the knowledge of being the one who did something to this pretty face. So I just wanted to ask if you are alright..." "you said I'm pretty...and handsome"

Kaminari blinked once..twice and then scratched his neck "Oh yeah I did. Do you feel uncomfortable about it? I get it. Not everyone is radiating gay energy...I guess I kinda know...Oh god. Please stop me."Hitoshi's lips curled slightly into a smile. "I am not uncomfortable about that." he answered and chuckled quietly under his breath "gay energy..." "I said THAT. Oh lord have mercy." "I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed. I just never heard someone referring to gayness that way...Oh. Wait. By the way, your gaydar ain't broken. Let me introduce myself: I am Shinsou Hitoshi, tree-climbing cat, and disaster gay." The boy in front of him began to smile and pulled at the end of his ponytail to make it tighter. "Kaminari Denki, Saviour of cats in need and disaster bi." Then he formed his right hand into a finger gun and put it right under his chin.

that's when it doomed Hitoshi "Wait. That's exactly what you did on the training exercise. OH, that's what this conversation was about. Way to go Hitoshi. You stupid stupid idiot. He was talking about THAT. You are such a mess. Wo-" "Shinsou you alright?" Kaminari broke him from his conflicted thought process. How hadn't he seen that? Earlier when he heard Kaminari and his friends talking about him they were talking about the training exercise between class A and B in the first year. He should have known that. Shinsou often thought back to that moment when his inner gay panicked and he didn't know what to say. But that this flirtatious bi in front of him still thought about it, was strange.

"Yeah, I just... I got lost in thoughts. Sorry." "Don't worry about it. Happens to the best. So what I wanted-"
"SHINSOU." Kaminari was cut off by a slightly angry Aizawa. "Shit. I think I should hurry." Kaminari backed off from his position so he could get to their teacher. "No problem dude. see ya in class." He said while he was shooting finger guns at him.

Hitoshi just nodded and then slowly paced after Aizawa out of their homeroom, but they didn't come to a halt in the hallway. they walked in silence until they stopped at an empty classroom and walked inside. Hitoshi wasn't sure what's about to happen next when Aizawa just stood there slightly leaning on the desk. He didn't dare to ask a question. He'd never dared to ask a question. When he was little he wasn't allowed to talk. In foster cares often being muzzled or beaten if he opened his mouth. They knew his quirk was activated by responding, so the only times he was able to speak, was when one of his caretakers explicit said he was allowed, but never, not once, was he allowed to actually ask a question.

Intelligent people would know that his quirk doesn't need a question to be answered. A reaction in any verbal form to anything he said was key to activating it. That in mind though, wouldn't mean he actually activated his quirk. But as previously mentioned someone needs to be clever enough to know that.
Most people weren't. Hitoshi quickly learned, that not only his caretakers wouldn't dare to let him ask questions, even if he did, but also people who knew about his quirk would never answer them if he got that far. He soon learned just to never ask for something. What he wished for was told but never asked. that's how it was and even now with people telling him his quirk isn't evil, he wasn't brave enough to raise his voice just to ask something.
Also, it didn't seem like a problem. No one cared enough to think about how he never asked for something and he learned to just do stuff himself instead of asking for help. That's the way things were.

Which is why it shocked him when Aizawa said:" I know, that you won't ask me why we are in here. But this classroom is empty for the rest of this school day and we won't leave until you ask." Shinsou wasn't dumb. He trusted Aizawa enough to know he wouldn't beat him if he asked something but also he wouldn't want to risk it. "You dragged me here. I guess this is about me leaving the classroom earlier today." Aizawa was about to answer but then closed his mouth again and shook his head. "That wasn't a question."

"You can't be that stubborn about this. I could just wander off. nothing is holding me back." as he said that he made a move of turning around but was captured by Aizawa's scarf not a second later. "Oh dammit. Fine. I don't ask questions. I just don't. Not unless it's an emergency. I don't and I won't." Hitoshi was frustrated. His voice was trembling and his whole body tensed up.

"You looked uncomfortable when Kaminari stood at your table. Sure you seemed to ignore it later on but it was obvious the first few seconds. He stepped into your comfort zone, how isn't that an emergency?"

"I wasn't in danger."He snarled at him. Aizawa sighed. "But your own comfort is important too, you know that right. Actually, I didn't mind that you weren't asking questions when we were training. It looked as if you were understanding pretty well and if you were confused I thought you just were too embarrassed to ask for further explanation. But that's not it, right?"

Hitoshi gulped. He couldn't bring a word out and his eyes stung. He knew he was about to cry but after everything that happened today, he wasn't eager to humiliate himself even more. so he just shook his head.

Aizawa dropped his hold and pulled the scarf back to himself.
"I won't make you ask questions, if you tell me, why you aren't already living in the dorms with the rest of your classmates."
"They won't sign the papers. I put them on the counter, but they just looked away, so I didn't try again."
"Did your parents tell you why?" His teacher had his thumb and pointer finger at the bridge of his nose and massaged it, while his eyes were closed.
"My caretakers don't really talk to me."
"Caretakers? Not Parents? Or guardians?" Shinsou shook his head and put his hand back to rub his neck. "I lived in various foster homes since I was 3. The current home I live in isn't too bad. I lived there for just a few months so I thought the school would have told you about it. For the legal matter and emergency contact..." He put his hand in front of him to stop Shinsou from talking."They didn't." His body language was telling: Angry. run. but his voice was calm and collected "I'll talk to Nedzu about that. so why don't they talk to you?" Hitoshi really didn't want to tell him why, but his teacher already looked pissed and he really didn't have a death wish. "After they read my file they decided it was for the best to just don't talk to me and that the best way to do so, was to just ignore me completely. It's better than things I've encountered before."

Aizawa seemed speechless. He didn't find the words to express what was going on inside his head. After a full minute of complete silence, he finally opened his mouth:" I don't think you should go back there. You'll stay in the dorms from now on and I'll find a way to do so without the allowance of them. don't worry."
He then pushed himself from the desk he was leaning on and wandered out of the classroom. Leaving Hitoshi alone with the aftermath of the previous conversation. What the heck did just happen?

It wasn't before lunchtime that he really thought about the conversation again. After homeroom they had English with Present Mic and when he walked into the classroom in a zombielike stare, while Present Mic was explaining the difference between if and when to an upset Ashido, no one dared to ask what happened. After he sat down behind Midoryia he tried to take notes but failed miserably and soon began to stare out of the window. Present Mic noticed but wasn't evil enough to scold Shinsou about it. In the end, most of his teachers were softies. but he knew not all people were as friendly as Mic-Sensei, which is why he found himself being interrogated from Midoryia and Uraraka the moment they sat down at their lunch table.
"Did he ask you why you ran off this morning?"Midoryia asked.
"But he scolded you about it?" Uraraka followed.
"No. I think he forgot."
"What did you talk about that he could forget it?" he really didn't want to answer the girl next to him but figured that he really didn't have a choice when Aizawa-sensei really meant what he said earlier. "We talked about the dorm situation. I guess I'll move in today" he sounded as monotone as always even though his mind and heart raced at the thought of living in the dorms. Distantly he heard the dekusquad talking about how awesome that would be, but Hitoshi didn't focus on it and just ate his lunch in silence. He didn't seem to notice how the conversation still revolved around him or perhaps he just didn't care. Maybe Hitoshi didn't like the attention but he was willing to learn.

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In the afternoon they had practical classes, which was more or less to Hitoshi's delight. Sure he likes combat training with Aizawa because he actually learned something but with his classmates, it was a different situation. Whenever they were sparring he wasn't allowed to use his capture scarf, because All might didn't like the fact that he was fully relying on a piece of fabric and who was Hitoshi to argue against the symbol of peace. So obviously, Hitoshi didn't like to throw fists when Bakugou decided to go full power with his sweaty and explosive palms but today would be different he found out the moment they arrived at Ground ß. All Might in his skinny breakable form was still a sight he needed to get used to but he still looked like his usual self in some ways. Smile and all still the same while he explained today's training exercise.

"We'll be playing a game of capture the flag. There'll be 2 Teams. blue and red. Your teammates will be chosen by luck. Everyone will grab a piece of fabric out of this box. this will tell you which team you belong to and at the same time you'll put it around your wrist to make sure you won't attack your teammates." Hagakure raised her hand at hearing that. "Is that necessary? I mean do I really need to?" All Might just nod his head before going on with his explanation. "The teams will get ten minutes to find a place to hide their flags after hearing the siren you are free to go and search the other base. the winning team is the team that either steals the flag first or captures all the opponents. Any questions?" Yes. Tons actually. But he wouldn't ask. Just as everyone else did. He would just follow whatever plan his teammates would come up with and hope for the best.

One by one stepped up and fished inside the box until everyone had a coloured fabric around their wrist. The Teams that followed out of this were:
Team blue: Ojiro. Midoryia, Iida, Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, Uraraka, Hagakure, Sato, Tsuyu and Kouda
Team red: Jirou, Ashido, Kirishima, Todoroki, Sero, Tokoyami, Bakugou, Shoji, Aoyama and Shinsou

Fair to say the team dynamic could have been better. Bakugou and Todoroki couldn't decide where to put the flag and the moment Bakugou declared himself as team leader Todoroki tried to wander off. It was obvious they couldn't work together so Aoyama proposed to vote on who'll lead the team. As he asked who'd want Bakugou as their team leader 4 hands were raised: Ashido, Jirou, Sero and Kirishima. For Todoroki 3 Hands were raised: Shoji, Aoyama, and Tokoyami. Shinsou didn't even bother to raise his hand. whether or not he voted it would end in a disaster. So that's how they ended up on the highest building in Ground ß showing off their flag because Bakugou said quote-on-quote "Those Fuckers wouldn't beat me if I´d sleep. they'll surely won't beat me just because they have this shitty advantage. I'll show those Bastards off"

His first plan included him to just kill everyone off and then grab their flag but when Kirishima told him how that won't be enough he actually came up with a decent plan. 3 to defend the base 7 to attack. The attacking team needed range, stealth, firepower, and flexibility, while the defence built on Todoroki as firepower and actual defence, Jirou so they'll be able to hear from where their opponents are going to approach them and Shinsou to capture them if Todoroki and his ice weren't enough. Shortly after they decided who should have which job, the siren rang out and Bakugou and the rest of the team ran off. Now all they needed to do was wait.

Hitoshi really wasn't sure why they even bothered to include him in this plan. Todoroki could easily take down whoever would be coming near the flag, but it was obvious the attacking team didn't need another man, so here he was, in fighting position breathing slowly and waiting for Jirou to hear something. They didn't take long, which was obvious given the circumstances but it didn't seem right when Jirou announced that there were only two people on their way up.
"You need to be sure about that." Shinsou said slightly questioning if she really was. "Of course I am sure. two people, lightweight too. Probably Midoryia, but I wouldn't bet on it." That didn't seem like a plan Midoryia would come up with. they didn't know who was waiting for them because they laid down, also they didn't know how many people to await. No, they wouldn't be unprepared. there needed to be some kind of backup. "Todoroki when I call for Ice I need you to freeze the whole floor without a second thought." he nodded."But why?" "If midoryia is the one coming up than Hagakure wouldn't be with him, because Hagakure is great for stealth tactics and he would give her position away. If she is one of the ones coming up we would see her blue band but in a fight that is already happening we wouldn't give it that much attention. so Ice is just my way of saying-I Found Hagakure-" "But midoryia and the others wouldn't fall for that trick." Todoroki contributed. "I know that's why you'll fight them normally and don't give a shit about anything el-" the door that secluded rooftop from the staircase was kicked to the ground by no one else than Midoriya. And Right Behind him stood Uraraka. Both ready to fight. Todoroki reacted fast and build an ice wall between their opponents and the flag. He knew Jirou and Todoroki could handle them so Shinsou didn't look back before he scanned the area around him. Both his hands grabbed tightly around his capture scarf, prepared to fight when needed.

Now was his time to shine. He knew that there was a missing piece. it was obvious right before him easily seen but he couldn't get a hold on what it was. This was Midoriya's plan. What was missing?

they had decoys: Midoryia and Uraraka. He knew they had someone for stealth: Hagakure, but how would she get here. through the door where his classmates were fighting was too dangerous. No that wasn't the way to go. How high were the buildings surrounding them? He peeked over the edge and saw that they were really high up and he could easily fall over the edge. His grasp on the capture scarf grew tighter. No time to panic!

The building right next to them wasn't exactly small but it had a noticeable heights difference. One that couldn't be bypassed with a jump...not a human jump, but what about froglike? He paid closer attention to the rooftop next to him and that's when he saw something weird going on. The rooftop moved. well, not exactly, but a part of it, with further investigation, it didn't look like the rooftop, more like a fabric that should replicate the look of it.
Even though he saw what would be coming next he wasn't fast enough to react in time. Yamomo threw the fake rooftop-fabric off them and Asui jumped, something wrapped around her tongue. Now he needed to act. He threw his capture scarf around the torso of the froglike girl and tried to pull her towards him. Then with the other end of the scarf, he pulled himself to one steal beem. His attempt more or less successful with him tangling just a few centimetres above the ground, he saw that the tongue of Asui slowly slid back into her mouth and without a second thought he screamed "ICE!" Not a second later the rooftop was covered in ice and two legs near the flag were completely frozen. The blue wristband moving up and down, which Hitoshi assumed was Hagakure trying to warm herself up. 

He let himself softly down to the ground to look at his surroundings. Asui was still captured in his scarf while also having one foot iced. Jirou kept Uraraka at bay with her quirk so she wouldn't come near enough to actually touch her. And Todoroki and Midoriya were fighting as if they were fighting in a life or death situation. Hitoshi decided to let go of Asui and that both Jirou and Todoroki needed to hold on a bit longer, when he threw his capture scarf down to the other roof as he wished he had been able to do before, to capture Yamomo in it. She didn't seem to expect being attacked and therefore wasn't prepared, which meant it was easy for him to capture her and get her up on his level. He wrapped her tightly in it once he was sure, she was sitting safely on the roof and used the rest of it to put it around her mouth. He gave her a little smile and put his finger on his lips before he put his mask on and ran towards his fighting classmates.

Now without his scarf, he was kind of helpless but he still had one last ace up his sleeve. He leaned against the icewall Todoroki made earlier on in their fight, right out of sight from team blue. then he took one of his chips and put it inside the voice moduler. this should be fun.
"We captured the flag! We won!" momentarily all fighters stopped their battle when they heard Momo shouting triumphally. Midoryia and Uraraka grinned at each other and Todoroki and Jirou just stood there mouth agape. Midoriya found his voice first: "Nice job Mo-" Then his eyes went blank and his smile disappeared from his face. Todoroki understood in an instant what was going on and used Urarakas confusion to ice her feet to the ground just as he did with asui and Hagakure. "Hey... Todoroki. Why? We already won no need to fight."
"Not exactly." Came Momos voice from behind the icewall and Shinsou stepped out. "I am pretty sure we'll" he took the voice amplifier from his face "win."
And he was right. Just a few minutes later All Might's voice could be heard everywhere. announcing that "The red team won by capturing all their opponents. Now please meet up at the Exit."

When all of them were together they watched the footage of the fights that happened.
"Now for the briefing. Team Blue what do you think went wrong?" Yamomo's hand went up.

"We had no backup plan. I saw that Shinsou took Asui but I didn't know how I could help when it happened. And then he captured me too. Also, our firepower wasn't enough for an attack." Midoriya stumbled about his words.

"Yeah, I couldn't overpower Todoroki, not that he is ... I don't know he was just on the same level and I didn't know what to do and then Shinsou brainwashed me and Uraraka was on her own...It wasn't balanced enough"

"Team red? You balanced your Team on categories am I right?" Bakugou repeated what they decided back in their base. "And how did you prepare for the attack? Todoroki you seemed to see that Hagakure was there even while fighting."

Todoroki shrugged. "Not really. I wouldn't even have given it a second thought if it were only Midoriya and Uraraka and would have tried to fight them, but Shinsou was suspicious and told me to put the rooftop on ice the Moment he'd scream. so I did."

Now all eyes were turning to Shinsou. Little chatter and mumbling between classmates was all that filled the room. He didn't know what to say as everyone stared intensely at him."How did you know that there was more to the plan?" All Might finally asked. "It was only logical." He turned his head and looked at Kaminari who just looked amazed at what was happening. He held two thumbs up and smiled brightly at him. Not every Attention was bad.

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It was after they showered and changed into their civil clothes that Hitoshi realized, that he didn't know what the day would bring. Sure Aizawa might have said he'll be sleeping in the dorms but he never clarified how he'll be able to. As far as he knew the law was against them and their doing, nevertheless, he trusted Aizawa. He knew he shouldn't feel as connected as he is feeling with Aizawa, but on the other hand, what should he expect when his teacher behaved the way he did. It was the first in a long time that an adult actually cared for Hitoshi's wellbeing and most importantly for his opinion. He wants attention. Every child does and in the end, that's what Hitoshi is, a child. A frightened child that still needs a hand or two. Aizawa reached out both of his hands, time and time again.

When he first offered to train Hitoshi, the world seemed to be a little bit brighter than before and then they really worked together and suddenly Hitoshi had someone who cared. Someone who criticized his stance and posture, his fighting technique and blocking. Someone who gave advice and helped him out.
Once, when he hadn't been home on time for a week, Aizawa sensed that he ate less. The boy was unconcentrated and his reaction time slowed down. Of course, he ate less, because his caretakers didn't let him in after curfew and he didn't get to eat dinner, but Hitoshi knew that it was his fault. He could have ridden home faster so that the road work on his school way didn't affect his arrive, but after training, he wasn't really in the shape to really fasten his speed.
Aizawa sensed something was off, the boy knew that much, but his sensei didn't say anything about, just invited him over for dinner, which he first wanted to decline but then Present Mic stormed into the gym they were training in and emphasized that declining that offer would be really impolite.
That's how he found out his teachers were actually married and lived together with two black cats, who had the lovely names 'Present Mew' and 'Jellybean'. He didn't need to ask who named which cat, it was obvious to him.

After they ate dinner(they had ramen), all three played with the cats until it was dark outside and the moon shined high. "I need to go home," Hitoshi said, but the men insisted it would be foolish to let him go home on his own. that lead to Aizawa driving him home and then noticing that no one opened the door to Hitoshi's home. Hitoshi stayed at the Yamada-Aizawa residence that night. He never slept that good before.

What he didn't know back then was, that it wouldn't be the last time he got to visit the household, eat dinner there, play with the cats and actually get decent hours of sleep. How couldn't he feel connected to his teacher, when he finally was someone that cared.

Today was the day. Hitoshi knew it. He'll be sleeping in the dorms because Aizawa will have found a way. With newfound confidence, he stepped out of the changing room and was ready to walk to the teachers' lounge when he was stopped by his teacher already standing in front of him.
"We'll need to talk."
"Remember how I said I'll be getting you into the dorms without the papers?" With these words, Hitoshi's gaze fell on the folded papers in the older man's hands. He felt sick. Maybe there was no solution. Maybe he`d been happy to soon. the words felt too thick on his tongue to actually leave his mouth and his head to heavy to be held up. Fiddling hands were the only thing to view while he nodded his head impalpable.
"I lied. I need the papers to get you into the dorms, but that's not all."
Curious he lifted his head and raised his eyebrows as if to say "What would that be?"
"Hizashi and I need your opinion on us becoming your foster parents. We had our suspicions about your old family but with everything you told me today, I was finally able to get child services to check on them. You won't need to go back there, as long as you are ok with us being your foster parents."
"I AM!" Hitoshi screamed. He lowered his voice:" I mean, yes I'd love to have both of you as my foster parents. thank you. thank you so so much."

If he began to cry no one would know and if Aizawa crushed him in a hug for almost 15 minutes it would be no ones business, because that's what families do.
"Look at the time. I gotta hurry before Nedzu's gone. He'll need the signed papers so your stay at the dorms wouldn't be unlawful. You can go to the dorms...I'll meet you there." With that, the man was gone and Hitoshi was left alone in an empty school corridor.

Normally he would run to his bike and try his best on not being late at his foster home, so he wouldn't have to sleep outside. but today was different. Today Aizawa told him he'd move to the dorms. He knew that he had none of his belongings at the dorms, but really that wasn't his biggest worry right now. He left the school building but afterwards was helpless. No idea on where to go and how to get to the residence of class 2-A.

"Hey, hot mess!" Hitoshi turned at this unusual greeting just to find Kaminari running towards him. "What are you doing here, dude?"
"Not really sure. You know, Aizawa told me that I'd move into the dorms today..." A smile formed on the lips of the other. He slightly moved his head back and gazed at the sky. "That's awesome. We all already wondered when you would join us. Why don't you join me? I was on my way back there."
He held his hand out and waited for Hitoshi to grab it, just as he did earlier today to help him up. The moment their hands touched a slight buzzing was streaming through his body and he somehow wished it was because of Kaminaris quirk. They held hands on their way to the residence.

Shinsou Hitoshi was sure about one thing: He was doomed to have a crush on Kaminari. It began slowly with him occasionally greeting in the hallway when they were bypassing each other. That wasn't too bad. The first time it happened was a week after the training exercise when Kaminari and his friend were on their way to the cafeteria, which Hitoshi was about to leave. The blond was in the middle of his explanation why he thought Bakugou should colour his hair orange, when he saw Hitoshi and began to smile widely just to say "Hey Shinsou." and pointing his finger guns at him.
Hitoshi in the following just shrunk into himself and held his hand up because he was too surprised to actually say something. This became a routine afterwards. Whenever they saw each other at the hallway Kaminari would loudly greet him and would show his finger guns and Hitoshi would hold his hand up or mumble a quiet and short greeting.

Few times Hitoshi found him sneaking around the General Ed classes all by himself which lead to them actually having conversations. Not that he really said much. More often Kaminari would tell him a funny story and ask him a question, which Hitoshi could answer in a few sentences. He preferred it this way and the blond didn't seem to mind that he was quiet. He was doomed to fall for him.

Before the holidays they exchanged numbers and whenever Kaminari and his friends did some fun, he would tell him everything about it enthusiastically. The lavender haired boy was awfully lovestruck the moment he was sent a picture where he had a cat in his blond hair, which was followed with a text of:
"That's lightning. She doesn't like anything about me but my hair, because of static and stuff. No idea why my hair isn't static"

Hitoshi smiled to himself and answered "Probably the same reason why the lightning bolt in your hair isn't growing out. :P"
Pikabitch: You might be onto something.
coffeelover: explodingbrain.png
Pikabitch: shookpikachu.png
Pikabitch: where have you been all my life?! America explain!
coffelover: Kansas.png

Hitoshi knew he was fucked and that's probably one of the reasons, why he hadn't talked to Kaminari since the beginning of the second school year. He wasn't fully aware of the ignoring. Not until now, where they were walking to the dorms in complete silent. It was untypical for Kaminari that's for sure but it was also obvious that they didn't know what they could talk about. the first time that they talked with each other after a week of ignoring was about him being terrified of heights and the second time was filled with awkwardness and him calling himself a disaster gay. But more surprising than Kaminari not talking was, that Hitoshi was the one to break the silence.

He looked up into those honey-coloured eyes. "You are very pretty. you know that?"
"You might be the first to point that out", he seemed to blush a little, "I mean it's hard to compete when there is someone like you."
"Handsome you mean... as you said earlier."
"Handsome. yes. But I might add clever, ambitious, filled with bad boy attitude and humourous."
"Yeah, and me finding out I am afraid of heights didn't kill the bad boy part." The smaller boy chuckled lightly."Nope, that's our little secret. don't worry" he squeezed the other boys hand.

Wait. They are still holding hands. Is that what friends do? Is that normal? All those compliments and Kaminaris blushing didn't make any sense. That needed to be a thing friend do. right?
"By the way, you did a great job in today's practice. You were totally the MVP. We would have kicked Team Reds asses without you. Midoryia came up with this awesome plan and everyone was so amazed, that we didn't come up with a plan B. What did you tell All Might? Only logical? You are so clever it's amazing. I still don't know how you did that-"

He was exaggerating. Hitoshi knew that, but he couldn't help but grin at the voice of the other boy. How he moved his hand while explaining and how he smiled while talking. In reality, all he wanted to do was give Kaminari all the attention he deserved.

Chapter Text

They arrived at the dorms a little bit after that, where Aizawa was already waiting for him. Somehow his mentor was able to arrive before them.

The older man raised an eyebrow when he saw them holding hands. Blushing he let go of Kaminari, quickly waving his hands in a karate like motion while shaking his head. Aizawa nodded. Kaminari looked between both of them confused. Then Aizawa began smiling mischievously grabbing the air at the height of his forehead right above his raised eyebrows and laying his pointer finger over the other one and then reversing their position. Hitoshi grew redder seeing this and stated: "No. Please don't do that."

"Alright. but you know I could be worse. Imagine Mic had seen it."
"Did I miss something-" Kaminari was about to ask them when Bakugou screamed hanging his upper body out of the window and raising a fist in the air."DUNCEFACE!!!! GET FUCKING IN HERE!"

"Oh shit. ehhh well, I should go" terrified he sprinted inside.
"So no boyfriends then?" The older male asked again.
"Nope. Could y-" Hitoshi stopped himself from asking and instead switching to Asl, the much more comfortable way. he arched his eyebrows, first holding his hands in front of his chest where the palms were showing too and then changing their position so they looked at each other.

It was obvious why Kaminari was confused when they started using gestures instead of words. Not many people knew sign language and in Japan, it were even fewer people that spoke American sign language.

Hitoshi learned it in first grade where he befriended a deaf girl that Parents too were deaf and came from America. It was a shock to Hitoshi that there were people that couldn't hear but at the same time, it was the first time he didn't terrify someone. It was the first time he actually had a chance to befriend someone so with the help of the interpreter the girl named Shimiku taught him asl. It came easy to him and he quickly learned the most important gestures, but after 6 months of finally having a friend, she just disappeared. He always assumed she moved back to America with her parents, but no one actually told the little villain boy what really happened. He accepted that she would be the last person to ever befriend. the last person that liked him and wasn't afraid of him. Now he knew that this wasn't true. Many people liked him. But he didn't know that this was possible back then. So he decided to practice and perfect his Asl for the possible case of meeting another deaf person that would give him the same chance Shimizu gave him.

One of the times he slept at the household of Aizawa and Yamad,  he fell asleep on the couch while they were watching TV and woke up when his head was moved a tiny bit. His head laid on Yamada's lap who was gesturing with his hands. A normal person wouldn't have been woken up by the little moving the rest of his body did because of that, but Hitoshi's always been a light sleeper. He slowly moved in a sitting position and in his sleeping daze adjusting to the situation signed SORRY|I|SLEEPING|ON|YOU. To which Yamada couldn't hold back a joyful scream: "YOU KNOW ASL?".

That's how he found out that the Pro Hero, who was half American, was almost deaf if it wouldn't be for his hearing aids. He told him it was because of his quirk. When he told them about the little girl in first grade, Yamada said: "Shouta learned ASL for me when we were still in UA."

Since then Hitoshi and Yamada almost always talked in Asl with each other and Aizawa just accepted his fate. Hitoshi believed that he actually liked it because it was quieter that way but he kept that for himself.

He was ripped out of his thought process when Aizawa said "sure!" opening the door and letting both of them inside. In the common room waiting were the Dekusquad and Bakusquad, who both were huddled around Kaminari, who was jumping up and down and smiling like an idiot, but stopped the second Aizawa made himself noticeable by clearing his throat. "Shinsou's going to live in the dorms from now on. So please show him where everything is. And Bakugou?"
The exclaimed boy asked in an almost too apathetic way for Hitoshis liking "What?"
"His room is next to yours so you might as well lead him there. I need to go but-" he lowered his voice so only Hitoshi could hear him "I'll be back later with your stuff." Their teacher then just turned around and left without further ado.
"Eyebags! Follow me!" Bakugou stepped out of the huddling group and walked in the direction of the stairs. <

"Okay mindfucker this is your room. Don't do shit in here!" With that he left the boy alone and opened his own room. 

Chapter Text

The thought of going back to the common room was prominent in his mind, not quite sure of what to expect, once he entered his room, but he decided against it. He knew that the common room would still be filled with the same people as before. The same loud and socially skilled people Hitoshi accepted to call his friend. As much as he liked them, going back there sounded exhausting and not as appealing as someone might think. Nope. Not interested.
Instead, he stood in front of his own room. Shaking hands, trembling knees, and his pounding heart was echoing in his ears. He didn't know why he was so afraid to enter. It was just a room. There was nothing special about it. But he couldn't help it. Although he knew what he going to see, he had been in Midoriyas room before when they needed to finish a group project for midnights class, his breath seemed to shorten and the world around him was frozen. No movement except his rapid lifting and lowering of his chest. His hand hovered above the doorknob, throwing a shadow on the light brown wooden door, that had an orange finished to it, produced by the damp light of the corridor lamp. He lost the sense of his surroundings, just concentrating on the hovering hand that didn't look quite right. Was it too far away from his body? It was too skinny that must have been it. Or how the color of it was completely missing. It wasn't right? It didn't seem rea- Oh that was happening.

In the split of a second he knew what to do. He pulled the hovering hand back to his chest pushing against it in a slower rhythm than it did before. His mind still not focusing exactly on the situation, it was the first time that he couldn't calm himself with that motion. What should he do? Normally he could stop attacks like that before it came that far. What should he do? His breathing just quickened and his heart rate increased. Too much. too much.
Distantly he heard a voice. Was this voice talking to him? He didn't know. Is he dying? He was sure he was dying that this must be it, if not he was going crazy. He couldn't decide what's worse. And then a face appeared in front of his. Out of poor shock, he tumbled back and couldn't hold himself upright anymore, falling back on his ass. Who's that?
"Eyebags! Get yourself together! Come on breath with me!" The person in front of him began breathing in an audible way counting in between breaths.
"I-I c-can't."
"Ok. We'll do that together. okay? Am I allowed to touch you?" Hitoshi nodded slightly, his gaze not leaving the face of the person in front of him. They grabbed his face.
"Concentrate on my breathing. Just follow my lead. In...1...2...3... out...4...5...6..." Hitoshi tried his best following their breath. but it was shakier and every time they came to six Hitoshis lungs screamed for more air. But the more they tried the mor he realized how it slowly became more normal. His skin itched and he was now aware that his cheeks were stained with tears. He backed a bit away from the person in front of him, who pulled his hands back to them and began scratching his arms and legs.
"Stop it. concentrate again. Tell me five things u can see."
Not stopping his movement he began counting "carpet flooring.... wooden door... black socks...T-shirt with"
"Now four things you can hear?"
"My breath... music... people speaking...and I don't know...."
"Guess that's enough mindfucker. You know where you are?"
The scratching stopped by now and with a look to the right, he realized what happened. "Omg. No. Shit.UA dorms. Sorry, Bakugou. I guess I'll go bury myself now." He attempted to stand up but his legs were still shaking so he fell back down on his knees. "Fuck it." He leaned back against the wall, stretching his legs before him.
"Should I help you in to your room?"
"No, I'll wait it out a bit. Thanks though. also for helping me through it."
The blonde boy nodded, but instead of going back in his room, he sat down next to Hitoshi.
"Does this happen regularly?"
"I am not gonna share my tragic backstory with you Blasty."
"Not what I asked, mindfucker. But you owe me one for helping out." He crossed his arms in front of his chest in an almost childish manner.
"Alright. But that stays between us. It's not as if they happen every day or so and rarely that extreme. Normally I calm myself down before I get to the "That's-the-end-of-the-world" stage."
"Okay get up. I'll help you in your room and then you'll go to sleep because the circle under your eyes already have their own circles."
He stood up, grabbed Hitoshi by the arm and hung that above his own shoulders.
"I didn't think you'd be that motherly Bakugou. What's next? You cook for the squad?" Hitoshi asked tiredly.
"Shut it! I have those attacks too. But I guess not as often as you do. they just happen after a nightmare and I just used the tricks Shitty hair uses on me"
He was really interested in the aspect of why Kirishima was in Bakugos reach after a nightmare, but he didn't came to dig deeper into that affair, because almost the same second his head hit the pillow he fell asleep.
It was normal for him to be overly tired after an attack. He almost liked them just for the fact of getting to sleep for once but that was the only positive thing about them. Before he completely drifted off he heard Bakugou saying "Get some actual sleep eyebags. You are now one of us." followed by a quiet click of a closing door.


When he first opened his eyes he was confused by his surroundings. A dim light flooded the bright and empty room. A breeze made the yellowish colored curtains move in a steady rhythm that looked similar to the movement of a jellyfish and the bed frame that he looked at from his still lying position was a light wooden color.
"You are awake." He sat up as soon as he heard someone talking but as he investigated the room from his sitting position he realized that the person talking only had been Aizawa sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.
"Bakugou told me what happened. He seemed worried and said I should let you sleep. Quite motherly don't you think?"
"That's exactly what I thought. I'd never thought he'd be the type."
"You'll think differently when you get to know him more. However, Let's get to the point why I waited all Night. I don't think I actually fished everything from there. Sorry." Aizawa held a box which he placed down gently on the plain white bed sheets. Hesitantly Hitoshi opened the box and took a quick glance inside but even by the small peek he could detect that everything was there.
"Oh no. Don't be sorry. You actually got everything." He smiled slightly, realizing that he really didn't need to go back there. Never again. Because now, he was officially Aizawas son. weird. "Thank you."
"No problem. If that's all I guess we should go shopping some time in the future."
"No. don't worry. I don't want to burden you with that. I have more than enough."
"Don't be irrational. You need at least some more clothes and Eri needs some too, we'll just get that together. I'll leave you alone now, Hizahi's probably already wondering where I am." He moved over to Hitoshi ruffled his hair and pulled him in a one-armed hug. "Welcome to the Family."

It was Saturday so he didn't need to worry for classes and a look at a clock told him that even if he had classes today, there'd be no way he'd miss them. 4:30 am was a time that even early risers didn't think about waking up. 4:30 huh? that meant he had almost 10 hours of sleep. That was impressive for Hitoshis standards. He considered if it was too early for breakfast and if he'd wake people that needed their sleep. ( he had the suspicion that other people in class 1-A were insomniacs just like him. A highly possible suspicion was Tokoyami but it could also be because of the emo vibes he was spreading everywhere he went.) Nope. That didn't seem like a good idea. Also, he didn't even know where the kitchen was because of last night's situation. So the teen just sat on his bed frame and sighed. If he didn't have anything better to do he could as well just unpack his stuff. At 4:30 in the morning. Yay. what a fun activity.

In less than 15 minutes he reached the end of the box. He already hung his hoodies, packed his jeans away and hid the self-made Eraserhead goggles that he forgot and made him slightly embarrassed because Aizawa must have seen them when he packed the box. But as much as he liked most of his belongings, nothing could top what laid innocently on the bottom of the box. It was a drawing of Shinsou and Eri surrounded by a dozen of different cats. Eri drew that for him as a thank you after he, as she said to him, saved her like a hero. He cherished the memory like none other.

It was a normal day for Hitoshi. In the middle of his first year of UA, he heard of the little girl Aizawa was looking after and her traumatic experiences. It was naturally given with how the news that included Class 1a were spreading like a wildfire, but he'd never thought that he'd actually meet her one day.
But he did. That day Aizawa stepped inside of the gym they always trained in announcing to him that, Eri will sit at the side and he should try to ignore her. "I couldn't find someone to babysit and her quirks been going haywire all day. Don't want to risk anything.", he added, sitting her down on the bench and pulling crayons out of the backpack. "Here ya go."
Eri side-eyed him the whole practice. When he was running his rounds as Aizawa instructed he saw her shy and almost afraid looking face. He felt sorry for her. She shouldn't feel so scared because he looked like a villain, so he started to smile and pull grimaces whenever he came in her view. No reaction from her but he thought it was better than her scared face. After Aizawa's and Shinsous combat training, they sat down next to her, drinking water. "Look Aizawa-san I drew a cat."
"That's great Eri. Did you drink something since we've been here" She shook her head no and Aizawa grabbed inside the backpack pulling a juice box out of it.
"Thank you."
Hitoshi was inexperienced in how to handle children. He didn't know what you could talk about with them and he didn't know what they were doing all day. He knew it was better for him to sit that one out. Just sit there and drink his water until they were ready to go.
But as it happened often in Hitoshis life, he didn't have much to say in what might be the best, because just a few seconds after giving the juice box to Eri, the bear-like...mouse-like..., really what was he supposed to be, principle entered the gym. "Ahh Eraserhead! I was searching for you would you mind answering some questions before you leave Campus?"
His mentor looked at them and asked:" Are you two going to be alright for a few minutes?" Eri nodded without hesitation meanwhile Hitoshi just blinked. Once. Twice. and then his teacher already left the gym. Great. the Universe obviously played against him.
"So. Cats." Hitoshi said unsure of what to talk about. "Aizawa and Yamada-san have cats. I like playing with Jellybean. Do you know her?"
"Yes, we've met before. I've been to Aizawas a few times for dinner. I like playing with her too." She nodded once and put her juice box aside. "I should draw her too. That way this cat won't be so alone anymore."
"That's.... a great idea Eri." She grabbed the crayons eagerly and began drawing another cat next to the one she already showed Aizawa. While Eri drew he watched the clock ticking.
Minute after minute passed and Hitoshi would've been worried if he hadn't known that Nedzu was terrible at keeping a conversation short. "Does that look like Jellybean?" Eri asked, interrupting Hitoshis thought process and making him look her direction. First, he saw the dim glowing of her horn and how it looked as if it had grown from mere minutes ago, then he looked at the drawing and how the cat vanished from the paper bit by bit. "Eri, I think you activated your quirk accidentally. You got to turn it off if you want the cats to stay where they are" he smiled at her.
"What?" her face spoke true horror. "I can't. I don't know how?" A little sob escaped her mouth and tears began streaming down her cheeks.
"It's alright. Listen. As a kid, I had the same problem. Just say Stop. That might help."
"Sto-Stop." She managed to say between sobs but nothing happened her horn grew and the cats were now completely vanished. Where is Aizawa?
"Imagine it stopping. We could try that." But Eri didn't seem to listen anymore. The sobs starting to get louder and the tears falling more frequently.
"Shh. It's alright. Okay. It's going to be alright. Believe me." He really needed to believe himself but he couldn't. What should he do? will her quirk stop once the paper degraded completely or will more stuff turn back in time? He couldn't risk the possibility of her turning the gym into a site. He tried picking her up and bringing her to Aizawa to cancel her quirk, but as soon as he did, he felt his uniform loosen and additionally the jacket fell to the ground. He'll need a new one. Putting her down again he thought of what else there was to do and it dawned on him that he only had one way to help. He wasn't keen on doing it but he admittedly had no other choice. He liked Eri. He really liked that small girl and he already felt sorry for pulling such a villainous act on her. He just hoped she wouldn't be terrified of him afterwards .
"Eri, whos your favorite cat?"
"Jel-" And that easily he had a hold of her brain.
"Turn your quirk of and breath slower. That's good." The dim glowing stopped and the heartwrenching sobs were replaced with a slow and steady breathing pattern. Some tears were still running down her face but Hitoshi didn't want to stop that because he knew how tears were a natural expression of emotion and were possibly extremely important for little girls like Eri, so he just sat her down in his lap held her head to her chest and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Shhh. Everything is fine now. You are fine. Shhhh. Everything is fine."
He kept the hold on her mind until Aizawa reentered the gym a few minutes later.
"What happened?"As soon as he heard his teacher ask that he released her and put her down, standing up as fast as he could.
"I am so sorry. She activated her quirk and I didn't know what to do. You weren't there and I couldn't get her to you. I shouldn't have brainw-" He was silenced with a single finger of Aizawa he kneeled down in front of Eri. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
"No, I just fell a little dizzy. Shinsou is a Hero. Did you know that?" His mentor turned his head after hearing that and just said "Yes I know" A small sigh of relief escaped his mouth.
Hitoshi was invited to eat dinner with Aizawa and Eri that evening, Yamada wouldn't be home for dinner because of his radio show, and after preparing the meal with Aizawa Eri joined them in the kitchen holding the drawing in her hands, asking if he had a hero name.
"No. I am not even in the hero course yet."
"but that's not fair. You really have an amazing quirk that helps people."
"Thank you, Eri. But not everyone thinks so. Most people think it`s actually pretty villainous."
"Like my quirk?" Eris eyes opened wider at hearing that and she leaned closer to Hitoshi.
"I guess in that way we might be similar. But as you can see the quirk doesn't define the person. Especially with such a nice quirk as yours."
HE grabbed the back of his neck when Eri turned around to whisper something in Aizawas ear, which answered: "That's not a problem. Grab a crayon I'll show you how." She wrote "My Hero" on the backside of the drawing.

He hadn't thought about how Aizawa adopting him would also mean that Eri would be his little sister now, but while he grabbed a pin to attach the drawing on the wall, he realized how happy he was about his family. Two dads and a little sister. Hitoshis life finally took a major turning in the right direction and he wouldn't exchange that for anything else in the world.